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    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    fashion king 💕

    #seventeen#svt#svtgifs#svtsource#minghao#the8#xu minghao#my gifs#mine:minghao #the pink cardigan and the hot pink leopard pants are definitely a Look
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    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    close your eyes (i promise it's okay)

    0.418k / minghao x reader / tiny angst, sleepy fluff / no warnings!

    #13 - unsure touches, #15 - it’s really, really late (i don’t want to fall asleep), #36 - tucking them in
    a special list of prompts

    it’s not a big deal, you say to yourself.

    one slip of the tongue and someone’s fled the house. it didn’t matter that minghao was just staying with a friend for a while, he took the warmth away, he took away home.

    pride was a silly thing. you used to take pride that you had faced minimal road bumps in the last few months, you took pride that it took less than a minute for you to smooth out the rough edges, there was pride in seemingly doing everything right.

    you knew that you were both at fault. it was childish to let the bitterness prolong, but pride is a silly thing, and it keeps you both at bay.

    the tiny creak of the door interrupts your thoughts and you quickly squeeze your eyes shut and burrow deeper within the blankets. minghao doesn’t usually come home this late, but you figured that he was just as stubborn as you. you hear the quiet rustle of clothing as he changes into his sleepwear. you wonder if the couch in the living room will be favoured over your warmth tonight.

    it’s pointless, to pretend that you don’t care.

    “i’m sorry.”

    it barely comes out as a whisper, but your heart quickens anyway. you raise the blankets over your head and will back the moistness forming around your eyes.

    “i’m sorry too.”

    a dip on the corner of the bed has you meekly peeking out from under the covers like a child checking for monsters. minghao breaks into a tiny smile when he takes notice of your staring, and you hesitantly smile back but it comes off more as a pout instead, which makes minghao chuckle, just a bit.

    you reach out a hand, but your movement halts against your will. it’s okay though, minghao meets you halfway; your fingertips tickle the tips of his. not to mention the way your cheeks flood with warmth when minghao intertwines your fingers and brings your hand up to press a soft kiss on your knuckles. you feel silly for being so nervous.

    but when he hesitantly places his other hand on the duvet, you realize that it’s your turn to invite him in. you carefully lift the blanket and let it drape over you both.

    a soft sigh tickles your ears as you feel a steady hold wrap around your waist. the smooth circles rubbing against your stomach keeps your pride at bay, and you finally let the night fall over you both.

    #caratwritersclub#ficscafe #minghao x reader #xu minghao x reader #xu minghao#minghao seventeen#minghao angst#minghao fluff #seventeen x reader #seventeen x you #seventeen scenario#seventeen scenarios#minghao #i promise i do actually have ideas for my requests just very little motivation #please forgive me :(( #fallinchan fic: close your eyes (i promise it's okay)
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    28.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Seventeen: when you have a lot of guy friends/coworkers



    Is a bit overprotective but not in a bad way/more like in a joking manner: seungcheol, hoshi, mingyu, dino

    Totally fine with it, would become friends with the guys: joshua, jun, seokmin, seungkwan

    Doesn't really care outside but would low-key be worried that you'd spend more time with the guys than with him: woozi, minghao, vernon

    Tells those guys to treat you well with a death stare: jeonghan, wonwoo


    Seungcheol, Hoshi, Mingyu, Dino: They wouldn't try to be too serious since they know that your guy friends are just friends and if you have to be around men, it is strictly professional. However, they would like to tell those guys that you are taken and if any of them dared to flirt with you, they'd kick those guys' butts; in a joking manner. They don't want to seem too intimidating and overprotective (when they are indeed a bit skeptical), plus, they trust you.

    Joshua, Jun, Seokmin, Seungkwan: These guys are friendly, and knowing that you have to be around men won't bother them since they have to be around girls all the time. They wouldn't interfere much with your life regarding those men. They would greet every single one of the men with a smile and friendly greeting! Before you knew it, your boyfriend and your guy friends/coworkers were now his friends.

