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  • promptinary
    18.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    It's a dark and stormy night; there's a murderer on the loose who has already claimed five victims. You are the sixth, hiding in the closet with your phone and a knife while the psychopath prowls around your house. Booster Prompt: You're cowering in the closet, your phone gripped tightly in your hand and a knife clutched in the other. The psychopath has already claimed five victims, and you're next if you don't find a way to escape. He's already searched the kitchen, basement, and attic, and is now slowly making his way towards the bedroom where you're hiding. Only one person knows you are here: the murderer. If you come out of the closet, it's certain death. If you stay here, it's certain death. You can't hide forever--he'll find you eventually. But if you come out now, maybe, just maybe, you can surprise him and survive. You opened the door and rushed out. "Hello there." the murderer says.

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  • merihn
    18.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    In a completely unprecedented move, I have written 6.5k in 2 days, all for one fic!

    #i have literally never written so much so quickly #especially not for one fic #and im not really one to plan my fics bc they inevitably go off the rails #but based on my thoughts i might only be halfway through #😯😯😯 #who knew this idea Yeo threw at me would stick #certainly not me #and it has plot #PLOT! #wtf #i just cant believe this #writing#fanfiction#my writing
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  • cadence-blackburn
    18.06.2021 - 53 minutes ago
    #if its just ideas anon and you dont feel like writing it #please feel free to send them on #anon#ask#blip au#caps tw#nevermoor#nevermoor fanfic#nevermoor fanfiction
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  • promptsforyourwhumpfic
    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Whump Prompt #681

    Submitted by anon - thanks!

    Life hasn't been kind to Character A. They've suffered loss, betrayal, exile, and presently, slavery. They act like they don't care; they put on a front to look cold, uncaring and cutthroat and claim to only watch out for themselves...but when a fellow slave is on the ground being beaten to death, they just CAN'T sit by and watch any longer...

    #MAJOR BOOKER VIBES #the old guard #sebastien le livre #ideas#writing#prompts#whump#angst#slavery#torture #taking a hit #taking the blame
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  • yamchaas
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Really feelin the want to write a regular people au fic where Yamcha and Tien are still martial artists and everything but just Not As Whimsical and I realized 90% of that is me just wanting to write Puar as a regular cat tbh lmao

    #honestly im nit home rn and i am cold so im not writing obvs #But idk as a one shot this could be fun and cute? still mostly keep the stories they have just more mild? #they went to diff dojos or something #meet again as adults 🤔 cpuld throw in a cliched idk coffee shop meet cute or something #chiaotzus a legit baby relative tiens taken on 🤧 #hmmmmm #Will this ever happen? i do not know #but I shall post about it #i just think the idea is sweet #both had rough childhoods #meet again as adults #have a lil date or something 🤧 #blue launch could be involved somehow 🤔 #Ooh in a reg au woyld Launch be twins???? #interesting
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  • amethyst-noir
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    When you announce a break but then the app recommends a post, you click, and it's so damn tempting that you're back after 3 days:

    ... that there's no escaping this place. 😅

    #no idea how active i'll be #because i'm dealing with a lot of crap #but a prompt post will be reblogged shortly #i know i've been silent but i would really appreciate an ask or two #i'm missing writing the two idiot geniuses
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  • tuagonia
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    it’s happening. i’m writing the green dress fic.

    #i finally thought up of a premise #that recent brain worm playthrough of all the route #and replaying b1 to b3 demo really helped awaken what i need this #dynamic and interaction between olivia and adam to be like #Huuuuhuuhuuuu #my first adam fic idea and a year after..finally putting words #writing is a wild ride y'all #tag rambles #tuagonia writes twc
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  • slip-slip-slip-of-stephens-nips
    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I might have an new chapter of one step away soon-

    #it will get finished it took me awhile to decide how to continue this bit i have good idea and i've made good prosses on it #my writing
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  • acupofconfusedfeelings
    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The world is burning with passion

    People are burning with emotions

    You are burning with love

    But here I stand

    With my flickering soul

    I have a flickering soul...

