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  • wangsxiansmusic
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Wei Wuxian & Xue Yang meet up at Cloud Recesses. It will be described as dedicated.

    #the untamed#mdzs#cql#wei wuxian#xue yang#dedicated #now what are these two plotting? #hmm #the possibilities are endless
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  • stephanie-artdesign
    30.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Art prints of this painting is now available on my Etsy shop ~ 🖤

    Size examples:

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  • agamiheron
    30.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Xiǎo Xīngchén, Xuē Yáng, and Sòng Lán

    This is fanart for Mo Dao Zu Shi, but I technically drew it as fanart for an amazing fanfic about these three. It’s called Red Azalea by @cenedrariva, and you should read it. The author really goes into depth of the characters’ thoughts, way more so than the actual series or The Untamed, and it’s so well-written. It’s got some NSFW parts, just as a warning.

    I drew this based off of Chapter 92 specifically where (smallish spoiler) Xuē Yáng likes to fluster Xiǎo Xīngchén on purpose. Poor, dead Sòng Lán. Anyway, I mostly wanted to capture the vibe of these 3 throughout the fic! 

    If the author sees this, I love your story! I’ve been reading for months now and always can’t wait to see what happens next. 

    #mo dao zu shi #the untamed#xiao xingchen#xue yang#song lan#red azalea#cenedrariva#fanart #idk how to use tumblr so im not sure how to properly show the author
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  • captain-stab-a-hoe
    30.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Do y'all think about how xiao xingchen was held up on a pedestal by almost everybody (I'm mostly talking about xue yang and song lan) in his life, but the moment he breaks those expectations are during the moments he hurts himself and then said people spend a majority of their life (or undead life in song lan's case) trying to bring him back because they went "wait a second you weren't supposed to do that", and now they're basically trying to put the pieces of his perfect picture back together because that's the only way they can feel functional

    Or are do y'all have normal headcanons you're not looking that deep into cause you read too much fanfiction last night-

    #xiao xingchen#song lan#xue yang #the captain rambles #I might be little sleep deprived #might be a little incoherent #might be screaming over yi city again cause I watch a bit of the donghua #but I'm definitely depressed-
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  • wangsxiansmusic
    30.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Xue Yang is traverse. YEET.

    #the untamed#mdzs#cql#xue yang#traverse#yeet #he sure does seem to get around a lot #must do a lot of traversing #good for him
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  • blackteaaddict
    30.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    having feelings (again) about how xuexiao are humanizing for each other. they get dehumanized by the people around them (in two opposite ways), but with each other they finally get treated simply as a human person. 

    for the first time xue yang is not seen as a beast, an animal, and/or a weapon, but he's 'a friend'. and in turn it makes him feel more human. because while he always hated when people called him an animal, he probably agreed about a weapon. it felt good, it felt safe, the world is too dangerous to be something so weak as simple human. weapon is something that hurts the others but doesn't get hurt. and turning himself into something useful for others gave him some kind of protection. but it all made it difficult even for xue yang himself to feel fully human. and then the safety he gets with xingchen lets him experience the emotions he hasn't allowed himself to feel before, the emotions he buried deeply, seeing it as a weakness, a vulnerability. but now he can allow his softer, more human side resurface and it's much less of an act than he would ever admit.

    and xiao xingchen, xue yang's stark opposite, is instead seen as someone perfect, greater than ordinary people, an immortal cultivator, bright moon and gentle breeze, and he gets idealized, turned into a legend praised in poems. but then he befriends a man who plays pranks on him and tells him silly jokes and makes him laugh every day and doesn't treat him as something untouchable.

    and together they can enjoy some ordinary life they never had a chance to experience before.

