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  • writerfae
    11.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Callan and Henry are THE power couple of the Willow Court honestly.

    #I'm having a lot of feelings for them rn #someone please help #writer speaks#writeblr #wip: the knights of the alder #spoiler
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  • phoeberwriter
    11.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Weekly Update

    Here we go again... And to my shame I have to admit that this week was probably even less productive than the last. It was the last week of semester break, so a part of me really wanted to write as much as I could, but another part wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy this last week with my sister. Ultimately, I did a little work on character background (I didn’t spend a lot of time googling for dictionaries of old languages to find words to make names of or something, no no). And then I watched my niece, took a walk with my sister and her vaulting team’s horse, cuddled baby cows, and enjoyed my time off uni.

    And that’s all that happened this week. Let’s see how writing will go next semester. As always, thanks for sticking around, much love and stay safe everyone,


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  • writinginthegardenofserendipity
    11.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    WIP Intro: The Chanceless Prince

    A Sapphic Retelling of Sleeping Beauty

    Category/Genre: YA Fantasy
    CW: Ableism TW: TBC
    Status: Third Draft


    Reyna Reverne, the autistic daughter of a marquess has been raised by the Farcellian Queen in hopes of sheltering her from a life of torment for her disability. After years of being forced to mask her true self by Agnethe's court, Reyna finally has a chance at taking control over her fate. Under the disguise of a false alliance, she has been tasked with the assassination of a Laelen prince in exchange for her personal freedom. Yet spilling his blood comes at a cost, if she complies she will be exiled from Farcella forever and branded with the accusation of a traitor, all to save Agnethe's reputation.

    Ensuing an escape from a monstrous deity, Reyna unintentionally crosses paths with Isabeau; a Laelen girl cursed to fall into an eternal sleep on her eighteenth birthday, a girl who refuses to be saved. Together they must find the witch responsible for her curse and uncover the truth behind Prince Peadar's planned murder before both girls become subjected to cruel fates. But as Reyna begins to fall for the charming princess, she'll have to risk either losing the girl she loves or being condemned for her pursuit of individualism. After all, no fairytale ending is not without its sacrifices.

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  • writersj
    11.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    I don't know if this is a WIP or not cause I really don't know if I'm gonna write anymore of this but... I think it's a kind of cool idea so-


    Cassie's eyes gazed off in the corner of her darkened bedroom. She could see something but… what was it? She kept her eyes on it as her hand slowly moved to get her phone. She was able to turn it on and flashes the light at the corner quickly while yelling:

    "Who's there? I know you're there!" She, indeed, did see a person, but they didn't look normal. Appearance wise, they just looked like someone she could have seen from her highschool years; but it was the appendages on her back that made the woman stand out. "I knew it." Cassie began and stand up in her room while still holding the light to see the woman, "Screw all that nonsense about guardian angels, I knew I had a demon." The woman smiled and hopped down from the corner of the room, now standing in front of Cassie she spoke.

    "You're pretty perceptive… that or you're just nosy as hell, asking all these damn questions about stuff that doesn't concern you. Look, why can't you just be concerned about getting a boyfriend or getting a job like everyone else?"

    "I am, but it's hard to do anything like that when you keep getting screwed and now I know why!" Cassie went over to the lamp in her room and turned it on.

    Now Cassie could see the woman in full, she couldn't see her facial features before as her skin matched the darkness of the room, as did her hair. All she could see was her bright red eyes that were darker when the light was off, but now was illuminated even in the light, "I can't believe I got a demon to look over me. A demon! How can you even help me?"

    "Will you relax? We haven't even introduced ourselves."

    "You should kmow my name."

    "I do already, but you don't know mine."

    "And I don't think I care to." Cassie looked to the woman, "What, is it like universally done, for even creatures of hell and heaven, to hate on women? Because I'm certain if you were a guy I'd likely have the best life ever!"

    "What makes you say that?"

    "Because women were always the people in my life who were evil, and spiteful for no reason. Since I'm assuming you were there, when I was in middle school, a girl who wanted some fucking candy from me got mad when I didn't give her some and she scribbled all over my notebook runing a month of my work!"

