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    21.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Another thing I liked about this epi was someone ( aka Micheal) care Alex been gone for 48 hr…if you told the truth for the begging be better but you can’t have it all. Glad they also growing a bit & can Handel each other & their faults a bit better…

    #roswell new mexico #malex #michael x alex #alex manes#michael guerin
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    21.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #aurum answers #a wonderful Anon #Decladam#Dadam #Declan x Adam #I Go About Things the Wrong Way #TRC RBB
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    L: *under his breath* Kirasaywhat

    Light: What?

    L: nothing

    #death note#l lawiet#light yamagi #l x light #l lawlight #death note l #death note manga #death note anime #incorrect death note #kira death note #ryuk #First death note post because I finished the anime #funny incorrect quotes
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    21.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Bail Me Out

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader / Peter Parker x Reader (Platonic) 

    Word Count: 2.6K 

    Summary: You and Peter get into trouble in the middle of the night and there’s only one person in the world that can come to your rescue. 

    Warnings: Swearing, self destructive behaviour, arguments and a bit of angst. 

    A/N: Dividers by the amazingly talented @firefly-graphics

    This night had been doomed from the start, before your plan had even fully formed. It was going south.

    It was predetermined from the moment you decided to steal a set of Tony’s keys from the garage. Or when you were speeding down the highway cruising towards the city until the compound became invisible in the rearview.

    Or when you’d thrown rocks at Peter’s window, waved an unopened bottle of tequila and begged him to go for a drive. Or when you’d both abandoned the expensive sports car, along with your clothes by the beach and sprinted off into the sea.

    Yes tonight had truly been doomed.  

    You felt lucky that the officers who’d picked you up were generous enough to re-dress. You’d seen the movies, the thought of being wrapped up in one of those tin foil blankets sent chills down your spine.

    After all, how would it look if Tony Stark’s top scientists were caught by the press being hauled off to jail stark naked?

    On the flip side, you didn’t feel so lucky about being locked up in an overnight cell with the early hours of a wednesday morning. Trapped in a flurry of uniformed steel bars with all the other creatures of the night.

    You were surrounded, stuck in that tiny cell for what felt like an eternity. Despite the fogginess in your brain from all the alcohol you’d consumed, the reality of this situation dawned on you.

    You’d fucked up big time.

    You were filled with utter dread as you listed the growing list of consequences in your mind. You were already in such deep shit with the team, this was only going to make things worse.

    Worst of all you’d dragged Peter into your self destruction. He was just being a good friend, trying his best to distract you from reality.

    You sighed defeatedly, each breath released a new wave of intoxication that made the room spin. You rested your head on Peter’s slumped shoulder to ground yourself, his head on yours.

    Little droplets of ice cold water fell from his hair onto your shoulder and down your bare arms. An unyielding chill overtook your body, you tried to stop your teeth chattering but it was near impossible. The dampness of your skin, the frosty air conditioning and cool steel bench chilled you to the bone.  

    You closed your eyes for a moment, drunken sleep threatening to pull you under.

    “Parker, Y/L/N! Phone’s free.” An officer barked at you from the other side of the bars. You were startled back to consciousness, jumping away from Peter’s fear stricken body. You both shared a wide eyed, terror filled stare.

    Peter stuttered and stumbled to his feet, pulling you up from the seat. “We… We can’t call anyone we know, May and Happy would have us hung.”

    You nodded fervently in agreement, “Tony would bench me permanently.”

    “MJ and Ned don’t have cars.”

    “We just can’t call anyone, Pete. We’re just going to have to wait it out till morning.” You decided, sitting back down on the steely glacier.

    “Well…” Peter trailed off, staring down at you hopefully, a grimace etched into your face. The words hadn’t even left his mouth but you knew what he was thinking.


    “But he’s our best best!” He practically cried, he dropped down in front of you so that you were eye level. “He won’t say anything. He’d have the car picked up and he’d never leave you sitting in a cell all night, even if you guys aren’t talking.”

    “I can’t call him.”

    “But isn’t this what you wanted all along?”

    You looked at him confused, tilting your head to the side. “Well he’s shut you out for weeks, so you’ve been acting out and doing reckless things until he comes to save you.” He muttered just loud enough for you to hear.

    You felt your eyes well up with tears as you averted your gaze over Peter’s head. He was right of course, but that didn’t make it any easier to hear.

    Tony had sidelined you from your work after a weapon’s experiment went wrong. Turns out playing around with biological weapons and temperamental nanotech could go very wrong. You’d accidentally put the lives of everyone in the compound in danger. Yours included.  

