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    eren hits from the back grips the fuck outta your lacefront, hella shocked when you cry out in pain.

    "??! i thought it wouldn't hurt your head, baby?"

    "i still got a neck, nigga!"

    #eren smut #eren jeager smut #eren jeager x y/n #eren jeager x reader #eren x reader #eren x black reader #eren x black!reader #eren black!fem reader #eren jeager x black reader #eren jeager x black!reader #eren jeager black!fem reader #aot smut #attack on titan smut #aot x black!fem reader #aot x black!reader #aot x black reader #aot x y/n #aot x reader #attack on titan x black reader #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan x black!reader #attack on titan x black!fem reader #black reader#black y/n #anime x black!reader #anime x black reader #anime x black y/n
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    Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

    Pairing: Itadori Yuuji x gn! reader

    Warnings: Not proofread, Needs editing

    Format: Headcanons

    Please continue reading below the cut.

    If Yuuji has a crush on you he can hardly keep his composure. Becoming red in the face from a simple tap on the shoulder, stammering like a fool. "Haah...way to mess that up." But you never seem to mind. Just interacting with you can light up his whole mood, leaving the teen on cloud nine. You typical lovesick teenager — nothing unusual.

    Yuuji's type: A tall woman with a big ass —like Jennifer Lawrence. Despite this being canon Yuuji values personality over one's appearance. There's nothing like a big heart and a sweet smile to match, it's absolutely perfect!

    He doesn't look for much in a partner, just somebody with a positive attitude, friendly nature. That puts others before them just as he does. Yuuji finds that quite admirable, it's an easy way to his heart.

    When he falls in love he falls in love hard. As in head over heels, tripping off your every word. When speaking or seeing you he's an absolute wreck. Yelling at himself to, "Keep your cool!" and "Don't embarrass yourself." All of the above.

    At the beginning of your relationship, Yuuji is a bit awkward around you. Being the dork he is he'll probably try to reenact some cliche romance scene he's seen in a movie. That surely broke the ice.

    Truly is the sweetest thing, a bundle of joy. Always working his absolute hardest to make you happy. "Here {Name}, I got this for you!" He smiled, ignoring the soft pink dusting his cheeks. It was a plush animal, bigger than you expected, coincidently being your favorite animal. "Eh, why did I get It? Haha, well...it reminded me of you, that's all!"

    Talks your ear off regularly; about his day, how much he missed you even his encounters with Sukuna. Whether you're a sorcerer or not is irrelevant. It's only right that you're aware of what will happen once they've gathered all of Sukuna's fingers.

    Now that we're on the topic of it, Yuuji will tell you about Sukuna fairly quickly in the relationship. As his partner, you have the right to know. After all, how easy is it to hide a mouth emerging from your face?

    Makes time for you even though he's busy. Being a Jujutsu sorcerer takes up a lot of his free time with you, leaving the ever-growing need to see you start to spill over.

    Yuuji's favorite dates consist of anything game or movie-related. Ranging from lounging around at home to playing arcade games near the cinema. Itadori's not picky! Anything with you is fine, as long as you're happy.

    Though nothing beats lazy days at home. Sitting back, chin rested on your head with his eyes plastered to the screen. Swaying side to side, listening to the soft breaths leaving your sultry lips. The TV was dimmed as to not wake you from your peaceful dreams. Nonetheless, a smile remained on his face, a soft hum escaping him. Damn, today is a great day.

    The first time you said, "I love you" he almost choked. His heart was beating against his chest, threatening to burst any minute now. Yuuji's face turned a rosy pink, one that could put his hair to shame. You nodded as if to clarify those three words, repeating them once more. Yuuji smiles, finally getting over the initial shock, shouting out a rather loud, "I love you too!"

    Physical Touch: Yuuji is a sucker for affection of any kind. From hand holding to wallowing in the sheets for hours. Just being able to hold you means the world to him.

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  • beneathstarryskies
    18.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Bruised Ribs and Broken Pride (Vegeta x fem!reader)

    Word Count: 2,059

    Summary: Vegeta comes home after a battle with emotional injuries deeper than the cuts littering his flesh. After helping him tends to his physical wounds, you set about helping him repair his pride.

    Warnings: injuries, blood, smut, unprotected sex, slight degradation, blowjobs, orgasm control, angst

    A/N: this wasn't requested, I just had a little inspo for this a while back and never got around to posting it.


    Vegeta stumbles in the house with his hand pressed firmly against his side. He openly grunts and groans with each step as he stumbles towards the bathroom and turns on the shower. The warm water rolls over his aching muscles. His forehead is pressed against the wall of the shower and he watches as the red blood swirls into almost pink as it washes down the drain. He stands long enough to wash the blood out of his hair before turning the water off and wraps a towel around his waist. He grimaces when he sees himself in the mirror with cuts and bruises littered along his face and body. He sulks in his pain, feeling as beaten down as he looks.

    The battle had been difficult and certainly didn’t go as gracefully as he’d hoped. The enemy had gotten the advantage over him more times than he’d care to admit. It was embarrassing. His ego feels as bruised as the rest of him. He leans against the counter, his fingers gripping onto it until his knuckles turn white. The countertop cracks in his grip. His ribs ache from the exerted effort.

    “Vegeta?” Your voice echoes through the house as you begin padding through looking for him after spotting a trail of bloody clothes going down the hallways, “Vegeta, you’re-OH!”

    You drop your things by your feet when your eyes meet his bruised back. He peers at you over his shoulder with a grimace.

    “What do you want, woman?” He asks in a harsh voice.

    You ignore his coldness, stepping into the bathroom. You retrieve the first aid kit from the cabinet and set it on the counter.

    “Let me help,” you say.

    “Leave me,” he growls.


    His voice raises to a hoarse yell, “I said leave.”

    You shrug, “Fine.”

    Vegeta sighs as you turn to swiftly leave the bathroom. His heart thumps in his chest as a tinge of guilt tugs at his chest. He pushes it away when he realizes one of the cuts on his chest is starting to bleed again. He groans as he opens the first aid kit, shaky hands rummaging through the contents. Every move hurts, and after bandaging a few of his own wounds he finds he doesn’t have the energy to continue.

    You give him a few moments to fumble around by himself and listening to him groan. Finally, you step back into the bathroom. Vegeta lets out a deep sigh as he sees you leaning on the doorway.

    “Come sit down,” you wrap your fingers around his wrist. “Please let me help.”

    You lead him back to the living room, and he sits on the couch. His eyes focus away from you while you gently apply ointment to his wounds. Your fingers soothe the ointment along the cut on his cheekbone.

    “I just want to take care of you,” you whisper. “You can go out and fight all you want, just let me take care of you.”

    “I’m not a child, woman. I am the prince of all Saiyans!”

    “And you’re very strong. I know that. It doesn’t change that I love you, and I just want to take care of you.”

    He lounges back when you begin caring for the wounds on his chest. His arms stretch out along the back of the couch. You know how much getting beaten so badly must bother him. He’ll never voice just how much it truly bothers him, but in his eyes, you can see him turning it over in his mind. The wounds to his pride are much deeper than his bodily injuries. You want to help him, but he makes it so difficult sometimes. Heat rises to your cheeks when you think of one thing Vegeta will never turn away, and it always works to boost his ego.

    You lean forward to press a kiss to his neck. You nip lightly at his skin as your hands begin caressing his thighs over the towel tied around his waist. Your fingers knead against the muscles while letting your lips trail down his chest. Vegeta leans his head back and closes his eyes to focus on your touch. He doesn’t have to see you to know that you’ve sunk to your knees in front of him, but he opens his eyes when he feels you tug at the towel. The sight of you licking your lips while taking his length in your hand is almost enough to make him forget everything else.

    You stroke him slowly, relishing how easily his cock responds to your touch. His length hardens against your palm. Vegeta raises his hips into your touch, but his bruised ribs force a grunt of pain from his throat.

    “Are you okay?” you ask with wide eyes.

    “Don’t pity me, woman.”

    “I wouldn’t dream of it,” you smirk before leaning forward to lick the tip of his cock.

    Your tongue swirls around the head before you pull back to place a kiss on the slit. As soon as your lips part again he’s thrusting his cock between them, shoving half his length into your mouth. A surprised moan escapes you. Vegeta’s hand tangles in your hair in a makeshift ponytail so he can press your face further down his cock until your nose brushes against the coarse patch of dark hair. You choke around his length, but you hollow out your cheeks until you are comfortable enough to start moving.

    “That’s right, woman, take care of your prince,” Vegeta goads you on as you begin bobbing your head.

    You feel yourself growing wet as a wave of arousal crashes over your core. The head of Vegeta’s cock hits the back of your throat over and over, causing drool to drip down your chin. The hand Vegeta has tangled in your hair guides you to a pace you’re not sure you can keep up with. His bittersweet precum coats your mouth as you let him use your mouth.

    Vegeta is grateful to you despite his earlier harshness. Nothing makes him feel more like royalty than having you at his mercy, your pretty mouth stuffed with his cock. You look amazing like this. One of your hands grips onto his thigh while the other slips down to push your skirt up to rub your aching core through your panties. Soft moans rattle in the back of your throat, vibrating against the head of his cock.

    Vegeta tugs your hair back until your mouth releases his cock. He pulls your head back until you’re looking him in the eyes. His eyes are filled with hunger. You’re relieved to see this look instead of the insecurity he’d tried so hard to mask. His eyes trace over your face. Your lips are swollen and red, drool dribbles down your chin. You’re such a mess from pleasuring him, he wants to fuck you right now.

    “Did I say you could touch yourself?”

    Your hand ceases its movements at your core, “I’m sorry I just-”

    “You think you’re in charge now?”

    “Of course not,” you look up at him with wide eyes.

    “Sit in my lap,” he instructs you.

    “Vegeta you’re injured-”

    “Did I stutter, woman?”

    He pulls you towards him until you have no choice but to crawl onto him. You straddle his lap, but still, you try to keep his injuries in mind even if his current state of arousal has him convinced they’re not there anymore. His hand moves away from your hair to trace a line down your throat while the other hand bunches the fabric of your dress in a fist.

    “Take this off,” he tells you. “Now.”

    You quickly pull the dress over your head and toss it to the side. As soon as you do so his hands are on your breasts and tugging at your nipples.

    “Oh,” you sigh.

    Your hips grind against him, craving friction in your core. A harsh slap on your thigh ceases the movements. Vegeta bites down on the soft flesh of your neck before gently sucking the same spot. Repeating the motion until your neck and chest are covered in marks. Arousal still pools in your core, soaking your panties. His cock twitches against your clothed pussy. You want to move your hips so bad. Even more so, you want him inside of you.

    “I can smell how aroused you are,” he growls.

    “Vegeta,” you whine.

    “What is it? You want me to fuck you?”

    “Please, please.”

    His fingers soothe along your clothed slit, pride washing over him at how wet your panties are. He loves having you begging for him, but he’s aching to be buried in your wet cunt. He easily finds your clit and begins rubbing it harshly. With a smirk, he leans back to watch your face contort in pleasure. Your hips grind against his hand. He pulls it back, placing a slap on your inner thigh.

    “We will stay like this all night if you don’t be patient.”

    “Vegeta, please,” you plead.

    He bunches your panties in his fist and tugs them off. You gasp at the sound of the fabric ripping, only for the sound to get caught in your throat when he raises them to his nose. He moans at the smell of you.

    “So eager,” he teases as he throws the ripped garment to the side.

    He pulls you in for a hungry kiss. His teeth scraping against your bottom lip to elicit a whine from you. You brace your hands on his muscular shoulders to avoid leaning any weight on his abdomen. His tongue prods at your lips until you part them, then he tastes your hungrily. It’s the taste of himself on your lips which finally drives him over the edge.

    His hands grip tightly onto your hips, raising you up for a moment before pushing you onto his cock. A surprised moan shakes through your chest at being filled with every inch of his cock in one abrupt thrust. He doesn’t give you time to adjust before he’s guiding you to bounce on his cock. The pace he sets is hard and fast. It feels so good to have your pussy fluttering around him and seeing you moan so helplessly as he uses your tight little hole.

    He slams into you over and over, the assault on your cervix mixing pleasure with pain. Your orgasm is almost agonizing in its intensity, your nails dig into his shoulders as you cry out his name.

    “Fuck yes,” he grunts.

    He never slows his pace down to let you gather yourself again. Instead, continue to pump into you until tears prick your eyes.

    “Vegeta, it’s too much,” you whine.

    “You can take it, princess,” his thumb strokes a tear off your cheek. “Be good for me.”

    “I’ll be good,” you murmur as you press your forehead against his. Your lips barely brush against his.

    “I’m going to fill your tight little cunt with my seed,” he growls.

    He shoves his hand between your thighs to rub your clit in rough circles, adding more fuel to the fire steadily building in your core. A couple more thrusts are all it takes for Vegeta to have you engulfed in another intense orgasm. Your pussy gushes around him as your walls contract around his length.

    Vegeta’s head falls back against the couch, his own orgasm just barely on the edge. His eyes stay fixed on his cock pumping in and out of you, the sight almost pushing him over. He wants to last longer. The urge to have you whining and moaning while he continues fucking you is so strong, but his body isn’t quite in agreement with his desires.

    “Please, cum inside of me,” you breathe.

    Vegeta gasps when he does just that. His hips snapping into you as your pussy milks him of every drop. His fingers dig into your skin until you know there will be bruises the next day.

    His chest rises and falls rapidly as he struggles to catch his breath. You lean forward to press a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth. Warmth blossoms inside of him as your fingers gingerly trace his jawline.

    “You really know how to take care of your prince,” Vegeta praises you.

    With a small smile, you kiss him softly before whispering, “I love you too.”

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    Tw: hair pulling, choking, pegging, masochist Ran and sadist reader basically.

    - - -

    Ran likes it when it hurts. You noticed when he would quickly ask you to pull harder on his hair. He loves the burning sensation on his scalp and your harsh movements, forcing his head up or down. More than dominated he loves feeling mistreated. There aren’t a lot of people out there that could handle your position, after all.

    He’s in love with the delight in your eyes as you make him cry. He doubts he looks as beautiful as you while he tortures his victims. There’s a twisted joy in you sitting on his cock and cutting his breathing with your hands tightly wrapped around his throat. He just can’t help spilling inside of you as he gets lightheaded.

    It’s so intimate and so raw, the way your teeth and nails sink into his flesh, drawing blood. You always say he looks the prettiest bruised and you’re right. He does when you’re the one hurting him. Before meeting you he didn’t think he could trust someone this way. Yet, he didn’t question you as you carefully pushed him past his limits.

    It felt too good, he remembered, the first time he felt the burn from how you filled him up so perfectly. You called him a whore for enjoying your harsh treatment but he could tell you were the one who truly got off on his suffering. Yet you kissed him softly afterwards always, rewarding him so good for his behaviour.

    You said you loved him and he melted in your arms, oversensitive from the stimulation. These were the only moments he would cry, in the bedroom, and you were the only one who could comfort him.

    Ran loved it when it hurt because he loved you.

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    Your Boyfriend TK

    #Empressgemstone#art#drawing#sketch#scribble#fanart#your boyfriend #your boyfriend tk #y/n #your boyfriend y/n #your boyfriend tk x y/n #tk x y/n #cute
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    Gonna go broke very soon #dilemma

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    Whiskey Eyes and Liquorish Blush

    Genre- One Shot

    Pairing- Dwd!Jack!HarryStyles x Female!Dwd!Reader

    Word Count- 2k+ (2,214)

    Warning- Cheating, strip tease, slapping, cursing, Y/n being a badarse as fuck.

    A/n- So according to the teaser I made it look like Jack cheated on his fiance with Alice and cause I love Alice, she doesn’t know that Jack has a fiance. ENJOY <333

    Oh, he cheated? She will make him regret every moment he spent without her and miss every one of those he spent with her.

    Y/n had personally requested his friend, Tai to bring him to the club where she -for the very first and the last time- is going to perform as a stripper. You read it right, she’s going to show Jack that she knows he cheated, has been knowing since last Friday, while she a strip teases to rile him up, the rest is a surprise.

    “I have a very special surprise for you mate” Tai said exactly at the entrance of the club. “Alice is here?” Jack asked, not caring for once about his fiancé to whom he proposed two weeks ago, to whom he mutters ‘I love you-s’. “Nah, but someone who might entertain you?” Tai winked at his friend, praying for him on the inside because at last, he’s his friend and also he’s included in the plan so. Realizing what Tai meant by ‘entertain’ Jack patted his back, not caring about the other woman he’s about to cheat on either.

    No can blame Alice to fuck the hot-shot, anyone would ask to do it before they die, especially when they don’t know that he has a fiancé. The pretty woman would just ask her future fiancé to wear his fucking engagement ring.

    Loud music, drunk slurs, moans and his tongue’s call for liquor filling his ears immediately. “Where’s my surprise?” Jack asked, patting Tai’s chest to inform he’s talking to him. “At least get your tipsy blush first” Tai replied chuckling and pushing through the dancing and grinding bodies towards the bar. “Can I see her? S she here?” he asked, proving he’s already horny at the thought of a woman personally assigned to pleasure him in any way.  “She’s nicely waiting for you in the room Jack, you need to the same” Tai replied again but grumpily this time, the fact that his friend is being such a douche feeling like cellulose to his digestive system.

    “Fine” Jack said, huffing and kissing Tai’s earlobe and Tai, in these type of really believed that his friend is either gay or has to be bisexual, not because his male friend gave him a kiss at an intimate area but because of the way it makes him want to be gay.

    Downing all the eighth shots in a row both of them harshly slammed the ninth one after emptying it on the counter, causing the bartender to hiss under his breath. “Think can handle more?” Tai asked, totally forgotten about the sentence ‘make sure he isn’t too drunk’ said by y/n. “Want my surprise first” Jack jokingly whined and reminding his friend of the plan along.

    “Oh yeah, let’s get your arse in there so I can drink in peace” Tai said, standing firmly enough to prove he can down more. “Finally!” Jack said, following his friend to the surprise waiting for him.

    “Please” Tai said, opening the door for the other one and acting as if he were a waiter. “Thank you” Jack said and sheepishly closed the door, turning around to find the one who is facing the wall, her back facing him.

    Y/n prepared herself, puffed up her hair, threw her shoulders back and brushed a hand over her lingerie after hearing the footsteps from the hallway with the ‘please’ and the ‘thank you’. Has been hearing to ‘God Is a Woman’ by Ariana Grande to work according to the plan and keep her confidence up throughout.

    “Hello” he said, voice lowered and seductive but not to her, not anymore. “Took too long sir, was waiting for you” she said, still facing away and Harry did note the way her voice was achingly similar to his fiancé’s but he blamed it on the liquor rushing in his veins. “I’m sorry, sure the wait wasn’t worth it?” he said, wanting her to turn around and to see his poking member, the deed done by her back itself, slight contribution of the drinks.

    “I’m sure it was, sir” she said, turning around with her knees far apart, the skirt covering her center, smirking when his eyes went wide.  

    “Babe!” He said, trying to hide his shock and fear and act like he wasn’t going to let a woman strip tease him and knew that his friend had her in here. “Heyyy!” He said, moving forwards to her with his hands wide open as if inviting her to make a home in those.

    Instead of saying she sat him down on the leather chair, cuffed his hands and stood back up, a bit far from Him.

    “What’s the ocassion love?” he asked as this was the first time she would be giving him a surprise strip tease, has given it before but at home and not in strange club.

    Gripping his chin, she mumbled a “exactly two weeks since you proposed” and lightly threw his head back. He knows he should’ve been home with her right now but how would he if he didn’t even remember? Too busy in planning about a night out to a club with his friend and get fucked by a chick because he was so familiar with a body which has owned his cum till he cheated.

    “A last surprise from me to you” she said, tears brimming in her eyes when he was just pathetically moaning, quickly blinking them cause no matter he cheated, he still knows her like the back of his hand and she wants to change that; she will.

    Not exactly registering the actual meaning behind her words he tried to pull her towards him through her hips but failed because, cuffs. She backed more far away and put her hair in a bun, while their eyes were in contact.

    “This night will be the best surprise of your life I promise.” She said and played her playlist which she had specially created just for today, will send it to him later.

    “I bet it will be darling” he said and she didn't miss the missing encouragement his usual self would give her at these moments. She felt like these are just the words he must have said to the other woman he has been sleeping with.

    First song being Streets by Doja Cat, she instantly sank down to her knees, touching her own body he made love to. Her hands crawling up to cup her boobs through the thin material of the white shirt, feeling nipples perking up. Making sure not to break eye contact she untied her bun and flipped her hair back and the middle line made a home and god damn if a man wouldn’t cum at the sight. Playing with the chains on her necks and around the waist.

    Both her hands touched the cold floor as she moved forward, at the same height of his knees, droplets of sweat collecting on his forehead and upper lip. Face shining in the red light. He was already a moaning mess, faster than y/n had expected, which resulted in her smirking proudly.

    The songs played one by one, each one boosting her confidence up till the roof and sending Harry in heaven and hell at the same time. Never did he thought he would want to crawl for a woman. The last and the main song came and made it’s entry, ‘God Is Woman’ by Ariana Grande, bringing along the moment she will break the news to him.

    Going back down on her knees she goes a bit out of plan and touches him as her very own fingers were desperate for him, to touch what was once her for the last time. Her hands crawling up from his foot to where he was buckling his hips up, trying so hard to get touched where he needed her. Hell even if he could help his self, he would.

    You, you love it how I move you

    You love it how I touch you

    My one, when all is said and done

    You'll believe God is a woman

    And I, I feel it after midnight

    A feelin' that you can't fight

    My one, it lingers when we're done

    You'll believe God is a woman

    Slamming his hips down she removes her hands, letting the touch of her soft yet rough palms linger on him for some.

    Pulling another chair out from behind him, she sat down on it with her legs glued together, her toes supporting them. She would rather serve her self than let him touch her tonight. Her hands resting dangerously close to where his wanted to be.

    I don't wanna waste no time, yeah

    You ain't got a one-track mind, yeah

    Have it any way you like, yeah

    And I can tell that you know I know how I want it

    Ain't nobody else can relate

    Boy, I like that you ain't afraid

    Baby, lay me down and let's pray

    I'm tellin' you the way I like it, how I want it

    Not able to even palm himself he hissed as he twitched again, wanted to lay her down and make her moan his name all night long but for the sake of his wrists the cuffs weren’t local. He wanted her tell him where she wants him, what she wants of his, what is she feeling, wanted to feel her clench around his fingers, tongue and cock.

    Watching her sit innocently like she isn’t the one knowingly hardening his dick, he just impossibly hardened. It was pathetic how he just sat there and kept on twitching while she did everything in her will to do it all for the last time.

    And I can be all the things you told me not to be(Yeah)

    When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing(Yeah)

    And he see the universe when I'm the company

    It's all in me

    The best dropped and her legs opened, as fast as thunder. Wanting so bad to treat herself and leave the douche in front of her right then and there, she swung her head back, only to wave her hair and arch her back slightly and swing the hair along to make it look sexy rather than needy.

    You, you love it how I move you

    You love it how I touch you

    My one, when all is said and done

    You'll believe God is a woman

    And I, I feel it after midnight

    A feelin' that you can't fight

    My one, it lingers when we're done

    You'll believe God is a woman

    She will prove to him that he didn’t just cheated on his fiancé, he cheated on his woman, his goddess.

    All the feeling came back rushing to his head when he saw her arch her back, that’s exactly how she did it on the night he had proposed and the morning after, disappointed that she could make herself do that on her own. He wanted to mutter filthy things while she moaned in his mouth. Wanted to make her cum all over him and his self to cum in her. Wanted her to offer hand after their time and take him to shower and save his soul.

    I'll tell you all the things you should know

    So, baby, take my hand, save your soul

    We can make it last, take it slow, hmm

    And I can tell that you know I know how I want it, yeah

    But you're different from the rest

    And boy, if you confess, you might get blessed

    See if you deserve what comes next

    I'm tellin' you the way I like it, how I want it.

    He wanted her to tell him how he was different from rest, how he stayed, how was loyal..

    The song nearing end, she still danced on the chair and didn’t touched him once. His cock poking out as if it would tear the pants if needed.

    The last stanza came and a rush of electricity up and down his whole body when she removed the cuffs and touched his skin for the first time during her performing.

    “You can still confess that you cheated, you’re thinking of having sex with me and not making love to me. You’re thinking of muttering filthy things to me and not praises and love.” She said, her ability to make eyes contact was out the window. She knew she will leave soon and see him for the hopefully last time when the tears brimmed in her eyes again. She wasn’t looking down nor on his chest, she was staring at his Liquorish blush which she wished she could give him by complementing his chosen tie for the day. He wanted her whiskey tinted eyes to look at his now dark green ones.

    Whimpering she said “Fuck it” and pressed her mouth to his and the tears only wanted to flow out harder when his lips just didn’t seem to fit with hers anymore, how they were frozen.

    Whimpering last time, she pecked his cheek then slapped it and ran out of the room, all while he clutched the now probably red cheek and stared down at the chair in front of him, where she left her engagement ring.

    #harry styles #harry styles concept #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles ff #harry styles angst #harry styles au #harry styles x reader #harry edward styles #harry styles x you #harry styles x y/n #harry styles smut #don't worry darling #alice#jack#reader insert#fiance harry #harry styles fanfic #fanfiction #thanks for reading #mwah#byeeeee#<333
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  • cry-baby-tate
    18.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Tight squeeze

    Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

    Warnings: cursing, claustrophobia

    “Shit, shit, shit” you mutter taking deep calming breaths trying to stem the flow of tears you feel brimming.

    “What is wrong (y/n)?” Pietro asks, turning in the small space to look at you.

    Your back is pressed firmly against the wall of the extremely small rectangular box you and the Sokovian speedster are stuck in, trying to make yourself as small as possible.

    You shake your head in response, trying to calm your shaking body.

    How had this happened? You thought, recalling the recent events that had transpired to place you in this predicament.

    It was supposed to have been a simple mission, get in, get out, destroy some Hydra stuff, learn some Hydra stuff, easy. Unfortunately for you and the rest of the smaller then usual team of Avengers that had come on said mission, Hydra had set up a trap.

    The smaller then usual group of heroes, consisting of Captain America, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and you had been able to hold your own against the Hydra agents very well. But whilst lost in the heat of battle one hydra agent had gotten the drop on you as you fought another two agents. The team had ended up backing you into a corner where they had a small box set up to normally hold who knows what.

    The silver speedster had noticed you being cornered and in an effort to help had rushed over, but more agents had joined in corning you and you where both slightly tired from all the fighting, in the end he had been pushed in as well, the Hydra agents securely locking the box.

    Immediately upon the door closing you had panicked, Pietro began banging on the walls to try to either break them or alert the rest of your team, but it was to no avail, realizing this he then focused his attention on you.

    Bringing you to were you were now.

    “(Y/n)” he reiterated looking at you with concern, his bright blue eyes still clearly seen threw the gloom. “What is wrong?”

    “I-I’m really claustrophobic…” You finally admit with a deep breath, eyes shut tight trying to ignore the cold walls you can feel surrounding you, instead focusing on the warm body of the Sokovian twin to get your mind off your trapped state.

    “Oh.” He laughs lightly, and you open your eyes to glare at him.

    “It’s-it’s not funny!” You stutter out, the argument drawing your mind from the tight walls around you.

    “No, no” he reassured “you just do not seem like the type of person to be claustrophobic.” He explained in his accent that you couldn’t help but find completely adorable.

    You let out a humph “And why’s that?”

    “You keep to yourself very much.” He tried to explain.

    “That’s not an answer.” You mutter in reply. Your nerves had calmed down considerably while you had been focused in the argument, but now you could hear noise coming from outside other then fighting and could feel the box being moved, bringing you back to where you were, you began taking deep breaths again, tears once more threatening to spill.

