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    #i wanna start writing again #(btw fuck finals/school for making me stop) #but idkkk where to start #a whole ass multi chapter fic just seems too much and also discouraging because i haven't finiished one in a loooong time #but i'd have ideas for a long fic but nothing for like a oneshot #last time i used scarlet's prompt list but ergh that's over and now i'd have to look for prompts on my ooown #this is literally such a me problem #wanting to do something but procastinating over itt #(tho at least i today learned of a whole ass organization better at procastinating than me) #anyway if someone wants to send prompts you coullllld #but i can't promise ANYTHING #so yeah #onto my next topic of procatination 💀
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    I will always remember you

    This prompt was provided by the reedsy weekly writing prompt competition. To see more prompts or read other’s stories visit https:// blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/

    Prompt: Write a story about somebody reminiscing on an event that happened many summers ago.

    Tears were slowly falling from my eyes as I rested the small bouquet on the cold stone, the yellows and pinks of the petals providing a stark contrast to the dark block they were against. 

    ‘Taken too soon’

    The black words capture my eyes and don’t let them go. Taken too soon, taken at the height of life and freedom. Taken from his family, his friends and his partner. From those who loved and cared for him. Taken too soon. Viciously ripped from us as we were too busy getting drunk and planning the irresponsible decisions of the night. 

    I remember that night as if it were yesterday. The nauseating heat of the dance floor, blinding lights rotating past my eyes every few seconds, fruity alcohol flowing past everyone’s lips as if it was no more than water. We felt free. Free from any responsibility or consequences that would come from our drunken actions. The freedom we had craved our entire lives finally granted to us that night. Our first time having fun with no curfew or fear of parental punishment. The first and last time we would allow a drunken friend to stray from the group.

    We had made a promise, a fairly simple promise, to stay with each other that night. No one was allowed to wander off alone or leave with anyone, we were there for each other and no one else. That turned out to be a promise we couldn’t keep. Less than 3 hours into the party one member of our group was nowhere to be seen. It was easy to brush off at first. They were just in the bathroom. There must have been a long queue. There are lots of people here, maybe they were stuck behind another group. 

    As time droned on, the excuses became more of a reach and everyone’s anxiety started to rise. Soon we paired up and tried to find him, starting with the bathrooms but found nothing. Next was the bar but again, nothing. Smoking shelter, employee areas, car park, hotel rooms. Nothing, he was nowhere to be seen. 

    Days had gone by while we had no option but to sit and wait. Wait for the police and local volunteers to tell us something. Anything. By this point, we had become desperate for any news, regardless of how good or bad. Arguments had begun to break out within our group and between his family, everyone was blaming each other and no one knew how to help. Tensions continued to rise until one day we received the news we had been desperate for. His body had been found floating in the nearby lake, they said he fell in while trying to make his way back to the hotel. My world came crashing down that night, the one person who had stuck with me through everything was gone. 

    The world suddenly became emptier, no one could comfort me the way he did, no one could make me laugh as loud as he did, no one could calm me as much as he did. Everything became dull, the world no longer had any colour and everything around me became nothing. 

    The wailings of our friends were no louder than whispers, sounding distant in my pre-occupied brain. The bright yellow paint of the hotel room became muddy as my eyes were solely focused on the police detective in front of us. The smell of the heavily chlorinated pool was replaced by memories of his strong cologne, I almost smiled at the thought of how many times I told him to put less on. He always smelt like he had bathed in the overpriced liquid. 

    Continuing to stare at the cold, dark slab the tears fell faster and harder. Even 15 years later I couldn’t bring myself to think of him without balling as if it had happened yesterday. Sometimes it felt like it was yesterday while other times it felt like 100 years ago, as if it was a distant tragedy only spoken about on page 6 of local  newspapers on the anniversary. 

    I look back at our friends, their all-black clothing looking almost grey in the glow of the midday sun. Their tear-stained faces likely reflected mine as their flowers formed a cruel, mocking rainbow in their hands. He will forever be a part of our lives, a memory that will follow us until the day we join him on the other side. Even though some in our group only knew him for a few months he will forever remain our motivation to be safe and stay firmly by each other’s sides no matter what we go through or how drunk we are. He became the glue that held our minds and group as a whole together.

