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    25.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    7 Minutes In Heaven Jozu x Reader

    Once you reached your hand in you felt around and pulled out a diamond necklace. You looked at the necklace admiring the beauty of it and didn’t notice the 3rd division commander walking towards you. You were admiring it because it looked handmade but at the same time to classy to be handmade. You felt the necklace get taken away from your hands. You looked up and noticed Jozu who smirked at you before hooking the necklace around your neck. You blushed and smiled. “You can have it, it suits you well.” He said.  “Thank you it’s beautiful.” You said and you felt Nami push you both into the closet and locked the door. You shifted as you looked at Jozu who was standing close to you but giving you enough room to move.  “Do you want to play Jozu?” You asked and he grinned. “I was hoping you would want to play, let’s not waist time since we only get 7 minutes.” He said and he picked you up so you could reach his lips and he pressed his chapped ones against your own. You inhaled his scent blushing as you moved your lips with his as he held you close. You hugged his neck he sat back on the coch  that was in the closet and sat you in his lap. His hands went straight to your waist and slipping underneath your shirt. He wanted to feel how soft your skin was. Your lips were to addicting to him and he didn’t want to break this kiss. He kept tracing his finger tips along your sides. You straddled him in a more comfortable position before breaking the kiss to breath and he placed his huge hands resting them still on your waist. He grinned as you leaned down and kissed his neck nipping at the skin he blushed but you were to caught up in the moment and you didn’t want it to end. He pulled you away from his neck and kissed you again. One of his hands were placed behind your head so you wouldn’t break from the kiss. You tapped his shoulder but he ignored it even though he knew that tap was to say the 7 minutes was almost up. He pushed his tongue into your mouth just as the door opened. Jozu picked you up again not breaking the kiss. You managed to part from the kiss flushing. “Jozu put me down.” “Not a chance I didn’t get satisfied I want the kiss longer.” He grinned and kissed you again. The Whitebeard pirates let out whistles and you flushed but kissed back. Once he finally parted the kiss he sat you in the lap. “Be my girlfriend (Y/N)” “I would love too.” “Great because I love you.” “I love you too Jozu.”  “Does that mean you are joining the whitebeard pirates?” Ace asked. Luffy stopped eating meat. “NO SHE IS MY NAKAMA!” You laughed shaking your head. “Luffy wouldn’t ever allow that. Plus I am loyal to the Straw Hat Pirates.” Ace puff his cheeks and so did Jozu. “I won’t see you often.” “I know but we will see each other again.” “Okay as long as you are happy.”

    #One Piece #One Piece Jozu #Jozu x Reader #White Beard Pirates Jozu #White Beard Pirates #Jozu
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    Beach Day Sunrise

    Peter Parker x f!Reader

    Warnings: None, this is just fluff, except for a slightly steamy scene at the end, but super minimal ;)

    Summary: Peter & (Y/N) go on a sunrise date.

    A/N: I hope you guys like this :D I saw the idea on Insta or smth and was like this is intriguing :') As always please let me know if you like it or if you think there are ways I could improve my writing :) I hope you guys have or had a lovely day


    Squinting her eyes at the boy, the glowing screen of his phone illuminating his features, his fluffy curls still messy from sleep, sticking out in haphazard directions, yet his chocolate-brown eyes were bright and alert, watching her affectionately. "Baby, do we really have to leave this early in the morning ?", she protested, snuggling closer into his side, tucking her head into the crook of his neck, tightening her hold on his torso slightly, "It's literally 5:00 AM, when you said you wanted to have a sleepover, I thought you were referring to something else", the words sounding muffled as she spoke into his skin.

    Rolling his eyes lovingly, he sent her a playful frown, whining in retaliation, "Babe, but you promised", shifting her closer to him, to trail soft kisses along the side of her face, grinning as she hummed in content, hoping that he could sway her mind, "Plus there'll be such a big crowd if we go later in the day".

    "But Pete I'm so tired", she yawned, placing her lips against his sensitive neck, letting a hand run through his locks, gently combing out the knots and tangles, "Just give me five more minutes", her lids already fluttering shut, as she deeply inhaled his comforting scent of cinnamon and apple pie.

    He pushed himself to sit up on the narrow bed, causing her to whine at the loss of his warmth, the cold creeping up along her exposed arms, "Baby if you sleep for five more minutes, I'll sleep for five more minutes", groaning as he threw his head into his palms, promptly peeking out through his fingers to observe her reaction, "and that'll become 5 hours and then we'll never go".

    Flopping over, she stuffed her face deeper into the fleecy pillow, drawing the blankets up higher to cover her neck, mumbling "Babe I can play you a video of a sunrise ?", pressing her lips tightly together, to stifle the growing laughter in her chest, already predicting his reaction, "Would that be any better ?"

    "(Y/N)!! That's not the same", he sulked, crossing his arms across his chest, spinning his body so that he faced the other side of the room.

    Giggling, she wrapped her arms around his torso, tugging slightly at the edge of his shirt, urging him to focus on her again, "Alright alright", to which he gave in almost immediately, turning around so that they lay face to face again, sighing in defeat as she gazed into his puppy eyes, unable to resist, "I'll get up"

    Feeling her nestle further into the covers, tangling her legs with his, he raised an eyebrow, in confusion, "Babe, that's not getting up", pouting when he noticed her sudden silence, "You're going back to sleep"

    "5 minutes", she mumbled, not bothering to open her eyes.

    Smacking his palm against his forehead, the boy studied her closely, wild, thick locks fanned out around her head dramatically, his mind racing to think of a way, eyes glittering when an idea popped up, like a lit lightbulb. Giving her a vicious grin, "Baby, that's it", securely wrapping his arms around her waist, easily tugging her up into his arms, to sit her on his shoulder as he moved to stand, trying hard not to burst into laughter, already picturing the scowl on her face.

    "Peter!!", she whispered frantically, eyes wide in shock, careful not to yell and wake Aunt May, smacking his shoulder in frustration, that proved to have to effect on the boy, who ignored her diligently, carrying on with his task at hand, causing her to sigh exasperatedly, "Why does this keep happening ?"


    The cars of the subway clacked against the metal tracks, as it turned corners, the occasional light of another train passing opposite their shining through the large, dusty windows. Sensing another sharp turn, (Y/N) pressed herself closer to her boyfriends frame, his had reflexively moving around her torso, steadying her from slipping off the smooth, cold, graffitied seats.

    Eying the empty space suspiciously, she pressed her lips together tightly frowning, "Baby this looks like something out of a horror movie", she burst out, waving a hand around as she gestured to the dimly lit car, empty except for the pair. The sight making her feel somewhat uneasy, having grown used to the crowds of peak hours, backs of strangers standing only centimeters away from hers.

    Chuckling softly, he pulled her to sit across his lap, clutching onto her tightly, so that she curl closer into him, sighing contently at the warmth and safety he radiated. "Babe don't worry, I'll save you from whatever ghost you're thinking about", he reassured confidently, placing a hand behind her head to stroke her hair tenderly.

    "Alright, Spiderman", she giggled, pulling back slightly to peck his cheek sweetly, whispering the last part, still vary of people finding out, even if they were alone.

    "Don't act like you don't love it though", he smirked, resting his forehead against hers, letting their noses brush up gingerly against each other.

    "I do, but I think I love Peter more", she smiled, cupping his cheeks, his lips curving upwards to form a wide grin, unable to contain his delight, a hand raised to tuck a strand of loose hair behind her ear, leaning to tilt his head closer to hers, connecting their lips. She reacted almost instantly, hers moving delicately against his, just long enough for him to inhale her sweet scent of coffee and caramel. Breaking the kiss for air, she sighed dreamily, curling her leg around his, the minty taste of his mouth still lingering on her tongue.


    A chilly breeze from the sea blue in the sky still a deep navy blue, like an endless ocean reflected in the sky, as the strong, murky waves crashed rhythmically against the fine, glittering grains of sand that clumped together, causing her to wrap her wooly coat closer around her body, muttering, "I'm cold", almost wondering out loud as she smoothened out he creased edges of the worn, boldly-patterned blanket across the sand, "Isn't the beach supposed to be warm, what is this defiance of nature ?"

    "Baby, just shut up and come here", he lamented, holding his hands out to the girl, allowing her to crawl in between his legs, his arms enveloping her frame, tilting his head down to question, "Are you happy now ?"

    "Very", she retorted, finding it hard to wipe the smug grin of her face, pulling his arms further around her body, leaning into his steady chest, the sound of his heartbeat bringing a sense of relaxation to her.

