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    when you looked at me, my heart stopped beating and my lungs stopped breathing...

    now i'll do anything to keep you looking at me!

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    16.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    This is for you Yanderememes!

    A scenario where Jotaro Kujo's beloved darling, ignores him for an entire week as payback.

    #yanderememes #jojo no kimyō na bōken #jjba#part 3#stardust crusaders #yandere jotaro x reader #yandere x reader #jotaro kujo
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    16.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Sick fic with mafia Sukuna learning to have a heart?

    Signs point to yes (but only when it gets colder where I’m at >:3)

    Also remember to get your flu shot!

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    16.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    I love getting questions weather they are about my writing or about me personally so…….

    Ask me questions 👉🏻👈🏻

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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #tri speaks #to compensate for his yandereness #she has less pain when it comes to child-bearing~
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    #yandere valentino#valentino hh #valentino x reader #valentino#hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel x reader
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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ANACARDIA : Chapter One


    It was fitting that she was in a morgue when she had gotten the call. Because the storm has been brewing outside the concrete walls, unbeknownst to her; as she carried on with the body examination.

    It was fitting that it all began as she was surrounded by the dead.



     83rd District was what you call life’s miracle recovery. It had a history too. The place started out as a small vendor gathering settlement back in 1700’s and grew to be a part of a bustling city by late 1800’s. Historic buildings had spread all over by mid-1800’s. The town had life and population of over half a million. Quite a lot at that time. And the district was the heart of all trade.

    The heart stopped beating during the recession that followed the first world war. For first time in hundreds of years. The district had gone quiet. And it stayed like that for next ten decades. Until the undead had made themselves known.

    The modern pandemic of 2020 had been another halt in billions of lives. Poor management of resources. Greed of world leaders and lack of trust in modern medicine of some. Humans were getting infected and dying at an unimaginable rate. It was a medical terror. If not a straight slap onto the faces of modern humans. With message ringing straight into our ears.

    We were still incapable.

    With their main source of nutrition dying, vampires brought themselves to light. After thousands of years of silence. They made themselves known. And then the rest of the supernatural committee followed.

    The witches helped with clearing out the pandemic. A clearing that had opposition on global scale by many religious committees by no body cared. The government and world leaders had different problems at hand.

    For once all human world leaders had agreed on one simple thing.

    We all were truly incapable and now on the bottom of the hierarchy. Were now the preys in the food chain.

    The stoned streets of this district had seen it all, the rise of the first buildings to the desertion of the streets. And once again for business to bloom in the long-forgotten part of the metropolitan, As the undead capital of red districts of the world.

    Home of the nocturnal, it was a nightmare in disguise. You were surrounded, but you were alone. Everything was legal, but everything was dead as well.

    Technically, theoretically your path should have never crossed with this district. Your little human life span should have gone by with not even your hair entering this place- but here you were, walking down the district cladded in your padded jacket and jeans.

     Gripping your silver pocket knife tighter in your coat, you could only speed up. You were asked to report to the ‘Elixir club’ by your superior. The only question was why? Humans usually had no business in the district-

    A group of young boys and girls stumbled past you, dressed scantly and as open minded you were- extremely provocatively. Giggling, laughing with no care in the world. There necks devoid of any jewellery and their hair puled up in ponytails. Flashing their blood bruises. Some touching each other, some groping. Some muttering about cloth and shoes. No one gave a damn. And neither did they.

    Humans had no business in the 83rd district- unless of course, they went looking for it. Addict feeders or humans who were addicted to the act of blood feeding, were always in the district. The streets and arms of the leeching dead was more of their home than the concrete ones.

    Drugs were expensive, vampire stimulants were not. The feeding came with an exchange. As the vampire feeds onto the prey, in order to keep them pliant and for blood to taste good and not of just sour adrenaline. Vampire fangs periodically released ‘type 3’ protein a mixture of high amounts of anti-coagulant warfarin, dopamine and serotonin inducing hormones and of course strong hallucinogens.

    It’s highly addictive more so than normal drugs if the vampire doesn’t know how to control it. Since it is punishable to kill a human during the act of feeding by Polygon’s law- Vampires have to stop themselves from completely draining a human- something they were not used to. Many humans became walking blood bags.

    Arlert had called you while you were writing reports for the cadavers. He didn’t say much. In a clipped tone he had asked what you were doing, if it could be done later and when you confirmed with a yes. He ordered you to report to the ’Elixir club’ hanging up on you right away.

    Even if you would have taken your expensive coat, you’d stick out like a sore thumb. In the opposite side of the town, you’d fit right in. Even with you lack of out door ventures. You wouldn’t be noticed. But here, dressed in padded jacket and worn-out blue jeans. You walked with neon sign on top of your head. ‘Feed from me, I am a blood virgin’

    That and you heavily smelled like formaldehyde. You don’t have complains about that though. Vampires don’t like feeding from stinking humans. ‘Bad for them.’ You thought amused.

    A couple walking towards you had their nose scrunching up as the distance shortened- werewolves. One of the men straight up sneered at you showing his sharp teeth as you walked past them. In their defence, even humans don’t like the smell of formaldehyde. You wouldn’t want to imagine how you’d smell to werewolves with their sensitive noses.

