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  • yangxiaolongz
    06.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    if ur my mutual frm spop days and u STILL follow me. ur a real one and i treasure u

    #i think abt yall u guys rock #ramblez
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  • vampiranovia
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    straight and bi women deserve financial compensation for what ariana grande being with pete davidson did to their taste in men

    #sometimes i could see it with the guys yall thought were cute but its been rock bottom since then #timothy charmander too he needs to pay #.
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  • theinternationalacestation
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #I wonder what the creator's tumblr handle is? i'd like to plug #my writing #but not really #tma#tma podfic #yall know i chronically overanalyze everything and now I feel like I've turned over a rock to see a brand new thing to analyze #I think it's especially pretty strange because I think out of ALL my POVs #Melanie's POV is the closest to my natural internal narration #it really is basically just me #so hearing your OWN narration read out by someone else is both awesome and very !!!
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  • mybfisanenderman
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y'all are telling me this lil motherfucker scared you as a kid??

    Uncle Matt is scarier than Boober. Bro how, if anything should have scared y'all it shouldve been the gorgs they're terrifying.

    #fraggle rock#the muppets #like the gorgs are like 5x the size of humans and BOOBER scares yall #hes just a small little man #please enlighten me why yall thought this dude was scary when you were younger #hyperfixation tag
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  • cryptid-with-no-forest
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sometimes ya just need to stim

    #feeling much better after not repressing the need to stim #a lovely little rocking if yall wanna know #minor autism#stim #doin a gay little rock
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  • g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    sorry ive been more Fuck The Man than usual tonight i just had to petition all day for edible food and as a result im still in that die-on-this-hill mode. like everything im saying i still stand by but i usually intend to be not Quite so grim for yalls sake

    #yall are valid. none of this lowkey almost rage is directed at followers or mutuals #yall rock #this is about problems caused by OTHER folks ie the government queerphobes abusive parents etc #italked#itagged#original post #governmental terrorist acts and voluntary human rights violations anecdotal #queerphobia anecdotal #abusive parenting anecdotal #im finally eating food! its been twelve hours and instead of eating dry cereal im eating. . #well #wet cereal. cereal with milk and everything #okay maybe my standards are low but in my defense i havent had full-on proper cereal in months #this is an Event for me specifically #im celebrating fuck anyone whos gonna take that from me
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  • set-phasers-to-whump
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    ok ok little me update in the tags

    #just was scrolling and realized that tag rant from a few days ago SO #I did pick a school (I mean I Had To like. obv) and it was stressful (literally paid my deposit after 11 pm lmao) #and it was the second one from that post the small school in the pnw #and tbh like I Knew it was gonna be that school for a longass time #you know how sometimes you just know stuff? like that. like I knew somehow when I first read about it in a college book #which doesn’t sound like real life and I didn’t believe it when it happened to me but it did which is wack #and then I kept going etc #but like it was never gonna be the other school I don’t think #ultimately that school is what people want and expect out of me #but the school I’m going to is what I want out of me #and that about does it #like this is for me yknow? not for some kind of audience that’s judging me #but yeah anyway shoutout to my friends who gave me some advice yall rock and you really helped me #it’s so nice even to know someone cares a little and it was genuinely very helpful to go thru that #anyway love u all :) hope u have a good night or whatever time of day you may be having 💙 #i say things #not whump
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  • spacesephora
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    I've got homework to do but I'm sure its obvious that I'm not doing it

    #I'm actually transferring to a different university next semester #and my advisor over there told me that I don't need one of the classes I'm taking #which is not good because I hate that class so I've completely stopped doing all homework for that class #which is not good because its gonna show that I failed it #but also it wont be on my gpa at new college #but still #I've already missed enough assignments that I couldn't hope to pass #so I'm not doing any more #but I've got work for another class today #and i do have to pass this one #I'm just super not motivated #because the directions for the assignments are usually not very clear #and I hate that #so much #oh shit I probably should have warned yall not to click on the tags #sorry to anyone that does #I am just venting #if you want to make me feel better though send me a picture of a cool rock or smth #idk#im#ahhhhh #not having a good time
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  • typicalsituation
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Tremendousmachine --> typicalsituation

    @alwayswetmantou @sarkan-thedragon @voidwerks @spyderbones @jioedevivre @red-nite-mare

    #ive been wanting to change it for a while #sorry to the 5 mutuals who still like my posts lol #yall rock ❤
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  • feral-fairy420
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago


