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  • vozaho
    20.06.2021 - 47 seconds ago

    Castiel's true form. 😳

    🐝 not afraid.

    O H S H I T .

    (btw if someone has the credits of the photo pls share them 😢)

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  • kozumebunny
    20.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Thinking about. . .

    watching movies with matchablossom. Movies with Kaoru and Kojiro are always a treat. Kaoru, delicately holding your hand, and Kojiro using every cliché tactic possible to distract you from Kaoru and the movie. They’re a stark contrast to each other, but balance the other one out.

    Kaoru holds your hand either by placing his on top of yours via the shared armrest, or he’ll drag your whole hand into his lap and give you a slow and sweet hand massage. He rubs slow circles into your hand, gauging where the tension is and to make sure you’re relaxed as he does so. Kaoru gives you hand massages as an act of devotion and affection.

    Kojiro does the exact opposite. He’s used to getting attention, and he refuses to share your attention specifically. He does it the worst way possible: brushing hands with you in the popcorn bucket. He does it with the intention of leading you on, making you think he’s gonna grab your hand. But he doesn’t. He just keeps baiting you into thinking it’s gonna happen.

    #sk8 #skate the infinity #matchablossom #kojiro nanjo x reader #sk8 joe#sk8 kojiro#kaoru sakurayashiki #kaoru sakurayashiki x reader #sk8 cherry blossom #sk8 cherry x joe
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  • trappedinfanfiction
    20.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Father’s Day

    Book//Pairing: Open Heart // Ethan Ramsey x f!MC (Celia Moore)

    Words: 500+

    Warning: Childbirth, but nothing graphic.

    Summary: They are both at work, ready to end their shifts early to celebrate Father’s Day with their son when their unborn decided he doesn't want to wait any longer.

    A/N: This was posted on my old blog for father’s day last year, so I thought it would be perfect to repost it here for father’s day this year.

    (Sorry if there’s any mistakes, I haven’t read it since I posted it the first time and didn’t read through it now)

    *   *   *   *   *   *

    Ethan ran down the hall, his breathing fast and shallow as he was never able to catch his breath properly in his need to get to his destination as fast as possible. He had just finished with a patient when a page came through, a page about his wife and his unborn child. It was still a few weeks until term, but apparently the baby didn’t want to wait any longer.

    He dodged staff and equipment, not noticing their shocked stares as he rushed past. The only thought on his mind was to get to his wife’s side and be there with her. He ran down 2 floors before he finally arrived at the maternity ward where he was met by Sienna.

    “Dr. Ramsey!” She said, taking a few steps forward to meet him.

    “Where is she?” His eyes moved from her and to the door leading into the ward.

    “It’s seems the baby got no time to wait.” Sienna walked in front of him, leading the way towards where they kept his wife at the moment.

    Celia looked up at him as he took her hand and smiled up at him. “You came.”

    They walked a little further before stopping in front of a door. With one nod from the younger doctor, Ethan walked inside.

    The first thing he saw was his wife, and he completely ignored the others in the room as he made his way to her side.

    “Of course I did, you didn’t think I would miss this did you?”

    “With how much this one is hurrying, I was starting to worry you wouldn’t make it.” She chuckled.

    Ethan smiled and knelt down by her side. “Well, I am here now.”


    A couple hours later, Ethan sat there looking at his wife and the newborn child in her arms. “He’s perfect.” He said softly.

    Celia nodded. She was tired, but she didn’t want to let go of the baby just yet. Her eyes at the small hand holding onto her finger. “No question about it.”

    A comfortable silence fell over the small family and none of them knew how long they had been sitting there until the door opened. The tapping of excited feet were heard and Ethan turned just in time to see Henry stopping beside him. With a smile he lifted the boy up onto his lap so he could see better.

    Celia moved the blanket covering the baby a little and Henry smiled. “He’s so small.” The new big brother reached forward to touch the baby’s hand, his smile brightening as it closed around his finger.

    Ethan kissed Henry’s temple. “I think he already knows who his family is.” Henry didn’t reply, too facinated by the small human being sleeping on their mother’s chest, but Celia looked up and met Ethan’s eyes.

    “It didn’t become the day or the celebration we thought it would be, but happy father’s day, Ethan.” And right there and then, Ethan felt like everything was just as it should be.

    #open heart #open heart fanfiction #ethan ramsey #ethan ramsey x mc
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  • circus-babe
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Fuck boy | Jimin Part 1

    Synopsis: Jimin being the fuck boy of the school isn’t something new. He’s known for sleeping with a new girl everyday. What happens when you’re the next one?

    Pairing: Jimin x Reader

    Warning: Mature language, Mature content

    Genre: smut, toxic, angst

    Word count: 3k

    a/n: Part 2?

    “Fuck you’re so tight” You heard Jimin’s voice from the dorm. You just had to get lucky to be sharing a room with the fuck boy of the school. Coming to the dorm and this is the first thing you hear. Moaning and him fucking someone new everyday. And well you just had no where else to go. So you wait until they’re done. And unfortunately this has become a daily thing for you. How you hate this guy so much. He just doesn’t stop. And you could care less if he fucks someone everyday, you just want him not to do in the dorm. 

    “Get out from where you came from” He said. That’s another thing about him. He treats girls like shit. Well not just the girls he sleeps with, but everyone in general. He’s in detention every week just for that. And because he doesn’t do his work. Hearing the door nob open, you finally get up from the floor quickly. A girl comes out smiling and giggling. And walks right past you. 

    “Didn’t I see that girl last week?” You said quietly. Why do they always come back to him? You thought to yourself. You have always said that you would never go back to a guy that treats woman like that. And you have stayed with your word. Making up your mind, And finally entering the dorm. 

    Looking around you see his side of the room a mess. Clothes all over his side. Is that underwear!? So that means she left without it....Gross, you thought to yourself. Going to your side of the room and putting your belongs on the desk. “Too much homework” You said quietly. The teachers just give the homework like it’s nothing. Get one and get a billion free. 

    “I’ll have friends over, Don’t bother any of us.” He told you with a firm voice. This guy honestly has the worst mouth in this world. Okay maybe not in this world but from everyone you know. What were they thinking when they put him here? Why did your old roommate had to leave? 

    They have never put a boy and a girl on the same dorm. Maybe because it ends up with them fucking each other. So why was it different this time? Not that you’re planning on sleeping with him, but it’s just curiosity. 

    “I wasn’t planning to.” You said loudly so he could hear. And you could hear him getting up from his bed. “Mmm attitude? I like it.” He said while grabbing his clothes from the floor. Looking to his direction, you see him naked. Like literately naked. Quickly turning away from him in disgust. 

    “What the fuck!? Can’t you just change?” You yelled at him. Okay fucking someone in the same dorm is something but being naked like he’s the only one in the dorm is disgusting. “Well I didn’t have time to change” He said while laughing. This guy is unbelievable. 

    “You know you want me, but I don’t want you” He said as he put his clothes on. And that just made you laugh. It’s funny he thinks that you want to sleep with him. “Not every girl wants to sleep with your horny ass” You said while laughing. 

    “But I bet you would love it” He laughed. Rolling your eyes as you ignored him. Of course you won’t. This guy is crazy. 

    “You know what I'll go to their dorm instead. See you later nerd” He said as he walked out of the dorm. 

