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    Happy Birthday @roxzation

    I hope you have a great day! this is an apology and compensation-for-emotional-labour post. please read the tags if you would like an explanation but for now, I'm just going to say: I am sorry

    so to compensate you and to wish you a very happy day with many returns, here is a small natsharon and cavalbird interlude to what have you done?

    Relationships: Natasha x Sharon, Melinda May x Bobbi Morse

    Warnings: fluff overdose (not funny, Beli)

    Don't You Want Me Baby?

    "I can drive, you know," Sharon says as she climbs into the passenger seat. Natasha laughs at her, actually laughs, and turns the key in the ignition.

    "I'm not falling for that again," she says, as the car rumbles to life. "You remember the Tokyo mission, don't you?"

    "In my defence," Sharon says loudly, "their crossroads were designed by the devil."

    "Keep telling yourself that, baby," Natasha replies. Sharon looks at her. Natasha's face is front-lit by the glare of the headlights, her eyesockets dark and her cheekbones sharp. "What?" she asks. They're out in the countryside now, the grey of the mountains barely separated from the oncoming dusk. Natasha looks over her shoulder, her gaze catching on Sharon's face as she turns her head. "What are you doing?" she asks, her tone bordering on impatience.

    "I'm looking at you," Sharon says. She follows the curve of Natasha's jaw, the thin scar over her eyebrow, the strong lift of her nose. Natasha's lip tapers into a lift at the edge.

    "Well, stop it," she replies. Her hands are loose on the wheel. The car dips into a rut, throwing Sharon against her seatbelt.

    "No," Sharon says. "I like looking at you." Natasha pulls her bottom lip into her mouth and runs her teeth along it. Her cheeks are bunching and flushed. "You can smile, it won't kill you."

    "Shut up," Natasha says. Sharon snorts. Natasha reaches for the radio and turns it on: a Russian news station comes on, stuffed with static and too quiet for Sharon to separate the words. Something, something, old, something, let the voters something. Sharon stops listening as Natasha's eyebrows furrow and her face goes still, like carved marble. Pale. Unbreakable. Sharon longs to reach out and run her fingertips over the jut of her bones.

    "What are they saying?" Sharon asks. Natasha hesitates, mouth slightly open. The car dips again, and Natasha's seatbelt pulls at her collar, tugging it down her neck.

    "Nothing interesting," she replies. She doesn't turn the radio off, but she does look over. "What are you thinking about? You've got a look."

    "What am I ever thinking about?" Sharon retorts. Natasha shrugs lightly and Sharon watches the roll of muscle in her neck.

    "Three guesses?"


    "S.H.I.E.L.D," Natasha says. Sharon laughs and Natasha smiles at the windshield, offering her expression only to the dark of the outside. Not to Sharon. Not yet.

    "God, that's sad. Fair enough, though. No, you're way off."


    "You're not even trying," Sharon says. She's somewhat right, though. Natasha tilts her head, pretending to think.

    "Me," she says, like a throwaway line, like a joke. Sharon could throttle her.

    "You," she agrees, almost instantly. Natasha's shoulders tighten, an intake of breath hisses past her teeth, her eyes flutter wider open. "You, always. Every minute, it's you," Sharon presses.

    "How do you think of me?" Natasha asks, her tone lower now, the vowels swelling over her tongue like a song. Sharon could listen to her voice for hours.

    "Sometimes naked," she says, and Natasha grins wide, bright teeth in the low light. Sharon shrugs. "Sometimes not."

    "Sometimes half-naked?"


    "Commit to it, Carter."

    "You want me to talk dirty to you? While you're driving?" she asks, laughter bubbling up from her throat. Natasha throws her head back against the headrest and moans, high and loud.

    "Oh, baby," she cries dramatically. Sharon does her best to keep a straight face and Natasha grins at her again.

    "You're odd."

    "I think of you naked, too."

    "I'm glad. Or this would've made for a real awkward ride," Sharon says. Natasha laughs again.

    "We've got four hours before Mack crashes our party," Bobbi says, shoving her phone back into her pocket. She cracks her knuckles, an old habit, and Melinda watches her hands move.

    "I wouldn't call it a party," Melinda murmurs, eyes half-closed, slumped over her chair. Bobbi snorts from somewhere to her right.

    "You and me makes it a pretty good atmosphere," she teases. She's joking, and lightly, but all the same it makes something in Melinda's diaphragm seize up. She doesn't reply. She hears Bobbi fidgeting from somewhere to her right. "I didn't mean-"

    "I know what you meant," Melinda replies, far too sharp. Bobbi falls silent. Melinda opens her eyes with effort. "I'm sorry," she says, and that takes even more effort. Bobbi bites at her thumbnail.

    Melinda holds out her hand and for a moment, it lies empty, cold from the surrounding air. Then Bobbi's palm slides against hers hesitantly and Melinda grips at it. Bobbi's thumb brushes her knuckles.

    "Why are we holding hands?" Bobbi asks.

    "I like your hands," Melinda says, before she can stop herself, a stupid thing to say, a slippery thing with strings attached and she half expects Bobbi to yank back. She holds on tight. "I meant-"

    "I know what you meant," Bobbi says quietly. Melinda is brave enough to look up and Bobbi smiles at her, bright, pale eyes. She squeezes Melinda's hand.

    Bobbi's palm is callused and scarred, matching Melinda skin to skin.

    "Right," Melinda says. She clears her throat, looks away, looks back. "You want to make me another sandwich?" And Bobbi laughs and swats at her head.

