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  • myfanfic-urfantrash
    26.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Fragments #3

    cw: blood, death, panic attack, self neglect/self harm

    The lighting is wrong- and another page is torn.

    Albedo tries again...sketching a rough shape of a head before adding wisps of eye lashes and- its wrong again.

    Another tear. He bites his lip chewing at the chapped skin. It bleeds but he can barely feel it.

    Pages upon pages scattered around the room as he reaches for another blank page. The notebook is empty, his hands shake. He grabs another and tries again.

    He picks at the skin around his thumb as he fiddles with this charcoal. It leaves a few spots on the page but he pays it no mind.

    Another sketch. He knows how they look, he can replicate it well he just-

    Their eyes are lifeless as they stare through him cold and unmoving-

    He shudders and digs his nail in the wound, larger droplets staining the page. He doesn't want to remember them that way and crumples up the sheet reaching for another.

    He tries again. A lovely scene in summer with trees and their favorite flora as a crown on their head-

    Blood trickles through his finger tips, red splatters painting the snow beneath his feet-

    His hands crumple the piece and he grabs another notebook. It's full, he doesn't care and rips page after page until it's blank and tries again.

    But he can't, he can't. The charcoal snaps under pressure and crumbles in his palm staining his scaring palms black.

    He tries to breathe, he remembers the exercises, knows what he needs to do but he can't.

    Why did they take that attack for him? He would have been fine he's had worse, he would be have been fine-

    His trembling hands grab fistfuls of his oily locks and he pulls and pulls. He tries to breathe again and again and again. But he can't and he screams.

    Curled into himself surrounded by shredded paper and broken charcoal he pulls until he bleeds. He doesn't hear the rushed steps to his room nor does he hear the door open. He can barely feel the hands that gently pry his hands from his scalp as he sobs.

    The strong scent of calla lillies and mint fills his lungs and he looks up meeting Kaeya worried gaze. He says something but doesn't let go of Albedo's hands and he is grateful that though they left him he is not alone.

    #albedo x traveler #albedo x reader #albedo#genshin impact #fic mode: activate! #fic on mobile #I kill off the reader and make characters suffer because I care :D #also I felt like writing pain #Kaeya doing his best to help Albedo out because I haven't written stuff for him in a while and he's pretty good with this type of thing #reader basically died taking a hit for Albedo in Dragonspine and he feels guilt and doesn’t want to remember them dead but he can't #idk some people don't like being touched when they panic so I feel like Albedo would only want his hands held to keep him grounded #ending a bit bleh but oh well
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  • tennlevi
    26.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I need an AU where Ryoji and Minato are in a LDR. AKA, AU where Ryoji actually lived overseas and he’s not the appraiser at all; he’s just a normal human being that coincidentally has a lot of similarities to Minato. Basically, “EVERYBODY IS ALIVE” fix-it fanfic. More under the cut because uh, I wrote 1.3k words to explain these two being mutually pining idiots in a long-distance relationship (featuring hamuko)

    For the most part, the AU starts off fairly similar to canon (minus Ryoji being the appraiser, and Pharos existing, etc.). Ryoji transfers to Gekkoukan High School, and quickly befriends Minato. The two maintain the Helper’s Club together (I will never let go of these scenes, it is peak Ryomina), and they learn that they get along really well!  The two get some keepsakes on the Kyoto trip, and their bond is going swimmingly… until Ryoji is called back home. Before he leaves, Ryoji and Minato exchange Discord IDs with each other (OR Skype if you want to be accurate to p3 taking place in 2009-2010, lmao. The time doesn’t really matter for this AU. Ryomina is timeless, okay? that aspect of theirs makes me insane). They promise that they’ll keep in touch- and Ryoji goes back home at the start of December.

    This is where the AU part starts to kick in. On Ryoji’s (excruciatingly long) flight back home, he’s hit by a truck at the realization that he’s in love with Minato. So technically!! The first part of this AU is basically Ryoji hopelessly pining for Minato and wishing that he had a chance to tell him that he loves him (and that they could’ve had some romantic experiences together). Ryoji practically spends his flight frustrated since long distance communication gets rid of a lot of communication cues, which makes it hard for him to get his feelings across. He’s effectively only left with his ability to type words (okay, more like, paragraphs) across text- and maybe his voice + hand gestures if he has the chance to video call with Minato.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop Ryoji from trying. Of course, time zones are an obstacle to the two getting to talk on a regular basis; but it doesn’t stop him!

