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    “I’ve been on edge since the day they took me, and it’s gotten me this far. Letting my guard down now isn’t an option.”


    age. 20

    pronouns. he/him/his

    sexuality. straight

    nationality. nigerian-american

    height. 6’0

    personality. 1w2 | principled and warm

    zodiac sign. virgo


    Matthew grew up with privileged and pretentious people, and his father was no different. He wanted to earn his way rather than be tied down by handouts for the rest of his life, having learned nothing about the world. His decision to run away at the time seemed like a step in the right direction before his life of wealth was traded in for one behind bars.

    Protecting his friends was his prerogative even before he discovered his enhanced strength and speed. Having these abilities are a double edged sword for him; while he’s even more capable to keep those he cares about safe, he knows they’re in more danger now than ever.

    Matthew has always kept Randy and Reagan in line, acting as their moral center when days were hard. Following the rules and making smart decisions could mean life or death, and he considers all odds before he so much as takes a breath. However, his protectiveness can make him extremely paranoid at times.



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  • I used google translate to translate the fanfic. I know it’s not exactly the best translation, but I don’t mind it as long the story is interesting.

    I’m been doing this for a few months and I gotta say, there’s some good idea out there. I found that I thought a rare ship turn out to be popular ship in another language fandom. It’s fun.

    The only thing I have problem is the Google translate itself. It kinda meshed up the sentence, dialogue, and making it looks like there’s no paragraph. Here’s what it’s look like before and after translation

    I recently try some OC fic, some are bad, but some is really good that I’m asking myself why I’m not doing this sooner

    Usually, I patiently wait for fanfic show ups, so sometime I leave the fandom than later come back once in a while to check is anyone already writing some. Happen when I’m in My Hero Academia fandom, I was desperately searching female Izuku but no one made it yet, heck, there’s not even fanart for it. So I leave for a while, then come back after I heard the anime become pretty popular.

    But now with quarantine stuff, I can’t just wait forever for english fandom to make stuff, either I make fanfic myself or try searching in another language. I ended up doing both, and hoo boi. Now I’m really grateful translation is exist

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  • so I was going through my book case today looking for a book to read. I used to be really into YA dystopian fiction. Well, guess what? I pulled out a minimum of three books that included a story about a virus or plague.

    Unlike these stories, I have not yet fallen in love a mysterious boy in dystopian America. Bummer.

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  • Movies are amazing media that make me, even just a bit, forget the pain, the pressure, and bring me to the world of laugh, tears, tense, and everything else combined making a new feeling thrilling in my heart.

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  • I’m sorry I’ve hurt you.

    I don’t truly know myself. I lost myself too many times in the past, the pieces scattered like stars in the sky, like a shattered mirror, a thousand shards and a thousand drops of blood on the ground that should’ve held me steady.

    Please don’t leave me — don’t leave me like the rest.

    05.26.20 // poison control // k.l.

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  • We’ve all heard of drug/alcohol/gambling addictions, but they are not limited to those. I just realized, that reading fanfiction was the cause of my mild depression and various other problems. Whenever I was stressed, I read; whenever I had free time, I read. It evolved into that I started to make time for reading, skipping classes (only was able due to quarantine), not doing work, procrastinating, lying to others about what I was doing with my time. And it all didn’t seem that bad, since you know, it’s just reading!

    What I’m trying to say is that addictions come in all shapes and forms, even reading could be it. If you find yourself in a similar position, but do not know what is causing it, think about that little thing, that simple reading, that always helps you to calm down and be happy. It could be the source of all evil.

    Don’t get me wrong, reading is not as addictive and problematic as drugs, alcohol, etc. I’m just saying that without restraint, it could be problematic, especially since it can be very easily seen as a positive thing (which it usually is and that’s why it’s so hard to notice).

    Hope this helps someone:)

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  • Four names that go together (p.2)

    Sage, Juliana, Kay, Judith

    Willow, Cressida, Reed, Elliot

    Celeste, Lore, Saph, Kyrell

    Eliza, Fintan, Indie, Autumn

    Tig, Jonah, Rio, Thalia

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  • Atelier d’écriture : Écrire mon rêve d’atelier d’écrivaine et mon atelier d’animatrice :

    Il y a d’abord une présence, c’est indéniable, une présence, derrière l’oreille, un chuchotis apaisant. Il faut aussi que, pour écrire, tout soit en pause dans la tête et en désordre autour.

    Il faut le grattement frénétique sur la feuille de l’autre, il faut que je puisse les voir tous, autour, en travail.

    C’est rassurant. Le groupe rassure dans le travail, le groupe tente de me sortir de mes blocages nombrilistes.

    Je relève la tête, tout est en concentration autour de moi, tout est en germination. Alors c’est bon, moi aussi je plonge.