    "You should sleep," Sharon says, watching Natasha's glazed eyes slide over the road. "Let me drive."

    "I've gone for longer than this," Natasha replies.

    "Doesn't mean I have to like it," Sharon says staunchly. Natasha doesn't slow the car down. "I will run us off the road if you don't stop," she threatens, and Natasha smiles faintly.

    "Oh, you will?" She jerks the wheel. Sharon lunges for it and swerves them into the empty opposite lane, not hard enough to be dangerous, but Natasha shoves her back anyway. "Fine, fine. Let me pull over." Sharon folds her arms triumphantly. "You're the worst."

    Once they've switched places and Sharon has the car going again, Natasha slumps against the window, her temple pressed to the glass. Sharon drives for ten minutes until she can't bear it any longer and she stops the car on the side of the road and digs around in the back for her coat. She folds it up and gently lifts Natasha's face away from the window before stuffing the coat beneath her cheek. Natasha's eyes slide open very slightly.

    "Kiss me goodnight," she mumbles, her speech slurred.

    "Anything for you," Sharon replies, and she kisses Natasha lightly on the corner of the mouth. She leans back into her seat and by the time she has the car started again, Natasha is asleep.

    "I have something I want you to do."


    "Don't say no to me."

    "I know what you want. I'm not going near her."


    "She's the Black Widow."

    "I am the Black Widow," Yelena growls. "And you will do this for me."

    @haeva @kodirox @roxzation

    #I am actually going to make excuses for myself #inc. but not limited to: #one (1) broken hip (not me) #a crapped-out electric system leading to the loss of WiFi and a l l of my writing #and an almost overdose (me) #so i lost the almost finished chapter of what have you done #lost the response to your submission #lost the will to live #its going great #at least im stuffing the natsharon tag full of fanfiction #natsharon #may x bobbi #sharon carter#natasha romanoff#melinda may#bobbi morse#yelena belova#mcu#mcu fanfiction #you meant so well
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    just, imagine

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    Ectober Day 27: Cobwebs

    Sequel to Ectober Day 5: Fairy Circle, related to Lost in the Wood

    Summary: Flynn becomes a knight worthy of his lovely Lady Widow.


    Warnings: manipulation

    Notes: Is this becoming a thing? Yes, yes it is. I have a longer plot going on too, eventually. There’s definitely a lot of things going on that Flynn doesn’t realize. Also he’s mine now.

    Flynn could barely remember his first few days after going to Lady Widow’s. He remembered being uncomfortable, the food tasting wrong. It made him severely sick until he eventually got used to it, body forced to adapt to his new home. He didn’t eat nor sleep here as often as he thought he should. Time was hard to keep track of, and frankly irrelevant without the presence of a sun or moon. The constant feeling of being watched from the high corners of the cold castle, stuffed with cobwebs where her spiders rested, and through them Lady Widow watched over her domain.

    Flynn never felt quite as real here, he felt like he was missing something or someone. He didn’t know who, but he longed to know who. He didn’t know why he was missing someone, he had left with his Lady Widow willingly, he was hers now.

    In return, Lady Widow gave Flynn all he could have ever wanted. Her first gift had been his sword, connected to his very being. He quickly learned how to utilize it properly, able to call it back to his swords and even wield it without even touching it. The next was his armor, a deep emerald metal that his Lady had commissioned for him, with a helm that covered his face near completely. The armor was heavy, full plate, though much lighter than he thought it should’ve been, and it didn’t restrict his movement either. She gave him a grand room all to himself, assigned him servants, the strange spider-like beings that drifted around the castle at all hours. She made sure he felt taken care of, but also urged him to grow stronger so he could continue to help her. Flynn wanted to make her proud.

    Lady Widow brought in tutors for him, claiming he was a young man in desperate need of a proper knight's education. His tutors taught him all sorts of things, mostly about his new home, the Isle of Spiders, and the Infinite Realms. He learned that the Infinite Realms was where various spirits, ghosts, and others lived, dreams and concepts made real. Combat training was the harshest of his lessons. Flynn struggled to keep up with the ghost that taught him, not as fast, flexible, or maneuverable as the native beings. He often retired bloody, bruised, and exhausted to the point of collapse. It made him wonder why Lady Window had even brought him there, the seed of self doubt watered by his own incompetence.

    Flynn had actually asked her directly. Lady Widow had answered him. She wanted him because he was brave and humans held power unlike those of the Infinite Realms. Flynn could learn to manipulate the world around him with his own mind. He could pass through the walls, will himself into the air, and with enough focus, even bring things into existence by forcing his will on the ectoplasm around him. She had told him that ghosts and spirits were formed from human will, so with enough practice and a strong enough desire, Flynn could make the very Realms his, and through him, hers to command. He decided he would give it to her if he could.

    Flynn learned this art somewhere in the months(?) following his arrival, thick brambles sprout from the infertile grounds to restrain his combat teacher where he stood, unable to move(and continue hurting him). He weaponized it easily after figuring out how to do it intentionally, spending hours upon hours within the castle’s library, learning all of the native plants he could use, along with applying his knowledge of plants from the human world. His hours of practice filled the Isle of Spiders with plant life, flourishing gardens and quiet forests, small farms growing luxuries for the Realms, restoring life to the once barren land, and bringing wealth back into their land as well from a flourishing trade.

