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    13th Chapter: "Something New to Learn"

    For the taste of Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke, Yamato and you move way too slow. So, Naruto sets off to play matchmaker, even if his plan works in mysterious ways only.

    ~ X ~

    Hey there! Sorry for the long wait! T^T

    As you all know, I hit a rough patch in my work life. Lots of stuff to do and lots of things to work on, unfortunately no time to work on fanfiction. Then lots of moving around and such, and you have the perfect ground to not be able to work on fanfics T^T9 So, I hope you guys like this chapter! It's pretty much a set-up for the ones coming afterwards, and I'm still thoroughly enjoying building up a few more connections for the MC ^^ Thank you all for your patience!

    ~ X ~

    “They’re still not moving forward.”

    Sakura leaned against the counter, her eyes firmly set on the table with the painfully oblivious lovebirds. The captain and (Y/N) were just… sitting at their table, taking little bites from their respective food, and just throwing little-yet-telling glances at each other when the other person was busy with eating. Honestly, it was ridiculous. Why couldn’t they just move a little bit faster?

    Sakura knew her boss deserved to be happy. She was pretty sure (Y/N) also deserved to be happy. Why couldn’t they just be happy together? Really, sometimes she thought that becoming a fully fledged adult wouldn’t be good at all if she would also suck at communication like them.

    “Naruto…” Sakura whispered to her co-worker, “I think it’s time for one of your ideas.”

    In an instant, the boy perked up like an overly eager puppy. “Really? Hell yeah! I know what we can do, believe it!”

    “Well…” She gestured towards the table with the two oblivious lovebirds. “Work your magic. I’m at my wits end.”

    “Wait. Is today Thursday?”

    “Yeah. Why?”

    But he only pumped his fist, before walking over to the table, armed with nothing but a bright smile and his sunny personality. Sakura only hoped that would be enough for them to finally talk and maybe finally drift together.

    ~ X ~

    You had no idea what you had to expect when Naruto walked up to the table in the middle of your break with Yamato. Somehow, you were glad for the distraction, as you were busy trying to not stare at him so obviously. But it wasn’t your fault! The way Yamato looked with the August sun falling onto his lush, chestnut-brown hair while eating his sandwich with potato wedges bite for bite, his free hand splayed out on the table—Fuck, you wanted to take that hand again: wanted to feel the calluses; wanted to feel the small scars; wanted to feel the roughness of his skin against your own palm.

    Needless to say, you caught a bad case of damned feelings. It wasn’t the first time you noticed, but slowly, the realization creeped in that your feelings were more profound than you initially believed. Hell, at the lake you could at least pretend that it wouldn’t possibly last! That you could act like you weren’t affected by him, like you wouldn’t fall deeper in love with him, at least not so quickly after Ryota abandoned you with broken confidence. And you absolutely didn’t plan to fall in love with someone who helped you out of the kindness of his heart.

    And yet, here you were, helplessly sneaking glances at Yamato while trying to follow his words and their meaning, right when Naruto knocked onto the wood of the table.

    “Hey there! Good to see you two, especially you.” His blue eyes darted between the two of you, then got stuck on Yamato. “Hey, captain… I have a question.”

    “Go ahead.” The older man looked up to the boy, smiling in mild confusion as he did so.

    “Sure. Uhm, you know,” one of Naruto’s arms rose and his hand buried in his blond hair, “I really need some stress relief and I wonder if you could bring me to your dojo again…? With my exams around the corner and Sasuke going on my nerves constantly with his music at home, I can’t really turn my brain off, believe it!”

    To your surprise, Yamato’s eyebrows rose almost to his hairline. “You know what happened last time?”

    “I know, I know. Not my proudest moments. Still, that work-out was the best I had in years! That Sakumo-grandpa really knows what he’s doing. Please, I’m begging you.”

    Yamato hummed, while one of his hands pushed the half-empty plate out of the way. “Really? Last time you swore you wouldn’t go back, no matter what.”

    “I totally changed my mind! Please…” Naruto’s cheery expression turned into a pout, his trademark signature whenever he desperately wanted something. “I really have to get away from the duckbutt-haircut for an afternoon.”

    Obviously a not-very-common occurrence. So uncommon that you instinctively understood Yamato’s worried face when he spoke up again. “Hey, alright. If it’s that urgent, we can go. Do you have a time in mind?”

    Naruto’s head tipped from side to side, thinking hard about his answer. “I mean… the faster, the better. Would today be alright? I really need that time away from him.” Then, his expression lightened up, like he just had the best idea of all times. “Hey, don’t they have this women-defense course there, too? That would be so cool if you come with us, believe it!”

    The change of topic came way too fast. Blinking in surprise, you could only try to not look at Yamato, who seemed just as bewildered as you at Naruto’s idea. “Uhm… I don’t… I don’t think I would do well there…”

    “Oh, I’m sure it’s a beginner’s course. Besides, Yamato would be there to help you out, just in case!”

    Would he though? One look at him, and you saw the same confusion you felt on his face. Where did this proposition come from? So strange that Naruto seemed to really want you in that course for self defense.

    Still glancing at Yamato for help, you shrugged. “Uhm, sure? Fine, yeah. I have some time this evening and nothing else to do. Where is that gym?”

    “Nice!” Naruto pumped his fist. “But yeah, don’t call it a gym. It’s a dojo, and they only do martial arts there.”

    Yamato still seemed a bit worried about your choice. “You don’t have to come,” he said, “the training with Sakumo can be really harsh. I can’t speak for that self-defense course as I never participated, but his higher level classes are really harsh.”

    “Eeeh,” even though you already felt some nervousness creeping down your spine at the possibility of failing… in Yamato’s proximity, “I guess I can try it out at least. Just once.” Highly irrational, yes, but also deeply unnerving. When Yamato seemed a bit nervous at the prospect of you going to that dojo too, you would definitely be facing a situation which might be too much for you.

    Nevertheless, you tried to hide your nervousness behind a confident grin. “It won’t be that bad. Just a valuable experience, right?”

    ~ X ~

    It already dawned on you when you parked before the dojo that this wouldn’t be an easy, valuable experience as you hoped. Sure, you imagined the dojo in a little bit old-fashioned way, maybe a bit run-down too, but this… like the tranquil house jumped straight out of an asian martial-arts flick. Internally, you already debated if you could ask the owner to use the dojo potentially for some promotion-photos as you climbed the few stairs up to the entrance. Anko was working together with an author who could be interested in the scenery. Clutching to the strap of your bag holding some sportswear, you fidgeted around before breathing in and knocking at the front door.

    It didn’t take too long. Just a few seconds and the door swung open. And to say your breath was taken away would be an understatement.

    “Ah,” the older man said. The long greyish-silver hair was bound into a tight ponytail, crow’s feet crinkling in his gentle smile. “You must be Yamato’s friend. Come in.”

    “Uhm… yeah. Yeah! I’m…” First, you shook your head, then you nodded. The soothing, gentle aura the older man emitted confused you to the very core. “I’m Yamato’s friend. There is a self-defense course for women going on…?”

    “That is correct.” Opening the door wider, he gestured you in. “Don’t worry, you still have a few minutes. Get changed and get ready.”

    With that, the man left you alone to enter the dojo and after a small pause, you followed him. He was kind of intimidating in his calmness, and even though you watched him in front of you, no sound could be heard from his naked feet as he walked around the entrance area.

    Following his example, you heeled your shoes off and pushed them into a corner, where a few other pairs of shoes waited for their owners. The entrance area was small and cramped, but somehow cozy and exuding safety. There was a small counter with an old PC sitting behind it, some good old IKEA bookshelves with old, worn-out books filling the fake-brown compartments and different Martial-Arts-posters at the walls. Some of them showed off shadowy silhouettes in the process of kicking and hitting stuff while others showed off successful and strong winners of competitions.

    Not only posters hung around the walls. Photos as well, some old and yellow with age, some newer. While the older man entered another room, not without checking on you one last time, you waved at him, only to step closer to another set of pictures.

    A strangely familiar, small boy held a way too big trophy in his tiny, grubby hands. His father, the same man who opened the door for you, stood behind him, hands on the boy’s shoulders and beaming with joy and pride. You couldn’t make out if the boy was smiling as well, in the photo he wore a black mask covering his lower face.

    Leaning closer, you studied the picture further. Really, you knew that boy. And if you really thought about it, you realized that some of the features of the father certainly translated into someone you already knew, unfortunately.

    “I swear…” Groaning, you buried your face in your hands. “I thought I could escape work for a few hours here…”

    “Not a chance.”

    Even though you realized it was Kakashi’s voice so close to your ears, you couldn’t help but yelp and jerk away from the mocking words. Swirling around, you glared at the child-like man, who obviously showed no remorse over scaring you nearly to death. “If you weren’t one of my clients, I would yell at you for that.”

    But the author didn’t answer. Instead, he brushed past you to sit down on the neglected seat in front of the PC, instantly picking up an abandoned cup of coffee and grimacing when he sipped at the beverage. “Fuck, talked too much with Tenzo.”

    “You’re the small boy here?” Hiding a grin, you nodded towards the pictures. “And the other man is your father?”

    “Elementary, my dear Watson.” He shrugged. “Probably spent most of my formative years here, won some tournaments, but my heart was never in it. My old man was thankfully of the understanding kind and let me drop martial arts in favor of other extracurricular activities.”

    “You mean sneaking out at night to visit open bookshop nights and readings.” The rough voice of the older man echoed suddenly way too close. Barely suppressing a yelp, you swiveled around, arms tucked close and eyes wide, and saw the man from before right in front of you. Damn, he must be part cat! You didn’t hear him one bit!

    A playful smile tugged at his mouth as he stretched his hand out. “My name is Sakumo Hatake, by the way. A pleasure to meet you.”

    “I can only return that.” Shaking his hand, you tried to gather your frazzled wits. “A pleasure to get to know the father of my client.”