    You shut your eyes tight and tried to touch as few walls as possible, which was very hard in the cramped space.

    “Ah, (y/n)” Pietro spoke, worry evident in his voice. He could tell you where getting nervous again by the slight tremors

    that controlled your body and the quick heavy breathing you were emitting. “How can I help?” He asked, hand soothingly rubbing your upper arm.

    “I don’t like touching the walls…” You mumble out after a moment, embarrassed.

    The speedster understands and pulls you into a tight comforting hug that allows you to touch barely any walls, your back barely scratching one of them and your two arms no longer pressed against either wall.

    “Thanks.” You mumble, glad it was dark and he couldn’t see your face heating up. You had known the boy almost three months now and had developed a small crush on him, but even with all the casual flirting you two partook in you could never be sure if he really liked you back.

    “It is not a pr-” he began, but was cut off by the box falling onto its side from its standing position. Luckily the box fell so that you now laid on top of Pietro who was now on his back, if it had been the other way around, you crushed against the floor him on top of you, you surely would have thrown up from fright.

    “What just happened?” You panicked, opening your eyes to look at the man who held you for comfort, even though you could barley see him in the dark anyway. He shrugs and you feel the movement rather then see it.

    “I am not sure.” He speaks quietly, absentmindedly pulling you closer. “But the fighting sounds seem to have stopped.”

    “Shou- should we call out?” You wonder aloud, unsure. Your coms had stopped working upon entering the Hydra base so yelling was the only way to contact your teammates.

    “Let us wait a minute to see that Hydra are not the ones who have us.” He reasoned looking down at you to check his plan was okay. You nodded and closed your eyes again. Leaning closer into Pietro in an effort to forget your surroundings again.

    “You seem like the type of person to be scared of small spaces.” You remark after a few moment of comfortable silence.

    “Why is that?” Pietro asks curiously.

    “Because of your powers.” You explain. “You’re always moving around.”

    “The small spaces make me uncomfortable.” He replied “but scared, no.”

    “Oh…” Was all you knew how to respond, always bad at keeping conversations going.

    “But right now I am very happy.” The Sokovian spoke up again.

    “hmm? Why?” You ask curiously, unsure how anything about this situations could be described as happy.

    “Becasue you are in my arms (y/n)” he replied smiling lightly.

    You face heats up again and you peak open your eyes to look at him “your so cheesy.” You mutter.

    “But you love me any way.” The silver haired man joked, face turning red once he realized what he’d said. “I- uh-I mean- uh- I didn’t mean to assume- I uh- .” He tried to sputter out.

    You were also at a loss for words, the ‘L’ word was a word never used between the two of you, even in a joking manner. Luckily you were both saved from the embarrassment by someone knocking on the outside of the box.

    “Brother? (Y/n)?” You hear Wanda speak urgently, clearly very worried.

    “We are here sister!” Pietro spoke up to let his sister know you were both safe. He held you tighter the past conversation put aside for now but not forgotten.

    Wanda let out a sigh of relief “I have found them!” She called out to Steve and Natasha to alert them to where their missing teammates had gone.

    “How did they end up in here?” You can hear Natasha’s muffled voice threw the box.

    “How soon can you get us out of here?” You ask voice shaking slightly. Pietro rubbed your back soothingly, knowing you just wanted out of this damned box, and not to get away from him.

    “We’re hoping within three hours.” Steve responds.

    “Three hours!?” You shriek your shuddering picking up again even as Pietro continues rubbing your back soothingly in an effort to calm you.

    “Sorry you two.” Steve responds “ but we can’t find the lock system and we don’t have the tools necessary to cut you out safely.”

    “You are going to have to take us back to Stark Towers in this box?” Pietro clarifies.

    “Yeah, we’re gonna load you into the quinjet now. How do you want to be carried on?” Steve asks.

    You tug in Pietro’s shirt lightly to grab his attention. “Can you ask them to keep us as we are as much as possible?” You ask quietly and he lets out a soft chuckle and calls out “ try to keep us like this as much as possible.”

    “Okay then” you hear Steve take control “Wanda, you lift the box with your powers as much as possible and I’ll take the weight you can’t handle. Natasha you prepare the jet.“

    Everyone on the outside took their places and you can feel yourself being lifted shakily. You grip Pietro tighter.

    "Do not worry soarele meu strălucitor” he whispered into your hair, and began softly singing a lullaby in Romanian to help calm you. You were able to focus on him and calm your nerves during the bumpy ride and once placed onto the jet where the ride would be smooth you were comfortable enough to fall into a light slumber.

    Upon noticing this the speedster stopped his singing and kissed the top of your head affectionately, still rubbing you back soothingly through the ride back to Stark Towers.

    #pietro maximoff fanfiction #avengers x reader #pietro x y/n #pietro maximoff
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  • river-fics
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    Fool Me- Bakugou Katsuki (2)

    A/n: the conclusion of part 1 that was asked for. I'm so tired ya'll!

    Summary: After the heavy rejection from Bakugou, you start to move on, only to be pulled back to him.

    Warning: Swears teehee

    You tap your pencil against your desk, barely listening to Present Mic teach English. You should be taking notes for the exams, but you can't focus. You're still zoned in on that night. The night Bakugou confessed to you, rejecting him. It replays in your head continuously. You want it to stop, but seeing him so venerable makes you feel better about how harsh he was to you. "Y/n, you wanna copy my notes?" A soft voice asks from behind you. You look back, seeing Kirishima with his notebook in hand. You hesitate at first, not wanting to be a burden. "I already understand the lesson, so I don't need them right now." he assures you. "Thank you." You mumble, holding out your hand for him to place the book in. When doing so, his rough hands connect with yours. A shock runs through your body, quickly facing front to hide your face. You can feel the heat rise in your cheeks from the small graze. This does not go unnoticed by a pink haired classmate. She nudges your arm, leaning towards your desk from her own. "Moving on so fast?" She flutters her eyes playfully. "It's not like that. Keep your mind out of those love magazines." You hush her, returning to the new notes you got.


    You wander the school halls, taking in the boring walls. You have an off period, leaving you with nothing to do. You could head to your dorm for a quick nap or grab a snack from the cafeteria. You decide to head to the cafeteria, walking past all the in session classes. You push open the cafeteria doors, a cold breeze hitting you. You walk towards the snack bar, grabbing an apple and some crackers. You turn to exit the large area, only to see Kirishima, Mina, and Sero sitting at one of the vacant tables. Without a second thought, you walk towards them, taking a bite of your apple. "Hey, guys." You hum, sitting next to Kirishima. "Oh hey! Nice for you to join us!" Mina squeals, taking your hand in hers. "We were just talking about Bakugou!" You roll your eyes, regretting your choice. "Do we have to?" You grumble. Mina frowns, glancing at the boys. "Denki got a new video game and he invited us to his dorm." Sero changes the subject. You're thankful for him always being a mediator. "Oh, which one? I heard his mom got him a few for getting passing grades this semester." Kirishima pipes up. You can't help but watch a his eyes shine at the new conversation. He's really adorable like this. "Not like that... sure.." Mina whispers in your ear and once again your cheeks burn. You take another bite of your apple, trying to ignore the quick pace of your heart.


    "Kirishima, pass it to me!" You try to run through the waves, slowed down by the water. Kirishima's eyes lock with yours, throwing the football. You jump up to catch it, crashing into a strong wave. You slip underwater, inhaling salty liquid. You get to your feet, popping out of the water. You have to cough up some sand, catching your friend's attention. "You good?" Denki is closest, placing a hand on your back. You nod through the stinging pain in your nose. "Just took some water in." You explain. Kirishima trudges towards you, checking you out. "Let's take a break, we should eat some food Bakugou brought." He suggests. You mentally groan at his name, but don't object. You follow the group to the shore, walking to the umbrella and towels in the sand. Bakugou is walking next to Kirishima, chatting with him on the way. "So, do you like both of them or just Kiri." Mina appears next to you. You sigh loudly, hoping she gets the hint. "Come on! You can't just leave me without answers." She complains, throwing her arm around you. You've been avoiding her questions, because you don't have an answer. You don't know how you feel. You can't even look at Bakugou because of the whole confession incident. But you also don't know if you feel anything for Kirishima. Sure, he makes your heart race and brightens your day, but friends can do that too. "When I have the answers I'll tell you." You lean your head against her shoulder. Once you arrive at your area, you sit on your towel. It's warm from absorbing sunlight, combating the cold from the water. "Bakugou brought grilled squid and chicken, who wants what?" Denki shouts at the group. Sero chooses the chicken, not really liking sea food. You choose the squid, because he's actually talented at making that.

    "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hangout tomorrow." Kirishima plops on his towel next to yours. "What were you guys planning?" You snarf down your food, starving from all the actives you've done at the beach. You try your best to keep sand out of your food, but somehow you can feel the tiny grains. "Uh, I meant just us." You nearly choke, taken aback. "Like a date?" You pry. He averts his eyes, pink dusting his cheeks. "Yeah, if that's ok." He lowers his voice, now embarrassed. You take a second to think. You want to spend time with him. You want to know if there's something between you two. "Sure, just give me a time and place." You grin. It's his turn to be surprised, stumbling over his words. "I'll uh text them to you tonight!" His lips spread into a joyous smile, how cute. You're too busy taking in Kirishima's cuteness to see Bakugou's face drop, putting his food away.


    You run into the classroom, dropping your bag at your desk. You look towards Kirishima, his eyes stuck on you. You're cheeks sting and you can tell they're pink. "Morning!" You blurt you, trying to start a conversation. "Good morning, Y/n!" He chuckles. You sit down in your seat, taking out your notebook and pen. "You have any idea why Bakugou is glaring at me?" He whispers. You turn to see Bakugou with murder in his eyes. You groan, annoyed by his immaturity. "Ignore him, he's just mad that we went on a date." You huff. "He still likes you?" Kirishima asks, his voice raising. "No clue, but there's no way I'll ever like him back." You comfort Kirishima, placing your hand in his. Kirishima squeezes yours, sending warmth through your body.


    You stare blankly at the casket. It's decorated with roses and little cards giving him their wishes. You've mourned enough already, you can't cry anymore. All your friends are here, at least the ones who are still alive. "he was a wonderful hero, he saved thousands. We wish him a safe passage to the afterlife." You don't know who is talking, too tired to see. "I'm sorry." A gruff voice catches your attention. You glance to see Bakugou holding a flower for his best friend. "You weren't the one who killed him." You mutter. You expect that to be it, but he continues. "I promised Eijiro I'd take care of you." He steps closer to you, but refuses to make eye contact. "I don't need to be taken care of." You hate the idea of being too weak to handle yourself. You don't need help from anyone. Just because you lost the love of your life doesn't mean you're helpless. "I know, but I still have to. It's rude to not follow through with a promise." That's when it hit you. Bakugou is in the same agony as you. He lost his best friend. He watched his friend die on the battle field. He needs just as much support as you. "We'll take care of each other."

    #bakugou katuski x reader #bnha bakugo katsuki #bakugou x y/n #bakugo x you #bakugou x reader #katsuki bakugou x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugou katsuki x reader #bakugou katsuki #katsuki x y/n #katsuki bakugo imagine #katsuki x reader #katsuki x you #bakugo x female reader #bakugo x y/n #bakugo x self insert #bakugou x gender neutral reader #bakugou x fem!reader #bakugou x you #bakugou x self insert
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    #luke patterson jatp #luke patterson fanfiction #luke patterson x reader #luke patterson imagines #luke x reader #luke jatp #luke patterson imagine #luke patterson#sunset curve #jatp x reader #jatp netflix#jatp fanfic#jatp fic#julie jatp#jatp cast#jatp imagines#jatp#jatp fanfiction #charlie gillespie fluff #charlie gillespie x y/n #charlie gillespie fanfiction #charlie gillespie fic #charliegillespieedit#charlie gillespie #charlie gillespie x reader #charles gillespie#jeremy shada#reggie peters#reggie phantom #owen patrick joyner
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  • chateautae
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    hotter than hell | jjk. (m)

    banner by miss solaris @jamaisjoons <3

    ➵ summary : jungkook, lucifer and king of hell, has been cast out of the crimson underworld for a reason he’s unsure of. embarking on his journey for the answer should’ve been easy, if it weren’t for you, the human that nurses his wounded body in her home, and accidentally witnesses the truth of his identity. kickstarting a hellish adventure with the devil himself, you discover lucifer is the most infuriating company ever; and jungkook finds out that maybe his answer to returning home lies within his annoying human confidant.

    ↳ part of the Namkook Moonrise Masquerade collab hosted by @jamaisjoons

    ➵ pairing : fallen lucifer!jungkook x human!reader

    ➵ genre : supernatural/fantasy!au, romance, e2l, road trip, angst, fluff, eventual smut, three-shot

    ➵ rating : 18+

    ➵ word count : 27k

    ➵ warnings : swearing, angst, alcohol consumption, semi-biblically-accurate depictions of angels and demons, supernatural themes, mentions and depictions of sin, s e x u a l  t e n s i o n, neck-kissing, straddling

    ➵ a/n : WHY HELLO EVERYONE here’s the demon lucifer jk as promised!! i stayed up an entire night just to create the plot, i hope it delivers!! it’s literally one of the my favourite ideas ever hehe. this is the first part of a three-shot :) please excuse any mistakes or error since I didn’t have a beta and will probably get someone to do so later 🤧 PLEASE IMAGINE MOTS ON:E DAY 1 MY TIME JUNGKOOK FOR THIS Y’ALL, enjoy!! <3

    ➵ playlist : a******e by hooligan chase

    | 01 | 02 | final. |

    ‘Why is she looking at my man?’ 

    ‘I need to get blackout drunk.’

    ‘Damn, that girl is fucking hot.’

    ‘I’ll steal it when he isn’t looking.’

    Jungkook’s head rings with an innumerable amount of thoughts, and he can’t seem to silence the blaring volume of them at all.

    He’s roaming in complete confusion, clutching his palms over his ears because shit, is everything just so loud. His feet hurt too, when have his feet ever hurt? Why can’t he fucking fly? Why does he suddenly feel so cold?

    Jungkook’s bleary vision catches sight of neon signs and lights that invite head-splitting migraines. His usual leather outfit suddenly feels like it’s sticking to his skin too much, and what is this constant pang he feels in his stomach?

    He doesn’t know, all he knows is that this isn’t hell, and he definitely should not be here. 

    In all his thinking, his shoulder smacks into a passing stranger and he scolds them with stern eyes, only to ram into someone else yet again. 

    Fuck, that hurt. Why did that hurt? When has he ever felt pain at all? Jungkook grunts in frustration as he weaves through passing bodies in the streets and eventually tumbles before a closed store. The second he looks through the window, his eyes widen in sheer horror. 

    He’s.. he’s human? 

    No, impossible. He can’t be human, where did his red eyes go? Why can’t he see his wings? He snaps quick glances at his shoulder blades and finds them empty, even reaching behind his back to only feel a seamless leather jacket. He looks at his hands and sees them just like his usual form, but when did he lose that natural, searing heat to his skin? 

    Jungkook can’t think, he can’t understand what’s going on but can only comprehend one very obvious, almost laughable thing. 

    He’s been cast out of hell. 

    He laughs, then laughs some more because shit, is that goddamn funny, comedic, absolutely hysterical. Lucifer, the king of hell himself, has been cast out of his own kingdom? Sent to Earth as some measly blubbering, putrid human? 

    The second Jungkook whips his head around to a horn honking, his equilibrium unbalanced itself, that incessant ringing in his ear returning. He feels too fucking dizzy, the axis of his entire world spinning. Groaning in dull pain, he begins stalking down the street with his clammy palm to his head. 

    He bumps into more people and staggers, but he doesn’t care when he can still feel that same agonizing headache plaguing him. His eyesight begins to lose precision, and before he advances, he feels his knees buckle into the nearest alleyway. He drops to the ground hard, and his surroundings disappear before he feels his cheek meet the cold pavement. 

    Monday’s are so goddamn boring. 

    Absolutely nothing is special about the dreadful day. All you ever desire is to crawl into a hole and slowly perish. And the only remedy to such an issue? At least to you, it would be a nice, steaming cup of coffee. 

    But what absolutely trashes even the taste of coffee on a Monday?

    The fact that it’s a Monday.

    You drag your feet down the street, listless and exhausted after a tiresome day at work. You loosely clutch your bag over your shoulder as you trudge along, paying attention only squarely in front of you when suddenly, your feet ram into something. You almost trip over, furrowing your brows in confusion as you zero-in on the culprit. 

    Once your vision becomes clear, you immediately squeal out in shock. You look carefully to find a man lying unconscious nearby a dumpster, appalled by the disgusting trash that litters the area next to him. 

    You step slowly towards the stranger, finding that he’s actually quite… handsome. No, scratch that, he is drop-dead gorgeous, his looks almost too devilishly attractive. He appears fairly young to you as well, maybe the same age as you. You scan his outfit next and find him in a quite showy leather outfit; black boots, sheer-patterned shirt that exposed his body, hair flawlessly framing his face. 

    You could’ve believed he was a fallen angel, his almost ethereal aura screaming of an existence far from here. His face structure is almost perfectly crafted from the finest marble, his nose looks boopable and his adorable lips naturally fall into this charming pout. 

    Though his cuteness was not to be taken head-on, because you could only imagine what such a beautiful man’s eyes look like, and what allure remained hidden within them. 

    You shake your head out of the compromising thoughts, swallowing as you contemplate what to do next. The most logical thing would be to call 911, that would help him out the most, wouldn’t it?

    You whip out your phone and tap your screen, only to gain no response. You quirk your brows, clicking your power button and finding your device completely drained of battery. You groan with a roll of your eyes, too shy to inquire another stranger on the street for their phone.

    Weighing on the decision that the stranger most likely has a phone, you bite your lip before squatting down by him. You precariously reach into his jacket and gently search for any pockets inside, only met with empty ones. You target his leather pants next and surprisingly come up dry of a phone or wallet, no keys or even a damn stick of gum. 

    That leaves you with a real head-scratcher. The stranger seems to have absolutely nothing on him, now suddenly curious of whether or not he's even dead or alive. Heart quickening at the prospect of this being a dead body, you nervously gulp as you carefully take his wrist, and place two fingers against his pulse point. 

    You thankfully feel a faint heartbeat and release a breath of relief, thinking quickly on your feet. You couldn’t just leave the stranger to fend for himself, it was already cold tonight and God knows what would happen to him without any of his necessary belongings. 

    On a whim and out of sheer concern for the man’s well-being, you decide to haul a cab and take him home with you, hoping to also treat that nasty wound on his cheek. 

    Jungkook feels his consciousness resurfacing, head heavy, legs weighing a ton. His eyes flutter open to a white ceiling, darting around to find himself not on the street, not in hell, but inside a quaint apartment.

    He furrows his brows, rubbing lazily at an eye once he does a quick once over of the place. He sincerely doesn’t understand where he is or what he’s doing here, but right now his head is still pounding too hard to even contemplate his next move. 

    Sitting up, he swallows to find his throat desert-dry, stomach producing this weird gurgling sound he can’t piece together an answer for, and his eyes feel this hefty weight behind his lids. 

    With a sigh, he rises to his feet, steadying himself. He sighs at just how annoyingly human he is, feeling the sensation of his legs aching, his neck adopting a crook from being awkwardly perched on the couch’s armrest, even his cheek stinging with something. 

    He touches the afflicted area and instead finds some sort of cloth taped over him, wondering what in the hell it is. He touches it some more, and applies pressure only to hiss at his wound, rolling his eyes at the sensation of pain. 

    With a deep exhale to release the frustration from his body, Jungkook notices he can still feel the fiery pits of hell coursing through his veins. That hot flame is still alive inside him, something heated still within his blood and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t do something about it. With a focused mind and a composed breath, Jungkook attempts to revisit the very first, innate thing about his older form, imagining conjuring up his red, glowing eyes. 

    He squeezes his eyes shut tightly, and envisions them glowing crimson before he opens them again, feeling a smoldering heat spark in his irises. He spots a mirror by the front door of the apartment and peers at himself, finding his eyes a vibrant, almost fiery red. 

    He smirks, proud and satisfied. He’s still got it in him and he’ll be fucked six ways from Sunday if anyone can tell him otherwise. Feeling confident and alive, Jungkook attempts to conjure up some flames in his palms. Lo and behold, after a tense second of undivided focus, a fire gushes open in his bare hands. It feels just like when he’s perched on his throne in hell, Jungkook cracking another smug grin at the power he still holds. 

    In that moment however, he hears the distinct clatter of something tumbling to the ground, and whips around to the noise. He shockingly finds a human woman staring at him in utter terror, hand clutched to her heart with her phone on the ground, and cowering into the wall as she shakes profusely. 

    You’re stunned, flabbergasted, downright terrified out of your wits seeing the same man you found unconscious in the street now with fire flushing out of his hands. You see him begin to approach you and you’re overridden with fear, screaming at the unnatural sight before you. 

    You scream, you scream and scream and look around for objects of any sort. You spot a small bottle of body spray on your hallway counter and immediately fling it towards the man for defence. 

    “Get away from me, get away!” 

    “Woah, hey, hey! Calm down!” 

    But you don’t, and you instead throw other obscure and heavy objects towards him only for him to either burn or dodge them, eliciting even more of your panic. He’s getting closer as he attempts to pacify you, darting by him and running directly towards your kitchen.

    Your frazzled brain isn’t thinking and you immediately fling open a cabinet, reaching for the very first thing you see and rapidly grasp a pan. You hold it up ready for punishing the man before he scrambles and hushes your ear-splitting shrills, holding up his hands in surrender. 

    “Wait, wait, stop! Shh!” 

    “How can I not scream when your eyes are literally red?!” 

    Jungkook struggles for a sentence. “Look, just, shh. You’re gonna alarm the people in your building!” 

    “That’s the fucking point?! You’re a maniac!” You yell and grab open your drawer of utensils, beginning to chuck forks and spoons at the frantic man. 

    “Hey, stop! Would you-stop throwing shit!” Jungkook yells frustratedly as you send him a scowl, only catapulting things harder in response. But suddenly, Jungkook burns a butter knife you haul his way,l and fearfully watching it melt right before your eyes. They widen in absolute horror.

    You’re seriously, and very horribly fucked.

    Panic invades your chest and you spot your phone lying on the ground near your bedroom door, quickly bolting towards it in hopes of calling 911, or at least somebody for help. You dive towards the floor and snatch up your device, racing mind unable to sift through contacts efficiently enough before you feel strong arms quickly caging around you. The stranger traps your wriggling body as he attempts to grab at your phone, yelling angrily. 

    “Are you insane?! Why are you calling someone?!” 

    “Because you’re a fucking maniac!” 

    You struggle against the man’s burly hold and flail around hopelessly, both of you knelt on the floor and useslessly fighting against each other. The man with much larger hands then yours nabs your phone and tosses it into your room somewhere, attempting to hush you as you squeal and kick at him profusely. 

    “Stop it, stop! I can explain myself!” 

    “I don’t want hear your fucking evil plan before you kill me!” 

    The man’s arms are still, curled around you and hugging your back to his chest, but it’s not a warm welcome at all as he keeps you from escaping, all while you holler incoherently at him to release you. You grow tired of the shenanigans and stuff the meat of his hand in between your teeth, sinking them in with enough force to harm him. The man exclaims in pain as his arms detangle from you, rapidly rising to your feet in search of your phone. 

    It’s laying near your bed and you scamper off towards it, bending down with a grabby hand to reach it, but suddenly feel the man’s heavy figure hurtle you onto the bed. You both tumble onto your mattress, the handsome stranger on top as he locks down your thrashing hands, eyes urgent as he regards you below. 

    “Woman, please, please stop screaming.” He warns crucially. “I’m not someone people can know about, we’ll both get in shit!” 

    “By who? You’re the only freak here!” You wiggle your smaller wrist out of his grip and reach over for a stray cushion on your bed. You feel the fleecy material in your hand and harshly begin smacking the man with the pillow. 

    “Oh c’mon-what the fuck?!” You disarm him completely as he falters at your hits, the stranger toppling onto the ground as you recklessly beat the living hell out of him. 

    He crosses his arms over his face in an effort to protect himself, knowing even if you run now, the man seemed strong and smart enough to capture you again; two deadly combinations that could mean your demise. So you decide to keep senselessly whacking the cushion at him until he eventually tires, and you’ll make a break for it, or Mr. and Mrs. Tran next door will most likely come to your rescue. 

    You stand above him and yell profanities as you practically abuse the stranger with your pillow. However, the man latches a hand onto the pillow to halt you and causes the cheap material to completely tear open. Feather’s instantly fly out of the cushion and fill your room with white fluffiness, groaning in complaint at the mess. 

    You disregard the $4 ripped-up thing, and return to smacking at the man with the pillow cover. 

    “Why. The. Fuck. Did you. Rip. My. PILLOW?!” You howl between each of your attacks and the man struggles on the ground as he exclaims in pain, blinded and barely able to shout in return. 

    “Are you fucking kidding me?! Why are you beating me up?!” 

    “Says the one who ripped my pillow and tried to murder me!” 

    “I’m not even-what!” The stranger shrieks in disbelief. “I never tried to murder you! I didn’t do anything wrong!” 

    That response actually halts your actions, freezing once you truly contemplate the stranger didn’t try to exactly kill you or anything, and you’re then in fact assaulting him for no concrete reason. As your easily distracted mind wanders, the man suddenly pulls at your legs with grabby hands. You squeal as you suddenly land on top of his rather muscular body, crashing onto him hard. 

    Funny enough, you end up apologizing for settling over him so roughly. “Oh my God, I’m so-” 

    “Shh, shh.” The man pushes his index fingers to your lips and his own, shushing you both. There’s a long moment of silence, both you and the albeit, gorgeous man staring into each other’s round eyes as your chests press into each other’s tightly, feathers slowly cascading down around your entangled bodies. 

    You swallow as you watch the man underneath you in fear, wondering why he hushed you. You open your mouth to question him but he only shakes his head, warning you with a hush again. 

    “Shh, I hear footsteps.” 

    Suddenly, your front door is racked with a few hard raps. 

    “Who’s-” The man begins a question but you immediately smack your hands over his mouth, silencing him. 

    “Shh, don’t say anything!” 

    He removes your dainty hands from his lips and surprisingly holds them quite gently. “But is it the police-” 

    You clasp them over his mouth tighter, your face and his suddenly mere inches from each other as you tut him. “Shh! They can’t hear another voice!” 

    “Honey! Are you in there?” 

    You both pause, wide-eyed and frozen in time as you hear the voices of the nice couple that live next door to you. Your fight or flight mode kicks in, stress hormones on high alert as you register the idea of them seeing a random man in your apartment. 

    Let alone you on top of him like this.

    They’ll assume the worst and get too worried for their own good, sighing with immense anxiety. You rapidly scramble off the leather-wearing stranger and snatch up his wrist, quickly tugging him upwards and onto his feet. He balances himself and you quickly shove him onto your tousled sheets and disorderly feathers. 

    “Look, just-stay here.” You hiss in a whisper, gesturing to him to stay put like a pet dog as you rapidly kick some stray feathers that escaped into the hallway inside your bedroom. You fix your outfit with a few strokes and begin shutting the door to hide the man, until he suddenly calls you back with a whisper-yell. 

    “Wait, woman!” 

    You poke your head back in with an incredulous ‘what the fuck?’, and the man rises as he steps speedily towards you. His hands jut out for what you believe to be in effort to harm you, but instead find your hair and smooth down some of your wild locks, even picking out a fuzzy piece of feather that stuck to your bangs. 

