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    26.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Who Is Most Likely to Be a Yandere? (Class 1A and B Male Editon)

    Note: I enjoyed doing this tbh. Let me know if you want a girls edition.

    Warnings: yandere and dark themes.

    Shoto Todoroki

    Unlike other Yanderes Shoto doesn't realise what he's doing is wrong. He just wants your attention and affection, plain and simple, and he isn't afraid to go to any lengths to ensure he gets it.

    He won't stalk you or manipulate his way into your life because Shoto doesn't need to. Because you're the type of person who would let him in anyways. You're the type who sees his damaged self for all he is but chooses to accept him, extending rays of kindness his way until he's soaking up in your warmth constantly.

    And what can Shoto do but take, take, and take when you're just so willing? When the smallest frown or clench of his fists at the mention of family is enough to have you comfort him, to help him feel better; be better.

    Shoto doesn't see how he's wrong, because just like every other living being it is merely his nature to gravitate around the sun, to cling to its light and warmth and hope for a sanctuary from the coldness of his past.

    Until one day it just isn't enough.

    One day he just wants more, craves it even. One day Shoto wakes up and realises he wants to be selfish, wants to steal you away so that your sunshine can be for him and him alone.

    Shoto doesn't just want to have a sun, no, he wants to have a sun that revolves around him; one that is his to use and break as he pleases.

    Shoto wants you, all of you, and he isn't afraid to take it. Because you want this too, right? Because you told him to look at the bright side and take pleasure in the things that make him happy, right?

    You wanted him to be better, so what does it matter if you need to sacrifice a couple of things to see that through?

    Midoriya Izuku

    Izuku knows he's wrong, truly he does, but he just can't stop.

    It starts with an infatuation. With Izuku being a little too interested in everything about you, whether it be your quirk, your future plans, your past, or your personality. He knew he was asking too many questions, craving too much knowledge to consume.

    But it was just curiosity, right? He had dedicated one of his notebooks to you and you alone because he just found you and your quirk fascinating, right?

    Izuku knew he had crossed a line when the stalking started, when he began to follow you home and watch you sleep, memorising every little detail about you and your life.

    But by the time he got around to setting up cameras, mics, and tracking devices for you Izuku realised he didn't quite care about what was wrong or right, not when it would help him consume more about you.

    He hadn't meant to steal you away, really, he hadn't. Izuku wanted to get close to you, to manipulate his way into your life and play mind games that made you think of him and him alone. But then he started paying attention to all the threats you were exposed to, all the people who could steal you away from him, and Izuku found himself taking action before he could stop.

    Because he would rather steal you away than lose you.

    Izuku doesn't care much for hurting you, sure the chains on your wrists make your skin crack and bleed and sometimes he lets you starve when you upset him, but that's just training. Izuku just needs to train you into being the good little thing you are.

    He isn't trying to harm you, no, it's the opposite. Izuku is saving you. He's keeping you safe from the cruel world outside and ensuring that you'll never have to face anything bad or hurtful.

    You just have to be good to him and submit.

    Monoma Neito

    Monoma doesn't want to hurt you. He doesn't want to steal you away or lock you up, he doesn't want to stalk you or invade your privacy. Monoma doesn't want to do anything wrong, and he doesn't, because he has your consent.

    Because somewhere between becoming friends and having your first kiss Monoma had eased his way into your heart and life, so much so that you couldn't tell your boyfriend was doing anything wrong.

    You didn't realise that your time with others was cut short or that you spent basically every waking minute with Monoma. You didn't notice how you submitted oh so easily every time he told you to do things a certain way.

    You didn't realise that your life was slowly but surely being consumed by Monoma, not until it was too late, of course. Until you were his in every way, whether it be legally, mentally or physically, and by that time it was far too late to do anything.

    Because you were fine with all of this, right? Because you didn't tell him he was wrong or invading your privacy before, so what's gotten into you now?

    Is it your family? Your friends? That one man who lives across the street who smiled at you last Thursday while you were taking out the trash?

    Monoma doesn't blame you, because his little kitten couldn't possibly do anything wrong. It's the others, the outsiders with their opinions and advice, who are polluting your pretty little head.

    But don't worry, Monoma will take care of them for you, for both of you.

    Because isn't this what you wanted?

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    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Night to remember

    Yandere Event Day 5: Shouta Aizawa x reader

    Prompt: "Sshhh don't worry I'm just taking you somewhere where only we can be together."

    Link to Yander Event Masterlist

    Trigger warnings: drugging, yandere themes, delusional thinking, kidnapping

    You were busy preparing food and cleaning up your house as you waited for Shouta. You didn't prepare much in case he brings something, just some finger food and snacks to eat while watching movies. While fluffing up the couch pillows the ding of your doorbell rang and you knew he was there. Excitedly you opened to the door to greet him with a hug which he returned.

