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    hi these are my request rules !!

    ★ i will not be taking asks that include

    nsfw, i’d rather not write it because i’m uncomfy with it. you can share thirst asks, but i won’t write or elaborate on them !!

    ships that are incest or pedophilia. no, never.

    i won’t do this often (hopefully never) but just in case, i do have the right to deny asks that make me uncomfortable :>

    ★ i will write asks that include

    x reader, fluff and angst !! i’ll take asks that include haikyuu characters. i’m biased and will probably drop everything if i get a hinata ask, but i’ll try and do other characters

    character x character. even if i don’t ship them, i’ll try to write it. just refer back to what i won’t write about ships.

    ★ other things

    if you would like to be in a tag list for when i post, please send in an ask !!

    eventually i might do an smau if y’all want

    these rules may be added to or change in the future so be sure to read them through before submitting an ask !! thank you <3

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    Day of the Yule Ball

    “Hannah you look stunning!” Y/N praises, seeing her roommate walk out of the bathroom in a dandelion mermaid tail dress with her natural curls falling just below her shoulder.

    The tall blonde blushes, “Me? Look at you! Who knew green is totally your colour?” Hannah looks her up and down and grins, “Every boy will want to be with you and every girl will want to be you!”

    It’s Y/N’s turn to blush, “Oh, please. It’s not like that.” She turns to the mirror, placing one last pin into her bun. She decided to style her hair tonight in an updo, leaving a few curled strands to fall onto the sides of her face. Her eyeshadow is gold blending into a light colour at the inner part of the lids. The pink-stained lips are shiny with clear gloss, making her smile even brighter.

    The two girls finish adding the final touches for tonight’s looks then head to the common room, where they wait for their dates to arrive. They both sit on either end of a couch, careful not to wrinkle their dresses.

    The boys’ dormroom door opens and Hannah’s date, Darren, walks out in a navy blue tuxedo. He greets the girls and walks up to Hannah, grinning. He offers his hand out to help her up, “Shall we, m'lady?”

    “Why thank you, kind sir,” Hannah takes his hand and gets up. She turns to Y/N, “Should we wait for you date Y/N?”

    “No need,” Y/N looks to the common room entrance, “He’s already here.”

    The standing pair turns and sees someone they didn’t ever expect to be anywhere near the Hufflepuff common room, Draco Malfoy. Hannah whips her head back around to face Y/N and gives her a questioning look, “Really?” she mouths.

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    Spencer Reid X F!Reader

    Warnings: Smut of course, nipple play, vaginal fingering, oral (female receiving).

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    #spencer reid #spencer reid smut #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid fanfiction #spencer reid fic #Smut#kinktober 2020#x reader#reader insert#Female reader
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  • To the anon who requested the Susan Pevensie x Fem!reader, It’s in progress!!! I’m so sorry it’s taking it a bit but I’ve been held up with school and work and I didn’t want to just leave you wondering if I was gonna write it or not. I’ll try to have it out as quick as I can love💕💕

    #thanks anon#anon reply#x reader#narnia#susan pevensie #Susan Pevensie x fem!reader #susan pevensie x reader
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  • AU: (Y/N) and kuroo are dating and are living together

    kuroo has no idea how to deal with people crying, but when you cry he believes he can somehow comfort you with ease. he knows how to deal with you and calm you down when you are mad but, you don’t cry that much, he has never seen you cry before so he has no way of verifying it.

    he thinks crying is quite adorable, but he still doesn’t want to see you cry since it hurts him. so the day you came with tears rolling down your face looking like a mess, as soon as you enter the apartment he gets worried.

    kuroo wasn’t as good as he thought he would be, he holds your face up to make you look at him and keeps asking you why you are crying, but all you did was cry more and more you couldn’t think straight, none the less explain.

    since you won’t tell him what’s going on he just buries your head in his chest, lets you cry for a bit while hugging him, he had no idea what to do but that around 2 minutes have passed, you still haven’t calmed down he starts patting your head, telling you it will be okay since he is here.

    but all you did was cry then suddenly you start hugging and holding into kuroo’s shirt pulling him even closer you keep mumbling his name and crying, even more, he pats your head “what’s it princess” he pulls your head away from his body so he can see you, you are even more of a mess now tears and snot coming out, your face is red from all the crying.

