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    how would people feel if instead of me writing stuff throughout the week for SDS & then posting them all on Saturday, i changed it to where you send me drabble & headcanon prompts/ideas every Saturday(IF i decide to take this into effect bc i’ll be super busy the next couple of weekends, it’ll be a bit) from you guys & writing which ones i really like??

    i hope at least one person answers this

    also, i’ll update the rules as well IF i decide on doing this AND i’ll even add a new person or two🤪

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    30.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Me planning for Diamond Nights chapter 2 :

    I wonder if I should make reader kick Mondo in the nuts for being an asshole.

    #myposts#mywritings #dr1 trigger happy havoc #danganronpa fanfiction #mondo x reader #ao3 fanfic #i put this on hold because of college #so sorry for that folks #:')#crazy diamonds
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    30.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Wolff Lady (Daniel’s ending)

    Song: You’ll be in my heart – Phil Collins  

    Wolff Lady Finale | Wolff Lady Series

    You told Toto as soon as you saw him that your heart belonged to someone else. He understood but still wanted you to say as your assistant, if you wanted to. You beamed and you didn’t want to change it for the world. When you told him that you loved Daniel, he laughed.

    “Of course, the jokester.” he nudged you.

    You just smiled and tried your best to hide your blushing cheeks. But you still tried to come up with the best way of asking him out when it hit you. You still owed him a date.


    When your accident was shown on the big screens over the tracks Daniel and Lando both sat with their radio guys at McLaren and they both saw it at the same time. You, sitting you the concrete floor with blood all over your face and white Mercedes shirt. Lando was freaking out next to him, but Daniel tried his best to calm him down. Telling him that it was probably not as bad as it looked, but when you were escorted out by a panic looking Valtteri Bottas then he wasn’t too certain. Bottas was ALWAYS calm and collected so it was something that made Daniel nervous to see him so distressed. But Daniel’s focus was on Lando now, to calm him down before the race. Daniel then turned to the radio guys.

    “Please, if you hear anything about her conditions, tell us as soon as possible.”

    The radio guys nodded their heads with a ‘got it’. Lando got a call from George Russell asking if he was watching the sceen and they both had their moment of freaking out together. All of the drivers on the paddock looked worried, some more than others. Daniel wanted to wait until he had all the facts before he would react more. But his mind was still racing when, the images of your bloody figure escorted out of the paddock repeatedly popped up in his mind. It made his worry worse. But he didn’t have the time to dwell on it because it was time for the race to start.

    “Daniel, we just got news that she is fine, she is doing okay.”

    “Great news, great news.” Daniel answered back. He took a deep breath of relief over the fact that you were going to be fine. But that didn’t help him in todays qualification. He ended up on 16th place, because his focus was not on the race, it was on you and you alone.


    As soon as the race ended Daniel got out of his car and looked over at Lando. Both of them hurried down to the medical center and into the doctor’s office. You sat there on the couch looking a little tired, but you were fine. Your eyes met when he got into the room, he smiled at you. The biggest smile that he could give you and you felt the butterflies in your stomach go wild. His smile was something special and it was one of the reasons that you fell for him. That, and that he was the kindest person that you knew. He always made sure that you were okay. 

    You smiled back at him. He loved it. As he had done the first time he had seen it. He didn’t want to break eye contact but soon your boss came into the room with a stern look on his face. All the drivers felt the need to leave as soon as possible. Daniel included.

    He sighed and looked back at the medical center. He hated that he didn’t get a chance to hold you when you were hurt like this. He wanted to be there for you. Daniel made his way back to the McLaren building to take his stuff and leave for the hotel. In the taxi he called you, hoping that you perhaps would answer. But you didn’t. So, he left a voice message telling you to call him when you get the time. But the time never came.


    Back to you as you were getting ready to leave for today’s race. The missed call from Daniel was lingering in the back of your head and you felt bad that you hadn’t talked to him yet. But you would change that soon. 

    You got your stuff and left the hotel with Toto. In the car you made some calls to a restaurant a Toto had recommended. Setting up your surprise date for Daniel.

    The race went by smoothly and Lewis and Valtteri did great. They hugged you carefully when they got back from the race, and you congratulated them on the victory and podium position.

    “Are you going to watch the podium?” Lewis asked.

    “Not today. I have a date to set up.” You said proudly as you walked out of the Mercedes paddock and made your way towards McLaren. The mechanics greeted you and asked how you were doing. You answered them politely, and then asked for Daniel. They said that he was inside the building. Lando was still in the paddock and said that he could escort you to Daniel.

    “That would be lovely.”

    “What do you want with him?” Lando asked.

    “I’m taking him on a dinner date, to return the favor.” You said and it made Lando a little sad, but also happy for his teammate. He showed you the door that led to Daniels room.

    “But mind you, he is a little down today for only scoring in ninth place.”

    You nodded and knocked lightly on the door. A muffled ‘come in’ was heard on the other side and you opened the door. Daniel was sitting on a white couch with his overall tied around his waist. The surprised look on his face when he saw that it was you who came in, was astonishing.

    “Hey.” You said and closed the door behind you.

    “Hi, what are you doing here?”

    “Kidnapping you, kinda.”

    “Really?” Daniel asked amused.

    “Yep, so get ready to leave for the hotel and then get ready to leave the hotel.”

    Daniel rose from the couch. “Okay, where we are going?”

    “It is a surprise.” You smirked.

    The two of you took a taxi back to the hotel and got ready for your surprise. Then the two of you met up in the lobby to get a taxi out to the town nearby. You guided Daniel towards a restaurant.

    “I’m still not sure what is going on.” Daniel laughed.

    “I’m taking you out on a date, silly.”

    Daniel eyes widened. “What?”

    “Yes, you said that you wanted that date, so I figure that-…”

    You didn’t have time to end the sentence before Daniel’s lips crashed on yours. He’s eagerness almost pushed you to the ground but luckily there was a wall nearby to support you from the force that was Daniel’s kiss. He had longed for this moment for so long, so finally when it happened, he was almost too eager and hungry for your lips. You melted into the kiss just when he stopped kissing you. The two of you looked at each other and laughed.

