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  • Madara

    Modern AU


    Part 3-Finale

    Sitting at his desk, Madara drums his fingers on the sleek wood. His empty eyes scan over the various documents, tired of the dull task.

    He clicks his pen once, signing the paper on top quickly.

    His blank gaze shifts as the door opens, a familiar friendly face walking through. Quickly, his expression shifts to that of his normal self.

    “Yo, Madara.” Hashirama greets, a smile on his face as he enters and leans against a wall.


    “You never answered my text. I was worried, y'know!”

    “Sorry. I was… preoccupied.”

    “Well, you’re alive, so that’s what matters, I suppose.” Hashirama sighs.

    The man at the desk leers around quickly, like someone was watching.

    “I know this may be a bit out of left-field, but… what is it like to be in love?” Madara asks, looking up at Hashirama as the man grows giddy.

    “Why, you got your eye on someone? I wont judge!” He walks over, arms crossed as he stares down with a large grin.

    “Maybe.” Madara glances to the side with a bashful smile, Hashirama’s grin managing to grow as he turns dramatically.

    “I never thought this day would come! Madara, in love! It’s truly a miracle!”

    “Alright, alright, stop with the theatrics.” Madara slightly smiles.

    If only Hashirama knew…

    His face drops for less than a second, a much darker expression taking hold.

    “You didn’t deny it!” Hashirama laughs triumphantly. “But either way, you said you wanted to know what it’s like to love?”

    “Yes. You and Mito share it, no?”

    “Absolutely. I married her for a reason, y'know.” He chuckles, pulling up a chair and propping up his legs, much to Madara’s chagrin.

    “So?” Madara impatiently questions.

    “Well, it’s an interesting feeling. Most of the time, for me at least, it’s felt with trust and comfort. A gentle warmth that kinda holds you captive, in a way.”

    “Has it ever… made you want to hurt others?” His dark, coal eyes focus on the man as he thinks.

    “I’d be lying if I said no. Jealousy is awful, but I’d work through it knowing that nothing would come of it.”

    Too bad Madara wasn’t a trusting man.

    “Well, thank you then. That’s really all I wanted to know.”

    Hashirama grins, and his feet once again touch the ground as he grins mischievously, leaning in.

    “I’ve told you that, now you tell me who it is you’re thinking about!”

    “Oh, uh, well, it’s no one in particular, just-” Madara’s face steadily grows redder and redder as he stumbles over his words.

    Hashirama grins.

    Madara’s cold eyes quickly check his expression, soon returning to his faux fluster.

    “Calm down! I won’t judge. Just spill the beans!”

    Calming down with a sigh, Madara looks to the side as he rubs the back of his neck. “Well, you know that bartender?”

    Hashirama’s eyes widen.

    “From Sat-err… Sunday?! Wait, didn’t I embarrass you in front of them…?” Hashirama ponders, tapping his chin.

    Madara sighs again, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Yes. Yes you did.”

    “Oh. Sorry!” He laughs again.

    “Even so, I did manage to connect with them further.” He offhandedly mentions, turning to look out the window.

    Hashirama gasps, hands flying to cover his mouth.

    “My son…! You’ve grown up so fast, already getting into a relationship! Oh, I can’t believe it!”

    “Now you’re the one who needs to calm down.”

    “How can I?! You, who has shown zero romantic interest in anyone, suddenly comes to me with your plight in love! How far did you go?! I need the details!”

    Thank god the door was closed, but who knows how much people could hear outside of his office.

    “What the- Plight?! Where did that come from-”

    “Unimportant! What happened?!” Hashirama slams his hands onto the desk, staring the intimidated man down with a ferocious gaze.

    “If you quiet down, I’ll tell you.”

    His strangely forward tone didn’t quite match with his outward appearance, but Hashirama didn’t question it too much.

    “Fine, whatever.” Hashirama pouts, sitting back down.