    he starts wiping away the tears, but even more, keeps coming out, he squeezes your face then grins he starts joking to make you feel better “that’s not the princess I know, wipe off your snot, idiot.” you lightly punch his stomach and start cracking a smile and laughing “ow, aggressive much?” he follows you and starts laughing.

    then you remember all os the snot on your face right now you put your hands in front of your nose to hide it “you are way too late, I saw all of it.~” “idiot, wait here” you rush over to the living room to get a tissue you smile to yourself on the way back, he made you feel a lot better.

    when you come back he greets you with a smile “feeling better?” you nod with a smile “Thank you kuroo”

    #kuroo#kuroo tetsuro #kuroo testsuro x reader #x reader #kuroo x reader #hq#haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #hq!! fanfiction #haikyuu fanfiction#kuroo fanfic #haikyuu!! #comfort fic#haikyuu comfort#fanfiction#fanfic#kuroo fic
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  • another.. ichimatsu.. x reader..

    I Like Hearing Your Voice, Ichimatsu!

    Some context! I found a ship prompt generator and I just found it adorable! And yes, this blog is oh so close to becoming pernamently for Ichimatsu girls.

    (October 25, 2020)



    Ichimatsu grumbled as he heard the phone ring once again, a mix of anxiety and dread filling his stomach. You’d always call him whenever and wherever you’d feel like it.

    It’s not like he didn’t like talking to you, if that were the case why would he be dating you? He actually adored hearing your voice on the phone, but he’d always trip on his words and awkwardly mumble. It was embarrassing for letting you hear him like that.


    He heard a giggle from the other line, making his heart skip a beat. “I know it’s you, Ichimatsu.” You know it was a polite thing to address your family name, but his dead voice was always so distinct that you’d never have to guess.

    “..Do you need anything?” Ichimatsu had no idea what to say, his mind racing for why you wanted to talk to him in the first place.

    “Oh! Nothing much, really.” You let out a small chuckle, leaning onto your couch. “Just felt bored.”

    There was a short silence between you, before Ichimatsu repsonded. “Ah, just talking to me would probably make you even more bored.” You didn’t see it, but his hands were already sweaty and shaky.

    “You’re not boring to talk to, Ichimatsu. How many times do I have to tell you that?” You let out a sigh. “I like talking to you.”

    Ichimatsu tensed up, his words becoming slightly shaky. “O-Oh..” He let out a cough. “W-Why do you even call me so much? It’s not like a trash neet like me has anything to do.. But why?”

    Silence, just for a few seconds but felt forever for Ichimatsu. He was so close to just slamming the phone back on its place and hide in the corner in shame.

    “Ah..” He felt started hearing your voice again. “Well..”

    “I just like hearing your voice, Ichimatsu!”

    He let out a choked gasp, a huge blush flushed onto his cheeks. The shy giggling hiccup you let out afterwards made him want to pass out from embarrassment. The words he wanted to say was still stuck in his throat, wanting to burst out.

    “..You still there, Ichimatsu?” You could basically feel the huge blush on his cheeks just through the phone, you laughed to yourself.

    “H-Have to g—“ You could hear the long beep against your ears. The dork must’ve ended the call from embarrassment, you thought. It made you blush just thinking about him so flustered.

    You yelped when you heard a knock on your door, walking up to be.. “Ichimatsu?” You looked confused, your apartment was a good 15 minutes away from his house, did he run all the way here to see you?

    “Y-You wanted to hear my voice more, ne?” He shyly opened his arms, you can tell he was still out of breathe. You stared at him, star struck, then letting out a joyful giggle, quickly running into his arms. He became stiff, feeling you melt into his soft arms.

    You glanced up at him to meet his eyes, you grinned. “Ichimatsu~” giving him a quick peck on the cheek, pulling him inside your apartment. His face flushed with red and sat you onto your couch and pressed his weight onto you.

    You giggled once more, wrapping your arms around him and giving him pecks on his forehead. He shyly creeps his head towards your ear, ever so slightly muttering,

    “..I like hearing your voice, too..”