    Fixating her gaze to the sky, she sighed in content, admiring the streaks that painted the darkness, tinting the clouds different shades of rose, coral and gold, like the darkness was struck through with bands of light, the colors reflecting onto their skin. She couldn't help but reach out for his pal, intertwining it with hers, enjoying the way they fit together perfectly, tenderly rubbing circles into his smooth skin.

    Nestling his face into her neck, he tilted it slightly, unable to tear his eyes away from hers, twinkling as they watched the masterpiece of the sky unfold before them, nudging a little with his nose as he asked, "See wasn't this worth it ?", pleased with himself.

    She spun her body around, so that she straddled his waist, to meet his gaze, shaking her head acceptingly, "Not gonna lie you were right", giggling as he peppered his face with kisses, contagious enough to make him laugh as well, slowly making her way to his lips. Somewhere during that time the laughing stopped, their smiles dwindling, becoming something deeper, his eyes intense and focused, when they broke the kiss for air, quick to connect their lips again, his arms pressing her frame closer to his, sighing airily when her fingers found themselves in his hair, tugging softly on the chestnut locks. She felt like everything was gone, letting herself get lost in him, a timeless and passionate moment, the emotion that spread through them creating an delicious, electric air. The kiss began to slow, and he pulled back to look into her eyes, the salty sea breeze swirling dreamily around them, causing a few strands of their hair to float carelessly, her hands falling to hang loosely around his shoulders, gently stroking at the hairs that stood at the nape of his neck.

    She bit her lip nervously, his melted chocolate brown eyes able to see right through her, with little to no difficulty, finally finding her voice, "I don't know what I'd do without you Pete", understanding that he had become her safe space, her home.

    Tilting his face towards hers, he rested his forehead against hers, giving her a wordless answer, that she knew all too well, before responding playfully, "I'm not sure what you'd do without me too", chuckling as she slapped his arm lightly, failing to stifle the laughter that escaped her chest.

    #peter parker fic #peter parker au #peter parker headcanon #peter parker fanfiction #peter parker fluff #peter parker x y/n #peter parker x you #peter parker x reader #peter parker x oc #peter parker fandom #peter parker oneshot #peter parker imagine #tom holland fic #tom holland x reader #tom holland fluff #tom holland spiderman #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland x y/n #tom holland angst #tom holland one shot #tom holland x fem #tom holland imagines #tom holland x you #tom holland fandom #tom holland peter parker #peter parker#peter parkqueue #tom holland x original character #tom holland imagine #tom holland oneshot
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    WinterFrost OctoberSmutFest

    Green Silk Sheets

    Incubus/Jötun Hybrid! Loki x Fem! Reader

    MARVEL Character/Supernatural Creature:Loki,as an hybrid (half-incubus and half-Jötun)

    MonsterFuckers Prompt Number:2."Sshhhh,don't cry.I'll make it feel good,so good.You won't ever want a human cock ever again,only ever mine."

    Origin:Latin(incubus) and Norwegian in Norse mythology(Jötun)

    Sexual Content:Hard/rough sex, hybrid sex,BDSM sex,collar sex, bondage,dominance,dirty talk and hair pulling.

    Tagged List:@wolfsmom1 @wolfish-trickster @blackcat2907 @latent-thoughts @luthien-t

    You found yourself laying on green silk sheets inside of a cold room that reminds you of a winters morning in December..you remember seeing flashes of green silk tied around your wrists, hanging above your head and chained against the bed post..seeing another flash of the same thing on your ankles, except your legs are spread wide open as a pair of crimson red eyes staring at you.
    "What a beautiful sight this is, don't you think so pet? Bound and helpless to take whatever pleasure or pain I give you at my whim." You remember hearing a snap of fingers click together and your on your hands and knees with a green collar around your neck, that's attached to a chained leash.
    "I must say.. I like you in this position even better. You'll be my perfect little pet. I can't wait to have my way with you, you belong to me my dear. "

    You have the same dream every night and wake up every morning in both fear and arousal, your bed sheets stained and ruined from your wet dream.

    But this time...when you woke up you felt something soft and smooth underneath you.. silk? You look down and sure enough you were laying ontop of a pair of green silk sheets..wait, you don't own any silk sheets?! Then you noticed something else..your room was cold but the more you looked around, you've soon discovered that you weren't even in your own room.

    You get up to move...or at least, try to move. Your mind was screaming at you to move but your body just wouldn't budge..it was like, you were paralyzed with fear. Then, suddenly..you heard that same voice from your dreams "Don't fret, my dear. I only wish to claim what is so rightfully mine. " if you weren't, in full-on panic mode before..you most certainly are now and with a flash of shimmery green light, a fire was lit from the fireplace in whoever's room it was.

    From the light of the fire, you could see a man standing infront of you at the foot of HIS bed..or at least, a figure of a man. His skin was blue rigged and covered in the most beautiful markings you have ever seen from his head to his waist..he also has horns on top of his head, that curves backwards. From the waist down, he had a furry goat-like legs with hooves and you noticed something very long and hard is standing at attention.

    🎃 Smutty-Smut 🎃 Time 🎃

    With just a snap of his fingers and your wrists were tied and bonded together with green silk, like in your dreams they were hanged above your head and chained up..another set of green silk wrapped around your ankles, spreading your legs wide open and exposing your soaking pussy.

    "Just look at, how wet and ready you are for me pet.." Loki said with a growl of approval, as he crawled over "I've been dreaming of this moment pet.."he moaned out while lining himself up at your entrance "and now...your finely mine for the taking. " he added with a growl as he slides inside with ease.

    Your pussy was throbbing..your body was squirming wildly underneath him, as tears leaked from your eyes at how big and painful he was "Sshhhh, don't cry. "Loki cooed while wiping away your tears, as he remains still for you to get used to his size "I'll make it feel good, so good. " he said with a moan while he slowly pulls out leaving just the tip inside then, slowly pushed back in.

    "You won't ever want a human cock ever again, only ever mine. " Loki added with a growl, as he pulls all the way out before grabbing your hips tightly and slams back in..knocking the air out of your lungs. "No.." you finally spoke, in barley a whisper "Yes.." he said while pulling himself out painfully slow "I am part incubus my sweet. I know what your heart desires, what your body's been aching for.."he explained leaving just his tip inside and grabs a fistful of your hair. "..and I am more than willingly to, give to you." Loki finished his sentence with a growl and slams back into you, over..and over again, the pain soon became to be pleasurable for you.

    Him pounding your pussy furiously, hitting your G-spot each time while fisting and pulling on your hair..had you screaming his name "Yes, that's it! Howl my appellation like a thirsty wolf hailing it's mate." Loki growled out and with another snap of his fingers, the binds on your wrists and ankles disappeared..as he pulls out completely and flips you on your hands and knees, a leather green collar appeared around your neck. In one swift motion, he plunged himself back into your pussy from behind and pounds you into oblivion immediately while grabbing the chained leash that's attached to the collar.. yanking you towards him and grabbing another fistful of your hair, as he stears you back on his throbbing cock.

    "Look at you, taking my cock so well pet.." Loki groaned, as he looks down at the sight "Mph.. I can't wait to fuck your tight little ass next."he said while speeding up as you screamed and moaned "And then, I'll have you swallow every last drop of me while you choke on my cock."his words alone help sent you over the edge, as you cried out your orgasm on his pounding cock.

    "You like that, don't you?..pet.You want your master to pound and use every one of your holes, don't you? You want your master to fill you up with his tainted seed, don't you my pet?"he asked with a knowingly smirk on his face, not stopping his movements as you rode out your orgasm "Yeeesss..use me, fill me. Claim me, master." you pleaded with a cry, accepting your fate "Good girl. "

    #incubus/jotun hybrid! loki #incubus/jotun hybrid! loki x you #incubus/jotun hybrid! loki x female! reader #incubus/jotun hybrid! loki smut #winterfrost octobersmutfest#my posts#my writing
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    #diamond no ace #daiya no ace #diamond no ace x reader #daiya #daiya no ace x reader #daiya x reader #ace of diamond #daiya no a act ii #daiya daily#shirakawa katsuyuki #shirakawa x reader #kamiya carlos toshiki #carlos x reader #shirakawa x carlos x reader #poly relationship#inashiro #i love him
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    Their First Time Seeing You Glamoured Up (Arthur, Mozart, Theodorus, Isaac)

    @ichigostellaglynn asked:

    Hiii glad i found you bc i loveeeeee your writing !! If you have time can you make hcs about dull mc, but someday Comte invites all residents + her to ball and mc finally show them her makeup skills and she being center of attention in ball xD

    For arthur mozart theo isaac and... Up to you xD

    Thankyou so much before 💕💕💕

    Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy my writing! And yes, ofc I can write this! I hope you don’t mind, but where you said “dull,” I decided to go with the MC thinking she’s dull, rather than her being ugly, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all! 