    Tonight you and he were having a sleepover. Unlike most sleepovers, where people end up not sleeping despite sleep being in the name, your sleepovers with him always ended up with sleeping. For some reason, you could always sleep well whenever he was there. Usually, you'd be kept awake by the excitement of the next day or you'd have so many thoughts plaguing your mind but whenever he was there it was different.

    Like an off button was pressed on your head. He took his shoes off and entered you, now neat, house. "Did some last minute cleaning before I arrived?" he asked teasingly. You hit his arm lightly at the comment and went to sit on the couch. "Here sit next to me, I have some snacks if you want and some sandwiches in case you want those."

    "How sweet," he murmured patting you head in appreciation. Clicking the remote he let the first movie play. It was rather dull but as long as you enjoyed it he didn't mind. Especially with the way you smiled and laughed at the movie, it was so nice seeing you like that. It was also such a shame other people get to see it. After the movie ended he got up to make some drinks leaving you to pick the next one.

    The drugs worked really well, every time they slipped them in your drink it'd dissolve easily and had no aftertaste either meaning you'd never think anything was off. Every time you gulped down your drink and thanked them for preparing it they had a knowing smirk as if there was a joke you didn't get.

    After cleaning up and getting ready to sleep he closed his eyes pretended to be asleep. After a few minutes he opened them again and saw your sleeping face. You looked so beautiful asleep, it was just you and him, no one else.

    He liked seeing you sleep, it was sort of a play on power. Seeing you so defenseless was amusing yet aggravating at the same time. He liked seeing you asleep with your face free from thoughts and problems, just an occasional smile from a sweet dream. But what aggravated him was what if it wasn't him with you right now, what if you had a different lover who wasn't him.

    It was so dangerous, someone else could do unspeakable horrors to you and he were grateful you chose him. With how trusting you were letting him in your home, letting him prepare your drink without knowing something could be easily slipped in. That's why he was doing this, why he had to do it, he thought as he carried you to his car.

    He drove off into the distance for hours, meanwhile as dawn broke the drugs wore off too. You groggily awoke to the sound and vibration of a moving car. "What's -what's happening?" you ask confused. He smiled looking at you from the mirror. "Sshhh don't worry I'm just taking you somewhere aizwhere only we can be together."

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    26.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Where’s My Language App? [Yandere Shigaraki x Reader]

    Title: Where’s My Language App? [Yandere Shigaraki x Reader]

    Synopsis: You don’t know who he is. You don’t even know what he’s saying.

    Just a short lil thing inspired by some recent posts from @stupid-sloot-headcanons​ on a darling with a language barrier.

    Word Count: 1722

    Notes: yandere, kidnapped reader, English-speaking reader/language barrier

    You don’t know who he is. You don’t know why he took you. You don’t even know what he’s saying. Not that he’s said all that much since you woke up in a dimly lit room, arms bound in front of you tightly with rope that has gone from itchy to uncomfortable and now bordering on painful as your circulation has waned.

    It’s been… three days? Four? You’re not sure. There’s nothing to accurately measure time with. Only the comings and goings of the man who kidnapped you, which don’t seem marked by any particular time of day, give you any sense of time passing.

    Most of the time, he just sits in front of you and… talks. You don’t know what about. Your Japanese is rudimentary at best, and though you’d promised your uncle that you were going to immerse yourself in the language during your stay, you found yourself relying on him or strangers or apps on  your phone to cross the barrier instead.

    You can say hello and goodbye and thank you, but two of those are words you have no intention of speaking to your kidnapper, and one might only make him angry.

    So you don’t say anything even when he’s clearly asking you questions. Part of you is afraid, part of you is stubborn. What gives this guy the right to ask you anything? He kidnapped you! Yet you can’t help but shake the fear that knowing you can’t even understand him would make things worse. Maybe he is going to ransom you. Maybe he would get frustrated by your inability to communicate and just kill you, or worse.

    Your lack of a response doesn’t get in the way, it seems. He just talks and talks. Sometimes animated, hands waving, passionate about something. Other times his voice gets low and he practically spits words in  your face, as you close your eyes or turn away and say nothing. Maybe he’s telling you to say something, to speak up, to answer him.

    Still, he hasn’t hurt you. Aside from the soreness in your wrists and muscles from being bound for so long. He gave you a cot to sleep on, and if you pretend that it’s not stained, with a spring shooting out of a hole, it’s comfortable enough. He turns around whenever he hoists you up and pulls you into an attached bathroom, as unkempt as the rest of the room, which at least gives you some dignity.

    He feeds you. It’s cheap and tastes old--like leftovers of leftovers. You hate to think of yourself as spoiled, but every time he shoves sodium-laden noodles in your mouth (because he has yet to untie your hands, even for meals) you find yourself missing the frozen meals that your uncle considered “a good dinner.”

