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    the safe house 11

    Pairings: supernatural!bts x reader, Jungkook x reader, Jimin x OC, Sope / Hoseok x Yoongi
    Genre/tags: supernatural!au, SLOW BURN, so much angst, some fluff later, action/violence, low-key social commentary, high school!au
    Warnings: kidnapping, brief physical abuse, discrimination, violence, mentions of suicide, brief demon possession, Taehyung is waaaay too forgiving, illegal activity (the dude is selling supernatural products on the dark web)
    Summary: In a world where Supernaturals are considers monsters, Jimin's already twisted world is flipped upside down when a human girl offers him her life in exchange for a room in his Safe House.
    Wc: 4.4K
    Taglist: @noonas-magicshop @jinssexytoe @kookieswan @emmmui

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    The woods are haunted. 

    At least, that’s what most of the people in this town think. But Taehyung knows they’re just misunderstood. In reality, the woods are quite playful and stubborn. Most of the time, Taehyung finds himself caught in the strong arms of trees that snag him out of the air, or puddles that purposefully splash on his calves when he takes strolls. Nature is very pleasant, unless you hurt her. Much like anyone else, it holds grudges, and once you’ve mistreated nature, it’s almost impossible to gain her trust again.

    As Taehyung happily drags you by the hand further into the forest, you notice a few wonderful things. 

    Every step Taehyung takes blooms. Flowers sprout from his footprint in reply to his gentle touch, bare feet remaining clean no matter how many muddy puddles he passes through. You'll humbly admit you're envious of that supernatural trait. The wind whips past you, and every once in a while, Taehyung will giggle and whistle back as if speaking to it. It’s incredible how many different aspects of nature the boy can communicate with. Every brush of his hand sends pulses of deep green though the stalks of flowers and tips of leaves. It’s obvious Taehyung is in his natural element out here, deep in the woods, surrounded by nature. 

    He takes a deep breath in and sighs with contentment. “This is it.” 

    You look around, hand dropping from his grip. “This is what?” 

    Taehyung smiles mischievously. Throwing his hands to the sides and his head back as his wings grow, like tired limbs stretching until they’re the length of his arms and taller than his head. He spins once before his feet lift from the ground, and he’s flying effortlessly into the air. The forest begins swaying as a strong breeze sweeps over the grass and through the branches when he takes flight, spinning faster and faster. The tree line above them separates and instant sunlight pours into the clearing. 

    You immediately lift your hand to secure you flower crown from blowing away, blinking rapidly when the breeze slaps your cheeks. Taehyung can’t help but release a sigh. He’s been cooped up in that stinky Safe House for weeks on end. It’s been forever since he’s been able to release his magic and feel nature’s reply. It’s like being caressed in a mother’s arms, the way leaves from the trees fly off their branches and encircle him. Everything in him shines, and from the ground, you notice the trees stretching upward, their branches growing longer and stronger like arms stretching after a long night’s sleep.   

    With a playful giggle, Taehyung throws his arms downward to where you stand truly stunned motionless. The leaves you gawked at sweep under your feet and lift your entire weight off the solid ground. The feeling of flying is a strange one, and it has you squeaking in surprise. Your body is scooped into the air, high from the safety of dirt and grass. 

    Soon enough, you're far above the trees where the sky expands for miles and baby stars first learn how to rise. Taehyung takes your hands and a spark shoots to your fingertips, souring through your limbs to your chest and head. A calming essence fills your nerves, and suddenly, the fact that you're floating above the treeline with no control of where or when you'll land doesn’t scare you at all. 

    Taehyung’s leaves support your body in the sky. While there’s a whole town below you, all you can see is the majestic of the sun peaking from hidden behind the hills in the distance. Somehow, you get the feeling that the sun is shy, only just now showing the tip of its head to the world after a long night of evil and darkness. 

    Taehyung lifts a finger and taps the sunrise in the distance. Color spills from the sun’s edge, spreading across the land and houses and fields that all appear so small to Leila. A spread of pure sunlight covers them, and the warmth invades their limbs. It’s difficult to keep her eyes open, but Leila forces herself to watch this regal sight until the light dims just enough to bare, and the sun has officially risen above the hill. 

    “That’s where I was born.” You tear your eyes from the stunning scene to see the boy beside you softly frowning. “I miss it sometimes. Back then, I could be outside as much as I wanted. But things are different now. Jin says it’s too dangerous for me, that I’m too…special. But I know what that means. I just don’t understand why the world hates me. Am I that bad?” 

    Words hurt. A lot of the time, people can’t handle the wounds inflicted on them. Taehyung has obviously been scarred by the words of the world, the assumptions made and the false accusations. It’s true he isn’t human but that doesn’t mean he deserves to be treated like a threat, or even worse, a prize to be split and squandered.

    You question the same as Taehyung. How can humans think something so loved by nature, so happy, so innocent, could ever possibly be dangerous? The reality of the world is slowly becoming clearer to you. Who’s in the wrong and who’s unjustly suffering for it. 

    “You’re not bad,” you answer softly. “You’re good, Taehyung."

    Take a deep breath and let it out. Things will get easier. Pain is temporary. Taehyung matches your small smile while the tips of the branches below you bloom bright flowers in the cold autumn season. You can instantly tell you both have the same feeling, that this friendship will be one for the books. 

    But this heavenly escape cannot last forever. With a gentle breeze, Taehyung brings you back to the ground. When your toes are in the grass again, your knees buckle once, but Taehyung is there to catch you when you stumble.

    “It may take a second for your legs to catch up with the fact that you’re on the ground again,” Taehyung giggles, his arms supporting your shoulders while feeling returns to your legs.

    His smile is bright while the leaves once carrying you in the sky wave goodbye. They circle your frame one last time, the edges of the leaves tickling your neck and ribs. 

    “They really like you,” Taehyung says fondly. "I knew you were a good human."

    You wave when they blow away, drifting past the feet of trees and into the mysteries of the wood. You've never been one to pay special attention to nature, but now, you're sure to be in awe every time you step outside.

    “Wow, Taehyung. I really needed this. Your world is really beautiful, a lot like you. Thank you for sharing it with me.” 

    The shy fairy blushes, his wings proudly fluttering behind him. Strands of light emanate from his back to the tips of his wings, spreading flashes of deep pink. “Umm, ___. Do you know what that means?” he asks, pushing his wings forward. 


    “It means…” Taehyung leans in to whisper in your ear, “I love you.” 

    You feign a gasp, covering your mouth with your hand and showing the fairy wide, surprised eyes. You pinch your cheeks, causing blood to fill them and fade to a subtle pink. “That means…I love you too.” 

    Taehyung’s eyes light up and his arms are thrown around your waist. He lifts you into the air, his own feet also leaving the solace of the ground for another brief moment. Giggles spill from your lips as your guard completely crumbles, as well as Taehyung’s. For the first time since you parents shut the door in your face, you feel happy. Actually happy.

    Before your arms can even release Taehyung’s neck, a loud crash sounds from behind him and his head falls forward. Two dull wings droop against his back and a sudden ton of weight sinks on top of you, causing you to collapse to the ground. You grunt when your back hits the hard dirt and Taehyung’s chest crushes your own, knocking the breath directly from your lungs. 

    The next moment passes, and Taehyung’s unconscious body is lifted from your neck. You gasp in an attempt to catch a breath and reach to hold onto your fairy. Looming over you is a large stranger with Taehyung lazily draped over his broad shoulder. He cracks a crooked smile before raising his shotgun up high. 

    “Thanks for the help, sweetheart. Don’t worry, I won’t let a single part of this gem go to waste.” 

    With these words, the man thrusts the stock of his shotgun at your head and all your world goes black. 


    The day has gone dark. Stars litter the sky and all the branches that once reached for the sun have dipped to the ground, their leaves scraping the ground in despair. The wood is deafeningly silent, so much that you can hear your own heart beating like battle drums in your ears. The flower crown you wore has fallen and withered on the now poignant ground.

    With struggling breaths, you manage to stand. Fumbling over weak legs, panic once again rises in your chest. Tears spill from your frightened eyes as you fall to your knees in an attempt to hold yourself together.

    A small “please…” breaks through your trembling lips, in hopes that someone, somewhere might hear you.

    You're not sure why but your thoughts have drifted to Jimin. If he were here...if he were here right now...

    A small breeze brushes your cheek, drying the wet streaks on your face. You tiredly glance behind yourself where a small bundle of leaves appears, circling your shaking limbs before they gently scoop you off the ground, softly cradling you and swiftly carrying you through the blindingly dark forest.

    Burying your face between your knees, you whisper a hushed, “thank you…”


    Hoseok finishes the final drop of his Sparkling Moscato with a loud gulp.

    “I thought angels didn’t drink,” Jin criticizes with an entertained grin. 

    Hoseok chuckles, placing the glass in the sink. “I can drink. I can’t get drunk.”

    “What’s the point of drinking then?” Namjoon grumbles in the corner, downing his first (and not last) glass for himself. 

    “What? Just because I’m an angel means I can’t enjoy a quiet night in?” 

    “That’s exactly what it means.” 

    The boys laugh together, finishing off glass after glass. Jin appreciates the company. It’s been difficult the past few days, what with Jimin’s emotional swings and a new human living in the house. Your presence has affected each boy, no matter how much they deny it. Even Namjoon has noticed an atmospherical shift in the house despite not having met you yet. 

    But Jin especially has felt the repercussions. 

    You're beautiful. A blind man could see that. But more than that, you're somehow a cross between a vampire’s best dream and worst nightmare. Willing, gentle, submissive, and sweet. You also can’t be compelled, and you're unpredictable.

    On one hand, Jin feels possessive of you, considering he’s the one who agreed to let you live here and he’s the one providing for you. But on the other hand, he feels awfully evil wanting to be closer to you when you belong to Jimin (technically). You two haven’t exactly bonded as far as Jin is aware. But that’s what he wants, right? He wants Jimin to bond with you; he wants you guys to be exclusive. Because that is what will help Jimin the most, having that unconditional support system. 

    So, someone explain why he’s feeling so torn.

    Hoseok perks up, his smile fading to something serious. 

    “What’s wrong, Hobi?” Namjoon asks. 

    Hoseok doesn’t answer. Instead, he jumps from his chair and rushes to the front door, Jin and Namjoon quickly following behind. 

    Throwing the door open, the cool of night spills into the house, chilling poor Namjoon to the bone. Coming up the front lawn is a barely conscious human girl, carried by the wind and a bushel of leaves. After you're placed gently on the front porch, the leaves depart, and Hoseok is quick to pull you into his arms. 

    “Get her in the house!” 

    Namjoon places one hand on waist and one on your shoulder, smoothly levitating you past the threshold and to a soft couch. He waves over a blanket and tucks your freezing body in cozy and warm. 

    Hoseok falls to his knees beside you, brushing the small bangs from your eyes, feeling for a pulse beneath your jaw. There’s a river of dried blood flowing from the side of your head, staining your hair and temple. Slowly, your eyes begin to open.

    “Both of you, get me some bandages and warm, clean water! Now!"

    Your sight is beyond blured so it’s hard to tell who exactly is cradling you right now. Based on the warmth, the light, and the security, you think it must be Hobi. Curling into his side, you whimper when he strokes your head. 


    Jin gladly speeds away to get supplies. The high he’s starting to experience from your spilled blood fills him with unparalleled adrenaline. Namjoon quickly ravages the kitchen, collecting warm water and some medical supplies as well.  

    “They’re gone for a moment. You can relax,” Hoseok assures you, watching as your eyes begin gazing in a panic. It doesn’t take but one glance, and Hoseok sees it all, your soul and how petrified it is.

    “They took him…they took Taehyung!"

    When Jin and Namjoon return, supplies in hand, Hoseok has already used his own magically created bandages to wrap your head.

    "Throw this in the wash," he says, handing Him your beanie and turning to Namjoon with stern eyes. “Taehyung’s been kidnapped. We have to save him.” 

    “What about ___?” Jin asks more worried every second. “If she stays here with Jimin while she’s bleeding like that, I'm not sure he can--"

    “Jungkook can watch her.” 

    He pauses. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” 

    “We don’t have time for this, Jin.” Hoseok is already calling the werewolf downstairs before either of his brothers can retaliate. “Taehyung is in serious danger!” 

    The door to the kitchen swings open and an unusually happy Yoongi strolls into the living room. 

    “Hey, guys,” he sings while popping popcorn and m&m’s into his mouth. His tummy grumbles happily and he pats it to insinuate his growing hunger as the situation grows increasingly more dire. A happy demon is a hungry demon.

    Everyone freezes, watching as he plops himself on the couch arm by your head. He glances at the red seeping through your bandage and hisses. “That’s a lot of blood,” he smiles. "Hope it stains the couch.” 

    Jin is about to start yelling, but he’s interrupted by heavy stomping coming downstairs. 

    Jungkook slowly slumps into the living room, rubbing his eyes sleepily. His sock feet shuffle across the floor lazily, obviously woken from a very deep and lovely sleep. This better be worth it. 

    “What, Hyung?” he mumbles through a long yawn, referring to the frantic call Hoseok sent him.  

    The angel takes a breath, assessing the scene and deciding the best course of action to take here. “I need you to stay with ___. If she wakes up, just make sure she drinks some water and keep her calm, okay? The rest of us are going to get Taehyung.” 

    Yoongi gives a thumbs up. “This is a great idea. I don’t feel like any of this is gonna backfire at all.” 

    “Good.” Hoseok smiles, grabbing his arm. “Because you’re coming with us to rescue Tae.” 

    The wolf boy blinks himself awake, finally making sense of the situation when he sees your bandaged head and shivering body which has fallen back asleep. Hoseok has grabbed a coat and tossed Namjoon his as well. Jin slips on his shoes simultaneously stumbling towards the front door. Yoongi is being dragged, literally, out the door. 

    “Wait!” Jungkook tries, but his four brothers have already shut the door behind themselves and scurried into the night. 


    Taehyung cowers in the corner of the dark cabin. The floor is cold and littered in splinters that stab his skin. He struggles against his restraints, the scratchy material of frayed rope digging into the sensitive skin of his wrists. Tears have stained his tunic. His eyes swollen and irritated from non stop crying. 

    The woods outside are silent. They stay motionless, despite the harsh wind. Like children hiding frozen from their angry parents. While outside seems still, inside the locked cabin, Taehyung can’t help himself, shaking with fear, trepidation floods his body like a broken dam. 

    He lifts his hand to his head and runs a hand through his choppy hair. It's been cut, lightly covering the floor in front of him. 

    “Damn it!” a strong man lounging in front of his computer screen growls angrily. “It’s real fairy hair, what are these idiots?!” 

    The comments below his offer aren’t convinced, calling his product fake, saying he’s nothing but a con man and they’d have to be stupid to give a liar their hard-earned money for fake fairy goods.