    “Oh..” You quietly exclaim, running your hands through your hair for a quick fix.

    “Dear, where are you? We’re getting very worried!” You hear Mr. Tran yell more urgently this time, and your hands smack against the strangers to unhand you, pushing him back within the four walls of your bedroom and shutting the door on his handsome face. 

    You compose yourself once you’ve done so and reach your foyer, swinging open your front door. 

    “Oh dear, Y/N, we were so worried, honey. Are you alright?” Mrs. Tran holds her hand to her chest as she takes a deep breath, Mr. Tran soon joining. 

    “Is anything going on, sweetheart? We heard so much yelling.” 

    “I’m okay, Mr. and Mrs. Tran. You don’t need to worry about me at all.” 

    “Are you sure you’re okay, dear? There was an awful lot of screaming.” Mrs. Tran’s eyes flit around your apartment discreetly. 

    “I was just on video call with my friends and they decided to play a scary prank on me.” You bellow out a fake laugh and watch them lighten up, buying the lie. 

    “Oh gosh, we thought we heard another man’s voice and got so scared! We’re so glad you’re alright, dear.” Mr. Tran laughs with you, and you kindly reply. 

    “Oh not at all! Thank you for checking on me, Mr. and Mrs. Tran.” You smile big and wide to appear okay, momentarily snapping your vision towards your bedroom with a gulp. They end up bidding their farewells and you watch them entirely enter their apartment, sighing with relief once their door closes. 

    You shut yours, and practically stomp over to your bedroom as you hurl the door back open. The man on the other side practically leaps when you do, staring wide-eyed with raised eyebrows at your angry expression. 

    “You have a lot of explaining to do.” The man watches steam figuratively blown out of your ears, and a little noise escapes the back of his throat that almost sounds like a laugh. 

    “Did you just laugh at me?” 

    “N-no.” He brushes off sauvely. 

    You roll your eyes and snatch his wrist again, dragging him over to your living room and abruptly halting just before your couches. You shove him towards them and he snaps a testy look at you, taking his seat. 

    You decide to stand and look down at him as he crosses a leg over the other and lays his arm against the backrest, sitting as if he owned the place. You fold your arms and tap your foot in anticipation, eyes pissed and steely. “Well?” 

    “Well, what?” 

    “Do you not owe me an explanation?” You quirk an audacious brow, attempting to fathom what just transpired in the last 5 minutes.

    “Explanation.. of what exactly?” He tilts his head and watches you with fascination, and it was now you realized his eyes weren’t glowing red anymore, they’re the colour of chocolate brown. But that doesn’t mean what you saw was a hallucination or a mind-trick either, you remember exactly what you witnessed with your naked eyes. 

    The man seems to feel a crook in his neck. Your once occupied attention now snaps to the way he stretches it out, listening to the cracks of his bones that sound practically inhuman. 

    “Why the hell did I see fire coming out of your hands? And your red eyes? Who the fuck are you?!” 

    The stranger has an ah-hah moment, and understands you with a small nod. He goes from a non-committing look of disinterest to a mirthy smirk on his face, one that almost seemed devilish. He lets out a proud sigh as he hoists himself up, standing tall before you as he suavely tugs at the lapels of his leather jacket. 

    “Well, I’ll cut to the chase,” The man quirks his eyebrows and plays with his lips in this undeniably sexy way you can’t help but find hot, blinking away the thought before it consumes you. 

    “I’m Lucifer, the king of hell, baby.” 

    You blink; once, twice, then three times. You stare at him dumbfounded, as if that would help you understand what he just so casually uttered. You finally let out a noise akin to a scoff. “I’m sorry, what?” 

    “I’m Lucifer. You know, fallen archangel? Satan? The Devil?” 

    You blink. “Do you think this is a joke?” 

    The so-called Lucifer furrows his brows. “Huh?” 

    “I nursed you after finding you unconscious on the street, and now you want to joke with me?” 

    “But I’m not joking..?” The man seems acutely confused, even tilting his head in this innocent way that completely contrasted his scorching hot looks. He even peers so vividly into your eyes, it's as though he could read every corner of your soul. He towers over you, you also realized. His height is so significantly taller than yours that he has to crane his neck to look down at you. And all of sudden, the way your eyes shift up to meet his gaze feels oddly searing, almost like you feel something hot ignite within you when your lines of sight lock.

    “There’s no way in hell you’re Lucifer, buddy. Tell me who you really are and maybe we can talk.” 

    “But that is who I am,” Jungkook emphasizes, watching him step closer to you. He suddenly leans down to be eye-level with you, staring directly into your pupils smugly before cracking an evil grin. “Let me show you.” 

    Your lips fall into a quizzical pout as you watch him perplexedly before you, and witness the man’s eyes suddenly morph from a warm coffee brown into a dull, flaming colour of dark scarlet. You flinch, watching the image of almost a smoldering fire in his eyes, and the coy way he tongues his cheek gives you the impression he’s a man dripping in sin. 

    He blinks and rids himself of the flames, straightening up. “Believe me now, angel?” 

    You couldn’t fathom this information, nor the pet name he just used on you. Did you in fact find Lucifer, the devil himself unconscious in the street and brought him into your home? Even nursed him and let him crash in your living room? Not that you regretted it at the time, you do remember admiring his absolutely gorgeous face and couldn’t help but openly gawk at him. 

    Of course Lucifer had to be scorching hot with a face that could be sat on.

    So-called Lucifer suddenly cracks a grin and chuckles, narrowed eyes snapping to him. “Why’d you just laugh?” 

    “Nothing,” The man shrugs, amused eyes scanning you over. “You’re kinda cute.” 

    You scowl at him sternly and roll your eyes, clearing your throat as you address him. “Well, Mr. Lucifer-” 

    “Jungkook,” he gestures with a hand before folding his arms. “Just call me Jungkook.” 

    “J-Jungkook.. what in God’s name are you-or not God. What in hell’s.. the devil’s name?” You become confused trying to form the question, pensive finger to your lips. 

    “What am I doing here on Earth, is what you’re asking?” 

    You nod with big, curious eyes, though still hold an adorable amount of annoyance within them Jungkook couldn’t help but notice. Said man flashes an evident look towards your lips before he continues. “To be honest, miss. I have no clue.” 

    You purse your confused petals as you figure  that’s not exactly much to go on. You wonder what a celestial being of such high caliber could possibly be doing on Earth, let alone appearing to you like some rockstar that missed out on his opening act for Elvis Presely. 

    “You didn’t tell me a name.” 

    Your eyes flicker to his. “Huh?” 

    “Your name.. I don’t know it.” He flatly remarks as his hands slip into his pockets, still eyeing you, almost examining you with that intense stare that seemed to burn you alive. 

    “O-oh, right. My name..” You nervously laugh, arms crossed over your chest. “Y/N.. Y/N Y/L/N.” 

    Jungkook jerks his brows in amusement, doing that thing where he tongues his cheek, and now you suddenly wonder why he plays around with his tongue so much. “That’s a nice name.” 

    “Thanks,” you rigidly respond, not exactly knowing what to do. You’re all but traversing the many thoughts swarming your head; is this even real? Is this a dream? Is this some sort of colossal, sick joke someone’s playing on you? 

    But you’re interrupted by the sound of a sudden gurgle, knowing you’ve already eaten dinner, and discerning it’s coming from your otherworldly companion. 

    “Umm, are you hungry?” 

    “Shit, is that what this is? Hunger?” Jungkook pulls a disgusted expression and pretends to throw up, lamenting horribly. “Fuck, I really am human.” 

    You roll your eyes as he puts on a show of fake-sobbing, his pretentiousness eliciting a scoff from you. “Look, do you wanna eat something or starve?” 

    Jungkook lightly pouts his lips as his shoulders slump and hands falter, eyes suddenly much more innocent. “Eat, I think? It’s not good for a human to not eat food, right?” 

    You realize with such a question how little knowledge Jungkook possesses on humans, and with a hard sigh, you nod as you lead him towards your kitchen. 

    You watch Jungkook literally devour all the leftovers you housed in your fridge; fried chicken, some old Chinese, even the pasta and ravioli you’d left earlier today all down his stomach. You feel full just watching him when you lean your elbows over the counter, seriously inquiring about him. 

    “So, wait, repeat that again?” 

    Jungkook scarfs down a slice of pizza in practically a whole second, speaking messily through a full mouth. You try not to grimace. 

    “Basically, I was cast out of hell and now…” Jungkook swallows as he reaches for a tall glass of water. “I have to find my way back in.” 

    You blink multiple times to compute the information. “So for some reason you were kicked out of hell, and now you need to find your way back? Why the hell were you kicked out in the first place?” 

    “I have no clue,” Jungkook takes another swig of water to wash down the dense content of his food. “All I know is that I need a way back in.” 

    “Do you at least know how? Or what you need to do?” 

    You watch him slam down your glass after finishing off, and now, you find every plate you presented to him nearly wiped clean. “I have no clue about that, either.” 

    You deadpan. “What the fuck?” 

    “Look, human. All I know is that I can find the answers I’m looking for. I just don’t know where to start.” You sigh, cradling your cheek in your palm as you watch him pat a napkin to his lips, and all of a sudden it draws attention to the soft petals. 

    Why are his lips so damn kissable?

    Jungkook’s eyes suddenly flicker up to yours and you snap out of your trance, swallowing. “W-what? Have you never been on Earth before?” You internally facepalm yourself for your idiotic stutter. 

    “Nope, not at all.” 

    You narrow your eyes. “Then how do you even know how to act like a human?” 

    Now it’s Jungkook’s turn to deadpan, an elbow coming up to rest on the table as his other hand cups over his thigh, leaning in. “Are you forgetting who I am, angel?” He smugly asks. “I’m the devil, watching humans is part of my job.” 

    You shoot him a testy look for the pet name again, but become curious of his job all of a sudden. “What do you even do as Lucifer? Sit on a throne and hear the screams of poor souls perishing in hell’s fire?” 

    Jungkook genuinely laughs at your words, and you become even more annoyed. “What?!” 

    “You’re quite right,” Jungkook sends you a proud nod, though he suddenly leans in closer, and he’s now bridged the gap between you and himself over your kitchen counter. He’s close, close enough you catch a whiff of this crisp, warm, though attractive scent off him. It was practically beckoning you closer with each breath in. The heat that radiates off him is almost scalding alone, swallowing as his proximity calls this certain side of you to jump out. 

    Or more so, jump him. 

    Jungkook smirks again, wetting his lips. “But I’m also the king and master of sin. I draw people’s deepest, darkest secrets out of them. All the bad in them.” 

    He deliberately eyes you, almost too hard. It's as though he’s searching every crevice of your mind and can suddenly see all the hidden, disguised aspects of yourself. Now the air’s suffocating, those searing eyes you swear turn scarlet at one point so immensely bewitching you, it’s hard to look away. 

    You can feel this almost magnetic pull towards him, eyes darting down to those cute lips of his again. But you immediately brush it off, knowing men like, well, devilish men like him love using their charms to entrance whomever they deem weak enough to fall into the trap. 

    You scoff, looking away. “I’ve gotta take a shower.” 

    You abruptly rise from your seat. You swipe your phone with you as you watch him settle into his chair, arms folded and now appearing very bored. You sigh as you glare at him, wondering how you’re meant to keep Lucifer of all people entertained. 

    A question pops into your head, having mulled over it since you’d nursed him on your couch. “Hey, demon.” 

    His gaze flickers to you, chewing on his lip. 

    “Do you have a place to stay?” 

    You watch as Jungkook actually becomes uncharacteristically shy, shifting awkwardly in his seat. “Not exactly, no.” The column of his throat bobs as he gulps. “Why? Are you trying to kick me out?” 

    You laugh, covering your smile when you do. “No, I’m not like whatever higher power that casted you out of hell.” 

    Jungkook’s smile returns then, less snarky but now actually more.. charming? “Funny and cute. I like you, human.” 

    You narrow your eyes with a curt reminder. “Human’s not my name, demon.” 

    “And demon’s not mine, either.” You contort your lips into an annoyed pout and stare him down. He returns the challenging look, though lightens up for his next question. “So.. can I stay here?” 

    You don’t take much time to consider your answer, knowing your empathetically-cursed character could never deny the homeless man shelter. “I guess so. I don’t think it’s smart to let you roam the human world with your little knowledge of it.” Jungkook moves to deny you the insult of his pea-sized brain, but you calm him down. “I don’t mean it offensively. I mean it for your safety, Jungkook.” 

    He settles down, understanding. “Yeah, I get you.” 

    Jungkook seems to then regard you with a much more amicable look, his eyes conveying unusual, though present gratefulness. Suddenly you become interested in exactly how human Jungkook really is, seeing as he appears as human as it gets, but exactly how Lucifer is he still? 

    “If I may ask.. are you really.. human on earth? As in.. do you have a different form in hell?” 

    Jungkook finds the question endearing, laughing a little. “Not really. I appear like this in hell too, all the way down to my outfit.” He gestures towards his attire. “Though in hell I have wings. My eyes permanently glow red and I usually have flames surrounding me.. mainly my wings.” 

    You’re stunned, now contemplating the image of Jungkook with these wide, gorgeous wings. You’re left completely speechless, envisioning the flames that probably burst out of them like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. 

    “They must be beautiful.” You don’t even realize you let your thoughts slip aloud, regaining focus when you see Jungkook smirk through a laugh. 

    “I-I mean.. are you sure you’re human? I mean your skin and all.. do you even need to sleep?” 

    Jungkook tilts his head side-to-side for an unsure answer. “Eh, it’s different now that I’m on Earth. In hell, I’m at full power and never need to sleep, eat. Shit, I don’t even feel pain. My flames act as a sort of protective shield, I never incur injuries.” Jungkook elucidates casually.

     “But it seems the rules are different for me on Earth. I get hungry and thirsty. And this,” he gestures towards the small bandage you placed over his cheek wound. “Means I don’t automatically heal, and the exhaustion in my body means I also require sleep.” Jungkook simultaneously yawns as he informs you, covering his mouth. 

    “And your skin..? Is your body entirely human?” 

    Jungkook cracks a chuckle and his devilish eyes land on you, staring into your soul yet again. He props off his chair without warning and suddenly steps towards you, towering over your smaller frame again. His eyes remain locked with yours as he removes the lapels of his jacket, peeling back the item as he tongues his cheek. The action calls attention towards the sharp edge of his jawline, noticing how attractive it makes his thick neck appear. 

    Fuck, if only you could mark a neck that pretty. 

    The sound of his sudden snort reels you back into reality, watching him strip his jacket off.

    “Jungkook-” You panic to cover him, but he continues, tossing the jacket onto the couch behind you as he then employs his fingers towards his nearly sheer, black-patterened dress shirt. You grow nervous as you watch him dislodge each button, wanting to avert your eyes and do so, but something about him beckons your sight back. Eventually he casts his shirt open, and your eyes nearly fall out of your sockets. 

    Jungkook is ripped, as in he has the sexiest body you’ve ever witnessed in your entire life. The Statue of David must be jealous, hell, Aphrodite herself would probably choose Jungkook over ugly ol’ Adonis; that is how gorgeous he is. 

    “Touch me and see for yourself.” 

    You gulp, wide eyes flashing towards him. “Huh?” 

    His lips curve into a smug grin, emphasizing his already drop-dead gorgeous face. “If you want to know whether I'm human or not, touch my body.” 

    You suck in a breath, suddenly his open shirt exposing his sculpted torso is making your brain go haywire. The deep timbre of his voice saying such words already have you in shambles, wondering when he became so goddamn irresistible?

    You can see each divot and protrusion of his muscular body, his abs prominent and his chest downright sinful. Though it’s his tiny, almost delicate waist that has you swooning, practically drooling over the hour-glass figure of his stunning, practically ethereal body. 

    You snap a look at Jungkook, and his eyes await you as he watches with pure mirth. You hmph, acting as though this isn’t a big deal when you step closer and slowly, but surely press your palm to his chest. You lose air the second you feel the rock hard muscle.

    Fuck, can I squish my face between his pecs? 

    You shake your head and hear Jungkook let out the tiniest of laughs, shooting him a grumpy look. You then carefully traverse his skin, being able to feel the beating of his heart, the flesh and blood that make up his body. He feels warm.. almost too warm and it’s as though he’s.. calling you. Your body feels that magnetic pull again, wanting to either devour him whole or litter his body with your sinful kisses. 

    It rushes through your veins and floods your lungs, filling your bloodstream with this instinct to simply jump him, touch him, bring this ravenous, dark side of you out into the world. Your breathing increases speed; suddenly he’s all you see and you can feel your body needing him just like you need air, like you wouldn’t survive without him until.. you pull yourself out of the trance. 

    You physically rip your hand away and breathe erratically, as though you weren’t yourself just now. Your perplexed eyes blink multiple times to allow the rush to subside, and swallow harshly as you look away from him. 

    “What.. what is that?” 

    “What’s what?” 

    “That-that thing. That fucking attraction to you or whatever..” 

    He displays a lop-sided grin on his face as he quirks his brow amusingly, scoffing. “I’m Lucifer, angel. I breed sin wherever I go.” 

    “What-what do you mean?” You peer at him with annoyance but also.. intrigue? This was oddly interesting to you, never have you felt the effects of something so utterly hypnotizing, attractive, alluring.  

    Never have you felt your heart hammer and mind race like that. 

    Jungkook makes it a statement to subtract the space between you two, your bubble invaded by his bare body as he carefully circles a palm around your arm, searing eyes boring into yours. “It means whatever sin you think of; lust, greed, gluttony, envy. They’re all heightened when you’re close to me, and worse if anyone’s lucky enough to touch me.” 

    Your vision locks with his, finding the explanation to that scalding heat of his body. 

    He’s goddamn Lucifer. 

    “But.. I touched you.” 

    He breathes a laugh through his nose. “And I don’t let just anyone touch me, angel.” 

    You narrow your eyes at him, tugging your arm out of his hold. “Why do you call me angel?” 

    Jungkook lightly gestures towards your chest area, and before you can grow offended over his line of thinking, you flicker downwards to find that your pajama t-shirt for tonight has the word ‘angel’ written across it, then adorned with wings and a halo around the text. 

    You scoff, returning to him. “Really?” 

    “That, and you seem to radiate the energy of an angel.” 

    “And how exactly do I seem to do that, demon?” 

    Jungkook’s fingertips find themselves preoccupied with feeling a piece of your hair, letting himself watch the action with a faint smile. You would smack his hand away, but his softer eyes look towards you, and you swallow nervously when you feel that heated attraction to him once again. 

    His open shirt is already difficult to ignore, and you can’t seem to want to shove him away.

    “Angels are pure, and true. They’re virtuous and serve the good of the universe.” You feel his hot breath tickle your skin as he decreases the gap between you two. His eyes remain locked with yours as he releases your hair. “But one thing to be known about angels,” He leans in closer, and pierces your soul with his searing heat. 

    “They’re not as innocent as they seem.” 

    He does it again, peering as if he knows something about you, deliberately searches your eyes as if he can sift through your mind, and you need to simply break away from him. His lips are too close and fuck, do you already find his lips so goddamn kissable. Not to mention this now supernatural pull you have towards him heightening your darkest desires. 

    “I’m gonna take a shower, busy yourself in the main area.” You mutter almost incoherently. 

    And all you hear is Jungkook’s muffled laugh as you scurry away. 

    The sounds of the TV running quirks your brows, ruffling a towel against your damp hair as you enter the living room. 

    You find the odd sight of Jungkook holding a remote in his hand, lounging on your couch as he watches an episode of Friends. A laugh escapes you, not having ever imagined Lucifer doing something as mundane as watching TV. 

    His eyes shift towards you at the sound of your chuckle, Jungkook sitting up much straighter. 

    “Welcome back, human.” 

    “It’s my house, demon.” 

    Jungkook kisses his teeth as you approach him, your towel hanging around your shoulders. His eyes remain on your face for a while, though they travel down your body with a little scan. You realize it’s your short-cladded legs he’s observing, then returns his sight to you. 

    “What are you wearing?” 

    “Pajamas?” You answer him with a chide. 

    He purses his lips in this certain manner of understanding, leaning his arm against the back of the couch, legs manspreading almost indefinitely. This is when you earn the opportunity to really view Jungkook’s legs, and fuck, are you goddamn mesmerized. His strong, thick thighs are hugged snuggly by those leather pants, and they do him a damn service by emphasizing their muscular, sexy build. His legs are also long, you notice, perfectly presenting his lap to you and it takes every ounce of your being to not so obviously look at his bulging crotch; naturally bulging crotch may you add. 

    I swear if he’s packing too, this’ll just be unfair. 

    Jungkook cracks a scoff all of a sudden and you narrow your vision, scrutinizing him. “I asked you a question?” He reiterates.  

    “Huh?” You blink; he must’ve queried you when you spaced out. “What did you ask?” 

    “I asked if that’s how humans usually dress for the night.” Jungkook repeats himself. 

    “Well, yeah. You wanna be comfortable when you’re sleeping, less clothing is usually the answer.” You reply honestly, arms crossed over your chest that adorns no bra. “You’re a guest in my home, and this is how I dress.” 

    “You consider me a guest?” Jungkook inquires with a slight smile. 

    “Well, yes. To be fair, I’m the one who brought you to my home, you didn’t infiltrate it or anything.” You offer him a shrug. 

    You watch Jungkook genuinely grin at that, amused eyes flitting to you. “You’re nice, human.” 

    “Thanks.” You’re not sure how much a compliment from Lucifer matters, but you take it anyway. 

    “Oh shit, you don’t have anything to wear tonight, do you?” 

    Jungkook’s round eyes wander off in thought, and it’s now that you notice his eyes are actually quite.. cute. “I don’t think so. I assume sleeping in an outfit like this wouldn’t be comfortable, as you say.” 

    “Yeah, just hold on. I’ll come back with something.” 

    You return to Jungkook with a set of comfortable clothes in hand, presenting them to him. “Here, I think these should fit.” 

    Jungkook quirks a brow as he peers at the clothes with incredulousness, then you. “You’re going to make me wear that?” 

    You roll your eyes as you regard the Hello Kitty shirt and grey sweatpants in your hands. “This is my biggest oversized shirt, okay?” You attempt to defend yourself. 

    Jungkook appears as though his ego is hurt, a baffled hand to his heart. “You expect Lucifer, the king of hell, to wear something like this?” 

    “It’s either this or no clothes, buddy.” You try to reason with him. 

    Jungkook smirks then, standing to his feet before you with an amused and suggestive attitude. “I mean, I don’t mind not wearing clothes. But I think the only person that’s gonna have a problem with that is you, angel.” 

    God, his eyes just scream the fiery pits of hell and mischievous mirth, who fucking knew Lucifer could be so obnoxious? His sense of confidence is suffocating and he seems as egotistical as the high school captain of a football team. 

    You shove the clothes into his, dare you say, rock hard abs and huff with a scowl. “Just take the fucking clothes and change, demon.” 

    Jungkooks nods with an acquiescing smile, inspecting the clothing items as he picks out the sweatpants. “These sweatpants don’t look like they belong to a woman.” 

    “They’re not mine.” You absent-mindedly grumble as you make your way towards your kitchen, deciding on tidying up the many plates Jungkook left scoured from his feast. 

    “Whose are they?” 

    “Ex’s.” You reply flatly, compiling the plates together and nabbing the utensils he used. 

    Jungkook nods in understanding, though now seems a bit out of place holding the pants. He reveals what could’ve been... sympathy? Pity? You don’t know. 

    “Why are they in your apartment?” 

    “He left them here after I kicked him out.” Jungkook notices the way you seem too casual while washing the plates, querying again. 

    “Why did you kick him out..?” 

    You set down the plates harshly in the sink then, producing a loud clattering noise. “Could you just fucking change?”

    You didn’t mean to say it so sternly and with a cold-cut tone, but you settle once you see the taken aback expression on Jungkook’s face. You bite your lip as the water runs over your now cold hands, sighing as you return to your dishes. “I’m sorry. Just-get changed, please? That outfit must be bothering you.” 

    Offering your words a little sweeter this way seems to dissemble the look of surprise on Jungkook, nodding as he visibly zips his mouth shut. Jungkook then begins to unbutton his pants right before you, undoing and just about tugging them down until you rapidly hold up your soapy hands to halt him. 

    “Wait-wait! Not here!” 


    “Don’t get changed in front of me, change in my room or something!” You attempt to mask your line of sight. No way would you goddam let yourself see whatever beast Lucifer is hiding in his leather pants. 

    “And why would I need to do that? Haven’t you seen a man naked?” 

    You roll your eyes at his snarky remark, knowing there’s got to be another smug grin on his rideable face right now. “I have but I haven’t seen you naked. Just change in my room or something.” 

    Jungkook lets out a grievous huff as he fixes his pants back on. “Fine, I’ll be back.” 

    He snatches up his clothes and finds his way to your bedroom, shutting himself inside after flashing you a purposefully saccharine grin. You exhale once he’s disappeared, now running through the millions of thoughts that plague your mind. 

    Is this really what your life’s now come to? Housing Lucifer in your home? You do digress on the matter that it’s not his fault. He’s been cast out of hell for a reason he doesn’t know, and it’s not like he was provided an elaborate guide on how to get himself back in either. 

    You assume it must do with learning a valuable lesson or performing some sort of task, though it’s not like you know what the mighty powers above have in store for an already ethereal being such as Lucifer. You weigh your options here, maybe you can simply let him live here as a roommate until he can find a way back, right? 

    Considering he has no means of living in the real world; ID, wallet, phone, fuck, even a passport, he won’t be able to get around easily. So for now, you might as well let him slumber with you until he deals with whatever introspective prospect of himself he needs to clean up. 

    Your bedroom door clicks open as you find Jungkook emerging in your ex’s sweatpants that actually fit him quite well, and a stifled giggle escapes you once regarding him in your blush pink Hello Kitty t-shirt. 

    “Well, you look just about ready for your hellish throne, don’t you?” 

    “Fuck you.” He harmlessly exasperates, dragging his feet towards you with slumped shoulders. “You couldn’t have found me a shirt that maybe had anything to do with hell? Like that one sitting on your chair by your desk?” 

    You scoff, scrunching up your facial features in disbelief. “No way would I give you my Thrasher t-shirt.” You glower. “It’s my favourite t-shirt.” 

    “And I’m about to become your favourite person soon, hand it over.” Jungkook holds out his palm and requests the shirt with an arrogant curl of his fingers, sending him a deadpan expression and shoving his hand aside. 

    “Maybe if you help me clean up my apartment and the dishes I’ll consider the offer, demon.” 

    Jungkook rolls his eyes, kissing his teeth yet again. “You made a mess of objects in your apartment by throwing them at me, and now I have to clean them up, human?” 

    “Who’s the ‘human’ that’s keeping your identity as Lucifer a secret and is letting you live here for free?” Jungkook pulls his lips back guiltily at that, pursing them with an affirmative nod before reluctantly getting on with his task. You quietly huff as you watch him compliantly clean up the mess, glad that he can at least follow instructions. 

    It boggles you actually. Did you just instruct Lucifer, the obnoxious ruler of the Underworld to do something, and he listened? Do you now have one of the most powerful beings in the universe wrapped around your finger for offering your home? The thought paints a smirk onto your face. You did not begin this Monday at all thinking you’d be in the good graces of the devil himself. 

    Too preoccupied with your thoughts, suddenly a searing heat beside you startles you. You peer up to find Jungkook slotted right next to you and picking up the dishes you’ve sudded up, silently rinsing them with this pout on his lips that seemed like a natural habit.


    You quirk an inquisitive brow though, hands having stopped moving. “What are you doing?” 

    “I’m helping you?” He replies obviously. 

    You absorb the kind gesture and loosen up a little. “That’s.. kind of you.”  

