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    #yamato x reader #yamato#naruto#naruto fanfiction#yamato imagines#yamato scenario#pfwrites #please say YES to this man he loves you SO MUCH #finding a yamato gif was so hard #he's always with someone #he seems to be only thought of because of his connection to kakashi :( #speaking of the kaka-man.... y'all want something spicy? #cuz the next request... #idk if it'll be the next one i work on there's just so much spice requested and like... loads of other writers do that way better than me
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Nanbaka masterlist.

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    ➢ Masterlist!

    》 Hajime

    》 Mitsuru

    》 Momoko

    》 Yamato

    》 Damian

    》 Inori

    》 Honey

    》 Rokudo

    》 Isou

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    ♧ Thank You for Reading ♧

    ♡ Send in an Ask if You Want ♡

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    07.10.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #whether danzō told him to be more like tobirama instead of. like. the senju who kinoe was stuck with #or whether danzō just gave him a happuri like tobirama or even tobirama's specific happuri (with the senju symbol removed) #and did not elaborate on what his reasoning was for doing so— #this is the only case where i could see this connection—and it's not a pleasant scenario i don't think #so i will simply continue with my headcanon that yamato just likes the feeling of a happuri more than that of a hitai-ate #i hope this doesn't come across as rude—i've said before that variety in headcanons is good and i meant it #so i don't mean to dissuade anyone away from this one—but i am also not going to follow that particular path myself #yamswers#supervaca
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    03.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    FLASH (Yamato x f!reader) [P1]

    A/N: Hello! I couldn't take Yamato off my mind since I wrote last Slow & Steady chapter, so here is a part 1 for a Yamato multipart I'm going to write. I started uni again so I don't have much time to write unfortunately, but I hope that you will enjoy this. I used he/him pronouns for Yamato.

    Genre: Alternative universe - Adult content (n s f w)

    General warnings : n s f w - phone sex

    Chapter warning: No warnings for this chapter.

    Synopsis : An impulse of curiosity made you want to snap a picture of the hot stranger sitting across from you in the subway. But what happens when you forget to turn off the flash, making everyone, including that same exact stranger, notice your action?

    Don't forget to leave your feedback, I feel encouraged to write when I see that my content is appreciated, so I'd be really thankful!

    - - -

    It was one of those days when nothing worked out for you. It was about the small and annoying details; running out of creamer for your morning coffee, getting stuck in traffic and having your boss tell you off, forgetting to turn off your flash as you sneakily took a picture of the hot passenger in the opposite seat of yours—Ah, about that, it didn’t exactly fit the ‘small and annoying details’ category, it was more like the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the final flourish to a devastatingly ruined day. Maybe you wouldn’t have thought this way if you knew how things were about to unfold, but at that time, that’s exactly how things seemed to you, from your little blue and uncomfortable subway seat.

    Your intentions were innocent, you swore. Your actions were motivated by the girly and natural instinct of wanting to snap a picture of the hot dude you saw in the street to share with your girlfriends. After all, you had had a long and tiring day, you tried to reason with yourself. Of course, there was no reasoning to be made, as you knew that what you were about to do, no, what you did, was utterly wrong. But you kept making excuses, because it was easier. Yes, you only wanted a distraction, an unharmful and innocent distraction. And the androgynous looking person right in front of you was the perfect target.

    You sneaked curious looks at them, unsure whether it was a man or a woman. You were struck at once by their beauty, both feminine and masculine. Their long silver hair was, without a doubt, feminine-coded. Their lashes also, long and curved, almost caressing their cheeks. The lips were for sure were those of a woman, plump and rounded. But the little wrinkles that formed whenever they smiled at their phone screen gave them a masculine charm. Just like the way they were sitting, legs spread wide open in an imposing manner. They exuded a masculine aura that was confusing, contrasting with their delicate and slender fingers, lazily scrolling on the screen. Their nonchalance was also that of a man, as their eyes were only focused on their phone, not giving a damn about their surroundings.

    It was the optimal opportunity to perform the subtle art of taking a picture of a hot stranger. It was indeed a feminine privilege to say the least, or that's what you tried to convince yourself. The conversation you were having on messenger with your best friend only encouraged you. It was no biggie, right? After all, your best friend needed to witness the hot stranger as well.

    [ "Girl, there's this hot dude or chick in front of me in the subway."

    "omg djklfj send a picture!"

    "Alright wait gotta do it discreetly lmao." ]

    And what could’ve gone wrong at that exact moment? You studied your prey as you organized a method of attack. You angled your phone to forty degrees, found the right time when the subway was steady enough so your hands didn’t shake, and waited for the grandma on the side to turn her face away. With all of these criteria taken into consideration, your chances of succeeding were close to one hundred, there was no doubt anymore, you were going to make it in your mission of taking a picture of someone that you’ll never ever see again and have it safely buried in the flow of conversation. But things didn’t always go the way we wished for, and you should’ve guessed from the way the day had started.

    Discreetly. Yeah, you could’ve been so if the flash of your phone didn’t activate, illuminating the whole car, catching not only the stranger’s attention but also the grandma’s and a few other people’s curious looks. You swallowed hard. How was it even possible? You didn’t even use the flash, it often gave gloomy-looking pictures and highlighted every single imperfection. You pressed your phone against your lap to pretend that nothing had happened. Discreetly, once again. You played with a strand of your hair, looking to your left and trying to conceal your embarrassment, praying to whichever god to just let you go with this one, and that you’ll never ever ever secretly take a picture of a hot stranger, even if he was the reincarnation of your 2D husbando (in which matter you’d definitely ask for his number.)

    It seemed as if some god had heard your prayer because the glances ceased and nothing was happening. Yes, you’ll switch cars at the next station. You didn’t even dare looking at the stranger, too embarrassed, more by getting caught than by your initial action. You felt your phone vibrate, probably your best friend wondering where’s the picture. You cursed her inside your mind and stayed inert. You felt awkward and uncomfortable, getting a traumatic flashback of your primary years. You know, when teachers made you reflect on your ‘bad behaviors’. You thought that it should probably be beneficial to you now to reflect on why what you did was simply wrong.

    But then, just when you started believing that you were saved, you felt someone sitting in the empty seat next to you. Their scent was musky and woody. It was too strong to be a woman’s perfume, too light to be a man's. You turned your face very slowly, blinking repeatedly when you discovered the hot stranger’s face, so close. Now that he was this close to you, he seemed even more handsome, breathtaking, both figuratively and literally, you felt like he sucked the oxygen out of your lungs.

    The mythical beauty opened his hand close to your shoulder, as if asking you to hand him something. His voice was just as androgynous as his appearance, its pitch being that of a woman, its tone was that of a man.

    “I think you have something that belongs to me.”

    “I don’t know what you mean.” You pretended, but your lying skills were equivalent to your discretion. Which meant that they were terribly lacking, or similar to those of a five year-old's, as your voice shook and hands trembled on your lap.

    “You know exactly what I mean. Come on. Let’s get it over with. ‘Kay?”

    And as he said that, he looked away from you, scratching his neck and yawning. Damn, even the way he looked and acted was that of a man. You had two choices: continue pretending or just give in and delete that damn picture. You inhaled loudly before handing him your phone, you owed him that one. He grinned as he wavered his eyes your way, as if he studied your face and expression, slowly, painfully so. He seemed entertained, ironic since you were the one looking for entertainment a few minutes earlier.

    “Nice.” He simply commented. Slender fingers encircled your phone, he didn’t even try to hold in a scoff when he saw your My Melody lockscreen.

    “It’s cute.” You justified, but he ignored your comment. He then noticed that your phone was locked, and without even asking for your opinion, his hand took yours.

    “Fingerprint. Let’s go!” He showed a lot of enthusiasm. He placed your thumb on the button then resumed “I appreciate your cooperation.”

    He did indeed like the fact that you seemed to want to end it as fast as it all had started. Your breath hitched as you realized the situation you were in. You had a stranger take your phone to delete a picture you took of him without his consent. But to be fair, you really believed that you deserved this, so you didn’t put up a fight, it was useless and you wanted to erase this unpleasant memory from your mind. Forever. Just like that picture. Deleted forever.

