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  • scarswideworld
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Update on story!: Pages: 4

    Words: 1511

    Characters: Aizawa Shouta, Hizashi Yamada, Oboro Shirakumo

    Synopsis: When a trip gets taken too far down the wrong road, warnings be damned and forgotten. Desire paths lead many to different wants, some shared by others, brings four souls back together.

    Only, some refuse to let the past relive itself once again.

    Taglist Open until December 12th, 2021.

    #aizawa shouta x reader #mha x reader #mha x y/n #my hero academia #mha x male reader #yandere aizawa#present mic#yandere erasermic #yandere present mic #yandere x reader #yandere erasercloudmic #hizashi yamada x reader #oboro shirakumo x reader
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  • deadlaughter
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ok but what if the characters that keep ruining your 50/50 the most are yandere for you?

    Especially with all the Self-Aware AU they keep ruining your pity, giving themselves constellations so you'd build them, so they could be on your team, they can be a support for all they care but they'll be over the moon if they'll end up as your main DPS, they don't care if you literally use them, they just want to be near their beloved, can you blame them? You're can't even comprehend how perfect you are in their eyes! Your smile? Adorable! Your eyes? Stunning! They're perfect! Do you know why? Because they're a part of you! They cannot wait even a second longer, they're just so excited to find a way to get out of the game just to show you how strong is their feeling towards you! Then you'll love them back... right? They'll make sure you do! You already have someone? How silly of them! Of course you do, you have them! What? You didn't mean it like that? You have someone else?! No you don't! They're all you'll ever need, they promise! They will drag you into their world if you'll keep screaming like this! Do you want somebody to take you away from them?! They won't let this happen! They can't! Not after all of that hard work! Not when they're finally able to hold you in their arms! You'll live happily in Teyvat, visionless, with only them to relay on...

    Unless you'd want the blood of the innocent spilled...

    #yandere genshin x gn reader #yandere genshin impact x reader #yandere genshin x reader #yandere genshin #yandere genshin impact #yandere genshin impact images #yandere genshin impact x male reader
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  • ablobwhowrites
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    (This is what you looks like and your giant compared to regular autobots you can change the colore if you like)

    You and the others were blasting down rock to clear a ground bridge you wondered what optimus is doing " bumblebee (m/n) my wrecking ball is stuck again" you look behind " hold on bulkhead I got ya" getting the wreaking ball unstuck with the help of bumblebee but he had other Ideas he then blasted it and the rocks let go of bulkheads wreaking ball thankfully but you two were falling at a alarming rate you both started to scream but ratchet caught you and bumblebee

    “ thanks ratchet I owe you one” ratchet blushes and puts you and bee down “ yeah no problem” he looked way still blushing the others look jealously at ratchet you look at him confused " okay come let's clear this place up” you didn’t hear what he said but the other’s started to breakdown the rock that took up the ground bridge “ wait prime no” you looks and run over to them and see “ is that the all spark” you looked in shock “ so we found the all spark” bulkhead said still shocked we found the all spark “ no it found us. We have to get in on the ship before deceptions finds this hurry” ratchet was transformed in his vehicle mode and bee and prowl load the all spark into ratchet, you go into the ship and sat in your respected seats.

    Prime called ultra magnus you zoned out but the last thing you heard from Magnus to prime was " don't be a hero it not in your programming, you look to see a decepticon war ship " guys I think we're in trouble" soon the ship was hit the engines were down " bumblebee, (m/n), prowl protect the all spark,

    ratchet bulkhead with me" you ran with bee and prowl to the all spark but the gravity of the ship turned off it left you floating, you grabbed bumblebees hand he blushed so hard you could classify he was a tomato you were twice the size of a normal autobot you would mistaken for a decepticon if it not been your hight though ( your not a very bright color like a normal autobot to and you looks like blades like first picture in this chapter because I love him but you can transform in to a car and a plane not a helicopter okay I’ll show pictures in other chapters okay and you can change the colors if you want and your back wings change from car wing or plane wings I’ll show what plane and car you are okay)

    prowl didn’t like that you we’re holding bee’s hand I mean you would give some personal attention to prowl because sometimes you would overwork yourself and takes you into a quiet place on the ship to do some meditation or talk about each others childhood you too were very close or go in to your quarters and let you sleep and would stand there to look at your relaxed face but would leave to let you rest because he would see your adorable smile you would show everyone but it would always be prowl first and he makes sure you give him your sweet smile first.