    “So, you are taking me on a date?” Daniel asked.

    “Yes, and I’m paying.” You winked. He embraced you and then the two of you walked into the restaurant hand in hand and had the best date in your live. And it would be many more dates to come.

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  • agirlwhoisaphantom
    30.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Champagne & Sunshine - Bucky Barnes x Reader


    Summary: Since the day that you and Bucky confessed your feelings for one another. You both can’t keep your hands to yourselves.

    Word Count: 3875

    Warnings: Right off the bat smut, things occur in the hot hub, unprotected sex, [nicknames: good girl, bunny] cream pie, teasing, nipple play, uuhhh let me know if I'm missing anything.

    Author’s Note: It's been a hot minute that I've written any sort of smut, but gosh it feels good to be back after a while.

    reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! But please, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!

    Bucky groaned quietly into your ear as he rocked his hips against yours in a slow head motion that made your entire body get filled with chills from head to toe. You hooked your legs over his hips, pulling him closer to your body every chance you could. With every thrust he would make, you would dig your nails dipper onto his back, leaving scratches on him.

    His lips pressed against yours, tongue slipping past your lips, dominating each of your senses. You whine into his kiss, letting him that you are nearly close to your peak.

    Both of you were now close. A small smirk formed on Bucky’s face as his lips were against yours. He found it fascinating the way you trembled underneath him. You both hit your peak at the same time. Shockwaves were going all over your bodies as you moaned each other’s names repeatedly.

    He gets off of you and lays right next to you. You both were heavy breathing and trying to get your composer together.

    “Wow,” you both said at the same time. Making you both chuckle as well.

    Bucky grabs the duvet and pulls them up over your body. You turn to your side placing your head onto Bucky’s chest. “Round Two, Bunny?” Bucky said quietly as his hand traced the curves from your thigh to your stomach.

    You rapidly get on top of him. You began to kiss his neck slowly, cooing against his skin.

    As you were rocking your hips against his friction, The phone started to ring. You two completely ignored it the first time.

    “Fuck” Bucky groaned. It rang a couple of more times. He got rapidly irritated with the number of times they called him. He was annoyed that people were interrupting him and you. But he knew if he ignored it, they would be rushing to his apartment.

    Bucky places his hands on your hips, and as much as he wanted you to continue, he shifted your body off him. You laid right next to him. He gets up and hands you his shirt and your lacey panties so you can put them on. He sits down and grabs his phone. He grunts to see that he had seven missed calls from Steve and Tony.

    Bucky answers Steve’s call, “what is i-?“ As his back faces towards you, you run your fingers on his back, tracing his skin and his spine.

    “Do you know what time it is?” Steve interrupted him. Even though Steve wasn’t on speakerphone, he was loud enough for you to hear him.

    “It’s 7 am. What’s wrong with that?” Bucky rolled his eyes and tried not to sound annoyed. He grabs your hand and places your palm facing upwards, and starts to trace the lines of your hands with his metal hand.

    “It’s Peter’s Birthday Trip to the cabin today. We are supposed to leave right now.” Steve took a big breath, and he didn’t want to raise his voice anymore if Peter was around. He didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

    Bucky’s eyes widen as he checks the date on his phone. He looks at you and notices that you have the same reaction he had. “We will be there in a couple of minutes. We are still packing.” Lucky enough, most of your stuff was at Bucky’s apartment so that packing wouldn’t be so difficult. Either way, we were only going to be staying for a couple of days.

    “Yeah, yeah, sure. Tell her I said hi.” Steve proceeds to hang up the call.

    As Bucky was getting up, you notice the scratches that you left on his back. His backfilled with red marks and some of them were deep enough. A little bit of blood was coming out. “oops,” you whispered to yourself.

    You were loud enough that Bucky could hear. “You should see your thighs, Doll,” he chuckled as he licks his lips, and his eyes were digesting how beautifully you looked without clothes.

    Walking into the bathroom, you notice all the hickey’s that Bucky left on your inner thigh “Bucky! How am I going to swim with these?” you yelled at him as you smirked a little. You didn’t want him to know that. In reality, you didn’t care that you had them on you. It just showed who you belonged to, even though it had been clear to everyone.

    “Damn, looks like you won’t be going swimming.” You could hear laughter come from the bedroom. “Either way, I don’t want anyone to look at what’s mine.” He said louder as he walked back and forth to the bedroom, grabbing things that he believed you both would need.

    You walk out of the bathroom with a small bag full of items such as your and Bucky’s toothbrush, shampoo, anything from the bathroom you thought would be important.

    Walking into the bedroom, Bucky already had your bags and his bags already prepared. He dressed up, and all you needed was to grab a pair of pants and shoes.

    Walking towards Bucky’s direction, you intentionally bump into him. He grabs your wrist and rapidly turns you towards him. He places his hand on your chin tilting your head a bit upwards. “Bunny, Don’t forget who you belong to. You are mine, as I am yours.” He leaned in and whispered into your ear.

    Moving your hair to the other side. Bucky kisses the back of your ear towards your neck. “Bucky, we have to go.” Trying not to lose focus. Every kiss that he gave you made you want to melt in his arms. He made you feel like no other. He gave you those stupid butterflies in your stomach that was in the children’s book.


    For the first half of the drive, you were wide awake, observing how beautiful the view was outside of the car window. This wasn’t your first time going to Tony’s Cabin, but you had to go there every time. You didn’t have the chance to look around and view how amazedly it was.

    Whenever you would go on road trips with Bucky, he would let you connect your phone to his stereo to blast your favorite songs. He didn’t care what music was planning in the background. No matter what, he was going to end up enjoying it.

    You both were only a couple more miles to getting to the Cabin. Bucky wanted to make sure that other people were there, not only you and him being their firsts. He points to his backpack that was on the back of your seat. Bucky turns down the music “Doll, can you grab my phone? It’s my backpack in the front pocket.”