    “Here you go! Thanks for your patience.” You failed to decipher whether his overly enthusiastic and polite way of speaking to you was sincere or simply ironic. “And it’s “him”, Yamato.” He said, finger pointed to his face. “You looked like you were curious.”

    You didn’t have the time to look at your phone nor to open your mouth to say anything. It went surprisingly faster than what you thought, and gladly so.

    He gave you one final smile, showing a perfect row of teeth. And then, you thought that there was no way, and absolutely no parallel universe in which you wouldn’t have been tempted to take a picture of him. Just a smile, and you felt so flattered that it was directed at you, the same reckless girl that had the audacity to sneak a picture of him. You had never seen someone smile in that way, with nonchalance and candor but also with a hint of playfulness. Was it a farewell? Your eyes lingered on his face as he got up, straightening the folds on his pants with one move of his hand.

    “Ah—this is my stop.”

    “Bye...” you muttered, your eyes following his steps, almost sad when the subway’s doors closed, stealing him away from your sight. You felt the tension evaporate as he exited the car and a wave of loneliness replaced it. You buried your face in your hands. What a terrible, terrible day. Have you ever known this was about to happen, you would’ve asked for a sick leave.

    If you had the chance to do things differently, you would’ve loved meeting under other circumstances. And you promised to yourself that if you had the opportunity, you’d ask him out.

    * * *

    You sank with a sigh under your covers, revelling in what you thought was the end of a dull day. You took out your phone to indulge in your favourite activity of the whole day: mindless scrolling through social media. You felt joy as you gave in to your guilty pleasure, losing yourself between instagrammers’ new fitness routines and some funny and other not so funny memes. But as you looked through the stories, you almost dropped your phone on your face as you saw the mythical beauty once again. Was the universe sending you a signal? It couldn’t be. You had never encountered him on your feed, and you had to follow him for his stories to show up this way. You fixed your thumb on the screen, as if to hold the selfie in place so it didn’t automatically disappear. ‘Yamato’, you read, there was no doubt, it was definitely him. The selfie was from four hours away, which was shortly after your encounter with him. You clicked on his icon, allowing you into his account. It was minimalistic to say the least, seemed like the beauty wasn’t much into selfies. You scoffed looking at the pictures, yeah, even his feed looked like that of a man.

    Just then, your mind made the connection. He must’ve followed himself on your account when you handed him your phone. But why would that be? After all, you must’ve looked off putting, and you couldn’t say that you looked your best today, since even your concealer was unable to conceal your dark circles.

    You tapped your finger on the research bar and you saw that indeed, the last username typed was his. There was no doubt at this point. You turned in your bed and buried a frustrated whimper in your pillow.

    This man is going to be the end of me, and we’ve just talked for a few minutes, consisting of him taking my phone to delete the picture I ‘secretly’ took of him, making me seem like a total creep.

    You tried to gain your composure back, looking at the screen once again, and back at the selfie. But since this day was dominated by a pattern of unfortunate occurrences and bad karma, it would only be logical if your finger ‘accidentally’ clicked on the fire emoji at the bottom of your screen. Whose idea was it to put the reaction emojis in a place where it’s so easy to accidentally click on them? You wanted to find them and sue them. You let out an even more frustrated cry, yes, you should’ve turned your phone off before the situation escalated into a disaster.

    You tried to make up for your mistake, now typing out of your own will.

    [ (Y/N): Hey! Sorry that was a mistake… ]

    You looked fixedly at your screen, waiting for his answer. You thought of a scenario where he didn’t answer till tomorrow and were horrified by it. You wouldn’t be able to sleep, and you were so tired. But gladly, he viewed the message instantly. You couldn’t have guessed that his lips stretched into a smirk when he read your message.

    [ (Yamato): No prob! ]

    You frowned, just that?

    [ (Y/N): I didn’t know I followed you! ] - You hazarded.

    [ (Yamato): Followed myself using ur account earlier when u took a pic ]

    Oh yeah, and he was unable to decipher your interrogation disguised as an exclamation. Seemed like you had to keep the conversation going. You felt embarrassed again, he didn’t forget about you. You thought that you’d be one more anecdote he told his friends when he was drunk, but here you were, having a conversation.

    [ (Y/N): Why?

    (Yamato): Why not?

    Jk mind if I call?

    Too lazy to type ]

    You put your phone away, hiding your face with both hands. Why was he asking to call you? And what was that way of texting anyways? Why couldn’t he type ‘normally’, as in send all of the texts in one paragraph instead of making you suffer for micro seconds between each message and making your phone vibrate with every notification?

    The logical way of thinking would be to decline, as today had proven to you that it didn’t have anything nice for you in reserve. But you were curious and brave. You bit your lower lip and clicked on the little phone icon. Despite your hands shaking and your heart racing in your chest, you did that first move.

    “Hey” Your voice was shaky and soft. Your nervousness was impossible to conceal at this point.

    “Yo” His own was firm and relaxed. It was velvet smooth, he must be laying down, you thought. You couldn’t help but imagine him laying on his bed. What colors were his sheets? In what position was he laying down? Your heartbeats fastened when your malicious mind sent you an unsolicited (yet exquisite and most welcome) vision of him on his bed.

    “Yeah soo…” you tried to fill in the silence.

    “Yea, I followed my account from your phone because you wanted a pic to show your friend. It was kinda flattering. I just wanted you to have a nice one.” He punctuated his sentence with a little laugh, three notes, enough to make your heart crumble. He was just so...Adorable?

    He was talking to you.

    He took a picture for you.

    A stranger, a creep. You felt shame for your behavior. Yeah, it was definitely wrong.

    “You took a picture for...me?” A shade of perplexity was to decipher in your voice.

    “Yup, I don’t really care. I mean, maybe I would’ve if you were some creepy dude. In that case, I would’ve broken your arm.”


    He resumed: “But you looked inoffensive. Still, it’s not cool to take pics of strangers. You wouldn’t have loved it if I took a pic of you right?”

    “You’re right...I’m sorry.” You said, more out of courtesy than out of genuine remorse.

    “You don’t sound sorry one bit.” His laugh resonated from the other side of the line. You didn’t care about being a creep, he was right, you weren’t. His laugh sounded like auditive candy. It was one of those laughs that you’d like to turn into a one hour compilation.

    You sighed and confessed: “You’re right. I’m not sorry one bit. I’m sure if I go back, I’d do it again.” The audacity in your voice only increased his amusement.

    “Bad girl.” You could almost hear his smile, and you could as well picture it. You cursed yourself for being too forward and honest. But you couldn’t bring yourself to be a hypocrite. He seemed to find your ways entertaining. You felt your cheeks warm up, the playful way in which he spoke almost sounded flirty.

    “Just being honest here! I mean, I’m a curious girl ‘kay? When you see something interesting, in this case someone, you just want to share it with your friends right?...” You kept silent for a few seconds then added “Fuck—forget about it, I’m just making things worse.”

    “Yeah, one couldn’t say that you’re subtle.”


    “But it’s fine,” he resumed, “I like it.”

    If his intention was to give you a heart attack, you were glad to announce that he had succeeded. You sighed and ran your fingers in your hair looking at the ceiling.

    “You have weird tastes then.” You mumbled, not really convinced by his compliment.

    “It’s nice! You’re self aware and entertaining.” He retorted, and it seemed easy for him to give compliments and to speak his mind. But it seemed just as easy for him to say things as they were, without unnecessary introduction. It was a rare and precious quality to have, you thought to yourself.

    “I know that taking pictures of strangers isn’t the most polite thing out there. Glad to offer you some entertainment then?” Your voice raised at the end of the sentence, unsure of how to react to his comment.

    “Yeah, that’s the least you could do actually.” He teased. “So you thought I was interesting looking.” He reformulated, as if he was wondering, both with feigned innocence and amusement.

