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  • gentori
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    me thinking about dabi: oh precious baby boy, i love you so much. you deserve the world and i will do my best to give it to you. look at you, so full of pain and anger and you have no idea what to do with it except allow it to consume you. i wish i could hold you and kiss away all of your trauma and teach you how to love yourself

    me writing dabi: and here you’ll get some angst. and here’s where you’ll be an emotionally-constipated dick muncher and lash out and say mean things that you don’t actually mean. god, i wanna fucking strangle you why are you like this?? you fucking dumb noodle why is it taking 2k for you to apologize?? just say you’re sorry, ya bozo. oh my god, stop being so fucking dramatic with ur daddy issues i h8 u so much

    #i get SO MAD as if i'm not the one writing it #oh my god i wanna punch him in his stupid face and then kiss him #why is he like this???? #i know i write him like this but why????? #and why can't i write him any other way??? #FOR WHY?? #WHAT'S THE REASON ASTER?? #aster chatters
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  • idkwhyimoverhere
    18.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    What do I write? I’ve had this tab open for awhile just looking at it, trying to figure out something to write. Head empty.

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  • letammie
    18.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    Words that I need to use less: – if – what if – come back – i’m begging you – what are we? – do you love me? – love me – if only – i can’t live without you – why would you love someone like me? – i don’t deserve you or your love – please – please stay. t.l.

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  • allalrightagain
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Me, two days ago: I should have at least two people beta this, just to make sure it makes sense

    Me, having just finished a totally complete draft: are betas actually important? Am I not just writing for myself?

    #for real if anyone wants to proof this for coherency I would appreciate it #otherwise I will give in and just post it #it’s probably fine?? #but mostly I just want it done #👀👀 #daddy issues werewolf fic #hp#lt writes
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  • musicrunsthroughmysoul
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    So I forgot to post that only a little while ago I found this “lost” interview with Janis Joplin. I was doing some research for a dinky little post I was writing about Janis and I stumbled upon this, which didn’t quite match what I was looking for but it was incredibly interesting, anyway.

    Some excerpts that I felt like highlighting (with personal commentary afterward, because I’m a writer and a Janis fan and I can):

    Janis: “I’m not really a songwriter. When I write a tune, it’s just about the way I feel. So my songs kind of start to sound the same after a while. [chuckles] They’re all about...people’s insides. ... I can’t write a song about a knife. I can only write about Janis Joplin. I write very subjective tunes, I write first-person tunes.”

    What fascinates me about the first part of what she said, “I’m not really a songwriter. When I write a tune, it’s just about the way I feel,” it’s astonishing the way she invalidates her own writing abilities and her feelings in one fell swoop. (Note: as a Janis fan, I am aware that she did not only write lyrics, and that several times at least she also arranged, or helped arrange, the music for songs she recorded.) It reminds me of the story behind “Mercedes Benz” and the way she LITERALLY INSISTED that the men who helped inspire the song be credited for it, as well, even though Janis ultimately wrote the bulk of the song herself. It’s like...not only was she modest as hell when it came to her abilities, but it’s also clear that she took criticism (especially of the sexist variety) to heart. Which also reminds me of what Country Joe McDonald said about her, that “Sexism killed her.” Some days I remember that quote and think, ‘Mehhhhh, I don’t think you’re fully right, dude...’ but other times I think, ‘Oh, wait. Maybe that is true, actually.’

    Interviewer: “What about fellow Texans?” Janis: “I hate ‘em. [laughs]”

    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Interviewer: “Prettiness...for years, we think of the young girl - white kid - who had ‘pretty’ songs, the pretty singer.” [Personal note: considering Janis’ reply, I think I’m missing being able to hear or understand part of what he says here...sorry.] Janis: “You know that’s really good, that you brought that up, because no one’s ever brought that up before and I think that’s a really valid point. Like most chick singers - like, well, any female - they’re very ladylike in their conduct, their everything. That’s why I don’t think they sing the blues, you know what I mean? I don’t mean to sound trite, but you can’t sing the blues and have your hair bleached platinum blonde and, you know, look like a cheerleader - I mean, you can’t, you gotta have something else going. You gotta be able to act a little, feel a little, think a little - you know, guts! And so, most chicks don’t do that.”