    “Well, yesterday I went out for coffee, and I saw Y/N there.”

    “Ooh, nice name.”

    Madara rolls his eyes at the interruption.

    “Continuing on, we saw each other and exchanged numbers, and have been occasionally chatting.”

    “Could… I see?” Hashirama asks, leaning in with a smile like that of a young kid in a department store.

    “Why?” Madara leans back, arm darting forward fruitlessly as Hashirama swipes his phone off of his desk. “Wait-”

    “Haha!” He laughs, turning it on and immediately deflating. “What’s the password?”

    “Give me that!” Madara stands, trying to grab the phone out of his hands while still being behind the desk.

    “Ohohoh? What is so precious that you must fight to keep it secret?”

    Madara groans. “Is it so wrong that I want a modicum of privacy?!”

    “Yes. Now what’s your password?”

    Madara sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose again. “Fine. Hand it over.”

    “Okay-wait. What if you just take it?”

    “You won’t know until I do. Besides, it’s the only way my phone gets opened.” Madara holds out his hand expectantly, Hashirama slowly handing the phone over.

    The moment it’s in his hand, he retracts his arm, unlocking it just to smirk at Hashirama. Hashirama, in turn, steals it from his hand again.


    “Okay, let’s see here, messenger app… Ahah! There’s the contact.” Hashirama gasps as he sees the messages. He looks up at Madara, shocked.

    “You’ve sent… good morning texts…?”

    Madara stares at him like he’s stupid. “Yeah? What’s wrong with-”

    “What’s wrong with that?! Nothing, my friend! Oh my god, you’re practically dating them already!” He fakes dizziness, leaning back into a ‘woe is me’ pose with the back of his hand on his forehead while the other tightly clutches Madara’s phone to his chest.

    “Joyous day!” He cries out dramatically.

    “Calm the hell down, Hashirama.”

    “How can I?! My best friend, one who I might’ve given up hope for, finally found someone! I’m so happy I could cry.”

    “Jesus Christ, please don’t.” Madara covers his face with his hands, his exasperated ruse dropping for yet another moment.

    “You won’t be able to stop me. Anyway, you have any meetings planned with them?” Hashirama’s sudden switch makes Madara’s eye twitch as he lifts his head from his hands.

    Hashirama sets the phone down again, and Madara grabs it quickly, stuffing it in his pocket.

    “Not quite. I do plan on meeting with them tonight, as kind of a surprise.” Madara confesses.

    “Ooh, how fun. Well, I gotta get back to work. Tell me how it goes!” Hashirama turns, leaving with a wave.

    The moment the door closes, Madara’s face again drops.

    He opens his phone, looking at the location told to him.

    He knew where to go.

    Yet again, a devilish smirk grows.

    The cold wouldn’t last for much longer.

    'I’ll see you there! :)’

    Tobirama smiles at his phone, but he barely manages to keep it in his grasp as his brother nearly breaks down the door.

    “Tobirama, you will not believe what I just found out.” Hashirama states, staring his brother down.

    “What, that you’re paying for the damages to my door?”

    “Well- no, but-” Hashirama stumbles, getting cut off.

    “You’d better. What is it?”

    Hashirama’s face lightens once more, but his eyes narrow as he sees the phone in Tobirama’s hands.

    “I mean, I was gonna tell you, but it looks like whatever you’re doing is more important. Don’t mind me, I’ll be taking my leave.” He flashes a coy smile, backing up.

    And with that, Hashirama closes the door much more peacefully than he opened it, leaving his exasperated brother in his office.

    “What is with him…?” Tobirama shakes his head, not bothering to question his brother’s actions any further.

    Y/N crouches down, petting Rita as she meows.

    “You won’t break anything while I’m gone this time, right?”

    Again, Rita meows.

    “I’ll take that as a yes. It better be a yes. Your food is ready, you should be okay until I get back, don’t be any more of a bastard.”

    With that, Y/N pets her one last time, and exits.

