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  • nervouswreak
    02.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    A Prank

    CW: Language(minor)

    After a long day at work, B could not wait to get back to their apartment. They shared it with A and C. It was... alright... Most of the time.
    A liked to pull pranks a lot and usually ended up convincing C to help them. C was seldom the victim, A always being the culprit. B had gotten used to their pranks, though there were times where they weren't in the mood. Let's just say A had it coming.
    When B arrived at their apartment they already had their keys pulled out. They inserted the proper key into the lock, twisting it to the right and quickly back. As fast as they had inserted the key, they pulled it out, opening the door shortly after.
    They put their keys back in their respective place, dropping their bag on the floor by the door. They shut the door behind them with a sigh. When they looked back up, they heard a shout and an object flying towards them.
    "YEET!" The object that had yet to be identified was heading straight for their face. Reacting on instinct, B threw their hands up to cover their face, turning it away as well. The object shattered upon impact, crumbling to the floor in front of them.
    B slowly and carefully pulled their hands away from their face, turning to look at the ground in-front of them. Many small pieces laid on the floor, spread out in a wide area. Some not-so-silent snickering could be heard.
    B slowly brought their head back up, facing the source of the snickering. Standing there, trying to hold in their laughter, were A and C. Upon seeing the look on B's face their snickering stopped and their expressions dropped immediately.
    "A!" B shouted, causing A to turn away, pretending they weren't the one who just threw that at B's face. As A started to walk away, B ran after them, A picking up their pace in response.
    B chased A around the apartment, while C stood where they were before, watching the madness unfold. C laughed as they watched them, cheering on either party. However, their fun was quickly interrupted, as B stopped and turned to them.
    "You too you little shit!"
    B then spent the next 10 minutes chasing after A and C. A and C were able to elude B at times, separating to run in different directions. Or one diving behind the couch to hide for a while.
    When A and C finally gave up the chase, they were all out of breath, hunched over and heaving. B quickly recovered, though, and tackled whoever was closest to them.
    "Ha!" B laughed in their face. "Nowhere to run now, huh?" The person underneath them gulped, knowing they were finally caught. "Now, you two are gonna spend however long it takes to put that thing back together." The one below them nodded quickly.
    A and C then spent the next hour and a half collecting all the pieces and putting them back together. It took a while, but thankfully not too long. After they finished B found out it was a puzzle vase. They were both relieved that nothing actually got broken and infuriated that those two troublemakers thought it was funny to throw it at them.

    Ib: https://platonic-prompts.tumblr.com/post/657901308305719297/platonic-prompt

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  • armyzenicc
    02.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Once Again

    A/N:- This is just a drabble that popped up in my head and is based on "The Amazing Spider-Man" universe, NOT based on the Marvel mcu. If you haven't watched the movies then pls read this with an open mind. The drabble is also fixed in a time that is five years after Gwen dies and is completely based on my thought and universe. Please don't read it if you're not comfortable.
    Peter Parker x Fem Reader
    Genre : Slight Angst, Comfort, Slice of Life
    Warnings : Very Slight and descriptive mentions of wounds and death, the characters are all adults, Y/N has a defined profession for the sake of the plot
    *This is also not proof read so please bare with any errors if there are any*

    It's been Five years.

    Five years since Gwen's funeral. Five years since New York city was almost destroyed. Five Years since an innocent boy lost his sanity to death. Five Years since Peter Parker was too late to save his love, his best friend and his emotions to grief.

    It had been Five years since that faithful day that still seemed to haunt Peter from time to time.

    After the......incident happened, five years ago, Peter had shut off. He didn't talk, eat or even go to work. His job was willing to let him off that time, but the mental pressure that had bundled up inside Peter's head had refused to go. As a result, even after Peter came back, he was only a shell of himself, an empty treasure from which the gold had been stolen - just like how life was stolen from the eyes of so many he failed to save on that one dreadful day.

    But If anything broke Peter more than his incompetency to save the lives of those millions he failed, it was the death of Gwen. Death of the only person Peter beleived to have given him a purpose to be Spiderman and save the city and it's residents. His reason to survive every battle he fought. His best friends, girlfriend and his reason, to just live.

    Peter still remembers that day, that moment as clear as day. He still remembers the catastrophe that was caused that day, the destruction, the smell of death and spilled blood that matted the air in a heavy silence. He still remembers how the life wilted out from Gwen's eyes as she fell from the tower, as he held her afterwards; he still remembers how her once warm body turned deadly pale, her cheeks stopped sport the regular blush - and they all haunted him. They Traumatized Peter through his day, haunted his nightmares and swam in front of his mind each and every moment he lived. So Peter did the only thing he thought might help, he shut off everyone out of his life, he shut off the flow of emotions in his being, & he swore to never let anyone in, he vowed to not care about anything except defending NYC against the new villains attacking everyday.

