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  • Word Count: 1757

    A/N: Please reach out if you need help, even if it’s just about “little things.” Even little things add up.

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    Ok so I did these a while ago when my art style was suffering and it STILL IS 🤢🤢🤢

    We got Kars straddle



    Ik the top two are just extremely suggestive but if yk yk 😏

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  • Prompt: Hi! Could I ask for a Aragorn x fem reader where the reader was visiting Rivendelle for it’s library and ran into Aragorn and they became close and loved the tales he would tell reader and he would love the knowledge reader had about many things?

    Pairing: Aragorn x Fem!Reader

    Relationship: Romantic

    Warnings: none

    Requester: @katethewriter

    Truth be told this wasn’t your first time in Rivendell, although the last time you had visited you had been quite young, too young to remember most of it. So it was all very new to you, the sights had been absolutely beautiful, but that’s not why you had come to Rivendell. No, you come for the library. You wanted to get your hands on the books that filled it’s shelves, the knowledge, adventure, and even romance that these books held fascinated you. 

    With books stacked high in your arms you walked through the halls, obscuring your vision as you made your way towards the room you had been set up in. Mind briefly wandering away from your reality just long enough to run right into someone. 

    A small yelp of surprise escaped you as the stack of hard covered books fell to the ground, a hand catching your wrist to keep you steady.

    “I apologise I wasn’t paying much attention” you pulled yourself out of the strangers grip, dropping to pick up the books, not even glancing up to them.

    “No, it was my fault, ah here” you looked up and was met with grey eyes that belonged, quite arguably, one of the most handsome men you had ever seen. He held a book out to you that had probably landed on his foot.

    “Thank you, I was looking forward to reading that one." 

    "Then I would hate for you to have lost it.” You laugh a little,

    “The library would probably hate me for losing it too.” The two of you stood in silence for a moment, 

    “Do you read often?” You tilt your head to the side a little, out of curiosity once the man broke the silence between you.

    “Yes I suppose so. I try to make time for it everyday. You can learn much from reading, such as horses having 205 bones in their bodies.” You watch him nod and seem to silently debate with himself,

    “Would you trade your knowledge with me? In trade for some of my tales?”

    “What kind of tales?” You asked genuinely curious,

    “Adventurous ones?” He sounded almost unsure, shifting his weight from his right to his left as he waited for your response.


    “You will?” His eyes seemed to light up,

    “Yes, I’ll give you random facts and historical tales for one of your adventures. Now when and where?”

    “How about tomorrow, mid afternoon, in the garden?”

    “Sounds perfect.” You give him a soft smile.

    “My name is Aragon by the way, or Elessar depending on who you talk to.”

    “A pleasure to meet you Aragon. My name is [Y/N]…just [Y/N].”

    With that the two of you parted ways, not to see each other again till your agreed meeting the next day in which you spoke for hours, your knowledge fascinated him, and his tales kept you on the edge of your seat. You agreed to meet up again the next day, and then the next, and the next, and the next, until it became a daily ritual for the two of you. You knew you had been growing closer, you just didn’t expect this…feeling to arise within you, the flustered cheeks, the nervous butterflies, the inability to look away from him, the enchantment that his voice held. You felt like a protagonist in one of those romance novels whenever you were around him.

    “Tell me, will you ever run out of stories?” You blurted out one particular day.

    “I hope not, for if I did, I wouldn’t be able to sit out here, and share these moments with you.” You look over at him, cheeks pink.


    “Well, yes, I rather enjoy your company, and all of the strange facts you have engraved in your mind that I doubt most of the people in this realm know.” He gives you a smile, 

    “Aragon, we don’t have to just sit out here sharing facts and tales you know…” you took a deep breath, the feeling of butterflies making you hesitant to continue. “We could maybe have lunch together sometime?” You stare at him nervously as he takes a painstakingly long minute to respond.

    “Lunch would be great.” He stands from the bench the two of you had claimed since day one, holding out an arm. “Shall we [Y/N]?" 

    You smile in relife and stand to take his arm, "I think we shall Aragon." 