    Pulling out your phone you checked the maps again. It was one last turn towards right and you’d arrive at the club. With the neon signs sprawled across the streets. Establishments with boards of promising ecstasy and pleasure. You were approaching the outlines of the heart of the district. ‘Elixir’ was not in the centre street, but had a name for itself. One that it earned over the years. It was run by two twin fae brothers and had one motto. “EQUALITY”

    One of the few clubs that didn’t have a hierarchy system and all was fair game. All supernaturals were on same level and it was the club rule to abide by it. 83rd district as always awake, somewhat always alive. Bustling with the supernaturals. Vampires, Witches, Faes, Werewolves and humans. Filled with colour. With different types of life forces. But this nocturnal district was also one of the darkest in the world. After all, amongst all the sandboxes for the undead and twisted in the world. This one was the birth home of spirit and blood magic.

     Nothing ever good brewed in here.

    So I have noticed that I am terrible when it comes to long para writing. Plus i feel my writing needs to improve. It feels very childish. I am hoping to dedicate one week to a chapter. Hopefully regularly. I also happen to have no clue about the story. It will build as it goes. 
    I am an amateur.
    I have been wanting to read OT7 x Reader supernatural fics. So why not write it? 
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    Yandere Platonic Toman Boys with Former Gang Leader Darling

    It's my birthday!! A very self indulgent fic for myself. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been here to join me on this journey down my fanfic hellhole - whether you have interacted with me or not, thank you for being here with me anyway! Good vibes to everybody, and a very happy birthday to me!

    Recommended Readings: Red Jacket in the Mirror ; Clean Hands ; Smile


    It was times like these that you weren’t sure whether you liked or disliked today, you mused. Lying on your bed with one arm folded behind your head, you had been certain that you had not only locked every last window in your house, but also double locked your main door behind you the night before, looking to prevent this exact scenario from playing out. Yet, here you were, your other arm wrapped around a peacefully snoozing Kazutora, face snuggled into your chest, his own arms wrapped tightly around you. And from the shouts resounding up the stairwell and through your closed bedroom door, it was safe to assume that your house wasn’t as empty as you had hoped it would be. 

    Letting out a fond sigh, and bringing your hand over to comb it ever so gingerly through his hair, you earned yourself mumbled gratitude, your friend only pressing himself further into you, your shirt clenched tighter between his fists. What to do, you mused, what to do. The sun was barely over the horizon, the first rays of light only just peaking through the bottom of your drawn curtains, lightly illuminating the foot of your bed. Way too early for even you to be out and about, though you supposed that you had better get moving before an actual fight broke out in your kitchen. Gently prying Kazutora’s arms from around you, the move earned you some grumbling from the disturbed boy, though he did nothing more than roll into the warm spot you once occupied.

    A quick stretch and a yawn, the muffled chirps of the gradually awakening birds from the large tree that shaded your bedroom window accompanied you as you shook the sleep out of your ever weary eyes. At least you had your fluffy bedroom slippers to thank for protecting your feet from the morning chill, the dim ceiling lights barely casting a reflection on your well-worn wooden floors as you opted to silently pad over to your bathroom to wash up even as what seemed like the next world war progressed down in your kitchen. One look in the mirror was enough to tell you that no matter how much rest you got, you couldn’t shake the exhausted look from your face, the amusement at yourself reflected clearly in your mirrored eyes as you pinched your cheeks, stretching them out, the pandemonium that reigned over the lower floor of your house still clear even over the sound of running water. 

    It was with little surprise when you found Mikey, one of the few early risers among your Toman friends, huddled on the floor across from your bathroom door, black eyes swinging up to meet yours as you exited. Far from the dull, empty eyes others always saw, you never had an issue reading your friend’s eyes, and this morning, the excitement was clear behind the usual blank facade he wore.

    “Mi-” He was quicker though, the paper bag he held casually in one arm giving a harsh rustle as he leaped at you, stuffing something into your mouth before you could even finish. 

    “Happy birthday.” You blinked, your still half-asleep brain taking a few seconds to process what had just happened. But Mikey seemed content to wait for his reply, instead busying himself retrieving several more packaged taiyakis from his paper bag and wadding them into the pockets of your pants as you took a few test chews, before your hand finally came up to remove the foreign object from your mouth. Ah, you recognised this taste - taiyaki. Or more accurately, it was the brand of taiyaki that he loved the most. 

    “For me, Mikey?” Throwing one arm around him, you pressed a sweet kiss to the top of his head, missing the small smirk that had sprouted for just a mere moment on his while an indulgent smile slipped onto yours. “Thank you for the lovely present.”

    The simple gesture from Mikey meant more than words could convey - you knew how highly he prized his favourite snack, and for him to willingly give not just one, but several of them to you showed how much he valued you in return. 

    No more words needed to be exchanged, you taking another bite of the fish-shaped snack even as Mikey all but draped himself over you, burying his face into the crook of your neck as he hung off your shoulders from behind. Only pausing by your bedroom to ensure that Kazutora was still sound asleep, now huddled in the same spot where you had spent the night, face pressed into your pillow, and to softly close the door behind you, your duo had only the stairs left to brave. Though your current predicament of having to essentially piggyback Mikey made descending the stairs a demanding job, it was something that you were certain you could do even on autopilot, thanks to the hundreds of times you must have already done a similar maneuver previously.

    The dark stairwell quickly gave way to sunlit rooms, the curtains that you swore had been down the night before now neatly drawn to the sides, allowing the morning sun to dance its light across the various furniture to the rhythm of the wind and leaves outside.

    But unlike the pleasant sway of leaves outside your window, it was time, at last, to face the absolute chaos that had been raging all morning, though you supposed that you barely needed to step foot in the warzone to already figure out what was going on.