    First things first, with this man, it doesn’t matter whether your bare-faced, or if you have caked on as much glam as you could fit on your skin, he will always find you absolutely radiating! Even though he never really saw you wearing much makeup, her natural beauty was better than anything he could imagine, and being a writer, he did a lot of imagining.  But, when he was at the ball, and the doors swung open as you walked in, he felt as though he was seeing life through a whole new lens. The women who had been trying to catch his attention don’t stand a chance, not as his eyes are trained on you while he makes his way over to grasp you in his arms. Beauty has a whole new meaning to him, and he couldn’t wait to get you alone! Now, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like how you look without makeup, he honestly doesn’t have a preference! He thinks you’re beautiful either way!


    He never much cared for appearances, so he never really bothered analyzing your appearance. The main thing he found beautiful about you was that twinkle in your eye that appeared whenever you were determined, proud, or excited. It warmed his heart, and the positivity you brought into his life was where he deemed your beauty to lie. That’s not to say that he didn’t find your physical appearance pretty! He did, it was just never what he focused on. Then came the fateful day of the ball. When his eyes first met yours, his jaw dropped, though he was quick to compose himself, all except for the red in his cheeks. When he approached, he could really see the detail up close, and it was apparent the amount of time you must have spent on this. And if there’s anything he can appreciate, it’s hard work. He admired the fact that you could amplify your own natural beauty to such an extent. Though, if he’s being honest, he prefers your bare face. To him, it is you in your most natural, vulnerable, and primal state. Seeing you like that, to him, is like experiencing an amazing force of nature at work.


    Theo is a tough one. He is secretly a lover of romance, and not so secretly, a lover of art and the beautiful things in life, and although I feel he wouldn’t like to admit it, there is something unexplainably beautiful in people, though he can’t quite place it. And the same goes for you, Theo thinks that, especially in your most natural state, you are gorgeous! When he first saw you in a full face of makeup at the ball, he was entranced. Gently grasping your chin and moving your face around in the light, much like a jeweler would appraise a diamond, he admired your handiwork. It didn’t take him long to see the pure artistry that cosmetics requires, which only put him further under your spell.  Though, when it comes down to it, his favorite thing to see is by far, the transition and process of applying the makeup. Makeup is an artform, after all.


    Isaac has never bothered with beauty, be it human or nature or art, for the only beauty he saw in the world during his human years were in numbers and science. But, there is something about you that makes him see the beauty that can be found in a person. At the ball, though, his newfound sense of beauty was raised to a new level when he saw you approach. He could barely see anything that wasn’t you! To him, you looked like some kind of goddess, and he couldn’t get enough. He still thinks that you are exceptionally beautiful even without the makeup, but if you ever want to see this man’s face go as red as a certain apple I don’t think he’d appreciate getting compared to, just put on a bit of makeup, and he would practically fall the his knees to worship the ground you walked on.

    #ikemen series#ikemen vampire#ikevamp#ikevam#ikemen revolution#ikerev#ikemen sengoku#ikesen#ikemen prince#ikepri #ikemen vampire arthur x reader #ikemen vampire mozart x reader #ikemen vampire theo x reader #ikemen vampire theodorus x reader #ikemen vampire isaac x reader #ikemen vampire arthur x mc #ikemen vampire mozart x mc #ikemen vampire theo x mc #ikemen vampire theodorus x mc #ikemen vampire isaac x mc #ikevamp arthur x reader #ikevamp arthur x mc #ikevamp mozart x mc #ikevamp mozart x reader #ikevamp theo x mc #ikevamp theo x reader #ikevamp theodorus x mc #ikevamp theodorus x reader #ikevamp isaac x reader #ikevamp isaac x mc
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    This isn't you - Jesper Fahey

    Request: no Pairing: Jesper Fahey x wife!reader Summary: after somebody shoots Jesper at you're wedding, you want revenge Warnings:  mentions of gunshots, blood, gunshot wound, injuries, angst, language Word count: 2.1K A/N: what's up darlings life is busy (college + driving lessons + work + dates + concerts probably isn't the best combo I am tired as fuck but I'm making it work!!) so here's a lil angsty jesper fic as a treat !! also im writing this on kit's birthday HAPPY BDAY MY LOVE TAG LIST (grishaverse): @ayushmitadutta @mrs-brekker15 @dancingwith-sunflowers @thegirlwiththeimpala @parker-natasha @story-scribbler @romanoffstarkovs @daliareads @meiitanoia @itsnotquimey @sanktaesperanza @whymyparentscheckmyphone @aleksanderwh0r3 @ilovemarvelanne1 @marlenaisnthappy @brekker-zenik @just-deka @graceknxwlson @the-very-tired-mess @sassybadqueen TAG LIST (Jesper Fahey): @mufnasa @mmvi-cdxx @brick-by-brick553 @treasureofmy-heart

    It all happened way too fast. One moment you are happily dancing with Jesper - now your husband, the next you're afraid of getting crushed by a panicked crowd.

    The noise is too loud. A terrifying mixture of people yelling and gunshots. You're desperately holding on to Jesper's hand, trying to scan the crowd for the other crows.

    People are running in every direction, pushing others out the way in order to get out as fast as possible. Part of you wants to march up to the rival gang to ask them why the fuck they're here to crash your wedding. The rational part of you tells you that's what would result into a bullet in your chest.

    Someone pushes you out of their way in order to get out, and your hand slips out of Jesper's. You look at the panicked look on his face for a split second, and then you've lost him in the crowd.

    You're desperately looking around you, trying to find Jesper or any of the others. In the distance, you see the rival gang members moving your way.

    Then you notice a large figure in the crowd, who you recognise. Just as you see him, Matthias also sees you. He makes his way toward you and when he gets closer, you see his hand is on Wylan's shoulder, manoeuvring the much shorter boy through the crowd.

    'Let's go.' Matthias yells over the noise of the terrified guests.

    'Wait!' you say. 'I can't find Jesper!'

    'Later!' says Matthias, grabbing a hold of your arm.

    'No, Matthias, wait, I have to find him!' you say, trying to break free of his hold on your arm.

    But Matthias is much stronger than you are, and he pulls you away from the crowd.

    The entire journey to the Slat you're fighting to go back to the venue. You've tried everything. You hit Matthias, tried to kick him, yelled until your throat was sore.

    But he didn't let go of you, nor did he let you go back.

    When you get to the Slat, he finally lets go of your arm. You can already feel a bruise forming there.

    You see there are a number of guests who are also Dregs that have gathered at the Slat. You spot Inej, and some of your other friends.

    Your heart sinks when you can't see Nina or Jesper. Inej sees you and immediately walks over to where you're standing.

    'Jesper.' is the first thing you say. 'We got separated, where is he?'

    You hate the way your voice sounds. It sounds weak as it trembles.

    Inej smiles softly at you. 'He's here, Nina is patching him up in your room.' she says.

    The colour drains from your face upon hearing her words.

    'Patching him up?' you manage to say in a hoarse voice.

    'He got shot.' says Inej. 'In his shoulder.'

    'Oh, fuck.' you say before running up the stairs. You run past closed doors until you get to the room you and Jesper share.

    The door is open and you slowly peek your head around it. Inside, there are three people. Kaz is standing by the window, looking at Jesper sitting on the bed and Nina, who is treating his shoulder.

    You press your hand to your mouth at the sight of Jesper's bloodied shirt to stifle a sob. The noise makes him look up. He offers you a weak smile.

    'There you are, love.' he says.

    Nina barely has time to step away before you crash into Jesper, holding him tight. He groans at the pressure on his shoulder, but holds you tight anyway.

    'I'm okay.' he says softly. 'I'm okay, love.'

    You pull away so you can look at him, tears forming in your eyes.

    'We got separated and I thought I'd lost you.' you say. 'I wanted to go back put Matthias pulled me away.'

    You look at his shoulder. 'Does it hurt?' you ask.

    Jesper shrugs. 'It's not bad. Nina got the bullet out and is healing it now.' he says.

    'Thank you.' you say to Nina.

    'Do you know who shot you?' you say, turning back to Jesper.