    “What? Didn’t think Lucifer could be kind?” He’s teasing you now, his eyebrows jerking in an amusing way that shows you he just loves the game. You roll your eyes, nudging his elbow as you bite back a smile. 

    “Get to work, demon.” 

    Jungkook suppresses a grin. He rather contorts his lips in acquiesce as he continues to wash diligently, humming a tune very similar to The Beatles’ “Devil in Her Heart”. 

    And you quietly chuckle. 

    “There,” you gesture with an accomplished grin, hands perching onto your hips. You and Jungkook both look on at a makeshift bed you had crafted for him in your room, eyes peering at him for approval. 

    He observes it with a critical lens, pensive pointer finger and thumb stroking his chin. “Is this meant to be where I sleep?” 

    “Of course, where else would you sleep?” 

    Jungkook’s eyes flicker towards your queen-sized bed and very obviously gestures towards it. “Maybe on the entire bed in your room? Did you think I don’t know that humans sleep in beds?” 

    You exhale with irritation, palm smacking your forehead. “You can’t just sleep in my bed, genius. I barely know you!” 

    “And what’s so bad about a man and a woman sleeping in the same bed?” Jungkook questions argumentatively. 

    You send him a glare. “Like I said, I don’t know you and your intentions, and sleeping is when humans are in their most vulnerable state.” 

    Jungkook contorts his lips with dislike. “I’m not going to unsolicitedly touch you or anything, if that’s your concern. All you are is a measly human to me, I have no attraction to you.” He holds up a hand in protest. 

    “Excuse me?” You gasp. “Are you saying I’m unattractive?” 

    “So now you want me to think you're attractive and want to unsolicitedly touch you?” 

    You halt once you see the flaw in your argument, brewing in resentment as you watch him grin proudly. “That’s what I thought, human.” 

    “Fine, you know what? Either you sleep on this lovely bed I made for you on the floor, or you sleep on my couch.” 

    Jungkook sticks his tongue out and blows a wet raspberry, arms folded over his hard chest. “Fuck your couch, it put this damn crook in my neck.” 

    You clasp your hands together and emphasize the most pathetically sympathetic pout in the universe. “Awh, did little Luci get an ouchy?” 

    “Are you asking me to burn your couch? Because I’ll do so without hesitation, angel.” 

    “Ugh!” You suddenly burst out into figurative flames, standing square before Jungkook to address him seriously. “Alright, demon. Since you seem to be the epitome of a picky child, you can sleep in my bed with me.” 

    Jungkook’s face purposefully lights up like an elated child, gasping comically loudly just to get on your nerves, but you halt him with a finger. “But, we’re putting a barrier of pillows between us.” 

    Jungkok scoffs with folded arms, hating that the action called attention to his bulky, bulging biceps in a funnily contrasting women’s shirt. “Not like I wanted to cuddle with you and catch your human disease, anyway.” 

    You exclaim disapprovingly at the way he spits the term, hands perched on your hips with a speedy retort. “Well fuck you and your smoldering heat, demon. When I asked for a new furnace I didn’t mean you.”

    Jungkook childishly mocks your expression, rolling his eyes. “Whatever, if you need a furnace then clearly it gets cold at night, and then we’ll see who’s cuddling up to who for heat.” 

    You watch him practically throw open your covers and shuffle inside, hmphing as you step off in search of your light switch and shut it off. “Whatever.” You weakly grumble back. 

    You settle into your covers as you harshly shove a bunch of pillows between you and Jungkook, not even daring to spare the infuriating man a look, turning completely away from his figure. You huddle into your side like a fetus once the night really kicks in, cursing your goddamn furnace for supplying such sparse heat while your window leaks chilly air through the old cracks. 

    You shiver all while Jungkook seems to completely knock out in peace, most likely from his first oh so tiresome day being human. You’re welcomed by his light snoring for hours as you roll your eyes in contempt. 

    Wanting to pin it on him for so irritatingly interrupting your much-needed sleep, you become annoyed not just with Jungkook’s snoring, but that he was right. 

    You really wanted to cuddle up to him for some goddamn warmth that night. 

    You bop around to the Beatles’ 1963 track Jungkook was humming last night, pushing around some strips of bacon in your pan, messy hair tied and in your lounge wear. You’d cracked a few more eggs and cooked more bacon for your annoyingly hellish acquaintance. 

    The chilly night really didn’t serve you well as you froze in your spot, only shuffling towards Jungkook after peeking at his slobbering, snoring state of sleep. You were thankful he still radiated such an abundant amount of heat, that finding relief in the small waves you could feel even over the pillow barrier wasn’t too difficult. 

    Your pride kept you from removing even a single cushion. 

    You produce playful noises from your lips as you busy yourself, setting up some breakfast considering your house does not only have a population of one anymore, but two, and it still continues to shift the axis of your world. 

    Was last night really your reality? Are you sure that wasn’t just a wild figment of your imagination? It had to be, even if you believe in the supernatural, there was no way such a superior celestial being could so casually be a guest in your home. 

    You’re reminded of that certain special guest when you suddenly hear a loud thud in your bedroom, concerned eyes perking towards your ajar door. 

    “Demon?” You call. 

    You gain no answer, wondering if you truly did just imagine all the events from last night. 

    “Jungkook-!” Said man tumbles out of your room then, groggy as all hell as he lazily rubs his eyes and appears to you as death himself, though still delectably hot. 

    Ugh, fuck him. 

    “Y/N.. shit.” He addresses you, and suddenly the deep, gravelly tone of his morning voice makes your core inadvertently clench. “Y-yes?” 

    “I crashed into your damn vanity in the bathroom.. why is everything of yours so tiny?” He complains first thing in the morning, now remembering just how frustrating the king of hell really is. 

    “Maybe you’re just too big, demon.” He grunts his response, stalking over to you as he can’t seem to adjust to the morning light filtering into your apartment. 

    You watch him approach you, gathering the necessary tableware for a quality morning breakfast. “How’d you sleep, demon?” 

    Jungkook’s barely-open eyes scrutinize you as he seats himself on a stool by your counter, covering his mouth when he yawns. “Meh. I had this… this thing. I saw these pictures in my head when I was sleeping…” 

    “A dream?” You assist him as you pour out a glass of milk. 

    “Yeah, whatever the fuck it’s called. Anyway, I think.. I think I saw something that’ll help me get back to hell.” 

    That pries your eyes open with intrigue, setting the glass of milk down for him on the counter. “Oh shit, already?” 

    He nods, and you find it actually quite endearing how much his hair was tousled into this attractive bed-head, eyes puffy, lips pouting. “I saw this club.. I remember seeing it when I used to be in hell.” 

    “A club?” 

    “Mm,” he replies with a confirming hum as he reaches for the glass, lightly inspecting the drink as he continues. “It’s this exclusive club only for celestial beings. I heard about it sometimes among my demon subjects, but I was too busy as the mighty Lucifer to give a crap.” He haughtily regards himself as he takes a moderate swig of the milk, licking his lips as he nods in approval of the beverage. 

    “I like this, what is this?” 

    “Milk,” you elaborate. “What about this club?” 

    Jungkook takes another lazy sip as his eyes scan over the food you now plate on the counter. “Well, it’s obviously only meant for celestial beings. Demons and angels. I’m thinking if I can find even one of my demons, I could find out where the club is, and then figure out why I was kicked out of hell.” 

    “Ohh,” you remark with understanding, setting aside the pan and spatula, while nabbing two forks from a drawer. “So you just have to visit this club then, correct?” 

    “Correct,” Jungkook answers. “There’s just two things.” He begins as he takes the fork you hand him with ease, impressed by his adeptness for such human, mundane things. 

    He must’ve watched humans for a brain-numbing amount of eons. 

    “One, this one’s mainly angel territory.” 

    You raise your brows in question, arms crossed and eagerly interested in the information. “There’s more than one?” 

    “There are clubs scattered around Earth, it’s to allow celestial beings a place of refuge when they visit here.” Jungkook explains. “I remember seeing an American flag when I landed here, so I’m assuming I’m in America, and the only existing club here is in Chicago.” 

    “Chicago?!” You exclaim with utter shock. “That’s across the entire country from here!” 

    “Not the point, human.” He cuts you off with a finger. “Point is, that club will be crawling with angels, and as Lucifer they may not welcome me with open arms.” Jungkooks sets his fork down against your counter with a sigh, almost seeing his mind shift its locks and gears. 

    “The only way I’ll be able to get in is if..” He pauses, serious eyes locking with yours. “Is if I bring a human with me.” 

    You blink; rapidly, then slowly, then rapidly again somehow hoping it would change what you just heard. “Come again?” 

    Jungkook sighs, his facial features already telling you he finds this difficult to discuss. “This club in Chicago is angel-dominant, meaning demons need to bring a human companion in order to get in. Like a truce, a sign we mean no harm.” Jungkook elaborates. “And even as Lucifer, I don’t think my charms and wit alone can get me through considering my less powerful, human form.” 

    You scoff at him shamelessly tooting his own horn, wondering if he’ll ever tire of it. “Sounds like a real pickle, Luci. Wonder where you’ll find yourself a ‘measly’ human.” You snark with a snort, placing the milk back in your fridge and reaching for your mango juice. 

    You swivel back around to a Jungkook who doesn’t smirk, nor grin nor tongue his cheek condescendingly, but simply leans his elbows over the counter and pressingly peers at you. As if communicating with his eyes alone… 

    No, no way. No way in the fiery pits of Jungkook would you goddamn do this. 

    “Jungkook, don’t you dare..” 

    “Human.. it’s important.” You scoff through a humourless laugh, setting down your carton of mango juice and gesturing towards yourself in disbelief. 

    “Me? You want the human to be me?” 

    “Y/N…” Jungkook quite gently calls your name, a complete contrast to his arrogance and while the sound of your name on his tongue lights something within your chest, you can’t help but snort with utter derision. 

    “No. I’m not fucking accompanying you all the way to Chicago just for some innocence show-and-tell.” You immediately deny him, contemplating just how crazy this is. How in the world could you just up and leave for some travelling with the devil all the way across the country? You couldn’t even take a goddamn flight considering dear-old Lucifer’s lack of passport ID. 

    “Y/N.. look. I know it’s not ideal for you, but this is seriously important.” Jungkook emphasizes with a persuasive tone. “I need you…” 

    Those last three words and the look of pure need in his eyes tug at the strings of your weak heart, groaning in complaint. “Jungkook, you can’t be serious. I-I have a life here! I have friends and a job and not to mention school starts back up for me in a month-” 

    Jungkook suddenly rises from his seat and paces over to you, grasping a careful hold of your hands and the innate warmth he emits from his skin actually feels.. comforting. 

    “Y/N, look. I get it. You have a life here on Earth, a place where you belong. But I have a life in hell, a place where I belong. Wouldn’t it be best to just accompany me and get me back to hell so I can get out of your hair?” 

    “Jungkook…” You counter with an uncooperative tone, eyes communicating sympathy, but you can’t offer him the help he needs. “I can’t.” 

    “This will benefit both of us, human.” Jungkook convincingly states. “I go back to hell faster, and I leave you alone faster. I know how much you don’t want me here.” 

    You hesitate, eyesight faltering to your connected hands; his thumbs are actually soothing the back of your hands? When did he start doing that? 

    “That’s not exactly true…” 

    “Y/N, just come. I know it’s asking a lot but I really need this.” Jungkook pleads. 

    “And what will you do for me in return if I come with you?” 

    “Oh, Y/N, I’ll do anything. The faster I can get back to hell the faster I reclaim my full powers, and I’ll grant you anything you desire. I promise.” You’re uncertain of how strong a promise from the devil could be, deterring you from giving him an answer he wants to hear. 

    With a sad sigh, you disconnect your hands from Jungkook’s. “I really can’t, Jungkook. It’s non-negotiable…” 

    You watch as the usually confident, cocky man falls into an expression of glumness, silently retracting his hands. He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly as he acquiesces, though seems silently upset. “Okay..” 

    The gloomy pout to his cute lips does you in. “Look, Jungkook. I’m going out with friends tonight for drinks at this bar. Maybe you can tag along and you can easily find another human? I’m sure any girl would be willing to roadtrip with a super handsome guy like you across the country.” You attempt to present a peace-offering with a joke, hands shoved into your sweater paws as you hug your chest. 

    “But those humans won’t be like you..” He groans with a huff, eyes evading you. 

    “And what’s so different about me?” 

    “You already know I’m Lucifer, that makes things 100x easier for me.” He argues. 

    “Well, I found out and I ended up accepting you. Who’s to say you won’t find another human like that?” You plead your case, but Jungkook just scoffs in reply. 

    “Please, do you not remember what happened when you saw that I was Lucifer?” You recall the fiasco of forks, flinging and feathers, sighing once you see his point. “Exactly. Besides, you saw me as Lucifer by accident, I can’t just be revealing my identity to anybody. It’s not allowed.” 

    “But I know..?” You question genuinely, gesturing towards yourself. 

    “Like I said, by accident. Though I’m assuming the Council won’t see it that way, and they’ll come for me anyway.” Jungkook more so mutters to himself as he frustratedly tongues his cheek and steps around, brewing with stress. 

    “The what?” You question. 

    Jungkook rolls his eyes, as though now registering just how annoyingly human you are. “Think of them as angel police, yeah?” 

    You mimic his tone purposefully and he impersonates you back, scoffing to end the interaction. “Look, if you already have these angel police people on your ass then what’s the harm in telling another human? They’ll be chasing you anyway.” 

    Jungkook laughs dryly, looking away from you as he shakes his head. “I can’t just do that, that’s not how it works.” 

    You sigh, watching the way his jaw flexes because he’s grinding down on his teeth too hard, a clear sign of his anger. You hate that it emphasizes the sharp edge of his jawline, and that it’s actually fucking hot. 

    He suddenly breaks into the slightest laughter that holds some amusement, wondering what he’s laughing at. Nonetheless, you decide to defuse this situation and try to comfort him. You meant it when you said last night you wanted to be in Lucifer’s good graces, but also remain in them no matter how irritating he is. 

    You approach him amicably and grasp his bare bicep, brushing his arm in support. “Look, Jungkook. Just come with me tonight and try, okay? Maybe your answer is just an arm’s length away.” 

    Jungkook’s eyes find yours, and you watch them glimmer with something akin to understanding, surprisingly loosening up at your touch. Though his irises are soon blanketed with his signature mirth as he eyes you, feeling the heat of his body suddenly radiate off him like a heatwave. 

    “You sure you want me to come tonight, angel? Your friends may think I’m your scorching hot boyfriend.” 

    You produce an appalling noise of disapproval, removing your hand from him and shaking off his Luciferness. “Fuck you. I’m telling them you’re my roommate and that’s final.” 

    “And where exactly did you find me as a roommate? On the street?” Jungkook laughs as you shoot him a crabby glare, not missing the way his amused eyes flit over your figure with almost… likeness? 

    “I’m telling them you’re a co-worker. No way am I saying I just found you on a whim, they’ll think we’re-” 

    “We’re sleeping together, right?” 

    You grow aggravated by the sly way he’s folded his arms and does that stupidly attractive thing where he tongues his cheek, fed up with his suggestive fun. You quickly snatch your kitchen towel in your hands and roll it up into a punishing device, rapidly smacking at him. 

    Jungkook exclaims playfully as he dodges your hit. “Wo-hoah, human. Didn’t I tell you angels are good and pure beings? They don’t hit people.” He laughs as you grunt in frustration and follow his retreating form for another whack, actually landing it against his arm. 

    “Hey, bad angel!” Jungkook tuts you light-heartedly as he cleverly evades your angry attacks. You hate that even while he’s riling you up, you actually liked the image of his glowing, entertained smile, his cute teeth reminding you of a bunny. 

    “Says the obnoxious Lucifer!” You holler loudly in complaint, chasing him while your once warm breakfast turns unfavourably cold. 

    “And this is Jungkook, my co-worker!” You cheer as you present Jungkook to your group of friends, earning wide smiles and gawking eyes from your female friends and equally surprised male friends. 

    “Hey, everyone.” Jungkook waves with a confident smile, showcasing his adorable teeth for a lovable grin. 

    Did he seriously have to be cute too?

    You snap out of it once you see your friends all greeting him kindly, Jungkook only left to shyly smile and reply shortly to all the inquiries he gains. His lost eyes find yours and he reveals genuine fear in them, silently requesting you to come join him and let up the traffic of questions. 

    A snort escapes you as you watch on, who knew Lucifer could actually be awkward? You swear he should’ve been a natural with people, though you contend he just doesn’t do well with so many questions at once. 

    To be fair, he’s never been around other humans before either. 

    You grant him mercy by sliding in beside him, shooting pleasant grins all around as you answer the dozens of questions your friends ask about your new gorgeous co-worker. 

    “Doesn’t he just look like one of those men that’ll eat you out until he can’t breathe?” 

    “Oh for sure, looks like he’d stuff himself full and even when you tell him to breathe he just says no.” 

    “Hell, he’d be that type that pulls your hips back down over his face when you try to let him breathe.” 

    “Guys..!” You interject as your friends Madison, Naila and Kiara all giggle together. You’re all huddled together drinking by the bar as your friends become more interested in observing Jungkook in all his dripping sexiness. 

    And to be honest, you don’t really blame them, he’s wearing that scorching hot leather outfit again. 

    “Y/N, seriously. How could you not tell us someone that hot worked with you?” 

    “This has got to be a crime, were you gate-keeping him?” Naila suddenly complains as you quell their grievances. 

    “Guys, he just.. got transferred to my department recently. He’s new.” You find a quick enough and convincing lie. 

    “How did you two end up even living together? There had to have been some sort of meet-cute.” The girls all gush together when Kiara asks, all eyes shifting towards you as they excitedly await an answer. 

    “Well.. we just.. got on the topic of him needing a place and we hung out sometimes. So I offered my place.” 


    You feel slightly cornered, but confidently answer with another white lie. “And he said okay.” 

    They all squeal together like teen girls, honestly finding amusement in their reactions. “Ugh, you’re living the dream, Y/N.” Madison suddenly slings an arm around you and tugs you towards her, gesturing towards nothing that indicates her depiction of ‘the dream’. “You’re in a roommate situation with an absolutely scorching hot guy, you’ll totally end up either falling in love or banging him!” 

    “What?” You squeak as you throw back a shot of tequila Naila handed you. “No way will that happen, he’s obnoxious as hell!” 

    “Ugh, babes. Even if he’s obnoxious I bet that dick isn’t.” Kiara jokes and the girls all chuckle together, tipping back their shot glasses after filling some back up. You roll your eyes and smack her arm as she exclaims, trying to lighten you up. 

    “Y/N, c’mon. You deserve to have some fun after that shitty fucking ex of yours. Live a little, ya know? Whether it’s love or dick, they’re both great remedies.” 

    You scoff as your lips hover over a shot glass, eyes wandering the club as if you're occupied, but really, you know it’s in an effort to look for Jungkook. It’s funny you act like you don’t know where he is, when you know his exact location. 

    Your eyes flicker across the bar, finding Jungkook having casually slipped into conversation with the boys tonight. He was laughing and happily tipping back shots himself, amused that he at least eased up and found some company with your male friends. 

    Sights absorbed in suddenly eyeing him, it’s truly difficult to pry your gaze away. No way was this Jungkook’s impact of being Lucifer, you now knew you needed to be very close, or at least touching him in order to feel those effects. So why is it that you still feel this magnetic pull towards him? Can’t help but not only find him incredibly sexy in his usual outfit, but something so mysteriously alluring about him? 

    Your body wanted him, you knew that much. Anyone with eyes and functioning reproductive organs would know that, but you couldn’t shake off the fact that it wasn’t just your body that wanted him.

    He was just so intriguing, and you wanted to know more. 

    Suddenly, Jungkook’s eyes casually shift from your friend Hobi he’s speaking to, and locks with your gaze across the bar. You freeze, eyebrows raising as you hesitate to take your shot, caught in a stare with him you can’t break. 

    Jungkook stares back, and he stares goddamn good. He tongues his cheek again irritatingly and you try to swallow down the way he makes your core light up. Jungkook then tilts his head a little downwards with a cracked smirk, before he peers up at you again with eyes so devilishly smoldering, you could feel a sweat break out at the nape of your neck. 

    You gulp as Jungkook then tips his head to the side with a light furrow of his brows, as if questioning you what’s wrong, and you lightly nod to him nothing. He laughs a little, hating that he finds this somehow amusing. You’re in the middle of narrowing your eyes at him until Naila interrupts you, Jungkook cleverly looking away then. 

    “See, they’re practically eye-fucking already!” You shoot them all an annoyed look as you grunt in complaint. 

    “Are you sure you guys aren’t together?” Madison inquires. “It seems like he already likes you, babes.” 

    You click your tongue in disapproval. “He just likes to tease me, guys. Drop it, would you?” 

    “As long as you land on his face, then everything should be good.” The drunk girls giggle together, and you can’t help but snicker at the joke. You contemplate in your tipsy head there really is something about Jungkook’s smoking hot face that makes it seem so rideable. 

    “I’ll be back, guys. Stay here.” You instruct the girls as you set your shot glass down. You weave through the throngs of people mingling and dancing in the bar, ignoring your girls’ hollers of encouragement as you bee-line towards Jungkook. 

    You reach the occupied man and tug lightly at the end of his sleeve for his attention. “Jungkook!” You shout over the blaring speaker the guys are all near. 

    Jungkook’s vision snaps to you as he simultaneously touches your wrist to acknowledge you. Your skin ignites at a simple touch of his, feeling a rush you’ve never experienced before. You blink it away before lightly tugging him aside, speaking to him. 

    “What’s up, human!” The booming bass of synth-pop beats abuses your eardrums, requiring both you and Jungkook to yell at each other. 

    “Why haven’t you talked to anyone yet!” 

    “Huh!” He hollers in response.

    You exclaim in complaint as you lean in a little towards his ear, shouting louder. “I brought you here to talk to someone and bring with you, why haven’t you been talking to anyone yet!” 

    Jungkook draws back and signals to you he can’t hear, rolling your eyes and curling your palm around his wrist, dragging him through the crowd. You tug him into the secluded restroom area where it’s much quieter, the shut door closing out the music. 

    “Ah, that’s much better.” Jungkook notes. 

    “I was asking if you’ve talked to anyone about Chicago yet, Jungkook.” You repeat yourself from earlier, hand still holding onto his wrist. “That’s what I brought you here for, remember?” 

    “Hey, I’ve been talking to people,” Jungkook defends himself, though his expression falters into one of hesitancy. “Kind of..?” 

    You glower at him, “Jungkook, what do you mean by ‘kind of’?” 

    Jungkook sighs, shoulders slumping as he surprisingly doesn’t even make you let go of him. You can feel that rush of his energy coursing through you, but you manage the invasive feeling as you focus on the conversation instead. 

    “I’ve been trying to get it out of me but.. I just never end up asking.” You exclaim in annoyance as you scold him.

    “Jungkook, why not?!” 

    “Because it’s just weird, okay, Y/N?” Jungkook argues. “I’m meeting these people for the first time, I can’t just fucking ask them to hitchhike with me all the way across the damn country.” 

    “But it was completely okay to ask me?” 

    Jungkook kisses his teeth with a roll of his eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you you’re different, human?” 

    “Well, I’m not any different when you always call me a ‘human’ anyway, demon.” 

    Jungkook becomes fed up with your pestering and scoffs. “Whatever. You’re the only human I can do this in front of and not have someone screaming their head off.” Jungkook emphasizes his point by conjuring up a hot flame from his palm. His suddenly glowing red eyes also appear, shooting you an ‘I-told-you-so look’ of challenge as you glare back at him. 

    You’re seconds from retorting until you’re suddenly interrupted by the shrieking of a woman. You’re startled as your unsuspecting vision falls to a completely random stranger who had just ventured out of the bathroom and…

    “Fire, fire!” 

    You and Jungkook both look at the flame in his palm, then towards the woman in fear, finally locking anxious eyes with one another and panicking. Jungkook puts out the fire and you rapidly approach the woman to calm her down, hoping nobody can hear how goddamn loudly she’s screaming. 

    “Shh, oh my God. It’s okay, it’s a prank. It’s a prank!” You repeatedly yell in order to shut the lady up, but she keeps yelling and trying to make a horrified break for her purse. She scrambles inside and you both watch her fish out a small bottle of something that’s engraved with almost-visible writing.

    Holy Water. 

    “A demon, it’s a demon!” She shrills so goddamn ear-splittingly, you and Jungkook leap into flight mode. He engulfs your arm in his and tugs you towards him urgently.. 

    “Y/N, we have to go!” 

    You curse repeatedly as Jungkook swings open the doors to the club and you shoot the woman apologizing glances, begging for her to put a damn sock in it. Jungkook takes the lead as he drags you out into the bar. He rapidly pulls you through people and ensures he keeps a tight hold of your arm, tugging you incredibly close to his own body as some sort of shield. 

    Your friends end up seeing you both fleeing and shooting you looks of either ‘what the fuck’ or ‘get it on!’ as you practically hide your face in embarrassment. You and Jungkook hurtle out into the blissful night as he tugs you both down the way he knows you parked your car. You grunt in raging frustration once you realize that you parked it far with this place being downtown. 

    “Ugh! You just had to fucking use your powers out in the open!” You complain aloud while you run with Jungkook, not caring now for the few late-night city stragglers hearing you. 

    “Not my fault you keep nagging me about finding another human!” Jungkook argues as he continues pulling you down the road, the fear of authorities being called by the random woman scaring him. “Do you see now why you’re the only one who can come with me?!” 

    You whine as you consider he’s correct, there’s no use in him searching for another human for ages when you exist right before his eyes. “Fine, fine! I’ll fucking go with you, asshole! Can we just stop fucking running?!” 

    You become too tired to keep up with Jungkook, feet aching in your shoes once you realize how fast Jungkook was going, hands dropping to your knees as he releases you. 

    “You… you run.. fucking fast.” You heave for air as you register the sweat on your forehead, having participated in too much exercise just now. 

    “I’m a little faster as Lucifer, human.” Jungkook elaborates oh-so-obviously as you wave him off, squawking for air as though you were a fish out of water. 

    “You okay?” Jungkook asks as he nears your bent over form with a hand, and you swallow harshly as you tell him to give you a minute. You’re focusing on resupplying your lungs oxygen until you suddenly feel arms cupping underneath your body, and are unexpectedly hoisted up in the air. 

    You squeal as you find Jungkook’s lifted you off the ground, freaking out at just how strong he is. “J-Jungkook, put me down! You can’t carry me all the way to the car?!” 

    Jungkook swiftly ignores you as he begins jogging towards the direction of your car, and quite frankly does so almost too easily. “I’m fast and strong as Lucifer, I can handle you, human.” 

    Jungkook quells your worries as your round eyes watch him flash a look down at you, and try to stifle the flutter of your heart when he shoots you a show-stopping smile. 

    It was the day of your trip, and having woken up at the ass crack of dawn to get on the roads early, you and Jungkook currently load your car with your luggage enough for two weeks of travelling. You groan as you rub an exhausted eye, yawning when you feel sleep still beckoning you to your warm bed. 

    You stand frozen in your spot as you refuse to move the suitcase resting at your feet, rather staring at it with delirium instead. 

    You feel a sudden nudge to your shoulder, finding Jungkook settling beside you. “Hey, sleepyhead, get moving.” He instructs in rather a light, encouraging tone, finding that very different from his usually pushy tone. 

    Sight still filled with sleep, your eyes remain locked on Jungkook shooting you one last look before he’s hauling a duffle bag over his shoulder, and carries another heavy suitcase effortlessly, hating that it all made his biceps pop so goddamn sickeningly.

    Did Lucifer really have to be ripped?  