    Inside his chest, Taehyung prays.

    Somewhere close by, Hoseok hears him and follows his prayer. 

    The man slams a clenched fist on the desk, snarling and standing. “These cheep knockoffs are ruining my chances!” he curses, turning to see his little fairy still recoiling in the corner.  

    Taehyung scrambles against the wall, reaching into the corner and screeching in despair when he can’t pass through the wood. The man’s large hand grips his hair, lifting the fairy off the ground, so his toes hang in the air. Taehyung yelps in pain and scrambles to grab the man’s arm in a failed attempt to make him let go. 

    “I guess I’ll just have to resort to a different method.” 

    With a solid thump, the fairy is dropped to the floor, his legs crumbling underneath him and a sharp pain shooting through his shoulder. 

    “Grant me a wish," the man demands, towering over the fairy.

    Taehyung chokes, coughing and hiding within himself. He shakes his head.

    “Show me the magic, dumb fairy!” 

    But all Taehyung can do is cry. He lifts his hands in surrender, his wrists still tied together. "Please let me go."

    Unrelenting, the man bends down, pulling a knife from his belt and shoving it directly under the fairy’s chin. “I know you can do it with bound hands. Now, grant my wish!"

    Taehyung quickly nods. Agreeing to whatever the man wants in exchange for his life. A single tear drips from his chin onto the handle of the blade as it presses against his throat. 

    The man smirks and licks his lips. “Make me rich.” 

    “I-I’m a woodland fairy. I c-can’t make money--"

    “I didn’t ask for excuses!” the man shouts, his teeth bared and words wet. “I know you can do it, ya damn fairy! Now show me the money!” 

    But Taehyung can’t speak with the side of the knife pressing flat to his windpipe. He gasps and staggers, breaths mixed with sobs. The man groans in annoyance and throws the fairy against the wall, small curses falling against Taehyung’s ears. With his back to the man, Taehyung hides himself in the baseboards, shoulders shaking and cold. 

    “Ah,” the man sings, “I see what I have to do.” 

    A cold touch traces his wings now retreated in fear. Barely big enough to keep him afloat even if they were fluttering, they remain dead, dim, and dreary. It’s a defense mechanism, considering fairy wings, of course, sell for a much higher profit when they’re open, bright, and at full magical capacity. 

    “I guess this will have to do,” the man sighs. “Don’t worry, little fairy, I’ll put them towards a good cause.”

    The door to the cabin bursts open, Namjoon’s hand in a fist and the padlock on the door crushed to pieces. Jin and Hoseok sprint into the cabin, followed immediately by a furious Yoongi. 

    The man falls to his back startled. Namjoon slices his palm through the air and the knife flies from the man’s grasp, striking the opposite wall. Fumbling backwards, the man is stunned by the number of people who have found and now broken into his supposedly hidden cabin. 

    Hoseok is first to locate Taehyung in the corner. His hands are soft and careful when he places them against the fairy’s back. Taehyung jumps, turning when he recognizes the familiar sense of safety that comes with Hoseok’s touch. Falling into the angel’s arms, Taehyung continues to sob uncontrollably, gripping at Hoseok’s shoulders. 

    Yoongi saunters around the cabin, surveying the room inch by inch, including the computer opened to an illegal website used to sell and buy supernatural products. At the top of the page is a picture of Taehyung’s hair and a price. Yoongi feels an immense hunger rumble in his stomach, but more than that, he feels angry. 

    It’s one thing for a demon to be angry. It’s something else for a demon to be angry at you.  

    The entire cabin floods with black smoke. Jin can barely see through it and Namjoon finds himself blind as well. The smoke forms a cloud around Yoongi’s presence, thick and hot with lightning flashes of red. It fills Yoongi’s eyes and the man begins scrambling away just as Taehyung had done before. But now Taehyung watches without fear, knowing that Yoongi is on his side. 

    “What the hell are you?!”

    But Yoongi doesn’t answer. He doesn't even blink.

    The black smoke invades the man’s ears, mouth and nose, filtering into and throughout the corners of his mind.

    Within the next few moments, Yoongi falls limp and the man calmly rises to his feet, eyes pitch black like the demon’s and lips turned down in an emotionless expression. 

    Now under the demon’s influence, the man walks to his desk, opens a drawer, and retrieves a pistol. Jin’s eyes widen when he raises it to his own head. 

    “Yoongi stop! What the hell are you doing?!” 

    Yoongi himself doesn’t move, but the man starts yelling in place of him. “This sick bastard hurt Taehyungie! He deserves this, Jin."

    “This isn’t the right way to handle the situation! Let’s do this another way, please!"

    Namjoon also steps forward. “Yoongi, calm down! Killing him won’t solve anything."

    But the demon is livid. He cocks the pistols and shrugs without a word.

    From the back of the cabin, Taehyung lifts his head and shouts brokenly, "Yoongi, don’t!” 

    The man slowly lowers the pistol, staring at the fairy in disbelief and speaking Yoongi's heavy words, “This man hurt you, Taehyungie. Why are you protecting him?” 

    Taehyung inhales harshly, a quiet sob in the back of his throat. “Because we’re Supernaturals, not murderers. If we kill him, we’ll only become what the world thinks we are!” Taehyung reaches for his hand, tears spilling relentlessly down soft cheeks. “We’re not bad. We can be good.” 

    For a moment, everything is silent. No one dares to breathe. 

    The smoke that filled the man's eyes slowly drains from his head, returning to it’s master while Yoongi slowly turns to face the little fairy, tears in his own eyes and trembling lips. 

    “I’m a demon. I can’t be good.” 

    Without another word, Yoongi vanishes. A large cloud of black fills the room and when it fades to nothing, Yoongi is gone. 

    Hoseok watches the space where the demon was just standing, his heart ripping because he knew just how much pain was stored in Yoongi's soul, but he never felt like he could do much about it. The weight of what just happened is on his shoulders. 

    The illegal man, now very confused and crying for his mother, fumbles backwards until his back hits the opposite wall. Jin steps forward, kneeling down to be eye level with the man. 

    “What is your name?” 

    The man's eyes widen, his brows softening as he slips into Jin's compulsion. “Gater. My friends call me Gater.” 

    “You will leave this place. You will not stop until you’ve found a police station. Tell them the exact location of this cabin and the illegal acts you’ve committed. After you have confessed, you will never return to this place. If you happen to travel through these woods again and you come across a large mansion, you will not approach it. You will not see it. You will not see any of the residents.” 

    “I will not…see it.” The man slowly nods. Then he stands and exits the cabin, mind in a haze as he heads for the nearest police station. 

    Jin doesn’t take time to rest. He swiftly makes his way to where Namjoon has already started helping Hoseok and Taehyung stand. After securing the fairy onto the vampire’s back, Jin and Namjoon listen for Hoseok's instructions. 

    “Get him home as quickly as possible. Don’t waste a second. Namjoon, I’m entrusting his injuries to you. Heal him, please.” 

    The warlock nods, his gentle, magical touch already hovering over the bruises on Taehyung's skin. 

    “What about Yoongi? Where did he go?” 

    Hoseok shakes his head. “I’ll worry about Yoongi. For now, you three get to safety. It’s dangerous out here.” 

    Without another question, Namjoon, Jin, and Taehyung are flying through the forest. The trees naturally part for them, giving the boys a clear path to the Safe House. The breeze pushes them along, brushing through Taehyung’s hair and gently caressing his cheeks. Taehyung smiles weakly, lifting his hand to brush against the bushes and flowers as they pass.

    Jin only looks back once, wondering how Hoseok intends to ever find a demon in this darkness. And what exactly he plans to do when he finds Yoongi.


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    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    KARMA | Preview

    Summary: [Y/N] was your typical sweetheart. She smiled most of the time. She paid attention to her studies; very smart. Sweet like an apple. Normal life with no friends. Lives alone with no family. Her life was pretty normal..until something or someone changes it for her.

    Genre: yandere, horror, fluff, angst

    Warnings: yandere themes, abuse, violence, toxic personalities, obsession, possible rape, bullying, mature language, mentions of death, kidnapping.

    [I do not own BTS.This is, no way, reflects their real personalities. This is all fictional. This kind of behavior is unaccepable. This work is purely fiction and entertainment purposes only.]


    Hwang [Y/N]

    - 24 years old, smart and cant say no to anyone. Lives alone. Has a dark past. Never had a boyfriend. Doesn't know that she's being stalked until something happened. Very fragile, hates violence. Sweetest girl.

    Park Jimin

    - 27 years old, playboy of the academy which makes every girl want him. Always has a smirk on his face unless he's pissed off. He's smart but he only uses his head when it's necessary. He's very popular but when he's around [Y/N], he's a total different person.

    Is he her stalker?

    Kim Namjoon

    - 30 years old, the youngest teacher in the whole academy. English teacher. His life changed when he met [Y/N]. He felt connected with her ever since they first met. He helps her out whenever she needs help. Always smiles at her when she asks for help.

    Is he her stalker?

    Kim Taehyung

    - 27 years old, second playboy of the school. Best friends with Jimin. Enjoys the attention from the girls but he's mostly interested in [Y/N] since she ignores him like he's invisible which he loves. He tries to talk to her as much as possible but all she gives him are one word answers.

    Is he her stalker?

    Jeon Jungkook

    - 25 years old, [Y/N]'s neighbor that calls her "Noona". He's like a little kid when he's around her. He always knocks on her door to see if she's home or sometimes if she wants to join him to take his dog out for a walk. He even walks her to the academy since he also attends it but with different classes from her.

    Is he her stalker?

    Min Yoongi

    - 28 years old, the quiet guy of the academy. He never talks and when he does, its low. He sits next to [Y/N] in every class. He's always paired up with her for projects. He has a blast with her. She's the only one that makes him smile.

    Is he her stalker?

    Kim Seokjin

    - 30 years old, he's the son of the headmaster. Very smart yet a womanizer. Thinks he's the most handsome man in the world. Girls of all ages would be on their knees for him but his eyes are only on one girl. [Y/N]. He fell for her when she helped him out around the academy as well, help him out escape from the girls surrounding him.

    Is he her stalker?

    Jung Hoseok

    - 28 years old, professional dancer of the academy. He usually has a big smile on his face but once he's alone, it drops. He's very private so no one can really get close to him until he met [Y/N]. He watched her in a practice room her dance routine. He was memsmorized by her talent that he wants to get close to her.

    Is he her stalker?


    There was a hooting of an owl nearby, as a shiver ran down his spine due to the cool breeze determined to speed of quickly without a slight glance back. This town was nothing but an unfamiliar home to him.

    He didn’t like it at all.

    He dragged his feet to move thru the shadowy street. Everytime he heard something, he suddenly jumped up in fright and took his blade out. He was paranoid.

    His hair drifted into his face, his dead eyes had lost its one time shimmer. His skin became like ice. His full shaped lips became slightly off guarded as he bit on them with his teeth, nervously. He was shaking like hell, a fuzzy feeling moving around like a sleepwalker around his body as it spread everywhere, even in the corners. He let out a loud sigh as he sped into quick footsteps and reached his destination, in a few bear mid seconds but seemed hours. It was gloomy and spooky, and he stood petrified as well as terrified, all emotions rolling up as one. As still as a statue, rigid on the spot, he slowly broke free, striding but in slow steps, trying to not break down at once, but the sensation didn't seem afar. Their were cob webs and insects but a dozen roses, always laid so often showing how much visitors, family and friends. The coffin was as dark as coal and he dared go any further, as he sensed a dead body lying, motionless. He felt like his throat was stuck with something. He knew what it was but he ignored that feeling and continued. All the memories that had taken place here he remembered. The flashbacks that could never be forgotten or be replayed, it was unbearable to vanish or replace. It doomed him till this day and he knew in his right mind and heart....it would for all eternity, not matter if he got supreme brain damage, there would always be that one thing he hated most. Guilt. He shredded the thought of the screaming car, the blinding flash and the fountains of blood like a water fall. There was too much to take in, he felt the dizziness, ruining through his veins and it all came whooshing back. It was just too much for him. It was as fast as a lightening flash, he became all numb but not with excitement, with nervousness. It replayed in his head a million times as he tried with drawing the image but it was no use. It took to much advantage of him, only cursing the day for happening. He wasn’t strong like his brother which made him frown in pity. He pity himself for not being good enough. He was after all pathetic. It was on the bad luck day. The worst days of all, where everything had become so tempting, not of goodness hope but filling in everything the world lived for, and it all became so hectic. The sound of the date was a creeper to people, like a spider crawling on their back.

    It was Friday October 13th.

    He quietly walked through the darkness of the night. The sun disappeared and only the stars in the bright moonlight, twinkling. It was empty, nobody in sight as there was barely any flashes of light. The cold air sped on him, as his breathing rate increased which seemed the only living sound around.

    He hoped not to be caught or heard, as the dead silence approached. He tilted his head for a second, staring beyond, prepared to rush away if someone glimpsed at him and questioned him. But he silently prayed that nobody would be around at the outskirts of the haunted town until he saw someone walking by.

    [Y/N] retraced her steps back through the oat coasts of the park, her delicate features hardening as she played back the incident that had happened three days ago at that party. She could remember being dragged their by her so called best friend who no longer is, only to have everything fall to pieces right in front of her... She dragged her slim fingers though her hair in frustration, as she tried forgetting it all, only to have the memories come flooding back, taking over her every thought. She let out a bitter cry, turning on her heel, gasping as she fell to the floor seeing the one person she had least expected to help her was, leaning down and offering his hand. She slapped his hand away, and shook her head at the man in front of her as she got herself up from the ground. "Leave me alone, Sunjoon." She snapped, examining him from head to toe in disgust. Her eyes bored into Sunjoon's ones, noticing his breath smelled like alcohol which disgusted her more.

    She dusted off the dirt on her black jeans before walking away from him but she felt his hand grip on her wrist. "[Y/N]-" He started, her skin flushing as she stopped walking to turn to face him again. "Please let me go." She softly mumbled as she pleaded at him to let her go, not realizing someone was watching the scene.

    He watched from afar at the poor girl trying to get away from the drunken guy. He didn't pay any attention to the guy. Only her.

    Her beautiful hair that flowed lovingly on her back and her smooth skin that he couldn't take his eyes off her. He then witnessed something that made his insides boil. "Sun! Stop!" She yelled at him as she felt her body smash between the wall and his body that was pressed against her body.

    "Come on baby. Let's have some fun." He whispered in her ear as his lips attacked her neck.

    [Y/N] tried to fight him off but he was too strong for her and she knew that. Tears streamed down her face as she closed her eyes, hoping that it'll be over soon. After what felt like hours, she suddenly felt lighter. She slowly opened her eyes, not seeing him at all. She looked around for him but nothing. She was alone. She took a deep breath as she suddenly ran off to her apartment that was a couple of blocks away.

