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  • randomfanfictionreads
    19.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    The Great Fa Mulan Writer: Araeph Movies: Mulan

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  • bombshelters
    19.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    the thing about that spn post is that it IS homophobic but they did also attempt to make dean less homophobic as time went on to appease gay fans but it didnt succeed because every time someone was gay on the show he acted like it was the first time he'd ever seen a gay person

    #i still think hes bisexual but thats not to say that the show intentionally coded him as such i think they accidentally put it in the tex #text* because its a terrible show and most of the writers didnt know what they were doing probably #they gave him a gay best friend and then killed her so terribly. i stopped caring that much abt spn in like january though so #no more about this
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  • art-is-smexy
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    I need gay writer friends so dm me, tell me the concept of your story and I'll give you the discord link.

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  • mechanicalkindness
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #[writer’s needs: fanfic] #[let me just add ponies to the files: mun] #[filed questions: asks] #[-*random headcanon is random*-] #[-*thank ye by the way*-] #vulgarlty
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  • aurvoila
    19.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I don’t know how to type this down but am I the only one who has to write down on paper before typing it? Does that make sense at all?? 😥 like i express better writing down on paper but I can’t spell anything lmao.

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  • bibliophilesblog
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    A Candles dream

    My worst fear is that I'm alone now

    Because I was never meant to have a soulmate

    I fear that I'm fated to die young

    Never meeting the person

    Who fuels my fire

    Because I was never meant to burn

    I fear I'm just a small flame on a candle...hoping to be a forest fire

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  • llepolia
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    men in the first half of the 20th century used to b like he was the son of a rich rich man but he was a convinced stalinist that ran away from home and tried to bomb a theater and then he traveled around europe for his formative years and broke the hearts of the most beautiful women uve ever heard abt and they all still wrote abt how amazing he was and his irresistible charisma even tho he was by all accounts not a great guy and then he fought in the spanish civil war and he fled to berlin where he dawled in occultism and then he was a spy that murdered at least two men and one nazi and then fled to the french colony of ur choice and probably fucked underage girls which everyone at the time found both horrifying and nothing but a quircky little trait and then he fled to the urss where he died from syphilys and was buried in an unmarked grave. his grandchild invented microwable popcorn

    #u look at the personal life part of the wikipedia page of guys like this #nd they r all like had a long standing friendship with x writer who called him my sweetheart isnt male friendship great? #like the whiplash is insane #text
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  • shifuto
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    #we could have had Dark Zexal II if the writers weren't cowards ): ): ): #Astral knew he would go crazy again so he preferred to self-destruct like a dumbass ): ): ):
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  • writtingrose
    19.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I thought my fellow writers would enjoy this.

    I know, personally, my writing has really been therapy and a way to spread awareness for things close to my heart 💜❤️

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  • theburrowedartist
    19.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    The skin that I bare is the skin I will walk with.

    The eyes you say you loath

    Are the same ones I use to find beauty in the world.

    You say you hate my nose, my hair to the way I walk and speak.

    To the way I breathe or eat.

    So I spit my food out I leave and when I do.

    Don't say you miss me

    Cause you never knew me.

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  • romancastilleja
    19.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    #poetry #soul #life #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #writersofinstagram #poet #poem #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poemsofinstagram #love #stillness #enlightenment #mindfulness #writing #writer #creativity #spilledink #poems #words #poetrycommunity #yoga #mind #poems #meditation #selfawareness #awareness #consciousness https://www.instagram.com/p/CQUUD-UFzZJ/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • indecisivealien
    19.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    'Gendered Personality' and Why I Don't Use It: An Addendum

    I wrote a thing because of an and it’s a pretty good essay/rant/analysis/opinion piece/whatever the fuck it is if I do say so myself. (Well, it seems pretty scatter-brained to me which is why I’m writing this addendum, but it’s also a more raw version of my thoughts and feelings and I still kinda like the piece.) One thing my friend had to say about that piece is that I didn’t give enough examples when explaining why having “realistic” gender-based stereotypes in fiction, in my opinion, are bad, so I’ll write that out here because why not.