    You wonder what your uncle is doing now. He’s surely contacted the police. You were staying with him for the summer, an excuse to take a break from the stress of living at home, an excuse to experience a new culture and be independent (or something close to it) for a while. Maybe they would find you any minute now. Maybe you were hours away from being rescued.


    The door opens and your muscles tense, exacerbating the pain constantly simmering in your arms and shoulders. You bite the inside of your cheek and steel yourself for another awkward one-sided conversation. Or maybe a mouthful of lukewarm noodles. You’d welcome the noodles more than his words, at this point.

    But there’s no bowl in his hands, and you can tell the moment the door shuts--slams--that this is not going to be a simple one-sided conversation.

    He’s agitated, clearly. Fingers clenching in and out as he paces the floor in front of you. He’s saying something--you wish at this point you had listened to your uncle’s advice, but this could mean the difference between life and death--and his words are getting higher, more rapid as he continues. 

    Now and then he turns towards you, saying something that sounds like a question. But you can’t possibly answer when you don’t understand. 

    Your throat swallows instinctively from dryness and anxiety. Should you say something? What would you even say? Your mind swims furiously, trying to recall how to say “I don’t speak Japanese” in actual Japanese. But nothing comes up.

    At your continued silence, he finally turns towards you, reducing the gap between you in seconds with his paces.

    He crouches down, face twisted in annoyance. One finger extends and jabs you harshly in the shoulder. He says something, half-snarled, but you have no idea what.

    It hurts more than it should, and you feel your muscles crying out in protest at the treatment.

    He does it again. Repeating his words, whatever they mean.

    It hurts.

    You can’t help it. You’re terrified. You’re in pain. All the words bubbling inside you over the last few days, inner conversations, back-and-forth debates about what you should do, boil over and your voice is hoarse but clear as the words come out:

    “You’re hurting me!”

    At your words, his hand pauses mid-movement.

    You don’t know if the decision to keep going is conscious or not. All you know is that you’d rather say something now before he gets the idea to hit you with more than a single finger.

    “I--I,” you stammer, licking your dry lips. “I don’t even know what you’re saying! I can’t understand you! I only speak English!”

    His hand retracts entirely then.

    His response takes a few moments. But it does nothing to ease the anxiety in your stomach, a curdling feeling that gets stronger every second.

    Because he responds with a smile. A slow grin taking over his features, leading into a breathy chuckle.

    “Only English?”

    Your body shakes from adrenaline.

    “Y-Yeah. Yes. I only speak English.”

    Somehow the admission makes you feel humiliated. Maybe it’s the look on his face, grinning and teasing. Maybe it’s the realization that your language barrier makes you even more helpless in this situation.

    You don’t have long to think on it, because his hand is reaching for you again. But instead of a harsh jab, you feel a finger on your chin, lifting it up. Then comes an undeniable feeling of his thumb stroking your cheek.


    You feel like you’re frozen.

    “Silly?” Is he calling you silly for not speaking Japanese? If you weren’t currently held captive, you might bristle at the notion, which hits too close to him. How many times did your uncle to tell you to practice before you came over, anyway?

    His face leans in closer and his breath is stale, but you can’t focus on that because of a cold, creeping feeling that has been increasing since he laid his hands on you.

    “You should have said earlier.” His grin twitches downward, an spark of annoyance. “I was telling you about the…” He seems to think on it. “Rules. And future. For you.”

    He sighs, and leans back, hands resting on his thighs. “I will have to explain it again. But simpler,” he adds, mouth twisting into a smirk.

    Tingling prickles of humiliation shoot down your stomach. The meaning of his words, or potential meanings, only heightens your fear. Your body almost feels like it’s floating, light and numb. Perhaps it’s your mind’s way of trying to get the hell out of dodge. ”What do you mean, rules? Future?” It comes out as a whisper. You’re not sure if you can manage more than that.

    You’re not sure if you’re comforted or horrified by the condescending tone that follows. 

    ”Your rules,” he says. His hand reaches out for you again, flicking your cheek lightly, teasing. “Your future.”

    You flinch away from his touch, and he just chuckles. It’s not like you can go anywhere, anyway, you think. He knows it and you know it.

    “I don’t understand,” you mumble. “Is… is this a ransom? Why did you kidnap me? My uncle doesn’t have a lot of money. I’m not anyone famous. I’m just--”

    A finger presses against your lips.

    “I know who you are. I wanted you. And I have you. So…” He taps his finger on your lips.  Hush.

    You shift, concerned, uncertain, and your bound wrists brush against him. He glances down at them as if he forgot you’d been tied up at all. You wonder if he’ll cut them off, now that he’s realized why you weren’t responding. Or will you have to wait for him to repeat his… rules for that to happen?