    Jesper shakes his head. 'It all happened so fast. One moment I'm dancing with you, then I lose you, and then I get shot. Next thing I know Nina is dragging me back to the Slat.' he says.

    'Alright.' you say, brushing a few strains of hair out of his face. 'At least you're safe now.'

    You move to sit next to him on the bed, and notice the way Kaz is looking at the two of you. His jaw is clenched and he's gripping his cane. You don't think too much of it, you can only focus on Jesper now.

    You sit with him as Nina finishes treating his wound, and you then help him to change into more comfortable clothes to sleep in. You're softly talking to Jesper until he falls asleep.

    When you're sure he's asleep, you leave the room to find Kaz.

    As expected, he's upstairs in his room. You don't even knock, or bother to greet him when you enter.

    'You know who shot him.' you say.

    Kaz looks up at you. 'Yes.' he admits. There's no point in lying to you. He knows you'd figure it out eventually.

    'Tell me.' you demand.

    'Why?' says Kaz.

    'Tell me, Kaz.' you say.

    'I don't-'

    He doesn't finish his sentence, as you are in front of him with a gun to his chest. It's a Zemeni made one, almost identical to Jesper's. He got you a pair of them for your birthday. So we can match, he'd told you.

    'You know who it is.' you say to Kaz. 'Tell me.'

    Kaz doesn't seem alarmed at all by being held at gunpoint.

    'Fine, I'll tell you. Only because you're bound to find out anyway and I don't need you to wreak havoc on my streets.' says Kaz. 'Van Dijk. Peter van Dijk. Usually hangs out at Will's bar near the Main Street.'

    'Thank you.' you say, taking off immediately.

    'Never hold me at gunpoint again, Y/N.' you hear Kaz say behind you, but you're already on your way.

    As quiet as you can, without waking Jesper, you change into a more comfortable outfit and put on your gun holster. You look at Jesper, peacefully asleep, one more time before you take off.

    No one spares you a second glance, or asks where you're going. They know better than to bother you right after someone ruined your wedding.

    You head towards the Main Street, scanning the names until you see the one you're looking for.

    You enter Will's bar, and look around. Kaz didn't give you a description of what this Peter looks like. It didn't matter. You'd stay here all night if you had to.

    There are little people you recognise around here. Most of the Dregs went to a pub closer to the Slat. You don't even bother to order a drink. Tonight you didn't need a drink to pump up your adrenaline.

    You start to ask around if anyone knows a Peter van Dijk. The longer you spend asking around about him and not finding him, the more desperate you become.

    Until finally, someone points to a man sitting at the very end of the bar.

    The others don't even look up when you roughly pull Peter out of his chair and outside. In this city, the wisest decision was to look away when an angry gang member with a weapon showed up.

    Outside, you push Peter against a wall and press a gun to his chest.

    'Know who I am?' you say through gritted teeth.

    He seems puzzled, and smells like alcohol. You wonder if he went straight to the bar after shooting Jesper.

    'I would remember a pretty face like yours.' he slurs.

    The comment earns him a hard punch to the jaw.

    'Try again.' you say.

    'Are you one of the new recruits?' he says.

    'No.' you say.

    'Hang on.' he says, narrowing his eyes at you. 'You're the bride.'

    'Damn right I am.' you say. 'And you're the one who shot my husband.'

    'Let me guess. You're here to avenge him?' says Peter, a sickeningly smile on his face.

    'Thanks to your horrible aim, he's alive.' you say.

    'Shame.' he says.

    Another punch to his jaw.

    You lean in closer, your face almost against his. 'If that shot had killed him, I would have brought my knives. And I would have made it a very slow journey. For now, I'll just settle for my gun.' you tell him.


    You turn around, careful to keep Peter pinned against the wall so he can't space. Jesper is standing behind you.

    It looks like he only put a coat over his pyjamas and put his boots on. But you do see his guns on his hips.

    'What are you doing? Kaz said I could find you here.' says Jesper, trying to look past you at Peter.

    'It's alright, Jes, go back to the Slat. I'm right behind you.' you say

    'Who's that?' asks Jesper.

    'No one.' you say, hoping he'd leave.

    You see Jesper's eyes move from your face to the gun in your hand.

    'What are you doing?' he says.

    'Jes, just go home. Please.' you say.

    'No.' says Jesper.

    'I could leave while you two figure this out.' says Peter.

    You turn back to him. 'You are not going anywhere.' you snap. 'I'm not done with you yet.'

    'Did he make you feel uncomfortable at the bar?' asks Jesper.

    'No.' you say, turning your head so you can look at Jesper again. 'But he is getting what he deserves.'

    'Y/N.' says Jesper firmly. 'Tell me who he is.'

    You sigh. You didn't want to start your marriage by lying to Jesper.

    'His name is Peter van Dijk.' you say. 'He's the one that shot you, so I've come to return the favour.'

    'Return the favour?' says Jesper behind you.

    'Yes, just go back to the Slat, I'll be there in a minute.' you say.

    'Y/N, no.'

    Jesper walks up to you and lays a hand on yours, slowly trying to push the gun down and away from Peter's chest. But you refuse to move.

    'Please, Y/N, this isn't you.' he says.

    'Let me have this, he shot you, Jes.' you say.

    'I know he did. But this isn't you. Love, please don't do this.' says Jesper, almost begging you.

    'He hurt someone I love!' you protest.

    ‘And you want to return the favour? A blood price? Come on, Y/N, we may live in the Barrel, but this is not how we handle things. You’re better than this.’ says Jesper.

    Slowly, you lower the hand that holds your gun. Jesper gently takes it from you and tugs it in one of his coat pockets.

    He then takes a hold of your arm and begins to pull you away from Peter. You're letting Jesper lead you away from Peter.

    You take one last look at Peter and see he’s smirking. That’s it. You leap forward and kick him in the balls, sending him crumbling to the floor.

    You then walk back to Jesper, shrugging.

    ‘He deserved that one.’ you say, taking his hand and walking back to the Main Street.

    The two of you walk back to the Slat in silence. Most of the others have gone to bed already, it's fairly quiet when you are your way to your shared room.

    ‘Why’d you do it, Y/N?’ says Jesper after a while, when you're getting ready to go to bed. ‘It’s not like you at all.’

    ‘He messed with my family. Something in me just snapped. But now I can see it was impulsive and stupid.’ you say. ‘I shouldn’t have gone after him like that. I’m lucky you showed up.'

    You frown, thinking back to it. 'How did you know where to find me anyway?’ you say.

    ‘I told you, Kaz told me where you’d gone. He came to wake me right after you left.' says Jesper.

    'Traitor.' you mumble softly.

    'Kaz said he didn’t stand a chance to stop you, but I might.’ says Jesper.

    You smile at him and reach out to slowly run your fingers over his bandaged shoulder.

    ‘It scared me.’ you say. ‘I thought I lost you for a second.’

    ‘I’m still here.’ says Jesper, pulling you into his arms. ‘And I’m not going anywhere. I'm all yours, forever.’ he says, smiling at you and showing off his wedding ring.

    A/N: If you want to request something, make sure to read my house rules Here’s the list of characters I write for. Everything that I have written can be found on my masterlist. Please don’t repost my work, as I spend much time and effort on it!! Thank you for reading! Much love, Marit

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    Pairing: Bucky / Reader

    Summary: Your last drink with Bucky before embarking to a new job across the globe. Your five years friendship had evolved to be an infatuation a long time ago and both of you knew you should stop.

    Warning: Angst

    Word Count: 1.4K

    “You don’t understand,” she said.

    Bucky shook his head in disagreement.

    “You can be in love and not do anything about it. Just let the feeling sink in, hurt you, be quiet about it, until you don’t feel it anymore. Until the pain numbs you.” She made the effort to sound reassuring.

    Again, Bucky shook his head.

    “It doesn’t mean I wasn’t in love. I was. I just did nothing about it, because I was mature enough not to act on it,” she explained the situation in past tense. “Because we were mature enough.” She changed the object to ‘we’.

    “We were mature enough,” Bucky repeated.

    “Yes.” She stared at Bucky with that look again— the look that Bucky swore could crumble his years of defense right there right then— along with a poignant smile.

    “And which part don’t I understand?” Bucky cocks his brows, looking a little smug.

    “On the part you kept asking ‘now what?’” She stopped for a while, sipping her martini. “There should be no ‘now what’, because there was no action to be taken. It was just a fact that I fell in love—”

    “We fell in love,” Bucky corrected her.