    As she ran away, there was a shadow figure behind her. Watching her every move. He then turned to the body that was lying dead beside him. He gripped on the collar of the dead body's shirt as he dragged it away into the darkness. He knew that this was crazy. He knew that this was wrong but he couldn't help it. This man was going to hurt her. Her. The young girl that caught his eye. The beauty that he instantly wanted to get close to and he was going to until he took care of some trash.

    "No one will hurt you anymore..." He whispered as he disappeared in the darkness.

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    The Persona.

    Pairing: kim taehyung x f!reader.
    Genre: Yandere, dark themes, angst, ghost au!
    Summary: "A shadow that won't go away, even in the dark - what is that part of you called Persona showing?"
    Warnings: Yandere behavior, obsession, many scares, implied murder (suffocation), ghost/spirit! Taehyung, anxiety problems, use of sleeping pills, self-injury, blood, naming bleeding, work abuse, slapping, etc.
    Number of words: 4k+

    ︙Author's note: I posted this fic a long time ago on my wattpad, but I decided to bring it here. It's a very different au, and it's really inspired by a character from "Spirited Away".

    I hope you enjoy, comments are always appreciated.

    (Sorry for any mistakes, my first language is not English and I am not fluent either.)

    Puedes leer este fic y más aquí en español.

    You had no recollection of his appearance on an appointed day. He presence was imminent and somehow realistic.

    The evil that befalls mankind is caused by itself, in a certain dark way and far from knowledge its heinous acts are punished with hardship and headaches. Your mind went blank, it was simply wonderful.

    You were not five years old but still your head managed to create an imaginary companion for you. It was a terrifying and ridiculous scare. Your eyes watched him with fervor, he was beautiful in physical appearance.

    His height, face and body caught the attention of your curious eyes. You thought about talking to him but you remained mute, it would not be appropriate. Besides, you still didn't know if it was really a hallucination of your head.

    Maybe he was a thief and with those you couldn't be nice.

    His dark eyes were the most unlikely thing about him. He was wearing strange old clothes, it was a shirt that was quite big on him in gray and pants with the same characteristics, the clothes that covered nudity, even if it was in bad taste, didn't make him look less beautiful. He was in constancy, beautiful.

    "W-what's your name?" Aware of any danger, your voice managed to get his attention more than required. Your hands reached for your phone that was just under your pillow, your first thought was to call the police. But...

    He hadn't hurt you.

    He didn't answer your question either, he was sitting motionless on the floor staring at you. You hesitate, you do it again. In any case, you decide to wait patiently for something to happen, you get bored easily in wanting to win his empty stare contest, he was boring.

    "What's your name?" you insist again, tired of her silence. "You have to leave, this is my house."

    Your eyes tremble for a moment, your hands hold him helping him to his feet. And in a moment, he is walking out the door in the same silence in which he arrived. You breathe, releasing all the air you had been holding in your body.

    His presence was terrifying and managed to give you chills.

    You forget that easily, standing up from your bed. You change your clothes ready to go out for some air, however, a loud bang falls on your ears. You hold your breath again as you walk to the door ready to go to the kitchen and catch an intruder, but before you can leave the same "person" or rather, quiet man re-enters with a plate of food in his hands.

    "W-what is that? I don't want it." Startled you move your hands away from him and his strange kindness. You back up a few steps putting some distance between the two of you, his face that showed a slight smile disappears. But again he insists with a noise from his throat, bringing the plate closer to you in anguish.

    He seemed distressed by your rejection.

    "I don't want it!" you repeat, his attitude was scaring you. You back away backing away until you bump into your bed, you fall into it sitting up. The man standing in front of you drops any expression and changes it to a sad one. You scream in horror as his figure suddenly seems to disappear. The plate falls without warning to the floor, leaving a mark that nothing was a simple dream or a bad play of your head.

    It was real.

    The next few days passed in a constant riddle, you searched for him all over your house thinking you would find him and get him to tell you what he wanted from you. But he was nowhere to be found. He just vanished into thin air, he flew away like the wind on your winter afternoons.

    You lowered your head checking the small list in your hand, you had only a few products left to buy before you could go home.

    "That'll be 9,843 won miss"

    The line behind you pressured you to hurry your movements, biting your lower lip with such force that it made you bleed, tasting the metallic taste of your blood. A trickle of saliva slid down your chin making you lower your head even more embarrassed.

    "Miss, you have to pay. The people behind you are waiting"

    A tear slipped this time. "I-I don't have the money, please..." You say in a choked whisper. The young man in front of you watches you uncomfortably, obviously not knowing what to say or do in the face of your wretched situation. "I'll pay for it later-..."

    "I'm sorry, I can't do that. You have to leave."

    You look at him in surprise, you really expected him to help you but you had simply underestimated the world too much. You had some faith in your own, and now it was like discovering a reality that was always there for you. Wake up, no one is going to help you.

    You left the store empty-handed, your slow, stealthy footsteps sliding along the floor of the alley where you came from. You hoped to get lost on the way, it would be something very exciting that would give some enchantment to your stupid life.

    And suddenly, a dry gasp woke you up. Again you look at him, he had appeared out of nowhere, just like he left before. He came back and you knew he would never leave, he was wearing the same boring clothes and grimace. "What are you doing here?" you ask angrily, trying to find your phone in your pocket. "I-I have a gun, so don't try to do anything" You lie.

    You tremble in terror as his hands hide behind your body, you wait patiently for him to make his first attack so you can run and call the police with a valid reason. However, it doesn't happen. His hands come back into view, they were empty. You frown in confusion, but quickly fall prey to fear and confusion again. Almost as if by magic, several bills of various categories begin to fall out of his hand. They fall to the floor mixing with the dirty water below, you panic starting to move closer to try and stop whatever he was doing. "Stop please stop it!" You scream in overwhelm.

    The man stops, obeying your command. You inwardly pray that this and what is happening to you was just an ugly nightmare, and that soon the annoying noise of your alarm would wake you up, ready to start a new day. The stranger looks at you curiously, maybe he thought you would get down on your knees to pick up the money that fell from his hands as if it was nothing.

    Obviously, that was wrong. It wasn't worth it.

    "You need to stop showing up like that, you might scare someone." You say reluctantly, taking his hand that apparently did exist and you could feel it. Cold as ice. "Come on, before someone else sees you. You're scary."

    He's quiet. He just lets himself be guided by you, for a moment you thought about going with him through the crowded streets and maybe being able to check if everyone could see him too. But you discard that idea immediately, you didn't want to spend some kind of embarrassing moment and make people uncomfortable.

    "Come in, I'll let you stay for a few days."

    The man nods, calmly stepping inside. You feel a glance from behind you, you find your neighbor who was an old woman looking at you strangely. Then only I can see it, amazing and interesting. You laugh at your thoughts closing the door. You hadn't felt the need to talk to him all the rest of the night, he was just sitting there unnoticed. He would spend minutes sitting there doing nothing, then seemed to want to follow every step you took.

    "Do you want dinner?" your voice echoes in the quiet place, he looks at you for a moment nodding slowly. You grimace, you didn't feel comfortable being the only one talking out of the two of you. "Can you talk?"

    He denies. You're surprised he admitted he couldn't do it, you press your lips together nervously. Still wary you approach him, who is sitting on the floor. "So, can I name you? It's tedious not being able to call you properly."

    He nods with a slightly odd smile, you return the gesture by taking a seat next to him while avoiding touching him. You think for a few seconds before coming up with the right name.


    The spirit watches you warily, he really didn't expect you to correctly decipher his name. Its connection to you must have been stronger now, or maybe you just guessed. Taehyung, was the name he had in his past life. And now he was doomed to live among mortals as a not necessarily good spirit, wandering day and night not knowing which way to turn. That is, clearly, until he found you, a small pearl of sand on a beach. You were beautiful, and in a way a bit naive.

    Taehyung had seen it all, how you sat in front of your bed looking at the window while thinking if it would be right to jump at that moment, you wondered in that curious head of yours if someone would look at your corpse by chance or at least for fun. Then the pills, you took a lot of pills to calm your anxiety, you were a compulsive person and without a doubt, you were lousy at controlling yourself in high-pressure situations.

    You were a stupid, aimless person, just like him. The only thing that kept you apart was that you could not be aware that Taehyung was very present and would never leave you alone.

    You were his, he would protect you from the world. He had the power to do that, he could even give you money, prepare your food, clean your house or anything that would make you happy and make you love him.

    Never let him go-...

    "Alright...uh.... Taehyung" You name trying to distract your mind from the strange being, his eyes watch you and make you feel uncomfortable right away. You sigh, then take a breath again. "You'll eat with me, I hope you don't mind eating only homemade ramen. I couldn't afford my groceries today so I had to improvise."

    His body is so close to yours that you can feel the chill he emits. You doubt it's real, surely you're in a bad dream that extended longer than required and soon you'll wake up. His hands are raised to show again several bills of great value, they fall to the ground so easily that you find it hard to believe that your mind could have created such an incredible being.

    Wake up!

    "I told you I don't need your money, please stop, you shouldn't do this for others just like that!" you shout, all the frustration inside you bubbling up. Taehyung looks at you in surprise, it was the first time you showed you had a real temper. You mostly kept your head down, so cowardly. "First rule if you're going to stay in my house, don't make money appear out of thin air."

    A gasp comes out of his mouth, he looks worried and distressed. His nervous face gives away what's going through his mind, he quickly drops to his knees picking up the money from the floor before your frightened and surprised self, his hands fill with countless bills. He stands up bringing his full hands towards you, begging with several noises for you to take what he wanted to give you. Tears begin to fall from her face as you insist on not accepting it and try to leave already completely terrified, you turn around watching as she crawls across the floor towards you sobbing and still with her hands raised in the air with the money in them.

    Your legs tremble, your breathing stops and little by little the anxiety of the situation begins to affect you incredibly badly. You bite your already previously injured lip, blood trickles down your chin and your hands as well.

    Taehyung watches as drops of blood fall to the ground, frightened he gets up trying to touch you thinking that you would push him away. However, all you do is fall to your knees hugging your body protectively.

    "Please help me..." You sigh tiredly.

    Taehyung disappears before you, causing a wrenching sob to come from your throat. But in a moment he reappears with a first aid kit in his hands. He approaches your weak body taking your arm seeing that you had no cut, but your fingernails had torn the palm of your hand hard. He very carefully and fearfully disinfects the wound, he was thinking what did they do to you to make you so easy to break.

    "I'll go to sleep, you can eat if you want."

    He nods silently, watching you struggle extra hard to make it to your room. He had managed to disinfect your lip as well, though you never showed him any sign of pain. You were used to tearing your body apart and then building it back up again. A small wound was like a caress to you.

    The next day, you prepared yourself as best you could to start your classes. You had ignored Taehyung all morning, even though you knew she didn't need you and couldn't care less.

    Bus rides were melancholy for you, you liked to watch the streets with excitement. It was amazing how the world kept turning even though you yourself felt it was the end.

    You thought you would see Taehyung following you but it didn't happen. A sigh of relief came over you. You stepped off the bus with a sober and comfortable smile, looked for your lounge calmly and sat down in your seat greeting your seatmate politely.

    Strangely, everything was fine.

    Your hand moved quickly as you tried to take notes of the class, your eyes only focused on the writing of the teacher who seemed very impatient to erase everything and leave. Suddenly, Taehyung appeared in front of you scaring your mind and making you let out a scream of horror.

    "Is something wrong, miss Y/N?" the teacher asks seriously, clearly upset.

    "No, no. I'm so sorry." You whisper standing up to bow respectfully.

    Taehyung sits on the classroom floor, staring at you as you ignore him again concentrating on continuing to write. You are frustrated as the teacher walks past the strange being but can't see it, you wished everyone could have the privilege of seeing it for what it is, terrifying.

    It would be comforting to your damaged mind.

    Taehyung stands still, not doing or saying anything as usual. It was fascinating, it was curious, it was strange and you didn't want to see him anymore in your life. You weren't even sure you wanted to know where he came from, and you got tired of asking what he wanted from you with all this.

    It existed and it was really fucked up.

    Class ended giving way to recess, your seatmate offered you to eat lunch with her so you wouldn't have to be alone in the noisy cafeteria. You accept happy to be able to forget about your loyal follower who is only a few steps behind you.

    "Hey, are you all right? You're looking behind us for a while now, are we being followed?" Hyo questions.

    "I guess not"

    Hyo lets out a laugh at your answer, you smile embarrassed and more reassured that he didn't misunderstand your words. You count the bills in your hand, checking that you won't be able to eat anything but an apple and a glass of water. You receive your order, watching your last bit of money go.

    You should start getting a steady job.

    You sit down with Hyo who happily eats his hamburger, you smile at him again starting to eat quietly. Hyo suddenly spits out his food on your side of the table, you watch in fright as his face grimaces in infinite surprise. The cafeteria goes silent at the same time, your eyes follow everyone else to witness a bottle of Coke and a hamburger flying through the air as if it were magic or something paranormal. You stand in shock, not knowing what to do, but it's too late when both products are already landing on your side of the table fully served for you.

    "What the fuck!"

    Hyo gets up as you do, the students start running to get out of the now 'haunted' cafeteria as soon as possible. Your eyes catch the figure of Taehyung appearing right next to Hyo who is still paralyzed, she waves at you with her hand and an adorable smile. You press your lips together, shaking your head and approaching your companion to help her walk to the exit.

    "Are you out of your mind, you can't do that kind of thing!" You claim, you were sure it had been him. Taehyung yawns, stretching his body on your living room floor pretending to sleep. "I'm being serious! If you want to stay here, don't try to help me!"

    Taehyung opens his eyes, he is a little surprised. He is curious to ask if that is a rule too or an angry saying. He watches you, you are trying to find your sleeping pills in distress, he smiled pretending to be asleep again. He clearly hears how you open the white bottle and how you put two pills in your mouth, drinking water and walking to your room quietly.

    He gets up from the floor walking as patiently as you do, following your footsteps like a puppy. He watches you collapse on the bed, totally exhausted. You had walked home, you had no more money to go by bus.

    Taehyung felt useless, he wanted to help you with everything you will need, he even went as far as trying to put money in your backpack but you never noticed or used the money.

    He was starting to get annoyed by your irritating attitude.

    His hands touched your face, he bent down to your level lying on the bed. He sat on your legs, knowing that he would stay in that position for quite some time. He tried to speak but his voice got stuck in his throat, he was trying to be able to communicate with you but rationally it was impossible.

    "Y-you..." He sighed, smiled happily and surprised to be able to utter a single word after so many years. He had lost count as he surpassed a thousand.

