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  • So I’m sitting here, at The End of The World, a bar (a crude excuse for one), just on the outskirts of town where all the freaks gather for a shitty night. I’m looking like I just walked out of a photoshoot, only there weren’t any photographers. Talk about lame, right? Anyway, I sit here realizing that I have wasted my time getting dressed and that this whole place was anticlimactic. But then again, nothing exciting ever happens in Roswell. 

    That is what Camille says to anybody within earshot. Nobody takes the bait, but she’s fine with that. She knew enough not to expect anything from anyone, not even a decent conversation, from Roswell. But if there was one thing that Camille could expect, it was that Tyler Davidson would be here at the party (a lame one) with two girls wrapped around him. He was somewhat of a local celebrity here, if you count underground rap battles as  a venue for artistry. She rolls her eyes at the sight of one redhead throwing her head back, letting out a cackle that strikes her as slutty. As hard as she wanted to fight it, a part of her wished she was sitting at his table. That was what Camille referred to as the cool table. Every get together had the cool kid’s table, and where Camile was was at the misfit table. To her right was a decrepit old man who was already on his fifth shot of whiskey. To her left, a creep with man boobs bigger than hers taking his time reading the news. 

    Camille was on her fourth gin and tonic, which the bar called Gin and Sin. Camille was ready to sin, but with the right guy, only the right guy was not here yet. 

    “He may not look like much, but trust me, he’s the one. You’ll run his heart to the ground.”

    It might have sounded stupid, like some fortune cookie saying, but Camille couldn’t get that thought out of her hand. Wasn’t everything up until now seem like fate?

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  • anyway i love writing oriax bc this bitch is Tired and just wants to do their fucking job and i relate

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  • Daily Scribbles 18.11.19

    Dr Roberts was in his office on the fourth floor, hunched over a selection of leather-bound volumes. His mouth moved slightly as his eyes scanned the page, soundlessly forming the words. At a delicate knock from the door he glanced up and waved in the duo with a warm smile.

    “My friends, we really must stop meeting in such gruesome circumstances!” He remarked and bent to kiss Valentine’s hand, Park rolled his eyes.

    “We heard you had news for us,” she replied.

    “Of course, but first… Would you like a drink?” He indicated the tea pot in its cosy on his desk. “Helen brought it up for you both.”

    “I’m afraid i cannot stay long, i obviously cannot stop Mistress Valentine staying on,” Park spoke in a frosty tone, Dr Roberts raised an eyebrow.

    “Don’t mind him, we had a disagreement on women’s suffrage on the way over,” Valentine poured herself a cup of tea, it was a fruiter blend than she was used to but refreshing nevertheless.

    “Ah, of course,” Dr Roberts nodded. “Well, the pollen on our Jane Doe is a rare variety, luckily for us. It belongs to a flowering tree at only a few locations in the city.”

    “Does that include private collections?” Park asked, notebook open in hand.

    “In this case, yes. You see, the flowers on this particular tree, when ground, produces a strong hallucinogenic… So all specimens are monitored.”

    “It’s possible for illegal trade?” Valentine asked, he inclined his head.

    “Of course but the conditions have to be just so. I doubt anyone but the elite would be able to recreate them,” Dr Roberts told them.

    “Do you have a list of locations?”

    “Already prepared for you,” he flourished a piece of paper at Park. “Your starting point, if i may be so bold, should be the Botantical Gardens.”

    “That’s miles away from the foreshore!” Park protested, to which Dr Roberts just shrugged. “And what is our prostitute doing in a high class collectors garden?!”

    “Maybe a high class escort?” Dr Roberts suggested.

    “Maybe that’s why we cannot find out her name, we'be been looking in the wrong places,” Valentine spoke and a soft curse escaped Park.

    “I’ll get the men ready. Enjoy your tea,” he marched from the room.

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  • I’ve got my tenth major surgery tomorrow. I’m strangely certain this is gonna be the one that kills me. Here’s a poem about a home I never should have left. 

    You were laying on the floor in the bathroom again

    Trying to figure out how to fall asleep

    Turn the lights on, so it’s over

    Rest your head, keep your composure

    Back to the way it’s always been 

    New year, new lungs, white teeth and nothings wrong

    If it’s a sunrise then you won

    But your floating in the clouds, still blue 

    I promised myself I’d stay an almost for you

    Don’t go where I can’t follow, I just want to call this home? 

    Why am I so used to leaving? 

    I’ll cling to you, with you I’m living 

    You hold my mind, and it’s just thrilling,
    You’ll be building bridges for me, growing steadily 

    I’ll be walking these streets, ‘cause I know what I need

    I’ll try to delay, at the side of the stage

    All I do is waste the day, ‘cause you almost made a change 

    You need a miracle tonight 

    I’ll pray for a miracle tonight

    Protect me from what I want tonight 

    Can we pretend it won’t go wrong? 

    You need a miracle tonight 

    I’ll wait for a miracle tonight

    Send a prayer into the atmosphere tonight

    Can we pretend it won’t go wrong? 

