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  • Best kiss since 1945


    Originally posted by dumassgay

    Warnings! Fluffy short drabble.

    Word count! 584

    It was yours and Steve’s usual movie night at your apartment, showing him the various pop culture movies he’s missed over the years. Tonight’s movie was Back to the Future. Hearing all of Steve’s comments on the inaccuracies of the 50s made you laugh more than the movie did. 

    “ Y’know Steve I think you should personally send the director a telegram about how upset you are.” You laughed while propping your legs up on the coffee table in front of you. Steve gave a frustrated sigh before shaking his head at you. 

    “ You know what Y/n-” 

    “ Ooo or maybe they know morse code.” You teased again. He gave you a dirty look before laughing once again. Yours and Steve’s relationship was definitely more of a playful one but nothing more than friends. You had always thought he was quite handsome, especially when he was laughing. Your thoughts had turned more promiscuous after you had seen him training with a punching bag. Just seeing the way his white t-shirt clung to his muscular build made you want to get him right there. You had speculated about your relationship since Bucky made not so subtle jokes about Steve’s feelings. You smiled at the thought of you and Steve before looking back at the movie. You felt a rather large arm wrap around your shoulder then heard Steve fake a yawn as he did so. You rolled your eyes. 

    “ Oh now, what was that for? ” Steve smiled while he looked down at you.

    “ You just pulled the oldest trick in the book Rodgers.” Not that you minded it, it was just insanely cheesy. His awkward cheesiness made you like him more though, there surely wasn’t any guy like him.

    “ Buck said it always worked, and he’s the best when it comes to women.” Steve bit his lip in embarrassment, you could see a slight brush across his cheeks. It wasn’t often that the Captain himself was flustered. 

    “ Natasha told me you were too busy to start dating…or was it too scared?” You raised an eyebrow before leaning closer to his face. It was even more perfect up close. 

    “ Now why would you be asking Nat something like that doll?” His voice was calmer and more husky. You felt your stomach go crazy from it. He was drawing closer now too.

    “ Why were you asking Barnes about tricks on me? " 

    ” Guess we’ll never know will we?“ He smiled before pressing his full pouting lips onto yours. They were soft and light moving like butter across yours. Your hand raised to hold his cheek stroking it lightly with your thumb. You could feel him smile against your lips before pulling away slowly. Your hand still on his cheek, now you could look at him in a new light. How his long eyelashes framed his beautiful blue eyes perfectly, seeing his soft and symmetrical lips glisten in the light ever so slightly. You could have melted into a puddle right there if he wanted you to. The way he looked at you was different as well, it was as though something in him switched. You laughed to yourself, he looked at you curiously before you spoke.

    ” Was that your first kiss since 1945?“ He groaned before covering his face with his hands. You laughed a little more from his embarrassment before patting him on the back.

    ” And to answer your question, no that was not my first kiss since 1945. However, it was my best one since then.“ 

    #steve rogers #steve x reader #steve rogers endgame #steve rodgers imagine #captain america #captain america x reader #america's ass#x reader#marvel#marvel imagine#marvel endgame#avengers endgame #avengers x fem!reader
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    “y/n, don’t forget to watch our performance!”

    #imagine#reader insert#x reader#x y/n#x you#kpop #kpop x gender neutral reader #not my gif #ateez scenarios#ateez #ateez x you #ateez x gender neutral reader #ateez x reader #ateez imagines #kpop x reader #kpop x y/n #kpop x you #gender neutral imagine #gif imagine#short imagine#kpop gifs
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  • #writeblr#jjk #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #yandere jjk#gojo satoru #gojo satoru x reader #x reader #yandere x reader #yandere #jujutsu kaisen headcanons #jjk headcanons#jjk hcs
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    “well, i’m better than you.” ki hyuk said.

    moon jo laughed. “you think so?..”

    #imagine#kdrama imagines#reader insert#x reader#x y/n#x you #hell is other people #kdrama #seo moon jo #not my gif #yandere imagines #yandere x reader #yandere x y/n #love triangle #lee dong wook imagine #lee dong wook #strangers from hell imagine #strangers from hell x reader #strangers from hell
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  • I’ll Be Back - Q X Reader

    A/N: Me? Posting? More likely than you’d think :’) I apologise for my absences, life’s going on at the minute to say the least :P This is for the ever lovely and completely wonderful @okamiredfoxx , I sincerely hope you enjoy it!! You lot as ever, thank you for reading! Hugs! X

    he looks so airbrushed here I am gonna cry fuckin Kim Q-Dashian


    Q the omnipotent was a handful. Q the human was even worse. The crew of the Enterprise never would have believed such a thing was possible, the man most certainly couldn’t get any more annoying than he already was, right? Sadly for them, they would realise how wrong they were.