    After he died we all slowly started falling apart, I was never more than a meter away from a bottle of alcohol. It took almost meeting him again to finally realise what I was doing to myself. Our group helped pull me from rock bottom. Months passed before I could even consider moving on but I finally did it, I finally accepted that I would never see my best friend again.

    Small, soft hands placed themselves on my upper arm, they brought a small amount of comfort. The hands were soon replaced by a small head of hair resting on my shoulder. 

    “Daddy are you okay?” My son’s small voice brought a slight smile to my face, though he would never meet his fallen uncle he would carry his name to the next generation. 

    I slowly turned to stand up and took my son’s hand in mine. Taking small steps back to the group, my family, I spared one last glance to my best friend’s grave as everyone else placed their flowers down and said their goodbyes. My world would never be the same without him. I had accepted that a long time ago, but as we walked away from the cemetery I had a sense of contentment with my life. I had a son, a devoted husband and, while my pseudo-brother couldn’t see me this happy, a family by my side to see me through the dark times. 

    As I walk away from the cemetery I can’t help the feeling that he is walking beside me, guiding me through the rest of my life the way he would’ve wanted me to see me. 

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    A story with an artist protagonist who, throughout the whole story, paints. But the paintings actually tell their own story. No, wait, the protagonist's story - their past, their (untold to the reader) present, their future - that which the reader will stumble upon and go "oh shit" and, also, the future that goes beyond the story's end.

    They just nonchalantly paint their life.

    Pretty please.

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    CLICHÉ PROMPTS with a bit of naughtiness

    These prompts do not belong to me! I have listed them here for practical reasons for my future events.

    Please note that the prompts are for 18+ from the 28.

    Best friends to lovers

    Childhood friends

    Opposites attract

    There are people chasing us and I took you into the alley with me and wow you are so close

    Your shirt/sweater was in the laundry pile and I couldn't help but steal it

    Making out in the rain and getting soaked before running inside laughing

    Playing with their hair while their head is in your lap.

    Touching hands unexpectedly

    There is only one bed and we sleep as far away from each other as possible but we wake up cuddling

    You have confessed your feelings and we are about to kiss but we are interrupted

    Both will grab the same thing and touch hands, then make eye contact.

    Drunkenly confess your feelings.

    I need a date for this wedding.

    You are in a coma and I am confessing all my feelings only to make you wake up.

    Wrap my arms around them when they make breakfast.

    “You have something on your lip, let me take it off.”

    Hearing that they have feelings for you.

    Taking care of each other in times of illness or injury.

    “Are you tired? Here, I'll carry you the rest of the way.”

    “It's been a long day...here, let me give you a massage.”

    “Is it okay if I call you princess?”

    “I watch you sleep and realize that I am in love.”

    You laugh and I look at you with my mouth half open.

    You fall, I catch you and I am so close to finally kissing you.

    “Just tell why you did it!" "Because I'm in love with you, okay?!”

    Getting mad and declaring your love.

    Thinking that the other person loves someone else only to discover that the feelings are mutual.

    “If you can't sleep...then how about making love?”

    “If I have to stop what I'm doing, you won't be able to walk next week”

    “I haven't even touched you and you're already this wet”

    “I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll forget you ever met this asshole”

    “I'm not jealous! It's just... you're mine!”

    “We're not just friends and you fucking know it”

    “Were you touching yourself?”

    “How fast can you cum?”

    credits to : @bucky-plums-barnes + @justforshitsandcackles + @rpstartersforyou

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    Darkness of the Moon

    You asked me:

    If I share my darkness with you...

    Will you look at me like the sun?

