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  • jerryljz
    23.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago
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  • mdriussi
    23.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    I knew I shouldn't have watched Loki because now I am dusting off Corpus to do an outline rewrite.

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  • greatandquestionablecontent
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hi, I'm Stormy! I'm 25, genderqueer (they/them primarily, he or she are also ok). I've been hanging out in the hurt/comfort and whump corners of tumblr for about a year now, and it's been wonderful! I'd like to poke my nose a little further into writeblr!

    My writing focuses on relationships, romance, queer themes, mental health, angst, comfort, and processing the effects of violence and trauma, with a modest dosage of psychic magics. A lot of my longer works eventually become Mature or Explicit, but most of what I post here is SFW!

    My WIPs:

    Most of my writing features the same characters in different AUs. It's like being my own fandom 😅 Summaries under the cut

    Conviction: 9 chapters are up on AO3! It's plotted out to the end and I'm on the third-ish draft. I’m working on this one really slowly because it deals with a lot of real world issues and I don’t want to fuck it up!

    Gavin, a young ex-patriot struggling with trauma from the revolution he abandoned in his home country, is awaiting trial along with his genderqueer cellmate, who just can't seem to stay out of fights and is paying the consequences. Watch them tumble into an angst-ridden friendship, talk about their feelings, and do the slowburn friends-to-lovers thing! Also Gavin has a really sweet ex-wife who sends him cat memes while he's in jail. 

    in the mirror i saw who you could have been: AKA “AU AU.” Lots of messy poly vibes, fun magic, straight up whump, and drama. I saw the tag "identity porn" on AO3 and idk what that means but I'm pretty sure this is it.  It's plotted out to the end and I'm on the... second-ish draft.

    A girl stumbled through a portal fifteen years ago into a parallel universe, and no one who went to find her has come back. Now, Trystan attempts this quest with almost nothing to lose. He finds himself having to fill the shoes of a parallel version of himself as a war mage who can draw power from the suffering of others, and is stuck with a handful of evil ladies with the same abilities. He gets entangled in the plots of a revolution, led by the parallel version of his friend who he harbors ambiguous feelings for back in his home world. Also apparently he's got a girlfriend now. What a mess.

    I have not started posting the main fic yet but you can see a preview of the prologue here, and some gals being angsty from much later in the fic here.

    Other: I am currently still seeking a reasonable title for a Collection Of Vibes which you can read about here, but it's also got the same main characters, themes, and more but slightly different psychic magics. Please help. I can’t just call it trains!verse.

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  • passed-out-writer
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Notes-app book ideas after being ignored for the hundredth time-

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  • angeldlune
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    No tengo calificaciones para estar en la NASA, pero todo el trabajo e investigación, todo el ensayo y error que he hecho en mi misma son dignos de la NASA. Además se que incluso las personas que estan allí se equivocan y aprenden todos los días, quizás por eso están allí, porque les gusta seguir encontrando barreras y derrumbandolas para conocer más.

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  • angeldlune
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    No hay sentimiento mas hermoso que ir a la cama agradecida de tu vida, más allá de lo que alguna vez creí posible. Gracias, gracias, gracias.

    #fragmentos #excerpt from a book i might write #excerpt from a book i'll never write #blog de escritura #writers on tumblr #writeblogging#writing blog#original writing#writeblr#gratitud
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  • apapertrail-journalsir
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    “I Crave To Feel Love.” i.r.

    Originally written in a notebook 5/21/21 9:00pm

    Final edit finished 6/23/21 1:12pm

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  • asshole-kd98
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    You know the sad part is I have forgotten how to live be free, feel happy, all that is their in my hear are thoughts about you and only you.

    Nothing can change that babe. Why don't you just come back. We'll work through it. Figure it out. The worst part is I sorta feel like...

    Nothing I feel empty without you.

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  • swwatisharma
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Come, let’s go in/

    Come, let’s go in.

    Inside your past, amidst all that you’ve been accumulating over the years.

    To the fears that are sitting silently in a dark corner, that you yourself are scared of touching and showing light because you fear they’re capable of transforming into neon ghosts and haunting your nights.

    To the emotions you’ve lately forgotten to attend. Not because you don’t want to, but because the time has been unkind to you, because every time you stretched your hand towards them they vapoured like a mirage on a hot and sunny afternoon.

    To the memories you’ve been preserving so dearly, it feels like they happened yesterday only, because you can still inhale their unimpaired fragrance, because you can still forage through their folds and pull out a moment of your choice to revisit, to relive.