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  • homefreeptx
    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #person a#person b #imagine your otp #otp#otp prompts #otp prompt ideas #otp ideas#otp writing #otp writing ideas #writing#writing prompts #writing prompt ideas #writing ideas#fanfic#fanfic prompts #fanfic prompt ideas #fanfic ideas#fanfiction#fanfiction prompts #fanfiction prompt ideas #fanfiction ideas#one shot #one shot prompts #one shot prompt ideas #one shot ideas #drabble#drabble prompts #drabble prompt ideas #drabble ideas#creative writing
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  • teentiitan
    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

          I guess the best way to look at it is something like


         Twenty — twenty-five:

    #╳ █ — ᴛᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴀ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ( OOC ) #Just gonna have to learn to deal with my weirdness over the icons #I just... Don't like the idea of writing a minor anymore. #AGAIN— This is totally me‚ anyone else is free to do their thing I'm not calling anyone out this is just me
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  • trivanyago
    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ok hear me out

    im hyped for the sparrow academy obviously and im so excited for s3 but for fix it fics? have them take sparrow ben w them, use the briefcase they now have to time travel back to right after their dinner w reggie, and have allison rumor reggie to forget that he saw or met any of them in the 60’s specifically, so that way it won’t alter the timeline of events, umbrella academy will still be created, ben will still die unfortunately but they’ll have sparrow ben and can maybe find a way to make him remember ot something, yadda yadda yadda

    #tua #the umbrella academy #just trying to think of fic ideas and thought i’d share #for anyone who might eventually want to write a season 3 au and needs help figuring out a fix it or smth for the timeline shit
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  • genshins1mpact
    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you know how albedo is so obsessed with the creation and sustainability of life and all that? imagine how he'd react to his partner telling them they're pregnant, and he's the father. countless hours of research, trying and failing to give life to something, anything.. all of them paling in comparison to this shocking albeit wonderful news. albedo's so confused at first, wondering how that was even possible, how he could have helped create a life when he himself isn't even human, and yet, on the day that his child is born, he's never felt more proud in his life. and he's never felt more inclined to prevent the potential destruction of mondstadt... even if it costs him his own.

    #random thought i had i just thought it'd be cool bc of his whole thing w/ life & how cute he is w/ klee #but ofc given all his red flags and mhy's track record.... it didn't stay happy for long.. sorry :( #genshin impact albedo #albedo x reader #fic idea ig? #except i'll prob never end up writing it bc im only ever good at blurbs and oneshots;; #aerin.txt #genshins1mpact#albedo gi #took the homunculus/chalk man + mondstadt destruction theories and just ran off with them on this one 👀;; #minor genshin spoilers #??? #tw pregnancy #tw pregnancy mention #pregnant ment #juuustt in case. yall know the drill;; lol
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  • asarcasticwitch
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I really wanna practice writing fics under 500 words, so...

    Send me prompts in the form of either a lyric from a song OR a quote from a movie and I'll write something for it—or try to. It can be NSFW or not, and you can add a few pairing options too, if you want to (see tags for ships I'm comfortable writing).

    No pressure, though! It's just a bit of fun and a little challenge I thought I'd set myself. I always draw a blank when I think about writing ficlets or drabbles, so asking on here for suggestions seemed like a good plan.

    I won't set an exact time frame, 'cause life is a little hectic at the moment, but I'll do them as soon as I can 😘💛

    #send me prompts please? #i need writing practice #ficlets#drabbles#teen wolf#sterek#steter#deter#petopher#steter sr#darrish#dargent#stargent#starrish#stisaac#chrisaac#pisaac#disaac #i had to google half of those ships ngl #no idea if they're right but i'm going with it #most of them make sense though #even if they look kinda odd
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  • fatimahfcp
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    BAB 1

    Hari Itu,Bukan Tentangku

    Pagi itu langit berwarna orens. Cuaca antara mendung dengan ditimpal sedikit cahaya matahari pagi. Aku duduk dibawah pohon mangga rumahku. Tidak, tidak tepat dibawah pohonnya, karena pohon mangga ku sudah besar dan rimbun, maka, meneduhkan siapapun yang duduk di bawah naungannya.