    “Yeah, whatever. Doesn’t matter who. The point is, no action. Nothing. None. Nada.”

    “All right, got it,” he said with a wry smile.

    Then they just sat there at the bar quietly, staring at their glasses. She circled the rim of her half empty martini glass and he glanced at her whenever he could. Her eyes stared into the nothingness in front of her. He knew she must’ve thought about how they got here.

    Bucky couldn’t help but wonder himself, diving into the memories, way back when everything was still innocent. When they were just two paralegals trying to survive work and law school together. When they thought they had all the time in the world, when they were truly just friends, before they fell in love and admitted it. They knew they had fallen in love a long time ago, they always knew at the back of their heads. But only it was until they admitted it, they changed.

    A little too late.

    Because by then they couldn’t do anything. They had to act just per normal and they knew they shouldn’t do anything to make this more complicated than it already was.

    “I’m married…” Bucky mumbled.

    “Christ, Bucky. I know that. Geez.” She sounds irritated.

    “I’m sorry…” he mumbled again, much softer this time, thinking she couldn’t hear him but she did.

    “What are you sorry for? For being married or for falling in love with another woman?” she barked.

    “What are you angry for?” Bucky asked her back.

    “What are you sorry for?” She was stubborn as always, weirdly why he fell in love with her in the first place.

    “Does it matter?” Knowing he wasn’t gonna win the quiz fiesta, Bucky answered in the most politically correct way, “It won’t matter what I’m sorry for because no action will be taken based on that. Am I right?”

    She stared at him like she was about to cry. He could feel her emotions, her anger, her hopelessness. “Yes, nothing. And I shouldn’t feel so angry. Because we’re handling this like two mature adults. We’re doing nothing about it. And god help us, we will fall out of love eventually.”

    Bucky clung his glass onto hers. “Ok,” he said and then they drank to that.

    “You want another one?” Bucky asked when she put her empty glass down back to the counter.

    “I shouldn’t. Need to stay sober,” she said acidly, smirking a little. She threw a half bitten nacho onto him, the thing they did for fun in the past. She giggled and said, “Oh I remember those days when I could easily throw them into your shirt.”

    “And I, into yours too.” He smiled and downed the last drop of his whiskey. “Let’s have another round. Last one, I promise.”

    She shrugged, “If you insist.”

    Bucky walked to the other side of the bar where the bartender was, ordering a glass of Lychee Martini and twelve years old Macallan— he thought this night deserved it.

    He remembered the first time they hung out at this bar, more than five years ago. He wasn’t sure about everything back then, still figuring out his relationship with Sarah and the long hours of his new paralegal job. They were talking about the job, sharing stories about their lives and genuinely cared about each other’s happiness. She sincerely wished Bucky could settle down soon because Sarah was kind and nice and marriage was the best decision she’d ever made. She loved her husband so greatly.

    It just happened that their hearts grow bigger than they had ever been, letting them open for more. She lost her guard when she accidentally fell in love with Bucky, grabbing his arm one night while tipsy, in this very bar. Bucky held her and brought her back to the booth, asking if she wanted to go home. She shook her head lightly and pulled him in closer, eyes welled up as the emotions were too intense. That was when they knew… there was something more. Bucky remembered when she said, “My heart is so huge, it can expand loving more people without eliminating others. That’s the only way we should love, Buck.”

    And then Bucky kissed her, gently and deeply, years of suppressed emotions poured into one kiss. Their one and only kiss. Only one, but enough to let each other know how they felt, enough to know they shouldn’t continue.

    The bartender handed Bucky two glasses of which Bucky took with both hands. He slipped a five dollars bill for the tip right before he took off. The cold ice from the Martini glass sent a little shiver, bringing him to the present moment when he was about to lose her, very soon.

    “There you go.” He put the Martini glass in front of her. “Our last drink together.”

    “Don’t be so dramatic,” she smiled faintly.

    “It is.” He sounded slightly brittle.

    “I know,” she acknowledged. “But like you said, ‘someday we’re gonna be just ex-coworkers who used to have drinks together.’”

    “Yeah,” Bucky pondered. “Someday we will forget this ever happened. Because we chose not to do anything about it. This would be just one of those days.”

    They sat in silence again, sipping their drinks, until Bucky turned his gaze at her and asked, “What do you think would happen if we were both not married?”

    “Don’t go there,” she said thoughtfully. “That’s a dangerous place.”

    “I’m just—”

    “No. Don’t.” She touched Bucky’s forearm, looking straight to his eyes. “Please don’t.”

    At that moment, Bucky knew she wasn’t playing around anymore. She really didn’t want to ignite more sparks, no further playing with the fire. She wanted to make sure they didn’t get burnt. The fire was warm, they knew, but it shouldn’t be burning them alive.

    Bucky wanted her more. He knew he shouldn’t think about it but he couldn’t help but to want her more. Just one last time. She would leave this country soon, flying across the pacific to embark on a new adventure, why couldn’t he let himself be selfish for this one time?

    He deserved to express his feelings.

    “I love you. I really do.” The words just blurted out, raw and full of agony.

    “Stop,” she warned.

    “You know I do.”


    “I hate that I love you so much.”

    “Stop, Buck.”


    “I’ve heard it. You’ve made yourself clear. You don’t need to repeat it. It doesn’t make things okay,” she said with a sad grimace.

    Bucky gritted his teeth, stopping himself to say anything anymore. Nothing would salvage this. He was losing her, he was a little late. Five years and two weddings late.

    “You’re gonna fall out of it, Buck. So will I.” Her voice softened and she smiled faintly at him.

    And then there it was, the empty Martini glass on the counter top, marking her last drink with Bucky. The last of the hundreds if not thousands of their drinks together in this bar, sharing their burdens and laughters; with hands side by side just close enough to touch.

    She leaned in to him and kissed his left cheek. The warm soft lips lingered even after she pulled back, leaving a burning sensation. “Goodbye, James Buchanan Barnes.” And then she walked away. Bucky watched her back getting smaller and smaller in every second and when she finally disappeared behind the door, Bucky gasped for air. He hadn’t been breathing.

    Maybe she’d never known this, but the reason why her heart expanded was because she took a part of Bucky’s. Because Bucky lost half of his that night.

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    "I can't have you in my classroom and remember... remember yesterday. I need to detach myself."

    #farah dowling #farah dowling x reader #farah #farah x reader #farah dowling supremacy #emily eve best #eve best #fate winx saga #fate the winx saga #fate winx club #fate the winx club #fate netflix#winx#winx club#faragonda#winx faragonda#fate winx#eleanor o'hara#anna clayton #rhaenys the queen who never was #rhaenys targaryen #house of the dragon #got#multifandom fanfiction#wlw#quarrel #teacher x student #lesbian#sapphic#lgbtq
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    7 Minutes In Heaven Opening

    “Seriously? Do we have to play this game with everyone we know? Like dude we have enemies and not so much friends or enemies here.” You groaned glaring at Nami. She grinned at you and nodded.

    “Yes , come on it’s a holiday it will be fun so enjoy it and sit down.” You grumbled sitting next to Zoro who glanced at you grinning. “Looks like we both are stuck in this (Y/N).” “I know. I really hate to see who I am going to be stuck with.” She cringed. “Hope it’s me?” He smirked. “OF course you are the only normal one.” “I am surprise you didn’t say (C/N).” “He is an exception as well either you or him. But I don’t have that kind of luck.” “Nah your luck is rotten.” “Gee how do you figure morimo?” You scoffed. He pointed to the bucket that was in your face. You blinked and groaned even more. Once you reached your hand in you felt around and pulled out....

    #One Piece#zoro roronoa#Roronoa Zoro #zoro x reader #One Piece Zoro #One Piece 7 minutes in heaven #fluff#kaku#jozu#arlong
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    Thank you to everyone who participated in my 300 follower blurb event!

    I just wanted to say another big thank you as I've just finished my last blurb request! I appreciate every single one of you and all that you do to show your support for me and my account!

    I'm so proud of how far I've come, but I couldn't have done it without you all (and the support of my best friends <3)!

