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    Naruto headcanon

    Yamato can't help himself. He saves the clearance price plants from the store because he can't stand to see them so sad.

    Fight me.

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    Summon's Chat

    Characters: Hatake Kakashi, Senju Tsunade, Haruno Sakura, Pakkun, Tenzo Yamato

    Words: 2031

    The hallway leading to Tsunade-sama’s office was surprisingly empty. Devoid of the usual hustle and bustle of Shinobi running about in every direction handing off paperwork and talking about the mission they had just received, or the one they had returned home from. There were a select few people scattered around the place, but not enough to hide the chakra signature hidden away in the wall.

    Coming to a stop just outside the door, he scanned the hallway. Looking for Shizune, Genma or anyone else he would usually find in the area. There was nothing.


    Standing upon his shoulder, the pug sniffed the air. “Tsunade is in the office,” he confirmed. “I can also smell Sakura,” Unsurprising. Sakura was training under the Hokage so it only made sense that there were times she would be around her. Although Kakashi hadn’t seen much of his student in the last year, the one place he was most likely to run into her was this office.

    That still left one question unanswered.

    Staring at the wall to the left of the office doors, he waited patiently for the hidden Anbu operative to make himself visible. When he didn’t take the hint, Kakashi sighed. “Tenzo…”

    The wall shifted, forming slowly into the outline of a human with an Anbu’s Cat mask over their face. “When are you going to stop calling me ‘Tenzo’, Senpai?” the man asked, disregarding the exhausted look Kakashi gave him. “Tsunade-sama isn’t busy at the moment, but you might want to just walk away and avoid the office for a bit.”

    Interesting. There were many reasons to avoid the Hokage’s office but rarely did he ever hear someone tell him to just vanish. It was tempting to do. The mission briefing could wait until tomorrow and that would leave him with enough time to get some groceries before the market closed. Now that the offer was on the table though there was a little voice in the back of his head telling him to go in.

    To see just what it was that had cleared out the Hokage’s residence to a skeleton crew.

    “You’re going in, aren’t you?” Tenzo sighed, all too familiar with his Senpai’s personality. Once his mind was made up on something it was hopeless to try and talk him out of it. No matter how stupid or dangerous it was. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” With that, Tenzo disappeared back into the wall.

    “Well?” glancing to his side, he chuckled when Pakkun rolled his eyes. “You think I should make a run for it?”

    “It would be the smart thing to do. Then of course, for a genius you’re pretty set on never doing the smart thing.” truer words had never been spoken, and as he took a step towards the door and grabbed the door handle he made a mental note to give the pug extra treats before he went back home. Not the best way to dissuade someone from insulting him, but then Kakashi never did try to stop them. It was too much fun hearing what kind of insults people could come up with for him that weren’t just cruel. A nice change from the cruel words he had heard tossed around behind his back since he was a kid.

    Turning the doorknob, he shoved the door open carefully and was immediately greeted by one of the most confusing sights he had ever experienced in his life.

    Tsunade-sama and Sakura side by side behind the Hokage’s desk leaned over a small book. Their conversation was whispered, which didn’t surprise Kakashi. If the two had been yelling he would have heard it outside the door, and he wouldn’t have had to ask Tenzo why the hallways were empty.

    He also would not have dared walk into the room. Not a single soul in Konoha was stupid enough to walk into a room where Tsunade-Sama was screaming at someone. Throw Sakura into the mix and he’s been surprised if anyone risked their lives by staying in the village.

    “So that’s what the frogs do,” Sakura nodded, soaking up whatever information she was being taught. “There are other summons though, right? Lord Third had monkeys if I remember the textbooks at the Acadamy correctly, and then there’s The Aburame’s beetle summons, and- oh!” Catching a glimpse of her Sensei standing at the door, Sakura straightened herself up. “Perfect.”

    It was touching to hear his student say that when she first spotted him. Some days Kakashi felt like he wasn’t needed, or even wanted by the people of his village. There were a select few he knew for sure who wanted him around, but everyone else seemed like they were better off without him.

    Like their lives would be easier if he just disappeared. To know that Sakura had missed him though. That she was excited to see him again. He couldn’t help but smile a little at the thought.

    “I have a question,” watching as she darted around the desk, Kakashi prepared himself for a variety of questions. Something regarding her genjutsu, or Chakra natures. There was also the distinct possibility that there would be questions about summons, given the bit of conversation he had just overheard. “How many summoners do you have? Are there any attributes attributed to you and the other hounds that other summons don’t have?”

    Feelings of love and acceptance came crashing down on his head. The harsh reality of his position in the world weighing heavily on his shoulders. Why he had even thought Sakura would be excited to see him was beyond him now that he put some thought into it. Her favourite pass time was teasing him and calling him ‘An old lazy perv’ after all.

    “Only one summoner,” Nudging Kakashi’s chin with his head, Pakkun huffed when the Jonin dared to look away from him. “As stupid and stubborn as he is, he’s our pup. First priority.”

    At least someone cared about him.

    “But you had to have had other summoners before,” Sakura insisted. “What were they like? Were you always hanging around on their shoulders like you do with Kakashi-sensei?”

    “Kakashi’s father, and his grandmother before that. We hounds have a history of attaching ourselves to one family. We only branch out if that family line is ending, or we have a falling out with them,” Kakashi could remember some of the stories Pakkun had told him growing up. The summoners who had lost the Hounds loyalty. How they had searched the world for a new family, and finally found themselves with the Hatake’s. “As for how I am with the pup, that’s just him. Every hound summoner has a deeper connection with a different hound. Kakashi’s grandmother was closest to bull, while his father was closest to Akino.”

    “That’s, a lot to take in,” Sakura grumbled, rushing back to the desk and snatching up a notebook and pen. “Let me write that all down.”

    “What exactly is going on here?” directing his question to Tsunade-sama, Kakashi cocked his head to the left. “I came here to fill you in on my mission, and my summon is being berated with questions?”

