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  • The man makes the brave man want to resurrect a wizard.

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  • I made the Can EXTRA fucked up!! :D

    Will talk abt it when I’m done with studies

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  • WIP for S.a, H,

    Working Title:   Cooked Alive

    Genre” SCI-FI

    Time Period: 2024

    Location: Earth

    Setting: As humans become more and more expendable due to automation and robotics a hybrid race is coming of age.  Started 20 years ago in a super-secret consortium of Power Brokers across the Globe representing 24 countries and all of the Power Brokers are Multi Billionaires. In Fact, not a single broker is worth less than 10 billion dollars.  They have funded a program to integrate AI technology into human beings, forming a hybrid human.  These humanoids have just moved out of beta testing and they have finally worked out the major bugs in the system and now have stable humanoids with integrated chips that allow the human side to still control some basic life decisions and the ability to reproduce children which had been a major problem that hung up the production of more humanoids for almost 3 years.  But now some of the first babies of humanoids were celebrating their 1st birthdays and even a few 2-year-olds. Unfortunately, all the previous humanoid/humanoid live births had to be euthanized as they showed extreme signs of instability by age two and by age three had become essentially ticking time bombs. This is a sci-fi love story that deals with hybrid super smart humans’ kids and the complicated relationships they develop with their not so Human parents,

    Rated NR17 for gratuitous sex, language, nudity, adult themed sexual content, violence, mild drug use and profanity

    Read at your own risk, not for the weak at heart or soul;


    The 2024 election was still months away, but out in California there did not seem to be any interest in the election at all.  After the craziness that surrounding the 2020 election and it’s even crazier violent out come nobody wanted to touch the election or the process.   Most people had resigned themselves to the New Method of Governing and the old ways had pretty much been forgotten.  With the help of a few super computers the History books had all been amended to reflect how Social Order had been achieved by the New Order 45 years ago and this was a Worldwide New Order, and not just in the USA. All the NATO nations and other large wealthy nations including India China Russia. Brazil even Saudi Arabia and Iran had reluctantly agreed to the New Order, and order it was. They really did not have a choice but to join the Order.  When 90 % of the worlds wealth and economic output has joined together anyone that did not join or want to join but too small to get a seat I the New Senate really did not have a choice but to amend and obey. 

    Whole volumes of new rules and regulation had been produced.  Very strict interpretation of the rules was invoked and was being enforced worldwide by the Drone Police.  These were semi-autonomous aviation drones that had been massed produced and sent into public service at the end of 2022.  When I say policed the world that is exactly what they did.  Even as some of the smaller poorer countries were excluded from the New Senate they were still policed as if they were.  Thousands of people had been arrested or detained for one reason or another and they were immediately transported to one of several island prisons St Helena and Tristan de Cuyuna Island prisons were for the hardest core prisoners and Bermuda, Mindanao and Hasnain, and Reunion Island held the bulk of the prisoners.  These Islands were turned into prison islands.  All the former residents were given a choice to move or to become a prisoner.  When they realized that no prison buildings were being built or any other infrastructure, they realized it was going to be a prison island, they just unloaded at the dock and said good luck, and left them there.  No Supplies, no housing built but the existing structures. They early prisoners there thought themselves lucky and moved into the large nice houses but that did not last as more and more and more prisoners were dumped on the docks; It then became a survival of the fitness. More murders happened there than any war in history.  As soon as the food stuffs started to run out, they realized that they were being reduced to hunter gathers with very little arable land and the coastline had fisheries but not really enough to feed the Millions upon millions of prisoners, Most of farming or grazing livestock.  

    Crime became almost nonexistent within a year.  Nobody wanted to risk going to 0ne of the prison islands as there had yet to be any trials or any return of the prisoners, they did not call it a prison or punishment but rather relocation to be with other like minded people, they did not even bother to send in the police drones t0 the islands.  For the first few years on the islands it was complete chaos and anarchy.  But shortly after the the police drone force arrived most of the security teams (former surveillance stalkers, were being “relocated to the islands.  The only benefit their former bosses gave them was their personal weapons and a duffel bag filled with anything they wanted to bring, the other prisoners were not so lucky, they only got to bring their pants, shirt and shoes.  So, by the end of 2023 some relative stability had returned to the prison islands with the Stalkers as the elite that ruled ruthlessly. They also took care of the over population problem by u

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  • This is a little quick 200-odd word piece about the Taiyeks, a possible other-human species within the world of the Arcane Skies. 


    We were associated with the things which go bump in the night.

    We did take the night for our own, sliding quietly through towns and villages while they slept and borrowing tools and food where we needed.

    We always paid what we could.

    It was our eyes which did it, made them afraid. They gleam under the gaslamps and in the flames like cats’.

    Or demons.

    But, when we do our trades at night they trust us more. They can see us, you understand. They know what we are. They can tell their children to keep away.

    They say it’s because we steal souls. That our eyes gleam from carrying too many pilfered spirits inside ourselves. We drink ourselves sick on the essence of our victims. We steal children and the dreamers, carrying them off in our wagons and riverboats and airships. 

    But really, it’s because we give them ideas.

    We can offer the curious the stars and the skies and ownership over their own bodies. How they dress or who they love or a world so much wider and wilder than that of home.

    We love the runaways, the ones with darkened eyes.

    Some of us must deal with the light and keep us safe from those who live in the day.

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  • Last Line Tag

    Thank you so much to @theartsyskeleton for tagging me! Go give them and their comic some love <3

    Since I’ve finished writing Atsaw I haven’t written anything besides outlines. So I figure why not share a lil’ section from one of them?

