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    “Don’t touch me, you stupid curse!” You yelled at his face as he tried to hold onto something for support. His mind was incapable to process anything as he was too fucked out. Only moans and whimpers escaped his mouth.
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    Your Voice Ch.4 - timeskip!Kenma x reader

    Gravitating between my fics, wips and requests, so please don't be disappointed if this is updated at weird times.

    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 1127
    Requests: Open for any character

    It wasn't hard for Kenma to remember when and what time you were streaming again. He would stop whatever he was doing to pay attention to you and your gameplay whenever you were streaming a game.

    It became easier to talk to you and give you gaming tips when you seemed to be struggling.

    There would always be the one person who would leave nasty and horrible comments about you. It wasn't pleasant hearing you react whenever you seemed to have noticed. Kenma didn't know what to do when he did see them. He thought it would be better to let them be. The more he got to know you through your streaming, the more he realized just how sensitive to those comments you were.

    'I thought gamer girls were supposed to be good,' that was just one response. There were many more of those comments. It was rare, but it was uncomfortable seeing them pop up on the screen.

    Any comment would dampen your mood and make you quiet for a bit. Kenma noticed it too. He would message you once your stream ended, asking if you were okay and telling you not to let anything they said get to you.

    The conversations you had when you weren't streaming most of them were about the gameplay. There were rare occasions when you and Kenma were more curious about each other.

    You had strayed away from watching Kenma stream, mainly out of anxiety. But once you did manage to muster up the courage to do so, you were surprised by how well he played games. Sometimes, Kenma would record his camera recording his face and his seemingly uninterested facial expressions. His cat-like eyes would glance between the game and the chat.

    You were more enthraled when he played and had his camera recording his face. Most of the time, his hair was in a small bun, the blonde strands of hair pocking out whenever he moved.

    You were caught off guard the first time he streamed with a camera capturing his face. It was a good thing that he couldn't see your face; you were a blushing mess. He was attractive, not like what you imagined him to look like at all. You were quiet for a good portion of that stream.

    Once you heard his voice, too, it didn't feel like anything around you was real anymore. His eyes glanced at the chat more frequently when you were quiet.

    "If you're not feeling well (Y/N), you can go. I won't tell you to stay if you aren't well," Kenma says as he continues to game and look through the chat for you.

    'No, no, no. I'm fine. I promise,' you type, trying to reassure Kenma.

    "You don't need to lie." He glances at the chat once again, then returns to the game.

    'I'm not lying. I didn't expect you to look like that.'

    "Mmm, okay," was his only reply.

    You were kind of confused. Was Kenma more focused on his game? Did he not believe you at all? His tone was a bit off too. But that could be because he's trying to concentrate.

    You had no interest in watching how he played. Most people would have some reaction to the small things that happen. It was a shooter gamer he was playing, different from the one you would play.

    The character getting shot or killed would be enough to elicit a reaction from most people. Kenma remained stoic, his eyes shiting from the middle of the screen to the bottom of it. His facial expression remained the same.

    What would be the one thing that would make his expression change? Mention his gameplay? You doubted that it would be something that phased him. But there was one thing you could do to get a reaction from him.

    'You're cute when you're concentrating.' You type, hoping to see his face change.

    His eyes once again looked at the chat, a little surprised by the compliment you gave him.

    It made his heart flutter a little. The only woman in the world who had complimented Kenma was his mother. That was familial love. Your comment was something different and unexpected.

    A red tint slowly emerged from the tips of his ear to his cheeks. He was losing his concentration.

    'Aww, have I distracted you, Kenma?' You teased.

    Kenma exhales sharply, "shut up,"

    His reactions were cute, and so was he. There was already something there. Maybe, it would be a good friendship between the two of you.

    The fact that Kenma had amassed a following this big on a streaming platform. He could get anyone if he tried. But he didn't seem the type to be like that.

    Every second you watched his face, there was something inside that wanted to get closer to him.

    It was too early to say that it was love or any affection to him. It was more to do with your curiosity.

    "Maybe, next time you're free, we could stream together," Kenma says, avoiding looking towards the chat.

    It was a bit forward, but it wasn't something that threw you off guard. The two of you would watch each other's streams, comment on them too.

    'Yeah, I'd like that,' you typed. A bit of nervousness washed through you the more you thought about it.

    Although he hadn't seen your face, hearing you talking in your streams and the way you would say things in his chat was enough for him to make his mind up about you. You had only known each other for a few months. You both were getting to know small things about each other when you were streaming or needed to vent in a message.

    You were lonely and enjoyed it when you were talking to him.

