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  • POV: Cleaning up a mess when you’re looking for your missing girlfriend🔪💓


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    • TW: Violence, Mentions of Kidnapping, Delusional Mindsets.

    A.N. - Here is ‘90s noir Drake, who trades in his modern counterpart’s insecurities for a superiority complex.

    If you are ever unsure which iteration of a character a post concerns, here is a rule of thumb: look at the gif/image. It will almost certainly reflect the correct universe.


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    Jealousy |Yandere Chrollo x Reader Extreme Lemon|

    You let a relaxed sigh escape your lips, sinking deeper into the bubble bath. The hot water was relaxing against your skin- sending chills down your bare spine. Your back was pressed against your boyfriends bare chest, his delicate fingers wrapped around your waist.

    “My love, aren’t you happy that we’re back together?” Chrollo questioned, his smooth voice was soft but hard. “I hate when you go off and leave me when you’re upset.. I always miss you so much.”

    You rolled your eyes, raising your head to look up at him. “Stop making me mad then.” You were as stubborn as ever, never listening to your husband. You liked playing cat and mouse with him- the chase was what made it all so exciting. “You’re lucky that I let you catch me this time; I could of kept this chase up for years.”

    “And I would have blindly chased after you as I always do. Why must your toy with my heart? Seems like you need to be punished my little mouse,” he cooed in your ear, gently biting your earlobe. “I think that you’ve been very naughty, don’t you think?” His hands trailed down to your womanhood, hands on your thighs.

    You let a soft moan escape your lips, keeping your legs tightly shut as you looked up at him. You always appreciated his features, especially in such intimate situations like this when the leader let his guard down. His slicked black hair was down, the damp hair resting on his shoulders, glued to his forehead. His gray irises looked at you with total lust, his cross tattoo fully exposed on his forehead. “You want to punish me? Please.. you must have lost your mind.”

    You were already well aware that Chrollo was stronger then you- that you only gave up the chase because deep down he would win. He always seemed to win this little game, never truly admitting it. At times your husband could be such a ruthless lover, something that you craved. You were powerful and humble in your skills.. but his was no match.

    With force, he spread your legs with his hands, left hand dropping down to your womanhood as he quickly entered two fingers inside of you. His other hand shot up, wrapping his fingers around your neck, his hand lightly grasping your neck. “I’m going to punish you, your smart mouth has gotten you into a whole lot of trouble with me.” His voice was so soft, but his fingers roughly drilled inside of you, thumb rubbing your clit. “Do I feel another man? Have you.. been with someone while we were separated?”

    Your eyes widened as you tried to get up but his grip around your throat became more severe. You mentally recalled your drunken night with Hisoka at Heavens Arena, something you wanted to keep a secret. How could he tell so easily. You stayed silent, shaking your head as you bit roughly down on your lip, suppressing your moans.

    “It was Hisoka.. wasn’t it? I knew when he looked at you in such a vile way at the meeting that something was off. Lust filled his body and it was extremely hard to keep myself together.” Chrollo entered a third finger, hitting the walls of your womanhood with such force and passion. “The way I fuck you though.. that clown will never be able to compare. I know your better better then you do.. I know what you like. Nobody will ever replace me or the claim I have over you, my dear naughty wife.”

    You and him were on a break and you were lonely- Hisoka appeared and he had a certain charm that intrigued you. You were also mad at Chrollo, but you knew that he would soon make you forget your night with the twisted magician. You moaned louder, your feet lightly kicking in the now warm water. “It.. it meant nothing to me. It was just a drunken night and nothing more!”

    “Did he fuck you raw? Did you moan his name just as you moan mine?” He questioned, fingers picking up the pace as he rapidly moved in and out of your now sopping core, hitting your g-spot with every slam inside of you.

    “Of course not! And no!” You lied on the second part, you were simply telling Chrollo what he wanted to hear from you. “Please..please Chrollo.” You tried pushing his hand away, your womanhood tightening around his fingers as you moaned loudly, lightly splashing in the water. You couldn’t control yourself.