    “You’re just jealous I’m getting all of the attention,” Pakkun grumbled. “You should be used to that. I am cuter than you after all,” Whatever treats he was planning to give Pakkun after this meeting was now going to all of the other hounds. “Come on, pup. It’s not that bad. Just because I’m cuter doesn’t mean you’re not adorable.” As if making a point, Pakkun pressed a paw against his cheek. Squishing his face slightly while Sakura stood in front of them furiously taking notes.

    “What’s happening here,” Tsunade-sama wheezed between fits of laughter, clearly enjoying the situation Kakashi had found himself in. “Is I was- teaching Sakura -about summons,” An important thing to learn, but that didn’t explain why everyone had deserted the Hokage’s residence or why Tenzo had warned him against entering the office. “Sakura has met Enma, Sensei’s summon.”

    “Asuma-sensei summoned him for me,” Sakura beamed. “Though, he was rather rude. Not as kind and fun as Lady Katsuyu and he didn’t seem to have the same sort of bond as Pakkun does with you, Sensei.”

    That made sense. Enma was a more straightforward no-bullshit summon. It fit Lord Third best, and while the personality seemed to sometimes clash with Asuma he still got along rather well with the Monkey king.

    “Shibi-san’s beetle summon was the most interesting so far though,” Sakura noted. “Though, I think he might have scared everyone off. They had to leave through the window because according to Shibi-san ‘people don’t take kindly to a giant beetle roaming the hallways’”

    That explained a lot. People in Konoha were fine with summons because this was a shinobi village, but everyone had animals or insects they didn’t like. A giant beetle was one summon that was likely to get a rather negative reaction from people.

    “Oh, Sensei,” lifting her notebook, Sakura’s smile grew. “Tell me about the hounds. I want to learn all about the various summons. It’s not something we got to learn about a lot at the Acadamy.”

    An opportunity to talk about the hounds was something Kakashi would never pass up, but if he did that right now he was likely to end up in the office for far longer than he wanted to be. “How about a compromise,” he offered. “I have some intel to hand over to Tsunade-sama. You let me do that and I’ll meet you at Ichiraku ramen after. We’ll talk about the hounds over some food,” Maybe he’d invite Gai along if he was in the village. If Sakura was asking about summons, she would no doubt want to meet Ningame. “Deal?”

    Sakura’s eyes widened. “Deal!” Snapping her book shut, she turned towards the Hokage. “Tsunade-sama, thank you for talking to me about all of the summons. If it’s alright with you I’ll return to my studies until Kakashi-sensei is finished giving you his report.”

    “Ya, go on,” Tsunade-sama waved her away. “We’ll continue your training tomorrow at the regular time,” Wasting no time, Sakura bolted out the door and down the hallway, leaving both Tsunade and Kakashi standing there chuckling. “When you told me about her, you failed to mention how much she loved to learn, Kakashi.”

    “Ya,” placing a hand in his hair, he continued to laugh. “I guess I did. Sorry about that.”

    “Nothing to be sorry about,” waving a hand towards the space in front of her desk, Tsunade-sama flopped back into her seat with a groan. “It’s exhausting at times, but it’s good. A shinobi who keeps their mind sharp will learn easily. It’s no surprise to me that Sensei assigned her to your team.”

    That was a surprising comment. Most people wondered why Kakashi got the students he did, or even why he had been made a Jonin Sensei at all. Few knew about the efor4ts Gai, Asuma and Kurenai had put in to have him removed from Anbu and given a Genin team, so they all wondered why Lord Third had decided Konoha’s best killing machine would make a good Sensei for impressionable kids.

    “Don’t give me that look, Kakashi,” propping her elbows up on the desk, she folded her hands together and propped her chin upon them. “I remember when you were a kid. Just four years old and always so full of questions. I don’t think your father ever got a break. At least, not while you were awake.”

    Embarrassing, but true. As a child, he had been full of questions and demands. Desperate to learn as much as he could from his father. Almost as if he knew his time with the older man was limited.

    “He’s still full of questions,” hoping off of his shoulder, Pakkun landed on the desk in front of Tsunade and bumped his head against her arm. Silently demanding some pets from his father’s old friend. “That hasn’t changed at all.”

    “Of course it hasn’t,” Tsunade-sama chuckled, lowering her left hand down on top of Pakkun’s head. “Now, what did you learn on your mission, Kakashi?”

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    he’s not here to make friends

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    13th Chapter: "Something New to Learn"

    For the taste of Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke, Yamato and you move way too slow. So, Naruto sets off to play matchmaker, even if his plan works in mysterious ways only.

    ~ X ~

    Hey there! Sorry for the long wait! T^T

    As you all know, I hit a rough patch in my work life. Lots of stuff to do and lots of things to work on, unfortunately no time to work on fanfiction. Then lots of moving around and such, and you have the perfect ground to not be able to work on fanfics T^T9 So, I hope you guys like this chapter! It's pretty much a set-up for the ones coming afterwards, and I'm still thoroughly enjoying building up a few more connections for the MC ^^ Thank you all for your patience!

    ~ X ~

    “They’re still not moving forward.”

    Sakura leaned against the counter, her eyes firmly set on the table with the painfully oblivious lovebirds. The captain and (Y/N) were just… sitting at their table, taking little bites from their respective food, and just throwing little-yet-telling glances at each other when the other person was busy with eating. Honestly, it was ridiculous. Why couldn’t they just move a little bit faster?

    Sakura knew her boss deserved to be happy. She was pretty sure (Y/N) also deserved to be happy. Why couldn’t they just be happy together? Really, sometimes she thought that becoming a fully fledged adult wouldn’t be good at all if she would also suck at communication like them.

    “Naruto…” Sakura whispered to her co-worker, “I think it’s time for one of your ideas.”

    In an instant, the boy perked up like an overly eager puppy. “Really? Hell yeah! I know what we can do, believe it!”