    But Kenma was anxiously waiting for you to stream with a camera recording your face, too.

    You previously didn't want to record yourself, fearing that any exposure would bring you a tirade of negative comments. The more times you spent watching Kenma as he looked at his chat with a blank look, the more you realized that worrying about what others thought about you wasn't worth it.

    'Next time I stream, I'll record, too," that was the last comment you made to Kenma as his stream ended.

    All he could think about was your sweet voice and wondered what the face was like behind the screen. Maybe he would be surprised by how you looked. He knew that any picture in his mind that showed up in his head whenever he heard your voice was inaccurate.

    It was a reason to be both nervous and excited. The voice that filled Kenma's head whenever you streamed, he wanted to see you.

    pls don't steal my works.


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    -> Genre: Mark x Reader, fluff

    -> Words: around 600


    Mark sighed, the sight of the starry sky above him never failing to make him wonder. Wonder about all the little secrets on this world.

    You were lying next to him on the rooftop, only a grey blanket separating you from the cold ground.

    It was a warm summer night and there was not a single cloud in the sky, revealing the most beautiful stars to your and Mark’s eyes only.

    Your arms were touching, but you didn’t really mind feeling the warmth of Mark’s skin on yours. Mark on the other side felt somewhat nervous being so close to you.

    “Isn’t it strange”, Mark almost whispered, not wanting to startle you. You hummed in response, “what Mark?”

    “How love works?”

    “What do you mean”, you turned your head, curious about what Mark was about to say next. There was really nothing better than listening to his late night thoughts.

    “There are so many people I love and, I mean like, there are many that love me back too. Somehow it’s like a cycle of undying beautiful love. And it all begins with self love”, Mark paused, collecting his thoughts.

    “Sometimes”, he continued, “I feel like I’m about to explode, because I’m so full of love and adoration. And I just want to give it away.”

    You turned your head to look up at the sky again, “you make it sound so beautiful.”

    Mark chuckled, his gaze always fixed on the sky above him. “Because it is. Love is so beautiful. Honestly it’s hard to put it in words, you gotta experience it. You know what I mean?”

    You hummed, biting back a smile. Mark’s mindset was just one of the many things you absolutely loved about him.

    “There are so many people I adore, that I can’t imagine living without. Yet somehow I will never love anyone as much as I love you. And god, I still feel like exploding even now that I said it out loud. But I love you.”

    You only turned your head and blinked at Mark, his head turning to meet your eyes too. “You do?” You whispered, wondering if maybe this was all a dream.

    “How could I not”, Mark whispered, his gaze wandering between your eyes and lips. You swallowed, your heart suddenly beating a lot faster. “You’ve always been there and I hope you always will be in the future too.”

    You nodded, not even hesitating for a second. Mark turned his whole body to the side, slowly bringing his face closer to yours, until finally, his lips connected with yours, as he gently placed a kiss on them.

    Mark leaned back after the kiss, his fingers drawing circles on your arm. You quickly smiled at him, your cheeks blushing in the process.

    “I love you too Mark”, you ever so gently whispered, making Mark smile widely too. “Now”, you also fully turned to the side, “could we maybe do that again? I blanked out a bit before”, you held back the urge to giggle.

    Mark snorted, expression changing from amusement to sheer panic, “I mean, like”, he mumbled, “yeah. Sure.”

    And with that he leaned in once again, this time kissing you longer than before. And not only you, but Mark too knew, that from now on it would be different.

    Mark was sure you knew how much he cared for you, but tonight he was finally able to fully confess his love to you. And it felt like the love in his heart that threatened to almost destroy was finally set free.


    a/n: I hope you enjoy this one.. I just thought this was something Mark would do :) idk just imagine the late night talks with him :3

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    So while i was vibing on YouTube the yokai watch jam intro popped up and I fell in love with komason and blazieons designs

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    dirt│wilbur soot

    summary: wilbur complains and you thought it best to try and shut him up; your own mistake in the making

    warnings: dirt descriptions(?), just fluff

    pairing: irl cc!wilbur

    a/n: so much wilb brain rot, what ever will i do?

    wc: (1.2k) - m.list

    “Don’t pull him like that, you’ll hurt him!”

    “Good since he keeps hurting me!”

    With a feigned, insulted gasp, you smacked Wilbur’s arm harshly with a disapproving shake of your head. Dirt stained his clean, white shirt and he gawked in return to your slap. 

    Despite the cold weather in the early afternoon, the peaking sun behind the sunken, grey clouds beamed light into the makeshift greenhouse, its warmth appreciated in the clear, glass space. 