    #the untamed#xue yang#xiao xingchen#xuexiao#untamed meta#my posts #THEY WERE HAPPY FOR 3 YEARS #and i will forever cry about it
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  • moon-penguinn
    30.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    It´s 2021 and I don´t know why but my friend and I ended up making a really (REALLY) elaborate Descendants AU with mxtx books so... Xue Yang (son of Jafar) and Xuanyu (son of Anastasia) being super trouper in love yep I´m not sorry

    #mdzs#mdzs donghua #mo dao zu shi #mo dao zu shi donghua #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #xue yang#mo xuanyu#xy#mxy#mxtx novels#fan work#fan art #xue yang x mo xuanyu #xueyu#xy/mxy#xue chengmei #mo xiang tong xiu #fanart#chu draws#魔道祖师#the untamed #grand master of demonic cultivation #mo xuanyu x xue yang #mxy/xy#mdzs au#cql#modern au#yi city
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  • wifiwuxians
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    see i forget i make these and then they hit me like a ton of bricks when i find them again

    #theres like at LEAST five i can think of #xue yang#a-qing #too much free time #think you can lie to a blind girl huh
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  • whetstonefires
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    [flashfic for the Venom au concept I sketched out in reaction to this post, only literally none of the content i discussed actually appears in this oneshot on account of wwx is not yet a level 10 friend who can unlock lwj's tragic backstory lmao]

    “So why do you have three names?” Wei Wuxian asked in an undertone, edging carefully along the narrow steel rail. It was, he was pretty sure, intended to have lighting installed on it. It would probably hold his weight.

    Custom, said the extraordinarily polite and bitchy voice in his head, in a tone that exemplified both traits. Also, none of them is real.

    “What, we’re this close already and I don’t get to know your real name?”

    It remains undecided.

    “Oh, it’s like that then.” If his new best friend didn’t know yet, then obviously he couldn’t share. Maybe he’d get to contribute to the process!

    Wei Wuxian reached the end of the railing and judged the next jump. It wasn’t happening. “You’re going to have to take this one.”

    Are you sure.

    “I’m sure I can’t clear a twenty-foot gap, yes. Please feel free to take control of my arms.”

    Lan Zhan waited what Wei Wuxian was coming to think of as the customary second to see if he changed his mind, and then Wei Wuxian’s right arm flew up, went black, and seemed to stretch into a sort of inky cord that spanned the gap, wrapped itself around the far gantry, and tugged.

    Because he’d only handed over his arms Wei Wuxian had to kick off from the railing himself, and curve his body into the swing as they swooped through the air, though he was pretty sure Lan Zhan would have reinforced his shoulders against wrenching if he’d just flopped on the line like a fish.

    The Lan Zhan string shortened as they swung, so that by the time they got there it took only a simple extremely powerful tug with his possessed coal-black arms to send them flipping onto the top of the steel grating, where Wei Wuxian stuck the landing with proper smooth force absorption well enough that it neither killed his knees nor made a noise. Only the fact that they were, in fact, engaged in escaping from evil mad scientists together kept him from whooping.

    “I could get used to this,” he said.

    There was an unmistakable sense of recoiling inside him. Mark your words. It had the sound of a cold warning.

    “I’m not going to get more possessed by getting a kick out of it, am I?” Wei Wuxian asked, rhetorically, as he went back to creeping forward toward those big outflow vents he’d seen on the way in. “And I can tell I don’t have to worry about you overstaying your welcome!” He didn’t think his body was that bad, he liked being inside it personally, but Lan Zhan probably had his own particular tastes, which was perfectly fair. This was a partnership of convenience, that was all.

    “Ah, and obviously I’m not going to try to hold you prisoner like the guys I’m springing you from,” he added, feeling like an idiot. Just because right now Lan Zhan was the one in a position to take advantage of him, if he’d wanted, which he was clearly far too principled a goo monster to do, didn’t mean Lan Zhan wasn’t coming right off the experience of humans trying to exploit him for his abilities!

    Of course he’d be uncomfortable with Wei Wuxian being too enthusiastic about him.

    Which was why it would be in bad taste to ask if there even was a way for the host to take advantage in this situation, because his curiosity was purely academic but it wouldn’t sound that way! Could Lan Zhan see his thoughts in enough detail to know he was wondering? Hey, Lan Zhan! Can you hear me? Hey!

    Do not shout. Yes, I can hear. But I was not listening until you called for me.

    Oh. Thanks Lan Zhan.

    …he probably could get used to that part of the brain roommate situation, too, but not quite as easily as the cool stunts part. Not that it mattered! Because this was just for now. Lan Zhan had been very clear when this rescue mission kicked off.