    To the feelings that still stir your soul, so crisply, that each atom of the landscape inside you moves in delight. Your trees expand, your sky casts light, your birds warble and your streams flow with a mighty splash.

    Come, let’s go in.

    Let’s make ourselves a cup of coffee and stroll through everything you’ve been accumulating. Let’s have a final conversation with your fears and bid them adieu. Let’s visit your emotions and talk to them like there’s no tomorrow, like there’s no end to this night. Let’s check on your memories and wrap them safely in new silk fabrics. Let’s hold hands, look straight into the eyes, caress the back of my hand with your thumb, maybe kiss me too when the sky changes it’s color, because I want to stir your soul one more time, because I want to empty you of all the fears, despairs, and void and fill you with some new feelings and memories.

    Come, let’s go in.

    I’ve always belonged to you. You’ve always belonged to me. And now that we’ve found each other, let’s not waste another moment of our time. Come, let’s go in.

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  • serenablackter
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago


    taken from pinterest.

    Main character, Chelsea⬆️

    Today was the day Chelsea was going to find out what happens behind the golden doors of Cobra casino. Her research of six months was going to pay off now. And then, her boss Ms. Lilac would pay her a hefty sum of money. 

    All she had to do was flaunt her hourglass body, dark hair, and green eyes. And any man would want to have her as a date. So she put on her black satin dress, asked Chloe to do her makeup, and in an hour was standing outside the Cobra casino. She waited for Derek; a man in his 40’s who would come every Friday. Chelsea knew Derek had his eye out for her. She could simply use him to get inside and then see the illegal activities behind the golden door. 

    Derek’s limousine arrived at the front gate, and Chelsea put on her most innocent face. The face who totally did not have a gun hidden in her stockings. As soon as Derek stepped out, she put her phone to her ear with no one on call dial but still shouted, “You know what, fuck you Jeremy. Go fuck with whatever that girl’s name is and never fucking call me back”. 

    Her curse totally caught Derek’s attention as he was staring at her. Chelsea’s plan worked. She pretended to storm off and just then Derek called out, “Hey you!”. She slowly turned around and saw him walking up to her. 

    A smirk formed on her face. 


    “Did that fucker dump you?” he asked. 

    “Why do you care?” she asked, trying to sound offended which she wasn’t. He was caring about her, and the men who care are bound to come to ruins. 

    “Such a pretty girl, how could I let you be dumped?” he smiled. Bastard. 

    “But you already have a woman in there?” Chelsea pointed to his car, trying to play hard to get. 

    “Oh, she can leave. I would leave anyone for you, baby” he said, still smiling. Cringe. 

    Chelsea tried hard not to roll her eyes and said, “Alrighty then!”. 

    Derek laughed and took her by the hand. Names were exchanged, but obviously she knew his name and didn't give her real name. For today, she was Daisy. The two entered and played at the casino. They drank wine, gambled and did everything a normal couple would do. But a problem arose when he just won’t take her to the golden room. There was just an option left. 

    “Should we go to the bathroom?” she asked, impatient. She had to finish her task and leave. 

    “So eager, I see. Let’s go” he said, expecting he would get sex but something entirely different happened. 

    As soon as they entered the women’s bathroom, he locked the door and advanced towards her. When he was close enough to kiss, she hit his neck that made him lose consciousness. 

    “As if you were gonna get it” she huffed. Chelsea leaned down and pulled out his golden pass. She locked him inside the storage room and left with the pass. 

    Chelsea walked to the bouncers and showed them the pass, they checked it and let her enter. Finally, it was happening. She was inside the golden room and her eyes met with prostitution, drugs, and every illegal activity one could imagine. She pushed herself through the crowd to the main office. 

    That’s where Mason was, and that is who she had to shot. 

    “Excuse me, miss. You can’t enter here” one of the guards said when she was just a few strides away from the main office. 

    But she had a backup plan for this situation. 

    She flipped her hair and said, “Tell Mason, Derek has sent me here”. The guard flinched at the mention of his boss’s name. He knocked at Mason’s door and told him about her arrival. Chelsea knew Derek was an important man. But didn’t know that Mason would himself come out to receive her. 

    “What message did Derek bring through this pretty lady?”

    “Something we can’t discuss here” she smiled. He returned her smile and took her hand. And without even checking her she was in his office. 

    He sat on his chair, and asked, “What is your good name?”. 