    “Client…?” For a moment, Sakumo’s expression turned confused, only to brighten up after a few seconds. “Oh, you’re the editor my son talks so much about! A true miracle worker, at least that's what I hear from him!”

    In your back, Kakashi groaned like a horrified teen. “Dad, no—!”

    “Oh, really?” You liked Sakumo more and more with every passing second. So much more open, approachable and genuine than Kakashi from the get-go, even though those qualities were hidden beneath a lot of sarcasm and snark for the younger man. “Well, I have to take your word for it, as I get a little more complaints about my work from him…”

    “Really?” Sakumo instantly shot a glance over your shoulder at his son. “I have to apologize for him, then.”

    “Daaaad…” The pained groan from Kakashi was simply music to your ears. How many times did he torture you with sheer stubbornness, discussions and arguments about simple things which needed to be changed in his novel, the marketing strategies and the reading tours? Time to get him back for all your troubles. Kakashi could take it. After all, he was a big boy.

    Though, before you could tease him further, Sakumo looked up to an old clock hanging over another door. “Oh, the course is about to start. If you want to join us, you have to hurry.” And with that, he vanished once more, leaving behind nothing but a still groaning Kakashi and your own smug self.

    “What are you doing here?” he asked through the hands still hiding his face. You had the suspicion he went red, as the peaks of his ears were the colour of strawberries. It was a nice contrast to his usually pale skin and grey hair. “How did you find this dojo?”

    You shrugged. “Naruto wanted to come here, desperately so. Something about him and Sasuke killing each other if they spent another afternoon caged in the same room.”

    “Understandable, but what are you doing here?”

    “He and Yamato invited me to come with them.”

    “Mhm…” Serious-curious eyes peeked through the long fingers, just before Kakashi came up again. “Strange, though. But alright, you probably really should hurry. My father didn’t joke when he said that the course was starting.”

    You heeded his warning. Even though Sakumo seemed to be a lot more open than Kakashi, you absolutely didn’t want to get on his back side. After all, why ruin a good reputation?

    Only a few minutes later, you entered the main room of the dojo, cladded into a loose t-shirt and a pair of tight pants reaching down to your knees. A group of women was already loosely grouped around Sakumo and—to your mild surprise—Yamato. Both were dressed in white vests with long sleeves, white pants and with their bare feet firmly planted onto the ground.

    “Aah.” Sakumo’s dark eyes sparked in badly hidden amusement. “There’s our last participant of the day. Hello! Please give us your name and why you joined this course.”

    “Uhm…” All those people looking at you, with their interest in your person clearly written all over their features. Out of instinct, you waved into the round, while a nervous smile flashed over your face. “Hey there, my name is (Y/N)... and I just joined this course today to just… I guess, make some new experiences? I never participated in any self-defense classes before, so please go easy on me.”

    A wave of chuckles wandered around the group, but you did not feel as though they were amused at your attempt for pleasantries. Perhaps, a secret joke that you weren’t let in on? Not yet, hopefully. One look at Yamato, who nodded at you with a small smile, and you stepped forward into some empty space in the group. Friendly faces all around. Your quickly beating heart calmed down a bit and you dared to smile at the two closest women, who seemed friendly enough and smiled back.

    “Alright, good introduction.” In an instant, the light and joking tone vanished from Sakumo’s tone. The entire group straightened up with an unspoken command, and you felt your own spine and posture straightening up too. “And that was the last pleasantry we will indulge in until the end of this lesson. Form pairs and afterwards we will start with the first round of cardio shortly. (Y/N)!”

    Startled, you looked at Sakumo. “Yes?”

    “We’re an uneven group this time. And as you came in late,” a little wink, betraying the older man and his soft side, “your punishment will be that you have to train with my helper Yamato here. Is that alright?”

    Oh, that was more than alright. Relieved, your face broke into a full grin. “Sure.”

    “Aaah, you are way too happy about that.” Still, the amusement at the situation was oh-so-clear in Sakumo’s eyes. The older man elbowed Yamato, then pointed at you. “Bring her up to speed and show her how to fall correctly. I don’t want (Y/N) to be hurt on her very first day.”

    “What are you doing here?” Smiling, you walked closer to Yamato when Sakumo turned around to teach the pairs which had formed over the minutes. “I thought you were supposed to help Naruto?”

    At that, the man sighed a deep heavy sigh which spoke from your very soul. “Yeah. And he was also supposed to come alone, but even though he wanted to get away from Sasuke, guess who Naruto brought with him…”

    “No way.”

    “Yes way.” Yamato shook his head. “I seriously don’t understand those teenagers. Am I too old?”

    “Maybe, we both are.” Then, looking around, you shrugged and shook your head. “Alright, then show me the ropes, so then I at least get something out of this day.”

    Seeing Yamato’s relieved smile made your heart jump in your chest. Little did you know that this was far from the last time you would feel the telltale jumping of the organ in the next hour. Because, as it turned out, as this was your first self-defense course, you needed lots and lots of help. Namely, physical help.

    It started so innocently. At first, Yamato seemed just as shy to initiate direct physical contact, but after an extensive ten minutes of cardio exercises and him handing you a white vest like his own, he wanted to show you how to fall and roll over the ground correctly. At first, unsuccessfully.

    “Okay, no. This won’t work.” Shaking his head, Yamato looked at you on the ground. For the fourth time, he tried to demonstrate by doing the exercise himself, and for the fourth time, your form wasn’t correct. Like he had done the previous three times, he reached out and you took his hand. You always felt like a feather when he pulled you up, so light and easily handled that it was exhilarating. A sensation you couldn’t get enough of, to be completely honest.

    As you brushed yourself off, you watched how he shook his head, more to himself than anyone else. “What do you propose then?”

    To your surprise, a soft blush started to rise on his face. His eyes wouldn’t meet yours, but when he stepped closer with an unvoiced question in his eyes, you understood. In an instant, you felt how the warmth spread across your face. But—and that was probably somehow important—you didn’t avoid his gaze and Yamato didn’t break the connection either.

    The world around you sunk away as he stepped closer. Close enough that the rough hard fabric of his white vest brushed over your back. His warmth made you swallow a thick ball of nervousness (and yes) anticipation down. Being so close to Yamato, being enveloped by his gentleness and being guided by his strong hands was… a lot. Almost too much.

    “Alright…” His voice was too close and yet not close enough. Warm breath tussled some wisps of your hair as he stepped even closer. “Let me… Alright.”

    His hands carefully placed themselves on the crook of your waist. Not an indecent touch, far from it. But a delicious shudder nevertheless wandered down your back at the feeling of his heat and touch permeating the thick vest.

    “Okay,” his voice was still close, ruffling more hair around your ears, “the basic stance. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.”

    “Okay.” Quickly, you adjusted your stance. “What else?”

    “Uhm… For-For falling, you have to roll over your shoulder.” One hand rose and tentatively touched your left, then right shoulder. “It’s not a classical roll, but you mostly just use one arm to shore yourself, the other kind of… leads the way.”

    “Okay,” you breathed, “alright.”

    “So…” Again, his hand touched your right shoulder. “I guess we can start with a roll over your right side. When you go in for a barrel roll, you lean more towards the right side. Now, we can try it, slowly though.”

    “Okay.” Again, you nodded. Maybe, it really would be easier. For a wild second, you fantasized of Yamato doing the barrel roll with you, his hard body flushed against yours and safely catching you if anything would go wrong. But then you shook your head and didn’t give a single sign that you were missing the innocent contact when Yamato stepped away from you. One look over your shoulder and you smiled, trying to not look too shaken up. Gods, really? The contact hadn’t been that sensual and yet your heart was thumping and you could feel your hands shaking a bit.

    A simple barrel roll. Couldn’t be that hard. It was already stupid you spent so much time on failing to perform some controlled falling. A deep breath in and a deep breath out, then you tried to roll over your shoulder. Your back hurt a little bit, but you told yourself that it was more because of the time you spent at a desk working away than the unusual movements and activity.

    One last breath in, and you lowered your head, shoulders and body, in that exact order, towards the softened ground. The world rolled by, and when you came back up on your feet and knees, you instantly looked towards Yamato.

    “And?” you asked.

    He still didn’t look satisfied, even though there was also a hint of relief painted all over his features. “Still not right, but better than the last times.”

    “Ayy, progress.” With a grin flashing over your face, you pumped your fist into the air. “By the way, can I ask why learning to fall correctly is so important?”

    Apparently, a question Yamato waited for. “To avoid injuries, get to know the current limitations of your body, your flexibility and to see where your skills are at. It’s a pillar of self-defense to make sure that the user is unharmed throughout the training.”

    “Sounds really important.” With a low grunt, you took Yamato’s hand once more to be pulled up onto your own two feet. This time, you instantly realized that Yamato miscalculated his strength. You nearly flew up, up and right into his chest. With a soft huff, he caught you. And the world seemed to pause.

    There you were. One hand still captured in his gentle fingers, the other arm hanging by your side. Yamato’s face was so close to yours, the tip of your nose nearly touching yours. The other arm was slung around your waist to stabilize you, but in the process, you were also slanted against his chest. Just a few sheets of paper would be able to cut the space between your face and his, and for some moments, your eyes automatically dropped down to his mouth. And what a mouth. Lovely lips, looking like they were soft and rough at the same time, with the tip of his tongue peeking out for just a second, only to disappear just as fast. The small motion didn’t make things better.

    But when you managed to rip your eyes away from the promise right in front of you, and met his eyes once more, you nearly sucked in a breath. There was a fire burning in his dark iris and only because you were finally so close and wrapped in his arms, you were allowed to see it.

    Then, one of the other women shouted and someone landed with a heavy ‘thud’ on the ground. Enough to break the bubble around Yamato and you. Like thunder cracked in the sky, you two broke away from each other, already mumbling apologies and—in your case, at least—throwing nervous glances at the man. No, he seemed more bothered trying to rearrange his white vest and shuffling his feet.

