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    - Op character favorite kissing spot -

    They love kissing your face everywhere

    Luffy, Yamato, Ivankov

    They love kissing your cheeks

    Marco, Ussop, Sabo, Corazon, Perona, Tashigi

    They love kissing your forehead

    Kid, Robin, Roger, Smoker

    They love kissing your temples

    Zoro, Crocodile, Rayleigh, Benn, Lucci

    They love to kiss your hands

    Izou, Law, Vivi, Garp

    They love kissing the palm of your hands

    Franky, Mihawk, Fujitora

    They love kissing your neck

    Denjiro, Sanji, Kid, Doflamingo, Cracker

    They love kissing the tip of your nose

    Nami, Buggy, Shanks, Kiku

    They love kissing your shoulders

    Jinbei, Killer, Paulie, Shanks

    They love kissing your lips

    Hancock, Katakuri, Kinemon, X-Drake

    You are entirely their favorite kissing spot

    Ace, Bartolomeo

    They don't have lips to kiss you sorry-


    #one piece x reader #one piece fiction #one piece headcanons #one piece imagine #one piece #katakuri x reader #denjiro x reader #crocodile x reader #zoro x reader #nami x reader #yamato x reader #ace x reader #mihawk x reader #Smoker x reader #Izou x reader #Sanji x reader
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    #Strength Comes From The Heart; Yamato Hyuga #Unique Traits About Us; Headcanons
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    #answers from the chef #one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece hcs #one piece yamato #op#op headcanons#op hcs#op yamato#yamato headcanons#yamato hcs
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    manga vs. anime
    #yamato taichou#yamato anbu #yamato x y/n #yamato x reader #kakashi fluff#kakashi headcanons#naruto anime#anime naruto#kakashi sensei#anime boy#kakashi fanfiction #kakashi hatake x reader #kakashi hatake fanfiction #kakashi #yamato x kakashi #anbu yamato#anbu kakashi#anime icons #anime vs manga #anime / manga
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    @rattusrexx​ asked:

    𝐎𝐂 𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐉𝐈 𝐀𝐒𝐊𝐒! // 👁️ EYE - what colour are their eyes? do people notice their eyes? is there anything special about them (shows emotion easily, literally magical...)? ☁️ CLOUD - a soft headcanon?

    OC Emoji Asks.

    👁️ I describe Yamato’s eye color as amber. I’ve seen him with yellow and purplish eyes before, but I’m biased towards amber with the way it matches his lovely horns. Yamato is very emotional, and he shows it quite easily, but most people aren’t going to see it when he has that hannya mask on most of the time. His eyes can be very intense, and for sure are unforgettable by all who’ve seen them. (And also did I mention his eyes store the love??? Well, all of Yamato stores love. Love is stored in the entire Yamato.)

    ☁️ Although the relationship has strained with age, Yamato was once incredibly close with King. As a child, it was more often than not King in charge of watching and taking care of him. Yamato calls him his older brother, but he served more as a father figure most of the time since Kaido just. Wouldn’t raise his damn child. Even though Yamato’s rebellious attitude has created a large rift, they do still care deeply about each other, and he’d actually care if King died, which says a lot since he doesn’t have it in him to care about Kaido at this point. King would NEVER let this happen now, but as a child he enjoyed latching onto King and curling up in his warm wings.

    #questions and sake ;; asks #written in my bible ;; headcanons #rattusrexx #i been living with yamato and king interactions okay
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    Fukurodani Masterlist

    🤍=SFW   💛=NSFW   🖤=Dark Content

    Washio Tatsuki

    Nothing yet

    Sarukui Yamato 

    Nothing yet

    Bokuto Koutarou

    Nothing yet

    Konoha Akinori

    Nothing yet

    Komi Haruki

    Nothing yet

    Akaashi Keiji

    Nothing yet

    Shirofuku Yukie

    Nothing yet

    Suzumeda Kaori

    Nothing yet

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    KNIFE OF DAY ft. Mimi | Instagram AU

    My Headcanon:

    Yamato (guitar and backing vocal) | Mimi (lead vocalist and bass) | Naoki (drums) | Katashi (keyboard and second bass)

    - Naoki is mixture between Taichi and Sora personalities. He is outgoing and impulsive but is always careful with people around him - mom of the group - what makes Yamato connect naturally with him. He likes the gender-fluid style and as Mimi is devoted to David Bowie

    - Katashi is more calm and collected like Yamato though not so stubborn. In group fights the others almost forget he is in the environment - what is his goal. He is always well and repeats a lot of "cool" or "that's nice" in sentences. Prefers the grunge style much more sloppy than Yamato.