    He bit his lip, wanting to get a little closer to you, he felt nervous and self-conscious at the thought of getting his hands on you in a dirty way. It was tempting, but it was wrong. You were not his properly and consciously.

    Or maybe so. Taehyung felt strangely comfortable with you, he had never felt this way even in his physical form.

    It seemed that something about you attracted him more than usual. You were not special, you were just like others in many ways. However, to him you were a jewel shining among the filth of the world. He was evil, Taehyung was repulsed by other humans.

    They were a pest, he was disgusted by the idea of becoming one of them again, but he would do it if it allowed him to stay with you and have more than the odd cohabitation, possibly form a family. He felt elated at the idea of you ever being pregnant with him, he had seen how humans used that to their advantage to chain their loved ones.

    He could do the same with you, clearly.

    Your tired eyes left evidence of your lack of rest in your life, you waited on customers at the small "Omelas" coffee shop where I had recently hired you as a temporary waitress. You weren't complaining, it was a simple and practical job, and it gave you time to go to school and even, the pay was good.

    "Taehyung..." You whisper in fright, almost dropping a cup on the floor but you catch it in time. You look at him annoyed, walking past him. He was starting to show up more regularly and almost always managed to scare you, at a certain point it was really bad to have him. It was only succeeding in ruining your life even more, you didn't need something like that now. "Go away, I'm too busy. Or do what you wanted, just don't show up like this."

    You didn't want to admit that he scared you more than usual and gave you goosebumps whenever he was near you. It was like a horror movie in scale. Taehyung thought for a moment, he didn't want to watch you die slowly.

    I was aware of how tired you always seemed to be, how you constantly had constant downfalls in the street while running to get to your school.

    I still don't understand why you didn't want to accept what I gave you.

    I could give you more if you wanted.

    "What's wrong?" you ask annoyed feeling Taehyung pull your blouse roughly wanting to get your attention. You turn around expecting to see something important, but you only see him putting money in front of you again and making more appear every second.

    You were about to complain to him but you remember your words 'First rule if you are going to stay in my house, don't make money appear out of nowhere', you feel stupid, the rule was only valid inside your house. Taehyung could do whatever he wanted outside of it.

    "I'll accept it, but please stop..." You say quietly, not wanting to attract the attention of other employees or worse your supervising boss. Picking up the money quickly, Taehyung disappear just before your worst nightmare has come true.

    Black shoes appear in front of you, you bite your lip in embarrassment trying not to exert too much pressure or you would bleed again. Your boss was an obnoxious man, you noticed it from the first day when he slapped a girl your age in front of everyone for breaking several utensils he was carrying on a tray. You thought someone would say something or she would file a complaint, but that didn't happen, she went back to work as if nothing happened, just like everyone else.

    You made up your mind not to make that obnoxious man angry.

    "Miss Y/N..." He said with a smile, his eyes looked lifeless and so cruel it was disgusting. "I understand that you have never had so much money in your miserable life, but that is worth a lot and even more to me. And you have the audacity to throw it on the floor."

    Your voice choked up, you wanted to tell him that was your damn money that fell, or well it was given to you by a ghost that it seemed like only you could see. It would sound ridiculous and no doubt he would fire you accusing you of being a thief and a liar.

    "Sorry, sir"

    You rush to pick everything up, you try to get up but the man forces you to stay on the floor. You look up not understanding his order, but quickly receive the same treatment. A particularly hard slap lands on your cheek. You feel the pain, it was all too familiar.

    "Learn your place, you little filth." He says with a dismissive tone, "Useless girl"

    You look down, your tongue feels the metallic taste of your blood as usual. You touch your lip, it was starting to bleed again. You stand up wiping your face before continuing your labors. Ignoring how Taehyung sits on one of the chairs in the cafeteria watching through the window people walking on the streets.

    "Let's go home." You tell her with a smile, you were beginning to appreciate her presence despite knowing that soon it would be nothing but history. Your cheek still ached, but you let it go.

    Your home was warm and very peaceful. You sit next to Taehyung who watches as you put an ice pack on your cheek.

    "I'll go to sleep, good night Tae."

    The process repeats. You were chained to an endless loop, Taehyung misses your footsteps and soon gets up leaving your house to go to her first meeting. He sees the man who hurt you coming out of a bar with a woman obviously much younger than him, both are drunk and laughing non-stop.

    The woman screams in horror and starts to run away as the man falls to the ground at a moment's notice, Taehyung holds him by the neck watching his static face. He felt fury, he looked so calm when only hours before he had hurt you in such a way.

    He tightened his grip choking the man trying to shake him off, he was completely confused not knowing who was attacking him. Taehyung smiled in amusement, laughing at his pathetic self. Humans seriously were so stupid at his feet.

    "D-die..." You whispered, tried to say something else but couldn't.

    You were confused and Taehyung loved it, I could see how you rubbed your hands nervously when the news that your boss had been killed reached your ears. The main suspects were all women who filed a complaint against him for both labor and domestic abuse, not being listened to in all cases, the man you called boss was a fucking degenerate but he had the respect of the local police who took the case very seriously, questioning everyone in the cafeteria cautiously.

    You frown in disgust, you couldn't believe how they could be so interested in finding out who killed someone so despicable. Internally you are thankful that no one saw the aggression on his part towards you, so you weren't a suspect who possibly killed him out of revenge.

    "Excuse me miss, can you tell me what was your relationship with Mr. Jung? And where were you yesterday at the time of the murder? Be as precise and honest as possible, please."

    You answer calmly, fearing nothing. The policeman watches you carefully until he lets you go with a thank you, you return home after a day at school and having to stop by the cafeteria to drop off your resignation. You sigh hiding your cry of frustration, you thought you had finally managed to establish a good relationship in your life, dividing your schedule perfectly between school, work and a break.

    However, you were back to square one.

    Taehyung appears with a bag of cookies, you look at him laughing at his sudden kindness. You sit next to him eating from the cookies, you were thankful that you could at least enjoy short moments like those.

    "I thought a lot of bad things about you, Tae..." You say honestly, watching him eat like an innocent child. His cheeks puff out with the many cookies he stuffs into his mouth. "But you're someone exceptional, I wish I was a little more like you."

    Taehyung nods, if wanting to admit he felt proud of himself. He tasted of glory and didn't want to give it up. It felt powerful to see your lack of confidence, it was like you let yourself be stepped on easily and honestly, it was obnoxious.

    "Weak." He whispers getting your attention, you watch him trying to guess what he said.

    "I'll go cook something to eat." You interrupt the awkward silence that had formed. Taehyung was a stigma, a strange being, maybe someday you would know what he really thought of everything around him.

    They say curiosity killed the cat, but at least he died knowing what he was up against.

    Taehyung made you realize that sometimes a little bit of listening to your instinct was enough to survive. Maybe you don't remember much, and you shouldn't. Taehyung made sure to ruin every point of your life to his liking, he sat as he always did watching your dreams and illusions fade away like humor. He mocked your naivety, he had known you since you were a child and had managed to see you fall more times than you got up.

    You were ridiculously weak at his hands.

    Possibly that's why he fell in love with you as much as he hated you, he wanted to protect you and make you understand with blows that no one was superior to his pain. You were dumb, stupid just like the others. But you had a glow that made him fall back to you and behave as if he were at your service.

    Karma, perhaps.

    He felt repulsion from you when your eyes weren't on him, at the same time he felt love when you looked at him so foolishly.

    If he couldn't have your attention, let alone your pain, then he would be the one to give you a chance to die in peace.

    Together. Forever and ever.

    persephoneys© All rights reserved, copying / translation or adaptation without permission is prohibited.

    masterlist │ wattpad │ kofi │ previous fic.

    (Questions are always welcome, any questions about the fic will be answered with pleasure)

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    “Or where the hyungline of bts find comfort in their gorgeous maknae, Kim Jisoo.” drabbles from my 8th member works.



    ! smut ! yandere!au.



    ! smut ! yandere!au.



    #x fem!reader #x oc#yandere male #bts eighth member #yandere bts #idol! reader #yoongi x oc #yandere bts x reader #jung hoseok x you #drabble #jung hoseok x y/n #hoseok x oc #min yoongi x y/n #min yoongi x oc #namjoon x oc #namjoon x you #8th member au #yandere au#seokjin fluff #seokjin x reader #seokjin smut#bts smut
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    I love getting questions weather they are about my writing or about me personally so…….

    Ask me questions 👉🏻👈🏻

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    ANACARDIA : Chapter One


    It was fitting that she was in a morgue when she had gotten the call. Because the storm has been brewing outside the concrete walls, unbeknownst to her; as she carried on with the body examination.

    It was fitting that it all began as she was surrounded by the dead.



    Anyone at first glance could see. 83rd district had centuries of history in it.

    What had started out as a small venue for impromptu gathering of vendors and travelling merchants in the 1700’s soon grew to be a part of the bustling city of New York by mid- 1800’s as a district. Historic buildings had spread all over the 83rd with the one-fourth of the New York’s population residing in by late 1800’s.

    These archaic streets had been the heart of the trade of New York for hundreds of years, hence the reason for it’s second name ‘The Trade Borough’. The great depression of 20th century was what had gotten the heart of trade to stop. For first time in its loud and bustling history, the district had gone quiet.

    Staying still in time for the next nine decades to come.

    Ironically, it was the modern pandemic of the twenty first century that had changed the entire course of history once again. Not just of the Trade Borough of New York, but the entire mankind. The fiction had come to life.

    The pandemic that had halted billions of lives for the span of two years had proven to be quite deadly. Perhaps in future, people could argue that it was the lack in modern medicine, poor handling of resources, the greed of the world leaders.

    With majority of population getting infected, the body count of diseased increasing at unimaginable rate. It was a medical terror. The fires in Australia to the rise in global temperature, the consequent melting of glaciers and rise in ocean levels.

    Even now, in present the conclusion was pretty clear. That if things had continued the same way. Humanity would have met its inevitable end.

    With their main and only source of nutrition dying, vampires had to bring themselves to light. And so had to the rest of the supernatural community. Thousands of years after, they had grudgingly themselves known.

     There was rejection, like anything alien to human mind and beliefs. The denial was strong. But this was the new reality. Humans had somehow managed to not only endanger themselves, but also the magical communities. Even the ones that didn’t need air to breath or food to eat.

    The very next day of the United Nations broadcast, the ‘Clearing’ had taken place. On May 25th even as the Earth rotated both sides of the world had experienced day light. Spheres of fire had enveloped the skies burning continuously for next nine hours.

    And just like that, the virus and the pandemic had ended the very next morning. Magically.

    Scientifically, you knew what had happened. The elemental witches had worked together. With the virus being airborne- they had manipulated the air, gathered the virus aerosol from living organisms, inanimate surfaces, water bodies from all around the world and set it on fire.  

    The was technicality in magic too, science was in common sense. They were manipulating the atoms at will. Albeit something humans and science hasn’t been able to yet, but there was science beneath it.

    It did hurt your ego, even as a young med student you had volunteered hours on end towards finding the vaccine.  Before anyone could comprehend, let alone oppose the ritual- ‘The Clearing’ had already taken place. All that was left was world wide panic and global opposition towards the merge of the human and supernatural communities.

    But nobody cared.

    The marches, the protests went unheard. The witches were given military protection world wide- you doubted that they need it, still it was a clear message from world leaders.

    They had no plans in going against the supernaturals or making enemy out of them. Not outright. The governments and world leaders had different problems at hand. All human world leaders had agreed on one simple thing.

    We all were now at the bottom of the hierarchy. The preys in the food chain.

    If not a straight slap onto the faces of modern science and medicine. With words ringing straight into our ears.

    We were incapable and under armed.

    The constitutions were once again amended to include the new communities, new laws and legal legislatures were made towards basic rights. Legalizing blood farms (much to many humans’ dismay), land ownership and citizenship rights.

    But most importantly, establishment of a world-wide central organization that overlooks all took place- The Polygon.

    It didn’t take long for 83rd district to be brought to life again. Everything was happening fast, at a magical rate. With the passing of citizenship bill of supernaturals, many put their business up and out. And The Trade Borough soon overflew with past sentimental undead owners. Reclaiming the land, rebuilding from ruins and completely re-establishing The Trade Centre into a darker version of The Las Vegas Strip.

    This district had seen it all, the rise of the first buildings to the desertion of the streets. And once again for business to bloom in the long-forgotten part of the metropolitan, As the undead capital of red districts of the world.

    Home of the nocturnal, it was a nightmare in disguise. You were surrounded, but you were also alone.

    Everything was legal, but everything was owned by the undead.

     Theoretically your path should have never crossed with this district. Your human life-span could have marked its end with not even a strand of your hair entering this place.  Walking down the streets, you were sticking out like a sore thumb. In the opposite side of the town, you’d fit right in. Even with you lack of outdoor ventures. Padded jacket and worn-down jeans could have been easily ignored in any other Borough of New York.

    Here, even if you would have taken your expensive coat and sandals, you were walking with a declaration on your head of being a ‘Blood Virgin’. Tightening your hold on the silver pocket knife you could only speed up.

    Arlert the had called during the inspection of the cadavers. He didn’t say much. In a clipped tone he had inquired what you were doing, if it could be done later and when you confirmed with a yes, He ordered you to report to the ’Elixir club’ hanging up right away.

    A couple walking towards you had their nose scrunching up as the distance shortened- werewolves. One of the men straight up sneered showing his sharp teeth as they passed by. You smelled like formaldehyde.

    In their defence, even humans don’t like the smell of formaldehyde. You wouldn’t want to imagine how you’d smell to werewolves with their sensitive noses.

    Time was short and shower was a luxury you were not allowed to afford. It wasn’t every day that New York’s police commissioner asks you to drop everything and report.

     The only question was what was human police enforcement doing in the district. Humans had no business here unless…...

    A group of young boys and girls stumbled past you catch your attention, dressed scantly and as open minded you were- extremely provocatively. Giggling, laughing with no care in the world. Their necks devoid of any jewellery and hair pulled up in ponytails. Flashing their blood bruises. Some touching each other, some groping. Some muttering about cloth and shoes. No one gave a damn. And neither did they.

    It was a natural scene.

    …. humans had no business in the 83rd district- unless of course, they went looking for it. Addict feeders or humans who were addicted to the act of blood feeding, were always in the district. The stone streets and arms of the leeching dead was more of their home than their concrete ones.

    Blood feed fell in grey area. Like porn you could part take in it when you turn eighteen at free will. Leave at free will. But things were not that simple. Poverty, need for money or simple curiosity anything could lead one towards blood feeding.

    The act in itself is highly addictive more so than drugs if the vampire doesn’t know how to control it.