    They made it to the big vents, which were more than large enough to escape though but had big fanblades installed in them, whirring away. “Hm,” said Wei Wuxian, squinting at them. “Do you want to keep trying to be subtle, or smash our way out and run for it?”

    The more of a lead we have against pursuit, the better.

    “Okay then, let me apply all my engineering knowhow to shutting those fans down.”

    It wasn’t actually very hard—he tracked down the wiring of their power supply, and since he had no tools on him got Lan Zhan to form a black scalpel blade at the end of one fingertip, which he used to carve open the insulation around the cable. Unfortunately, when he asked it turned out Lan Zhan’s body was conductive, although not particularly sensitive to being electrocuted, so he had to get clever about uncoupling and destroying things rather than just dramatically slashing the wires apart.

    “Okay, I am picturing the correct wrench-head very clearly,” he said a few minutes later, crouching at the corner of the vent cover and squinting at the bolts. “That’s it, good!” Lan Zhan would probably be offended to be called the world’s best multitool, but Wei Wuxian was considering saying it anyway.

    He felt Lan Zhan stiffen in his head.


    “Found you!” called that terrifying security guy, sounding really delighted about it but also being very stupid, because even without Lan Zhan’s warning he might have given Wei Wuxian time to duck under the spikes of his taser.

    Based on previous experience, in approximately one more second the guy would unleash the sound cannon and then follow it up with his handgun. They’d made it through the first encounter with Lan Zhan withdrawn from Wei Wuxian’s nervous system into a sort of puddle in his arms, so the noise wouldn’t incapacitate the both of them, but he couldn’t dodge multiple bullets, especially in the confines of this giant ventilation duct, nor could he parkour them out through the heavy vent cover and down the sheer mountain face outside.

    LanZhantakethewheel! Wei Wuxian thought at his absolute maximum brain volume, both to avoid telling security guy what was happening—he was still climbing up through the access hatch but he’d have the sound thing out after he climbed another rung and had his pistol in hand already, and while Wei Wuxian could try to charge away from the exit point to tackle the giggling bastard and take his gun, which had slightly better than a snowball’s chance in hell of working and Lan Zhan could fix anything that didn’t actually kill him so getting shot in like a limb was acceptable, there was probably backup right down the ladder and they needed to get out—and because thought was faster than speech. YesImeanitnotimefordoublecheckGO!

    The alien coiled inside him took the invitation by the hilt for the first time, and surged up and out and all around. Even as the black closed over Wei Wuxian’s face, just in time to absorb an incoming bullet, his right arm lashed out in a black cord again and struck Security Guy full across the face, just as he got his hand on the sound cannon strung across his back.

    Wei Wuxian had no control over any part of his body, but he got the full haptic feedback of the asshole’s nose breaking as he was thrown backward down the vent, and that was all the time they needed to turn, and shatter the barrier over the ventilation outlet, and leap to freedom.

    …did you make me taller? Wei Wuxian asked from deep inside his own brain, as they skittered on obsidian claws down the rockface. He was pretty sure the bar of the vent grille that had been even with their face as Lan Zhan broke it was higher up than the one he’d been level with when he’d stood there a minute ago.

    Lan Zhan leapt away from the mountain still forty feet off the ground and snagged a hold on the thick limb of a spreading beech tree. “Extra reach is useful,” he said primly, with Wei Wuxian’s mouth, as though he didn’t have infinitely extensible string-fingers available whenever, as he proceeded to leap away from the creepy underground research bunker from tree to tree like an enormous squirrel forged from pure darkness.

    Lan Zhan’s version of his voice was about two octaves deeper and appallingly posh. He wouldn’t have to display a molecule of black goo to get Wei Wuxian examined for possession, just speak to absolutely anyone he knew.

    “I won’t, then,” Lan Zhan stated, in that placid decided way devoid of concern or any attempt at reassurance, which had so charmed Wei Wuxian when they first made contact. It sounded even funnier out loud.

    And hey! Jailbreak success!