    Instead of grabbing a knife as you’d hoped, he simply grabs the rope itself. A fleeting thought shoots through you--he’s going to hold you down now, he’s going to finally do what captors do. But he doesn’t make a move closer.

    “My name is Tomura Shigaraki.”

    The way he says it almost makes you laugh reflexively. Something about the way it sounded. Like you two just met on the street and he was introducing himself. Like he was going to ask you if you liked video games or had tried a certain restaurant yet. Like he’d practiced the words himself in the mirror, a more diligent student at English than you clearly were at Japanese.

    But when you glance down at the ropes that were underneath his fingers and see only disintegrating ash, you can’t bring yourself to crack so much as a smile.

    You don’t know how you fall asleep that night, wrists aching from the returning circulation, fear coiling in your belly, but you do. You dream about your uncle. You dream about escaping. 

    You dream about Shigaraki, slotting himself up against you at night, whispering in your ear. When you wake up, you’re not entirely sure that was a dream at all, the bedding on the cot is all mussed and rumpled. But he’s nowhere to be found and you enjoy what little is left of your solitude. 

    You wrap your arms around your knees and press your chin into them, waiting in silence for your captor to return. You must have nodded off, because suddenly you’re startling by a loud banging sound right in front of your feet. You shoot up, jerking away from the sound, only for your mind to clear away from the fog of half-formed nap dreams as you see what it was. A book, dropped unceremoniously by Shigaraki on the floor below.

    You look up at him first, at a face which looks both expectant and smug, then down to the cover, with its big printed letters: Beginner’s Guide to Learning Japanese.

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    Melted Chocolate

    Hi everyone I thought I would put this story out there I was just laying around listening to Deftones "Rosemary" and I wanted to write this story let me know if you guys want me to finish it. I got some awesome ideas from red-poppyfield...this is for you.


    It took just a few minutes to be heartbroken. You were in a coffee shop waiting for your boyfriend. While drinking your coffee your cell phone vibrated. You saw that it was from Keigo so you answered it. All you heard was background noise and thought he must have butt-dialed. You were about to hang up but heard Keigo’s voice while he was having a conversation. “Do you have to leave Keigo?” a familiar female voice rang out. “Yeah, I’m going to be late babe,” he said. “Just tell her…she’s going to eventually catch us…might as well tell her and save us from drama,” the female voice replied. “No, I can’t live without her…she supports me financially,” he answered back. Hand covering your mouth in shock that you quickly got up, looked at the Valentine's gift you so lovingly purchased for Keigo and left the coffee shop leaving the gift on the table. You finally made it home when you received a text from Keigo.

    Keigo 11:00 am: Where are you, baby?

    Keigo 11:10 am: Why aren’t you answering?

    Y/n 11:11 am: CHEATER

    Keigo 11:12 am: I’m coming over.

    Dreading Keigo to come over you turned on the television to try to ignore Keigo’s knocking. He knocked so much you finally answered through the door. “Keigo, leave me alone…I don’t want to do this anymore,” you stated through the door. Pounding on the door “Baby, it’s Valentine’s day …I miss you…she doesn’t mean shit to me…I can’t live without you,” he yelled through the door. “I…I can’t anymore…I should’ve known…shit…I knew that you were in love with her the moment I met you…but like a dumbass I still pursued you…FUCK…I’m stupid,” you sobbed out while sliding down the wall. “Let me in y/n…please…I need you,” Keigo cried out. “No, no, you don’t need me Keigo…you just wanted the security of me…now leave me in peace you got your fill now leave me the fuck alone,” you whispered while burying your face on the pillow. “I know I hurt you way too many times y/n, but you hurt me too,” he replied. “How did I hurt you?!” you answered in anger. “You were always working, you never had time for me,” he answered back. “I was working for us asshole, we needed to live and you weren’t working, you turned down so many hero jobs and we need the money so who else was going to support you?” you yelled. “If you don’t leave I will call the police on you,” you added. “I can’t believe he’s justifying what he did to me, he’s the one who didn’t want to work, that lazy son of a bitch. cheater,” you mumbled while getting up from the floor you dragged yourself to the once shared bedroom and closed the door wishing he would go away. You were so emotionally exhausted with him. This was not the first time he cheated on you, this was the second time. You just didn’t have any fight left.

    That afternoon it took three hours and threats of the police being called for him to leave your apartment door. Life went on except you kept on bumping into Keigo. Ignoring him you got on with your life even applying for lucrative jobs in America and you so happened to get a job offer from a prestigious company. You had to play it cool so no one could find out and by extension, Keigo wouldn’t find out. You even went back into the dating pool but the only thing is that you were hitting it off on the phone but when it was time to meet in person you were consistently being stood up. Until one day you wanted to meet this interesting man in a public place when you stumbled upon him being threatened by who else. Keigo. You had enough of his shit so you confronted him. “What the fuck is your problem?” you questioned. “Nothing is my problem baby, I want you back,” he smirked. “We will never be together…it’s over now leave me alone,” you stated.

