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    Mayhem with the Karasuno First Years: Ch 01 || HQ fanfic

    Summary: What starts as a late-night idea from Hinata turns into something none of the other Karasuno first-years (or other Karasuno VBC members) expected. Enemies become friends. Friends become something more. Home-life secrets are revealed. And a whole lot of chaos ensues.

    A group chat fic with the Karasuno first-years. Other warnings are to be added. Gift fic for @mylifeisalieandididntknow // KidHopeWest16 on ao3

    Find & subscribe on ao3! Or...


    Shouyou is online.

    Shouyou added Yachi, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, and Tsukishima to the chat.

    Shouyou changed the chat name to first years gc.

        Shouyou: guys i did a thing

    Yamaguchi is online.

        Yamaguchi: Hey Hinata, what’s up?

        Shouyou: i made a group chat! :D

        Yamaguchi: Sounds fun :)

    Yachi is online.

        Yachi: Is everything okay?

        Yachi: Usually when I’m spammed with notifs it can’t mean something good

        Shouyou: its all good! i just thought itd be fun to make a group chat.

    Tsukishima is online.

    Tsukishima left the chat.

        Shouyou: >:(

        Yachi: I kinda expected that :(

    Shouyou added Tsukishima to the chat.

        Yamaguchi: Tsukki :(

    Tsukishima left the chat.

    Yamaguchi added Tsukishima to the chat.

        Yamaguchi: Leave I dare you

        Tsukishima: Shrimp your grammar is atrocious.

        Shouyou: ur atrocious

        Tsukishima: I doubt you know what that means.

    Kageyama is online.

        Kageyama: what is this

        Shouyou: i made a gc (*^▽^)/

        Shouyou: i was talking to kenma when he was streaming n he had a gc n thought itd be fun to have one w/ us first years!!

        Kageyama: gc?

        Yamaguchi: Group chat

        Yachi: Don’t we have one for all the Karasuno members?

        Kageyama: oh right

        Kageyama: forgot about that, we rarely use it

        Tsukishima: I prefer it that way, honestly.

    Shouyou changed Tsukishima’s name to salty buttwad.

    salty buttwad changed Shouyou’s name to Piece of Shrimp.

        Piece of Shrimp: :O

        Piece of Shrimp: r u heckin kidding me

        salty buttwad: You started it.

        salty buttwad: Who the hell says “heckin”?

        Piece of Shrimp: me u stale ham sandwich

        Yamaguchi: Guys please don’t argue

        Yachi: Yes please my anxiety can’t handle fights

        Yachi: Esp over text cos you can never tell their tone

        Yachi: Too much room for overthinking

        Yamaguchi: Sis same

        Kageyama: lol who uses stale ham sandwich as an insult

        Piece of Shrimp: me bakageyama can u read

        Kageyama: your such a dumbass

        Piece of Shrimp: at least my insults r creative

        salty buttwad: Pfft

        salty buttwad: Creative is one word for it.

        Yamaguchi: Tsukki your favorite insult for him is shrimpy, you’re not much          better.

        salty buttwad: I’m rolling my eyes at you, Yamaguchi.

        Yachi: Somehow this still seems like an argument

        Yamaguchi: It is chaos honestly

    Yachi changed the chat name to And then there was chaos.

        Kageyama: how do you change names on things

        Piece of Shrimp: its in ur settings

        Piece of Shrimp: wait lemme do it

    Piece of Shrimp changed Kageyama’s name to bakageyama.

        bakageyama: hey that’s not fair i can’t find it

    Yamaguchi changed bakageyama’s name to Grandpa Kageyama

        Grandpa Kageyama: ???

        Yachi: Please I—

        Yachi: He’s literally the youngest first-year omg, the youngest club member

        Piece of Shrimp: wait im the oldest u know what that means

        Piece of Shrimp: respect ur elders saltyshima

        salty buttwad: Oh, my bad

        salty buttwad: I was misinformed. I had no idea. Please forgive me for my ignorant actions. I’m so deeply ashamed.

        Piece of Shrimp: ur being sarcastic aren’t u

        salty buttwad: Yep

        Piece of Shrimp: but im the oldest!! >:(

    Yamaguchi changed salty buttwad’s name to salt.

        Yachi: Accurate

    Yamaguchi changed Piece of Shrimp’s name to the baby.

        Yachi: Also accurate.

        the baby: why

        salt: Lmao

    Yachi changed Yamaguchi’s name to Most Chaotic.

        salt: Accurate

    Yamaguchi changed Yachi’s name to Anxiety™.