    "Then the next time you saw her, she had a broken leg!"

    "And that means?"

    "Her guardian punished her for being evil." Cassie sighed.

    "A temporary punishment."

    "A punishment nonetheless." She said back.

    Cassie felt like she'd get nowhere with the woman, instead she decided to move on. Cassie's hand went to her forehead.

    "What is your name?"

    "The name I was assigned to give you was Pura."

    "Alright, Pura, can I have an explanation as to why nothing I've ever done that's good was rewarded?" Pura stared at Cassie before she sighed and crossed her arms. Her eyes shut and Cassie watched her.

    "Guardians are a different section in the world of Angels and Demons. We don't care about our class… at least we shouldn't. We work together to bring harmony with people by rewarding their good deeds and punishing their bad ones. This way people will only do those good deeds to each other."

    "But what's good to a demon?"

    "I guess you figured out what I mean past all that prettying up. You're right if you're thinking good deeds are bad to guardian Demons, doing good things only gets you the worst of our punishments."

    "So you mean because I held the door for someone…?"

    "I caused that same door to slam on your finger later."

    "Because I helped my mom…?"

    "I told her guardian to cause her pain so then she'd get mad at you."

    "Because I comforted a friend…?"

    Pura took her time with this one, "I… caused you to get an overuse injury." Cassie lowered her head and let out a dry chuckle, "You've recovered from it haven't you?"

    "Yeah, but only a month ago. I've had this injury since my birthday eight months ago!" Cassie sighed and looked around the room. Pura let her think and the room was silent now. Cassie came up after a moment of thought and stood up staring Pura straight in the eyes.

    "I don't know who's the one who cursed me; honestly, I don't even know why they felt I needed a guardian demon, but I won't let you or them beat me." Pura's mouth turned up into a smile at her declaration.

    "So you intend to oppose me?" Cassie nodded with a seriousness that Pura could see, "Alright then, I guess it only makes sense. However, I still have to do my job, so I guess we'll see who will come out on top."

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  • walmart-buraiha
    11.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Bad Dreams

    As my eyes uselessly flutter, I merely yearn to remain below. All the thorns she held at her heart have taken to binding me, wrapping myself in such a way that to shudder would shred. So I stay down there, I peer into the milky ink of the mind’s hell, or could it be the heaven if I viewed her and I differently? The black and white mix, fusing themselves impossibly until they are found equating a slow, yet charming pink, itself bending and thinning to flowered petals wrapping around the wind which follows us. The cherry wood bridge clacks delightfully with the falls of diminishing skate shoes, an ambiance forever entrancing me with the rhythm of her shorter and refined steps. Indeed I wish I were absent in this noise, as I am pulled away from bliss by the horrifically out-of-tune taps of my own, foolish stampede. In my detachment from coordination, I find myself again riddled tirelessly with the fear of tumbling.

    My anxiety-prone self, whether in this state of yet uninterrupted tune or otherwise, is all I may grasp onto among this unlikely happiness to bring upon my addled unconscious an ever-daring whistle of yet gladdening realism. Truly it grows into me that eternally false, and more eternally fleeting sense that, just maybe, this is real. Maybe I managed it. Maybe I bought her back, or maybe I never pushed her away in the first place. The false image in front of me turns its head, whether to taunt or to charm I remain unknowing, and the piercing I fail to forget flash my eyes with a sharp reminder.

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  • adelifms
    11.04.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    •Herşeyi içime atmaktan boğuldum•

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  • mistressjexx420
    11.04.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Well I had to demonstrate to my 7 year old that, " Blinded by the light" and "Blinding lights" are NOT the same song.

    Gen Z:

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  • adelifms
    11.04.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Zor günlerimde yanımda olmayanın iyi günlerimde de yanımda olmasına ihtiyacım yok.

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  • steelewrites
    11.04.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    I hate myself more than anyone else.

    At least this much is true.

    That being said,

    I’d rather be dead,

    than spend a single second, as you.


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  • write-away-from-here
    11.04.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Escapril Day 11 - Eureka!

    Some discoveries are greater than others.

