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    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    send in some skz thoughts or questions i can respond to in my inbox _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

    #literally anything i am So desperate #skz reactions#skz imagines #skz x reader #skz x y/n #skz x you #stray kids reactions #stray kids x reader #stray kids imagines #skz fluff#skz angst #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #bang chan x reader #lee minho x reader #seo changbin x reader #lee felix x reader #yang jeongin x reader #kim seungmin x reader
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    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    like or rb if you use 🗯️

    all headers made by me, credit if u use

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    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ⭐ Stray Kids for CanCam Magazine

    (© hansl914)


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    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Stray Kids official fanclub STAY JAPAN Gallery


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    21.10.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #i.n #i.n icons #stray kids i.n #yang jeongin#jeongin#jeongin icons #stray kids jeongin #stray kids #stray kids icons #icons#boy#boys#boys icons#kpop boys#skz#skz icons
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    20.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    like or rb if you use 🗯️

    all headers made by me, credit if u use

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  • flexfelixinphenix
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    i finally came out with a fanfic guys👁️👁️ go read it lol😏

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  • flexfelixinphenix
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    A Kiss

    felix x femreader
    word count: 1.7k
    fluff☁️ kinda angst ig T-T
    warnings: none lol xp
    note: this is my first time making a fanfic so im sorry if this isnt that good T-T but im also using my laptop and im in school iss so yeah:') anyways hope you enjoy this 👁️👁️

    why were you here again? oh yeah i remember! you have to be here if you wanna pass this dumb project.

    little back story:

    "so, y/n recently you've been failing..." "i'm what? but i've been paying attention, working, doing credits. what do you mean i'm failing?" you were angry, upset. why were you failing? "listen, it isn't that, there is this really big project you need to do..." "okay, i'll do it. give me instructions." you say crossing your arms."but, in order to get full grade, you will have to work with a group." great, a group project. you are so bad with people it isn't even funny.

    "um okay, but i don't have anyone to work with so, how is that gonna work? you know i'm bad with people." "i know, but you have to... i want you to start socializing more. it might be good for you!" "yeah i think so too! but once again, unfortunately i do not have anyone" you said in a proud cocky tone. "yeah thats why i picked one out for you." your smile has never faded away that quickly before. he got you a group? "oh? well... who are they?" you questioned. " do you know those boys over there?" he asked while pointing to a group of, what? around 8 guys? "umm i dont think so, no." "well you will be working with them." the teacher says with a smile on his face while yours is in complete dread.

    "yeah no, not gonna happen. there is over five guys over there. i will not put myself in such a situation." you said with arms crossed and looking at him with a glare. you were not going to work with them. they seemed ignorant and annoying, and there was so many of them, over five in fact. "you either work with them or you get a 50 or a 0." this is so unfair! "wha- fine, but if something happens to me, its your fault." you say walking away. were you being dramatic... yes maybe, but men scared you, they are not people you like to really hang around, but you need to pass in order to graduate. plus, you didnt really like them either... they were always loud and just stupid pretty boys who had girls all over them.

    "uhh, hey..." you say to the boys. "hey! we heard you were going to be working with us! we are glad to have you join our group, we will introduce ourselves!" he was... really nice actually. "my names chris but you can call me chan! nice to meet you!" he said sticking out his hand waiting for you to shake it, which you did. "hi! my names jisung!" he also seemed very nice... hm. "hi, im minho" he said with a smile, "names seungmin! glad to have you:)" "hi! my names hyunjin!" he stuck his hand out as well, and once again you smile and shook it. "changbin! nice to meet you!" he smiled like most of them did. "hi! i am jeongin, nice to meet you, whats your name?" he smiled so sweetly, you really liked his smile! "uh my names y/n" you just smiled and looked at the blonde haired boy who still havent introduced himself. "hello, my names felix! nice to meet you, you have a very pretty name!" he says while smiling. huh, for some reason you really vibed with him.

    okay story times over~

    "okay so who has an idea? we need to work together for this to work" you liked chan, he was responsible, he would make a great leader some day. "uh yeah i agree, so far we've only talked and it wasnt about the project..." you say, this might sound selfish of you but you just wanna pass, you need to, even if its just you doing this project you wouldnt care, all you need is a good grade. "thank you y/n, at least someones trying." chan said looking around at the boys.

    everyone just kinda sat in silence for a little bit. "uh, oh okay how about this!" you say standing up. "we can write about how it effected people, on their daily lives and how it could have hurt them etc." "wait... thats actually not bad! good work y/n" chris says writing it down for the title. you were lowkey happy... i mean at least someone is trying. "oh! how about i bake us something, yeah!?" the aussie boy says, everyone was agreeing. "wait wait wait..." everyone paused. "you know how to bake? what are the things you can bake?" you were curious. "yeah i can bake, but the only things i've really baked so far have been cookies and brownies. a few cakes here and there, some cupcakes too" felix laughed nervously scratching the back of his head. "wow thats actually pretty cool!" you said, and you meant it. its not common seeing a guy knowing how to bake!

