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  • glowingspence
    26.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #thank you for your request!🦎 #you can always specify things!!🥰 #cw post prison #roxy#ralvez#spencer reid#luke alvez#matt simmons #i love you prompt list works #my writing
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  • afleetingindecency
    26.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago


    #not to be that person #but to be that person to the nth degreee #Kate is missing Lizzy's seminal quality in that clip #that she really is quite happy-go-lucky and isn't actually offended by Darcy at the start because she doesn't know him #everyone else is so concerned about what the men think but she's just...not #she overhears him and just laughs #it's only later when she's talked with him a bit and he actually proposes that she's angry #and it's because he has wounded her pride specifically so severely as a human #like...kiera knightley actually did a wonderful job bringing across Lizzy's general good temperament #for that reason i'm quite fond of her lizzy #she's not particularly sensitive unless she's talking to someone she has known a long time #and that's why her understanding of Darcy is so facile at first she just takes him at his word and doesn't probe much deeper #writes him off very quickly #of course i love overly sensitive characters but also the beauty of insensitive characters is that they get things done #because they don't navel gaze and second guess #a lot of female characters written like Lizzy are missing this characteristic #i blame misogyny #there's this sense that the female character must be concerned in some way with the male from the start #whether it's because she's intrigued by him and admits it or is intrigued by him and is purposefully mean to him to ignore it #there is rarely a female character who is simply indifferent at the start because she legitimately has other things one her mind #but that's Lizzy she was just so wonderfully focused on her own life that she really didn't suffer fools #so...yeah ignore me
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  • wolves-in-the-world
    26.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    oh boy. spent months trying to figure out my take on the ot3 and a potentially aromantic Eliot, and yesterday I just barfed out 3k of it. I would post it but a) I want my first fic to be a different thing that's currently with a friend for beta-reading and help with categories etc and b) I also kind of want to figure out an acearo one now to post at the same time maybe.

    #the thing you need to know is I don't historically write fanfic #so this is a little unnerving! nice. but unnerving. #I. may or may not actually ever post this so if anyone's interested shout and I'll make an effort #don't mind me
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  • shadowrabbits
    26.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    constantly being too tired to do the stuff i enjoy is awful

    #i have a long list of things i want to write & draw #but i get home from work and immediately crash every day
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  • eyerites
    26.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    writing prompt • no. 221

    Broken glass, two friends in love, paint-water running down the drain.
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  • rrrpanda
    26.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    20 Questions Writer Edition

    I was tagged by @jenjiy and oh man thank you but this is gonna be embarrassing since i’m barely on ao3. I mostly write in russian that is my native language and all my works are on ficbook. Ehh.

    How many works do you have on ao3?

    Eight (8) works. That’s a sad number tbh, but I’m planning to translate some of my russian works soon ish.

    What’s your total ao3 word count?


    How many fandoms have you written for and what are they?

    Star Trek (AOS), The Boys, Marvel

    What are your top five fics by kudos?

    I only have 8!!! I’ll name one and it’s Bitter Skin (The Boys)

    Do you respond to comments, why or why not?

    Always. Sometimes it’s months late but oh well.

    What’s the fic you’ve written with the angstiest ending?

    Oh I have one angsty thing, it’s called Wounded Sky and it’s in russian, sorry. If you’re still interested or you can read russian it’s here.

    What’s the fic you’ve written with the happiest ending?

    Uhh… ehhh? Happy ending? What’s that? I have a story that’s actually titled Happy Ending and uh.. everyone dies in the end? It’s also in russian, don’t worry i’m not gonna link it here.

    Do you write crossovers? If yes, what’s the craziest thing you’ve written?

    Nah. AUs are my thing.

    Have you ever received hate on a fic?

    I don’t think so.

    Do you write smut? If so what kind?

    Yeah… Blink and you miss it kind.

    Have you ever had a fic stolen?

    Not really. Although someone posted a story that could be considered a “heavily inspired” one.

    Have you ever had a fic translated?

    Yes. By me lmao

    Have you ever co-written a fic?

    Yep. I am co-writing a story with @jenjiy but it’s kind of on hiatus and i’m so soo sorry :(

    What’s your all time favourite ship?

    McKirk is the best. Send tweet.

    However some time ago @jenjiy made me fall in love with Stucky and I haven’t recovered yet

    What’s a WIP you want to finish but don’t think you ever will?