    You let go of bee’s hand and go the opposite direction of them “ wait we’re are you going primes said to protect the all spark” bee said you stopped and turn to bee “ if a decepticon is on the ship then I’ll try to help prime just protect the all spark okay” you then go to help prime you had a feeling that you would go there but your gut said got with bee and prowl but your head said to go help prime and the others, as soon as you get there “ oh darling you finally came I thought I had to go and find you” you saw fucking megatron he throws prime to the side you didn’t see ratchet or bulkhead a giant hand grabs you by your arm and holds you too close to his face for comfort grabbing your chin and make you look at him " now tell me were the all spark is and maybe I'll let them live" you got worried not knowing what to do oh you should have stayed at cybotron and by the elite garde or something " stay way from them " prime hit megatron he let's go of you and hit the floor.

    Megatron and optimus fight and the alarm then goes off, and you were scared because megatron was twice the size of optimus and could crush him you found a button that opens the the storage gates and we were going down due to the engines are crippled,

    you open the gates “ prime push” optimus got the hint and kicks him out of the ship and closed the gates you and optimus run to hanger everyone was at the emergency pods everyone got in and went into stasis.

    And the ship hits the water and no one knowledge that a fucking ship hit the side of the ocean ( like those ship docs that’s were you landed like in the show)

    A young girl was chasing a robotic dog that stole her key " sparkplug that's not food give it back you mangy dog" she got here key and tried to pull it with all her might and she was successful and a class was touring around the lab behind glass to separate them " we make the Sumdac robots that help us with our daily lives no job to dangerous or having complaints for our robotic friends” dr. Sumdac hear commotion behind him and look to see his daughter struggling to take the key her robotic dog thinking it was a treat for him *skip scene because I want to get to the good part*

    #yandere bnha#yandere mha #x male reader #yandere x male reader #yandere transformers #transformers x reader
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  • deceitful-darlings
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #yandere#yandere male#twisted wonderland#twst #yandere twisted wonderland #disney twisted wonderland #yandere twst#disney twst#platonic yandere#sfw#foot binding#diasomnia#lilia vanrouge #yandere lilia vanrouge #yandere sebek zigvolt #sebek zigvolt#silver#yandere silver#malleus draconia #yandere malleus draconia #anon asks
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  • lynettethemadscientist
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #yandere#male yandere #yandere x reader #yandere x listener
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  • ablobwhowrites
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Trashmaid? ( part 1)

    ( the one with the white hair is you and he’s a guy but you can change the hair color of the style but I really like the hair and color but you can change it and the skin but it still has to be a little pale okay and the girl the one with light green hair is name is tidy and the original creator of these characters is called s0s2)

    you lay on the broken fridge that sat in the water only to collect most or small creatures to lay refuge “ hey ( m/n) look I found some more to….tom….mat…toe from Spencter and Phil” getting up and seeing the red goodness that is the only thing you could eat due to the metal thing around your neck stopping you from eating anything that the delicious red tomatoes you can ‘eat’.

    you drink the tomato and hear something come from the big tunnel that tidy told you never to go to and you got curious and swim in it holding your bottle as the only companion that is with you in the tunnel and you finally see light, quickly swimming to see the light and going into the light to see a very clean surrounding going up to the surface

    plopping your head half out of your water looking around and then hearing a scream turning to weird shaped head boy kind of looked like a rock but not really but being so fascinated by what you discovered reaching out to touch the creature but the creature backed up so stopping so it won't run away " KODA WE HEAR YOU SCREAM WHAT HAP...wh....WHAT IS THAT" the red hair well you don't know if it is even hair is very spiky reminded you of a sea urgent ( I dont know what there called but it's those spikey creature that is poisonous but crawls on the ground)

    The red hair came towards you and you did the same looking to each others eyes and booping it in the nose the red taken aback by what you did but laughing the other confused by this " hi I'm kirishima you?" panicking you didn't think they would talk thing they were like the fish or something but gathering up courage " (m......(m/n)....." all of them looked in amazement kirishima was going to ask you a question but a large man with gold like color hair came and think that they were going to hurt you diving under water and swimming back to the tunnel to tell tidy, Phil and Spencer what you just discovered

    #Yandere bnha#yandere mha #x male reader #the little trashmaid #Yandere x male reader #Save the planet #my fingers hurt #mystery yandere
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  • clouds-amnesia
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Nothing will take you away