    I answered:

    No my love

    I'll look at you like the moon

    For the sun has never faced darkness

    But the moon does every night

    And it's brightness never dulls

    #writing prompt#writeblr#writing#my writing #writers on tumblr #writeaway#poetic#poetry #poets on tumblr #writers and poets #my poem#prose
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    #danger days#jetpoison#starparty#jet star#party poison #i mention the writing sprint so u know it's short and hasnt been edited #but hey!! im havin fun!!! thank you!!!! #i deleted the prompt list bc im gonna post a new one soon #and im picking which prompts to write based on random number generators #two more ficlets comin in today!! 💖 #mine#fic#fanfic
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    c r y - b a b i e s

    Nerón 'Creeper' Vargas x Reader

    Requested by @redpoodlern: Damn, you broke my Creeper loving heart with that angst! Ending it with him just falling to his knees. 😭How about some sweet rot my teeth fluff with Creeper to get over it, if you’re still taking requests? “I’m so in love with you.” Thanks!

    Warnings: language

    Wordcount: 900 words

    A/N: This is so sooooooooft. I hope you like it, and it makes up to the heart-wrenching one I wrote and broke yours and my heart. It's not proofread, so sorry for any mistakes.

    Ah! Weddings, you loved them, however, you never expected to get married whatsoever. It was never among your plans to do so; not because you didn’t want to, but because you never envisaged to find the man of your dreams. But you did, in the most unusual of ways: in a scrapyard.

    Your car decided to break down when you needed it most: you had a date. It was the first one since you broke things off with your ex. He was an asshole and it left you all in the dumps when you knew he cheated on you. Obviously, it took time to get back on track, and back to trust anyone in. The thing is, your car broke, right in front of it, like it was destiny. Creeper was there and saw you. He couldn’t stop looking at you, admiring you and your figure because you looked perfect, because you looked like a beam among the darkness.

    Creeper went to your aid and fixed your car in no time, but it was useless by then, your chance of getting to your date was gone. The biker offered himself as your date, and that was the beginning of your relationship.

    It was an unusual relationship, his life as a Mayan was something you had never expected to experience, but you endured it and Creeper was extremely grateful for it. There were beautiful moments: trips to the beach on his bike, movie dates at home, days on end spent in bed having sex and cuddling… Life with him was easy and full of love… almost always.

    When there were club calls, especially if they were unexpected, that’s when life began to get rocky for a while. Suddenly, he would disappear days on end, no calls, no texts, no nothing. That you could understand, since you somehow understood his line of work. Nevertheless, what you couldn’t understand was his behaviour: sex was rough and unfeeling, dates and affection were sparse. This all got to a point were you honestly thought of breaking it off, however, the day you wanted to do so, Taza called you alleging that Creeper got shot, nothing serious, but Creeper wouldn’t shut up about you having to know.

    To say that you were scared was obvious, and when you got to the club and saw him, you broke down, he broke down, everyone broke down. Creeper frantically saying sorry, hoping for a forgiveness he never hoped to received, and then you, frantically saying sorry because you thought about breaking up with him while he was getting shot. All in all, you both said your lame speeches about forgiveness and went back home happily.

    A week later after those events, Creeper asked you to marry him. Now, that came as a surprise to you, so much that you honestly thought that he was joking. You immediately got angry at him, until he showed you the ring and then you cried… and then he cried.

    On your wedding day, that is today, crying was understandable, especially with such cry-babies like you, as we can see. First of all, you cried because you thought Creeper would get cold feet and leave at the altar, that’s when he had to come and assure of the opposite. Of course, without seeing you. Then, he cried when he saw you walking down the aisle: he always saw you as that beam among the darkness surrounding him.

    There were certain times when he got overwhelmed with such light that he couldn’t help but cry when he comes to terms that you love him and want to be with him.

    The first time has been already mentioned: when he met you. Another time was when he knew he loved you: you were sleeping in his arms after a bad day at the scrapyard. You stayed with him and calmed him down. He knew right there and then he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. Something similar came about when he got shot, all he could think about was you. Let’s not forget when he asked you to marry him, he has never cried so much, or so he thinks. Lastly, when he saw you on the wedding day.

    You both became crying messes when you said yes. Fortunately, you didn’t cry anymore, because your make-up had to be retouched constantly.

    At the present time, you were at the reception, everyone was dancing, happily chatting and drinking. Creeper never left your side and couldn’t stop himself from staring at you or touching you you looked perfect, more if so.