    Oh god i hope to finish all my wips

    What’s your writing strengths?

    Ugh do i even have strengths?

    I have ideas. Does it count?

    What’s your writing weaknesses?

    I can’t write actual smut for shit. Also bad english.

    What are your thoughts on writing dialogue in other languages in fic?

    I wrote some with friends’ help. I think sometimes it really helps to create strong atmosphere.

    What was the first fandom you wrote for?

    Oh dear. Gossip Girl.

    What’s your favourite fic you’ve written?

    Def this one: There is a light that never goes out

    I’m tagging… oh shit I don’t know people. Like for real. @sequencefairy maybe? @dork-with-a-uke ?? @iamonlydancing ???

    #tag game#writer things #writers.. they write #thank you jen
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  • garrettshawke
    26.09.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    i KNOW bioware is going to try and pull the dubious mages and wardens thing in da4 again and its going to be annoying because i dont care! if mages and wardens do something ‘morally unsound’ thats on me for slipping its not their fault 

    #text #like i could write a whole thing especially on what they keep trying to do with the wardens #but it boils down to stop trying to make me hate them by making them comically incompetent/morally dubious #and then we know what they're like w/ mages so...
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  • deardragonbook
    26.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Crying after the fact

    A quick tip for writing powerful emotions. 

    We often fall into the trap of having character’s cry during difficult times, crying because of a horrible series of events that’s taking place. And this is realistic and good. But let me offer up an alternative. 

    When everything is going wrong, and character A thinks they aren’t going to get out of this, or that nothing will ever be okay again. They think they will never see character B again (this can be a love interest, a friend, family). Yet they have to focus, they have to do everything in there power to avoid that. 

    And they do. They avoid it. They make it though, they get out, they get home. And as character B wraps them in their arms around them, relieved they’re even alive, that is when character A finally breaks down into tears. 

    When a character cries should depend on each character. I have characters who cry often, who are open about their emotions but can also keep going while they cry. I have character’s who hold back tears as long as possible because they know when they break down they won’t be getting back up for a while. I have character’s who don’t even need to put effort into holding back those tears because they don’t usually cry, but might cry days later as they finally begin to process. 

    All of these are valid. But there’s something just so good about seeing a character be honest about their emotions in a safe place after the fact. 

    It can be powerful to show different ways of showing emotion. 

    As usual,  check out my socials and book here.

    What’s a moment in a book where the character(s) cried and you felt it hit you hard? 

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  • cheeksred
    26.09.2021 - 49 minutes ago
    i wish i knew a cool way to get back into the swing of things ... but ta da, i'm back ! i know ... emery comes back and leaves like it's going out of style. some family drama happened and all i have done for the last few months is work and then sleep, and repeat. but i am here, and if anyone remembers me ... they know writing is my escape. and i reaaaaaaaallllyyy need an escape. so if you are interested in plotting or even interested in me throwing you a few starter's, please like this!!! im really in the mood for harry potter, scream, or pretty little liars inspired kinds of mystery and spooky things but ALWAYS down for anything angsty or cute too :)))
    #indie rp#open starter #pls like this if you are interested <33 #im reaaaallly in the mood to write and create things with new nd old partners :)))
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  • mineqraft
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i personally still am a fan of like; a different mindstate of red-lifers in last life; but i definitely get the want to make it less supernatural

    my sort of take on it has always been like. less ‘i need to kill’ and more ‘i need to survive, and no one around me is safe’; a sort of heightened adrenaline situation.

    like jimmy on red life in 3L wasn’t initially hostile; but he clearly was on edge and afraid to a further extent. and yeah, that could just be natural human instinct of ‘if i die i’m dead’; but combined with the protectiveness towards smajor when ren showed even a tiny bit of hostility has it in my mind that it’s like.

    adrenaline running through you Constantly. and if you aren’t giving completely into the fight-or-flight it manifests in different ways; like cleo’s increasing paranoia to allies or bdubs snap-decision betrayal

