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  • canadian-riddler
    19.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Yesterday I read a story where like ten people were trying to assassinate King Julien for a bunch of separate reasons, one of which was that he was a communist/socialist

    #so says indy #the writer kinda used the terms interchangeably
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  • lythoughts
    19.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Chica, si me quieres, tienes que mostrármelo.

    Me rodeo de un mundo gris, sin motivación alguna, cansado de mentiras y falsas promesas...vengo de ahí, de ese lugar dónde mi presencia era nula, dónde a las personas no les importaba lo que yo sentía. Si me quieres, hazme sentir importante, influyente, invítame a verte mientras te arreglas el cabello o pintas las uñas, tómame en cuenta para esas cosas que para ti son cotidianas y aburridas, veamos una película en casa, esas cosas me hacen feliz. Recuérdame siempre por qué te gusta tanto las fotos que postéo, recuérdame por qué me quieres, y sobre todo, recuérdame siempre lo único y especial que soy para ti.

    #writers on tumblr #citas en español #cosas que escribo #escritos#recuerden #noches de pensamientos
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  • jolienjoyswriting
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [Blog News] Where the Heck Did You Go?

    Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of content since January.  Well, let me say, first-and-foremost…

    Of course, anyone who pays even a modicum of attention to my main blog would know that.  Even so, here's why I haven't posted anything since January.

    Back toward the end of 2019, I got into AI Dungeon in a big way.  I mean, seriously.  I once spent, like, 36 hours playing it non-stop.  That's how big I was into it.  That being said, I and the AI wrote a lot of stories within "The Dungeon".  In fact, we still kind of are, sporadically.  But here's the thing…  I wrote, like, over a hundred stories… but they aren't in a format I'd consider "post-able".

    I have pretty high standards when it comes to my stories.  I like them to be indented, I like them to have italics for emphasis (and sometimes bold, too), and most importantly… I like them to makes sense, both in the context of whatever world it takes place in and with itself.  Many of the stories don't make sense, but all of the stories aren't formatted correctly because AI Dungeon only has basic text.

    I was going to spend all of May formatting these "lost stories" properly and re-writing the ones that were of too poor quality to share.  That never happened. I was going to spend all of June fixing my stories.  Didn't happen. July.  August.  Now, half-way into September.  Guess what?

    No dice.

    So, that's basically why I've gone silent on this blog.  Because my standards for quality are far too high for productivity.  However, that's not to say that I haven't gotten any stories fixed up.  On the contrary, I've gotten… three… done. … … … Yeeaaah…

    I dunno.  I'm still writing stories and I have plenty of ideas I want to share.  Just… I wanna get that massive mountain of literature all sorted before I push forward.  I just don't know… when… that'll happen.

    ~ J

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  • 2dcharachtersimp
    19.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago


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  • dark-side-blog2
    19.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago
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  • crowleys-crossroads
    19.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I don’t get into arguments over Dean killing Amy or Sam killing Emma because both of those were stupid fucking plot points that never should have happened

    #supernatural#spn #it's so OOC for either of them to do #so i can't spend time being mad at the characters bc i'm too busy being mad at the writers lol #the gamble era is painful
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  • env0writes
    19.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Umber Embers 9.18.21 “Where Did the Day Go?”

    Weeks are filled with sidewalk days Pacing steps in a fugue-state haze Where the time bleeds like a marker Through each page, the colors getting darker
    Shorten and lengthen each and every stride Avoid the cracks, ever since mother died Watch her rock back and forth in the den Was that yesterday, tomorrow, today, or when?
    Where is the ending, Mr. Silverstein spoke of? Passed Shell stations on every corner, littered with doves This street is familiar, never having been driven Enough left turns, and the route might be forgiven
    If you too bore of bleeding clocks Follow the path, out to the boardwalks Wave at the ocean, it will return in kind Shifting and sifting, unfettered by grind
    When the night sky bares her sweetness In the water she’ll melt like sugar, disappear like Loch Ness Step upon the surface reflection Headed toward the horizon, of tomorrows hopeful direction

    @env0writes C.Buck Ko-Fi & Venmo: @Zenv0 Support Your Local Artist!

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  • kindaorangey
    19.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    if they make eric's mum's past relationship an allegory for eric's past relationship with rahim i'm actually gonna break something can we not have ONE storyline without linking it back to the romantic subplots

    #all of the scenes of the nigeria trip are so good and remind me of how amazing eric's s1 arc was #if eric comes out or is outed that will be the worst decision the writers can make /srs #sex education#thunder rambles
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  • oneodddork
    19.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Sober me is hard to please because she was always let down by her own childlike expectations

    #identity crisis #finding me bit by bit #untagged#one liners #writers on tumblr #writer#poetry #poets on tumblr #spoken word
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  • goatsmilkmagazine
    19.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    By Keith Kennedy

    Long lines and lashes One sided conversations Smoked lips, dry, haggard, painted Salty breath, heir to temptation Yet, angled dress, cut to the level of deniability And swollen eyes from years of rejection A dark cocktail, something with sediment Left over after the sweetness is gone Little hopes reflected in tear-sheen Off the street lamps, off the mirror pools Of the blackened street Night time, not for decisions, for allowances Curdled tongues, no longer speaking Greasy fingers in difficult hair Wet notes passed to waiting hands And a silent trip, to dry run ecstasy Simultaneous remorse, longing, performance...

