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  • 30travelblogger
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Vector X VL-2700-C Men's Track Pant (Charcoal)

    Vector X VL-2700-C Men’s Track Pant (Charcoal)

    Price: (as of – Details)

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    #100 Cool Tech Gadgets in 2021 #5 Cool Gadgets #65 cool gadgets #Charcoal#Mens#Pant#Tech Gadgets#Track #Unique & Cool Electronics & Tech Gadgets #Vector#Vector X#VL2700C
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  • downthetubes
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Tube Surfing: Auction highlights, 100 years of DC Thomson comics celebrated, new “Cerebro” fan group launched

    Tube Surfing: Auction highlights, 100 years of DC Thomson comics celebrated, new “Cerebro” fan group launched

    A quick round-up of comic-related news items spotted around the web, from comic auctions to a new X-Men British fan group… Last weekend’s Dundee Courier Weekend magazine (dated 18th September 2021) included a three-page article about the first DC Thomson comics, 100 years on, by Norman Watson, the DC Thomson historian. The launch of DC Thomson’s boys’ papers in September 1921 led to the…

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  • blackleather-jacket
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Wolverine Black with Red Strips Biker X-Men Leather Jacket

    Wolverine Black with Red Strips Biker X-Men Leather Jacket

    The search is over for all you X-Men and Wolverine Fans out there. We present you X-Men Leather Jacket. The character was played by Hugh Jackman in all of the X-Men Movies. The jacket is a close replica of the actual outfit, with deliberate white piping to give it a radiant look. Furthermore, other than the X-Men emblem in the front and on the collars, there is one on the backside as well. Handmade by our diligent and skilled tailors, intimate level of detail has been incorporated into this jacket from the front to the sides to the back.


    Leather: Cowhide

    Lining: Satin

    Ban collar

    Front YKK zip closure

    Zipper cuffs

    Lovely white piping

    Inner pockets

    Two chest zip pockets

    Adjustable sleeve

    #x men leather jacket #superhero leather jacket #leather jacket #black leather jacket #biker leather jacket
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  • oleathe
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    So you have a literal goddess who has complete control over the skies, a hustler from Louisiana that can kinetically charge anything he touches, a mall rat that can explode atoms at the molecular level, a blind stack house that shoots beams through his eyes and a telepath that’s linked to the prime consciousness of the multiverse… and the favorite character is the little gremlin with claws? :/

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  • livesinfictionalworld
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I cannot help but notice while reading All for the game series that there is so much resemblance between Andrew Minyard and Laurent of Vere from Captive Prince series.

    CaPri is one of my favorite series of all time and Laurent is my favorite character from the series obviously🥲. I am just in second book of AFTG and I am absolutely in love with Andrew🥰

    I feel Neil and Damen are parallels and so is Andrew and Laurent.

    Note: images from pintrest. If you know who it belongs to then let me know and I can tag them here.

    #andrew minyard #laurent of vere #neil josten #damen of akielos #andrew x neil #damen x laurent #captive prince #all for the game #the foxhole court #gay couple#gay books#lgbtq#lgbt books #the raven king #the kings men #princes gambit#kings rising#gay#demisexual
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  • coconut-miilks
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    a neeva wip 🔥⚡️❤️‍🔥

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  • illyanarasputinfan
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The New Mutants Fitness Watch - Promotional Merchandise (2020) 20th Century Studios

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  • verycorrectxmen
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Charles: I’m getting older, my body is changing and that’s not something I’m gonna apologize for.

    Raven: I wish you would

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  • ptsdpolaris
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    So I made a fairly expansive x-men character quiz, please take it for a spin

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  • haikyooot
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Moon Represents My Heart

    Pairing: Bokuto x F!reader WC: 1k Genre/Tags: fluff, established relationship, brief mention of Tsukimi customs, some more mentions of some mid-autumn festival stories and customs

    A/N: A year later of not breathing a word about Bokuto, but staring at Owlkuto pfp every day, I just had to heehee. Happy Birthday owl-baby~ And Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~ 

    Days are getting shorter around this time of the year. By dinnertime, the skies are often dusky already and when the meal is over, it's definitely dark out. It's not quite as cold just yet. The leaves are just starting to change color as the autumn breeze brings in the chill.