    Pairing: GN!Reader x Yandere!La Signora Description: Signora is sure she found her deceased lover again, and she won't let anything separate them. Word count: 749 Additional info: Yandere content. This is not cute or romantic. Trigger warning: Yandere, Physical Abuse Tagging @clouds-rambles

    Signora looked down at you lovingly. How cute you looked, how pretty. She was so happy to have you, and she was sure you felt the same. Never mind that you never told her how much you loved her, or that you would try and fight off her touches. You were just playing hard to get, you little Tsundere. Though she did want you to say it, say how much she meant to you, how strong your love for her was. She wanted to hold you close, touch you, kiss you and feel your warmth. She deserved those things, after all, Signora did everything for you. She cooked you your favorite meals and gave you this wonderful room. She had saved you from those people pretending to love you, when they could never love you like she did. She kept you save in this room, so that no one could ever take you away from her ever again. Did she not deserve your love and warmth for that? And when you wouldn't give her what she deserved, could you really be mad at her for getting angry?

    You looked at the woman who towered over you. Your wrists were chained to the ground, keeping you beneath her. Fighting was impossible, escaping was impossible. The memories of what happened after she caught you trying were still vivid in your mind, and you really didn't want to re-live that. But still, you were so scared of her, terrified of what she might do to you next. Signora knelt down in front of you, holding out a spoon full of rice. You opened your mouth, allowing her to feed you. It was not a good decision, you were sure of that. But you had quickly learned that refusing her food wouldn't bring you anywhere, she would just force your mouth open with her fingers. „Thank you“, you whispered after she put away the now empty bowl, hoping that she would undo the chains now. Signora smiled, and it send a cold shiver down your back. „Of course, Rostam. Everything for you“, she said. It was something else that confused you, being called by that name that was not yours. But who would ever understand what was going on inside her mind?

    Signora continued to smile at you, which caused you to shift. You felt like a mouse, with Signora being the cat that was playing with her prey. After two whole minutes, she opened her eyes again. „Why are you not saying it, darling?“, she asked you, sounding like a hurt child. You tried to make yourself a bit smaller before you spoke. „Say what?“ Signora huffed, crossing her arms. „That you love me, of course“, she answered. You instinctively shook your head. You couldn't say that, you had a lover back home! Wouldn't it be cheating if you now said you loved this woman? Her face turned sour, and only now you realized what you had done. „No? Why not, Rostam? Did you found someone else while I was gone?!“ She screamed at you, rising to full height. You cowered, taking on the fetal position that protected your face and vital organs. Well, it would have, if she didn't grab your hair and pulled you up as far as possible on it. Her face was full of rage and hate as her hand collided with your own face. You felt blood run down from your nose and your lip starting to hurt, no doubt being broken open.

    „You love me, don't you?! Say it!“, she yelled, hitting you again, „Say you love me!“ „I love you“, you shrieked, hoping it would end the pain. Signora dropped you to the ground, and you whimpered, trying to shield your hair from being grabbed again. But Signora only knelt down again, cupping your face and kissing you. You whimpered at the sharp pain on your open lip, but didn't fight back. You were too scared of what would happen if you did. „There, that wasn't so hard now, was it?“, she asked, smiling lovingly again, „I don't like to hurt you, Rostam, but you leave me no choice when you act like that. Now wait for me, my love. I will get something to get you patched up~“ She kissed your nose, before leaving the room. You sobbed, curling in on yourself. This place was hell and she was the devil. You only hoped that your family and friends would come rescue you soon.

    #genshin x reader #genshin x male reader #genshin x gn reader #genshin x female reader #tw: physical violence #tw: yandere #la signora x reader
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  • the-red-means-ily
    04.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Every time we lock eyes a little part of me falls in love with you all over again. <3

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  • anxiousnerdwritings
    04.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    DC Comics Masterlist


    Dating Jason Todd (non- yandere)

    Yandere Arkham Knight (general)

    Yandere Arkham Knight (platonic)

    Yandere Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (general)

    Yandere Arkhamverse!Bruce Wayne (platonic)

    Yandere Bruce Wayne/Batman (romantic)

    Yandere Bruce Wayne/The Batfamily w/ Biological!Child!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Bruce Wayne/Batman w/ Criminal!Reader (friendly-platonic)

    Yandere Gotham!Bruce Wayne w/ Intern!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Batboys w/Depressed!Reader

    Yandere Batfamily w/ BatSis!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Batfamily w/ Male!Writer!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Cassandra Cain/Orphan (general)