    But then. Oh, then. As you were busy pulling down your own shirt while your brain was as empty as before whenever you got too close to him, Yamato stole a quick glance himself. And the same fire was still burning in them; the same fire of which you knew burned also in your own eyes.

    “We should…” A helpless laugh fell from your mouth. “We should go back to… To whatever we were doing before.”

    “Yeah.” Like you hoped, he started to smile at your words. “Definitely. But… can you quickly remind me?”

    “Of what we were doing?”


    At that, another chuckle rang through the air. “Oh man, I wish I could help you with that. But it seems that I also have sudden memory problems.”

    Maybe, you two would have continued to banter if not for Sakumo, who sneaked up on you like a white wolf in the middle of a snow storm.

    “Finished with all the preparations?” His own grin awoke a primal part of you, something resembling a small, fluffy animal, always on the watch for a bigger predator with sharp teeth. But then, the impression was already gone, and Sakumo with his long grey hair and the small wrinkles around his eyes which told about many smiles and laughter. The older man could be scary, you were now aware of that, but the hint of the supposed danger was just as quickly gone as it came. He nodded at you, only to instantly follow up with a clap on Yamato’s shoulder. Measured at the small wince running over his features, it hurt. A lot.

    “Alright, if you two are finished, then we can start introducing you to a few throws and punches! And what I always like to point out, nothing is more trusted than a good old poke in the eyes. Remember that, okay?”

    Before you had any time to answer, Sakumo already turned around and instructed the group of women to search for new partners. This time, a friendly looking brunette walked up to you. Her striking red eyes —those had to be contact lenses— smiled alongside her mouth as she reached out her hand for you to shake it.

    “My name is Kurenai,” she said and when you took her hand, the lingering softness of her skin together with some strange calluses and the strength of her grip immediately made you grateful for doing so, “and you look like you could use some help?”

    ~ X ~

    The lesson passed by fast after that. After some more coaching and training, you managed to fall and roll in ways which apparently was satisfactory enough for Sakumo and Yamato. Training together with Kurenai was also a blast as the woman was obviously well-versed in martial arts and gave you one or two very helpful tips to avoid being hit or kicked by her. You were especially proud of the moment you managed to avoid her hits for an entire sparring round… even though the two of you were supposed to work on your throwing techniques. Still, when you looked over, with your chest heaving and heart beat so loud it thundered in your ears and you locked eyes with Yamato… Seeing his thumbs-up and the smile of soft, brown eyes made you smile even harder.

    When you managed to turn your head away from him, you met Kurenai’s curious eyes. One look and she whistled through her teeth, with her curiosity and needed to know what was going on between Yamato and you that was already kindling.

    It was no surprise to you that she inquired about it. What surprised you though, was her asking for your phone number, so you could stay in contact. Gladly, you gave it to her, together with the promise to show up next week too.

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    Hello, and welcome to the fourth work for my little event! Today, again we'll meet Yamato but is slightly... Different situation :D Hope you'll enjoy it! ^^

    Prompt: Ribbons Pairing: Yamato | Tenzou x fem!Reader TW: Modern AU, smut, very light bondage, couch sex, established relationship, Word count: 1624 Summary: The day before Christmas Eve seems like a little bit late for wrapping gifts so Yamato decides to help you, and have some fun at the same time. Proofreaded by @kissmekakashi😘

    NSFW, 18+ - under the cut

    You straightened your back, sore from hours now from bending over your work splayed on the ground. The whole stack wrapped in colorful paper packages looked amazing under the illuminated Christmas tree. But it wasn’t even half of the presents you had to prepare for tomorrow’s eve, for all the people you’d invited. You were about to reach for another gift when somewhere above you, you heard your fiancé clearing his throat. When you turned around, still sitting on your legs, he was standing above you with an intimidating, angry look, with his arms crossed on his chest, clearly not pleased with you still working instead of being in bed with him.

    “It’s late,” Yamato growled with annoyance, stomping his foot just near you to emphasize his mood.

    “I know,” you nodded and sighed, reaching for a gift. Some book you were about to give to one of your cousins. “I need to finish this.”

    “You’re kidding me, right? Baby, it’s almost midnight, you can finish when you wake up.”

    “When I wake up I need to start cooking.”

    Yamato crouched near you, wrapping his hands around yours and kissing the nape of your neck. “You know that I will help you with that. Can you please come to bed?”

    “No," you sighed, as the gesture was pleasant, and you would love to enjoy it fully, along with what could happen next - touches like these always lead to something more, even if it was just touching each other and enjoying the moment... But the fact you still had a lot of work to do didn’t let you get the thought of going further. “I will go when I’m done… And don’t try to argue with me, please? Not this time at least?”


    “What? You’re just gonna give it up? No fight, nothing, just let me win this?”

    “Woah, hold your horses. I said fine. That means I’ll help you with these.”

    “Really? You don’t have to...”

    His lips formed into a smirk, his eyes narrowed just a bit. “Yes, I know that. And that will be the reason why some of them will be looking like a 5-year-old wrapped them 10 minutes before the eve.”

    You threw some loose ribbons at the man, snickering. Getting back to your previous work was hard, ‘cause of the man fooling around, and making you laugh with every small occasion - whether it was cutting a crooked animal from the wrapping colorful paper, or attaching some ribbons to his philtrum with a tape and pretending to have a colorful mustache. But besides that Yamato was helpful, even if - as he promised - he wrapped the gifts like a 5-year-old, but one that really tried his best. Still, it took you both a while, filled with jokes and laughs, but the pile under the Christmas tree looked astounding, and those were gifts only from the two of you, and you were convinced that some gifts might just not fit anymore.

    While you were making the pile enough to make an Instagram-worthy picture, Yamato started to sweep the excesses of paper and tape, putting away what was left and still could be used later, maybe on the next occasion.

    “We have this much ribbon left?” The man asked, grabbing the whole spool of almost unused red ribbon, with printed reminders and snowflakes on it.

    “Yeah, I got carried away buying these… Don’t throw them away, we can still use them.”

    “Not gonna throw it. Actually, I have an idea for one more gift,” he smiled, so devilishly, and you knew he had some idea that you’ll either love or hate. Yamato kneeled behind you, “give me your hand.” You obediently put your hand behind your back, to feel the soft material wrapping around your forearm. “And another one,” gently, he guided your other hand to join, tying them both together.

    “Idiot,” you snickered but didn’t oppose. It was 2 AM, Yamato helped you a lot with presents - he could have some fun, right?

    “I am. But at least I’m your idiot, and soon I will be your idiot forever,” he chuckled near your ear, putting another knot into the ribbon, to finish it with a big double bow. With a lot of complacency from his work, he hummed and reached for his phone. “Oh it’s amazing, you’re my gift now. Okay, move a little, I want to take a pic.”

    You shifted, changing your position so you’d directly face the tree, sitting on your legs. “Like that?” You looked over your shoulder.

    “Look straight,” he started to throw instructions at you, “look at the tree. Straighten your back. Keep your fingers loose. Mhm, perfect. Don’t move,” his phone made a sound of pictures taken a few times, “aaaaaand done. My new screen lock.”

    “You’re kidding me...”

    “Not at all, look, it’s perfect,” Yamato crouched near you; his chin leaned on your shoulder, while one hand wrapped around your waist, the second held the screen in front of you so you could see. The lights were bright on it, but your figure was visible perfectly as well; your feet were on sides, your back straight, and your hands wrapped with festive ribbon, kinda like on those pictures he sometimes showed you - with men and women bound with a rope in various ways. You couldn’t help but bite your lip, while your thighs and belly tensed involuntarily. But… He was tired, you were tired, in a few hours you both had to get up to finish work and prepare the household for your families and friends to come...

    “Okay, okay. That’s not bad. Now, untie me?” You leaned on the man, hoping that he would fulfill your request.

    He smiled slyly, his hand grabbed your tied arms and pulled you along with him on your feet. “...no.”

    “Yamato…” You rolled your eyes, although a delicious shiver went down your spine, hearing that tone, and oh, that something in his voice foreshadowing that soon you’d be in big trouble. “Please?”

    “Not a chance, (Y/n). You’ve been bad,” he chuckled while guiding you to the back of the couch standing in the middle of the living room. Once you reached there, he pushed you to the backrest with his hips and rubbed them against your ass letting you feel so well the growing erection in his pants, aching to be freed already. His lips brushed your neck on that one sensitive place that made you shiver. “Bad girls don’t get presents unless they take their punishments with dignity,” Yamato’s voice purred just near your ear, placed a hand in the middle of your straight back, and pushed gently, but firmly, so you were bent over the backrest.

    Yamato’s big hand massaged your protruding ass through your pants for a moment, to slap hard your asscheek so suddenly, it made you yelp and jump in place.


    “Shhhh!” Another slap landed on your butt, this time on the other cheek. He knew exactly how to aim slaps like that, through the years he learned the best way possible to not put a lot of force, yet make it sting. Hell, more than once he took a picture of an imprint of his palm on your skin, just to tease you after how good it looked. But now, instead of placing another well-aimed smack that you were expecting, his hand slid down between your legs caressing your heat through the material. “My little gift. I’m gonna unwrap you, and have some fun before bedtime.”

    Both of his hands slid to your front, while you were just bent in half on the backrest, not able to do anything with your hands tied up. He unbuttoned your jeans quickly, and with one move he yanked them down, along with the panties leaving you bare to him. Thick fingers started to draw small circles on your clit, and it wasn’t long before you started to moan feeling the pleasure raise in your body, and your eyes rolled to the back of your head when you felt how his thick finger works inside you, but only for so long to make you wet enough. He murmured something about “blessing the sweatpants”, the material brushed somewhere on your calves and with one move Yamato was inside you, holding by the big bow tie. It was always hard to adjust right away to Yamato’s cock, but now he didn’t give you any room for it, pounding himself into you mercilessly, fast, letting sinful noises out of his throat.