    - Yamato is the soul of the band. The songs are composed and written mostly by Yamato though the rest of the band is contributing more with time. When a music is too close to home he takes as the leading vocals.

    - Mimi joined the band later. They needed a backing vocal for some songs but after some month everyone agreed she should be the lead singer. Yamato felt relieved because he didn't like all the attention that came with the position what Mimi just loved.

    - Mimi uses the band as a excuse to change the style and color of her hair constantly

    - Katashi originally was the bass player but was really passionated about the keyboard so Mimi decided to learn to replace him. It took sometime but she proved by good at it. Yamato liked because he could add one more instrument on his compositions.

    - Yamato always wanted to get some tattoos but was always afraid of things not work in music and end up hurting this career in the future. So the others decided to get the first one with him and now he is just addicted.

    - Everyone in the band agrees Yamato is the most talented of all but on his opinion he just practices a lot. For him Mimi would be the best if she wasn't so lazy because she has the natural talent.

    - Mimi developed a glam rock style. If depended on her all of them would dress like young Elton John on stage what gives chills on Yamato and Katashi. In order to maintain the peace she and Naoki are satisfy using some glitter and their fake fur coats.

    - Yamato knows it is cliche but his major inspiration is Kurt Cobain.

    - Mimi felt insecure on joining the band because she thought she was too girly for it. Until Yamato told her don't give a sh* for what other people think attitude was good enough. She was not sure was a compliment but worked for her confidence.

    - The boys had to dress up nicely - for the horror of Katashi - to go to convince Mimi's parents to let her join the band . They promise always bring her to the house's door after a concert and lied about playing in nice places - in the beginning they got a lot of digs underground trash bars.

    - Although the band is just starting to became more popular in mainstream they are very known and respected in underground scene in Tokyo. Usually people joke "They are too pretty to play that good".

    - The band favorite internal joke revolves around everybody thinking Mimi and Yamato date. Yamato got annoyed in the beginning but know he gave up and just think is funny too.

    #mimi tachikawa#yamato ishida#mimato#digimon adventure#digimon reboot#digimon aesthetic#digimon 2020#digimon tri #DEFINITIVELY OVERTHINKING THIS AU #WTF IT JUST CAME TO ME ALL THIS HEADCANONS #now i want to create katashi and naoki instagrams too :/
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    Young Yamato/Tenzo is so cute why is that!!!!

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    - Yamato and Nami realizing they have a Crush on someone-

    Reader gender : neutral

    Note : I will refer to Yamato as he/him in this one bc he seems cool with any pronouns in the Manga and I like it that way!

    Yamato :

    -One day Yamato is chilling after a big training session, he's just laying on the floor looking at the ceiling

    -Suddenly the image of your face is popping in his mind, his expression get soft and he smiles brightly

    -"I hope Y/N is having a great day, I wish they could pass by soon..."

    -It's strange that when as soon as he's not occupied he thinks of you

    -And then it hits him

    -He likes you, but like a lot

    -He just gets up and stands still a long minute, trying to figure out how this happened

    -But he stopped and just smiles even brighter, realizing the wonderful feeling he's having right now

    -He just imagine the two of you traveling outside of Wano together, side by side on the future Pirate King's ship

    -And now not only he's determined to defeat Kaido, but also he's determined to confess to you

    Nami :

    -Sanji just gave her a drink while she's working on a map

    -Oh! She recognized the taste! It's Y/N favorite drink!

    -She looks by the window of the room to see Sanji giving you the drink on the deck

    -She waited for your reaction and when she saw your expression of joy when you realized it's your favorite, she smile cheezly

    -Her eyes widden and a big blush covered her face

    -What was that? Almost seems like she likes you...



    -And now she feel stupid for not understanding that before

    -she don't know when or how she's gonna tell you, but it's a good thing that she have fallen for you, you really are a good person in a lot of ways and this thought makes her calm down

    -(Robin noticed already that Nami had a crush of course and is really curious about what will happen next! )

    #one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece imagine #one piece fiction #one piece x reader #nami one piece #yamato #yamato x reader #yamato x you #nami x reader #nami x you
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    Blog rules !