    Yandere Cassandra Cain w/ Civillian!Reader

    Yandere Clark Kent/Superman (general)

    Yandere Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne w/ Pregnant!Reader [seperate] (romantic)

    Yandere Clark Kent w/ Daughter!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Clark Kent w/ Winged!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Injustice!Clark Kent w/ Fem!Hero!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Clown Family (platonic)

    Yandere Damian Wayne/Robin (general)

    Yandere Damian Wayne w/ Innocent!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Damian Wayne w/ Kidnapped!Reader

    Yandere Injustice!Damian Wayne w/ Zantana’s Nephew!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Poly!Damian Wayne/Poly!Jon Kent [aged up] (romantic)

    Yandere Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (general)

    Yandere Injustice!Diana Prince

    Yandere Dick Grayson/Nightwing (general)

    Yandere Garfield Logan/Beast Boy (general)

    Yandere Harley Quinn w/ Friend!Reader (friendly-platonic)

    Yandere Jason Todd/Red Hood (general)

    Yandere Jason Todd w/ Batfam!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Jason Todd w/ Innocent!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Jason Todd w/ Soulmate!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Poly!Jason Todd and Poly!Roy Harper (romantic)

    Yandere Joker w/ Horror!Authur!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Joker and Harley Quinn w/ Kid!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Jon Kent/Superboy (platonic)

    Yandere Jon Kent w/ Hurt!Reader

    Yandere Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (general)

    Yandere Jonathan Crane w/ Horror!Authur!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Jonathan Crane w/ Fem!Assassin!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Kate Kane/Batwoman (general)

    Yandere Lois Lane (general)

    Yandere Tim Drake/Red Robin (general)

    Yandere Tim Drake w/ Barista!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Tim Drake w/ Caring!Reader

    Yandere Tim Drake w/ Mutant!Reader

    Yandere Sugar Daddy!Tim Drake

    Yandere Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (general)

    Yandere Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin (general)

    Yandere Plastic Man Valentine’s Day (romantic)

    Yandere Queen Hippolyta w/ Shipwrecked!Reader

    Yandere Titans!Rachel Roth/Raven (romantic)

    Yandere Ra’s Al Ghul w/ Reincarnated!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Red Hood and the Outlaws

    Yandere Roy Harper (general)

    Yandere Roy Harper (nsfw)

    Yandere Stephanie Brown (general)

    Yandere Superfamily vs Yandere Batfamily (platonic)

    Yandere Superfamily w/ Seamster/Seamstress!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Talia Al Ghul (general)


    Athzagoraphobia [Bruce Wayne/Batman] (platonic)

    Collection Day [Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy] (platonic)

    Here For You [Jason Todd w/ Depressed!Reader]

    Home [Jason Todd/Red Hood] (platonic)

    Keeping the Peace [Batman/Joker w/BatKid!Reader] (platonic)

    Learning the Ropes [J’onn Jones/Martian Manhunter] (romantic)

    Regret [Damian Wayne/Robin w/ Unwanted!Twin!Reader] (platonic)

    Sleepless Nights and Brownie Delights [Garfield Logan/Beast Boy w/ Insomniac!Reader] (romantic)

    💕Love Letters💕

    Yandere Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (platonic)

    Yandere Bruce Wayne/Batman (platonic)

    Yandere Damian Wayne/Robin (platonic)

    Yandere Damian Wayne/Robin w/Unwanted!Twin!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Damian Wayne/Robin (romantic)

    Yandere Dick Grayson/Nightwing (romantic)

    Yandere Dick Grayson/Nightwing (romantic)

    Yandere Dick Grayson/Tim Drake (romantic)

    Yandere Harley Quinn #1 (platonic)

    Yandere Harley Quinn #2 (platonic)

    Yandere Jason Todd/Red Hood (romantic)

    Yandere Jason Todd/Red Hood w/ Deceased!Reader (romantic)

    Yandere Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (platonic)

    Yandere Kaldur/ Young Justice Team (platonic)

    Yandere M’gann M’orzz/Young Justice Team w/ Birthday!Reader (platonic)

    Yandere Red X (romantic)

    Yandere Roy Harper (romantic)

    Yandere Selina Kyle/Catwoman (platonic)

    Yandere Talia Al Ghul (platonic)


    Batfamily Receiving A Poem


    Lights Out (prologue/chap. 1)

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  • lovelyyandereaddictionpoint
    04.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Yandere Babysitter X Reader Part 2

    ⚠[Warning: Anxiety, paranoia, stalking, suspicious hiring, and violence and mention of drugging]⚠

    Maybe outing yourself to your stalker wasn't the best idea. You couldn't rest at all, the feeling of being watched is too much. After your super cool retreat you hadn't heard any following footsteps and the vulnerability of a silent echoey house.