    Q was less than pleased that he had to ‘suffer’ the 'blight’ of being human, in his own words, arguably his worst nightmare. It was his punishment from the continuum for his behaviour, but he believed it was a bit excessive. So Q had made it his mission to be as irritating as he could for as long as he could.

    “Enough, Q!” The captain shouted, growing tired of the complaints coming from the man behind the glass. “You’re tired, you’re falling asleep. You’re not dying, now be quiet.”

    “This is no fun, Picard.” Q huffed and sat back, arms folded and a frown on his face like a child who had been told off.

    Quietly, from the corner of the room, you had been observing the scene, tending to your duties as you should. Glancing up now and then, you were met with Q staring back each time without fail. Captain Picard and Riker had long since left, leaving you in the room alone with Q. Neither one of you had spoken, the silence surrounding you becoming a little uncomfortable.

    “So do you talk then, ensign?” Q asked, sitting upright now in curiosity.

    “I do, do you ever stop?” you quipped back, narrowing your eyes with a cheeky grin. Taken aback by your bold statement, he raised his eyebrows.

    “Not what I expected from you, ensign…” Q trailed off, waiting for your name.

    “Y/N, just call me Y/N. I’m rather full of what you won’t expect.”

    With that, you left the room, leaving him to think over the happenings of the past five minutes. Q sat upright, brain racking through the conversations; not many people had talked to him like that before, not many people humoured him either. He wondered if it was a one time meeting, or whether he had peaked your curiosity enough for a second.

    Picard had assigned Data to watch Q during his time as a human guest aboard the ship. He accompanied Q everywhere, and they found themselves eventually in Ten Forward.

    “I’m sure it was,” Guinan smiled gently, but dropped her sentence as her eyes flicked away from you and to the door, a look of dismay spreading across her face. “Oh no.”

    Confused, you turned, wondering what the object of her annoyance was, and you were not surprised to find it was the object of everyone else’s annoyance. Q strolled in with Data at his side, and the two took a seat at the bar a couple of seats away from yourself.

    “This is Ten Forward,” Data began, motioning around the room for Q. The man was paying no attention, his eyes locked with yours since he sat down. “This is where the crew drink and relax, of which I believe you should indulge. Perhaps a drink, or something to eat?”

    “Hm?” Q hadn’t been listening to a word the android was saying, only responding when you nodded your head to Data to indicate there was a question requiring an answer. “Oh, yes, whatever, something to eat.”

    “Of course.”

    “Do you talk, Q?” you reiterated his question from the previous day, another mischievous smile on your face.

    “To you, mi amore? Forever.”

    You laughed, taking a sip of your own drink. Data was talking away next to Q, but his words were most certainly disappearing in the air. Since seeing you, Q had taken in nothing but the mere sight of you. He wasn’t sure what the feeling was, but it felt almost pleasant. He hated that, but he couldn’t deny it.

    “Data,” you chimed in, stopping the android’s current flow of speech. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to steal Q from you for a while.”

    “But the captain-”

    “As long as he’s being watched, I don’t think the captain will mind. And if he does, send him to me.”

    Data thought about it for a moment, before standing with a nod and leaving. Guinan had wandered off, too, leaving you sat alone at the bar with Q. Neither of you spoke for a minute or two, simply enjoying each other’s company and sharing quaint smiles with the other.

    “Well, you’ve been staring long enough, Q, now’s your chance; whatcha want?” you asked, innocently and flatly.

    “I’m not sure, my dearest ensign, but I most certainly want it to continue” Q spoke confidently, moving to sit on the seat directly to your left. You smirked, leaning a little closer to him.

    “Finally, something we can both agree on.”

    You sat for what felt like hours, and quite probably was, people filtering in and out of Ten Forward around you. Lost in conversation, you hadn’t cared. Q and yourself talked about nearly everything you could, from your time growing up to his ventures through the quadrants. He was full of stories, and unsurprisingly so.