    You hadn’t spoken to Bucky since that day three weeks ago. In that time you’d spiraled out of control waiting for him to reappear in your life.

    You could still feel the way his eyes burned into you with panicked fury. He’d almost lost you.

    Bucky had always been a man of few words, but he’d been so furious and so scared. He couldn’t hold back the tsunami of berating. The last thing you’d heard was him calling you immature because storming off to his bedroom. It’d sent you on a warpath, he thought you were childish, you’d show him. Well you’d definitely succeeded on that front.

    Your head fell into your hands, groaning loudly. “Give me a quarter.” You muttered defeatedly.

    Bucky hadn’t left his bedroom in three weeks, he’d become a total recluse. Unable to stomach more than a shower after the way he’d spoken to you after the incident. Sam had been kind enough to bring him his meals and whisperings of your most recent activities.

    He wanted to intervene, to shake some sense into you. To lock you up with him, in his bedroom and show you how much you’d scared him. It terrified him knowing he could have anything to save you had your experiment now been contained and destroyed by Wanda. He couldn’t handle the thought of losing you.

    A sharp ringing sound pierced through the sleepy fog, it grew louder and louder drawing him back to consciousness. It punctured through his mind painfully, until he was forced to wake up.  

    He reached out, hand slapping against his phone, hoping the incessant caller would go away. But it wouldn’t stop.

    The screen light seared his bleary eyes, he just about made out the word ‘unknown.’  The anonymity of this three am caller piqued his interest. It just just seemed too suspicious.

    “Hmm…” He grunted into the phone.

    “A collect call from Queens Police Department, will you accept the charges for this call?” An automated voice boomed through the phone’s speaker.

    “Huh?” Bucky grumbled, his hand rubbing over his eyes. Nothing was making sense, his sleepy mind working on a five second delay as he tried to catch up.  

    “Yeah I will.” There was a long, harsh beep as the call connected. And then, complete silence. Dead air deafened him as he waited for the caller to say something.

    “Buck?” You whispered into the phone. humiliation ate at your stomach as you rocked from one foot to the other.

    Hearing your voice was the wake up call he hadn’t truly expected. An alarm bell rang in his ears, his heart thudded as his chest tightened. “Why are you calling me from a police station at 3am?” He snapped loudly, fear trickled into his voice unwillingly.

    “Because I’m in a police station at 3am...” You smirked, rolling your eyes.

    He didn’t need to see your face to see the face you were pulling. He let out a humoured breath, “no shit baby.”  

    “Ask a silly question-” You shot back at him, but he cut you off.  

    “Get a silly answer, I know.” He muttered.

    “Look I wouldn’t be calling… but I didn’t have a choice. I can’t call anyone else.”

    You lent your head against the cool yellow tiles that decorated the police station. It was the kind of drab yellow that could only make people feel depressed after looking at it for too long. “Could you please just come and get us.”

    Bucky’s resolve hardened, his jaw tightening angrily. “Us?” He spat.

    “Yeah Peter and I got picked up by the cops…” You winced.

    “You gotta be shitting me.” He growled.

    He shouldn’t have been surprised, you were always getting into trouble with that little punk. He enabled you, encouraged your wacky ideas and often ended up causing endless nightmares for the rest of the team.

    “I know, I know. We’re bad influences on one another.” You pleaded, beating him to his usual argument. “Please James, I need you.” You begged quietly into the speaker of the plastic phone.

    Despite himself, your honesty melted his cold heart. He’d do anything for you, even if he was royally pissed off with you. “I’ll be there shortly.”

    You watched the hallway, waiting for the guard to call for you. It was agonizing, your eyes flickering from the hall to the broken clock on the wall. Every sound, every movement made you twitch with anxiety.

    It was the longest wait of your life. Worst of all, you weren’t sure you were ready to face him.

    “Parker, Y/N/L! You’re free to go.”

    Blood rushed to your ears, you felt woozy as you stood up and trudged towards the front desk. Peter followed you timidly, unable to look up from the ground as you came face to face with your saviour.

    He swerved around Bucky’s tall, hulking frame. Embarrassment tinged his cheeks as he collected both of your belongings from the front desk.

    Your eyes trailed up from his chest painfully slowly until you met his eyes. His muscular arms crossed tightly over his broad chest. He looked furious, heat radiated from his body.

    You wanted nothing more than to jump into his arms but his burning stare stopped you. Instead, you dropped your head dejectedly, mumbling a barely audible thank you as you moved around him.