    You roll your eyes at how unfair this is; Jungkook having begged you last week to take him on a small shopping spree so he had enough trendy clothes to wear and didn’t have to keep sporting your Hello Kitty shirt. Not only that, but you had to spend even more bucks purchasing him necessary things to even live in the human world; his own toothbrush, cologne, hell, even boxers were on the list with Jungkook’s shameless ass promising he’ll shower you in gold once he’s ruling hell again. 

    Jungkook suddenly waves his hand before your eyes, perking up as your eyes shift upwards to accommodate for his height. “Hello, human? I need you with me.” 

    You blink rapidly. “Yeah, yeah. I’m here.” 

    “You okay? I know you didn’t sleep well with everything you needed to arrange.” Jungkook’s palm curls around your arm, carefully inspecting your features. “How was your call with work?” 

    “Not terrible. They were kinda pissed. I was asking for vacation time at the last minute but when I explained it was a family emergency, they weren’t so annoyed about it.” Jungkook approves of that as he rubs your arm supportively. 

    “I promise we’ll be back in two weeks, and your life will go right back to normal, human.” Jungkook grants you another promise as he sends a small smile, earning a miniscule, tired grin from you. 

    “Did you get the last of everything from inside my apartment?” You gesture towards your building. 

    “Yeah, I got everything. Just your suitcase left.” You nod in understanding as you bend down to lug at your suitcase. You struggle as your palms fasten onto the bag but find the weight too much for your flimsy arms. You make a rather resilient effort to tug it towards the trunk of your car with all your might, until Jungkook’s hand suddenly replaces yours on the handle. 

    His presence casts you aside as he shoots you a tight-lipped smile and lifts your luggage himself, tucking it into your trunk effortlessly and shutting the hood. You stand frozen at the sudden kind gesture, brows furrowed in confusion. 

    Did he just do something nice for me? 

    You decide not to snarkily comment on it, instead shutting your mouth and making towards your beat up Prius.

    Ironically, AC/DC blasts through your car’s speakers, snickering a little once you consider you genuinely are on the ‘Highway to Hell’. 

    Your laugh catches Jungkook’s attention, who’s enthusiastically pretending to drum the exact beats of the rock song. With your peripheral, you find Jungkook completely enjoying himself before shooting a look at you, then back out on the road again. 

    You and Jungkook were about 2 hours into driving now, having decided to blare the music in order to keep each other awake in the early morning. 

    “You sure you don’t want me to drive, human?” Jungkook asks as he settles in his seat, getting comfy as your hands remain at ten and two. 

    “Nah, it’s okay. If I don’t drive I’ll fall asleep.” 

    “You kinda look like you need it.” You shoot him a glare as you move a hand to smack at his arm, to which Jungkook hisses and tuts. 

    “Hey, focus on the road, will you?” 

    You hear him laugh while you roll your eyes, returning your hand to the steering wheel. “Fuck you, do you even know how to drive, demon?” 

    “Of course I do. It isn’t too difficult.” Jungkook shrugs as though you were both discussing apple-picking. 

    “And how to hell do you know that?” 

    Jungkook scoffs a dry laugh, taking a long, deep sigh. “Sweetheart, you have no clue how long I’ve been watching humans.” 

    He reclines back in his seat as he shuts his eyes, tossing the heels of his shoes over your dashboard until you swat violently at his legs, sneering reprimandingly. “Hello? This is my car? Get your dirty feet off.” 

    You shove his legs off and Jungkook awakes with a disagreeable scowl. “What the fuck? Can’t a guy goddamn rest?” 

    “You’re Lucifer, Jungkook. Not a human, remember?” You purposefully chide with a saccharine tone, and you listen to him scoff. 


    “Awh, he’e becoming more human everyday.” 

    Jungkook mocks you before you find his arms tightly folding over his chest, huddling against the window as he genuinely attempts to get some shut-eye. You presume he’s not so used to needing sleep. 

    “Do you even know if this is the right way, Jungkook?” You ask, ensuring with him every now and then if he wasn’t just simply leading you to your demise somewhere. Who knows, maybe the real way for him to get back into hell is by sacrificing a human life through a ritual or something. 

    You shiver hoping that’s not true at all. 

    “Yes, I know..” Jungkook grumbles with his closed eyes and an exhausted body, watching him peacefully come to rest. 

    You decide to not bother him considering he did complete most of the work packing and loading all your luggage for the road trip this morning, needing to have woken up before you for the task. You shoot a glance at his resting state, his lips falling into that pout you’ve not noticed over the week, in fact, is a natural habit of his. 

    He usually makes it when he falls asleep. 

    With an acknowledging side-grin, you turn down the volume of the music, and focus on driving again. 

    “You just had to eat all the Fuzzy Peaches, didn’t you?” 

    “No I didn’t, there were only three left once I even got the bag, it was you.” 

    “And you couldn’t spare some for me? I’ve been driving for 4 hours!” 

    That particularly stupid argument is what led both you and Jungkook to pull into this convenience store along the side of a quite bustling street. Car washes, lauder mats, even a brunch diner were all located in this small plaza ‘Ed’s Convenience’ was also in. Across the street from you was a supermarket, the rest of the area littered with stores whatever odd town in California housed. 

    Currently, you were waiting for Jungkook to return to you from the convenience store. Despite now knowing him and his tendency to snack a lot, you allowed him to take your card after he promised that you would be given the choice of always deciding where you eat. 

    You had to seriously discuss with Jungkook that money was going to be your biggest issue on this trip. Considering gas, eating out, staying at hotels, a lot of your own personal finances were going to be depleted just for this 2 week trip. Jungkook yet again, promised indefinitely that once he returned to hell he would be able to conjure up triple what you spent on him, along with a slew of fake-sobs that you reluctantly agreed to in order to shut him up. 

    You roll your eyes remembering the interaction, having set a strict rule with him that your money will have to be managed and budgeted very well while on this trip. Sometimes you would both have to survive on convenience store food, sometimes it would be best to just camp out in the car together rather than always spending nights at crappy motels. 

    The sound of gravel crunching catches your attention, soon finding Jungkook appearing before you. He was wearing black ripped jeans, combat boots, black shirt all tied together with his leather jacket, holding a bag of convenience store goodies as he plopped down next to you on the trunk of the car. 

    He currently munches on some gummy worms as you watch him, finding that he probably appeared the most innocent when he was eating. His eyes go round as though he’s a child eating food for the first time, and he chews in his adorable pout you can’t help but admire, rather ironic for the sinful king of hell. 

    You never expected to see him in such a domestic, human state. 

    His eyes flash to you and you wake up from your trance, clearing your throat before flickering back to your laptop screen. “You’re back, demon.” 

    “Mm,” he hums, reaching into his bag and suddenly presenting you with a bag of Fuzzy Peaches. You raise your eyebrows in surprise as your hand tentatively clasps around it. 

    “For me?” 

    “Well, you threw a whole tantrum over em’.” 

    You immediately move to elbow him but he defend himself, laughing as he presents the bag of candy. You accept the bag with a scoff, disguising the grateful smile and flutter that threatens your heart at the gesture. 

    “What are you looking at?” He inquires with narrowed eyes to get a better look at the screen. 

    “Google maps. I know you said the club you need to visit is in Chicago, but do you know the exact location so that it’s easier once we’re in Chicago? I need to know which highways to take.” 

    Jungkook nibbles on the last of a gummy worm as he pouts his lips in thought, watching the clear blue sky above him. “I told you, we’d have to ask one of my demon subjects in order to find that out.” 

    You nod in comprehension. “Do you know anyone we could possibly visit for an exact address?” 

    Jungkook reaches inside his packet for another bite of a gummy worm. “I do. I think most of my subjects would know, though the only one I can recall the exact location of is a demon named Azazel.” He snaps a piece of his gummy worm in half, bringing one of them to his lips for a nibble as he details. “He’s one of the Princes of hell, serves right under me. He likes to hang out at this one place in Nevada I think. He’d definitely know where the celestial club is located.” 

    You purse your lips as you absorb the information, checking it through with him. “Prince of hell?” 

    “Yeah,” Jungkook nods. “They’re these 7 princes that are meant to represent the Seven Deadly Sins. They’re a ranking just below me, powerful beings but they’d never dare defy me.” Jungkook proudly remarks, watching the way he straightens up his slouched back and squares his shoulders. 

    “That’s interesting. Which sin does this Azazel demon represent?” 

    “Lust. Or, well, vanity.” Jungkook clarifies. “But when I say he’s a super weird one, I mean it. He’s got his own very… unique tastes he thinks very highly of.” Jungkook grimaces as he seems to remember something bone-chilling about the demon. He then laughs, however, finishing off the last of his gummy worms as he regards you beside him, trying not to squirm at how much larger he is than you, or how he even makes damn ripped jeans look scorching hot.  

    “Take a guess where you think we’ll find someone like him?” 

    You furrow your brows as you tilt your head in question, Jungkook’s eyes lighting up at the adorable gesture of yours. “Where?” 

    6 hours later, you stand frozen, mouth agape, legs unmoving. You listlessly stare at a loud, flashy neon-pink sign that depicts the image of an erotically-posed woman wrapped around a pole, along with the name “The Devil Wears Prada” ironically plastered underneath in cursive. 

    It’s a fucking stripclub. 

    You peer at Jungkook absolutely bewildered, blinking a few times to compute whether or not he was serious. Jungkook merely stands all too giddy, arms folded over his chest as he flashes you a beaming smile. 

    He’s having way too much fun with this.

    “Jungkook..” You draw out his name with a scolding. 

    “Oh c’mon, Y/N, it’ll be fun.” He attempts to warm you up to the idea, nudging your elbow too adorably. 

    You shoot him a dirty look and snatch your arm away from him, exhaling annoyingly. “Did it really have to be a stripclub?” 

    “Why?” Jungkook queries. “Have you never been to one?” 

    You freeze, suddenly a lump forming in your throat and trying to swallow it down. You’re not sure how you’re going to tell Jungkook that you actually have without revisiting a long-gone memory from your past. Your eyes evade him completely then, squeezing your folded arms tighter. “I have.” 

    Jungkook furrows his brows. “Is.. there a problem?” 

    “No just-get us inside, will you? It’s not exactly warm out here.” You begrudgingly complain as you harshly tug your cardigan around yourself. You hate that the temperature suddenly dropped significantly at night, leaving you freezing in your tank top, jean shorts and a measly wool cardigan. 

    You internally groan then, not just at the weather but standing in front of this Godforsaken place. The entire idea of a stripclub is off-putting to you, and it’s not like you’ll tell Jungkook exactly why. 

    You didn’t want to recall the god awful person attached to it. 

    All of a sudden, you’re enveloped by the warmth of a jacket around your shoulders. You surprisingly snap to your right and find Jungkook adjusting his cozy leather jacket over you, warm from his usual higher temperature. Your lips fall into a quizzical little pout. 

    “Why’d you...” 

    “Let’s go inside, we don’t want Azazel leaving, do we?” 

    You regard Jungkook with round eyes as he simply sends you a smile, halting yourself from swooning over the deadly image. He wraps a warm palm around your wrist and drags you to the entrance of the club, silently following him with the hint of a shy smile. 

    A long line awaits outside the door, but Jungkook confidently stalks over to the security guard on duty. The man almost protests angrily until Jungkook glowers at him with his crimson eyes, sending the man to instantly shiver with fear. He graciously opens the door for you both without a hitch, even granting you VIP access badges. 

    Impression is all that colours you as you contemplate Jungkook’s mere unmatched power, knowing damn well you’ll refrain from pissing him off too much, You slip inside the lively club with Jungkook, and unconsciously slide your fingers into his with acutely rising nerves, squeezing slightly. 

    And surprisingly enough, Jungkook squeezes back. 

    Your pairs of once peaceful ears are welcomed by the sound of raunchy music blasting over the speakers, scantily-clad women dancing on a neon platform with a shimmering pole, and also decorating the many suit-wearing men in the crowds. 

    You feel out of place, awkward, only having been in a stripclub once, and it was not your best experience at all. You clasp Jungkook’s hand a little harder this time, even cowering into his much larger form as people pass you by and disregard all means of space. 

    Jungkook’s eyes sweep over the place with nothing but mischief and mirth, watching his eyes smolder a fiery red with a smug grin.

    “Fuck, now this is my place.” This must be exactly where Jungkook thrives; sin litters this place from left to right and you assume it’s channeling his powers of pure evil. 

    You fear a human possibly sighting his Lucifer eyes though, and quickly prop yourself on your tip-toes. Your hand curls over his shoulder and you speak to him in his ear, Jungkook instinctively bending down. “Jungkook, your eyes.” 

    “Hm?” His round orbs stare into your soul inquisitively, and you suddenly realize he actually has very big eyes, almost doe-like. 

    “Your eyes, they’re red. Someone will notice.” 

    “Oh,” Jungkook blinks a few times and dials down the heat, dispersing the colour. “Better?” 

    “Better.” You nod. It takes a good second for you to notice how close your faces are to each other, however, and your breath catches in your throat. Jungkook’s lips curve into a little smile when he sees that, becoming too swept up in his ocean and immediately removing yourself from him. Only your hands clutch each other as you avert your sight. 

    You continue to evade him and Jungkook instead zeroes in on you, scrutinizing your features. “Are you okay?” 

    “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” 

    “Oh my God, don’t tell me you totally lied about going to a stripclub.” Jungkook drawled. “You’re so innocent.” 

    Jungkook makes it a statement to ruffle the top of your head, and you quickly smack his hand away as you send him a death glare. “I’m not lying, for your information. I have been to a stripclub, and I’m not that innocent.” 

    You have no clue the things I’ve thought of.

    Jungkook cracks a sexy grin. “Hmm, are you sure about that?” He leans in eye-level with you suddenly, and you lean back in accordance. “I’m sensing something else here.” 

    “The only thing you should be sensing is Azazel, demon.” You shove him back and Jungkook lets out a hearty laugh, rolling your eyes in response. 

    “You’re right, I actually can sense him. He should be here.” Jungkook scans the place with his demonic eyes, attempting to discern where exactly Azazel may be. 

    You’re busy hmphing when you move to cross your arms, and realize that Jungkook, while distracted, is still holding your hand. You peer down at the means of contact, feeling a warm, fuzzy feeling suddenly spreading across your chest. You push it away once Jungkook turns to you, ensuring he doesn't catch you staring at your connected hands. 

    “I think he may be in one of the VIP rooms, I’m going to check, okay?” 

    “Wait,” you pull him back, Jungkook all ears for you. “Why are you going alone? I can’t come?” 

    Jungkook chuckles a little. “Demons usually take up the vip rooms in this club,” Jungkook then suddenly tugs you towards him without warning, and you tumble directly into his chest. You peer up at him in complete surprise, only to find his smile absolutely shit-eating. 

    “I wouldn’t want an angel like you in a den of sinners.” 

    Your heart hammers against your ribcage, being this close to him just sets off an insatiable fire inside you that’ll never have an explanation anymore. Maybe it’s Jungkook’s attraction as Lucifer, you’re not sure, but suddenly feeling his chest against yours, mere inches from his lips, his eyes only on you in a room full of exotic, topless dancers, you feel yourself falling into his abyss. 

    Why can’t I just kiss his cute lips?

    A shove to Jungkook’s shoulder by a stranger snaps you out of it, immediately adding space between you two. “G-go find Azazel.” You see Jungkook crack a knowing grin before he holds up his hands in mock surrender. 

    “Alright, alright.” He vindicates himself, but suddenly winds an arm around your shoulders, his lips brushing your ear. He tugs you close enough to catch a whiff of the coffee you both drank on the way here, trying not to ignite at the feeling of his lips touching your skin. 

    “Stay here, don’t talk to anyone. Don’t take a drink from a stranger either, only wait for me.” He instructs firmly with a squeeze to your arm, turning to the side to question him why, but Jungkook has already let you go. He disappears into the crowd and booming club then, before you can even breathe. 

    Damn, he really is fast as Lucifer. 

    You suddenly become reclusive in the grandiose, erotic club. All you see are boobs and sexy women flaunting their gorgeous bodies, and as much as you find it downright impressive, respecting the hell out of the stunning dancers, a pit settles into your stomach.

    Stripclubs just aren’t your thing, they never have been. Especially after what your asshole of an ex did to you in a stripclub before, they unsettle you to the very core. It brews a storm in your heart you can’t remedy nor can ever forget, sighing as you suddenly wish Jungkook didn’t leave you alone. 

    What the fuck? When did you even need his presence around in the first place? 

    You shake the jitters out of you. You won’t let some dark part of your past haunt you anymore nor think about the literal devil himself, you’re far beyond that and a healed person. 

    You sigh as you contemplate what you’re meant to do now, Jungkook’s instructions of staying put and not even touching a drink producing your sheer boredom. You stand with your arms folded and step towards the bar ensuring you weren’t in the way of any dancing women, or didn’t catch the eye of some ogling man waving money. 

    Blowing a raspberry, you silently bop around to a sultry rock beat as a new stripper presents herself on stage. Your own eyes are glued to her almost instantly, surprised by how gorgeous she is and mentally commending her for her graceful figure and well.. generous assets. 

    Out of boredom, her show becomes your center of attention until a sudden tap to your shoulder turns you around. You come face-to-face with a very handsome bartender. 

    “Sorry to interrupt, but this drink’s for you.” He sends you a polite smile. 

    “Oh, but I didn’t order a drink.” 

    “I know, I ordered one for you.” You’re internally taken aback by not only the man’s boldness, but his drop-dead gorgeous smile. A grateful grin creeps up onto your lips as you chuckle a little.

    “And why did you do that?” 

    The handsome stranger shrugs. “It looked like you needed one.” 

    You slowly wet your lips as you try to keep from smiling too wide, encircling the glass. “That’s awfully kind of you.” 

    “Don’t mention it,” he waves you off. There’s a simple moment where you’re merely looking at your glass, taking it in your hand for a drink until Jungkook’s voice rings clearly in your head. 

    ‘Don’t drink anything either.’ 

    You furrow your eyebrows wondering why you exactly couldn’t. You teeter on either defying him or simply choosing to listen, not knowing how severe his order was. You buffer on the drink until the man’s rather hypnotizing voice pulls you out. 

    “So.. what’s a woman like you doing here all alone?” 

    You quirk a brow. “And who exactly is a woman like me?” 

    “Too pretty to be alone.” 

    You crack a chuckle at that, the charm he’s laying suddenly loosening you up. “That’s a good one.” 

    “Good enough to know whether you’re alone or not?” 

    You hesitate on an answer here, not knowing his intentions but giving him an honest answer nonetheless. “No, I’m.. not here alone.” 

    “Are you here with a boyfriend?” 

    Your heart stops at that, someone referencing Jungkook of all people as your damn boyfriend feels ridiculous. Even imagining such a thing leaves you sneering, and no the idea does not make your heart swell or your chest flutter. In no corner of the world will you find even a measly speck of you considering Jungkook as your boyfriend, a good idea. He’s only the smoldering hot king of the underworld that seems to actually be nice despite being the master of sin, has these cute doe eyes when he’s confused or these pouty lips whenever he eats. 

    And he does not have you undeniably attracted to him. 

    Not at all. 

    “N-no, not my boyfriend.” You choke on your saliva. 

    “Ah, so I don’t have to worry about a jealous man or anything.” He smirks all too handsomely. 

    “And why exactly would a jealous man bother you?” 

    “Because I’d like to make you mine tonight.” 

    You feel your heart experience whiplash in your chest as you feel it bloom with fuzziness. Suddenly his smile is show-stopping, the way he leans over the counter emphasizes his muscles and his black button-up hugs his body like a second skin. 

    “Have a drink and loosen up, gorgeous.” The smoldering bartender tongues his cheek, and suddenly his jawline is looking too good to not kiss up.

    With a smirk of your own, you run your tongue inside your cheek as well, a fire lighting inside you. Your fingers curl around your glass of what seems to be a cocktail, suddenly thirsty for a drink. You eye up the handsome stranger as you bring the glass to your lips, tipping your drink over. 

    “What the fuck are you doing?” Jungkook’s voice startles you as he suddenly clamps down on your wrist and displaces your drink, spilling some on you. “Didn’t I tell you not to drink anything or talk to anyone?” 

    His sudden rude tone ticks you off. “Jungkook, it’s just a drink-” 

    “Hey, man. I was just talking to her.” 

    Jungkook’s eyes immediately become annoyed regarding the stranger behind the bar, quickly approaching him with a furious look. “I’m not some ‘man’, and I know you aren’t either.” 

    Jungkook then violently grabs the bartender’s collar and tugs him over the counter harshly, the anger in his eyes absolutely searing. You panic as Jungkook’s harsh actions catch the attention of others nearby, your glass now empty as it spills over. 

    “Jungkook-!” You try to pull him back, only to be completely surprised with what you see next. 

    Jungkook’s eyes spark into a demonic fire as he stares into the man’s very soul, and you watch as the bartender’s irises suddenly reveal a deep shade of red himself. You falter back in shock as the man’s features immediately paint over with terror so horrific, he scrambles to be let go of.

    “Sir, please-” 

    “Get the fuck out of my face.” 

    The once smirky and charming bartender turns into the equivalent of a crybaby, practically tripping over his feet as he runs off to cower away in the employee’s break room. Jungkook without a word snatches up your hand and begins leading you through the club, ignoring the concerned eyes that follow you two. You’re overridden by a million questions as he relentlessly pulls you, not even granting you a moment’s rest.

    “Jungkook, Jungkook! What are you-” 

    “Did I not fucking telling you to stay put and not talk to anybody? Did you think I said that for fun?” 

    The irritation in his tone makes you feel guilty, and maybe you’re realizing your mistake, but Jungkook didn’t have to be so damn pushy about it. 

    “I don’t exactly see the problem-” 

    “That was the problem.” Jungkook suddenly stops you both before a dimly lit corridor as he gestures in the direction of the bar. His breaths are hot and heavy as his eyes cut you cold. 

    “And what kind of problem was that? He was just a bartender-” 

    “He was a demon,” Jungkook emphasizes. “This place is crawling with them.” 

    Something about the anger in Jungkook’s face either makes you feel turned on, want to argue back, or a deadly combination of both, 

    Why is it so sexy when his jaw clenches like that? 

    You try to ignore the way your legs suddenly squirm. “So what if he was a demon?” 

    Jungkook scoffs dryly, wetting his lips as he looks away. “That’s what the demons do here. They reel human women in with their charms, roofie their fucking drinks and get them alone.” He then mutters under his breath, focusing on nothing in particular with sheer indignation. “You have no clue the disgusting things he was thinking.” 

    You scrunch your face in confusion. “And you do?” 

    Jungkook rolls his eyes before he simply huffs, “it wasn’t hard to tell. Do you even know what a demon would do to an unsuspecting human like you?” 

    His evasiveness and avoidance of making eye contact only increases your pissy mood, folding your arms with a pressing question. “And since when did it bother you what happens to me?” 

    Eyes flashing to you, Jungkook only produces a mean look of hesitation. His jaw clenches as he gnaws at his teeth, lips impatiently pressed together. He then simply takes your hand in his, muttering yet again. “I found Azazel, let’s go.” 

    And he drags you away as you unwillingly tag along. 

    You and Jungkook stop before a rather grand-looking door, noticing it’s probably the most expensive and exorbitant among the hallways. The entrance is perched by two guards on both flanks, a stern-looking man and an evil looking woman, both staring you and Jungkook down as though they could see right through you.  

    Jungkook clears his throat, proudly presenting himself with a look of unbothered confidence. “Good evening, underlings. I need to see Azazel.” 

    “And who might be asking?” The sultry woman practically slithers out her words. 

    Jungkook rolls his eyes before he, for the dozenth time, flashes them his scarlet eyes, watching the stoic man raise his brows in surprised acknowledgement, as the woman merely shivers in pleasure. Both their own eyes glow a deep shade of ruby, and you now understand that they’re demons as well.

    Did Lucifer have some sort of connection or invisible linkage between all demons? Was there something about his eyes? 

    “Ah, the king himself is here.” She cheers, clasping her hands together with excitement. Her vision flashes down to Jungkook cradling your hand in his, though, but she doesn’t show any disapproval or bitchiness about it, rather seems intrigued. 

    She abandons her post and makes towards Jungkook, her red dress accentuating every slim curve of her body. She laughs an almost harmonious giggle as her hands soon land over Jungkook’s chest, biting her bottom lip as she asks in a whisper. 

    “Is it really you, master?” 

    Jungkook merely laughs, tilting his head as he condescendingly asks. “Who else would it be?” 

    Her eyes flicker with fire, fingers slowly feeling over much of Jungkook’s muscly body as he simply allows her to do so. His expression doesn’t really communicate much of anything however, as though he’s bored and simply letting the demon have her fun. Clearly the attraction to Jungkook isn’t just a human thing, he has practically all creatures on their knees for him, and he seems to know it too. 

    Arrogant prick. 

    A laugh escapes you suddenly, and the female demon’s attention immediately snaps towards you, eyes narrowed into slits. 

    “And who might this be?” 

    “None of your concern.” Jungkook tugs you a little closer to his body, almost shielding you. You can only intently watch, unable to do much of anything. But the female demon boldly ignores Jungkook, too enthralled by you to remain obedient. She approaches your figure with almost a cat-like nature, extremely curious and hyper-aware. 

    You suspect absolutely nothing, until within the blink of an eye, she suddenly grapples the back of your neck and tugs you flush against her own face. You gasp in immediate fear when her fingernails transform into sharp claws. 

    “Amara.” Jungkook scolds with a reprimanding tone as he squeezes your hand, but she only continues on, the bridge of her nose skimming the arch of your cheekbone. She actually sniffs you, and her lips curve into a downright demonic smile. 


    “A human..” She chimes lowly, but is only interrupted by an irritated Jungkook. 

    “Amara, let her go. She belongs to me.” Jungkook instructs firmly, and your heart does a backflip inside your chest. When did you ever become his? 

    Even worse, when did you actually like the idea? 

    “Is that why she’s wearing your clothes, master?” She queries as her sharp hand rests over your shoulder, feeling at Jungkook’s leather jacket on you. “Master never gives his clothes to anyone.” 

    The fact leaves your eyes widening, looking towards Jungkook who merely sighs. He then holds onto Amara’s shoulder and forces her to face him, seriously peering into her eyes. 

    “Amara, let her go.” Jungkook’s eyes beam a vibrant red as he authoritatively orders. “I will not ask you again.”  Amara immediately lets you go then with thinly-pursed lips, holding her head up high as she returns to her post. 

    Jungkook wets his lips in frustration before he turns to you and gently gathers your hair in his hands, carefully peeking behind your neck. He lightly whispers in your ear, “did she hurt you?” 

    Ignoring the goosebumps that arise across your skin, your fingertips canvas over your neck as you feel the slightest sting in a certain area, knowing it must be a scratch. “Not really.” 

    Jungkook laughs then, and you furrow eyebrows. “Why’d you just laugh?” 

    “Because the desire to sin really does kick in when you’re near me, huh?” Jungkook’s pointer finger then slides over the exact cut you had, and you instantly let out a hiss. Jungkook knowingly grins. “You just lied to me.” 

    You roll your eyes, seconds from swatting his hand off you until the sudden scent of coffee on his breath stops your heart. Jungkook casts your hair aside as he gently leans over your shoulder, and invades all your personal space. You’re unsure of what he’s doing until you feel his breath fanning you—he’s blowing on your cut. Surprisingly enough, it’s almost as though Jungkook’s delicate blows cauterize your wound, feeling your pain melt away in an instant. 