    “Omurice, Furusawa? You shithead, who eats omurice for fucking breakfast?!” When it comes to Jun, it was a given that you would hear him long before you see him, and it seemed that principle still applied even after your two years away. Rounding the last corner and passing through the doorway to your kitchen, the toss of long blond hair could have probably been mistaken for the soft glow of sun rays through your kitchen windows, if not for the entirely unsoft man the hair was attached to. Waving about his signature baseball bat and coming way too close for comfort to some of your glass displays, there had been no doubt in your mind that you would find most of your friends already crammed around the comparatively tiny dining table, though it was a pleasant treat to see both Toman and Red Dragonflies peacefully coexisting for once. Maybe today really was more special than you had imagined.

    “Boss always cooks omurice for me.” Came your right-hand man’s characteristically patient response - Furu wasn’t one that lost his temper easily, though you supposed that tone would come off as mocking if it came from any other person. Not that it mattered to Jun, who exploded anyway.

    “That’s because it’s you, you motherfucker! And did you cook twenty fucking portions?”

    “It’s just mine and Boss’s.” 

    Ahh breakfast, the starter of wars, or so you supposed some saying goes. Really, it was too early to think.

    The sizzling of cooking had, by now, long died down, washed yet dull pans and pots lining the counter top, the constant wear and tear long having stripped most of your utensils of its shine.

    You did have to stifle your laugh when your dining table finally came into sight, the sun now finally having risen high enough over the horizon to cast its light onto a groaning Hase ruffling his hair and the honestly gigantic plate of omurice seated in front of him, the omelette looking much like a second sun on your table top. While you couldn't say for sure where your Vice Captain got the enormous plate from, it was definitely a portion fit for Furu, no lie there.

    "Happy Birthday Boss." Wrenching you from Mikey's grip with ease, Furu lifted you into a giant bearhug, one that was just tight enough to momentarily feel the life being squeezed out of you, before you were carefully set back on your feet. The small box he pulled from the inside of his jacket looked positively tiny in his gigantic hands, ribbon delicately pinched between two fingers as he set it down in your hand. 

    Tugging at the front of Furu's shirt had him bent over far enough for you to press a kiss to the top of his head, which you combined with a few gentle pats of his hair. "Thank you Furu."

    "Tell me you're here to put me out of my misery." And there was the despairing groan you had been expecting, Hase already seemingly done for the day despite his hair still looking freshly styled, the wretchedness of having to exist in the same world as Furusawa obviously taking its toll on him. Although, you mused, the weariness in his eyes did somewhat dispel when you pecked a kiss to the top of his head and thanked him, plucking the offered package from his open palm.

    A quiet, quick step towards you and your sleeve sleepily tugged at, you turned to find Baji already attached to your arm, having stumbled in through your front door sometime when you weren't looking. “I want one too.” Was somehow mumbled out while he failed to stifle a yawn, Baji only snuggled closer as you dutifully doled out a peck to the top of his head with a chuckle. He must have forced himself up to be here this early, you mused, helping your exhausted friend into an empty chair, to which your only response was his head instantly hitting the table, already back asleep.

    "Tch, spoiled brats." Rolling his eyes, your next present was all but tossed at you, you catching it easily with one hand. "Happy Birthday Boss. Koji and Masashi said they'll see you later."

    Despite his tough exterior, you knew your Second Wing well enough to feel him melt in your hug, his hand held softly in yours when he bent over to allow you to kiss the top of his head. "I spoil everyone here. You included, Jun. Thank you for the present."

    A grumble, and you felt your sleeve once again tugged at, ire black eyes meeting yours. "You want one more, Mikey?" Throwing your arms open, you bundled your grumpy friend into a hug, pressing another quick kiss to the top of his head. "There you go."

    The sudden stillness that fell over the kitchen was comfortable, with only the whistling of wind seeping through the cracks breaking the silence. And just when you thought your morning was over, the familiar rumbling of empty stomachs quickly indicated otherwise - you supposed not many were inclined to a serving of Furu's omurice after all. “Everyone take a seat.” Lifting your apron off its hook where it rested, your nimble fingers made quick work of the all-too familiar gesture of tying the ends behind your back. "Furu, a portion of rice for me please. I’ll whip something up for everyone else.” 

    The sun was already high in the sky when your friends were all finally fed and watered, the last of the washings being neatly returned to their cupboards when the chime of your doorbell, an unusual sound to hear, rang above the hustle and bustle. 

    “Happy Birthday Boss!” The sea of red jackets bowed ninety degrees, hands clasped behind their backs, that flooded not only your porch and the street in front of your house, but seemingly spilled into the smaller side roads and alleyways as well, was definitely a sight for sore eyes, you letting out a gentle chuckle, accepting the gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the First Division vice captain. The kiss of the breeze that tossed hair and leaves alike only picked up as you stepped out onto your porch, the harsh light of the afternoon sun only making the view ever more dazzling.

    No matter how much you disliked the attention that your gang seemed to love lavishing on you, especially on occasions that they deemed special such as today, you couldn’t lie to yourself - it was heartwarming to see everyone gathered once more, laughing and cheering. Your neighbours were definitely going to be pissed though. 

    “Keep it down boys. Thank you for the lovely surprise." Glancing at the men gathered in front of you, it was easy for them to see the fondness shining through; the love you had for not just the gang, but each and every member clear in the depths of your ever tired gaze.

    "I know you all have something to give me behind your Captain's backs - " A wave of chuckles rose up, guilty looks and the nervous rubbing of the back of heads when Hase raised one questioning eyebrow. "But you boys will have to head back to base first."

    Mumbles of acknowledgements, and the first of your men had started to turn to leave when you suddenly recalled an important detail. “And before you go, as much as I would love to see all of you later,” Pausing as you fished out your phone, nimbly navigating to your packed schedule. “I believe it's the Third Division’s turn for patrol duty today.”