    Quickly patting themselves down, Y/N check for the essentials. “Wallet, phone, keys… I should be good.” Nodding, they pull out their phone. “Where was that place again?”

    The GPS app opens and they type in the address, memorizing the path.

    “Alright. Not too bad.”

    Y/N looks up at the dark clouds, able to ever so slightly see the moon through them.

    Hopefully it doesn’t rain on them before they make it.

    Tobirama had suggested the restaurant, which was a fairly simple, yet long walk from their place. It was going to take around twenty or thirty minutes to get there, so Y/N made sure to leave early.

    The streets had the occasional person, who rushed past, eager to get to their destination.

    The city was certainly different than what they had grown up with.

    Smiling, they remember the tearful goodbyes from those in their hometown.

    They had to leave if they wanted to pursue their dream of opening their own bar, after all.

    So far, those they have met have been either respectful or straight up kind.

    They smile, continuing to walk.

    The city was much better than they expected.

    The plan was much better than he expected.

    Madara sees them, hard eyes slightly softening in the dark alley.

    Their outfit was casual yet appealing, most certainly drawing his eyes.

    Soon, Y/N. Soon.


    He shakes his head, trying to ignore the distractions that hindered him in his plot.

    They continue walking closer, approaching his hiding spot near the entrance of the alley. He was lucky, they had come from this side of the restaurant.

    He nearly trembles in excitement, eyes dilating with anticipation.

    The heavy object in his hand shifts ever so slightly, the cold metal barely making any noise.

    Y/N smiles, waving to someone.


    That grin of his widens further at the man’s apparent presence, but first things first…

    He huffs, darting out a few steps to draw Y/N into the alley. One hand had grabbed their arm, while the other, holding the weapon, wrapped around their stomach.

    Struggling, Y/N freezes as the cold metal presses into their side.

    “Let go of them!” Tobirama shouts, Madara already many feet into the alley. Madara’s form was hidden in the shadows of the alley, making him nothing more than an anonymous shade.

    Tears form in their eyes as fear takes hold of them. Madara’s previously excited face drops as he sees the expression.

    Thay weren’t supposed to cry.

    He gently hushes them with a slight sway, Y/N’s eyes widening. They reach out one arm, yelling, “No, stay back! He-”

    Madara covers their mouth with one hand, coercing them further back into the alley. Can’t ruin the surprise, after all.

    Tobirama runs forward, snarling. “Leave them be!” He shouts.

    Madara grins.

    He lifts an arm, leveling it with Tobirama’s head, and…


    A whipping crack, and Tobirama’s eyes widen. Being halfway through a stride, he tumbles to the ground, red staining his silver hair. His limp body lays, unmoving.

    Crimson blood dribbles out of the newly formed hole in his temple, and Y/N stares in horror.

    They begin to struggle once more, violently thrashing in his tightening grip. They shout, the noises muffled by the hand still held over their mouth.

    “Sleep…” Madara mumbles, Y/N pausing again as they hear his voice.

    No way!

    It couldn’t be!

    Why would-

    Their rapid, disbelieving thoughts were cut off as their vision goes black. He had knocked them out.

    Madara smiles, the expression not quite reaching his unnatural eyes. He flicks the safety on his gun as he puts it away. Picking Y/N up carefully, he clicks his tongue at the rapidly approaching footsteps.

    “Was that a gunshot?!” A woman questions, Madara ducking behind a dumpster as she checks the alley.

    “S-sir, are you okay?”

    Her footsteps slowly get closer, and judging by the shuffle of clothes, she had crouched down.

    He checks around the corner, face flat as he observes the woman’s reaction.

    She sees the blood, and finally turns over his body, screaming as she sees the hole.

    “Oh my god!” She shrieks, standing up to rapidly back away, stumbling and falling out of the alley. He leans back into his hiding spot, judging the distance to the end of the alley.