    #a lot of my friends are hitting rock bottom in their addictions or are freshly sober #and tbh like ive been through it before and they all know it but i still feel like they forget that i understand exactly whats up #like ive got the soundtrack yo validate all ur feels my bbs #but also like pls take this as a call to get sober #because this is a turning point in their addiction #like yall are capable of getting sober and living such vibrant and beautiful and happy sober lives #and it fucking kills me to hear that they are hurting like i did #and i wanna help as much as possible vut im not avout to drop everything to help them get sober #i love my friends but that is something they need to do and tackle on their own #and im 100% not sober #ive been doing k for the past month straight but like its not tied the only thing that makes me happy...its just something to do #and i like how i feel on it #but i could flush what i have left and not blink #its not the only source of my happiness #like tbh they need something that they enjoy doing just for the sake of doing it. #not making money #or adhearing to beauty standards #or getting fucked up #but just something to occupy theses big beautiful minds
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  • opossuwu
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    hey rush tumblr pspspsps hey hey pspsps *pulls these out of my pocket like a treat* pspsps cmere

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  • stansuperm
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    I'm thinking about deleting this blog bc I am not really sure if I will come back here and I hate to see that I'm not active anymore.....but I also don't want to delete it bc the amount of people following this account here makes me feel guilty for even thinking about it lol

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  • what-a-fucking-disguise-this-is
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    i feel like people get way too 'preachy' about cash grabs, like if its worth my money i don't give a fuck if it's a cash grab

    #idk maybe this is just me #but like anyone above 25 in the classic rock fandom gets so uppity and prideful about knowing when #something is a cash grab #and then they have to tell everyone they know that its a cash grab #and insult other people for 'falling for' said cash grab #as if i dont already know that most of the things that rockstars do nowadays is a cash grab #like yall arent revealing some big secret
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  • nosferatyou
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    The first stop in Maeve’s travel watercolor pieces is Loretta Lynn’s Ranch! This is my first watercolor piece ever and it could’ve gone much worse! (Also excuse the picture, I was dumb enough to not snap one when I was there).

    #maeves traveling watercolor show #this stop: loretta lynns ranch #yall that place is so pretty #its only an hour away and id never been??? #highly recommend #go through the weirdass homemade coal mine she has #there is this dummy who straddles a rock and it made me cry laugh #the rest slaps tho #her museum is full of everything #i mean that
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  • lupinsremus
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    BUZZFEED UNSOLVED - but it's just memes 3.0

    [part 1.0] ; [part 2.0]

    #buzzfeed unsolved#buzzfeedunsolvededit#bbelcher#chewieblog#userstream#dailyhangover#ruinedchildhood#nessa007#usershaysh#userpayton#userdaphne#usermarylan#shane madej#ryan bergara#my gifs#mine #for everyone who have been shouting at me to include the 'rock and roll buckaroo' and 'Jesus said chill' THERE YOU GO #DONT SHOUT AT ME AGAIN NOW OKAY THANK YOU #thank you for everyone who have helped in putting all the quotes/scenes to be included! love yall!
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  • genderabolitionist
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    it really bothers me that suicidal ideation is inherently tied to depression

    #it freaks me out that non depressed people exist #yall just...wanna live? sincerely cannot relate #i have no desire to be a person #and even when i was medicated i had no desire to be a person #i was just less likely to kill myself is all #but i truly still wanted to #i don’t understand people who like. wanna be here lmao #i’m angry i never got a choice in this. i’m angry that the cruelty in this world is something i’m forced to witness #when i could have just simply not been created at all #like i wish we had a choice is all. if i had a choice in this all i would have rather been a daisy in a field #reincarnate me into something that has no concept of cruelty and pain and emotion #make me a rock #just take away the emotions for the love of god
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  • escape-your-grape
    18.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    After all, what are hickeys between friends?

    After being badgered by your coworkers about not finding a partner, Dewey offers to give you a hand with some physical, undeniable evidence of your fake boyfriend. Things get a little out of hand, but all for the better.