    "you... you really think so?" felix says in shock. "yeah! i can bake too ya know" you smirked, you are actually really confident about your baking skills! you werent terrible at the hobby. "what are the things you've baked?" the blonde boy asked, the guys were just silently watching and whispering here and there. "brownies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, chocolate moose, many things!" you said confidently. "ouuuu! bake with me would you!?" you felt so flattered so of course you said yes! plus you need a break from working.

    "how long have you been baking for?" you ask the blonde haired boy. "not long, only for about two to three years maybe?" "hey thats not bad for you! for someone that havent baked for that long you are hella skilled!" you said while kneading the doe. "what about you?" felix asked, "huh?" "what about you? how long have you been baking for?" "oh! um since i was about 11? yeah thats about right!" felix looked at you shocked, "really? how?" the freckled boy asked, "my step-mom taught me, i learned most things from her" you smiled while looking at the doe.

    "hm... i can tell you liked your step-mom. she still around?" felix asked, he felt a little nervous asking cause of how deep and personal the question was but, he just couldnt help himself. "uh yeah no..." you laughed nervously itching your nose, or trying to at least. "oh, im sorr-" you cut felix off realizing that hes gonna pity you, one of the main things you hate. "please.. dont apologize. it was a long time ago, when i was 14, its already over and done with. plus! im over it, and its not like she died or anything." you ended up ranting a little bit to felix more about how your dad and your step-mom broke up. this wasnt tough subject to talk about but still, the memories and flashbacks just always make you sad and emotional.

    "and then i never talked to her again." "like... never ever? not even a little meet up or anything?" he asked, "nope... i wasnt allowed by my mom nor dad. they hated her and i do too but, i dont believe she was a terrible person like they do." you ended up snapping back into reality and realizing what you just said. you just met the guy and you are totally trauma dumping on him. "i am so sorry- i- i didnt mean to tell you all of that, just dumping all of my trauma onto you isnt okay and-" you were interrupted mid sentence by felix hugging you. he was, hugging you... but why? "wha-what are you doing? please i said i dont like pity" "its not pity." he says. 'then... what is it?" "i could tell you wanted a hug, it was in your eyes as they started to tear up." he said looking at you and resting his hands on the side of your arms.

    a tear drop fell down your cheek. you didnt expect these guys to be so nice, when you first saw them or just saw them around, you thought they were annoying boys who were ignorant. but you were wrong. they were nice, and caring, you were glad to be paired up with them.

    "im glad i got paired up with you guys" you say with a smile. "me too... wait ah i mean im glad that you got paired up with us too not that im glad i also got paired- what am i even saying ha" felix laughs nervously itching the back of his head. you smile and without even thinking. boom. next thing you know your lips are connected to the blonde boys lips.

    felix pulls away and immediately you regretted kissing him. "oh my god i am so sorry felix, i did not know what i was thinking-" felix interrupted with another kiss. you were just as shocked as he was when you kissed him. both of his hands are laying on both of your cheeks.

    "hey guys the cookies don-" jisung said but then soon stopped when seeing the image before his eyes. you and felix stopped kissing immediately. there was very loud awkward silence for awhile (pun intended) "ima just goooooo" jisung said while slowly exiting the kitchen.

    you and felix just looked at each other for a moment and started laughing, tears were running and you guys just could not stop laughing at the fact, han jisung saw you two kiss. "god that was so funny for no reason" you said calming down a bit. "hey, uh i have a question.." "yeah what is it?" you look at felix confused. "do you maybe wanna be my girlfriend..." felix asked looking down at his swaying feet. "what?" you say in disbelief. "you can say no! theres no pressure! you dont even have to say it now!" felix saying while waving his hands around in front of his face.