    At first, they just text each other about their daily happenings, making Ryoji very nostalgic toward his memories and times at Gekkoukan. Many of Ryoji’s responses towards Minato’s texts are generally some variation of “I miss being at Gekkoukan with everyone” (aka Ryoji trying to hint that he misses Minato while deliberately trying to filter himself so that Minato doesn’t realize that he loves him).

    Recognizing that Ryoji almost seems sad over text- Minato takes it upon himself to ask Ryoji what he’s been doing overseas. And oh man!! Minato was not prepared for how long-winded Ryoji’s explanations of his days would be- but it made Minato happy to see Ryoji back to his enthusiastic self. What Minato was also not prepared for, was being hit by a wave of, “DAMNG, I miss being around Ryoji.”

    (I should also mention that if these two send pictures to each other, it’s always of other objects/people, and never themselves. boohoo for the both of them because they miss seeing each other but they don’t have the balls to directly say that they miss the other one ALKFHLSDHSD i just want them to be pining for each other in the stupidest way possible okay!! i’m insane!! yes i know i have a magic hand that makes these two never send selfies of themselves to each other but so what!!! these two are going to suffer in overthinking their relationship and you will enjoy it too)

    After a month or so of near daily texting, they move into a stage where they talk to each other over voice chat (because Ryoji said that “typing messages is time consuming especially when I can explain it better out loud,” TOTALLY. Are you sure about that, Ryoji Mochizuki? Are you sure it wasn’t just, “I missed hearing Minato talk even though I have to be the one to draw out whole sentences out of him?”). Sometimes their voice calls are just Ryoji being an enthusiastic and unreliable narrator, while other times, they’re simply listening to a selection of Minato’s favorite songs together (listen you cannot convince me otherwise that if these two LDR they wouldn’t listen to music together to emulate the idea of “being together in the same room.” it’d be illegal if they didn’t tbh /s).

    In any case!!! Once these two start voice chatting, their levels of pining go off the charts. Like, man. Imagine not seeing your “best friend” in person for nearly two months; and not hearing their voice for that same amount of time! Dude, I don’t know what to tell you, but they’re going to be run over by a truck at that moment when they realize that they love each other (again, lmao. they’re very dense and keep attributing each other’s signs as their brains playing tricks on them).

    And also! Imagine how much these two would do that Freudian slip phenomenon over voice! Minato could be talking about something that he was doing at Gekkoukan and Ryoji would just respond with something like, “That’s great Minty! I wish I could’ve been there to see it with you!” ONLY TO END UP panicking because he didn’t mean to verbally express his mental nickname of Minato aloud. (Poor Ryoji but also not really he did this to himself by asking to voice call with Minato /s). Or for Minato, he ends up muttering something and Ryoji somehow manages to pick up on what he said (and tries to get Minato to elaborate).

    On the note of these two voice chatting, I like to think that Hamuko knows what’s up. I mean… there is no way that Hamuko isn’t aware that her brother is hopelessly pining for Ryoji. I mean, the dude is actually talking to someone on his laptop rather than just looping music so??? Of course she would notice LOL. Being the good sister that she is- she teases Minato about it while they’re going to school together, much to his chagrin. Or, if she’s feeling bold, she’ll stop by Minato’s room to drop something off and leave by saying something like, “Hey Ryoji!! Minato won’t stop talking about how much he enjoys talking to you. He really likes your voic-oh he’s telling me to leave now, bye Ryoji!” Either way, I think Hamuko would be a very vocal advocate for Ryoji and Minato to stop beating around the bush about their feelings (while also being a great person for Minato to confide in and ask advice regularly too, even if he wouldn’t want to bring himself to do it out of embarrassment).