    That was 2 months ago and ever since then, he’s been sabotaging anyone who wants a relationship with you. You walked back to your home and your phone rang, you answered because it was an unknown caller id. “Hello?” you answered. “Hey, baby…what are you doing?” Keigo replied. “Leave me alone Keigo,” you sighed. “Here’s the thing, lover…I can’t…and deep down inside you can’t either,” Keigo stated. “Your delusional Keigo…you seriously need help,” you rolled your eyes trying to find your keys to your home. “I’m hanging up now…bye,” you added then hung upon him. Walking in your house you felt a sense of security because you never know when or where you would ‘accidentally’ bump into Keigo. It’s okay…only 2 more weeks of this and you will be gone. You were moving abroad but, you made sure nobody knew in hopes that Keigo wouldn’t find out, and if he did you would be far, far away from here anyway. Closing the door behind you, you sighed and walked to your bedroom. Taking off your clothes you heard a knock on the door. You quickly got changed and opened the door. It was Keigo right when you were going to close the door he barged in. “Get out Keigo!” you yelled. Slamming the door behind him and locking it you were scared you took a step back and another until you run to your room. He happens to be way faster than you and was on top of you. “Get off of me Keigo,” you struggled. “Oh kami…your body is so soft baby…mmm,” Keigo was snaking his hand under your skirt. “I want you…and to prove to you how much I love and want you…I’m going to get you pregnant with my baby, what Valentine’s gift…right?” he whispered while hooking his fingers in the rim of your panties, pulling them down. You tried to break free from his grip but his wings caged you into a cocoon. “Ah, ah, ah…baby you're not going anywhere…not even to America,” he whispered and you paused in shock because how could he possibly know that you were moving abroad. “That’s it…that’s it…submit to me baby…I’ll take good care of you,” was the last thing you heard when you felt a sharp prick enter your neck.

    Waking up in a familiar environment, finding your legs propped up on his bed. Keigo’s scent was all over the place and all over you, you felt something wet, slimy yet sticky dripping down your ass and immediately knew what it was. It was Keigo’s cum. “Good morning my sweetness…did you sleep well? I should hope you did consider we had one hell of a night making love rape to one another,” he smiled sweetly to you. In shock, you tried to get up but to no avail, the sedative was still evident in the way you were trying to struggle. “Fuck…the way your pussy responded to me…you were born for me,” he cheerfully said while placing a bowl of cereal on the nightstand. “You raped me!” you sobbed out. “I didn’t rape you, sweetie…I made love to you…you were moaning and your body was responding to me very well might I add,” he smiled. You tried scooting yourself into a ball but he wouldn’t let you. “I think it's time to make love to you again…I don’t want you to be empty after all,” he smirked. “No, no…please…I don’t wanna,” you were interrupted by your captor. “Shh, shh, shh…I need to do it, baby…how else can we get pregnant silly,” he gleefully said to you.

    Getting on top of your already naked body, he aligned his cock with your already cum soaked pussy, and pushed himself into you. Wide-eyed you swung your head back onto your pillow. “See I told you…you were born to be mine,” he moaned out in pleasure. That morning you were violated over and over again to assure him that you guys possibly conceived his child. Upon finishing the sex session he smelled a slight shift in your scent, smirking “We did it, baby… you're going to have my baby,” he whispered to you. He wanted to give you a pregnancy test right away but he knew that it would take at least a month for the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin: a hormone that is detected when pregnant) his bird instincts knew that you were pregnant.