    "felix, hey felix" you shook him. "yeah?" he looked at you confused. "yes... i say yes to the offer" you said smiling. "y-yes... you said yes!" felix said while grabbing you for another kiss. "ima take you on a date!" felix said sternly "oh you dont have to-" "no! i want to, how about tomorrow i pick you up at 6:30pm and take you somewhere that will be a surprise?" felix said excited. "okay okay, but you have to pay i have no money"

    #stray kids felix #lee felix#stray kids#skz #stray kids yongbok #felix x reader #felix fanfic#bang chan#lee know#changbin#hyunjin#han jisung#seungmin#yang jeongin #stray kids fanfic #stray kids x reader
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  • nnsfwskz
    20.10.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #anon <3#bang chan #bang chan imagine #bang chan drabbles #lee minho #lee minho imagine #lee know #lee know imagine #seo changbin #seo changbin imagines #hwang hyunjin #hwang hyunjin imagines #lee felix imagines #lee felix#kim seungmin #kim seungmin imagine #yang jeongin #yang jeongin imagine #stray kids #stray kids imagine #stray kids reactions #stray kids scenarios #skz drabbles#skz imagines#skz scenarios#skz reactions
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  • mylovelyhyunjin
    20.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    🔥 F.HERO x MILLI Ft. Changbin of Stray Kids "Mirror Mirror (Prod. By NINO)" 🔥



    *why are you so cool binnie 😳😱


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  • 009l5
    20.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    ABOUT IRENE (`_´)ゞ

    hi hi. i’m irene, 16 years old, and i’m a new stray kids blog (・・?) i’m mostly a fluff blog but on some occasions, i write angst and suggestive pieces too !

    DNF/DNI: basic dnf/dni criteria, less that 14 years old, older than 22 years old (personal opinion, i shouldn’t have to justify my boundaries), you’re an adult or child that’s overly obsessed with what either ages do on the internet (go outside please :P)

    BYF: i’m a minor, i don’t mind if smut blogs follow me and i don’t mind following back if you’re comfortable with that. i’m slow with replying to requests sometimes as i’m a junior in high school, and i am also selective when it comes to requests.

    #stray kids requests #stray kids headcanons #stray kids imagines #stray kids x reader #stray kids reactions #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #skz fluff#skz angst#skz blurbs#skz headcanons#skz imagines #skz x reader #bang chan x reader #lee minho x reader #seo changbin x reader #han jisung x reader #lee felix x reader #kim seungmin x reader #yang jeongin x reader
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  • 009l5
    20.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    ♘ GUIDE:

    ︴irene — she/her ◦ 16 — status: online !

    ︴✐ masterlist — stray kids only !

    ︴☏ server members !

    ︴RULES (*read before following/interacting)

    #stray kids reactions #stray kids x reader #stray kids imagines #stray kids headcanons #skz reactions #skz x reader #skz imagines#skz headcanons#skz scenarios#skz blurbs #stray kids requests #bang chan x reader #lee minho x reader #seo changbin x reader #hwang hyunjin x reader #han jisung x reader #lee felix x reader #kim seungmin x reader #yang jeongin x reader #skz fluff
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  • imagine-a-life-like-this
    20.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Talk To Me (L.F)

    Warnings : financial trouble, reader struggles alone

    Word Count : 1375

    Synopsis : she’s always there to help felix through his troubles, but tends to struggle on her own, not wanting to burden felix. but felix wishes she would just ask him for help.

    Author’s Note : thank you to the anon that requested this! i tried my best to follow the request, i hope you enjoy.

    “We have to let you go. We just don’t have the funds to keep you around anymore.” Her bosses words echoed in her head the entire ride home. They echoed like a catchy song you wanted desperately to hate but would catch yourself singing along to every time it came on the radio.

               They echoed in her mind as she got off the bus, absentmindedly walking her route back to her apartment. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was walking, only repeating her bosses her words in her mind. Over and over again while she wondered how she was going to pay the bills that were piling up on her kitchen table.

               When she got home, she collapsed face first onto her bed, screaming into her pillows, hoping her neighbours wouldn’t make a complaint and make this week worse.

               All she wanted to do was curl up into her boyfriend’s arms and watch a bunch of movies she’d forget the plot of because Felix was absentmindedly drawing shapes onto her exposed skin, or playing with her fingers, or running his fingers through her hair, pressing soft kisses to the top of her head. She wanted to call him and vent to him, cry to him, ask him for help. But she knew this was a problem she’d have to deal with by herself.

               So she pulled herself up off her bed and sat at the kitchen table, going through all the bills that haven’t been paid yet and budgeting out her savings. She had enough to pay the bills for the month, and hopefully by then she’d have a new job.

               Felix noticed she had been more distant, which seemed to happen when something bad happened and she refused to ask for help. He racked his brain for a clue as to what could have happened, but he came up empty. He knew she wouldn’t text him, knowing she’d want to figure this out herself. Felix hated that she never came to him, even for the smallest of issues.