    Each day for the next week, you’d accompanied him instead of Commander Data, and he kept to you compliantly. Shocked and confused the crew were, that much was true. They never thought Q could be so quiet and reeled in, and in Riker’s words, 'not an annoying, bratty man-child.’ Such things you simply laughed off, knowing that Q was far from that to you, at least. He seemed kind, considerate and intelligent, and never failed to make you laugh or hold your attention with a story.

    You were in your quarters tending to some work, Picard having taken Q from you for a while. As you sat by your desk, you looked out into the stars on the other side of the window and sighed contently. A voice came from behind you, gentle so as not to startle you.

    “Beautiful, aren’t they?”

    “Q?” You hadn’t heard the door open, which is why you were confused.

    “The one and only,” he moved closer to you. “You’re the only sight more beautiful than that.” He motioned to the window and you blushed red.

    “Ever the romantic.”

    Q pulled you closer to him and you rested your head against his chest. A flash of light beside you caught your attention, and Q handed you a red rose. That’s when you realised why you hadn’t heard the door open.

    “Does this mean you’re leaving, then?” you asked, not unkindly, but rather sadly. He pulled you to look at him, taking your hands in his own.

    “Y/N,” Q started, bringing one hand to cup your face. “It’s never for long. That I promise you.”

    As you looked at him, he smiled down at you, lifting your chin with his hand and placing his lips on your own. Q kissed you for what felt like forever, and your arms came you wrap around his neck, hands entangling themselves in his hair. Breathless, you pulled away from him to find him smirking.

    Q pressed one last kiss against your lips and winked.

    “I’ll be back.”

    #star trek #star trek imagine #star trek x reader #star trek the next generation #star trek tng #the next generation #tng#q #q x reader #q imagine#imagine#x reader
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    “ kakegurui masho! ”





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  • image

    “we need to get a better couch.” atsumu tells you, stretching his hands over his head as he yawns, and he mumbles something along the lines of ‘good morning’ or ‘ya sleep well? cause i didn’t.’

    you ignore him, sitting by the kitchen counter, keeping yourself busy as you scrolled through your phone, not even bothering to spare him a glance.

    he narrows his eyes. how long were you gonna keep this up?

    see, the two of you were in a fight. (though he really wouldn’t call it that since it was you literally just ignoring him.)

    it’s been three days that he’s had to sleep on the horrible, tacky couch. three days that he’s held out from apologizing for an argument that he didn’t mean to take way too far. three days way too late to do anything about it now.

    so, you held a grudge, well he’s sore. to hell with your grudge, he just wanted to go back sleeping on the bed - sleeping next to you, sleeping with you. he just wanted to do whatever you asked of him so you can finally kiss and make up.

    he walks to your spot, “wanna go for a run?”

    and you ignore him.

    “want me to make breakfast?” he asks again, voice chirping as he wraps his arms from behind you, smiling as you don’t push him away.

    you still ignore what he has to say, but you don’t stop him from burying his face in the crook of your neck.

    atsumu takes in your scent, a bit of heaviness in his heart as he recalls just how much he missed you for the past three days, and he wishes, more than anything, that he could’ve apologized sooner.

    he kisses on your nape, teasing, “do ya want to make something else?”

    and you push him off, watching as his grin turn into a frown in seconds.

    you tell him, “if you want to sleep on the bed that bad, then be my guest.”

    “really-” he starts, but then you cut him off.

    you continue, “i’ll take the couch.”

    atsumu groans, running a hand through his hair, “why can’t we sleep on the same bed?”

    you say, annoyed, “because we’re fighting.”

    “we don’t fight,” he says back, trying not to raise his voice, “i don’t fight with ya.”

    half true. the two of you argue, sure, but it never gets this bad, he never lets it get this bad. maybe he’s said the wrong thing at the wrong time, or maybe he took something way too far, but it would never be his intention to purposefully fight with you.

    “atsumu,” you sigh, and you resist the urge to bring a hand to your temple, you stare at him, brows furrowing together, “just take the bed.”

    he looks at you, “no.”

    so, you held a grudge, that’s okay. wasn’t this what marriage was about anyways?

    “i’m good on the couch.” atsumu tells you.

    the couch was uncomfortable, cold, and unbelievably tacky. he hates sleeping on that thing more than he can say, but if there’s anything he’s sure he’ll hate more, is the thought of you having to sleep on it.

    fights were okay, fights were healthy. it didn’t always have to be quick in comfort, it didn’t always have to blow over so soon.