    Sitting opposite of each other, you were relatively clean in contrast to Wilbur, save for the uncomfortable pieces of dirt stuck under your fingernails. You were both on the floor, your legs pulled close to yourself in a relaxed state while Wilbur’s were wide open, his posture lacking as his slouch rivaled Tommy’s. 

    While it was obvious you were in your element, it was entertaining to watch Wilbur suffer greatly like a floundering fish in a cramped tank. You decided to continue the bit as revenge for his relentless complaining in the past few hours or so.

    “How dare you imply he could every do such a thing??” you jeeringly yelled, gesturing to the ceramic piece in Wilbur’s hands. “He’s my precious, innocent little baby,” you cooed.

    Wilbur furrowed his eyebrows in disbelief and struggled to find the words to reply. Placing the fragile pot onto the ground before he did something drastic, he stared incredulously at the small cactus. 

    “Your ‘baby’ has fucking spikes to jab me with!”

    You scoffed at his dramatics and disregarded his raised hand that held multiple spikes impaled into his skin. Turning away briefly, you had to use your hand to hide your amused smirk from his recklessness, smothering the giggles with a cough.

    Clearing your throat, you crossed your arms before lifting your chin away from him, the stance indifferent to his physical pain. 

    “Obviously, it’s to protect him from jerks like you that manhandle him,” you stated with a teasing eye roll. Whether or not Wilbur caught onto your mocking tone and played into it further was lost to you when he practically screeched out in offense. 


    You couldn’t help yourself when you bursted out laughing, cackles overtaking your lungs. Feeling dizzy to the lack of air, you clutched your stomach from the discomforting pain and fell backwards into the bags of soil, luckily still unopened.

    Wilbur sighed and rubbed his forehead in defeat with the back of his hand, his palms still covered in the bits of soil. 

    “When you asked for my help this afternoon,” he said while glancing at the grimy floor around him, “I didn’t think it’d include this much dirt.”

    He paused to look down on his own clothes, his casual wear more dirty than when the sun first rose. You giggled as he pulled on his shirt to emphasize his point. 

    “Especially on me.”

    Had you known he would complain this much, you wouldn’t have asked Wilbur to help you repot your succulents and indoor plants. 

    With a stretch, you yawned from the hours of work and rested your hands in the set pile of dirt in front of you. Your fingers sunk into the fine, cool bits and squished the space between them altogether.

    “Dirts a part of life, might as well embrace on it,” you stated with a shrug. Mindlessly gathering the open pile of dirt into your hands, you cupped it into a compressed ball with a mischievous smirk. Before Wilbur could say anything more, you chucked the clump at him. 

    Wilbur flinched from the impact, the center of his chest now completely marked in a brown, ugly stain. His silence spoke volumes to the shock that engulfed him, yet you chose to ignore it by the pride that filled you. 

    You quirked your brow and snickered to his resumed speechlessness, bitting your lip in a cheerful delight. 

    “Also sucks to suck I guess.”

    Although Wilbur’s seemingly appalled expression drove your merriment, the moment soon faded as his silence reigned on. He wasn’t one to often be truly upset with your harmless jokes, though that didn’t stop the sudden fear that he could be now. 

    Just as you opened your mouth to voice your concern, Wilbur’s menacing smile cut you off. His eyes were shielded by the hair of his head, his loose locks curling by the frame of his face. You physically froze in panic to the vindictive look in his eyes, the glint so visible, it shined through his messy curtains. 

    Illuminated by the soft sunlight above, Wilbur calmly wiped the flicks of dirt from his face before slowly moving to stand. You unconsciously crawled backwards to create a distance from his tall figure, but by then, even you knew it was too late.

    “Wait…” you pleaded quietly. Wilbur’s grin only grew from your meek voice, and he suddenly surged forwards towards you.

    His long arms bend down to his advantage as he grabbed a fistful of dirt, the overwhelming amount spilling from his open hands. 

    You attempted to instinctively hide your face into the crooks of your elbows, but you failed to realize how vulnerable you still remained to the lanky man. He yelled triumphantly when his hands forced the dirt on top of your head, your squeal of surprise bringing a pure cackle of joy from him.  

    Wilbur continued to drive the dirt farther into the strands of your hair while you moved your body in a rushed dread, his physically strength and position doing you no favors to the losing battle. 

    “W— Wilbur, no!”

    Arms thrown sporadically around you, you tried to hit Wilbur away. He took it as a challenge in and of itself, firmly grabbing your wrists and pinning them to your sides. 