    Flynn grew stronger, eating and sleeping less, growing taller and gaining muscle. His injuries healed faster, his eyes nearly burned the same green as the sky of the Infinite Realms. His ginger hair grew out to his shoulder, now required to be tied behind his head. His voice deepened and his boyish features faded. His armor had to be changed and adjusted, no longer cumbersome but fitted like a second skin. His sword changed shape from the slight saber it had originally been to a viscous long sword capable of cleaving trees in a single blow. He became a worthy and powerful knight to serve the Lady Widow of the Isle of Spiders. Flynn had become just what she desired.

    Lady Widow had called him to the throne room not long after he had finished a small wood, completely under his control, surrounding the castle. He could protect Lady Widow as long as he stood in the wood, creating a nearly perfect defense.

    “Ser Flynn, it has been 4 years since you’ve been in my service. In that time, you’ve become strong, unrivaled, powerful in both spirit and will. You are in need of a proper title before we begin our campaign,” Lady Widow announced.

    Flynn looked up from where he knelt, “Name me and I will make it known. Command me and it shall be done,” Flynn said in response, as he had been taught to.

    Flynn could feel her pride for him, her kind and loving smile underneath the veil she wore. “Henceforth, you shall be my Ser Flynn, the Green Knight of the Isle of Spiders, and the general to my armies.”

    Flynn eyed the cobwebs that covered the castle walls, forming luxurious tapestries and curtains out of habit, watching the small black spiders do their work. One paused, and a large eye opened up on its abdomen, watching him in return. Lady Widow now knew he was on his way.

    Flynn entered the war room, taking his place directly next to his Lady after a brief greeting. A shifting map of the surrounding area of the Infinite Realms, depicting their neighbors. Around the table, Flynn eyed the other advisors, ghosts and spirits as old as the Isle itself, but none of them held the power or position he did.

    “Duat has grown jealous of our home. They make unreasonable demands and have been preparing to take what we refuse to give them. I have seen this through my spiders. We must prepare for their attack, then immediately retaliate,” She commanded.

    No one argued or asked for proof, but they immediately began working on the defenses. The servants doubled as a thrall army, mindless, unskilled, and expendable. Flynn didn’t know where they came from, only that they existed. Lady Widow held control of them, and so did he through her. His commands were hers and her will was his own. The advisors argued over where the Egyptians were likely to attack.

    “They’re most likely after our farms,” Flynn pointed out, gaining attention. “Either to raid them or to destroy them.”

    “So what do you suggest, Ser Flynn,” The old ghost, the one who was previously the general, snapped.

    Flynn just frowned, but Lady Widow sent the retired general a withering glare.

    “Let them take the crops,” Flynn started, but was unable to as the table burst into outrage.

    “Let my knight speak!” Lady Widow demanded, barely raising her voice, but all of the advisors immediately fell perfectly silent, frozen in what could only be fear. She turned to him, and nodded to him to continue.

    “Let them take the crops, but they will not be leaving with them. The farms and the surrounding green areas are all mine. I can easily regrow the crop fields, and the forest is its own trap, all under my own control. They’ll be easily surrounded once in the fields, with no means of escape. We can deploy a platoon in the trees, where they'll be most effective in the cover I can provide, while leaving the rest around to defend the castle and to wherever else the Egyptians plan to attack if they have the forces,” Flynn explained.

    The advisors all seemed to think about it, talking amongst themselves about it, the debate happening in hushed mutterings, still frightened from Lady Widow’s interception.

    “Ser Flynn,” spoke up a different advisor, “Do you plan to lead these forces yourself? To be there in the field to command the forest and fields along with the thrills?”

    “Of course,” Flynn confirmed. The advisors devolved into muttered debates again.

    “I agree with Ser Flynn’s strategy for the fields and believe he’s capable of leading the ground forces,” Lady Widow stated, ending any doubt on the topic of his command. “This meeting will resume in several hours to discuss the defense of the castle grounds and the exact response when the Duat forces arrive. We have approximately a week before they move out. For now, this meeting is adjourned,” Lady Widow commanded.

    The advisors cleared out, but Flynn remained for a moment with his Lady.

    “Thank you, my Lady. I do not think your advisors like me very much,” Flynn admitted. He could feel her static, crimson gaze on him through her veil. She reached out and he offered his hand.

    “My little night, you are no longer a frail child, but someone to be feared. I am so proud of you,” she sniffled, “Soon, the advisors will realize that too.”

    Flynn nodded, and helped Lady Widow up and escorted her about the castle back to her chambers.

    “Rest now, my Green Knight, it has been nearly a week since you’ve slept, and your body still requires it. You will need the energy for the coming battle.”

    Flynn nodded and bid his Lady farewell before heading off to his own room. A week. He hadn’t slept in a week and his fatigue was manageable. Time was so difficult to tell without a clock, even then it was not always consistent. Flynn didn’t quite remember how long a week was supposed to be, or how often he was supposed to sleep. A week seemed reasonable either way.

    In his room, overlooking one of the most extensive gardens in the Isle of Spiders, Flynn retired for the next several hours to do as his Lady requested. A servant scuttled in, multiple red eyes unseeing and completely silent. It helped him remove his armor, and he ordered it to be cleaned and shined while he rested. He ordered a meal to be served to him in several hours when he awoke, along with a bath to be drawn.

    Flynn, now dressed in bed clothes, the room encased in darkness, light blocked out by dense curtains, and climbed into bed. He closed his eyes, letting sleep easily fall over him, body much more exhausted than his mind realized, as it always was.

