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  • Whenever anyone asks me about my writing, I am reminded of the time I got really sick and had a fever dream that consisted of a very emotional scene involving my newly created characters. It was only a few weeks after I realized theirs was a romantic story, and the scene provided the characterization I needed. 

    So if you ever need some inspiration, just fall ill and write down your fever dreams. 

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  • I don’t know who needs to hear this, but listen:

    If you don’t write in English, do not use English sources on style/grammar. On storytelling? Yeah. On worldbuilding? Sure. On conlanging? Of course. But never on style.

    I didn’t know that different countries’ definitions of good literature were so drastically different untill I stumbled across an English post that said to not use too many synonyms in writing because it makes you look silly.

    Meanwhile in Polish, which is my native language, using synonyms is basically the definition of quality writing. The word „said” is actually frowned upon if not mixed with more sublime words to describe speech. So, while in English „said” is the safest option, in Polish it’s the last resort.

    Then I started getting into translation. Nothing too special, just a bunch of English-only creepypastas that my Polish friends couldn’t understand but wanted to/I wanted to share them with them. And even though I only translated like a few 10k texts, I came to the conlusion that the English language is batshit crazy if it’s not your first language. Akward sentences, bizzare usage of commas, and a ton. of. repetitions.

    So whenever you see English writing advice, please consider how different its concept of good writing is for a lot of other languages (I can only speak for the Slavic ones, but I’m pretty sure the experience is universal). Always prefer sources in your own language. I know there might be a smaller amount of them, but please prefer quality over quantity.

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  • Me, in the process of starting a new wip: Why do I have so many wips???

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  • Writer thingies is writing a piece with a heavy plot and get overwhelmed and don’t know how to continue so you go to a light, soft and fluffy story so you’re at ease. I said what I said.

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  • I really want to start posting about my WIP and I have no freaking time to write a longer than 5 lines post about it and that’s sad but it also means I haven’t written a word for the past two weeks either and that’s outright maddening

    Anyway it’s great I’m a writeblr just not doing any writing


    Originally posted by bbtin

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  • I lost the first draft for the possible sequel to home and I’m so ridiculously devastated about it :(

    #and my birthday is in a week and im also so ridiculously devastated #writer culture#poto fanfiction #nobody care about that fanfic BUT I DO
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  • The thing that always excites and scares me most about writing is how it challenged you to understand the actions and mindsets of people you have nothing in common with. Not necessarily condone, of course, but understanding? That has to be there. If you want to be any good at writing at all, you have to understand all your characters, their drives, their motivations, the way things work from their points of view, why and how they are convinced they are right. The abusers, the haters, the villains—you need to get into their heads, to see what it’s like there. To make your words believable, you need to, for the duration of writing about them, empathize or at least sympathize with them.

    Of course, these are all imaginary people that only exist in your head. But to make them real enough on paper, you have to study real people around you. You have to learn how to understand them—even the ones you rightfully hate, the ones whose actions you can’t condone, the ones you can’t ever forgive.

    And your world becomes so much brighter and stranger.

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  • Y’all be reblogging “Writing Advice” posts like you ever see them again.

    #writing advice#writing#writbelr#reblogging#writer culture#for later #like stop lying to yourself #you’ll google the exact same advice when you actually need it #google will give you the info better and faster #most of the advice is a copy and paste job anyway
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  • i’m amusing myself with my own writing

    #writer culture #richie.txt
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  • This tag game was made by @writersloth, Give that sloth a follow!

    Rules: answer the questions as one of your OC’s.

    I’m answering as Layla Smith, from Ballad of the Apocalypse.

    1: How are you doing today?

    “Me?” she said with a mischievous smile. “Oh, I’m fine. Thanks for asking, unlike someone who writes about us every day.” 

    2: I have some questions for you. Are you ready to answer them?

    “I’m always ready to get payback to my auth- I mean, answer some harmless questions about myself.”

    3: How do you feel about your last name?

    “Oh, I love it,” she laughed. “But it’s the strangest thing. I’ve never really thought about it before this interview. It’s almost like the author made it up on the spot or something. But I’m sure that can’t be the case. He’s a wonderful author. There’s no way he’d pick favorites or anything.” She coughed in a manner that suspiciously sounded like “Natalie Evenwrite.”

    4: Is there anything you’d like to thank the author of your story for?

    She grinned wickedly as if the devil himself possessed her. “Oh, yes. I’d love to thank the author for turning our world into a desolate F-ing wasteland! Yeah, we had shining cities, clean water, and world peace. But nooo. You had to destroy all of that, just so you could make a point about life, or civilization or… something, I don’t even care about what our story’s about. Just as long as I survive. It’s so much better this way. I can’t thank him enough.”