    Your assessment couldn't have been wrong and that's what made it worse. At school you found out he had recently got his classes to match your own; that was your first sign. Peeking in his book when the professor forced him to move from the back it was a detailed drawing of you but he turned the page and he had listed your habits for boredom. That was sign number 2. And finally appealing to your mother when there was a vast majority of other connections he could be making. You knew how amongst men in the hierarchy she wasn't a first choice. She wasn't exactly in her prime anyway.

    On top of that he rode here in his own vehicle rather than the carriage we sent. Claimed the carriage was held up by his security and mistaken for a threatening force. What on Earth is so threatening about a little old man that drives a wooden carriage?

    To settle your frantic fidgeting you went over to your balcony window to lock it but you stopped seeing a makeshift rope on the edge of the balcony fence. Instead of opening it you put on the extra lock and shut the curtains in hopes of blocking out whoever was out there.

    You're sure that was the issue; seeing that after you scanned every inch of your room you were able to settle in for the night.


    Blast it all. You were more perceptive that he thought. It wasn't everyday you got access to your soon-to-be wife's house. He was hoping when you'd go to check in your connected bathroom he could sneak in but you noticed his way out and locked him out for good. This wasn't part of the plan but he'd work with it.

    He texted his contact, who was no doubt keeping himself occupied, to hold your mother there all throughout the next day. The baron didn't respond until the early hours of the morning saying how he could even keep her busy for three. That will do just fine.


    When you woke up you wanted to spend the whole day in your room but your stomach's craving for (f/b/f) ultimately won. You weren't taking any chances though texting for your mother to call you and arming yourself with a butter knife from yesterday's meal you leave your room. Cautious and quick you make your way to the kitchen, to be greeted by the smell of freshly cooked pancakes.

    In a stack on the counter there's another post-it with a message:

    Hey, made you some breakfast.

    Luv u -Rin❤

    You grimaced at the heart, and avoid the pancakes. No drugging me today. You make your desired breakfast and eat it with post haste. Hopefully I can avoid this weirdo if I finish fast.

    Your plan went out the window upon arrival of the weirdo himself with a sling-bag in your school's uniform. "Goodmorning (Y/n)." You ignore him finding the table holding your food very interesting.

    He looks at the now-cold pancakes. "Awh you didn't eat any of my pancakes! Especially when I made the cute note for you." He pouted but you didn't answer instead opting to finish up your food before heading out.

    "Wait for me," he runs up beside you as you try to tune him out, "you're moving fast I mean I know you gotta get to school but I didn't think you'd want to be over an hour early."

    Sprinting you keep trying to lose him but he still is running right alongside you. "You know (Y/n) it'd be really bad if you tripped and broke your legs, right?"

    Threat or not you had to lose this guy. The school now in view with various teachers also entering you run past them and head for the garden. Locating the winding tree you scale it to jump off a hanging branch onto the roof of the science labs. You scrambled to grab at the pile of lost balls and frisbees before choosing a basketball as your ammo.

    Peering over to see your dreaded stalker and babysitter climbing slowly up the tree you aim the ball right at his head. Immediately his head scrunches but he holds his ground only for him to be pelted by dozens of tennis balls. The final blow was a rock making contact with his crotch; he fell on the ground writhing in pain as he was covered in dust and dirt from rolling on the pathway.

    "How's that for getting a boy off your back?"

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  • kailoslove
    04.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐈𝐂𝐄𝐒 — [ M/NB ]

    𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; none

    𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲; he loved you. you loved him. you didn't have a choice in the matter, and if you refused, consequences were going to be coming your way.

    " I love you.."

    " I love, love you.."

    " Don't you know that, my beloved?"

    His breath lingered on your ear. He was nestled underneath your covers, laying with your sleeping, limp body.

    " I hate how much you hang out with him.. What should I do with him, darling? It's your decision."

    His soft whispers lingered on your neck, he moved your hair from your neck, and saw hickeys. He saw red for a split second, anger rushing throughout his bones. Honestly, he was rather feeling worthless.

    " Ugh. It's sickening how you mustn't see me during the day, my beloved. But, don't worry. I know that your heart yearns for me with burning passion.."

    He gave you a peck on your neck, hating whom ever had given you those disgusting marks.