    Flynn was deeply asleep within minutes, his mind dancing around images of people he might’ve once known, all humans, people he cared for, longed for. Dreams of his mother and father, their arguments and their love, so genuine and warm, in a way that couldn’t compare to the cold of the castle. In his sleep, he longed and mourned in a way his waking mind couldn’t.

    So deep in his sleep, Flynn couldn’t feel as a small spider, small enough to rest comfortably on the nail of his pinky finger, crawled into his nose. When he awoke, he had no memory of ever being loved by anyone other than his lovely Lady Widow.

    #danny phantom#goodfish writes#ectober 2021#ectoberhaunt 2021#cobwebs#flynn walker#misery vex #she’s refered to by the title of Lady Widow here #irrelevant background ghosts
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    #ask#anon#riverclan#mine #legitimately don't know it's the kind of thing i'd have to write to answer
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       Promptober day 27 - Whumptober - vertigo

       Fandom: Down

       Rating: gen

       Characters/Pairing: Sam Jansen

       Summary: Sam wasn’t sure if he was having a panic attack or a revelation, but his vision was swimming and his head was spinning.

       Tags: trapped, panic

       Words Count: 160


    Sam wasn’t sure if he was having a panic attack or a revelation, but his vision was swimming and his head was spinning. Maybe Life Support had finally given up on them and they were running out of oxygen faster than he’d thought.

    The cold blue of the emergency lights cast everything around him in dark shadows that stretched and danced menacingly.

    Any step could be a wrong step at this point, so he stopped. He reached out for the closest wall for balance. Cold, smooth metal under his hand – he focused on that and swallowed the ball of nausea that was forming in the back of his throat.

    He crumpled to the floor in defeat. There was nowhere to run to. The Entity was everywhere. It was VIRGIL. It was waiting for them outside. It could get inside their heads. He might as well sit here and accept his fate.

    They weren’t in Purgatory. This was so much worse.  

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    I made something.

    If you like a short hurt/comfort-fic with Shanks/Makino, check it out on AO3.

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    #star wars rebels #daiima au#writing #footsteps of the fallen
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    Another week, another snippet of the what if fic. I’m currently at 22.5k with this. It’s all vibes at this point tbh. Here’s a bit from Tarlos’ first day meeting each other.

    As they pull up to the open gates, TK reads the sign: Tom Hughes Park.

    Carlos parks the car and gets out, TK quick to follow.

    “I visit pretty regularly,” Carlos says. “Any time I’m feeling stressed or I need to unwind, I find myself coming out here. I thought you might enjoy walking around for a bit and checking it out instead of being cooped up indoors.”

    TK smiles. “I’m glad you have somewhere to go when you feel like that. Thanks for sharing your happy place with me.”

    Carlos smiles back at him and TK feels his stomach flip. Carlos seems to give his happiness away so freely. TK just wants to collect as many of these smiles as he can and hang on to them like souvenirs of today.

    He clears his throat quietly and walks ahead, staying close to Carlos’ side as they enter the park.

    It’s relatively quiet as they walk the grounds and TK finds that it doesn’t put him on edge or make him feel keen to fill it. It’s enough just to have Carlos beside him.

    But, he can admit, he’s quite curious about this guy that’s managing to jumpstart his heart.

    “Have you lived in Austin your whole life?”

    Carlos glances at him, his hands tucked into the front pocket of his dark jeans. TK’s eyes track the flex of Carlos’ tendons as he stretches out his arms a bit.

    “Yeah, I have. I can’t even picture what it would have been like to grow up anywhere else.”

    “New York, for example?”

    Carlos smiles. “Not so sure I’d be cut out for that city like that but I truly love it here.”

    TK hums thoughtfully. “My dad tried getting me to make the move with him but I couldn’t picture myself down here.”

    “Should I be offended?” Carlos teases, bumping his shoulder lightly.

    TK does his best to ignore the tugging sensation in his stomach at the brief bit of contact.

    “Nah, nothing personal. It’s just...I needed to stay. I couldn’t make a change like that as quickly as him.”

    There’s so much hidden in those words but TK certainly can’t unload all of his baggage at Carlos’ feet now.

    Carlos studies him for a moment and TK braces himself for Carlos to inquire more deeply. Instead the man nods, more so to himself.

    “It’s good that you’re going at your own pace. If moving didn’t feel right to you at the time, then staying must have been the right call.”

    It’s felt like forever since someone has instantly trusted his personal decision making, himself included. TK had spent a great deal of time in the initial aftermath of his relapse wondering if a fresh start in a new city would have been the better choice.

    They continue on their trail, trading stories back and forth about what it was like growing up in their respective cities. TK is amazed to hear Carlos grew up on an actual ranch, surrounded by animals when he’d been so unsuccessful in even swaying his parents to get him a dog.

    Conversation is effortless, the two of them pouring words of their history and present into each other so easily. TK can’t remember the last time he’s had this much to say to someone.

    “Do you want to see my favorite part of the park?” Carlos asks after a time.

    TK nods and is led to the quaintest pond he’s ever seen. The surrounding grass and tree lines are so still, it feels like no one else has ever discovered this particular section of the park. Sunlight reflects off the surface, rich and golden like honey.

    Carlos stops a few feet away from the water’s edge and takes a seat on the lush grass. TK settles beside him, holding his breath like the world around them.

    He glances to the side to look at him. Carlos’ eyes are closed, his head tilted upwards like a sunflower seeking out the sun’s rays, his arms stretched out behind him.