               At first, the independence was attractive to him. She was someone that could and would do everything herself. She wasn’t with him because he was rich and famous and she could leech off him. Felix felt blessed to have a significant other that was with him because of who he was as a person, and not because he was Felix from Stray Kids.

               But as time went on, he realized that it was a blessing and a curse. She could be struggling and pretend everything was fine around Felix. He would only find out when the struggles were over, and if he was honest, he hated it. He wanted to be there for her like she was there for him.

               She was there every time he was struggling learning the new choreography. She was there every time he felt like he wasn’t good enough, like he kept messing everything up. She reassured him each time he thought he wasn’t a good boyfriend for her. She talked him through every low moment. She’d hold him, or play with his hair, listen to him rant, wipe away his tears when he cried. And he just wanted to do that for her.

               He wanted to help her when she’s feeling low. Wanted to remind her she’s beautiful and he loves her when she feels like she’s not good enough. He wants to wipe away all the tears she cries. He wants to hold her and leave soft kisses all over her face until she’s laughing and pushing him away only to bring him in for another kiss. He didn’t want her to struggle alone.

               After a couple weeks of barely hearing from her and her having an excuse every time he wanted to see her, he knew she was struggling alone again. “Felix, are you okay? You’ve messed up the same move every time we’ve rehearsed it.” Minho asked, his anger at Felix quickly disappearing when he saw the distressed look on his face.

               “I’m just really worried about Y/N.” He admitted, collapsing to the floor, his head in his hands as his tears fell. Minho knelt down next to him, placing his hand on his back.

               “Why don’t you go see her? You’re obviously not going to nail this choreography until you know what’s wrong.”

               And he did just that. He stopped at her favourite take out place knowing she could never say no to food, especially free food. With a small smile on his face, he made his way to her apartment. As he approached her apartment, he could hear voices talking rather loudly inside. He slowly opened the already unlocked door, seeing his girlfriend with tears in her eyes, on her knees, clearly begging her landlord.

               “Please just give me some more time. I promise I’ll come up with the money somehow.” She cried out, reaching for the landlord’s hands.

               “Y/N, rent is already a week late. I’ve been patient because you’ve always been a great tenant, but enough is enough. You have one week to pack your things and leave.” That’s when they both noticed Felix’s presence, standing at the door with tears in his own eyes. “Always a pleasure, Felix.”

               “Miss Park, please!” Y/N was up on her feet again, chasing after her landlord, desperate to not be homeless.

               “My decision is final.” Both her and Felix jumped at the slamming of the door. Silence fell upon them, but it was somehow louder than the sound of the slamming door.

               “Why didn’t you tell me you were having money troubles?” Felix asked, reaching out and wiping away the stray tears running down her face. “You know I’m here to help you.”

               “You shouldn’t have to pay my bills just because I lost my job, Lix. It’s my problem, I’ll fix it somehow.” He placed the bag of food on the ground, grabbing her wrist when she tried to walk away from him, and pulling her back in front of him.

               “Love, I’m your boyfriend. Your problems are my problems, just like my problems are your problems. We’re a team, we work things out together.” His hands reached up to her face, cupping her cheeks in his hands. “I love you so much and I hate seeing you struggle alone. Please let me help you.” He could feel her melt into his touch, ready to pass the burden to Felix and rest.

               “I don’t want you or anyone else think I’m using you for your money.” Her voice was soft, almost inaudible, but Felix was entuned to everything about her. He could hear how tired she was, how close she was to giving up. “But I’m so tired, Lix.” She wrapped her arms around his torso and buried her face in his chest, his arms immediately wrapping around her, and his fingers running through her hair.

               “Asking for financial help when you really need it doesn’t mean you’re using me for my money. I know you love me for me, okay? Let’s rest tonight. Eat the takeout I brought, watch some movies, and cuddle. Tomorrow we’ll get you a new apartment. Take your time finding a new job and let me take care of you in the meantime, okay my love?”

               She looked up at him with her adorable pout and tears still in her eyes. He couldn’t help but think about how cute she looked, how she has his entire heart, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Have I ever told you how much I love you, Lix?” He chuckled, patting her head lightly.

               “Every day, but a reminder wouldn’t hurt.” He joked, pinching her cheek lightly, unable to hold back the urge any longer.

               “I love you so much, I want to be selfish and hold onto you forever.” He smiled his famous smile, bringing warmth back to her body as he squeezed her cheeks with his hands.

