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    Recently I celebrated my birthday. The celebration of life is not just filled of partying and people you haven’t spoken to in forever sending you half-assed ‘hbd’ messages, but it is also about reflecting. It gives you a hard slap in the face reminding you of where you stand in YOUR life. Not what you status is, how much money you make, the title of your job or maybe even your grades but where you are as a person. How you’ve evolved from that setback, how you alone decided to dig yourself out of that dark place, how even though you were hurting inside, you put on that smile and gave the best damn advice you could’ve because you didn’t wanna see them go through what you’re going through. Life happens to you not for you and you get to decide how you want to spend those gifts, anew every rotation round the sun. I’m not here to tell you what has happened in your life but to make you realize them. Someone is here rooting for you.

    xoxo, The Neopolitan

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  • I definitely need to get into the habit of interacting with more writeblrs and familiarizing myself with your WIPs, so reblog this post and on Wednesday I’ll send a worldbuilding question to your ask box! I’m in the PST timezone so I’ll start dishing out the questions around noon on Wednesday :)

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  • Commissions are open!

    • General Writing Feedback (up to 2500 words) $5.00
    • Outling/Summary Critique $5.00
    • Research & Resource Help $5.00

    To sign-up or learn more information, visit my Ko-Fi Commisions page.

    Let me help you get your writing to where you want it to be! ♥

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  • okay yall today’s post is gonna be about my wip, throne of vengeance (or tov as i like to call it)

    recently, i went on a little bit of an art kick where i started drawing all the ships in my book. a little backstory as to why: basically i was rereading the deleted scenes of my book and realized there was a lot of sexual tension between the two main guy characters (morreial and alan), so i sent the scenes to my friends and they all started to ship them together. thus was born morralan. to egg them on, i decided to make some morralan art, which i will show right here:

    morreial (right), alan (left)

    and then after that i was like, why don’t i make some other art for the other ships with alan (mc). one of my friends think alan and his love interest’s best friend (cara) have more chemistry together, and there’s a really cute deleted scene i found where he was reading a book to her (since she’s illiterate but loves to learn). so i decided to draw them together and created the ship name alara.

    morreial (right), alan (left)

    finally, i was like, okay but now lemme draw alan with his actual love interest, caramel, who is— if you didn’t know this (you probably didn’t lol)— but she’s the best character in the entire book hands down. what a queen we love her. their ship name is alamel or calan. i can’t tell which one is better.

    morreial (right), alan (left)

    lemme know which art is your favourite, and i will post the deleted scenes for each ship in my next post so y’all can have some context. alright, bye-o!

    Happy Writing! ✨

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  • Hi everyone! This is my first writeblr blog and I wanted to introduce myself! 

    About Me 

    + My name is Moth! I also go by Jubi and Julieta :-) 

    + I’m 21 and from Illinois, USA.

    + I go by they/them pronouns and I identify as Queer. 

    + I’m into a lot of music genres but I mainly listen to post-hardcore, pop-punk, emo, midwest emo, and anything in between! My favorite band of all time is My Chemical Romance and thisistoodifficult. 

    + I don’t watch a lot of tv but some shows I do watch are The Nanny, Doctor Who, Destination Truth, Criminal Minds, and Jessica Jones. 

    + My favorite movie is Scooby 2: Monsters Unleashed and I will rant about it.

    + I love wrestling! I watch AEW, WWE, NXT, and other promotions!

    + I’m pretty shy at first but I’m always open to talking to new people <3

    About The Blog

    + Character stuff! ( examples: playlists, posts, moodboards, etc.) 

    + WIP thoughts 

    + Worldbuilding

    + Resources


    + Untitled Cryptid Story: In Urbana, Theodore lives a pleasant life as a librarian tech and a frequent coffee shop customer. He holds himself busy by researching cryptidzoology and interviewing cryptids. Literally. Theodore himself is the Moth Man and thrives to provide the existence of cryptids in both the Western and Non-Western world. While researching, he meets The Jersey Devil- also known as Thomas. The duo spend the summer together and soon they find themselves questioning their morals and sexuality.

    Other Stuff

    + I always tag my post involving writing! If I don’t tag it, it’s usually an image or non-writing related. 

    + If you feel uncomfortable about any of my post or feels it needs a trigger warning, please let me know! I will post a trigger warning regardless but sometimes I will forget! 

    + DNI if you’re homophobic/biphobic/lesbophobic, transphobic, trump supporter, anti-semitic, etc. 

    + I will like/follow from my main blog @avengedghosts 

    + Reminder: I am 21. If you talk to me in a sexually or romantic way and you are a minor, I will block you. Even if you aren’t a minor, please do not talk to me in that way. I am in a relationship and will block you. 