    The first thought that comes to mind is that Carlos looks radiant. It’s not a word TK has ever used to describe anything or anyone in his life but it hits the mark perfectly.

    Carlos shifts and TK looks away before he’s caught and studies the pond.

    “The water looks amazing. I could just swim in it right now,” TK says, if only to distract himself.

    Carlos hums in thought, seemingly intrigued by this statement.

    “Then why don’t we?”

    TK laughs and shakes his head until he looks at Carlos full on.

    “Wait, are you serious?”

    “Yeah, why not?” Carlos replies, standing up at once and toeing off his shoes.

    TK stares up at him, one eye closed against the sunlight surrounding him.

    His stomach somersaults as Carlos slips off his shirt and tosses it to the ground. His throat goes a bit dry the longer he looks at Carlos.

    It wasn’t hard to guess that the man would look every bit as good with his shirt off as he did fully clothed. But seeing the broad chest and toned muscles firsthand so unexpectedly leaves TK with no other option really but to stare.

    This isn’t at all a state he thought he’d see the man in— and on their first day of meeting each other no less.

    But Carlos doesn’t appear bashful in the least bit. He flashes TK a smile and heads towards the water. TK watches his figure edge closer to the pond, Carlos only stopping to remove his pants before going in.

    TK’s brain quickly catches up and a moment later he’s stripping down to his boxer briefs and joining Carlos.

    The water is much cooler than he’d been anticipating but it’s a welcomed feeling with the sun bearing down as it is now.

    TK floats on his back, letting the water support him. He feels weightless as he looks up at the clear blue sky above. It’s all so perfect. This day has unfolded itself in a way he couldn’t have foreseen but TK delights in that.

    Especially if it means spending alone time with a cute guy he’s been able to have such great conversation with all afternoon.

    TK’s eyes close and he lets his fingertips skim the water’s surface. He listens to the call of birds somewhere in the distance. It’s easy to see why this place is somewhere Carlos seeks refuge in. He feels like he’s on another planet entirely or at least a remote corner of the world where no one else exists. It’s all so incredibly relaxing.

    Out here in the water, over a thousand miles away from home with a possible new friend who doesn’t know of his past, it feels as if he has found a reset button.

    “Looks like this could be your happy place too,” Carlos says.

    TK opens his eyes slowly and turns his head to look at him.

    The sunlight makes the water droplets clinging to his body glisten. This whole day has felt like something out of a dream. TK has to wonder at what percentage of that comes down to the location or his company.

    As Carlos keeps his warm brown eyes on him and smiles expectantly, TK knows the numbers skew heavily in the man’s favor.

    “It just might be.”

    TK doesn’t know how long they remain there, an hour or a lifetime. It hardly feels like it could ever be enough.

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    My mother has kept saying I have to come out bc her witch tarot reading said that unless I come out I don't have a bright path ahead. And she says I'm a lesbian even though I heavily hinted to bisexual with "I'm not sure who I love or what I want, like... gender wise...?" But mom still thinks "lesbian!".

    Anywho, doesn't matter, today this topic resurfaced, so I wanted to recap it for anyone who follows my long rants, and she said I had to come out AGAIN. And I said "I really don't know what to come out as, I haven't loved either" (this is a lie, I've loved both but never loved LOVED, just crushed), and i told her how sex repulses me and how i expected to grow out of it, like I didn't tell her more intimate stuff like "sex repulses me when I'm close to the chance of doing it, but ideally i do want it, just the reality of it isn't that appealing to me", i just kept it at "sex with either sex repulses me really" (this after she said that sleeping with a woman repulses her but it's okay if anyone likes it), she responded to my statement with "oh no, that's normal, sex IS repulsive, I only liked it after a year trying with your father and only bc he really worked for it, he bought the kamasutra and did all sorts of things every night to get me to enjoy myself bc he knew I never came and just didn't like it, it took us sometime but once I orgasmed once I just stopped finding sex disgusting" and in my head I was like "uhm, okay... A bit tmi, helpful, but tmi... Though that I know of it's not normal for not ace people to find sex repulsive with their own partner for almost a whole ass year but uhm okay I guess?"

    This also comes from the same woman who said "i think if i was born on this generation I would've dated women" same one that said "ugh ew why do they have to be everywhere" when in a show we were watching a homosexual couple kissed.

    #rant#vent #but a short one though #and not an angry or sad one #just a #baffled one i guess? #I was actually laughing while writing this #bc my mom really is a headcase #today she made a passive agressive comment to me #and i responded with one #and she got mad #closed the door with a hit and left home #she keeps throwing those at me so they dont bother me anymote #she's been passive agressive all my life #but she can't deal when i respond #and now my father is forcing me to apologize #even though i think #she should first #but meh #if i don't she'll cancel my party and my friends will hate me bc it's too kate to make other Halloween plans #but meh idc really #too much pressure to host a party #so really im relieved #she really doesn't understand me if she thinks #cancelling my social plans is hurtful to me #IM LITERALLY SOCIALLY ANXIOUS WOMAN #I GO OUT ONCE A MONTH AND YOU ARE RELEASING ME FROM THIS ONE 😂😂 #I laugh but it's sad but i really do laugh #so maybe this IS a sad rant after all? 😂
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    suddenly felt like copying a poem...I think my handwriting is alright if you a) squint, and b) squint even more

    #also! you gotta consider that ive never really written anything in chinese except for my name #the only other time i 'write' is when i need to look up characters i don't know
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    how do y’all be writin paragraphs for this white man*

    #Harry styles* #🫂 it’s best that they didn’t write articles abt whoever came out at his show #that vs the watermelon sugar meaning are two different things
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    i love troy

    #maybe more writing today
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    Anyone want to support me?