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    • I'm just imagining a scenario where All Might breaks up with his partner when he first becomes the symbol of peace and years later they meets him as Small Might who's too scared to tell them who he is. And also he's still in love with them, how awkward would he be,
    • Y/N: My first boyfriends turned into a symbol of peace.
    • Small Might: That's rough, buddy.
    #incorrect bnha#bnha#y/n#toshinori yagi #source: avatar the last airbender #more then a quote its a concept
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  • Mafiafell Sans: hey, if i were to say, get rid of someone bothering you, would you mind?

    Y/n, laughing: Well I guess it depends on who.

    MF Sans: (pulls out a list) i have a few recommendations.

    #sans: hey could i murder someone for you #y'all: ..uwu .....mister fedora sans...👉👈....can i pwease have a kith #same tho#undertale#undertale sans#mafiafell #mafiafell sans x reader #mafiafell sans#sans #sans x reader #y/n#x reader
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  • (Ron Weasley/Reader)

    WARNINGS: (almost) smut, cursing?

    a/n: i have never written smut before. I have NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING SO PLEASE GIVE ME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. And i am SO willing to write a part two, just let me know if you guys would want one- im just really tired and i wanna post it.

    “Guys, come on. Just pick a damn movie!” Ginny stood up and marched from her seat to the projector where Y/n, Fred, George, and Hermione stood. Tonight was ‘movie night’, something Y/n suggested when she first arrived at the burrow. She brought her own projector and a box of vhs tapes (which Mr Weasley was quite interested in). Every Wednesday night, in the back yard they would hang a large white sheet on some clothe line and project a classic muggle movie. Nearing the end of summer they had less and less to choose from. Tonight- they were left with 3 movies (one of which they already watch but Fred insisted on putting in in the pile).

    “Fred, we have already watched Scream! Plus, i’m not in the mood for horror.” Y/n frowned, giving him a small shove.

    “What it’s a good movie!” he said.

    “Literally, anything else!” Hermione groaned, snatching the three movies from Fred. “Look, why not… The Nightmare Before Christmas!”

    “It’s not Halloween or Christmas, Mione.”

    “Then I don’t know!” she tossed the tapes onto the projector and stormed away.

    “Idea. Ron!” she shouted, “One, two, or three.”

    “Uh… Three!” Ron said from the front of the yard. He was laying sprawled across a blanket, saving a space for Y/n. Everyone had there own little space, a blanket, a bowl of popcorn and some snacks they all helped to prepare.

    “The Truman Show!” Y/n announced, Fred signed and everyone took their places. Y/n Inserted the tape and the movie began to play. She walked over to the blanket Ron and her shared and laid down beside him. She rested her head on his chest and he laid an arm over her torso. They laid comfortably for while, Ron drew small circles into her exposed skin as the movie played, slowly inching the fabric up her side. “It’s cold.” she shivered a bit, hugging Ron a bit tighter.

    “The only blanket we have out here is the one we are laying on. I can get one from my bedroom?” she nodded and lifted her head from his chest. He stood up and walked into the burrow. Y/n laid flat on the ground and paid no attention to the movie. She wondered if she should go in the house with Ron. It wouldn’t hurt to have some alone time. The more she thought about it, the better of an idea it sounded. Soon, she almost couldn’t control her self. So she stood up and walked into the burrow.

    “Oh hey, I was just on my way out.” Ron smiled, he had a blanket and pillow tucked under his arm and a smile etched across his lips. Y/n locked eyes with Ron, not knowing exactly what to say. She just stood there, staring. “Do you.. want to go out?” she shook her head. “Then what do you want to do?”

    “Can you kiss me?” he nodded slowly and smiled a little. He cupped her face and kissed her slowly. They pulled away from one another, Y/n’s eyes were still closed. Ron smile grew even wider at that. Her eyes fluttered open, and she gave a soft smile through pursed lips, rocking on her heals, playing with her finger tips.

    “You’re so beautiful.” He said, and gave her another soft kiss. “Let’s go.” he took her hand and lead her out the door. When they reached their spot, Ron spooned Y/n horizontally, facing the screen. He covered them both with the blankets he brought, laid her head on one half of the pillow and used the other half as a place to rest his elbow as he propped his head up on his hand. Under the blanket with his extra hand he laid his hand on her side, every so often rubbing up and down her torso to warm her. 

