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  • why i use sunflowers for hey, micah

    sunflowers are so so so relatable and perfect for making aesthetics for my wip Hey, Micah. i imagine Ayla as the yellow part of the sunflower and it points to wherever the sun is, aka Micah. Alyssa is the stem holding Ayla up and also the brown part of the flower, that no one really notices but its important. 

    Yellow is a universal colour so that helped with showing three different gender characters. Yellow i’ve also used as Alyssa’s favourite colour too and she’s shown as very kind and as a people pleaser, of course not that much after character develops with Micah. 

    I’ve just really loved dim lit aesthetics with bright sunflowers for this book’s cover. i’m considering changing it because i found a cool new cover pic but i’m too attached to the sunflowers on the current one. 

    i use Canva and Adobe Spark for making my covers. i usually make them while still writing the initial stages of my WIPs. It makeshifts into a plot mood board, like character mood boards but on a larger and more important scale. 

    Under the cut is my current cover page and the one without the letters is the one i’m considering changing it to. thoughts?

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    My Little Monster

    One of the more romantic animes, My Little Monster is a story of finding love and keeping it.

    In a school setting where the main character chooses to focus on her career, ignoring all the fun in order to prepare herself for the working world, an unexpected encounter was not what she was planning.

    #anime / manga #anime#anime girl#love#writeblogging#writeblr#anime boy#manwha #excerpt from a book i'll never write #writer#light novel #my little monster #shizuku mizutani#haru yoshida
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  • I’m working on a winter warmer and of course it’s not any of the ideas that I thought I might do, because that’s how the writing process goes sometimes.

    #writeblogging #it's very much a first draft #but it's something! #and if I can finish it maybe I can write more winter warmers #it's also definitely one of those times where I can picture it in my head #and then when I'm writing it down in words it's just not quite there yet the way I want it to be
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    This will be the last time I will go out.

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  • He slumped forward as if my answer was a physical burden laid upon his shoulders. A sigh of sadness leaving his lips, before he boldly captured my gaze with his own. For a moment I could do nothing, but marvel at the intense green of his eyes. Their shade pulling forth a memory of laughter and screams of delight from a forest that has been gone for years now. A forest that once provided us a sanctuary from the cruelty that was our life, yet now was nothing but a pile of ash. And sometimes, the scent of burning wood and the taste of ash would return whenever I’d see his face.

    “I..I can’t.” I whisper out brokenly. Tears gathering at the corners of my eyes and begging to fall. But, no. I won’t shed any tears. Not in front of him.

    And he gave me a smile that reminded me of arguments had, of nights when tears were the last I felt before sleep. But, his voice was what crushed me the most, for his tone had me feeling hollow and wishing to be filled to the point it ached to even breath. “I know.”

    #writers on tumblr #writers#fiction #free time writing #writing#my wriitng #writing for myself #writeblogging#sad writing
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  • Don’t you realize that you’re worth more than someone else’s feelings?

    They come a dime a dozen

    And you throw dimes at him

    As if your heart is made of them

    Girl, he’s running you bankrupt

    Charge him interest fees

    Overdraft fees

    Fees for using the bank

    Bankrupt his ass

    He’s not worth anything anyways

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  • Imposter syndrome a bitch

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  • I exist.

    I once considered myself as no one.

    I’m a fifteen-year-old girl named Sophie. I’m a shy person, and I barely make friends with people. The always say that I should go out more and make some friends. Get out of my comfort zone and show who am I really.

    I have an older sister. She’s smart, an extrovert, and kind. She has a lovable character and once you get to see her, you’ll describe her as perfect. She’s exactly the opposite of me but I’m glad we get along well.

    I was used to being overshadowed by her. They say I should try being like her, friendly, expressive, and do stuff like what she does. And one time, I imagined me, myself being just like my sister; not hiding myself to anyone, make a lot of friends and go out with other people. I realized, it might be really fun, to be someone, I’m ought to be. 