    Dewey Finn x Gender Neutral AFAB Reader
    Words: 4,701
    Warnings: Fluff and smut, friends to Lovers, mutual pining, LOTS of yearning in here, reader has a vagina, no breasts mentioned, unprotected sex, hickeys, neck kissing, praise kink, body worship (???), we make the boy feel good ok, no beta lol

    @mimiscappinisideblog @this-is-my-wonderland-i-guess and I can't think of any other hard Dewey simps at the moment lol

    You flopped down onto the couch heavily beside your best friend, Dewey Finn, and sighed. He looked up from his phone where he had been waiting patiently for you to begin your weekly movie night excitedly, but your distressed sigh had him confused. You didn't blame him, usually you were so excited to begin, but your coworkers had been particularly draining today and your energy levels felt pretty low since you'd been fretting all day over it.

    "Hey, what's up?" he asked as he set his phone and the remote aside, turning to face you on the couch instead.

    God, he was such a sweetie, wanting to check in on you instead of letting you zone out to a movie. You dragged a hand down the side of your face and groaned, "Ugh, just—my coworkers have been going nuts recently trying to get a date for me. Last week they kept trying to drop hints that some guy, who is definitely just a friend, really liked me, and this week they went so far as to tell some poor girl that I was too shy to ask her out!" You threw your hands out in exasperation and sank into the cushions, just barely catching the tense look on Dewey's face.

    "Well, haven't you told them to bug off or something?"

    You turned your head to give him a deadpan look. "Gee, no, it hadn't even crossed my mind," you said flatly. He rolled his eyes and you sighed, leaning your head back to stare at the ceiling. "I'm sorry, Dew," you apologized, "I'm just really tired of them not letting this go. It's annoying enough that they won't stay out of my personal life, even if we are buddy-buddy, but I hate that they're dragging other people into it." You heard him hum in agreement as you leaned forward to put your head in your hands and prop your elbows up on your knees. "I just wish there were some way to get them off my back."

    He chuckled, "Heh, maybe I could be your fake boyfriend?" He prodded you gently in the side and laughed, "Bring you some flowers or whatever! Maybe we could even have a lunch date?" He laughed, but your stomach flipped at the suggestion.

    "I‐I dunno, Dew," you said, cheeks warm. "Fake dating is so complicated, I mean you gotta put on a whole show for who knows how long, and it's so many details to remember. I don't want to get you involved like that." You rubbed your hand over the back of your neck and looked away. In truth, you had thought about actually dating Dewey before, and the idea was appealing, but you didn't think he was interested in you like that when he started dating other people, so you were pleased to remain friends despite your steadily growing crush.

    "Aw, come on," he insisted, patting your arm, "there's gotta be some way I can help!" 

    You squashed your feelings down and tried to think practically; this was not the time for a dristing mind! "Well, uh, fake dating is out, but maybe not a fake boyfriend?" you suggested.

    "How is that any different from what I said?"

    "'Dating'," you began, making little air quotes with your fingers, "implies them actually seeing us together. A fake boyfriend is more like a floating enigma that only requires a few details to seem believable."

    He rolled his head to the side and conceded, "That's basically the same thing, but ok." You grinned and smacked his arm, making him laugh. "So what do you need to prove a fake boyfriend? I got you covered, Babe!" He batted his eyes at you dramatically, and you laughed despite the twisting of your gut at hearing him say that.

    You put your hand to your chin to distract yourself and hopefully cover some of the heat on your cheeks while you thought. "I mean, I've already got lots of pictures of us together and plenty of details about you, not to mention I kind of know what a pain it is to date you from fielding so many bad partners, so any questions could be easily answered…" You shot him a shit eating grin and he rolled his eyes again. You shrugged with a smile and crossed your legs, now turning to face him and hear what he might suggest. "What do you think?"

    "Wow, that's rude, but fair. I guess the only thing you're missing is hard evidence." He glanced to the side, suddenly seeming a little bit flustered as he smiled nervously.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well—ok when's the last time you dated someone? I know it was before you met me, how long have we known each other again?"

    You crossed your arms and pouted, "3 years, 5 to answer your question. But I've come close! They just weren't the right people, that's all." 

    Dewey chuckled again and waved his hand to clear the air, "Doesn't matter, the point is that usually you can kind of—I dunno, see it in someone, you know? Their demeanor changes a bit, sometimes they hold themselves differently, maybe even see some marks here or there…" he said with a smarmy grin.

    You blushed and paused, considering this. "I don't know how well I can change my demeanor," you began cautiously, staring off into the distance and swallowing down your nerves, "but maybe you could help me with more physical evidence?"