    “Well…” She gestured towards the table with the two oblivious lovebirds. “Work your magic. I’m at my wits end.”

    “Wait. Is today Thursday?”

    “Yeah. Why?”

    But he only pumped his fist, before walking over to the table, armed with nothing but a bright smile and his sunny personality. Sakura only hoped that would be enough for them to finally talk and maybe finally drift together.

    ~ X ~

    You had no idea what you had to expect when Naruto walked up to the table in the middle of your break with Yamato. Somehow, you were glad for the distraction, as you were busy trying to not stare at him so obviously. But it wasn’t your fault! The way Yamato looked with the August sun falling onto his lush, chestnut-brown hair while eating his sandwich with potato wedges bite for bite, his free hand splayed out on the table—Fuck, you wanted to take that hand again: wanted to feel the calluses; wanted to feel the small scars; wanted to feel the roughness of his skin against your own palm.

    Needless to say, you caught a bad case of damned feelings. It wasn’t the first time you noticed, but slowly, the realization creeped in that your feelings were more profound than you initially believed. Hell, at the lake you could at least pretend that it wouldn’t possibly last! That you could act like you weren’t affected by him, like you wouldn’t fall deeper in love with him, at least not so quickly after Ryota abandoned you with broken confidence. And you absolutely didn’t plan to fall in love with someone who helped you out of the kindness of his heart.

    And yet, here you were, helplessly sneaking glances at Yamato while trying to follow his words and their meaning, right when Naruto knocked onto the wood of the table.

    “Hey there! Good to see you two, especially you.” His blue eyes darted between the two of you, then got stuck on Yamato. “Hey, captain… I have a question.”

    “Go ahead.” The older man looked up to the boy, smiling in mild confusion as he did so.

    “Sure. Uhm, you know,” one of Naruto’s arms rose and his hand buried in his blond hair, “I really need some stress relief and I wonder if you could bring me to your dojo again…? With my exams around the corner and Sasuke going on my nerves constantly with his music at home, I can’t really turn my brain off, believe it!”

    To your surprise, Yamato’s eyebrows rose almost to his hairline. “You know what happened last time?”

    “I know, I know. Not my proudest moments. Still, that work-out was the best I had in years! That Sakumo-grandpa really knows what he’s doing. Please, I’m begging you.”

    Yamato hummed, while one of his hands pushed the half-empty plate out of the way. “Really? Last time you swore you wouldn’t go back, no matter what.”

    “I totally changed my mind! Please…” Naruto’s cheery expression turned into a pout, his trademark signature whenever he desperately wanted something. “I really have to get away from the duckbutt-haircut for an afternoon.”

    Obviously a not-very-common occurrence. So uncommon that you instinctively understood Yamato’s worried face when he spoke up again. “Hey, alright. If it’s that urgent, we can go. Do you have a time in mind?”

    Naruto’s head tipped from side to side, thinking hard about his answer. “I mean… the faster, the better. Would today be alright? I really need that time away from him.” Then, his expression lightened up, like he just had the best idea of all times. “Hey, don’t they have this women-defense course there, too? That would be so cool if you come with us, believe it!”

    The change of topic came way too fast. Blinking in surprise, you could only try to not look at Yamato, who seemed just as bewildered as you at Naruto’s idea. “Uhm… I don’t… I don’t think I would do well there…”

    “Oh, I’m sure it’s a beginner’s course. Besides, Yamato would be there to help you out, just in case!”

    Would he though? One look at him, and you saw the same confusion you felt on his face. Where did this proposition come from? So strange that Naruto seemed to really want you in that course for self defense.

    Still glancing at Yamato for help, you shrugged. “Uhm, sure? Fine, yeah. I have some time this evening and nothing else to do. Where is that gym?”

    “Nice!” Naruto pumped his fist. “But yeah, don’t call it a gym. It’s a dojo, and they only do martial arts there.”

    Yamato still seemed a bit worried about your choice. “You don’t have to come,” he said, “the training with Sakumo can be really harsh. I can’t speak for that self-defense course as I never participated, but his higher level classes are really harsh.”

    “Eeeh,” even though you already felt some nervousness creeping down your spine at the possibility of failing… in Yamato’s proximity, “I guess I can try it out at least. Just once.” Highly irrational, yes, but also deeply unnerving. When Yamato seemed a bit nervous at the prospect of you going to that dojo too, you would definitely be facing a situation which might be too much for you.

    Nevertheless, you tried to hide your nervousness behind a confident grin. “It won’t be that bad. Just a valuable experience, right?”

    ~ X ~

    It already dawned on you when you parked before the dojo that this wouldn’t be an easy, valuable experience as you hoped. Sure, you imagined the dojo in a little bit old-fashioned way, maybe a bit run-down too, but this… like the tranquil house jumped straight out of an asian martial-arts flick. Internally, you already debated if you could ask the owner to use the dojo potentially for some promotion-photos as you climbed the few stairs up to the entrance. Anko was working together with an author who could be interested in the scenery. Clutching to the strap of your bag holding some sportswear, you fidgeted around before breathing in and knocking at the front door.

    It didn’t take too long. Just a few seconds and the door swung open. And to say your breath was taken away would be an understatement.

    “Ah,” the older man said. The long greyish-silver hair was bound into a tight ponytail, crow’s feet crinkling in his gentle smile. “You must be Yamato’s friend. Come in.”

    “Uhm… yeah. Yeah! I’m…” First, you shook your head, then you nodded. The soothing, gentle aura the older man emitted confused you to the very core. “I’m Yamato’s friend. There is a self-defense course for women going on…?”

    “That is correct.” Opening the door wider, he gestured you in. “Don’t worry, you still have a few minutes. Get changed and get ready.”

    With that, the man left you alone to enter the dojo and after a small pause, you followed him. He was kind of intimidating in his calmness, and even though you watched him in front of you, no sound could be heard from his naked feet as he walked around the entrance area.