    You gasped before you could comprehend what he was doing, your arms locked against you as he maneuvered his way to hold you with one arm to his chest, while his dominate hand smudged the dirt layer in your hair across your face. 

    “Aww darling,” he addressed fondly. Your eyes were clenched close from the grudge smeared on your skin, you lips puckering from the bitter taste of the processed earth on your tongue. 

    Peeking a singular eye open, you glared up at Wilbur’s smug appearance with narrowed eyes; you were still sat on your bum while him kneeling on his knees, the evident height difference unfair to the power switch dynamic. 

    He chose not to care for your angered expression, only focusing his gaze on you when lowering his face near yours. Tilting his head near your ear, he gently kissed your temple while whispering close against your skin, the taunting tone a haunting mumble that crawled down your spine. 

    “It’s a part of life, embrace it.”

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    #🌱 PORTAMACETAS CIRCULOS DE PARED 🌱 Son 3 modelos diferentes todos miden 40cm de diámetro y están hechos en chapa con terminación tipo óxid
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    Pumpkin Juice ~ JJK [Request]


    PAIRING: slytherin!Jungkook x Hufflepuff!Reader

    GENRE: HogwartsAU, Harry Potter Universe, friends to strangers, strangers to enemies, enemies to lovers who have secret crushes on one another, touch her and I’ll kill you vibes, there is no wizard war in this so shhh, everyone is happy...Fred is Fred .

    A/N: I used the “Wheel Of Names” to generate who would be used for this imagine and I got Jungkook, I thought since I didn’t give anyone a chance to request him I would do this as a one off for now :) 

    Ever since you could remember it had always been you and Jungkook together, since you were kids you were always hanging out together and having fun. You'd met when you were younger, both your wizarding families had been friends for hundreds of years so it was fate that you and Jungkook would get along with one another. The two of you could never be separated, spending time with one another so much that people considered you siblings or some would even assume that you were dating. Your parents hoped you would date Jungkook since he was one of the best wizards in the country along with you by his side, the two of you were exceptionally smart and everyone had high expectations of you but once you began attending Hogwarts however, all of it changed. Instead of being your rock as he had been for all those years, Jungkook became a total stranger to you, being placed in Slytherin changed his personality for the worst. He began hanging around with all of the wrong people, Draco and Pansy influencing him to become one of the worst people you'd ever had the displeasure of knowing. 

    Even in your final year, he was still pretending as though he'd never even known you, escaping to talk to you whenever he could though and in the summer he would attend parties at your home as if nothing had changed. As if he hadn't spent the entire school term torturing you and your friends with mean nickname and chants that they had been coming up with. The worst one being a song they had curated around Cedric's death in The Triwizard Tournament when he knew that you and Cedric had been dating for some time. 

    "Look who it is, the book worm." You heard a familiar coo as you sat in the library one day during a free period, this voice didn't fill you with dread as many others did within the school grounds. 

    "Fred," You greeted coldly, pretending to be mean to him as you tried to focus your mind on the potions book in front of you trying to get everything to set in your mind, Snape was always on at you for being behind in his class but it wasn't your fault. Potions weren't something you wanted to take but it was forced upon you by your family, almost every member was a master at potions except for you. Quidditch was where your skills laid and you could have been a professional if you could keep your grades up but you kept getting "D"'s in your potions class, 

    "Another Dreadful?" George chimed in as he sat down beside you on one of the wooden chairs, glancing over at the latest potions report card you had gotten back, you slid it under your book not wanting anyone else that was inside of the library to see or overhear what was being spoken about.

    "Snape hates me, that's all there is to it." You grumbled as your eyes continued to scan over the same sentence again and again but it was as if your head wasn't taking anything in that you were reading. 

    "You just need a good tutor, someone who is exceptionally brilliant at potions," George said as he began straightening out his robes, brushing them off as he was clearly speaking about himself, 

    "Someone who is also exceptionally good looking, charming and funny." He added as he put his elbow onto the desk, staring at you as he waited for you to take the hint. You smiled at him pretending as though you were taken in by everything he was saying, 

    "You're so right Georgey...But where would I find someone like that, Hogwarts is filled with Idiots." You winked at him pushing his elbow out from underneath him and laughing in sync with Fred as George hit his head onto the wooden desk below him. 

    "You're so mean to me," George began pouting out his bottom lip you were about to give him a sarcastic comment back when a shiver ran up and down your spine and the nearby candles blew out. 

    "Well, well, well, it's the Weasleys and their little Weasley Whore." You shuddered at the sound of Pansy's voice, it was like nails on a chalkboard to you as she made her way over to the desk. Glancing you up and down as she spotted the report card sticking out from under your book.