    It wasn’t long for both of you - tired, apparently very aroused by the unexpected addition; for you, it was new and exciting to be unable to move like that, to be fair you’ve been wanting to ask for it for a long time, and as for Yamato… It was his secret fantasy for a long time now. So that, your sweet moans, and pussy squeezing his cock to the highest peak of pleasure drew him to the edge. Few more moves, groans, and his fingers dig into your hips enough to leave a mark on your skin. His moves became sloppy until he fully stopped and moved away.

    “You’re alright?” Yamato gently untied you, and slowly stretched your arms, massaging them in the process.

    Still a bit dizzy, once your hands were operative again you managed to stand up, and turn with a blissful smile on your face, “‘m good. And you?”

    “Perfect,” he mumbled, leaning and touching your forehead with his. “Will you go to sleep now?”

    You nodded with a smile, without saying anything more. He turned off the lights and took you by your hand guiding you to your bedroom, to finally have some well-deserved sleep before a long, laborious day.


    NSFW event taglist: @half-baked-biscuit @clearlyjustchlyri @sphinxfantasy @vetani19 @kakyoingdom @daddykakashisensei @ice-icebaby Want me to add you to the event taglist? Click HERE

    #hela.christmas event #hela.writes #hela.sins #yamato#tennzou#tenzou yamato#captain yamato#yamato taichou #yamato x y/n #yamato x reader #yamato x you #yamato x reader insert #modern au #12 days of naughty christmas
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  • whatshernameis
    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hello, and welcome to the third installment of my own Naruto Advent Callendar! :D Today's SFW work will be about Yamato who owns a little flower shop; busy work during Christmas! ;D

    Hope you'll like it! ^^

    Prompt: Mistletoe Pairing: Yamato | Tenzou x fem!Reader TW: Kinda Flower Shop AU, fluff, some drivers just can't stop being assholes... Word count: 2554 Summary: Yamato and you were close friends since forever, and never you would suspect him of wanting to be something more... Proofreaded by @kissmekakashi 😘

    SFW, everything under the cut!

    The market was unusually crowded for such a late hour. But given the time of the year, it shouldn’t be a big surprise for you. The festive fever was clear to see on the people's faces.

    Just a few days more and you’ll have the well-deserved rest after a hard-working year, just a few more errands, and your vacation time would start fully.

    With a pleasant thought of warm tea, and a mind full of images of packing up a whole stack of presents you had to wrap, you entered the small space of a florist run by your old friend, Yamato. The temperature inside was almost unbearable, thanks to the crowd gathered inside. The snow that stuck to your coat and hat melted, within a blink of an eye. Through this crowd, you could barely see your friend, maneuvering yourself to the counters holding huge paper bags with last groceries and presents was near to impossible, so the only way you could get to him was to move along with the line.

    It took ages before you finally reached him, you had enough of the people already, but the cheerful sheer look on Yamato’s handsome face instantly brightened your mood.

    “(Y/n)! So good to see you.”

    “Yamato,” with a small huff you put all bags on the floor, hoping that they won’t be trampled by the people nearby, “heavy traffic?”

    “What do you mean, I barely can see anyone except you here.” He laughed with sparks in his eyes. and you joined along snickering from a little joke.

    “Maybe it’s the time you’d get some glasses?” Your retort and wink made the man chuckle even more, and blush just a little. “I won’t be taking much time today, you’re swamped with customers, I came to pick up my order?”

    “Oh, right!” He disappeared for a second in the small room right behind the counters, to return with a bundle wrapped in the plain wrapping paper. “One big wreath and two small, here you go.”

    You paid the rest of the due, even if he insisted that you could “just don’t worry about it” or “do it much later”. Hearing the old lady behind you snarl with irritation asking for how long you two gonna flirt because she doesn’t know if she should go somewhere else, you grabbed another bag in your hand and saying a quick goodbye you left the little overcrowded place. The cold air hit you harder than you expected, biting every uncovered piece of your skin.

    The walk to the bus stop was a hard journey, even if it wasn’t the farthest one - the snow started to fall more fiercely, induced with the cold sharp wind. There were mentions of possible blizzards during the night in the forecast, but you wouldn’t expect that it would mean a little over 9 pm. And surely it was the reason why your bus was late 10 minutes.

    After another 15 minutes, someone said that due to heavy snow all public transport is late or just canceled, but surely your bus is coming. By this point, you’ve heard people ordering a cab but getting little results since the time of arrival was at least half an hour. After over 45 minutes in total, you decided that there is no reason for you to stay and freeze to the bone at the bus stop. Instead of wasting your time, you decide that faster it will be if you’ll walk to your home, it’s not like it was so far away; during the summer you could walk that distance without any effort. But it was a heavy winter, and you were loaded with packs and you were dreaming about nothing more than a hot tea and a warm bath.

    And it would go quite well if not for that damn paper bags. About ⅓ of the road was done, and one of them tore from the excess water, making some boxes hit the ground and oranges roll on the mud-covered pavement.

    “Son of a…!” You wanted to shout the whole phrase out of frustration, but the bus passing by - the one you were supposed to take - drove with a little too much of a speed, splashing the mud all over your jeans and lower part of your coat.

    You thought that there is no hope for you to save this evening when some car pulled over. At first, you were quite suspicious about that, ready to run away dropping everything you hand, but as soon as you saw a handsome face and heard a familiar voice, your heart was put at ease like on a cue. “Let me give you a hand!”

    Even if you’d try to protest, you knew that Yamato wouldn’t listen to you. He always was the type of the chevalier - whenever you were in trouble in school he was there; if you needed an arm to cry over he was there; when you just needed a partner to watch silly movies or to have a partner to a party that you could trust - he was always there. You were… Flattered but unsure what to do, wanting to take a step forward but didn’t want to destroy the friendship that you could've always counted on. Countless times you've wondered when he would say "that's enough", or when you would break. Yet, through the years it seemed that you managed to work out some status quo between you.

    Although… Given the current weather and your condition, you wouldn’t dare to protest anyway.

    Without any further ado, he guided you inside a vehicle and put the heater on the max so you could warm up quickly, while he put all your bags and scattered items in the trunk. It wasn’t long for him to join you.

    “Thank you, Yamato, you’re saving my life again.” You said, sinking deeper in a comfortable seat, enjoying the blissful warmth.

    “I got quite got used to it,” he laughed back at you, blushing the tiniest bit. “It’s quite astonishing how I stumble upon you every time you got yourself in trouble.”

    You thought about some clever answer but… You just couldn’t. And you were not quite sure why it was.

    Yamato must’ve noticed that, he jumped into another topic for a conversation. “So, everything ready for Christmas? You were always so serious about it.”

    “Oh! You don’t even imagine. I’m gonna wrap some presents when I’ll be back and decorate my home tomorrow. I have some cousins coming over the Christmas to stay in town for a few days and I just… You know me! I have a lot of new lights, fake snow on the windows, and of course, your wreaths and m-” at that moment you realized you forgot to buy one small thing while visiting Yamato’s shop - mistletoe. And you needed only a little! Only to put one in the hall, for some good luck. “Say… There is no chance you have some mistletoe in the trunk, don’t you?”

    “Why would I?”

    “Don’t you use this to pick up supplies?”

    “No,” he chuckled, “I have a different car to do it, much more capacious than this.”

    “That’s a shame. I forgot to buy a bundle while I was at your store. That old lady…”

    “Give me a break, she was a dreadful one.” He flinched in his seat. “If not for her complaints about every part of the wreath she ordered, I would’ve closed much sooner.”

    “Well, I’d say it’s not that bad that you finished a bit later.”

    “You don’t say.” He smiled, again making you lost for words for an unknown reason.

    The rest of the ride you two spend in silence, not even the radio playing to break the silence. That, along with the warmth and safe presence of your friend almost made you fall asleep on a front seat.

    And Yamato… It was obvious for him, what feelings he held towards you. Since always he admired you and was grateful that you allow him to be near, even if he was about to be “only friend”, even if recently loneliness was giving him a hard time.

    As soon as you arrived at your place, Yamato insisted on helping you or rather insisted to get everything upstairs by himself. You offered your help a few times, but every time he refused. He refused a cup of tea you offered, excusing himself that he is tired and has still some things to do. You couldn’t deny that you were just a bit disappointed - you wouldn’t mind some good company, but you could absolutely understand him.

    Saying your goodbyes to Yamato you didn’t expect him to stand in your doors an hour later, holding a little bundle of green mistletoe with white fruits still on it, wrapped with a red ribbon.

    “What’s that about?” You stood there, in a comfy tracksuit you usually wear at home, with confusion painted on your face.

    “I- You said you forgot to got one so…” He handed it to you.

    “Oh? Oh! Oh my god!” You took it from his hands, putting a big smile on your face - cheerful and bright, but you quickly gathered yourself together. It was from his shop, you were supposed to buy it. “How much do I owe you?”

    “Owe? Nothing. Nothing really. It’s a,” he grunted, looking for a good word, “gift. I won’t take any money from you for that, forget it.”

    You smiled, not realizing that you brought the little gift to your chest and it made man’s heart swell a little. “Oh Yamato, that’s so sweet of you, thank you! I’m gonna hang it right away.”

    “Let me-” He moved inside, reaching out to help you as you pulled the old unstable ladder out.

    “Come on, you can’t help me with everything!”

    “At least let me hold the ladder miss independent…” He chuckled, helping you fold it out as old unused metal put some resistance into it and securing it as you got up.

    It took only a minute to hang the mistletoe. You had the hook ready for weeks so hanging it by the ribbon was an easy job. What was far worse was the ladder - it was old, rusty and the purchase of a new one was always the bottom of your list. And now you were paying for that; as soon as you placed your foot on the first step on your way down, the rusty part didn’t hold the pressure and snapped right under your foot. You could see it coming someday, but gladly Yamato was there for you, again. When he saw you losing your balance, he grabbed you with his hands around your waist and pulled you to the other side saving you from a painful fall, at the same time bringing your body close to his.