    READ MORE of Keith Kennedy’s poetry.

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  • lovecolibri
    19.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Just rolling my eyes at all the people that are rejoicing that Alex and Michael are still friends with m*ria and there isn't any weirdness between them. Like, yeah that's because the writers buried it instead of allowing them to address it like adults and give one tiny drop of depth to m*ria's character. And by not allowing them to address it, they had to in turn not address most of Malex's other issues as well and instead sidestep all season and then leap right over everything making their sudden romantic turn feel unearned by the writing, all to keep propping up m*ria's character instead of putting in the work to address her character's issues like they are doing with all the other characters this season. Burying season 2 and pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t work when she is the entire reason they weren’t together last season, and it’s impossible to have them genuinely be able to move forward without addressing it.

    #roswell nm #season 3 spoilers #anti maria delcua #love that malex has had to take the brunt of the damage that came with 'fixing' her character #this isn't how normal healthy adult emotions work but okay #so glad they can be 'friends' which literally only involves them propping her up #and her taking and taking and taking from everyone while the writers carve smiles on their faces and make them say how great she is
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  • cunnilinguskage
    19.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Primal women...

    I love women that give into their urges

    It's not even for selfish reasons, I just love when a woman can be her true unadulterated self, unapologetically. Especially with another woman.

    It screams internal liberation which is beautiful to me.

    It's also hella erotic, for her to open up & feel something other than what society "told her" to feel. The thought of her feeling anxious, helpless to her desire, yet powerful enough to embrace what she wants gets me growing, throbbing, & heavy in breathing. I don't get turned on by the fact that it's two women for me, I get turned on that it's an experience for her that I can't give & she's able to fully enthrall herself into it, all sensations on TEN, body absolutely pulsating.

    The surrender of her desire is where I get almost teary eyed, its her metamorphosis into her higher being. Where her experiences not only transcend her mind, but her pussy vibrates a new wavelength giving birth to nastier, more intuned, sexually present self...

    - Cunnilinguskage

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  • tesseractheart
    19.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    The hardest part of trying to write ygo fanfic is deciding how to transliterate the priests’ names. The second hardest part is remembering what I finally decided on.

    #yugioh#my posts #I'm in pain #I can read katakana so like #that's not an issue but #I'm here staring at it and then trying to figure out like #the eternal struggle of where silent consonants might go #and where the extra consonants and vowels from katakana might need to be taken out #but the hardest part is looking at others' translations and being like #??? #where did you get this #why #also why are the dub versions what they are sometimes #also WHY ARE THE DUB ANIME AND MANGA DIFFERENT #kill me #I'm gonna just decide on stuff and everyone will have to deal #it's the way of ygo fanfic writers everywhere
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  • livinginsidemyhead
    19.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    So much pain I feel.

    Knowing what has to be done...

    But nothing prepares you to let go of someone that isn't for you.

    Feels like holding on to a sword for dear life, and if you let go you fall over the cliff.

    Both leading to an undeniable internal death.

    The memories dance around in my head.

    My heart and mind doing the dance of death.

    Trapped in a maze with no end within myself.

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  • dark-side-blog2
    19.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #anon confession#*virtual hug* #there is nothing wrong with you anon. You are a perfectly wonderful human being. and you're getting by #writer confession
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  • ohfeeliyah
    19.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    i don’t know that there’s anything more isolating than being in a room full of people who have no idea who you are and have absolutely no desire to find out.

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  • bimsha
    19.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    A Letter From Y/n To All The Authors

    Dear Writers,

    My name is Y/n. A girl lost in time, scattered between thousands of fictions all over the internet. A person who has no name. No personality and nothing to call myself. In fact, I kind of like it. I am everything and nothing at the same moment. For every writer, I'm different kind of a girl or a boy. I am that inner voice everyone trying to let out through a fanfiction. I'm the voice that calls out the dream behind every piece of writing around these thousands of platforms. Authors calling out in one single voice, if I get to have a different life, I'd be this.

    Sometimes, it's not the wish to live in a world where your dreams are alive. Sometimes, I am the helpless cry yearning for something more. Authors write my name, hoping the reader would see themselves in me but the truth is, I am the writer. Their inner soul. Someone who wants to be heard. A different person from what the reader aspire me to be. I am that person stuck inside a abusing life, trying to breakthrough. I am the inner cry trying to reach out for some attention craved my by writer. I am you. But at the same time, I am the character who touches your inner struggles. A way of comfort to the readers and the writers themselves. I am that shaking hand wiping the tear from a lonely soul's cheek at 1am.