    "How was your Potions exam?" She asked as she pulled out a chair across from you, you knew she didn't care about your exam so you began to slowly pack your things up in silence, wanting nothing more than to get away from her and study in peace.

    "Not so fast!" She called out, slamming her hand down onto the book in front of you and dragging it towards her with a giant smirk across her lips. 

    Sliding out the report card the smirk only began to grow as she saw the large blood-red D written on the top of your card, 

    "I would have given you a T so it would match you," She tilted her head to the side faking sympathy as she said something mean to you,

    "T for troll...Get it? I thought I would explain seeing as you're so stupid," Fred went to step forward to say something but you clutched his wrist, it wasn't worth the fight or the detention you would no doubt get from Snape if he heard you were standing up to one of his favourite students. 

    "Oh, this is a recent development," She snickered, staring down at your hand that was wrapped around Fred's pale wrist, the boy began to shake with anger but you tightened your grip. 

    "I'm sure Jungkook would love to hear about this, maybe we could add a verse to the Weasley Is Our King song with Y/n in it as well!" She jumped up from the chair with excitement and began giggling as she walked out of the hall, humming the tune to the song she had referenced. 

    "Not worth it, if Snape hears someone stood up to her there'll be hell to pay," You reminded Fred who was beginning to rant on about how Pansy had the face of a dog and the breath of one trying to get you to laugh. 

    "It's nothing, I need to go and study some more in the common room, maybe I can convince one of the house-elves to sneak me some food," You nudged George as you got up from the table walking out of the library and down to the moving staircases. 

    While on your way to the Hufflepuff common rooms you passed Jungkook who was standing outside the kitchen as if he was waiting for you to come by which would have completely outlandish to everyone else but to you it was normal. His leg was kicked up against the wall, nose down in a book as his eyes scanned over the text that was inside, 

    "Struggling with something?" You questioned making him jump a little as he looked up from the Astronomy textbook, his leg dropped to the floor as he nodded at you. 

    "I'll meet you at the Astronomy tower tonight but keep Pansy away from me, that was my deal with helping you with your studies," You reminded him of the deal you had made that summer between the two of you. 

    Trapped inside your bedroom you waited for Jungkook to say something first, all-year-long he'd been torturing you relentlessly with Pansy and Draco. The name-calling and the persistent annoying pranks he would do were starting to get to you but in the summer he was the old Jungkook you knew and loved pretending as though nothing had happened. It was the same every year and you hated it. You couldn't see any reason why he acted the way he did in school,

    "It would be nice if we could still be friends at school instead of pretending that you hate my guts," You mumbled as you watched him, he was sitting on the floor in front of your dresser, knees pulled into his chest as he listened to the party that was going on downstairs for your mother. The two of you were supposed to be doing the summer reading but your head was starting to pound with all of the new information and Jungkook was struggling with his Astronomy textbook.

    "I can't...If I did that-"

    "They would all hate you and you would feel like an outsider in your own wizarding house," You repeated what he had to you over a thousand times back to him in a mocking tone and he sighed looking at you, he never meant to hurt you when you were in school. It was all just supposed to be a joke but this time it had gone too far, joking about Cedric was one of the worst things he could have possibly done. Jungkook had known how much you and Cedric liked one another which was one of the reasons he was rooting for Cedric to lose in the tournament he'd never been good at placing his feelings but he knew jealously when he felt it.

    "I am sorry about Cedric, he was a good guy." He mumbled not believing what he was saying but he knew he had to be there for you, deep down he had no idea why he was so jealous of you and Cedric all he knew was that he was and it made him feel like he had to be mean to you about the boy you liked. 

    The room fell into silence as you both listened to the faded music playing downstairs, you never knew what to say when someone bought up the reminder that your ex-boyfriend was dead.

    "Will you help me study this year?" He asked out of the blue, making you glance up at him and nod without thinking about it first. The two of you would normally study together in the summer, what difference would it make in the School year. 

    "I'll make you a deal, we help each other study and I'll keep Pansy and Draco out of your way." He offered, reaching out his hand for you to shake if you accepted the deal he was making.

    "Sounds like a good idea to me," You shook on it before sliding off the bed and sitting beside him, where Jungkook struggled in Astronomy you were great and where you struggled in Potions Jungkook was great it was the perfect combination. 