    The three of you were completely silent as you made your way to the car. And no words were exchanged in the car as Bucky sped in the direction of Peter’s apartment building.

    The tension between the two of you was stifling, almost painful. Every so often Bucky’s eyes flickered up from the road to the rearview mirror, checking that you were still in the car. You kept your head pressed against the window, eyes focused on the world outside as it melted by.

    He pulled up to the dingy building with a screeching stop. Smoke billowed around the car, the scent of burning rubber flooded your nose.

    Peter stumbled out of the car and muttered a feeble thank you to Bucky. He was met with a severe look, eyes burning into him. The colour in Peter’s face drained entirely and he scrambled back from the car towards his building. He sent a shaky wave in your direction before disappearing entirely.

    Bucky waited, his left hand wrapped tightly around the leather steering wheel, the metal cogs whirring steadily. His right hand was wedged between the gap in the window and the car bonnet, his flesh fingers tapped steadily against the shiny metal.

    You fidgeted in your seat uncomfortably, the tapping sound of his fingers drummed loudly in your brain. His eyes met yours in the mirror, narrowing slightly.

    “Am I your chauffeur as well as your bail out guy? He challenged.

    You sighed despondently, climbing through the gap in the seats, dropping into the passenger seat. “I’ll pay you back for the bail.” You muttered, turning your body away from him.

    “Baby, that wasn’t  the point I was trying to make.”  His voice softened, reaching over he placed his hand on your thigh and squeezed it gently.

    Fresh tears welled in your eyes but you fought against them desperately. You sniffed quietly, placing your ice cold hand over his. “Thank you.”  

    Just as everything felt like it was beginning to mend, your cold hand was a fresh reminder of everything that had happened. He recoiled instantly, leaving your body without warmth once again.

    “I can’t believe you got arrested tonight.” He scoffed, shaking his head. “That was really fucking stupid and with the spiderkid of all people.”

    “He’s the only person on the team that hasn’t shut me out completely or isn’t treating me like a child.” You replied harshly.

    He didn’t respond, staring over the dashboard out into the early morning as he processed your words.  

    “Are you jealous of Peter?” You asked, you couldn’t hide the humour in your voice.

    “What? Course not!” He hollered. “It’s just we’re a team, you and me, you should be doing this sort of shit with me.”

    It was the words you’d so desperately wanted to hear him say, but he’d hurt you as much as you’d hurt him. “James… You screamed at me and then went MIA for weeks.” Your voice broke harshly as the lump formed in your throat. “Sam won’t speak to me, I didn’t even know if you were still alive.”

    “You couldn have come to my room. You knew where I was.” He dismissed you.

    “That works both ways.” You shot back. “I was terrified, I nearly killed people. The guilt has eaten me alive and you disappeared. You cried, “I needed you by my side. You say we’re a team but you left your partner in the dust to pick up the pieces while you sulked.”

    Your words hit harshly, he’d been so deeply invested in his feelings that he hadn’t thought of you and what you’d been going through.

    You needed him.

    Fresh hot tears rolled down your cheeks. This had been the longest night of your life and you were craving your bed now. You threw your hands up desolately and Bucky caught your arm, wrapping his fingers around your wrist.

    You looked from your arm to his face. “M sorry.” He mumbled, his oceanic eyes glistened in the dusky sky.

    You parted your lips, but your words failed you, he’d thrown a curveball your way. Vulnerability wasn’t his strong suit and you knew apologies didn’t come easy. You fell back in the seat, lacing your fingers with Bucky’s.

    Silence fell over the two of you. The only sound filling the car was the quiet droll of the radio, hot air blew out of the radiator. Outside, the early morning sun had begun to peak through the dissipating clouds.

    It really had been a long night.

    Silently, Bucky tugged at your hand, signalling you over to him. You smiled down at your lap as he pulled your body over the seat into his lap.

    He placed your legs either side of his, his hands gripping your bare thighs. Your fingers ghosted over his, trailing up the sleeves of his red henley and across his chest.

    Your fingertips ran along the metal chain of his dog tags. Slowly you traced the engraved name of the metal plate, over and over again methodically.

    He smiled to himself, brushing his nose against yours tenderly. You only played with his tags when he made you nervous. Just as he liked to play with the hem of your shirt for the exact same reason.

    You and he were cut from the same cloth, damaged by your lives before the Avengers saved you.

    Your hands settled on the base of his neck, finally meeting his eyes with a bashful smile. You kissed his lips carefully.