    Sweeping your hand over the nape of your neck, suddenly it’s as though there was never a wound at all. You look at Jungkook with pure wonderment as he simply flashes you that sexy quirk of his brow and an attractive grin. Adjusting his shirt on himself, he then fixes his jacket on you, pulling it tight around your body. He turns back to the demons after finishing his task and grasps your hand yet again “We need to see Azazel, open the doors.” 

    The stoic man that’s merely stood there the entire time silently clasps onto the handle. He opens the door without a complaint, standing off to the side. Jungkook enthusiastically tugs you along with him as you pass Amara, who only flashes a half-hearted smile your way before you’re greeted by something you never expected. 

    Rouge curtains, a plethora of intoxicating incense, bright, vivid colours of Moroccan splendour designs attacking your eyes. The entire place is littered with these vibrantly coloured fabrics and charms, gaudy pieces of diversified collectibles and an odd earthy though spicy scent that made you throw up in your mouth. Though what catches them next are the multitude of nearly naked women sensually dancing and sitting around a quite eclectically dressed man, your brain far from boggled. 

    The man’s too busy making out with a certain woman until Jungkook loudly clears his throat. “Azazel,” 

    Said man, well, demon suddenly rips his mouth away from the topless woman, wiping some lipstick that smeared onto his skin. His hooded, hazed-over eyes are far more entertained when he regards Jungkook, however, lips curving into a mirthy grin. 

    “My, my, if it isn’t the king of hell himself.” 

    Jungkook purses his lips in acknowledgement as Azazel leans over onto his knees, waving off his dancing women. “Nobody told me you’d be visiting little old me.” 

    “Maybe if you weren’t sucking the life out of female humans, you would know.” 

    Azazel’s eyes bounce as though he were dealt a hit he actually liked, snickering in his throat. “A little too haughty for someone in your position, don’t you think?” 

    Jungkook furrows his brows in confusion, and Azazel merely scoffs. “Think the whole of hell doesn’t know what’s going on with you, boss?” He questions rhetorically. Azazel then gets up from his seat, the women around him not even minding as they seem in almost an unbreakable trance. 

    ‘They reel human women in with their charms, roofie their fucking drinks and get them alone.’

    Fuck, Jungkook was really telling the truth. Better yet, was he genuinely trying to protect you?

    He approaches Jungkook, almost too close for comfort. Jungkook squeezes your hand in response, and you stay right by his side. 

    “We all know the big man upstairs kicked you out of hell and you’re about as powerless as a mouse in a glue trap, boss.” The demon, you now realize, is almost ironically nothing what you imagined the demon of lust to be like. He seems the epitome of gluttony with his larger belly and older-looking features, honestly disgusted by him. Jungkook almost reads your mind as he makes an expression of distaste too, turning his face away from Azazel’s to actually breathe. He faces him then, eyes powerful and self-assured.  

    “I’m still the king, and I rank higher than you, Prince of hell.” Jungkook squashes Azazel’s ego. “I’d watch what comes out of your mouth.” 

    “And I’d do the same if I were you, boss. Right now it’s looking right about rocky for you with your powers gone.” Azazel practically, or well, quite literally spits. “I’m thinking you should choose your words wisely, could probably squash you like a pesky ant on the side of a road, Your Highness.” Something about the superiority complex and condescension of Azazel ticks you off. You turn to Jungkook trying to believe what the demon said isn’t true, but Jungkook’s acquiescing expression clues you in to the fact that that’s not the case. 

    Maybe he really does have to play nice right now, you didn’t know the breadth of Azazel’s powers compared to a human Lucifer, anyway. 

    Jungkook sighs as he tongue his cheek. “I just need to ask a question, Azazel.” He then instinctively tugs you further behind his larger frame, but that only draws Azazel attention to you, and suddenly his once normal eyes beam with an intriguing, red hot flame. 

    “And who might this be?” His creepy voice curls around your spine and makes you shiver, sending him a look of disapproval. His hand comes out to cup your cheek but you immediately smack his hand, leaning away from him. 

    His eyes glow with anger as he almost lunges towards you, but is stopped by Jungkook’s arm blocking the way. “Behave, Azazel. She’s mine.”   

    “Ohh,” Azazel calms down with a snarky tone, eyes still scavenging your figure as though you were a meal to consume. “The master’s keeping a toy, I see.” 

    The context of that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, watching Jungkook’s expression stay predominantly blank. He squares his shoulders when he requests again. “Just answer my question, Azazel.” 

    The demon hmph’s as he sends you and Jungkook a death glare, returning to his seat. “Sit down.” He practically growls. 

    Jungkook leads you with him towards the vibrant indigo, velvet couch across from the weird demon. Jungkook plops down on the cushions, and just as you’re about to seat yourself next to him, he immediately tugs you forward with a force you couldn’t deny. You tumble into his lap and your ass settles over his strong, thick thighs. Your arms naturally fall around his neck as his hands delicately hold your waist, panic overflowing you once your core presses into his crotch. 

    “J-Jungkook, what are you-” 

    “Shh,” he grits quietly under his teeth. “Just play along.” 

    You pull a confused face, watching as Azazel becomes busy speaking with one of his scarcely-dressed ladies. “What do you mean? Why do I-”

    “Azazel has a thing for human girls,” Jungkook whispers closely in your ear, hands slowly soothing your side that leaves you squirmy. He suddenly dares to nibble on your lobe a little, the touch igniting a lusty flame inside you despite the initial surprise. “Especially girls like you.” 

    “What-what are you doing?” 

    “Acting,” he rasps in a whisper, tongue gently licking at your lobe. “Play along.” He repeats pressingly. 

    “What do you mean…” You attempt to suppress a yelp when Jungkook unexpectedly bites your ear lobe, only fidgeting over him more. “Girls like me?” 

    You feel Jungkook smirk as he presses a bold kiss behind your ear, a hand of his dropping to your bare thigh. He ever so slightly brushes the tips of his fingers up and down your skin, fuelling every nerve inside your sensitive body. 

    “Sweet and innocent ones like you.” 

    His tone is so dark, so deep and low you’re forgetting where you even are. Your grip on his shoulders tightens when Jungkook skims his nose up your pulse point, his heated breath and lips raising goosebumps all over you. You chew on your bottom lip to contain how horny you suddenly feel, as though every cell in your body wanted Jungkook kissing you, on you, inside you. The hunger was insatiable, your legs rubbing together once your panties felt too sticky. 

    “Since-since when did you care? I thought you hated humans.” 

    “I said I hated humans, not you.” 

    “You..” You contain a moan when he grips your bare thigh. “You said you’d never be attracted to a human like me.”

    You scoff escapes him as his lips skim your pulse point, scrunching his shirt in your fist for any semblance of control. It’s hilarious that Jungkook is so transparent about insisting you’re different, but never explains why you are in the first place. His silence now beckons you to question him again, though it comes out more akin to a moan.


    Jungkook then finally latches his wet mouth onto your neck, feeling your core gush with an immediate waterfall. He begins ever so slightly mouthing at your skin, laying soft kisses that were almost feather-like, barely there, yet you felt as though you were on fire. You realized he didn’t answer, wanting to query him again but fuck, you’re too goddamn distracted by his plushy lips sinfully kissing your weak spot. 

    Suppressing a moan, you manage, “why are you doing this.. Jungkook?” 

    “I need to show him you’re mine..” Jungkook mumbles against your neck as he sucks a soft bruise . “So he won’t take you.” 

    His words snap you out of your daze, reminded that you and Jungkook are here for a goddamn task. He wasn’t doing this because he actually wanted you, there was an underlying agenda here and you need to stop getting sucked into his tempting ocean. 

    You gently push him off you and find Jungkook’s amused eyes peering at you, cracking his signature grin. You realize you must appear flushed, the heat of Jungkook’s Lucifer body too searing to handle. 

    Eyes locked in an untelling gaze, this position with Jungkook feels too unreal. You’re currently perched in his lap as you hold his neck and he hugs your waist, face mere inches from each other, almost kissing but not. You hate how much you suddenly yearn to kiss his lips, wondering if that certain Lucifer attraction is the reason why, or maybe Jungkook’s lips are just so fucking kissable. 

    Jungkook doesn’t break your eye contact as he juts out his tongue to swipe his bottom lip, flashing his vision down to your petals that hang slightly open. You breathe carefully attempting to not suffocate, Jungkook is seriously, and very undeniably hotter than hell. You can almost taste the coffee on his breath again as he nears you, vision flashing to his lips that suddenly seem so close…

    “Cozy, now aren’t we?” 

    You both snap towards Azazel in unison, clearing your throat as Jungkook plants his feet down and straightens himself. 

    “What’d you wanna ask, boss? Make it quick.” Azazal tends to one of his topless girls feeling him up, practically cooing at her as he speaks annoyingly. “I’ve got better things to do.” 

    Jungkook rolls his eyes, his hand on your tummy drawing soft circles. You try not to melt. 

    “I need the location of a club, Azazel.” 

    The demon laughs across from you both, caressing one of his dancers that flank his left side. “There are many clubs, boss. You gotta be specific.” 

    “You know which one I’m talking about,” Jungkook scowls, his palm firmly clutching your bare thigh, and you try not to imagine what he’d feel like touching you elsewhere. 

    What if he touched me down there?

    Jungkook suddenly squeezes your thigh and you practically jump, trying to refocus on the conversation. You attempt to not pay attention to the way Jungkook’s practically eye-level with your cleavage. The mere prospect of his sexy face in your boobs leaves your legs rubbing together, nipples shamelessly hardening. 

    God, why are you so horny?

    “Angels Give You Wings, you know the one.” Jungkook affirms, seriously trying to work with the rather disinterested demon. 

    But once the name’s up in the air, Azazel’s eyes shimmer with mirth as his attention shifts to Jungkook. “The infamous club, you say?” he asks rhetorically. “You should know it’s in Chicago.” 

    Jungkook sighs. “I know it’s in Chicago, but I need the real address.” 

    Azazel raises his brows. “And why would you need the real address?” 

    “It’s not exactly your concern.” Jungkook cuts in all too arrogantly, Azazel narrowing his eyes. He now examines you both, almost scrutinizing the pair of you as he touches one of his strippers. 

    “You two don’t look very close for a couple.” Azazel observes, flitting over your entangled bodies. You become displaced, looking towards Jungkook for an answer. But you only find him glaring back at Azazel as he practically cradles you in his arms, practically demon-growling at him.

    Azazel hoots as he watches Jungkook’s anger grow. “Wow, would you look at the master being possessive of his toys for once.” He smiles evilly, laying both his arms over the back of the couch with a repulsive look. “If you’re being possessive of her, then you ain’t getting jack shit tonight, boss.” 

    “And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Jungkok practically spits.

    “It means,” Azazel mimics Jungkook’s harsh tone. “If you wanna know the address, you need to let me read her.” 

    You furrow your brows as Jungkook heavily sighs, bringing a hand to his forehead with distress. Your fingers ask for his attention through rubbing at the nape of his neck, voice quiet.

    “Jungkook, what does he mean?” 

    “Oh!” Azazel cheers all of a sudden. “She calls you by your real name, master? That’s wonderful!” He claps like a happy seal, now understanding what Jungkook meant by Azazel being quite the... odd type.  

    Jungkook lifts his head to look at you then, eyes revealing something akin to.. Fear? Stress? You couldn’t place it accurately. “I won’t let him have you, angel.” 

    You’re sure Jungkook is probably only saying this to act like you’re together, hell, even his hands slowly but soothingly caressing your waist and thigh have all probably got to do with this ruse. But something about the reveal of emotion in his eyes maybe indicated he could be speaking the truth. 

    Or at least, you’d like to believe so. 

    “Hand the girl over, boss.” 

    Something ticks inside Jungkook as he flashes his eyes a searing red, and practically sneers at Azazel. “You’re not touching her.” 

    Azazel’s amused expression only thrives off Jungkook's anger. “Well then, you won’t be getting your address, then.” 

    Jungkook huffs with a dry scoff. “I’m not offering her to you anyway.” He then pats your thigh to move off him. You climb off Jungkook’s lap as he stands on his feet with you, avoiding your eyes as you wonder why he won’t just give you up. He intertwined his hand with yours in mere milliseconds as he sends Azazel a death glare. “We’re leaving, angel.” 

    “You’re funny, boss. How do you expect to get your address?” 

    Azazel’s condescending tone stops Jungkook, and you need to seriously squeeze Jungkook’s hand tightly in order to prevent him from charging forward. You should’ve known, Lucifer would obviously be irrationally hot-heated. But, also being the representation of Pride among the so-called seven princes of hell, he absolutely hated it when someone knocked him off his high horse. 

    And that’s all Azazel has been doing. 

    “I can ask any other demon.” Jungkook grits through his teeth. 

    Azazel clicks his tongue, shaking his head. “Nuh uh. That’s an Angel-dominant club, do you really think some second-rate lackey could get in? It takes someone of my power-ranking or higher to even withstand those damn halo-wearing pricks.” 

    Jungkook scoffs. “I’m Lucifer, Azazel. I can ask an angel.” 

    Azazel snickers as though he were told an immature joke. “You really think an angel won't go straight to The Council and rat you out? Don’t think you’d appreciate seeing your estranged brothers in this circumstance, boss.” 

    You hear a crack in Jungkook’s neck as you watch his jaw flex firmly again, except now, it seems like Jungkook could be breaking his teeth as he bites down hard. His eyes are a seething ruby, wondering what could be causing Jungkook so much heated distress. 

    Brothers? Did brothers mean.. the rest of the Archangels? 

    Your hand suddenly feels too hot as Jungkook practically crushes the life out of you. You exclaim in pain, realizing that Jungkook’s utterly losing his cool. You panic, knowing Jungkook is still quite powerful and you did not want to see him angry. He needs to simmer down before all hell actually breaks loose, worriedly approaching him. 

    You rapidly step in front of him and grips his biceps, attempting to gain his attention. 

    “Jungkook, hey, Jungkook.” You call him with light shakes, but his breaths only increase in speed. His vision is glowing a vibrant red and you can feel him entering attack mode. You protest for him yet again, to look at you, to calm down, hoping your voice can pull him out but gain no response. 

    Jungkook is seconds from unleashing his flames, already raising his palm for a ferocious blast until your small hands suddenly engulf his cheeks, forcing him to look at you. 

    “Jungkook!” You say it so worriedly, so sweetly that something almost automatically switches off inside Jungkook. It’s as though the figurative flames bursting out of him are extinguished, his breath stabilizing as you find his doe eyes staring back at you. 

    You crack a smile as you watch his features change, becoming the exact Jungkook you met back in your apartment. 

    “Human..” You’re unsure of why Jungkook’s stuck with the name, but funny enough, it made you laugh a little

    “Demon..” You chide him, and he actually cracks a grin too. You wet your lips as you seriously peer into his eyes, speaking kindly. “Jungkook, you should let Azazel read me.” 

    His eyes flood with something akin to anxiety and he grips your hand against his cheek, shaking his head. “No, it’s not a good idea, angel. He’ll hurt you.” 

    Your lips pout slightly hearing his concern, again, unsure of whether or not this was all a ruse. You wouldn’t know. 

    “What will he do?” 

    “He can read minds when he touches people. Angel, demon, human, it doesn’t matter. But it hurts, especially for humans.” Jungkook warns, eyes communicating the urgency he desires to reach you. 

    You can see where Jungkook’s coming from, whether it was for the ploy or his own genuine compassion, you wouldn’t want Jungkook to hurt himself just for you, either. But you knew this was important to him, he really needed to unearth that club and figure out his way back to hell. 

    He needed to go back home.

    You’ve already tagged along and come this far, not to mention how many times Jungkook really did show concern for you and helped you out. You should repay that kindness and help him too. 

    “Jungkook, you really need that location.” You explain softly. “It’s okay, it won’t be for long, right? I can endure it.” 

    “Human..” You can see the worry in his eyes, feeling your heart melt. He squeezes your hand harder and you try to ignore the fact that he doesn’t even mean any of it, only an act meant for the demon you can tell is staring you both down. 

    But you’d oddly like to believe it was real.

    “He’s going to infiltrate your mind, read your deepest, darkest thoughts, invade your privacy...” He urges you, emphasizing gravely that this is not something to be taken lightly. 

    “I’ll be okay, demon.” 

    Jungkook sighs with evident worry. “If you feel uncomfortable for even a second, I’ll kill him.” He proclaims. “You don’t have to go through with this.” 

    “I’ll be fine, Jungkook. We’re a team now, alright? I got you.” 

    You’re unsure of what emotion flashes through Jungkook, but you can clearly see his expression soften. He purses his lip, and simply nods as he slowly lets your hand go, but not without leaning in close to your ear. “You need to convince him..” Jungkook advises quietly. “Convince him about us to get the address.” 

    You nod back in affirmation, detangling your fingers and stepping towards the sleazy demon. 

    Azazel flashes you a toothy smile you wish you couldn’t see, repulsed as you stand before him. You notice the women flanking him don’t necessarily pay attention to you, and have only been touching and dancing around Azazel the majority of the time. You wonder if they’re under some sort of trance, attributing their behaviour to the drugging methods Jungkook informed you of earlier. 

    Though you also wouldn’t rule out the doings of Azazel knowing he’s the sin of Lust. 

    “What do you want?” You question bleakly. 

    “Your hand, darling.” He slides his tongue over his teeth. 

    “Do more than just read her, and I’ll torture you in hell for eternity.” Jungkook scolds threateningly, jaw clenched and eyes smoldering. 

    Azazel merely acknowledges Jungkook as you reach the eclectic demon. With a weirded out expression, you hesitantly present your hand to Azazel, who snatches you up as though he were a starving dog seeing meat for the first time. He immediately shoves the back of your hand against his nostrils, gaining a good, heady whiff of you. You try not to feel a sense of ickiness all over your body, suddenly feeling this certain shock that runs throughout all your veins. 

    It feels uncomfortable at first, but suddenly transforms into this sharp pain flooding your bloodstream. You exclaim immediately, feeling as though knives were suddenly coursing through your arteries. You falter as the feeling crawls all over your skin, clutching your hand to your chest in a panic. 

    “Human!” Jungkook worriedly approaches you, but stops once Azazel’s ominous red eyes warn him. 

    You calm down for Jungkook’s sake, breathing through the aching intrusion. “I’m fine.. I’m fine, Jungkook.” 

    You remember his words in an instant, enduring the pain as you focus on thinking about Jungkook. He needs to think you’re both together, right? What better way than to conjure up every appealing thought you’ve had of Jungkook? 

    His lips, his body, his eyes, his rockstar hair, his sexy leather outfit that hugs him just right. His Adam's apple, his thick neck, his alluring voice, the attractive way he tongues his cheek. Not to mention the adorable way his eyes go round or his small, cute lips pucker into a pout. 

    Your mind naturally drifts towards the thought of all those features, and how they ignite your core anytime you ponder them. His fingers? His tongue? His lips? What could they do in other places? Would he be fast or slow? Would he touch you right? Would he be rough or soft? 

    You try to imagine how it would feel if he were to touch your pulsing clit, shuddering once you register that masculine roughness he has to them. You bite on your lip, center lighting up with wanton desire once you consider how his tongue would feel, and most of all, you wonder exactly what beast Jungkook hides in his pants. You practically scream all these things at yourself, prominently contemplating your attraction to Jungkook for Azazel. 

    Though funny enough, you know deep down they were real thoughts you merely suppressed. 

    Azazel continues to read your mind, your shut eyes too focused on honing in on your likeness for Jungkook until all the pain in your body suddenly stops. You exhale harshly, as though air was sucked out of your lungs once you return to Earth. You recall your place in reality and face Azazel, swallowing. 

    “Hmm,” Azazel contemplates, suggestive, mirthy eyes gazing up at you. “She really does belong to you, boss.” 

    You hear Jungkook let out a triumphant scoff, hands on his hips as he quirks a brow. 

    “You’re all she seems to think about.” Azazel then eyes your figure up and down. “And they mainly seem to be very dirty.” 

    That fact makes you physically choke, coughing out the spit that caught in your throat. You rip your hand out of Azazel’s hold, recovering from the hiccup. 

    “T-the address, Azazel.” 

    Azazel’s annoyed vision flits to the side as he leans back. He rolls his eyes, holding out his pointer and middle finger in the air. He suddenly flicks them to conjure up a piece of paper with a bright spark of flames. Its edges are burnt, though the integrity of the piece still holds up. 

    You smile victoriously as you reach out for the paper, only for Azazel to suddenly retract it. 

    “You owe me for this, boss.” 

    Jungkook laughs dryly, suddenly feeling his presence beside you as he flattens his warm palm against the small of your back. “We’ll see about that in hell—what did you say? Second-rate lackey.” 

    The term makes Azazel growl as a counter, finally nabbing the paper from him and skipping over to Jungkook, proudly presenting it before him. 

    “For you, my liege.” You bow as part of your skit, Jungkook clasping the paper. 

    “Why thank you, my angel.” Jungkook responds in the same playful tone, bowing as well. 

    He graciously snatches the paper from you and tucks it inside the pocket of his leather jacket you wear. He pats the pocket condescendingly before entangling his fingers with yours and tugging you to his side, saluting Azazel. 

    “So long, Azazel. Hope you grow the balls one day to actually fight me in hell.” Jungkook snarks, cocking a proud brow. “We’ll see then who's more powerful. If you’re not too busy getting your balls taken care of here, that is.” 

    Azazel literally spits at the ground you both walk on, Jungkook immediately clutching you close to him as he merrily laughs at his own remark. 

    And honestly speaking, as obnoxious as Jungkook can be, you laugh, too. Hugging the paper with the address to your chest, Jungkook side-hugs you to him as the pair of you walk out together to Nelly Furtado’s ‘Maneater’. 

    The soft thrum of rock beats keep your eyes open, shifting in and out of sleep as you slump into your passenger seat. Jungkook sits at the wheel now, and despite only claiming he could drive, you admit he’s a pretty decent driver for someone who’s only learned through observation. 

    You’re yet again falling asleep after the day’s tedious activities, cheek resting in your palm while you huddle into Jungkook’s warm leather jacket. It was oddly very comforting. 

    “Hey, sleeping beauty.” Jungkook lightly hits your arm and you shoot up, grumbling with sleep-laden eyes. 

    “What the fuck, Jungkook?” 

    “Feel lucky I even called you beauty, you don’t look so hot right now.” 

    You roll your eyes, not caring of your appearance after driving for God knows how long. You still run your fingers through your hair, however. “Fuck you.” 

    You see in your peripheral Jungkook silently scoffing, chiding you with an expression of mimicry. You narrow your eyes into slits at him, huffing at how easily you both return to normal. You should’ve known whatever concern and care Jungkook was showing you was only for Azazel, there’s no way the daft idiot could even muster a single cell of decency. 


    Jungkook suddenly toes at your shin, nearly kicking you awake once again. You turn around and face him with sheer annoyance. “Jungkook, what the fuck! Can’t you just fucking drive?!” 

    “So you have dirty thoughts about me, huh?” Your throat cinches, your brain shuts down and you transform into the epitome of an error 404 not found code. You hold up a finger in protest as you buffer, lips struggling for a sentence. 


    “I didn’t know I was always on your mind, angel.” Jungkook bounces his brows as he peers at you, but it seems like his expression completely depicts the opposite of what he says. He eyes as if he knows the inner workings of your brain, knows exactly what you think, what’s on your mind, and knows they’re not innocent like an angel. 

    God, he’s so annoying. 

    “Would you shut up? That was for Azazel. You wouldn’t have your precious address without me anyway, demon.” 

    Jungkook scoffs, laughing at your rather cute act of denial. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, human.” Jungkook's hand once gripping the steering wheel then suddenly settles over your thigh, not squeezing or touching, but merely resting there as he refrains from doing anything compromising. 

    His eyes then suddenly flit towards you.

    “You seem to be quite the dirty little angel.” 

    Your cheeks heat up, growing angry because.. fuck, did he actually have to be right? Why did it feel like he could see right through you? Like he could read you as though you were bearing all the pages of your book? You scrutinize him repulsively as you shove his hand off you, shuffling away from him further. 

    “Exactly, you should be letting me sleep, asshole.” You counter in response. “And watch the fucking road.” 

    Jungkook stifles a laugh in his throat as he returns his eyes to the road like, his hand now resting over the console as he drives with one hand freely. You try not to flit down to his legs manspreading deliciously, or gaze at the veins that sprawl up his arm and his rough hand on the steering wheel. You even ignore the way he tongues his cheek as though he’s too amused. 

    “Why did you keep calling me that?” 

    Jungkook flickers towards you. “Huh?” 

    “With Azazel, you kept calling me angel.” You grumble. “You only use that when you’re being an asshole.” 

    Jungkook breathes a laugh through his nose, his vision focusing on the road as he handles the steering wheel with one hand. He swipes his lips with his tongue as he looks ahead, flexing his jaw. 

    “I didn’t want him knowing your real name.” 

    Your brows raise in light surprise, not expecting that concern to come from him even without putting on a show. 

    “That’s rich coming from you.” You scoff. 

    Jungkook cracks a smoldering smirk, hating that he was so obnoxiously attractive. “It’s rich that for an angel you have a lot of dirty thoughts.” 

    You roll your eyes, shutting down the arousal that floods your core as you smack his bicep. Fuck Azazel for saying that aloud, and now fuck Jungkook for snickering about it to himself. You exhale tiredly as you tuck your hand underneath your cheek and force yourself to sleep, completely avoiding him. 

    So what if you wanted to fucking jump his bones? It’s his fault for being so sexy. 

    With a knowing smile and quirk of his brow, Jungkook leans over and turns the volume of the music down, continuing your journey under the dark sky with spangled stars. 

    Jungkook brings in the last of your luggage from the car into your motel room, setting down the heavy bags and suitcases in one-go. He appeared seriously fucking strong doing so, and suddenly the image of him hauling stuff like that was simply too hot to not watch. 

    His shirt clings to his muscular body as he maneuvers your things around the room, filling up space the way it should. You laid on your tummy simply scrolling through your laptop, meant to be looking up the address of the club you’d received from Azazel. 

    Instead, you watch Jungkook’s back muscles flex as he zips open his duffle bag, shuffling through his belongings. You genuinely wonder if it’s possible to be attracted to someone’s back. He’s just so incredibly broad and wide, his traps and shoulder blades adding to the breadth of his posterior. He seems strong enough to be able to manhandle you, but kind enough to be gentle about it. 

    Suddenly you remember what your friends were all whispering regarding Jungkook; the type of man that would let you do anything to him to gain your own pleasure. 

    Fuck, would he ever let you ride his back? 

    Jungkook stifles a laugh in his throat as his eyes shift to you, sexy smile on display with amused eyes. You become aware of your blatant ogling and hide behind the screen of your laptop, clearing your throat. 

    “What’re you doing over there, angel?” 

    You heat up once you realize he clearly saw you, though act as though absolutely nothing happened. “Nothing, I’m just researching the address we got.” 

    You continue clicking through much of Google maps, only to find yourself coming up empty. That was the issue with the address you’d both earned from Azazel, it appeared like a normal address, though it didn’t show up on any maps or across the grand internet. 

    “Have you found the exact address?” 

    “Honestly, I’m having some trouble with it.” 

    Jungkook furrows his eyebrows with a little confused noise, abandoning his things and joining you on the motel bed. He seats himself right next to you, and just as you begin explaining the conundrum, Jungkook leans in close and places a hand over your body. His fingers squish into the sheets next to you as he practically cages you on the bed, feeling a fluttering in your chest at his unusual proximity. The scent of his cologne mixed with the fabric softener he started to like set your nerves ablaze, never having expected Lucifer himself to smell so nice, be so suffocating. 

    It was intoxicating, he was intoxicating. He’s simply leaning over you to closely peer at the screen, but you couldn’t help but feel your heart race in your chest, feel his presence permeate your back. 

    “What’s troubling you?” 