    Unbuckling your seat belt, you get up and shift your body in between your seat and Bucky’s seat. You start to look into Bucky’s bag, and you can’t find it. It wasn’t in the front pocket nor the other ones. “I can’t find it.”

    “check again it should be in there somewhere.”

    “Bucky, I still can’t find it.” You wanted to dump his backpack on the backseats and pick up the mess later. You were getting frustrated that you couldn’t find his phone. While your legs were still on the console. The instant the light turned red, you could feel Bucky reach in between your legs and starts to shuffle around his backpack. Pulling his phone out, he also removes his hand from in between your legs.

    What he just did left you startled. At the moment, you wanted to freeze, but you couldn’t. You went back to sitting down. He hands you his phone “call Steve and tell him we are on our way.”

    The last couple of miles you had left to drive, you decided to nap, even if it was two more hours. You wanted to take advantage of it.

    When you woke up from your nap and noticed that a lake and beautiful trees surrounded it, the grass was green. Everything was so bright and beautiful. If you could pick anywhere to live, it would be right here.

    You were still trying to wake up when you notice that Bucky got out of the car and started to walk towards your side to open the door. He grabs your hand as you get out.

    Walking towards the porch, you notice Sam and Steve talking. You were unsure what they were talking about, but you probably knew since Peter wasn’t on the lot just yet.

    Sam and Steve get up and walk towards you and Bucky. Sam offers a bottle of water to Bucky; meanwhile, Steve hugs you.

    “So Buck, can you keep it in your pants for a couple of days?” Steve raises his eyebrow and has a serious look on his face as he crosses his arms. Bucky chokes on the water that he was drinking. Bucky placed his hand over his mouth, trying to cover the smirk he had on his face. He knew damn well that he wasn’t going to and didn’t plan to.

    Sam looks over at Steve with a mischievous smile “he does have a point. Peter doesn’t need a live demonstration of Sex Ed.”

    That grin Bucky had disappeared instantly and just glared at Steve and Sam. Meanwhile, on the other hand, you could feel your cheeks turn into a rosy color, and you were pulling on the sleeves of your shirt. “weren’t you in Peter’s school teaching videos, 'so your body is changing, believe me, I know how that feels' ” Bucky said in his Steve impression voice.

    “You are always going to hold that over my head, aren’t you, Bucky.” Steve rolled his eyes and started to walk into the Cabin. “Stop corrupting her. She was an innocent person before you came into her life.”

    Bucky chuckled when he heard him say that you were innocent. Nothing about you was innocent, and that’s something that Bucky liked about you. To him, you were a book full of secrets, and he wanted to know everything about you, from your darkest secrets to your sweetest ones. “I mean, you could hear her when she-“ you hit his lower stomach, making him groan a little at how hard you hit him, “never mind.”

    You started to move your bags onto the room that you and Bucky were staying in. But every time that you went for your suitcases, Bucky would grab them out of your hand. He insisted that he would take care of grabbing your things and taking them to the room. He didn’t want you to lift any of your fingers.

    It didn’t take long for everyone else to come to the Cabin. Luckily, you and Natasha had an hour to decorate before Peter came. The guys oversaw taking care of the outside decorations. Meanwhile, the girls are in charge of the inside décor.

    “How is it dating, Capsicle over there?” you were way too focused on writing a poster for Peter saying ‘happy birthday Pete’ when your focus is disturbed by Natasha going in front of you. She had a smirk on her face and motions her head towards the window, where Bucky and Sam were tackling each other, and Steve had his hand placed on his face and shaking his head.

    Looking out of the window, you had a smile on your face. “It’s not so bad. I’m happy with him.” You turn your head facing Nat now. Ever since you got with Bucky, you seemed so much happier, and you glowed on your face.

    “We always knew you two were going to end up together. I mean the way you both look at each other. There was always something.” Nat teased you as she grabbed the pen on the table to help you finish the poster.

    What she said made you think of all the memories you had shared with Bucky. Looking back at the memories, there were hints that you both liked each other. From the way he would always go above and beyond to make sure you were okay to when he would make you laugh over something dumb. “Yeah. I guess there was.” You chuckled at the statement she said.

    The moment that you finished the poster, you were starving. You went to the kitchen to grab yourself something to eat and drink. Going near the cabinet, you stood on your tiptoes, reaching over your head to grab a glass “of course, Stark would keep his cup this high.” You whispered to yourself. You couldn’t help but let out a little gasp as you felt someone place their hand on your waist.

    “It’s me, don’t worry,” Bucky said in a deep raspy voice as he reaches over you to grab the cup for you. When he set down the cup, he kissed you on the top of your head. Bucky moved away from you as he walked towards the fridge to pull out the filtered water pitcher. Placing it next to the cup he just got out. “Did Nat give you any trouble?” he asked as he was pouring water into your cup.

    You shook your head and rolled your eyes “no, she didn’t, Bucky. I promise you.” You chuckled as you took a sip from the glass of water.

    He leans in forward to you. “I have something in surprise for you.” He whispered into your ear as he grabs your hair, putting it on to the side. Tilting your head to the side, you slowly closed your eyes, and a smirk formed on your face. “Before you ask, Doll.” With his metal hand, he places the back of his index finger against your skin, moving it from your shoulder to your neck to tracing your jaw until it got to the other side of your face. With his index finger, he tilts your face towards his direction, making eye contact with you. “I’m not telling you what it is.” He licks his lips as his eyes move up and down your face.

    The moment that Peter got there, everyone celebrated his birthday. You and Bucky didn’t spend much time together. That didn’t matter. You knew once the sun was down, your hands were going to be all over him.

    Later that day, you receive a text message from Bucky

    5:38 pm Meet me by the Lake at 1 am, wear the suit that I packed for you, and don't be late.