    Cause Peter Parker may have been a hero, but his emotions flowed through his veins as thickly as the spider's venom in his blood. So promised, to shut out and never let anyone in. That became his coping mechanism.

    Yet again, five years later that same spider-boy found himself in the exact position he had been in, five years prior - sitting on the bed of a rooftop apartment while the huge scratches on his chest were being cleaned by the slender hands of a young woman sitting in front of him. It was an awkward kind of deja vu for Peter - Both hurting and comforting to know that someone - other than May cared for him still, however the recollection couldn't help but bring those ugly thoughts back into the forefront of Peter's mind. The same thoughts that occupied his mind in the waking hours.

    The scratches burned and sizzled under the alcohol, even though it was applied with softness and expertise; but Peter didn't Flinch. Yes, there was a slight wince here and there, but no reaction revealed was too strong. Years of constant battle against the seemingly never-ending villains of New York happened to make Peter a bit more cautions and tolerating of his injuries - something that seemed to work greatly in favour of Peter at the moment - so as to not make the budding doctor in front overthink her capabilities.

    Was New York always so needy and loud for the Spider-Man? This was something that occupied Peter's head often.

    However, when he thought back on it, perhaps it was better for him to put his life on the line than have someone innocent or desiderate to live to fight the devils.

    I mean, he did fit all the requirements for this job didn't he?

    He was young, had the abilities, tolerant of the aftermaths of the fights he carried carved in his skin, bones and blood. Moreover he didn't have anyone to rely on or care for - May would be able to live with him, his job wasn't so special to him if he didn't require the money either. On the contrary Peter thought it to be a blessing to die - to forget all the turmoils, catastrophes of the world; to forget how many villains needed to be fought or how many people needed to be saved - to just forget.

    Peter always thought, that maybe he wasn't made for love. That maybe he didn't deserve it. He thought about how everyone he loved left him, deserted him and thinking back on them, he just wondered how much love favoured him in this life. Maybe love didn't favour him at all, maybe love hated him, maybe that's why death always won in each of his chapters. Maybe that's why, Peter had become a void - because love refused to favour the life of this boy. He never really understood why lover never looked upon him with a smile. But guess there was never really an explanation for some grudges.

    But if love never favoured him, Then what was this sudden weird electric sparks coursing through his body? This weird fluttering that seemed to keep him up at nights thinking about this one person that flew in his life and and broke past all his resolves to nestle herself comfortably inside the confines of the walls surrounding his heart?

    And Peter really never could understand what was happening in his body. At first he thought that perhaps it was his spidey senses. But after a while, when he actually came to a conclusion, he was dumbfounded. Being deprived of love and refusing the comfort of any other hands rather than his own for such a long time - the revelation - was actually quite unexpected by him.

    But to say that Peter didn't see all of the unfolding and development of feelings, would be a mistake. Mayhaps, Peter did knew what was happening, did knew that he was falling in a bottomless hole; but the feeling of letting go, the feeling that encompassed the journey was so blissfull it was hard to deny himself the pleasure after denying it for such a long while.

    So we recount to a faithful afternoon, two years prior, to an empty & silent alley in one of the bustling streets of NYC.

    XXX ♤♡◇♧ XXX

    It was just another day in the life of Peter Parker - waking up, packing his suit, taking an early leave or going on a feild trip for his job only to fight the villains and end up all bloody. The only difference was the gushing wound on one of Peter's upper legs that seemed way worse than his regular wounds.

    Peter seeked sanctum in one of the empty alleys of the New York Streets to treat the wound only to find himself looking sideways at a young bespectacled woman with curious eyes, hair in a messy bun, clutching one strap of a heavy-looking backpack with some folders and pages in the other - she was staring at him with worry in her orbs.

    Usually it wouldn't have been a problem, he'd hit up some pick up lines and flee as far as possible with his wounded leg and never meet the girl again - it was simple and easy without any damage to either his social or personal life. And it would've been easy and simple - Only if Peter had been wearing his mask. But he sadly wasn't, and now he gazed back like a deer caught in the headlights as the figure approached him slowly and cautiously and stopped a few feet away.

    "Can you walk?" The words were almost whispered with caution.