    Woozi, Minghao, Vernon: Okay, these guys are a bit similar to the ones above them. They wouldn't care and would take a rather respectful approach to the situation. Well, that's just what it seems like. They truly do not care for those guys that you have to be around, they are just slightly afraid that you'd spend more time with them. Of course, they won't let it show. Even so, in the end, they are sure that they're your number one because you always remind them so.

    Jeonghan, Wonwoo: Look, these two are a bit of everything. They are a bit skeptical but at the same time, they don't mind it. They only have one thing to say to all of those guys and it's a rather simple remark. “Take good care of Y/N for me. Treat Y/N well.” It may seem like harmless sentences but the look in their eyes says otherwise; it's more like a “You better do it or else...” kind of look.



    © serenityseventeen

    7/27/21 - 8:36 pm

    a/n: I tried macarons a few days ago (when I had sushi) and I'm not a big fan of it... It's excessively sweet (way more than I thought) and I guess it's just not like how ASMR & Mukbang represent it

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    27.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    timid, like the rain - Minghao Imagine

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    special shoutout to the below for like, being soft. yea. lifes tough, i miss u & i hope you are doing okay ♡

    @slightlymore-main @puppywritings @lucas-wongs @ncteaxhoe @smileysuh @jonghan @chocolvte // new pals @svtskneecaps @yellowsreflection <3

    *hands over hot choc and a spare vibe check sheet, jenna marbles asmr voice-over activated* 

    It's late, 11pm. The room is dark when the rain starts It's tired pattering across the building. It's calming.

    The sound of hundreds of rain drops falling and landing fatefully at your window is a lot to think about.

    For a little while, the water remained only a friendly pattern of torrented pats, swooooshes and slaps.

    And then it grew. Into a light drizzle that hazed into the full, wholeful record of a summer storm.

    You still didn't mind though.

    Soon enough, Hao's arm reached up and back, behind your head. You rolled over to rest a cheek on his chest, his dozing position on the bed made the bright screen of his phone beam directly to your face.

    Acknowledging your airy sigh, quietly, he clicked it away. Focusing instead on settling down for the night.

    With a light squeeze, Hao had managed to pull you closer. Lips, pressed to your head.

    Despite how gentle it had started, the orchestra of nature was beginning to turn into a fistful-battering against the window.

    Legs resting, lungs settling from shuffling.

    Hao’s soft hour comforts come in the form of quiet acts of physical comfort, reassurance and heart filled smiles. Sometimes, words just aren’t necessary.

    Sometimes, you may just need a hug

    Or fingertips wiping tears from your cheeks

    Soft lips and tired eyes

    And then just as soon as the rain had come, the rain had ended.

    A quick, torrent shower.

    Replaced by the thrum of nature was instead both of your beating hearts.

    Soft pufts of breath. A slight wheeze.

    This wasn't silence! No, after rain comes a different kind of melody, one that sends you straight into a deep, restful slumber.

    Hao's cotton shirt pressed cool on your cheek.

    Tides of breath lulling you to the shore of serenity.

    "I love you." He mumbled to the rain

    You would hear it too, one day

    When he is brave enough

    But for now,

    he lets you rest

    building up the courage for the day he would finally tell you how much he loved the rain.

    How much he loved this. both of you

    How much he loves


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    Well, would you look at that: updated 27/July/2021

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  • serenityseventeen
    27.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Seventeen Most To Least: to ask for kisses/hugs → to keep their pride intact



















    Hoshi, Seungcheol, Seokmin, Mingyu: No shame. These guys would never hesitate to ask for a kiss or hug. If you forget their daily morning kiss, they would tug you and ask you to give them on. If you forget their daily evening hug, they would open their arms widely and ask for one! Whenever they need a kiss or hug, they would never hesitate to ask in the cutest voice. It's not only when they need hugs and kisses, they'll ask when they want hugs and kisses too! (Which is like every day)

    Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Dino: These guys aren't embarrassed about asking and they have no pride to keep. They know that you are well aware of how much they love your hugs and kisses. They won't ask super often but they would ask with a confident smile, knowing that you'd comply. They usually don't ask for much, it's usually just a small peck on the cheek. Most of the time, they're trading something that you need for a kiss.