    “Hey!” she giggled. His lips tickled her neck, giving small pecks and pulling her closer. His hand slid from her torso to grip on to her inner thigh and continued to press her further into him- his tiny pecks becoming open mouth kiss trailing close to her jaw line. Y/n felt a wave of pleasure overcome her. A groaned into the crook of her neck to muffle it, even a little. “Ron?” she turned her head to look at him. His eyes were blown, and his hair was a little messy. “Do you want to do this here?” Y/n asked. He quickly looked her up and down and pressed another slow, sensual kiss into her pretty lips. He knew now wasn’t the time, but he also knew any other time wasn’t good either. The walls were thin inside the burrow- hell- sometimes you could hear conversations from the kitchen all the way to his room (very top floor). So now or never. 

    “Not here, but would you be ok with trying upstairs?” He asked. She nodded, took his hand in hers and stood up. “Anybody need anything? We are going inside to get a refill on popcorn and get some more blankets if anyone needs any.” They heard a few ‘hmms’ meaning ‘no, they were all fine’.

    They raced each other up the creaky stairs leading up to Ron’s bedroom. When they arrived, Y/n won and hopped unto Rons bed. He kicked the door close and as he strutted towards her she stood up. His large hands gripped her sides and his lips slowly kissed her delicate lips. When he pulled away, Y/n dove right back in, urgently kissing him. She cradled the back of his neck with one hand and tugged at his hair with another. Ron pulled away, briefly lifted her only for him to spin both of them around so that he could sit on the bed. She stood between his legs and peppered more kisses into is soft lips. His hands rested on her ass before (and as) she adjusted herself to sit on his lap. She broke the kiss, dropped her head and let out a whine, feeling his hard d i c k (wtf im so sorry- what do i even say for that). She lifted her head, bit her lip harshly and blinked the liquid from her eyes. 

    She didn’t exactly know where to go next, they haven’t ever really gotten this far. So for a few moments she sat there searching Ron’s eyes for an answers. But in his daze he didn’t really realize (hints the few moments). All he really cared notice was how beautiful she looked in the moment. How pretty her lips looked swollen, from his many kisses. How mesmerizing her watery eyes were, oh and how he loved when her eyes locked with his. 

    “Ron.” she whined, squeezing her eyes together and bucking her hips forward unto his, making Ron sigh in pleasure. 

    “Fuck- sorry- ah- keep doing that.”


    “Ehm-” He showed her the only way he could. He gripped her sides and guided her hips in slow circles over his. “Shit!” he moaned- Y/n’s mouth fell open as she dug her head into the crook of his neck. “Bloody hell- love-” She, softly, bit his shoulder in response to his words.

    “Your voice- Ron-”

    “Hmm?” She picked her head back up.

    “Your voice, your voice is so pretty.” she stated breathlessly. The only thing he could really think to do was kiss her. He ambushed her lips with slow, fervent kisses while he flipped her so she laid underneath him. He trailed slow, open mouth kisses down across her jawline then peppering them down her neck and across her collar bone, adjusting himself so he was straddling the girl. He pressed himself closer, and closer- as close as he could possibly get to her. He wedged his arm underneath her torso and used the other to rub up and down her sides- lifting her shirt in the process. “Ron, Ron- fuck- I-” she stuttered. He smirked against her exposed skin. He separated himself from her now, hickey littered skin and lifted his lips to hover over her swollen lips. He leaned closer- lips almost touching, but quickly moved to her forehead, then her cheek, the corner of her mouth, and then finally her lips. 

    “May, I?” He smirked, tugging at the end of her shirt. She nodded, raising her arms allowing him to slide the shirt off her body. 

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  • “I wasn’t the only one kept on ice. I don’t know how long I had been there before they started thawing her, getting ready to try again.” Bucky can’t look anywhere but her still unconscious form trapped in restraints that he knows will easily bend to her will when she wakes.