    Taking a deep breath you throw your sweater in the bed with frustration. “I fucking hate you so much jimin.” You yelled. While forming a fist with your hands. He just knows exactly how to get in your nerves. It excites him.

    After finally relaxing you went to the desk and grabbed your laptop. “I have nothing else to do, might as well check social media.” You said while sitting in your bed and opening your laptop. Checking the school blog is the first thing you do. 

    The school blog is basically a page were people post about things they do. It doesn’t matter what it is. Most of their post are sometimes bad or even sexual. It’s either them smoking, going to parties, or even short video of them fucking someone. But that’s not what you like about the page. What you enjoy is the drama. Most people think that just because you don’t talk much it means you’ll just say nothing to others about what you hear. Well actually, you and your smart mind have made a whole notepad of things. It’s filled with secrets that can break anyones relationships or even friendships. And if they ever try to hurt you then with a click of a button you can post a little something in there with the secret account. No one has ever found out it. And that’s what keeps you going. It’s honestly really fun seeing people want to keep their secrets hidden. Or how they would do anything to keep it hidden. Even if it means giving money, or doing something embarrassing in front of everyone. 

    Scrolling through the page you come across an article. “Kelly the slut” You said as you read the title. Kelly....That name sounds really familiar.  You thought as you were trying to remember who she was, until you realized that there was a picture of her. “Ah! That Kelly. Wait she looks really familiar” You said loudly as you read through the article. 

    “Kelly is known for being popular, But popular for fucking very boy she sees. Maybe even girls, who knows. It was said and seen that she was sleeping with our one and only Park Jimin.” After you read that you looked up at the wall with wide eyes. “I knew I recognize that girl” You said while putting your hand over your mouth. I mean why are you surprise? Well because that’s his bestfriend’s girlfriend. Kelly and Taehyung were dating for 6 months I think. Everyone knew that relationship wouldn’t last since Kelly is easy with guys. When she sees someone new her first thought is to fuck with him.

    “I feel bad for him” You said to yourself. Even thought he’s friends with Jimin he’s a kind guy. Of course you don’t talk much with him. Just some exchange of words or some few conversations with him. Nothing much. Sometimes you wonder why he’s friends with Jimin since he is a kind and sweet guy and well Jimin is the opposite. 

    “How could she!?” You said while scrolling and reading the comments.

     “No surprise. They both fuck anyone they see” Said a random comment. Scrolling down “Fuck why are we surprise? we’re talking about the biggest players” said another comment. 

    “I wonder for how long.” You said while resting your face on your hand. Now this is interesting. Who could’ve thought that he would do that to his bestfriend. Can you even call him a friend at this point, did jimin even care for taehyung? While scrolling you hear a loud knocking on the door. “Who’s there?” You said while closing your laptop and heading straight towards the door. Opening the door you reveal an angry taehyung. “Where is he y/n?” He said while looking over you to see if he could spot something or more like someone. 

    “Who are you looking for?” You asked him, even thought you knew exactly who he was looking for. Looking straight at you. “Jimin, where is he?” He asked you. Even though he was angry, he kept his cool. He was calmly talking to you. 

     “He’s not here taehyung, He said he went to your dorm.” You told him while you see him forming a fist on his hands. Wait so Jimin lied? Or he heard the news on his way there.

    “You know already right? About Kelly and jimin?” He said with sadness on his eyes. If you dare to ask him if he is okay he will start crying. But you have to ask anyways. 

    “Yeah, I heard. Are you alright?” You asked him even though you knew the answer. And just like you predicted it, he starts crying immediately. And he just shakes his head. “No, I'm not” He said while wiping his tears. And you couldn’t just stand there and watch. Coming closer to him, and pulling him into a hug. “It’s okay, don’t cry” You told him as he hold you tighter in his arms. “Why would he do that to me?” He said while crying. 

    “It’s okay, I'm here for you. Don’t worry” You told him as you message his hair with your hand. “Was I not enough for her?” He said loudly. No he shouldn’t feel that way. He’s such a sweet guy, it’s actually the opposite. She doesn’t deserve him.

    “Don’t say that, she was not enough for you. Taehyung she’s not worth your tears.” You said while messaging his back. As you hear him cry silently. In all honesty you have never seen him cry. He’s always happy and energetic. And it breaks your heart to see him like this.

    That would only mean that he was actually fell in love with her. And her bitch self hurt him. But Iike what did he expect? He was dating Kelly. Out of every girl in this school he fell for Kelly especially. They’ll probably make fun of him. 

    “Yes this is the couple we all needed.” Said someone as you hear a camera sound. Both of you turning to the voice and you see someone, they smile at you. Wait did he say couple!?

     “Wait no” You yelled as you see him running off. With a surprise face you look over to taehyung who was in the same position as you. “What do we do? That picture will be on the blog soon” He said as he looked over to you. Looking for a solution as you hear a ring from your phone. But it was not just yours, But taehyung’s as well. Opening the notification and you see a photo of you and taehyung hugging, and the title being. “I love this couple, It’s the best one” With wide eyes you read the comments as they were agreeing. 

    “This one is an innocent couple.” said some “Taehyung deserves someone like her” Said another one. “Taehyung moved on fast. But with and upgrade.” 

    Oh no! this is exactly what you didn’t want. You don’t need drama in your life. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to get you into this mess” He said as he pinched his nose bridge with his fingers. This is just great. Can this get any worse?

    “Taehyung” You hear someone yelled. Looking at the direction of the voice you see jimin with an angry look. And you could see taehyung’s fist forming once again. 

    This can get worse. Just what did you get yourself into. You thought as you rolled your eyes. 

    You have to be fucking kidding me. You slap softly your face. Just what did you get yourself into? You repeat again 

    "Coward of you to hide" Said Taehyung while holding his fist tightly. The glares they were giving each other was more intimidating than any horror movie. It's funny how Jimin actually showed his face after what he did though. Coming closer to Taehyung as he bit the inside of his cheek. 

    "Who told you I was hiding? By the way your girl didn't feel good at all" jimin smirked. And without thinking about Taehyung punched him in the face. Making your eyes go wide as Jimin looked back at him angrily. Should you stop it? Or record it? 

    "Fuck you! I trusted you and you betrayed me. You stupid motherfucker" Yelled Taehyung while grabbing him by the neck of his shirt. And Jimin just laughed in his face. 

    "You should thank me instead. I wasn't the only one that bitch fucked with." He said while giving taehyung a death glare. And immediately after taehyung punched him again. Making Jimin form his fist. 

    "Go to hell" Said taehyung while punching his stomach. And immediately after jimin punched taehyung in the face. You have to stop this yes or yes. If not they'll kill each other.

    "That's enough" You yelled. Making both of them turn to you. You walk towards Taehyung and touch his face calmly with your hand. He doesn’t deserve being hurt this way. And not by a girl that isn't even worth his tears.

    "Let's go" You tell him, making jimin chuckle. "Yeah go on his side. Could fucking care less" He yelled at you, while you and taehyung walked outside. Did he really think you would take his side? He must be out of his mind.

    "He's not worth your time taehyung." You tell him as his head is in your shoulder. He has been like that for the past 5 minutes. And he keeps talking about Kelly this Kelly that. He needs to realized that Kelly wasn't really an innocent person. And what jimin said was true. You even saw her come out from someone's dorm. But you won't tell him that. It’ll hurt him even more. 