    Feeding incorporates injection of stimulants. As the vampire feeds onto the prey, in order to keep them pliant and for blood to taste good and not of just sour adrenaline. Vampire fangs periodically released ‘type 3’ protein-a mixture of high amounts of anti-coagulant warfarin, dopamine and serotonin inducing hormones and of course strong hallucinogens.

    And unlike other substance abuse that required money, vampire stimulants did not.

    To kill a human during the act of feeding is punishable by Polygon’s law. Vampires have to stop themselves from completely draining a human. However, the subsequent rise of addict feeders had clearly indicated that, the this was something they were not used to.

    Pulling out the phone to check the map again, it was one last right turn before you arrived at your destination.

    83rd district is now always awake, in some ways always alive. Bustling with the supernaturals. Vampires, Witches, Faes, Werewolves and humans. Filled with colour. Filled with variables. With different types of life forces.

    Once glance though, at the alleys extending out of the street devoid of any light- ones that even the supernaturals with right minds tended to avoid served you a good reminder, that this nocturnal district was also one of the darkest in the world.

    After all, amongst all the sandboxes for the undead and twisted in the world. This one was the birth home of spirit and blood magic.

    Nothing ever good brewed in here.

    So I have noticed that I am terrible when it comes to long para writing. Plus i feel my writing needs to improve. It feels very childish. I am hoping to dedicate one week to a chapter. Hopefully regularly. I also happen to have no clue about the story. It will build as it goes. 
    I am an amateur.
    I have been wanting to read OT7 x Reader supernatural fics. So why not write it? 

    UPDATE: I edited it and it is so much better. It went from 1468 to 1567 words. Also I tried to cut down on the usage of ‘you’ and that made my brain scramble. 

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    death valley (dark version) | part 3 (m)

    summary: a summer internship at a famous record label turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize

    pairing: ot7 x f.reader smut ft: jin x reader, jimin x reader, namjoon x reader

    genre: smut. yandere. mystery. thriller. gang!au rockstar!au

    wordcount: 6.5k

    warnings: multiple & explicit smut scenes. rough sex, degradation, petnames, penetrative sex, oral sex, coersion/dubcon, blood play, sex while intoxicated, drugs and alcohol, knife play, suggested dacryphilia, manipulative and obsessive themes, major character death, themes of mourning, choking, spanking, biting, hair pulling, arson, murder, guns mentioned (not used), restraints, dom!jin, dom!jimin, sub!joon, kidnapping, praise, breast play for days, toxic relationships, physical violence/fighting

    series navi | masterlist

    Breathless, the city lights glimmered in your eyes. It was a rush, seeing the world from this high in the air. From the balcony of Jimin’s penthouse, where you floated—a tight red bikini submerged in the scalding waves. Red that matched the soft hue of coming from beneath the water, red like the color of your eyes as Jimin came up behind you, pulling the blunt from your lips so he could take a hit himself. Proceeding to trail his lips across your jaw. Thick smoke dancing against your skin. Exhaling bliss into your pliant lips.

    You inhaled him. Everything he was, you let him consume you. Eyes crossed, elevated beyond sanity as he deepened this kiss, groaning against you. Hands tugging the string at your hips, allowing the garment to float away as his ringed fingers slid up your folds. Finding your clit, he bit your lip, tugging on it with a growl. Fingers caressing the sensitive flesh with tender intension.

    “Jimin—“ You sighed, eyes half lidded as his palm made home over the fabric of your bikini, fondling you lightly. The tempting press of his erection nudging into your ass. He left you in gasps, moving his lips behind your ear where he could whisper sweet nothings. Filthy promises. Dirty lies.

    The two of you hadn’t left the apartment in days, trapped in a haze of liquid courage, nothing but moans and the slick slapping of skin on skin, steadily harmonizing. Each time convinced you had already reached nirvana, only to be proven wrong. Bottles on bottles of liquor open as he’d tug your hair back, pouring it down your throat, licking the spill from the edge of your lips until he’d swallow you into him.

    Until you’d find yourself pushed back, with Jimin pouring tequila all the way down your body, licking all the way down to your cunt, letting the bitter liquid fill your core before slurping it out of you. Screams filling the room as you’d hold his hands, clawing into his palms as he ate you out. It burned terribly. It was obscene, dirty, painful—and you loved it.

    After sucking you dry, he’s shower you with praise. You were his good girl. His little whore. Tongues intertwined. Nails raking across each others backs, bodies covered in sweat. Imprints of his hands bruised around your neck, hickies all over your skin. Wrapping your tongue around him, kneading him good as he would tug your hair.

    You’d fall apart, gasping for air with him right next to you. Only for him to pull you into the shower just to do it all over again. You ached—ached bad. In the best possible way. Knees weak. Trembling with pleasure.

    Had days passed? Had weeks? You had no idea—it was all a blur. A blur of pleasure you never wanted to escape.

    “God I can never get enough of you” He mumbled, teeth sinking into your neck as he gripped your breasts. Pinching your nipples, he enjoyed the way you winced in his hold before ripping the bra off you, tossing it across the ledge.

    “Jimin!” You squealed, giggling as the two of you watched it fall many stories down. He smirked, turning you gently so that you could wrap your legs around his hips, hands knowing to find your ass, carrying you through the water. He looked up at you in amazement. There was no way for you to know how beautiful you looked to him in that moment. His hands crawling up your back as he began to lower you onto his throbbing cock.

    “I love you so much” His words were quiet, but you heard them with every move he made. He settled you down onto him, basking in the sensation of your warmth, tightly gripping around his length. Cursing, he lifted you, cock dragging against your walls, sending heat shooting through your veins. Water spilt over the edge, sloshing around as Jimin began to pull you back down, pumping you slowly— not leaving your eyes for a second as he bounced you on his dick. You gripped his shoulders, allowing him to move you as he wished. His lips latched onto your erect nipple, gnawing on it lightly before suckling the sensitive nub with his tongue.

    “I love you too” How could you not? With the way he was worshipping every inch of your chest with the wet glide of his tongue. With the way he filled your every crevice, leaving no part of you untouched. The way he pampered you and praised you. It was everything you ever wanted.

    Is it Y/n? Your heart dropped, a pair of sinister eyes invading your memory as your eyes fluttered shut. Is this what you want?

    “Fuck me harder” You whined, hands finding Jimin’s so that you could pull them to your neck “Please Jimin…I need you”

    The rockstar chuckled, choking you lightly  before pulling out. He moved so fast, you were dizzy by the time he bent you over the ledge, guiding his cock easily back into your sopping heat. Fingers gripped around your jaw he pulled you back against him, teeth grazing against your cheek as he pounded you. Heavy cock hitting you deep with every thrust.

    You were too drunk. Too drunk to mind as he filled you with his seed, plugging you up and keeping you there. Too drunk to react to the fact that across the neighboring buildings, paparazzi were having an absolute field day. Too drunk to see Jungkook’s 30 missed calls. Or even the frantic text stating— he’s dead.

    Yoongi’s dead.


    Namjoon’s fingers traced over the slippery magazine print. An image of you, lips locked with his adorning the front cover. A moment of utter passion. There wasn’t anything to think about, it seemed like the most natural thing to do.

    A scowl tugged at his lips as the sharp echo of footsteps cut through his thoughts. Hobi stood, towering over him in dark suit. His hair, slicked back, eyes tired, annoyed and glossed with a facade of confidence and tobacco.

    He snatched the magazine from Namjoon, flipping it open before he chuckled lightly, scanning the pages.

    “Kim Namjoon, a rising talent personally mentored by the esteemed Min Yoongi. His leaked song was a mega-hit, and evidently so as in a matter of minutes it seemed he even swept fellow label-mate and sensational superstar Park Jimin’s girlfriend off her feet. A self-proclaimed super fan of Park himself.”

    Hobi glanced at Namjoon briefly before continuing, “Park’s absence and cancellations of tour dates has his fans worried and confused. However, their fears were put to rest when Min sent out a press statement announcing a big debut performance”

    Namjoon’s eyes perked up, causing Hobi to smile “I told you didn’t I? I told you I’d make it happen” Excitedly, he grabbed the magazine from Yoongi so he could see for himself. His eyes narrowed at the following sentence

    “...where Kim Namjoon will be opening for the much anticipated comeback of Park Jimin” Namjoon growled, throwing the the booklet aside. “I’m opening for him? Are you serious Hobi?”

    “It’s genius Namjoon. Press is going to be all over it because of this love triangle bit. Tickets will sell out in mere seconds”

    In a swift move, Namjoon wrapped his fingers around Hobi’s neck, clenching hard as he quivered with rage. He hadn’t worked this hard, put up with all of this bullshit just to open for fucking Park Jimin. It was bad enough that he hadn’t heard from you in almost a week, certain that you were caught in a lovers den with the scoundrel himself.

    He was holding out. Waiting patiently for you to remember all the reasons you couldn’t stand Jimin. Waiting for you to realize that it was him you truly needed, the only one who really knew you, who really loves you.

    The jealousy was overwhelming. Namjoon had practically lived at the gym since he watched Jimin carry you out of the office that day. Fists meeting dust as he relentlessly pummeled punching bags. Sweat would pour down his face, but do nothing to wash away the ache in his heart. The slow, painful twists in his gut.

    He’d blink back tears, fist gripping his cock so hard, trying to derive pleasure from thoughts of you but he barely could, because after the images of you serene figure would cross his mind, so too would the thought of Jimin’s hands all over them. He’d puke. Again, and again.

    “J-Joon!!!” Hobi screeched, digging his nails into his wrists as he tried to pry his hands off, but Namjoon was gone. Possessed by his own rage, he didn’t notice how hard he was choking the songwriter.

    “Fuck” Namjoon’s mouth hung agape. Instantly he let go, watching as Hobi buckled over in a fit of coughs, gasping for air. “Sorry Hobi I...” Hobi held his hand up. He didn’t want to hear it.

    Sighing, he leaned back, mind wandering to you. He wondered if you missed him at all. Was he delusional to think that you even loved him for a second? He must be. You had Park Jimin. Everything was always about Park Jimin. Namjoon chuckled inwardly, realizing how similar his thoughts mimicked Yoongi.

    Maybe it was a good thing. You loved Yoongi after all.


    The next morning, your eyes fluttered open at the sound of wind, fluttering through the blinds. Stretching your arms out, your fingers traced against Jimin’s toned waist. He was fast asleep. The previous night, the two of you had fucked for hours. Blinking, you rubbed your eyes, searching lazily for your phone.

    It was nowhere to be found. 

    Pursing your lips you slowly slid out of bed, reluctant to leave the silk sheets but tempted by your hunger.

    “Babe?” You shook him slightly. Jimin’s eyes softened upon seeing you. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came. Instead you noticed tears in his eyes. “Morning”

    “Mmm, come here...fuck,” He buried his nose into your hair, taking a moment to appreciate your warmth before wrapping his arms around you, pulling you back in bed. “I love you”

    You pressed your lips against his, sighing into his mouth. He deepened the kiss, leg sliding between yours as he pressed you against the mattress. His hands trailed up your sides, finding your arms and pulling them above your head.

    “What?” Jimin’s voice was breathless, smile conniving. He smirked, looking from your lips back to your eyes. You knew he was well aware of his effect on you, and you hated how much his ego would inflate as result.

    “I gotta go to work babe” You mumbled, prompting Jimin to leave you one last lingering kiss.

    “Why?” He spoke, voice barely above a whisper. His breath was hot against you. “Why work when you can just stay here with me? Let me give you everything” He cupped your face, staring deeply into your eyes.

    You shrugged him off, impatient suddenly. What day of the week even was it? Had Yoongi returned? “I really gotta go Jimin, I’ll be back tonight” His grip tightened around your wrist. “Jimin”

    Reluctantly, he let you go. “Just...be careful okay. Promise me you’ll come home right after” His lip quivered slightly. You stroked the hair from his forehead and gave him a soft kiss. 

    “I promise babe”

    Walking towards Jimin’s convertible, you let the keyring roll around your pinky. The car door opened, sliding upwards and revealing the fine leather seats. You could get used to this. 

    Settling yourself inside, you start the energy. The growl of the car giving you some semblance of energy. Until suddenly theres a hand on your mouth. You scream out, voice muffled into what seems to be a cloth. 

    Everything goes dark. 


    Weak. Your fingers trembled with a sense of lifelessness. A bittersweet pulse in your chest. Stacks of cash, ravished onto piles on the floor. The alluring scent of greed, overwhelming as you allowed yourself to sink into the paper. The prominent clanking of the shackles that held you— tied up in who knows where. Furrowing your brow, you tried to remember how you got here.

    You felt a sharp wince leave your lips. A crisp dollar against your jaw.

    “Symbolic” He grinned, holding the bill up to the bright, white light. A single drop of your blood, weaving through its fibers. Allowing the bill to dance back down, his attention returned to you. “Isn’t it?”

    His tongue leaned to gently caress the cut. The chains pinching into your wrists as you withered, bills scattering every which way.

    “Where am I? What is this place? W-who’s money is all this?” It was the soft, trembling in your voice. The sweet sighs as his lips latched onto your neck. Your taste, so perfect. Everything about you was perfect in his eyes. Kissing you softly, but allowing his teeth to sink into the flesh, he made his way up to your lips. Locking your gaze, a gaze that was paralyzed with fear. Of what, he was unsure. Perhaps, your fear was of him. That you liked what he was doing. That you craved it just like he did.

    “It’s Yoongi’s.” You looked at him with hatred, passion flaring in your eyes. “I found his little disc. Death Valley is all mine now”

    Your breath hitched—a cool sensation drawing up your thigh, sliding under the skirt that barely held your modesty. He chuckled softly, wrist twirling the knife with a dizzying ease. He was so certain of his every move. His confidence that you would give yourself to him completely, his power. It had you wanting to get on your knees. Wanting him to take you away from everything.

    “What did you do?” Thrashing against the chains that held you, you screamed “Dammit, let me go”

    Stilling, he gave you an amused look. “Goodness Y/n…just so eager, aren’t you?” Much to your surprise he reached up, snapping open the cuffs against your wrists. Instantly you pushed him back. 

    He let you. Anything you did, you knew you could only do it because he was allowing it.

    “What’s the rush? We finally have all…” His arm wrapped around your waist, pulling your sharply into his chest “the time…” the knife pressed up against your jaw, he slammed you against the wall “in the world. And I intend to make the most of it”

    A faintness took hold of your mind. You melted into his embrace, your only hold on reality being the blade that now cut into your collar bone. Carving out something—the curve of the cut causing you to yelp out in pain. It was the slightest, most subtle cut he could make. Yet the blood ran thick, and the pain— immeasurable.

