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  • I just finished a Star Wars fanfic a few days ago to FFN, and this one user has been commenting on every single chapter. Not necessarily bad stuff, but he’s taking time to insert commentary on the whole story. I’ve tried PMing him to stop but since then has posted five more “reviews”. Should I report him, and/or get his comments taken down?

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  • عہدہ مت پوچھ، میں مارا جاؤںگا۔ مذہب مت پوچھ، میں سمجھا نہیں پاؤںگا۔ جنسیت مت پوچھ، میں ٹھکرایا جاؤںگا۔ تو مجھسے میرے وطن کا پوچھ، میں کھلکر بتاؤںگا۔ تو مجھسے میرے مٹی کا پوچھ، جس میں میں ملنا چاہؤںگا۔ تو پوچھ۔ تو پوجھ۔

    Ohda mat puuch, main maara jaaunga. Mazhab mat puuch, main samjha nahi paaunga. Jinsiyat mat puuch, main thukraya jaaunga. Tu mujhse mere watan ka puuch, main khilkar bataaunga. Tu mujhse mere mitti ka puuch, jis mein main milna chahunga. Tu puuch. Tu puuch.
    People can be killed if they belong to the “lower” class or are poor, literally or metaphorically. People are dying. People can’t explain their religion, they’re are their beliefs, let them follow what they believe in and you follow yours. People can be oppressed, rejected, even humiliated when they are sexually different, be it women, transgender, LGBT+, they are frowned upon and considered as second class citizens, or worse. But you can ask me about my nation, and I’ll bloom and tell. You can ask me about the land I wish to be buried in. So ask. Please ask.
    I write this on my country’s Republic Day to remind ourselves how we need to stick together, for our Constitution was formed to protect and not exploit, and how ignorance is not bliss and fear cannot keep us from making ourselves heard. Please share. Happy Republic Day, India 🇮🇳 —–
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  • A Joke

    I like you,

    so much it honestly terrifies me.

    I could play games,

    toy with signals

    I don’t understand

    and blame that for why

    you don’t seem to

    really hear me

    when I tell you.


    I say it plain as day,

    but still my words go

    overlooked or written off:

    weightless jokes at best

    and I’d rather not think

    what at worst.

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  • Kinda sick of the older generation complaining about how kids are always on their phones/iPads. Digital gadgets are used for so much more than their minds can comprehend, maybe they only use them to check Facebook, but here’s a list of awesome things kids do one their phones/ iPads nowadays:

    1. Read books
    2. Make art
    3. Contact family living abroad
    4. Write books
    5. Share their artwork on social media
    6. Make new friends
    7. Bond over unpopular interests
    8. Watch shows with more diversity than their Home county’s channels offer 
    9. Learn about interesting topics they’re too shy to buy a book on
    10. Explore music
    11. Learn English (if not native speakers)
    12. Learn new hobbies such as makeup, writing, design, programming, sowing, yoga, exercise etc

    My point is that with the internet we have liberty, we have freedom and we have flexibility. But the older generations only see kids with iPads and phones rotting their brains. I didn’t grow up with a smart phone, I grew up with a flip phone and a block computer as my only resource to the internet and I wish I had today’s kind of technology growing up.

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  • In my story, characters that have mostly peaceful lives that don’t involve death, suddenly have to deal with loads of their citizens dying as well as killing things/people themselves. Having to figure out how a cute, bubbly character would respond to death, is super fun but also difficult. Then there’s taking cocky characters and wondering how they’d respond to getting the crap kicked out of them.

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  • Prompt

    You cry tears of liquid light. It’s very painful, so you’ve trained yourself not to cry. However, you can’t help crying in pain when you break your arm. It happened at a public skate park, so videos of you crying go viral online. The light, when processed, can become a very strong source of power. It makes you an instant target for shady businesses wishing to replicate your tears. But first, they need you.

    - Lynn

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  • Back when we first met in the midst of a cold December

    The coldest I can remember

    When the both of us

    were jagged and rough on the edges

    Torn apart by the destruction

    A life without our lovers had given us

    And the two of us together were just pieces

    Trying to piece it all together

    You hiding underneath the covers

    From the world beyond the whiteness

    And I, finding solace in the brightness

    That accompanied thousands of city lights

    And taking comfort in the wildness

    But you, I never found comfort in You

    Not in your words or your embraces

    The tiny pieces that tried, and succeeded to hold me somehow

    maybe it was that I thought that your pieces would fix mine,

    that I would mend you like glue

    That is my character flaw,

    My desire to wish upon people who can not make me better in any way

    And so my pieces tended to stay

    With people who liked to break me

    and so they stayed with you, even when your pieces started to cut my skin and bleed me

    and the lights on mill ave started to look dull and Uninviting

    when your pieces became much darker than mine and became tainted by the months of impossibility and questioning

    my rough edges stayed with you

    until your pieces rejected what I gave you

    Until your eyes no longer saw me

    for what I was,

    and so the pieces of me

    let go of the pieces of you

    and I so terribly remember the sunrise over the apartments where I walked out at 7 AM

    to run home and away from everything

    I’d just went through

    I so awfully remember the dragging days where my pieces became more abundant -

    until this December, ironically warmer than the last,

    when I bled the last drops of your essence

    from my veins, and freed myself

    Somewhere up in the hills you stayed broken and your pieces remained

    But all of a sudden

    I was whole.

    Lily Davan 1/25/2020

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  • Camp NaNoWriMo:

    Goal: 40,000 words - Achieved!