    Following his example, you heeled your shoes off and pushed them into a corner, where a few other pairs of shoes waited for their owners. The entrance area was small and cramped, but somehow cozy and exuding safety. There was a small counter with an old PC sitting behind it, some good old IKEA bookshelves with old, worn-out books filling the fake-brown compartments and different Martial-Arts-posters at the walls. Some of them showed off shadowy silhouettes in the process of kicking and hitting stuff while others showed off successful and strong winners of competitions.

    Not only posters hung around the walls. Photos as well, some old and yellow with age, some newer. While the older man entered another room, not without checking on you one last time, you waved at him, only to step closer to another set of pictures.

    A strangely familiar, small boy held a way too big trophy in his tiny, grubby hands. His father, the same man who opened the door for you, stood behind him, hands on the boy’s shoulders and beaming with joy and pride. You couldn’t make out if the boy was smiling as well, in the photo he wore a black mask covering his lower face.

    Leaning closer, you studied the picture further. Really, you knew that boy. And if you really thought about it, you realized that some of the features of the father certainly translated into someone you already knew, unfortunately.

    “I swear…” Groaning, you buried your face in your hands. “I thought I could escape work for a few hours here…”

    “Not a chance.”

    Even though you realized it was Kakashi’s voice so close to your ears, you couldn’t help but yelp and jerk away from the mocking words. Swirling around, you glared at the child-like man, who obviously showed no remorse over scaring you nearly to death. “If you weren’t one of my clients, I would yell at you for that.”

    But the author didn’t answer. Instead, he brushed past you to sit down on the neglected seat in front of the PC, instantly picking up an abandoned cup of coffee and grimacing when he sipped at the beverage. “Fuck, talked too much with Tenzo.”

    “You’re the small boy here?” Hiding a grin, you nodded towards the pictures. “And the other man is your father?”

    “Elementary, my dear Watson.” He shrugged. “Probably spent most of my formative years here, won some tournaments, but my heart was never in it. My old man was thankfully of the understanding kind and let me drop martial arts in favor of other extracurricular activities.”

    “You mean sneaking out at night to visit open bookshop nights and readings.” The rough voice of the older man echoed suddenly way too close. Barely suppressing a yelp, you swiveled around, arms tucked close and eyes wide, and saw the man from before right in front of you. Damn, he must be part cat! You didn’t hear him one bit!

    A playful smile tugged at his mouth as he stretched his hand out. “My name is Sakumo Hatake, by the way. A pleasure to meet you.”

    “I can only return that.” Shaking his hand, you tried to gather your frazzled wits. “A pleasure to get to know the father of my client.”

    “Client…?” For a moment, Sakumo’s expression turned confused, only to brighten up after a few seconds. “Oh, you’re the editor my son talks so much about! A true miracle worker, at least that's what I hear from him!”

    In your back, Kakashi groaned like a horrified teen. “Dad, no—!”

    “Oh, really?” You liked Sakumo more and more with every passing second. So much more open, approachable and genuine than Kakashi from the get-go, even though those qualities were hidden beneath a lot of sarcasm and snark for the younger man. “Well, I have to take your word for it, as I get a little more complaints about my work from him…”

    “Really?” Sakumo instantly shot a glance over your shoulder at his son. “I have to apologize for him, then.”

    “Daaaad…” The pained groan from Kakashi was simply music to your ears. How many times did he torture you with sheer stubbornness, discussions and arguments about simple things which needed to be changed in his novel, the marketing strategies and the reading tours? Time to get him back for all your troubles. Kakashi could take it. After all, he was a big boy.

    Though, before you could tease him further, Sakumo looked up to an old clock hanging over another door. “Oh, the course is about to start. If you want to join us, you have to hurry.” And with that, he vanished once more, leaving behind nothing but a still groaning Kakashi and your own smug self.

    “What are you doing here?” he asked through the hands still hiding his face. You had the suspicion he went red, as the peaks of his ears were the colour of strawberries. It was a nice contrast to his usually pale skin and grey hair. “How did you find this dojo?”

    You shrugged. “Naruto wanted to come here, desperately so. Something about him and Sasuke killing each other if they spent another afternoon caged in the same room.”

    “Understandable, but what are you doing here?”

    “He and Yamato invited me to come with them.”

    “Mhm…” Serious-curious eyes peeked through the long fingers, just before Kakashi came up again. “Strange, though. But alright, you probably really should hurry. My father didn’t joke when he said that the course was starting.”

    You heeded his warning. Even though Sakumo seemed to be a lot more open than Kakashi, you absolutely didn’t want to get on his back side. After all, why ruin a good reputation?

    Only a few minutes later, you entered the main room of the dojo, cladded into a loose t-shirt and a pair of tight pants reaching down to your knees. A group of women was already loosely grouped around Sakumo and—to your mild surprise—Yamato. Both were dressed in white vests with long sleeves, white pants and with their bare feet firmly planted onto the ground.

    “Aah.” Sakumo’s dark eyes sparked in badly hidden amusement. “There’s our last participant of the day. Hello! Please give us your name and why you joined this course.”

    “Uhm…” All those people looking at you, with their interest in your person clearly written all over their features. Out of instinct, you waved into the round, while a nervous smile flashed over your face. “Hey there, my name is (Y/N)... and I just joined this course today to just… I guess, make some new experiences? I never participated in any self-defense classes before, so please go easy on me.”

    A wave of chuckles wandered around the group, but you did not feel as though they were amused at your attempt for pleasantries. Perhaps, a secret joke that you weren’t let in on? Not yet, hopefully. One look at Yamato, who nodded at you with a small smile, and you stepped forward into some empty space in the group. Friendly faces all around. Your quickly beating heart calmed down a bit and you dared to smile at the two closest women, who seemed friendly enough and smiled back.