    “God, I’m so in love with you, mi amor” He blurted out. You stared back at him and smiled wider, your cheeks almost hurting. “I love you too, Creep. You make me the happiest.”

    He, right there and then, looked at you intently, cupped your cheeks and gave you a soft and loving kiss, pouring out all his feelings into it.

    “What was that for?” You asked after you departed. “Because you light up my whole world. You are my world and I’m so happy it’s you.” He answered.

    Instantly, your eyes brimmed with unshed tears. “If you keep talking to me like that I will cry again, then you will do to, and they will make fun of us even more” you chuckled.

    Creeped laughed. “True, mi amor, and I won’t let this cabrones make fun of me nor you on my wedding day.” He gave another kiss.

    You grabbed his hand and led him to the dancefloor. You were happy, joyful, even if you were two cry-babies.

    #neron vargas imagines #neron creeper vargas #neron vargas imagine #neron vargas x reader #creeper vargas imagines #creeper vargas imagine #creeper vargas #creeper vargas x reader #mayans mc #mayans mc imagines #mayans mc fanfic #mayans mc imagine #mayans x reader #mayans fanfic#mayans imagines#mayans imagine#mayans#mayans fandom#prompt#writing prompt#prompts#writing prompts
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    New AU idea for Wintersberg,,

    Hear me out,,;; Music Industry AU (also note some triggers;; r*pe and dr*g use and ab*se

    >Rose is a child prodigy when it comes to music,, probably about 14/15

    >Miranda and the BSAA and Blue Umbrella (or whatever I know the bare minimum of res ev sorry) but these guys run their own recording studio and compete against each other

    >Miranda and her favorite signed artist, her most talented “children” are diverse in the music tastes

    >>Alcina is a retired opera singer but she now manages her three daughter girl band; the girls have a wide range of pop, funk, and metal>>Alcina was physically and finically abused by her previous manager/husband before he mysteriously disappeared before she signed on with Miranda

    >>Donna does spooky bone chillin pop rock music, all of her concerts are creepy especially with her dancers, but it’s always a perfect performance>> Donna used to be in school to be a ballerina but quit after she was dr*gged and r*ped she then quit school and started making music on YouTube where Miranda discovered her,, Donna does have a “light” substance addiction since

    >> Moreau’s music is starting to take off with folk and sea shanties becoming a trend,, his music tends to be a mix of country trap and folk, though his roots are bluegrass>>He was finically ab*sed by his bio mom before he signed with Miranda and forcibly cut his bio mom out of the picture which is why he basically worships the ground Miranda walks on

    >>Karl’s music is heavy metal rock and rock country, though his concerts are filled with pyrotech and sometimes his music includes the use of machines>> when he was young Karl was big in the EDM/Rave scene before Miranda discovered him and forced him to change up his looks and music produced

    >Chris is Rose’s manager and Mia co-manages with him but they’re starting to make deals and take jobs that make Ethan very uncomfy

    >Mia and Ethan get into it about Rose’s career before Ethan threatens to take Rose to a different label, Now Chris is involved and Ethan’s temper gets the best of him and the whole ordeal is captured by the papz

    >Rose still wants to perform and make music but she doesn’t like the situations Chris, her mom, and her label force her into

    >Shes approached by one of the Dimistrecu daughters about signing to Miranda’s label, she brings it up to Ethan and soon after Rose is signed to Miranda with Ethan as her manager

    >>this causes a MAJOR rift between Ethan and Mia, soon to a separation

    >Once signed on everything is great but Karl warns them of the dubious things Miranda puts her singers up to

    > Karl and Ethan get close some way some how, mostly Karl starting to become protective of the young girl as Miranda starts to subtly manipulate Rose into a new look and new music, Rose thinking it’s okay but Miranda starts pushing limits without Ethan knowing

    >When Ethan does notice he tries to back out,, between his divorce, the PR disaster of Rose being found at a party, and suing Miranda it’s an absolute stressful mess

    —That’s all I got for now, if anyone writes this please link me! No credit needed,

    I can’t write a story but I can think of plot lol

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    Prompt #129

    Crisp snow crunched beneath cloven hooves.