    “Do you think I'm a good person?” He said while looking at you. You smile and nod. “You're the sweetest person I know. Don’t ever thought that” You told him as he gave you a weak smile.

    "Let's go" You heard a voice. Looking up you see jimin angrily looking at you. Grabbing your arm, pulling you away from taehyung. But taehyung quickly grabbed your other hand 

    "She's not going with you" He said as Jimin chuckled. "Say who?" He said while giving him a sarcastic tone. Taehyung quickly gets up from the stairs, getting close to Jimin. 

    "I said so" He said while pulling you towards him, as jimin did the same. At some point you felt your arms numb. They kept pulling you left or right like two little children fighting for a doll. Until you finally had enough. And because your arms were hurting

    "Shut the fuck up" You yelled while giving them death glares. They immediately stop and gulp. You pull your arms back. 

    "You guys are no one to tell me where to go. I'll just leave" You said walking away from them. As they look at you dumbfounded. It's funny that they thought you would go with one of them. They're just so full of themselves. 

    As you unlock the dorm door you heard someone yell your name. Looking towards the direction you see jungkook. "Jungkook?" You said as he ran towards you. Pulling you into a hug. 

    "I missed you stupid head" He said while hugging you tightly. Jungkook decide to go on a business trip with his dad. Since his father wants him to take over their company. And well you haven't seen him since he left. Which was 3 months ago.

     You and jungkook have been friends since elementary school. It all started by you walking up to him when he was crying. Turns out someone stoled his banana milk and he was crying about it. Luckily that day you had one, and well you shared it with him. It made him very happy. And until this day the both of you laugh every time you tell each other that story. 

    "I missed you too dumb nerd" You told him as you pulled him tighter. It was a hug you missed very much. You just hope he doesn't leave again. You don’t know what you’ll do without him.

    "Another one" Said a stupid voice. As the both of you turn. You see Taehyung and jimin crossing their arms. For a second you thought they became friends again but they stilled gave each other death glares. 

    "The fuck you mean another one?" You asked. While he kept eye contact with you. And he just laughed. Him and his stupid laugh. "Aw your fuck buddy is back I see" Said jimin while smirking at the both of you. And you have had it with him. You were about to walk up to him, but jungkook stopped you. 

    "It's not worth it" He whispered in your ear as you relaxed. But Jimin had the audacity to laugh. And loudly as well.

    "Aw I can leave you alone if you want to fuck him" He told you while laughing. And he was the only one laughing. Which made you even more angry. 

    He has always bother you about jungkook. He assumes things about the both of you. It’s either “Does he fuck well?” or “When can we have a threesome?” And you have always ignored him, but right now he’s getting on your nerves more than usual. So why don't you show him a little show. 

    "That would be nice actually" You said as jimin's and taehyung's eyes went wide. Turning to jungkook and you wink at him, he looked at you confused. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. Grabbing jungkook's face and pulling him into a kiss. And you hear them gasp. You motion Jungkook with your eyes to kiss you back, he quickly gets the hint and kissed you back. You kept kissing him until you hear dry coughs from the both of them. Quickly pulling away as you look at jungkook. Turning towards their direction as you see jimin angrily looking at you. You could see a different expression, like jealousy. But maybe you're overthinking it. 

    "Privacy" You tell him slowly as you pull jungkook in the dorm. Quickly locking the door and taking a deep breath. "What was that for!?" You heard jungkook say loudly. Quickly putting a hand over his mouth. As he looked at you even more confused. Just why did you do that? You don’t need to explain anything to jimin.

    "I'll explain" You said while dragging him to your side of the room. Taking a deep breath as he waited for you to talk. 

    "I'm sorry, it's just he got me pissed and well I wanted him to stop bothering me with that so I kissed you" You said feeling guilty. You didn't mean to get jungkook into any mess. But you're not sure if jimin believed you or not. It doesn't matter at this point.

     "It's fine, just tell me next time. I mean you're a good kisser" He said as he laughed and you hit his shoulder. You missed him so much. Glad his finally back though.

    "So tell me, how was the trip?" You tell him while smiling at him. As he chuckled quickly. "Eh it was boring. All I did was work or had a one night stand. But honestly the girls I fucked with had a whole daddy kink and that shit scared me. Never call their asses again." He said which made you laugh. Jungkook isn't one to get into a relationship. He thinks there too complicated, which you agree. So he just has one night stands. But only when he feels like it. 

    "I bet you liked it though" You told him which made his shake his head quickly. "Hell no. Only if it was you" He said laughing and you hit his thigh.

     "Ah I forgot to tell you. I have drama for you" You tell him as he quickly got closer to you. You both love gossiping about people or things in general. It's really fun talking with him. 

    "The well expected happened. Jimin slept with taehyung's girlfriend, Kelly." As you finished that sentenced he quickly put his hand over his mouth.

     "No way!?" He said with a shock expression. "Yes way!" You replied quickly. You were about to tell him about them fighting, but you heard the door open. And you see jimin with a girl. Another one? He hasn’t done that before. 

    He motioned for you to get out. Giving him a death glare as you got up. Jungkook trying to stop you, but you eventually got to him. 

    "Go fuck her somewhere else. This isn't just your room. Don't fucking act like it." You told him while staring at him as jungkook was standing behind you. Trying to pull you away.

     "Why don't you just leave?" She said. And that just made you turn to her and laugh. And who does this bitch think she is!?

    "Excuse me and you who are you to come and tell me to leave?" You asked her as she looked confused. She came closer to you making the both of you just inches away. 

    "You don't want to try me. I'm the worst person you can ever talk to." She said. Which made you laugh again in her face. As jimin was trying to pull her away from you. Is she being serious? The same threat they all give, it’s getting old.

    "If that's what you called worse then you don't want to know what I am" You told her as jimin eyes went wide. She gulped but didn't show fear. But her eyes said otherwise. 

    "I suggest you leave" You spoke up. As she was about to slap you, but jimin grabbed her hand. 

    "Don't fucking touch her" He said which got you, her, and jungkook surprised. Did he just defended you? Jungkook quickly grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him. Making Jimin look at the both of you. 

    "How did you get so bold?" He whispered while smiling. And you just hug him. "I don't even know" You whispered back. As you see Jimin giving Jungkook a death glare. Just what is on your mind park Jimin. 

    “We’ll leave” He said giving you a sad expression and leaving. For some reason you feel bad. But you shouldn’t. He deserve it. His expression breaks your heart. You have never seen him sad. 

    “I was only gone for 3 months, and I missed so much. You got more bolder.” He said while smirking at you. And you don’t even know yourself how you got that angry. You just did. Theres more in you then you know. 

    But right now you just need sleep. It’s been way too dramatic today. As you were about to sleep you heard a knock on the door. Confused as you look at jungkook who was in the same situation as you. Quickly going towards the door and opening it. You see Jimin sad. Which got you confused, as well as Jungkook. 

    “I didn’t fuck with her” He told you, but softly. Which got you even more confused. As you were about to talk Jungkook stands next to you and pulling you to the side. 

    “I have to go, but take care” He said as he hugged you. And you hugged him even tighter. “You too” You whispered. 

    As he past through jimin and headed towards his dorm. Looking back at jimin as he didn't take his eyes away from you. 

    “Are you going to get in?” You told him but he didn’t respond. He just looked sad and angry. And without a warning he passes through you and straight towards his bed. You look back to his direction as you see him tugging himself to bed. 