    “You could put it that way, yeah.”

    “In a nice way I assume.” He continued, only ignoring your lazy attempt to switch the conversation topic.

    “Yeah, you’re pretty. I’m sure you already knew it though.” It didn’t exactly sound like a compliment. Too fast, once again your thoughts betrayed you but you were unstoppable. The conversation was like a dance, and you felt like he was leading you in such a way that you felt comfortable and open to speak up your thoughts. Funny, considering the way in which you two had met.

    “Pretty?” He laughed. Even his laugh was pretty, you were glad that you weren’t face to face as you could only imagine how he looked when he laughed and it was almost too much for you to handle. “I accept the compliment. You’re not so bad yourself.” Saying less to say more. Smooth.

    “You have low standards.” An idle smile made its way to your lips.

    “Wow.” He sounded taken aback by your answer. “You think so low of yourself?”

    “Nah, I’m self-aware, remember?” Your voice was playful this time. “I had a bad day, I looked tired and frumpy. If you thought I didn't look so bad today then what would you think when I put in some effort?”

    You weren’t exactly the most arrogant nor the most confident person, but you liked to play that role just for one phone call.

    “You’re making me curious now. It’s unfair, you don’t have any pictures on your feed.” He noted, almost disappointed. And you imagined how his lips would purse and his expression would morphe into that of a dissatisfied child.

    “I am a mysterious girl.” You blurted out then broke into a laugh. “No, no, seriously, I am not very photogenic.”

    “That’s pretty ironic coming from someone that tried to secretly take a picture of me. You’re so inconsiderate.” He emphasized the second part of his sentence, giving it a derisory and over-dramatic tone that sounded charming to your ears.

    “Yes, that’s not really a quality of mine. I am rude and have no remorse, remember?”

    He burst out laughing at your sarcasm. “Amazing. Fucking excellent. No, seriously, was that an invitation?” And again, he feigned innocence, or was he just naive?

    “Only if you’re brave enough to meet a girl that tried to sneak a picture of you.” You didn’t know from where you got this liquid courage, maybe it was exhaustion, maybe it was the adrenaline that his voice shot right into your veins. But he was answering you in such ways that made you want to be bold and tease back. Yes, this was getting fun, both for you and him, judging by the smile that didn’t leave his lips.

    “Who knows. You could be a stalker or something.”

    “Yeah. You should take care of yourself dude.”

    “You’re calling me dude now?” He couldn’t believe his ears. You were too relaxed. But let me explain the logic, the more tired and fucked up the day got, the bolder you got. It’s the adrenaline.

    “I call everyone dude.” You simply answered, comforted by the anonymity that the phone call offered you.

    “Who would've guessed that you’re…” And he stopped. Your spontaneity stunned him, he couldn’t place an exact word on what he had just experienced. Fascinating?

    “What? Crazy? Not feminine? Rude? Go on, go on.” You encouraged.

    “No. You just handed me your phone so easily earlier, you know, in the subway. You didn’t even have the courage to speak back. It was kinda endearing. I felt secondhand embarrassment for you.”

    “Pfft.” You blew. “Think of it this way, you can’t see me, I can’t see you, so I don’t feel embarrassed.”

    “Should I facetime you then? You’ll act all shy and embarrassed again?” Too bad you couldn’t see the way he narrowed his eyes, lashes almost connecting together, in a corny seductive way.

    You couldn’t believe that he was flirting with you. Or was it really flirting? One again, you couldn’t settle down. For the present moment you were having so much fun playing back and forth in this way. Your heart raced when you remembered his intimidating aura. He was too handsome for his own good. You felt confident because you weren’t intimidated and pressured by his eyes on you. You chose the defensive again.

    “Why, is that your type?” You turned in your bed, inhaling the soft smell of your vanilla scented candle. You regretted saying that almost instantly, was it too much? You heard a little scraping sound on the other side of the line. It was a mewling sound, must be a cat owner. How was it possible for him to get even more perfect than he already was?

    “Sorry, that was my cat. She needs some attention.”

    You heard the said cat purring and assumed that he was probably stroking it. You couldn’t help but let out an “Aww” of endearment. You loved cats. But you also felt a bit turned on by the way he talked about his cat. You knew that it sounded totally weird, but you just wished to be the one in his arms right now. You tried to override the perverted thought away. Noticing how silent you got, he asked: “Wanna see?” He stopped for a few seconds then continued; “my cat.”

    “Huh? Yeah sure. I love cats.”

    “Okay wait a sec.” Click, a picture being taken. “Stay quiet and be a good girl for me ‘kay?” You knew that he was talking to his kitten, but you couldn’t help but imagine these words directed at you and you accidentally dropped your phone on the bed. You picked it up and looked at the picture of the small kitten resting in his arm. It was an orange and grumpy looking persian cat. You smiled looking at the picture, you also got lost focusing on the way his arm was holding the little demon, and how his hands looked nice. His fingers were slender, ornamented with a few rings. You also noted the silver bracelet that encircled his wrist like a manacle chaining him to a tragic fate. But what caught your interest above all, was the silky fabric of the robe he was wearing. It wasn’t that visible, but you could make out the black fabric, and how it flowed perfectly down his leg, embracing his skin with smooth fluidity. You had a glimpse of the peacock pattern on the black fabric. It was a typical asian-style pattern. You felt a bit embarrassed in your plain black shorts and tank top. After a few seconds of silence, your attention switched from the cat owner back to the pet.

    “It’s a really cute cat. What’s her name?” You inquired.

    “Caramel. She’s adorable and cute, but she can be a little bitch sometimes. She likes to bite and scratch. She’s fierce.”

    “So I assume that’s your type?” A smooth smile appeared on your lips.

    And he laughed, only imagining your smile. “My god, I can’t believe you just said that.” He stated, torn between disbelief and respect.

    “Trust me, I can’t believe that I just did. We met each other in the most unfortunate way so I’m just being consistent with my character. No judgement allowed!”

    “I don’t think I have a type. Never thought much of it, really.”

    “I see. That’s funny.”

    “Is it?”

    “Yes, people usually think about this a lot. But maybe I’m just a superficial and shallow girl.”

    “And what’s your type then? Strangers in the subway? Do you have a collection by any means?”

    “Oh lord stop with it. Will you ever forget about this? I took a picture of you because I thought you were interesting looking!”

    “Hard to forget when it happened today….Well...yesterday.” He noted, noticing that it was now past midnight. “Is it safe to assume that it’s your type?” An impulse of curiosity made him ask these questions that he wouldn’t have asked under other circumstances.

    “No. You’re definitely not my type. That’s why I thought you looked interesting.” You realized that what you said sounded a bit offensive so you tried to make up for it. “I mean, you just look different from everyone I’ve been into. Not that I am into you. Fuck, did that sound weird?”

    “Yeah, it definitely did!” He marked a pause then resumed, “oh now, you want to cuddle? Getting jealous and wanting all of my attention?” His voice sounded an octave higher and you guessed that he was talking to his cat once again. It was beyond adorable, and you could hear him hold the kitten against him and stroke its back. “Sorry about that, as I said, my cat is very needy and territorial.”

    “It’s fine. She seems lovely.” You added, wishing for the cat to stay longer. It was hard to keep composure when you heard such words out of his mouth. You couldn’t help but imagine them being directed at you, not that you wished to be a cat, or maybe a little bit, deep down.

    “She is. You like cats?”

    “You must be a psychopath to dislike cats.”

    “I agree with that. Don’t you have any?” He asked.

    “No, I’m not allowed to have a cat in my apartment.”

    “That’s unfortunate! What were we talking about before this little bad girl interrupted?”

    “About my type I guess.” You allowed your eyelids to fall as you turned on your back, trying to visualize clearly the man of your dreams. “I like them tall, preferably black haired and mysterious.” You opened your eyes again. “Just kidding! I think more of personality traits, someone that can handle my craziness.”

    “That sounds challenging indeed. So, now, why did you take that picture? Like, the real reason. You can be honest.” He kept bringing the conversation back to the topic, and you wondered what made him do so.