    I did it. I did go out with people, made a lot of new friends, tried out new stuff, like going to parties. I almost felt like it’s not me, but it felt so good to be something new. Now, I evolved as a person, people started to recognize me and I felt that I didn’t exist before, but now, I am.

    My sister noticed it, that I changed and at first she became so proud and happy for me but not long until she confessed that she hates it. She hates me being someone like her. I didn’t comment on that, because that time, I was feeling all good— I didn’t want someone to take that away from me. 

    After two to three weeks, my sister’s not talking to me, it almost felt like, I don’t exist again, but only for her. I didn’t want to be bothered by it, but suddenly, I looked at myself in the mirror, and observed myself. I look happy, beautiful, lovely but I don’t look like me. And that’s the time, I reflected that, I want to go back from the way I was before. I was not confident before, but I was me. Now, I am confident but I don’t want to be someone who’s not me. I still want to be myself. The one who’s shy, but she’s resourceful, the one who doesn’t want to make a lot of friends, but she still is a good friend to someone. I’m not my sister, I’m not like any other, I’m just myself. 

    I exist, I always have existed to anyone, even if they barely know me. I exist in a lot of ways. I’m important in a lot of ways, even if a lot of people don’t notice me. My self love and acknowledgement are all that I need. 

    Note to reader:

    This is not the actual me. This is just a story that came through my mind but somehow it’s related to me. I feel so happy and relived to be sharing this. I hope everyone could reflect on this and be inspired from this.

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  • First attempt with black paper. I havent been drawing lately and writing my fantasy book

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  • melancholy.

    I guess it’s not always going to be a happy moments.

    There will always be that time where I sit or lie down on my bed with tears coming down from my eyes.

    Slowly and slowly.

    What happen and why have I brought myself into thinking sad thoughts?

    Listening again to a melancholy piano.

    Awake at the middle of the night wanting to run away from this madness.

    But what’s more worst, I will be alone… forever..

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  • Let’s talk about this video ! Let’s get a bit touchy ! So for starters I want to ask why some one felt it was appropriate to record this moment then proceed to post it? As their right in public, in the same breath I do feel like this was a authentic raw moment that shouldn’t been left as is, but since it’s been recorded and it’s a topic up for discussion. Let’s Discuss !!

    My personal opinion on this is I understand how the behavior of this inDividual wasn’t appropriate for this establishment. I am a from believer in there’s a time a place for everything. As for his reaction there is a time a place for that bad well ! I believe the way he spoke to everyone in a general PSA was a bit over done and necessary. Their adults in your restaurant, paying customers and supports addition to that. Their not children, nor are they your children nor are theses Black people charity to who he is. I didn’t like how he stated how he wanted to make something nice for black people in the tone he made done it in. It almost sounded like he invested money to house black peoples to be. In that itself he express he this something of culture value. It wasn’t needed to mention it was done for Black people. I’m addition my opinion to this video was felt as if his behavior was hycritical, because he’s criticizing her behavior base off the content of her skin and the idea of twerking as black people behavoir. In fact it’s just poor human behaviors. I can say in understanding why he made the statements he made. In fact it’s a trend for black people in businesses to allow there ego to perform as their Business etiquette. 


    I collected a few comments from this IG to share my personal opinion on each. This being one of one of the most liked comments I disagrees with his approach.


    Agreed 👆🏾.


    This comment stood out to me, because In Hollywood films is often glorified that woman stand on bars after being drunk and dancing on table tops as a favorited behavior. Perphaps this inDividual seen movies as such and got caught in the moment ?


    Here is another point I like to make, human behavior is HUMAN BEHAVIOR ! Black people are not aware of other cultures Indulging in the same up Scene behavoir he say call claim is Black behavoir. Maybe it’s not black behavoir and it’s human behavoir ? Because their black are typically surrounded by there like peers they see the same like peers behavoiring the same way. It seem as to be both white and black Woman enjoy drinking and loosen up in public and expressing their selfves in manners where some people may not diem the time and place for that action. Perphaps the affects of drinking make people a bit more unaware of their surroundings ? Nothing to need to publicly Shame any one for, I believe. Or begin to address adult InDividual’s as children.