    "It's so nice out here!" Bokuto exclaims, leaning back into the camping chair.

    "Yea," you agree, relaxing into your own chair, propped up next to him. "I'm glad we took some time off for this."

    It's a special moment for the two of you, being out in the open park away from the busy crowds. Bokuto's enjoying the last bits of downtime before the V.League season is in full force again; first celebrating his birthday and then spending a romantic evening moon-gazing with you for the Mid-autumn Festival. It feels like the perfect beginning to the end of the year.

    The year's been so nerve-wracking and busy, with all the things happening in your life, his life, and the rest of the world. You remember watching Bokuto's stellar Olympic performance from the living room, cheering with the rest of the old Fukurodani squad on livestream. And the surreal dinner afterwards when Bokuto came home. You fiddle with the band on your ring finger...so much, so much has happened.

    The moon above seems larger than life, round and glowing. The two of you have a whole basket of snacks to nibble on while admiring the night sky. Each moment, it seems to grow even more mesmerizing. Bokuto swallows a bite of dango. "You know, that squiggly right there...looks like a tree," he points out.

    You follow his description and look for the branch-like designs on the left of the moon. "I heard that's Wu Gang cutting down the osmanthus tree. Each time he cuts it down, it'll grow back. So he's still chopping."

    "That's horrible!" Bokuto gawks at you in surprise and turns back to the moon. "That's like...if 'Tsumu tossed to me and I had to spike the ball, and I would miss each time, but repeat that forever and ever."

    You laugh and pick up a mooncake pastry from the picnic box. "Exactly, except my amazing Koutarou could never receive such a cruel divine punishment."

    Bokuto spots the cake in between your hands. "Which filling is that one?"

    "Hm? Oh, lotus paste."

    "Did you bring the red bean one?"

    You rummage through the box, looking for the cake stamped with red bean on top. "Here," you say, handing one over to him.

    Bokuto takes a quick bite, enjoying the sweet and smooth filling inside. But the sweetness is also quickly cut by the salted egg yolk in the middle, like a hidden moon tucked inside. "Wasn't there also that moon lady?"


    "Yea, she flew to the moon right?"

    The two of you stared long and hard at the celestial object that's been the source of artistic expression for so many people over centuries. "That's how the story goes," you tell him. "Houyi's student wanted to steal the elixir, and she had no choice but to swallow it herself. Then she floated, floated, floated away."

    "T-That's so sad!" Bokuto can't imagine how Houyi must have felt watching his beloved float far away. One doomed to die on Earth and the other locked away in the moon palace with no companionship but a jade rabbit.

    "It's just a story, Koutaou!" You chuckle and reach for Bokuto's mooncake, replacing it with another one with colorful, translucent skin. "Here, try this one too. There’s a custard one in here as well for later."

    Bokuto studies the snow-skin mooncake and turns to see you heartily finishing his half of the red-bean mooncake. "Hey!"

    You just grin at him, cheeks puffed out with sweet, delicious goodness.

    Bokuto bites into the chilled mooncake, a different texture, a different taste. "What would you do if you were Chang’e?"

    "You mean when the student came in?"

    "Yea. Like, imagine I was away and Hinata came in demanding the elixir."

    You raise and eyebrow at his suggestion before a hearty laugh bubbles in your chest. "Hah! Hinata? Really?" You imagine the orange-haired athlete putting on an intimidating frown in front of you. It's a hard image to paint in your head.

    "I'm being serious!"

    "Well...I'd just give it to him."

    "Oh. That's it?"

    "What do you mean, 'That's it'? Did you expect me to fight him or something?!"