    Readers see me differently. Sometimes, they see them in myself. They relate to the struggles I narrate. Sometimes they don't. For some, I'm just another character, writing their own love story in thousand different words lined together to make one beautiful plot.

    I console you. I break you, and I mend you back again. It's like a cycle. I'm in many stories. Showing different characteristics in each one. I'm a different person to every reader out there. Sometimes I'm the cliché you hate. Sometimes I'm the cliché you love. Some people write me differently, narrating different stories to amuse their souls. I am that scatterbrain who accidentally falls in love with the most organized guy. I am that girl boss who picks a fight and fall in love. I am that guy with internalized struggles, afraid to come out to the world as me. I am every struggle you went through. I reflect on your deepest regrets and your deepest joys.

    For some, I'm the lucky person who got my Hogwarts letter. I fight side by side with the Demigods. I handle delinquents with the Toman Gang. And sometimes, I'm the manager of your favourite volleyball team. You hate me sometimes saying I am no different from all the other Y/ns around the net. Some people love me, because I am their escape after a hard day. I live in every dimension. Every world you can every dream of. I fight monsters. I enjoy tea with your favourite characters. All these things I do is to give you some joy. Happiness. Love. Maybe even a sense of being belong.

    But Deep inside, I am not one person. I am different shades of colours. Pink, blue, black, white all mixed in one. Because in me, there's a little bit of every author. They poured me words and makes me whole. Makes me everything someone could ever dream of. They fix my flaws and makes me perfect because that's what they desire to be. PERFECT. But sometimes, mingling in with all that perfection are flaws that they give me without even realizing. Almost as if to say, guys, imperfections are something we all have to deal with. It's the writers way of saying it's okay. Through me they tries to say, you're enough.

    I am the character they criticize after each and every draft. I am the very person that gives them anxiety over getting judged. Sometimes my story never gets as far as to be published. Because I myself am the doubt. Some great versions of me get deleted just because of that tiny speck of insecurities.

    I am your hero. I am your villain. Sometimes, I am neither. A little bit of both mixed in together. I am that lover inside you, yearning for a love of a lifetime. But in the end, I, Y/n had never been the reader. I am the author trying to pour in something they want to say because they were never heard for who they are. I am the dream of thousands of people who need an escape. I am a little bit of every author in these websites. I am every little bit of you. I am everything and the same time nothing. I am Y/n. I am you.

    From Y/n.

    This. Is. Literally. A. Word Dump. I was trying to sleep and I just couldn't because this shit was swirling in my mind like a storm and I decided I'd get over this if I actually puke this words somewhere. This is pretty lame, I know I know. Three am thoughts can do wonders and a sleep deprived brain just kills your shame. Because HERE I AM. PROBABLY GONNA REGRET TOMORROW MORNING AND TRY TO KMS OR DELETE THIS POST ALL TOGETHER IN PANIC. SO YES, UNTIL I GET MY SENSE OF SHAME BACK, HAVE THIS UTTERLY LAME POST THAT CAME OUTTA NOWHERE AND DIDN'T LET ME SLEEP.


    #y/n#sleep deprived #random 3am thoughts #xreader#a letter #how do i tag again #hogwarts#demigods#haikyuu#tokyo revenger#typos#lol #this is fun #all the fucking fandoms #authors #respect the writers cuz they are a national treasure smh #y/n is so done she writes a letter g #oya gonna be mad #whole squad gonna be mad #fandom#fanfictions#thoughts#midnight thoughts#thats it#bye #i wanna die
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  • livelovecaliforniadreams
    19.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Pilot | Brooklyn Nine-Nine Series Finale

    #full circle#the growth#the parallels#b99 #i did a rewatch of both because I felt the need #b99edit #brooklyn nine nine #jake x amy #jake and amy #jake peralta#amy santiago#captain holt #im not crying you are #my heart#love #writers you did good #gif#gifs#gifsedit#peraltiago#raymond holt#melissa fumero#andy samberg#andre braugher
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  • drrav3nb
    19.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #just found out about jonas/suyin #they have such good chemistry #sucks that they didn't become a couple in the film #can't help but think that the writers/directors didn't see the potential for their romance :( #i'm so used to the push back with interracial couples that i can't help but feel disappointed #anyway thought i'd parallel them with one of my favourite otps of all time #mako x raleigh #maleigh#pacific rim#the meg #jonas x suyin
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  • listenthreetimes
    19.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    I’ve finished as many rounds of peer proof reading and extensive editing on the novel I’m trying to publish as remains helpful to the book, and I met a literary agent over the weekend at work who answered some of my questions on submissions. It is time to write my query letter so I can start my submissions to literary agents in my genre. If anyone on here has ever written a query before or has any experience with literary agents and publishing, I would love some insight! Everything I’m doing now is based on internet research but any real world experience would be greatly appreciated as I work on my query this week. Thank you!

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