    Aku duduk di teras rumah, di bawahkan atap genteng yg terselampir ranting beserta daun-daun mangga yang sudah menjuntai di seluruh halaman rumahku. Saat itu, usiaku 10 tahun. Jika dihitung masuk tahun itu, usiaku 11 tahun. Baiklah, supaya adil, tepatnya usiaku 10 tahun 5 bulan 11 hari. Saat itu, aku masih duduk di bangku SD, tepatnya, masih kelas 5 SD.

    Aku anak satu-satunya dalam keluargaku (anak tunggal). Kata orang-orang, anak tunggal itu sangat diistimewakan oleh orangtuanya, dimanja, disayang, dan lain yang serba indah pokoknya. Namun, perkataan orang-orang itu ada benarnya dan berlaku untuk anak-anak tunggal yang lainnya, bukan diriku pastinya.

    Karena, kata 'dimanja dan diistimewakan' tidak pernah ada dalam kamus keluargaku. "Semua anak SAMA, mau anak satu, dua tiga, delapan, sebelas, TIDAK ADA YANG DIMANJA." Begitu kata ibu dan bapak. Aku masih kelas 5 SD. Tinggi Badanku 144 cm, kulitku putih.

    Ibu dan Ayah juga berkulit putih, tak heran kan jika aku pun putih walau gempal, tapi imut (begitu kata orang-orang, pipiku seperti kue bakpau, putih, gempal dan empuk. Gempal dan empuk hanya khayalanku saja :D). Seperti biasa sebelum sekolah, aku sarapan dan setelah itu mengenakan sepatu, bersiap-siap menunggu supir jemputan sekolah menjemputku.

    Pagi sekali, sepertinya mata ayam jagopun masih sipit dan penuh boblok, supir jemputanku sudah berada di depan rumahku. Membunyikan klakson mobil bututnya, memanggil namaku dengan suara khasnya yang cempreng (mungkin, akibat terlalu banyak makan gorengan setiap sore hari)

    "Puuutriiiiii sekolah nyoo...oo...oo...oook", membuat malu saja. Bagaimana pula jika tetangga mendengar dan tahu aku memiliki supir yang macamnya seperti itu. Deuh! Di mobil jemputan seperti biasa, aku adalah anak urutan kedua yang di jemput. Dan,.. anak kedua terakhir yang dipulangkan.

    Seperti biasa sebelum berangkat sekolah, Ibu menyiapkan bekal makanan untukku. Camilan tepatnya. Karena, untuk makan siang, sekolah sudah menyediakan. Kata ibu "supaya kamu tidak lapar dan tidak kurus, Put.. Ibu sedih jika badanmu menyusut, ndak imut lagi" ibu selalu mengatakannya padaku, setelah itu, pasti mencubit pipiku yang gempal (ini yang aku tak suka sebenarnya)

    Salah satu temanku di mobil jemputan itu sudah terkekeh melihat bagaimana ibu mencubit pipiku. Dan supir cempreng itu melihatku senyum-senyum bukan kepalang ingin sekali ku timpuk pentolan buah mangga. Aku menghela nafas. 'Aku akan mengerjai mereka dengan membiarkan supir cengengesan dan anak jail itu menungguku lebih lama' (peduli amat)

    Ibu selalu menyiapkan bekal untukku, baik makan, minum, dan uang jajan walau tidak banyak. Kata bapak "untuk jaga-jaga saja, jika tidak ada urusan yang mendesak, kamu bisa menabungnya", maka, Ibu selalu memberikannya padaku. Tidak pernah tidak. Sebelum berangkat, ibu juga memastikan aku sudah mengenakan sepatu dengan baik "ikat tali sepatumu yang benar agar tidak lepas dan membuatmu jatuh".

    Kemudian, aku Salim dengan ibu, setelah itu Ayah. Ayah dan dan ibu sebenarnya 11:12, setelah aku Salim, ayah seperti biasa menepuk-nepuk pipiku, memastikan tidak ada bedak yang menempel, setelah itu mencium pipiku dan mencubitnya. Ini super menyebalkan, bagaimana pipiku akan tirus jika setiap berangkat sekolah selalu di cubit oleh mereka.

    Daaaaan, setelah aku naik mobil jemputan, si supir cempreng dan si jail selalu "cieeeeeeeeee anak mami papiii" ini yang aku tidak suka, BT sekali mendengarnya -______- lagi-lagi mereka melihat dari cover saja. Tidak tahu kan, sebelum berangkat sekolah aku harus menyapu, mengepel, dan merapihkan tempat tidur?!?

