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  • “I can give her no greater power than what she has already.”

    name | Sorrel Marchand

    age | 19

    fairytale inspirations | Rose-Red of “Snow-White and Rose-Red,” the nameless heroine of “East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon,” Gerda of “The Snow Queen”

    biography | Sorrel Marchand is a lifelong astronomer and aspiring racing pilot with a dream of exploring the stars as her father never got to. Stuck on the ground working at the Marchand Resort, the family’s ancestral bed and breakfast for wayward spacers, she has a restless heart and a courageous spirit that drives her to act with kindness and selfishness alike.

    items | astrolabe, journal, amulet

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  • “How could you?”

    “I didn’t do anything!”

    “You’ve… you’ve betrayed us.”

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  • Is fanfiction “real” writing? Does it have a benefit for writers? Why do people write fanfiction in the first place?
    Stick around as we discuss what is apparently a controversial topic.

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    • Starkiller: *studying the windows of the one hundred and twenty story tall Capital Building through the scope of her sniper rifle from the roof of the much shorter eighty story tall Library of the UEG*
    • John: *kneeling just over the building’s guard wall beside Starkiller, a spotter’s scope on the concrete in front of him* “Anything interesting?”
    • Starkiller: *without turning away from her M76 Precision Sniper Rifle* “You can see it all too.”
    • John: “Just wondering if you’d noticed anything I hadn’t.”
    • Starkiller: “When I do, you’ll be the first to find out.”
    • John: *bored and cold in the 0 ℃ cold with a hefty windchill up this high, his attention wanders over to his left, past the other sniper teams, to a group of soldiers wearing all black armor around the ornate dome that is a part of the Library’s top* “Shock Troops? This doesn’t seem like their party.”
    • Starkiller: “Bullfrogs.”
    • John: *looking back at her, confused* “Bullfrogs?”
    • Starkiller: “Look at their backs.”
    • John: *squints to notice the heavy pieces of machinery each soldier is wearing* “Jetpacks.”
    • Starkiller: “Third Special Purpose Forces Company of the UEAF Shock Troopers. They’re the only unit the UEG has that is solely based around the use of Jetpacks. They’re called ‘Bullfrogs’ because it’s more like jumping than flying.”
    • John: “Still seems odd that they’re here.”
    • Starkiller: “Combat troops trained in three-dimensional urban warfare seem out of place here?”
    • John: *looks up at the towering Capital Building across the street* “Never mind.”
    • *as they go back to their observations, a fellow Warfighter from X-Ray Team rushes over with her phone in hand*
    • Staff Sergeant Katrina “Kat” Pereira: “Starkiller! John!”
    • *the two turn around to acknowledge her*
    • Kat: “Look at this.” *she holds out her phone, opened to the Jabber social media app, and then plays a video*
    • *the video, which can barely be heard over the wind, is of low quality and self-shot, but of UEG House Representative Maria Ignacio Sanchez, a Rep from NYC, who is currently a hostage across the street*
    • Sanchez: “You have to help us! We’ve been in here for days! They are hurting the other hostages! Please you all must help us! They’re trying to make us-“
    • *just then arms grab her from behind and the phone falls to the floor as two black-clad men drag her away*
    • *the phone films the ceiling for several more minutes a third armed man walks over and stomps on it, ending the video*
    • John: “Holy shit.”
    • Starkiller: “How old is this?”
    • Kat: “Eight minutes ago. She streamed it live.”
    • John: “Maybe we can get some information out of it.”
    • Kat: “They’re talking about going in now.”
    • Starkiller: “Who?”
    • Kat: “I don’t know, I’m just hearing it from other guys. The Bullfrogs think the word will come down in ten minutes.”
    • Starkiller: “Don’t listen to those jet-heads. There isn’t even a full plan yet.”
    • *just then an order comes in over the radio*
    • Radio: “All team leaders report to CP Alpha at once. I repeat, all team leaders report to CP Alpha at once!”
    • Starkiller: *standing up* “But give it fifteen minutes and maybe.”
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  • hello, my name is neira, this is the sixth draft of my novel that I am querying and tonight, I have decided to make a major change to the character’s motivation.

    Gods help me. 

    #writing#writeblr#am writing#phantom limb #my gf read pl recently and gave me some good criticisms #and tonight during our online writing date i had an epiphany #not only that she's cute af #but that zana can give them all fake happiness she gave to sergej and danica is really into it because can it suck more than depression? #so now i must edit again #i hate editing #she's reading abw so god help us all when we get to that mess
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  • i blasted through the cleanup for like. six or seven chapters of wdww today which is a good thing! i feel accomplished! however i am now Very Awake and my brain refuses to turn off, even though im burnt out. i have momentum and do not want to lose it

    #someone hit me with a hammer please #writeblr
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  • The hardest part to go though in the *new* outline was probably the breaking point for Elizabeth. I guess it’s hard to break character you’ve tortured so much 🥲

    #writeblr#ec#writing#my wips #writers on tumblr
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    wip intro / masterpost / playlist

    tag list: @thewalkingnerdx @that-one-potato-blep @shattered-starrs @annoyingwritingtrash @deadlycupid (not me shamelessly adding you to this tag list without asking cause I wanna show you my moodboards, no not at all)

    #these just sum up the basic worldbuilding vibes but I'm also working on oc moodboards for the main trio #writer speaks#writeblr #wip: project secret warriors #p:sw#moodboards#mine#my wip
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    ah the struggles

    #writeblr#writing#writer things #half of these are 1920s slang dictonaries too #the other half police internship programs #I wonder what my fbi agent thinks of me #romespeaks#romejokes
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  • You paint me as a villain like it’s not concept art.

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  • “You complain about having no cabinet space, and yet you have this completely empty one?”

    “Oh, that’s the spouse cabinet.”

    “I think you mean ‘spice’ cabinet?”

    “No. A spouse cabinet is the one your spouse blocks when you’re both in the kitchen, so you never put anything in it.”

    Originally posted on my microfiction Twitter: ALMicroFiction

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  • “This is what your Januarys are like? It’s sweltering!” Colin pulls at his collar and flaps his shirt up and down. “I should’ve gotten here earlier and this all could’ve been done this morning.”


    “It snowed this morning.” Dale says offhandedly. “You prolly woulda gotten stuck.”


    “It snowed this morning!” Avery says defensively, banging his broom on the ground.

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    Feeling incredibly thankful for all the support you guys have shown me over the past couple of years!

    I can’t believe I have only one more book to go before my first ever trilogy is completed! 😳

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  • thank you @soft-ris for tagging me in this!!! 💌

    RULES: List 1-3 things you notice about your own writing or writing style, and tag your friends to find out theirs :>

    1. i like to think i have some pretty cool and creative ideas. anyone who knows me knows i basically made up the entirety of my own lore for my skyrim fics (sorry lore people) and i’ve had some interesting plots along the way.
    2. i never seem to nail dialogue down. i always think that there’s too much in one go and often try to split it up with different sentence structures and bits of narration between, but i feel like that messes it up even further.
    3. i’m awkward with descriptions. i think i’ve definitely gotten better over the years, but still sometimes i can’t find the proper way to craft an accurate description that doesn’t totally ruin the flow or drag on forever.

    @elventhief @skyrim-drabbles-n-stuff @wisteriashouse i am tagging you to join me in this hell because that’s what mutuals are for :) and also anyone else who sees this and wants to do it, feel free! please tag me in it so i can see all your cool replies!

    #ask game #tag game? #tag game this time i think #writeblr#writeblr asks#writing asks #aurelius is answering #aurelius is writing
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