    “I’ve been nothing but honest during this conversation.” You wondered why he kept going back to that question, but you were too tired to reason. “I can answer, but don’t hold me accountable for anything that I might say at one in the morning!”

    “I swear I won’t judge. You said it earlier, we don’t really know each other, right? So fuck it.”

    “Yeah, fuck it.” You said with fake enthusiasm. “Hmm...I was fascinated. I mean, I have never seen someone like you. Sorry I don’t mean to come off as rude but I...I was just curious. You know? Also you looked really exotic.”

    He appreciated your honesty. His eyes followed his cat as it jumped off his lap.

    “Alright. Exotic is a compliment I’ve never gotten before.”

    “Careful sir, you keep asking me that question! Do you have a praise kink or something?”

    “A praise kink?”

    Once again, genuine ignorance or fake innocence?

    “No way. You don’t know what a praise kink is?”

    “Not really. What’s that?” He reiterated his question.

    “Alright, I’ll teach you.” You coughed two times, as if to clear your throat and give yourself an air of expertise. “I can’t believe that I’m going to say this to a stranger, but I’ll do it.”

    “A stranger whose picture you took in secret.” He reminded you.

    “Stop with that, you’re not funny. Okay, about praise kink. It’s liking to be praised during the act, you know? Pretty tame.”

    “I see. Okay. You say ‘tame’, that means that you’re into some fucked up stuff?”

    You almost choked on air. “Excuse me?” you articulated, “what makes you say that?”

    “You took my picture in the subway, you have no remorse and you called me exotic. You must be into some weird things.”

    “You are misjudging me, I know it sounds crazy, but I’m a pretty normal girl. I have a normal life, a normal job, normal friends…”

    “I believe you. I was just teasing, you’re actually very fun. I like talking to you.”

    “Really?” Something warm enveloped your chest, you didn’t expect a compliment right now. But he seemed as straightforward as you were. “Thanks I guess?...” He grinned from ear to ear when he heard your voice get a little lower, betraying an unexpected shyness. “I like talking to you as well. Your voice is really pretty.”

    That adjective again, pretty. You were charmed and all you had was his voice and intonations, glimpses of his shadow in your imagination. What would happen if you saw him once again? If he talked to you? If he looked at you, not as a stranger, could you consider someone you talked to on the phone for over two hours a stranger?

    “Your compliments are always surprising! My voice? Never paid much attention to it. Are you going to record it and add it to your collection?”

    “Seriously, who do you think I am?” You rolled your eyes then added. “Stop making fun of me, I beg you!”

    “Then beg a little harder.” His voice now had the sensuality of a touch, and it scared you, so you decided to go the same route once again.

    “Your kinks are showing again, calm down, sir!” If he paid close attention, he could hear a mixture of embarrassment and thrill in your voice. “Oh wait, I shouldn’t call you that, who knows, maybe you’re into it.” Truth was, you were pretty much into it, as your heart raced a bit faster and body pressed against the sheets as you turned on your stomach.

    He clicked his tongue and laughed, it was becoming his default reaction to everything you said. He’s so easy to entertain, you thought.

    “Who knows, maybe I’m into that. You seem so curious about my type and kinks for a girl that claims I’m not her type...You’re going too fast, dear, I don’t even know your name! Unless you want me to call you ‘Littletwinklingstar’ as your instagram account claims?”

    You pressed your cheek harder against your pillow, positioning the phone on it. You forgot about that stupid username. You tried to conceal your embarrassment and shot back with an ironic tone:

    “Sorry, did I hurt your ego?” He liked this answer better. “My name is (Y/N).”

    “(Y/N),” he repeated. Your name sounded special pronounced by him, you started liking it a little better. It didn’t feel foreign on his lips, it felt as if he had been calling you by your name forever. It sounded familiar, with a distinguished sweetness and tenderness to it. Every letter felt so rich pronounced by him. Maybe it was the depth with which he articulated his vowels, it was heart-warming. You didn’t know yourself so poetic. “It suits you, it’s cute.” He continued.

    “Does this mean that I’m cute as well?” Fuck, you were getting too flirty, in fact, his voice was rocking you, and lack of sleep was getting to you. Your body felt hot, his voice sent tingles down your spines. The tension between you was evaporating, but instead of disappearing, it was metamorphosing into a sexual one. There was no doubt, he was extremely seductive, in a way that made you wonder if it was all on purpose or simply his natural way of being. You closed your eyes, imagining him in his satin black robe, with those big golden creoles that clicked against his phone now and then.

    “Fishing for a compliment?”

    “No, that’s your role, Yamato.”

    He simply ignored your comment. “Alright, you’re pretty cute, especially now, your voice is kinda adorable…” He stopped for a moment then resumed, “that’s what you wanna hear, yea?” and he laughed, and he got you. You puffed your cheeks as you turned once again on your back. He almost got you! You couldn’t calm your heartbeats. You have never felt this way over a stupid phonecall. You looked at the time, it was past two in the morning, but you didn’t want to leave him…

    “Fuck you.”

    “Yes.” At this point, you’d guessed it right, he laughed once again. He made everything sound not so awkward. “Come on, be honest, I liked your honesty. Tell me.” He could’ve said ‘tell daddy’ and it would’ve sounded the same, smooth motherfucker.

    “What do you wanna know, hm? You’re getting on my nerves like this. Alright, I’ll be honest, but you can only blame yourself.”

    “I’m all ears!” He encouraged you, amused.

    “No no, I can’t say it. Sorry.”

    You weren’t going to tell someone you just met today that you were starting to get turned on. And then what? Do it on the phone? Were you that desperate? You didn’t even know whether you were into him! You were just getting turned on by the conversation, by his voice, by his flirting, and maybe because you were really tired...Yes, it was easier to blame it on exhaustion.

    “Come on, don’t be a chicken. I thought that you were a bold woman.”

    “You’re not gonna get anything from me….No, no, no.”

    “Where is the fun in that?” He frowned behind the screen.

    “I’m not here for your fun! Be fun as well. Tell me something. I don’t know, what are you thinking of?...Why are you still on this call?”

    “Isn’t it obvious?” He stopped for a second and it sounded as if he was drinking water. “It’s because I appreciate our conversation. It’s fun.”

    “I haven’t said anything. I don’t know what you do, you didn’t even know my name...How could you say that?”

    “Well, isn’t that even more interesting? You’re entertaining without having to try. Here, enough complimenting you.”

    You blushed. Was it the night? Was it the yellow lights of your room? What was with this sensual atmosphere? You whined a bit, making a little frustrated sound that made him once again... laugh! You felt fear crawl into your chest, you were starting to feel attached after so little time. You didn’t like that feeling, the thought that tomorrow, you’ll probably never hear again from him. You sighed and added.

    “Yes, enough complimenting me.” Your lashes laced together, as you closed your eyes. You thought of him right now, disappearing, evaporating slowly as you tried to embrace him. What a weird thought. Why did you want him to stay? You didn’t even know him.

    “You sound all down. Moody, hm? You’re just like caramel, I bet you bite as well.”

    “Stop exposing me like this haha. Sorry, I just had a bad thought. Yes, I do bite, and pretty hard!” You made a biting sound with your teeth, and then had a little laugh. He felt reassured, hearing you laugh in that way.

    “I’m not afraid one bit.”

    “Yeah true, because you’re into that!”

    “Says who. If you want to know this badly, just ask me. You know, when you want a picture of me, you can just ask as well.”

    “I don’t have any strength to fight anymore…” Your voice sounded sleepy and soft.

    “Don’t fight then, shh.”

    “Don’t “shh” me...I’m not a cat.” You brought your covers a little higher, enveloping your body in them, and wishing for someone’s warmth next to you. Your fingers ran on your forearm, as if they weren’t your own, relaxing you, as if they were his own.