    Anyways, I know a lot of this is just “hehe mutual pining but they don’t know it’s reciprocated because they’re too caught up in their anxiety making it hard for them to decode the hints and signals.” BUT! I promise you that they will get together and become their most open and authentic selves (probably because Hamuko set them up or something, she recognizes that they’re too dense LOL).

    When they do end up together though!! Well… they’re still pining (because grrr distance), but their relationship is a lot more relaxed since they know that their feelings are mutual. I think they’d only really start doing video chats + sending selfies on a regular basis after they get together, but!! I think even across distance and time zones, they would be really good at communicating and making each other feel loved. Ryoji would be the type of boyfriend who sends a lot of gifts over mail; Minato would be the moral support boyfriend who gets Ryoji to open up (so that Ryoji doesn’t have to shoulder everything on his own).

    At the end of the day, all that matters is that these two love each other! When their semesters wrap up- they find a way to reunite in person again (so probably July or August?)... and uh, yeah. Let these two have a happy AU!! And maybe get Ryoji to go back to Gekkoukan for Minato’s last school year (if that’s even possible. I don’t even know and I’m too tired to research that).

    If you read to the end- thank you for reading! I have many thoughts about these two in a LDR and I think it’d be interesting to see unfold!

    #persona 3#ryomina#minaryo #lizzy HCs and AUs #UHHH hi take these 1.3k brainworms i wrote today to relax #i wish i could actually write proper fic but im better at conceptual stuff adkshdsl #maybe one day i'll write something though. if i get desperate for ryomina fics you bet i will #in any case this is my weekly contribution to ryomina tumblr nation. please enjoy mutual pining idiots separated by distance #also i want everyone to know that i can and WILL find a way to put hamuko in a majority of my AU concepts #i've decided that hamuko arisato is the resident matchmaker and you can't stop me from running with this hc #ANYWAYS have a nice day i have some more writing stuff that i'd like to post but im l a z y
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  • sangonomimi
    26.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    mimi layout will stay for now because i love mimi <33 but im gonna try to also actually talk more abt maya n maybe doodle and write the ideas ive had brewing for months every now n then

    #im still testing the waters but yeah im bringing maya back and im gonna try to share some of my writing. #i will allow myself to write and share my stuff even if i think its Bad. #but anyway back to uni workload first #op #🐝.txt
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  • clingyduoapologist
    26.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago
    #I would just never name the characters lmao #but seriously #as long as you're not referincing too much stuff that isn't relevant to exile #than you should be fine #I'm assuming this is for a creative writing assignment
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  • gunsatthaphan
    26.09.2021 - 57 minutes ago
    #dont say no #only explanation is that the show is already too flawless for ppl to write more stuff about it LOL
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  • cattapus
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The story of how I ended up here.

    I’m 24. I struggled with thoughts about restricting from the age of 12ish. I never seriously acted on these thoughts till I was 19 and in my second year of uni. I had don’t the odd stint in high school. Restricting for a couple weeks then would eat normally again.
    In my second year of uni I got serious with a boy I met in accomodation and fell head I’ve heels. He said I was perfect except for my weight. I was 70ish kg. I knew I was bigger. But it had never bothered me. It was only a number. Well from the point on I was hell bent on losing weight to be perfect for him so that he’s love me more. Naturally I fell into the pit of restricting. I lost the weight and was thin and looked nice in clothes and everything. My opinion of myself never changed. I was still me. There was just less of me now. Both physically and personality wise.
    As one can guess this wasn’t enough my ex found other fault in me. I lost my self trying to be what he wanted. After two years of being together I unexpectedly fell pregnant. He did not want my baby. I did So I left him. And now have moved home and am raising my now two year old son with the help of my parents. I had recovered of sorts while I was pregnant. I gained a lot and got to my highest weight of 95kg. I lost some naturally just by going for walk and such.
    But last month I decided I had had enough. I missed being thin. I missed being able to wear the cute shorts and shirts. Missed having hoodies fall to my knees and I still look put together. So I have relapsed. I am unsure what I wanted to prove with this post. Just wanted to tell my story and have it on the internet. Everyone has a story about why they are the way they are and do the things they do this is mine. Feel free to tell me yours.
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  • raitrolling
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    TIL teens on toyhou.se have typing quirks now