    #made it a modern au for reasons like #the existence of vitamin supplements to allow for semi-vegetarian klyntar #and spock jokes #proceeded to include neither lol #xue yang got his nose broken #fanfic#my fic#mdzs#venom#symbiote lwj #that post hits different now that the movie dropped and we know #that the venom chickens scene was actually a shitty divorce sequence #in contrast to the cql incoherent marriage proposal #wwx is wrong he's absolutely lwj's type it's just #that triggers a lot of Issues! #instead of internalized homophobia and parent issues it's #internalized species-ism??? #and parent issues #klyntar qingheng-jun is Worse #but canonically the spawn of intense symbiote bonds inherit psych stuff from the host as well so lan zhan and lan xichen have #they got issues #like they're *literally* the embodiment of an abusive relationship #hoc est meum
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  • thymianne
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Okay, that fic just killed me.

    was laughing so hard about this one. Xiao Xingchen is a giant, living in a forest, and coming across a sleeping Xue Yang whom he mistakes at first for something akin to a pet. They clear the misunderstandings after a while, but for a time he handles Xue Yang as if he was a cat 😂😂😂😂

    "Xiao Yu* remains unresponsive and uninterested to every toy Xiao Xingchen offers. It doesn’t seem to like the ball, the doll or the bell. It, in fact, seems to despise them, but Xiao Xingchen doesn’t feel bad about that. He’s read humans are capricious creatures, and they will attach to the most random of objects and attachment seems to need a certain amount of time. He counts himself fortunate that his human is already attached to him.

    It flees and hides in a corner under the bed when Xiao Xingchen tries to put a ribbon around its neck. To take it out is a whole adventure on its own, and when it’s out it is covered in spider webs and dust, and it sneezes, and it’s so cute Xiao Xingchen has to kiss it on its belly again. Xiao Yu makes an undignified squeak at that and Xiao Xingchen laughs."

    *this is the name Xiao Xingchen gives to Xue Yang when they first meet

    #xue yang#xiao xingchen #the untamed fanfiction #ao3 #xue yang is a cat #xiao xingchen is a giant #the rest is flluff and disaster
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  • boimgfrog
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #xiao xingchens death fucking GUTTED me #1 bcos i was so invested in his thing w xue yang and 2 bcos like #he was such a good man #asks#mutuwuals#mdzs blogging
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  • blackberreh-art
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    He's a nightmare that you summoned and you can't get rid of

    //warning for insects lmao. just some nightmare fuel for xue yang with my OC

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  • tenjousutena
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Tale of the Cold Frost Guardian

    ❄ Chapter 6 ❄

    ❄ canon-compliant SongXueXiao ❄ post-canon fix-it fic ❄ reincarnation A long time ago, the Cold Frost Guardian was only human.

    Although he was not of any of the esteemed clans, cultivators across the world held him and his zhījǐ in high regard. The pair sought to bring justice to the world, and so they traveled from town to town to slay demons and bring criminals to justice. The two were cultivation partners in the truest sense, complementing one another so as to create a perfect union of souls: the Distant Snow and Cold Frost matched with the Bright Moon and Gentle Breeze. Read Chapter 6 || Read Chapter 1

    #i make my own food #songxuexiao #mo dao zu shi #mdzs fic #the untamed fic #the untamed #chen qing ling #song lan#song zichen#xue yang#xue chengmei#songxue #and here we can see how history repeats itself
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  • bunnyluvrx
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    just finished the untamed and idk what to do with my life

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  • wisesnail
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hello! I've finally picked up watercolours again, and here's a little collection of the portraits I've done recently. They're quite random; some focus on getting the likeness right, others on the brush strokes <:

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  • sugarapplebaby
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Upon request I'm posting this here for @wifiwuxians ♡♡

    I drew this at 2 am last night for XunYang day!!! Super sorry if its horribly messy but ♡♡♡

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  • boimgfrog
    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    #xue yang w xiao xingchen #my loves#asks#mutuwuals#mdzs blogging
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  • npcdeath
    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    fav character type literally ever is Fake as fuck twinks . two faced catty and gay coded who also have no problem killing people . its like catnip to me theyre so funny im obsessed

    #from a sliding scale of good to evil... kabru (dunmesh) -> joshua (twewy) -> akechi (p5) -> xue yang (mdzs) #out of all of them joshua is the only one i would not dip and kiss sweetly and be stabbed by
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