    “Miss, are you alright?” Another voice asks, Madara grimacing at the new arrival.

    “Shit.” He grumbles, adjusting his hold on Y/N.

    “Th-that man, he’s been murdered! Call the police!” She begs, the other person gasping.

    “I’ll call them right away, stay here!”

    Taking his chance, Madara darts off, further into the alley.

    “H-hey! Stop!” The woman cries.

    Madara glances over his shoulder, ruby eye making the lady freeze in terror.

    It practically glowed in the darkness, illuminating nothing but the iris and pupil as it dug into her for the few seconds it was directed towards her.

    Her voice was caught in her throat at the silhouette’s glance.

    Madara sighs as he treks through the various alleyways, feeling accomplished.

    He looks up at the sudden sight of a raindrop on Y/N’s skin, feeling one hit his cheek soon after.

    He holds them closer, quietly wishing to himself that he had an umbrella.

    He feels their light breaths against his skin, making him shiver. A slight blush takes over his face as he finally registers their proximity.

    The warmth emanating from them was a welcome one.

    The rain begins to come down a little heavier, so he ducks under an overhang with accompanying darkened windows.

    Y/N shifts slightly, groaning as their hand lifts to their face, feeling the residual water.

    Their eyes slowly open, seeing vermillion eyes staring at them as they realize arms surround them.

    “Wh-what, who-” They stutter, unbelieving to the man’s identity.

    Those cursed bright eyes hold a smile in them as the owner speaks. “Hello, Y/N.” He smirks, hearing their breath hitch once more at his voice.

    With furrowed brows and a pounding head, they try to push him away, to no avail.

    “Why?!” They shout, continuing to struggle.

    “Keep quiet; remember, I do have a weapon.” His voice, eerily smooth, contains a calmness that suggests remorselessness.

    They pause, quieting down but still trying to escape his grasp. “Why did you-”

    They’re cut off as Madara’s arms unwrap from around them, his hands soon capturing theirs.

    Kill Tobirama? It’s quite simple.”

    He chuckles, watching Y/N’s eyes dart around as they look for an escape route, not much different from a cornered animal.

    How cute.

    The rain pours down heavier, an obnoxious percussion that drowned out every sound other than their voices.

    “Well,” He begins, their eyes focusing on him as he speaks and giving him a strange level of satisfaction. “I did it for you.”

    “What?! What do you mean?!” They try to pull away again, but Madara simply leans in.

    “I believe I am… in love with you.”

    Their eyes shift to further confusion and fright at his confession, unbelieving.

    “We met just a few days ago! How-no, why do you-” Their frantic questions are again cut off by Madara.

    “You’re warm. Always willing to help. You’ve distracted me and taken up my thoughts without even being there.” He smiles gently, almost seeming normal.

    “I’m not dumb enough to believe that you love me back, though. I did murder someone in front of you, after all.” He chuckles, as if remembering the killing as a fond memory.

    “Then why-”

    Madara leans in further, now touching foreheads with Y/N, whose back just hit the wall behind them. They froze, much like a deer in headlights.

    Madara finally gives in to his urges, connecting his lips to theirs in a long lasting, controlling kiss that left both of them breathing heavily once separated.

    He grins, pinning their arms to the wall behind them. “Why?” He continues, carmine eyes amusedly following Y/N’s.

    “Because I’m so very, very cold without you.”

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    Originally posted by exo-stentialism


    Pairing: Yandere Baekhyun x Reader
    Genre: Angst
    Warnings: Yandere, kidnapping, bad stuff
    Wordcount: 1.5k+
    A/N: I guess I write for EXO now? I’m sorry this took forever. Thank you for requesting! Also, I didn’t mean to make him this mean? It just happened. 


    It was only a bobby pin to most people, but you were protecting it in the pocket of your dress like it was the most precious thing you owned. If Baekhyun saw that you had it, you knew there’d be hell to pay.

