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  • OC(s) Cuddle Rate

    Thanks to @ink-fireplace-coffee for tagging me❤️

    • Harper 9/10 - She’s really physical when it comes to showing her emotions. Her love language is probably physical touch.
    • Adrien 3/10 - I can’t imagine him wanting to cuddle too much. He’s not overly affectionate.
    • Bonnie 5/10 - She’s all for hugs and kisses if someone gets close enough to her…. just don’t overdo it.
    • Ten 1/10 - She’s not one for cuddles, at all.
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  • The critical office clerk comes out as a gay trans man.

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  • Shakespearean Novel

    Thanks so much to @ink-fireplace-coffee for tagging me!!

    • Rules: Place a line from your wip through a generator.

    “Yeah, I hadst to receiveth a moveth on the present day. I got new songs to playeth through ere mine test the present day, ” I hath said, walking up to that lady.

    “Oh? Thou test in music? ”

    “No, mine test in math. ”

    “Did thee study for thy test in math? Or art thee winging t -again? ”

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  • Made some words over the weekend. I’m over 53,000 now! It’s the most I’ve ever written!

    A low whimper tears from my throat as he helps me stand. This is the worst.

    He stays next to me as I hobble for the couch.

    “Just rest. I’m not going anywhere,” he murmurs when I finally reach my destination. I lie so I’ll be able to see him in the kitchen. Even lying down hurts.

    “Thank you.” I squeeze his fingers gently.

    “You want an extra pillow or anything?”

    “A kiss?”

    He rolls his eyes but he’s grinning as he kisses me lightly.

    “I love you. A lot. If you can’t go with me tomorrow, do you want me to call in?”

    “I don’t want you to risk your job. I’m not worth you getting fired.”

    “You sure?”

    I nod tiredly.

    “I’m gonna finish supper, okay?” He kisses me again before he goes.

    I don’t think I could love him more if I tried. I don’t think I could love his butt in those jeans any more either. I might be in pain, but that doesn’t mean I can’t check him out. I mean, my boyfriend is hot.

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  • Hollow-Point Intent - Character Intro: Cyril Moore

    Esme scoffs. “I think the return of one’s fiancé from the dead qualifies as a good reason to take off work.”

    He leans back in his chair, face settling into tired lines even as his eyes stay trained on Cyril, taking in every detail of them. They wish, suddenly, for a thicker blanket, a cave, a hole to open beneath them, anything to avoid this feeling of being seen. It feels like the sun, like flame on open skin, like the kiss of light across their chest as they float in a pool.

    “My god, Cyril. I thought you were dead.”

    Weren’t they? They thought that was the point.

    “Sorry,” they whisper. They’ve said it before, meant it many times over, but this feels like the first time, like the beginning of the rest of their life, like the only one that’s mattered, that will ever matter. They don’t know if it’s sorry I’m not dead or sorry you thought I was or sorry for your loss or any combination of the three, or something else entirely, but they are, with every iota of them, sorry.

    Light moves across the floor of the hospital room. Cyril drifts. Outside, on a nearby roof, a long lens zooms in and a shutter clicks – once, twice, then again.

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  • Line revised 4:10PM;

    “I understand,” he said firmly. The words came with a finality he didn’t understand at all.

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  • You have been blessed

    I can see heaven in your eyes, when you let me

    I don’t mind it being this way

    Because if I saw it all the time it wouldn’t be the same

    And when I do, I remember why I love you

    -Lucy 💚

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  • image

    hi there and welcome to my blog! while i’m not necessarily new to the writeblr community (i’ve spent many a day lurking in the tags), this is my first time making my own writeblr and while it’s really scary/intimidating to enter such a solid community and to put my work out there amidst so many other’s wonderful stories, everyone seems to be very nice and supportive and i’m excited to join the community! with that being said, here’s a little intro:

    about me:

    my name’s jolie, i’m 18 and i’m a sophomore (2nd year) college student majoring in english! my pronouns are she/her and i’m bisexual, and i live in the united states! i really love to read and write as well as edit in photoshop/other adobe apps. i’m in a ton of fandoms and you can check them out on my other blogs @albus-severus​ and @annabethes!

    about my writing:

    i’ve been writing since basically middle school, originally writing fanfiction of course and in the past few years i’ve started developing my own ideas and original stories! i have quite a few wips, most of them still in early development (despite me having come up with some of the ideas years ago) so i don’t really have a “main wip” that my blog will be focused on just yet! when i figure it out, i’ll post wip intros for everything :) when reading or writing i tend to lean towards ya/na books, and like fiction, fantasy, romance, historical fiction, and more!