    Joshua, Jun, Minghao: Let's say it like this: They find it slightly embarrassing to ask but they do ask. They don't want to seem too clingy but from time to time, they just really need you to kiss or hug them, so they can't help but ask. Most of the time, they don't bother to ask for kisses or hugs, they just do it, or you make the first move. They prefer holding hands and cuddling (and you guys probably cuddle a lot) so they don't need to ask for hugs and kisses either.

    Wonwoo, Vernon, Woozi: These guys are total cowards when it comes to asking because they fear rejection (even though you never reject them). They will rarely ask and whenever they do, it's always in a joking manner because they know they'll be embarrassed. That's okay though, because even though they don't ask for kisses and hugs, they give you many kisses and hugs (even if it seems like they don't like it) whenever you ask and whenever they feel like it.



    © serenityseventeen

    7/27/21 - 2:46 pm

    a/n: July is almost over - after that, I'd only have one more month until I go to high school... I'm scared but I'm sure I'd get used to it soon enough...? + running in the morning is helping me feel motivated and start the day in a good mood :)

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    precious smile
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    minghao twitter update <3
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    ᓚᘏᗢ requested!! ҂

    (headers made by me)

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    27.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Credit: SVT's Twitter

    #say the same #seventeen #yall I am trying to think innocent thoughts #xu minghao#wen junhui #somebody please write a racer!au with junhao pls and thanks
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    27.07.2021 - 22 hours ago


    author note: hello, i’ve returned. take this as tribute. i’ll be back next month, also, how do you guys feel about platonic fics? i personally enjoy them as much as the romantic ones. 

    soonyoung x photographer!reader x designer!minghao - (platonic, y’all they’re just soft friends okay?) 
    word count: 1.7k 

    “How is it that we always end up here after brunch?” Minghao asked

    “I don’t even know anymore, but it’s always your fault,” you jokingly accused.

    Here, was Minghao’s atelier, otherwise known as his second home. It had become a sort of Saturday tradition to come here after brunch, to just hang out and fool around. Most of the time was spent gossiping and just talking about whatever happened that week. The other part was spent playing dress up with Minghao’s clothes. The clothes he kept at his atelier were a combination of early sample designs and things from his personal closet.

    Minghao snorted in response, pulling open the curtains and filling the space with warm afternoon sunlight. Today’s brunch topic was about Minghao’s upcoming collection. Outside the people he worked with, no one knew what the actual collection consisted of. He had kept almost all the information under wraps. The only clue he shared was the theme; fluid. Naturally this drove everyone in the company insane. It had even gotten back to their Editor in Chief, Mingyu, who resorted to bugging Minghao’s boyfriend, Junhui, for a sneak peek.

    It turned out, Junhui was just as clueless as everyone else.

    And despite your mind telling you to search for clues, your heart was taken aback by the sheer amount of clothing organised in the back. As Minghao continued to turn on lights, your hands gravitated towards the closest rack of clothing, sweeping through the hangers and pulling out things you thought looked interesting. Or needed some added context.

    (“There isn’t a story behind that harness, put it back,” Minghao had huffed.)

    You pulled on a boxy cropped denim jacket and wandered over to the mirror to check it out. It had settled nicely at the smallest part of your waist. You turned and saw the asymmetrical hem glinting with buckles on either side. The jacket itself was very comfortable, but much bigger than you had expected it to be. The sleeves covered your hands and the shoulder seams sat around your upper arm.

    “Hao, who's your fit model and what are their measurements?” Soonyoung asked incredulously. “Look at how tiny this waist is!” He held up a pair of wide leg jeans against him.

    “Uh Jun hyung is.”