    When the night arrived, everyone was asleep. You found it odd because everyone would usually stay up late when it came to parties like this. But you knew that tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

    Looking inside of your bag, you find the swimsuit that Bucky got for you. It was a two-piece baby blue bikini. Putting it on you, you looked at yourself in the mirror, and you noticed how well it fitted you. You placed your hair in a messy bun and proceeded to grab Bucky's jacket and wrapped yourself in it. It was getting chilly and going outside in a bikini. You knew you were going to be cold.

    As you started to walk to the Lake, you feel arms wrap around you. This made you instantly turn around and face Bucky. He leans in and gives you a brief kiss. "Let's go somewhere else." He grabs your hand and starts to pull you towards the cabin once again. But he went around it where there was a hot tub.

    The many times you were in that cabin, you never knew that it had a hot tub. So, it took you by surprise when Bucky took you there. He first gets in the hot tub and helps you get in by handing you his hand so you had somewhere to lean on.

    Getting into the water, it felt nice feeling the warm hot water against your skin. The first thing you did was splash water at him. Bucky raises his left eyebrow and has a sly smirk on his face as he splashed water towards you. This made you chuckle a little bit. "Doll, be quiet. You don't want us to get caught, do you?" Bucky told you as he moved across the water so he can get closer to you. He was resting his knees at the bottom of the hot tub so he would be at eye level with you.

    You shooked your head as you matched the same look Bucky was giving you. "you are going to be the reason why we get caught," you mimicked his voice as you scrunched your nose.

    Bucky said nothing. Instead, he grabbed your waist and brought you closer until he was sitting on the other side and you were on his lap. He started at you with a smile on his face as he looked into your eyes. The blue lights of the water made you even glow more than before. After being away from him for hours, craving him all day, now you were able to wrap yourself around him.

    You couldn't help yourself but giggle. You felt safe now being in his arms. You wrap your arms around his neck, moving in closer to him, your forehead almost touching his. Bucky tilts his head upwards and moves in closer to you. His lips were pressed against yours, his hands moving from your waist to your ass. He pulls you in closer against him. His tongue was slipping into your mouth, more desperate than usual because it had been all day since he hasn't felt your touch.

    You let out a small noise. Your eyebrows were knitted together as you feel him growing hard underneath you. "you know how badly I've been craving to do this to you." He says in a deep raspy voice. His metal hand travels through your body until he goes and finds the hook of your bikini, playfully tugging it. "All fucking day, Bunny." He muttered, his lips moving from towards your neck.

    Bucky teased you, licking you from your collarbone to the back of your ear. You nodded at the statement he said. You were craving him as much as he was craving you. You let out a small little noise of pleasure at the way he was holding you, talking to you, and kissing you.

    "Then shown me, Bunny. How badly have you been craving this? Cause. I. Don't. Believe. You," he whispered into your ear. Bucky moved the sides of your bikini top, his metal hand going inside the material, exposing your breasts. Your nipples hardened from being exposed to the cold hair. Bucky took this as an opportunity to places his lips around it, tongue running along your skin.

    You placed one of your hands on the ledge of the hot tub. Bucky hummed against your skin, sucking your nipple before pulling away. Meanwhile, your other hand went to his neck, gently digging your fingers onto his skin. His hand cupped your breast, and his metal thumb replaced his mouth, running along with the sensitive nipple as his lips move towards your neck "can you be a good girl and stay quiet for me?" You nodded briefly as quietly moaned as he gently pinched your nipple.

    Bucky's hand travels from your breast to the material of your bikini. Ripping them on one of the sides. Meanwhile, one of your hands was removing his swim shorts. You could feel his cock against your ass, teasing himself with the feeling. He wanted you to take control of what can happen next. He moves both of his hands onto your hips.

    Your heart was pounding. Something about being secretive and not getting caught made you want to get caught. You cautiously raised yourself from his lap, wrapping yourself around Bucky. You moved a couple of times, making it easier to line up along the head of his cock.

    Bucky watched you closely, staring at the way you were taking control over him, especially as you sat down on his lap. "fuuuuuc-" he whispered as he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, placing his mouth against your shoulder to keep him from moaning out loud. Bucky's hand went up to your mouth, covering it in case if you were going to make any sounds. "You are so perfect for me, Bunny." He rambled in your ear, trying his best not to moan at the feelings the way that you were clenching around him.

    He then began carefully guiding you up and down on top of him, so he could appreciate how incredible it felt. But he couldn't help himself as he felt your thighs quiver and heard a whine. Bucky began by grabbing your hips and pushing you so that you were bouncing on top of him, absorbing all of him as he stretched you out, hitting all the walls you needed him to strike, especially from his perspective.

    Bucky brought his free hand down between your legs as he stated this, effortlessly finding your clit. He started rubbing in slow but rapid circles, his jaw clenching as he noticed how quickly you clenched around him.

    His fingers on your clit sent shockwaves through your entire body. With the climax nearing, you let out a muffled whimper against his palm, your rhythm of riding him becoming sloppier.

    He stared down at how beautiful you were, your ass bouncing against his legs, and he inadvertently squeezed the grasp on your face, making you gasp in delight. "I'd like for you to cum for me," Bucky asked, his fingers speeding up on your clit, in a trembling voice.

    You didn't need to be reminded; you wouldn't have been able to hold it in for much longer regardless. You paid close attention to every aspect. The way he squeezed your face, the feel of his fingers on your clit.

    Bucky's brows wrinkled, his lips pursed in concentration as he tried not to gasp out loud at the sensation. Your pulsating muscles were working his cock in the nicest way possible since you were so tight around him. He had no idea what was going on until it was too late. Bucky came inside of you, his free hand pushing your hips down on top of him, keeping you there as he stuffed you with himself. He bit down on your shoulder, muffling to himself.

    "Fuck." He muttered, shifting his head away from your shoulder and tilting his head back. His moist chest heaved up and down frantically, attempting to catch his breath. When he took his hand away from your mouth, it instantly went to your waist, bringing you close to him.

    You leaned against his chest, your hands on his wrapped-around-you arms. You wanted to stay like this forever.