    “Shh, don’t fight back.” His voice lowered, becoming almost a whisper. The melodious sound felt satisfying to your ears. Your eyelids felt heavier and heavier. You protested with a low “Hmm”, your thoughts becoming blurry as Morpheus stole you away from him, mixing up all the sensations; the softness of the cotton sheets, the sweetness of your candle’s vanilla scent, the fluffiness of your pillow. All these agreeable sensations somehow connected with his image, and for a moment, you felt as if it was all a dream, just a dream that will evaporate tomorrow, as fast as it has first appeared in your life.

    “Goodnight.” He whispered, ending the call after a few minutes, falling into a deep sleep.

    - - -

    Taglist: @kiriechanx @vemuabhi @chloenanami @undercoverweeeb @sam-vangell

    If you want to be tagged don't hesitate to ask

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    ᴏᴘ ᴋɪꜱꜱᴛᴏʙᴇʀ ᴅᴀʏ 1

    first date — [yamato x reader]

    “where are you taking me?”

    “don’t worry about it,” he flashed you a toothy grin, “it’s a surprise.”

    when you said yes to a date with yamato, you didn’t realize he meant right then. as soon as you said yes, he hauled you, all enthusiastic, towards his “secret spot.” admittedly you were curious, onigashima was a small island, there weren’t many places to hide from the beast pirates eyes.

    now, gripping the side of the ragged mountain, you understood why this place was such a secret.

    one step forward was a drop the height of black maria. not too bad for someone of yamato’s stature but for you, a relatively normal sized person, it might as well be the red line.

    “y/n, you okay up there?”

    “o-of course,” you gulped, forcing the crack in your voice back down your throat, “i just really love this view, you know?”

    not really, yamato looked back only to see rocky peaks. it wasn’t even nice rocky peaks, just raggedy, gray, and uniformly uninteresting. but to each their own he supposed.

    “we can come back here later, but we’re almost at the spot!”

    “o-okay,” you took a step forward, making loose gravel fall off the edge and immediately you were glued back to the side of the mountain. eyes shut, not out of fear. no, you weren’t scared that the ledge beneath you could collapse at any moment. not at all.

    “you know what, i think i like it here. y-yeah, here is good. we should stay here.”

    yamato once more took a look at the raggedy, gray rocky peaks.



    “y/n… are you scared?”

    you peaked open an eye, looking at yamato down below, “what would give you that idea?”

    “you don’t have to worry,” he smiled at you, “i’ll make sure you don’t fall.”

    you were foolish enough to trust that damn smile. slowly, carefully climbing down the wall of rock. luckily, it wasn’t a flat surface, so there were places perfect for your hands and feet to grip. it enabled some self confidence, confidence that was stripped away the moment a rock crumbled under your foot.

    this was it, you were falling to your doom. you knew a spontaneous date with the handsome, rebellious, enigmatic, another adjective to describe just how attractive the son of kaido was too good to be—

    “y/n? can i put you down now?”

    again, you peaked open an eye, only to find yourself face to face with yamato.

    “uh, sure.”

    he did it. he made sure you didn’t fall. he wasn’t holding you like a princess or in any soft romantic way. he caught you from under your arms but it was still enough to paint your cheeks like a rose bush in bloom. (partially out of humiliation, also because he was So Close.) he didn’t seem to notice when he put you down, or maybe he didn’t acknowledge it for the sake of your dignity?

    he wasn’t lying when he said you were almost there. around the bend was a flat area looking over the sea. the usually dark rolling seas of wano were painted orange and yellow beneath the coming sunset. you’ve only known the ocean to be unforgiving, it wasn’t until now that you saw how vast and beautiful it could be.

    the night flew by like a flame in the wind. you never realized how much you had to talk about, or how much you enjoyed another voice till the stars started to fade from the sky. somewhere behind you, the sun was rising, but all you could focus on was the man in front of you.

    “yamato, lean down for me,” he did as you asked, your hand hesitantly hovered over his cheek. instinctively, he leaned into your palm and you took that moment to give him a fleeting kiss.

    he blinked, “what was that for?”

    “because i think you're cute, and fun, and maybe i like you. a lot.”

    something clicked behind his eyes before he planted another kiss on your lips. it was sudden, inexperienced, and lingered longer than the last one, causing the waves in your core to rush as wildly as the sea before you. he pulled away, nose brushing against your own as he looked at you with those striking almond eyes.

    “i like you a lot too, y/n.”

    wc: 728

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    Would you rather

    Have Yamato become the next strawhat


    Have Carrot become the next strawhat

    #would you rather one piece #one piece imagine #one piece scenario #one piece#yamato #one piece carrot
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    Naruto: Kakashi-sensei why are you still covering your face balls even when you don't have sharingan anymore?

    Kakashi: My what?

    Sakura: His what?

    Sasuke: Kakashi's what?

    Yamato: The what?

    Sai: Haha face balls

    #sorry i cant get face balls out of my head #also this is set after the war or something when kakashi is still adjusting to not covering his left eye #sai is very much me in every scenario #shitpost#team 7#sai#yamato#sasuke#kakashi#sakura#naruto
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    today is my birthday, so i'm doing something a lil' self indulgent! -mod shay

    What HE★VENS would do for your birthday!


    Eiichi Otori

    Eiichi would treat you like ROYALTY. He would immediately call you to sing you happy birthday to you! After that, an entire day is planned for you two! Eiichi takes you out for breakfast then he takes to wherever you want. Theme park? Yes he will take you there. Beach? Yes! That too! After an entire day of fun, he takes you to a really nice restaurant. There the ultimate gift is given, he gives you plane tickets to the place you've been dying to go. He wants to travel with you, so of course he will spoil you with a special trip!

    Kira Sumeragi

    When you two meet up, he already has a gift ready. Kira made you a very nice ceramic bowl with all of your favorite colors. He gives you a small hug and smile (he's not that affectionate, so this is a treat)! The rest of the day, you two go around and explore the city. At night, he cooks you a nice dinner and he even has a cake made for you! Kira can't help but to be a little bit playful and rub some frosting on your cheek.

    Nagi Mikado

    Nagi takes you on a shopping spree! Anything you want it's on him. He drags you to all of the best shops in Japan. There, he spoils you with the best of jewelry, games, stuffies, clothes, and so much more! He holds your hand the entire time, trying to make you laugh and smile. Even though Nagi spent most of his money on you, he still got you a gift! A little puzzle he made! You have to solve it! Once you do- by yourself - it reveals messages about everything he finds cute about you! Such a clever boy!

    Eiji Otori

    In the morning, you hear a knock at your door. Once you open it, a man with a giant bouquet of flowers greets you. Once you bring the flowers inside, you read the card. It's a present from Eiji, he grew all those flowers for you! You give him a call, nearly in tears and Eiji is so embarrassed. He drives over to comfort you and wish you a happy birthday. Eiji gives you a non-perishable gift, he gives you a photo album. The album is filled with letters, notes, and photos of the best memories together. You proceed to tear up more and Eiji gives you another hug.

    Yamato Hyuga

    Yamato is at your door by the afternoon. He's dressed nicely with a suave-ish smile on his face. He then laughs and takes you by the hand. Yamato carries you to his car and then takes you on a night cruise. There, you two eat dinner whilst looking at the beautiful ocean. After, he gets changed and takes you night hiking. He carries you bridal style with a bag. When at the top, cake is given and a present. The present? A fitbit, you laugh at the gift and so does Yamato. It's a joke! However, the next one you're given is a beautiful opal bracelet.

    Van Kiryuin

    He took you out the night before. Van throws a giant party for you, when it's midnight and breaks a bottle and makes everyone sing in the room. You're completely red faced as a giant cake is brought out. Of course, on your actual birthday it's more toned down. You two are just at his place watching a movie. He gives you a necklace with a matching ring. The gem is jasper, having it being his favorite color. He puts it on you then takes you to a restaurant to get cake.

    Shion Amakusa

    Shion sees you at night. He takes his to one his favorite spots to go bird watching, but instead of birds there are stars. The two of you lay there for hours. Shion and you talk about anything, as you stare at the stars. A small cake is there with a handmade gift. A poem from him, as you read it, he quietly hums. Shion even sings you a small song that he made from his heart. He holds your hand, you two end up falling asleep.