    The moment the gears turn the right way,

    The reaction you've been hoping for explodes out of the beaker,

    Those instances are nothing short of thrilling,

    Some say the rush of adrenaline is incomparable.

    But I'll let you in on a secret,

    The best discoveries are the quiet ones.

    The first time you realize you love her,

    When it hits you that you want to kiss her,

    The quiet joy that comes with knowing you are home,

    Those are the discoveries that mean the most.

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  • anonymouskudoswriteblr
    11.04.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    You are so strong and so brave for sharing your works in a world that tries to tear down those that people see as "not talented enough."

    The fact that you're willing to share while you're having self-doubts is incredible.

    But don't let your inner dialogue make you quit. Keep going. Keep being brave. Keep proving to your mind that it can't get the better of you.

    You've got this, you funky, brave little demon writer.

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  • ashen-crest
    11.04.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    chazzawrites challenge #28

    28. What do you think could be improved about the writeblr community?

    I wish it was easier to keep track of all the cool WIPs I see :(

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  • jionzy
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Why so you think I'm lying?"

    "Please. I thought you how to lie before I thought you how to walk."

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  • blusnowflakes
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A: “fine.”

    B: “wait- really?”

    A: “take your fucking pants off, B.”

    B: “marry me.”

    A: “later. now, get naked.”

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  • manyasaxenawrites
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    11. Mesophonia

    Echo of tu gnaw,

    a ghastly pandemonium,

    Prithee, kindly stop.

    #poets on tumblr #poetryclub13#tumblr poetry #excerpt from a book i'll never write #excerpt from a story i'll never write #poeticstories#blotchedpoems#poeticstateofmind#tumblr community#writeblr#NaPoWriMo#napowrimo 2021
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  • callme-hafsa
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    You are every scenario of things going to go right.
    ~Hafsa Shakeel

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  • bethanywritesbooks
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I don’t remember this picture of me being taken??

    #lmao#writing#writeblr#am writing #very niche writing memes
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  • the-msadventures
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    spring reaps

             “See that? Bones.” 

              The sky is a clear, crispy blue, the sun limning everything in a hazy bloom. Yar lifts his hands to his forehead to shade his eyes from the glare, the sun presently crowning, cloudless and high, above the unblushingly naked birch and maple. There, among the winter-striped woods, stands three figures, draped in hides and rough-woven fabrics – four if you count the bones, draped in nothing at all. 

              The boy squints at the off-white confusion of ribs and skull, spine and pelvis, curled up in itself in a peaceful sort of way. Partly sunken into a mire of slushy mud, the other bits still held fast in the resilient and stubborn grip of yet unmelted, shadowed snow. “From what?” He kneels on the ground, cold, and then wet, as the seep of melt-water carries two great, dark, dirty ovals into his hide pants. 

              Mora makes a frustrated, despairing sound behind him, something between a sigh and a tsk-ing hiss over her teeth. 

              But it is the old man, Hurn, who speaks again, leaning his frail weight on his hardy, crudely decorated walking stick. “An’aquat,” he answers, straightening slowly with a creak and a sigh like an old tree might if it too had been sufficiently compelled to motion. Gesturing shakily with the length of knotted, smoothed maple, “See the square, flat teeth at the back? For grinding roughage. Female, see. She would have antlers, otherwise. Old. Her teeth are old. Ground down.”

              “Hm,” Yar snaps a pliant twig from a nearby sapling and prods the delicate jaws further apart to get a better look at the line of dulled molars. “Poor thing.”

              Hurn remains, as ever, motionless but for the palsied shaking of his hands; one clasped around the stick, the other alternating between that and the warm grasp of Mora’s equally as unsteady, wrinkled fingers. “She has made way to the procession,” his words, so matter-of-fact, calm – so like wind through whistling stone, for it is what it is, and what it has always been. Will, Yar has been told, always be. “What she leaves behind here serves a purpose. Once, it was to feed the creatures waiting for their time, surviving as they wait in the dark-season – now, it is to feed the roots of this forest.”