    Too close.

    “You're taking up most of my field of view again.” He chuckled before you could say anything.

    “Mhm, I-...” You wanted to say some clever joke, but in a moment you realized that you both were standing under that damn mistletoe. And you wondered if Yamato knew it too and if that was the reason to… Not let you go yet. “Maybe it’s the time you’d get some glasses?” You echoed your joke from the few hours prior.

    “Maybe I should indeed but…” He leaned a bit close, just a little bit but enough for you to feel the soft warm breath, looking like he was thinking hard about something - you could almost hear the gears grinding in his head.

    “But?” Your voice turned into a whisper.

    “The truth is… Back in the store I-” Yamato swallowed hard, “I really could hardly see anyone except you. And not only then. Since college I-” He wanted to continue but his voice hitched, interrupting whatever he was about to say.

    But he didn’t have to, really. You understood what he was going to say, making your heart swell a bit, and spilling something warm inside your chest.

    “Yamato, why didn’t you-” You wanted to ask why he never talked to you about it, why he felt it for so long for himself only. Maybe you wouldn’t admit to feeling like that right away but you two could… try. You would ask if the man’s lips pressed to yours didn’t stop you from doing anything. It lasted for a second but was enough for a thousand words Yamato could speak.

    “Forgive me.” He murmured, letting you go but still with a small hope in his eyes. “I- You probably don’t… Let’s just forget about it?”

    You were quite speechless for a few seconds. This is not what you expected, not from him, and certainly not from your own body shivering with delight under the touch. “Forget? I don’t think we will be able to forget about it.”

    “I see.” He moved away looking like a beaten man, turning to the doors. “I should go.”

    If you wanted to do anything about what just happened, it was your and only chance to do so, you knew it. Same as you knew that you won’t be able to ignore the fact that your longtime friend just… “Actually,” you took a deep breath to calm yourself down and to give a moment for your voice to become smooth again, “it would be nice to have some help with wrapping the presents.”

    He looked at you with confusion, but his eyes brightened just a little bit, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

    “Well, you kinda already did.” You tilted your head trying to smile. “But since you did, you might as well come in, and have a tea with me.”

    “Are you sure? I don’t-”

    You took a step closer to him, taking his hand into yours. “Yamato I-,” for a second you bit your lip, wondering what to say. You didn’t want him to go, you liked him and his company, he was comfortable to be around and the safeness he gave you without any effort was incomparably better than any man that you ever dated would give you. Maybe it was worth taking a shot? “I think that we should talk. I might… I might like you. A lot. I just… Might not realize it earlier. I have no idea where it will lead us but… I’m willing to try.”

    “Are you sure?” She asked still insecure, even if his eyes were glistening and a small smile was pricking in the corner of his lips. “We could try to… Be friends, I’ll be okay with that if you’d want it.”

    “You just kissed me under a mistletoe. If you didn’t do it on purpose, then I’m saying it was a lucky fate.” You chuckled, pulling him by the hand deeper into your apartment.

    “I did?” He raised his eyebrows, looking over his shoulder, laying his eyes on the little bundle with a red ribbon hanging under the ceiling. He smiled to himself “I did…”

    You smiled too, putting water for tea, having Yamato helping prepare you the cups and the little teabags. Silent but comfortable, both curious where that kiss and upcoming days and weeks would lead you. Though, one thing you were certain for sure - this Christmas will be completely different from the ones you used to spend as friends.


    SFW event taglist: @half-baked-biscuit @clearlyjustchlyri @daddykakashisensei @vetani19 @ice-icebaby @kakaxhi @sphinxfantasy Want me to add you to the event taglist? Click HERE

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  • sphinxfantasy
    07.11.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #as time goes by #yamato/tenzo#yamato taichou#tenzou#captain yamato #yamato x original female character #Tenzou x original female character #sphinxwrites
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  • sphinxfantasy
    05.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    As Time Goes By


    Special thank you to @sayurinomoe for the wonderful gif she made for this fic! 🖤

    #fanfic#naruto fanfiction#captain yamato#yamato taichou#tenzou #original female character #as time goes by
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    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago
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    #yamato x reader #yamato x self insert #yamato x reader insert #yamato x y/n #tenzo x reader #tenzo x self insert #tenzo x reader insert #captain yamato#yamato-taichou#naruto yamato#tenzou#tenzo#yamato tenzo#reader#reader insert #naruto reader insert #Self Insert#y/n#naruto fandom#naruto fanfiction#naruto fanfic#yamato headcanons#yamato scenarios#tenzo headcanons#tenzo scenarios #also on ao3 #historicfailure#freakypseudwriter #forest cat café #the forest cat café
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  • coryn-vs-world
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    First attempt at fanart ever....turned out okay, I guess? Ninja Pals as references ^_^

    Anyhow! While all his frenemies and child...students are celebrating the birth of everyones favourite copy nin - all Kakashi wants to do is daydreaming of Iruka and the package hes gonna unwrap soon.....


    #kakashi hatake is a fuckin’ good man #kakashi imagine #kakashi hatake x iruka umino #kakashi x iruka #kakashi hatake#kakairu#kakashi #happy birthday kakashi #09-15-21#obito#obito uchiha#uchiha obito#captain yamato#yamato taichou#tenzou yamato#mighto gai#might gai#maito gai#team gai #naruto shippuden 347 #team 7 naruto #naruto shippuden#sakura#sakura haruno#sakura uchiha #iruka is the best human being #iruka deserves so much love #umino iruka#irukaka#iruka sensei
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    Good morning/evening/afternoon everyone! It's my 4th entry for @naruto-smut-monday and this time I decided to choose an AU prompt over the very tempting threesome that I was afraid to screw up too much than I did this one :P

    And again, 7k words, I'm almost proud of myself! :D

    So today... Yamato! Yes, lovely Captain Yamato, the Mighty Oak, this time in a modern setting!

    Pairing: Yamato | Tenzo x f!reader TW: Modern AU, business event, first meeting, teasing, texting, strangers to lovers, hotel room sex, smut, stockings and high heels Word count: 7068 Summary: Business events usually belonged to the most boring things in your life. Or at least they were one until some handsome stranger with dark eyes appeared in your way changing this view. Special thanks: @existentialpupil ♥️

    It's NSFW work, everything is under the cut, kids don't look.

    As you threw your luggage on the bed, a loud huff escaped your lungs. Finally, after hours of travel in a small space of a little car packed to the brim with your co-workers, you could breathe and stretch your whole body properly. The travel itself wouldn’t have been that bad if the A/C didn’t malfunction for most of the time, and if you were not stuffed in between two other people, but the amount of gossip, singing, and joking around could almost cover it enough for you, so the travel passed fairly quickly. Everything would be just perfect if you weren’t feeling this terribly tired and sore afterward.

    Without bothering to unpack any of your belongings, you made your way into the bathroom, blessing yourself for being fast enough to book the only one single room available for your facility, so you could bathe for a long time without being disrupted by any of your co-workers. Only when the skin on your fingers and toes started to wrinkle did you decide that it would probably be a good time to go downstairs and get some food that wasn't suspicious-smelling like fast food from the roadside booth.

    Your clothes landed in the wardrobe, the business dress you had for tomorrow’s event hung inside the black case keeping it perfectly smooth and clean. You picked something comfortable out of it and left the small room heading downstairs to the hotel restaurant.

    You didn’t expect this place to be so full. Almost every seat in the range of your sight was taken, people crammed together, wanting to feast with their closest colleagues and friends, leaving some tables without any chairs to sit. It wasn’t really a surprise since the buffet was really generous and all funded by the company this weekend, and many of the guests were just using this attraction. Maneuvering yourself through the crowd, trying not to push anyone and make whatever drink they had in their hands fall on their laps, you finally made your way to the long tables filled with various foods. After you filled your plate with small and light snacks and grabbed a bottle of water, you looked around in search of some free spot to sit. You did spot some of your colleagues, but they were all packed up around one table, like sardines in a can. Moving around carefully you finally found a free chair, but the seat at the opposite side of the table was taken by a brown-haired, handsome man. He sat in front of a laptop, his fingers running smoothly through the keyboard.

    Well, you couldn’t be really picky. This seat was the closest, and you didn’t plan on eating standing or waiting until someone would be tired, or drunk, enough to leave.

    “Sorry, is this seat taken?” You asked, pointing at the chair.

    The man turned his gaze away from the screen, dark eyes looking at you with a mix of confusion and surprise. But it took only a second for him to smile widely and answer you, “Fortunately, no.”

    Returning his smile, you sat down on the said chair with a small groan. He moved a bit his laptop and empty plate making room for you to put down yours. Feeling how much your stomach demanded something ordinary, without another word, you dig into the food you’ve brought, throwing curious stares at the man completely focused on the screen, having a moment to look more closely.

    First of all, the smile that you saw just a few moments ago, was genuinely sincere, you were sure of that. Short brown hair, eyes were dark and almond-shaped, now moving quickly while apparently, he read something on the screen. Nice jawline, broad shoulders, short-sleeve shirt revealed nicely shaped muscles on his arms.

    Finally, swallowing the last bits of not-so-bad food you decided to speak and break the silence that fell between you. “So… You’re from the company too?”

    “Not a huge surprise since the whole hotel has been rented for us.” He smirked, eyes still fixed on the screen.

    “You could be a hotel employee.”

    He chuckled, voice vibrating in your ears despite the racket around. “Fair enough. I’m from the… ah, sorry, can’t get used to the new naming of each department. It’s Leaf.”

    “Oh, the biggest, most prominent facility with the best financial results since like ten years? Wow, you’re like the celebrities of the whole company.” He finally looked at you, with his eyebrows furrowed in slight surprise “I’m from the… You’re right the new naming is just confusing. It’s Tea.”

    “Isn’t that the newest one?”