    The effect your words had was instantaneous, the groans of disappointment rising up and wringing of hands from the affected party an apparent divide from the inevitable teasing coming from members of the other divisions. This time, you couldn’t stop the laughter that slipped out from your lips, the resigned looks of your men tickling your funny bone just right. "Time and tide waits for no gang. Get going guys, I'll see you tomorrow, alright?"

    Yet right as you were about to turn to return back inside, to cautiously place your flowers somewhere safe, you were all but tackled from behind, thrown over a shoulder - Kazutora's, your mind finally realized -  and rushed towards their bikes and the other three awaiting Toman founders, Baji and Mikey hot on his heels. "Come on, let's go already!"

    "Stop you fuckers! She's coming with us!"

    Even the weather seemed to be in a celebratory mood, the temperature mild and cool, the usual blazing heat of the afternoon sun absent from the overcast sky. Yanked this way and that, there was never a moment where your brilliant smile dropped, where laughter didn't tumble freely from your lips as you were caught in a tug of war between your two groups of friends, each as determined as the other to show you the best time possible.

    Time flew by in just a blink, your world all but whizzing around you. The night was old, the moon already reigning the sky for a good few hours, when you finally stumbled home alongside your friends, arns loaded with presents of every shape and size. Having settled everybody to bed, you left your friends to do one last check around your house, closing windows and drawing curtains.

    A single white dethorned rose left outside your kitchen window caught your weary eyes as you wandered through the doorway, the petals that reflected the dim moonlight almost glowing against the backdrop of your otherwise dark neighbourhood. Letting out a giant yawn, one that usually indicated the arrival of the end of your day, you silently slid the window open, the buzz of insects that filled the quiet night intensified and faded with the strength of the breeze that hurled through the open window. 

    But before you could retrieve your gift, a hand, pressed ever so carefully over your eyes, obscured your sight just long enough for a tender kiss to be pressed to your lips. "Happy Birthday," muttered barely loud enough to reach your ears, and then he was gone like a gust of wind, leaving no signs that anyone had ever been there.

    “Cheeky piece of shit.” You chuckled, gently lifting the flower from its resting place, a glint of silver nestled among leaves. 

    Happy Birthday to you indeed.

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    "Sing for me, my muses."

    An idea I had at 2 AM that I needed to share. This may or may not imply a sub-AU I want to make. someone needs to bonk me

    You sat cockily in your throne of noctilous jade, gold, and other valuable gems. You wore the finest clothes any nation could offer, feeling the silk rest on your skin delicately. Zhongli had his head rested on your right leg and Diluc on the other; the poor winery tycoon was blushing like no tomorrow, unable to come to terms with the situation. On either side of your throne were lounging chairs currently occupied by Kaeya on your right and Childe to the left. Between Zhongli and Kaeya sat Thoma, and between Diluc and Childe was Xiao. You had set them up so that at any point in time, you could easily scratch any of the mens' heads lovingly while paying attention to whatever, or who, was in front of you.

    You looked down upon Venti and Kazuha, who both looked at the men surrounding you with bubbling envy. Deep down you knew damn well the two men below you would do anything for a spot next to you. Yet you acted innocent, acting as if nothing was wrong.

    "Is something wrong, Venti? Kazuha?" You purred, lips curling into a smirk. You enjoyed this situation well; if they were going to treat you like a God, then by all means you were going to act like one.

    "No, your majesty." The Archon said through gritted teeth, giving a mean look to Kaeya and Diluc.

    "No, your excellency." The wandering samurai bowed his head a little.

    You subconciously rubbed Thoma and Dilucs' heads. "Then why haven't you played anything? Does their presence disturb you?"

    Kazuha spoke first. "No, your excellency. I was calming my nerves; it's an honor to play for such a high audience."

    "And you, Venti?"

    "I wanted to see what song would please you the most, your grace. I'm sorry for the wait."

    "I see, and no need to apologize. Now, sing for me, my muses." Lies. You had already caught in that they were jealous of the six men, wishing you would have room for two more. But maybe in a different time they'll each get to dwell and indulge in their own little fantasies. Right now, both musicians need to perform.

    They started their duet in a light, beautiful melody. It made you picture Mondstat's scenery and landscape, the gentle hills and lush forests. Next was the steep mountains of Liyue, the sound of the harbor and its people, all told through the influential power of music. Third was Inazuma, envisioned in a fast-paced tune that symbolized the bolts of lightening, the gentle scenery of Watatsumi Island and the peacefulness of Narukami Islsnd. Last was Dragonspine; the music made you feel its icy winds and harsh waters, the unforgiving landscape that encouraged adventurers to never come back.

    Their performance was stunning, seemingly paralyzing your movements. Thoma pressed his head against your hand to feel your touch again, relieved when you patted him in reassurance. Diluc however, although prideful, let out a quiet and soft whine that you stopped running your fingers through his hair. When the bard and samurai finished, their hearts swelled with pride as they saw how enraptured you were with them, going as far as to demand an encore. And with you as their God, being the every so loyal servants they were, they continued their performance.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact: cult au #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin kazuha#genshin kaeya#genshin zhongli#genshin xiao#genshin diluc#genshin venti#genshin barbatos#barbatos #genshin impact au #genshin reader insert #genshin yandere#reader insert #self aware au #self aware yandere #sagau #soft yandere diluc #yandere diluc#soft yandere#yandere kaeya#yandere kazuha #soft yandere zhongli #yandere zhongli#yandere childe #soft yandere childe #genshin childe#genshin cult
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    I wanna cry, idk why

    knowing I'm getting cold emotionally is killing me

    I miss feeling things, when she's gone I feel like a husk of who I am when I'm with her

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    #love that funky lil yandere #askies #thank god hes not a giffany situation like Grav Falls or id be dead #but then again....kidnapped by someone who loves me that dearly... kinda 👀💞
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    Abbinamento: Yandere! Fumus x reader Titolo di appartenenza: Funamusea Avvertenze: Tortura, sangue, abuso di potere, comportamento yandere, abuso fisico e mentale, disumanizzazione,

    Solo adesso potevi comprendere a pieno gli avvertimenti di Taffy, ma davvero avresti potuto ignorare le sue urla mentre, quello che doveva essere il suo Dio, gli stava dimostrando il suo... amore. 