    Hi I’m Acolvyte and this blog is for One piece content only !

    English is not my main language but I’m doing my best, please be nice if you see mistakes !

    Also ! I will do most of the requests but I sometime need time and inspiration so please be patient !

    Every request that is not polite will be deleted, sorry ! (I just need a ‘Hello’ or a ‘Please’ or just not a sentence written like an order !)

    I will write :

     - Pratically all the characters

    - Readers inserts

    - Platonic and romantic relationship

    -Mainly Fluff (and some angst and smut when I feel like it and not with all the characters !)

    I will Not write :

    -Character x character (I’m just not good at it)

    -No NSFW with : Every underage character obviously, Luffy, Whitebeard, any minks

    - Stuff I’m not comfortable doing 

    #one piece #one piece fiction #one piece x reader #one piece imagine #one piece headcanons #one piece fandom #one piece fanfiction #katakuri x reader #crocodile x reader #denjiro x reader #yamato x reader
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    Digimon Adventures ~ Japanese version featuring DUO/SHIP: Yamato Ishida (Yamato “Matt” Ishida in US) x Sora Takenouchi {SORATO} ~  10 Personal Favorite MOMENTS & INTERACTIONS

    Yamato Ishida, Adventure Ep 26 (Japanese): “Let her cry.”

    BONUS (Personal Fav moments): (of small Interactions)

    “If you don’t want to do it, THEN DON’T!”

    - Yamato, supporting Sora wholeheartedly regardless of any choice Sora makes

    gifs by @izzyizumi, {DO NOT REPOST} {DO NOT REMOVE CAPTION} {DO NOT use this post for spreading series negativity} {OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE BLOCKED}

    {usage of gifs may be allowed if permission is asked / or if credit is given. However, read my about & FAQ pages first. Please do NOT use / ask if you match anything in my “Do Not Interact” sections.}

    {Additional note: this post is mainly intended AS SHIP/(SIDE) OTP. please remember + RESPECT this when interacting please tag only as the ship name and DO NOT tag as only “brotp” or the like only*, thank you!} (*It is ok if you tag as “friendship” or the like along WITH the ship!!) {Failure to acknowledge rules WILL result in a block}

    {Seriously, please don’t do it.} [Note: commenting/tagging positively/respectfully is ok!] (Please AGREE TO BANNERS BEFORE interacting) (Note: click on the banners to enlarge / read text more clearly!)

    {PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A BLOG DEDICATED TO A Support OF DIGIMON ADVENTURES as an ENTIRE SERIES. While I cannot stop people new to this blog from engaging, please respect my rules if you do. Please DO NOT Interact OR FOLLOW / REBLOG if you are unable to interact respectfully (including within tags).}

    {DO NOT DERAIL THE CHARACTER/CANON POSITIVITY INTENT} {Failure to acknowledge rules WILL result in a block} If you want to use, Please READ further/under the “read more”!


    - they must NOT be used to spread negativity for the canon/fandom! {INCLUDES: in regards to Adventures AS A WHOLE, Adventure (Original series), 02, Tri, Kizuna, Adventure & 02 movies, Drama CDs, any spinoff materials} - they must NOT be used to promote shipwarring within the fandom - they must NOT be used to attack any Adventures character focused on - IF I SEE YOU DOING THIS I WILL LIKELY BLOCK WITHOUT MERCY

    {usage may be allowed IF PERMISSION IS ASKED TO USE.}

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    PLEASE ALSO NOTE: {My headcanons for the characters of this series VARY} {for this set particularly [Adventure+02 Chosen / various Advs charas]; I headcanon most as M spec/Multi gender attracted*} {this post/my edits ARE NOT for people who cannot respect this fact or M spec people / M spec headcanons / MF relationships, Queer identities, etc. in general!}