    The Samuel Johnson Society of the West:

    I attended The Samuel Johnson Society of the West’s Thirty-fourth Annual Dinner Meeting held Sunday, 19 November 2017. (Image links to the society’s website.) It was a wonderful dinner and I feel honored to have been invited.


    Her Campus:

    I joined Her Campus as a Student Staff Writer! Our chapter partnered with NBC for Happy Death Day’s release! It was awesome. 


    I helped execute our Social Media Campaign for the #HerActivism: 



    I joined Anastamos as an editor and attended their amazing launch party!

    Sigma Tau Delta:

    Leadership Accomplishments:

    1. Membership has increased by 50%!
    2. Active Participation has quadrupled!
    3. More events this year than in the last 7 years!

    Met and attended journalism panels hosted at Chapman in efforts to improve my writing for Her Campus:


    Founded The Upstart Crows, Chapman University’s Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Journal:


    Founding The Upstart Crows was a dream I had not considered until the summer before my last year at Chapman University.

    I had been on several editorial boards by then, and was about to join a few more, but felt, in all honesty, that something was missing. We had so many editorial boards, but no unity between the different genre-based platforms. Instead, a majority of the boards available on campus were fighting to make a mark in a market that was already monopolized by the established and department supported publishing groups available. Moreover, and perhaps worse, these established groups were often seen as biased by many students–a vast majority of whom, from my interactions with peers, claimed that they would not be submitting because they felt the odds were rigged in favor of those that members of the different boards liked.

    It was only when the Journalism Department dropped The Panther, our long-time established newspaper, that I saw a shift in Chapman’s student publishing community. In The Panther’s place, two new publications arose, the daily digital Prowl and Prowl Magazine (the Journalism professors support both at Chapman). For the first time in years, there was a race to see which publication would overtake the department as the new top-news for Chapman. The debate is still open, as both Prowls are making a steady rise to compete with The Panther.

    The journalism department’s change was a huge moment for me because it said that the professors were listening to the complaints that many students had had about the bias of our publishing. I thought about some of the other boards I was on, and what changes I might suggest there. Soon after, I began to dream about starting a publication of my own–one that would embody the aspirations I had when I submitted a piece to Concordia University’s The Promethean my freshman year. Having just finished applying to graduate programs and looking into the professional world for internships, I considered what a fellow student might need and what I would need once I graduated. In the process of researching said internships and graduate programs, I learned that it is essential for students like myself to show involvement and achievement, whether it be by joining a club or winning a competition. This need for achievement became even more evident when I was applying to various positions and received notes from advisors that I seek out more publishing and presenting opportunities to help my candidacy.

    I thought of how many other students like myself encountered this advice and felt a bit lost when our means of expression seemed to have incredibly strict guidelines for entry, and how many other majors also needed this service but couldn’t find a group to publish them on campus because their paper was academic instead of fiction or because it was an entertaining dance video instead of a live theatrical performance.

    I looked at models both at school and off-campus, and soon I had the idea of an overlapping publication–one that could not only meet the interests of everyone but also provide a beneficial act to the student body. By creating a digital publishing platform, we could publish articles, stories, academic papers, and even videos or music. Moreover, because of the vastness in topics, we could garner support from various departments and expand across campus, inviting submissions and board members from everywhere.

    I joined with fellow members of Sigma Tau Delta to start the group, and we set out strict guidelines for the rejection of pieces but gave narrow guidelines for what constituted the acceptance of submissions (heavily modeled after Her Campus’ student-run chapters). Throughout the academic year we expanded to 20+ board members of various majors, and while we had a small submission rate compared to our board size, it was an overall successful first run.

    I hope that someday, as an alumnus, I will see The Upstart Crows be what I dreamed it could become. Large, open, and running various subsections for the various forms of publications that it can host. From hard-hitting student journalism to entertainment, I’m sure the publication will be able to grow and thrive with the proper care and support from the Chapman community.

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  • I cross-post my fics. My views on FFN are always pretty consistent (unless I’ve just posted an update). The same stuff posted on AO3 doesn’t get nearly as much traction. Also, my most popular long fic on FFN is not my most popular on AO3. They are two different ships from the same fandom. The fic more popular on AO3 is quite a bit more sexually explicit than the one popular on FFN.

    Again, these are in the same fandom. I just think it’s super interesting how different the reader dynamics of both websites are. From my tiny sample size of just my writing, it would seem that the AO3 is crowd is much more tolerant of smut, and edgy or taboo stuff, and that they are older readers/writers, in general. FFN seems to cater to a younger crowd.

    Anyone else cross-post and notice little differences like these?

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  • I can’t be the only writer who gets to the climax of my story and then suddenly loses interest in the whole thing.

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  • My gaze fell upon you

    And I felt enchanted

    by your unreturned gaze

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  • image

    What is it that you see?

    A monster?

    The blood that I spilled?


    It’s just me. I am the same. Just when we met and I still love you and I know you love me back. It’s in my nature to kill, I can’t help it but I would never- and I mean never- hurt you.

    So, don’t leave me. Please, I am so alone without you. Not even the taste of death, and the blood, and the fresh cut flesh can’t make me feel the way you do. I will protect and I will love you. I will cherish you until the day you die- until the day I die.

    But stay with me.

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  • I’ve been really busy finishing the draft of my novel. But a new writing advice post will be coming soon :)

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  • I’ll be honest, 
    I find it difficult to discuss the concept of love, 
    because it applies to so many things,
    and I always manage to get it wrong. 

    I feel like I’m not compatible with the feeling,
    to love and be loved, 
    without getting it wrong. 

    I fell in love with pretty boys,
    smart boys,
    perfect boys,
    all wrong. 

    Except for one,
    and I still got it wrong. 

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