    Sam shifts in his seat, Bucky can hear the leather shift under his weight,

    “I don’t understand, Thaw? Get her ready? For what?,” Bucky knows that he shouldn’t be annoyed with Sam, how could he know, how could he understand?

    “I wasn’t the only one that was frozen,” he says again this time staring at Sam willing him to understand. It takes a moment but eventually his eyes widen and he too looks at you, his face a mixture of awe, alarm, and confusion. 

    “Ok but that still doesn’t explain that whole getting her ready comment though,” Clint adds from his spot in the jet, he had been quiet the whole time. Bucky didn’t realize he was listening so intently. 

    Bucky takes a deep breath closing his eyes willing his hands to stop shaking, willing his mind to stop racing through memories of you, both good and bad.

    Eventually he opens his eyes glancing around the jet to the curious eyes, before returning them to you. He can’t stop looking at you, if he does then you might disappear again and Bucky could never live through that again. It was why they where at the base in the first place. Bucky went there with the intent of rescuing the people you sacrificed yourself to protect, the people you gave your life for. Well, thats what he thought at least, never once did the possibility of finding you let alone finding you alive cross his mind.

    “I thought she was dead, the last time I saw her she was unconscious and being dragged away to what I assumed was to complete Phase 2.”

    Clint and Sam exchange a look that Bucky doesn’t see, as he’s too busy watching you, he continues before they ask for more clarification.

    “I never saw her again after that day. But seeing her here today, different, but still her means that they were successful in completing Phase 2.”

    Bucky tears his eyes away from you and looks at Steve who appeared from the cock pit of the jet.

    “I thought she was dead because nobody ever came back from Phase 2 alive. But she did,” Bucky laughs shaking his head,

    “Of course, she would be the one to survive, thats all she’s done her whole life is survive and fight.” 

    Bucky stands and moves to look down on her, the contusion and bruise on her forehead from Steve’s shield is already almost fully healed not even an hour later. The sight makes Bucky’s stomach flip. He wonders what other changes have been made to you that aren’t so obvious to him or even you.

    Without taking his eyes off you he finishes his explanation,

    “So, thats what she did, she survived Phase 2 making her the only recorded success,” he breaks off unable to finish the sentence.

    Steve steps forward slightly and softly asks,

    “Success of what?,” 

    The atmosphere of the jet is tense and cold, a pin could have dropped and it would have sounded like thunder.

    “Y/N is the only recorded success of Project KINGDOM.”

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    • Mr Compress: Hey Y/N, do we have any milk left?
    • Y/N: Oh, I drank the last of it.
    • Mr Compress:
    • Y/N:
    • Mr Compress: Foolish of you to think you can keep on containing my power. You'll pay dearly for your milk-stealing crimes soon enough.
    • Y/N: And who's going to stop me? You and your bones lacking calcium? The Milk Police? God?? I have to laugh.
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  • Gun: I am going to take you out

    Y/n: Oh it’s a date then!

    Gun: It was meant to be a threat

    Y/n: See you at six

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  • Mira: *sneezes*

    Y/n: Bless you

    Mira: God???

    Y/n:… Yes my child?

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  • Daniel: Is anyone else scared?

    Y/n: Not really, I already lives longer than I expected

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  • Y/n: You know if I wouldn’t be sexy I would murder you right now

    Vinjin: Do you mean if I wouldn’t be sexy?

    Y/n: Nah

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  • Yenna: I know your secret!

    Y/n: You do?

    Yenna: You like my dad!!

    Y/n: Did my wallpaper give it away?

    Yenna: .. You hugged him!

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  • Daniel: So how have you been?

    Y/n: Fine expect for this headache that comes and goes

    Vinjin: *enters the room*

    Y/n: here it is

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  • Y/n: Chillax

    Goo: That’s not even a word!

    Y/n: The ones that deny chillax are the ones who need to chillax the most.

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  • Y/n, forming a megaphone from a paper, yelling onto it: IT’S TIME TO BE A LITTLE LESS DRAMATIC JAY HONG

    Jay, through text: BITCH

    #he really is dramatic tho #my guy thought if he rides a big as hell ride it will seduce daniel onto being his boyfriend and being extremely blushy #lookism#외모지상주의#y/n#jay
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