    “So, I’ll be back at the usual time today,” he said to you, “I trust you’ll have dinner ready by the time I return? We wouldn’t want to have a repeat of the other day, do we?”

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  • #yandere x reader #yandere #castlevania x reader #castlevania issac x reader #issac x reader #stockholm syndrome
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  • Han, Hyungjin, and Mihno
    !WARNING! there are Bible verses in here that I have twisted to fit these stories. They are not quoted according to the Bible and are for fictional purposes ONLY. They DO NOT reflect the mindset of me or these men. 

    - Han Ji-sung


    “Submissives, submit to your own dominant lovers, as to the Lord. For the dom is the head of the sub as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savoir. You are to give yourself over to them completely and fully. In body, mind, heart, and soul. For this is my word, that anyone sub who shall disobey shall be damned along side those of sinners, prostitutes, and tax collectors. Ephesians 5: 22-23″ You read aloud, voice steady yet soft. Han nodded along as you read your usual Sunday reading. He only allowed you to read the selected verses only on Sunday. He’d seat himself on his chair with you between his legs facing him, the Bible in your hands. Han watched silently as you kept your head bowed, waiting for his next instruction. You didn’t touch the book without his permission, you didn’t close it without his say so, you didn’t turn a page without his upmost approval.

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  • #yandere#yandere male#yandere female#yandere bnha#bnha #boku no hero academia #yandere boku no hero acadamia #my hero academia #yandere mha#mha #yandere my hero academia
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  • Just got Obey Me! a few days ago and got up to lesson 10, so my thoughts on the Diavolo/Lucifer pairing may change later but after the pillow fight scene it just seemed so cute to me??? To my understanding, it’s a fairly popular ship in the fandom again just got into this game less than a week ago so I could be wrong and in the early game interactions between the two they seem to work well together

    It’s easy picturing both of them finding MC darling-worthy and snatching them away to pamper and keep safe. I’ll definitely be writing up some thoughts on their dynamics later

    For now, the one consistent idea in my head revolves around Diavolo being a voyeur and enjoys watching Luci punish/educate MC, offering suggestions/thoughts/praises throughout the ordeal. Also Luci being sadistic and strict af that leads to several sessions of reminding MC how they ought to behave

    #yandere #yandere shall we date #yandere scenario #yandere obey me #yandere lucifer#yandere diavolo #diavolo x lucifer #lucifer x darling #diavolo x darling #diavolo x lucifer x darling #my post
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  • First Chapter  Previous

    I got a little too carried away with this chapter!

    Be warned: There are more spoilers ahead as well as lots of grabbing and drool!

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    #Invader zim #Invader zim x reader #Invader Zim comics #Invader Zim dib #Invader Zim spoilers #spoilers #invader zim into the zimvoid #yandere
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  • please lord forbid me using these tags but on god i just need to know where to listen to the eng subbed yandere no onna no ko audio tracks

    #yandere no onna no ko #yandere#yandere media#yancore #just help me
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  • I hope there’s nothing when we die; loving you for all of eternity is a daunting thought, and quite frankly loving you for these past few years have driven me mad enough.

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  • Yandere Minho


    Originally posted by hyunjins

    Minho :

    “Who is he and why did you let him touch you?!” I grabbed your neck and stared deeply into your eyes with furrowed brows.


    Repost this with your answer and I’ll reply to your repost as yandere minho

    #stray kids #stray kids minho #yandere #stray kids yandere #minho yandere#lee minho#skz yandere #stray kids minho imagine #smut #stray kids minho smut
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  • I swoon over you constantly, yet you never have ever considered me an option for you! What isn’t good enough about me? 🌹

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  • I had this idea on valentine’s day does that count ;w; urk, I feel bad for getting this out so late, but I kinda had a hard time writing this…! though I do enjoy a hawks/endeavor tag team–definitely something I’ll have to write again in the future (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