    That is all! Please like and reblog this so I can follow you and we can interact!<3 I’m so excited to join this community<3! 

    [Image Description] : House with a dark, smoky filter blurred out. The house is white and is known as the American Football house from their first album. The text in the photo states ‘mothlikedances , writeblr introduction.’ 

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  • You can pass this post up. It’s just me ranting about my life. It’s not important to read or anything.


    My life is just going wonderfully. *cough sarcasm cough* So anyway, a few posts ago I said that I had gotten sick, lost my voice and got a really bad ingrown toenail. Well, I’m no longer sick and I got my voice back. But my toe, however, has not gotten better. So now, I have to go to the doctor to see if they can fix it. Only the problem is, I haven’t left my house in over 10 months. And I really don’t want to go. Like, I don’t want to lose my toe, but I really really really don’t want to go and leave the house. For multiple reasons.

    1. I was in a car accident a few years ago and ever since then I’m terrified of being in a car.

    2. I’m very immunocompromised and I’m terrified of getting covid, because if I do, I am 99% sure I will die from it.

    3. I really don’t like people, they are rude, annoying, loud, and I can’t understand them.

    4,5, and 6. I’m autistic, prone to sensory overload (which means light, sound and smells can overwhelm me), and hard of hearing when it comes to people speaking.

    7. I’m disabled and live with chronic pain/illnesses so leaving the house also hurts, not just mentally.

    So it makes going out a horrible experience. I mean I have to go (or risk losing my toe), I just really don’t want to.

    Thanks for coming to my rant just ignore it if you’ve got this far.

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  • the hugs from

    little arms are

    what can keep

    a person going

    because that

    feeling of


    is more than

    people realize

    -nereum // nov.23.XX

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  • New logo/doodle for TMATS?


    Yes, yes I did just make a lil logo for my trilogy and not only that, but I made two versions~! I’m excited to make more art for this series in the future, and to work on Book Three! :)

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  • It’s a small thing, but I recently joined the writing community on Twitter and seeing people interact with my original content has brought me so much joy.

    #personal#writing community #proud of myself
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  • Dragons are actually really nice… unless, of course, you get on their bad side. Twelve years ago, I was a weak adventurer, plundering a labyrinthine catacomb for any treasure I could find. After fighting my way to the very bottom, where there would surely be treasure, I entered the final burial chamber. There lay a baby dragon had its head tucked between its claws, sleeping on its hoard of jewels, cursed objects, and gold. 

    So of course I took as much of that hoard as I could carry. 

    Now, twelve years later, I am a strong adventurer. I have many allies, more money than I can count, and I am at the bank. I sit, terrified, in a cubicle while a full-grown dragon counts my money. By the way its eyes keep flicking my way, I don’t have long before it puts two and two together, and I don’t know what I’ll do when that happens.

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  • Hero x Villain prompt

    Due to certain circumstances, the deal between Hero and someone else is that Villain alive equals Hero’s people alive as well.

    Hero and Villain enter a coalition. At first they’re against each other, they’re much different and they don’t see things eye to eye. Hero irks, tests, sasses Villain, makes it known to him that she’s his equal, if not his superior, and that she could become a threat to him at any given moment. She advises him roughly and urgently, basically knocking the sense into him. She reads him, picks up on all kinds of stuff about him. She uses her thinking and planning to maintain his brutality and dominance at bay.

    Then her guidance towards him gets softer, more intimate. They get closer, testing the boundaries, loosening up around each other.

    Behind his back or without his knowledge she ensures his safety, fends off threats and threatens some herself. She tells herself she doesn’t care about him, it’s all for her people.

    But is it?

    As he lies unconscious, the safety of her people ensured, she could get out of the collapsing building and leave him to die.

    So why is she running back for him?

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  • thank you @sleepyowlwrites for the tag/nomination! <3 i’m really excited to do this one :)

    rules: thank the blogger that nominated you. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. nominate 11 bloggers. ask your nominees 11 questions. notify your 11 nominees. let’s begin!!!

    1. If your characters were flowers, what would they be?

    Heather would be a purple freesia (heavily associated with freedom, i think), Quinn would be gladiolus (strength/honor), Natia would be a rose (very loving but gets prickly fast), and Lucifer would be a columbine (courage).

    2. You can bring one book with you and you’re guaranteed to get questions about it - what’s the book?

    Cruel Prince! i love the entire series and would 100% go into a excited dog mode and go on answering questions and chatting about it forever.

    3. Is it easier for you to write while slumped on your bed or at a desk or?

    positions for me change more often then not. i can write easily sitting criss-cross on my bed, on my stomach in my bed, at a desk, etc. so long as i’m a little comfortable, i can write.