    “Alright, good introduction.” In an instant, the light and joking tone vanished from Sakumo’s tone. The entire group straightened up with an unspoken command, and you felt your own spine and posture straightening up too. “And that was the last pleasantry we will indulge in until the end of this lesson. Form pairs and afterwards we will start with the first round of cardio shortly. (Y/N)!”

    Startled, you looked at Sakumo. “Yes?”

    “We’re an uneven group this time. And as you came in late,” a little wink, betraying the older man and his soft side, “your punishment will be that you have to train with my helper Yamato here. Is that alright?”

    Oh, that was more than alright. Relieved, your face broke into a full grin. “Sure.”

    “Aaah, you are way too happy about that.” Still, the amusement at the situation was oh-so-clear in Sakumo’s eyes. The older man elbowed Yamato, then pointed at you. “Bring her up to speed and show her how to fall correctly. I don’t want (Y/N) to be hurt on her very first day.”

    “What are you doing here?” Smiling, you walked closer to Yamato when Sakumo turned around to teach the pairs which had formed over the minutes. “I thought you were supposed to help Naruto?”

    At that, the man sighed a deep heavy sigh which spoke from your very soul. “Yeah. And he was also supposed to come alone, but even though he wanted to get away from Sasuke, guess who Naruto brought with him…”

    “No way.”

    “Yes way.” Yamato shook his head. “I seriously don’t understand those teenagers. Am I too old?”

    “Maybe, we both are.” Then, looking around, you shrugged and shook your head. “Alright, then show me the ropes, so then I at least get something out of this day.”

    Seeing Yamato’s relieved smile made your heart jump in your chest. Little did you know that this was far from the last time you would feel the telltale jumping of the organ in the next hour. Because, as it turned out, as this was your first self-defense course, you needed lots and lots of help. Namely, physical help.

    It started so innocently. At first, Yamato seemed just as shy to initiate direct physical contact, but after an extensive ten minutes of cardio exercises and him handing you a white vest like his own, he wanted to show you how to fall and roll over the ground correctly. At first, unsuccessfully.

    “Okay, no. This won’t work.” Shaking his head, Yamato looked at you on the ground. For the fourth time, he tried to demonstrate by doing the exercise himself, and for the fourth time, your form wasn’t correct. Like he had done the previous three times, he reached out and you took his hand. You always felt like a feather when he pulled you up, so light and easily handled that it was exhilarating. A sensation you couldn’t get enough of, to be completely honest.

    As you brushed yourself off, you watched how he shook his head, more to himself than anyone else. “What do you propose then?”

    To your surprise, a soft blush started to rise on his face. His eyes wouldn’t meet yours, but when he stepped closer with an unvoiced question in his eyes, you understood. In an instant, you felt how the warmth spread across your face. But—and that was probably somehow important—you didn’t avoid his gaze and Yamato didn’t break the connection either.

    The world around you sunk away as he stepped closer. Close enough that the rough hard fabric of his white vest brushed over your back. His warmth made you swallow a thick ball of nervousness (and yes) anticipation down. Being so close to Yamato, being enveloped by his gentleness and being guided by his strong hands was… a lot. Almost too much.

    “Alright…” His voice was too close and yet not close enough. Warm breath tussled some wisps of your hair as he stepped even closer. “Let me… Alright.”

    His hands carefully placed themselves on the crook of your waist. Not an indecent touch, far from it. But a delicious shudder nevertheless wandered down your back at the feeling of his heat and touch permeating the thick vest.

    “Okay,” his voice was still close, ruffling more hair around your ears, “the basic stance. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.”

    “Okay.” Quickly, you adjusted your stance. “What else?”

    “Uhm… For-For falling, you have to roll over your shoulder.” One hand rose and tentatively touched your left, then right shoulder. “It’s not a classical roll, but you mostly just use one arm to shore yourself, the other kind of… leads the way.”

    “Okay,” you breathed, “alright.”

    “So…” Again, his hand touched your right shoulder. “I guess we can start with a roll over your right side. When you go in for a barrel roll, you lean more towards the right side. Now, we can try it, slowly though.”

    “Okay.” Again, you nodded. Maybe, it really would be easier. For a wild second, you fantasized of Yamato doing the barrel roll with you, his hard body flushed against yours and safely catching you if anything would go wrong. But then you shook your head and didn’t give a single sign that you were missing the innocent contact when Yamato stepped away from you. One look over your shoulder and you smiled, trying to not look too shaken up. Gods, really? The contact hadn’t been that sensual and yet your heart was thumping and you could feel your hands shaking a bit.

    A simple barrel roll. Couldn’t be that hard. It was already stupid you spent so much time on failing to perform some controlled falling. A deep breath in and a deep breath out, then you tried to roll over your shoulder. Your back hurt a little bit, but you told yourself that it was more because of the time you spent at a desk working away than the unusual movements and activity.

    One last breath in, and you lowered your head, shoulders and body, in that exact order, towards the softened ground. The world rolled by, and when you came back up on your feet and knees, you instantly looked towards Yamato.

    “And?” you asked.

    He still didn’t look satisfied, even though there was also a hint of relief painted all over his features. “Still not right, but better than the last times.”

    “Ayy, progress.” With a grin flashing over your face, you pumped your fist into the air. “By the way, can I ask why learning to fall correctly is so important?”

    Apparently, a question Yamato waited for. “To avoid injuries, get to know the current limitations of your body, your flexibility and to see where your skills are at. It’s a pillar of self-defense to make sure that the user is unharmed throughout the training.”

    “Sounds really important.” With a low grunt, you took Yamato’s hand once more to be pulled up onto your own two feet. This time, you instantly realized that Yamato miscalculated his strength. You nearly flew up, up and right into his chest. With a soft huff, he caught you. And the world seemed to pause.