    【tw: noncon; stalking; your standard yandere fare, haha

    • you opened your front door. a sigh. this was the fourth time this week. right in front of you was yet another lavish flower arrangement carefully placed on your doorstep. yesterday had been red carnations, the day before that was pink dianthus, and today happened to be an eye-catching display of japanese primose. you had a hunch that you had somehow acquired an admirer, a secret admirer. truthfully, it wasn’t out of the ordinary—in fact, it was hard not to have a whole slew of fans when you were a prominent pro hero (number eleven to be exact, and you were hoping to break into the top ten one of these days. ah, but you were digressing.) anyways. even in your relatively short career you still had your fair share of avid followers, and obviously some were more bashful than others. though to be quite honest, lush bouquets didn’t really sound the alarm bells in your head. so as per usual, you simply plucked the vibrant flowers in your hands, and ambled back inside to place them in one of the few bare spots in your apartment. . .which was also starting to become more and more reminiscent of a blooming glasshouse. okay, now it was time to head to your agency.

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    #yandere x reader #bnha x reader #endeavor x reader #hawks x reader #bnha#hawks#yandere hawks#yandere endeavor#reader#yandere
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  • Hey, guys! Long time no see!

    As you can see by the title I am taking requests for Yandere!My Hero Academia characters as I want to try and expand my writing. So write in the comments who you would like to see (Villain AU included) and I will try my best!

    #yandere#yanderexreader #yandere x reader #my hero academia #bnha#bnha fanfiction #yandere my hero academia #yandere bnha#yandere suggestion
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  • (warning:physical abuse,angst,blood,yandere behavior)

    *GIF is not mine*


    the floor where a small amount of blood was splattered was somehow interesting to watch than to see your husband’s eyes as he slashed you with his belt for a reason you were dying to know.after what felt like eternities but was just two hours in reality he dropped the belt on the tile making it clink.

    there was silence for a few minutes before  he himself broke it by letting out almost loud sobs,you didn’t even dare to flinch as you knew it had it’s own consequences.the sobs were followed by a thud.he fell in his knees as he hid his face inside his hands to cry his heart out.after he had cried as much as he liked to he wiped his face with his whole hand and softly grazed his slightly wet palm over your open wounds,

    “I-I’m really sorry”

    he genuinely was,hr had bad anger issues everybody knew that most of the time you would be the victim of it but soon after he was done he would feel like a murderer why did he hurt the person he loved?.

    he softly carried by your wounds you winced as the pain was unbearable.he layed you in the bed and hovered over you and clinged on to you you just closed your eyes and bit your bottom lip to not shout as the pain was getting worse,your wounds were pressed hardly on the sheets the blood staining the white sheets.his tears were wetting your shoulders.he pressed pepper kisses on your neck.


    he pulled away with bloodshot red eyes and his face wet,


    he questioned as if he knew nothing.

    “who were you angry at today?”

    his eyes slightly widened as he realized what you were asking him about,

    “the employees got on the last bit of my nerve today”

    you turned your face away as the tears finally cascaded down your cheeks and wet the pillow.his concern suddenly rose as he softly turned your face towards him and wiped them away but you continued your sobs,

    “it hurts jimin”

    he pulled away as he scattered about to get out of bed,

    “I’m so sorry i’ll get the first aid wait here”

    before he could leave you held his wrist to stop him.he looked back confusedly.

    “no jimin my wounds don’t hurt my heart does”

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  • to all you thirsty lil Yandere lovers out there 👀👀

    If y’all enjoy some song recommendations, please take a moment to listen to Stalker’s Tango by Autoheart while thinking of of your favorite Yandere!Lover <3 

    Someone also made a slowed down ‘yandere’ edit if you like it like that ;3c


    I personally enjoy sweet, darling, obsessed Bruno <3 Just justifying his obsession with gentle words and warm grins 🤭🤭🤭

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  • any active yandere/gore/guro blogs

    oh well, this runs on queue

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