    Just what happened to him? And why are you so worry for him? You shouldn’t but you can’t help it. Finally closing the door as you head towards your bed. 

    What the fuck happened today? 

    #bts jimin#park jimin #park jimin x reader #park jimin x y/n #park jimin x you #park jimin fanfic #jimin#jimin scenarios#jimin imagine #park jimin imagine #park jimin scenario #btssmut#bts #bts x reader #jimin x reader #jimin x you #bts fanfic#bts fans#bts army#bts smut#bts fic
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    hi, everyone! i decided to start a facebook group for kpop stans in tennessee! BUT anyone is welcome to join! please join and let’s all make friends!

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    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    devil may cry: the sweetest taste

    au(s): modern, supernatural, vampire & private investigator ship: V/DANTE rating: MATURE Dante's human and V is his vampire boyfriend

    The front door creaked open. V looked up from his book. He sat up on the bed and tilted his head to smell the air. Dante's heartbeat was clear and steady in his ears, no blood in the air. He stood up and walked downstairs without a sound.

    Dante was taking off his coat, trying to keep quiet. V smiled. 'Dante,' he called out. Dante jumped, whirling to face him. 'Apologies for scaring you,' V said. Dante slouched in relief. V frowned, Dante looked tired and was moving slowly. V walked to his side and took his coat. 'Let me,' he murmured. Dante looked confused but put his arms down.

    V took off his coat to put it on the coat hanger. Dante swayed in place and V took his hand. Dante blinked at him in confusion. 'You're tired,' V said quietly. Dante nodded sleepily then staggered away, V following. He flopped onto the sofa and V sat on the edge of it.

    'What's up,' Dante mumbled.

    'Nothing,' V murmured. He loosened Dante's tie and pulled it off, wrapping it around his knuckles and putting it on the coffee table. He stood up and walked to the other end of the sofa.

    V knelt, he curled his hand gently around Dante's ankles and put them on his lap. He pulled down the zippers, pulled off the shoes and set them gently on the ground. He sat on the floor facing Dante.

    ''ey,' Dante mumbled. He fumbled with his sleeves, trying to roll them up. After a few minutes of struggling, he gave up and just shoved his sleeves up his arms.

    V put his hands on Dante's arms. 'Stop,' he said sternly.

    Dante blinked up at him blearily. 'Wha? 'ngry?'

    'No,' V answered.

    ''in't drink yet. No' for-' Dante yawned, 'mons.' He lifted his hand but then let fall. ''ere,' he mumbled.

    'After,' V said, he put Dante's hand over his chest, 'after.'

    ''k,' Dante mumbled. He fell asleep with V looking at him. V put his head on the sofa and closed his eyes, his mind quieting.

    V's eyes snapped open. He looked up. Dante was starting to wake. He sat properly. Dante's eyes opened and he looked at him confused.

    'Hello,' V said.

    ''ey?' Dante said. He rubbed his eyes then stretched with a groan. V swallowed. Dante reclined back, he reached for his belt, unbuckled it, shimmied out of his pants and kicked it away. 'Where?' he asked.

    V stood up and Dante lifted his legs to make space. V sat down. Dante bracketed V between his legs. V puts his hand on Dante's thighs and Dante shivered.

    V breathed out, his fangs lengthening. He leaned down, hands going lower to stroke Dante's inner thighs. His hand flexed, nails lengthening. His finger caught the edge of Dante's briefs and he pulled it up, finger dragging across Dante's skin. There was thin red line.

    V leaned down and sunk his teeth in. Dante sighed and slumped. When the blood filled V's mouth, he didn't swallow. Dante shakily got on his elbows then sat up. He curled over V and stroked his throat with his fingertips.

    V swallowed. Warmth rushed through him and heat sparked in his gut. Dante's finger moved from V's throat to his hair. His hand laid on the top V's head. V drank slowly, savoring the taste.

    He looked up. Dante smiled. V's eyes flashed. He removed his teeth and gave the patch of skin a lick. He kept his mouth open, tongue on Dante's skin. Dante ran his fingers through V's hair.

    Dante's eyes had gone soft, his touch gentle. V looked into his eyes as he turned his head to nuzzle at the bulge in Dante's briefs. Dante nudged him with his knee. 'No,' he said.

    'Why do you think that works?' V asked. He mouthed at it.

    Dante nudged him harder. 'Because I know you'll listen.' V raised an eyebrow and mouthed at it again, wetting the cloth. Dante grabbed a fistful of V's hair and tugged him gently. V went. 'Behave,' Dante said sternly.

    'You promised to feed me,' V growled.

    Dante raised his eyebrows. 'You turned into an incubus now?'

    V hissed. 'Don't remind me,' he snarled. Once again, he wished he tore out the wretch's throat.

    'Calm down,' Dante said.

    'I am calm,' V said. Dante snorted. He let go V's hair to poke him on the shoulder.

    'Move,' Dante ordered, 'I'm hungry. And I need to shower'

    'After then.'

    Dante shook his head with a fond smile. 'Insatiable.'

    'It is my nature,' V pointed out helpfully. He moved off the sofa and crouched down. Dante looked at him confused. V put his arms under Dante's back and knees. He lifted Dante. Dante gasped then wrapped his arms around V's shoulders with a laugh.

    'Why didn't you do that yesterday?' he asked.

    V walked up the stairs in silence. He stopped in front of the bathroom door, pushing it open with his toe. He put Dante down by the bathtub. 'I forgot.'

    Dante laughed and kissed him on the cheek. 'Thanks,' he said warmly. V kissed him. Dante smiled. V moved away. 'Don't burn down my house,' Dante said cheerfully.

    'No promises,' V said seriously. Dante laughed, V smiled. He left, Dante smiling at his back fondly.

    #devil may cry #v/dante #v x dante #vdan#vdante#my writing#i write
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  • mysteriousgentlemen
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    The tf2 x reader community is making me simp for Demoman so much that everytime. I want to request something je just happened to be in the Headcanon request.

    MysteriousGentleman 21st of June 2021
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  • fandomlit
    20.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    neutral, chap. 10 (dream smp x reader)

    series summary (in game!au) when an exiled tommy finally rebels against a manipulative dream, he finds safety in neutral territory, a place owned and guarded by you. staying in your safe haven opens up the younger one’s eyes to your way of life, while also revealing your deeper past before neutral; a past that involved a war for your love.

    chapter summary with you gone, tommy and ghostbur are left to deal with dream’s presence in neutral. but of course, there are very few agreements between the three men. tommy does his best to remain civil under your wishes, but things get more difficult when he finds a memoir of yours from the war. meanwhile, you find techno in the nether..

    warnings swearing, injury, sexual suggestion (if u squint), manipulation, mentions of war

    series masterlist

    gif cred belongs to @orchidmc

    “where’s y/n?” dream asked, dropping his travelling bag on the kitchen counter. tommy and ghostbur followed in after him.

    “she’s out helping someone,” tommy spoke carefully. he had to consider a lot here; y/n’s past with him, ghostbur’s past with him, his own past with the masked man, and dream’s temper. he was walking on some extremely fragile eggshells.

    luckily for him, dream just sighed in response. “she’s too kind for her own good.” he leaned against the kitchen table. “when will she be back?” the boys just shrugged. “you two are helpful today.”