    “It is, and it’s 5 years now since the facility was created, so we’ll probably have five minutes tomorrow, unfortunately, even if I’m not working the whole time here.”

    “You don’t seem like someone who dislikes being in the spotlight.”

    “Over 300 people looking at you, and you’re just standing there and don’t know if to stand until they give you some sign to do something, or just sit back on your ass, or stand there like a complete idiot for the rest of their speech… Yeah, nothing nervous about that.”

    He giggled at your comment and a grimace apparently entertained. Laptop clicked silently when he closed it, setting it aside, chin leaned on his hand “Well, can’t say I’m not used to it. I’m a Senior Marketing Strategist,” he answered a question that was building up inside your head “I’m used to performing in front of big gatherings, tomorrow won't be the first time.”

    “Oh, so you’re on the menu tomorrow?” You shoot out before even thinking how it would sound, making the man in front of you almost choking on the sip of water he was drinking, his face grew red the tiniest bit. “Oh gods, speaking of making a fool of yourself, I’m sorry, it just... slipped. That was so inappropriate...” Feeling how your face grew hot, you blabbed out your apologies, embarrassed fully for the thing you’ve just said.

    “No worries, I’ll just… Ugh… I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, it’s awfully loud in here after all.” He was nervous, but he laughed, washing it away within a blink of an eye, waving his hand as if nothing happened, and you let the air from your lungs with relief. “But yes, I’ll be doing a presentation tomorrow, if it’s what you’re asking. So… What is your occupation, that you're so intimidated by the crowds?”

    “I'm an HR Specialist.”

    “HR and you’re not comfortable with people, that’s interesting. Quite uncommon among the HR that I’ve met.”

    “Well, I’m surely better at one-on-one conversation than entertaining the whole crowd.”

    “Speaking of crowds, I could use some assistant during tomorrow’s event, maybe you’d-”

    “Absolutely not.” You pouted, crossing your arms on your chest.

    “Easy there, I was just joking.” He chuckled again, “By the way, we weren't introduced. I’m Yamato.” his hand darted over the table, and you grabbed it back. It wasn’t a surprise that his grip was quite strong, more surprising was the fact that his hands were nicely smooth in touch. Maybe the fingers were not so long, but they were thick. And there was certainly no wedding ring or any trace of it on the slightly tanned from summer sun skin.


    “So, (Y/n), since we have introductions over us, would you like to move to the bar over there,” he pointed in some direction behind you with the other hand, holding still the one you gave him as a greeting like he was preventing you from getting up and getting away “and let me choose a drink for you?”

    You bit your lip hearing the proposal. For sure you were tired, and aching to get some rest in a comfortable bed, with an A/C set up at a comfortable temperature, but you wouldn’t mind having some social interactions too. Given that your group already disappeared and they were either using the attractions that town or hotel itself offered, or they just went to get rest already, so… In that case, you had no other company than a newly-met, handsome, and intriguing man.

    “Okay then. I’m curious if you’d guess what I like.”


    The sounds of people screaming and laughing woke you up the morning after. A small swarm buzzed inside your head, but just a little, annoying only for the tiniest bit. When you pulled up the blinds and your sight got used to the amount of light that hit the room, you could see the crowd using all the pools, tubs, courts, and other attractions available for them.

    Yesterday’s unexpected invitation didn’t lead to anything unusual. Even if Yamato didn’t guess what drink was your favorite, with any of the three drinks that he ordered for you, he was certainly a good conversation partner, able to make small and clever jokes once in a while, trying, maybe even a little too much, in keeping up the conversation and indulging you with new topics and curiosities. You’ve been talking almost to midnight until the bartender - the angry-looking black-haired guy who most certainly only recently became an adult and started working - asked you to leave. Then you exchanged your numbers and parted to your rooms saying goodnight to each other, yet exchanging some harmless, but induced with slight innuendos messages. There was some… Energy between you, yet you weren’t sure if you should push it any further than little teasing and subtexts that this evening was abounded with. The perspective of one night with the man was alluring. He was alluring, too much even. But would it end up being just a fling?

    Chasing away the thoughts, you took a quick shower and dressed up all prepared to go for breakfast. The hall wasn’t as crowded as the previous day, many people were already over their meal, or still fast asleep. You’ve found your group and joined them, sharing the gossip and information overheard during the last evening, and the fact that you’ve spent most of the time with a stranger didn’t miss their attention so naturally, you had to explain yourself and defend yourself from the accusations that you spend the most delightful night in his room.

    The rest of the morning and early afternoon went smoothly, spent on joking, gossiping, and shopping for trinkets and souvenirs, and some clothing as you’ve noticed the lack of a bathing suit. And that one was particularly needed for the swimming pool you’ve been dying to use on such a hot and sunny day, and you still had the time to allow yourself to relax a little.

    Despite the insane amount of people in the water, you managed to dip in for a while. But the crowd, and inability to swim on the larger distances efficiently drove you out of the water. Exposing your back on one of the sunbeds, you were hoping to catch at least a bit of a tan.

    Suddenly your telephone buzzed, the melody announced a new message incoming - you smiled seeing the name of the contact displayed on the small screen.

    [Yamato]: Sunbathing?

    The message surprised you a little. You didn’t recall seeing him around, and surely you would notice him, you searched the whole area for him before you went into the water, somewhat having a small hope that he’d be at the pool too.

    [Me]: ???

    [Me]: How do you know?

    You tapped the screen, answering quickly, and started to look around, scanning the area near the pool in search of yesterday's companion. Seconds later, your phone buzzed again.

    [Yamato]: Windows. Above you. Enough if you raise your head

    After a moment you saw him, standing behind the glass on the fourth floor in the same shirt he had yesterday. You quickly wrote another message.

    [Me]: You’re watching me?

    [Yamato]: Well if you put it like that, it makes me look like some sort of creep

    [Yamato]: I’m simply enjoying the view ;)

    [Me]: Oh really?

    [Me]: Like what you see?

    [Yamato]: Definitely

    [Yamato]: But I think it could be better

    The man was so obviously flirting with you, you’d have to be blind and blunt to miss that little fact. Not minding having some fun on your own you played along.

    [Me]: What do you have in mind then?

    You looked at the man in the window. It was hard to see all the details from that distance, but you thought you saw it, how he bit his lip, how he looked on the screen, and then at you, at the screen, at you... Finally, he tapped on his phone and looked back at you. The message came a second later.

    [Yamato]: Lay on your back?

    With a mischievous grin, you turned around as he pleased, having your front now exposed to the sun, your skin was shining from the lotion you’ve put earlier on. You stretched out for the show, trying to make it look like a casual thing rather than on purpose, not hesitating to arch your back. The fun you had out of this little flirt was better than curious glares around you. The top of your bathing suit covered your breasts only enough to keep it modest, and the bottom curled down dangerously.

    [Me]: How about now?

    But Yamato didn’t answer for a long while, you’ve noticed that he was only staring at you from the height. Your mind started to overthink things that you just did, your fingertips quickly tapped the screen typing another message.

    [Me]: You alive?

    [Yamato]: Barely

    [Yamato]: Shame I have to go back to work, wouldn’t mind enjoying you a little longer

    [Me]: Indeed, shame. Who knows, maybe you’ll have the occasion later?

    Again, you stretched your whole body and had a look at the window. Yamato stood there, standing still like a sculpture. You’ve noticed how his fist clenched and certainly, he had his eyes closed. All of a sudden he shook his head and smiled or rather laughed.

    Yamato turned away and disappeared somewhere in the room. You wanted to believe that he just went back to work, but your mind started to suggest other - more naughty - actions.


    The hotel lobby was crowded with people anticipating the main event of the evening to start. The mix of mostly dark-toned suits and colorful business-style or slightly more casual dresses filled most of the space of the elegant interior. You did not stand out from the crowd: white buttoned blouse, black blazer, and a skirt, which rolled up each time you sat down so that you could see the edge of the lace on your stockings (and which you had to adjust all the time, as much discreetly as it was possible), black high-heels, and delicate make-up completed the look.

    The party was already half an hour late, but what could one expect when it’s a party with more than 300 attendees? Preparing the tables, allocating seats, preparing the food, drinks, setting up the decorations, and preparing the souvenirs for the employees that were supposed to be rewarded tonight for whatever reason - it took an insane amount of time to do it. With every minute that passed spent on waiting, you felt bored and annoyed more by the crowd, sitting, or rather sinking in a black armchair that you occupied from the moment you came here, focused only on the small screen of your phone, going through the company intranet and friends messages for any juicy gossips, until the doors to the biggest conference room opened and the crowd flown inside.

    Finding your seat wasn’t hard, you just followed your group until one of them pointed at the little cards containing your names. The round tables were stacked with drinks, alcohol, and various hot and cold snacks. Briefly, before you sat down you spotted your companion from yesterday, but now he looked… A lot better. Dark navy blue suit, burgundy tie, and snow-white shirt. You felt little butterflies in your stomach when your mind jumped on a different subject of loosening this tied knot and unbuttoning the shirt, and maybe leaving a lipstick mark on the collar… Yamato noticed you too, waving his hand from across the hall, making his sitting neighbors and your co-workers throw curious stares at both of you.

    As everyone was seated, the lights went off leaving only a spotlight directed onto the platform with a rostrum. The screen behind it turned blue with “HDMI 1” displayed on it.

    One by one, new people were entering it, presenting first the history of the company, then the plans for the upcoming year. Those who didn’t have to present anything already started to have fun on their own - the liquors were quickly distributed, snacks disappeared insanely fast.

    Feeling awfully bored you slowly drank your mix of something strong and a juice, grimacing with every sip as it was just too strong. Suddenly, you felt how your telephone buzzed in your purse, and you bleed the auto adjustment of the brightness when you looked at the screen at the darkness surrounding you. The name that popped on the screen made you grin wide.