    Part of why I was confused about what the interviewer said versus how Janis replied was because I don’t think at ALL what the interviewer said justified the validation that Janis suggested he deserved in bringing that subject up. LOL I mean, to begin with I’m very weirded out that he hooked on so emphatically to “prettiness” as a subject for an interview like this unless it was some underlying message to Janis (again: I’m weirded out, BYE). But it also goes to show just how much [presumably straight, white] men are tied to image - that music alone isn’t enough and someone just HAS to bring up what a [female, especially] singer looks like as some qualifying aspect of worthwhile music. (Note that I am not sure if I’d say for certain that HE suggested that sort of music is worthwhile, but even if it doesn’t apply to this interview, rest assured it applies to SO MANY OTHER articles and interviews written about women artists.) However, I get what Janis was saying even if, rationally, I’d also like to suggest that women can be those things AND sing the blues, or do whatever they want. I do certainly agree with Janis about what she said about, “You gotta be able to act a little, feel a little, think a little - you know, guts!” though, which certainly any girl or woman CAN do except that it does tend to require rejecting societal expectations and gender roles sometimes. I prefer to believe (especially considering what she said after that bit of dialogue, about comparing herself and her sister) that IS what she meant, though, and that even if she didn’t specifically say it, she certainly implied it and she embodied it quite often, as well.

    Interviewer: “You say, you know, while the war is going on, you’re getting stoned. Does that bother you?” Janis (sounding very resigned at the end): “Well sure it bothers me, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” Interviewer: “...the fact is, you are talking [about? out?] it in your own way. This is your way of saying... You say you can’t do a thing about it, but you are! Singing, the way you do.” Janis: “Well, I don’t view it that way. I do it because it feels good. [chuckles] I don’t do it as a political comment.”

    😠😠😠😠😠 I will say, while I’m not a fan of this interviewer who mostly sounds like an asshole, he was correct, I think, in making that comment to Janis. While not everyone is necessarily going to be or become an activist and try to effect change, it IS important to think critically about your role in society (and consider what things are done and what things happen because of that society, so at the very least, indirectly, and most importantly, what you can do about those things).

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  • taylorsrockalbum
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    the end of 2x07 is so cute i wish they’d shown rory and that girl becoming friends

    #rory gilmore#gilmore girls#gg 2x07 #natalie rewatches gilmore girls #it's kind of frustrating to see like she has those friends the first year of college and then they're just dropped #and there's no one else until lucy and olivia in season 7 #like they didn't need to write in friends for lorelai and rory that we Know like sookie and lane and paris #but they could've just...had people that we saw them hang out with sometimes besides the main friends
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  • harushi
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    by my side

    to congratulate our birthday boy <3


    “Happy birthday!” You jumped from behind the couch surprising the unknowing Kazutora. He was too much in shock to respond. Around you both were candles and birthday decorations. It looked like a child’s birthday party.

    You already knew, every little detail about his past. But despite that, you still accepted him for who he was now. A changed man, and you were proud of him for that. You were proud to be his friend. “Did you plan this for me?” Kazutora looked around the living room. “Of course, why else would I be standing in your house right now?” You walked up to grab his arm and pulled him on the couch.

    You weren’t one for cake and neither was he. So you opted for Peyoung yakisoba. “We both aren’t the biggest fan for cake, so I bought some yakisoba instead.” The stir fry noodles were still steaming hot thankfully. You offered him a box and took the other one for yourself. He hesitantly accepted.

    “C’mon loosen up, you still have your jacket on.” You said tugging on his clothes. “Eh, oh yeah.” Kazutora has been one of your closest friends for years. Your feelings for him have never faltered, but they have made trouble. This is one of your many secrets you’d carry with you to the grave if possible. You knew Kazutora wasn’t in the best condition to be in a relationship, if anything he was damaged goods. You can understand that, nobody was perfect.

    He was fidgety. Playing with his thumbs and looking around the room. Like he wanted to do something. “Kazu what’s up? You’re acting weird.” Concerned for your friend, you stood up and pressed your hand to his forehead. He was fine but something was still up. “Do you need water? I’ll get it.” You were starting to walk away when he grabbed your hand. “What’s up..?” His hands were so warm. “I wasn’t expecting this… you know, surprise.” You laughed. “Of course you weren’t, it was a surprise.”

    His hand didn’t seem to let go, but instead got tighter. “Hey, will you stay with me?” You never took him for a shy guy but still accepted his request. “Sure.” You sat back down next to him.