    “Of course he is. Next you’re gonna tell me that half the clothes here are things he’d wear if he was in a pinch.” You joked.

    It didn’t land. Minghao turned from where he was standing in front of the massive window and sheepishly shrugged. “Yeah.” ­


    “He’s only done it a couple of times, but yeah.”

    While Soonyoung asks Minghao for funny stories about Jun, (read: blackmail), you’ve taken off the jacket and continued to inspect it further. The denim is heavy and thick in your hands as you manipulate it and consider if you can convince Minghao to let you borrow it sometime.

    As you’re about to ask, you turn and see that Soonyoung’s wearing the high waisted pants he held up before and an idea strikes you.

    “Hao, you got a camera set up at all?”

    Without turning away from inspecting the fit of the pants on Soonyoung, Minghao directs you to a cabinet on the other side of the room. From there the process of organising and creating a little makeshift set in Minghao’s atelier goes quickly. Lights, camera equipment and the simple red backdrop appear out of the corner of Minghao’s periphery. He lets out a low whistle, eyes widening just the slightest.

    “You should see it when they’re stressed and running behind schedule. Both impressive and frightening as hell,” Soonyoung commented.

    You ignored said comment and went to double check the set up with a few test shots. Once you were satisfied, you had hoped Minghao understood what you were doing and found that oh yeah, he definitely got the message.

    A half full rack of clothes had been pulled away from the wall, and you could vaguely hear muttered curses and complaints escaping from Soonyoung. You could hear Minghao slowly losing his patience when he literally shoved Soonyoung out, from behind the rack.

    “Tell him he looks good,” Minghao demanded.

    “What do you me- oh.”

    Soonyoung. In the denim jacket. The cropped denim jacket. You picked your jaw off the ground and met his nervous eyes. He used his hands to cover what would be his very exposed midriff, and seemed to curl in on himself to lessen the exposure. You placed the camera on the closest surface, raising both of your arms to give him a double thumbs up, followed by; “You look so hot.”

    That causes Soonyoung to curl in on himself even more. Hands moving to smother his flaming cheeks as he turns away from you, trying but very obviously failing, to hide his blush. Without thinking too much about it, you pull your phone out and start recording.

    “Come on Soonyoungie! You look great. Have you even looked in the mirror yet?”

    He answers with a quick shake of his head. Hmm, well that had to be fixed.

    Minghao catches your eye as he tilts his head towards the direction of the mirror. He gently guides Soonyoung to stand in front of it. A delighted, but mischievous smile lighting his face. You move to stand behind the both of them, watching Soonyoung’s reaction in the mirror turn from shy to awestruck. It’s as if he never imagined he could pull something like this off. Oh how he was wrong. You stand on your toes, bringing up your phone to record Soonyoung staring in awe of himself. There’s some turning and Soonyoung spins around once cause why not. He tilts his head, an excited smile lighting up his face and rounding out his cheeks.

    “I think I like it?” Soonyoung murmurs.

    “Of course you should. You look stunning in this. You should definitely wear crop tops more often hyung.”

    “Ah, stop that Hao-yah.”

    “Don’t stop. Keep complimenting him. He deserves to hear it.”

    Soonyoung turns to face you, pink flush high on his cheeks and a small embarrassed pout on his face. He starts to squint then. “Are you recording this?”

    You’re nodding vigorously in response, a massive grin on your face. Maybe you’ll post it in the group chat later, but you know that this video is definitely something you’ll show at a birthday. Or something equally as big. “Of course I am. Now, get on set. I want to get as many shots as I can before Seungcheol calls me.”

    There’s a rough scraping sound as Soonyoung wipes his feet and stands in front of the camera. A couple of test shots later, Minghao is standing by your side, tilting his head, hand under his chin. His eyes sharpen and land on Soonyoung’s head. He leaves your side quickly and it isn’t long before he returns. In his hands are a black wide brimmed and a small spray bottle. Minghao has this mischievous glint in his eyes as he approaches Soonyoung, setting the hat on his own head and speedily runs his hand through Soonyoung’s hair while wetting it. Minghao steps back for a moment, appraising him. He seems content, but only turns to glance at you. Hand on one hip and a bottom lip tucked under his teeth.