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    Secret dating with Akaashi in HS

    Okay, so I went with Headcanons because I felt like I could do much more with those, I hope that’s okay!! If you would prefer a oneshot, feel free to message me!! Thank you so much for requesting!

    Character: Akaashi x reader

    To be completely fair, it’s not like you didn’t want anyone to know.

    ...you just didn’t want anyone to know...

    You were the manager for the team, hence how you and Akaashi met.

    You, Y/n L/n, and your boyfriend, Keiji Akaashi, have been dating for a good 4 months.

    That’s 4 MONTHS no one has so much as suspected that the two of you were dating.

    At first, it was to keep it low key.

    You and Akaashi both loved each other and that was all that really mattered,

    But when after 2 months no one had figured it out, it became almost like a little game to you and Akaashi; waiting to see who would figure it out first.

    Everytime anyone showed any signs of suspicion you and akaashi made a tally.

    ....you also may or may not have placed some bets..

    So far Washio was in the lead with 5 tallies and 20$ to his name.

    Back to the story~

    You and Akaashi did your best to keep it a secret.

    You saved PDA for the security of your own homes or places you both knew you were alone.

    You avoided having any conversations about dates out loud around team members, instead either texting about it or meeting up away from the gym.

    You honestly didn’t know how long you guys were going to keep this up, but to say it was entertaining would be an understatement.

    Especially because you both knew that Konoha, Komi and Bokuto shipped you both hard. 

    But everytime they said anything you both played dumb, sticking with the old, ‘he/she doesn’t even like me back...’ and being all blushy and shy.

    When in reality you guys would cuddle and kiss shamelessly when you were alone.

    This all went on for a total of 7 months...

    7 months of the team not figuring it out.

    That is until one day, Konoha had had enough.

    He waited until the Tokyo teams had a joint training camp, so he could recruit more members for his plan.

    He waited until the practice games of the day were over, so the kids were all on their own time.

    He acted like he had lost his phone, asking some people to help him.

    Since he was a good friend of the both of you, you and Akaashi agreed to help him.

    He sent you both into the storage room, asking if you guys could look in there.

    You both went in there and turned on the lights, about to ask him where it might be when Saru and Komi closed the doors, the *click* of the lock echoing in the small room.

    Yours and Akaashi’s eyes widened as he tried the door, groaning when it was indeed locked.

    “Konoha, let us out.”

    “nO! Not until you two idiots confess! It had been months and neither one of you have had the guys to do anything about it!!”

    Akaashi grimaced, running a hand down his face in frustration while you gasped, brining a hand up to cup your mouth to stop the shocked giggles from escaping.

    Giving you a weary glance Akaashi sighed.

    Leaning against the door, he spoke.


    “Yes Akaashi?”

    “I’m not confessing.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because I can’t. We’re already dating.”

    . . .silence. There was absolute silence from the other side before a distinct gasp (from Bokuto of course) and a ‘I told you’ from Washio.

    After a minute, Konoha opened the door, eyes narrowed, “Explain.”

    So, you and Akaashi explained to the team (and others who had become invested lol) that at first you had kept it under wraps for privacy, then you just wanted to see how long it would take for them to notice.

    Most of them laughed it off, they knew you guys didn’t mean any harm by it.

    Then there was Bokuto.

    Bokuto who looked like he had been told the most shocking piece of information known to man.

    ...It was fun explaining that to him...

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    IDOLiSH7 End Of Year Story 2021: Idol Werewolf

    ~LIVE or HEAVEN~ Part 3: Let the Game Begin

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

    Momo: Alright, everyone! Open your role cards, and make sure nobody else sees them!

    Nagi Rokuya: OH...

    Tamaki Yotsuba: Huh?

    Riku Nanase: Ah...

    Yamato Nikaido: What?

    Yuki: ...Ah...

    Momo: Hey! Watch your reactions, those can still give people a hint on what you got!

    Momo: Does everybody know their role?

    Haruka Isumi: Yeah.

    Tenn Kujo: I do.

    Momo: Great, let's get started!

    Momo: There are three werewolves among us! One of us is the madman, a villager who is allied to the wolves!

    Momo: We have one fox spirit, who won't die when attacked by a wolf, and will cast a deadly curse on any fortune-teller who tries to read them!

    Tamaki Yotsuba: Are you a player too, Momorin? Or a game master?

    Momo: A player! I'll join you as soon as I'm done explaining the game!

    Momo: Moving on! The objective of the villagers is to find and execute all wolves, so they don't get eaten!

    Momo: It's their only way to defeat the monsters!

    Momo: At noon each day, a vote is held, and whoever gets the most votes is executed!

    Torao Mido: Whoever everyone suspects the most gets lynched, basically.

    Haruka Isumi: That's scary...

    Minami Natsume: We may fall prey to mass paranoia, and slowly kill off our allies one by one. It's a common horror movie scenario.

    Nagi Rokuya: Yes. The wolves must intend to cast suspicion on innocent villagers, as well.

    Nagi Rokuya: If the villagers' suspicions ring true, then only wolves will be executed, and nobody will die at their claws.

    Nagi Rokuya: But when the night falls, we may still hear their howls, and another victim's body will be found the next morning...

    Nagi Rokuya: Letting us know that wolves yet live in our midst.

    Sogo Osaka: Three werewolves and a fox spirit... Until we get rid of these  monsters, villagers will keep dying.

    Ryunosuke Tsunashi: It seems like none of the dead players are allowed to stay on set.

    Ryunosuke Tsunashi: Look, there's a door with "execution" written on it...

    Yuki: Ah, that's true.

    Tenn Kujo: Where does it lead?

    Momo: It's a secret.

    Yamato Nikaido: What!?

    Tamaki Yotsuba: Where are you gonna take us!?

    Momo: Heh. Not even I'm allowed to know...

    Riku Nanase: What, really!? What about you, Mitsuki!?

    Mitsuki Izumi: I have no idea, either... They wouldn't let me take a peek...

    Tamaki Yotsuba: Seriously!?

    Mitsuki Izumi: Yeah, and I really didn't like the grim look on the crew's faces when I asked about it.

    Sogo Osaka: Maybe it leads under a waterfall or something...

    Toma Inumaru: You really think they'd go that far!?

    Yuki: Waterfall or no, I wouldn't want to get thrown outside either way. It's going to snow tonight...

    Gaku Yaotome: Or maybe we'll be walking into a boiling hot bath?

    Momo: Would you get in one of those, Gaku!?

    Gaku Yaotome: Sure, I like my baths pretty hot.

    Mitsuki Izumi: Ahaha! It's meant to be a punishment, you're not supposed to like it!

    Gaku Yaotome: Oh, right.

    Momo: Let's get back on track! The villagers must get rid of the monsters, and the monsters have to try and survive until they win.

    Momo: I'm assuming that much is clear to all of you?

    Riku Nanase: I understand!

    Iori Izumi: Do you?

    Riku Nanase: Yeah, I think! I even crammed for it last night.  

    Sogo Osaka: Tamaki-kun, you crammed too, right?

    Tamaki Yotsuba: Not really...

    Sogo Osaka: After I told you to memorize the rules so many times..!

    Tamaki Yotsuba: I-I'm just kidding! I did memorize them! I did!

    Riku Nanase: Aren't there some kind of special villagers who can help catch the wolves?

    Momo: Yep! I was just about to get to that!

    Momo: There's the fortune-teller! They can tell who's a werewolf by doing a reading on them!

    Momo: There's also the hunter! They can repel a werewolf away from a potential victim with an ambush!

    Momo: Then there's the medium! They'll know if someone who got executed was a wolf or villager!

    Gaku Yaotome: Shouldn't those people announce their roles to the others?

    Iori Izumi: Some roles are better to announce, while others are better to keep a secret.

    Yuki: This is pretty complicated... So which roless are which?

    Iori Izumi: The hunter is likely to get killed off first if they reveal their role, so they should probably keep it a secret.