    He was silent.

    “You’re awfully quiet.” You second guessed if he even liked the idea of a party. “Are you uncomfortable with all of this—“

    “No! It’s great! Everything is, it’s just…” you could tell he couldn’t find the right words to describe what he’s feeling. Yet you were reassured. “You can talk to me about anything you know?” You squeezed his hand. He took a deep breath in and sighed.

    “Let’s say.. hypothetically speaking, I really enjoy the idea of you being by my side.” You felt a blush trickle on your face. “Yes… and?”

    “Would you ever leave me?” A smile fell on your lips. You shifted in your seat and gave his cheek a little kiss. “I like you Kazu, I wouldn’t ever think about leaving your side.” He turned his head to look at you. Eyes widened and jaw slightly open. “Happy birthday Kazu.” You smiled and hesitantly let go of his hand. Kazutora grabbed you and pulled you closer, closer than you two have ever been. Resting his head in the space between your neck and shoulder, you could feel his breath.

    He peppered kisses along your neck travelling down to your shoulders. “Kazu... what are you—”  “I’m glad.. really glad.” he spoke in-between kisses.  You loved this boy so much. So much to the point you wouldn’t care what he did to you. Even if he’s doing this to make you feel better you can’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach. His arms wrapped around your body, one supporting your head while the other one tugged at your clothing. 

    “Please stop.. Kazu. I know you don’t like me back… don’t force yourself.” You pushed him off you. His lips followed you like he couldn’t get enough. “You’re always so hard headed.” He chuckled. “Who told you I didn’t like you back?” He placed a hand on your cheek, caressing the skin with his thumb. “It’s my birthday…? Can I?”

    Kazutora looked at your lips longingly. He wanted to devour you. With the nod of your head he swooped you up and placed you on his lap. Hands exploring every curve of your body. Lips locked with yours, with your tongues swirling around together. This was everything you ever wanted and more. To be intimate with Kazutora. His hands found their way under your sweater and were placed on your back. Removing his lips with yours to catch your breath, he could feel you grinding your cunt against his cock. “So eager aren’t you?”

    In a flash he took your top off and threw it away. Exposing your breasts for all to see. “No bra? What were you waiting to do after this?” Your arms instinctively tried covering your bouncers but Kazutora denied that.

    “Let me see those pretty tits.” It was embarrassing to say the least but he was enjoying it well. “If you stare like that—“ suddenly you felt his mouth start sucking on one of your nipples. “Kazu… ah.” No mercy. Occasionally his teeth would graze you causing a moan coming from your lips. “Keep making those sounds for me baby.” While his mouth was occupied, his hands certainly weren’t. Keeping one on your back for support and the other rubbing circles around your perked nipple.

    Kazutora was good, too good at pleasing you. He knew where exactly your sweet spots were. You placed a hand on your mouth to cover your moans. He momentarily stopped sucking. You whimpered for him to continue. “You sound so pretty, don’t stop until I tell you to okay?” He sounded so gentle but the way his mouth moved said otherwise.

    “P-please..” you managed to utter out, loud enough so he would hear over the loud slurping noises. “Hm?” he tilted his head up. “I want…. it.” you said almost in a whisper. He felt you start grinding against him making pleads for his hardening cock. “Tell me louder baby, use your words.” he grabbed you by the jaw and tilted your head to the side. With your ears revealed he bit you. Out of your left ear all you could hear were licking and slurping sounds, Kazutora couldn’t get enough of your body.

    “Kazutora… I want it.. I want your cock, please…” You moved his hands on your abdomen. You inched closer to his face, a hairs length away from your lips touching. With half lidded eyes and such a lewd face you were making, Kazutora just couldn’t hold back anymore. Pushing you down on the couch he simultaneously got up hovering over you. His hands sliding down your stomach and under your panties. “Be a good girl and be patient for me.”

    His fingers find their way to your dripping wet pussy. “You’re already this wet, all we did was exchange a few kisses.” he licked his lips. “Mmh.. hurry.. in..” you squirmed under him hoping his fingers would magically slide in. “What did I say about being patient?”

    A flash of pain seared through your body suddenly as two of his fingers forced themselves in. A loud moan came from your mouth, he was finger fucking you. His thumb rubbing circles around your clit while your walls clench around his fingers. “Fuck, you’re so tight.”