    "But immortality!" Bokuto stresses the syllables to emphasize what's at stake here.

    "Means nothing if I can't spend it without you," you finish simply.

    Bokuto's eyes grow a smidge wider, the moonlight making his golden eyes shine even brighter. "You would? Because of me?" he asks in disbelief.

    "Oh my god!" You laugh some more and reach a hand out to squeeze Bokuto's shoulder. "Koutarou, you're literally my fiancé. I can't just leave you behind for some stupid magic potion or whatever. Hinata can just...go to the moon."

    "I'm your fiancé," Bokuto states bluntly, feeling a warm feeling wash over him despite the late night breeze. It's such a fuzzy feeling that came with this change of title. It's unexpected, but still welcoming.

    "Yes, you are Koutarou," you assure him again. You spread your arms open. "And I love you this much."

    Bokuto beams, opening his arms out, just wider than yours. "I love you big much." He reaches over to wrap his arms around you tightly. Too tight, the force pulls you from your seat and the added weight of both of you toppling the chair over, knocking the rattan basket over.


    The two of you fall back onto the grass, Bokuto cushioning you with his body. He still has his arms secured around you.

    "You okay?" you ask, tapping his chest.

    He laughs and you feel the vibrations passing into your body too. That's how close he's holding you. "If I were Houyi...even if you drank that potion, I would never let you go."


    "I'd grab on to you tightly like this." He squeezes your waist. "And the heavens can't do anything about it." Bokuto raises his head to plant a light kiss on your lips before relaxing back onto the grass. He grins at your flustered expression.

    The night grows longer, the moon seems to shine brighter. You smile back and relax in Bokuto's embrace, head leaning on his chest. His heartbeat sounds in your ears, his breath matching yours.

    "Okay. Hold me forever then."

    "You bet I will."

    #bokuto x reader #bokuto koutarou x reader #haikyuu x reader #bokuto fluff#bokuto koutarou #emi.freshtea #🍵.bokuto #lowkey part of liah not rly bc it's my mooncake obsessing self insert #oh em gee i love mooncakes and tea so much #and tea flavored mooncakes are gahh i love i love #i had SOOOOOO many mooncakes already #wahhh munching on mooncakes with bokuto would be so cuteeee #was gonna write kita but heehee bo-baby jumped out like PICK MEEEE #maybeeee i'll do a mooncake and hq bois hc post? we'll see how much motivation i have #but kita shinsuke definitely likes the mixed nuts and dates one lahahahaha esp dates bc he like an old man i love him #not old men i'm not lee but just the kita part yea
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  • grannyblackteeth
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    If Disney has any brains, they’ll build the new X-Men films around Storm.

    Wolverine had his time, plus a POC cash-in is just good business.

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  • polka-dot-man
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    abner krill (polka dot man)/alex summers (havok)
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  • grannyblackteeth
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I just found out that ToyBiz did a female-only series of Marvel action figures called “She-Force” in 1997.

    It featured: Jean Grey, Dazzler, Storm, Ms. Marvel, Invisible Woman, Black Queen, She-Hulk, Shana The She-Devil, Elektra, Silver Fox, Wolfsbane, Viper, Tigra, Spider-Woman, and Jean Grey again but as Marvel Girl in her green X-Factor costume.

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  • feeding-the-guillotine
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • feeding-the-guillotine
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • grannyblackteeth
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Boom Boom shares her back-story.

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  • black-rook-white
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Fun fact abt me!

    I'm not nearly interested in the Marvel universe, as I am the DC Universe

    Except for the X-Men! I loved X-Men media as a kid, and I would really love to get into the comics.

    Unfortunately, comics are convoluted as fuck, so starting that whole process intimidates me. 

    #Rook Rambles#marvel #x men evolution and wolverine and the x men my beloveds #marvel should just give men the rights to the x men #I will make the best cartoon #fucking watch me
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