    You all warm my heart and make me so happy! I love you all! <3 :)

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    Author's note ; back on my Tenya iida brainrot and it's now ur problem so deal with it
    Warnings ; none, slightly suggestive, alcohol mentions?
    18+/DC/MDNI blogs may like but DNI/REBLOG/OR FOLLOW ME
    Husband!Tenya I. x gn!reader

    Tenya was always the doting husband, and on certain occasions, that role may change

    Sometimes you would be the doting significant other, or once again vice versa

    He would always have a small bouquet of flowers delivered to you on the dining table when you head to the kitchen, and always attached is a handwritten note. And its always signed "Yours, Tenya ♥"

    And yes, it's in cursive

    He never ever, misses a special occasion, especially if it's about the two of you, anniversary, birthday, wedding, whatever he never misses it

    Firm believer in if you miss it you clearly didn't care abt it

    Always has a specific fashion style, office but minimalist, sometimes the white dad outfit, button up shirt, Rolex, and khakis

    I don't even wanna talk about shoes

    Not to mention he wears a specific cologne, it was the one his brother wears.

    He also lets his hair grow out a lot, but for a short period of time you had Tenya cut his hair, man bun length, and one time you tugged on it and he moaned.

    You two don't speak about it...

    But even though for being together for so long he still is overly formal

    Like kissing your hand and lips when he comes home, always and always greeting you, a kiss on the forehead and an "I'm home my love, let's go to bed shall we?" Of you're found sleeping on the couch waiting for him to come home.

    He will always bring back a bouquet if he comes back home on a special occassion

    He keeps his glasses on but on certain days he wears contacts

    He bulked up when he's gotten older, sure he was already bulked up as a teen, but he's gotten bulkier 😩😩✔️💯

    Not like extreme body builder but like he's gotten slightly taller and his muscles just grew 3 inches

    ^he got sad that his clothes didn't fit him anymore but he used this as an excuse to go shopping and spending time with you

    ^yes you both got matching outfits<3

    Tenya also makes it point to come home if he hasn't been home after 4 days. He knows that relationships need not only communication but also spending time with the other person

    And bc he misses you :(

    But sometimes he does make it 5 days and absolutely cries when he realizes

    He wants a little girl :( he wants to spoil her so bad bro like knight in shining armor and everything :((

    But other than that, he's overall a good husband


    He's still overly formal abt the whole marriage thing and wants your romance to never simmer out, so his dad gave him pointers :((

    Like offering his arm whenever you two are out and about

    Opening doors and things for you if you have acrylics

    And always kisses you in greeting and goodbyes

    In bed bro he's so soft, sleepy n everything in-between like he will be caressing your shoulder so it doesn't get cold, and always gives you his body heat, he doesn't care if your feet touch his very warm sixpack or butt, he could care less

    Not to mention he will be more than happy to sleep shirtless if it mean you snuggled up to him :( he also wants your warmth

    He also loves picking you up, wether picking you up into his arms, or picking you up in his car, he loves it

    He likes the looks of other ogling you get into the car, seeing Tenya Iida in all of his glory and when he kisses you rly big ego boost ✔️✔️✔️

    Nicknames he calls you varies from:

    My love, love, my darling, darling, dove, angel, baby, babe, sweetheart, doll, my dear, dear, honey, lovely, sweetie. Yup.

    《 SUPER ! 》

    #boku no hero academia tenya #tenya fluff#bnha tenya #tenya iida x reader #iida tenya#tenya iida #tenya x y/n #iida headcanons#iida fluff #my hero academia iida #iida x y/n #iida x reader #weapxns left ! #mha x reader #mha fluff #mha x y/n
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    The gunshot - BBC Sherlock

    Request by Anonymous

    hey Tanya! Can I request you to write reader get shot x sherlock please! thank you so much 💌


    - Yay! Go go go! I mixed with my draft / kkk hope you like it! -

    yasss it’s me again. This spoiled 'The Reichenbach Fall'
    watch out!

    Sherlock x Reader

    genre: blood, character get injured

    words: 4,096

    summary: Y/N already in relationship with Sherlock (sry i dont mention about it much ;_;) And the whole part of this ep


    John runs to your body. Lifeless. John touches your neck to find your pulse. The shot wound is close to your heart. He looks down at your bullet hole, blood still pouring.

    Sherlock starts sobbing, collapses beside your body lies down on the cement, cold and still. "No. No No. Y/N! Wake up!" He brushes off your hair behind your ear. Put your head on his chest, holding you, "Please. Don't leave me."


    St Bart's. The lab. Molly's lab. Sherlock opens the plastic Petri dish and takes out one of the samples with tweezers. He drops the sample into a test tube that has some liquid in the bottom. The fluid begins to fizz. He suctions up some of the liquid and drops it onto a slide. Sherlock has found the first component in the mixture of items: 1. Chalk

    Sherlock takes another sample and dissolves it. The results reveal another item: 2. Asphalt

    Dissolving another sample into a dish: 3. Brick Dust

    And another sample dissolved and heated over a Bunsen burner: 4. Vegetation

    Later, he has another sample on a slide and is looking at it in the microscope. He quietly murmurs to himself. "I ... owe ... you." He turns his head and looks at a nearby computer screen. 'Glycerol molecule.'

    He sighs while struggling to identify the item, seeing it in his head as:

    5. ?????

    "What are you?" He looks into the microscope again as Molly stands beside him, typing onto a laptop. She asks him. "What did you mean, 'I owe you.'? You said, 'I owe you.' You were muttering it while you were working."

    Sherlock raises his eyes from the microscope and watches Y/N crossing the room. "Nothing. Mental note."

    Molly sigh but continues. "You look sad." She glances towards Y/N. "When you think she can not see you."

    Sherlock's eyes lift from the microscope and drift towards Y/N. She is looking through papers on the other side of the lab some distance away, unaware of the conversation. Sherlock turns his head and looks at her.

    This time Molly looks serious, "Are you okay?" He opens his mouth, but she interrupts before he can speak. "And don't just say you are because I know what that means, looking sad when you think no-one can see you."

    "But you can see me."

    "I don't count." Molly looks at the floor. Sherlock blinks and looks at her. "What I'm trying to say is that if there's anything I can do, anything you need, anything at all, you can have me." She flinches and looks away briefly, turning away.

    "What-what-what could I need from you?" Molly turns back to Sherlock. "Nothing." She shrugs. "Maybe not." She speaks nervously but firmly. The side of Sherlock's mouth twitches as if it doesn't know how to say the words.

    "Well, actually, I-"

    "I know you don't." Molly turns and walks away, leaving the room. He watches her go, then gazes into the distance thoughtfully for a moment before looking back to his microscope.


    Scotland Yard. After the great detective locates the traumatized children in a disused sweet factory in Addlestone. Sherlock is pacing outside an office while Y/N sits nearby. The door to the office opens and, Sally and Greg come out. Y/N stands up and walks over to the others. Greg looks seriously at Sherlock. "Now, remember, she's in shock and, she's just seven years old."

    "Okay. Sherlock, you wait here." Y/N decides to walk into the room alone.

    "Hello. Claudette, I..."

    Y/N gets no further because Claudette lifts her head, takes one look at Y/N. She begins to scream in terror and continues screaming and scrambles to get away while pointing at her. "No-no, I know it's been hard for you..." But the girl continues screaming and scrambling to get away while pointing at her. "Claudette, listen to me..."

    "Out. Get out!" Lestrade grabs her arm he bundles her out of the room as the girl screams continue.

    Sherlock is standing at the window of another office looking out into the night through the slats of the Venetian blinds. Y/N sits close to Greg. Sally stands at the other side of the office watch him and Y/N thoughtfully.

    Y/N looks down the floor. Her voice shakes. "The kid's traumatized. Something about me reminds her of the kidnapper? Makes no sense."

    "So what's she say?" Sherlock asks while not turning back.

    "Hasn't uttered another syllable," Sally replied.

    "And the boy?"

    Greg answer. "No, he's unconscious; still in intensive care."

    In the building opposite Scotland Yard, all the lights in the offices come on. On the second floor, spray paint was applied to three of the office windows. Sherlock stares at the enormous letters:

    I O U

    Seconds later, the lights on that floor go out again. Behind Sherlock, the others are unaware of what he has just seen, their view blocked by the blinds. Sherlock deduces immediately, this kidnap is stage to resemble a fairytale. Moriarty told him last two months ago, Jim was breaking down all the keycode of the state.

    He noticed Y/N complete in a panic. His eye widen.

    Moriarty didn't want to destroy him but his heart.

    Soon, the police -Even Lestrade begins to suspect that Y/N and Sherlock may be a front. Could you two be the real kidnapper?


    221B Baker St.

    "You want to take me and Y/N to the station. Just saving you the trouble of asking."

    Lestrade walks closer to Sherlock, he pulls in a breath. "Sherlock..."

    Y/N shakes her head. "The scream?" Lestrade nodded at her.