    Grabbing a hold of a chunk of his hair, you leaned forward. Feeling that familiar knot in your stomach you knew you were close. “Kazu…. mmh- c-coming.. ah.”

    “Oh yeah?” his pace quickened. His fingers thrusting into your pussy at the speed of a tiger. You were near. “Kazu! I’m… Mmh! Coming!” you pulled on his hair harder as you were about to come all over his fingers but he suddenly pulled out leaving you a whimpering-panting mess. “No… no.. more I want more..” you moved your hands down but Kazutora pinned them above your head. “Mmh… please…”

    He licked his lips at the sight of you squirming, begging for any friction on your slit.

    “Be still for me.” Kazutora picked you up bridal style and walked to his bedroom. “It’ll be nicer in here.” he kisses your forehead as he places you on his bed. “Your sheets.. won’t they get ruined.” his blankets felt so soft.

    “I think those are the least of your worries.” Kazutora pulled on the hem of his shirt tugging it off and revealing his torso. He’s gotten bigger over the years, not only his body but his… cock. It was long, not too much girth but long. You couldn’t help but feel the heat pool between your legs again.

    “Kazu..” you crawled up to him on all fours. Twirling your fingers around his length, you could barely cover the whole thing. You kissed the tip of his member already pooling with precum. Smearing the natural lube on to the rest of his cock you shoved the thing in your mouth. Bobbing your head up and down and using your hands for what you couldn’t fit.

    “Mmn.. just like that..” he was thrusting into your mouth. He was so long, you nearly choked trying to deep throat his cock. “Deeper baby..” Kazutora held the back of your head with both hands and started hitting the back of your throat. Your whines didn’t help, the vibrations from your voice stirred him up even more. “Agh… your mouth..” he completely ignored your taps on his thighs. “C-Coming…!” Kazutora pulled out and let his load out all over your face and tits. You coughed a little trying to inhale air.

    Kazutora opened his drawer in search of something. He took some tissues along with a rubber. “Sorry.” he said as he wiped your face. “Mm, it’s alright. I mean, you are the birthday boy.”

    He leaned in climbing onto the bed with you. “Then will you spoil me tonight?” Kazutora brushed a piece of your hair behind your ear. You would always be the one to tease him but today was different. “Yes, as much as you want..” he smirked and flipped you over. You were now laying on your chest, knees propped up and ass in the air. “You’re so beautiful..” he grabbed a handful of ass and slapped it. The feeling of pain was soon overcome with pleasure as he slipped the condom on and lined it up with your wet folds.

    His constant teasing of your cunt fucked you up. You wanted him in so bad, yet he was playing with you like a doll. “Hurry… I wann’it.. inside..” you were backing up against him. Kazutora really was like a surprise. While he did stretch you out before, there was no comparing the size of this man’s boner. The sudden enter caused another sear of pain, loud moans came from your mouth and your eyes rolling back from all the stimulation.

    “You still a virgin?” Kazutora noticed the trickle of blood running down your leg. “Wanted… t’save it.. for you.” Hearing those words were enough to get him excited like a cat with a new toy. Kazutora slammed into you once again. “Mmh— ah…!”

    “How… does… it.. feel… ngh—“ he spoke in between thrusts. Kazutora leaned forward, now his chest was to your back. He littered love bites all over your shoulders and neck. With every bite, you would tighten around his cock. While he continuously slams his dick into you, he’s also muttering sweet nothings into your ear. Mostly it’s inaudible muttering from how good he feels inside you.

    His hands cup your breasts and starts kneading them. You were close, and so was he. The way his movements were getting messy and his soft whimpers in your ear, he was so cute. “Kazu… think i’m.. come- coming..” he tilted your head for a kiss. “Mmh..! Ngh—“ Your pleads we’re once again cancelled out. Both of your lips separated with a pop.

    “Ngh, fuck. You feel so fucking good…” he grunted. “Can’t take it… Kazu.. M’cumming!” With one last thrust he stilled inside of you. Both of you a panting mess. The pink translucent rubber was filled halfway with his cum. He quickly tied it and threw it on the floor, flopping down on the bed next to you.

    You turn to face him.

    Kazutora places kisses all over your face, they were gentle but passionate . “Does this mean y’like me back?” you looked at him with puppy eyes. He placed his forehead on yours. “What type of question is that..” you both giggled.

    “Yeah, I do.”