    #sora takenouchi#yamato ishida#sorato #yamato x sora #matt x sora #matt ishida #yamato matt ishida #izzyizumi posts#izzyizumi gifs #izzyizumi sorato gifs #izzyizumi compilations #otp: let her cry #advs sorato #(Welp happy anniversary to Sorato lol) #(even though on a personal level I've always headcanoned both as Bi) #(and have many other ships with both too) #(of which I also note in my sidebar and reblogs) #(So if you cannot be respectful on this gifset when these gifs took me months to make and compiled as someone completely inexperienced) #(Please MOVE ON Thankyou) #(in my personal opinion Yamato also has a Thing going on with Taichi on the side but Taichi has seriously been making eyes at Koushiro Izumi #(and yes I also ship various members of mentioned group in multiple specific combinations so lol) #(PSA I make gifs and compilations for most other ships I like and or reblog too I just make them in the compilations style and combos I like #(So yeah again I enjoy multiple other ships with both and have tags for almost everything on my blog for filtering) #(Intent of this one is Sorato moments compiling but I wont mind if my kind followers and mutuals tag Taiora or YamaTaiSora just PLS be Kind) #(Its on a personal level ok Seriously . You Can Ship What You Want im just compiling MY Fav moments but I DO like talking abt other ships!)
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    Naruto Headcanon

    Yamato feels a strong empathy for Naruto. Both were given dangerous power as a child without their will and raised with village wanting to turn them of them into human weapons. Both also were freed from that loneliness through friendship, which they hold dear.

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    💗 One Piece men and how they would realize they have a big fat crush on you (PART 4 - Wano edition)

    [part 1 w/ Law, Zoro, Shanks & Smoker] [part 2 w/ Sanji, Sabo, Kid & Rayleigh] [part 3 w/ Ace, Izou, Marco & Thatch]

    author's note: aaand we're back with part 4! really excited for it because wano is really giving us so many new cool dilfs characters to swoon over! all fluff as usual, except King which is a little suggestive (are we even surprised). part 5 is already in the drafts too, hehe. enjoy!


    King would wake up in his ruffled linen sheets, shirt off, his long white hair with the messy braid falling into his gorgeous face that was kissed by the first rays of sunshine through the open window

    he would stretch, greeting the new day and look to his left... where you were sleeping peacefully


    he reminisced last night, where the two of you met for the third time late at night, no strings attached, just a pair of souls eating each other up with hungry kisses, moaned names in open mouths, nails digging into flesh and some whimpering, hissing, groaning, trembling…

    you name it. just the usual.

    except that he couldn't shake this feeling off his broad chest that this might be... a little more than that

    that he was really, really excited to see you, to feel you, kiss you, devour you. setting your heart on fire, with love maybe.


    the old playground down at the river, the one that was covered in moss and had trees as old as time. that was your favorite spot ever since both of you were kids

    Yamato and you would meet there often at night, sitting on the swings and just talk about life and its absurdities, knowing the other one was the only constant when everything else crumbles

    sometimes you were just sitting there, drawing circles with your feet on the ground; sometimes swinging to see who could reach higher to the sky; and on some days Yamato would push you on the swing, loving how your laughter filled the lonely night

    tonight was no exception and with every push Yamato‘s hands would feel almost electrified whenever he touched your back, propelling you closer to the half moon

    which is when he would realise that he’d rather pull you close instead of giving you a push

    he would abruptly stop the swings, making you almost fall over. but he would catch you, blurting out his raw feelings the same moment and looking you deep in the eyes…


    okay, so you napped together peacefully at that one banquet while everyone around you was having a blast. no big deal.

    except… now his naps didn’t feel the same as before. something… someone was missing. his shoulder and that spot on his chest were now cold and it kept him from falling asleep.

    Denjiro could usually nap anywhere, anytime. that was taken away from him - just like his heart (but he was still in denial about that)

    poor man would show up sleep-deprived with a pillow at your door, demanding to be let in (like a cat that was forgotten in the rain, looking at you with taunting eyes)

    he would command you to lay down besides him, pulling you close to his chest, no space for you to wiggle out of his arms which is why you just surrender…

    and sink into a world of warmth and safety, where he would never ever let go of you again

    you're the one he looks forward to meet, awake and in his dreams (though nothing was sweeter than reality ever since you fell asleep on him the first time)


    just like a stray cat, Who’s-Who found himself drawn to you whenever you were near

    maybe you were reading outside, maybe you found shelter under a roof when you got surprised by the rain, maybe you were shopping late at night, humming to the tune of the music playing softly in the background... Who’s-Who would accidentally run into you, keeping you company

    he loved his loner life, but would realise that it was also nice to have someone around who would give him the attention he didn’t know he craved

    when you compliment his fluffy, pink hair or his long legs he would find himself almost blushing, thankful for the mask covering half of his face

    one night, when he walked you home after meeting you again at the supermarket (where he took most of the bags from your hands without asking), he would feel the overwhelming urge to just…

    “can i kiss you?”