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  • Requested by anon: Hi! If requests are open, could I request an Elijah x Reader where the reader is a vampire and long time friend to the Mikaelson’s, and Rebekah and the others try to set her up with Elijah because they know they both like each other? I love your writing!! 💕


    Originally posted by enfantlunaire

    pairing: elijah mikaelson x reader

    word count: 925 words

    warnings: seriously just fluff i hope you don’t need a warning for that.  oh uh this is a reader with she/her pronouns.  since the request said she, i just assumed that’s what the anon wanted!

    author’s notes: i really said BET with this.  i haven’t written in literally two weeks (i have a couple requests that i also have to get to).  once i started writing this, though, i seriously couldn’t stop.  so here!!  i hope you enjoy it.  there’s seriously no angst in this,,, just pure fluff

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  • Its Cold Outside

    All Might x Reader

    My requests are open


    When you walked though the doors at UA you expected warmth. It snowed last night and it is freezing out. Aizawa is the one to break the bad news to you. Through a few sneezes he tells you the heat is out, but its getting worked on right now.

    With great sadness you make your way to the teachers lounge to find something hot to drink. You walk into the room and spot a very tall sunflower rooted on the couch. He has a hot pot of tea on the coffee table!

    “Toahi, you’re a life saver!”

    You move so fast to get a cup of tea it startles Toshinori. You take a seat next to him with your tea. Sipping it helps a little, but you’re still shivering.

    “Well, how’s the tea?” he asks with a smile.

    “Its good.” You say through chattering teeth.

    “You don’t do well in the cold, huh?” He asks with a chuckle.

    “I would definitely prefer it a bit warmer.” You reply.

    You can’t help but notice the big warm looking coat Toshi has on. The couch feels awful cold.

    “Hey Toshi?” You ask. “Can I sit with you?”

    Toshi tilts his head. Aren’t you sitting with him now?

    “Uh, sure.” He answers confused.

    Setting the tea down, you stand up. You plop down onto Toshi’s lap and snuggle into his chest. Toshi bites his lip to stifle his surprised cough. Toshi brings his arms up to wrap around you.

    “Are you comfortable-is this better-warmer-better warmer?” Toshi tries to make his words make sense. He can feel you giggling against his chest. Heat crawls up his neck all the way to his ears.

    “Yeah, this is much better.” You sigh happily. You hope the heater doesn’t get fixed too fast now. Toshi wonders if it’s going to be this cold all week. If he gets to sit with you like this he hopes it is.

    #all might x reader #toshinori yagi x reader #toshi x reader #mha#x reader
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  • 𝒑𝒖𝒔𝒔𝒚. -

    𝒍𝒆𝒐𝒏𝒂 𝒙 𝒕𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆!𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓 ;;


    “ 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐧.. ”

    ;; leona was getting on your nerves.

    ;; he kept insulting you, teasing you- you literally wanted to wrap your arms around his neck..pull him close, and choke him- no that was a lie you wanted to make him feel loved. But no, not now, besides you had other plans, and you wanted to carry them out.

    ;; “ hey lion offspring, wanna try something with me?” you offered, looking at leona with some mischevious eyes as you held a bag of..wait, is that raw meat?

    ;; as leona looked at the bag of meat, his eyes scanning it over and over again..he looked at you, a confused expression on his face. “ herbivore, what are you on about?”

    ;; “ eat the meat. ” you demanded, blank face and all. He raised an eyebrow and went “ hah? no. It’s raw.”

    ;; this is all going according to plan, you thought as you let out a smirk and cooly offered up another task, “ if you don’t wanna eat the meat, kiss me then.”

    ;; “ no. ”

    ;; “pussy.”

    ;; “ what. did you say?” leona growled, as his body controlled him and he somehow pinned you on the bed.

    ;; “ pussy!” you sang, a big fat smile on your face and oh you kNEW leona wanted to wipe that off of you. so he did, he kissed you.

    ;; oh you’re attached now, its game over. he got the last laugh.

    ;; well..that was what you thought until those words escaped his mouth..

    “ 𝐈 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐢𝐟 𝐢 𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐧'𝐭 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮, 𝐢𝐝𝐢𝐨𝐭.”