    "Excuse me?" Peter said in a breathless voice; swinging through the city with an almost torn-off leg does hurt more than Peter imagined, after all.

    "Can You walk? With that leg of yours?"

    "Yes, I suppose. But why?" Peter asked with confusion and weariness.

    "Then please come to the top floor. I can treat your wound."

    The clutch of the strap got a bit tighter as the words tumbled out of her lips in the hushed silence of the alley. To say Peter was surprised would be an understatement; it had been a while since someone willingly wanted to help him. But then again, Peyer wasn't weak, was he? He surely could handle that little much laceration wound on his own, right? So just like Peter have always done, to all his colleagues, his neighbours, supposed friends, associates and May, he declined.

    "Thank you for the offer but I can Handle this on my own," Peter uttered in the same dazed voice, opting to turn his head down as if signalling the end of the conversation.

    "I'm sure you can," the voice chirped again to fill the whispery silence, "to the best of your abilities, but It would be better if I had a look at it. I'm a medical student so I'll be able to ptch it up reall quick too. Besides to treat you'd have to either swing or walk back to your home, and you really can't do either with that deep of a cut anyways. So let me have a look at it, please."

    "I said I you do-"

    "No you can't, you may clean it or patch it up until you can do it up but the slash is huge, don't you see? If you don't treat it immediately, your whole leg would either get infected or you'll bleed to raw. And I don't think you'l be able to swing your way around the city with a half infected leg anyways. So Please for your leg's sake enter the third window from the right on the top floor of this building so I can nurse the damage. I'll try to get there ASAP," and with that the girl hurried inside a door on the side of the monument on right.

    Peter however, was still failing to recover from his daze, and by the time her words actually registered in his head the wound had started to sizzle with wind. He gathered his own stuffed backpack and as slowly and painlessly he can, followed the instructions.

    Peter swung to top of the building & crept insided the bedroom of a rooftop apartment that looked very comfy despite being a complete definition catastrophe to found himself in a pair of freshly washed shirt and jogging shorts half an hour later - the girl said they belonged to her father and brother previously.

    Peter stared at the unknown woman as she wrapped up the incision in a white cloth. Her fingers were skilled & worked in a quick yet sure manner.

    "You can handle pain very well you know?" The woman broke the awkward silence with a glance at Peter's face only find him staring back at her with a monotone face, "the area around the gash had already started getting infected, if I found you a bit later your leg might've fallen off. Still you're very lucky. Thankfuy no valuable nerve was heavily dama-"

    "Why are you helping me?" The rambling was interupted by the strict and straight voice of the spidey

    "Excuse me?"

    "Why are you helping me?"

    "Because I can? Am I not allowed to help you? You looked like you needed some serious help though," The woman asked tilting her head slightly.

    "Is it a plot?" Years of practice had certainly helped Peter maintain a Poker face, which came in handy as he stared at the confused eyes of the woman in front of him - his heart deeming the expression to be cute.

    "A plot?" The woman repeated as she looked at him in disbelief, "You think l'm helping you because l'm involved in a...a...a stupid gang or something that wants to murder you?"

    "Or it could be an individual plan," Peter shrugged nonchalantly as he dared not remove his eyes from his supposed - captor.

    "An individual pl-?"

    "Why else would you help me? If not for your own benefit?"

    At this The woman seemed to become a little pissed at Peter's words as she sputtered with her next sentences before finally giving a coherent reply, "Maybe fighting with evel people all your life makes you heroes feel as if good people don't exist but trust me, they do. And quite contrary to your assumptions I just so happen to be one of them."

    The woman tied the cloth around Peter's leg in a tight knot & rose from her seat collecting the equipments back in her first aid box, opting to leave the room, offended - instead finding herself halting mid-step at peter's voice calling out to her.

    "I'm Peter," Peter gazed at her retreating figure and as she turned around to look at him with judging eyes, "Peter Parker."

    The words were uttered into the sunset in a softer tone - as if the speaker was almost shy, which - looking back at the circumstances - Peter probably was. And as the dying rays of the sun filtered through the drawn back curtain of the only window in the room - the one Peter had entered through - encasing the room in all it's ethereal glow, Peter was able to finally get a glimpse of his healer, clearly.

    The rays fell on the bed and on womanly figure, bathing her in the delicate glow of dusk, highlighting her dainty features. She was handsome, very much so in the afyernoon light; and despite being pissed and offended a few mintues prior, she took her time in tilting the corners of her lips into a soft amd pleasant smile as the injured man stared at her in awe - that was perfectly hidden beneath his Poker Face.