               “Please do. Because I’m planning on staying forever.” He pressed a quick kiss to her nose. “But please start talking to me when you’re struggling. Let me be there for you like you’re there for me.” She pressed her lips to his, capturing them for a quick, but loving, kiss.

               “I promise.”

    #stray kids x reader #stray kids imagine #stray kids au #stray kids #skz x reader #skz au#skz imagine #lee felix au #lee felix x reader #lee felix imagine #lee felix#lee yongbok#kim seungmin#yang jeongin#bang chan#lee minho#seo changbin#hwang hyunjin#han jisung
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  • dreamescapeswriting
    20.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Kinktober ~ Day 20

    WORD COUNT: 2.4K

    PAIRING: Firefighter!Jeongin x Photographer!Reader

    WARNINGS: unprotected sex, little storyline, missionary, riding, multiple orgasms, 

    Jeongin looked over at you with a shy smile as you snapped another photo, this was something he had been nervous about all week. Sneaking in extra work out's whenever he had the chance to.

    "You don't have to be shy around me." You let out a small giggle and he could have died right then and there. It was like heaven to hear you giggle and smile the way that you did. 

    "Innie?" You questioned, going off what the other firefighters had been calling him. He blushed deeply realising that he had been too distracted to focus on what he was supposed to be doing. 

    "Yeah?" He let out a stutter, not wanting to come across as stuttery and nervous he was about this.

    "Do you wanna move on to the shirtless ones?" Shirtless what? His eyes lingered on you until he remember what he was doing. The photoshoot. Calander for the charity event. All firefighters were doing a shirtless/lewd photo for each of their months and he was October. Surrounded by pumpkins, orange colours and fake leaves all over the floor. The photos in full uniform were to make him comfortable at first and then you would slowly move on. As agreed on before he came to the photoshoot.

    "Sure." It wasn't as though he was nervous about being shirtless in front of you, he had been shirtless in front of everyone at the station. This was what all of his extra work-outs for, trying to build up his body just to impress you. He'd never tried to impress someone so much in his life before now.

    "I can turn away if it makes you comfortable." You covered your eyes as Jeongin blushed, he would have disagreed but he didn't want to seem needy. You had been so kind since meeting with everyone last month. Getting to know each of the firefighters but you spent a lot of time with Jeongin. The two of you got along like a house on fire, excusing the irony of it all.

    The shirt was gone and you could have whimpered on the spot. Squeezing your legs together with a little as you saw him standing there. You couldn't help the growing arousal you were getting from seeing him like this in front of you.

    You never would have imagined Jeongin to be as ripped as he was. Such toned muscles, it seemed as though he could pick you up if he really wanted to. Though...You supposed all firefighters were supposed to be like that.

    "Erm...Right," You cleared your throat ding your best to focus on the task at hand but it was distracting. Knowing that after the shirtless photos Jeongin would be standing or laying behind a pumpkin with nothing on. Just having everything you had been imagining for weeks out on display. 

    "Do you want some music? Maybe that'll help." You stuttered out not waiting for an answer as you put on some music and turned back to Jeongin. 

    The music being a bad choice since as soon as it began to play the soundtrack to fifty shades of grey began to play. A blush crept onto the fireman's face but he continued to pose for you. Wanting to impress you and doing his best to ignore the growing boner that was in his pants.

    "Maybe we can take a break." You said suddenly as Jeongin was getting ready to strip. Your body was already heating up enough as it was and if you weren't careful you were just going to beg for Jeongin to put you out.

    "You okay Y/n? Do you need some water?" Jeongin's concerned hand pressed against your shoulder but it made you let out a whine. Desperate to have him as close to you as you could even get him.

    Your body turned around to look at him, pussy practically dripping as you stared back at him. It was now that you saw why Jeongin had been so red in the photos. His cock was outlining along his pants, biting down on your lip as you saw it.

    "N-No but it looks like we have the same problem." You whispered looking him up and down before licking your lips. 

    "We do?" He looked at you, eyes never leaving yours as he bit down on his lip a little. Your eyes gave him a questioning look as your hand slowly travelled down his chest and running towards the outline in his pants. He let out a breathy moan as you stopped, waiting for him to confirm that it was okay and he did. Giving you a single nod as you smirked, dropping down in front of him. 

    "Oh fuck," You whispered as you palmed him through the material he was wearing smirking as he lets out whimpers. 

    "Y/n." He choked out as you pulled down the pants he was wearing followed by his underwear. Taking his cock into your hand and whining a little. He was so much bigger than you had expected him to be this big by the looks of him. Running your fingers over the veins of his cock you smirked, licking the underside of the tip and taking him into your mouth.