    There you were. One hand still captured in his gentle fingers, the other arm hanging by your side. Yamato’s face was so close to yours, the tip of your nose nearly touching yours. The other arm was slung around your waist to stabilize you, but in the process, you were also slanted against his chest. Just a few sheets of paper would be able to cut the space between your face and his, and for some moments, your eyes automatically dropped down to his mouth. And what a mouth. Lovely lips, looking like they were soft and rough at the same time, with the tip of his tongue peeking out for just a second, only to disappear just as fast. The small motion didn’t make things better.

    But when you managed to rip your eyes away from the promise right in front of you, and met his eyes once more, you nearly sucked in a breath. There was a fire burning in his dark iris and only because you were finally so close and wrapped in his arms, you were allowed to see it.

    Then, one of the other women shouted and someone landed with a heavy ‘thud’ on the ground. Enough to break the bubble around Yamato and you. Like thunder cracked in the sky, you two broke away from each other, already mumbling apologies and—in your case, at least—throwing nervous glances at the man. No, he seemed more bothered trying to rearrange his white vest and shuffling his feet.

    But then. Oh, then. As you were busy pulling down your own shirt while your brain was as empty as before whenever you got too close to him, Yamato stole a quick glance himself. And the same fire was still burning in them; the same fire of which you knew burned also in your own eyes.

    “We should…” A helpless laugh fell from your mouth. “We should go back to… To whatever we were doing before.”

    “Yeah.” Like you hoped, he started to smile at your words. “Definitely. But… can you quickly remind me?”

    “Of what we were doing?”


    At that, another chuckle rang through the air. “Oh man, I wish I could help you with that. But it seems that I also have sudden memory problems.”

    Maybe, you two would have continued to banter if not for Sakumo, who sneaked up on you like a white wolf in the middle of a snow storm.

    “Finished with all the preparations?” His own grin awoke a primal part of you, something resembling a small, fluffy animal, always on the watch for a bigger predator with sharp teeth. But then, the impression was already gone, and Sakumo with his long grey hair and the small wrinkles around his eyes which told about many smiles and laughter. The older man could be scary, you were now aware of that, but the hint of the supposed danger was just as quickly gone as it came. He nodded at you, only to instantly follow up with a clap on Yamato’s shoulder. Measured at the small wince running over his features, it hurt. A lot.

    “Alright, if you two are finished, then we can start introducing you to a few throws and punches! And what I always like to point out, nothing is more trusted than a good old poke in the eyes. Remember that, okay?”

    Before you had any time to answer, Sakumo already turned around and instructed the group of women to search for new partners. This time, a friendly looking brunette walked up to you. Her striking red eyes —those had to be contact lenses— smiled alongside her mouth as she reached out her hand for you to shake it.

    “My name is Kurenai,” she said and when you took her hand, the lingering softness of her skin together with some strange calluses and the strength of her grip immediately made you grateful for doing so, “and you look like you could use some help?”

    ~ X ~

    The lesson passed by fast after that. After some more coaching and training, you managed to fall and roll in ways which apparently was satisfactory enough for Sakumo and Yamato. Training together with Kurenai was also a blast as the woman was obviously well-versed in martial arts and gave you one or two very helpful tips to avoid being hit or kicked by her. You were especially proud of the moment you managed to avoid her hits for an entire sparring round… even though the two of you were supposed to work on your throwing techniques. Still, when you looked over, with your chest heaving and heart beat so loud it thundered in your ears and you locked eyes with Yamato… Seeing his thumbs-up and the smile of soft, brown eyes made you smile even harder.

    When you managed to turn your head away from him, you met Kurenai’s curious eyes. One look and she whistled through her teeth, with her curiosity and needed to know what was going on between Yamato and you that was already kindling.

    It was no surprise to you that she inquired about it. What surprised you though, was her asking for your phone number, so you could stay in contact. Gladly, you gave it to her, together with the promise to show up next week too.

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    Click on pics for better resolution!

    I don’t personally ship irukaka or yamakaka and I can’t fumkn draw hands but yanno what??? This joke was too good to pass up

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    #my art#naruto#yamato#tenzō#yamato tenzo#kakashi #this was one of my favorites of ten days of tenzō... #i think tenzō has a lot of like. social feelings and needs that bc of root he does not know how to express #so like. i think he would probably get a little overwhelmed in a good way abt something which should be simple like his teammate #falling asleep on him... #he is allowed a moment (unobserved) to deal with this in whatever way he likes. whatever way feels most natural #the unobserved part is important too. we love kakashi but his gaze can be a heavy thing im sure #but he sleeps. he rests. and tenzō is allowed to experience his own private explosion of camaraderie and homeness
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    I just read the first chapter of “(make my heart believe) a want is not a need” by @sketchy-and-unformed and now I’m OBSESSED.

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    they are elite assassins

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    “Don’t worry I’ve got my best traumatized 12 year olds men on it” Sarutobi

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    Word count: 2,520 Pairings: ANBU!Kakashi Hatake x ANBU!Reader x ANBU!Yamato Tenzo Warnings: Smut, virginity loss, creampie, unprotected sex, slight dubcon, praise kink, oral sex. Summary: Yamato always comes to Reader for some sweet release, but they've never had sex. They think they are being sneaky, doing it at night. But Kakashi senpai knows what's going on. A/N: I'm so so so so happy with how this turned out! It is so amazing! Just a side note, I don't know who drew this art, I found it on google and it looks so good. So credits to the artist and not me.

    He pushes you up against the wall, and you let out a small moan. Tenzo glares at you, and you know this means you need to be as quiet as possible. You knew he wasn’t supposed to be in your room, but you just needed to feel him so badly. It’s been so long since you’ve touched each other. Tenzo was the person you could always turn to when you needed a little release, and what was meant to be a one time thing quickly turned into an almost nightly affair,

    Tenzo pushes your shirt up over your tits, your armor has long been discarded. You bite your lip to hold your moan. He smirks as he watches your face contort with pleasure. He can tell you’re so wet already. He shoves his hand down your pants, causing you to whine. You’ve been thinking about this all day. It’s been a rough day and all you wanted was a little release.