    “We’re a team.” He affirmed, placing another kiss to your plump lips. “I’m sorry you didn’t feel like we were. I got so scared I was gonna lose you and I reacted terribly.”

    “Well.. I’ve been a bit stupid too.” You giggled softly.

    He rested his forehead against yours, chuckling smoothly. “Just promise me next time you feel like releasing a deadly virus or getting arrested, let me be by your side.”

    You grinned at him, mulling over his words. “Deal.” You couldn’t help but connect your lips. It was a moment of pure relief, of oxygen returning to your lungs as his soft plump lips moved against yours.

    “I’m taking you home.” He growled against your mouth, silently promising to never let go of you again. He put the car in drive and sped off in the direction of the compound, no indication that he was going to let you move from his lap.

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    #bucky barnes #james bucky barnes #james bucky buchanan barnes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky x you #peter parker#Sebastian Stan #marvel fan fiction #marvel bucky barnes #MCU#MCU fanfiction
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    Prompt 93


    It was not only insanely confusing to be where he was currently, but also embarrassing. Cruel, almost, as Villain ran a hand under his shirt, finger tips drawing shapes and lines on the bare skin of his back.

    His body jerked away from every touch while he bit back whimpers and moans, laying over Villain's lap helplessly.

    "I thought Hero would keep different company," Villain told him lowly, dragging four fingers over a particularly sensitive area on his back. The man tensed, the slightest noise escaping his mouth. "I expected hundreds of adoring friends, fans, a big overly loving family... Imagine my surprise when I only found you instead." He smirked. "Lonely, closeted, neglected..."

    His hand wandered to another part of the man's back, his eyes watching his pet intently while he sat back in his throne.

    "Sorry to disappoint," the man hissed, gritting his teeth while another shock of- pleasure?- traveled up his spine, making him tense and jerk again.

    "Disappoint? No, no, no." The hand snaked around to his chest, swiping across his nipple. This time he couldn't hold in the noise of surprise, whimpering when Villain kept toying with him. "The only disappointment here is Hero for having ignored you for so long. Look at you- how deprived you are. It's a tragedy!"

    The man buried his face in his arms, still dangling over Villain's lap. He could feel the way Villain's actions were making his body react, cursing himself silently when his member pressed against Villain's thigh.

    "But if Hero had realized you were waiting for him- doting on him, pining... I wouldn't be giving you some much deserved attention."

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    IMANI ELOI in ‘IN MY HEAD’ — [kira yukimura fanfiction coming soon on my wattpad]

    The Eloi family were in dire need of cash. And a lot of it. With a deadbeat father, and a mother who switched jobs more often than she could buy a new pair of shoes, Imani Eloi knew from a painfully young age that calling her family ‘financially unstable’ was an understatement.
    Beacon Hills was a supernatural hotspot… now, with a supernatural hit list. Once word got out that millions of dollars would be awarded to those who killed anyone whose name was on the list, Imani’s mother made it her mission to move to Beacon Hills and hunt down every last one of them, alongside her daughter.
    Fortunately, a portion of them was a group of friends who were about Imani’s age, who stuck together like glue. So, the teenager did what any person-on-a-killing-quest would do in her situation. She joined their group.
    Everything was running smoothly; Imani was victorious in gaining their trust (despite the few odd suspicions from a certain sceptical, overly-analytic, pale, brunette boy). She successfully earned her spot in the group, and remained on Scott McCall’s good side. All that she had left to do was the hard part: wait for the pack to get to a weak point, allowing her to kill them all with no hassle, claim her money, and get the hell out of Beacon Hills.
    What the girl didn’t expect was to find herself drawn to the sweet Kitsune of the group, who — much to her dismay — happened to be worth six million dollars. And as if that wasn’t frustrating enough, Kira was dating the Alpha, who was originally Imani’s number one target, given that he was worth a whopping twenty-five million. Imani knew that not only Scott, but everybody in the pack meant a lot to Kira, and that ending the life of any one of them would rip her poor heart into shreds.
    And when Imani Eloi’s little crush on Kira Yukimura blossomed into something much bigger, she truly was questioning where her loyalties lied. 
    #IM SO EXCITED #they are my babies and i love them #i was searching for kira fics and there were literally like zero?? so i took it as my sign #also i’m v v new to gif making and i am aware that these are shitty!! however it took TIME so pls show some love <33333 #btw i am very much a scira shipper so this does hurt my feelings… but whatever #my ocs#my fics #oc: imani eloi #fic: in my head #my wattpad fics #kira yukimura #kira yukimura x oc #teen wolf x oc #kira yukimura fanfiction #kira yukimura fanfic #teen wolf fanfiction #teen wolf fanfic #wattpad#wlw#gxg#scott mccall#stiles stilinski#peter hale #imani x kira
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    2023 Nissan X-Trail Specs, Price, Review