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    UH UM i wrote. smth. abt lotus dragon x me. ive never posted my writing in public before be nice please

    notes: lotus uses they/them. s/i is passion fruit, n his pronouns are it/he/she but only he/him is used here. not officially dating yet in this fic

    It was a stormy night.

    The cold wind blew strong over the Lotus Paradise, tossing leaves and flowers into the air. Rain tapped relentlessly against windows.

    Passion Fruit was tucked away, safe and dry, within the walls of the Palace. He was in the library with a blanket wrapped around him, glowing lotus blooms lighting the room up in soft pink.

    He had long stopped reading, instead opting to watch the rainwater streaming down the windows. The sound was pleasant, at least. He wrapped his blanket tighter around himself. The Palace was not always the warmest.

    Passion Fruit was stirred from his thoughts by footsteps, and turned his head to see Lotus Dragon entering the library. They smiled warmly upon seeing him.

    "Ah, there you are. I was wondering where you'd gone." They made their way over to the smaller dragon. "Just catching some quiet time! The rain sounds nice against the windows," Passion Fruit said, returning the smile.

    Lotus sat beside him, and they nuzzled each other, a greeting between two dragons that were close. "It does sound nice indeed," Lotus agreed. A comfortable silence filled the room as the two watched the rain fall.

    "I heard, before I came to live here, that a storm once damaged the Palace," Passion Fruit murmured after a while. "Does this one seem as bad?" "Not to worry. This one will not be so destructive, and the Palace walls have been reinforced since the last event," Lotus assured.

    They snaked their tail around Passion Fruit, bringing him close. "And while you are with me, there is no need for fear, my friend." Passion Fruit allowed himself to lean into their touch. It felt… nice.

    "You know, I'm glad I came to live here. I'm glad I met you," he said softly, curling his tail around the other dragon's. "I am too," Lotus said simply, and rested their chin on Passion Fruit's head.

    "You know," Lotus began after a few minutes. "Why don't you stay with me for tonight? I don't want you getting cold in this weather." The fur on Passion Fruit's tail puffed up just a little. "With you? In your nest?" he asked, a hint of wonder in his voice.

    "Yes! If you want to, of course!" Lotus said. "Y-yeah, that sounds nice! If you're okay with it!" Passion Fruit stammered. "If I wasn't okay with it, I wouldn't be asking you," they chuckled, wrapping their arms around his torso.

    "I think we'd better head there now, in fact. It's quite late." Lotus moved to get up, and Passion Fruit did the same. They took his hand with a smile, and together they walked to Lotus' room.

    Dragons tended to prefer nests to proper beds, and both Lotus and Passion Fruit were no different. The nest of the Blue Dragon was made of the softest blankets and pillows, and was spacious.

    Lotus led their companion to the nest, and within a few minutes, both were bundled up, safe and warm with tails and legs intertwined. "This is nice," Passion Fruit decided out loud, and Lotus giggled their agreement.

    They cupped a hand on Passion Fruit's cheek, stroking his skin with their thumb, and causing him to flush pink. "You know, you're rather gorgeous," Lotus murmured, their voice low and full of adoration. Passion Fruit suddenly lost the ability to speak.

    Lotus smiled wider, and kissed him on the nose. Passion Fruit's pupils were about the size of the moon and just as bright. "Y-you're super pretty too," he managed to stammer, and Lotus giggled.

    "I think we'd better sleep," Lotus decided, and Passion Fruit nodded, still a bit giddy. "Goodnight," he whispered. "Sweet dreams," Lotus whispered in reply.

    Both dragons broke into soft, contented purrs and curled up close. They let the rain and each other soothe them into a restful sleep.

    #selfship#self ship#sammy writes #UM new tag #lets see if im brave enough to not delete this after 10 mins #r: lotus dragon
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    I Think You Should Know (You're His Favorite Worst Nightmare)

    Title Inspired by "D is for Dangerous" by Arctic Monkeys

    This is part of my series I have going on AO3 "Red Hood Alley" https://archiveofourown.org/series/2367703 . Enjoy

    When you live on the streets for years you usually don't have time for holidays, Christmas is out cause you need to make sure you're not getting your ass frozen to death. Thanksgiving is a bunch of bullshit when you have nothing to be thankful for, especially if the universe or the city doesn't like you.

    So Jason didn't celebrate holidays, he was too busy trying to survive. But living at the manor for a year so far, he was able to relax some and come to at least not overthink everything he's done so far. Being Robin for about 2 months was fun and a good thing, cause Jason, was getting restless.

    Meeting Dick was something, he knew people didn't like him but when he thought of having an older brother, it seemed to have dimmed his view of wanting siblings at all when they first met. Dick while not outright hostile didn't hide his disdain of Jason. But he had to give Dick props, he was a good actor around Alfred and Bruce at dinner. Jason left the room as soon as he could after they ate, not wanting to be around Dick longer than he needed to. Bruce could talk to him about their issues, Jason didn't need to get involved at all.

    Hanging out with Alfred was probably Jason's favorite thing to do. After a while living in the manor and getting used to the rich life (which Jason now detests with his life) the time he had for a break he would spend with Alfred. Jason would sit at the counter and watch the man cook, or they would just talk about things. Soon Alfred asked him if he wanted to try cooking and Jason took the offer. Now with the lessons, he's been getting from Alfred he could make something edible.

