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  • @jxbakuhigure​ asked: 

    “You have sprinkles in your hair.” (Mori)



    This time of the year was one that he did not enjoy - his wifes birthday being just after Christmas Day always had left a sour taste in the back of his mouth, but that grief was just one more aspect that he needed to sacrifice for the sake of Port Mafia and for Yokohoma itself. 

    “Hmm?”, his thoughts had been a mile away as he watched over Elise ordering the members of the Black Lizard on where certain decorations were to go, his son quietly helping to put up another tree away from the loud group, Mori glancing towards Naoya with a bit of effort, “Are there? I would guess Elise is to blame”, he gave a weak laugh and reached up to gently pick out glitter from the ends of his hair, “Hmm - this stuff does get everywhere”  

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  • @frozcnlight​ asked: 

    “Where has all the eggnog gone?” { to Chu }



    Well…he’d thought it might take her a little longer than this to realise that the eggnog had been moved, a small smile forming as he walked cautiously towards his wife. 

    “…there were a few mistakes made in the last report that you made…and there was a request for me to hide the drink until you’ve finished with the bookings for last month…and I couldn’t really say no…”. He could have but he also enjoyed watching his wife get worked up over something as small as eggnog. It was cute in its own way - besides he was willing to give it back rather quickly. 

    “So it was for the good of the hotel”, he finished rather lamely - trying not to think about the repair work being done on the floor beneath him after an enemy had been foolish enough to attack him, thinking he was off guard. The hotel certainty was a lot more lively these days…

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  • @yokohamaweretiger​ asked: 

    “I bought matching Christmas pajamas for us!” (Atsushi @ Chuu, Connected by a thread)



    “Matching…how was I not made aware of this?”. He frowned slightly as he took the offered pair. Honestly, they might be a little…tacky but they looked rather comfortable but just how had this purchase been possible without warning him before hand? 
    “Seriously…I keep thinking to buy you something but then I remember you can read my thoughts so… just how did I not know about these?”, he paused before holding them back to Atsushi, “Did you really get a child’s size!?”

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  • Now as for Movies and Games?
    I did get a few not alot of stuff
    was released this year.  
    but I did end up getting WWE Battle Grounds
    I was going to probably pick it up after Christmas
    but getting it for Christmas is even better
    I also got New Mutants on Blu-Ray which was great
    and also got Spider-Man Miles Morales for the PS5
    my plans changed before Christmas regarding the PS5
    This apparently was apparently already purchased
    for me before the change of plans happened
    so I’m just going to put it aside and I’ll have
    it ready for when we get a PS5

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  • Now as for Boxing Day stuff we didn’t get
    alot this year nothing big (like I said PS5 plans changed)
    Boxing Day was a bit different this year
    there was lots of line waiting due to Covid restrictions
    some stores were only allowing like 3-5 ppl in at a time
    so we had to wait a bit.

    much like every year my main focus is
    the Movie and game bins at both Best buy
    and Wal-Mart I love digging through them
    but this year the bins were kinda smaller
    being not alot of stuff was released
    as usual the Best Buy’s bins were awful
    most likely because lots of ppl pretty
    much go there first and stuff gets
    picked over quick for what lil they had so
    whats left its all not interesting like
    its all “have it or don’t want it” but I
    enjoy dig anyway.

    Wal-Mart had better bins, the Movie one
    there wasn’t anything in there that I wanted
    but I did fish out some games from the
    game bin.  I got Knack 2 for $10
    I fished out a copy of UFC 4 and when
    that was scanned and came up $30
    (which is funny being I fished out UFC3
    last year and paid $10 for it)
    and I fished out a copy of
    Bioshock the Collection it says
    $29.96 on the sticker but it scanned
    in at $16 which was great.
    So yeah thats it, I didn’t get clothes
    or anything just the 3 games
    and I was happy with that.
    and that is pretty much it for this

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  • image

    Happy Xmas Eve. ❤️🎄❤️

    –Follow me on Twitter as @The_Sub_Mission so you don’t miss out on any of the stuff Tumblr won’t let me upload–

    –Please do not delete my caption–

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  • [given to Leah is an Enchanted Bookmark and a Rocketbook]

    Happy Holidays, Leah! I got you nerd stuff because you’re a nerd (: But not just any nerd stuff. MAGIC nerd stuff. This bookmark will automatically keep your page for you no matter where you leave it in the book you’re reading. Also this notebook was pretty neat cause I guess it saves all your notes to the cloud. 