    "Who was it? Donovan? I bet it was Donovan. Am I somehow responsible for the kidnapping? Ah, Moriarty is smart. He planted that doubt in her head; that little nagging sensation. You’re going to have to be strong to resist. You can’t kill an idea, can you? Not once it’s made a home..." Sherlock gets up, reaches forward, and briefly places his index fingertip on Greg’s forehead between his eyes, "...There."

    "Will you come?"

    Sherlock turned away, sitting down at the laptop beginning to type. Silent. "He won't, Greg. I think." Y/N walks forward to Greg, gets to the door as he walks out of the living room.

    "Give my regards to Sergeant Donovan." Sherlock sighing and exchanging a brief look with Y/N, Greg turns and heads off down the stairs. Y/N watches him go, then turns back towards Sherlock. She looks concerned about him.

    Upstairs, Y/N has gone over to the right-hand window and looks out at the car parked outside as Greg and Sally go over to it and get in, Greg glancing up towards the window momentarily. As the car starts, Sherlock briefly looks at Y/N, "They'll be deciding."


    "Whether to come back with a warrant and arrest me."

    "You think?"

    "Standard procedure."

    Y/N bit her lips, "Should have gone with him. People will think-" Sherlock interrupts her. "I don’t care what people think."

    "No. You'd care if they thought you were stupid, or wrong. John and I. And you know well." Y/N looks at the window.

    "No. That would just make them stupid or wrong."

    Angrily, Y/N turns towards him. Her eyes were red, "Sherlock, I don't want the world believing you are..." She breaks off as Sherlock lifts his head to look at her. They lock eyes for a long moment.

    "That I am what?"

    "A-" Her voice discontinue, "A fraud." She avoids his stare and looks out at the window again while Sherlock rolls his eyes and sits back in the seat. "You're worried they're right."


    "You're worried they’re right about me."

    "No. I'm worried about you."

    "That's why you're so upset. You can't even entertain the possibility that they might be right. You're afraid that you've been taken in as well."

    Y/N still looking out of the window, stunned at what he said, "No. I'm truly not."

    Sherlock leans forward her, "Moriarty is playing with your mind too." Furious, he slams his hand onto the table. "Can't you see what's going on?"

    Y/N looks at him for a few seconds, then looks out, "No, I know you're for real."

    "A hundred percent?"

    Y/N quietly, turning back towards Sherlock, her voice firm. "You already know."

    Sherlock locks eyes with her again then his mouth twitches with the trace of a smile. Y/N looks away once more.


    "You said that they wouldn't find me here. You said that I'd be safe here."

    Y/N teeth bared, she glares at Moriarty, breathing heavily in pure fury. Her face is full of shock points at him. "So that's your source? Kitty! Oh, for goodness sake! Moriarty's Richard Brook? What are you talking about?"

    "Look him up. Rich Brook –An actor. Sherlock Holmes hired to be Moriarty." Kitty just smirk.

    Sherlock stares at Moriarty, who is still holding up his hands and looking at everyone nervously. Moriarty's voice is shaking as he turns to Y/N. "Ms. Y/L/N, I know you are a good detective." He backs into the corner of the room, appearing terrified under Y/N ferocious glare, "Don't... Don't h... Don't hurt me."

    "No, you are Moriarty!" Y/N screams at Moriarty, pointing towards him furiously. She turns her head briefly and yells at Kitty, "He's Moriarty!" Then she turns back to him, "We've met, remember? You pushed me fell into the pool!"

    Moriarty puts his hands briefly over his face, then holds them up in front of himself again, sounding as he is almost crying in fear. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He gestures towards Sherlock. "He paid me. I needed the work. I'm an actor. I was out of work. I'm sorry, okay?" He looks across to Sherlock again, this time keeping his Richard face on.

    Breathing heavily, Y/N turns to Sherlock. "Sherlock, you'd better explain because I am not getting this." But Kitty cut off, she hands Y/N a folder. "Oh. I'll. I'll be doing the explaining – In print. It's all here – conclusive proof."

    Y/N looking through the folder at other publicity stills of Rich together with his CV. Moriarty gestures towards Y/N, looking at Sherlock pleadingly. She furiously frowns at Kitty. "Bullshit! This man was on trial!"

    "Yes..." Kitty points at Sherlock, "And you paid him; paid him to take the rap. Promised you'd rig the jury." Sherlock stares at her silently.

    Kitty walks over to Moriarty and puts her arm around his shoulders while he stands with his hands still held out in front of him. "I'm ... I'm The Storyteller. It's on DVD. Just tell her. It's all coming out now. It's all over! Tell Y/N!"

    Sherlock's eyes are wide and terrified. He shouts Moriarty furiously. "Stop it. Stop it NOW!"

    Moriarty backs away from Sherlock and up a short flight of stairs towards the bedroom on the upper level of the flat. He turns and bolts up the stairs. "Don't hurt me!"

    Sherlock and Y/N chase after him. Y/N pick up a pistol. "Don't let him get away!"

    Moriarty runs into the bathroom on the other side of the bedroom. With Kitty still at the bottom of the stairs and therefore unsighted, and Y/N halfway up the stairs with his vision blocked by Sherlock ahead of him, Moriarty turns and grins manically at Sherlock for a brief second before slamming the door shut. Sherlock runs to the door and struggles momentarily to open it, then shoves it open but, he has already disappeared through the open window opposite. There's a crash outside as if Moriarty has landed on top of a dustbin. Sherlock looks out of the window, then turns to stop Y/N.

    "No, no, no. He'll have a back-up." Sherlock heads towards the stairs. Kitty backs down to get out of his way but doesn't move quickly, slowing him down.

    "D'you know what, Sherlock Holmes? I look at you now and, I can read you." He stops at the bottom of the stairs as she gets into his face. Turn and head out of the door. "And you ... repel ... me."

    Y/N, one hand still holding the folder of the articles about Rich, the other still holding a pistol. She put it to Kitty's head, pushing her aside, ruthlessly ordering her,

    "Will you stop it or let me place the bullet over your head?"

    The pistol still points at Kitty, until the sound of Y/N footsteps fades away.


    The Diogenes Club. Mycroft walks across one of the common rooms, where an old man is fast asleep in an armchair, and goes into the smaller private room, reaching for the door handle to close it, but he stops when he realizes that John is sitting in one of the armchairs with his back to him. John is looking through Kitty’s file.

    "She has really done her homework, Miss Riley." John's upset, "Things that only someone close to Sherlock could know. Y/N give me this. She was really disappointed, you know? I'm just got back from the Baskerville and, everything messed up."

    Mycroft closed the door, coming in, " Ah."

    "Have you seen your brother's address book lately? Three names: his girl, yours and mine, and Moriarty didn't get this stuff from Y/N and me."

    Mycroft walks across the room to face him. "John..."

    "So how does it work, then, your relationship? D'you go out for a coffee now and then, eh, you and Jim?" Mycroft sits down in the chair opposite and opens his mouth but, John interrupts again. His voice is full of controlled anger. "Your own brother and you blabbed about his entire life to this maniac."

    "I never intend... I never dreamt ..."

    "So this ...th-th-this." John interrupts, looks through the papers again... Is what you were trying to tell me, isn't it? Did you also tell Y/N? 'Watch his back, 'cause I've made a mistake.'" John slaps the papers down on the table beside his chair and sits back, clearing his throat as he tries to stay calm. "How did you meet him?"

    Mycroft draws in a long breath, "People like him: we know about them; we watch them. But James Moriarty... The most dangerous criminal mind the world has ever seen and in his pocket the ultimate weapon: a keycode. A few lines of computer code that could unlock any door."

    "And you abducted him to try and find the keycode?"

    "Interrogated him for weeks."


    "He wouldn't play along. He just sat there, staring into the darkness. The only thing that made him open up..." He sends the photo to John, 'Get Sherlock' photo, "I could get him to talk... Just a little, but," He trails off.

    John grimly finishes the sentence for him. "In return, you had to offer him Sherlock's life story. So one big lie – Sherlock's a fraud –But people will swallow it because the rest of it's true." John leans forward in his chair. "Moriarty wanted Sherlock destroyed, right? And you have given him the perfect ammunition."

    John smiles bitterly at him. Mycroft lowers his eyes. John pulls in a sharp breath and then gets to his feet, turning towards the door.


    John turns back. Mycroft looks up at him. "I'm sorry."

    "Oh, please..." John shakes his head in disbelief and turns away, laughing humourlessly as he walks to the door.