    #i was scrolling thru the literatures page to see if other ppl are writing stuff and i found this on someone's content warning page?? #theyre not even into homestuck???? #ooc
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  • annamiasworld
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #the drafts i have are for several fandoms as well actually #there's some soy luna stuff as well as gravity falls oneshots but also original work #one miraculous multichapter as well #that's like the major things that come to my mind rn #and another difficulty is to find a balance between reading and writing #i still have to catch up on 2 fics #4 actually oops #and then i have to read more physical books as well #i'm in a bookclub and I'm very behind with reading currently #however thanks so much for your ask!!! #i loved answering it and it also gave me the chance to write a little statement on how things look in general #and why my writing is progressing rather slow atm #i hope you understand!
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  • thestayathomedragon
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I went way, way, way back into time and reminisced over some old Persona 4 role play when it seemed like I was the only person crazy enough to role play copdad!Ryotaro Dojima. I clearly was having a fucking ball. Maybe I should get back into roleplaying. It was too much fun.

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  • vannral
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    lines on the map, ch. 3

    "Babe’s never been to Louisiana.

    He tries not to think about it too much on the train, but he fails spectacularly; the closer the train gets, the more viciously anxiety digs its claws into him."

    In which Babe arrives to Louisiana.

    (reunions, finally! just one more chapter to go and maybe the epilogue! thank you very much for reading! <3 )

    #baberoe #band of brothers #vann writes stuff
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  • stormsiris
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ⚡️ - Guys—why are Sunday memes so silly

    #⚡️the storm’s eye ooc⚡️ #⚡️mobile⚡️ #//I stg I can never find a nsfw-ish meme that isn’t at least slightly cringe to me lol #//which I suppose is just because I’m not interested in super—weird stuff lol #//some have good prompts but are intermixed with a bunch of really awkward ones haha #//It’s easy to write that kind of stuff with Brail but like??? why is everything so over the top lol
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  • vaguely-concerned
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    it's been a couple of days since I watched 'first contact' now, but I am still haunted by the definite vibe through that whole thing that jigen's laser focus on taking down lupin is like... either he's trying to kill lupin because lupin is the first thing that's made him feel anything in a long time (true 'I just felt like destroying something beautiful' undertones lol, also worth noting that the red of lupin's blood on the broken window is the first time any kind of strong colour is introduced to jigen's 'world' in that first scene), he's trying to use lupin as the proverbial sword to fall on in a roundabout way he won't have to acknowledge to himself or the world, or he's going for a gambit where he's betting on both sides of the coin and the outcome doesn't matter, because either he will take down lupin and return to the unbearable grey soulless perfection of being the world's best gunman tm, undefeated, or he won't be around to have to feel it anymore, and either way I think he'd end up about the same level of spiritually dead inside.

    and then lupin just keeps doing absolutely WILD yet non-violent shit in response every time they meet after that until he startles awake from that deadened state enough to realize those are not his only options. lupin literally clowned jigen back to life. inspirational

    #like there's Stuff percolating in my head about this I want to write the full Gay version of this lol #(by the movie's own admission the narrative had been filtered to try and seduce a lady they gave me the leeway) #lupin iii#daisuke jigen #jigen x lupin #this fed into a lot of the thematic stuff that's in my feels about jigen so like my head and my heart is full #I forgot he actually even tells lupin to 'go first' during their duel as well jesus christ I don't think it's a very subtle thing #also I know. I know that this series cannot stand up to a close reading the vast majority of the time. but I do think #it might just be significant that at the beginning jigen shoots at a fake hollow representation of a 'sexy lady' #and a dude jumps out of there who goes on to light his cigarettes and generally be the item of obsession lol #me in academic voice: you see lupin's inflatable sexy lady disguise is a symbol of compulsive heterosexuality. this man is gay #I do love how INVENTIVE lupin is in this one tho with all his tinkering and little gadgets #also his partner courtship is so dogged and earnest haha that scene where they drive past the federal gold reserve?? #telling him about his DREAM which is what they do at the end of the movie? 'I know I could nail it if it was with you'?????? #this poor dude he's trying so hard to scrape together a found family while everyone's wanting to kill each other #may I also mention the inexplicable cherry blossoms during jigen and goemon's duel. like what am I supposed to do with this #watch this movie. goemon cuts lightning in half. some real shitty depictions of black people at one point tho be warned #also some brief gross stuff with fujiko but like. *sigh* what else is new
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  • webby-writes
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    It’s late and I’m tired- so a quick explanation on what Tae is:

    Tae is basically a young soul stored in a mechanical body kept together by magic and technology. Basically if marvel had ghost in the shell. They can perform the mystic arts but their whole “deal” comes from this type of magic sourced from the soul stone called the contract system (will be explained later when im not tired :p ). The title Suneater comes from that contract system. Tae gets upgraded to have a more advanced system and operates off of Stark tech.

    uh yea their lore is confusing as hell so like- ask questions >:3

    #i do not write enough for this #tae #tae the suneater #marvel#marvel oc#writing#oc lore#stephen strange#doctor strange#marvel mcu#mcu oc #i love them with all my heart im just so tired- #webby writes stuff
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  • talesofdevan
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I went into writer mode so I could finish the first part before October 10... shit

    It only remains to wait for everything to go well.

    #my shit#my writing#my stuff #@talesodevan #@keibloodlust
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  • absoloutenonsense
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    me: it’s 1am time to go to sleep

    also me: what if we started writing again. right now. open the monster au doc. do it! do it. you know you wanna. 

    #i'm so tired #but also i haven't written any of my own stuff in like??? a month??? #constantly writing now but not things that really bring me joy #going to try and take a break from that stuff in October to #1. Enjoy october because it's my favorite/the best month #2. write some stuff I'm excited about
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  • slyth-princess
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    A One Time Thing: Ch 4

    Ship: Bellarke

    Rating: E

    Chapter: 4/4

    Moodboard: @bbybellmy on Twitter!

    Bellamy wasn’t sure how long they lay there just basking in the feel of each other. Forever wouldn’t even be long enough for him to have her like this. He had meant what he said earlier. If one day she decided that she wanted to move on he would stay her friend. But he really, really hoped that day would never come.
    The pair of them must have drifted off at some point because when Bellamy opened his eyes later the room was nearly dark, the telltale light of twilight filling the space with blue-grey light. And when he looked to the side Clarke was there looking back at him.
    After what she had told him earlier, part of him expected her to be withdrawn for a while. But when she smiled at him it was warm and open. He gratefully smiled back. She kissed him then, just a soft brush of lips over his, and he truly believed they would be ok.
    “So,” Bellamy said, voice gravelly with their unexpected nap, “does this mean I hit level ten?”
    “Oh my god,” Clarke groaned, falling back and covering her eyes and Bellamy laughed. “You are so ridiculous.”
    “Yeah,” Bellamy said, pulling her arm back so he could look at her beautiful blue eyes, “but that’s what you like about me.”
    “No,” Clarke said, eyes suddenly serious. She took a breath. “Bellamy, that’s what I love about you.”

    Read more here!

    #bellarke#bellarke fanfiction#bellarke fanfic #bellarke fan fic #bellarke fic rec #clarke griffin x bellamy blake #bellamy blake x clarke griffin #clarke x bellamy #bellamy x clarke #t100fic4blm#complete fic#my writing#my stuff #a one time thing
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  • hft-ao3
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Me, wrapping up a scene: Annnnnnnd cut! Okay! Wow. Beautiful work, everyone! Go ahead and take five and we’ll get back to it!

    The words on my page: …… they know we’re inanimate, right? 👀

    #may or may not be based on real events that just happened #just writer stuff #writers of tumblr #writing#fanfic writing#writer problems
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  • toomanyf4ndoms7
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Mortal Kombat the Return: The Fallen’s War.

    Summary: With all the pieces in place, Shinnok prepares for his ultimate vengeance.

    Shinnok watched demons overrun the land from a balcony of the Edenian palace. How he missed the sights of the living realms. His fellow Elder Gods had spread myths and stories depicting him as a Mad God. One who desires nothing more than the end of reality itself.