    Coude à coude à coude, chainons au bord du gouffre. Nous travaillons la masse, nous la construisons.

    Une sorte de singularité plurielle… C’est-à-dire, chaque solitude d’écriture au sein du groupe en travail.

    Les deux se confonde, l’animatrice, l’écrivaine, les deux cherchent du regard l’effort, le pétrissage.

    Mon atelier cherche à savoir où on est dans le mot ? On l’arrache ? On le sculpte ? On le rêve ?

    On lui fout la paix ?

    Le cercle autour du mot prend forme. L’animatrice et l’écrivaine en charpente dans le groupe, en silence dans la masse.

    Minutie et déplacement. Comme un courant d’air entre les tables, entre les doigts, entre les mots. Au travail oui, mais en vivance ! En vivifiance. En ébullition.

    Puis renversement, les pages en berne, les têtes se redressent, les regards sont maintenant en quête, en attente. Tout le monde s’écoute, tout le monde se répond en texte, se lance en voix des propositions et de la matière (gratuite !) à réfléchir et à creuser.

    « Quel mot ? » « Pour quoi ? »

    Et si je change ça, qu’est-ce que ça crée chez toi ? Est-ce que ça détricote le texte fil à fil, mot à mot, est-ce que ça élague à grand coup de feutre noir sur la page ?

    Est-ce que ça réfléchit aux clichés de style ?

    Est-ce que ça reste calme face à la vague ?

    La réécriture fait-elle partie de l’atelier ? Est-elle un résultat inévitable, un dommage collatéral ? Une malédiction ? Une source inépuisable.

    Oui, à tout.

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    Haha, just a little personal story of my own that shows one of the struggles I deal with in my life. I don’t understand people but it’s just how it is!

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    The last fifty pages were just tabs with the word “foreshadowing” next to it. A completed series bible! via my author copy of Chimehour. This took months and months of work, not accounting for school. In addition to editing for a second edition, I made a complete guide to my character arcs, worldbuilding, and important foreshadowing- so I know where I am going. And I do again, and I am eager to return to writing. Phew. Quite a task.

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  • i was going to send you a message but i had nothing to say

    for the first time in a long time you have no power over me

    i will not allow your abuse to rule my life

    i know what you will say to me because you’ve said it 100 other times about 100 other people

    you are narcissistic and shitty and you will ruin everything good that comes to you as you always have

    and i will flourish

    #rooks thoughts#writing#write#diary#i guess #i blocked you on everything i could #i wont let you taint the things i love ever again
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  • Turns out that character limit isn’t just for funsies because I got through more than one third of it. But guys! Some fics are so so so good! Some fics use their medium to perfection!

    Fanfiction is wonderful because it allows us to draw on common knowledge to tell incredible stories. Fics like this one draw on the reader’s knowledge of a giant universe like the MCU to pull characters together in incredible story arcs that weave together story threads and character arcs beautifully, with room to introduce new and exciting elements without being bogged down by exposition.

    It’s the kind of story that could only exist in fanfiction, and damn is it good!

    Edit: I want to make it clear I mean this post more as an ode to the power of the medium than a fic rec!

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  • I wanted to write but it seemed I had no sense of purpose.
    Sometimes, I spoke of no great dreams.
    I thought something was missing,
    But I just wanted to “make it”.

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  • 4/85    By: H. Nicholson

    You live here in this house,

    Well at least it’s where you get your mail.

    But we never talk anymore.

    For us communications have failed

    No more hugs or kisses

    or late night talks that we used to share.

    I used to love to listen to you,

    To share your conquest, and your fear.


    What did I do

    Where did I go wrong

    How can I try

    To make it better again

    How can I be living together with you

    When I’m living alone by myself.

    Don’t stay here for the kids sake

    That is not enough you know

    Kids will grow and leave the nest

    And that’ll leave just you and me alone

    Oh, what about our long lost dreams

    So many of them there were.

    One by one we buried them

    Until now they are all a blur



    I don’t want it any more

    I want the love I had before

    Please make it go away

    There’s not much more that I can take

    Oh… What did I do

    Where did I go wrong

    How can I try

    To make it better again

    How can I be living together with you

    When I’m living alone by myself.

    If you should ever change your mind

    An realize that you still love me

    All you have to do

    Is come around and tell me

    My love for you is strong

    But of this one thing I’m sure

    I don’t want to be living alone

    When I am living together with you.


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  • I would do anything for you, ma.

    I would cross oceans, destroy my heart over and over for you. I can already feel it rotting in my chest, full of salty tears and words that have gone unsaid and unheard.

    And yet, I will still never be enough for you.

    05.26.20 // love me // k.l.

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