    Two weeks in captivity and Keigo forced you to take a pregnancy test and yes, you are pregnant so Keigo started nesting. Pillows and blankets were splayed all over the bedroom. “Keigo…I don’t want this baby,” you whispered. “Well, you’ll learn to love our child,” he smiled. “Keigo…why? You don’t even love me…you love Miruko,” you cried out. Before he could answer you felt a slight sharp pain in your lower abdomen and a trickle of blood running down your thigh. Keigo smelt the blood, wide-eyed he noticed more blood dripping down. He felt guilty for a bit for getting you to the point of stress to cause you to lose his child. “Keigo,” you whispered, then fainted hitting your head on the cold tile bathroom floor. Keigo rushed to his phone to call the Hero Commission doctor. The doctor came and had informed Keigo that he was sorry for the loss of the baby. He clenched his fist, tears rimming his eyes, he quickly left the room to sob in the bathroom. Taking some cleaning fluid, water and mop he started to mop the dried blood on the tile floor. The mop water began to have a tinge of pink from the blood you had lost during the miscarriage. “Don’t be sad baby, we'll try again…but for now just get some sleep,” he mumbled while ringing out the mop. The smell of bleach, pine-sol, and copper mixed around the master bathroom. Once he had finished he came to you and pulled your panties down ever so gently, cleaned you up, and tucked a feminine napkin on your clean panties. He noticed droplets of water dripping down your thighs. It was him. He finally felt the loss of life he and you created. He went to his side of the bed and opened the nightstand drawer revealing a pack of cigarettes. He swore that he quit and he succeeded but he needed one for this sad occasion. He made sure to open the balcony door so that way you wouldn’t smell the tobacco smoke wafting through the whole flat. Waking up to the smell of stale cigarette smoke and pine-sol you scooted up in a sitting position. “Keigo,” was all you could whisper in the darkness of night. “I’m here buttercup, do you need anything?” he asked. “Did we?” you whisper. “Yes,” was all Keigo could muster to keep from crying in front of you. “Oh…I,” you couldn’t finish when Keigo said “Baby…please not now,” with a broken voice.

    12 Months in Captivity

    The smell of chocolate permeated the whole flat. Walking into the kitchen numb at the fact it has been a whole year and Keigo won’t relent in letting you go. You resigned yourself to the fact that you were his ‘housewife’ while he was still seeing Miroku. Dragging yourself to the dimly lite bedroom, candles flickering, you knew it was almost close to that time of your weekly rape session love session. You sighed at the lingerie he so lovingly placed on the bed before he went to work. The room was warm because of the candles yet cold because there was no love on your part. Upon adorning the lingerie you heard the door open to an excited Keigo coming in “Honey I’m home!” he announced himself. “I came with your favorite flowers and a teddy bear,” he added. He knew where you were because he instructed you to be there at the time he was going home, and also ordered you to wear the lingerie. You were his official sex doll. “Maybe we’ll get lucky this time baby…I still have high hopes on creating a little Takami in you” he giggled. You rolled your eyes “how many times I’m going to tell you Keigo I hate you, you can fuck me into oblivion but my womb won't take your fucken seed, and even if it does I will find some way or the other to kill it” you hissed. “Are you killing my babies?” he whispered. “Yes,” you hissed. Keigo was hurt at the revelation and left the room.

    He remembered how your body was fluid in his arms, the way your legs wrapped around his waist while making love to you. Then flipping you to have you ride him then one swift movement made both of you sit on each other while the rhythmic movements satiated each other's heat in bed. He also remembered the way you used to whisper in his ear ‘I love you’ when cumming around his cock. The love-making was intense back then now it is just a robotic movement with no emotions whatsoever. He needed to love you and he also needed you to love him. While he was in the living room you were looking for a way out. The bedroom balcony was way too high for your liking. Opening the bedroom door you snuck to the kitchen to grab a cup of water. You saw Keigo lost in thought that this was your chance to escape this hell hole. You knew that Keigo left the front door unlocked when he was home. You made a b-line to the fo=ront door and turned the already unlocked door knob. You opened it quickly and ran out the front door like a bat out of hell. Keigo’s thoughts were broken when he heard the sudden door slamming wide open and only saw your feet running out to the hallway towards the stairs. He sighed and got up quickly and ran out the front door catching up to you.

    “Woah, Woah baby, are you trying to leave me?” he said, panting from the run. You turned to him in horror because you knew he caught up to you and knew that there would be hell to pay. Grabbing you not wanting to tackle you because you guys might have conceived, he lifted you and carried you back to his flat. “If you wanted some air buttercup…you should just communicate with me,” he said while closing the front door with his foot. This was going to be the beginning of the mind fuck we call Yandere Keigo.

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    Yanderes who have their fem Darling all dressed up exactly how they like, combing their hair and styling it the way they want and admiring their little companion/wifey. Brushing their cheek with their fingers and holding their Darling close to enjoy how they feel just as good as they look, all theirs to enjoy.

    Idk why but my mind immediately goes to Hyrein from WT (shoutout to like all 5 of you into my shit and also World Trigger lol) and a bride he brought back from an invasion. Actually taking them was something encouraged by Lamvanein, who'd definitely like bringing home a cute little off-worlder and urges Hyrein to do the same. He's happy he did it though, considering how at-ease he feels when he sees them in his chambers. They have lots of clothes that are the same blue as his hair, and if they want it they have lots of pets and animal companions to keep them from being lonely when he's away on a mission. And when he comes home, he loves spending the evening with his wife and enjoying their "company." He wishes they wouldn't sulk and be so afraid of him. He's usually so gentle and cares for them so much...is it really so bad to be his?