              But, she looks cold, Yar thinks, in her state of utter undress and in the way she seems to shiver as he retracts the twig and she settles back into her slumber upon pillows of snow and swill, uncovered unceremoniously by spring. Winter pulled from her body so carelessly, he imagines, like a blanket from her body, exposed and left without. Rude, he thinks, and, with a shiver of his own, fancies what else winter hides below itself all dark-season long. 

              What other carnage winter sows that spring must reap and reveal and make better and useful again.

    Photo by https://unsplash.com/@tandemxvisuals

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  • sapphic-spirit-writes
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    2021 main wip update

    Title: "The Far Side of The Moon"

    Chapters: 8/ ?? (I still don't know how long this book is going to be lol)

    Word Count: 19,903

    Author's Note: I'm diving head first into this story, and I couldn't be at a happier mindset. Because, Terra's just so cool. Link is Best Boy, and Wyatt is the single working brain cell of the group. This book has less main characters that I'm focusing on, so their personalities at an early stage are more fleshed out, and fun to explore. Terra is always fun to describe; she constantly surprises me. Lmk if you're interested in a taglist, I haven't done this in a while.

    Excerpt from chapter 6, "The Journey Begins".

    “What does Dr. Chandler do all day?” Link asked.

    “He’s the glue that keeps Colony Zeta running. If you have any questions about Lumina, the Zurian’s who are native to that planet, or how we’re going to get there, ask him.”

    Link nodded, “Have there been any humans like us – that have gone to Lumina?”

    “Yes, they were the founders of The Zurian Project, over a hundred years ago. When the year turned 2400. Those humans now refer to themselves as – Luminian’s – I believe. If we, the current humans of New Earth, ever travel there… I have a feeling we’ll bump into them.”

    “So Dr. Harlem didn’t create this project?” Link asked.

    “No, he inherited it. He was raised here, his grandfather before him passed down the torch. He is qualified to run the project – he is a very smart man, Link. However… I just cannot shake the feeling he has other intentions. Why he suddenly chose me, Wyatt, and you to be the representatives for Colony Zeta is very suspicious.”

    “Maybe because you’re good at your job?” Link suggested. “You’re so cautious of everything, Terra. Why don’t you recognize that?” The boy didn’t finish his sentence, at Terra’s fierce glare. He grew quiet. “Anyway. What are the Luminian humans like?”

    “Wyatt will be able to nerd out with you over this.” Terra shrugged. “I… know they’ve evolved extra body parts. You know how we have what’s called a tailbone, but biologically no tail?” Link went to check, and nodded. He comically pouted. “Those beings grew tails, and webbed feet. Records show they are semi-aquatic and two legged.”

    Link’s eyes widened, mouth gaping in awe.  “That’s incredible! I want a tail.”

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  • the-deciphered-narrator
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Find the Word Tag

    Thanks for the tag @nikkywrites!

    My words are: knowledge, beautiful, wood, agree and lose. These are all from my wip Ignis


    The betrayal stung, but greater pain came with the knowledge that he could have prevented this, all of this, if only he had known. He could have saved them.


    Thick wooden doors barred the front entrance. Beautiful details had once been carved into their surface; now the doors were charred, their edges ragged where flames had coiled around them from the inside.


    Taking a teapot from the cabinet, he dipped it in the basin of water they kept on hand. He arranged the charred wood in the fireplace into a little chimney, then placed smaller branches all around it. The spark from the match he struck took hold of the kindling in an instant, though he could have sworn it was still damp from a recent rain.


    “It’s not,” he agreed, trying to pacify her. “Could you please be quieter about it? She’s going to hear you.”


    The violence of destroying her own home, it consumed her, made her lose track of where she was, what it was that she struck with the weapon in her hand. It was time to be rid of all of this, the way the past dragged her down. It was time to forge a new future for herself.

    I'll tag @starlitesymphony, @andiwriteunderthemoon, and @luminescent-writer. Your words are: moving, stress, faith, count, and win

    #writeblr#tag game#my writing #that last passage is one of safere's more feral moments lol #thanks for motivating me to edit more of ignis #im on the final stretch of the story which is one of my favorite sections #its very claustrophobic and the part where the story kind of lets up the fantasy act #and goes straight into psychological horror
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