    "I'm Y/N L/N." The names etched itself in Peter's brain ringing sweet bells everytime, serenading him into calmness.

    And so since that fateful day, it became a regular event. Whenevr Peter would get hurt - no matter how small or big the wound, he'd always find himself on the doorstep (or window sill), of the tenth floor building on the same street he never remembered the name of. And slowly as the days swept by, the visits weren't just limited to treating wounds. Infact, contary to either of their professions, Peter found both of them had quite a lot in common, and their opinions generally matched - and for the ones that didn't, both of their adjustable manners suited the situations. And as the days brew into nights, Peter found a companion in Y/N - one that Peter hoped lasted for life.

    Peter found a best friend to look after him and talk with on rainy days and summer evenings.

    ××× ♤♡◇♧ ×××

    Now, two years later as Peter sat on the same bed he had so many times before, he thought back on all the bitter and sweet memories Life gifted him, and perhaps they were needed for Peter to bring him to this point in life - and Peter never wanted to go back.

    It was late. The sun had gone down a few hours prior and the moon glowed brightly in the sky, peeking in through the windows as Peter observed the familliar figure beside him - nursing another one of Peter's daily unwanted gifts.

    She looked dainty, almost unreal as the moonlight illuminated the room casting it in the soft glow of night time. As Peter gazed at her, he started carving out all the plains and roughs of her faces, the shape of her eyes, lips and nose, the way her lithe fingers glided across Peter's skin - and Peter couldn't find it in himself to intrupt the dance her fingers were engaged in on his chest. A light breeze swept in through the wind making rounds of the room and messing with the strands hanging around Y/N's face as Peter gazed at the seemingly engaging spiral of movements infront of him.

    "Staring is rude, you know?"

    The peaceful silence occupying the room was suddenly broken, giving Peter a small start, as Y/N lifted her head barely so as to glance up at Peter's face, her lips curving into a small smirk at the look of slight surprise on his face, before her skilled hands resumed their work.

    After a breif moment of comprehension - and more staring as Y/N wrapped up the gashes and stood up to starighten the sheets on the bed as much she could with the tall figure lying on top, Peter finally found his voice strong enough to utter the two words - that he hoped would convey all that was unsaid and all that he wanted to say but couldn't.

    "Thank You."

    Y/N looked up once again at Peter with a teasing yet soft grin and breathy chuckle, "Pete, don't be so modest about yourself. Patching up your wounds provide me an excuse to practise my skills on a regular basis. And as a junior doc, It's more benifitting to me that it is to you."

    Peter let out a breathy chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck as Y/N turned around to put the first aid box at the top of one of her bedroom shelves, "Still thank you, for everything you've done for me. I really appreciate it."

    And this time as Y/N turned around to look at her best friend, she paused for a second, taking in the scene before her. The moon casted the same glow on Peter's form as it had on her back - except this time, the star gazed one was Y/N.

    She had always wondered how she never once felt awkward with the close proximity, she always seemed to share with Peter. Her heart once whispered because they were menat to be; but the rational part of her brain was quick to shut down the irrational daydream before it could flourish. However the warmth of her cheeks when Peter looked at her, the tiny fluttering in her stomach whenever he'd smile, the warmth in her being when they hugged couldn't be stopped from spreading all through her body.

    There were nights, when she wondered how it would be if she was brave enough to turn the page to the next chapter and just ask her best friend out. But then again, even though happiness was granted if the proposal was accepted - the pain, heartbreak and loss of warmth in their friendship, at the refusal was granted in a much greater probability. And thus Y/N drifted off to sleep every night thinking of all the 'ifs' of the world.

    But this wasn't the world of dreams, it was the waking world, and as Y/N realised the soft glow in Peter's eyes when he looked at her, she wondered - no, hoped that her feeling might probably be reciprocated.

    "It's honestly no biggie Pete. It really isn't," She neared the bed as she said the words, finally sitting upon it with one leg folded on the matress and the othe rdangling down the side, her eyes searched Peter's face carefully noticing the genuine-ness behind Peter's words, "however what is a problem is that you've hadn't had a single mouthful since the meager breakfast this morning. Honestly dude, don't you ever get hungry? If I wa sin your place I'd be starving! Heck, I'm starving even now!"

    Peter let out a small breathy laugh at Y/N's dramatics. She always tended to be the more dramatic one, especially regarding matters of food. So sporting a soft smile he looked up Y/N.

    "No I'm fine, I'd just have something to eat when i get home."