    Shinnok gave a low chuckle at their naivety. So arrogant to believe one of their own could do no wrong that the first one to do so is demonised and abandoned to rot in the Netherrealm.

    “My lord. I have what you require.”

    At the sound of his servants voice, Shinnok pulled himself from the sight below and faced Quan Chi.

    “Well, don’t just stand there. Hand it over.”

    Quan Chi was holding an object in his hand. The amulet was bronze medallion with a green gemstone embedded in its centre. The four sections of the amulet were etched with the elemental forces of Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water.  This was Shinnok’s amulet, and one of the most powerful mystical artefacts across all the realms.

    Quan Chi offered it to his master, offering praise as Shinnok took it from his pale hand.

    “With your power now restored, none shall challenge you.”

    Shinnok felt something different about his amulet but said nothing of it as he placed it on his belt.

    “As you engage Raiden and the Elder Gods, what shall we do?”

    “Simple. As I settle my score with the Heavens, you and your servants are to eliminate Raiden’s forces.”

    Quan Chi seemed sceptical of Shinnok's bold plan. Speaking as much to his face.

    “My Lord, All due respect, are you truly planning to kill the Elder Gods yourself?”

    “Of course not. My full power will take some time to return. In the meantime you are to send your demons to eliminate the elemental Gods of Earthrealm. That should get Raiden’s attention for you to lure his warriors into a trap.”

    While they did not match Shinnok’s contempt for Raiden the four other elemental Gods guarded Shinnok’s amulet and were still culpable for his imprisonment. Quan Chi bowed.

    “It shall be done.”

    Quan Chi left to set the bait for Raiden and his fighters, leaving Shinnok alone once more. The distraction posed by Quan Chi should give Shinnok enough time to gain his strength and enter the heavens to engage Raiden.

    Shinnok would savour the coming battles, yet he wondered how destroying the Elder Gods would impact the realms. Would they unravel like fabric? Crash together like waves against the shore? So many possibilities and all of them satisfying.

    His minions would no doubt be surprised if the realms fall apart but who was he to care for mortals? Raiden was far too compassionate. That compassion will be his downfall. He shall watch as his mortals are killed one by one.

    Shinnok gave a chuckle as he saw a green vortex open, clearly the doing of Quan Chi, and numerous demons rushed towards it. The battle was soon approaching.

    And he couldn’t wait.

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  • redmatches
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Prompt #25: Silver Lining

    A silver lining. A little, small, good thing out of a bad situation.

    That’s what life is, isn’t it? Making the best out of something awful.

    Some silver linings glow better than the others. Some of them luminescent, some of them dull but still silver, some of them chipped and faded. But they’re all good things. A life on a star where it is human nature for others to exist and stomp downward on those less fortunate is oft a miserable one. When brought into a circumstance where her life is one trained for the battered thoughts of war, then it is hard to find good things in life.

    But why did it just have to be a silver lining?

    Xiaohu once brought up the art of Kintsugi. Maybe, by making what little victories in life golden, it wouldn’t just be something from a bad situation.

    Elise exhaled. At least, those were all good thoughts right now. Her eyes glazed over at the map again, as she tried to predict the next step. What was the plan now? Attack? With what left? And what would she do now, if Esen got hurt again, or-- was worried, more than she already is?

    She rubbed her face again. Silver linings. Silver linings. At least she was alive. At least Elia was alright. At least Esen was alright... even if she knew something was amiss. New injuries don’t pop out from nowhere-- but-- silver linings. Silver linings.

    Elise clutched at her face, a welling frustration in her heart. Fuck.

    It was miserable, post experimentation.

    Until she heard her tomestone ring for a moment, seeing a message.

    I can help you find Alastor and Albanus. I owe you all, still.

    - He Caiyong, formerly Kaesius.

    Silver linings, indeed.

    #ffxiv#ffxivwrite#ffxivwrite2021 #the black hearts arc #elise ebonheart #i struggled to come up with something with this #so i guess i tried writing out some headspace stuff #they can't all be winners
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