    “ya can keep the bed.” he tells you, voice soft, and you appreciate this as he does.

    you knew he was sorry, but you just needed a bit more time.

    you look at him, glance softening, “you still wanna go for that run or cook me breakfast or something?”

    he grins at you, “didn’t i include a third option on there?”

    “funny.” you mock, smiling, and you roll your eyes.

    atsumu shakes his head, bringing you back in his embrace, “i’m not joking.”

    #YOU PUSH HIM OFF #my biggest pet peeves are the ones where he fights w u and u just forgive him #LIKE BABE??1?2?2? HE LIT TALLY WAR CRIMED U WHAT ARE U DOING TT #x reader#fluff#haikyuu#angst #haikyuu x reader #imagines#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu scenarios #hq!! #haikyuu headcanons#atsumu miya#atsumu #atsumu miya x reader #atsumu x reader #haikyuu drabbles#haikyuu blurbs#haikyuu icons#haikyuu layouts #haikyuu soft hours #haikyuu dark hours #haikyuu sad hours #haikyuu oneshots#haikyuu timestamps#haikyuu songfics#atsumu drabbles#haikyuu fanfiction #atsumu x you
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  • 4:09 am.


    the tip of his tongue stuck out and curved up as he concentrated, his electric guitar propped on his knee. oikawa’s been practicing the opening cords of do i wanna know? by arctic monkeys and now he’s finally playing it for you. his fingers strummed the cords with ease. he’d been wanting to learn it for a while after finding out that it’s your favorite song.

    sweat dripped down his temples, his muscles flexing with every chord.

    his dark brown orbs locking with yours when he glanced up at you through his lashes.

    he looked beautiful.

    and just when you thought he couldn’t get any more attractive….

    he flashed a lazy grin and sang the lyrics perfectly.

    in that moment,

    that exact moment

    is when you fell in love with tōru oikawa.

    #tōru make mi brain go brrr #oikawa is so hot gn #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#haikyuu scenarios #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagines#anime#tōru oikawa #oikawa x reader #hq oikawa#oikawa tooru #hq x reader #hq imagines#hq oneshots#haikyuu oneshot#haikyuu songfic#x reader#songfic#arctic monkeys#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu hcs #aoba johsai x reader #aoba johsai #CANT GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD
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  • Bullies

    Oof I’m back and with a noya write 🤧 the ask box is drying up with a single ask left so let’s get some asks in there ya !

    Scenario: your being bullied by the kids in your grade. They don’t like that your dating noya and so the pick on you. It started with just talking but slowly started to get worst. Today they threw a bucket of water on your slapping you a cross the face, in the bathroom. A student seen and told noya..

    I hope you enjoy

    Warning: light angst


    You moved threw the hallway, sniffing. Not because your sad but because your feeding cold and soaking wet. Your uniform is not see threw and the only thing hiding your top is the cream color sweater you wear.

    Every step you took sounded smushed on the floor, your socks stuck to your feet giving you the worst feeling ever. But that wasn’t in your mind.

    All you could think about was how you was going to hide this from yuu.

    You know he’ll go after the kids not caring what happened to him. Even if he didn’t care you did.

    He already got suspended for hitting the principal who knows what would happen if he attacked students within the same year.

    They’ll think he’s a danger to all student and take him out of school for good.

    So you never spoke of it. They did give you options that you would never considered doing.

    Break up with noya flat

    Transfer to another school

    Or just ignore him until he gets tired of you

    You could never do anything like that to hurt him. So you put up with getting hurt and soaked hoping it would all be over and you can be happy with noya.

    You heard the fast foot prints in the hall way getting closer and closer. Wishing no- praying that it isn’t anyone from the team hoping it’s not noya please-

    “ y/n” a very familiar voice reached out to you pulling at your emotions. Keep it together you got this , you had to face him sooner or later.

    “ Y-yuu” you didn’t want your voice to crack, it just happened your voice cracked because hearing his voices soothed you and you remembered how hard today was.

    All you wanted to do was run to him hoping he’d hold you close and pet you head. You know he’s going to always be there.

    “ why are you wet” is he testing you? He doesn’t know about the bullies right? No one told him.

    They wouldn’t tell him themselves would they?

    “ the sink in the girls bathroom broke and got me all wet haha” you didn’t turn to him and tried to play it off as a small joke.

    He wasn’t laughing

    “ and your cheek why is it red” you took in a sharp breath. How could you forget - the multiple slaps to that one cheek.