    “Jin” You gasped loudly, turning your head away at the sound of him slicing through the front of your shirt in one swift motion. Heart pounding heavily, you met his eyes again. They were alight with something sinister. Something lustful. Something greedy. “Jin stop”

    Licking his lips, he eyed the suave material that stood between him and your body he craved to ravish. Jutting the blade, he pulled the cut down your breast, stopping just before the hem of your bra. Tears welled in your eyes, but you blinked them back. You were not about to cry. That would be giving him exactly what he wanted.

    But it was too late. He had seen the way you’re gaze glossed over. His tongue traced the wound, softly licking away at the crimson pain. “Does it hurt baby? Let it. I want it to hurt. I know you do too” His nails dug into your hips, pulling them flush against his own so you could feel his desire where you craved him most.

    He was right. The tragic part was that he was absolutely right. His twisted lust and obsessive desire always had you begging for more. It was hard to resist him. Almost impossible, given everything you were feeling. The immense loss. The sorrow that created a deep emptiness inside of you. Your heart was cold, eager for the warmth of Jin’s sick, addictive love.

    You cupped his face, roughly dragging him to face you. Your eyes fluttered from his lips back to him, just for a moment you pondered whether you should kick him in the balls and run for it. It was the smirk, the teasing tug of his lips that gave you away, and you smashed your lips onto his.

    And then it was bare. Your bodies tangled up, pushing and pulling at one another violently. Angling his hips, he sank into you. Spread wide and beckoning him. Tempting him with your warmth. He filled you up, your cries muffled into his shoulders. Your desperate whines wavering as he thrust, thighs slapping against yours with a resounding echo.

    He loosened his hold on you. Before you could slide away, he grabbed your neck, harshly yanking you back towards him. His large, calloused hands wrapping around you, stealing your breath. He kicked at your knees, making you buckle over with a soft thud onto the pile of cash beneath you. 

    You felt his hand hit you hard across your cheek. Shame burned at the site of impact, catalyzed by his menacing laugh. Blood rushed to your face as he spit on you. Wrapping his hand around his cock, he stood tall. Watching as you clumsily maneuvered until you were on your knees before him. Mouth open wide, tongue out, waiting obediently.

    “Aw fuck baby, look at you” He smacked his cock against your cheek. “Keep denying it all you want Y/n. Deep down, you know all you’re good for is slobbering on my cock” Resting his palm on top of your head, he shoved you forward, filling your mouth until you couldn’t even breathe. You choked out violently, but he could care less, short, harsh thrusts as he impaled your throat over and over. Your protesting groans, music to his ears.

    Grabbing a fistful of hair he pulled you off, saliva dribbling pathetically from your mouth. You mumbled as he wiped it from your face with the bend of his knee, before using it to kick you onto your back.

    “Let me see that pretty ass baby doll”

    Your knees wobbled, pussy slick with anticipation. The skin of your ass was so inviting, it only made sense that he give it a harsh smack. Then another, as he leaned over you, pressing his chest against your back. He nipped at your neck, growling into your ear as you felt another sting of pain shock through you. His fingers traveling up your scalp where he pulled harshly, tugging your head back so he could look into your eyes.

    He took the opportunity to slide his thick cock deep within you. Your pussy drank him in, grip visceral. He groaned at the pressure, harshly digging into your shoulders as he rapidly began to pump himself in and out of you. Each time his hips slammed against you, you cursed out, helplessly crumpling bills in your fists.

    “Fuck” You cried, your entire body moved in rhythm with his. He pulled you up, grabbing your breasts to hold you against him.  “Ohhh fuck, more” Scoffing, his hand slid down to vigorously rub at your clit. Your palm found his cheek, pressing his face against yours. Moaning, you let his tongue catch yours in a zealous kiss.

    “SHIT JIN—” You screamed as he slammed you down, choking your neck harshly as he entered you again. Without another word he dug into your hips, pulling you back and forth on his twitching length.

    “That’s it baby…you love that don’t you? Fucking dirty little—god your pussy is so fucking tight” Jin cursed, clenching his jaw as his eyes rolled back. The pleasure overwhelming him. He growled loudly, collapsing forward as his hips began to piston violently fast, flat into you. He chased his high relentlessly. He needed it. He needed you to give him everything. It felt too good. Felt too amazing. He was almost there, he could feel it, he just needed you to let go and give him everything so that he—

    “I’m cumming” You screamed, sobbing into the dollars. Your cunt tightened, leaking all over his length as he too finally spilled into you with a string of curses. “Fuck I’m cumming Jin—Jin—JIN” You chanted his name like it was the only word you knew. He revealed in the sound of your voice, pulling your face towards his so he could kiss you hard.

    He grinned, letting his cock soften inside of you, but still refusing to let up. “You belong to me don’t you baby? You’d do anything for me now right?”

    You avoided his eyes, blinking rapidly as your high faded. Dark clouds of reality returning on your horizon.

    "Get the fuck off of her you sick bastard”

    Jin began to laugh heartily, rolling away from you. “Well hello there Taehyung”

    You got up with a start, eyes locking with his. There wasn’t a trace of remorse on his face. You tried to read him, trying gain some understanding of the situation but he gave you nothing. His fists were clenched. You could see a darkness in his eyes. A sadness. 

    “Fuck you” Taehyung’s words went unheard. The ringing in your ears overtaking you as you watched him pull out a lighter. He cocked his head aside, narrowing his eyes at the flame. For a moment, refocusing them on you.

    And then he winked.

    Dropping the lighter, you screamed as flames danced all over the dollars. The crinkling burning through your hears as smoke began to suffocate you. You looked to Taehyung in shock.

    “Taehyung?” You cried out, scrambling through the sea of money as fast as you could. You slipped, falling back as Jin reached for your ankles. Taehyung simply stood and watched, arms folded across his chest. 

    “What the fuck are you doing Taehyung?” You reached for him, flames nearing you. 

    “I got what I needed. Perks of having a detective on your side I guess” He held up a gun, your gun. The gun Yoongi had trusted you with. He slid out the magazine, revealing a small disc inside where no bullets were seen. “Jin had a feeling Yoongi would have given it to you. He really did trust you Y/n.” Chuckling, he tossed the gun into the flames, keeping the disc. “You served your purpose.”

    “You’re not serious Taehyung, we’re going to die in here!” Jin snarled, pulling you away from the encroaching fire. Taehyung simply giggled. His giggles turned to laughs as he made his way to the door. Lightheadedness swept over you like a fever as you heard the resounding click of the lock. You lunged for the door, banging against it with all of your strength. 

    Behind you, Jin began coughing - the smoke burning through his lungs. 

    “TAEHYUNG” You screamed. You clenched your eyes shut as Jin began to hiss with pain, the burn beginning to near him. “Somebody please help”

    Jin fell to the floor, screaming as the flames began to swallow him whole. You dared not look, instead you tugged and tugged at the door handle, hoping to pry it open. You could barely see a thing, only a dark grey wisp suffocating your vision. The heat was unbearable.  

    “Please. Please” You gaped as the door handle flew clean off with your final tug. Now there was no way out. “FUCK” You kicked at the wall, not minding the sting on your foot against the anticipation of the painful death you were about to face.

    You were ready to give in. Leaning back against the door, you allowed yourself to sink into a dream.


    He rushed to the door, kicking it open. His eyes landed on Jin briefly, but he could care less about him. It was you he had come for. 

    “Fuck” He picked you up, batting away the flames that dared to try to steal you from his grasp. Rushing out of the room, he carried you, laid you down to tend to your wounds. Doctors came from every which way. But he stayed by your side, holding your hand, kissing your knuckles as he prayed under his breath.

    “Princess...” He sighed. “I’m so sorry my love. You can never know how sorry I am. I should have protected you”

    “My love”


    Jimin was seething. You hadn’t come home. You had promised him you would come straight back, and you didn’t. Tapping his foot impatiently, he rose, swiping everything off of the kitchen counter as he screamed in frustration. Were you in danger? Or did you escape on purpose?

    No. Jimin inhaled sharply. There was no need for you to run away. You love him. You must be in danger. 

    Jimin didn’t know where to start. He couldn’t get a hold of you. You weren’t at work. You weren’t at your apartment, so where the hell were you? 

    A rapid knocking came at his door. In an instant, he pulled the door open revealing a distraught Jungkook. 

    “Did you find her?” Jimin snapped, slamming the door behind him. Jungkook scoffed, slamming Jimin into the wall before leaving a harsh punch into his gut. Jimin choked out. “What the hell Jeon?”

    “I have been fucking trying to get a hold of Y/n for days. Why the” He kneed Jimin in the groin, causing him to yelp, “FUCK wasn’t she answering me? Huh? And now you’ve lost her?”

    “Dammit” Jimin snapped, “That doesn’t matter. Do you know where she is?”

    Jungkook rolled his eyes, “You think I would bother coming here if I did? The second I find her I’m taking her as far the hell away from you as she will let me"

    “Do that and I’ll tell her that you plan on killing Namjoon for money”

    Jungkook shot him an unamused look. “Whose money huh? Yoongi is dead”


    The drip from a faucet snapped you out of the cage of your own thoughts. On your head was a damp towel, heavy, like your heart. 

    Where was Yoongi? Had he really saved you? It was the question at the forefront of your mind. Looking around, you realized you were back in the studio. At work. How did you get here? Why did Yoongi bring you here of all places?


    Goosebumps crawled over your skin at the sound of a voice. 

    “How are you feeling?” Coming by your side, he stroked your forehead gently, checking for illness before sighing in relief. You leaned into his arms, burying your face in his neck. Holding onto him for dear life. He pressed his lips on top of your head.

    “Joon” You sighed. He took your hand into his own, pressing your fingers against his lips one by one. 

    “Where have you been? I tried calling...you never answered” He held your face, thumb caressing your cheek fondly.

    “Sorry I...I think I lost my phone or something.” You rubbed your eyes, “I barely remember anything. I don’t even know what was real anymore. I think Taehyung tried to kill me. I think Taehyung killed Jin. Which...there’s no way. It must have been a nightmare. Taehyung wouldn’t ever kill...” You blinked up at Namjoon eagerly “D-did Yoongi bring me? Is he here?”

    Namjoon raised eyebrows, scanning you up and down, pausing. “Do you even know what all has happened while you were off fucking your boyfriend for the past week?” There was a clear irritation in his voice. You looked at him questioningly. 

    His jaw clenched, swallowing thickly, “Yoongi died.”

    You blinked.

    “What” Was all you could manage to say. 

    Namjoon watched your face carefully. All the questions, the thoughts, the feelings—everything vanished. You looked at him blankly, heart aching with the realization that Yoongi was gone. Really gone. Gone forever. 

    You were unsure how you felt. Were you sad? Angry? Relieved?

    You covered your mouth with your palms. You couldn’t fathom why you needed to cry but you did—“No. No.”

    Namjoon pulled you into his arms, nuzzling your neck, kissing you all over your shoulders as you began to panic.

    Yoongi. Yoongi is dead. Your fingers felt clammy, body limp with numbness but searing with hurt. 

    No longer could you even entertain the fantasy of being his. No longer could you deny that whatever you felt for him had been as real as this moment. Despite everything. You had wanted him and him only. In that moment it didn’t matter who he was, what he had done, who he had hurt and how he had manipulated you. All you wanted was to feel him close. All you wanted was to look into his loving eyes. Let him adore you the way you knew without question that he did.

    “I need him” You mumbled quietly, glancing up at Namjoon with glossy eyes. “He can’t be dead, I need him. I need him to be alive Joon...I—“

    Your breath hitched. Every inch of you wanted so badly to wake up from this nightmare. To go back to the fleeting moment where you could utterly belong to the man you loved. The man you really loved. Before learning the truth, the truth that had you trapped in a web of lies. “I love him, oh God he—“

    Namjoon shushed you, wiping your tears with the edge of his thumb. Pressing his forehead against yours his eyes narrowed on your quivering lips.

    “I’m so sorry” His whisper missed your ears, instead you buried your face into his chest, allowing his strong arms to take you whole. Soothingly, he caressed you, hoping to provide whatever little ease he could to your mourning. “I’m so so sorry Y/n”

    “I wanna know who did this” Your voice was hoarse. “I wanna fucking know who killed him and I swear to god I—”

    “I...I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you” Namjoon stated blandly.

    “W-what do you mean?”

    “Think about it. You don’t remember anything from the past week, you don’t know where your phone is, you were on drugs, all over the media, all because of Jimin...and now Yoongi is dead. Who do you think killed him Y/n?”

    You froze.

    Blood drained from your face. His words didn’t register until your mind was too dizzy to even understand where you were. Your mouth felt dry. You need air, to breath, anything. You needed to run. Everything was out of control. It was too much to bear.

    “Jimin” You let the name sit on your tongue. “Jimin killed Yoongi.

    Namjoon pulled you into his lap, allowing you to rest against his muscular chest. Tears streamed down your eyes. You were paralyzed. Confused beyond reason on how to feel. Nothing made sense. 

    You burst out into cries. He rocked you back and forth, whispering soft words of comfort. You were submerged in despair—you couldn’t breathe. It felt like everything was slipping out of your fingers right before your eyes. Much like Namjoon’s hands, lowering from your waist, to your hips. Drawing you closer.

    Why did it hurt so fucking bad?

    You look at him, incredibly close. You can see the plead in his eyes, the way he begs you through his actions. Sweet Namjoon, you thought. He had always been by your side. Always protected you and never once lied. You were well aware that Namjoon wanted you, bad. How much longer could you deny him? How much longer could you deny yourself?

    “Taehyung...betrayed me” Your voice was small, eyes wavering, “Jimin...is a murderer. H-he...” Your breathing quickened. Mind going numb. Shutting down completely.

    “You’re okay” Namjoon assured you, “I found you. And I already texted Jungkook letting him know you’re with me. You’re okay. Jimin won’t touch you again, I’ll make sure of it. Taehyung got what he wanted, he probably won’t bother you anymore either”

    You didn’t know when his lips finally found yours, but what you did know was that you felt the heavy weight lifted from your shoulders as he did. Tongue sliding past your lips, he let you sink into his affection. Heat filled him, god how he had craved your lips again. Allowing you to push him onto his back as you climbed up his frame. 

    “Namjoon” You moaned, coming up for air. Licking your lips, you eagerly began tugging his shirt off, instantly diving to slide your tongue across his chest. Namjoon bucked his hips, sensations driving him crazy. 

    “No...kiss me. Kiss me” He pleaded, reaching for you again. He pulled you back, swallowing your mouth into his desperately. “Don’t ever stop kissing me” His voice was lost between the deep sighs and smacks of your lips, as his palms fondled your breasts softly. The slow, sensual roll of your hips giving him the exact friction he needed as he whined into your mouth. 

    “So good to me. You’re so fucking good to me Joon” You moved to his neck, loving him sweetly. Tasting the sweetness of his skin as his bulge rubbed between your dampening folds. He loved your praise, hanging onto every single word. His hands crawling up your back, holding you close as you slid back and forth against his clothed cock. 