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    I'd kiss you as the lights went out/ Darklina

    Pairing: AleksanderxAlina

    Title inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Dancing with our hands tied”.

    I'd kiss you as the lights went out


    Alina was vaguely aware of her surroundings. She could hear some yelling she thought might be Zoya, then Mal, louder, then Zoya, even louder, and so on.

    She could feel Genya's gentle touch as she placed a wet cloth on her forehead.

    She could hear the children being rushed away by the staff, could hear the weeping and cries, but she didn't use her energy worrying about them.

    It took great effort, but she craned her neck down and stared at the small, wrapped figure held loosely in her arms.

    She and Mal had never even spoken about having a child of their own; it had never even been a thought on Alina's head, yet, one day, it became impossible to deny that one was on its way.

    She became more sickly than before, she tired more frequently, but with the help of Mal and Genya, she managed to reach the end.

    She felt the bed dip and arms coming around her, helping hold the child in a firmer grip.

    "If-" she said, her voice weak as she struggled to breathe. "If she's grisha, …take h-her, p-please."

    The figure behind her tensed for a moment, then Alina felt as she nodded and placed a kiss on the top of her head.

    "I will. I swear." Genya answered, her hold tightening, voice trembling.

    "Take care of her." she pleaded as weakly she could.

    "Take care of who?" a new voice spoke up softly.

    Alina's eyes drifted to Zoya, who was kneeling by her side on the bed, her blue eyes drifting between the fragile figures of her friend and the child.

    Mal had his back turned. He couldn't watch this. This wasn't meant to happen. Not yet. It was too soon.

    Alina didn't hold it against him.

    She looked down again. The child slept peacefully in her mother's arms.

    "A-" she felt the room grow darker. She tried to hold on tighter to the child, but her limps failed her as she closed her eyes. Her head dropped, and she managed to place a faint kiss upon the child's head. The last thing she saw in her general view as her eyes half opened for a few moments, were Zoya's teary eyes, Genya's hands over her own, and her daughter's face. "Aleksandra."

    She closed her eyes and was no more. 

    There were two places in one.

    She turned towards an all too familiar meadow and smiled, starting to advance towards it. The skirts of her summer dress willowing gently as did her white hair behind her shoulders.

    There was no one else in the meadow, yet, somehow she knew, all she had to do was wait. Wait for Mal to join her someday, maybe even their friends, and then they co-


    She had not heard that voice in almost three decades, but she could have recognized it anyways, anywhere, anytime.

    She turned around, and saw a stark ending to the meadow, and a void of darkness ahead.

    It wasn't like The Fold. It wasn't threatening or overwhelming in its mere horrific presence, nor could she hear the sounds of Volcra or battle.

    It was just there. Quiet.


    "My Alina."

    Her feet began to move forward, arm outstretched, almost desperate. She hadn't heard that voice in so long, yet as she heard it, it was as if all that time had passed in the blink of an eye. She wanted to reach him, to hear him again, to drown.

    "Come over here." she pleaded, peering into the void.

    "I cannot cross, Alina." was his answer, his tone almost sad. "This is what I earned in life."

    She frowned.

    "Why can't I see you?"

    "Because you can make a choice now, Solnyshka."

    No one had called her that ever except him, on a few, rare occasions, away from prying eyes, hidden in either light or darkness, and surprisingly, she found herself smiling despite everything else.

    Something tugged inside of her, calling to her, and when she looked down she saw an orb of light on each of her hands.

    Giggling, she bought her hands up to her face. She looked then into the darkness and saw nothing, yet she could feel his stare on her.

    "What would happen if I stay here?"

    "You won't be alone forever, if that's what you were wondering."

    The elation on her face was impossible to hide, but then she remembered.

    "But you said you cannot cross?"

    "That is correct."

    Alina felt a different kind of tug, one of her heart. It was just so great, it almost made her jump into the void without second thought.

    The darkness before her wasn't threatening but enticing, wanting her to move forward and be drowned in it.

    "I've missed you."

    "As have I." he answered.