    #last life #last life smp #hopefully it doesn’t sound like i’m vague blogging the people who like it less supernatural! #i totally get the appeal of the lord of the flies thing and i will devour any writing/posts about that as well cause it’s super cool #but also i’m a sucker for mild supernatural stuff ^_^ #3lsmp
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  • sweetandspicyporkchop
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    "Any last words?" he asked. His gun pointed at me as he stared at my face with eyes that made fear blare as loud as a monster's cries in my ears. But it didn't matter to me.
    Because this is it.
    This is my chance to say the words that cowered at the back of my throat.
    "Hurry now, doll." he smiled. "You know you don't have all day."
    How shall I put it? How shall I say them? Ah, fuck it.
    "I have always loved you. And I will never stop loving you." I confessed. My voice hoarse, but loud enough for only him to hear. Only him. I was finally confident now that I had one foot already through death's door.
    Not bothering to prolong this godawful play anymore, I closed my eyes and smiled. I finally got it off my chest. This may not be all that have always wanted. But, letting him dip his hands in my blood might not be as bad as it sounds. At the very least, I'll have something that stains him and mark him as mine.
    I waited for the blow. For the loud noise of the gun he held, and for the only bullet in the barrel to pierce my skull and pronounce me dead. However... it never came.
    I opened my eyes, and there he still was. His lips still curved upwards, but something about his smile this time changed —this one was softer than the rest he had given me before.
    I was about to ask why he didn't pull the trigger, but his tongue beat mine in speaking first, and his words unexpectedly surprised me the most.
    "Maybe I should just kill you tomorrow."
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  • echo-leech
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Aaaaaaaahh. Aaaa.

    #im tired and have;;; things to do;;; #.... #echo leech speaks #i feel the urge to say fuck it and take my usual +4 hr bath and write
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  • flyingupward
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    What were your hands meant to do?


    Violence isn’t cruel and neither are you. You’ve fought all your life - for justice, for love, for peace of mind, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better but you’re not going to stop because at least you have something to work for. Life is a dance and you’re moving so wildly you stumble. Salt is under your tongue but you don’t mind the taste. One day, this world will be better - even if you’re not around to see it. You are a campfire and its camaraderie, its laughter, its energy.

    tagged by: stole it from @fedoraxcrowned​

    tagging: you reading this !

    #C BIANCHI ✩ aesthetic | it is the purpose that makes strong the vow #'youve fought all your life for justice for love for peace of mind' #wow if that aint just the way i write cass in a nutshell #also i love that cassandra and red got the same thing that is just *chefs kiss* #which is especially great cause apparently its the least common result
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  • hellguarded
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lucius, as hard as it is to believe, is  not  aiming for world domination.  hell, he’s not even trying to be evil...  he, wholeheartedly, believes that what he’s doing is  neccessary  for the greater good.  he’s certainly ambitious, overly so, and is not above murder and other questionable processes to achieve his goals;  he’d argue that mortals are unable to comprehend something such as a horseman’s motives.

    he is  only  trying to protect the world’s balance from tipping.  sometimes, it is just as neccessary to take a life or alter the very fabric of a human being to preserve the masses, and their future.  that’s a good thing.

    #≥ file 020: CONQUEST #( gonna try and write ) #( feeling inspired for a few of the things that i got on here so hopefully i don't get suddenly tired ) #( after i reply to smth on discord first ) #( feeling a lot better thanks a lot to the ppl who reached out to me! ) #( ilu a lot and i appreciate u ) #( <3 )
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  • transsexual-bisexual
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    sometimes i wish i could go mute

    #wish i knew sign language #or could write better #so i wouldn’t waste energy on the simple act of speaking #that a weird me thing?
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  • unmistakablyunknown
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #how have i only now realised #that by this time next year #its likely that my oc fics will be done #ill be mostly finished with lightning in a bottle and working on bdl #i have 2 big stranger things fics planned #and then my obx fic #and thats it #aside from my actual novels #idk what other fic i can write lmao #i need to consume some new media asap 😂😭 #otherwise idk what ill do with myself #liv chats shit
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  • sweetandspicyporkchop
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ruin me. Ruin me over and over and over again. I don't mind. I was only yours to ruin anyway.