    #twst x reader #disney twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x reader #twst #leona kingscholar x reader #leona #leona x reader #savanaclaw x reader #savanaclaw#x reader#reader insert
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  • 𝐜𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐡 𝐜𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞! (atsumu miya)

    masterlist , chapter six. ━━KINDA SUS! ❞  ✧˖*°࿐


    ━━ little things:

    • timestamps do not matter!
    • excuse the choppiness!

    ( taglist! : @differentballooncollection , @iwaizluv , @yammmers , @daninaninani , @deimmortales99 , @sugawsites , @melanieacademy , @kazoomas , @kac-chowsballs , @keijiverse , @mariachiii , @bluberryparfait , @lunebiscuit , @ggukiefrappe , @macchiatoast , @kay-is-online , @satorispup , @deerixiie , @michelepiekenma , @pretty-setter-bois , @hxked , @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa , @nekomateammanager , @je-suis-argent-miel , @pharvhs , @kozumebabie , @chaichai-the-weeb , @dearest-kiyoomi )

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#haikyuu imagine#haikyuu imagines #haikyuu x reader #smau#x reader#atsumu miya #atsumu miya x reader #miya atsumu #miya atsumu x reader #atsumu imagines#atsumu smau#haikyuu smau#hq #hq!!
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  • #one piece #one piece x reader #op x reader #tooweirdforyou#x reader #roronoa zoro x reader #zoro x reader #law x reader #trafalgar law x reader #trafalgar law#roronoa zoro
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  • Hey y’all so I write (and do picture aesthetics) for Stranger Things, IT, Supernatural, Marvel, Dear Evan Hansen, Newsies, Be More Chill, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter etc. I mostly do fluff, I’ve never written smut but I can do some heated stuff or shit if wanted. If there’s a show, musical, movie or band you’d like a headcanon or imagine for just ask and i’ll try my best!! Please message me cause I have no motivation to write unless asked :))

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  • taglist

    -> hi everyone! i hate to break it to you, but the corpse husband taglist is officially closed! everyone who messaged lately is on it, but from here on out i cannot take any more! i’m super sorry, lol, but i’ve got a lot to put down for each fic and it takes more time than me actually writing my fics LOL

    -> on the other hand, my other taglists are still open but i don’t think it makes much of a difference because all of my requests except for one are corpse lol

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  • what it’s like sleeping beside them…

    Aether, Razor & Venti

    I mentioned doing sleeping head canons awhile back and never got to doing it, so I wrote up a simple little prompt list to match my hand ones and you know I had to break it in with good ol’ Genshin boys.



    What do they wear to bed? Do they sleep in pajamas or underwear? What about naked?

    When he’s stuck camping he removes very little to comfortably rest. But when given a room and proper bed he dresses down to the basics of his top and pants or spare sleepwear. It’s usually too chilly either way to sleep in anything less, for him at least.

    Do they sleep with a bunch of blankets or very few?

    If it’s cold and there’s blankets to spare when camping he sleeps with a few, usually huddled up. If it’s a proper room he still tends to sleep with a few, whatever is provided. During the winter or cold though he likes a small mountain of blankets.

    Are they a furnace in bed or ice cold? If so are they a nightmare to sleep beside?

    Aether is far from a furnace but not exactly a human popsicle either, he runs normal temperature wise so he’s neither great or bad. More often than none his feet might be a tad cold to the touch but not freezing.

    Do they hog the bed or take up very little space?

    He’s not one to toss around or hog space, whether he’s sleeping alone or with you. More often than none he’s curled up for warmth, otherwise he’s just in his own little space.

    What sleeping positions do you often find them in?

    Aether is a classic back and side sleeper, there’s also days where you’ll find him in really weird positions like on his back with the pillow over his face. Or on his side but half way off the bed/sleeping bag, or somehow under the sleeping bag…

    What are their favourite sleeping positions with you? Are they the big spoon or the little spoon? Does it matter to them?

    Aether doesn’t mind being the big or little spoon, both are his favourite positions as well as lying on his back with you lying against his chest. While any position that puts him in contact with you is his preferred, those three are his favourite.

    Do they snore or talk in their sleep? If so, what do they talk about?