    Or Aizen and his favorite toy to play with and manipulate so perfectly. He has no equal, but they're a confidant for him, a plaything that he's more sentimental over than he may let on. Just imagine him doing that scene from Bleach with Orihime where he sees his Darling looking miserable and he leans in close to touch their lips and quietly tell them to smile.

    ReDestro enjoying a fancy dinner at his own penthouse with his Darling, admiring how exquisite they look in their custom-made outfit and jewelry he got for them as a "small gift". Noticing the red wine staining their lips and smirking at how they sway a little when he leads them to lie down in his bed.

    It's a broad appeal but these are some of the specific ones I had in mind

    #.bnha #yandere bnha #.thots #tw: dubcon #.world trigger #yandere world trigger #.hyrein #yandere hyrein #.aizen #yandere aizen #.bleach #yandere bleach #.redestro #yandere redestro #.myshit
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    #the kama sutra is like a rorshach test for him lol #.bnha #.tomura #yandere tomura#yandere bnha#thots#tw: dubcon#tw: noncon
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    Reminiscing about Steven Universe and how I relate a lot to Pink Pearl and Lapis specifically, and how I'd probably act a lot like them in a yandere situation.

    Like trying to justify what Jason or Gremlin-era Tomura have done, repressing how badly hurt Darling is by them but it never goes away. And it takes someone finding and confronting them on it for Darling to finally break down and admit they were hurt, and no amount of "explaining" it will make it go away. And it takes a LONG time to admit that it wasn't their fault.

    Or being so afraid of being powerless and a prisoner that Darling becomes a recluse and stays on their own. They lash out at anyone who gets too close and thinks they're going to be betrayed and trapped again, and if their yandere was a BNHA villain they'd resent everyone distrusting them when they had no choice in who they "allied" with. But they also hate being looked at as nothing more than their victim. They're just so tired. They want to be left alone, even though their yandere might almost entice them into coming back. Nobody will ever trust them again, so why bother trying? And you need to be with them. You changed them, you make them want to be better. It'll be different this time, they promise. Please, please just come back. You're too important to lose again.

    #.bnha #yandere #.tomura #.dc #yandere jason todd #.jason todd #yandere tomura#yandere bnha #.myshit #thots
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    Rating: For readers 18+ only Entire Story TW: Noncon/DubCon, gore (non-reader directed), numerous kinks. Highly mentally and sexually abusive relationship. This story is absolutely not for minors and readers should consult the warnings/tags at the top before reading. This chapter’s TW: pregnancy, infantilization, removal of body autonomy, amniocentesis

    Read the entire story at: Archive of Our Own

    Chapter 52 Excerpt:

    The doctor’s laboratory was a winding maze of dark walls and hazy lighting. A messy floor was littered with braided steel cables of nearly 0 gauge. High voltage lines wove over and under each other like a game of Ayatori. You gave a long side-eyed stare to the massive glass tanks arranged in neat rows. Despite their dusty tops, they still had barcode stickers plastered on the side. Stacks of cardboard and Styrofoam packaging leaned in neat rows against the far walls. The acrid smell of new plastic was everywhere.

    “What are the tanks for?” you asked.

    “The Doctor is doing research into quirk inheritance and the role genetics play in mixing and blending old powers into new abilities. I sponsored some new equipment.”

    You came to a halt, brows raised at the blond. With a jerk of your thumb, you repeated: “Yes, but what are the tanks for?”

    The smile that split Shigaraki’s face was wide and toothy. “You’ll see… in time.” He patted your head. “Only fools talk lightly of the future.”

    At the far back of the laboratory was a desk the size of an entire wall. A square of freshly installed flat-screen monitors surrounded a massive custom LED display panel. Their cords dangled, waiting patiently for the day when they would be brought to life by their mad scientist. Beside them stood thick wooden bookshelves of dark stained oak piled to the ceiling with three-ring binders. Each was stuffed so full of papers that stacks of them were still laying splayed open on the floor, begging for a place amongst the archive. Loose leaves of paper spilled onto the cement near to open pages in leather-bound texts. The great tomes were worn at the seams with threadbare edges and broken corners. Their titles were smudged half off from years clenched in sweaty palms. In the center sat a single rolling chair. Its tall, straight back as grand as the seat of some cold scholar, forever content to jeer at the world from his ivory tower.

    “Master, please have her step on the scale beside the desk.”

    With a deep breath, you climbed onto the digital scale and tried not to look at the angry red numbers spinning below your feet.

    “Three kilos.” A pen scribbled in a small notebook. “An acceptable gain for this period, I suppose.”

    You snorted and took your husband’s hand to step down from the platform. Without looking at the doctor, you muttered something about “those in glass houses”. Your husband smiled but said nothing.

