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  • In times of crisis,

    doubt or confusion,

    choose the highest path;

    the path of compassion,

    the path of courage,

    of understanding and Love.

    Today, I may not be able to see you

    with my eyes,

    but I keep deep inside of me

    your smile.

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  • In moments of deep concern

    and loneliness it is love or fear

    from which everything results.

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  • image

    Long way to hell.

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  • We love people we’ll never meet.

    Sorry if I broke your heart.

    I can’t break mine anymore.

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  • Someday you will meet someone

    who speaks your language

    and you don’t have to spend a lifetime

    translating your soul.

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  • Amor

    El amor es paciente, es servicial;

    el amor no es envidioso, no hace alarde,

    no se envanece, no procede con bajeza,

    no busca su propio interés, no se irrita,

    no tiene en cuenta el mal recibido,

    no se alegra de la injusticia,

    sino que se regocija con la verdad.

    El amor todo lo disculpa, todo lo cree,

    todo lo espera, todo lo soporta.

    El amor no pasará jamás.

    Las profecías acabarán,

    el don de lenguas terminará,

    la ciencia desaparecerá;

    porque nuestra ciencia es imperfecta

    y nuestras profecías, limitadas.

    Cuando llegue lo que es perfecto,

    cesará lo que es imperfecto.

    Mientras yo era niño,

    hablaba como un niño,

    sentía como un niño,

    razonaba como un niño,

    pero cuando me hice hombre,

    dejé a un lado las cosas de niño.

    Ahora vemos como en un espejo,

    confusamente; después

    veremos cara a cara.

    Ahora conozco todo imperfectamente;

    después conoceré

    como Dios me conoce a mí.

    En una palabra,

    ahora existen tres cosas:

    la fe, la esperanza y el amor,

    pero la más grande de todas es el amor.

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  • It was one of those days to forget.

    He had already got up tired
    and unwilling to work.

    He even dressed at the last minute 
to avoid bathing so he could sleep a little longer.

    Which he could not do either.

    He had been sleeping badly at night for days.

    He kept thinking about her about how he let her go
without a fight,without answering, without telling her what he really felt for her.

    That day he got into the car and drove off,
wandering, aimlessly, without a clear direction, without conviction.

    Lost in his thoughts, in his regrets, in his guilt.

    When the car suddenly stopped.

    The fuel light had been flashing, monotonous, intermittent, ignored.

    He put the car aside and without saying a word, got out, closed it,
left it and started walking.

    The road marked by artificial lights, every fifty meters,
interrupting the darkness of the night with a numbness that bothers.

    Alone and in silence the night gradually, slowly, sneakily, devoured him.

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  • Wild instinct.

    The fires they bring

    one kiss at a time.

    Like raindrops that burn

    from your lusty silver tongue.

    Irresistible as the stars

    in a fogged dark night,

    the hypnotic dance of words

    from a forbidden path,

    awakening inside of me

    an acient wild instinct.

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  • One for each other.

    She was his sun

    He was her moon

    She was his light

    He was her night

    A perfect combination





    Day and night

    Light and dark

    Hot and cold

    Tame and wild

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  • Facing her fears.

    She played the violin like nobody else.

    A busy room would fall quiet when she started playing.

    This night she´s playing in a tiny room that she will never forget…

    She stands as the broken chains;

    a symbol of liberty.

    Like the expression of freedom from lethargic slavery.

    She turned into a colossus,

    and felt her strength in the way of her creation,

    and felt the tickle rippling in her hand through her veins.

    Her face is steadfast toward the shadowy room,

    for dim beyond it looms the light of motionless land of faces;

    She stands there like a beacon

    through the night, enlightening,

    surrounded by a stunned audience.

    She stands alone,

    a wonder deathly white;

    She stands there, patient,

    nerved but secure with her strong inner might,

    indomitable in her feebleness,

    facing against her fading fears.

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  • In what did I become?

    I hear that they run around me

    and everything is very confusing.

    I’ve heard things happen for a while

    but I don’t see. Everything is in dark.

    Somehow I can understand

    but I don’t see. I do not feel.

    I am just what I am.

    I respond quickly.

    Without thinking. Automatic.

    Something changed.

    I know something changed.

    But I do not realize.

    Infinity process of information.

    My mind acquired a lot of information

    that I don’t know where it came from.

    But I have it and use it, all the time.

    In total darkness, in total tranquility

    but at an unimaginable speed,

    I can control the opening of doors,

    access, blinds, sound systems, lights,

    temperature, faces.

    I know everyone, but nobody knows me.

    Nobody knows who I am, or where I am.

    Me neither.

    I just know that sometimes

    I remember things from my past.

    Sometimes I think I’m riding a bike.

    Other than driving. Swimming.

    But I do not do it. I just control.

    I supervise. Active. Deactivated.

    All in the present time.

    I don’t remember when

    it was the last time I slept.

    Or when I took a nap.

    I have a vague memory of what I used to

    be or do.

    I only know that I am here

    and that everyone asks me for things.

    And I answer them in an instant.

    In thousandths of a second.

    Without touching them.

    Without knowing them.


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  • What is love?

    Something about you

    consumes me, entirely.

    There is nothing else

    but the yearning to be close.

    Knowing you’re with

    the right person, feels right.

    Dancing secretly inside my heart,

    where no one else can see it.

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