    you would need to make a second run to the supermarket because the watermelon you just bought shattered on the ground when you both dropped the shopping bags to the ground; him pressing you against the next wall and kissing you hungrily, your hands resting on his tattooed chest, both your hearts sighing because this stray cat just found its forever home

    #one piece #one piece x reader #op king#yamato#denjiro#who’s who #king the wildfire #op king x reader #yamato x reader #denjiro x reader #who’s who x reader #beast pirates#wano arc#kyoshiro #one piece reader insert #one piece headcanons #who of the droplets #after what happened to king i need to see who’s who without a mask #pls oda make it happen pretty plsss #show your dilfs don’t be shy
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    #digimon headcanons #am i wrong? #no #no i am not #baby boi needs matt sometimes #yamato ishida#joe kido#digimon adventure #joe kido x yamato ishida #they're gay your honor
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    — character : shogo yamato (paralive)
    — prompt : candy kiss
    — reader's gender : gender-neutral

    🌸 ;; imagine having a date with shogo, but unlike usual dating, instead this man offers you some gummies! since gummy candy is his favorite snacks. all your day are spend with him constantly visiting small convenience stores just to buy new gummies. later, he tried to ask you to do candy kiss with the gummies. you were flustered by his request and accepts it awkwardly. after he kissed your lips, you and him were blushing in red awkwardly and your heart starts beating.

    Thanks @batohalelove for the request! <3

    #FRIENDSHIP ENDED WITH NAYUTA NOW SHOGO IS MY NEW OSHI /JK #WHY ALL PARALIVE CAST ALWAYS LOVES GIVING ME SEROTONIN WHENEVER I WRITE THEM #FIRST NAYUTA THEN ROKUTA AND NOW SHOGO #b-but aoi is actually my visty oshi not shogo lol #but shogo still giving me serotonin boost thought #nvm all of them gives me happiness (except baek chungsung lol) #paradox live#paralive#pararai #paradox live headcanons #visty#shogo yamato #🌸 ;; floof friday tag #*why are all
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    #tsunderedoctor#emergency request#one piece #luffy one piece #zoro one piece #sanji one piece #ace one piece #marco one piece #law one piece #kid one piece #killer one piece #sabo one piece #yamato one piece #mihawk one piece #crocodile one piece #doflamingo one piece #nami one piece #robin one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece reactions #one piece comfort
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    12.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Cute things One Piece dudes do when you're dating

    A/N: Wanted to thank @donvampiro for some of these ideas :)


    Gets on one knee to tie your shoelaces

    Breakfast in bed

    Cooks your favorite foods for you. (Always delicious and healthy c: )

    Shells shrimp for you before you eat it.

    Feeds you and blows on the food if it’s too hot

    Creates dishes inspired by his S/O


    Ties your hair in a ponytail when you are eating and it’s getting in your face (partially because it also triggers his OCD)

    Gets things on the top shelf for you without making fun of your height if you’re shorter

    Leaves books/things that he thought would interest you on your nightstand

    Beta reads your fanfiction to correct your grammar mistakes (and cringes in the process)

    Sends you memes about depression at 2 AM


    Opens doors for you

    Puts his coat on your shoulders whenever it’s cold

    Carries you bridal style at the most unexpected moments

    Cracks hazelnuts for you (with his bare hands)

    Beta reads your fanfiction and fixes plot holes/ gives you some advice on how a certain character would act.

    Eustass Kid

    Paints your nails

    Lets you paint his nails

    Lets you borrow his lipstick <3

    Makes a lot of crafts for you to cheer you up


    Blow dries your hair with a towel while you’re sitting on his lap

    Lifts you up when something is too high on the shelf for you <3

    Blocks the elevator door for you

    Sends you memes to cheer you up

    #One piece headcanons #one piece x reader #one piece yonko #sabo x reader #op yamato #one piece yamato x reader #eustass kid x reader #eustass kid #Law x reader #one piece #trafalgar law x reader #trafalgar law x you #sanji x reader #sanji x you
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  • lesbianstims
    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    genderqueer flag colorpicked from maya yamato’s “a reporter’s job”! free to use with credit!

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    07.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #tsunderedoctor#emergency request #yamato one piece #yamato #yamato x reader #yamato x you #yamato x y/n #portgas d. ace #portgas d ace #portgas d. ace x reader #portgas d ace x reader #ace x reader #ace x you #ace x y/n #one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece comfort
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