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  • Morning routine:

    Sabine Monday

    • 0700 wake up and realise that it’s too late to shower before work
    • 0730 drag yourself out of bed and make breakfast
    • 0750 leave for work
    • 0820 get to the office and pick up the newspaper from the stall outside
    • 0832 get upstairs and pretend that you were on time
    • 0900 remind whoever is making coffee that you have three sugars and plenty of milk in it
    • 0915 curse the loss of a quiet day before getting ready
    • 0920 realise that your gun should probably be cleaned before you next have to use it
    • 0945 get more coffee before getting filled in on the case
    • 1015 suggest planning on the go, no point in sitting around when you could be productive
    • 1200 thank Harrington for suggesting lunch, you decide one piece of toast is not enough breakfast, you’ll have the same tomorrow though
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  • Does anyone else hoard aesthetic posts in their drafts, just waiting for the right WIP to reblog it alongside?

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  • Hey

    Hey person following me and reading this

    If you like, reblog, or comment on my works, I LOVE YOU

    I squeal and fall over anytime I see a notification for that, and I just wanted to share my appreciation of you guys because it helps to keep me motivated

    #writeblr#em talks#thanks guys #you have no idea how much it means to me #truly #one of the best parts of my day
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  • I can keep going,” Promise says. Two days ago, that would have been the only thing she needed to worry about. “I need to get to Rimebarrow.”

    “You’re going to walk your legs off if that’s your plan,” Del grumbles. “Rimebarrow’s five days from here.”

    Promise rolls her eyes and doesn’t answer.

    “Why don’t you have a horse, anyway?” Del continues. “Or a horse sized wolf or something.” 

    Promise glances down at Tavi hopefully. After all, he’s not really a boar. Shouldn’t her sprite be able to change his shape to suit her needs? But Tavi is still a boar, and a small one at that. He barely comes past her knees, and even that may be due mostly to the spikiness of his fur. He huffs as if he can hear her judgment, and perhaps he can. She reaches down and massages her fingers through beneath his coarse outercoat to scratch the softer fur underneath.

    Tag List (let me know if you want to be added or removed!): @dove-actually @permissiontobreathe

    #fox eyes wip #thursday writing excerpt #writeblr#original fiction #ya fantasy adventure
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  • Now that I’m back on track with Nocturne, I’ve been making some fun scenes/spin-off chapters to share on Tumblr. Here’s a teaser for the first!


    Drunk Art


    Chopin watched Delacroix, head tilted, and he hung his coat beside the door of the artist’s workshop. Delacroix gave the wine bottle a shake, dripping the last drops into already brimming glasses. “Did you have a difficult day?”

    “Not at all!” Delacroix looked back at him, grinning. “It was a wonderful day. That’s why I’ve decided we should have a little fun.”

    “Nursing a hangover?”

    “Well, tomorrow, yes.” Delacroix handed Chopin one of the glasses. “Tonight, I was thinking we try to create something when we can barely see straight.”

    “That sounds like an awful idea,” Chopin chuckled. “I have to compose drunk? How will I even find the right keys?”

    “I have no idea, but you’re already having fun, no?”

    Because I’m here with you, Eugene…

    “I suppose I’ll play.” Chopin sipped the wine and wrinkled his nose. “What the hell is this?”

    Delacroix laughed. “Would you have preferred champagne or vodka?”

    “Vodka at least would get the job done sooner if it didn’t taste better.”

    Delacroix smirked, taking a hearty gulp from his glass. “I need to gather up a canvas and some other things. I’ll meet you in the parlor.”

    #Nocturne no.20 #wip#writeblr
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  • “I am tired of pretending to be someone, I never wanted to be”

    —Siona Valentine

    #writeblr#writers#writeaway #excerpt from a book i'll never write #excerpt from a story i'll never write #love quotes #poets on tumblr #quotes#writing #books and libraries
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  • //sorry man I’ve been off lately, I created an AO3 account and when I finished my first chapter of a “thing” I’ve been planning on for a while I’ll get back to this account uwu!//

    #ooc#muntalks#writeblr #writers on tumblr #writing
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  • pinterest keeps shoving ballet stuff in my feed despite having never pinned anything ballet related and i’m just like….guess i’m gonna write a thing about lesbian principals going on to become the power couple of the ballet world then 🤷‍♀️

    #bea has ideas #writing#writeblr
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  • The pompous landlord pines over the clever man.

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    A playlist for the fictional band from Band Candy. If you’re a fan of pop punk, emo, post-hardcore, and prog rock, this mix is for you.

    ( listen )

    hangover song - say anything / don’t call it a comeback - motion city soundtrack / bury me - bayside / caves - chiodos / we’ve got a score to settle - the dear hunter / on my own - the used / they looked like strong hands (acoustic) - bayside / stinky man - graduating life / chemistry of a car crash - shiny toy guns / stars in the night - cfo$ / crawl - two tongues / sick, sick, sick - bayside / finding home - saosin / when you’re around - motion city soundtrack / every man has a molly - say anything / free at last - pup

    TAGLIST: @erinbeatty

    #wip: band candy #writing playlist#writeblr #music for writing
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  • Trying to figure out next weeks post theme

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  • okay but: retired con artists who have to get back in the game for….undetermined reasons. they’re former rivals who were always trying to one up each other but this time they have to work together. lots of sarcasm and sass and playful banter because even though they were rivals, they’ve never really hated each other. think nate and sophie from leverage vibes. 

    #bea has ideas #writing#writeblr
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  • “That’s the greatest torture souls feel in hell,

    In hell: that they must live and cannot die.”

    ~ The Duchess of Malfi, John Webster

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  • Any fellow writers going to AWP in San Antonio next week? I’d love to me up with y’all!!!!

    #writeblr#writing community #writers on tumbr #awp20 #awp san antonio #awp
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  • The title is “The astronaut’s ex-friend.”

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  • Rose Petals

    Delicate. Falling

    Are our petals, drowning

    The past.

    Sharp are thorns, pricking 

    What is left, holding

    Our last

    Love. Fall is coming,

    And with it, changing

    Is cast.

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  • (prologue)

    five medical students in the pacific northwest find themselves obsessed with life, death, and the inbetween.

    Keep reading

    #A More Modern Prometheus #ammp#writing#my writing#writeblr #writers on tumblr #dark academia #the secret history #if we were villains #l. m. bose #ammpchapters
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