    "Tell him, would you?"

    John opens the door and walks away, leaving the door open behind him.


    Bart's lab. The lights are now on. Sherlock sits alone on the floor with his back against the bench. He is bouncing a small rubber ball off the floor and cupboard in front of him and catching it before repeating the action constantly. John comes in.

    "Got your message."

    Sherlock catches the ball and holds on to it. "The computer code is key to this. If we find it, we can use it– Beat Moriarty at his own game."

    "What d'you mean, 'Use It'?"

    "He used it to create a false identity, so we can use it to break into the records and destroy Richard Brook." He looks up at John, "Is Y/N in Mycroft's protection now?"

    "Yes." He replies. "And you bring back Jim Moriarty again." John leans against the counter, staring at his mate.

    "Somewhere in 221B, somewhere– On the day of the verdict, he left it hidden." Sherlock turns and faces the bench, putting both hands on the work surface. John walks to stand beside him. "Y/N think Moriarty hasn't the keycode." He hisses in a breath and looks at him. "She thinks Moriarty made a trick for us, Sherlock. She told me that the keycodes are meaningless."

    "He needs me to finish 'The final problem'." Sherlock stands up, "If I don't. He must do something bad to Y/N and me."

    Both of them stare ahead of them, thinking. After a minute, he turns and walks across the lab, blowing the breath out again. Sherlock figure something out, he pursed his lips then look at John. He lifts the fingers of his right hand, hesitates for a moment. Straightening up, Sherlock turns his back to John, takes his phone out of his pocket, and begins to type a text message:

    Come and play.

    Bart’s Hospital rooftop.


    He pauses for a moment, then adds:

    PS. Got something

    of yours you might

    want back.

    Sending the message, Sherlock tucks his phone away into his jacket and then turns back towards the bench, his eyes full of thought.


    I'm waiting...


    Y/N taking her feet off the chair and standing. Walk across the room. Looking at Mr. and Mrs. Holmes were fall asleep on the dining table. She picks up Sherlock's coat, opens the door, and leaves the Holmes residence.


    Bart's rooftop. The two men have turned towards each other at the edge of the roof.

    Sherlock points at Moriarty, "I can prove that you created an entirely false identity."

    "Oh, just kill yourself. You have chosen the right places, Sherlock. Finish our 'final problem.' It's a lot less effort." Moriarty was wearily exasperated. Sherlock turns away, pacing distractedly. "Go on. For me."

    In a sudden movement, Sherlock grabs Moriarty by the collar of his coat with both hands and spins him around so that Jim's back is to the drop. He stares into his face and then shoves him back one step nearer the edge. Jim looks at him with interest as Sherlock's breathing becomes shorter. "You're insane."

    "You're just getting that now?"

    Sherlock shoves Moriarty further back, now holding him over the edge. Jim whoops almost triumphantly and gazes back at him with no fear in his eyes, holding his hands out wide and committing himself to Sherlock's grasp.

    "Okay, let me give you a little extra incentive." Sherlock frowns. Moriarty's voice becomes more savage. "Your friends will die if you don't."

    Fear begins to creep into Sherlock's eyes. "Y/N. John."

    "Not just that two dolls." Moriarty whispers, "Everyone."

    "Mrs. Hudson."

    Moriarty speaks in a whisper, with a delighted smile, "Everyone, there's no stopping them now."

    Furiously, Sherlock pulls Moriarty back upwards to safety. Jim stares into his face. "Unless my people see you jump."

    Sherlock gazes past him, breathing heavily and appearing lost in horror. Jim shakes himself free of his grasp and smiles triumphantly.

    "You can have me arrested; you can torture me; you can do anything you like with me, but nothing's gonna prevent them from pulling the trigger. Your only three friends in the world will die. Unless..."

    "Unless I kill myself – Complete your story."

    Moriarty nods and smiles ecstatically. "You've gotta admit that's sexier."

    "And I die in disgrace."

    "Of course. That's the point of this."

    Sherlock moves away across the roof. He takes several shallow anxious breaths, his stare is distant and losing. He lifts his gaze and, his expression becomes thoughtful.

    "He won't jump."

    Moriarty spins around furiously. He doesn't look at his back as Y/N comes onto the roof and walks towards him. Wicked sigh, "Ah. My dear Y/N. I should get myself a live-in one. A pet like you."

    Y/N pointing the pistol into the air fires it three times. Moriarty laughs at Sherlock. "Wow. Lool at this doll be naughty." Y/N fires the pistol at the air again, "If will have someone dies today. Not him. Not anyone!" She walks directly to Sherlock.

    "Then you will?"

    "God's Sake Y/N!" Sherlock shouts out at her, "I said don't come here!"

    Y/N points the pistol point at Moriarty again. A few steps can reach where Sherlock is. "No. You will."

    Moriarty blinks, then closes his eyes briefly. He looks at Y/N. Jim smiles and opens his eyes again. Jim insanely out a delighted laugh and his voice becomes more high-pitched. "Urgh. Loving is boring. You both are boring. Really. I have told you, I'll burn the heart of you. Sherlock Holmes."

    Moriarty continues to blink with his gaze lowered. He nods almost frenetically, though his voice stays soft, "Well, good luck with this show."

    In rapid succession, Moriarty raises his eyes to Sherlock, grins maniacally. While he reaches into his waistband with his other hand and pulls out a pistol and raises it towards Sherlock. As Sherlock instinctively stands still, Jim pulls the trigger.

    "No!" Y/N scream loudly.

    In super-slow-motion, the bullet heads towards sherlock who stands there unmoving. Y/N, who had no doubt anticipated that this was going to happen, hurls herself frontways in front of him, trying to grab his shoulder to push him to fall the floor against the bullet. But, the bullet impacts her midden back. Blood sprays outward and immediately there is a large bloodstain on her shirt. Y/N crying out, Sherlock moved forward to pull her into his embrace instantly.

    "Y/N. Y/N!" Sherlock stares in horror as blood begins to trickle across through Y/N's back in his hands. Moriarty's eyes are fixed and open and there is a smile of victory on his face. Sherlock watches John fire Jim from the rooftop. He breathing noisy and frantic. Over his shoulder, Y/N starts to slump in his grasp. She slumps more, gasping in pain as her arms drop from around him. He takes her weight and moves her back so he can see her face. She is now unconscious, her eyes are closed. Sherlock sits on the floor, gently bringing her lies in his lap. Kisses her forehead, sobbing and, look around with panic. "No. No, no."

    John runs to her body. Lifeless. "Jesus Christ. Y/N." John touches her neck to find the pulse. The shot wound is close to her heart. He looks down at the bullet hole, blood still pouring.

    Sherlock starts crying, almost collapses beside Y/N's body that lies down on the cement, cold and still. "No. No No. Y/N! Wake up!" He brushes off her hair behind the ear. Put her head on his chest, holding her, "Please. Don't leave me."



    Hospital. After the surgery to remove, the bullet is complete. Y/N didn't lose much blood. So her surgery and recovery are going well.

    A drip hangs on a stand beside Y/N's bed where she lies with a nasal cannula on her face. A rotary fan is on the cabinet beside her bed and the shadow of its rotating blades flickers across her face.

    Y/N regain consciousness. Look up to where she can see Sherlock standing beside the bed. Her vision is blurry. Sherlock stroked her forehead softly. "I'm here. Y/N. Just sleep, not time to wake up." He kisses her forehead. "It's won't happen again, sweetheart." Then her vision becomes even more blurry, and her eyes close.


    "Goodness sake Mary. I hate this soup!"

    "Nah. He on the case, Y/N." Mary takes another spoonful of soup. Try giving her some to eat. "Eat. For Sherlock."

    Y/N frowning. "I'm not a child Mary!" She opens her mouth, eats, and shrugs her shoulder.

    "A couple of spoons more. And, it's time for your medicine." Y/N opens her mouth to speak but Mary cuts off. "Nurse order."

    "Wait, are you recording me?" Y/N noticed Mrs. Hudson giggle and pick up the phone to record the video of Mary and her. The landlady chuckle, she respond. "No dear. I'm facetime with the boys."

    "What?" Both of Watson's and Holmes's girls are confused.

    The loud laugh sounds through from Mrs. Hudson's phone. Sherlock orders her to give a phone to Y/N. "Hey, love."

    Mrs. Hudson and Mary are a wink to each other behind Y/N.

    "Hey. What's about the case now?"

    Mary looks at Y/N talks to the phone. Happiness. Moriarty is dead. Life is good now.

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