    You immediately cringed and screwed your eyes shut, expecting him to turn you down, but you dared to crack one open and look at him when he made a sound of agreement. 

    "That—that's not weird or anything?" you asked.

    He shrugged, but you did notice the slight flush on his cheeks as he spoke, glancing away from your face, "No, no, not weird. I mean, I am the one who suggested it, and it would be pretty hard to deny something like a hickey or whatever."

    Your cheeks warmed at the thought, but he was right. Your coworkers would beg to meet him, but you could say you didn't want to mix your personal life with work and show them a picture instead. That would surely be enough to make them leave you alone, at least for a few months.

    Despite the logic, your brain was screaming at you that this was a terrible idea. How were you supposed to let Dewey give you a hickey without absolutely making a fool of yourself?! You've been crushing on the man for most of the 3 years you've known him, not for lack of trying to move on, and you weren't sure how well your resolve could hold if you went through with this.

    As he patiently waited for an answer, a small part of your brain, the one you had been hastily trying to squish down tonight, whispered that maybe this was a perfect opportunity. You'd been trying to work up the courage for a long time, and right before you'd had your first chance, he'd started dating again. After that, you had decided to let it go and move on, but it had been several months since his last breakup. Maybe this was the opening you'd been waiting for...

    "Hey," Dewey touched your knee, surprisingly gently, bringing you out of your thoughts and making you realize that you'd been chewing on your lip. You didn't want to believe that small glimmer of hope only to be disappointed, but you saw how Dewey's eyes softened momentarily as he said, "You don't have to, you know; It was just a suggestion." He laughed nervously, clearly to make himself feel more at ease, and you felt yourself relax into his touch. "We might even both enjoy it, but I'm not gonna let you go and do it if you're uncomfortable."

    You hesitantly grabbed his wrist as he pulled his hand back and squeezed reassuringly with a small smile. "No, I uh—I think I'm ok. Just nervous, I guess."

    "You good?" he asked.

    You nodded, and his brown eyes twinkled with mirth and excitement as he leaned a little closer. You distracted yourself by brushing your hair out of the way and exposing the left side of your neck to him by leaning forward and basically presenting, but he snorted and batted your hand away.

    "Oh c'mon, what're you doing?" he laughed.


    "I'm not a vampire," he placed his own hand there, making blood rush to your head fast enough to make you dizzy, and you had to look away. "Just relax a bit, this is me we're talking about!"

    "That's the problem," you thought, but you ignored your nerves and crossed your arms with a huff. "Ok, fine, what do you want me to do then?"

    "Here—" Dewey shifted to his knees and scooted closer, his head now close enough to see the individual hairs in the scratchy stubble, and leaned you back against the throw pillow behind you with his free arm brushing against your side as he propped himself up, "just let me take care of you, ok?"

    Your head was practically swimming and you could feel your cheeks burning, but despite this, you nodded reluctantly and tried to let yourself enjoy this. He started to lean forward again, then hesitated, and you could see a little bit of sweat along his forehead. Was he nervous?

    "And you're sure about this? I-I don't want to make you feel like you have to or something—"

    "I'm fine!" you interrupted, just wanting him to get on with it, "Please, Dewey, for the love of god, just give me a hickey already!" Your voice broke off into a whine and you wanted to slap yourself from how pathetically needy that sounded, but maybe it wasn't all bad if the red that crept over his cheeks was anything to go by.

    He nodded resolutely, then focused his eyes on your neck and leaned forward, thumb brushing over your pulse point and hot breath wafting over your skin in a way that made you shiver as you heard him wet his lips. It was weird how it felt like he was enveloping you, but despite it feeling rather overwhelming, it also made you feel incredibly hot at the way he was holding you so gently, almost reverently.

    When his warm lips finally touched your skin, followed by the tickling scratch of his beard, you jolted, but he gently squeezed the back of your neck and you couldn't help but whimper. You felt him smile against your skin, and you would have said something along the lines of "shut up, you know I'm sensitive," if he hadn't kicked the words right out of your muddled brain. He carefully pulled away and you felt your skin prickle at the wet spot he left behind, but he quickly returned to place another in the same spot, this time with loose lips that reflexively opened against the column of your neck.

    You squirmed beneath him, unable to help yourself, and gripped the front of his band tee to ground yourself, trying to use the soft feeling of the cotton between your fingers to ignore how turned on the gentle scrape of his teeth against your skin made you feel, but it was no use. Dewey shifted again, settling between your legs and pulling your ankles around his hips for better access, and you bit your lip to keep any more sounds from escaping as he returned to what felt in your aching heart like where he belonged.