    " My love, if I may ask,, why don't you ever say you love me back." His tone seemed a little furious as he spoke, but he could never get made at you. Nor could he get disappointed, but he could get dissatisfied with your actions.

    You shifted in your sleep, turning around and nuzzling your head in his chest. " Comfy.." You mumbled, leaning into his touch.

    " You're so cute." He cooed, wrapping his arms around your body. " I love you, [Name]."

    Sighing in relief, finally feeling your touch mix with his warmth. " You're mine. I hope you know that."

    Giving you a peck on your forehead, he sighed in total ecstasy. " Your perfection. You fit so perfectly in my arms." And with that, he knew you cherished his love. Just like he cherished you.

    ©2021 Kulase

    #yandere male#mlm #bottom male reader #cuteboys#winter #so hot 🔥🔥🔥 #yandere male x reader #x reader #yandere x male reader #enjoyyourday#uglyguy#short story
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  • kailoslove
    04.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐌𝐄 ! — [ M ]

    𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄; gore, fluff, romance

    Screams echoing out of his pink bloody vocal cords went in and out of his bright red ears. The gushing of his blood coming from his stomach as he pathetically tried to push the big male off of him. " P–..Please!" He screamed in pure terror, the life in his eyes fading away. " Aw~ You're adorable!" The knife plunged into his body, he texted it, making sure all his intestines were getting mixed onto the knife like spaghetti.

    No more screams, sobs, or cries were heard out of his mouth. Sighing he stood up, standing from his kneeing position over his now dead corpse. Sliding the intestines off his knife, a menacing smile coming into his blushing face. Before he could you're the dead volunteer, he had gotten a call from his very much so beloved.

    A squeal erupted from his throat as he looked at the caller ID, answering the phone, " Good morning..!" You said groggily as if you had just woken up, which was true. Excitement filled his heart, he was indeed thinking he was the first one you called since you had open those beautiful eyes.

    " Morning, sweetheart! How are you doing this lovely morning?" He was acting so normal. He had slide the gloves on his hands, and grabbed a black trash bag before he started to dismantle his decapitated body. " I'm so tired.. But!" You started with a sigh and groan of annoyance. " I need to go to work.." With a slight laugh, he threw the boy's leg into the bag. " Are you doing chores or something?" – " Yeah, sure.. Anyways, are you with anyone right now?"

    " Mm.. Yeah, I'm with my boyfriend right now, what's up? You wanna hangout or something?" You had guessed he had wanted to go to the new skating rink, or go to your cafe.

    " B-Boyfriend?"

    You giggled a little at his nervous speaking, " Yeah! And they said I would be single forever!" Laughs floated out of yours a his mouth. Even if his were some-what forced, he loved to hear you laugh, even more so when he caused it.

    " Wait, you're serious? You have a boyfriend?" He seemed that he was actually confused. He didn't know you had a boyfriend, he thought you were joking, but you are joking. Right? " I know, I know, I wouldn't be single forever. I'm in love! He's so sweet and nice and kind. And he gives the best hugs and kisses. He's so so so lovely." You were gushing over your " boyfriend". You were gushing over someone who wasn't him.

    As if it was on que, your said boyfriend woke up, peppering your neck kisses. " I'll call you later. Love you!" Before he could say it back, you hung up in his face. Just to turn around and kiss him. Your lips met with his, they were soft and smooth. His arms wrapped around your waist, it was like a fairytale and your were the prince.

    Removing his lips from yours, his lovely ocean blue eyes met with yours, " I love you, baby. I'll never stop loving you." Those words sunk Into your heart. Making you just gush over him even more. His loving for you was immeasurable, ugh, just to be in his touch made you want to melt.

    " I love you too, so much." You met him with a kiss yet again. Your smothering each other was soon to commence as both of your alarms went off.

    However, your actual — soon to be — boyfriend was beyond pissed. Weren't you supposed to be in live with him? Him and him only?

    Ugh, he had to kill again today? He could just do it tomorrow.. Yeah, he had a full day of taking new pictures of you today. He already knew that you were just joking, and that you didn't actually have a boyfriend.

    He knew you loved him, and only him. He knew it in his heart. You loved him,, right?

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  • queer-yand3re
    04.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    let me hold you dear, i’ll stroke your hair until you fall asleep. nothing will harm you while i have you, i promise. hush love, go to sleep. i’ll be here when you wake <3

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  • queer-yand3re
    04.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    bored bored bored

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