    This is from one of my Swedish wips called A Guardian, more specifically the second book ‘Take’ Swedish title ‘Dräppa’

    tw for mild gore  

    • In the middle of the fight Signe gets pinned to the ground by Nalitia
    • Oscar is kinda knocked out, not entirely but he’s hella disoriented and broke a leg during his fight with Nalitia
    • Nalitia makes a comment on how it’s kinda like the first time they met while digging her nails into Signe’s arms
    • Signe tries to not show signs of pain all the while trying to get the other off of her
    • Nalitia giggles and reaches for Signe’s nose piercing, stopping for just a moment before she rips it out
    • This is when Signe actually screams

    I’m tagging @zielenbloesem @absolute-nonsense-scribblings @purgatorydotexe @andiwriteunderthemoon and @kayshadedblue

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  • An independent woman plots with a conformist colonel to commit assault.

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  • wait you can be private on tumblr now? privacy exists on this website??

    #i’m in shock in tears almost #i’m just #i don’t have the words #this place is where i’m my least private self #let it be known that i’ve traumas and daddy issues #i’ll keep posting private stuffs for the general public to read #privacy#tumblr#shit post#writing#writer#writeblr
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  • image

    Wasn’t going to write as not much time but I had this little idea of dolls waking up from under the bed and thought how about a poem like a kids storybook but darker !

    Thanks @flashfictionfridayofficial for the great prompt and reblogging my antique one this week - gave me a real boost 💛💜💛

    They Wake at Night - 146 words

    When the moon is up but not aglow.

    When the stars are lit but hanging low.

    When the house is quiet but not empty.

    That’s when they appear.

    It starts with scraping, too loud for the rats.

    It builds with foot steps, too light for the cats.

    It ends with thudding, too loud to be doors.

    The children of the night are awake.

    They whisper in tones, quiet as the wind.

    They walk on legs, stiff as if pinned

    They stumble and falter but never give up.

    They climbed your bed posts and don’t wake you up.

    One steals your eyes.

    The other your throat.

    And the last takes your heart before you choke.

    Just one last thing these dolls have to take.

    Your stolen life force and human they make.

    So they squeeze your organs into china

    And breathe into life, leaving you a cadaver.

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  • writeblr intro


    Hi, my name is Rachel (she/her) and I’ve made this blog dedicated to writing!

    A bit about me; I am 22 and from London, I have a BA in Creative Writing, and I’ve been writing stories since I was about six years old. My favourite genres to write are psychological thriller, crime, and new adult, or stories with generally angsty/sad vibes. The majority of my works are set solidly in realism, tackle themes of self identity and morality, and they rarely ever have happy endings. I’m not sure what that says about me lmao. However, as a reader, I will read pretty much anything.

    I adore writing short stories and most of my work is around the 1-5k word mark, but the dream is to one day write and publish at least one novel. The goal for this upcoming year, though, is to get at least one of my shorts published somewhere.

    I’m also an Aquarius (hence the url) and a Ravenclaw. I cannot tell you my favourite book but my favourite authors are Stephen King, Marissa Myer and Gillian Flynn; my favourite classic is the Great Gatsby; my favourite tv series is La Casa de Papel; my favourite film is Inception; and my favourite stage show is Billy Elliot.

    Sadly, I don’t have any WIPs. I hit a bit of a brick wall after finishing my dissertation and graduating last year, and now I’m not writing at all in my job I need something to keep me excited about ideas and stories.

    This blog is to share resources, prompts, quotes and all other things about being a writer. However, above anything, I hope that seeing other writers on my dash will keep me inspired, motivated and excited about my own work.

    If you’re a writeblr or post about creative writing give this post a like/reblog, my dash is fairly void of writing content. I will be following on my main (bababueno).

    I don’t really know many other writeblrs but I believe being involved in creative communities can be super beneficial to your art. So, feel free to reply down below or send me an ask and tell me about yourself! What do you love to write and read? What are you currently working on?

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  • Staying up all night,

    writing about soft hands on skin,

    lips pressed to my lips,

    eye lids barely open,

    looking down at you as you breathe upon my belly button.

    Thinking to myself; now this is life. 

    Carli Cosmo 2020

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  • Excuse me, can’t adult right now. I’m having an existential crisis about my emotional support star wars fanfic that I’m writing but also currently hate because I never feel like I’m good enough.

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  • Some stories will really have you reading five tabs on the history, rise, and fall of marble flooring and countertops in Renaissance and Medieval Europe at 2 AM just so one paragraph in your historical fantasy novel will be accurate.

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  • A woman searches for a message in Georgia.

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  • Faehunter Excerpt:

    She reached out without thinking, offering the hunter a hand up.

    Later, she would be surprised that Vier took it.

    “That should have worked,” she said, spitting out a mouthful of grass. Lai winced at the jarring song of iron. But somehow the creature before her was worse, worse than salt, worse than metal.

    It snarled at her. She snarled back.


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  • It is not pleasant I can tell you that,  You can actually here your brain being cooked, it give off a slight sizzle sound  when someone points a directional microwave at your head,  Since they lack the professionalism to use the device properly they turn up the power to maximum to compensate for the inability to tune the device properly,  So what should only glance off your forehead not only penetrates the brain but it shoots all the way thru and hits the metal frame behind me with a crackle ,  It parches your lips and make you so thirsty because it is exciting the water molecules and then those heat up giving off steam and heat, It is extremely unpleasant

    #and they do this everyday #They say it is to modify ones behavior which uis obsurd because it is cooiking your     brain to the point where it no longer functions #you die#writters#write blr#writeblr
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