    Oh. He’s waiting for your approval?

    You send him a reassuring smile and thumbs up before he walks off set satisfied, and standing next to you, waiting for the impromptu shoot to actually start. An outfit and set change later, results in a full SD card and an exasperated voice message from Seungcheol. They’re small prices to pay when reward was what could be the beginnings of Soonyoung’s modelling portfolio.  The shots were limited to what you could do in Minghao’s atelier, but they were definitely a good starting point.

    Both you and Minghao were squished together scrolling through the images as Soonyoung went and changed back into comfier clothes. The images are organised into two sets. One for the group chat and one for Minghao to use and keep as reference. Because as much as he adored creating clothes, he had a tendency to leave projects half-finished or forget about them until he went looking for them. Finding Minghao’s new old creations was half the fun of being at his atelier.

    Soonyoung joins you both, plastering himself across your backs, arms around your shoulders and his head gently resting atop Minghao’s. He tilts his head down to look at the screen and it’s the image of him in the cropped denim jacket. He hears you and Minghao enthusiastically discussing the group chat’s reaction to this picture. And really, the longer he looks at it, the more he gets it. He looks hot. The clothes Minghao dressed him in emphasize his small waist and lean frame. The pose you guided him into made him feel calm and poised. And with yours and Minghao’s gentle guidance, he managed to school his expression into something aloof, without looking constipated. It shows him that he can be more than the fun approachable guy. He can look like the disinterested and unattainable hot guy. The thought itself pulls at the edges of Soonyoung’s grin and starts a warmth in his chest that seems to spread through his body. It pushes him to squeeze yours and Minghao’s shoulders again in gratitude, and bury his face in Minghao’s hair to hide the warm flush spreading across his face.

    There’s a gentle tug on his fingers. It’s you proudly smiling at him as you tilt your head towards the camera. “I think we can all agree this one is being printed and hung somewhere.”

    Minghao hums his agreement. “One for your desk and one for mine?” He suggests.

    Soonyoung’s face travels from Minghao’s head to the crook of his neck, where he can fully hide his face, attempting to suffocate the hot flush from spreading across his entire face. This obviously doesn’t work, and is met with the both of you gently cooing and petting his hair. Less than twelve hours later, both you and Minghao have a little snapshot of the day sitting on your desks. Just a little reminder that you could find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

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    27.07.2021 (10:09 PM KST)

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    ↳ If We Never Met | seventeen | {prev./next}

    au masterlist

    taglist: @itsdnguyenxoxo

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    Minghao: I've come to a point in life where I need a stronger word than "fuck"

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    ↳ If We Never Met | sixteen | {prev./next}

    au masterlist

    (a/n: another chapter has been uploaded! anyways i am changing my posting dates! also if you want to be added to the tag list just message me and i will gladly add you!! i hope you guys all enjoy this chapter! thank you for the support you have been giving me with this series! also please don’t be shy with leaving your thoughts or if you just want to talk or reblog too! it helps me a lot 💗 and i would appreciate it so much! i love you all and thank you so much! i hope you enjoy your week! -kate)

    taglist: @itsdnguyenxoxo

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    he's kind of embarrassing but at least it's cute 🐯

    #seventeen#svtcreations#svtdaily#svtsource#svtgifs#idolsincedits#mgroupsedit#svt#hoshi#kwon soonyoung#the8#minghao#xu minghao#wonwoo#jeon wonwoo#m:gfx#text practice #i think it turned out ok? #getting these gifs to export not looking like shit was such a nightmare tho #anyways this moment is pretty much soonhaos dynamic in a nutshell #the way hao indulges hoshis antics despite cringing from the deepest part of his soul
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