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  • Your character is a man.
    Your character is from Suriname.
    Your character often feels tired.
    Your character is self-assured.
    Your character is in love with a selfless businessperson.

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  • kinda wanna start an actual writeblr but everytime I try to take that idea forward my lack of confidence keeps me from doing it

    #idk if im good enough to try this shenanigans #let's see i guess #writing#writeblr#writing advice#writing prompts
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  • Prompt #72

    You always knew about their secret identity. How could you not, since you are their parent? And you are not that surprised. Despite you having given your best, your child never had it easy.

    However, you have always been proud of them and you will always be proud, even though the rest of the world views your lovely kid as a villain.

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  • The meticulous barista has to break 3 dresses by Christmas to prevent the fraud.

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  • *videogame voiceover on a black screen that gradually gets light (but not like skyrim)*

    “I know what I am searching for, here in the deep, deep, dark…

    But I can’t help but wonder…

    What you’re doing here.”

    *screen now shows a dark tunnel. A light is coming from behind the player character, who turns around to see some guy, probably old, holding a lantern and grinning knowingly*

    “What’s wrong?

    Did you think I was dead?”

    *guy gives a big laugh. Grins again.*

    “Tell me.

    What did you f*ck up this time.”

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  • Walking down the street one day, you see your childhood imaginary friend coming towards you covered in blood.

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  • Hero never expected to walk into the aftermath of a bank robbery and find Villain betrayed, beaten and bound in the corner while their henchman took off with the loot.

    And they certainly never expected for Villain to look relieved about it.

    #hero and villain #writing prompts#concept#concept friday#hero#villain#henchmen #happy to be away from the henchmen and be found by hero huh #just what have they been up to? #betrayed villain#whump concept #shhhh totally didn't forget
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  • The unsophisticated professor pines over the nonconformist con artist.

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  • Working on Part 1 of the duncan x reader series I have coming soon! Depending on where I get up to and if i think it’s good to post then I’ll post it tonight!

    Sending love x

    #duncan shepherd imagine #duncan shepherd x reader #duncan shepherd headcanon #duncan shepherd#cody fern #cody fern's characters #house of cards fandom #cody fern fanfiction #ahs#ahs fandom #cody fern imagine #cody fern icons #mine #writers of tumblr #writing prompts
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  • Your character is a medium-height man.
    Your character works as a secret agent.
    Your character used to want to be a teacher.
    Your character feels heartbroken at work.

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  • image

    It’s that time of year again… time for Bethyl Smut Week 2020! We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. This year, we decided to switch up the tradition of Smut Week by spicing up the prompts and giving you plenty of room to play around and be as creative (and dirty) as you want ;)

    Sunshine & Moonshine gives you two different prompts for each day, a “light” and a “dark” prompt. There aren’t really any rules to Smut Week. Feel free to choose one prompt, choose both, combine them, mix them up… write whatever you want! Drabbles, ficlets, one-shots, multichapters, and of course, fan art of any kind – we want it all!

    There won’t be any restrictions on submission dates. Post as early or as late as you want. We will be highlighting the fics for each day on the dates given for the prompts with whatever has been submitted by said date.

    As always, you can submit to us directly through email (bethylficlist@gmail.com) or mention/tag us here on Tumblr. If you make a Tumblr post to promote your smut week fic/art, include the tag #BethylSmutWeek2k20. If you post to AO3, it’s up to you if you’d like to tag Bethyl Smut Week 2k20.
    Please note: if you post to FFN, be sure to directly message us or otherwise reach out with your submission so as not to risk missing any fics.

    And remember: have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with, Bethylers :)

    July 26th: Friends to Lovers — Enemies to Lovers
    July 27th: First Time — Dirty Talk
    July 28th: Blind Date — Blindfold
    July 29th: Lost Love/Reunions — Handcuffs/Roleplay
    July 30th: Sneaking Around/Secret Relationship — Social Media/Sexting
    July 31st: Starcrossed/Forbidden Love — One Night Stand/Stranger Sex
    August 1st: Arranged/Fake Marriage — Bets and Dares
    August 2nd (Bonus Day!): Shower Sex — Fingering

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  • ————send  in  a  word  for  a  drabble  or  starter  based  on  it.