    We must first acknowledge that gender inequality is a problem. Male privilege exists. Females have been historically oppressed. Toxic masculinity also exists. The world is as complicated and sucky as it is full of beauty and wonder. What’s important here is that we want less gender inequality. We want everyone on even ground, we want everyone to have the same opportunities, we want everyone to be able to be themselves without judgement or vitriol.

    Second, we need to talk about why certain gender-based stereotypes may be considered "realistic," and the reason that's bad. If you do some research, or, hell, if you do even a quick google search and read some articles, you'll likely come across papers and studies that single out and examine the behavioural differences in men and women. There are sources that claim biological differences contribute greatly to our behaviour, and there are sources that claim outward influences (such as culture, society and upbringing,) create most or all of the observable behavioural differences between men and women. The truth might be anywhere on the spectrum. But the article, as I mentioned in my piece, is based on the assumption that these things are biological, inherent, therefore applying to all men and women and all male and female characters. The article also makes the assumption that these slight behavioural disparities should be written into everyone's work because they are 'realistic.' The article states that we should be catering to what people expect of men and women in society.

    Right now, society isn't necessarily wrong, but it isn't right. Our expectations surrounding how a female should act versus how a male should act are still lagging behind what they should be, because in our society (where we want everyone to have equal opportunities), we shouldn't have people who still think that a woman's only place is at home, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children, while her husband (because it's not like lesbians exist :) ) goes to work. This is the standard we are trying to move away from, because, again, we want everyone to have equal opportunities and freedom.

    Third, we need to talk about why it's important to keep these stereotypes out of fiction. Fiction has a huge impact on our society. Everything from politics to language to religion is affected by the media we consume. The way we write, the way we talk, the metaphors we use, the idea was have, our thought patterns and belief systems; all are influenced by movies, TV shows, books, fiction podcasts, and every medium in between. Gendered behaviour is learned from infancy, is affected by the toys children are given to play with and the cute little cardboard picture books their parents read them at bed time. Our society is totally saturated in gender stereotypes that we teach children to believe from a very young age. Fiction, as Tim Hickson eloquently put, is the closest we can get to experiencing another person's reality. So, if fiction is vital to our understanding of others, and understanding others is vital to building a functioning society, we should be making sure that fiction is representing people, especially historically oppressed groups, accurately.

    If you google the definition of "stereotype," you will find this definition:

    a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

    If you google the definition of "oversimplified:"

    simplified to such an extent that a distorted impression is given.

    Stereotypes are by definition inaccurate and unrealistic. Therefore, if you ever plan to share your writing with others, purposefully writing gender-based stereotypes into your characters' personalities or behaviors is not only socially irresponsible, but downright stupid if you're doing it for the sake of being "realistic."

    The article is requesting that writers change their characters and stories for the sake of catering to the expectations of readers. But the thing is, even if catering to those expectations does make your writing appeal to a slightly wider audience, it isn't right to present any stereotype as "realistic" in any regard. All this does is contribute to the cycle of fiction feeding into stereotypes feeding into fiction.

    So, to all my fellow writers out there, I implore you to break the cycle. Write your characters as unique individuals, not a set of traits based on what genetilia they have. Your story has the power to change the world, so write to change the world for the better.

    With love,

    - Sam

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  • jokerforwomen
    19.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    someone on twitter said pepe larraz is becoming their defining artist for jean and im thinking  who each is for me.... john cassaday is my defining artist for both kitty and beast simply bc cassaday drew the first series i read and also beast looks so cool in that series lol.   the same person on twitter said terry dodson is their defining artist for emma but i associate Dodson too much w/ the first harley quinn series (but for her it’s def amanda conner..for better or worse, and just bruce timm) also all Dodson’s women have the exact same face so how would u even......... john byrne and dave cockrum made such iconic art 4 all of the main team. especially nightcrawler so theres that. Olivier coipel draws a v iconic storm he’s totally getting up there.  Bachalo for magik. sienkiewicz for the new mutants.... Bengal for Laura even though he only did covers /? that’s impact. Also jenny frison for WW.  yasmine putri for Jason.. and darwyn cooke or alex ross for like everybody else

    #i can probably name like. three comic book writers. But artists...
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  • writemekpop
    19.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Dive Into You | Na Jaemin

    Pairing: Na Jaemin x Reader

    Summary: Jaemin’s ultimate fantasy is to get a blowjob underwater. You, his perfect girlfriend, are more than happy to oblige... 