    Agreed 👆🏾


    That Part 👆🏾

    The idea to announce behavior change on his part if this was a crowd of white women he wouldn’t behavoir the sane play until the essence of white privilege. Why act differently with more respect ?


    Agreed and agreed 👆🏾

    Maybe this individual felt as if it was the time and place do to the on set of music and energy of the ambience.

    Twerking is dancing and an act of self expression.

    Please feel free to comment your thoughts below/ reblog/ share !


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  • What’s the fun of peaking in high school?

    Just to be chasing that feeling

    Of some sort of fame

    Some sort of power in life

    But as quickly as we can gain power,

    Life sure likes to sweep the rug out from underneath us

    You don’t know how to handle that…

    But I do

    I don’t want to touch the hand that burned mine

    But neither of us deserve burns

    Life isn’t fun feeling scorned

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  • Thinking about posting more wip related content. Would you peeps be interested in these kinds posts (snippets, characters aesthetics, mood boards etc)?

    #I haven’t posted like this since last year I think?! #and I’m really interested in seeing what you peeps want to see #writeblr#writeblogging #writers on tumblr
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  • “It’s unlocked.”

    -probably the most funny line in When Mountains Wake by Mercedes Martin

    Click the link in my bio to read!

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    [trigger warning: suicide] || an old piece

    The night must have held him well

    as the walls caved in;

    his forehead pressed against his bruised knuckles,

    beads of sweat on his temples,

    curses in between ragged breaths.

    I’d like to believe he still tried that night

    at least scribbled frustratingly until the paper tore

    on the off chance that there is so much more

    in his nothing left.

    Still he wrote them letters

    as much as his dying pen allowed,

    poured his heart out for the last time

    until its claws found his last unscathed flesh.

    Gone are the days of bad survival

    of nicotine unraveling his thread

    and poetry keeping away the shears of Atropos.

    His poems, no longer can be seen,

    now buried beneath heaps of cigarette butts,

    those menthol anesthetics that did nothing

    but burn holes on his skin.

    The night must have held him well

    when the walls caved in and the monster found his neck,

    so he chose to be held

    and never looked back.

    — autumn artemis | Rest Well, Poet


    photo from: pinterest

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  • words - they’ll kill me in the moonlight.

    they’ll fly away into the southern scape where it snows.

    flight- dust and dawn and summer -

    summer that my eyes do not see.

    words - empty heavy words maneuvering through my hollow skeleton

    through the cartilage of an early autumn forest molded in green and brown and grey skies

    yellow scarfs of light and purple clouds

    mud - wreathed in mud, I’ll lie in the soil.

    I’ll lie there -

    and there I’ll find my home

    and there I’ll find -

    find my forever.

    I’ll kill myself in the moonlight.

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    No Game No Life: Zero

    A prequel movie more depressing that its main series, this anime definitely makes even cold-hearted bastards shed tears.

    Set before the world as they knew it, before Tet had risen to power, Disboard was filled with violence, fighting, and warfare.

    In all this madness, how was peace ever achieved?

    #anime / manga #anime boy#anime#anime girl#love#writeblogging#writeblr#writer#manwha #excerpt from a book i'll never write #light novel #no game no life #shiro#sora #sora no game no life #shiro no game no life #stephanie dola#schwi#ritsu
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  • As NaNoWriMo wraps up, I realized that I have not written much. I know that the main goal is to just get people writing, and not necessarily to have everyone finish 50,000 words. 

    I am no where near my goal, but I have definitely written more than I would have if I wasn’t participating. I obviously plan to keep writing after because I have finally fallen in love with what I am writing. I’m keeping my head up and I want to write for myself rather then write for the people who may read my novel in the future. Self-indulgent writing will always be more fun and it can and will help me through my first draft.

    I had a pretty bad month, that didn’t involve writing struggles so I don’t want to feel bad about not writing everyday. I hope that everyone who didn’t finish this month will continue to find the motivation to finish their piece. 😀

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