    “Oh, you won’t need it” 


    Before Mason could say more, a gun was pointed in his head. 

    “What the fuck?” were his last words before she shot him and crimson blood started covering his face. 

    The guards outside heard the shot and came rushing in. 

    Chelsea stood by the open window, knowing what she had to do next. 

    “How dare you bitch?” the guy in the right shouted. 

    But she just waved her gun at him and let herself fall from the window. The guards were scared that she was committing suicide but that wasn’t the case. She still had to enjoy her vacation. Chelsea fell directly on the clothes dumpster, not hurting herself even a bit. Before the guards could come downstairs and get her ass, she climbed to her car that had been parked there which had no nameplate. And she drove through the forest to get her paycheck. 

    {A/N: this is my first ever very short story, i hope yoy guys liked it and didn't feel it was cringe like Derek. Also, I am fairly new to tumblr and use (she/her). I am gonna write some fanfictions too, and randomly drop book recs/reviews and writing tips/prompts. Have a lovely day ~~ ;)) }

    Written by Serena!

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  • humanfromcase
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ♚ The kind of funny, that everyone knows artist like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dalí, even thought some people had no interest in art, and probably they don't know, how they met these artists. They were just. It shows how art surrounds us don't know, how they met these artist. They were just. It shows how art surrounds us.

    - humanfromcase

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  • thisissai
    23.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I once saw the most genuine smile Once touched the softest hands Once smelled the best fragrance Once felt the warmest embrace Once heard the most beautiful laughter

    It was just once in a lifetime; it feels like it wasn't For words etched these memories in my heart like they are still in the present

    —it's never only once when writing is with you

    (old one | via @thisissai)

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  • nigarisrat13
    23.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    if , by any chance, you ever find me secretly looking at you,don't just judge me instantly. It'd be just that I might have been having troubles setting my next character. So I'm trying to find him in you,you know?

    please be kind and cooperate by doing whatever you're doing. Meanwhile let me open my notepad and write about the way you talk while laughing or simply how beautifully you smile & breathe and light up the world. let me put down each tiniest detail.

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  • estperpetua
    23.06.2021 - 9 hours ago


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  • estperpetua
    23.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    snakeskin, towards the ending

    Under a picture of her younger self, the black inscription on the marble doesn’t address her as a loving mother or a dedicated wife. Rather, it reads: Maiori forsan cum timore sententiam in me fertis quam ego accipiam. I can’t help the choked laugh that escapes me. Oh, Mother. Mum. Behind me, Dad says, ‘She wouldn’t tell me what that meant, right until the end.’ ‘It’s what Giordano Bruno said before he was burnt at the stake. Perhaps, you who pronounce this sentence are shaking more than I who receive it.’ ‘Of course,’ Dad says softly. ‘Of course, she wouldn’t have liked to be remembered as a mother or as a wife.’ He closes the distance between us, coming to stand beside me. Then, when I think he may be about to shed a tear, he spits on her grave. Right between her youthful, unblemished face and her last words.

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  • astarmidnight
    23.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Idea I have that might prompt into actually writing:

    Have you wanted to write a book for years but never had the motivation to?

    I need a writing partner that wants to also start a podcast about our writing process where we can just talk about how it going, and even crying about the motivation loss we are feeling.

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  • the-unseen-rays
    23.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    My Chaos

    When I’m with you I feel like I’m on edge like I’ve never felt before. As though I’m waiting for the next best thing to come out of your mouth. How you can hold my attention and leave me waiting for more.

    It’s this feeling that has helped me realize I don’t like the calmness someone brings me. I like when they can keep me intrigued and on my toes. I like the chaos and how they can keep me guessing the next move. The calmness so many search for and I thought I wanted too, leaves me bored. Leaves me searching for more, wanting more, and looking elsewhere for things to get my blood flowing.

    From now on I’m looking for my chaos. For the person who keeps my heart pumping, blood flowing, and mind intrigued.

    #love#quote #excerpt from a story i'll never write #writeblogging#free write#writeblr#crush#drunk thoughts#love poem #all the feels
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  • winteranddeath
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    How long can you hold your tears until you can't hold anything inside of you anymore?

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  • vuixtra
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    i wonder if you are distraught.

    i wonder if your heart is completely and utterly broken.

    i wonder if you can feel it too. the persistent ache in your chest from having your heart ripped out.

    - vuix

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  • winteranddeath
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I cry out my name in the dark. No one answers.

    I don't know if I'm there anymore.

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