        Anxiety™: Also accurate

        Grandpa Kageyama: is anyone going to explain

        the baby: shhh ur an old man now bakageyama

        salt: You realize you’re calling yourself old by calling him old, and us too? Since he’s the youngest one?

        the baby: ...frick

        the baby: oh well sacrifices must be made

        Most Chaotic: Don’t let Suga-san know you called us old, that makes them old by default, we’ll die

        Most Chaotic: Actually on second thought let’s tell him, I’m ready for death

        salt: … you okay?

        Most Chaotic: :)

        the baby: im 160cm do i seem ok

        salt: Not you, idiot

        Anxiety™: :)

        Grandpa Kageyama: wtf i’m still so confused whats going on

        Anxiety™: Chaos :)

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    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Source 1 and 2.

    #fotogenik#sunagawa shuya#nakagawa daisuke#nakayama satsuki#yamaguchi daichi#kamen rider #kamen rider zero one #horobi#naki#jin#ikazuchi #kamen rider horobi #kamen rider naki #kamen rider jin #kamen rider ikazuchi
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    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Perfume will have a guest appearance on the music experimental program "Sugar & Sugar" delivered by Sakanaction's Ichiro Yamaguchi, which will start broadcasting for the first time in a year. Broadcast date is from 22:30 JST on NHK E-Tele on 11/5 (Friday).

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    does anyone else watch a sports anime or show and suddenly think they’re like invincible in that sport

    cause in my head i’m a six time gold medalist figure skater and fucking olympic volleyball player or something

    but if i had to do either irl.... fucking disaster
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    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Okay, so I’m officially back! Will be posting journals and playlists now and again. Feel free to say hello. 💚

    #yamaguchi tadashi#yamaguchi rp#Haikyuu#Haikyuu rp#yamaguchi anon #Using this acc again even though the yams kin in me died? Tsukki kinnie running a yams blog hello?
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    I'm only posting this so I can copy paste onto ao3 easier in the morning so get it while it's still here

    Tw for religious imagery, sex in a religious institution, demons and angels, etc. Ambiguous ship bc I couldn't decide. I imagine kuroo but it could be anyone

    18+ 🔞🔞🔞 minors dni


    "Oh god," Tadashi pants, his heart racing in his chest as the unfamiliar feeling of pleasure washes over his body in another wave. The demon's body shakes against Tadashi’s own as he chuckles, hand moving slowly up and down Tadashi’s cock, jerking him off.

    "I wouldn't say that too loud, Angel," the demon croons in Tadashi’s ear. He places a playful nip at the jaw directly under Tadashi’s ear, smirk evident in his voice as he speaks again, "He might hear you."

    Tadashi whines, wanting nothing more than to hide his face but the demon's free hand holds Tadashi’s jaw in place, forcing him to look at himself in the mirror placed in front of him, taking in his own debauchery. Legs spread in the lab of a demon, his angelic body naked and exposed in the house of God. Unable to cover up or hide.

    "You're not supposed to be doing this, are you?"

    "N- No, I'm not."

    "You'll get in trouble if we're caught?"

    "I'll die."

    "Then why do you still let me?"

    Tadashi swallows back a moan, writhing. They both know the answer already. Tadashi knows what they're doing is wrong. He's letting the very embodiment of sin take over and control him with human temptations, and yet here he is, enjoying it.

    He was never a perfect angel; always one to let curiosity win over reason, to explore where he knew he shouldn’t. It's why he so often visited earth, spoke with mortals and partook in their habits. It's unbecoming of an angel to do so, and partaking in sexual gratification is a surefire way to be punished by God, but if it's wrong why does it hurt so bad not having it?

    Tadashi had been fine before.

    Before he and the demon met, before his curiosity got the best of him, he didn't need pleasure. But something changed within him on a stormy night, when he took shelter in a temple not even devoted to his God until the rain subsided. When he met a certain charismatic stranger that lurked in the shadows just a bit too much to be considered normal.

    He knew the other mab was a demon, yet he continued to come to this chapel every week. Tell the demon stories about his time visiting earth, about the people he's met. In turn the demon shares his own stories with Tadashi. It doesn't matter that they're meant to destroy one another- here on earth they're on equal ground. No outside forces watching. Not even God visits this chapel much anymore, and certainly not without reason.