    "Hmm." You hummed around him as you began to take him into your mouth. Bobbing your head slowly around his cock, using your hand to massage what you couldn't fit. 

    "Oh shit just like that," He grunted, moving his hand to rest n  your shoulder as he watched you in awe. Eyes closing for a second as his head fell back

    "S-Shit, I couldn't help it Innie." You breathed out as you looked up at him, pumping him as you swirled your tongue around the cock. 

    "It's fine. F-Fuck it's better than fine I've needed you for so long." He grunts as you take him back into your mouth. Making sure to bob your head slowly at first as you took him all the way to the back of your throat. His head rolling back against the wall behind him as you continued to suck on his cock. 

    Hands reaching to play with his balls as his hips automatically bucked into your mouth. Saliva and mixed precum running down your chin as you continued to sloppily work on him. Wanting to enjoy every minute of this as you never knew if this would happen again. 

    "Y/n please don't top." He grunted as you continued to move your head faster. Taking the full length of his shift to the back of your throat and holding him there. Gagging around him a little as he moaned your name loudly. 

    "Oh shit!" His hands gripped onto you tightly as you pulled back off him again. Hands pumping him quickly as you pulled back the foreskin of his cock. Licking around the head as you keep your eyes locked with his.

    "Just like that, d-do that again." He begged as he licked his lips, watching as you repeated the same action. Loud groans dripping from his lips as you once again began to take him back into your mouth, his body jerking as he reacted to the warmness of your mouth.

    "H-Here," He moaned out as he sat down on the floor, seated between two pumpkins as you stripped in front of him. Completely exposed for him as he looked up at you, pumping his own dick at the sight of you. 

    "What?" You giggled looking at him, running your fingers down towards your pussy and rubbing slowly. Matching the pace of his pumps. 

    "Do you want me to ride your cock?" You smirked as he blushed deeper, nodding his head at you as you nodded. Kneeling your legs on either side of him as you held the tip of his dick at your entrance. 

    "You wanna be buried deep inside of me?" You teased with him asking him in a cocky tone. He nodded at you with a smirk. 

    "You want me to stuff that pretty little pussy?" He asked with the same cockniess you had questioned him with making you whimper just a little.

    Slowly sinking down onto him you let out a loud gasp, sighing in happiness as you finally had him inside of you.

    "Jesus Christ." He grunted feeling you clenching around him almost immediately as he held you down on his cock. Looking up at you as he let out small moans, eyes completely filled with lust as he watched you. All of his dreams coming true. 

    You began to bounce your hips up and down on him, Jeongin's hands wasting no time as he grabbed your arse. Steading you as you moved up and down his large shaft, moans filling the air. 

    "Oh my god Yes!" You moaned out looking over your shoulder to get a glimpse. Moaning louder as Joengin picked up the pace of your hips, thrusting upwards roughly to meet you.

    "Oh fuck yes Jeongin!" You cried out as he let slips of your name fall from his mouth, grunting louder. 

    "That's so good," He moaned out as you sat down on his cock, just rolling your hips back and forth as he touched that one spot that made your toes curl.

    "Y-Yes, Yes," You moaned out as he began to thrust up hitting that spot over and over again. Your head falling down to rest on his as he smirked at the sight of you. 

    "Fuck you're so fucking wet, dripping down my cock like this." He chuckled darkly as he continued to thrust into you, your head spinning as you nodded at him. 

    "You've wanted me this whole shoot?" You whimpered as you clenched around him, confirming what he already knew to be true. 

    "Good because I've wanted you too, fuck that little skirt and low top number you wore." He grunted as he got a little rougher with you, biting his lip as he continued to fuck his cock deep into you.

    "Holy fuck!" You screamed digging your nails into his shoulders as he continued. Your eyes rolling back as you gripped him,

    "Fuck you knew exactly what you were doing didn't you? Wearing something so seductive I couldn't help but stare?" You nodded as you continue to ride him, feeling your orgasm fast approaching. 

    "Fuck don't...D-Don't stop! Don't stop!" You begged as you continued bouncing, ignoring the burning you were getting in your thighs as you cried his name louder. 

    "Such a good girl, you love being stuffed full of cock." He grunted. 

    "Did you do this will of them or just me?!" He smirked wanting to know the truth. 

    "Just you, F-Fuck just you." You whimpered as he continued to pound into you. Using his free hand to rub your clit and sending you hurtling over that edge. Your orgasm suddenly ripping through you as you let out a loud scream of his name. Hips bucking uncontrollably against him as you came down from your high. 