    Genre: Boyfriend!Jaemin, smut 

    Word Count: 0.7k

    Gif: @jaemtens 

    Warnings: Sexual content, Jaemin being flustered and irresistible 

    “This is so wrong!” Jaemin was trying to frown, but the sparkle in his eyes gave away his excitement. 

    You smirked. “Come on, baby. Live a little! I thought we were going to take this sex fantasy game seriously!”


    “That was mine…” you said. “Now tell me yours.” 

    You were resting your head on Jaemin’s stomach, absentmindedly twirling your fingers through the trail of dark hair leading south.  

    Jaemin was thankful you couldn’t see his face, because you definitely would have laughed at his blushing cheeks. 

    “I can’t say,” Jaemin mumbled. “It’s too embarrassing.”

    You smacked his abs, making him jolt. “Not fair! Now spill.” 

    Jaemin groaned, whispering something in your ear. 

    Your eyes went wide. “Now that’s something I can do!” 


    “No one’s going to be in the jacuzzi at 2AM,” you said. Flashing Jaemin a seductive glance, you let your towel slip down your chest to reveal a flash of bare skin. 

    Jaemin groaned, his hands grabbing his crotch. “You’re going to be the death of me, woman.”

    You giggled as you unlocked the swimming pool doors. 

    Jaemin’s eyes darted around as he yanked off his T shirt and shorts. “What if someone catches us?” 

    You discarded your towel and stepped into the warm water. 

    “Jaemin,” you tutted. “You said your dream was to get head under the water. And I, like the amazing girlfriend I am, am going to make that happen.”

     Jaemin whined, bouncing from one leg to the other. “I’m just gonna wedge my shoe in the door. That way no one can burst in.” 

    You laughed at your boyfriend’s shyness. “Fine, but you better hurry up!”

    Jaemin jammed not one, but both his shoes into the door.

    “Mmmh, it’s so warm and wet in here.” You splashed the water for effect.

    Jaemin skidded to the edge of the jacuzzi. “You’re a siren. You know that, right?” he said, eyeing the outline of your naked body under the water. 

    He was about to step in when you stopped him with a hand on his leg.

    “Nuh uh,” you said. “Boxers off, big boy.”  

    Jaemin groaned. “Really?” 

    You grinned devilishly. “No clothes allowed here! So come on… get little J out!” 

    For a second, you really thought Jaemin was going to say the safe word and bow out. But to your surprise, he yanked his boxers off and flung them to the side. 

    Let’s just say that little J wasn’t looking so… little tonight.  

    He slid into the water beside you. “You really are something, Y/n.” 

    You touched his arm gently. “If you don't want to do this, we can stop. We do have a comfy bed waiting for us upstairs…” You searched his face for any signs of doubt. 

    Jaemin smiled and shook his head. “No, I want this. I mean… this is literally my ultimate fantasy. I will be dreaming of you and this night for years.” 

    Your cheeks warmed. Jaemin really was a charmer. 

    “Okay, babe. Get comfy…”  

    Jaemin settled his back against the wall. 

    You sucked in a deep breath – holding your nose for dramatic effect – and ducked your head under the water. 

    You waded closer and put your mouth on him. 

    “Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis. Ohh goddesses, I'm going to hell!” Jaemin cried, as you found your rhythm. 

    He threw his head back, not caring that it smacked against the wet tiles. He let out a long, low moan.

    After a few seconds, you rose to the surface, gasping. 

    You smoothed your sopping wet hair and gave him your sultriest smoulder. “Not so shy now, are we?”

    Jaemin grinned, eyes hazy. “This is incredible. I don’t think I’m going to last long.” 

    “Good.” You slipped your hand under the water to touch him. “Because this is actually a lot more difficult than I was expecting it to be.”

    Jaemin caressed your cheek lovingly. “Marry me.”

    “Jaemin!” You gasped. “Are you really proposing when my hand is on your… you know what?”

    He barked out a laugh. It bounced around the walls of the pool, magnifying his happiness. 

     “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he murmured. 

    (And to be honest, neither would you.)