    The demon's breath is hot on Tadashi’s neck as he alternates between sucking and kissing the sensitive skin there, his hand picking up speed ever so slightly. Tadashi moans, unable to take his eyes away from the sight in front of him in the mirror, he can clearly see the outline of the bulge in the demon's pants as it grinds against Tadashi’s rear end. His clawed hand is big, enveloping Tadashi’s entire penis easily, hot hot hot as it strokes Tadashi off. The way the demon rolls the shift in his palms is intoxicating, overwhelming, and Tadashi knows he's going to come soon. He's only ever done so twice before and each time he's been unable to hold in his emotions, sobbing wildly as he rode the edge- this time is no different, and tears begin to slip down his cheeks as he feels himself hit the crest. The demon coos, hand slipping from Tadashi’s jaw to tangle in his hair, tugging ever so slightly. There's a sharp, contrasting shock of pleasure at the pain of having his hair pulled and he gasps, his hands clinging to the demon's thighs as his toes begin to curl, hips rutting forward on their own.

    "Ahn, God, shit, 'm gonna-"

    "Cum, Angel, you know you deserve it. But thank me as you do, alright?"

    Tadashi’s mind goes blank as he comes, "thank you, thank you, thank you," leaving his lips like a prayer. His seed spills all over the mirror in front of them, some of it dribbling onto the demon's pants, and he hears a tsk as the demon pulls away his now sticky hand and lifts it to Tadashi’s mouth.

    "Now look at this mess you made. You'd better get to cleaning up, Angel. Wouldn't want anyone coming in to seek salvation to find evidence of sin."

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    Haikyuu Incorrect Quotes

    Kunimi: I am not out of control! I'm a law-abiding citizen!

    Kindaichi: Really? Name one law.

    Kunimi: Don't kill people?

    Kindaichi: That's on me. I set the bar too low.


    Matsukawa: Died and came back as a cowboy, I call that reintarnation.


    Takeda: Are you sure this is the right direction?

    Coach Ukai Jr: Certainly, I'm as sure as I am honest!

    Asahi: In that case, we're definitely lost.


    *Yaku is cooking*

    Oikawa: Any chance that’s for me?

    Yaku: It’s for Sugawara. I’m planning on making some bad choices tonight, and I need him on my side.

    Yamaguchi, eating ice cream: I never realized the forethought that went into being a disappointment.


    Suga: I trust Lev.

    Tendou: You think he knows what he's doing?

    Suga: I wouldn't go that far.


    Suga: What if I press the brake and gas at the same time?

    Lev: The car takes a screenshot.

    Daichi: For the last time, get the heck out.

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    Hinata: So now I'm supposed to do anything that Tsukishima does? What if he jumped off a cliff?

    Yamaguchi: If Tsukki were to jump off a cliff, he would have done his due diligence regarding the height of the cliff, the depth of the water, and the angle of entry. So, yes, if you see Tsukki jump off a cliff, by all means, jump off a cliff.

    #haikyuu!! #hinata shōyō#tsukishima kei#yamaguchi tadashi #incorrect hq quotes
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    #asks with al #anon.🗣 #i’m yamaguchi…
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    with: inarizaki, karasuno, seijoh + itachiyama.
    a/n: i hope everyone finds a little piece of comfort here— also this is the longest post i’ve ever written lol sry i’m just in love. <3

    — INARIZAKI ☁️

    kita loves you like he’s gonna lose you; every day feels like the last day with you, but in all of the best ways. he kisses you like it’s his last chance every time, holds you so tight as though you’ll slip away if he doesn’t keep you close. he’s just so in love with you and his protective nature comes out the most when you’re lying there by his side— all nuzzled up in his old volleyball sweatshirt, looking so cute and fragile and innocent. his love is like the warm blanket he pulls over you when you rest your head on his lap, watching some cheesy romance movie he picked out just for you even though he knows you’ll fall asleep every time he places a warm hand on your back.

    suna loves you at your worst; he’s a warm shoulder to cry on when you’ve had an awful day, a whisper in your ear that everything’s going to be alright when you feel like you can’t live up to your own expectations again. he’s the sun— the one who greets you when you walk through the front door, green eyes lighting up with a cocky smile as he pulls you into him, knowing you’ve missed him just as much as he did you. he loves you like you’re the best version of yourself, because everything about you is perfect in his eyes. the way suna loves you makes you want to try to be everything you’re afraid of— the way he loves you makes you want to love yourself just as much.

    atsumu loves the way you make him feel; being by your side makes him feel like he can do anything. he’s never had a problem with confidence, but the way you make him feel is next level— it’s something he can’t quite put into words. he loves the way you love him, the way you accept him for who he is, all excited energy and cheesy jokes and shameless flirting with you when you’re having a bad day. tsumu never stops trying to be your dream guy, bringing you coffee at work when you run out of time, trying to make your favorite desserts and almost burning the house down, swearing he’ll get it right the next time because he finally learned how to measure out the ingredients just right.

    osamu loves you calmly; his eyes tell you you’re the most beautiful person in the world before his lips can start moving. his love speaks through small comforts— a kiss to the forehead when you’re sad, a plate of dinner left on your desk when you’ve been too busy studying to eat, a hand running through your hair massaging your scalp when you have a headache. osamu loves without speaking. his feet find yours under the covers and as soon as he feels the chill on the tips of your toes he’s pulling you into him, tucking you under his arm and hiding you both under the covers. osamu is the kind of love that keeps you warm, the kind you don’t have to ask for— the kind that just is.