    “Then I can die happy.”

    harushi © all rights reserved please do not plagiarize or steal. do not translate or use for personal use without permission.

    #tokyo revengers #ITS LIKE MY FIRST TIME WRITING SMUT HELP??? #tokyorev #tokyo revengers manga #kazutora scenarios #kazutora is the loml #tokyo revengers kazutora #kazutora#kazutora hanemiya #kazutora x y/n #kazutora fluff#Kazutora #tokyo revengers smut #kazutora smut#kazutora imagines #kazutora x reader #kazutora x you #tokyo revengers fic #tokyo revengers x reader #kazutora packs #kazutora tokyo revengers #tokyorevengers ​petshop au #anime
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    18.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    cat’s out of the bag

    kei tsukishima x fem!reader

    words: 1.6k

    pronouns: she/her

    a/n: first tsukishima fic! first haikyuu fic! open to requests and also criticism!

    tsukishima narrowed his eyes at his teammates on the other side of the net, their practice match had been going on for thirty minutes and they were still neck and neck for the first set. his fingers were becoming red and strained from being hit by the ball so much– but that meant he was doing good, so he really couldn't complain. well, he could. and he had no issue doing so.

    "all these spikes, and are you getting any better short stack?" he taunted, looking down at the ginger. "really, if this keeps up, i'm going to have bruises on my hands by tomorrow. you could at least try aiming for an opening."

    "what?" hinata stomped towards the net, his offense nearly loud enough to echo through the gym. "practice is supposed to be helping us get better, what are you complaining for?"

    "if it were an actual challenge, i would be getting better," he let out a dramatic sigh.

    from behind him, tanaka called out. "stop arguing and get back into position so asahi can serve the ball!"

    the boys did as they were told, tsukishima falling back into line with kageyama and tanaka. the ball went straight over their heads, though nishinoya provided a perfect receive, squaring out his body. then, tanaka was the one to spike it– or attempt. suga shot it back down with his block.

    "come on, man!"

    the next round started up again, the served ball slapping against tadashi's forearm before being saved by noya. to their right, the gym doors opened and closed with a thunk, though most of the boys were too caught up in the game to spare a slight glance in the direction.

    sugawara noticed. his desperate curiosity tore his head that way, eyebrows drawing upward at an unfamiliar face. "who's that?"

    plenty of people wandered in their gym during practice, primarily first years that get lost on the way to their club meetings. they almost immediately back out with apologies under the inquisitive stares of the third years— but this person didn't. instead, offered a small smile and stayed quiet. just watching.

    daichi received the ball, hitting it up in the air towards their setter's direction. kageyama raised his hands and kept his eye on the ball, waiting for his signal. the ginger propelled forward, eyes barely open as the air from his jump hit him in the face.

    tsukishima jumped, limbs straightened out to be as tall as he could be.

    "hey, kei."

    he faltered, the structure in his arms going weak, bending at the elbows. confusion flashed in his face at the voice, although familiar, unexpected. he looked to his right, eyes locking in with the proud grin you presented.

    hinata's spike tore through tsukishima's now slack fingers. nishinoya didn't try to save it as it bounced against the hardwood floor. instead of lurching forward, his feet brought him to tanaka.

    "woah!" "did she say kei?" "can i call you kei?"

    the voices of his teammates all spoke up at once, two of the second years, along with hinata, crowding around tsukishima with wonder. he took in a deep breath

    tanaka patted him on the back with heavy, unexpected force. "woah, tsukishima! how'd you get a pretty girl like that to come to practice?"

    "yeah, what are you, some secret casanova?" nishinoya barked out laughter at his own joke.

    tsukishima sighed, pushing up his glasses after they slid down from tanaka's hit. he straightened his posture, now towering over the boys more than before.

    "she's my girlfriend, you idiots."

    his teammates froze, bodies becoming stiff as sticks as they stared. as he pushed past the suffocating crowd that had formed around him, their eyes followed. mouths dropped open, and eyebrows were brought together in an expression that could only be described as horror.

    as he made his way over to you, the third years tried to console the frightened boys. you could hear suga in the distance, "come on, guys. what are you freaking out for?" the only response he got was wordless babbles.

    each step brought a larger grin to your face, despite his stoic expression. he blocked the view of his teammates once he came to a stop in front of you, with minimal space left between the two of you.