    “Shut up, someone’s going to hear us.” Tenzo hisses, and you nod frantically. You’d do anything to have him kissing you again.

    He bites down on the soft flesh of your neck and you bite back your moan. His hand in your pants begins toying with your wet pussy and you focus on controlling your breathing. His other hand pushes you back against the wall as he struggles to remove your shirt.

    In the hallway, you can hear someone walking. You and Tenzo stop moving immediately, a rush of fear falling over the two of you. It’s a few moments before the person moves in the other direction and is walking away from your room. Tenzo chuckles nervously before pushing you back up against the wall.

    This time, he’s got your shirt off within seconds of returning to kiss you. Then his hands deftly remove your mesh armor and your bindings. When he starts pulling on your nipples, you can’t keep your moan inside. It’s a little louder than you had intended it to be. Tenzo clamps his hand down on your mouth so quickly, he’s nearly slapping you.

    “Do you want senpai to come in here?”

    “Too late for that, Tenzo.” A cold voice calls from behind you. You were so sure you had locked the room. A shiver runs down your spine as you realize it’s Kakashi senpai.

    Tenzo’s eyes grow wider than usual as he pulls away from you. He’s blushing as he realizes he’s been caught with you. You’re scrambling to try and dress yourself, but Kakashi is already hovering over you. You feel so small next to him, and so damn vulnerable without your top on.

    “Do you think it’s fair to take her all for yourself, Tenzo?” Kakashi inquires, his eyes darting over to watch the younger man react.

    “S-senpai. I didn’t think that you liked her. We were just–just having a little fun.” Tenzo swallows hard as he struggles to get the right words out. “I didn’t mean anything of it.”

    Kakashi cups your chin and makes you face him. Your cheeks heat up as he stares directly in your eyes. You’re stunned when he removes his mask. He’s absolutely gorgeous. You’ve never seen senpai without his mask. You barely have time to react anymore than you have when he’s pressing his lips down onto yours.

    Tenzo watches with bated breath as Kakashi kisses you. You let out soft whines between heated kisses. Kakashi busies his hands with undoing your pants. You’re so wet already as Tenzo had made you so aroused just from those sweet touches and heated kisses.

    “You don’t think I see you when you give me those flirty looks, do you? I bet you’ll be begging me to fuck you.”

    Your brain short circuits for a moment. Without thinking about it, you lick your lips and whimper. Your thighs press together for a little relief, but Kakashi spreads them with his knee. He pins you up against the wall, his lips on your neck. You moan his name, your eyes fluttering closed.

    “So is she your little bitch now, Tenzo? Have you deflowered her yet?” You aren’t sure how he knows that you’re still a virgin, but it excites you. You want them both to touch you and to make you cum. You feel extremely pent up.

    Kakashi turns his gaze to you, and he chuckles darkly when he sees just how dazed you are. “I haven’t even done anything to you, and you’re already this fucked out? I haven’t even fucked you yet, darling.”

    You’re blushing and stuttering, trying to find the words to say to remedy this. You didn’t want to let on just how horny you are for the both of them. He pulls away from you and guides Tenzo to take you by the hand. You both get on the bed together, and Kakashi tells Tenzo to strip you.

    “You’ll just have to put on a little show for me. I know you’re also pure, Tenzo.” The younger shinobi blushes at the revelation of his virginity.

    You turn to face Tenzo and you pull him in to kiss him. This clearly excites Kakashi, as he goads you both on. Your hands run all over Tenzo’s broad chest, making him groan softly. You have his uniform off within minutes. The pile of discarded clothing and armor sits on the ground, leaving only your senpai in full gear. He’s watching you both as you make out on the small bed.

    “Are you enjoying this, senpai?” Tenzo asks, his large eyes darting over to Kakashi. Kakashi sits on the chair in front of the bed, his hand stroking his cock through the layers of equipment. He seems rather pleased with the scene unfolding before him.

    “It would be much better if you pleased her with your mouth, Tenzo. How else will she be able to enjoy herself?”

    Tenzo’s face reddens, and he pulls away from you timidly. The only reason he’s so shy about it this time is because your senpai is here to watch. You and him have been clumsily making out and rubbing each other for relief for so long, it was only natural that your relationship would go to the next step.

    Kakashi gets up from his seat, and he walks over to you. There’s a moment of silence before he cups your face and kisses you so sweetly. You’re already so dizzy from the lust, and he just continues to surprise you. You’ve never witnessed Kakashi senpai acting like this. He was usually fairly cold and tough with you. But you could feel some sort of warmth radiating from the melancholic man.

    “I guess I’ll just have to show you, Tenzo. It’s not too hard, you’ll get the hang of it.”

    Kakashi pushes you to the bed, his hands feeling so invasive on your naked skin. You let out a soft moan when his fingers brush against your hardening nipples. Tenzo watches with such eagerness to learn. He’s touched you there before, tons of times. In fact, that’s exactly why he came to your room tonight. His cock aches when Kakashi spreads your legs and you let out a whine.

    “She sounds so good. You’re a lucky one, Tenzo. This is a good girl. She’s got a good pussy.” Kakashi grunts, his index finger dipping into your warmth. He’s barely to the first knuckle when you shudder and lets out a few curse words.

    “Oh, and she’s mouthy. Wow, you’re really lucky then.”

    Tenzo watches with even more fervor to learn as Kakashi spreads out on his stomach. He watches as his team captain takes your ankles and pulls you closer. Kakashi laughs when you whimper. He loves to revel in your sweet little noises.

    You tremble when you feel Kakashi’s warm tongue press against your folds. You can barely hold back any of the noises you’re making. It’s so wet and warm. Your eyes roll back in your head when he sucks gently on your clit. Your hips buck up when he repeats the motion over and over, his lips wrapping around the sensitive nub.