    "I do keep her away from you but I can't watch her all of the time," He laughed softly as he looked at you but you weren't laughing, you were too angry from the fact that she had been mocking you again when Jungkook had promised to make all of it stop and for the most part it had. He wouldn't torture you as much as he had done for the last few years and he had done his best to keep Pansy out of your face, 

    "Keep her on a short leash or Dogface will get a punch," You poked his chest as you began walking towards the entrance to your common room, it was no secret to where it was hidden since everyone and their great aunt seemed to know where it was located. Not to mention most Hufflepuffs allowed all of their friends to come and go whenever they wanted, 

    "I've never been inside the common room," Jungkook hinted as you reached the barrels, 

    "And you never will," You smirked evilly at him waiting for him to leave but he continued to stand there waiting for you to go inside so he could follow you in but you weren't going to move. 

    "Jungkook, what are you doing down here?" Taehyung's voice rang out from the top of the hall, he had a tray of what looked like baked goods in his arms as a house-elf pushed him and Jimin out of the kitchen. 

    "Torturing the house-elves again?" You questioned the two of them, folding your arms over your chest as a blush crept onto the two Hufflepuff's cheeks as they made their way over to you,

    "We needed sustenance for our all-night-long study session," Jimin whined as you hummed at him, taking a cake from the top of the tray Taehyung was holding and began eating it waiting for Jungkook to leave once again. 

    "I'll see you in Divination class," Jungkook whispered as he walked back down the hall backwards, his eyes never leaving yours despite being stared down by Taehyung and Jimin who turned to you as soon as the dark-haired boy was out of their sight.

    "Flirting with a Slytherin, how scandalous," Jimin wiggled his eyebrows but you pushed him to the side, knocking on the barrel in the correct order before heading into the common room.

    Instantly greeted by the warmth of the fireplace that was burning and the small chatter from everyone in the room, sitting beside Scarlet - one of the girls in your year - was Jin from Ravenclaw as they studied together...Well, it looked like they were staring down into the root of a plant but since they both loved Herbology so much you assumed they were studying.

    "That's what it looked like to me," Jimin mumbled as he followed you over to one of the giant armchairs where you sat yourself down and took out your book to prove you were ignoring him. 

    "You need classes then, there is and never will be something going on between me and Jungkook." You snapped as you looked up at him with piercing eyes as if you were daring him to say something else but he stopped speaking and you went back to reading. 

    Divination class was normally one of the most laid back subjects you had taken in the school, it was all mostly a bunch of guessing work as well as skillfully avoiding getting asked to demonstrate by keeping your head in the book and avoiding Professor Trelawney's gaze as much as possible but today you could sense something was going to happen. 

    As soon as you first walked in and saw Pansy on your table you knew there had to be something going on that involved pairs and bonding with other students for different Houses. 

    "Pansy dear, you go first." You held back a snort at the idea of someone calling Pansy dear, Professor Trelawney was attempting to get everyone to read one another's future. A crystal ball was the only thing standing between the two of you on the table and it was taking everything inside of you not to pick it up and launch it at her face, maybe it would have made an improvement if you had.

    "I see that Y/n is..." Pansy began staring into the ball intensely as she squinted a little everyone began to watch her as she dragged on the anticipation of everything,

    "Y/n is going to get a "T" in the next potions exam," You scoffed out as everyone else in the room began to erupt in laughter, everyone that was except for you and Jungkook who was staring at you with "I'm sorry" eyes. 

    "Do you know what I see?" You asked sarcastically as you looked at the ball in front of you and then back up to Pansy who had one eyebrow raised at you, 

    "That the stupid dogface will fall off her broom in the next quidditch match this weekend," Pansy stood up ready to fight when Professor Trelawney clapped her hands together loudly and asked for the next pair to try and do it properly this time. Meanwhile you and Pansy exchanged looks as she threatened you with her eyes, you knew she was plotting something inside of her mind and you couldn't wait to see what it was. Not. 

    Later that night when everyone was asleep you'd managed to sneak out of your common room and make your way up to the Astronomy Tower, you would have apparated yourself there but you still didn't have your license thanks to George and Fred distracting you one time and getting you caught between a wall.

    "Took you long enough," You hissed playfully to Jungkook as he made his way into the tower and sat beside you, you had a blanket laid out on the floor beside the telescope that was already pointing where it needed to be for him to study Jupiter's moons. 

    "I set everything up so you don't have to worry about it," You brushed off your legs as you raised up to greet him, he smiled at you. Even in the low light, the smile he was giving you sent your stomach into a whirlwind of butterflies, ever since Jimin had mentioned you flirting with him you'd began to see Jungkook in a different way and the romantic setting of the moon wasn't helping you fight back those feelings.

    "You didn't have to, I just need help remembering which is which." He sighed as he walked over to the telescope with you, peaking through it to see that you'd already put it into the perfect position for him to see each moon.