    As you rounded the bend, a large steel-framed examination chair in fresh black leather made you stop dead in your tracks. A cold bead of sweat dripped down your neck. Though beside it a new ultrasound glowed with dim purple lighting, the memory of the last examination had you clutching the knit of your blouse. On a stainless table sat a box of sterile gloves, gel, and some plastic packages. Their striped seal echoed the same appearance of the tools he had used on you the last time.

    “It’s just a chair.” When the gentle shove at your shoulder failed to unroot you from your horrified 1000 meter stare, All For One's grin turned into a soft frown. “Really now, you are rather sensitive of late."

    In your terror, you missed the jabbing reply. Instead, you shook your head slowly from side to side, never looking away from the table of instruments. “I-I thought this was just an ultrasound.”

    There was a scoff from just beside you. “All geriatric pregnancies are recommended to have an amniocentesis at around 16 weeks.”

    You whipped around to watch the pimple of a human as he strolled past you. His arms were wrapped behind his back. As the lighting hit the goggles just right, you watched him roll his eyes with a “hummph” for good measure. He walked to the ultrasound and stool behind it with pompous poise. Given his accomplishments, it was probably deserved despite your feelings on the matter.

    …not that it stopped you from giving him a snitty, wrinkle-nosed scoff.

    The pat on your cheek was followed by Shigaraki’s best placating tone. “Now my dear…”

    You raised a flat palm straight into his face. Your eyes were hard as marble. “Don’t you “now my dear” me.” A long-suffering sigh flitted from your lips. You put your hands on your hips and turned to face your nemesis. “All right, doctor . Would you deem to tell this lowly plebeian why I should let you do whatever this amp-neo-sent-tea-sus-”

    A pulsing vein popped on his shiny scalp. “Aminocentesis,” he corrected firmly.

    You waved a flippant hand. “I’m neither a demon nor a doctoral student. Your Latin doesn’t impress me.”

    A second vein throbbed to life.

    “Well? Are you so above-it-all that you can’t even lower yourself to the common tongue?”

    Garaki’s breath rattled in his chest. He turned towards your husband and snorted. Shigaraki snickered into his sleeve. When he lifted his face, there was a distinctive sheen to his eyes. He wiped away a stray tear of laughter before bringing both hands down on your shoulders: hard. As you winced, he gripped the bones just tight enough to make them ache.

    “Come to think of it, I don’t know that she’s had her rabies vaccine," your husband joked.

    The great white mustache twitched. He turned to the machine and waved at the examination chair. “We don’t see that much in this country anymore.” 

    As All For One marched you to the seat, your heart slammed into your ribs with all the violence of a freeway rollover. You hit the leather with a plop. The soft foam hissed as it deflated to conform to your thighs. Large hands grasped you under your pits and hoisted you back against the seat. The taste of bile filled your mouth again.

    “It’s just a simple test to look for any genetic abnormalities. It’ll also let us check the sex of the baby.”

    You eyed the troll. “...and I assume he’s going to take extra for his research?”

    Red eyes gleamed with pride. “A little yes, but nothing dangerous.”

    You glanced at the stand beside the bed, rubbing your arms to fight the shiver. “...but does he have to use that… that… you know…” Your voice trailed into uneasy silence.

    Your husband’s hand stroked your head. “No. There is no vaginal exam today. The ultrasound is an external procedure.”

    “So then where are you getting the sample from?”

    “Hush now. He’s a very experienced doctor.”

    You sat bolt upright. “Why aren’t you answering the question?”

    “Master, I will need to take the mother’s blood pressure.”

    “Perhaps we should do the ultrasound first.” Your husband grasped your upper arms and guided you until your head was against the cushion again. “She’s a bit overwrought.”

    “White coat syndrome. Typical of first-time mothers I suppose.”

    Oh, and whose fault was that?!

    You seethed in All For One’s grip. Grinding teeth and a thundering heart left your breath to come in tight snorts. The rush of blood in your ears made the laboratory sound like it was ringing with alarm bells.

    All at once your husband plopped down beside you and rested his chin on your head. “It’s all right. I understand that you’re on edge. I promise I’ll be right here the whole time. I’d never leave you to face this alone” His fingers wove between yours, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze. “...and if you’re good, I’ll get you a cre~pe.”

    The imagined taste of sweet cream and honey sent a wave of saliva rolling across your tongue. Your eyes rolled to the ceiling as you contemplated it for a moment. “With ice cream?”

    “Any flavor you want.”

    The doctor’s brow had wrinkles the depth of the Mariana Trench. He was the same shade of red as a pickled plumb.

    You leaned back into the examination chair.

    Shigaraki placed a gentle kiss on the crown of your head. “That’s my girl.” His free hand waved the doctor over.

    Read the rest at Archive of Our Own

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    Do you prefer soft Dabi/Touya or mean Dabi/Touya? I really need to know

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