    Not really, every now and then he’ll have a rough night with a nightmare and mumble. But it’s hardly a full word to understand, possibly about his sister.



    What do they wear to bed? Do they sleep in pajamas or underwear? What about naked?

    It tends to run fairly chilly in the wild so he sticks to his regular clothing, and he really doesn’t have too many spare clothing options anyways. It doesn’t bother him much either way.

    Do they sleep with a bunch of blankets or very few?

    Given he doesn’t have access to blankets he usually just sleeps huddled up with the wolves. But if you’ve gifted him blankets he does use them - when he remembers that is.. More often than none he gives you the blankets to keep warm. (Such a sweetie.)

    Are they a furnace in bed or ice cold? If so are they a nightmare to sleep beside?

    Razor is a human furnace and doesn’t really need blankets, more often than none with the wolves being little heaters he’ll wake up hot. He can be a nightmare to sleep with if you’re also a furnace, but if you’re not then he’s absolutely heaven to sleep beside on the coldest days.

    Do they hog the bed or take up very little space?

    There’s not really a bed per say so much as a little sleep pile, some nights you sleep with the wolves, some nights it’s just the two of you on the thin padding. He’s got no sleeping manners and is very prone to tossing and flailing his limbs, the wolves are used to it though.

    What sleeping positions do you often find them in?

    Razor can be found in a plethora of odd sleeping positions, sometimes big spoon to one of the wolves, or face down buried into the back of one. One of the cutest is when one of the wolves is curled up and he’s using them as a pillow, and the wolf has its face in Razor’s neck. Too precious.

    What are their favourite sleeping positions with you? Are they the big spoon or the little spoon? Does it matter to them?

    With you Razor favours being the big spoon, it’s a protective position for him and it’s comforting to him to feel you in his arms. He doesn’t hate being the little spoon but it feels really weird to him, plus it tends to lead to you laying on and pulling his hair which he’s not a fan of.

    Do they snore or talk in their sleep? If so, what do they talk about?

    Occasionally Razor might snore or mumble in his sleep, often about food though. There has been more than one occasion where he’s drooled/bitten at you in his sleep, nothing hard - his precious dumbass just mistook you as food in his dreams.



    What do they wear to bed? Do they sleep in pajamas or underwear? What about naked?

    Venti usually keeps a change of spare clothes on him to sleep in. He’ll sleep in his regular clothing but when he’s got the ability to sleep beside you he wants maximum comfort.

    Do they sleep with a bunch of blankets or very few?

    He doesn’t sleep with a mountain of them, just a couple. The cold doesn’t bother him terribly so he’s just covered for comfort. For fun he likes to have plenty of blankets to be sneaky and poke at you under the sheets, or hide and jump out and try to scare you.

    Are they a furnace in bed or ice cold? If so are they a nightmare to sleep beside?

    Venti runs on the cooler side, in the heat it’s heaven but during the cold it can be hard if there aren’t enough blankets. Damn you chilly little Anemo God..

    Do they hog the bed or take up very little space?

    There are times he’s purposely a little shit and will hog the bed just to mess with you, but when he’s asleep he’s usually fairly still. That said he doesn’t take up little space, he’ll move around but he won’t try and kick you off the bed (unless he’s awake and trying to play with you).

    What sleeping positions do you often find them in?

    More times than none you can find him on his side cuddling his pillow to his chest, or on his back slightly sprawled out. Most times though he’s tangled up with you.

    What are their favourite sleeping positions with you? Are they the big spoon or the little spoon? Does it matter to them?

    Venti loves sleeping with you on his chest or himself on yours. He doesn’t mind being the big or little spoon, if there’s a size difference between the two of you he’ll often giggle about how silly the two of you must look. He loves waking up to you facing him but god if his arm doesn’t hurt like hell, a small price to pay - he’ll tease and complain how heavy your head was. “I thought you were going to sleep all day, I can’t feel my arm anymore!”

    Do they snore or talk in their sleep? If so, what do they talk about?

    It’s not often but he does sleep talk. Sometimes he’ll talk about wine and how tasty it is, other times he’ll talk about things that make no sense. You can only assume it’s things of his past that he’s dreaming of. Sometimes if he’s awake and knows your watching him he’ll fake sleep talk and tease you.