    "Which is why I did this, you can focus on remembering...Now, start with the red one."

    The studying had gone brilliantly Jungkook was well under his way to remembering the moons and some of the named stars that surrounded it.

    "Thank you again...and I'm sorry about Pansy earlier, she's just being a bitch because Draco has started to ignore her," You laughed at the thought of Draco ignoring Pansy, everyone knew how much of a crush she'd had on him for years. 

    "It's fine, I'm used to her, but you're all going down in that match at the weekend," You teased as you placed a grape into your mouth, laying down on the blanket as you looked out at the night sky, Jungkook laying beside you so close to you that you could feel his chest rising and falling with every breath that he took. 

    "You're on," He chuckled, turning to look at you as he watched you. He adored the way your eyes would light up whenever you looked up into the sky, the way your eyes seemed to shine no matter what light they were in, it made his head spin and his stomach do flips whenever he caught you.

    "Thanks again...For helping me study," He whispered as he watched you waiting for you to look at him, 

    "Well it's no problem-" You stopped when you realised how close you were to one another, your faces inches away as you stared into his eyes. Both of you so lost at how close you were that you hadn't heard the door to the tower open and Pansy making her way up the staircase, 

    "I-I want to do something," He whispered to you as he moved a little closer, you stayed perfectly still as if you moved it might scare him away and you licked your lips. 

    "Go for it," He leant closer to you, his breath touching your lips and making you shiver from how cold it was on your now wet lips. The two of you stayed like that, lips hovering above one another until you finally smashed your lips together, having enough of playing the waiting game. He smiled against your lisp, pressing his body against yours as he wrapped his arms around your body your heartbeat danced as he held you close to him. This was your first real kiss with someone and it had been someone you'd loved all these years without knowing it until right now until his lips were brushing against yours and your heart was trying to leap out of your chest. 

    Pansy froze as she saw the two of you making out on the floor, she knew Jungkook had been meaning to study and was going to "accidentally" bump into him tonight so she could help him only to find this. While everyone thought she had a crush on Draco it was the opposite, she'd been crushing on Jungkook since the beginning of time but what wasn't there to love about him. Once she saw you weren't going to pull away she stormed off in an attempt to find Snape and lead him to the tower.

    The weekend quidditch match had come faster than you expected it to, the week seemed to pass in a blur and Pansy, for the most part, had left you alone. You figured she was training for the match and focussing on that instead of focussing her attention on you so much which had been nice since you were trying hard not to focus on the kiss that had happened with Jungkook. It wasn't that you didn't want to think about it you did but he was insisting on telling everyone you were dating which meant everyone would know you were together. The pro to that would be that the teasing would finally stop and you could be with the man you loved but the con would be that everyone would know, the teasing could increase and you knew your parents would instantly start planning a wedding. Not to mention the two of you were up against one another in a quidditch match and you were both highly competitive against each other. 

    "Here," George said as he handed you a small weaved basket filled with cupcakes inside, 

    "What is it?" You laughed thinking it was one of their inventions but George shrugged his shoulders before pointing out the gift tag that was on the side of it, your name was written in cursive writing. 

    Dear Y/N,

    Good luck today, if I kick your ass please don't be too mad, I'll take you out on a date for it...Astronomy tower? ~ JJK 

    A warm feeling spread through your body as you saw the note from him, quickly throwing it away before any of your teammates could sneak a look. 

    "Cupcakes for us?" Fred called out loudly gaining the attention of the whole Hufflepuff tent who swarmed around you for the cupcakes, leaving one for you to take as you shook your head. 

    "In the lead, we have Hufflepuff by 3 points, all we need is for someone to catch the golden snitch," Lee Jordan yelled out as you flew under Jungkook winking at him before doing a turn on your broom and heading over to Fred and George who high fived you. 

    "Rub it in their faces," George laughed as he watched you steadying yourself, the match had been going on for almost an hour now and you were starting to get a little light-headed but you weren't going to let up, your team needed this win.

    "Y/n?" Someone called out but their voice was faint as you felt swear pooling around the top of your head as you tried to focus on what was happening. The match was going on around you but it felt as though you were even there, you felt sick, faint and as if the whole world was upside down on you.

    "She's going to fall!" Someone screamed out from the crowds right as your grip loosened on the handle of your broom, suddenly there was a rush of air coming at you as you fell towards the quidditch ground, the cold air cooling you down as you fell freely. 