    "you did that on purpose," tsukishima said, as matter-of-fact. he wasn't wrong.

    "i could see the scoreboard. they deserved a point."

    "no wonder you're not in any sports clubs, you're too soft for competition." he straightened up, glancing to the caged clock adorning the wall next to them. it wasn't even 4:00. "speaking of, what are you doing here? aren't you supposed to be in—"

    "meeting ended early," you answered, then tilted your head. a small smirk ghosted over your lips. "don't act like this isn't a pleasant surprise, pretty boy."

    at the mention of your pet name for him, a slow blush blossomed at the tip of his ears. soon enough it would be spreading to his cheeks.

    from the benches, the boys looked on. they couldn't seem to break their gaze, eyes following each movement in analysis. the way he turned his head away slightly when he spoke, and despite his blank expression your smile never left your face, you adored him— was he standing taller?

    your fingers subtly, or it would have been subtle, if not for the onlookers, delicately reached out and toyed with his fingertips. he didn't stop you, didn't bother to glance down either. there was a brief moment where his thumb swept over the back of your hand before falling slack in your grip again, letting you do as you pleased.

    a question lingered in the back of tsukishima's mind, he trained his eyes on you and tried to figure out the answer before he'd ever ask.

    "tsukishima!" the tone was almost angry.

    it was then that your smile was wiped away, eyebrows raised in surprise as you looked over to the benches. small doubt pressed on your stomach, wondering if you broke some rule by interrupting practice.

    "are you gonna introduce us to your girlfriend, or what?"

    the blond's head rolled over his shoulder to look at them, regretting his decision as he met their giddy expressions.

    as you reached them, tadashi waved excitedly. "hey, y/n!"

    "you knew about them, tadashi?" hinata questioned, straining his neck next to the green-haired boy as if to intimidate. seeing him stand on his tippy toes, you stifled a laugh.

    "well, yeah-"

    "why didn't you tell us?" tanaka cut him off, mirroring the ginger on tadashi's opposite side and leaning in dangerously close to his face. "what, are we keeping secrets from each other now?"

    "i wouldn't mind," tsukishima muttered. if he still had the attention, they would've watched as he side-stepped slightly in your direction. you bumped his arm with a playful glare.

    tadashi babbled off an answer, a half-assed one at that. he faltered under the looming shadows of his teammates, betrayal prominent in their faces. as he slouched and brought his hands up to his chest in fear, you shook your head and looked up to your boyfriend.

    he looked as if he'd rather be dead.

    a new face jumped in front of you, his proximity catching you by surprise. he had his hands on his hips and puffed his chest proudly. you furrowed your eyebrows, racking your brain for a name blonde tuft of hair at the forefront of his brunette cone and a devilish grin that took up most of his face.

    "it's nishinoya, right?"

    his eyes lit up and the inquisitive demeanor dropped. he looked from tsukishima, to you, back to tsukishima. he swelled with pride and you could've sworn that he'd fallen in love with the blond.

    "tsukki," he sang in adoration, "you talk about us?"

    "woah, i didn't expect that," daichi laughed, placing a hand on the back of his neck to clamp down on the slight nervousness.

    kageyama rolled his eyes, looking off to the court. "we all know it's nothing good anyway."

    you smirked, looking up at tsukishima. you had the opportunity to throw him to the wolves, which would undoubtedly bestow a lifetimes worth of teasing. he met your gaze, and a part of you expected a nonverbal plead to keep quiet. instead, his eyes were cold and daring. do it, he challenged.

    but you wouldn't. and he knew that. for as long as the teammates would hold the compliments against him, no matter how backhanded they were, he would hold his grudge against you for letting it out in the first place.

    "it's nice to meet you, y/n!" sugawara finally stepped forward, waiting his turn.

    "you're suga?"

    "yeah, that's me. the hair was a giveaway, right?" he chuckled nervously, blushing.

    the boys had you guessing their names as they welcomed you to the court, tanaka laughing loudly at his own jokes toward tsukishima. you giggled along until daichi slapped his back as a warning to play nice.

    they tried to pry information out of you, anything that could be damaging to tsukishima's reputation. fortunately for him, you kept your mouth shut, instead opting to talk about the team.

    "we should go."

    tsukishima's voice cut through the bouncing energy of the group.