    Toma Inumaru: Right, since they get in the wolves' way, it's a good idea to get rid of them first.

    Nagi Rokuya: The medium should keep their role a secret as well, at least until they can determine if one of the executed was a wolf or a villager.

    Momo: There's all sorts of tactics you can try!

    Momo: Next up, here are the win conditions for the monsters!

    Momo: The wolves win if their number equals the number of villagers left! The fox wins if they're still alive when the wolves have triumphed!

    Minami Natsume: In other words, since there are three wolves, the villagers will lose as soon as only three of them remain alive.

    Ryunosuke Tsunashi: That means the villagers must be careful who to execute, or else they'll practically hand victory over to the wolves.

    Torao Mido: And so long as there's three wolves, three villagers, and one fox, the fox wins, right?

    Riku Nanase: This sounds really hard... How will we know how many wolves are left?

    Tenn Kujo: As long as there's a medium left to tell which one of the executed was a villager or wolf, it shouldn't be too hard.

    Riku Nanase: Oh, right. Wolves can only die by execution, so if we check the dead for any wolves, we'll know how many of them remain.

    Gaku Yaotome: Though obviously, the wolves are gonna target anyone with abilities like that first.

    Tamaki Yotsuba: I guess you really have to use your brain in this game.

    Iori Izumi: Did you really not realize that sooner?

    Haruka Isumi: I'm not sure I'm   gonna be able to keep up...

    Yuki: Neither am I.

    Minami Natsume: Staying alive is a contribution in its own right. All you  must do is avoid undue suspicion.

    Haruka Isumi: I guess. I'll try to be careful...

    Yamato Nikaido: I just hope nobody will suspect ME!

    Mitsuki Izumi: Or me!

    Torao Mido: Figuring out how to win other people's trust can be difficult.

    Torao Mido: Talking too much and not talking enough will both come across as supicious.

    Sogo Osaka: And not everyone has the same standards for what can be trusted. It really is difficult...

    Momo: Let's not think too hard about this, guys! Anyway, that's enough exposition from me!

    Momo: Let's get negotiating!

    Riku Nanase: Are we going to decide who gets executed now?

    Momo: Yep! We have 15 minutes, starting now!

    Momo: And by the way, all wolves know who the other wolves are!

    Momo: While the villagers have to self isolate for the night, wolves can talk to each other. Be careful not to fall prey to their schemes!

    Momo: The GM will take over for me and narrate everything from here, so I can join the game too!

    Game Master: Well then, let the game begin.

    Tamaki Yotsuba: Oh, so that's the GM.

    Riku Nanase: Hello!

    Game Master: Decide who gets executed first. You have 15 minutes.

    Game Master: You may begin.


    To be continued...

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  • uta-no-sin-sama
    19.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    What Would Happen If You Asked Them to Watch Your Drink For You at a Party (Everyone I write for)

    Finally, some hecking content. Also, first headcanons of 2022 on this blog! This one was one that popped into my head the other day and hasn't left since.

    This will be written in the same way that the reactions to you not eating yet today scenario was, since I think that quite a few of them would have similar reactions.

    Anyway, on with the scenario!

    Also, here's a cute gif of best QN boy since I haven't been as active as I'd like to be on here.


    The ones who usually get asked to watch others' drinks because they can scare off any would-be creep with one cold stare. They're pretty much used to this by now: Syo, Ranmaru, Camus, Yamato, Kira

    The ones who don't usually get asked to watch drinks for people, but make it their life's mission to protect it when they do: Tomo-chan, Tokiya, Ren, Masato, Ai

    Same as the second category, but would somehow end up accidentally spilling or drinking your drink. They later apologize profusely and buy you another of whatever it was you were drinking: Cecil, Otoya, Natsuki, Reiji, Van

    The ones who don't trust themselves enough to protect your drink so they find someone to be with them while they hold on to your drink: Haruka, Eiji, Shion

    The one who would purposely drink your drink when they think you aren't looking and then get scolded by Kira mid-drink: Nagi

    The one who would ask why they need to watch your drink for you, then wait until you're out of their sight before they start tearing up. Some people see them as the creepy guy, so the fact that someone trusts them enough to keep creeps away from their drink makes them over-the-moon happy *cue a very loud chorus of iiii*: Eiichi


    I hope you enjoyed this scenario!

    Up next, if not a request, then a continuation of the 5 Fun Facts and 5 Headcanons series!

    #utapri #uta no prince sama #haruka nanami#starish#quartet night#utapri heavens#tomochika shibuya #i think i made that last one a bit sadder than i intended to oops
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  • acolvyte
    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ☆Acolvyte Masterlist ☆

    You can find here all the work I've done so far !

    Katakuri :

    - Stuck Together (Scenario)

    - In a relationship with someone (Hc)

    - Comforting their S/O after a bad day (Hc)

    - Baking with his wife (Hc)

    Crocodile :

    - With an extremely short tsundere S/O (Hc)

    - With a S/O who is cold (Hc)

    Denjiro :

    - With a S/O who is cold (Hc)

    - Comforting their S/O after a bad day (Hc)

    Nami :

    - Realizing they have a Crush on someone (Hc)

    - Being physically affectionate and comforting with someone (Hc)

    Kuzan/ Aokiji :

    - In a relationship with someone (Hc)

    - A chilly summer night (Scenario)

    - All it needed was a thunderclap (Scenario)

    Killer :

    - Hidden (Scenario)

    - Having a crush on someone (Hc)

    Yamato :

    - Realizing they have a Crush on someone (Hc)

    Boa Hancock :

    - With a wife (Hc)

    - Comforting their S/O after a bad day (Hc)

    Izou :

    - With a S/O who is cold (Hc)

    Sanji :

    - With an extremely short tsundere S/O (Hc)

    Zoro :

    - An act speaks louder than a word (Scenario)

    King :

    - A kiss to the lucky girl (Scenario)

    Ace :

    - I'm not leaving (Scenario)

    How Op characters react :

    - To "You let your notebook fall" after bumping into each other situation

    - To their crush with the power of the noun noun no mi (the song song fruit)

    #masterlist #one piece x reader
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  • lionessfics
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Rules + Ask Info + FAQ


    This blog contains 18+ and NSFW content. Minors do not interact or you will be blocked.

    Check the WIPs List for what's in progress or currently in the queue. I'm a little slow and I'm sorry, I work full time and do have some extra responsibilities outside of work as well and am usually scraping together writing time. So please be patient and keep an eye on the list!

    What I will write: Short Stories (1k-10k words) Drabbles (Under 1k is the goal, but I'm know for being long winded) Head Canons (Bulleted Lists) Yandere Head Canons - Please specify the scenario, type of yandere, and character(s), will be written in a bulleted list if multiple (Limited characters, see below) Fluff - Fluff is always good! Feel free to request scenarios Soft Limit on Angst - I'm going to be very picking about Angst requests as I'm not super confident with my ability to write these well. So acceptance will probably be rare, but you're welcome to ask. NSFW/Smut - Please specify kinks! I'll write just about anything, so please let me know exactly what you would like! See limits below)

    **NOTE: Reader insert will ONLY be female, uses she/her, and is submissive in D/s scenarios. I don’t feel comfortable writing a male identifying character, I’m very sorry.**

    What I will NOT write: Underage Pairings Cheating Death Incest Non-Consensual Urine/Scat/Vomit A/B/O Mommy Kink Pregnancy/Children - I'm sorry, I'm not confident in my ability to write either of these things well Specific Body Types - I'm vague on purpose Full fics - I will not be taking requests for anything this long. Though I'm sure one or two of my own design will make it onto the blog

    ***These lists are subject to change at any time and I will deny requests that I do not feel comfortable writing even if they follow the above criteria. I can't think of everything unfortunately to get it on the list. If something you'd like is not listed above, please feel free to ask, I just can't make any guarantees that I will be able to write it.***

    Characters I will write: Konoha - Naruto, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Minato, Shikamaru, Neji, Yamato, Sai, Rock Lee, Kiba, Shino, Might Gai, Tobirama Senju, Hashirama Senju, Iruka, Sasuke Akatsuki - Pain, Tobi/Obito, Hidan, Kakuzu, Kisame, Itachi, Deidara, Sasori Other - Madara, Gaara, Kankuro

    Characters I will NOT write: Orochimaru, Kabuto, Zetsu, Zabuza, Haku, Choji, Shisui, any of the female characters, any of the other Jinchuriki besides those listed above

    Yandere Allowed Characters: Kakashi, Minato, Tobirama, Hashirama, Madara, any of the above listed Akatsuki, Gaara

    ***These lists are subject to change at any time and I will deny requests that I do not feel comfortable writing even if they follow the above criteria. If someone you'd like is not listed at all, please feel free to ask, I just can't make any guarantees that I will be able to write them.***

    I reserve the right to deny any requests that come through, with or without an explanation.