    4. Is music a must and even if not, please share a few songs that are just Writing Mood anyway?

    YES! it is a huge must, even if it just fades into the background. right now Youth by Daughter and Far From Home (The Raven) by Sam Tinnesz are big Writing Moods right now.

    5. If your current wip was a color palette, what colors would be included? (please include fun color names)

    hmmm, i’ve never thought too much about a palette but it’d probably include scarlet, rust, heather, cerulean, ambrosia, and a champagne gold. (tried to come up with fun-ish names)

    6. What are some favorite articles of clothing that make you happy to wear?

    big pants and big shirts lol. i also have this incredible green sweater that i got from a local thrift store that i love!!!

    7. Do you talk in inanimate objects and if so, is it because you like to hear your thoughts outside of your head?

    i do talk to inanimate objects quite a lot, but more because I believe (as part of my religion) things such as plants, crystals, etc. have souls.

    8. Are you aiming to explain some of your life to yourself by including similar instances in your story or do you want to explore new themes and locations instead?

    most of my settings and systems in my pieces are fantastical, but i do think i try to explain things like love and hatred from my own life in my work. i’ve sort of come to the realization i write what i need, so found family, unconditional love, ambition, etc.

    9. Be honest: are some of your guilty pleasures just, you know, regular pleasures? (also what are they)

    probably. i can’t think of them off the top of my head right now but maybe new pens, notebooks, books in general?

    10. Without much thought, give us a writing prompt, regardless of sense or importance.

    A women keeps appearing to you–in your dreams, across the streets, behind store fronts… You keep seeing her for six months more before, finally, you’re tugged into the back of a shop and she offers you her hand. 

    11. Do you prefer to lurk around your favorite writeblrs or reblog anything they post? (either answer is FINE and you don’t have to say who)

    i lurk just about everywhere. on other’s blogs, in the writeblr recents. i’m always trying to find more people to boost and reblog so sometimes i’m just slinking about the entire community.

    okay now for the 11 questions for my nominees!

    1. If you could be anything or anyone in your story, what would you be?

    2. Has your writing made you want to explore another culture or heritage more in depth?

    3. How excited to you get about a new wip idea when it comes to you? How long does that excitement last for?

    4. If you could tell your fledgling writer self anything about the journey has brought you one, what would you tell them?

    5. What is the most random thing in your everyday life that has inspired you? (could be something like a cat, a text, etc.)

    6. What was the moment where writing just clicked for you? Was it a continuous thing, or was their a single big moment that has brought you thus far?

    7. If your characters had the ability to shift into any animal, what animal would they be? This could be creatures you’ve created in your stories too!

    8. Who’s the mom friend of your characters/the voice of reason that keeps everyone else from dying?

    9. Who’s the dad friend that agrees with the mom friend right up until they turn away and they’re taking all the other characters to do the dangerous thing?

    10. What is the character duo that has to stay in the “get along shirt” for the entire day after a fight?

    11. Which of your characters do you think would give you the best hug? Like the sort of hug that almost makes you feel like you could cry nice?

    for this, i’m going to nominate @acrimoneous @svpphicwrites @makeitmonstrous @ardawyn @thelittlestspider @akindofmagictoo @mxxnwrites @storyhole @hearteyeswrites @kowlazovdi @emdrabbles

    as always, no pressure to do it!

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    Welcome, one and all to the twenty-third day of “No Fear NaNoWriMo” - a daily mission to send a message of encouragement to all those participating in National Novel Writing Month for November 2020!


    Today’s Encouragement:
    For all those who have grown weary throughout this month, do not be afraid of rest. I am often of the mindset that I must continue to go, go, go no matter what comes my way. But pushing past the pain also comes with a price, and it is not always worth the cost.

    It is those times when exhaustion takes its toll on my body, soul, and spirit that I must remember: resting is not quitting. Resting is but a pit stop on the way to the destination. It is not a diversion, nor is it an early departure. If you keep telling the car to drive without stopping for fuel, you’ll never reach the finish line.

    Today, stop and refuel. You’ve come plenty far already, but you’ll need more fuel than you have now if you want to finish the drive still ahead of you.


    Want to join in on the “No Fear NaNoWriMo” project?
    ➵ Follow the tag “#no fear nano 2020″!
    ➵ Follow this blog, @homesteadchronicles​, for daily updates!
    ➵ Share this post, and all those to come, with all your fellow participants!
    ➵ Join our Discord server of like-minded creatives striving to complete another year of Nano! For the invite link, please respond through comments/reblogs/DM ➵ Spread the positivity on your own blog with encouraging messages to your followers!

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