    It was already getting late, and you two needed to wake up early. Walking inside of the cabin, you and Bucky were carefully trying to make any noise. Luckily the room you both were staying in was on the first floor.

    The instant that you and Bucky got into the room, you went straight to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day for the both of you.

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    #i’ll be here for you

    —you broke down in front of him for the first time

    CHARACTERS. Albedo, Gorou, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Xiao

    THEMES. slight angst. hurt/comfort.

    WARNINGS. trigger warning, just in case. also, this may be based on my own experience. we don’t have the exact same reactions from others so please do keep that in mind.

    ALBEDO, at first, didn’t know what to do. So he asks, “Do you need something, darling?” He doesn’t initiate anything unless you are comfortable with it, still observing you how you’d react with him there. It’s difficult for him to understand you at this moment but he’ll still try his best to do so. He will reach out to hold your cheeks carefully and instinctively, soon brushing his thumb on your tears to gently wipe them off. If they still continue falling down, he’d be there to wipe them off. Then, if you’ve calmed down, he’d softly ask, “Can you tell me what made you feel this way, I promise I’ll be here to listen to everything.”

    GOROU was by your side in an instant; “Is there something wrong, honey? Honey?” He tries to inquire, but if you don’t answer him, he’ll stay silent as he carefully treads his fingers on your hair, just like you do every time. He knows it comforts him a lot when you do it to him so it’s purely out of intuition. “There, there, let it all out. I’ll be here for you.” He won’t panic by a single second because he is the type of person who understands that each and every people carry burdens of their own, as a leader, it is a mindset that he learned while handling others.

    “Dove?” KAZUHA lets his presence known and approaches carefully, sitting in front of you and then asking “Do you need me to be here? I’ll stay if you like, but if you don’t, I’ll give you privacy. I love you, okay?” He reassures you that and waits for you to open up to him before he wraps his arms around you, letting you cry in his chest as much as you’d like. “Do you want to cuddle? Want to lay on the bed, hm?”

    SCARAMOUCHE had never seen you this vulnerable and it irks him. Strangely, not towards you, but to whoever or whatever that made you cry like this. He doesn’t get near you, just standing by the door, leaning there as he waits for you to stop or recognize him; arms crossed, the anger radiating off of him. “Who did this to you?” he crouches in beside you with a protective hand on your shoulder and your leg. If you say it’s no one, he’d silently understand it and press a kiss on your temple, staying there by your side until you decide to get up.

    XIAO’s heart aches as he sees you like this—broken as well, pieces scattered for him to pick up. He didn’t know what to do, of course. There’s a part of him that wants him to get away for him not to taint you with his own darkness but the other begs him to stay. He silently kneels near you, but still keeps a distance. He doesn’t speak since he doesn’t know what to say, but he tries to reach his hand out, removing his glove beforehand. He knows that this might have a risk as well, but the sight of your eyes widening and your tears stopping was enough for him to soften and hold your hands gently when you reached for him. He may not know of human emotions but it is fairly clear that you were hurting, and it doesn’t sit right for him to leave you alone at all.

    NOTES. i’m kinda feeling well now after the fever i had earlier so i had to write something,,, which is kind of inspired by my feelings yesterday night. i hope you all won’t bottle up your feelings just as much as i do

    #genshin x reader #xiao x reader #albedo x reader #kazuha x reader #gorou x reader #scaramouche x reader #genshin drabbles#genshin oneshots#genshin fluff#genshin angst
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    inextricably tie-d

    The tie around your neck feels ever-so-slightly tighter.

    (moonbyul/solar... kind of? x gender neutral reader, ~900 words)

    cw: angst

    a/n: ok when I was first trying to write the last byul fluff it was pretty late at night (for me) so it started veering into angst instead and this was the result


    Staring at your underwear-clad body in the mirror, your eyes drift to the suit on the hanger, spotless and pressed, folded perfectly. Your hands steady the hanger while slipping the pants off of it, the fabric almost cool in your fingers. Gingerly stepping into each leg as to not ruin the pleat, you zip and button them up - an action you haven't done in forever. It takes you a second to get the button through the slit, the movement nearly foreign.

    Wow, they're perfect.

    The hem stops just at the tops of your feet and they fit perfectly everywhere else. Her assertion rings through your mind: "Trust me. Don't underestimate the value of a tailor, the extra expense is absolutely worth it." Your teeth close in on your bottom lip at the recollection.

    I guess she was right.

    Strangely motivated to put on the rest, the white button-up swishes off the hanger, your fingers making quick work of the buttons. The jacket soon follows. You shuffle back a couple steps on the carpet to get a better look in the mirror. The shirt and jacket fit perfectly, much like the pants, laying nicely in all the right places with no wildly-long sleeves or bunchy areas. The whole ensemble reminds you of the color of the sky on the various nights spent stargazing together - midnight navy.

    "Maybe you'll look almost as good as me."

    The last element hangs limp around the hanger hook - a dirt-cheap black tie from Daiso. You own a tailored suit. How is that damn thing still in your possession?

    "Button your shirt up all the way for the tie to sit right around the collar."

    You whip the tie off the hanger to slip it behind your upturned shirt collar.

    The skinny end starts off higher than the other.

    It essentially ties itself. Your thumb and index finger slide up the length of the rough fabric to place the knot at the base of your neck. In the mirror, you can't help but stare at the gentle pinch holding the tie, hand lingering there at the top button of your dress shirt.

    "Now this... is my favorite part."

    It's like she's in the room. The warmth of her front pressed into your back, hands enveloping your waist. The low yet melodic tone of her voice in your ear, praising you for trying but still managing to laugh playfully at your frustration.

    Why is this so difficult?

    But those sweet moments were now long gone. A few too many laughs had turned the corner to mockery, which turned to hurt feelings and miscommunication. She always told you to let it go and take a joke, but your stubbornness constantly ate that reassurance away. Your claim to work on that apparently fell through - in tandem with your relationship.