    "what? kei, you still have practice—" you started,

    "how can i practice when these idiots are giving me a headache?" he drawled. he looked at you with his eyebrows drawn upward and together. his way of saying please when he couldn't force the word out of his mouth.

    grinning, you prompted, "ice cream?"


    he turned away and walked towards the gym doors leading outside, and you picked up speed to catch up with him. a chorus of mocking "aw"'s were called out from behind.

    you waved goodbye to the team, making sure to say how nice it was to meet them. even your goodbye's were cut short, your boyfriend speeding up to reach outside and you scrambled to follow.

    once away from the crowd, he linked his hand with yours.

    "that wasn't so bad, was it?"

    "i'm never hearing the end of it."

    #tsukishima x reader #tsukishima fluff#kei tsukishima#tsukishima #kei tsukishima x reader #tsukishima fic #kei tsukishima fic #haikyuu x reader #karasuno #hq x reader #spleen writes #reader x tsukishima #reader x kei tsukishima
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    I unprivated the personal side blog where I talk shit and be annoying !!

    It’s @vodcatte <3 feel free to follow even if ur not a moot lmao just remember to read the navi <3

    #kisses from catte 🦩 #ALSO I’m gonna b writing today haha <333 #Thank god I can finally stop making so many delete later posts here on main #then forget to delete them akkskaak
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  • 100worddash
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    Dena’s Bug

    When she was six years old, Dena put a ladybug in her ear. Or so she thought. In fact, she had gotten it close to her ear, and it had smartly flown away the moment she let go of it. She wanted it to be her best friend and see everything she saw. Dena grew up convinced there was an insect in her ear. At a certain point she assumed it was dead and had disintegrated, but on occasion she wondered if it was still there, somehow alive and thriving, driving from behind her eyes. She’d blame the bug sometimes.

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  • sunakith
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    #i wanna write something for tobio soooo bad!!!! #anon#asks
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    Don't Fear Writing the Synopsis

    Don't Fear Writing the Synopsis ~ Let’s face it–writing a synopsis and query letter can often be more difficult than writing the book itself. Howeve

    Presented by: Becky MartinezDate: October 1 – 31, 2021Pricing: A2P Member fee: $15Non-A2P Member fee: $30 About the Workshop: Let’s face it–writing a synopsis and query letter can often be more difficult than writing the book itself. However, it doesn’t have to be. By putting your own personal creativity into writing the synopsis, you can come up with a “pitch” for your book that can not only…

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    #Aged to Perfection Online Class #Becky martinez #creativity and promotion #online writing class #synopsis
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    80% consists of music and books.

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  • bangchan-fairy
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    #not writing #bee answers 💬🐝 #🌸beloved moots🌸#el ☕ #hehe im really excited for homecoming tomorrow #ill definitely show you pics of my outfit :) #thank you for reaching out and always being so kind #it means a lot to me :)
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  • thereweregoosebumpsonyourmailbox
    18.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    I Wish You Could See How I See You

    Lately I’ve been wondering

    How I would ever get you back

    Toxic mindset

    Poisoned neurons

    Your finger hooks my shirt

    My hand wraps around my cock

    I cum and it’s you

    Touching yourself on the phone, muted

    Begging me to let you cum

    And sometimes it’s reversed

    I’ve been thinking of you often

    Lately my past has been infecting my mind

    Whether past friendships burning in a pyre

    Or entrenched in the sinking mud of Love’s mire

    I wish I could show you the heat of the flame

    I wish I could show you why the beast cannot be tamed

    Bursting at the seams stitched so carefully

    The skin tears at the edges insistently

    If I let you into my brain

    I wish you’d love me the same

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  • nikibogwater
    18.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Me, to me: Okay, how much comfort do we want to put in this last chapter?

    Me: Yes.

    #writing#fanfiction#rott rewrite#hehehehe #this is the part where I get to self-indulge to the max
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  • cityofruins
    18.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    How do I love?

    With everything or nothing at all

    I don't believe in dwindling in the middle, the grey parts of it

    I believe in black and white

    I, either keep things so close

    It may sometimes feel like you are breathing underwater

    Or I push them away so far so they could never tear me apart

    How do I love?

    I love like a sun exuding light

    Like it has cracked open to save its loved one from the darkness

    I love without veils and armours

    While the battlefield turns into my funeral

    #writer #excerpt from a book i'll never write #writing#poetry #poems on tumblr #poemsoftheday#love
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