    This time his tongue touched your heated skin and you gasped despite yourself, one hand sliding from its hold on his shirt to brace yourself on his upper arm. Your voice trailed off into an affected whine as he gently sucked on your skin, still firmly holding the back of your neck to keep you from escaping and sending a shock of arousal between your legs.

    "Fuck, Dewey," you breathed heavily, not even sure what you intended to say. You didn't want him to stop, but this was almost too much. You hadn't had anyone touch you like this in years, and him doing it to you? You thought you might die from all the blood trapped in your face, and your legs shifted to alleviate some of the desire for friction.

    Suddenly he bit down just next to the now sore spot, not too harshly, but enough to make you yelp in surprise as your hand flew up to his head. You found your fingers tangled in his messy hair immediately and he moaned against your skin at your touch, surprising you with how receptive he was. He pulled away just enough to pant against your quickly chilling neck and you took your chance to cautiously grip his hair, pulling gently at his scalp. He groaned and dropped his head back to your skin, now kissing along the front of your neck and nosing his way along your jaw.

    You bubbled with nervous laughter when he licked a stripe up the front of your neck and raised his free hand to hold your side. Your stomach flipped at the gesture, and you could almost pretend it was genuine when he mumbled sweetly against your neck while rubbing circles into your hip.

    "Wh… what was that, Dew?" You knew you were breathless, but hearing your voice out loud made you cringe. God, how were you going to move on from this knowing that he could so easily destroy you?

    "Said you're fucking perfect," Dewey murmured as he continued to the other side of your neck, leaving little soft bites along your skin. You whined when his hand at your waist started to toy with the hem of your shirt, but your brain was still trying to catch up with what he just said. His hand slipped just under the fabric and you jumped when he touched your bare skin beneath. He pulled away for a second to meet your eyes and you were entirely shocked at the view that greeted you. His hair was disheveled from your own grip, and his forehead was covered in a fine sheen of sweat that made his flushed face practically glow in the lamp light. His hooded eyes were taking in your undoubtedly flustered face, but you couldn't blame him; you were doing the same. His lips were slightly swollen from the treatment he'd given you, and in that moment as he panted above you, you longed to kiss him.

    His fingers twitched against your side and your legs jumped, but he gripped the back of your head gently to get you to focus. 

    "Is this ok?" he asked, tracing shapes onto your skin as he slowly lifted your shirt over your stomach, giving you plenty of room to stop him. His eyes flickered between your eyes and your lips, and you felt your gut twist at the implication. 

    "Oh god, yes."

    You pulled his head down to yours and kissed him firmly, tugging gently at his hair and making him moan eagerly into the kiss. He smoothed the flat of his hand over your side and quickly pushed your shirt up, wrapping his arm around to cradle your back. He shifted again, this time seating you wholly on top of his thighs so that you crossed your legs around his waist, feeling both the soft of his tummy against yours and the firm, unmistakable bulge in his jeans pressing against your crotch. Dewey dropped his head against your shoulder and groaned in response, sucking on the skin of your neck and rutting his hips distractedly. 

    You ran your hands down from his shoulders to the edge of his tee and laid them flat against his stomach before slowly sliding up his shirt, giving him the same opportunity to stop you. His fingers twitched against your back as you brushed over his nipples with your palms and moved to grab the bunched fabric in your hands when it got stuck under his armpits.

    "Dew," you breathed, "You gotta let go for a second so I can move this."

    He shook his head as his hands tightened, burying his face into your neck and mumbling, "No, I—I don't want to let go…" The hand around your neck moved to your lower back as he pulled you to himself and took a deep, shaky breath before speaking, "Fuck, I can't keep doing this without telling you something."

    You paled momentarily, but forced your heart back down your throat. "W-what is it?" you asked, pulling away slightly to try and get a good look at him, but he held you tight and kept his face hidden.

    "When we started, I thought I could keep this friendly, like we've always been, but I just can't do that." 

    He swore your nickname like a curse and shook slightly when you smoothed your hands over his back comfortingly, already sensing that this was coming to an end. God, what were you expecting?

    "I-I like you too much to keep going without telling you what this means, to me, that is."

    Your brain was short-circuiting, surely. You must have misheard.