    Anyway- thanks for always being there, Leah. I’m glad I had you this past year and all the ones leading up to it, and how I’ll have you for the ones to come. <3

    Love, Nell

    #this is so soooo sweet ;-; #forgot to ublish cause im trash #nell's a wonderful gift givier and friend ;-; #xmas 2020#c:nell#submission
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  • @nicholas-wolfwood​ asked:

    “Is this an ugly Christmas sweater kind of party, or do I have to wear pants?” (for the bros)



    Instead of answering, he stood there looking at Nick with one of his cold stares, trying to determine if this was a serious question or not, himself dressed rather smartly, not even that dramatic style that he tended to go with. It was a party being held at his mansion though, so what Nick and Mokuba decided to wear wasn’t too important. It would be nice if they made some effort but his brother was ill and Nick was…he was Nick.

    “Whichever your comfy in…but why would you not wear pants?”

    #nicholaswolfwood #Verse06 - This House is Your Home - AU ( Nicholas-Wolfwood) #Muse: Kaiba#Xmas 2020 #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - Rest is for the weak so resting is what I do! (Queue)
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  • @thiefakefia​ sent:

    “Merry Christmas, asshole.” Robs  a small portion of the Kaiba mansion for Christmas but leaves behind a tiny Christmas card with nothing written in it. ((modern verse for Seto)) 

    More Lateness! Lalala (I love you) ~


    There are a number of reasons as to why this holiday tends to annoy him and one more has just been added to that list. He’ll check the security cameras later but for now he’ll settle with firing all the security staff that were on duty at the time that the robbery happened.

    Merry Christmas!

    #thiefakefia #Verse01 - Even Death Shall Be Defeated - DSOD(Main Verse) #Muse: Kaiba#Xmas 2020 #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - Rest is for the weak so resting is what I do! (Queue)
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  • https://m.facebook.com/samandrossbakery/

    As well as our sold out regular Christmas boxes, we had some other requests for specific Christmas boxes, this one is a Christmas hamper https://m.facebook.com/samandrossbakery/ https://www.instagram.com/samandrossbakery/?hl=en

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  • #punsandfuturekingsmen#xmas 2020 #[[ dfjgdf this was so sweet what a good thoughtful boy ]] #arthurtristankingsmen#assk
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  • I just learned how to code, like, fuck with me

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  • I once again won the annual christmas gift giving among my family, a-thank you

    #xmas 2020#xmas #yes i only xmassed with ppl i quarantined with #duh#bookmark#mine#text #best gift giver in all the land
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  • For christmas I did two art for Gilster26.

    here his deviantart page: https://www.deviantart.com/gilster262

    Franziska von Krampus and Nina Cottontail are his characters.

    Bruxelles (the blond girl) is mine oc

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  • Gave my 80 year old Mum a copy of Good Omens for Christmas…this should be interesting! She wouldn’t get the fandom phenomenon, but she grew up with the Python crew as her cultural peers, as Gaiman & Tennant & Sheen are mine, so I think I’m seeking a generational bridge of Brit humour as much as anything. (And I just really hope she likes it, as a Catholic-in-recovery.) At least I know she’ll love the sets and Mary the Bentley!

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  • Merry Christmas 🎄 2020 |Merry Christmas to all| Christmas party |Christmas 2020


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  • #new zealand#xmas 2020 #no punch ups or crying this year!
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