    You struggle with your sentences before you can find feasible words, attempting to not stare at his thick thigh through his ripped jeans right in your face. “I-yeah. Um, did Azazel give us the right address? I can’t seem to find the club.” 

    Jungkook hums in understanding, cutely pursing his lips. “I see. Let me take a look.” 

    To your surprise, Jungkook leans down directly over your head to type on your laptop, and you attempt to not squeal at how incredibly proximal he is now. He covers all of your upper body so easily, and you suddenly wonder what it would be like if he were on top of you. 

    He’d probably completely dominate me. 

    You hear Jungkook breathe a scoff above you, tentatively peering up to find that in fact, his chin could’ve been resting atop your head. You watch his gorgeous, thick fingers type over your laptop then, searching diligently as you silently grow warmer underneath him. 

    “Hmm, I see what you mean.” Jungkook chimes as he drifts into thought, also coming up dry. “Azazel shouldn’t have lied to me, the princes of hell are incapable of doing so.” 

    You tilt your head and peer up at him, chin resting in your hands as you swing your legs back and forth over the mattress. “Why so?” 

    Jungkook smirks devilishly, eyes flitting down to you. “They know the hell they’re in for if they do.” 

    You roll your eyes, how typical of Lucifer. Jungkook ticks his head, however, as he thinks, trying to piece together what to do now. He brings his pointer finger and thumb to his chin, contemplating. 

    “Can I see the paper Azazel gave us?” 

    You fish it out of Jungkook’s leather jacket that you were in fact still wearing, presenting it to him. You watch Jungkook stare at the paper in his hand, scrutinizing the living hell out of it. You watch the gears in his head shift until finally, Jungkook has an ah-hah moment. 

    He brings the piece close to his pink lips and gently blows over the paper. You watch in surprise as it smolders in accordance with Jungkook’s breath, suddenly small text emerging in searing heat underneath the original address. 

    ‘Only those with wings can truly see.’

    Jungkook cracks a scoff as he finally understands, laughing to himself. “Azazel, you damn bastard.” 

    “What does it mean?” You query curiously. 

    “You can’t see it, but I can.” Jungkook explains. He shows you the paper and runs underneath the first part of the text, indicating it to you. “‘Only those with wings’ means celestial beings like angels and demons, they both have wings. Humans can’t see the address or location unless they’re with a celestial being.” 

    “Ohh,” you nod your head in acknowledgement. “That makes so much more sense. Google maps just kept showing me this dead-end alleyway.” 

    Jungkook clicks his tongue as he ruffles your hair. “Should’ve been using that big brain of yours instead of staring at me, angel.” 

    You scoff next to him, peering up through narrowed slits. “Shut up, I wasn’t staring at you.” 

    “You were pretty clearly staring at me, sweetheart. Next time you want a piece of this,” he gestures towards his brawny body. “You can let me know.” 

    You pretend-vomit as you shove him away from you, Jungkook chuckling as you prop yourself back up. “Get away from me, your egotistical head is too big.” 

    “Nuh-uh” Jungkook tuts with a finger. “I may be egotistical, but I know what I saw. Just tell me you want me and it’ll solve all your problems, angel.” 

    “And who said I want you? It’s not like you want me.” 

    “Did I ever say I didn’t want you?” 

    Your eyes fall open in surprise, Jungkook merely staring at you with his mirthy eyes. He even dares tilt his head as he intensifies his gaze, growing too flustered to consider what he just said. He’s clearly only playing with you. 

    “Whatever,” you wave him off. You grab the physical map you’d purchased at a convenience store. “Just fucking circle where we need to go on this.” 

    You’re presenting a map to Jungkook for actual work, but he then cunningly swipes it from your grasp. “Wait a minute, what map exactly?” 

    You grievously complain as Jungkook holds the map too high for your height, cursing his long arms and how much larger he is in comparison to you. You practically climb his strong body and lap to retrieve the flimsy thing, only for Jungkook to retract it every time you think you’re close. 


    “You have to try harder than that, angel.” You breathe out a fed-up chuckle as you reach with all your might, wildly struggling as he simply giggles at your attempts. You finally snatch the map out of his hand and let out a triumphant ‘ah-hah!’

    But just as you celebrate, Jungkook unbalances you with his grasp and the weight of his body sends you toppling over, falling back against the bed. Jungkook falters directly over you, his hands either side of your head as you stare up at him in shock. 

    Your own hands sprawled either side of your head, your round eyes regard him with sheer surprise, noticing now the way Jungkook’s knee has settled right between your legs, causing you to fidget. You swallow watching the smirk on his face grow, all too amused by the compromising position. 

    “Mmm,” Jungkook suddenly hums. “For a dirty angel you seem very comfortable as a bottom.” 

    You suck in an immediate breath, hating how much this position lights your nerves on fire. An arousal shoots through your core as you attempt to appear normal, countering his comment with your own. 

    “Funny, you don’t seem much like a top.” You were lying straight through your teeth, and you goddamn knew it. But nothing else really mattered as you flit between Jungkook’s lips and his eyes that gleam with mischief, another typical characteristic of Lucifer, you thought. 

    “Ouu,” Jungkook hisses. “You really are a liar, aren’t you?” 

    You stare him down in challenge as he slowly leans down towards you, examining your every feature. “Wonder who taught such an innocent angel like you to sin so much.” His voice is so condescendingly low, you couldn’t help but squish your thighs together. 

    “And I wonder who taught such an arrogant asshole like you manners. They seemed to have left out personal space.” 

    Jungkook hisses yet again, head dipping for a dry laugh before refocusing his almost lust-ridden, fiery eyes back on you. “We need to do something about that attitude. Angels don't talk back.” 

    “One, I’m a human, not an angel.” You snark wittily. “And two, what exactly will you do about my attitude, King of hell?” 

    Jungkook wets his lip slowly, taking his time with it. He very obviously flits down over your body before he arrives at your face, lowering himself even more as his fingers slide into yours against the mattress. His proximity shoots waves of arousal through you, your once dry core now fluttering with anticipation. 

    Goosebumps blossom over your skin as Jungkook comes exactly face to face with you, lips mere inches from yours as your body loses control. 

    “You have no clue what I’ve got in mind,.” he rasps, his deep voice travelling through you and right to your dampening pussy. “But once I’m done with you, you won’t be so innocent anymore, angel.” 

    Your breath hitches as Jungkook maintains his heated closeness, eyes flickering down to your lips as he seems seconds from connecting them, petals brushing yours as you taste his breath… only to finally collect yourself. Registering this as Jungkook’s crazy Lucifer attraction, you quickly shove him off you with a loud huff as you sit up on the sheets, muttering almost incoherently. 

    “I’m going to take a shower.” You attempt to shake all the dirty thoughts about him out of your system, slipping into your slippers and making towards your luggage. 

    Jungkook chuckles before tonguing his cheek while you search through your things, his thumb swiping across his bottom lip. He props a leg up on the bed, leaning his elbow over his knee as he regards you. 

    “We should eat dinner after your shower, human.” He nonchalantly says, as though absolutely nothing happened between you now. Funny, you should’ve known Jungkook was playing, it’s practically the only trait Lucifer has. “You get to choose, remember.” 

    “I do. You’ll have to eat whatever I want, though. No complaints.” You gain the courage to look him in the eye, and honestly laugh shyly when you find him very obviously checking you out. Or just looking? You didn’t know, but sitting like that while purposefully peering at you seemed evident enough. 

    “No complaints here.” He held up his hands in mock surrender, ticking his head towards the shower. “Go, I’ll be here if you need anything.” 

    You nod in response, and try to divert yourself from considering the fact that you’ll be in a room over from Jungkook, showering and naked. 

    You wonder what he looks like naked. 

    Jitters crawl all over your body and you snap yourself out of it, rapidly nabbing your clothes and rushing towards the bathroom without a single thought. You stand in the doorframe and peek back into the room, only to see Jungkook bouncing his brows just to tease you with a little wave, and you roll your eyes as you slam the door shut. 

    Shutting the shower nozzle close, you let out a sigh as you finish. You wanted to smack your head against the shower wall repeatedly, horrendously until it produced an answer for why in God’s name Jungkook made you feel like this. 

    Why did you like him on top of you like that? Why were his lips so goddamn tempting? Maybe it really was the Lucifer effect he has on you and practically anyone he comes into contact with, but you groan once you realize this feels stronger. 

    If it were merely the effect of Jungkook, then you shouldn’t like it so much, should you? It feels as though it isn’t an arbitrary attraction anymore, but rather a voluntary desire that keeps manifesting itself everytime you’re near him. Maybe the effect is just stronger on humans, you didn’t know. But what you did know is that you wanted him, and it did not originate from whatever spell Jungkook always manages to cast upon you. 

    You smack your forehead as you emerge from the shower, spotting your clothes for tonight’s outing and drying yourself with a towel nearby. You wrap it around your chest as you proceed to apply moisturiser and your usual skin care routine, plugging in a blow dryer for your hair before sorting through your clothes for your undergarments. 

    Only to realize, they weren’t here. 

    You immediately gasp as a hand covers your agape mouth. Your dumbass really didn’t think to bring your bra and panties when you were angrily snatching your clothes in front of Jungkook. You feel dread overcome you as you contemplate needing to venture out into the motel room for your clothes, stepping anxiously in your spot as nerves flood your system. 

    You take a deep breath once you realize that they’re merely your clothes, and whether or not Jungkook lets you live this down, at least you didn’t go completely commando out to dinner with him. 

    Mustering every speck of courage in the world, you crack the bathroom door open to take a small glimpse, expecting to see Jungkook maybe sprawled on his bed and watching TV, but only finding an empty mattress. 

    “Jungkook?” You call quietly, hoping for a response. You don’t hear anything though, sparking your light concern. You meander out a little further and call his name again, but gain no answer. You presume he could be out of your room right now, using this as your golden opportunity. You scamper towards your bag with all your delicates in only a measly towel, clutching it loosely from falling out of place as you scrounge through your bag. 

    You rapidly put together a matching set and instantly zip your bag shut, barging it back into your suitcase. You swivel around to make a risky break for it, only to run smack dab into someone’s rock hard chest. Suppressing the desire to cry, you recognize it anywhere, complaining as you rub your forehead from the contact. 


    “What are you doing?” 

    Your face heats up, carefully meeting Jungkook’s gaze as you see him fully clothed, while you’re naked and wet underneath a towel. The thought pries your embarrassed eyes away from him, clutching your garments to your chest in order to conceal them, but his sharp eyes can clearly discern what they are.

    Damn his Lucifer abilities.

    “I-I’m sorry. I just forgot something..” Your eyes flit everywhere but at Jungkook, who stands firmly in place without even the slightest bit of shame, towering over you. 

    “You could’ve asked me to grab them for you.” Jungkook proclaims, his voice velvet-like and practically serenading you. 

    “This isn’t something you can exactly grab.” You state. “It’s embarrassing.” 

    “What’s so embarrassing about you being a woman?” Jungkook suddenly asks, still unable to meet his gaze, and you’re honestly glad Jungkook doesn’t demand it out of you either. His voice seems softer now however, almost understanding you. 

    “Nothing, but it’s just…” You trail, not feeling exactly uncomfortable about him here, but feeling quite bare and open. All your intimate parts are covered, yes, but the mere idea that only a layer separating him from witnessing what lies underneath leaves you almost mortified. What if you’re not desirable at all to him? What would he think about your stretch marks? Your scars? All the flaws that you adorn? 

    It leaves you clutching the towel even tighter, the very thought making you swallow a wad down your throat. Jungkook seems to notice your unease, and his expression falls from one of his usual amusement to seriousness. 

    He very carefully, and hesitantly juts out his hand towards your hair. He considerately watches your reaction as his fingers meet a certain strand dangling in your eyesight, and he gently casts it behind your ear. His fingertips naturally fall to your chin, and you insitveitly peer at him as he holds you ever so delicately. 

    “You don’t have to be embarrassed with me, Y/N. I’m not expecting anything from you.” Jungkook clarifies, his tone uber soft. “Is that what you think of me?” 

    “No.. I just,” you pause, searching for better wording. “Don’t know what you’ll think of me.” 

    Jungkook furrows his brows, as though contemplating how that’s even something you could say.  He light-heartedly laughs as he looks to the ground, then peers back up at you. His eyes have softened into those round orbs of coffee, noticing that his eyes actually had a tendency to emit this natural glow, almost like a shimmer of stars. 

    “You really think I’d be the type of guy that judges a woman’s body? Or her bra and panties?” 

    You suck in a breath listening to his pretty lips say those words, gently nibbling on your lip as your tentative sight meets his. 

    “If there’s one thing you should know about me, angel.” Jungkook begins, still cradling your chin. “You never have to be ashamed of yourself around me. I’m Lucifer, baby. All your sins, your secrets, your darkest thoughts.. I got you.” 

    Jungkook steps closer to you, closing the space between your bodies as he releases heat that only warms you up, both inside and on the outside. He then closes the space between you two ever so slowly, lip brushing your ear as he whispers. 

    “Even the dirty ones.” 

     His words ignite a lustful fire inside you, wondering a million heart-pumping possibilities with him so close to you, but choosing your gratitude over your horniness. You and Jungkook are merely a team, not a relationship waiting to happen. And so you crack a smile as you find yourself gazing into his eyes, wondering where this was coming from, and contemplating that maybe Jungkook... really isn’t half bad. 

    That was, until he opened his mouth. 

    “But if you’re like a furry or something, I’m gonna have to pass.” 

    You scoff as you propel his chest away from you, shooting a repulsed expression his way. “Let’s just go to dinner, jackass.” 

    Jungkook laughs as he watches you march away, flickering back to scold him, but only seeing his lips curving into this rather attractive bunny-like smile, wondering why the fuck Lucifer had to be blessed with such cute lips. 

    And also wondering what it would feel like to kiss them. 

    You didn’t know you’d find out later that night. 

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  • lord-of-anarchy
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    Haikyuu!!: Types Of Kisses (1/2)

    Characters: Hinata, Kageyama x gn!reader; fluff

    Read 2/2 here (coming soon)

    Hinata Shoyo:

    Stomach Kisses;

    you're lying between the boy's legs, your head comfortably on his stomach

    he's watching some volleyball matches on his phone while you're just vibing, soon getting a little bored, though

    you look up at Shoyo, who's paying 0 attention to you

    hm, what to do...

    you lift his shirt, feeling the warmth of his skin under your cheek as you return to your initial position

    yeah, this is a little better

    his tummy is so soft :(

    so soft.....

    without even noticing you lifted your head again

    mindlessly, your lips touch the space just above his navel, leaving a short but sweet kiss in their wake

    Shoyo finally looks down, a small smile on his lips, eyes twinkling

    he doesn't say anything, simply looking

    you flash him a soft grin before laying down again, pretending as nothing happened

    once Hinata returned to his video, you strike again

    haha no, it's not that serious

    you give his tummy a few more kisses this time, noticing how the boy is starting to shift under you a little

    is he ticklish?


    Kageyama Tobio:

    Goodbye Kisses;

    Kageyama is pissed

    he's leaving for a two-week training camp and you're not awake to say goodbye

    wat kinda partner are you huh????

    ((yes, it is 4 am but he's awake so you can be too!))

    aggressively wakes you up

    you're half dead, probably not even knowing what century it is

    and upon asking what's happening you hear "I'm leaving" from your boyfriend

    gave you a whole heart attack

    until he explained that he's leaving for training camp, you idiot

    now you're pissed 'cause it's 4 am and he called you an idiot

    you're both sulking in silence and it's a little awkward

    until you ask why the heck he even woke you up

    "to say goodbye??"

    "Ok... bye?"

    ok now he's not just pissed but a little hurt too

    so he storms out the room, cursing under his breath

    and you just sit there ???

    maybe you should go after him, considering he'll be gone for two weeks

    tired as hell you get out of bed and stop him from opening the front door

    quick little sorry and a hug will calm him down a bit

    but he still didn't get what he wants

    and you finally realize as he keeps staring at your lips

    ((don't tease him, though, he'll get annoyed again (and super embarrassed)))

    ok time to seriously make up

    so you take his chin and tilt his head a little, waiting for his eyes to meet yours, and you finally close the distance

    the kiss is deep, long-lasting, and meaningful

    it leaves Tobio a little dizzy, but he won't admit it

    his lips still feel tingly as he gets on the bus with the rest of his team

    #haikyu fluff #haikyuu x you #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu headcanons #haikyu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x reader #kageyama headcanons#kageyama fluff #kageyama x reader #hinata x you #hinata fluff #hinata x reader #hinata x y/n #tobio x y/n #tobio x reader #tobio x you #tobio fluff#hinata headcanons#tobio headcanons
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    MC helps sick!Lucifer HCs


    won't even acknowledge that he's sick/will absolutely try to hide it

    gets a little annoyed if his brothers bring it up or even offer their help with anything (they're dead if they try to tease him lol)

    Lucifer is complaining the second he hears someone knock on his door, though shuts up immediately when you, instead of his brothers, enter his room

    his headache does seem to fade a little as you put his favorite tea on his desk with that gentle smile of yours

    "I'm fine, mc, there's no need for you to worry. I thank you for the tea, though."

    he might get a little salty if you tell him you contacted Diavolo about this and arranged two or three days off of work for him

    you'll have to sweet-talk him into actually resting

    once he's in bed, though...

    you're his personal servant now, sorry.

    no, it's just that once he actually lays down he starts feeling the sickness really kick in and he really can't get anything done anymore (Lucifer is probably one of those people that practically never get sick but when they do it's the most brutal thing ever)

    it's okay, though, Simeon regularly brings over the stuff you miss at RAD and Lucifer is too sick to care about you skipping classes for him (good luck with that when he's feeling better, though)

    you and Beel prepare soup for Lucifer, Asmodeus regularly gives you herbal baths/room fresheners and Mammon makes sure the HOL is running okay until the eldest is back on his feet

    so it's kind of all of you taking care of Lucifer but don't tell him that!

    Satan walked into sick Lucifer's room once and the firstborn SHOT UP to his desk while pretending he isn't sick, looking like an actual corpse.....

    homeboy has a complex with looking weak in front of his younger bros ok don't blame him...

    okay maybe do scold him a little, he might actually listen to you

    once he's healthy again, Lucifer will be extremely thankful to you

    he'll take some extra care of you for some time (after some scolding for missing school) :3

    especially if you get sick

    his bros are also super thankful you helped because the times before you came were unbearable when Luci was sick

    #obey me imagines #obey me x y/n #obey me x gender neutral reader #obey me headcanons #obey me fluff #obey me fanfic #obey me x reader #obey me x you #obey me mc #lucifer x reader #lucifer imagine #lucifer x y/n #lucifer x mc #lucifer fluff#lucifer angst#lucifer headcanons#lucifer smut
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    So yes lol HAHAHAH I MADE TWO BEN FICS cause I’m lonely, fucking horny for this man and hopelessly devoted to him. god I hate myself


    Here they are in case they get lost in stream heheheheh


    💿Cyber Sex💿

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog #ben drowned x you #ben drowned headcanon #ben drowned headcannons #ben drowned x y/n #ben drowned x reader #Ben drowned smut
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    dance with me ( eula lawrence )

    synopsis: fate has a funny way of granting your wishes when you least expect it—like a dance with the infamous reconnaissance captain of the knights of favonius. pairing: eula lawrence x gn!reader word count: 1.9k warnings: alcohol consumption  inspired by: dance with me by beabadoobee
    a/n: just a small piece i’ve been meaning to write for my beloved main. <3 i’ve loved eula ever since getting her by chance and i’m glad i finally got to write something for her. (bonus: this fic is loosely connected to my previous work wine so if you manage to catch the small reference i’ve written in you’re cool and i love you)

    the knights of favonius had decided to host a banquet and an accompanying ball to celebrate the arrival of a diplomatic delegation from fontaine, and unsurprisingly, eula was nowhere to be found.

    “i have no time for such frivolous affairs,” was the spindrift knight’s sharp and honest reply to your question of whether or not she would be in attendance. “and besides, seeing as my reputation has a habit of preceding me, i’m quite sure the acting grand master would be content to send me off elsewhere where i can’t sully the good name of the knights by simply being there.”

    while you weren’t necessarily surprised at her response, it still didn’t make it any less disappointing for you to hear it, nor was it any less disappointing for her to not be there among the crowd of knights and diplomats you’d been surrounded with all night. despite this, you tried your best not to let it get to you, even if your mind did occasionally linger towards the thought of the spindrift knight, among other things.

    shaking your head, you try to distract yourself by surveying your surroundings. glancing upwards, you’re met with the brilliant light of two golden chandeliers that hang from the ceiling, warmly radiating a bright yet soft glow that accentuates the elegant attire that your fellow attendants are currently wearing. at the opposite end of the banquet hall is a string quartet seated atop a small stage, providing mellow background music to the abundance of excited chatter being exchanged between knights and diplomats alike. in the back of your mind, you’re very briefly reminded of all the fairytales you used to read as a child of grand balls filled with beautiful princes and princesses, but your thoughts quickly dissipate the moment you feel your shoulder be tapped and a familiar voice hum low in your ear.

    “good evening, sir kaeya,” you greet the blue-haired cavalry captain with a smile and a raise of your goblet. “i trust you’ve been having a good time tonight?”

    kaeya playfully tsks at you. “how many times must i tell you that we’re well past the need for such formalities?” he grins, though he returns your gesture by raising his goblet of wine—which you note is practically filled to the brim to the point of overflowing—at you. “though to answer your question, yes, i have been having a lovely time indeed.”

    “that’s good to hear.”

    the two of you start exchanging chit-chat, and continue to do so for some time. kaeya’s halfway through telling you about his curious encounter with a drunk lieutenant earlier in the evening when he pauses at the sound of the string quartet beginning to transition into a waltz. it only takes one shared glance between the two of you before the captain graciously extends a hand to you with a smile on his face.

    “care to dance?”

    you smile back at him, and take his hand. “i’d love to.”

    after placing your goblets elsewhere, the two of you proceed to the center of the banquet hall, taking each other’s hands and beginning to dance to the music of the string quartet. everything should have seemed perfect—the atmosphere was merry, the crowd was lively, and you and kaeya were dancing gracefully across the room like a pair of professional ballroom dancers. but despite all that was happening around you, something just…

    “is there something bothering you?”

    you blink up at kaeya, his star-shaped pupil looking upon you with concern. “pardon?”

    “i apologize, since i know it’s rude to assume,” kaeya begins, but the sudden shift to a shit-eating grin on his face tells you he isn’t one bit sorry for what he’s about to say next, “but you’ve seemed pretty preoccupied all night.”

    “it’s nothing, i just—”

    “you miss the reconnaissance captain, don’t you?”

    kaeya’s grin only grows wider at the sudden flush that overtakes your face. “i knew it.” the cavalry captain watches you try and stammer up excuses, but after a minute of nothing but gibberish escaping your mouth you decide it’s better to give up and give in. “i wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t attending tonight, but i… i wanted her to. i wanted…”

    “you wanted her to dance with you?”

    “as if she’d ever dance with some amateur like me,” you try and joke, but it falls flat with the weight of your somber tone.

    “you’d be surprised to know how eager she is to do so, actually,” kaeya nearly fails to suppress his laughter at the sight of your eyes widening to the size of saucers at his remark. “eager in her own vengeful little way, of course.”

    “and how do you know that?”

    “i just do.”

    you’re just about to start going off on a tirade before the sound of the cathedral bell rudely interrupts you—that, and the suspicious smile that lights kaeya’s face hearing it.

    “ah, just in time,” he says, and you quirk a distrustful brow at him. “what? don’t you know what time it is?”


    “why, if i recall correctly, the reconnaissance captain and her scouts should be back from their mission at around this time. i could be wrong, but seeing as i was in charge of having personally arranged the mission in question…”

    “and what do you mean to accomplish by telling me this?”

    “that’s up for you to decide.”

    the music comes to a stop. kaeya gently lifts your hand to kiss it goodbye. “farewell. i hope you have a pleasant rest of the evening.”

    “kaeya, what—”

    with a playful smile and a wink, kaeya walks away, leaving you and disappearing into the crowd.

    after downing a few more goblets of wine to quell the growing unease in your chest, you decide to call it quits for the night.

    outside, the streets are quiet, almost eerily so, with not a single sound to be heard except for the evening breeze whistling a bitingly cold tune. you express your gratitude towards the few passersby you encounter by waving politely at them—at least, to the best of your ability considering your slightly tipsy state.

    you continue onwards with your walk to nowhere until you find yourself at the plaza. you wander over to one of the many stone benches in the area and take a seat, sighing in relief at your legs finally being able to catch a break from all the stairs you had just climbed. the warm glow of the street lights surrounding you, lovely as they are, are dim; so dim, in fact, that you fail to notice the sight of a shadow approaching you from the corner of your eye.

    “and here i thought you were above some dimwitted drunkard too inebriated to care about their safety being exposed out in the open. hmph. to think i taught you to be better than this.”

    you nearly fall over in shock at the familiar voice that interrupts the slow slurring of your thoughts. “eula?”

    “who else would it be?” the spindrift knight huffs, crossing her arms over her chest as she draws nearer to you. you pray to barbatos that she assumes the flush on your cheeks is from the wine and not the fact your heart is threatening to beat out of your chest at the sight of her.

    “but really, just what are you doing out here by yourself so late at night? aren’t you supposed to be attending that banquet over at the goth grand hotel? gods, i practically made a fool out of myself barging in there unannounced just to look for you! and the fact you had the audacity to worry me when i couldn’t find you… mark my words, i’ll make sure to—”

    “you… looked for me?”

    “what? just what kind of question is that? did you think that i wouldn’t look for you?”


    “hmph! preposterous! absolutely outrageous! the fact you’ve had the audacity to not only wander off elsewhere without me to protect you, and for you to assume my actions and feelings unprompted… you’ll pay for this!”

    you chalk it up to the alcohol meddling with your brain, but in that moment, the wildest idea pops up in your head. a wide, dopey grin etches itself onto your face as you lift a hand out to the reconnaissance captain standing before you.

    “say… what if i paid for my transgression with a dance?”

    the look on eula’s face instantly makes you regret your words. this time, in addition to your flushed cheeks, the blood in your veins runs ice cold with dread and embarrassment, and you quickly withdraw your hand from her reach to sheepishly rub the back of your neck with it.

    “or maybe we could just settle the score with some good ol’ sparring, hah… m’sorry that i asked you that so boldly, i know that you don’t take kindly to—”

    “i’ll take it. let’s dance.”

    you blink. “what?”

    “you wanted to pay for your misdeeds, yes? i accept your means of payment. now get up. let’s dance.”

    “but i don’t—”

    “know how to dance? then i’ll teach you.” you once again chalk it up to the alcohol, because you refuse to accept any other explanation for the sudden soft shift in eula’s tone. hesitantly, you get up from your seat to approach her, gingerly holding her gloved hand and trying not to let your breath audibly hitch at the feeling of her hand on your waist.

    “grip my waist a little tighter,” eula instructs you, repositioning your hand against her side. “i won’t break. now follow my lead. one, two, three, one, two, three…”

    the first few minutes the two of you dance is painfully awkward. all of your previous grace and elegance from that earlier dance with kaeya have all but disappeared, your dancing skills reduced to nothing and your movements limited to stiff shuffling and careless swaying. eula seems to catch on to this, judging by the way her grip on your shoulder tightens ever so slightly—not enough to cause significant pain or discomfort, but enough to steady you as the two of you waltz across the plaza together.

    eventually, the two of you manage to fall into a slow and steady rhythm, dancing along to the sound of your shoes clacking against the cobbled plaza floor. impulsively—you make a mental note to apologize to her for it tomorrow when you’ve sobered up—you lean in and bury your face into the crook of her neck, pressing your bodies together closer than you’ve ever been.