    "Sounds so fucking good when you scream my name like that," Pulling out of you he laid you down on the floor below him, smirking at you. 

    "I wanna hear it again." You smirked spreading your legs for him. 

    "Do you think you can make me cum again?" You teased, rolling your hips a little as he looked down at you.

    "No. I know I can." He smirked lining himself back at your entrance. Holding on your legs on his shoulders and hugging it as he suddenly stuffed himself into you. Watching in delight as his cock disappeared into your body and you let out large moans. Hitting into you at a frenzied action, giving you no time to adjust to the new angle he was fucking into you at.

    "Holy fuck!" You screamed out as you looked up at him, head rolling back against the floor as he looked at you. 

    "S-Shit Jeongin, you feel so fucking good." You moaned out as he continued to fuck into you. Hands finding their way to your already needy clit as you ached around him. Throbbing with each thrust of his cock, you could feel each and every inch pumping in and out of you.

    "So fucking deep." You cried out as he continued to fuck into you,

    "Look at the that, the way you clench around my fucking cock as if you're a vice."

    "You're so fucking big." You moaned out as he fucked into roughly. Your head threw back against the floor as he began to hit that one spot over and over again. Your pussy clenching tighter with each and every thrust. 

    "So tight look at you." He grunted as he continued to fuck into you, holding your hips down as he picked up the pace. Moan growing louder as he looked at you, 

    "You close again? Look at you, screaming my name and whimpering beneath me." He laughed as you cried out his name over and over again, not caring if someone outside the room heard you. All you wanted was to cum around his cock again and again. 

    "S-Shit make me cum! Make me fucking cum,." You begged as he continued to thrust into you over and over again. As soon as you clenched again he went wild, hips thrusting faster than before. 

    "YES! YES!" You screeched out as you chased down the orgasms that were right in your reach. 

    "Jeongin." You cried out as you shook your head, 

    "Oh my god...O-Oh my god yes!" One more thrust and you were over the edge, head throwing against the floor as you screamed his name. Your second orgasm washing over you suddenly as you screamed over and over again. 

    Jeongin continued to thrust grunting as you looked up at him. 

    "C-Cum for me, cum for me innie." You whimpered as you rubbed your clit. Moaning with each hit of his cock until finally, he twitched. Grunting as he pulled out of you and came onto your abdomen, eyes never leaving yours for a second. 

    "Oh fuck." You giggled looking at him as he continued to pump. Slowly you took some of the cum from your stomach and place it into your mouth. 

    "S-Shit." You giggled sitting up beside him as he smirked at you. 

    "That was hot." You laughed as you leant your head against his shoulder watching as he wrapped his jacket around you. 

    "Okay...But I need to take you out...I can't let that be a one-time thing." He chuckled at you, holding your hand in his as he kept you close to him.

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    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    STRAY KIDS / you never ask for help

    warning: these are long! it’s all fluff and some suggestive themes in changbin’s part (only if you squint, really)

    requested by anonymous.

    ↣ chan

    Chan sometimes struggled with interpreting social cues the right way, so he preferred it when you were direct with him. The problem was, you were only direct with people when there was absolutely no other way around it. Like asking if someone could move, please, because they are blocking your path in a café, and you’re holding a scalding hot cup of coffee that is starting to burn your fingertips.

    When you finally reached your table, in your haste to put the hot cup down, you ended up splashing some of the liquid on your hand. Chan heard you hiss and immediately asked what was wrong.

    Sitting down, you gave him a pained smile and replied through clenched teeth, “nothing. I’m okay.”

    But you were hiding your hand in-between your thighs, irrationally hoping that the harder you squeezed your hand into the chair, the less pain you’d feel.

    Chan squinted his eyes. “You burned your hand, didn’t you?”

    “Ah,” you exhaled. You could feel yourself begin to rock gently back and forth as you waited for the pain to recede. “A little. But I’m good, really. Don’t worry about me.”

    He did not think it was possible for him to misinterpret this moment, so he stood up and extended a hand for you to take.

    “Come on,” he said. “Let’s put some iced water on it first. You don’t want it to get worse.”

    You looked at him and tried to resist, “really, I’m fine—”

    “Please,” he insisted. “I don’t even have to go into the bathroom with you if you don’t need my help, but you have to do something.”

    The pain seemed to be intensifying – the harder you tried to make it go away, the more terribly it stung. Finally, you exhaled heavily, and nodded, taking his hand with your healthy one, and standing up.

    “Okay,” you said, clenching your other hand into a fist behind your back. You were afraid to even look at it at this point. “Okay, I’m going.”