    #my words#spilled words#words #things i write #thoughts#writing#quotes #writers on tumblr #my writing#true words #writers of tumblr #writerslife #so i wrote this #i wrote this for myself #i wrote a thing #writers#female writers#writeaway #i wrote this on my phone #im not wrong #am i wrong #wordsmith #words words words #wordstoliveby#wise words#love#female#deep thoughts
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  • t-lostinworlds
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i’m so lost and confused right now lol

    #have no idea what to do #like I’m bored #and i have things I can do so that I won’t be bored #but I don’t want to do them #but then I get even more bored #and it just goes on and on and on and on #and as if that’s not enough #imagine having 3 WIPs docs opened #one’s dad!tom #the other is football player!tom #and the last one’s mob!tom #and all three are so fucking different it’s insanity #im going insane #bc I want to write all three #at once #but of course I can’t #lmao #I’ve got so many fics I need to catch up to as well #bruh what even is this #ramblings
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  • gerrydelano
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    that's honestly another part of why i'm not doing JM in PBR like. i respect their canon foundation WAY too much to just kind of slap them together just because, in a way, it's expected of them to be predestined to be together in every other universe? they just wouldn't have the same foundation in this story and it wouldn't do them the justice they deserve, on top of the fact that i just Feel Like exploring other dynamics for them both. canon did it all! and all the fabulous fanworks that preceded mine. it's not Not Happening because i dislike it, it's 100% on the contrary. i think it's fantastic! and what i'm Not interested in is dampening that or falling short of what made it so great and rewarding in the first place.

    what i'm having fun with currently is the way they're actually turning out to be fairly fast friends now that martin is in the archives, totally polar to how they started otherwise. they still bicker! but because martin's realized it's safe to get snippy when he's justifiably annoyed and jon isn't near as guarded and sharp as he is when he's the archivist, they have an easier time getting on the same page and even gravitating towards each other sometimes. jon is still guarded by nature! martin is still inclined towards being friendly and accommodating Before he snaps at somebody! but they each have Environmental Circumstances leading them each in completely opposite directions and yeah, it's going to change how they see each other both for the better and the simply more neutral.

    they don't have Just each other to rely on here, and there are completely new forces driving unfamiliar wedges between Different Characters that won't land them in the same place where they WOULD choose the same things they chose in canon. they choose differently and end up with results that feel just as rewarding to them in accordance with different desires and needs. and it's so fun! and they're friends so early it's so nice! i've gotten to write JON looking out for MARTIN at a PARTY and what the hell is That. never expected that but it happened naturally and i love it so far. and that's also not to say they could Never be together if they're fucking Nice to each other first or something, that's only one piece of the way their individual Greater Arcs are going to go and it dictates who else's Greater Arc will enfold into theirs and complement them in a way that furthers their development and the story as a whole.

    i just love jon and martin so much, man, like. any avoidance of fan content for them is usually Because of that and because i was happy with what we got and so would like to preserve That in my mind when i think back to why i cared enough about the source material to devote this much time to it. flaps.

    #not to mention a way more contrived reason that ended up being totally inapplicable in the end anyway Rolls My Eyes #like. yeah do i have a Couple private AUs with ren where we reuse our ridiculous little rarepairs? yes because we like the it and also #They Exist Nowhere Else so the proportions are wildly different DKCKJEKFJ. but even then! they play some SERIOUS musical chairs! #ren made the great example of fckin. blood&silver jondanny versus them in come what may which started it all in the first place. #uni boyfriends! cute! and then Oh G-d They Are Two Steps Away From Killing Each Other. and both are IC *for their respective worlds* #the circumstances change everything! and that's the FUN PART. #so i'm Super excited for the martin ship because it's something we built completely from the ground up and *so will they* in story #it's got a lot of the same elements of choice because THAT'S the part of the characters i think is worth retaining & actually defines them #their personal needs and desires and reasons for doing things and making commitment. not Just Each Other much less Blindly #anyway this is pure lovepost kdbdjfj #r.txt #pbr tag #did not mean to ronologue Again but that's life! anyway this might have gotten me in the writing mood 🤔 #i get to write them clashing this time and for Good Damn Reason so i am PUMPED. #ronologues
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  • sweetandspicyporkchop
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Perhaps, despite doing it once, you still chose the wrong person to please...

    #my words#spilled words#words #things i write #thoughts#writing#quotes #writers on tumblr #my writing#true words#wordsmith #words words words #wordstoliveby#wise words#writerslife #writers of tumblr #writers #i wrote a thing #i wrote this for myself #so i wrote this #writersnetwork#writersociety#female writers#writersconnection#writerscommunity#female#deep thoughts#sad thoughts #i wrote this on my phone
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