    [Yamato]: I wanted to come up to you

    [Yamato]: But they opened the doors, and I missed a chance to say that you look lovely in this outfit

    [Me]: Heh, thank you, it’s just an old business suit, nothing special

    [Yamato]: It suits you

    [Yamato]: But it’s not the best part

    [Yamato]: You know which one it is?

    [Yamato]: That lace on your stockings that shows up every time you sit

    Fuck, how did he noticed that?!

    Your face grew hot all of a sudden, a cold shiver ran down your spine. Subconsciously you adjusted the skirt once more, nervously looking around if someone else noticed that. You took a peek at him, sitting all relaxed on the other side of the dim conference room, with a smug smirk painted on his lips. He tapped again on his screen.

    [Yamato]: Oh don’t worry, that’s not something noticeable at first glance. You have to know what to look for

    [Me]: So you admit that you’re watching me

    [Yamato]: It’s hard not to

    [Yamato]: I’d love to take a closer look though

    [Me]: What if I have something against it?

    You intended to tease him, but the next message that came after a few seconds startled you a bit.

    [Yamato]: Say a word and I’ll stop

    But you weren’t given the chance to answer him, as Yamato’s name was called, and the man moved quickly entering the large platform at the end of the hall accompanied by the loud applause, just as everyone that presented something before him.

    He really seemed and felt confident about what he was doing, not even looking at the presentation while speaking as he had already planned everything in his mind. Yet, there was another spot in the wide space his dark eyes wandered to - you. You felt the overpowering stare, drilling a hole in your stomach, making you feel hot and uncomfortable from a sudden feeling pooling down your stomach. He was devouring you with his gaze, even if he didn’t put a lot of effort into it, even if he looked so natural that nobody else could notice it. Yet you did. Your hand landed on the first button of your blouse, the one near the collar, undoing it while you took a deeper breath.

    You noticed how Yamato blinked a few times, one on two words came out stuttered all out of nowhere. Could he see you?

    Well, he could, given that the screen was fairly bright and you could see with ease the faces of people sitting around. Well, two can play this game. Patiently you waited until his eyes again landed on you, only then with your lip bitten, you unbuttoned another one parting the material a bit, revealing a tiny patch of soft skin this time looking directly at him.

    Immediately, he turned around looking at the screen like he was searching for something on the displayed slide. But again - he stuttered, and you laughed to yourself, cherishing a well-scored point. Would the next one be a little too much? Probably. Yet, when you caught his eye again, your hand darted and revealed more of your skin showing a bit the curves of your breast in your cleavage.

    Yamato looked thunderstruck for a brief moment, trying to mask his bewilderment by taking a few sips of water and clearing his throat like all of a sudden it became dry.

    Someone sitting next to you already was looking with curiosity and amusement at you. Your brain processed the stare quickly and realized how it could look from other people's perspectives. All ashamed, with a bit of shaking hands you fixed the blouse to its original shape.

    Quite quickly, Yamato regained his composure and returned to present it with again a confident demeanor, although he didn’t look back at you anymore, keeping a poker face for the rest of his performance. Not long after he returned very quickly to his seat, accompanied with applause, your phone buzzed, letting you know about a new message from the man.

    [Yamato]: Little witch

    [Yamato]: Should I take it as “don’t stop”?

    [Me]: Perhaps

    [Yamato]: Now you’ll have to ask nicely

    [Yamato]: Fuck

    [Yamato]: Just wait until the formal part is over

    [Me]: Is that a promise, or a threat?

    [Yamato]: Both

    You smirked and continued the little tease.

    [Me]: Now I’m curious

    [Me]: I’m only sitting here, minding my business and having a too strong drink

    [Me]: What possibly happened that you’re addressing such things to me?

    [Yamato]: Why don’t you sit on my lap and find out?

    Your thoughts raced, and you were not willing to stop them. Couldn’t help but imagine his big palms all over you, mouth ravishing your sweaty body, pounding himself fast into you like in a trance. You grinned at the screen, earning curious stares from the people around.

    From that moment, Yamato and you remained silent, observing his colleagues at work, although you couldn’t stop looking at the screen from time to time waiting with anticipation for the device to buzz familiarly again. The only thing you could catch was his stare, and how he licked his lips looking at you when you entered the platform along with the other people of your team, to collect the goodies that the company prepared for your facility on the occasion of its 5th anniversary.

    The night went further on, as the speeches and presentations ended, everyone scattered around, dying to get wasted already, racing who will endure the most, or stuff themselves with the food, or in the extreme cases be less decent than the brown-haired man and you were - you two at least kept the things between limited only to the virtual space of your phones.

    For now. And you were willing to change that.

    Couldn’t stand the crowd any longer as you approached the table where Yamato was sitting, alone, finishing the water he still had on stage. His eyes wandered around, observing the other participants, analyzing their behavior, smiling from time to time when he heard some good joke.

    “It would be weird if I’d sit on your lap now, wouldn’t it?” Words that came from your mouth sounded almost carnally, low, and hinted with lust.

    He groaned and rubbed his eyes with his fingers. “Totally. But given the state of some people, soon it would be the most decent thing to do.” You moved closer to him, enough for him to reach you, but still, he held his hands to himself.

    You leaned just above his ear, “Little witch?” you whispered.

    “Mhm. You must’ve put a spell on me (Y/n). I never felt so… Tempted by anyone so quickly in my life, I swear.” His lips were near your ear now, his voice low and purring the words making you shiver. Suddenly he moved away from you, looking deeply into your eyes, his dark ones were drilling a hole inside your soul “But if you don’t want anything more just… Just go, before I’ll lose my control.”

    You licked your lips but did nothing more considering curious gazes coming from every direction, even if you were dying to sit on his lap and grind yourself against him, pull his hair and press his head to your breasts, feel his cock entering your wet hole... Arousal pooled between your thighs, your underwear was nothing but just a piece of a damp cloth. Either you’ll go with him now, or you’ll go back to your room alone, finding a release on your own “You think that after all of this, I’d like to back out of it?” You hissed. “After all of the teasing and flirting? Since afternoon I've been roaming around full of anticipation, soaked, imagining all the things you could do to me, and now you’re telling me to drop out? Maybe it’s you who don’t want anything more?”

    “You think so?” He stood up, his hand wrapped under your arm, just like he was going on an innocent walk with you yet his grip was too strong for such a subtle thing. Still, people around couldn’t see how hard his grip was, how he was almost bruising your arm.  “You really think so? I’ll tell you a secret (Y/n).” He hissed to your ear, leading you out of the conference room. “Earlier before, when you were in the pool I told you I went back to work. I didn’t. Instead, I’ve spent some good time thinking about you. You know what I mean?”

    You nodded sharply. Of course, you knew when he meant. Seeing the elevator doors you wanted to stop, but he pulled you to the staircase.

    “No elevators.” He said, opening the doors to a chilly space.

    “Afraid of falling?”

    “No,” he retorted, “I just have a small plan.”

    “You don’t expect me to climb three floors in those?” You pouted, pointing at your heels, and then at the stairway.

    “Of course not, I told you that I have a plan.”

    Without any more words, he grabbed you in your waist and literally threw you over his arm.

    One arm wrapped around your waist, securing you not to fall. Your skirt rolled up enough to reveal the lace of the stockings, and right away you heard a deep cat-like purr, followed by a hard, juicy slap aimed at your ass. You yelped, fists clenched, you hit his back so he’d put you down. Instead, another slap landed in your ass, this time on the other cheek.

    “Behave.” The man chuckled.

    Without any effort he climbed the stairs, carrying you as easily as a feather, slapping your ass on every new floor he climbed. In less than a minute you were on the fourth floor, his floor. He turned, and not far from the entrance to the floor, he trapped you between him and the wooden doors, searching in his pockets for something feverishly. Through his and your clothes, you could feel how his cock was already hardened. Your leg wrapped around his waist, your core ground over his length leaving the wet spot on his suit. Even though the material he felt impressive.

    “Fuck (Y/n),” Yamato hissed “stop it, or I swear I’ll-”

    You didn't let him finish, your lips crashed on him, transferring a lipstick from your onto his, muffling any sound that was about to come out. They were not as soft as you thought, still in the moment he answered your kiss, when he moved them against yours, you couldn’t help yourself but let a breathy moan into his mouth. Your tongues met, and your eyes almost rolled back while he explored your mouth with eagerness and desire equal to your need and lust. The lock beeped silently and the door behind you opened, leaving you without any support, but strong palms grabbed the underneath of your thighs before you would fall, raising you higher. Without breaking the heated kiss, he closed the door behind you two. The next thing you knew was how your back softly hit the sheets, your body pinned down with his, your legs adorned with black high heels wrapped around him.

    The skirt rolled up completely, revealing the lace self-supporting stockings and the black lacy panties. His hips ground into you with desperation, and a simple touch like this tore a gasp out of you.

    “Someone’s sensitive.” He chuckled, breaking the kiss.

    “You don't say.” You retorted immediately while his fingers loosened his tie, and took it off, not minding untangling it. Almost tearing the black jacket and white blouse he discarded them from you, the skirt joined them on the floor, leaving you only in your underwear, stockings, and heels. You were not far behind him - his jacket and shirt landed on the ground soon after, revealing a toned and wide chest, so warm in touch it was almost burning. He groaned when your palm reached to still hidden under the material hard length, his hips bucked into your touch. “I’m the one sensitive?” You chuckled, gripping him in your palm.

    “ Fuck, you little-” whatever he was going to call you, it drowned into a loud gasp that accompanied your hand sliding underneath the material of his pants and underwear. Fuck, you wanted to feel the whole girth inside you, already twitching on your skin-to-skin contact. Yamato quickly regained composure, a palm wrapped around your wrist and pinned first one, then second hand to the bed. Free hand sneaked between your bodies, fingers pressed to your clothed core releasing a shudder from your body, gaining an amazed hum from the man.