    “Senpai…it feels so good!”

    Kakashi pulls away for a moment, a string of saliva connects him to your slick. He looks back over his shoulder to check on Tenzo, who is stroking his cock. You watch the both of them through half-lidded eyes. The younger shinobi blushes when he realizes you’re both watching him, but he doesn’t stop pleasing himself. He lets out a soft moan as he lets his thumb swipe over the head over his cock.

    “It’s your turn, Tenzo.”

    Now you’re blushing too. You don’t know why you’re feeling so timid about this. Truthfully, you’ve been fantasizing about something like this happening between the three of you for some time. You knew it was unlikely to happen, but this is going beyond your wildest dreams at this point.

    Tenzo is clumsier with his touches, but when he spreads out between your thighs just like Kakashi was, you can feel yourself grow wetter. He swipes his tongue over your clit and the coil in your stomach tightens immediately. He’s tentative with his licks, but soon he’s giving you very drawn out, wet licks.

    “That’s it, Tenzo. She’s so close already. Why don’t you feel that tight little pussy for yourself?” Kakashi coaxes.

    Tenzo doesn’t think twice; he lets one of his fingers slide into you. You let out a whimper, and you aren’t sure just how much longer you can take of this. It’s so good. It’s too good. You’re panting and whining and begging him. His warm tongue keeps swirling over your clit, keeping you right on the edge.

    “Please, Tenzo! Please!” You whine. One more swipe of his tongue and you’re falling off the edge.

    He’s never seen anything so gorgeous in his life, and Kakashi would attest to the same thing. Your face contorts with pleasure and your plump lips are parted, moaning the sweetest things. Waves of pleasure crash over you as you struggle to keep your body still. Tenzo laps fervently at your quivering cunt, prolonging every little sensation.

    You finally come down, and you slump against the mattress, You’re drenched in sweat and your own juices. Tenzo watches you from his spot between your legs and Kakashi is sitting on the edge of the bed.

    “Better than I was expecting, Tenzo.” Kakashi praises. Tenzo takes a moment to compose himself, but he’s become painfully aware of his own erection.

    Tenzo is quick to push you back onto the mattress, his lips meeting yours in a very heated and wet kiss. Kakashi watches you both as he begins taking off his equipment. As the layers come off, he realizes just how aroused he truly is. His cock is painfully hard. Tenzo presses kisses everywhere on your skin, licking up the sweat from your breasts before biting down on your nipple.

    “I want you so bad. I’ve been wanting you for so long. Please let me fuck you.”

    You can’t resist him. You pull him closer to you and he guides his cock to your wet hole. You whimper when he presses the tip into you, the stretch already feeling so intense. You can feel tears prick your eyes as he continues sliding into you. Kakashi watches Tenzo carefully, ready to intervene if he needs to.

    “So tight,” Tenzo whines. Kakashi smirks when he hears his comrade whining like this.

    “How is it, Tenzo? Is virgin pussy everything you would have hoped for?” Kakashi asks, spitting into his hand to lube up his cock. He strokes himself as he watches you adjust to take the stretch of Tenzo’s cock.

    You feel like you can’t breathe. It’s so overwhelming in so many ways. The pain starts to subside and you still feel so full. You can’t believe this is what sex feels like. Nobody ever told you just how euphoric it could feel. Tenzo whines again when his hips start to rock, and he’s cursing under his breath.

    “I can’t…fuck it feels so good! Fuck!”

    His hands grip onto your thighs so bruisingly. You can feel him tense up as a warmth spills deep inside of you. You moan when you realize that Tenzo has just cum inside you.

    “That’s too bad, Tenzo. I thought you were going to hold on a little longer. Well, it’s my turn now.” Kakashi announces, grabbing onto your thigh.

    Tenzo hesitates to pull from you. He looks over at his captain. “But, senpai, I just…she’s full of my…”

    Kakashi laughs, “I don’t care. I want a feel of that virgin pussy. This little one has been pining after me since day one.”

    The older of the two pulls you aside and you groan. Your poor abused pussy throbs at the idea of being filled by your senpai. Your eyes fall to his impressive member. It’s long and thick. Tenzo has already stretched you out, but you worry that Kakashi might tear you in half.

    He dips two of his fingers into you, collecting Tenzo’s thick seed. Kakashi smirks as he watches you writhe beneath him. He takes the seed and smears it all over your sensitive clit. For a few moments, Kakashi works you up by rubbing your clit and kissing you. He wants to make sure you’re prepared to take him.

    “I’m going to put it in now. Are you ready, cutie?” Kakashi asks, nuzzling his nose against yours. He kisses you once again. You nod and he chuckles.

    “Tell me.”

    “I’m ready.” You breathe.

    He slides into you with one long thrust, shuddering when he feels just how tight your walls are. He needs a second to compose himself, especially with those sweet noises you’re making beneath him. He can tell that he’s absolutely stretching you out. You’ll never want to fuck anyone ever again. He might just have to take you from Tenzo.

    “Such a good little pussy. And you take cock so well.” Kakashi praises as he begins rocking his hips.

    You cling to him as he pumps into you, his pace getting quicker. He whispers sweet nothings in your ear as he fucks you, his fingers coming down between you to rub your clit. You cry out when he gives you a particularly hard thrust.

    “Cum for me, cutie. I wanna see you make a mess for me.” Kakashi tempts.

    A few more hard thrusts is all it takes before you feel the coil in your stomach snap. You shudder as Kakashi fucks you through every wave of pleasure, and you feel like you’re floating by the time he’s tensing up. He can barely hold on himself, your silky walls so full of cum already feel amazing. He lets out a few grunts and groans before he spills himself deep inside of you too.

    He slumps against you before pulling out. His and Tenzo’s seed leaks between your folds, making both men groan. You are spread out on the bed before them, completely fucked out and full of their cum.

    “Give her an hour. She’ll be ready to go again then.”

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    TEAM 7

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