    — KARASUNO ☁️

    asahi loves the way you make him brave; everything in him wants to be strong for you— to hold you at night and keep you safe. he wants to be the person you run to when you’re scared, the one who wraps you up in his arms and carries you away from the world when you’re struggling to take a breath, overwhelmed by everything in the world that wants to bring you down. when you’re weak, he’s there to be strong for you— and when he needs someone to remind him that being gentle isn’t a weakness, but a strength, you’re there to run your fingers through his hair and kiss his lips softly, reminding him of all the little ways his gentle heart is a gift to the world.

    daichi loves you in a way that pushes you; he’s a tough love kind of person, but it’s worth it when you’re swimming in the euphoria of all the things you never knew you could accomplish. daichi loves you in a way that inspires you to work harder, be kinder, show more compassion. you never knew there were so many ways to grow before you met him— inwards, outwards, down into the ground, rooting yourself into who you were truly meant to be. when you look at him, you see the future in his eyes, and when he kisses you, you know everything will always work out as it’s meant to— because that’s just who daichi is, he’s the one you can always trust to keep your heart safe.

    kageyama loves you like he loves volleyball; it’s a love that ignites his soul, something he breathes and craves and strives for with every cell in his body— you’re his inspiration. you’re home, the quiet place he runs to when he needs to clear his head and think things through at the end of the day. you’re his safe space, the only one who gets to see him cry when he’s frustrated, the one person who can make a horrible day better with a simple kiss on the cheek and a few kind words of encouragement. kageyama loves you like your presence is a gift, because that’s just what you are— you’re a treasure and something he’ll never stop thanking the universe for.

    tadashi loves you with humility; it’s a love that doesn’t beg for attention, because simply being with you is enough. he’s taught you to love the simple moments, that those are the most important. he’s taught you that flowers only bloom in the sun, and good things only happen when you let the bad ones fade away. tadashi loves you in a way that has you leaning into everything you are— yet somehow, he embraces your flaws and loves them all the same. when he touches you, the harshness of the world is suddenly sized down to nothing compared to the strong arms wrapped around you. and suddenly, you find yourself striving to love everyone in the world the same way he loves you— selflessly.

    hinata loves you like a little kid in a candy store; every day feels like Christmas when he’s with you. his love is a lazy afternoon off, a chance to sleep in on a rainy monday morning, a mug of hot cocoa during a blizzard. his love is confidence— it’s a book written on all of the ways it’s impossible not to love you. hinata loves you like you’re the only one, like there’s no one else in the world but you two. when your eyes are locked onto one another as he traces his fingertips over the soft skin of your cheeks, he still struggles to believe you’re real, because your existence alone is enough to have him believing in something greater than himself— something that would bring you to him.

    — AOBA JOHSAI ☁️

    oikawa loves all the little pieces of you; he loves all of the ways you smile at him with your eyes, the way you trust him with your heart, the little parts of your day no one else gets to see as you’re getting ready for bed at night. oiikawa never thought he could love anything more than he loves volleyball, but you showed him there are things that matter more than what the scoreboard says— and for him, that’s you. you’re the one who motivates him to keep going because you love him for who he is, every little piece of the dorky, egocentric, utterly adorable and lovable tōru oikawa. but the truth is, in his eyes, the most lovable piece of him is you.

    iwaizumi loves you as himself; he knows you deserve the world and that means loving you with every bit of honesty he can find within himself— no playing hard to get or mind games like he did in high school; he’ll never give you a reason to doubt his love for you. it’s his job to make sure you know how loved you are, and if you don’t, how can he call himself yours? iwa has a way of making you believe you’re the most beautiful person on the planet because it’s the only way he feels like he deserves you. his random compliments and sweet kisses always make you smile bcus they’re never forced— he loves you exactly as he is. he embraces his feelings as they come, because he knows his heart will always be yours and only yours.