    "Wait, what?" you asked.

    Dewey cringed and moved to pull away, but you clutched at his back like a lifeline and prevented him from shrinking into himself as he said again, "I—I like you, ok?" You allowed him enough space to meet his eyes, searching for his sincerity, and to your elation that's all you could find despite the sad guard he wore. "I've been wanting to do something about it, but, you never seemed interested, so," he took a breath and glanced away, "I've just tried to move on, but I can't." He screwed his eyes shut and fisted his hands, "I just can't! You're my best friend, but I can't help but want more than that! No one… no one else is like you."

    You gazed at him, at a loss for words, and he sweated under your awed gaze. "C'mon, will you say something? Anything?" he begged.

    You opened and closed your mouth like a fish, trying to figure out how to express yourself, and he sighed and tried to pull away again but you held him fast. "No, don't go," you said quickly, squeezing his arm and tentatively moving to cup his cheek. Heat crept up your neck as you quietly said, "I... feel the same way."

    He looked at you incredulously, a silent question on his open lips, and when you nodded shyly his face broke out into a relieved grin. A laugh burst out of him and he hugged you close, and despite the very tender and emotional high, you couldn't ignore the way you felt his dick twitch through his pants where it was still pressed against you.

    "Oh my god, I can't believe it," he babbled into your hair, and you couldn't help but grin, your own laughter bubbling up to join his. You grabbed his cheeks and kissed his face, loving the sound of his delighted laughter being directed at you, and then paused before giving him a gentle kiss on the lips.

    Dewey returned it eagerly, smiling at first before he pulled your hips forward to press you into his own and deepened the kiss. You whimpered into his mouth and ran your hands through his messy hair, chasing after him when he pulled away to pant and gaze at you with those same heated eyes. A shock of arousal wrenched your gut when you realized those were the same eyes that were boring into you just minutes ago, and you grabbed the hem of his shirt again to give yourself something to do.

    "Off?" you asked breathlessly.


    His hands left you only long enough to wiggle his way out of the tee shirt as you helped him along before you were leaning forward to press kisses across his chest and collar bone. He gasped as you licked upwards to his neck, then pulled your own shirt up from behind. The feeling of his hands gliding over the plane of your back had you shivering, and as soon as the shirt hit the floor he was giving you the same treatment with hands squeezing flesh and thumbs ghosting over your nipples as he kissed his way down your chest.

    "God, I can't believe this," he breathed, pressing his face into your chest and gently kissing and biting whatever he could reach, "How long?"

    You moaned and bit your lip at the way he looked at you before answering, "A-about a month after you texted me again. It was good to see you with your life back together, and you'd really changed. It's good on you." He kissed you and gently pinched your nipple again, swallowing your whimper eagerly and breaking away to press his forehead against yours.

    "That long?"

    "Yeah," you admitted shyly.

    "Fuck," Dewey's hips bucked below you and you had to hold him tightly to keep steady, "how did I miss that?"

    "What about you?" You kissed from his jaw to his throat, stopping to leave your own sizable hickey in your wake and making him groan.

    "About a year? I don't even remember what made me realize but," he let out a shaky moan and drew his eyebrows together when you took his nipple into your mouth and gently teased it with your teeth as his hands flew to your head to hold you, "oh fuck, it just hit me like a train but I thought you just wanted to be friends. Didn't wanna fuck it up." 

    He offered you a weak grin and your stomach lurched at his confession. You pulled him to you by the neck to kiss him again, allowing your tongues to mingle and explore. He still tasted like the soda on the coffee table that he'd been drinking earlier as he sought you out, desperately trying to fit your bodies together as he held you close. You ran your hands from his shoulders to his hips where they slotted against the soft of his belly before you slipped them just below the waistband of his jeans.

    He jumped at the feeling of your hands on his heated skin and broke the kiss to nod frantically, answering your unspoken question. Immediately you were both maneuvering over each other to remove any remaining clothing between you, only stopping to gaze at each other's bodies after having wanted it for so long.

    You settled over his lap again with his dick pressed between your bodies, making him bite his lip to hold back a broken moan as he supported you with hands around your back. You cupped his cheek and practically cooed, "You're so handsome, Dewey."

    He momentarily broke out of whatever trance he was in, although the fog was still clearly sitting heavy in his mind, and looked at you with a confused expression. "What?"