    • abditory   —   a   place   into   which   you   can   disappear;   a   hiding   place
    • alexithymia   —   the   inability   to   express   your   feelings
    • alharaca   —   an   extraordinary   or   violent   emotional   reaction   to   a   small   issue
    • aubade   —   a   love   song   sung   at   dawn
    • balter   —   to   dance   artlessly,   without   particular   grace   or   skill   but   usually   with   enjoyment
    • basorexia   —   the   overwhelming   desire   to   kiss
    • clinomania   —   excessive   desire   to   stay   in   bed
    • forelsket   —   the   euphoria   you   experience   when   you   are   first   falling   in   love
    • groak   —   to   stare   longingly   at   someone   who   is   eating   in   the   hope   that   they   will   ask   you   to   join   them
    • jayus   —   a   joke   so   unfunny   and   poorly   told   that   you   can’t   help   but   laugh
    • morosis   —   the   stupidest   of   stupidities
    • nedovtipa   —   someone   who   can   not   take   a   hint
    • nepenthe   —   something   that   can   make   you   forget   grief   or   suffering
    • querencia   —   a   place   from   which   one’s   strength   is   drawn,   where   one   feels   at   home;   the   place   where   you   are   your   most   authentic   self
    • razbliuto   —   the   sentimental   feeling   you   have   about   someone   you   once   loved   but   no   longer   do.
    • redamancy   —   the   act   of   loving   the   one   who   loves   you;   a   love   returned   in   full
    • retrouvaille   —   the   joy   of   meeting   or   finding   someone   again   after   a   long   separation;   rediscovery
    • sphallolalia   —   flirtatious   talk   that   leads   nowhere
    • trouvaille   —   something   lovely   discovered   by   chance;   a   windfall
    • whelve   —   to   bury   something   deep;   to   hide
    #rp meme#rp starters #rp sentence starters #writing prompts#writing#writing meme #rp meme starter
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  • A cold pharmacy tech is stuck in an aquarium with a cruel man.

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  • Prompt #810

    “Now can someone tell me what problems may arise when torturing someone for information?” The instructor surveyed the room, looking for the least alert student. “You, in the back.”

    The student yawned. “Accidentally torturing them to death.”

    “Not if you do it right. Any other answers?”

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  • “I hate camping.” Grumbled A, slapping their phone against their hand as if that would magically find them signal.

    “Come on, what’s not to love about nature! There’s plenty to do!” Cheered B, snatching the phone from A and tossing it into the tent.

    “Like what?” Pouted A.

    “Like hiking! Breathing in the sweet forest air!”

    “Yeah, because I love getting overheated and sweaty and eaten alive by misquitos.”

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  • The title is “The irritated stagehand.”

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  • Bonding Prompts

    Another prompt list!! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’ve been going through some writer’s block so here we are again. As always: just send me two characters and a number, and I’ll write up a little something for you. These could either be romantic or platonic, depending on which pairing you’d like.

    1. A and B get lost while on their way somewhere.

    2. B shows A their physical (and/or mental) scars, and A comforts and reassures B.

    3. A and B try to keep calm and pass the time while a storm rages outside.

    4. B tries to keep a secret from A, but can’t.

    5. A decides to cook a special dinner for B.

    6. A and B go on a camping trip/road trip.

    7. B cuddles A while they watch a movie.

    8. A gives B a shoulder massage after a long day.

    9. A and B share a snack.

    10. A and B tell jokes to each other.

    #writing#writing prompts#tf2 #i do tf2 pairings on this blog if you dont know #as always no scout/spy or cheavy/medic #those are no no pairings chief #also no pauling/men ships #platonic is fine but just not romance #prompts
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