    "Catch her!" You knew that was Jungkook which only made you smile as you fell, it was nice that he was showing his caring side for you despite wanting to hide it all those times before whenever you would get hurt in a match. You could still remember the first injury you had, 

    "You should have been watching where you were flying," Cedric barked at you as he sat beside you in the hospital wing, you were getting your arm stitched up since you'd accidentally flown into one of the stands in the match, cutting your arms and legs open but nothing too bad.

    "You okay?!" Jungkook's panicked voice called out as he burst into the hospital wing thinking that you were alone, as soon as he saw Cedric bis blood boiled. If he'd been training you properly you never would have flown into the stands so this was his fault, 

    "Showing a caring side for a puff?" Cedric laughed sarcastically as he watched Jungkook storm over to you, if there was anyone else in the wing he wouldn't have bothered coming near you but Cedric was Cedric. 

    "You could have hurt yourself a lot worse than this," He mumbled as he looked at your arm and then into your eyes as his eyes filled with tears at the thought of you being injured even a little.

    "Jungkook? Came to torture pipsqueak?" Draco taunted as he opened the door, your arm was dropped and you looked away from Jungkook who instantly began to pretend he didn't care that you were hurt when it was obvious that he did. 

    "You should have heard the scream she made," Draco laughed loudly as he began to imitate you in front of everyone. 

    Waking up to a bunch of hushed voices you groaned, your head felt as though you'd been hit over it by a cauldron around fifty times and you were praying Madame Pomfrey wasn't going to give you any more of the disgusting-tasting medicine she had been. You'd been in and out of sleep most of the night and you couldn't remember anything that had happened, it was all a blur from the tent to the pitch. 

    "She'll be a little groggy but she's okay," Pomfrey announced to whoever was standing beside the bed, your eyes blinked open as you adjusted to the light coming through the windows. Taehyung and Jimin were standing by the bed holding a basket of cakes and fruit and on the other side was a worried looking Jungkook who was still in his quidditch gear despite the match ending yesterday.

    "He hasn't left since he brought you in," Jimin smirked as he placed the basket down on the nightstand beside your bed, 

    "I told you, you liked him." You would have picked up one of the cakes to throw at him as he left with Taehyung if you didn't feel so weak but you rolled over to face Jungkook. 

    "That stench is you then." You laughed weakly as you sat up in the bed, leaning against the metal frame as you tried to remember what had happened in the match. You hadn't hit your head and there were no curses that you knew of that would do this to you. 

    "I'll get you some water," Jungkook whispered as he got up and placed a small kiss on your forehead, he headed behind one of the curtains and began pouring a drink in silence when the doors flew open. 

    "Well if it isn't Little Miss Y/n," Pansy squawked as she sat down beside you on the bed, almost crushing your leg which was still healing from the fall.

    "Did you enjoy your cupcakes?" She smirked and that was when it hit you, the cupcakes that had been from Jungkook, It had been the only thing that could have done something so harsh to you but why hadn't it done anything to anyone else who had eaten them? It didn't make sense,

    "Don't go looking too confused, if you paid attention in potions you would know why it only worked on you," She quipped, placing a cupcake from Jimin's basket into her pocket. Jungkook's grip on the jug of water tightened from behind the curtain, Pansy had no idea that he was even there and it made his blood boil. 

    "Stay away from Jungkook and it'll never happen again," She told you as she got back up ready to leave when she was suddenly thrown against the wall by a blast of blue coming from Jungkook's wand. 

    "Kookie!" You gasped out as he walked over to her, pinning her to the wall by her robes as he stared deep into her eyes, 

    "Don't come near her, don't even breathe in her direction! If I even find out that you so much as glanced at her I will kill you." He pushed her a little before stepping away, 

    "She's an ugly, good for nothing loser and I will kill her-" You flinched at the thought of her trying to kill you and it didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook. Before Pansy could continue on her mouth was suddenly zipped shut and you froze looking at Jungkook who shook his head, 

    "You insulted her, threatened her and made her flinch...I won't forget that and neither will my parents." He whispered as she shuddered, walking away from him. He knew how much his parents meant to her since they were some of the most well-known wizards in the community and she so desperately sought their approval.

    "You're intimidating when you want to be," You laughed softly as he walked back over to you, running his hand over your cheek and smiling to himself. 

    "I have to protect those I care about," He whispered before leaning down and kissing you once again. Your heart skipping a beat as soon as your lips connected but just as soon as it started it was over, he pulled back and made a disgusted face, 

    "Pumpkin juice," You laughed as you realised he could probably taste the medicine you had been having since the night before.

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    Panduit: es vital optimizar la infraestructura física de las empresas en el 2021

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