    “thanks,” ghostbur offered plainly. though the boys couldn’t see it, dream gave ghostbur a once over.

    “good to see you have one friend left, tommy,” dream shrugged, crossing his arms. “well, kinda.”

    tommy rolled his eyes. “like you have room to talk, green man.” dream didn’t say anything in response. “are you staying?”

    “’course i am,” dream scoffed. “i came to see y/n. plus, i can’t trust you two with neutral.”

    “yeah, well, y/n does,” tommy spoke with annoyance. “and no offense, but that means a lot more to me than any word out of your mouth.”

    “right,” dream sighed. “‘cause she’s like a mother to you, right?” tommy tried to ignore the telltale embarrassed flush that rose to his cheeks, but dream was quick to say, “yeah. you’ve been around here way too long kid. you’ve forgotten a lot about yourself.”

    tommy rolled his eyes as dream hiked his bag back onto his shoulder and headed out of the kitchen. “where are you going?” tommy called after him.

    “y/n’s room.”

    tommy cringed, looking to ghostbur as he called again, “you’re gross, man.”

    “it’s not like i haven’t stayed in there before!”

    tommy’s eyes immediately widened at the implication, ghostbur making a disgusted face. 

    “too much information!”


    “i hope you’re not letting that bastard’s words get to you,” ghostbur spoke as they ate dinner. tommy had been mostly silent as he went about chores and cooking; he knew ghostbur would call him out sooner or later.

    “i dunno,” tommy spoke quietly. “he took advantage of me for so long..” he sighed, running a hand through his hair and keeping his gaze trained on his plate of steak. “it’s hard not to believe him.”

    “tommy, you can’t believe a single word that guys says,” ghostbur said seriously, shaking his head. “everything he does is for himself. war with l’manburg? to keep himself on top. getting you exiled? for his own entertainment. hell, tommy, im not even convinced that man truly loves y/n! he always has a motive, and it’s always selfish.”

    tommy nodded, still not bothering to look up. “you’re right. i know you are, but..” he felt a pang in his heart when he recalled the image of tubbo, standing in front of the entire nation as he proclaimed his exile. “i just want to go back home. he’s made it difficult for me, in a lot of ways.”

    ghostbur nodded, though tommy didn’t see. “i can understand that.”

    tommy finally looked up at his friend as he took another bite of his meat. “i know i keep asking, but.. think any more?”

    it was ghostbur’s turn to sigh and pick at his food. “i think im going to do it. when y/n gets back, i’ll go find eret.”

    tommy nodded. “alright.” there was a moment of silence between them as they continued their meal. tommy then spoke, “it’s alright to change your mind, you know. it’s kind of an unpredictable thing you’re getting yourself into, so don’t feel like my opinion should.. why are you smiling at me like that?”

    ghostbur shook his head, his grin undeniable. “i don’t mean to bring up the son talk again, but..”

    “oh my god, i never should’ve said anything to you ever, you bastard.”

    ghostbur laughed at him a little more, watching as tommy distracted himself from blushing by shovelling more steak into his mouth. he grinned amusedly before speaking, “i do have a question for you, though.”

    “what?” tommy spoke through a mouthful of food.

    “have you thought about leaving neutral?” he questioned, raising his glass of water to his lips. tommy froze mid-chew, blinking in surprise at the question.

    he placed his head in his hand as he continued to chew his food. after swallowing he asked, “why?”

    ghostbur shrugged. “i was thinking about how im leaving, and when i get back, i.. i didn’t know if you’d still be here. it’s nearly been two months.”

    “i hadn’t really thought about it in a while,” tommy admitted, looking up at his ghastly friend. “i’ve always known i’ll have to; i have to take the fight back to l’manburg eventually.” ghostbur nodded. “i just.. im happy taking my time for now.”

    ghostbur nodded again. “it’s alright to do that. truly, there shouldn’t be any rush to get back into that damned nation.”

    “gotta remember, ghostbur, we established that place.”

    “.. shit. you’re right.”


    it was only until after dinner when dream made his appearance. tommy still sat in the kitchen, reading one of the books he had found in one of the vacant guest rooms, and ghostbur was long asleep by the time dream entered.

    “don’t you have a bed time?” dream grumbled when he slipped into the kitchen.

    “i did, but y/n isn’t here, is she?” tommy sighed sarcastically, looking up from his book to glare at the older man. when dream opened the fridge, tommy grumbled out, “there’s food in the oven for you.”

    he felt dream’s skeptical gaze burn into the back of his head, then heard the fridge door shut. he tried to focus back on his book as dream slid the warm plate out of the oven and took the seat furthest from him at the table.

    “i didn’t know you could cook.”

    “y/n taught me,” tommy muttered, reminding himself of y/n’s leaving wishes. he had to try to be nice. at least until she returned; he owed her that much.

    “right,” dream muttered before he began to eat. he didn’t dare say anything about how perfectly the steak was cooked to tommy.

    “how was your time in y/n’s room, pervert?” tommy offered, sitting a little straighter as he turned the page of his book.

    dream arched an eyebrow. “i don’t think it’s perverted if i’ve literally had-”

    “nope!” tommy exclaimed, dropping his book to cover his ears as dream laughed. “don’t finish that sentence! im a minor, don’t say another word or i’ll sue!” dream just shook his head and tommy wiped a stressed hand over his face before picking the book back up, attempting to look for his lost page.

    there was a heavy moment of silence where tommy tried to wipe the previous implications from his brain while also attempting to bite back any harsh words that threatened to spill from his usually unfiltered mouth.

    “i didn’t know you could read, either.”

    tommy slammed the book shut and stood from the table. dream snickered to himself as tommy left the kitchen, hesitating before calling over his shoulder, “we’re having muffins for breakfast. if you’re not up, we’re not saving any.” he went to continue his walk, not going to bother to wait for dream’s response. but the masked man’s surprising words made him stop anyway.

    “i heard you guys talking earlier,” he said plainly. “i know my word means nothing to you, or,” he chuckled, “whatever, but i really do love y/n. i wouldn’t stay and deal with you and that stupid ghost otherwise.”

    tommy bit his tongue so hard that he thought he was going to bleed. he continued to hold his tongue as he walked away from dream and back to the room he had gotten his book, reminding himself that he couldn’t trust dream; no one could. he let out a frustrated groan when he closed the door behind him, flipping off the direction of the kitchen.

    he was still frustrated as he placed the book back on the shelf, running a hand through his hair. he plucked out a random leather bound book, causing a loose page to fall to the ground. tommy looked to the worn paper curiously before plucking it off of the wood floor. he dropped the book in his other hand when he realized what he held.

    to everyone of the smp area, y/n l/n is now a permanent ally of dream smp. those establishing (or attempting to establish) other nations should not use her skills to their benefit without permission from dream.

    tommy frowned at the letter, feeling a new anger for the masked man rise in his chest as he read the claim over again. he picked up the book the letter had fell from, pursing his lips in thought when he read the sticker stuck to the front of it.

    y/n’s journal. and a second, obviously newer sticker had been stuck just under the first, proclaiming from the war.

    tommy thought to himself for a long minute before taking the book with him back to his room.


    you knew exactly where you were going; you didn’t need the small map that techno had so kindly drawn out for you. you followed old bridges made by you and others, paths laid out in stone and wood and other obscure materials, and strange landmarks scattered throughout the hot area to help navigate you to the piglin village.

    it only took you a day to reach it.

    your heart raced when you saw the tall red trees looming in the distance, praying to dreamxd that techno was still there and holding on. as you approached, a few piglins noticed your netherite-clad figure, and stopped to glare at you skeptically. as you drew closer to the tree line, you reached a hand to your neck to dip under where your armor met your collarbone, fishing for the golden necklace you usually hid under your clothing. finally catching ahold of the chain, you presented the greek lettering to the piglins. they looked to each other before stepping out of your way.

    you made your way through the village, keeping your eyes peeled for your hybrid friend. finally, you heard communicative squeals and turned to see a small crowd around technoblade’s propped up body.

    as you approached, you saw that one piglin was helping techno lean forward as another applied something to his back. nearing closer, you finally realized that he was pouring ghast tears into the open wound, making you immediately gasp and draw attention to yourself.