    5: You can only eat three foods for the rest of your life. What are they?

    “Shush! Don’t go giving him ideas! I don’t care how much I love Pepperoni Pizza, Lisanga, or a good, bad burrito from some shady Mexican guy on the street, I don’t want to eat it forever!”

    6: Have you ever done or said anything that surprised the author?

    Layla threw back her head and laughed. “I’m me,” she said after a while. “Everything I ever say or do surprises him. I am the bane of his existence… Well, except Randa, but I’m not supposed to know about him.” She laughed again. “I can already see Jay. sitting there trying to figure out exactly how or when I met Randa. He’ll be stumped for ages.”

    7: You have unlimited funds. What kind of party are you going to have?

    “Unlimited funds? Forget the party. I’ll be taking over Evanwrite’s nuclear bomb shelter and arming it with every weapon known to man. Including the nukes! Then while this craptastic shitstorm blows over I’ll be safe and secure letting my fancy new automated security system deal with the hoards of skeletons. Come to think of it, I could have enough funds to add in a heated pool, separate rooms, a massive dance hall and a disco ball! OOH! And three kinds of cheese fondue fountains! Do you think I could get satellite reception down there? Who am I kidding? Unlimited wealth means I can just buy every movie or T.V. show ever made, and hire all the actors, directors and so on and give them their own rooms too. I’m loving this party! Can we do this for real?”

    8: Tell us a quick story that’s happened to you that not even the author knows about… yet.

    “Ummm. no. What little bit he doesn’t know about needs to stay that way so he can’t just retcon my F-ing life. Not that I’m bitter or anything.”

    9: Do you have a favorite hero?

    “Alyssa. She’s really saved my bacon ever since- wait, you mean, like IRL? Before all this magic, world-ending drama? Hell, Yes! Deadpool has always been my inspirational hero. But he’s an anti-hero so I can’t count him either… Oh! I know. It’s Jimmy, from the third and fourth Justice League movies. I think he’s what really saved those movies… Why is Jay. laughing?”

    10: Thank you for talking to me.

    “No! Wait! I can still answer a bunch of other questions! Don’t you want to know my favorite color? Which Dog breed I prefer? Don’t send me back to that Hellhole! Please, for the love of God, at least let me keep a Fondue fountain!”

    Okay, I’m back. Please ignore Layla, she just wants to make me look bad… Well… I mean… she’s not wrong, but I swear, she’s actually pretty content with her life right now. Sooo. I’m just going to tag people now. @submergedmind @odd-dog @pixel-is-writing @strawberryspaceship @ashmitrano and @theguildedtypewriter  I hope you guys all have as much fun as I did. =) 

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  • writer culture is staying up ‘til 3am, having 6 tabs open for research, 3 for aesthetics and 2 for music and background noise, while plotting a story half-sentence per hour that’s not even your main wip

    #writer culture#help#writeblr #relatable stuff i guess??? #like literally #I should work on a bouquet of my pain #instead im writing...... #whatever this is #will i ever finish anything #who knows
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  • Writer culture is having to go on incognito mode to google stuff like “why do people get killed” or “how to find out your friend is an assassin”

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  • review quest

    Aight, so I’ve actually been going through pretty much everything in my blog so far for the Great Retagging - I am maybe five pages in? A and I ran into some stuff about writing and leaving reviews / comments, andddddd long story short I feel kind of guilty, because I am a member of the “read and run” community so. Long story short, imma go though my ao3 history and review/reread pretty much everything there and leave a fucking comment.

    Iiii think there’s actually… a couple hundred pages, so uh. This is gonna be a fun time. Might be a fun summer project

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  • me: i want to write a Critically Acclaimed novel which will later be made into a movie for the masses and will be discussed and dissected at college level!

    also me: FLUFF ! FLUFF ! FEEL GOOD CONTENT ! FLUFFFFFF ! dash of trauma for conflict BUT MOSTLY FLUFF ! 

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  • Reblog If You Are A Writer Who Enjoys Torturing Your Readers

    I know I do…

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  • Any other writers turn their childhood imaginary friends into characters as a way of immortalizing them?

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  • Writer culture is spending hours on the first sentence and still not liking it in the final product

    #writers on tumblr #writers on writing #infinite writing#writer culture#writing
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  • I guess I’m just getting really tired of people saying they’re going to be there when they’re not - taking this title and place in your life only to kick the pedestal out from under you at their first convenience.

    - s.b.

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