    You tried to think of a lie but he didn’t give you a chance. He moved over to you pulling you to him Turing you around to face him.

    He frowned seeing you look away from him, you use to stare into his eyes as if you wanted to see how deep you could go.

    Now You couldn’t look him in the eye - no you couldn’t look at him. He held your wrist his grip tightened as he scanned over you.

    “ who..did this to you” his voice laced with venom. He hoped that the student who told him was lying and that you was fine but he sees you and how he’s pissed

    At himself for not realizing it before and at the people who did this to you.

    “ it’s not a big deal -”

    “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS NOT A BIG DEAL Y/N , they shouldn’t be doing anything like this to you! Y/n”

    he took a deep breath calming down seeing you tear up to his yelling. But you wasn’t sad that he was yelling. Just every emotion you tried to hide came crashing down at once

    “ how long? Why didn’t you tell me” the hurt sound in his voice is what pushed your tears over the limit.

    “ I didn’t want you to.. get upset and get in trouble because I know you would’ve went to them and I know it wouldn’t end well” you choked out.

    He pulled you closer, into his embrace. Not caring that your soaking. He gave you his rolling thunder jacket.

    You didn’t want to let him go, you wanted to be in his arms forever. Taking in his scent.

    “If you didn’t want me to fight I wouldn’t but I’m not letting them get away with it, who are they” you told him. He wiped your tears away before placing a quick and loving kiss on your forehead than lips.

    He told you to wait here for him and so you did. You felt weightless. The burden of having to hide everything from him was lifted and you couldn’t feel any better.

    In the end noya confronted them and got a three day suspension for interrupting a ongoning class. But since it was for a good cause he didn’t get a full week.

    You went to his house each day, forcing him to look over the notes you took in class for him. He didn’t mind though, he was just happy to have you and happy that you can smile with our forcing it.

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  • Hello everyone! I haven’t been on this account in forever and I finally have my laptop back so I wanted to take some requests. If you want some examples of my writing I have two chapters of a series on this page, that I plan on continuing eventually, and here’s my ao3! https://archiveofourown.org/users/biroacepy

    Anyway, onward to the requests! 

    I can write oneshots, short series, imagines, and headcannons! You can request a specific type or I’ll just go with whatever I think works best.

    Some fandoms I write for are:

    • My Hero Academia
    • Blue Exorcist
    • Haikyuu
    • Obey Me
    • The Arcana
    • BNA
    • Saiki K
    • Play Choices game

    I also know some less popular fandoms that I’d love to write for so if you want something written for a fandom not listed, request it and if I know it, I’ll do it!

    I’ll write most anything really! Regular ol fluff, angst, smut(even though I’m not all that good at it yet), or even just platonic stuff if you want. Looking to get back into writing so request your heart out!

    #mha xreader #haikyuu x reader #x reader request #x reader #x female reader #x male reader #x gn reader #blue exorcist x reader #obey me x reader #the arcana x reader #bna x reader #saiki k x reade #play choices x reader
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  • About me! :D

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    Hi there!

    I’m Bee, a minor who’s currently very much ‘addicted’ to mcyt’s atm.

    I’m a nonbinary queer, capricorn sun and a libra rising and moon.

    I’m Dutch (aka from Fundy Land™️), so my grammar and spelling may be off at times.

    I will absolutely not tolerate any hate speech or harmful things on my page.

    I’ve picked up writing before, on WattPad, however I have since gotten rid of my work on there as the cc’s involved in my book were uncomfortable with it, and we respect boundaries in this household.

    I don’t really know what else to put here, tbh. I’m not that interesting.

    Posts may be slow due to school, exams and personal stuff!

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  • Anon list!

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    🦌 anon

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  • (Highly Recommended fics have ** next to name)

    Frankie Morales


    Originally posted by pedro-pscal

    Change Your Mind by Pascalispunk on AO3: Frankie “Catfish” Morales x f!Reader —–> Age gap, smut, pwp, daddy kink, first times

    Marshmallow Fluff by Housekenobi on AO3: Frankie “Catfish” Morales x f!Reader x Santiago “Pope” Garcia —–> Threesomes, smut, pwp, double penetration, unprotected sex

    Poppies Don’t Bleed by Housekenobi on AO3: Frankie “Catfish” Morales x f!Reader —–> Angst, injury, blood, hurt/comfort, getting together, cannon-typical violence

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