    Check back later for any FAQs!

    #naruto#naruto shippuden #naruto x reader #madara x reader #naruto smut#naruto fanfiction #itachi x reader #kakashi x reader #naruto imagines#naruto headcanons #akatsuki x reader #ask info#ask rules
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  • compassmasora
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Age Of Empires 1 Windows 8

    #Age Of Empires 1 Windows 8 .Exe Afterwards And#

    #Age Of Empires 1 Windows 8 Mac With Parallels#

    Boskone formed an alliance with the Overlords of Delgon, and through a hyper-spatial tube the combined forces. Jalada Children of Arisia for Windows 1.6.6 jalada Children of Arisian is a futuristic real time strategy game. Age Of Empires 64 bit download - X 64-bit Download - x64-bit download - freeware, shareware and software downloads.

    According to the Age of Empires blog, Castle Siege aims to condense the series. GameSpot described it as a mix of Civilization and Warcraft.Age of Empires: Castle Siege, the latest in the Age of Empires series, has been announced for Windows 8 devices. It was one of the first history-based real-time strategy games made, utilizing the Genie game engine. Get Age of Empires 3 : Napoleonic Era alternative downloads.Age of Empires Official Trailer (1997, Ensemble Microsoft)Age of Empires, released on October 26, 1997, was the first game in the series, as well as the first major release from Ensemble Studios. Virus-free and 100 clean download.

    Twelve civilizations are available, each with individual sets of attributes, including a varying number of available technologies and units. Resources must also be preserved, as no new resources become available as the game progresses, meaning if you cut a tree down, the tree will not grow back. To ensure victory, the player must gather resources in order to pay for new units, buildings and more advanced technologies.

    Age Of Empires 1 Windows 8 .Exe Afterwards And

    Drs file (its name will have numbers in it) located in the Data folder. Advancement between ages is researched at the Town Center and each advancement brings the player new technologies, weapons, and units.Backup age2x1.exe afterwards and also make a copy of the. These are the Stone Age (Mesolithic/Paleolithic), Tool Age (Neolithic/Chalcolithic), Bronze Age and Iron Age. A major component of the game is the advancement through four ages.

    Age Of Empires 1 Windows 8 Mac With Parallels

    Build and defend a Wonder for 2,000 years (5 minutes). Victory can be achieved by the following conditions: Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun ( Yamato)The demo version also includes the Reign of the Hittites ( Hittites) campaign, which was later included in Definitive Edition, as well as the Bronze Age Art of War scenario.The beta version included Dawn of Civilization, which is similar to the Egyptian campaign in the final version.There is a single-player game mode called " random map", in which a different map is generated for each new game. Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign ( Egyptians) Campaigns are a collection of scenarios which are completed in a linear fashion. Then run age2x1.exe (wont work with empires2.exe), select the highest listed resolution in the options screen at main menu, and launch any campaign.Modes Campaign Main article: CampaignI am playing Age of Empires on Windows 8, through my Mac with Parallels, and I am thinking that it is either a problem with Windows 8 or Parallels because it.The game features four single-player campaigns in which the player is required to complete specific objectives.

    Technological advances come in many categories, such as military upgrades (better arms and armor for units), economic upgrades (increasing the efficiency of resource gathering), religious upgrades (faster conversion rates and more abilities for Priests) and infrastructure upgrades (stronger fortifications and more resilient buildings). The civilizations are sorted into four distinct architectural styles, based on East Asian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek architecture, which determines their in-game appearance.Technology Main article: Technology (Age of Empires)Technologies are researched at specific buildings, to which they are generally related for example, religious research is done in temples and improved armor is researched at the Storage Pit. Other significant discoveries include new terrain templates, a mode to treble each unit's hit points, and a tool to edit map sizes.Civilizations Main article: Civilizations (Age of Empires)Players choose to play as one of 12 civilizations. This allows units to be placed on any terrain and on top of other units, which creates new possibilities for design. Through data editing, the rules of unit placement can also be modified. Some obscure units include a spaceship and a hero that changes ownership when units move near it.

    As a consequence, balancing the workforce of villagers across the various resources can make the difference between victory and defeat.Units Main article: Units (Age of Empires)Players control a variety of civilian and military units. As a civilization progresses through the ages, technology becomes more and more expensive, which makes collecting the necessary resources to research them difficult. Some technologies are not available to certain civilizations.Technology plays a very important role in the strategy of the game.

    Villagers can also construct buildings and repair both buildings and naval vessels, and are capable of engaging in hand-to-hand combat when necessary. Their primary function is to collect resources cutting down trees for wood, mining for stone and gold, and hunting, foraging, farming, or fishing to acquire food. Villagers are the most basic units in Age of Empires. Faster gathering for villagers, stronger armor for military units, and longer range for archers).Land-based units are the most prevalent in gameplay.

    Catapults hurl stones which generate blast damage, affecting all units in a small area, and are especially effective against buildings and groups of units. Siege units are of two types: Catapults and Ballistae. Archers, mounted or on foot, attack at range. Mounted units include Chariots, cavalry, and War Elephants. Infantry units, such as Clubmen, swordsmen, and Hoplites use melee combat to attack at short range.

    Unlike the sequels, the units do not speak in any historical language, but neologisms that the designers themselves made up by means such as spelling people’s names backwards they did not have the money or other resources to even think about anything else back then.Buildings Main article: Buildings (Age of Empires)The Town Center is one of the most important buildings in the game. Warships come either as Galleys which fire arrows or Triremes which launch bolts or boulders (very effective against buildings near the shoreline).Unit types are identical, regardless of civilization (though certain civilizations may have improved variations of these units). As well as attacking enemy ships, warships can be very effective in attacking land-based units close to the shoreline (because melee units cannot fight back). Transport ships carry land units from one area of land to another. Trade Boats trade resources from the stockpile and exchange it for gold at another player's dock, with the amount of gold earned being relative to the distance between both docks. Fishing Boats are similar to villagers in that they can gather fish.

    All sea units are created at the docks. Each house supports four units, and although any number of houses can be built (a concept which was not maintained in later games like Age of Mythology), they can only support a maximum of fifty units.Military units are produced at specific buildings relevant to their area. In order to build more units, houses must be constructed. The Town Center provides population support for four units. Most scenarios have each player begin with a single Town Center the ability to build multiple Town Centers is unlocked by the construction of the Government Center during the Bronze Age.

    Players typically make it their top priority to destroy enemy wonders, especially under Standard Victory conditions. Building a wonder also greatly increases a player's score, which is beneficial in "score" games. In scenarios with Standard Victory conditions, a player can win by constructing a wonder and keeping it from being destroyed for 2,000 years (about 10 minutes in the real world). Wonders can neither produce units nor conduct research. They require huge amounts of resources to build and are constructed very slowly. Granaries, storage pits, and the Town Center are used to store resources deposited by the villagers.Wonders are enormous monuments representing the architectural achievements of the time, such as the Egyptian Pyramids.

    However, the game can still be played on online gaming services like GameRanger, Voobly, Garena, CGA and QQ BattleZone.

    #Age Of Empires 1 Windows 8
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