    “Mmmm-more” He squealed, holding your hips down so he could thrust upwards, nudging himself into your heat. The cloth between you was frustrating, but he enjoyed the desperation of it all. He needed you now. He didn’t have time. 

    Clumsily, he grabbed for the belt of his jeans, shoved it down as fast as he could so that his throbbing length was finally free. You smirked, taking hold of his cock and tracing it along your clothed folds. The hot tip, nudging into you, pushing aside your panties so you could slowly fit it in. Sinking down. Steady. Watching the way his brows furrowed, drool hanging on the edge of his lips as he cried out in pleasure. 

    Your cunt, hot and wet around his cock, was the best feeling he could ask for. Namjoon was too mesmerized by the slight jiggle of your breasts as you moved up and down, squeezing his length. Cooing at him, you took his hands into yours, sliding them under your top and onto your bare breasts. 

    “S-shit” He cursed, grabbing at the flesh frantically, like you had given him the ultimate gift. The honor of touching your gorgeous body. His eyes remained on yours, half lidded as you leaned into his grip, hips thrusting, sloshing over him. Your pussy clenched down, making him groan your name.

    Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him up, shoving his face into your chest. Your own hand grabbing your breast, giving it a tight squeeze before leading it to his mouth, feeding him your desire. His mouth welcomed your pert nipple, gnawing and slurping away. 

    His actions were rushed, as you pushed his head between your breasts, his lips slobbering all over you. Tongue flicking, loving the way he made you feel. Stroking his hair, you began to bounce on him harder, landing with a forceful thrust each time, pushing your bodies closer and closer together until you were practically one. 

    “Y-y/n” He stuttered, eyes bulging as you began to draw small circles with your hips, slowing down to edge him on. You could feel him nearing the edge, cock twitching deep within you. You wanted nothing more than to see your baby boy fill you with him sweet cum. 

    “Give it to me baby...come on” Namjoon gritted his teeth. Suddenly he pushed you onto your back, lifting your legs over his shoulders before driving his rock hard cock into you. You screamed, a new fierceness in his actions making you melt. 

    “Fuck I need you so bad” He whined, fucking into you like a rabid animal. His fingers roughly pinched your nipples, making you squirm. “Come with me. Fuck I wanna hear you scream my name”

    “Joon” You sighed, legs flailing as Namjoon pulled them apart, diving for your lips as you both came, grunting at the top of his lungs. 

    Cum dripped down your thighs as you sighed with relief. 

    “I love you so much Y/n” He whispered softly, cradling your frame in his arms. “You know what don’t you?”

    You nodded, exhausted suddenly. But Namjoon didn’t notice. He pulled you in for another kiss, smiling as he gazed into your eyes.


    Jungkook had driven Jimin to the label, where Hobi had called for an urgent meeting. In the car Jimin fumed. The two of them still had no luck finding you or anyone who knew of your whereabouts. 

    Stepping out, Jimin cracked his neck, stretching before he let out a deep, disturbed sigh. Looking at the entrance, there appeared to be a mirage of cameras.

    What’s the fuss about? Jimin walked ahead, breaking through the crowd. What he saw rendered him speechless. Namjoon had you in his arms, twirling you around before getting down on one knees. Fans began to scream, before violently shushing one another down. Cameras flashed, and gasps filled the space. 

    “Y/n...” Namjoon peered up at you lovingly, “I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you. You are the reason I wake up, the only way I fall asleep. You are my entire world and I fucking adore you. Would you...make me the luckiest man alive, and do me the honor of being my partner...my wife?” He gulped, blushing brightly, “W-will you marry me?”

    Jimin could feel his own nails digging into his palms. What the fuck was going on? He thought to himself. He was just about ready to break the scene and beat Namjoon senseless when he saw the slight nod of your head. His heart sank.

    “Yes. Of course”

    series navi | masterlist | scream in my ask box

    a/n: hi omg im SORRY that took 99 years to post (for what lol it was literally bad but anyways) i hope you liked!!! we’re almost done yall. im very very ready to be done HAHAHA. idk how to write anymore its fine. anyways WHO KILLED YOONGI? Did sir taehyung try to kill our girl??? whats that really about hmmMMM? team namjoon how are we? last jin smut...rip!

    let me know your thoughts! sorry again for taking so long. i love you all & have an amazing day!!!!

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    pregnancy a⇝z hcs: knj;

    pairing: professor!kim namjoon x trophy wife!reader
    original oneshot: adronitis (it is advisable to read the oneshot first)
    warnings: yandere!knj, toxic relationship dynamic.
    part of: tatemae; 建前 — a bts series


    on a scale of 1 — 10, knj would get a score of maybe 5.5 to 5.9. it is not like he is stoic or tsundere, he is just too old for this shit. take it from an INTP, introverted intellectuals do not necessarily feel the need to express affection the way most people do. mind you, he absolutely adores you as he is the one who wanted the baby with only you. so, of course he makes sure to shower you in as much affection as he can but in general, it is just not that much, you know?

    B ⇝ BUMP

    come on boo, he is a scientist. yes, not a major in biology but still he has the general knowledge of everything that exists in the discovered universe. that would make you think he would be very chill with the bump, right? wrong, he is so fascinated, lol. my mans has the first 21 digits of the value of pi on the tip of his fingers but your growing bump always amuses him. a human is growing inside in it and he is like that super geeky nerdy kid staring at science unfolding.  


    he is very chill with your cravings. whatever you want to eat, you are allowed to eat and drink as long as you and the baby are healthy and the food item is not harmful for the development of the baby. he does not necessarily keep an eye or check on what you eat. indulges almost every craving of yours.

    D ⇝ DUE DATE

    literally had the due date engraved on the back of his palm. could not wait to meet the baby girl and was so excited, as well. visibly-outwardly-expressive excited for the baby to be born. 


    some days he gets extremely emotional and becomes putty in your hands over the fact that he is going to become a father now and needs to become more responsible / earn more money for her future, other days he is normal as usual. paternal-mood-swings.

    F ⇝ FAMILY

    knj loves the fact that both set of parents are available and within close quarters to come help you out anytime you require, especially when knj is away for work purposes. wants his kid to be close to both the set of grandparents and get all the love that she deserves.

    G ⇝ GENDER

    you both wanted to know the gender and were really anticipating the baby to be a girl and the universe granted your wishes. the sheer look of joy on both your faces when you found out that the pair of you, are in fact, going to have a little baby girl.


    does not always get to observe it as he can only spare weekends to accompany you for the ultrasounds but loves it when the sensor monitor picks up the heartbeat — undoubtedly his favourite part of the ultrasounds.

    I ⇝ “I LOVE YOU”

    oh, he never shies away from reminding you how much he loves you and how you are the only one for him. it is almost like a bittersweet reminder of your status in his life.  


    knj is far from the worries of this world. he is bigger than jealousy and any other similar kind of emotions. he is very chill in general and does not find anything to be jealous of. he is cocky like that, he is very confident about what and who is his and how it will all (always) remain his and his only. 

    K ⇝ KICKS

    the baby never kicks when knj is around xD. no matter what day or time it is, if knj is around, the baby ain’t going to kick. he tries to feel it every now and then but never really gets to feel it. ever.

    L ⇝ LABOUR

    knj was calm for the most of it. he was your rock really and held his posture till the last minute so you would be able to gain some strength from him but the moment he held moon in his arms for the first time, he would start crying. he would rest his forehead gently against the new-born enclosed securely between his arms and wordlessly thank the universe for blessing him with the baby girl. moon is literally the moon of his life.


    a lot like nodus tollens!pjm, knj was always there for you to ease out your nausea in any way possible. always at your beck and call to massage the sore joints.


    dilf!knj at your service to move whatever furniture needs to be moved, assembled, repaired, painted/repainted. he would do it all by himself happily and would enjoy every second of it. would plan out the whole nursery with you and then get into action right away. would spend hours in the every shop before buying anything — weighing the pros and cons for the benefit of the baby. “are you absolutely sure the smell of the polished wood would not adversely affect the baby?” (nearly got banned from ikea, lol)


    well, his obsession was the baby itself. the initial gestation period was torturous for you cause you had to endure pregnancy and become used to the idea of being a mother just because of the fact that knj wanted a baby so you would never be able to leave him anymore. he went so far as to using physical violence against you when you wanted to abort the baby. it did not matter that you were emotionally and mentally not ready for the baby, he had already made the decision for the pair of you and that is how it ultimately went down for you.


    he was actually saving his day-offs to take a paternity leave when the baby arrives. he would help you out with the household chores as much as possible to allow you some rest. knj would mostly be stuck to his daughter ehehe, they are inseparable and always enjoying each others’ company. little moon rarely cries in her father’s arms.


    knj bothers taehyung if moon so much as sneezes. frustrated taehyung once blocked his number and knj went ahead and called him up through your phone, lol.

    knj’s google search history:

    “how to hold the baby so she does not break?”

    “will baby die if she eats glitter?”

    “why won’t my baby smile on seeing me?”

    “why won’t my baby sleep when i put her down in the crib?”

    “do babies have memory from when they were eight months old?” (refer to the random facts section to know why)


    well, no one can know this but eight-months old moon once remotely drove a mars rover into a pit. 

    you had gone out with your friends for a girls’ night out and knj was home with moon. at the moment, he was working with NASA on one of their mars rovers with the latest equipments and technology. he is not exactly responsible for driving the mars rover but the intern (hyeonsu) under him who was handling the operation messed up somehow. the rover was not responding so hyeonsu called knj over to the control room. knj, of course, could not leave moon alone at home so he took her long with him. he made her sit on the desk near the keyboard cause there were no other place to set her down. he tried to run some simulations with hyeonsu to get the connection back but nothing worked. 

    while the two men were discussing something, moon, whose eyes were stuck to the humongous screen in front of her, advanced and tapped on a random button on the keyboard. the next thing they know, the rover made a mechanical sound and started rolling only to fall right inside a pit. knj and hyeonsu watched the screen absolutely mortified, moon giggling while watching the rover stuck in the pit trying to go forward but failing. the men did their best to undo it but nothing worked. they, unanimously, deleted all the login data and any evidence of the three of them being in the control room and left like nothing ever happened. to this day, no one knows why the NASA mars rover which costs millions of dollars had to be ultimately abandoned cause of an eight-month toddler. hyeonsu and knj have a silent agreement and they never talk about it. no one knows, not even you.  

    S ⇝ SCANS

    knj is not always there to attend every ultrasound but he knows when you have one and afterwards when he comes back, he always asks to look at the scans. “look, she has grown so much, little dove”

    T ⇝ TEST

    well, we were all witness to how the pregnancy test took place in the one-shot itself. he wanted you pregnant and bam, there you go missing periods and then one day you take the test and call him up while he is in the middle of teaching a class. normally, he would be a bit peeved about it but when he understood why you had called — the sinister smile on his face. the sudden outburst of affection, going as far as reminding you that he loves you and that he would see you soon while you are literally losing your shit on receiving a positive pregnancy test. 


    if it is on a weekend then he would accompany, but if not then do not expect him to miss out on his experiments/classes to attend the ultrasound. it isn’t like he is cold, he just does not see the point of bailing out of work. he feels responsible for his students, also, being an accomplished scientist; he has a lot on his plate. when he does come to the ultrasounds, he always has a smile on his face and takes care of you.  

    V ⇝ VISITS

    he is not the strict type regarding these things but would detest if too many relatives would want to come over. might even talk with them in a rude tone if need be but would never, like, banish them. he likes having people over and it would mostly depend on what you want. if you want people over and can handle the pressure of taking care of the baby while also catering to the guests — oh well, who is he to say no. frequent visitors consist of enouement!couple, aphotic!couple, your and knj’s parents.


    oh, he is the epitome of patience. knj has, time and again, made it very clear that he wants every want of his kid taken care of. he would never bother you when you are with the baby and would patiently wait to be with you. loves to watch you bond with the baby and watches with stars sparkling in his eyes.

    X ⇝ XXX

    he is the god of destruction so he would really avoid having sex during your pregnancy but it is actually you who feels extra horny so he is glad to indulge you. howbeit, throughout the act, he treats you like you are made of porcelain — slow touches, soft thrusts, careful handling, no tugging or pushing — basically just lay there and he will make you feel amazing but you ain’t having that. you want in on the action but he is not going to tolerate any of those shenanigans either. he will tie you down if he has to but would not let you move too much.

    Y ⇝ YOU

    oh, knj was very clear that you were the only one with whom he ever wanted kids. he rarely felt attracted to anyone before meeting you, but after being with you, boy was he spellbound. you made him feel things that all his previous girlfriends failed at. he knew from the very beginning that you are the only person who could have a shot at a future with him. plus, he knows how smart your kid is going to be — two set of physicist genes, that is some powerful shit, bruh.

    Z ⇝ ZZZ

    not the snuggly type in general but when moon sleeps in your bedroom, he always cuddles with her and moon, also, is slightly dad biased (like most daughters). often when you wake up in the middle of the night to drink some water, you always notice that your daughter, who had fallen asleep snuggling into your warmth is now pressed against her dad’s chest, protected by his huge arms compared to her small delicate body. her small hand clutching on the material of knj’s t-shirt.


    feedback is deeply appreciated.✨

    au!extras masterlist | masterlist | bangtan masterlist | rules | ask box

    - jaimie.

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    Cold Fins, Deadly Eyes

    ⊱✧ Cold Fins, Deadly Eyes Preview  ✧⊰

    Synopsis ✦ Life keeps beating you down, so you do the only thing you can. Move to the ocean. Living in a city with no friends, however, is difficult, and you find yourself taking refuge in the rocky sea cliffs and stony beaches that no one but you frequents. That is, until you meet a man tangled in fishing wire with fins instead of legs. How often you see him after this is unsettling, and he seems determined to drag you out to sea with him

    Genre ✦ Smut, angst, mermaid au, yandere

    Pairings ✦ Mermaid!Jimin x Reader

    Warnings ✦ Yandere themes, an almost drowning, monster fucking, more weird penises from ya girl, blood and injuries, breeding kink, light pain kink, too much cum, dubcon, mentions of stalking, fear of the ocean, i think thats it for now more may be added to the actual fic.

    Preview under the cut✦

    You hesitated for a bit, heart pounding. Whatever it was it wasn’t facing you, and it wasn’t giving much of a struggle either. It must have exhausted itself. Was it even alive?

    You took a few unsure steps towards it. It was still.

    You felt sorry for it. Had it beed a turtle or whale or something familiar you would have been on it to help cut the wires from it already, but the uncertainty of the strange shape and textures of its body was holding you back.

    It’s a creepy weirdo for sure, but it still needs… help doesn't it? you thought.