    The mere stroke of his fingers, light touches over the clothed skin were enough for you to whimper under him, still pinned down and unable to move. He hooked them underneath the thin fabric, and with one hand he slid them off you, leaving the panties dangling from your ankle. He brushed over your clit only briefly, to see your reaction, to see how you gasp and shiver under his touch, but moments later he moved and pushed with ease one finger inside you.

    You moaned at the feeling, without any delay Yamato moved his finger in and out from your wet hole, curling it up, searching for the sweet spot that he wanted to abuse so bad. He wanted to feel you shiver under him, to feel how your walls clench, he wanted to hear you scream his name as his cock would sink into you inch by inch.

    Right after you moaned loudly, your body gave away the small fact that he found what he had been looking for. The second finger slid inside you with ease and your hips bucked into touch.

    Fuck he felt so good even if only he used his fingers so far, and once he settled a pace, it wasn’t long for you to feel reaching your peak. Pleas and begs escaped your chest, wanting only your release, begging him to give it to you.

    “Yamato… Fuck… Don’t fucking stop… Fuck, please~ ” Was the only thing that fell out of your mouth feeling the movement and little stretch.

    Like he was reading your mind, he released your hands and added so needed bit of stimulation to the swollen clit with his now free thumb. With nails dug into his back scratching deep and earning little growls from him, you collapsed from your height within a few breaths, clenching around still moving inside you his thick fingers, running away with your hips from his touch.

    “You’re gorgeous,” he cooed a little praise when finally your body calmed down enough, “so beautiful when you come.” Yamato leaned over your body, your fingers entangled with the brown hair pulling him into a kiss he eagerly answered. The material rustled between your spread legs, feeling finally his length on your skin, but suddenly he stopped any moves like he was struck with the thunder, parting from your swollen lips. His breath tingled your skin, feeling so cold on wet flesh.

    “Something’s wrong?” You asked for loosening the grip on his hair, stroking slightly the brown strands. “You didn't change your mind, right?”

    “No, no. Fuck no. Just… Shit, tell me that I don’t have to run through my stuff in search of condoms?” His face grew red up to the roots of his hair, gaze averted from you landed on the wardrobe analyzing if and where little packets could be hidden. “I mean, I’m good but I…”

    You blinked a few times, processing his words through the hazy brain. Once you fully understood what he meant you snickered wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m fine. All clean and on the pill. So just fuck me, will you?”

    He groaned, the tip of his cock aligned into your wet heated entrance. Your hips bucked into him wanting to fill him already inside you, to rut his hips and just let you untwine the knot that started to build in your stomach again.

    “Needy witch.” He chuckled, pushing the head inside you. The feeling of such fullness just by the inch was unexpected but more than pleasurable. He didn’t stop, seeing your reaction only emboldened Yamato, so he started to move, sinking deeper with every thrust he made. Your nails raked through his back every time harder as he got deeper inside, earning lustful moans and curses from the man. Leg still wearing stocking and heel landed on Yamato’s arm and soon after your back arched into him feeling the tip of his cock hitting your cervix. “You’re alright?” He chuckled seeing you in such state.

    “Yes, just… Give me a moment… Fuck… ”

    “Sure thing.” He breathed “Don’t wait too long, I beg you.”

    His hands slid on the smooth and slick material, little languid kisses pressed on your ankle and calf, patiently waiting until you nodded, finally permitting him to go on, right before he was driven mad by the tightness of your cunt and juices coating him.

    He felt good inside you, moving still slowly making sure that you’re not hurt. His gaze was intimidating, full of raw lust and need, ravishing your body with only eyes even if your breasts were still covered by the thin veil of lace. Fingers dug into your hip, second hand still pressing your leg to lightly sweated chest. With every next thrust, he went faster, harder, treating mewls and short breaths out your chest that soon turned into loud moans. If your brain wasn't so foggy from the building-up pleasure, you’d -like Yamato- bless the loud music and laughs coming from outside, jamming most of the sounds you made.

    Yamato wasn’t a vocal man, only a few growls and curses passed through his lips when the knot in his stomach tightened, getting him closer to his own release. Thumb sneak to your clit again brushing over with small circles the little nub. Your body shuddered, clenching around the whole length. Finally, he set up a pace, sweated shin slapping onto another with a lewd wet sound Both of you lost a track of time, sunken one into another.

    You reached with your hand to him, searching for some more contact. Coldness appeared on your hip, as his hand abandoned the kneading movement on your skin and answered for your voiceless plea. Fingers entwined with yours, squeezing it. For a moment he stopped giving any attention to your leg swung around his shoulder, leaning just a bit to kiss your fingers and knuckles in an intimate gesture.

    The other hand still working on the swollen nub. Finally, your body gave up to the pleasure, your walls clenched almost painfully on a thick cock still fucking you into oblivion. Shuddering and moaning, feeling him brushing over your clit, feeling the little kisses around your ankle and calf occasionally switched with teeth to nibble your skin. The wet soft walls collapsing on his cock, the grimace of pleasure you made reaching your peak, how you moaned his name in ecstasy he gave you made the man see little white stars and reach for his end too. His cock throbbed inside you, the man groaned a curse, his thrusts became sloppier when his warm string of cum spurred inside you.

    You stayed like this for a while, catching your breaths and fighting the aftermath of your orgasms. Yamato was first to regain the ability to move, leaving you for a moment only to bring you both some damp towels to clean yourselves up. You caught his stare, how he looked at the remaining parts of your clothes, at the sweated body and chest still moving heavily. “What?” You asked, feeling a little intimidated by the heavy stare.

    “Just… You may want to take it off.” He explained. “Judging by the sounds from behind the doors, there is a big party in the corridor or a hunt, so either you'll stay or just have a walk of shame. It doesn't matter anyway. I’m not letting you out from here now.” He added with a smile.

    You laughed, but nodded, having no objections to spending time with him up until the morning. Yet, even if you both had a hard time falling asleep, the rest of the night elapsed on hasty kisses, small almost innocent touches, and conversing as much as your tired minds have allowed you.


    It wasn’t the morning sun that woke you, although it was the first thought. The actual reason was a whisper somewhere behind your back. Yamato sounded irritated, huffing simple “yes”, “no”, “you need to check” into the phone. It wasn’t a long talk tho, soon after you opened your eyes and turned around the call ended.

    “Good morning.” You whispered, leaning onto his chest, fingers started involuntarily drawing small shapes on it.

    He smiled. “Good morning to you too, little witch.”

    “What hour is it?”

    “Uh… 6:57?”

    “Really? Who was calling at this ungodly hour? Ah shit, sorry,” you scolded yourself for your nosiness and curiosity, “not my business. That was rude of me.”

    He placed a small his on the top of your head. “Don’t worry about that. It was just my trainee, he has some stuff to finish by noon and he is panicking.”

    “Oh, trainees always sound like fun, but then you have to babysit them and…” You laughed. But you sat down on the bed with little worrying thoughts in your mind. This morning started to be… Intimate. Too intimate for after a one-night stand, too intimate for just a fling and you were not sure entirely how to react to this.  “So… I guess I should be going. I mean, breakfast will start in an hour and I’d really like to avoid the walk of shame. Plus I need to take a shower, pack, and…”

    “You can take shower here.” He interrupted you like he wanted to keep you. Butterflies stirred in your stomach hearing slight hope in his voice. “We can shower together. You know, water-saving and stuff.”

    Hearing you giggle at the thought, he took it as a positive answer. He didn’t want to waste any more time, so he scooped you in his arms, and like a feather, he carried you to the bathroom.


    The dining room was half empty. Most of the sitting people were having severe symptoms of a heavy hangover, not really willing to talk or do anything other than contemplating their coffees or little bits of food they were able to put in their mouths without having a problem swallowing. Your group was nowhere to be seen, and after a quick exchange of messages with one awoken person you’ve learned that they won’t be up anytime soon, and the leave was scheduled for the late afternoon.

    That meant a lot of waiting and boredom before they’d manage to bring themselves to living conditions. Yamato would leave soon too, so there wouldn’t be even a decent, face-to-face conversation partner.

    So you sat down, sipping your coffee, wondering what you should do in the upcoming hours, when a figure appeared in front of you, sitting on a chair with a little squeak. Like on the first evening, the t-shirt showed nice muscles on his arms, a sincere smile was painted on his lips, dark eyes looking at you with a playful curious spark.

    “I thought you left without breakfast.” You smiled seeing him.

    “Well, I’d say I had one already.” He chuckled seeing how your face grew embarrassed, and hot on the memory of the morning.

    “Then maybe a second breakfast?”

    “If you’re proposing.” He retorted before you said anything else.

    “That’s not- I-... Oh, you-!”

    A whole-hearted laugh escaped his chest, his whole body shuddered to see you startled and blushed. “Don’t worry, I'll probably have some food on the way. I actually wanted to ask you something. When are you leaving?”

    “Afternoon? Not soon anyway, my ride is still asleep and probably will wake up hungover…”

    “Then, may I propose something? I still have some free days to take, I could just use one and ride you home.”

    You almost choked on the coffee you were drinking. “But it’s… I’m fine. You don’t have to, really.”

    “The thing is, if I didn’t scare you away now, of course, I’d like to know you better. You intrigued me the moment you asked you can take the seat and fuck, it's quite some time since I last felt near someone the way I feel with you.” His eyes looking straight into yours with anticipation, the playful spark was still there mixing with a hint of hope. "So... What do you think?"

    The proposition was unexpected, but you couldn’t say that it was unwelcomed. Yamato was attractive, alluring, and… After the whole night with the company both of his body and mind, you craved for more. And it wasn't just the matter of sex with this man, but simple intimacy and secureness he was able to give you just in a few moments spent together.

    “I’d love to. Let me just write to my colleagues, and grab my stuff. We’ll meet at the parking lot?”

    A triumphant smile adorned his face, joyful sparks burst in his eyes. Yamato leaned over the table to place a kiss over your cheek. “Sure thing, little witch.”

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    Yo wtf they did to Tenzō

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