    "Home? Do you even know how late it is?! It's," she hekd up the digital clock on the side of her bed, "9.15 already! You literally live on the other side of the city! By the time you reach your home it would be way past 10! I ain't letting you starve till then boy!"

    By now, Y/n had stood up on her feet in front of the bed with her hands on her hips - and Peter found it to be way too cute for her, "Call up Aunt May and tell her that you'll be eating here today. I'll go and start whipping something up in the kitchen, ok?"


    "Good," Y/N turned around & exited the room heading down the halls to the kitchen, to scour how much she can that would fill both her and Peter up, while Peter rested on her bed.

    Ever since that incident five years ago, Peter had always wondered that maybe love wasn't really meant for him, that maybe love didn't favour him. But now, as he stared at the moonlit retreating figure of Y/N L/N, he prayed to all the love gods in existence, to favour him just this once as he drafted up the same confession, he had been drafting for the past years, to finally come out of his heart and in to minds of the beauty he called his bestfriend.

    A/N : Pls tell me how you like it in the comments this is my first story and I would really appreciate the feedback!

    Please don't repost or rwupload my work anywhere apart from here.

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    02.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Hundreds of people were hospitalized and thousands of animals died. Forest are burning. Turkish people need your help to share awaraness!!!

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    02.08.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    I’ve been thinking about what the starship Āsisi from An Encounter at Vega would look like. I’ve been working on this book for a few years now and I still don’t really have a particular idea in my mind of what the main ship looks like.

    I just realised though, that I’ve always kinda pictured a sleek silvery or white design but there really isn’t any need for it to be so plainly coloured except for, I dunno, sci fi convention. Why wouldn’t aesthetically minded beings have colourful starships? The ship was designed in Ethiopia so it would be cool to have some of that afro-futurism.

    I did a search online and outside of cartoons I didn’t really find any colourful, much less garish, ship designs.

    #starships#spaceships#sci fi #I've been looking at solarpunk art and listening to epic mountain for inspiration #an encounter at vega #my writing
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  • womanofwords
    02.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Writing Prompt #11

    When you were a baby, a fortune teller foretold that you had the potential to do many bad things with your life. So your parents abandoned you to be raised by a childless couple who hadn’t heard of the prophecy.

    Turns out that since the childless couple raised you properly, you no longer have the potential to commit evil and now your birth parents want you back.

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  • mnwlife
    02.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Menghitam hati yang gemar bermaksiat.

    Memutih (bersih dari noda) hati yang senantiasa bertaubat.

    Sangat mudah bagi Allah menukar keadaan keduanya dari setiap hamba-hamba-Nya.

    Maka jangan pernah mencela pelaku maksiat, jangan pernah merasa percaya diri kalau diri ini baik.


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  • casualwriter
    02.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dialogue Prompts: “Home…”

    1. “When are you going home?”

    “As soon as you agree to come with me.”

    2. “Welcome home.”

    “This isn’t home anymore.”

    3. “I’m at home.”

    “Well I’m not there. What kind of home doesn’t have me in it?”

    #happy august everyone! #I’m still writing july challenge asks #but here are some prompts in the meantime #dialogue prompts#writing prompts#dialogue#writing#prompts#home#writing ideas#writing inspiration#my writing#original#fiction#creative writing #writers on tumblr #writerblr#writeblr#write#prompt
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  • zynhamus
    02.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bu kirlenmiş dünyayı yaşanılır kılan nedir bilir misin ¿

    Çünkü; bu dünyanın ve bu toprakların:

    "İncinsen de incitme" diyen Mevlana'sı,

    "Yaradılanı sev,yaradandan ötürü" diyen Yunus'u,

    "Dili,dini,rengi ne olursa olsun iyiler iyidir" diyen Hacı Bektaş Veli'si,

    "Ne mutlu eğri zamanda doğru yerde durabilene" diyen Pir Sultan Abdal'ı,

    "Beni hor görme gardaşım,sen altınsın ben tunç muyum"diyen Veysel'i,

    "Kötü insanların türküleri yoktur" diyen Neşet Ertaş'ı,

    "Bütün aşklardan yücedir, insanın insanı sevmesi" diyen Mahsuni'si,

    "Sana düşman bana düşman, düşünen insana düşman, vatan ki bu insanların evidir, sevgilim onlar vatana düşman" diyen Nazım'ı,

    "Çiçek gibi insanların kalbini kırdınız, bahçeleriniz bahar görmesin" diyen

    Ahmed Arif'i, var...

    Yeniden yeşertiriz biz bu toprakları...

    02.08.2021 09:36 #newsharing

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