    Quando ti aveva detto che Fumus aveva un modo creativo per mostrare il suo cosiddetto amore, non avevi completamente capito quanto fosse tremenda la realtà, non avevi certo appreso l’avvertimento mal celato del serafino. 

    Non avevi ancora imparato ad ignorare completamente le loro urla di agonia, e mentre prima bastava andarsene per dimenticarle ora nemmeno le mani premute contro le tue orecchie avrebbero aiutato. Ma non eri mai veramente intervenuta, ti avevano detto di starne fuori e tu ci avresti provato, sul serio, ma non durò molto lo stato di beata ignoranza in cui fluttuavi. Certo avresti potuto intuirlo dal distorto amore che Fumus dimostrava a suo fratello, ma lo hai ignorato, o forse dalle urla degli angeli. 

    Ora ti potevi solo considerare una stupida, avevi iniziato a definirti così quando gli avevi afferrato la mano, per farlo avevi tirato fuori tutto il coraggio che possedevi per farlo, eppure si sgretolò subito. Si sgretolò non appena il suo sguardo irritato si posò su di te, non appena il sangue del povero angelo mal capitato iniziò a imbrattare la tua pelle, e una goccia cadde sul terreno in pietra grezza. Le tue pupille si erano ristrette, tanto da sembrare aghi smussati, Al momento pensavi che lo avresti rifatto, ma ora le parole ti morivano in gola, non riuscivi a rilasciare quel bel discorso che ti eri preparata ogni volta che sentivi le urla, e dire che ti eri ripetuta talmente tante volte quel discorso che ti eri persino convinta che avresti potuto farlo smettere. Ma ora non eri più tanto sicura,era davvero possibile cambiare una visione distorta a tal punto, aggiungendo l fatto che lui era un Dio, era davvero possibile cambiare la visione di un Dio? 

    La risposta che prima sarebbe stata soluzione iniziò a vacillare, le iridi color canna di fucile si strinsero su se stessi intimandoti di parlare, di chiarire il motivo della tua interruzione, e non avresti potuto evitare la domanda questa volta, non sarebbe bastato un placido silenzio composto da placida ignoranza. Ma le parole si rifiutavano di uscire.

    ❁❁ ❁❁ ❁❁

    Quando tutto si era ridotto all’oscurità, quando non eri riuscita a risponde a quella domanda, non hai potuto fare altro che pregare per la tua salvezza, anche se sarebbe stato abbastanza inutile, contando che colui che dovrebbe essere Dio era la causa di tutto. L’unico momento in cui potevi distinguere qualcosa di diverso dal buio era quando Fumus non si sentiva abbastanza magnanimo da lasciarti sentire solo le urla dei poveri mal capitati. Avrebbe rimosso la benda e la luce, per quanto fioca, sarebbe rimasta accecante per qualche ragione ignota, solo per essere messa da parte quando un'ondata di orrore ti colpiva. Era davvero possibile per un solo individuo avere la quantità di sangue tale da imbrattare gran parte delle mura e del pavimento, incluso i tuoi vestiti, nonostante fossi ad una distanza ragionevole. Fumus avrebbe lanciato,qualche occhiata più spesso di quanto avrebbe dovuto, fare verso di  te, per vedere se stavi rispettando il suo ordine, dimenticando che non lo avresti fatto, dimenticando che i tuoi sarebbe stati posati altrove. Per questo ora, quando non era il malcapitato, Taffy ti teneva fermo il volto affinché tu non potessi distogliere lo sguardo. Eppure se lo avessi ascoltato attentamente non saresti in questa situazione, saresti ancora libera di andartene, a causa delle lacrime era persino doloroso chiudere gli occhi per più di qualche secondo. Taffy ti teneva fermo il volto affinché tu non potessi distogliere lo sguardo. Eppure se lo avessi ascoltato attentamente non saresti in questa situazione, saresti ancora libera di andartene, a causa delle lacrime era persino doloroso chiudere gli occhi per più di qualche secondo.Taffy ti teneva fermo il volto affinché tu non potessi distogliere lo sguardo. Eppure se lo avessi ascoltato attentamente non saresti in questa situazione, saresti ancora libera di andartene, a causa delle lacrime era persino doloroso chiudere gli occhi per più di qualche secondo. 