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  • aallotarenunelma
    19.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    100 days of writing 19

    How do you decide which WIP to work on? @the-wip-project

    I usually don't have a lot of WIPs. At the moment, most of them are ideas that are cooking. Some others are drafts I have to rewrite. Only one WIP is a story almost finished. So this is that one I have to work on right now. This is the most "urgent" one. After that, it will only be what I feel like working on. I get guided, it's a gut feeling.

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  • gxldendxys
    19.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #lebguardians are you seeing this?? the eskel hive rises lmaoooo #requests#anon #letters from the writer
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  • gregoryklma770
    19.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Tips For Selecting The Right Editing Service

    Every person needs to have his work edited also once in his life. An editing and enhancing firm can brighten the work of a novice, enhance the writing of a sub-par or typical writer and also proof the job of an expert with an objective eye.

    There's nothing shameful concerning having an editing company examine your college entrance essay or manuscript since it's nearly difficult to be totally objective when revising ones work; what is shameful is when you've gone all the trouble to work with one however still ending up with an less than professional paper.

    If you've determined to employ modifying solutions for your job, utilize our checklist below to do it right the very first time around

    Amount of Writing Experience

    All expert editors were writers when. You require to understand the writing history of the editor to identify his capacities in executing the job. To write a business proposal, he has to have sufficient experience in business writing. Anything less than 3 years is not just adequate. Lastly, ask if he can equip references.

    Amount of Editing And Enhancing Experience

    Besides writing, the editor has to additionally have sufficient experience functioning as a expert editor. Ask examples of his job its much better if he can provide you with a before-and-after example to gauge his editing capacities. Once again, ask if he can provide you with referrals.

    Participation in an Market

    An editor will certainly have the ability to write as well as modify better if he was also a businessman when. Having been involved in the industry in a professional basis will certainly supply him with certain info that a simple viewer may not be privy with. Having more expertise on the business will enable the editor to understand the works hes modifying extra clearly, and also consequently be able to edit them with a more discerning eye.

    Credentials of the Editor

    Ask about the editors academic accomplishment and other credentials that he has. Credentials are more proof of an editors degree of experience in his selected area. Obviously, ensure that you validate whatever credentials he does point out since he may simply be existing regarding everything.

    Types of Services Offered

    People have various reasons for needing to work with editing solutions. Ensure that the modifying company you select to transact with is able to supply the solutions you desire. Instances of kinds of solutions used by a lot of editing companies are provided listed below:

    Ghostwriting If you have a tale to tell or a paper you need to do however you don't have the appropriate words available, you can hire a ghostwriter from an editing and enhancing company to write everything down for you. With a ghostwriter to assist you out, your work will certainly still be sole to your credit. Ghostwriters aren't credited with bylines because they are just there to aid you choose the best words for your writing.

    Proofing Perhaps all you require is a person to check your help any type of typographical or grammatical errors. If so, a proofreader is the very best individual to help you out. Clients have different requirements when it pertains to proofreading; some desire all mistakes to be automatically fixed and also substituted while others choose their blunders to be just highlighted however leave all the modifying to them. If you have particular preferences in this matter, see to it your editing company learns about it in advance.

    If your job does not have compound or hasn't enough truths to support its insurance claim, an editing and enhancing company can aid you out by looking into thoroughly regarding the subject of your paper.

    Publishing Advice Possibly, you don't require any kind of help when it comes to writing. Maybe, all you need is a push to the right direction and have your book published. If so, an editing company is still capable of assisting you in this situation. They can help you develop an summary and proposal for your book, locate a literary agent to represent your work or provide you ideas concerning the publishing companies to pick.

    How much time and also How Much

    Alas, we https://alexismizd012.tumblr.com/post/654374615266836480/the-easiest-way-to-generate-income-writing pertain to both crucial bases of our decision: how long will modifications take as well as just how much in total will it cost? Its alright to go a bit over the budget plan if your reasons stand however simply ensure that they are, undoubtedly, legitimate. Anticipate to pay added if you have a thrill target date to meet.

    Finally, if you anticipate to have various demands for editing services, its better to choose one thats able to provide for ALL of the services youre after. Employing a various firm for each editing and enhancing service you need is not only tiring yet even more pricey also in the long run.

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