    “what are you doing?!” you demanded in greek, picking up your pace. if their attention hadn’t been on you before, it was now. “you do not put ghast tears in open wounds! it has no disinfecting quality!” the piglin who was guilty grumbled before moving out of your way. you knelt where he had been, opening your bag to retrieve what you needed as you inspected techno’s wound.

    the right side of his back had been hit hard by the withering effect; if the skin wasn’t black from bruises, it was black from the way it had shriveled and died from the initial hit. you pressed your hand to the very edge of the wound, feeling how warm and irritated his skin was.

    “i love when you speak greek.”

    you finally allowed yourself a smile. at least he was well enough to still kid with you. you spoke to him in english, “how long have you been like this?”

    “three days,” he grumbled lowly, his head still ducked forward but now turned so his vermillion eyes could watch you shuffled through your bag.

    “im surprise you aren’t passed out from the pain.”

    techno just let out a hum, feeling you remove your gentle hand from his back. “’m strong.”

    “never said you weren’t,” you sighed quietly, now glancing at all the materials you had laid out. “im gonna pour a stripping potion on the wound. it’ll disinfect and get rid of the dead skin.”

    “i have a lotta that now, don’t i?”

    “just a bit,” you assured with a pitying smile. he kept his eyes silently locked with yours and you reached forward to push a few loose strands of pink hair off of his hot forehead. you rested your hand on his warm cheek before speaking, “this is going to hurt. we’re gonna need leather.”

    you removed your hand from his cheek to look in your bag for the desired material, or at least some gold to trade for some. but your attention was drawn away when you heard a solid slap against the hard ground. you looked to see a piglin standing by had thrown down a few straps of leather.

    you thanked him in greek, not noticing techno’s glare at the generous creature as you picked up the strips and layered them on top of each other, offering them to him. he bit down on them with a huff. you realized then that he was cradling his right arm and mentally noted to take care of that later.

    “i’ll count you,” you spoke gently, uncapping the cold potion. “three, two..” you began to pour the potion just above the bruised skin of the wound and you heard techno let out a muffled grunt, his entire body tensing and jolting forward slightly at the sting of the potion. guilt panged at your heart as you watched the blackened, dead skin come loose from his back and disintegrate from the oxidants in the potion.

    you kept your lips pursed as you poured more of the potion over his wound, hearing techno grunt again. you didn’t know how long it took for all of the dead skin to fall away, but it felt like an excruciating amount of time as you watched techno twitch and groan with pain. you had to take a moment to wipe tears away from your eyes and wait for his now numb skin to stop sizzling from the potion.

    “numb?” you asked him after a moment and he nodded in response, unlocking his jaw to drop the leather between his teeth. “you did great. im just going to put healing on it now, okay?”

    “okay,” techno rasped out quietly, closing his eyes as you poured the cool potion over your hands. you took a breath before pressing your hands to the raw skin, feeling the absolute heat radiating from the bothered wound. you felt him relax his tensed muscles under your touch, allowing you to spread the gel-like residue throughout the injury.

    “i noticed something earlier,” techo grumbled as you continued to massage in the potion. you hummed curiously and he continued, “you still have the necklace.”

    you were less than surprised by the observation, though your cheeks did heat up at the thought of the gift still resting against your skin. “of course i do,” you said gently, never pausing your hands.

    “im surprised.”


    you knew he would’ve shrugged if he could. “i dunno. didn’t think it was that important to ya.”

    you poured more of the potion onto your hands. “of course it is.” you attempted to ignore as his deep gaze turned to you, trying not to let him distract you. “you gave it to me.”

    tag list <3 @vanhakirja @victory-is-here @inkyynki @airiour @sylum @kiritokunuwu @221bee-slytherin @bllatrixcarpnter @soullesstaco @stxrryb1tch @amibismexy @keiarma @akaichi-blog @runningoffofcaffeine @nonetookind @aquilla-favonia @feverish-dove @izuruamme @weeb-bb @bialin @justachillbisexual @natalie-is-a-wall @woman-soot @boyleanti @nostalgic-writes @ahmya-4 @cryinqclouqs @litteliv5 @truthdaze @dusky-purple-black @sadassflatass @dreamyteam @jaciahbabes @milanienne @sleepingalaska @valoinnit @etheriaaly @miavfx @aikochan4859 @spilltheearlgrey @cutiebear45 @xxtwizztedxx @eko-ore @serendipityryn @lucian-kinnder @everlizzzz @creatorofstars @yoshirikuxd @snuffler04​ @the-sky-writes​ comment or message me if you would like to me added!!

    #dream smp x reader #dream smp fanfic #dream x reader #dream fanfic #ghostbur x reader #ghostbur fanfic #alivebur x reader #alivebur fanfic #wilbur x reader #wilbur fanfic #technoblade x reader #technoblade fanfic #tommyinnit x reader #tommyinnit fanfic #platonic!tommyinnit x reader #platonic!tommyinnit fanfic
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  • capaciityforpain
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    @firstonetojointhetimeagency​ said: " Suppose you had some work done again?" Jack looks over at the Doctor. He's not entirely sure why the Doctor is here. Perhaps he has heard.. well could be many things he has heard, maybe it's just a casual visit. Or an Alien invasion.

    “You suppose correctly,” the Doctor responds, making a small motion to himself, a reserved sort of flourish. Their paths, his and Jack’s, rarely crossed for anything less than serious, less than world-threatening, but he always liked to see him. World-threatening tended to be the only thing that brought him to any of his friends’ doorsteps, which he had started to sense was not appreciated as much as he would like it to be. “You look,” a pause as he looked him over, “the same. I guess that’s a perk of things being as they are.”

    #( x. answered. ) #firstonetojointhetimeagency
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  • bakugoushoez
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    I have a Dabi x Reader story out if anyone wants to read it.

    There’s some smut so it is 18+!

    Read if you want <3

    #dabi x you #bnha x reader #mha x reader #dabi smut#yandere dabi#dabi#touya todoroki
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  • whoreforreid
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    sugardaddy!spencer randomly telling you to go put on his favourite red cardigan and meet him outside on the driveway, and when you do theres a fancy new car just sitting there and you’re like “holy shit thats so nice babe” and hes like “you like it?” and your like “uh yeah??” as your hands are trailing the outside of it, completely in awe and hes like “good... because its yours...”

    you turn around so quick and are like “not funny spence” and hes like “im not kidding” as he hands you the keys... and your jaw in on the ground and he’s like “sit on the car and i’ll take some pictures”, and so he takes a few photos before putting the phone down and walking over to where you were sat on the car the perfect position for him to come n stand between your legs.

    he kisses you, its messy.. all tongue so much passion... and he’s telling you hot you look and how much he wants you and so he FUCKS YOU IN HIS FANCY ASS RED CARDIGAN ONTOP OF HIS FANCY ASS RED PORSCHE and when he cums inside you he keeps fucking it back into you because he “doesnt wanna get the car dirty” but truthfully its just bc his breeding kink is insane...