    Ma la parte più dolorosa del guardare era che ogni supplica che potessi fare, ogni parola di troppo che pronunciavi, o un semplice suono considerato fastidioso al Dio, eri punita, in diversi modi, ma tutti estremamente dolorosi. E dire che non era nemmeno te che stava torturando, se valutiamo da un punto di vista molto superficiale, ma rimanevi un spettatore innocente, un spettatore innocente che è costretto a guardare, sopportando di stare in silenzio di fronte a tanta crudeltà, per non ricevere altro dolore. Che poteva variare, variare dal suo umore o dalla sua fantasia. Ma cosa apprezzava maggiormente era bruciare la tua pelle con la sigaretta accesa. Piccoli segni circolari, dipingevano aspramente la tua pelle, il prolungamento della tortura aveva portato l’assunzione di diverse tonalità di colore ai segni. Era doloroso e umiliante,essere costretta inginocchiata a subire tutto quello, e non potevi nemmeno scappare, nel bel mezzo del territorio nemico, quali alleati ti avrebbero aiutato a fuggire, soprattutto quando avevano l’ordine di richiuderti qual ora ti fossi allontanata da quella che era la tua prigione, bensì non avesse vere e proprie sbarre. Ma tu ci avresti provato comunque, più e più volte, aveva perso importanza quanto potesse essere dolorose le conseguenze. Tu dovevi fuggire e se per farlo dovevi andare in un altro mondo allora cosi sia, potrebbe essere anche impossibile ma avresti tentato fino a non aver più vita, e sapevi che non sarebbe successo, se davvero si stava divertendo, ti avrebbe lasciata vivere per il suo crudele piacere, senza mai sapere quando si sarebbe stancato.nel bel mezzo del territorio nemico, quali alleati ti avrebbero aiutato a fuggire, soprattutto quando avevano l’ordine di richiuderti qual ora ti fossi allontanata da quella che era la tua prigione, bensì non avesse vere e proprie sbarre. Ma tu ci avresti provato comunque, più e più volte, aveva perso importanza quanto potesse essere dolorose le conseguenze. Tu dovevi fuggire e se per farlo dovevi andare in un altro mondo allora cosi sia, potrebbe essere anche impossibile ma avresti tentato fino a non aver più vita, e sapevi che non sarebbe successo, se davvero si stava divertendo, ti avrebbe lasciata vivere per il suo crudele piacere, senza mai sapere quando si sarebbe stancato.nel bel mezzo del territorio nemico, quali alleati ti avrebbero aiutato a fuggire, soprattutto quando avevano l’ordine di richiuderti qual ora ti fossi allontanata da quella che era la tua prigione, bensì non avesse vere e proprie sbarre. Ma tu ci avresti provato comunque, più e più volte, aveva perso importanza quanto potesse essere dolorose le conseguenze. Tu dovevi fuggire e se per farlo dovevi andare in un altro mondo allora cosi sia, potrebbe essere anche impossibile ma avresti tentato fino a non aver più vita, e sapevi che non sarebbe successo, se davvero si stava divertendo, ti avrebbe lasciata vivere per il suo crudele piacere, senza mai sapere quando si sarebbe stancato.soprattutto quando avevano l’ordine di richiuderti qual ora ti fossi allontanata da quella che era la tua prigione, bensì non avesse vere e proprie sbarre. Ma tu ci avresti provato comunque, più e più volte, aveva perso importanza quanto potesse essere dolorose le conseguenze. Tu dovevi fuggire e se per farlo dovevi andare in un altro mondo allora cosi sia, potrebbe essere anche impossibile ma avresti tentato fino a non aver più vita, e sapevi che non sarebbe successo, se davvero si stava divertendo, ti avrebbe lasciata vivere per il suo crudele piacere, senza mai sapere quando si sarebbe stancato.soprattutto quando avevano l’ordine di richiuderti qual ora ti fossi allontanata da quella che era la tua prigione, bensì non avesse vere e proprie sbarre. Ma tu ci avresti provato comunque, più e più volte, aveva perso importanza quanto potesse essere dolorose le conseguenze. Tu dovevi fuggire e se per farlo dovevi andare in un altro mondo allora cosi sia, potrebbe essere anche impossibile ma avresti tentato fino a non aver più vita, e sapevi che non sarebbe successo, se davvero si stava divertendo, ti avrebbe lasciata vivere per il suo crudele piacere, senza mai sapere quando si sarebbe stancato.Tu dovevi fuggire e se per farlo dovevi andare in un altro mondo allora cosi sia, potrebbe essere anche impossibile ma avresti tentato fino a non aver più vita, e sapevi che non sarebbe successo, se davvero si stava divertendo, ti avrebbe lasciata vivere per il suo crudele piacere, senza mai sapere quando si sarebbe stancato.Tu dovevi fuggire e se per farlo dovevi andare in un altro mondo allora cosi sia, potrebbe essere anche impossibile ma avresti tentato fino a non aver più vita, e sapevi che non sarebbe successo, se davvero si stava divertendo, ti avrebbe lasciata vivere per il suo crudele piacere, senza mai sapere quando si sarebbe stancato.

    Incontra posizione, Fumus esattamente non sapeva cosa fosse quell’euforia che si diffondeva a macchia d’olio dentro di lui, quando ti vedeva ad un passo delle lacrime sapendo benissimo che farne cadere anche solo una sarebbe stata la tua rovina, ma ancora avresti potuto anche piangere tranquillamente se non avessi sempre quella vena ribelle, avresti potuto disperanti nelle tue lacrime nel tuo angolo, ma avevi sempre sempre quel particolare vizio di supplicarlo al posto delle sue vittimi. Essenzialmente se doveva essere sincero era la cosa che lo faceva emozionare maggiormente. Vedere che non eri un giocattolo facile da rompere che avevi ancora la forza di contraddirlo nonostante le ripercussioni fossero estremamente dolorose. Eri una delle poche cose che sapeva, non lo avrebbero stancato così facilmente. Per questo, se davvero,avresti voluto andartene forse potevi attenuare gradualmente quella tua fastidiosa vivacità, fino a farlo annoiare. Ma io non ci conterei molto, ha molti modi per farti cantare come vuole lui, e chi mai avrebbe il tuo medesimo coraggio di contradirlo?