    You wouldn't be saying these things if there wasn’t an element of truth in them.

    She let you keep the suit, though. It was obviously tailor-made, much like she was for you. Or, well, how you at least imagined she was.

    Did I ask for too much? Was I not enough? If I was, would she have stayed?

    The thought spirals and a stream of what-ifs fill your mind, subjects of many-a-journal-entry over the last year. This hadn’t happened in a while.

    Why did she leave?

    Snapping out of your own mind, your hands grasp the flaps of the suit jacket and tug down assuredly, fingers tucked inside. Confidence, your brain tells you. You look damn good.

    “Kidding, kidding.”

    Reaching into the closet for your dress shoes, you slip a hand into your pocket to check your phone one last time. Kim Yongsun - that was all you knew about this blind date. Her name.

    Does she still think about me?

    She’s obviously still on your mind, you’re sporting the very suit she bought for you.

    It’s been a year, stop kidding yourself.

    Bottom making contact with the hard plastic seat, you head out on the train, the lights outside the window blurring in the dark tunnel. You anxiously fidget with your tie, unconsciously fiddling with the split ends of the unraveling seams.

    Am I ready for this? No. But is anyone ever?

    The determination to evict her from your mind finds fuel from bitter stubbornness as your dress shoes pound the pavement of the train platform. You need this to end. It's been far too long. As you step into the restaurant, you spot someone fervently scanning the room. A timidly awkward introduction follows but her bright smile shines through it all as your legs slip underneath the tablecloth to take a seat.

    "Um, maybe I'm being too forward since we literally just met," leaning forward with her hands in her lap, "but your outfit... daamn."

    Don't you dare mention her. First date sacrilege!

    You tune out the inner monologue with a mild-mannered smile. "Thanks. An old friend picked it out for me." Hopefully your words came out in a tone not too cold. The tie around your neck feels ever-so-slightly tighter. Your thumb swipes the condensation off the side of your water class before grabbing it to take a sip, trying to wash away the lump that formed in your throat with that tangential mention of her, tinged with unwarranted longing.

    What the hell am I doing here?

    She might not be in your life anymore, but you can’t deny you’re inextricably tied, much like the tight fabric knot resting at the base of your throat.

    #haha could this keep going? #moonsun angst?? #don’t think I could write member x member tho #might have to give up on the ideal of writing evenly for each member 🥲 #kpop fanfic#kpop angst#mamamoo angst#gg angst #girl group angst #mamamoo fanfic#mamamoo scenarios#gg fic#mamamoo fic#mamamoo imagines #mamamoo x reader #mamamoo moonbyul#mamamoo solar #girl group fic #girl group fanfic #moon byulyi#kim yongsun
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    Dreamcatcher Short Headcanons #1 - Stealing a S/O’s Food

    A/N: Hello guys, girls, and non-binary pearls! I’m just posting a couple small headcannons today so I can spend today writing a request plus some other works. Thank you so much for supporting me, and I love you all so much! ❤️❤️

    Would steal their S/O’s food and get away with it. They would either be too sneaky, or they would just ask their S/O for food instead of stealing it. - Siyeon, Dami

    Would steal their S/O’s food and would get caught. Most likely they wouldn’t get scolded because of the cute puppy eyes that they give their S/O.- JiU, Gahyeon

    Would steal their S/O’s food right from their hand, and they would not care if you yelled at them or not. They just like firing you up over it. - Yoohyeon, SuA, Handong

    #dreamcatcher x reader #kpop x reader #dreamcatcher headcanons#dreamcatcher
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    No Air

    Summary: You are a firefighter alongside your older brother Kelly Severide but you are dating Adam Ruzek secretly. You are called into a fire on your day off.

    Characters: Chief Boden, Matt Casey, Ethan Choi, Connor Rhodes, Sylvie Brett, Christopher Herrmann, Mouch, April Sexton, Firehouse 51

    Pairing: Adam Ruzek x reader, Kelly Severide x sister!reader

    Warning/s: Mentions of injury, surgery, fire.

    A/N: I've not been writing for a while but this has been stuck in my head for days

    You and your brother were both firefighters. You weren't at work today unless there was a big fire that caused them to need you. Now that was a rare occurrence but not completely unusual.  You were sat in your bedroom when your pager went causing you to frown. When you saw it was a twenty-five story apartment fire. Running out of your bedroom you almost ran into the door grabbing your jacket and running. You ran out to your car climbing in it and slamming the door. Pulling away from your house as you pulled your seatbelt on before speeding to the fire.

    Pulling up to the fire with other on-call firefighters behind you, you looked around. Engines, Squad, Trucks, Chiefs from all over the place. You ran over to Chief Boden as fast as you could.  "Where do you need me Cheif?" You asked

    "Get your gear. Y/L/N with Herrmann" He said pointing towards you. You ran off towards your trucks. Herrmann. That meant it was bad. Chief always put you with someone from your Truck but clearly, everyone from Squad was inside. Pulling on your turnout gear you turned to the building before jogging over to Herrmann who was in the lobby of the building.

    "You ready kid?" He asked as you pulled your SCBA on. You tapped his shoulder indicating you were ready. Herrmann started moving up the stairs with you on his heels. The flames raging about your body as you saw Mouch sitting on the stairs with a candidate.  "Y/L/N check on them. Meet me on 18" Herrmann called causing you to nod. You walked over to Mouch and the candidate

    "Candidate, Mouch" You called climbing up to them

    "We're good, get to Herrmann," Mouch said and you ignored him

    "First fire candidate?" You asked him looking at the candidate rather than Mouch.  "Look a few years ago I was you. My older brother still runs into fires with me. Damn, he's my lieutenant now. But candidate you need to get out of here now," You said seriously. You tapped Mouch on the back walking past them to Herrmann. You found Herrmann looking down to your air. You used a lot of air talking to Mouch and the candidate. You didn't fill your tank up yesterday thinking you were off today. Herrmann was crouched holding the hose as you arrived.