    As fall soon arrived the manor was lively, Alfred was working on adjusting the decorations of the manor for the season and getting the fall bedding out for the rooms. Even the meals they ate were changed for the season. But with fall came more Galas and Charities from Wayne Enterprises. Which was a pain for Jason since he had to wear suits and talk to stuck-up rich people who don't know privacy and personal space.

    Jason's birthday passed and now that he was 15 he had more responsibilities than he did. He had to make sure his room was clean and focus on his grades before going out as Robin. Even though his grades were passing and Jason did everything he was asked, he still helped Alfred out with things that needed to be done.

    By the time October arrived, Jason was sick of fall. Sure it was a pretty season but with fall came Halloween. With Halloween, the rouges are more active 'cause why the hell not. Who knows with villains and their thought processes. Since it was October the kids at school were chatting with their friends about what they will go as. Jason didn't do Halloween so he didn't add in what he was going to be. He was mostly left alone anyway.

    When Jason got to the manor, it was decorated for Halloween, and Jason growled, Dick might visit this month, which meant Jason needed to make himself scarce. The main hall was decorated with warm colors and judging by the temperature of the hall, Alfred started a fire to warm the place. Well, it was starting to get colder anyway, so Jason didn't mind. Jason headed to the kitchen and Alfred was cooking something that smelled good.

    "Ah welcome home Master Jason." Alfred didn't look away from his work as Jason put his bag down and sat at the counter.

    "Hey, Alfie." Jason watched the man continue to make something Jason didn't know, but it smelled like pumpkin. "What are you making?"

    "Pumpkin dinner rolls, they will be with your dinner tonight." Alfred started to put the rolls in the oven and then washed his hands. "ah," Jason nodded. The man looked at Jason "Would you like to make some treat today?" he asked and Jason perked up. "Sure,".

    By the time dinner was set Jason made festive treats for fall, and when Bruce tried them he was impressed. Jason was happy 'cause that meant he was getting better at cooking.

    Around the middle of the month, Dick came back and said he was staying for a couple of weeks, his manager told him to take a couple of weeks off since he was working too hard. Jason bristled and hid in the Library picking up the Jane Austen he loved so much and just read, away from everyone else. Alfred found him in time for dinner in the corner of the library where he always sat and made him put the book down.

    Dinner was, well not bad but not good either. There was no fighting for once and he didn't make any comments about Jason, so he'll take that as a win. But as he was leaving to head back to his sanctuary he caught the conversation Dick and Bruce were having.

    "You should get to know Jason, every time you're here he always hides in the library." Bruce spoke softly, "I don't know what's going on between you two, but I want my sons to get along." Jason made his way out of there before he could hear Dick's response, Jason knew Dick didn't like him, and if Bruce was going to force them to bond, well Jason would have to find excuses.

    A week before Halloween, Jason was having enough of life, the school was having a dance for Halloween, Dick was being forced to hang out with him, and Jason's urge to smoke was back. So when he was on his way back to the manor from school he would sometimes go to Crime Alley and buy a pack of Cigs. He found a spot to hide them in his closet near the back. The board was loose so Jason put his most prized possessions inside. After he knew he wasn't going out to patrol and everyone was asleep, Jason grabbed a pack and made his way to the roof.

    Jason came here often to just get away from things and not even Alfred knew he went up there. So when Jason climbed his way to the roof he pulled out a cig and started to smoke, having the nicotine flow through him relaxed his shoulders. He knew Alfred would be disappointed later but with how much things are pilling on him, Jason wants a break.

    By the time he was on his 4th cigarette, an unwanted guest found him on the roof.

    "Jason, is that you?" Dick's head popped up from another part of the roof, most likely where his room was. Jason scoffed and turned away. He could hear Dick climb up onto the roof and make his way near him. "Are you smoking?" Jason could hear the disgust in his voice, and Jason scowled.

    "Yeah, so what, got a problem!" Jason spat at Dick, and the other man sat near him. Jason turned away, taking a drag and releasing it. He didn't have the patience for Dick and his bullshit. "You know Alfred will be disappointed when he realizes right?" Dick spoke after a moment, Jason froze, the cig laying slack in his mouth. Did he just tell Jason Alfred would be disappointed, and not use the chance to make a sneer at him. Jason looked at Dick with confusion, the man beside him didn't even look at him.

    Jason wasn't sure if he was imagining it or not, but he scoffed and put at the cig. "Why are you up here?" Jason looked over the garden to Wayne Manor and brought his knees up to his chest, a nervous tick he started to make after he was adopted into the Wayne family. "Needed a breather, plus I heard someone up here and wasn't sure who it was." Dick might have shrugged or he might have just stayed still, Jason wasn't sure.

    They stayed silent and at that point, Jason couldn't take it anymore, "Why do you hate me?" Jason couldn't take the sneers he kept getting, the judged looks from Barbara, the fact that he was told he wasn't Dick. He knew that but it still hurt. The man even hated him, told him he stole Robin from him. Jason guessed that's all he'll be good at. Stealing.

    "I don't hate you." Dick's voice surprised him and Jason flinched. "I was mad at Bruce and when I came back he had a new kid, a new Robin. I was angry. I took it out on you and I shouldn't have, you didn't deserve it." Jason started to shake, in anger or sadness he didn't know, he didn't want to know. He knew that tomorrow Dick would be back to hating him, this didn't change anything. "So when I was sent on leave and came home, I noticed that you always run, and when Bruce told me to hang out, I didn't want to at first. But hanging out with you, I realized my mistake. By being mad at Bruce I was pushing you away."