    #whoreknee thots#spencer reid #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid smut #criminal minds #sugardaddy!spence
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    #cia is a little bit mad at me #cia x freya
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    Dans Animal Crossing New Horizons sur Nintendo Switch, vous possédez un téléphone portable : Le NookPhone. Dans ce même jeu, vous pouvez imaginer des tas de choses. C'est alors que j'ai inventé un service de télécommunication que j'ai nommé Oryak Space Network®.

    C'est cette même idée qui m'a ensuite inspirée pour faire une série de fonds d'écrans, basé sur l'identité visuel du logo de l'OSN®. Il faut aussi savoir que tout ceci à était influencé par le projet Star Link de l'entreprise d'aérospatial Space X, car j'ai eu la chance d'apercevoir une de leurs vagues de satellites.

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  • wrathfulmercy
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    #answered meme #Beth x Rick #mxlodic #((damn it’s heartwarming to see you in my inbox again 🥺))
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  • xerox-candybar
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    Garou: are you taking me to the beach because it is romantic?

    Genos: I am taking you to the beach because the sea is terrifying.

    Garou, tearing up: you know me so well.

    #opm #one punch man #garou#genos #garou x genos #gearou #that's my best crack at a ship name #if you have a better one we can duel for it #dance offs are fine #so are rap battles.
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  • yanderememes
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    that’s where he draws the line. Yan Jotaro is gonna turn you in for animal cruelty.

    #yandere #yandere jojo x reader #yandere jojo's bizarre adventure #yandere jjba#yandere jotaro #jotaro x reader #jotaro kujo #jotaro x you #jotaro x y/n #jojo diamond is unbreakable #jojo part 4 #part 4 jotaro
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    ♡ You and him always talk about Ging. You go on and on about different ways you could find him and what would happen after you found him.

    ♡ He's the type of guy who would get sad over stepping on a bug or animal.

    ♡ Since he'd be so sympathetic, he never judges you for you insecurities and flaws.

    ♡ Rarely gets flustered or embarrassed from affection. He would kiss your cheek so many times in a day and hugs you goodbye when you have to go.

    ♡ Your relationship would be amazing if you and Killua got along. If you and Killua didn't get along, I assume you and Gon's relationship wouldn't work.

    ♡ Teaches you all the skills he's learnt throughout the years such as fishing, nen, fighting etc...

    ♡ When your down about something, he tries to make you see the best of every situation.

    ♡ His hair doesn't have any gel and just naturally defies gravity (somehow). Exept for when his hair is wet, then it goes down.

    ♡ When he gets angry, which is very rare. His mood instantly gets better when he sees you.

    ♡ You end up bandaging and taking care of him when he breaks a bone which is frequent.

    ♡ Always finds a way to make you and others laugh, even during times it would be innapropriate to laugh.

    ♡ Wanted nothing more but to be with you after what happend with Neferpitou (Pitou).

    ♡ He honestly cannot plan out surprises for anybody without letting it slip. He planned so many surprise birthday parties for you but he just accidentally blurted out about it.

    ♡ If you guys were away from eachother for a long time, he would literally cry tears of joy when he saw you again

    ♡ best boy <3

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  • ittacookie
    20.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Imagine: Sleepover party with Lady

    Yay, I finally can see the world in full HD and without headaches. Never thought that glasses could make such a difference. While I am still on the Free! vibe, I just remembered my old crush on the most beautiful lady that is, moreover, very strong...

    • She does not have a proper pajama for your small event, therefore prepare to be robbed in a nice way. Otherwise, she will privatize the biggest (and cleanest) t-shirt from Dante. Eather way, she wants both of you to feel comfy and relaxed.

    • Food. Yes, it is bad to eat too much before sleep. Yes, she does not care. After a long and tiring day of fighting with beasts and demons, a couple of pizzas would not harm. Besides, Lady enjoys to hand-feed you and see her darling happy and content.

    • While you enjoy some time together, Mary will tell you a story or two about her adventures with Dante and add many funny details to make you laugh or chock on cola. She likes to put on a small show for you but still wants to hear about your life. Maybe going for shopping does not sound as cool as fighting fifty beasts at the same time but you can see the glimer in Mary's eyes while she is listening to you.

    • Lady is definitely a person that laughs on horror films. With all the things happening to her on daily basis, something like a beast in the basement or a venegful spirit sound like a good old joke. Therefore, it is better to watch fantastic movies or comedies if you want to save the atmosphere.

    • If you are close enough to each other, she will be open for some cuddles. Usually Mary is the big spoon, and likes to squeeze you all she wants. However, when you are eager enough, she will concede and become your small spoon. Moreover, she enjoys the moments when you two are lying in silence and look at each others eyes.

    • When you decided to call Lady for a sleepover, you agreed and signed on sleeping in a tight hug. Not so you will complain, because this way you feel nice and protected. However, you would not have a chance to stand up earlier than Lady will wake up... And she is a long sleeper...

    #lady #lady x reader #devil may cry #dmc#headcanons
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  • anarchy-n-glitter
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    The Volkov Files

    Chapter 1

    Summary: Years after the Raccoon City incident, questions arise after the body of an old friend is used to taunt Leon Kennedy on a mission. Who was NV Snow really? Why was she in Raccoon City when the outbreak happened? When was she killed and who killed her?

    The room was dark aside from the lamp that was on in the living room. Leon sat at his kitchen table, watching as Ada took a folder out of her bag. He had to know, and she was one of the only people he trusted to tell him. She slid the folder over to him. He didn’t dare move; he couldn’t find it in him to do so. This folder held everything he wanted to know in it, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to face it.

    “Natalya Anastasia Volkov. She was the one right?” Leon didn’t say anything. Instead, he moved forward and finally opened the folder. There she was, her picture was sitting in the front of the folder. It was a rather artistic shot, taken with a camera that could only produce a black and white image, but he knew it was her. Sunglasses covered her beautiful blue eyes, her hair was up in a ponytail, as it was when Leon met her, and she wore a white trench coat. She seemed to be getting out of a car, the reason, for now, wasn’t important to Leon. Ada sat across from him and watched as he looked through the different papers she had dug up.

    “Her codename was Snow, the first name was just a combination of her first initial and last initial: Envy. But she told you her real name, or, at least, part of it. She knew she was a dead woman, Leon.” Ada told him.

    “She worked for Sove, I’d met her before. She was a good kid.” She continued. Leon stopped at a piece of notebook paper. Someone had a journal entry about Natalya; they’d seen her in her last days alive according to the date.

    “I found that one in the RPD. It was shoved into the back of an empty desk in the medical center. Whoever had it either wanted someone to find it or completely forgot about it.” Leon read it. He read it over and over. Now he knew that whoever had seen her last worked in the RPD as a doctor when he had just become a cop. He also knew their initials: I.G.

    He looked up at Ada, and she felt guilty. She knew how she was killed, but she couldn’t bring herself to hand that information over to Leon. He had been looking for the girl for so long, and he finally found her not too long ago, but what he found was exactly what he had feared.