    Alasan mengapa aku tidak suka di cium, dicubit pipiku, di tepuk-tepuk wajahku, karena, orangtuaku selalu melakukannya di depan teman-teman atau guruku. Tak heran mereka suka menertawaiku dibelakang baju mereka. Mata mereka terbatas, hanya tahu yang indah-indah saja. Yang menurut mereka bisa diperbincangkan dengan orang banyak. Hmmh, menyebalkan
    Sebenarnya, dalam cerita ini, aku tidak bermaksud menceritakan tentang aku, tentang nasibku, tentang kebiasaan-kebiasaanku. Cerita di atas hanya pembukaan saja. Jika kalian penasaran tentang apa yg akan ku ceritakan, baca terus Tumblr ku yaa. Stay tune
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  • homefreeptx
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    30 Story AU Ideas

    Neko AU

    Alpha/Beta/Omega AU

    High School AU

    Western AU

    Vampire AU

    Hero/Villain AU

    Medieval AU

    Royal AU

    DD/LG AU

    Famous AU

    Sugar Baby AU

    Crazy Animal Person AU

    Café AU

    God/Goddess AU

    College AU

    Horse Riders AU

    Long Distance AU

    Angel/devil AU

    Space AU

    Exchange Student AU

    Foster Home AU

    Assassin AU

    Theatre Kid AU

    Toxic/Abusive Relationship AU

    Double Date AU

    Shapeshifter AU

    Werewolf AU

    Friends With Benefits AU

    Teacher/student AU

    Doctor/patient AU

    #send me a number and I'll do more specific prompts on them! #story#story ideas#story au#au#alternate universe#otp#otp prompts #otp prompt ideas #otp ideas#otp writing #otp writing prompts #otp writing ideas #creative writing#au ideas#fanfic#fanfic ideas#fanfic prompts #fanfic prompt ideas #fanfiction#fanfiction prompts #fanfiction prompt ideas #fanfiction ideas #one shot prompts #one shot ideas #drabble prompts#drabble ideas
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  • mai-sau
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hewwo, ty to @aipilosse for tagging me!! i absolutely adore tag games, I’m always thrilled to take part :D tag game details and silvergifting snippet under the cut

    Rules: write the latest line from your WIP, but with a twist --- choose a line from a pet project you WANT to be your WIP. Then tag as many people as there are words in the line.  Make a new post, don’t reblog.

    i don’t really have any wips im currently working on, but i DO have a pet project idea ive been very tempted to write... corrupted silvergifting :3c i made a playlist for the concept a while back here! following sauron and tyelpe’s battle of wills; they seem to be inevitably drawing near to the point where sauron realizes tyelpe will never break... until, well:

    His hand, soft as sunlight, cupped Celebrimbor’s jaw. And he knew, he knew… but he wanted. 
    He nuzzled into the touch, pressing lips to palm in a single, lethal kiss. 
    Slowly, his eyes fluttered open. There was his beloved, flame bared and burning: cheeks dusted pink, eyes shocked wide, who looked at him now like he held the world in his hands, as if he could shatter the stars. And there he waited patiently, eagerly, hungrily, to catch the shards on his tongue.
    “Devotion borne to sickness; that’s the lot of your bloody kin.”
    I’m sorry.
    “One.” He whispered. “I can tell you where one is.”

    and that is literally all i got so far GJSENGJKSNGSKJGK ahhh there are too many words in this so i will just tag @niphredilien @falindis @cobaltjellyfish (no pressure tho!!) and anyone who sees this that wants to get in! ping! consider urself tagged by me :)

    #fic#my writing#tag game #i have a couple ideas for how corrupted silvergifting could go down but this is just one of them #and probably the one i am Very Interested in writing if i ever get around to it!
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  • bossmodeplus
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    enough of villains with sad backstories! give me a villain whose origin story is completely unjustified! this woman gave me 3 pickles on my burger when I asked for 2 so now I’m blocking out the sun and draining the Earth’s resources! fuck you!!!!!

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  • dichotomoustessellations
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Fretboard with buttons that enable programmable pedal effects for every fret

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