    #writing#bye friends #this is 10 somethings bound to happen
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  • I’m failing at reaching 50k and winning NaNo, but I’m totally succeeding at being my first novel to an end 💯

    Posted @withrepost • @wattpad 1️⃣2️⃣ days left of #NaNoWriMo… almost there Wattpadders! 🙌 Just in case you need an extra bit of motivation, we’ve got you covered 💪 Tag a #writer friend who might need to hear this today 🧡 #MotivationMonday⁠
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  • You’re a scientist working on a time machine. You and your team have finally advanced enough to try human testing, and you volunteer to be the test subject. It is decided that you’ll be sent an hour into the future; however, when you get out of the machine, your colleagues and your whole lab are missing. You realize that there’s been something built over the machine- a gigantic statue of a three-headed human, bearing the face of your department’s janitor.

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  • I’m working on a fic that is extremely different from others I’ve written; it’s from the first POV and is generally constructed into smaller/shorter chapters.

    So, my question is..

    Does it grow tedious to keep up with a story you’re following that’s updated up to 3-4 times a week?

    Is it better to space them out strategically, or am I overthinking it?

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    from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans https://ift.tt/2CXbLRP
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  • Why does my brain wants to go back to the old WIP “Mystical World” now I finished the second draft of “Demon of the Seas”?

    Oh right because last one started as AU to the back story of first one.

    Sometimes I hate how I connect stories by accident

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  • does anyone know of good articles / thesis’ / pieces on the idea of dissolving into madness and the overal deterioration of ones mind???? i am Desperate.

    #writrblr#writing#madness#pdf#articles#thesis#scholarly#creative writing #dissolving into madness #insanity #please help me i am so desperate
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  • Alright, I’ve come to terms with my writing on Dusk Till Dawn

    Just want to officially state that after 21 chapters, 61 pages and 30.524 words my first draft of my first multichapter HTTYD/Hiccstrid fanfic is done! My beta will do a first read through to point out plotting mistakes, inconsistencies and things that don’t add up with the story, my story or with the characters. He started with the first four chapters of the flashbacks and he’s very enthusiastic about it so I’m very happy right now!

    Still got a lot of things to do before I start posting, but I am very happy and very proud that I finished my first draft!

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  • I know a lot of authors like to use the term Fae as a synonym for Elf. However I would like to think that they are 2 different species.

    Elves are fancy, pointy eared humanoids that drink alot of herbal tea.

    Fae are cunning, winged humanoids that will pee in the tea.

    Anyways, that’s just what I’ve been thinking about today. What are your thoughts?

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  • It’s the smallest things that bring me happiness, I’ve found. Drinking a hot spiced latte on a walk home with the wet leaves glossy with rain on the pavement. Fogging up a car window with my breath and drawing a heart. His hand on my thigh as he drives, endless trees in their autumn hues whirling past my peripheral vision.

    A sunset seen from a Brooklyn loft window, shoulder to shoulder with a lover who didn’t treat me the way I deserved. Manhattan at midnight peeling away from the wheels of the plane, and a song on my phone playing that used to drive icicles into my heart. It doesn’t anymore.

    It makes me smile now.

    I went to New York and something inside me broke free.

    I expected to find completion in a boy. Instead I found it in the bottom of a bath in a hotel room I could not afford. I found it barefoot on the balcony the next morning, alone and drinking my coffee. I found it in the back of the Uber as the driver broke the speed limit over the Brooklyn bridge. I found it sitting inside me like a peach stone, sleepless and exhausted on the train back to my hometown.

    All I never needed was me.

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  • wow…since October 2018 I have roughly written about 215k words…this is insane…alone in 2019 it were 197k

    #writing#fanfic#fanfiction #i gotta admit that even tho i'm keeping posting #i've started to feel a little drained recently #not because i don't have any ideas #god i have so so so many #and i really really wanna write #but i also kinda feel pressured #cause i've always been updating so regularly #that now i kinda feel if i don't deliver #people might be disappointed....
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  • Le stagioni son le stesse, ma nella vita cambiano ogni vent'anni; così accade che io sia nell'autunno della mia, con tanto di colori come il rrosso, il ggiallo e il vverde, la pioggia, il vento e il freddo. Le lacrime che fuoriescono dagli argini, il cic ciac nelle pozze ed il cuore zuppo di tristezza.


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  • image

    Fun question, since I just finished Pokemon Shield (pretty good game, by the way) - I’m guessing that recent release is what spurred this.

    Anyhow! Warning: Minor spoilers for a couple new Pokemon below.

    Rina: Froslass

    Hikaru: Arcanine

    Izumi: Crabominable

    Wilma: Ampharos

    Ryouichi: Duraludon

    Tamiko: Bronzong

    Kazuki: Crobat

    Arata: Mawile

    Nobuyuki: Volcarona

    Yuudai: Mr. Rime

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  • The rain crawled up the windshield, speed winning out against gravity, as the water climbed onto the roof of the tiny hatchback and out of sight. It was still early evening, but the winter dark that belonged to midnight in the summer, had already unrolled itself across the length of the plains. We’ll be there by morning, Wentworth thought, as long as I can keep my eyes open and my foot on the gas. Beside him, Olson slept in preparation for battle. The mind movers and telepaths were needed on the front lines if the devil was to be defeated.

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  • All of my tumblr people!! If you want to participate in this prompt, head over to Instagram and tag me in a poem! I really hope that you will join me!

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