    "Y/L/N you good?" He asked and you nodded

    "I'm good," You said crouching behind you as the flames touched your turnout gear making you warmer.

    "Severide's stuck with a kid," He said and you nodded as your breathing started to get heavier as your oxygen alarm started going off. Your body going limp before you could even think of telling Herrmann you needed more oxygen. Falling off to the side the last thing you saw was Herrmann turning to look at you.

    Third Person P.O.V.

    "Mayday Mayday" Herrmann called through his radio causing everyone to stop. Cruz running straight back into the building. Your brother saving his kid as fast as he could Herrmann instantly pulling his own SCBA off to place it on your face. Severide had managed to get the child to safety and the next he did was run to you.

    "What happened?" Severide asked as Herrmann tried to pull you out of the building your turnout gear weighing you down

    "Listen she ran out of air," Herrmann said as your PASS alarm sounded around them all. The only thing them being to hear is your PASS alarm over the raging flames. The thing no one ever wanted to hear.

    "Come on" Both Herrmann and Severide picking up your limp body. What you didn't know when you ran into that fire was that your boyfriend was standing outside of it supporting his friend. Family's being reunited outside as your firehouse family carried you out to a gurney.

    "Alright clear out" Chief Boden called causing everyone to move out the way. Placing your body down on the gurney Brett jumped into action as Severide removed your turnout jacket

    "I've got a pulse but she's not breathing," She said looking up to Severide as Adam Ruzek and Jay Halstead walked up to them  "Bag her" Brett's partner for the day jumping into action to help save you. Your boyfriend Adam trying to act like everything was okay acting like it wasn't you because no one knew about your relationship

    "She just just dropped," Herrmann said watching the paramedics for on you

    "Come on Y/L/N" Kelly muttered pulling your turnout jacket off your limp body

    "Start bagging her," Brett's new partner said handing Herrmann the bag

    "You got it," Herrmann said

    "Lieutenant cut her shirt so I can get the cardiac leads on her" She handed Severide the fabric scissors before he started to cut through your shirt. Herrmann crying onto your side as he rested a hand on your shoulder. Severide tearing up as he looked at you.

    "Come on Y/L/N," Severide said as Brett intubated you.

    "Tubes in let's get a saline kit going on the way to med. All right guys let's get her in the rig" Everyone in the firehouse jumped into action to help get you into the ambulance your brother not moving from your side

    "You've done the heavy lifting I'll take it from here go check on your firefighter," The White shirts said to Boden.

    "Severide, Herrmann stay with Sixty-one," Boden called walking away

    "Come on let's move give them an escort" Casey called to Eighty-one as Brett climbed in the back of the rig

    "Come on" Severide called as Sixty-One pulled away with a convoy of fire engines behind them.

    "It's Y/N" Brett started "Y/L/N. She took in a lot of smoke" She said voice breaking as Dr Choi walked up to them. Herrmann and Severide walking close behind

    "She had a pulse but wasn't breathing we intubated on the scene. Her CO was at 40" Brett's partner took over

    "Okay, we got her" Dr Choi said taking you into a trauma room as Adam rushed in. The five of them standing behind the curtain that was pulled as everyone else walked in.

    "How did you let this happen?" Severide asked Herrmann backing him into a corner "Your supposed to have her back Herrmann" He shouted before starting to cry

    "Hey she didn't tell me that her alarm went off," Herrmann said  "She was trying to save you" Severide walked off punching a wall as he passed one

    A Few Hours Later

    Casey, Herrmann, Brett and Mouch were sat in the waiting room still wearing their turn out gear as Dr Rhodes walked out clearing his throat. Everyone stood up quickly  "You guys put me in a terrible position but we were able to isolate the bleed and we only had to take out a portion of her lung. It was a thoracoscopic procedure, minimally invasive. That's all to say. She should be back to work in no time"

    "Oh thank god," Mouch said as everyone let out a breath.

    "Hey doctor Rhodes your the man," Herrmann said shaking his hand

    "Hey you guys are okay, too" He joked

    "Thanks" Casey said

    "Why don't you bring Kelly and Adam back in," Dr Rhodes said to April who was smiling. They had been kicked out for arguing with the doctors, nurses, each other. Just anyone in sight really

    "Kelly, Adam she's awake and wanting you both" April said as they both looked up before quickly standing up and following her in. You were in your own room just waking up from the sedation.

    Your P.O.V.

    Both of the men you loved were standing next to you smiling. Kelly kissed your hand as Adam kissed your head  "I'm so glad your back" Kelly whispered holding your hand

    "He was crying," Adam said trying to lighten the mood knowing that you'd hate it if he was just sad

    "Course" You whispered pulling Kelly's head into your chest holding Adam's hand tightly. They both pulled chairs over to sit next to you. Each holding your hand

    "Next time tell someone you have no air left," Adam said seriously and you nodded

    "I was trying to save this idiot brother of mine," You said poking him in the chest lightly  "It's days like today when I'm glad your my half-brother and not full brother so I can get away with hating you" She smiled watching his reaction.

    #kelly severide x you #reader x kelly severide #kelly severide x reader #adam ruzek x you #adam ruzek imagine #adam ruzek x reader #reader x adam ruzek #firehouse 51 #chicago fire prompt #chicago fire imagine
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    Of Dreams and Nightmares IV

    Pairing: Genma x fem!Reader Genre: Romance, bit Angsty Warnings: Explicit sexual content, language

    Then came the day where even this wasn’t enough anymore. My upper body shot up, drenched in sweat. Arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back against Genma’s chest. I panted heavily, trying to catch my breath. My hands were shaking but I was surprisingly calm and collected. Was I getting used to having those nightmares? God, I hoped not.

    “Fuck.” Running my fingers through my hair I turned my head to look at Genma. Sorrow was written all over his face. I sighed. “What should I do? My drug’s not working anymore.”

    He shrugged. “Try the higher dose.”

    “Higher do–?” I paused when I processed what he implied. He had suggested it might help before. “And with who? Which sane person would agree to fuck me to get my awful ex out of my head?”

