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  • “The time that we spend apart will teach us the true meaning of love” -Paper cuts

    Xiumin please come back to us safe and healthy…. I will miss you so much lil marshmallow~♡


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    MinSeok ah ~

    Is it already time for me to let go of you? I know April has ended, but since when do you take JongDae seriously? Do you absolutely have to, have to, have to go?

    The thing is, I saw you cry yesterday, and now my heart hurts. How can I let you go when you still act like a 3 year old?

    I’ll be lying if I said I don’t have tears welled up in my eyes, its our turn to cry after all.

    I will miss you, I really will, but if I really can’t take it anymore, I will recall all these memories splattered in silver across my blank mind to keep me sane; and if you miss us a lot, just remember that the stars appear silver for a reason, each one of them represent an Eri.

    I hope we give you the strength you will require to serve proudly.

    Don’t forget our age old promise to be there for each other; we are one forever after all.

    I wish I could hug you, hold your hand tightly as we take a walk down this enlistment lane, but we can’t, can we?

    So here, I’ll lend you my wings for now, and since you will have them, I won’t be able to fly back to you, so take good care of them. I won’t hear a single “but”!

    Let’s quicky go one year ahead, and I’ll see you in the afternoon when the snow falls for the first time.

    I want you to ask me “Hi, how have you been?” Wish me a Merry Christmas and give me my wings back so I can come see you again. Okay?

    I will hold on to this.

    Until then MinMin;

    Serve with pride, take care, stay healthy and be back soon.



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  • 😎🌟

    Take care, will miss you

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