    2023 Nissan X-Trail Specs, Price, Review

    2023 Nissan X-Trail Specs, Price, Review – The most recent 2023 Nissan X-Trail, also called Rogue, was revealed to the public the last few months. The top-rated SUV has a lot of different styles in terms of the exterior as well as interior design. But, as per the most popular media outlets, this model is the last one on this brand. We heard that it might be replaced in 2023 by a brand new version…

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    #2023 Nissan X Trail Price #2023 Nissan X Trail Review #2023 Nissan X-Trail E-Power #2023 Nissan X-Trail Specs #All New Nissan X Trail 2023 #New 2023 Nissan X-Trail #New Nissan X Trail 2023 Price #Nissan X Trail 2023 Colours #Nissan X Trail 2023 Dimensions #Nissan X Trail 2023 Engines #Nissan X Trail 2023 Hybrid #Nissan X Trail 2023 Interior #Nissan X Trail 2023 Length #Nissan X Trail 2023 Model #Nissan X Trail New Model 2023
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    this prompt challenge #21

    Marinette found a basket sitting by her front door when she woke up. No name, no return address, just a flowers with note - you’re really pretty. She tried not to be alarmed by it, but it was weird. Who leaves anonymous flowers to compliment someone?

    The next morning, she found another basket. This time she got cheeses and the note read your eyes are stunning. She asked around, and none of her coworkers or friends had confessed to even knowing who might have left her the baskets.

    That night, she decided to stay up and catch the basket-giver. She failed. She woke up when the doorbell rang and ran to catch them, but they were gone by the time she opened the door to warm croissants. You should smile more. That one was a little weird.

    She set a camera up by her front door on the third night. The camera caught a flash of vibrant purple hair delivering a basket of macarons, without a note. She only knew one person with hair that bright and texted her the incriminating shot. 

    Juleka replied, yeah. it was my stupid brother’s idea. he wanted to cheer you up. next time i’ll have him deliver the baskets himself so i don’t get in the way of your weird flirting game.

    #lukanette#luka couffaine #marinette dupain cheng #pro lukanette#pro lukamari #luka x marinette #endgame lukanette#luaknette endgame#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug fanfic #ml#ml fanfic#lukanette fanfic #otp prompt challenge #peachy fics #yall ik for a fact this is completely wack but it seems so stupid that juleka would agree to do it #dumb boy is flirting as good as he can ok
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    Ok so no one warned me All Souls was gonna be the devastating masterpiece it is. Shocked. Disappointed.

    #X files #Honestly guys. Could've done with some warning to brace myself 😒💔
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    "A book is a gift you can open again and again". 📚💖

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    my top kisses in the rain:

    #1: Austin and Sam (A Cinderella Story)

    #a cinderella story #hduffedit#hilaryduffedit#filmedit#sam montgomery#austin ames #mine: a cinderella story #mine: austin x sam #**#rainkisses
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    all of the actors and actresses are tweeting about it being a good week or being ready!

    #please let this be a second season #simon young royals #wilhelm young royals #simon x wilhelm #young royals season 2 #Netflix
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    Delicate by Taylor Swift season 2 Hevans au (minus the au part, because most of it *literally* already lines up so well)

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    [includes] gojo satoru // nanami kento [warning] crack, brief spoilers from gojo’s arc in da manga. (nanami’s part) [notes] THIS WAS SO FUNNY TO WRITE IM CRYING also this is unedited FDHWHS


    “let’s go, baby! i want to pick up some—”

    gojo’s eyebrows knit together at you hastily closing your laptop, plastering a fake smile while you slide the device underneath the bedsheets.

    “yep m’ready! what’s wrong?” you innocently inquire at his eyes darting between you and your now-hidden laptop.

    “…this is a prank, right? for what i pulled on you last week?”

    you let out a breathy laugh, gathering your phone and keys before standing in front of him, “what are you talking about? anyway, let’s go get coffee before work, yeah?”