    Jason didn't know what to think, this didn't change anything, he knew it. "So hopefully we can start fixing our relationship?" Dick seemed to ask, waiting for Jason and his thoughts. He wasn't sure what he wanted, but he still wanted a brother.

    "Sure," Jason said as he turned to Dick, and the smile he got made him think, maybe things would be ok.

    Halloween came and Jason spent all day baking with Alfred, they were going to have a huge party with the family and friends, Jason was nervous to see Dick's friends, but maybe it would be ok. Alfred thought him some new recipes and even if the night didn't go well, at least he got to cook with Alfred.

    Jason walked through the alleys and grumbled to himself. The kid made a surprise visit and said he wanted to hang out, and Jason knew the kid wanted to go on patrol with him. This wasn't the first time the kid showed up out of nowhere and say he wants to spend time but he drags Jason out on Patrol and he's used as cannon fodder while they hit up a drug ring. But the kid made it up by sneaking some of Alfred's cookies to him.

    But the kid wanted to "hang" and made Jason go out and get candy, why he was doing this, he didn't know. He was in most of his gear when the kid kicked him out of his safe house, and on his way to the store, he forgot what day it was so when he entered the grocery store he was faced with idiots dressed up at the Batman or fucking Nightwing. Jason paused and took a breath before moving to get the stupid candy the brat wanted and get out of there like yesterday.

    Jason sped walk around the idiots and grabbed random candy before making his way to the counter and paid before booking it out of the store. Jason ignored the weird looks people sent him but he didn't want to deal with this. He knew Dick was probably going to make a call and stop by later to bother him.

    Walking in the city, Jason could see people dressing up for the holiday, if you were to ask him how many Batmen Jason ran into, he would punch you and leave. But the fact he forgot the holiday meant that Tim's visit was planned. The kid probably got together with Dick and Alfred to plan something. Jason clenched the bag and made his way through the back alleys, toward his safe house. If Jason knew Dick and Tim, they probably have done something to his place, and he'll need to move to another one away from them.

    He barely gets any privacy with those two anymore. They always stop by and bother him. As he approached the building, dread started to form in his gut. Even in a part of his gear he always kept a weapon on him.

    Jason walked up to his safe-house and even though the building was quiet (since no one but Jason lived there) he would have expected the kid to be making noise of some kind. Approaching his door the lights were off and he couldn't see any shadows in the place. Jason grabbed his knife and slowly opened the door, the place was dark and the curtains were closed. If he had to guess Tim planned this all along. Jason stepped into his safe-house and when he closed the door, two people jumped out from behind the shitty couch.

    Jason dropped the candy and kicked the people away from him. The lights came on and Dick was on the floor holding his gut and Tim was laying on the couch. "I knew you two were up to something." Jason growled and Dick started to laugh, "I told you not to jump me." Jason was pissed. Having these two idiots in his house was trouble.

    Jason picked up the candy and tossed it to the kid. "Here's your stupid candy." Jason moved to his room to get his gear on while Dick was rolling on the floor and Tim was laughing. Jason scoffed, his stupid brothers.

    Jason put the rest of his gear on and grabbed his guns before heading back to the living room, Tim was on the couch munching on the candy and Dick was stealing pieces. "Alright, what do you want?" Jason leaned on the wall. His brothers looked at him, Tim still munching on the candy "It's Halloween, and we want you to join us for patrol." Dick smiled swiping another piece but Tim smacked his hand away.

    "I'm going to pass, I knew Tim was up to something when he came by, but I didn't know what it was until I saw too many Batman and Nightwing idiots in the store." Jason blew him off, but Dick looked surprised. "There are costumes of Nightwing?" Jason shrugged. "I don't know, I don't keep track of hero merchandise."

    Tim put the candy down, "Well tonight's an easy night," Jason looked at the kid "Don't give me that look, we are just going to patrol the area, nothing big is going down." Tim made his stupid puppy eyes and Jason caved. "You know I hate it when you use those stupid things, it's worse than Dick's." Jason mutter but the brat just smiled and Dick patted the kid on his back. Great, having those two team-up would be a hassle.

    "Fine, what are we doing exactly, 'cause last time you showed up, I was pushed into a gunfight." Jason pointed at Tim who looked innocent. "Just making sure no idiots are stealing kids' candies, or selling drugs to kids," Tim said before picking up his candy. But that got Jason's attention. This would be a good night to get kids to buy drugs that look like candy.

    Jason groaned. "Fine, but let's go, I don't want to be near you two any more than I have to." Dick jumped up and made his way to Jason pulling him into a hug. "I hate you," he grumbled into Nightwing's shoulder. "You love us." Dick smiled.

    Tim put his candy down and Jason pulled away from Jason's grip. "Let's go already."

    Later Jason would admit, it wasn't a bad Halloween, sure Tim and Dick got on his nerves but it was nice. Not that Jason would tell them that. He just hoped this wouldn't be a thing every holiday.

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    there’s a whiteboard hanging in the kitchen bunker, they just don’t show it because it isn’t relevant to the plot

    #i don’t accept constructive criticism for my writing choices #i know i’m right. i’ve seen that white board with my own two eyes #dean winchester#castiel#sam winchester#spn headcanon#deancas#destiel#spn#supernatural #is this cringe? is this sweet? i don’t care i had fun making it
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