    about my blog:

    my blog will be what i’m sure is the standard for the writeblr community; i’ll be reblogging a bunch of writing tips and resources as well as sharing other’s peoples wips and other content!

    i’ll also of course try to post my own content, like stuff for my wips or other random writer-related things. hopefully having this blog will help me feel more motivated to write since i’m the queen of procrastination!

    if you see this, i’d appreciate it if you gave it a boost! i’m looking for more people to follow/be mutuals with in the writeblr community! thanks <3

    #kinda nervous to finally post this #but here we are #m. intros #writeblr intro#writeblr#writer #writers on tumblr #intro#writeblr community#wtwcommunity#thewriteblrcafe#blog intro
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  • Your character is a woman.
    Your character is from Belgium.
    Your character often feels bored.
    Your character is jealous.
    Your character is in love with an imaginative woman.

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  • Words are just air in a way. They drift away. But actions matter. And the little details are what make relationships special. Like knowing how your best friend takes their coffee or maybe the way they smile when you greet them at the door. Sometimes it’s just a look or the way you hold someone in your arms.

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  • Circe - Book Thoughts #1

    Ok guys I’m currently reading Circe by Madeline Miller and its giving me so many emotions.

    I’m about halfway through and lemme tell you the writing is pure magic.

    As someone who is Greek herself, this book has resonated with me in many ways.

    As much I could tell, Circe was always just a minor figure to me from when I read The Odyssey. We all knew who she was. The wicked sorceress who turned Odysseus’s crew into pigs and held Odysseus hostage. Other than that, we never really got to know who she was a person. She pretty much just faded into the background.

    This book, however, completely expands her role.

    We see Circe’s childhood as a daughter of Helios, the moment she discovers her powers, the consequences of her actions, her exile from the world of the Titans, and other parts of her journey explored further.

    However, what truly makes me invested in this story is how the author gives Circe so much complexity and depth that I otherwise wouldn’t have imagined. The author is not afraid to make her character bold, daring, and cunning. Circe also isn’t afraid to embrace her feminity and is aware of her position as being a nymph among the other Titans and Olympians. She also has her moments of vulnerability. Even though Circe is a powerful witch, we still see her grapple with internal conflict and make impulsive decisions. We see her struggle with her loneliness of not being able to leave the island and the fears that emerge when having to face those in a higher position than her.

    Overall, I’m really enjoying the book so far. Also this story has some of the best quotes. Here is one of my favorites so far:

    “That is one thing gods and mortals share. When we are young, we think ourselves the first to have each feeling in the world.” - Circe, Madeline Miller

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  • i talked earlier about wanting to write a scene where Raleigh punches the shits out of Dori


    And so it begins

    Taglist: @shadescrawls @thelittlestspider @an-abundance-of-unreads

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  • Kissed by Fire | a teaser |

    What most people run from, I run towards, with adrenaline coursing through my veins like wildfire. What drives their panic, feeds the beast within me. I can hear the terror in their voices the closer I get, and a small part of me comes alive. Not that I revel in their suffering, just the opposite in fact. The screams of agony that ride the air like smoke on the wind makes my stomach twist with disgust, and the possibility of someone deliberately causing pain without first ensuring their pleasure, brings my blood to a boil. Humans both intrigued and infuriated me.

    Time seems to slow the closer I get, and the burley voice of my Captain echoes between the pained shouts of civilians. Beyond the flashes of red and yellow lights, sirens blare in the distance and a calm washes over me like so many times before. This is what I was born to do; what flows through my veins. The dancing flames draw my attention first, and a tingle races down my spine like electricity. First comes the calm, washing over me in waves as my thoughts gather. Of what I have to do, of how I have to do it before anyone else gets hurt. Then the adrenaline slams into my bloodstream and I’m sprinting towards the inferno, unable to hide the smile on my face.

    “The building is too unstable,” the panic only barely reaches me over the roar of wind and flame. “Remes get back here!”

    Too damn bad, is what I want to say, but my voice lodges somewhere in my throat when the flames envelope me like the caress of a lover and it’s bliss.

    Pure, unadulterated pleasure.

    | End |

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  • i uploaded this last year as a quote and tumblr destroyed the formatting, so here it is again as an image instead.

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