    Masterlist || Rules || Prompts || Interaction Rules

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #x reader#reader insert#headcanons#my writing #genshin impact aether #genshin impact razor #genshin impact venti #aether x reader #razor x reader #venti x reader
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  • Pareja: Shota Aizawa (Ereaserhead) x fem!reader

    Soulmate AU/Almas gemelas UA

    Warnings/Advertencias: sangre, heridas, lenguaje fuerte, mención de muerte, tristeza, traición, smut (no por el momento), cualquier otra cosa que se haya podido olvidar.

    Notas del autor: advertencia, ¡es muy largo!, T/N/C= tu apodo o como te llaman de cariño. Perdón si tengo alguna falta de ortografía o error gramatical, en su momento de revisión lo vi todo bien n-n

    ¡Espero disfruten!

    I / II / III / IV /


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    #aizawa shouta #aizawa x reader #aizawa smut #aizawa shouta x reader #aizawa fluff #bnha x reader #boku no hero fanfic #yamada hizashi#ereaserhead #ereaserhead x reader #present mic#All Might #my hero academia #my hero academia fanfic #y/n#x reader #boku no hero x reader #my hero academia x reader
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  • #not my normal answers but it felt the best #ooh! #what skeleton did you guys imagine for each one? #I'm wondering what y'all associate this with #undertale#y/n#x reader #answer ask //
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  • #sasuke#sasuke uchiha#naruto #sasuke x reader #sasuke uchiha x reader #anime #naruto x reader #fanfiction#y/n#x reader #anime x reader #prompt list#number prompt #pick and choose
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  • Hi!!!! I decided I really wanted to make my own Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure headcanons since I love JJBA too much 🥺💞 Here’s my first post¡


    - You got injured ever so quickly… Jotaro and the other crusaders didn’t even see it coming.

    - You fell to the ground with a heavy thud, a deep wound in your stomach. You’d broken a few ribs and there was blood all over your garments. You tried your best to keep composure.

    - “I’ll kill that bastard.”

    - Without thinking, Jotaro made Star Platinum punch the enemy to death, hiding his face with his hat.

    - Jotaro is, sadly, an unaffectionate edgy boi. The other crusaders would have to pick you up and tend to your wounds.

    - You’d yelp when you feel bandages being wrapped around your stomach.

    - “Yare yare da ze.”

    - When you got into the car, as per usual, you sat on Jotaro’s lap. You were finding it difficult to breathe. The car was speeding towards the hospital.

    - “Oi… it’s going to be alright.” He stroked your hair.

    - He’s not good with words, obviously.

    - This sign of affection from Jotaro made you let it all out. Although you found it difficult to breathe, you sobbed into his jacket.

    - He’s quite an awkward man. He froze up at first after you started crying, but he tried his best to comfort you by wrapping his arms around you avoiding your injuries.

    - Believe it or not, he carried you to the hospital. He couldn’t speak.

    - While you were in the hospital, he wasn’t the same. Jotaro had more trouble defeating enemy stand users.

    - “Cheer up, Jotaro! They’ll be alright!”

    - EXTREMELY embarrassed by jiji’s comment. According to Jotaro, he was NOT worried about Y/N.

    - Poor bb Joot felt so alone. Since the crusaders were constantly moving, they didn’t have time to go back and visit you.

    - He wasn’t sleeping or eating properly. He wasn’t even getting annoyed at Polnareff’s and Iggy’s stupid antics.

    - When you came out of the hospital, you arrived by a helicopter from the Speedwagon Foundation.

    - *Cue wide eyed Jotaro who had just been thinking about you*


    - “H-Hi Jotaro.”

    - He only replied with a tight hug and a lonngggggggggg kiss. Let him! He’s touch starved!

    - Hat down and hand in pocket once again.

    - He moved his arm around you later.

    - Overprotective boy would NOT let you sleep by yourself. Jotaro may not be clingy, but he needed you there with him as he spooned you.

    - Wherever you go, he ALWAYS has his arm around your shoulder. Did I mention him being overprotective?

    - Newly formed habit of jumping in front of you whenever you hear a noise while walking.

    - He can’t let you get injured again.

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