    “Do you know who this could be?” He asked the spy. She knew alright. This I.G. had been working for Umbrella for years before “Envy” had come to town. I.G. loved a diabolical man, one that Ada wasn’t completely sure loved them back. She looked over at Leon, the expression on her face unreadable.

    “No.” She lied. Leon looked back down at the papers again as he began to sort through them. He went back to the first page. The page was rather wordy, and he figured he’d skim read over it until he had enough time to thoroughly examine the contents of the folder. Ada stood and made her way over to Leon.

    “Don’t get too worked up over this.” She said to him. He didn’t look at her, instead he got to work reading. She leaned down, offering only a hug to console him.

    She slipped out just as quietly as she slipped in.

    Leon glanced over at a page clipped to the left side of the folder. It listed all the information about Nat. Everything she didn’t tell him when they had met, things Nat would never get the chance to tell her.

    To begin with, she wasn’t anything special. Her father was an ex-government operative who had to be relocated to Kuyumba, Russia. His wife, Tanya, was pregnant at the time. Nat had lived with her parents until she was six, then she was taken by Sove.

    Leon quickly found himself flipping through the multiple photos of the things Natalya had done in training. Most of the photos seemed to document low tier assassinations carried out by the girl who had been renamed “Envy.”


    Pale hands reached out and grabbed a folder. Her blue eyes scanned over the words on the page briefly before she looked up and nodded at her superior. Without a word, the two parted and Natalya, under the name of Envy, was off to Raccoon City.

    The target was a woman by the name of Ada Wong, a rather pretty woman who had infiltrated Umbrella. From what Natalya could see, she was hired secretly. Her notes didn’t tell her about who had hired her though. She walked toward the cab that awaited her outside, her bags were already being shoved into the trunk.

    A large gust of wind blew through her coat and she held onto the scarf on her head. She brought her sunglasses down over her eyes and gripped the folder in her hands. The driver approached her and took her by the arm, leading her to the open backseat of the cab. A man stood on the curb across from them, his camera pointed directly at her. As she glanced over at him, he snapped the picture. She was unaware of the man.

    Natalya had gotten into the car and took the scarf off of her head. She ran her fingers through her platinum colored locks in a poor attempt to straighten her hair out.

    “Готовы?” “Ready?” Asked the driver. Natalya nodded.

    “да. Аэропорт, пожалуйста.” “Yes. Airport, please.” She said to him. He said nothing as he put the car into drive. They drove away from her place of work, and Natalya was approaching her last few weeks of her life. She had absolutely no idea what she was getting herself into, she would learn sooner or later.


    The lights from the buildings gleamed in the darkness, guiding Natalya through unfamiliar streets. Her hotel was a few blocks away, and she didn’t plan on staying for too long. Hopefully she would obtain the information gathered by Ada Wong and be back on a plane within the next week, but Nat knew that wasn’t how it worked. It would take almost a month for her to get close enough to someone who was close enough to Ada, and it might take even longer for her to get info out of her.

    If she was lucky, Sove would get her some sort of an apartment. Possibly even invest in one so they wouldn’t have to pay so much for a hotel room. But for now, Nat was stuck staying at the City Royale, which was an interesting name to Nat.

    A few cars zoomed by, splashing in the puddles that had formed on the streets. Nat knew that she only had a few more blocks to go but she was getting tired, despite the brisk weather, although slightly chilly weather would never bother Nat, considering where she was from. She looked around, seeing a few people walking around on the streets at such a late hour, and finding that there was a lack of cars out. She was unsure of whether she’d continue on foot or simply wait for another cab, it was late and she was incredibly tired from flying over. However, she decided that waiting would take more time than needed and she’d just keep walking.

    The clock was ticking, for both Natalya and Raccoon city. There was only a week until the outbreak. And Natalya only had two more weeks to live.

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  • jardinsdeminuit
    20.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    And the Abyss Stares Back [Dainsleif x Lumine / Preview]

    I’ve been sitting on this fic idea ever since the 1.4 quest, but for some reason, only started to write it recently. It’s going to be a three (maybe four) part story following what happened to Dainsleif after he threw himself into the Abyss Herald’s portal. Spoiler alert: absolutely nothing good. Dainsleif holds a special place in my heart as one of my favourite Genshin characters alongside Kaeya, and the storyline I have planned for him in this fic is painful in more than one sense of the word. Maybe that’s why I’ve been struggling to start this one, after all. :’)

    This fic works off the premise that Lumine is the lost twin, and while it’s heavily implied that she and Dainsleif were lovers back before they became enemies and featured a little, it isn’t the focal point.

    The first chapter will be coming in the next couple of days. In the meantime, please enjoy this little preview!


    Dangers from outside of the Abyss Order must be caught and caged.

    No matter how much he tried, Aether couldn't get the Abyss Herald's line, uttered to him and Dainsleif back in the cave, out of his head. It was like a thorn lodged between this thumb and finger.

    “Hey, Aether.”

    Paimon's shrill voice brought him back to reality for what must have been the fifth time that hour. He shook his head and looked up at her. “Sorry. I got distracted again.”

    Blue skies and green grasslands stretched out before them. The landscape had become progressively flatter over the past day of their travels as they left the sharp mountains of Liyue behind and approached Mondstadt's gentler hills. If they continued at this pace, they'd end up crossing the border before sunset.

    “Do you think we should stop for the night soon?” asked Paimon. “There's that inn near the Stone Gate that serves the amazing stir fried shrimp. Unless you want to save some Mora and camp out.”

    “I think we can make it to the Dawn Winery just after dark,” said Aether.

    Paimon was silent for a moment, as if performing the mental gymnastics to confirm his claim. Then she shrugged. “As long as you don't mind being out at night. Besides, how do you know Master Diluc will be there to let us in?”

    “I'm sure Adelinde will if he doesn't.”

    “I guess,” said Paimon with a little pout.

    Aether smiled up at her. Clearly, the source of her disappointment was that they weren't stopping for shrimp.

    Two days had passed since they'd left the cave. Two days since Aether had fought the Abyss Herald and watched his sister turn her back on him. He'd tried not to think too much about the revelations he'd learned about Khaenri'ah and the Archons. All of it made his head throb.

    And yet, his mind kept on returning to that once line the Herald had muttered. At the time, he'd thought it had been aimed at him, but now he realised it had been for Dain. There were still so many questions he wanted to ask the Bough Keeper, though judging by how he'd thrown himself into the portal after Lumine, he probably wasn't going to be getting his answers soon.

    A sudden chill crept down Aether's spine.

    “Are you all right?” asked Paimon, noticing him shiver.

    “I'm fine.” Aether ran a hand down his braid, a habit he often did when he was anxious to calm him down. “I just hope Dain is okay, wherever he might be.”



    Darkness and ash and ruin.

    Dainsleif saw the fires before he opened his eyes, tasted the choking smoke before he breathed in. It had been centuries since he'd escaped this hell, but right now, it felt like he'd only just left.

    He raised his head to see a nation burning. His nation. After half a millennium, the fires that had consumed Khaenri'ah still burnt strong. From the grassy ledge he'd landed on, Dainsleif ran his eyes across the glowing ruins and churned-up land that made up this portion of the Abyss and the black sky that hung over it all.

    He should never have come here.

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