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    09.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago
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    It was a winter morning; fog was normal. It didn’t normally appear quite so abruptly. It didn’t normally have such a sharp beginning point. She didn’t normally flinch slightly driving into it, half-expecting her airbags to deploy as the bonnet hit that wall. But the car slid smoothly into the dense fog. Susan slowed down, barely able to see the road in front of her. The occasional distant flash illuminated nothing useful, the lightning only revealing more fog like cotton wool. Dark shapes moved in the distance, and she wondered if somebody was driving without headlights in this murk. Surely nobody could be so stupid. But the shapes vanished, and she wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or scared. Utterly alone, she drove on at a snail’s pace.

    Something thumped against the passenger side door, and she jumped. She could see nothing but the mist, no movement or shape. She wondered if that was worse than knowing what had hit the car.

    It felt like the car was slowing down even more. Susan was suddenly more interested in getting out of this fog than trying to drive safely. She pressed the accelerator, but nothing happened. The car continued to slow down, she was almost sure. It was so hard to tell, with no visual frame of reference. The speedometer was still pointing at 100, the speed limit for this stretch of road and the speed Susan usually drove it. The pedal hit the floor and the engine went silent. The speedometer didn’t move, and nor did the car. Susan grabbed her phone. No bars. Emergency calls only. That was fine, this was an emergency. She dialed 000, but heard nothing. Useless.

    There seemed no other option. Susan slowly opened her car door, heart thumping, breath ragged. She got out slowly, feeling the wet fog surround her, embrace her, hide her. The car was gone.

    Susan was gone.

    #writing#writers#writeblr#original fiction#short fiction#flash fiction #the speed and emergency number are australian
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  • quartz-muses
    09.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Healing can feel so lonely.

    Every step I take carries me away from others.

    "Walk alone,"

    Is what I heard growing up.

    I understand the significance.

    But nobody prepared me for the cold nights,

    And the needy days,

    When it felt like everyone else was blissfully unaware.

    But I'd rather be aware,



    Then be asleep,

    Surrounded by those who continue to harm me.

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  • anshpreetkaur13
    09.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    when the world enjoys sunsets, i live with the scent of that pain which takes me nowhere.

    - emptiness.

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  • forces06generations
    09.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Me: *is already in summer vacation* alright time to take a breather and catch up some things I want to watch

    Also me: *proceeds to not do that and begins researching some shit since apparently I don't know how to take a break*

    #I mean the catching up on things is a for sure I'll do #But yeah I literally need to be able to occupy myself onto something or else I'll go nuts #random shit with forces #Who knows maybe I'll finally get around on writing my Greatest showman au
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    09.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    History of chatrapati sambhaji maharaj - part 3- Get rid of Agra with

    Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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  • doomitrescu
    09.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    also bc the last meme prompt i reblogged falls in the shippy area and my brain is making it such a big deal, i give for granted that you don't have to send them in of you don't want to. this is my rules already but yeah i live for crack ships et similia ( which is why i rb'ed the ship prompt ) but i don't expect any of my mutuals to feel forced to send anything! my complaint was more about blogs who constantly reblog meme prompts directly from me ( of any kind ) and never try to interact.
    #🗡️ ─── psa. #( i'm writing this bc my post from earlier was worded weird and don't want to give y'all the impression i want to force anyone ) #( my brain is on alert mode lol sorry 😂 but yeah that's it )
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  • some-piece
    09.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #bas answers #not that i don't trust oda at all as a writer because he's a good one #but there are plenty of topics I do not trust him for shit #besides: he's not really good battle-wise and it shows because onigashima #despite being hype as fuck #is just sooo badly paced #Id rather see him writing things he's much more natural with
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  • wenttworth
    09.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Stan knew very well that he and Richie Tozier were an odd pair.

    According to his mom, they were best friends from the very beginning, born hours apart in neighbour beds, syncing everything from screaming to sleeping, and this friendship hadn't even changed when childhood illnesses were stronger in Stan and meant he had to start school a whole year later than Richie. They still ate lunch together, still went to each other's houses after school.

    But they were an odd pair. Stan's curls were neatly parted whilst Richie's tumbled into his eyes and flopped all over, Richie had scabs over his knees more often than not, bruises littering his arms from his various expeditions, grass stains typically covering 80% of his clothes where Stan was naturally tidy and put together.

    Richie was still his best friend, though, so when he had a particularly bad case of croup which kept him bedbound for a week, Stan was heartbroken in his loneliness.