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  • bakugous-sandbag
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kinktober Day 13 - Knife Play

    [ CW: Yandere!Bakugou carving his initials into your skin ]

    “Don’t struggle,” the blonde says gruffly, even though you’re already currently-doing-that. You tug against the bonds keeping your wrists bound to the headboard, but the restraints don’t budge in the slightest. You can tell that he’s tied your hands too tightly—you can’t feel your fingers—going numb without proper circulation. But Katsu—Bakugou—had shoved his underwear in your mouth to keep it shut and to prevent you from ‘bitching’ as he so eloquently put it.

    This was wrong; oh so wrong on so many levels but all you can see in Bakugou’s eyes, is nothing but that sickening form of lovesick obsession. He could have literal hearts in his eyes. He had you right where he wanted you. Where you were always meant to be. Why can’t you see that?

    “If you don’t stop struggling,” Bakugou pulls out a knife from his pants pocket, and holds it dangerously close to your vulnerable neck, cold steel delicately gracing your pulse, “I’ll make this more painful for you, and I don’t want to do that.” He lies... he’s lying... but that doesn’t mean you have to know that.

    Your struggling immediately comes to a halt like a deer caught in the headlights, and the blonde sighs in equal parts content, and annoyance. “Good,” he leans in close, hands hot and sweaty and on the verge of *shaking* as he eyes your pretty collarbone. It’s so bare. He should fix that. “I don’t want to fuck this up,” he says, breathing in the scent of your rapidly growing fear, and it is intoxicating. If he could drink it up, he would be chugging on it. “But I want to give you something, and I want it to be a permanent reminder of who you belong to.”

    Is he serious? Your eyes widen. Does he not hear how fucking crazy he sounds?

    The dull edge of his blade ghosts along your skin, gently, like he’s afraid to hurt you. Even then, your breathing quickens in fright, but that’s not enough to stop him. “This is for your own good,” Bakugou warns, before he’s digging the knife into your tender flesh—carving his name in Japanese kanji—into your fucking skin.

    If you didn’t have his underwear stuffed into your mouth, you would have bitten off your own tongue, all while screaming bloody-fucking-murder. You swear you black out for a moment, but maybe it’s for the best. ‘Cause when you come to, your chest is red and dripping with fresh blood, and Bakugou is done carving his permanent mark into your body. A low, overly pleased noise, a satisfied purr coming from his throat, when he’s sure it’ll scar. It makes you sick to your stomach.

    “That’s better,” he groans, voice raspy with want. “Look how pretty it is. You wear it so fuckin’ well.”

    Praise? From him? Now? You cast him the most hateful glare you can muster in your shaky, quivering state. Even if you know it’s not much, you probably look more pathetic than anything, but that doesn’t stop your spite from curdling to the surface. If he hadn’t shoved that piece of fabric in your mouth, you would have spat in his face.

    “Hey, don’t be like that,” Bakugou utters gruffly. “This’ll teach you a lesson. I don’t like the way others look at you.” Bakugou reaches down to swipe a thumb across the fresh wound, smearing your blood across his fingers and bringing those glistening red digits to his lips to have a taste. He moans quietly around his fingers as soon as the almost sweet, salty rust hits his tastebuds, and if you weren’t bound and gagged, you would have called him a freak.

    Of course, there’s nothing you can do but tremble and send halfhearted glares; not when you’re completely at his mercy.

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  • iansgirl
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    my thoughts eat you up like candy

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  • bakugous-sandbag
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kinktober Day 12 - Possessive/Jealous Sex

    “You don’t get to cum without my permission,” Katsuki says from somewhere above you, his blood red ruby eyes glinting with some form of lovesick obsession, “do you understand?”

    You understand. Of course you fucking understand. The fear is etched across your facial features, body shaking and trembling like a leaf in the wind. Your throat flutters whenever you swallow, and Katsuki gets to feel it quivering beneath those big, meaty, heated palms. Your pulse races like the wingbeat of some frightened hummingbird, caught between Katsuki’s fingers- and he wasn’t about to let you out of his clutches anytime soon. He had warned you beforehand; that he was “Not afraid to break a birdies neck.”

    Those hands of his are glowing orange, on the verge of burning, and the heat seeps into the tender flesh of your skin. You wince, all while nodding furiously, and the blonde relents a sliver of that scalding heat from your jugular, because he can be merciful if he wants to. You just have to submit to him. You just have to give in to Katsuki’s wants and desires, however morbid and messed up they may be ever since you decided to reject his advances...

    That was the very first and last mistake you made.

    “Atta pet,” Katsuki hums, a low, pleased purr vibrating from within his chest. “You know how to be behave when you need to, hah? Thought you could get away a from me?” His hand around your neck ghosts along the firm line of your collar, those digits dipping and tracing the bone that would be so easy to break if he saw fit. “Didja think I wouldn’t find out?” His fingers trail lower, along the plush of your belly, just above your hips and feeling the prominent bulge where his cock is nestled nice and deep inside you. “I should be breaking your fuckin’ bones so you don’t go runnin’ off again.”

    “N-no, no no no please don’t do that,” you stammer out, quicker than your brain can process. “It won’t happen again, Katsu! I promise!”

    “Yeah?” Katsuki raises a single brow, staring down at you with a flicker of something dangerous flashing in those blood reds. As if he’s daring you to lash out and leave him again. You won’t.