    Now he sighed. “First of all: You wouldn’t have to tell them that. Just hook up with someone from a bar. They won’t care as long as they get to fuck. Secondly: I’m sitting right in front of you.”

    Flashing him a glare I got up. My body demanded coffee. “I said sane. The fact that you just proposed this idea, proves that you are everything but sane by itself.”

    I put enough beans into my coffee maker for a whole family of coffee addicts but I didn’t care. That’s what I needed right now.

    He followed me into the kitchen, sitting down at my kitchen island. “Oh, c’mon. You already thought about and liked it.” A smirk appeared on his lips causing the senbon between them to point up. When had he picked that up? Had he slept with it in his mouth?

    “That was a dream! I had no control over it!”, I turned around, throwing my hands up. “And even if I had control over it, fantasy or dream and reality are still different things. Just because I fantasize about something doesn’t automatically mean I want that to be reality – especially with sexual and intimate things! Besides that liking is relative. I like everything better than having nightmares of that bastard.” I turned around again and shut the lid of the case for the coffee beans a little more aggressive than necessary.

    Over my dead body I would admit that I had actually enjoyed it and that this was what had me thrrown me off track so much. I didn’t need that reminder and his already big enough ego didn’t need another boost.

    He chuckled. That bastard chuckled. “Just try it. What do you got to lose?”

    I rolled my eyes, not caring that he couldn’t see it. “Oh, I don’t know”, I snapped back in a sarcastic and angry tone. “My self-respect? My sanity?” The next words left my lips barely above a whisper, “My best friend?”

    “You won’t lose me, I slept with plenty best friends and it never changed a thing. Just look at Izumo and Kotetsu, they are clearly fucking and everything’s fine. As shinobis we’re closer than any other bond could ever be anyway.”

    Turning around once again to him, my hands on my hips and a look of played outrage on my face. “Plenty of best friends? I thought I was your only one!”

    He smirked. “The only female one.”

    I laughed. For the first time in a while I genuinely laughed. “I’m not sure if I wanted to know that, Genma”, I said when I came down from my laugh. “Fine. Let’s try it. But I can’t do this totally sober.”

    Opening one of my wall cabinets I reached out to grab my favorite Bailey’s bottle – the one with chocolate. While reaching for it my shirt slipped up a bit and within the blink of an eye warm hands were lying on my exposed hips. His hot breath tickled the skin on my neck as he started gently biting into it.

    “You do remember that we have guard duty in an hour?”

    “I do. But have you looked into a mirror recently? Your face is insufferable to look at if you’re sober.”

    A soft laughed escaped his lips. “It’s been a while since you’ve done that.”

    I turned around to him in confusion. “What?”

    “Poking fun at me.” He looked and smiled at me with such warmness, I thought my heart would melt. “But I like it. I missed it. It wasn’t the same without your little jabs.”

    And then he leaned in and kissed me. Softly. So softly that I actually questioned if this still counted as platonic. But only for a split second because my brain turned into cotton candy.

    I wrapped my arms around his neck as he hooked his hands under my thighs to pick me up and carry me back to the bed we just came from, the alcohol long forgotten on the my kitchen counter.

    Faster than someone could say “Should you really fuck your best friend?” my clothes were on the floor and I was straddling Genma’s lap. Completely naked, while he was still fully clothed. His warm, broads hands roamed all over my body, hungrily exploring every inch of my skin.

    Feeling him getting harder under me turned me on. I kissed him hungrily, eliciting a moan from him when I softly bit into his bottom lip. Nestling to him, I slipped my hands under his shinobi shirt and brushed my fingertips over his abs.

    “Looks like someone’s eager.”, Genma breathed out. I pressed my mouth on his again, feeling his smirk against my lips.

    “You were the one who undressed me completely on the way from the kitchen to here. And we have duty in an hour.”, I replied while pulling his shirt up and over his head.

    He chuckled. “You got me there.”

    I reached down to his belt and opened it. As soon as I had opened it, he grabbed my ass and turned us around.

    “You got pro–”

    “Bottom drawer, take whichever size you need.” Catching my breath was hard. Kissing him made me forget everything. Every concern, every problem, every nightmare.

    Another chuckle left his lips when he opened the drawer, seeing all the different condoms I had in there. “You got a nice little collection there, how come?”

    I shrugged. “Just in case. None of them should be expired, I take care of that.”

    “To be prepared for situations like this, huh?” He didn’t look a at me, but I heard his smug grin.

    Rolling my eyes, I propped myself on my elbows. “Just shut up, put it on and fuck me, okay? I wanna get over with it.” I bit my lip, already regretting my harsh words the second they left my tongue. “I’m sor–”

    He turned around to me, a warm smile on his face. “Don’t worry, I’m not taking that personally. I know what you mean with it and I’m too convinced of my talent in bed to let that hurt me.” After putting on the condom, he sat at the headboard and opened his arms, inviting me for a hug. “Come here. I’m just here to help you forget that bastard.”

    Was I really doing this? I sighed and crawled over my bed to him, before straddling him again. But before I could follow that thought, any thought was erased, by his hands on my hips. They guided me gently onto him and I couldn’t help the deep moan, that escaped my lungs when I took him in. It felt so good.

    #genma x reader #genma shiranui#naruto #genma of dreams and nightmares
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    Mali's Masterlist

    Bucky Barnes Masterlist

    Steve Rogers Masterlist

    Stucky Masterlist

    Natasha Romanoff Masterlist

    Loki Laufeyson Masterlist

    Other characters

    Ransom Drysdale Masterlist

    * this blog is still under construction

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    Natasha Romanoff Masterlist

    Coming soon
    #black widow #natasha x y/n #natasha x you #nat x reader #natasha x reader #natasha romanoff
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    Ransom Drysdale Masterlist

    Coming soon
    #ransom drysdale fluff #ransom drysdale x reader #ransom x reader #ransom drydale x you #random drysdale
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