    Chrollo placed a kiss on top of your head, pulling you against his wet body once more. His grip on your neck loosened, fingers continuing to move in and out of you. “I can make your body quiver, make you cum just with my fingers. That is how much I know you.. how much I crave you.” His fingers curled up inside of you, scissoring your g spot as his thumb rubbed your clit with much more force. “You will never fuck another man again, even if we are separated. Do you understand me little girl?” His voice held slight fury behind it, bloodlust leaking from his tone.

    Your husband was dead serious- this was a warning that you had no choice but to follow. You loved your husband deeply, you were just a little too tipsy and a little too angry at him. You moaned pathetically, heart beating rapidly as you squirmed in the water, easily falling into complete submission. “Yes.. I understand!” You cried out, fighting to hold back your orgasm.

    “Good.. submit to your husband. I take good care of you and provide you with a happy and comfortable life. I am not ashamed to spoil you or show you off so don’t you ever fucking embarrass me like that again.” His fingers moved, standing up as he picked you up with one arm. “I want to take you bent over.”

    You let a cry escape your lips as he got out of the tub, forcefully bending you over the bathtub. “Chrollo.. I’m sorry that I embarrassed you. Please..” you whined softly, obediently spreading your legs for him without having to be asked. You fully submitted to him- he could take whatever he pleased.

    With one thrust he eased inside of your slick cunt, smacking your wet ass with force. “You’re only sorry because you got caught. You had two days to tell me.. you even stared at him while you were sitting next to me. How embarrassed I was!” He smacked your ass with force, the smack causing you to cry out pitifully.

    Chrollo’s dick was massive, standing at about 10 inches and handsomely thick. It was incredible as he pounded into your g-spot, hands wrapping around your waist as he slammed into you.

    “Chrollo!” You cried out, pleasure and pain taking over your body as he pounded you silly. Your hands tightly grasped the edge of the black stone bathtub, moaning wildly as he slammed into you. “I won’t ever do it again! I promise that I won’t!” So easily, Chrollo yet again won and you gladly let him.

    “You’ve never submitted this hard to me before; maybe I should fuck you like this more often. Maybe then you would stop breaking up with me and stay with me. Be a good little girl.” Chrollo grunted, smacking sounds filling the air as he slammed into you with every ounce of his speed and force, hands squeezing your hips. “Don’t you dare cum yet!”

    You tightened around him, tears escaping your eyes as you held back your orgasm with everything in you. “Please Chrollo! Please let me cum!” You cried out- water dripping on the hardwood floor, soaking the ground beneath the two of you. You felt liquid escaping from your throbbing pussy, dripping down your legs.

    “Promise me that you will never leave me again, because next time I’ll take the game of cat and mouse more serious. And if you ever fuck Hisoka or any other man again I’ll tie them up and make them watch as I pound you into a damn mess. Do you understand me, little girl?” Chrollo pounded in and out of you, his head resting on your shoulder as he moved in and out of you in a circular motion.

    “I promise Chrollo! I promise that I’ll never leave again! I promise that I’ll never fuck anyone but you!” You cried loudly, moans escaping your lips repeatedly as you forced your orgasm to stay back. It was extremely painful holding it back, your hands tightly grasping the stone bathtub. “Please let me cum, you win. You win the game!”

    “Oh my dear, I was always going to win the game. I’ll let you cum now, I believe every word. You wouldn’t dare lie to me in such a compromised position such as this.”

    You quickly released, squirting all over his cock. “Please cum in me… cum in me please,” you begged.

    Chrollo grunted, sloppily thrusting out of you a few more times before he came inside of you. He pulled out, helping you up as he quickly wrapped his arms around you. “You were so good.” He placed his hand under your chin, his grey irises now soft as he placed a tender kiss on your lips, his hand rubbing the red handprint that he left on your ass. “I love you princess, and I forgive you. It was a mistake and I know you wouldn’t dare do that again.”

    You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his damp chest. “Never again,” you promised him, planning to stand by your promise.

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  • You CAN’T leave me! I was here FIRST! What makes her so much BETTER than me???

    Don’t leave me!!!

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  • Imagine Gavin Reed fixing the two of you some coffees, and when you refuse to accept his drink, he forces you to drink his cum.

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  • You try so hard, don’t you love?

    That’s such a shame…

    I would’ve thought you were smarter than to try and break free.

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  • he adores me. my beloved truly adores me. im so happy !

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