    "What do you mean, 'What?' You're fucking sexy," you smoothed your hands down wherever you could reach, praising him as you went. "Your cheeks are so cute, your shoulders are such a good shape," you chuckled at your odd wording and the blush covering his cheeks. "I love feeling how soft you are," you sank around his middle and wrapped your arms around his waist and propped your chin up on his chest with a relaxed smile and continued. "I love that I can feel how strong you are, how nimble your hands are, I love how dark and beautiful your brown eyes are… I think you're wonderful and you should know it, Dewey Finn." 

    Dewey fidgeted at your words, eyes shyly avoiding your face, but you felt his cock jump all the same at the praise.

    You worked your hand in between the two of you and gently wrapped your fingers around his shaft, carefully watching the way his face draw together for any signs of discomfort, but his mouth only dropped open in a gasp of pleasure. You ran your hand down his full length to gently cup his balls before returning, eyeing him with a soft smile and he shuddered beneath you. 

    "Shit," he muttered under his breath, and his hands slid down your back to hold your ass and thighs, gently squeezing in response. 

    He shuddered when you smoothed your thumb over his tip to tease him and to smear the beginnings of his precum across your hand, then gave him a few quick pumps. He let out a clear moan at that, a pure note that sounded like music to your ears, and you couldn't help but rock your aching core against his thigh for some kind of friction. You didn't notice how wet you were until you felt your own slick against his skin, but he merely held you fast in place and rocked his own hips into your hand in tandem.

    "Please, damnit," he said your name breathlessly and sloppily kissed your face, "please, I want to feel you."

    You moaned at his words and nodded, then quickly repositioned yourself over his dick and lined him up with your entrance. You both shivered at the feeling before you lowered yourself into his lap and moaned harmoniously. He squeezed you closely, clutching at your back to keep himself steady as you whined into his shoulder with your arms around his neck.

    "Oh my god, you feel so good," you moaned, and the answering twitch of his member inside you made you gasp lightly.

    Dewey rocked his hips into you once, and you groaned together again. Again and you had to follow after him, shifting your hips to meet his as you pressed heated kisses along his neck and shoulder. Once more and you felt yourself practically melting as he hit a particularly nice spot within you. You grinded against him, making him gasp, and then gently lifted yourself up, practically shaking at the dlow drag of his dick leaving you. You dropped back to his lap as he flicked his hips upwards into yours and you both moaned again, then settled on an even pace of lift, drag, drop, rock.

    It was easy to lose yourself to the feeling, but you were able to focus on the way he gripped your hips with barely bruising fingers, how his thighs flexed beneath you every time you dropped, how he kissed your shoulder and gently bit you again, mixing the slight pain with the overwhelming pleasure you were feeling. Dewey groaned in your ear and lifted a hand to palm at your side, murmuring unintelligibly into your skin with a whine trailing after his breathy words and you felt your climax quickly rising.

    You moved one hand to your front to rub your clit and bring yourself over the edge, but he caught your hand and laced his fingers with yours around the back of it, then gently circled your clit himself with your hand trapped against your stomach. You practically sobbed at that, feeling how much love and lust he was pouring out with his half-understood words and gentle touches. It was enough to send you sailing through your orgasm and you let out a long, thin moan into his neck. He continued to move your hips as you rocked against him, fucking into you frantically as you fluttered around him before he quickly slipped out of you and came on your stomachs after a few strokes of his hand with a shuddering moan.

    You panted together, your foreheads still pressed against each other's shoulders, and you squeezed his hand tenderly as you came down.

    You could hear his heartbeat still racing inside his chest as he returned the gesture and kissed your neck again, gently biting on his first hickey and making you groan and slouch against him. Dewey chuckled breathlessly at your reaction and kissed the spot tenderly instead. 

    "I guess there's no need pretending now, huh?" he mumbled, and you could hear the smile in his voice.

    You let out a laugh and moved to kiss his lips softly before answering, "I think you're right."

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  • smokeandmirrorz
    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Just gonna drop this here:

    Todd Kerns' youtube channel with lots of chats and interviews between him and all kinds of rockstars during lockdown time.

    Lovely to listen to, super casual and fun! Long videos too, from 30 minutes up to 1.5 hour.

    Recent videos include: Michael Monroe, Mark Slaughter, Richard Fortus, Duff Mckagan and more <3

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    why do i have to make a presentation about turkish rock

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    I am panplatonic

    I love everyone here

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