    “Yes! I promise!” You cry, with tears threatening to spill across your cheeks. Your desperation ringing out and flooding the room, you’d beg him until your voice went raw if that’s what it’ll take to appease his seething anger. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t stroke something vicious to life within his bloodstream.

    “Good,” is all he says before taking the first, experimental buck of his hips, pressing flush with yours and bottoming out. “Cuz’ nobody else gets to fuckin’ look at you when I’m around. I find out they took a single breath in your direction, and they’re dead meat.”

    A soft, pitiful whimper is torn from your throat as Katsuki’s dick strokes your inner walls, pressing up against that heavenly spot that has sparks exploding behind your eyelids. Katsuki takes a hold of your hips then, nails biting into your skin as he leans closer, and drags his fingers along your thighs. Leaving deep, angry red scratches in his wake. At least this way, he’d be leaving a permanent reminder of who you belonged to, whether you liked it or not.

    Kinktober Masterlist

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  • cutelittlevamp
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    Horrortober Day 16 - Spell

    I'm a little late today ^^ I had an internal argument about the character

    Well, I decided to go with Barbatos from Obey me! A yandere Barbatos x Reader, basically

    Horrortober Challenge by @yandere-sins and @pastelbirb

    Tw: implied stalking; kidnapping


    ➤ Day 16: Spell “It’s like you put a spell on me.” | Make your drawing magical!


    He was so … polite when you first met him.

    He visited the café you worked at with two other men and had asked for the person who had made the cake. You were about to leave when your colleague came to find you and told you all about the customer. When you went to the front and introduced yourself as the person responsible for all the cakes and other sweets that were sold he showered you with compliments.

    Introducing himself as Barbatos, he asked you about the cake and later about your job in particular. You told him that you were a confectioner and all you could about the cake - except for the details you had changed in the recipe. It would still come out well if he wanted to make one himself just not exactly like yours.

    He was very nice and easy to talk to but it didn’t escape your notice that his two friends were watching with great interest as he kept on talking to you. “Never thought he could be such a chatterbox,” the raven haired one quietly said to the redhead. So, it seemed he was normally more quiet.

    It didn’t matter much to you, after all, you’ll probably never talk to him again. Still, it was a nice conversation so a smile came naturally to your face and you stayed quite a bit longer than normal.

    Life went on like usual after that day until one day your colleague asked you to come up front again. To your great surprise you were greeted by Barbatos once more.

    “I tried to bake your cake. It came out great but … not exactly like yours,” he admitted kinda sheepishly. It was actually really cute. “Yeah, that’s just because I don’t make it exactly like the original recipe wants you to, but if I told my little secret to our customers then who’d come here to buy anything?” “Ah, I understand.” He smiled sweetly and you happily smiled at him in return. He really was a nice guy, even though you didn’t know much about him.

    The next time you met him was by chance. You were on vacation and just strolled through town a little looking at the window displays of the shops when you felt a tap on your shoulder. Needless to say that you were quite surprised to see him standing behind you as you turned but you soon had forgotten about that as he engaged you in a lively conversation. He was so easy to talk to and pretty soon you found yourself on a bench in the quiet part of the park talking to him.

    Nothing special. At first you had talked about the day - what you were doing and that kinda stuff - and then a little more about cakes. Then the topic shifted a little to be about what he was doing - seemed he was some kind of butler.

    “It was really cute seeing you the other day. You were on the playground with a little child.” “Well, yes. I was looking after my nephew.” That was weird. You were sure there were no other people around that day. Barbatos seemed to catch on to your sudden discomfort and changed the topic.

    “You know, it is really bewitching.” “Bewitching? What is?” That sudden remark caused you to smile a little in confusion. He smiled back at you. “Your smile is. It’s like you put a spell on me.” Your expression went blank and you shifted in your seat causing him to raise a brow in question. It wasn’t even two months ago when you broke up with your last partner in a very unpleasant way, so you didn’t really like the way this conversation was going.

    “It was really nice meeting you again, Barbatos. I gotta go now.” As abruptly as you stood up you didn’t notice his expression changing. What you did notice was when he caught your wrist to stop you from leaving. “I’m sorry Barbatos but I really have to go now.” When he looked up at you he had a polite smile on his face that didn’t give away his real emotions. “It’s so nice hearing you say my name.” Startled, you looked at him. He was right. It was the first time you had actually used his name. “Could … could you let go of me now?” “Can you say it again?” His expression remained unreadable. “Barbatos” you said, pulling your arm to remind him of your request but he didn’t let go.

    “You know, I wanted to be patient but coming here isn’t that easy for me and I can’t leave my Lord Diavolo all to himself over a prolonged period of time …” He seemed to think about something while you stared at him confused. What was he even talking about?

    “Yes,” he finally said “I think it’s best if I just take you with me. Then you can just show me how you’ve changed the recipe of your cakes.”

    You stared at him in confusion that soon turned to pure horror when his appearance changed in front of you: Somehow he suddenly had strange bone like wings attached to his head but what caught your attention more was the split tail loosely wrapping around your waist.

    Terrified you tried to get out of his grib yet even though he wasn’t holding you with much force you couldn’t get his hand to open no matter what you did. Barbatos continued to smile at you and even tried to calm you down a little but you didn’t want to be calmed down. Breathing way too fast you still tried to get your hand out of his hold until you felt too dizzy to continue your struggle. Barbatos easily caught you once your legs gave way.

    “Don’t worry, (y/n). You’ll like it.” That was the last you heard before you blacked out.

    He was so polite when you first met him.

    How could you have been so wrong?

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  • iridescent-queen
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