    There were some gashes in its body where the wire was cutting through its skin. These wounds didn’t look festered, they looked fresh. It’s probably still alive right? You crept closer. It’s skin was pale. It almost looked a little blue to you. But there was a strange shimmer too, like it was wearing body glitter. Blue and opalescent body glitter.

    Close enough now to touch it, you held your breath and reached a hand out. It had to be alive if it reacted right?

    Your fingertips hit its body, and it felt terribly cold.

    Nothing happened, and you put your hand out to touch it again, firmer this time.

    Again it didn’t move.

    This time you gripped it when you reached out with the intention to roll it towards you so you could at least see what it was.

    It jerked, causing you to gasp and jump backwards.

    It was thrashing a bit now, and grunting too. Human sounding grunts and moans. As it unfurled as much as the netting would allow it to, you began to make out a shape. An incredibly long tail was beating in the shallow water, and the strange lump above water began to look increasingly like a torso to you. A torso with its arms bent in unnaturally to its chest. The thrashing wasn't wild either, you noticed. It wasn’t like a scared animal only making the tangle worse. It was wriggling methodically. It was clearly trying to get out in a logical way.

    It terrified you, whatever this thing was. It felt like a creature you shouldn't be allowed to see. Like something someone would fake for a top ten youtube video. But it was bleeding, and in pain, and couldn’t get out itself.

    You took a deep breath and rushed back to your bag. You always kept a small pocket knife on you. Mostly for opening stubborn food wrapping. Plastic is a bitch.

    You approached the creature again. It had stopped thrashing its tail and had taken to twisting and jerking what you guessed was an arm or flipper around. It didn’t seem to be doing much good and the thing was still hissing in pain.

    Again you grabbed it and tried to roll it to face you so you could see where to cut.

    This time it let you, and fell onto its back. It’s face made your stomach coil.

    It was a person. It was a fucking person. You were looking down at a human face

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  • oppa-agust-d
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    Warnings: blisters, my idea of torture, Namjoon is a very bad daddy 🙃

    God knows your son had tried his hardest on his exam but apparently his hardest wasn’t good enough for his dear old dad.

    When your son ran to Namjoon excited to show him his results the last thing he expected was to be yelled at for not getting high enough grades.

    You tried to but in. Tried to convince Namjoon that if he kept studying he’d do even better next time. But he shoved you out of his way and stormed upstairs to your bedroom.

    Your son was whimpering, he didn’t deserve this. He tried so hard and Namjoon held expectations way to high for him anyway.

    You walked over and picked up your son, singing his praises and giving him all the positive attention that his father neglected to.

    Namjoon came fumbling down the stairs with a big thick book. And a furious expression on his face.

    He motioned for his son to come over and your son,desperate for his daddy’s approval listened.

    “Hey buddy, your going to write your answers you put on the test and then next to them write the correct ones. Keep doing that until daddy and mommy come back down stairs”

    You didn’t come back down that night, Namjoon locked you in your bedroom.

    When you came down in the morning, your sons fingers were bleeding but he was still writing. You choked back a sob as Namjoon went to inspect his work. With a firm grunt he confirmed it was ok for him to put his pen down.

    The blisters were huge and your son looked like he was in pain. Just before Namjoon left he coughed “I expect you to be right in the first place don’t make me have to do this again.

    #bts#army#army’s#kim namjoon#yandere au#yandere bts #yandere rap monster #yandere rm #yandere namjoon x reader
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    Can someone please tell me what @andeyeoof other account is, I forgot to save it?😣

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  • huihuiheart
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    Goretober D15: Snatched - Park Jimin


    Goretober 2021 Masterlist

    BTS Masterlist

    Pairing: Jimin x GN Reader

    Genre: Gore? Angst? Yandere

    Summary: Jimin is tired of waiting for you to finally come to him, so...he goes to you.

    Warnings: Yandere Themes, kidnapping, mentions of drinking, mentions of drugging. 

    Word Count: 506

    Getting home all you wanted to do was settle in with a glass of wine and your favorite show, eating some junk food to completely forget about your day at work. For an hour or so things seemed to be going just fine too until you paused your third episode to get up and refill your glass. Hearing shuffling downstairs followed by a loud thud. Your brows furrowed as you wondered if you should call animal control, thinking an animal had found a way into your home. At least you thought that was what it was until laughter echoed up the stairs to find you. 

    Your heart drops the second you hear a man’s laugh flowing through your home, freezing in place far too long for the situation you found yourself in. Only moving into action when you hear footsteps coming up the staircase. Moving to go towards your bedroom with only your phone and the glass of wine that for some reason you couldn’t loosen your grip on despite knowing it wouldn’t do much good. Closing the bedroom door as quietly as you could manage and locking it before hiding in your closet. Your phone in hand as you tried to call the police only to be unable to get any signal, unbeknownst to you that the intruder had already ensured that would be the case. 

    Jimin had been waiting far too long to have you to let anything stand in his way now, that’s why he was in your home in the first place. He was tired of waiting for you to notice him...to come to him, he couldn’t wait any longer or he might actually lose it. Walking up to your bedroom door he chuckles when he tries it only to find it locked, kneeling before it knowing he came prepared for this. Slipping tools out of his pocket to pick the lock much like he had done to get in downstairs. Ensuring that he’d leave as little evidence behind as possible so that no one could come to take you away from him, ever. 

    He opens the closet door only to be soaked with wine the moment he does, wiping off his face with a scowl before grabbing you. Hand coming up to cover your mouth before your scream could truly leave your mouth, instead being muffled to the point no one else would be able to hear you.

    “Shh doll, don’t fight too much. The wine will kick in, just give it a moment and it’ll all be okay.” Jimin whispers into your ear as if to soothe you, your brows knitting together in confusion until the adrenaline starts to wear off while you’re in his hold, letting what he’d slipped into your bottle of wine earlier that day start to take a hold of your consciousness. Black specks first invade your vision and slowly grow to take it over.

    “That’s it, just go to sleep doll...as soon as you wake up we’ll be home together. Finally, and for all time.”

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    #bts x reader #bts jungkook#jeon jungkook#yandere bts#bts #jeon fucking jungkook #jungkook x reader smut #jealous jungkook #jungkook x reader #jungkook#werewolf jungkook #yandere werewolf jungkook
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  • sweetwolfcupcake
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    #fairytale namjoon asks #send me asks #yandere bts flash fiction asks #yandere bts drabbles asks #yandere namjoon drabble asks #asks
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    do me | pjm (teaser)

    ▪︎ pairing: call boy!jimin x f!reader

    ▪︎ synopsis: you're his favorite customer, too bad you're quite picky with your taste.

    ▪︎ warnings: manipulation, obsessive behaviour, prostitution, explicit sexual content (penetrative sex), implied murder, dubious consent

    ▪︎ release date: soon

    a/n: happy birthday my jimin, circumstances happened that's why i couldn't post as promised before but i'll consider my new plan when it comes to posting.


    it happened once,

    when you wanted to take your mind off from everything that was weighing you down and it had also been a while since you got laid.

    you meant for it to be only a one time thing but you somehow kept coming back to this place. back to him but you were lonely so you couldn’t help it when he was that good.

    you were stunned at your change of behavior when you met him because you were always selective in your choices. it was that in the beginning until he swayed you into only accepting his services without you realizing it.

    park jimin, the gorgeous boy you paid to sleep with.

    he was an embodiment of ethereal sin, his plump lips and defined jaw that you could not forget when he ate you out against the countertop in one of the private booths of the club. that silky, lavender grey hair of his that you were gripping so hard when he made you cum several times with his skillful tongue.

    “miss y/n”

    a sweet voice broke you out from reminiscing that steamy night of your first meeting, turning around to greet him and you gestured to him to sit beside you.

    “hello jimin”

    he didn’t waste any more time and immediately placed his hand on your exposed thigh, caressing one of your legs while his other arm was propped on the top edge of the couch.

    you were waiting for his hand to move up and creep under your dress but you could see through his eyes that it wasn’t the time yet, so you were going to ask him something that you had been wondering for weeks now.

    “do you not have any other regulars aside from me?” you coyly asked, hoping that you weren’t that obvious on what you were truly asking.

    the look of surprise crossed his handsome face at your question. you remembered him telling you how you were his favorite customer when he was pounding you against the wall last week and you were flattered, but you couldn’t be the only one he’s fucking.

    “why are you asking? are you bored of me now?” his tone changed into something that you had not heard of him before and you were starting to feel nervous.

    “n-no, jimin that’s not what i meant”

    the atmosphere between the both of you suddenly shifted, the initial excitement that you had earlier of how this was going to go was entirely replaced with dread.

    “who is it? which one of us are you thinking of replacing me with” he demanded and you saw his eyes turn dark before he dropped his face on the crook of your neck, breathing against your skin.


    you gasped as your heartbeat quickened when he bit your neck after licking a stripe along the column of it, squeezing one of your ass cheeks that you couldn’t help but moan.

    “i’ll show you how much better i can be”


    note: this is a SIDEBLOG so i won't be able to reply under the comments. please use the ask/submission feature to interact.

    taglist: @mwitsmejk​ @minshookie29​

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  • celestial-moonlight
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    — Be Okay (Pt.9)


    You’re alone in a forest. You meet a wolf. Chaos (and maybe a little comfort) ensues.

    Pairing: Wolf Hybrid ot7 x reader

    Warnings: Aggressive/possessive behaviour, brief mentions blood, Jimin isn’t the sweetheart you know in this chapter 😔

    Word count: 1k

    {Previous} {Masterlist}

    “It’s a bit cruel don’t you think? Giving him this illusion of freedom”

    Namjoon looks over to Hoseok who was watching the female and their recently troublesome omega frolicking through the tall grass from their current hideout on the mountain.

    “I’m torn” he admits to his elder brother. It was because of his and Jungkook’s hunting expertise hunting that allowed them to remain hidden from either of your views.

    “I can’t tell if having her around will do him well or not”

    At first his concern lay with Jimin’s unpredictability. He was not so sure that the omega knew how to be gentle with a being such as yourself. They were of course, hardly human themselves. But over the course of the few days they spent stalking the couple, he realized that he may have misjudged the younger.

    It seemed Jimin knew more than he thought.

    But that didn’t stop him from noticing the longing gazes and rather suffocating behaviour however. From the looks of things Jimin hardly allowed you to breathe on your own. Not that you really noticed however, taking in a whole new world was bound to have overwhelmed you. And truthfully Namjoon hadn’t known what that meant: If this was some form of “love” or affection between humans, he had yet to learn of this knowledge.

    “Is she the way you intend on punishing him? I think we can all agree that his behaviour has been far from acceptable, even Jungkook has never gone this far”

    Hoseok’s statement was true. But he worried about the pending consequences if he were to separate you. If he banished Jimin from the human world and sent you home, would he still accept them as his pack?

    They wouldn’t admit this to Jimin but he wouldn’t be able to survive on his own: An innocent mind would always be hurt in the end.

    And with all due respect, what would you: a human of all things, know about what it meant to be a mate to a hybrid. A full moon and heats were to be your enemy if you weren’t careful.

    Therefore, for your own safety. This needed to stop.

    And for right now it was.

    They had you two surrounded, they didn’t mean to frighten you and Jimin looked far from pleased: His sharp teeth on display and a growl growing from deep in his chest.

    He wouldn’t be surprised if he shifted at this moment.

    But instead he had you trapped in his arms, eyes looking at every movement any of the members made.

    “Jimin, I need you to calm down” Namjoon stood his ground and attempted to keep his voice steady.

    “Back off!” Jimin snarls, his protective instincts on high alert.

    “She’s mine!”

    “We just want to talk Jimin, no one is going to take her” Namjoon continues to disarm the situation, not ignoring the way you grew to be more and more uncomfortable.

    Your eyes were beginning them to free you.

    “Jimin look at her. If you keep this up, the only way you’ll lose her is because of yourself”

    Jimin shifts his eyes to you and sees you trembling. It doesn’t take long before his expression softens back into the mischievous boy you recognized.

    He didn’t even know how to apologize, any chances of him telling you how he felt were now ruined. And he only had himself to blame.

    “I-I’m-“ he stutters as he lets you go. He watches on helplessly as you take refuge in Taehyung’s arms.

    He felt like a monster. But seeing you with someone else drove him crazy.

    Crazy enough to attack his own mate.

    Well at least he tried. But that was before six pairs of arms managed to subdue him. Including Taehyung.

    They dragged him a few meters away from you, not entirely sure what his next action would be.

    “Get a hold of yourself. Now” The Alpha jeers at him. Any chance of him receiving a reduced punishment was long gone now.

    “I’ve had about enough of you. Look at what you’re doing!”

    The Alpha forced the younger to look at Taehyung, who although held a blank look, kept a hand clutching his injured cheek where Jimin’s nails had dug in.

    Jimin was horrified. Absolutely disgusted with himself. What was he becoming?

    He collapses to the soft ground in a fit of tears, unable to form any comprehensible words for the time being.

    “I’m scared Joonie” he trembles, rocking back and forth “I didn’t m-mean to-“

    The Alpha gets down to his level, bringing his face close to the omega’s.

    “You’re okay” Namjoon says gently “just breathe with me”

    A few deep breaths and a chaste kiss to his temple later, and Jimin was nearly okay.

    One thing for sure was that he had to apologize to Taehyung immediately.

    Jimin walks up to Tae and nearly cries again. With a trembling hand he places it on the gash he caused. “I’m sorry Tae-Tae; I really am” he lets go and hangs his head in shame.

    Taehyung didn’t know what to do. As much as he hated seeing Jimin so torn up, he wasn’t sure that he was ready to forgive him so fast. He had to know that his actions had consequences, even if he didn’t mean for them to happen.

    Nonetheless, he could give him something. No matter what happened, he loved Jimin with all of his heart.

    He tilts the omega’s head up only to place a kiss on his lips. “I’ll be okay” his warm voice reassures, a small smile on his lips.

    And it seemed for now, that would have to do as far as giving him at least some level of comfort.

    “You do now that you still have to be punished” Namjoon speaks, now that the other matters had been dealt with.

    Jimin sighs and nods, knowing he deserved whatever was coming.

    “First let’s get Y/N, and we will sort everything out”

    Well, that was the plan.

    But much to their horror, you were no-where to be seen.


    Since it’s now the 13th where I live: Happy Birthday to our sweet Angel, Park Jimin 💘🥰

    @natherondalelightwood @bisoo @fangirl125reader @minshookie29 @tinykpoponanime @sweeneyblue1 @halesandy @rosquilleta @hannahdinse8 @yoonglesbae @abrokenlink @angryperfectionpersona @jxxvk @b0fi @childfmoonn @zae007live @yuuji1core @sinceritythatcouldntbedelivered @ego-allie-bap @tumerixs

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