    "Can't we just stay this way? At least for a while?" she asked, eyebrows almost touching each other.

    "I'm afraid not, Solnyshka." he said, his voice almost sad. "You must make a choice."

    Alina hesitated only for a moment. When she saw the briefest glimpse of his grey eyes, and the outline of a pale hand stretching towards her, she clasped it immediately.

    They were suddenly surrounded by darkness, yet she could call upon her light, if only weakly.

    It was enough to see his face.

    "Aleksander." she breathed, beaming.

    "Alina." he lovingly ran his fingers through her hair, tugging her closer by the waist. "There is only darkness in this place."

    And he was right. Whenever she looked, she saw an infinite sea of nothingness. Her light extinguished and she felt cold. Alina took refuge in Aleksander's arms, pressing her face into his chest.

    Something glowed in her then, making her feel a little warmer.

    She looked up and saw his face again. Saints, how she had missed it. Missed him.

    "I'll keep you safe here." he promised.

    "I can keep you warm."

    He smiled, and as he leaned down to kiss her, her glow diminished, yet she didn't care at the moment and kissed him back tenderly.

    There was nothing but empty darkness around them; forevermore, and yet, in each other's arms, it was perfect still.

    #alina starkov#aleksander morovoza#the Darkling #shadow and bone #writing prompt #darkling x alina #malyen oretsev#genya safin#zoya nazyanelsky #shadow and bone fanfic #shadow & bone trilogy #grishaverse
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    I don't really care for the theory (more of a headcanon, really) that Jessica "was Ruby all along"; it feels like Too Much, and even if we know next to nothing about Jessica as she never grows beyond her fridged role, I prefer to think of her as a distinctive individual to Sam, if not to me. just as I like Samruby as its own distinctive dynamic (also, I think Brady pushing Sam and Jess together would've been unnecessary in this case).

    however, I do think she picked a first vessel that could potentially *ping* Sam's memories of Jessica, in a similar way that Lucifer impersonating Jessica in Sam's dreams.

    (funnily, evey other woman Sam liked points to him liking brunettes more lmao. So good choice on both vessels ig. also, this goes with "Sam is affected by Jessica The Person" over Jessica the Blonde or Jessica the Mary 2.0 -which hey, match made by angels/demons? Even they had more agency than John&Mary lbr-, which I prefer).

    #talking to the void #my thoughts#spn thoughts#supernatural#samruby#samjess#sam winchester#spnruby #ruby 1.0 #jessica moore #i DID write a drabble with ruby posing as jess' friend for a prompt lol. again. not likely with brady around #both because he's already doing the job and because ruby was deep undercover #but preferable to me to this other one
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    i'm procrastinating on tomorrow's prompt even when i already know it's gonna be my second favorite entry for this event 😭

    #ramblings a/w #honestly the way it's going i'm probably gonna give it to you late #what else is new sksbdlsls #i didn't write it yet so it might change but #the mistaken identity au one came out even better than i planned and i love it a lot #and i love the tenth gen more than the characters i planned to write for tomorrow's prompt so #i'm pretty sure it'll stay my number one fav for this event
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    #okay sorry im late!! #thank you aleck so much and i apologize I couldn't do the second one #jetru#writing prompt#jet atla#haru atla#atla
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    Twitter VSS365 Prompt All Rights Reserved She came in every two weeks.Like clockwork.Got a tattoo on her wrist.A small dot.Counting something.One day she was outside at close.She smiled at the artist.They followed her.They have never been seen again.She appeared at a new artist to continue the count.

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    not trying to be dramatic but this fic might be the softest thing i’ve written in a Long time

    #godddddddd i just feel so cosy writing it??????? #don't worry eddie bb ur gonna get all the emotional healing #also i Will get to all the mashup prompts in my inbox #i was just really busy this weekend and finally have time to write #so i wanna try and finish the eddie fic bc i've only got like 2k-ish more to go #(she says as she said she only had 2k left 2000 words ago askjdh) #so i'm gonna try and finish writing tomorrow and do a ton of editing tuesday so i can hopefully post tuesday/wednesday #and /then/ i'll get through all the prompts!! #writing adventures
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