    In the end, when he was kicking about town morosely, riding his bike around the block with no true destination in mind, Bill Denborough, who was in Richie's grade but in the other class, recognised him and started chatting pleasantly. Stan could have kidded himself that they were adult friends who ran into each other at the grocery store, with the easy way Bill chatted with him.

    Bill and his best friend, the tiny slip of a boy called Eddie, adopted Stan with ease, though he sometimes felt like a third wheel when they screeched with laughter over a remembered inside joke. Finally Richie was allowed to leave his house again, and Stan immediately brought him to the outskirts of the wooded area which the bigger kids called 'the barrens'; Bill and Eddie's usual hangout. Richie pinwheeled about the trees as he usually did, giggling whenever Stan told him to take it easy as he recovered, and finally dropping to his knees to pull rocks and logs up to see if any lizards or salamanders or snakes were hiding underneath in the cool mud. He'd left his house about as clean and neat as Richie Tozier could possibly be, and now mud was splattered up to his neck and scratches were blooming from when he'd crashed through a bush running around a tree.

    He placed a snail carefully on his hand, and Stan cautiously crouched beside him to look at it also.

    "What are you doing?" Eddie screeched thinly behind them, and Richie jumped so far out of his skin he fell backwards, succeeding in splattering Stan's right side with mud. "You can't play in mud, do you have any idea how many Germs there are in there? You could get dys...dystheria or coal-era or stung by stinging nettles!"

    Richie had managed to scramble to his feet, and was staring at Eddie with big eyes, even further amplified by his new glasses that had the unfortunate side effect of doubling the size of his eyes, and even weirder, completely silently.

    "You're Richie, right?" Eddie said grumpily.

    Richie went bright red, and rather than answer, shoved Eddie roughly so he landed on his butt in the mud in front of Richie.

    Stan stopped breathing. Eddie was a bit of a cry baby, he had discovered during the week he'd spent exploring this copse of trees with him and Bill. The smallest bumps, if he thought about them, would give him an asmarattack, which meant he couldn't breathe properly and had to pump an aspa-raytor into his mouth. He looked between them both, Eddie on the ground staring up at Richie, his mouth an 'O' in surprise, and Richie staring right back, still bright red to the roots of his black hair.

    "Why would you do that?" Eddie yelled, instead of crying, or having an asmarattack. He grabbed a handful of mud and flung it at Richie, shrieking with laughter when it clocked him square in the face. Richie grinned right back at him.

    "Want to try to find snakes under the rocks?" he asked, and Stan backed away out of the line of fire to watch some Cardinals flit in and out of a nest as Eddie exclaimed excitedly and joined Richie in his discovery.

    #who let me write at midnight after 10 hours of babysitting a hyperactive 3 year old #reddie#richie tozier#eddie kaspbrak#it#stephen king#my writing
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  • calico-fiction
    09.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    There are a few from the wedding in this album too, that Eddie took himself. Myra's parents dancing together. The wiener dog again, to Stan's delight, in a little bowtie. Two of the wedding photographer, bashful at having his own camera turned on him. Hm.

    the man is gay lol

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  • raksh-writes
    09.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Working, working, working on my thesis.

    I think I'll be able to finish the chap today? Which is actually the goal, so that'd be good xD Just need to write a few small paragraphs at the end, a small lil conclusion for this chap, but just a short one, 'cause the next one is for all the conclusions and whatnot. Then need to add the examples, a citation or two, then polish and clean it up some, add few comments, and then send, prob together with my project. And this chap should be mostly done, unless my promotor finds big things to change in it, which I hope he wont xd

    Hopefully I'll manage! I want to write the last chap next weekend and since it should be a short one, maybe I'd be able to finish it in just a few days, which would be fantastic. I'd have more time for all the rest little things and all the edits then, but we'll see. One thing at a time ;p

    #personal#Raksh posts #the studying saga #I just need to power through today #not get distracted #and just DO the whole thinf #thing* #its possible theres not a whole lot left #wriring the few last paragraphs is going to be the hardest #but I just have to remember to keep it short and close to the topic #maybe I'll get the counter examples route? explaining the examples?? ehh dunno now #gonna see how it goes I guess #the next few days I need to focus on a diff assignement for my translatory workshop #before going right back to writing this thesis on the weekend ughhh #gonna go eat now before diving back in #if I manage before eveninf maybe I'll even get to treat myself some hah #hope y'all are having a nice sunday ❤
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  • dawnseeking
    09.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Happy mother’s day to my different mother ocs of WoW:

    Unsure if they are ready be a mother:

    Wanted to be a mother:

    Never wanted/forced to become a mother:

    Older sister who acts like a mother

    Wish to be a mother someday:

    Mother figure:


    Forced to become a mother due to social pressure:

    Single mother:

    #snipping tool saves the day when i'm too lazy to crop screenshots #also rip dk character screen #i love writing different motivations/reasons for characters when it comes to motherhood
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    09.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Self-publishing has really taken off for a lot of writer's.  Gone are the days of sending your manuscript into a publishing house.  You can be your own boss.