    “not so fast,” he mumbled, agitated whether or not you were fucking with him. swiftly, he opened your laptop with you hot on his trail. snapping it open, he curses himself for falling right in your trap, diamond eyes staring at “SUCK MY DICK” that you typed out in bold.

    he knows, from the silence in the room that you already sprinted out of the house; he could distinguish your faint cackles going further and further away. he debates on teleporting to where you are, but he lets you have your moment. not that he’ll ever say it out loud, but it was a damn good prank.


    his hard gaze softens around the edges as he enters your shared apartment, finding you curled up in a blanket on the couch with your laptop held right in front of your face. he squints, drinking in your guilty yet amused expression before clearing his throat, your eye catching his figure in result and clumsily closing the device.

    “h-heyy nanamin, back from the store so soon?”

    he pauses, replaying what happened to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. “yeah, i’m going to go wash up.”

    the way he retreats in such a defeated way made your heart shrink, wanting nothing more to rush up to him and say it was a joke. “w-wait!” scampering out of your seat, you put both hands up to the side, blocking him from entering the bathroom. “god, i cant hide anything from you. come with me.”

    “it’s your privacy, i don’t care what—”

    “just come here!”

    sighing, he makes his way over to you, shifting your laptop towards him so he can see it better. it was an old picture of him, back in highschool where on his 16th birthday, gojo and the rest decided to throw a surprise costume party (mainly gojo’s idea).

    frosting covered his upper lips and his hair sticking up, nanami looked like a red jelly bean with the way his face contorted in embarrassment. in fact, you couldn’t help but quirk your lips at the same shade of cranberry from the picture covering his face. “where did you get that from?”

    “mhmm? a certain white haired—”

    “bastard.” nanami curses. what did he even expect? two people in that picture are dead and there’s no way shoko would keep something like that.

    “nanami!” you fake surprise, “you shouldn’t say that about your elders.”

    clearly, you’ve been spending a lot of time with the said man, and all nanami could do was hope that he wouldn’t show you anything more.

    ignoring your words, he cards his fingers through his hair in exasperation. “i’m going to block him.”

    “but you look so cute!”


    @ httpmiriko 2021 - all rights reserved.

    #gojo satoru #gojo x reader #gojo satoru x reader #satoru gojo x reader #jjk gojo fluff #jujutsu kaisen gojo satoru #gojo satoru x y/n #gojo satoru x you #[🍙] writings. #satoru gojou x reader #satoru gojou x y/n #nanami x reader #kento x reader #jjk nanami x reader #nanami kento #nanami kento headcannons #nanami kento x reader #nanami x you #kento nanami x reader #kento nanami fluff #kento nanami x you #kento nanami imagines #nanami kento imagines #nanami kento fluff #satoru gojou fluff #gojou satoru x reader #gojou satoru x y/n #gojou satoru fluff
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    #interaction event #diluc x reader platonic #this is so cute wtf
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    Same JENSEN Same ❤️

    #jared padalecki#jensen ackles #jared and jensen #j2 #i love them #spn#best friend #jared x jensen #jensen x jared #j2 tinhat#j2s#soulmates
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    Random fluff letters with Peter Maximoff

    I miss writing about him :(

    H = hugs (How do they feel about hugs?)

    Peter is severely touch starved, he doesn't even recall how a hug from someone else who's not his mom or sister feels like.

    He always has been the weird troublemaker kid so there wasn't many people who wanted to give him some affection.

    So whenever he gets it, it's like something doesn't connect on his brain. For a speedster like him, things seems to slow down the instant you surround Peter with your arms and pulls him for a tight hug.

    He hugs you back shyly, tentatively almost. There's a small grin forming in his lips as Peter gets used to the sensation.

    K = Kiss (How do they kiss? Who initiated the first kiss?)

    Peter will use advantage of his superpower and steal a kiss from you whenever he's passing by, sometimes it's a simple peck and sometimes you wonder why your cheek is wet.

    Peter's kisses would be messy and most likely clumsy, he's needy and wants to do it fast since the excitement is killing him.

    The only way to make him slow down is by grabbing him by his shirt or pinning him to the nearest wall, take the lead and start to make out with him.

    P = Pet Names (What pet names do they use?)

    Peter's definitely a baby/babe guy, he uses sweetie to tease you and maybe there's some weird/old fashioned nickname like sugar cub since he wants to appear classy and stuff.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he would call you twinkie as well.

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    Jimin's Tweet | 2:13 AM • 22 Sep. 2021

    추석은 잘 보내고 계신가요

    연휴 마지막까지 가족들과 좋은시간 보내세요 😊


    (trans) 👇
    How are you celebrating Chuseok?
    I hope you have a great time with your family throughout the holidays 😊

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