    kyotani loves you until you’re breathless; his passion for you is something you couldn’t quite understand until you learned how fragile he truly is. kentarō loves with his whole heart, that’s just who he is— that’s what makes him beautiful. to him, the only option is to love you, because he’s seen all of the parts of you you’ve been afraid to show in the past. he just sees you as one flawed person loving another, doing the best you can in a confusing world & inspiring you with the way he embraces every part of himself. he’s something you never expected, someone who isn’t afraid to admit he’s so grateful to have you by his side, to have you love him the way you do.


    sakusa loves the way you feel like home; he loves the way you hold him at night, letting him be vulnerable and show his greatest weaknesses to you. he loves the way you broke through every barrier, letting you love him in a way that makes him think maybe it’s ok to be a little rough around the edges, to not be so perfectly put together all the time. he’s messy with his feelings because he knows they’re real. he loves you like he’s grateful— because he’s never had someone who understands him so well, who has an endless amount of patience while letting him ease into all of the first times he wants to experience with you.

    komori loves the way you laugh; to him, there’s nothing that isn’t worth seeing you smile. he knows all your favorite things— the way you like your coffee warm but not too hot, the way your eyes light up when you see him roll over and smile at you in the mornings, the way his hand placed on top of yours is all you need to calm down when you’re feeling anxious. he knows you’re afraid of falling in love alone, so he holds you close each night and whispers in your ear, gentle words about how pretty and lovely you are until you’re giggling uncontrollably at how cheesy he is. he doesn’t mind though, he just loves the sound of your laugh.

    a/n: if your favorite character isn’t here pls send me an ask and i’ll happily write one for them! <333
    #— 𝓳𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓷𝓪𝓵. 🗝 #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu scenarios #haikyuu!! #haikyuu imagines #kita x reader #atsumu x reader #osamu x reader #suna x reader #asahi x reader #daichi x reader #kageyama x reader #yamaguchi x reader #hinata x reader #oikawa x reader #iwaizumi x reader #sakusa x reader #kyotani x reader
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    Karasuno first years and tattoos

    Hinata: the second he saw some of his friends getting tattoos, he started planning out what he’d want. He curses how short he is because that means he has less room on his body for tattoos. Tattoo artists HATE him because he can never sit still, not because of the pain, mostly because he’s too excited. This boy definitely has wings tattooed on him somewhere, as well as the number 10. He’s torn between getting meaningful tattoos or ones that just look super badass. He asks literally everyone for their take and ends up being so overwhelmed it takes him forever to actually get one done.

    Kageyama: genuinely don’t know if this boy even knows what a tattoo is. Like, in high school, he asked Daichi if he has to write Suga’s name on his wrist every day and Daichi’s just like???? oh my- what??? Tsukki and Hinata start clowning him and he’s like “WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY’RE PERMANENT???” He’s not sure if he likes the idea of having something permanent like that on his body so he decides he’s good without them. Thinks they look good on some people, though and he likes telling Hinata his opinions on what he thinks looks ugly and what looks good.

    Yamaguchi: idk how yams manages to give me such soft and edgy vibes at the same time but he does. He’d have a bunch of tiny tattoos on his hands, I think. Like little patterns or rings, little doodles of stars or a dinosaur, numbers or important dates, things like that. They’re cute and subtle enough that he doesn’t feel like he stands out too much with them when he walks down the street. He’s really cautious about getting tattoos in places where it doesn’t hurt too much -- he could never get a huge back piece or a rib tattoo or anything like that.

    Tsukishima: I’m sorry but this boy does not have tattoos. He does not understand why people like them so much, thinks they’re a huge waste of money and there are better ways to pay tribute to a loved one or something that’s important to you. That said, when Tadashi added the number 17 to his collection on his hands, it suddenly became much more interesting to him. He still doesn’t want one himself, but maybe he appreciates them a little more. Whenever him and Yamaguchi hold hands, he can’t help but stare at how their skin contrasts against each other so much.

    Yachi: tattoos SCARE her so much. She went with Kiyoko when she got her tattoos done for moral support, but she ended up nearly having an anxiety attack on Kiyoko’s behalf. Did you know they do it with n-needles?! That being said, she thinks they’re so so pretty. She has an entire pinterest board dedicated to designs she thinks are pretty or creative or cute. She once showed Hinata a design she made for herself, just for fun and to test out her design skills, and he pleaded with her to “please draw me one, too! I’ll pay you a million yen!” “Th-there’s no need, I’ll do it for free!”

    seijoh // karasuno third years

    #sorry my tsukiyama heart wouldn't let me be objective in this one #haikyuu#hinata shouyou#kageyama tobio#yamaguchi tadashi#tsukishima kei#yachi hitoka#karasuno #cat writes! #my hq hc
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