    Learn more about self-publishing and publishing at 1976write.com

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    09.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I need black sails followers before I post my fic. who else will read it

    #so I say when I'm approximately 1/10 the way into #writing it (not including whatever happens after the arc I'm planning rn) #also I'm kidding bc there's few fic updates so hopefully other ppl will read it anyway #even tho ill have to tag it w a lie sbshdhddhshdh sorry fhs #Jui speaks
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    09.05.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Do you have friends or family that are writers, but you're not sure what to buy them on their birthdays or anniversary?

    Discover more gifts for your favourite writer at 1976write.com

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  • hues-of-purple
    09.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Master list of my 18 self-published books (LINK to all)

    ! Please reblog this !

    When Daisies and Thunderstorms Collide (Genre: poetry/romance): “In which a young lady falls for a young man. The young lady learns that she can be both delicate and strong at the same time; thus daisies and thunderstorms were born. Free verse poetry book told in the perspective of an underrated flower.”

    The Girl With The Purple Hair (Genre: short story/romance): “In which a sensitive boy falls head over heals for a purple-haired girl.”

    My Dreamland (genre: poetry): “A girl dreams told in the four seasons”

    Survival (genre: novella/fantasy/romance): “Carlisle, Kayla, Nathan and Owen's world falls around them as the first year of the annual Survival Games are announced in an enchanted forest that is set on them failing. Will they live to see the end of The Survival Games?”

    The Stars in her Eyes (genre: short story/romance): “In which a boy watches the girl he adores becoming less bright.”

    Tiny Poems for Gentle Hearts (genre: poetry): “A collection of 150 poems for warming hearts and thawing souls.”

    Shades of blue (genre: short story/romance): “in which a bright girl falls for a shy boy” (these summaries 😂 😳)

    Ellie Everlasting (genre: novel/fantasy/romance): “What would you do if you discovered your favourite fairy tale was based on reality?During the last year of high school, an unexpected tragedy tears Ellie Parker away from her family, and her girlfriend, Olivia. While the survivors struggle to cope with the trauma of losing someone so young and full of promise, Ellie finds herself wrapped up in the adventure of a lifetime… on the other side of the grave. Neverland is real. Peter Pan is real. The Lost Boys and Girls are real. But something sinister lurks in the shadows, threatening both worlds. Will Ellie and her new friends be able to save Earth and Neverland before it’s too late?”

    Emilie The Little Elephant (genre: children’s book/illustrations): “Come and play with Emilie the little elephant and join her on her adventures!”

    Mia & Her Collected Memories (genre: short story/friendship): “In which a mind-reading girl collects people's memories to help them cope with heartbreak.”

    When Mermaids Rise (genre: poetry/empowerment): “In which mermaids learn to rise above the other creatures of the sea.”

    Astrophile (genre: poetry/romance): “In which a girl watches her girlfriend become less bright over a period of a few months.”

    Love Among The Planets (genre: narrative poetry/space romance): “Selena, soul of the moon falls for Aurora, soul of the sun. When Aurora dies, Selena thinks she'll never find love again, but then Pearl, soul of Pluto, shows up to offer her support. But can she hold on to that love?”

    Cosmic Dreams (genre: poetry): “Delve into the world of galaxies and dreams.”

    You’re Perfect To Me (genre: poetry): “wrote about a friend.”

    When Sunflowers and Moons Collide (genre: poetry): “In which a poet thinks about people a little too much...”

    Daisies & Wild Heartbeats (genre: poetry/mental health): “In which the gardens and galaxies in my mind grow.”

    Ace of Arts (genre: art book): “A collection of artworks containing the different aspects of asexual, aromantic and other a-spec identities within the LGBTQ+ community as a whole, shown in the form of abstract and aesthetic art pieces.”

    Thanks so much for reading! Lmk if you have any questions 🥰

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