    “i… have something to confess,” eula tells you, and you hum into her shoulder.


    “i wasn’t supposed to return from my mission until dawn, but i requested i be able to return early, because i…”

    eula’s hand lets go of your shoulder, and her arms slowly begin to wrap around you in an uncharacteristically warm embrace.

    “i wanted to dance with you.”

    your breath hitches, but it quickly melts away as you smile into her shoulder. for a moment, you’re tempted to say it—the three words you’ve longed to tell the beautiful reconnaissance captain you’ve loved since the moment you laid eyes on her—but in the end, you choose to sink deeper into her arms.

    “thank you.”

    eula lets out a disgruntled huff, but the look of love and care in her sunset-colored eyes says otherwise.

    #wendy writes . #genshin#genshin impact #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin imagine#genshin imagines#eula lawrence #eula x reader #eula x y/n #eula x you #eula imagine#eula imagines
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    18.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    A Kiss Is The Key To The Door Of Love

    Requested by @weirdowithnobeardo
    Summary: Reader and Bucky have worked together for 3 years, but could never get along be because of their stubbornness. Can they become friends? Or even more?
    Pairing: Bodyguard!Bucky x Bodyguard!Reader
    Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, death, mentions of stalking, mention of death threats, mention of threats, violence, (tell me if I missed anything)
    Word Count: 2.8K

    Bucky and Y/N were the two best bodyguards of S.H.I.E.L.D. No one could do it like they do. That was why Director Nicholas J. Furt assigned them together. The only downside is that they both hate each other. They can never get along because of their stubbornness. No one knows why or how their hatred for each other had started.

    They were now in charge of protecting Tony Stark. The richest man in the world. Of course he didn’t get there without making a few enemies along the way. One of them had recently been sending Stark death threats. He didn’t take it seriously at first but when an attempt on his life had happened a few weeks ago, his wife, Pepper Potts, had decided to hire the best bodyguards from the best agency in the world.

    They were currently standing in his office. Y/N next to the door and Bucky near the floor to ceiling windows. “So do you guys ever … you know … smile?”

    Barnes and Y/N just looked at him. Tony felt their gaze on him but kept his smirk plastered on his face, “did your mothers ever tell you that your faces will get stuck like that?” They jet their gaze on him.

    “Wow. They really did send me the most boring bodyguards they had.”

    Bucky rolled his eyes and looked back outside, scanning the buildings for anyone suspicious. Y/N just told Tony, “Mr. Stark, with all due respect, we are not here to indulge you in your jokes. We are not your friends or your pals. We are your bodyguards. We are here to protect you. People have been making threats against your life and you came to S.H.I.E.L.D. looking for people to protect you. Which is what we are doing right now. So if you would be so kind as to shut your trap, making my partner and I can finish our work with you not in a body bag.”

    She gave him a tight smile before returning her face to the stoic look she had in earlier. She hadn’t notice Bucky’s smirk that appeared when she was telling off their client.

    As Tony went back to work, a chime went off from his computer. He changed the tab and what he saw sent horrors through his body. Bucky noticed his pale face and how tense his body looked. He walked over to the compter and there was a picture that was taken a few seconds ago of him in his office with his bodyguards. There was also a note.

    They won’t protect you from me. You’re mine, Stark.

    Bucky took hold of the small mic on his jacket and talked in it, “Steve, we’ve got a code red. We’re evacuating the building immediately.”

    Y/N then took Stark off his chair as he was paralyzed with fear of the threat. He never took them seriously until now. They exited the building with the employees’ eyes fixed on their boss. They got him in the car and drove off.

    They were okay for a while but Y/N noticed that a few cars had been tailing them for the past few minutes and it couldn’t be that they were going to the same place or that they were using this road to go to another one. They were chasing Tony Stark.

    “Barnes, we’ve got SUVs tailing us. Tell Nat to pull up a satellite map on the screen to see how many are there. I can only see two but I’m sure there are more.” Bucky scoffed, “I am currently driving, trying to get my client to safety. Why don’t you do it?”

    “Because I’m doing this.” Y/N got out of the window and started shooting at the windshield of the SUVs, hoping they were bulletproof.

    They weren’t. But nonetheless, she tried to get them off their tale.

    “Ok Barnes, you’ve got to do a sharp right at the next intersection.” Natasha advised. Y/N didn’t know about that so she almost went out the window.


    “Sorry for trying to get my client to safety!!!”

    Y/N just rolled her eyes and kept shooting.

    After a few turns and shootings, Y/N finally shot their tires and they were able to get away and to the S.H.I.E.L.D HQ. Thank god there were no extra SUVs, Y/N thought.

    Tony was taken to the med bay for a check up to see if anything happened to him on his exciting ride over to HQ, while Bucky and Y/N were in Director Fury’s office, “how the hell did we not notice them?!” Fury asked angrily.

    “We had cameras all over the building and the neighbouring buildings! How did they take that picture and chase him.”

    “I’m sorry sir. I was monitoring the windows and buildings from Stark’s office. I should’ve noticed that something wasn’t right. I apologize sir. I got distracted by something.” Bucky said. “Well you better get your head in the game, Barnes. Because you are not fucking up this operation. In our line of work, there is no room for mistakes!”

    Bucky only nodded, knowing he was right. He got distracted from Y/N telling off their client. He wanted to be more than friends with her. We’ll he wouldn’t call them friends. They barely have gotten through an exchange of words without most, or more likely, all of them being curse words and insults towards each other.

    Fury waved his hand to dismiss them. They both went their separate ways, Bucky going to join Steve and Sam in Steve’s office while Y/N went to Natasha’s office to meet up with her and Wanda.

    “Seems to me that you like her”, Sam told Bucky. Bucky was lying on the couch with his arm over his eyes while his other hung over the side of the couch. Sam let out a breath after he didn’t get an answer. He looked to Steve then Steve said, “let me ask you this, Buck. Why do you fight? Why do you hate each other so much?”

    Bucky removed his arm from over his eyes, let out a breath and said, “I don’t know. I guess when she started she was getting high profile cases and I was jealous. I don’t know man.” Bucky sat up and continued, “all I know is that since she started, she has always been a pain in my ass. Thinking she knows everything.”

    “Ok you can’t say you don’t know then explain why.” Sam said. “Just tell her you want to put all this behind you and start over as friends.”

    “Wow. You and Barnes can never get along can you?” Natasha joked. “I think she likes him.” Wanda said. Y/N got up from her position on the big chair behind Natasha’s desk and walked to the water cooler, “that is not a possibility. We argue every time we see each other, we send each other death glares. How can I possibly like him?”

    “It’s possible.” Wanda replied. “In our case it isn’t. Trust me, I have no feelings for James Buchanan Barnes.” Natasha sighed as Y/N left the room. “Do you believe her?” Wanda asked. “Not one bit.”

    The next day was going to Bucky and Y/N escorting Tony Stark to a safe house since him being at S.H.I.E.L.D HQ not only put him in danger but also the other agents and staff. Bucky and Y/N were now in the car with Tony in the backseat. Silent filled the vehicle as both didn’t know what to say to each other because of their conversation the previous day with their friends. The silence continued until they arrived at the safe house.

    After Tony got settled in, they were back on the road with the same silence filling the car once again. Bucky decided to break it, “so I was thinking—“ He said before Y/N interrupted him with a small laugh, “well that’s a first.” She looked at him and saw he wasn’t amused so she apologized, “sorry.”

    Bucky cleared his throat, and continued, “as I was saying, I think we should stop this pettiness between us. It’s getting out of hand. All this hate is for children and…,” he paused for a second before adding, “…I’d like us to be friends.”

    Y/N smiled at him and replied, “I’d like us to be friends, too.” The whole car ride was filled with jokes and laughter, like they haven’t been fighting with each other since they meet.

    Sam was in the lobby trying to enjoy a donut which he dropped when he saw the scene in front of him. They walked into HQ, laughing, Y/N and Bucky’s arms hooked together like they were a couple. He didn’t know how long he was standing there with his donut in the floor and his mouth open but he knew it must’ve been long because his jaw had started to hurt.

    He sprinted to Steve’s office where he found Natasha too. “Bu…..Y/……lau……arm…..cou…” he couldn’t get his words out because of how hard he was panting. He took the stairs to the 98th floor where Steve’s office was.

    Before Steve could ask what he was talking about Y/N and Bucky came into the room with a report. They have it to Steve and went out together with no insults exchanged, just smiles.

    “What the hell was that?” Natasha asked before Sam passed out.

    A few months went by and nothing from Stark’s enemies. Tony took it as a sim and decided to throw a party. He invited everyone.

    Everyone was having a blast until an actual blast went off. It hadn’t hit the room they were in. A grenade had been thrown in the hallway, distracting Bucky and Y/N. Masked men barged into the room from the glass doors of the balconies and attacked. People ran screaming, trying to get away from the danger. Some were successful, some weren’t.

    Bucky called for Y/N to cover Stark while he tried to get the people out of the room, safely while shooting the men in dark stealth suits. While trying to get him away, one of the men was able to get a Tony Stark’s back. He groaned as he fell into Y/N’s arms. She took them behind a table, “oh god. Just hang in there Stark.” Tony kept groaning at the pressure on his spine from the bullet.

    “Stay with me Stark! Come on! Bucky!!” Y/N yelled. Tony groaned out a ‘no’ and rolled over from his stomach to his side. “What are you doing?! Stay on your stomach.” She tried to roll him back, but Tony stopped her. He knew that his time on this earth is over. By the time Bucky came back and the men left or were dead on the floor, Tony Stark was dead.

    Bucky had a scowl on his face and stormed out. He bumped his shoulders on his friends’ shoulders as they entered the room. They were downstairs helping everyone evacuate safely. Turns it the grenade was just a sound effect. They approached the scene of Tony’s dead body. Y/N left and chased after Bucky. She knew during their couple of months as friends, what he does and how he feels if one of his clients dies. She caught him a few blocks down the street.

    “Bucky! Bucky stop!”

    He turned back abruptly with an angry look on his face. “Listen, that was not your fault back there. You didn’t know that was going to happen. None of us did. We did what we could.” Bucky took a deep breath. “No.” Y/N was confused, “no?”

    “No. It was not my fault. It was yours. Sure we didn’t know what was going to happen but at least I knew what to do. At least Steve and the others knew what to do. You had one job. Protect Tony Stark. And you fucked it up. Because that’s what you always do. You keep. Fucking. Up. Tony had no one guarding him which caused him to get killed. You don’t think Y/N. You’re a fuck up! You don’t deserve to be in this business. You don’t deserve your title. You don’t deserve anything after what you just did! You are the reason he’s dead. You’re the reason his wife has to cry herself to sleep tonight and lie to her daughter about why daddy didn’t come home tonight. You’re the reason his daughter will grow up without a father. You’re the reason why she will later learn why her father was killed. He was killed because an agent couldn’t think with her head and do her duty to protect her father.”

    His words stung like a wasp. She could feel the tears streaming down her face but Bucky’s eyes showed no regret to his words. He turned his back to her then kept walking down the street.

    When Bucky got home, he replayed his words in his head. He took it too far. He didn’t mean what he said. He knew he’d hurt her.

    A few weeks later, Y/N was sulking in her room. Too sad to even come out. She never told anyone that during those months as friends with Bucky but she had started to fall in love with him. It’s not a great feeling having your love tell you you’re a fuck up.

    She walked over to the piano in the middle of the night and started playing…

    I never meant to start a war

    I just wanted you to let me in

    Bucky was walking to Y/N’s room when he heard someone in the music room.

    And instead of using force

    I guess I should've let you win

    And there she was. On the piano. Fingers moving delicately on the keys. Soft voice filled with sadness.

    I never meant to start a war

    He could hear her sniffling and her voice cracking as she sang the last lyrics. He knew she was just seconds away from crying. And it’s all his fault.

    I just wanted you to let me in

    I guess I should've let you win

    That was when she broke down. She placed her forehead on the piano and cried. His heart broke at the sight in front of him. It was his fault. It was his fault Stark is dead.

    When she shifted from one foot to the other, the floorboards creaked, alerting H/N if his presence at the door. “How long we’re you standing there?” Bucky looked down at his feet, “not too long. You okay?”

    “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” She replied while wiping her tears from her face with the fabric of her oversized hoodie. Bucky came closer and sat on the piano bench beside her.

    “Im so sorry for that night. I was such a dick and I never should’ve said those things. I realized that I’ve been harbouring certain feelings and i don’t usually know what to do with those feelings so I lashed out on you. I’m sorry. I know sorry won’t cut it but I just need you to know that you aren’t a fuck up. You aren’t the reason he died. You did what you could.”

    “It didn’t feel like it that night.” Bucky apologized again and bowed his head down. “You know during those months of being friends, I had started to fall in love with you.” Bucky raised his head at that. “I know. Stupid right. And I thought that you’d felt the same but ever since that night, I know that’s not the case.”

    Bucky kept staring at her, “you couldn’t be more wrong.” Y/N looked at him, “what?”

    “Y/N ever since tou came through that door, you were witty, smart, sarcastic, and huge pain in my ass.” Y/N rolled her eyes and replied, “well that’s not making me feel better.”

    “Let me finish. During those months as friends, I realized something.” Y/N waited for him to continue. “I realized that I never hated you. I was just jealous. You had just came to the company and I was jealous you were getting these high profile cases while I started with small ones.”

    He paused for a few moments.

    “Y/N I’m in love with you. And I can’t stop myself from feeling it.”

    Y/N looked at him shocked. “You’re just saying that because you’re pitying me.” Bucky was quick to shoot down her statement. “No I’m not. I swear Y/N I love you.” Y/N just shook her head and got up from her seat and started to walk away.

    Bucky was about to give but then he remembered a saying his mother used to say, ‘a kiss is a key to the door of love. If that person feels the same, the key will open the door but if they don’t, then it’s the wrong door.’

    He got up from his seat, marched over to Y/N, grabbed her arm, spun her into his chest, grabbed her face, and pressed his lips against hers. It took a moment but he relaxed when he felt her relax and kiss him back. He felt her hands hold his face to hers.

    Once they pulled back, they rested their foreheads together, “I believe you.” Y/N said. Bucky chuckled then kissed her again.

    “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!” They heard Sam yell from the doorway. “I’M SO CONFUSED!” He nagged then walked away to his room, slouched posture, stomping his feet like a child.

    Y/N and Bucky laughed and proceeded to kiss.

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    Imagine playing with Karl Jacobs hair

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    18.09.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    💿BEN_Drowned💿|| Cyber Sex

    NSFW||~ One shot x afab gn!reader, includes— sex tape, knee high socks, cameras in nasty places, hair pulling, minors—dni (3k)

    Inspired by: Doja Cat and my friend @urcuteharrington

    It had always been a fantasy of his, a way to replay the obscenity of it and forever live in the moment. To capture your first time together and enjoy it forever. After all, nothing ever goes away on the Internet.

    He was unsure how to even bring up the topic of sex, a smile creeping up on his face when you joked about it. Mentally thanking the universe for your crude joke about what his cum face looked like so you would say “alright bet, if you don’t believe me I’ll just film it”

    Spiraling downward in a rabbit hole of equipment and sexy toys that he knew would be mouthwatering to use on you.

    BEN’s head filled with ideas on rewatching the tape over and over just to hear your whines, to put it on in the background while you fucked, or to fist himself to when you were away.

    Especially when you were away, just like this past week. He missed you more than words can describe, the warmth of your body against his when you cuddled, the kisses you would press on his cheek, the hugs that you gave whenever he complimented you.

    Sure it was adorable, but he couldn’t swerve his mind from the thought of your tits against his chest. He tried not being a pervert but how could he not get hard when your nipples pressed flush against his body.

    It turned him on so bad, and just thinking about it without you there was agony. Being away from you was heart wrenching, and caused him desperation. Even though he had never been that intimate with you, the thought was enough to get him throbbing in his pants.

    Imagining the faces you would make when he fucked you, and the sweet noises you’d make. Practically drooling as he daydreamed, trying to browse through the X web but not finding any video to satisfy him. None of the models were you.

    “Fuck, there’s nothing” he grumbled, palming himself over his boxers with his free hand. Clicking past the categories annoyingly. “All this content is shit”

    They had all been ones he had seen before, things he used before he met you. With you in mind it was easier, just the image of you in a miniskirt or a tight shirt was enough.

    “I want good content” he said, sucking his lips through his teeth. Scrolling through pages of thumbnails.

    Not knowing that you were about to come in, to surprise him after your trip. This was perfect. You decided it was finally time to share yourself with him, the time away from him just proved how badly you wanted him, how badly you needed him.

    You had even worn a special outfit that you knew he would like, hoping to get him to react, or fluster him.

    Taking a bold breath of courage to enter the room, without warning BEN almost fell off the chair. “You want good content?” You asked, his breath shaky and his hand gripping onto the armrest. “Then let’s make some”

    He didn’t need to be told twice, pulling you into a delicious kiss as he stood. His lips meeting yours slowly, no rush to enjoy your taste. Savoring the feeling a bit too much, impatient to meet each stride. 

Sitting back down too grab your hips, drawing little circles on your pelvic bone. Finding an elastic to the panties you were wearing and pulling it out languidly, sliding them right bellow your ovaries to kiss your skin.

    “Did you dress up just for me?” He asked, eyeing the thigh high socks you had on, and tracing the lacy panties that were caught on your upper thighs.

    You gave a little gasp at the feeling of his kisses, and seeing him so concentrated drove you wild. Nodding in response to his question. This was new for you, and his lips were just so hot against your sensitive spots. You couldn’t resist grabbing at his hair as he made the slightest moves of affection.

    “I missed you”. He breathed, hot and heavily close to your pussy. Careful not to go too far until you gave him the green light, it would be the first time indulging in any lustful action with you. He could hardly wait.

    “I missed you too” you told him in a quick sentence, too caught up in what was about to happen.

    Bringing your hand to pull his lips closer to your clothed cunt in encouragement, “Are you sure” he asked. There was nothing sexier, to see him holding back like that but still caring enough to consider your feelings.

    “Yes” you said, meeting his eyes in urgency. Slick gathering in your panties, your entire body pulsing at the proximity of his mouth on your most intimate area. Remembering something he had mentioned and calling “Wait one more thing-”.

    He looked at you unsurely, thinking you would back out in fear. “The camera” you whispered breathlessly, averting your gaze from a smile you had seen from him only in the most dangerous times. He really was going to enjoy this.

    “Here you go” he purred, handing you his phone and watching you press record. The lens pointing down at him and his sly grin as he continued leaving kisses and marks on your pelvis.

    Hooking his pinkies in the elastic band of your undergarments and uncovering you. The phone shaky as you looked into the panel, watching first hand as he spread you apart and hovered over the area. His nose barely brushing your clit as he kissed your folds.

    Humming in satisfaction at the feel of how wet you were, “I turn you on this much huh babe?” Sliding his finger over your slit to coat it with your juices, looking straight into the camera as he sucked them off. “You taste so good”

    Your face reddening by the second at every lewd comment he made, struggling to keep a steady pace of breath. Focusing back on your pussy and licking a stripe, sending chills down your spine at the foreign feeling.

    Taking his time savoring you, his hands wrapped around your waist to keep you in place. Squeezing exposed parts of your skin as he sucked your cunt. His greedy lips latching onto your clit, sending you into a fit of spasms.

    It was too much, your entire body sweating, composure failing as he coaxed you to orgasm. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more intense he hummed into your pearl, the vibrations making you agasp.

    Unintentionally jerking your hips or backing away in overstimulation, his grip on you tightening as his motion increased. Wet squelching noises coming shamelessly from his actions. Bringing you so close but stopping abruptly, giving a sigh as he rubbed you with his thumb, not wanting to wear you out too soon.

    “This is the kind of thing I need to enjoy” he told you, pressing his tongue on your clit and dragging it down to your hole. Bringing your body closer to him so he could slide it inside to feel you contract.

    His cock throbbing in his pants at your tight hole, glancing up at you while he ate you out. Fingers tracing over the texture of your lacy panties, carefully holding them in a loop to not let you cower away.

    Backing away to catch a breath, your heart beating in your ears at the sight of the slick dripping down his chin. Saliva and your liquid hot on his tongue before he pressed it against your clit.

    Staggering to inhale each time he met your eyes through the camera lens, blonde hair draped against his forehead and sticking with sweat. Groaning as he lapped, his fingers digging into your thighs.

    Sticking his tongue in your entrance again, fucking you with it so good you felt your legs shake. The pad of his thumb drawing circles over your bundle of nerves skillfully, maybe playing so many video games paid off.

    Edging you to release with each flick, his free hand squeezing your ass from behind. Brushing your clit with his finger and switching to use his tongue, wet and delectable with his strokes.

    His desperate movements sending you into a vision of blinding white, thighs trembling as you came on his tongue. It might have just been the realization that he was actually between your legs, eating like a starved man. Even just those appetizing noises his mouth was making on your pussy.

    “Thank you for the meal” he said with an innocent smile. His thumb caressing your pearl to help you ride out your orgasm. Sucking his fingers dry comically to show that you were a delicacy. “I think I’ll eat here again”

    Your face was pure red with embarrassment, your legs shaking so bad you could barely stand. It was a good thing he suggested for you to lay down on the bed. Throwing away his clothes before facing you.

    Taking the phone from you to man the camera, sitting you back on the pillows with your legs draped over his own. His hands sliding up your thigh highs. BEN pointing the lens at the closeness of your bodies, the area right between the both of you exposed to the light of the film.

    His cock thobbing as he pulled himself closer to you, leaning back on your palms to watch him rub his cock on your release-coated cunt. Heat forming as he looked into the camera. The image capturing the obscenity perfectly, thighs pressed together as the tip of his bulbous head brushed your clit.

    Thrusting you to move and use your pelvis to lift your ass up and down. Rubbing yourself on him obscenely. Making a mess with his essense all over you.

    He could feel your slick. His swollen angry tip popping out in between your legs, lengh sliding over you cunt.

    Your juices pouring onto him, smearing it over your length and making it easier to slide through your folds. The sight taking his breath, hearing you mewl and whimper at the friction. Wanting so badly for him to stuff you full of his cum.

    Finding it better to hold yourself open to tease him into looking at your hole. Clenching and contracting around nothing, it should have been him. BEN’s eyes lidded as he dipped his head into your sex, barely fitting and already earning a whine from you.

    God you made him so horny. It was no use, blood pumping through every vein in his body, pulsing to slip inside you. Breaths shaky, getting impatient, his grip tightening around the phone as the neediness of the situation.

    Your head thrown back at the rubs he gave on your pearl, trying so hard to fit inside you. Letting out a moan as he spread you open, the coil in your core tightening as he bottomed out.

    “Feels better than I thought” he rambled in a lustful craze. You pulsed at the fact that he had thought about you in that way. “You’re tighter than I imagined”

    Throbbing at his confession. Your chest heaving beautifully for the camera as it took all the details of you and him sharing your first sexual moment together.

    His eyes hazy, flashing a lewd smile as he bent his legs. Coming up to set the phone to face both of you on a spare pillow. Bending your knees in missionary and keeping them stable with his hands in their fold. Letting you squeeze them on his sides, the cloth soft on his forearms as he sped up.

    The camera at a beautiful angle, featuring you pressed into the pillows. A slight show of his cock before he slammed into you with each thrust. Pounding so hard it bounced you into the mattress.

    His balls slapping against your cunt, a wet clap sound followed by the faint creak of the bed frame. You breathing out “Oh my god oh my god” with each snap of his hips.

    Chests’ close together, no space in between the both of you. “You feel ‘s so good” you muttered “can feel you inside”.

    In the lustful chaos you almost couldn’t believe what he said, blinking twice to see if you had imagined it. “I wanna see”

    Pulling out to leave you empty while he reached to the bedside drawer, pulling out the smallest lens you had ever seen. Kissing your neck before explaining what it was, “just for a bit” he promised “wanna see so bad”.

    It took a while but eventually you agreed, opening your legs for him to insert the tiny camera. He was careful to not hurt you, screen recording with his phone and opening the real time camera connecting to the one inside you.

    It was so strange, you hadn’t even heard of this before. How would it even look like? Observing him curiously while he drooled staring into the panel.

    “So hotttt fuck” he cursed. BEN almost fainted from arousal, watching the tip of his cock slip into you from the inside. He got to see how your walls contracted while he tried to fit. His length stretching you out and pulsing hot.

    Cockwarming while he set up the camera for both of you to see. Your mouth open in a flush at the view.

    Cock dragging through your velvety walls, his head splitting you open every time. He was so heavy in you, each stroke felt better than the last. Eyes wide as you saw his hip brush past you.

    The most electrifying part was what he did to you, not just invading you, but completely violating you. Opening your hole up so smoothly it felt like a crime. Slit oozing with precum touching the deepest parts of you.

    His cock popping up on screen and disappearing seconds at a time, pushing his way through your tight cunt to find your cervix. It seemed so wrong, so lewd, yet it felt so right. You could hardly think, mind only focused on how hot he felt. The image of his head thudding into your womb so pleasurably flashing as you moaned.

    Balls slapping onto your slit with no avail, his finger messily rubbing at your clit while he watched the live cam. So invested in the juices you and him were creating together, hot and heavy with his release near.

    A warm sensation tingling through your body as he shot streams inside you, continuously slowing the rolls of his hips as drops of cum came gushing from his slit, you saw them on the cam. Giving little splurges through broken groans, pouring out so beautifully.

    Seeing himself cum in you, combined with you squeezing him like that, milking him, sent him into a frenzy. Making sure you were filled up good as he pressed his chest against yours, so close together and still as one while you throbbed around him.

    Pulling out to remove the camera, it wasn’t hard with the amount he stuffed in you. Grabbing your hair greedily and flipping you over to face the phone again. Turning on the selfie video to capture the pouty expression you made as he slipped back inside you.

    Bringing your ass up so it would be in camera view, your hair pulled in a tight fistful as he pounded you from behind. Relentless in his pursuit to unload inside you again, bringing your hips back to meet his own in a loud clap.

    The ends of your thigh highs visible from the position he had you in, your back arched down so your chest pressed against the mattress. Your ass jiggling from the force of his hard thrusts, flesh pouring out in the space above the garments because they were so tight.

    The vibrations making you wild as he blew your back out, those squelching noises and the slapping ringing loudly in your ears as he threw his head back in ectasy.

    Blonde hair dripping with sweat as he held you down, pushing you further into the sheets with each hard jerk of his hips. Eyes lidded as he looked at your face in the camera, all flushed and fucked out.

    “This is gonna break the Internet” he slurred, his hands finding your ass and giving it a squeeze.

    “The only thing you’re gonna break is- ‘s the bed” you groaned, wanting so badly to finally find your release.

    “Aww don’t be shy, I’ll break your back too” he cooed, the ends of his lips curling in a cocky grin. Bringing his hand back to slap your ass and leave a red handprint.

    The sensation burning with a sizzle as he fucked you further into the bed. His face resembling that of a panting dog. You couldn’t deny that his stamina was wearing you out.

    Your throat sore from all the moaning, your cunt red and abused as he found your pearl again. Flicking and rubbing in between the pads of his fingers as he held your side with the other hand.

    Hair falling in front of your face for a moment before he noticed and brushed it back, “want you t’ see those pretty faces you’re making for me” he said in a low grunt, “all fucked out just for me”

    Your hands squeezing the plush of the bed as he thrusted at an incredible pace, you about to pass out, eyes rolling back as you came again. The sensation clawing through your body through a pulse and bringing him to his own release.

    His fingers digging into your ass as he held in place, mumbling curses under his breath as he filled you up again.

    “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done” he breathed, massaging your cramped up back. “I fucking love getting freaky on camera”

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