    “Tell me if you want me to come with you,” Chan asked, not wanting to get in your way or make you uncomfortable, but also really not wanting to stay behind when the right thing to do would be to come with you.

    You bit your lip. “I—it’s nothing, though. So, you shouldn’t bother—”

    “Because I’m coming,” he said, squeezing your hand, “if it’s up to me.”

    His determined eyes were waiting for you to reply, so you managed a weak nod. And that was all the permission he needed, as he placed his other hand on your arm and guided you – quickly – to the bathroom at the back of the café.

    ↣ lee know

    You had invited him to hang out later tonight to celebrate you moving in to a new apartment. Minho wanted to help you speed up the moving process, but he knew better than to ask if you needed him to lend you a hand. So, he just showed up to your place four hours early.

    “You’ll have to sit in my room while I finish unpacking my books,” you told him, not exactly mad to see him again, but definitely a little frustrated because now you were going to feel bad about not keeping him company. And you already had so many things to worry about before tonight. “Your own fault, really. I clearly said eight o’clock.”

    “It’s fine,” he replied, chuckling at your attempt to be dismissive. He followed you to your bedroom, “I don’t mind waiting.”

    Minho knew you’d die and come back to life before you asked him for help, so he decided to experiment a little. He sat down on your office chair and, literally, just waited.

    You came in a few minutes later, stumbling over the threshold, the pile of books in your arms so big, you could barely see over the top. Minho didn’t budge, but his eyes followed your ever move in case he needed to drop this experiment and save you from killing yourself after you tripped over a loose wire or something.

    Finally, during your third trip with the books, you huffed. “Go make yourself some coffee. Don’t just sit there, watching me. I feel bad about—”

    “Hey, I’m just waiting,” Minho said, throwing his hands up defensively. He thought he was finally getting to you, and he couldn’t help the small smirk that appeared on his lips.

    “I won’t be done for a while,” you replied, putting the books down onto the shelf and exhaling loudly. Your back was already starting to give up on you, so you tried to bend backwards with your hands placed on the small of your back. But the stretching didn’t help. “You can order something to eat if—”

    “No, I’m not waiting for that,” he said, spinning around in your chair.

    You frowned. “What are you waiting for, then?”

    He stopped spinning to give you a triumphant look. “For when you’ll stop being so stubborn and just ask for my help.”

    You watched him, impressed. You supposed this might have actually worked – you probably would have asked him to help you eventually. Just because you’d feel too awful about abandoning him like this for so long.

    But now you knew that this had just been a plot.

    “Alright,” you said, wiping your hands on your jeans and heading for the door of the room. “Well, keep waiting, then. I have things to do.”

    Minho sat there for a minute, his eyebrows raised. Despite clearly looking like you could have used some assistance, you still insisted you were fine on your own.

    “Very well,” he said then – to himself, since you’d left the room to pick up more books – and stood up. It looked like the experiment had failed, so, he had to return to what he usually did – using force.

    He walked into the living room so quietly, you flinched when you turned around with a new pile of books. Using the element of surprise to his benefit, Minho grabbed the books from your arms and turned back to your bedroom.

    You watched him go, stunned. “Hey—!”

    “I’ll finish this,” he cut you off, his tone firm. “You go sit down. Make us coffee.” Then, because you still stood there, shooting disapproving daggers into his back, Minho turned to look at you over his shoulder and proceeded to chastise you, “please, my throat is so dry, I can barely speak. Who treats their boyfriend like that? Honestly.”

    ↣ changbin

    It honestly came as a surprise to him at first. The fact that someone could be so impossibly stubborn when they clearly needed help? Unheard of.

    And even now, as he watched you pace around your room in an attempt to be in two places at the same time – since you had to deliver a package to a client, but also attend a mid-term at your university – Changbin was still in awe. The solution was so obvious!

    And yet you continued to pace, your mind churning out various possible scenarios – some of which weren’t even remotely realistic – even though he was right there.

    “Hey, uh…” he started to say, not quite sure if you’d already decided that he’d be completely useless to you in this situation, or if you hadn’t even realized that you could ask him for help. “I could maybe deliver that package for you?”

    “No, no, it’s okay. You don’t even know the address, I’ll just have to—”

    “You could,” he continued, just as slowly. This was still a fairly uncharted territory for him, “text it to me. Then you’d have one less thing to worry about before your exam.”

    You stopped pacing. Changbin felt his heart rate pick up when you looked at him, which was nothing new. He always felt suffocated by all the tiny, aggressive butterflies whenever your eyes met. But this time, he thought he could finally help you out with something, and that felt like a whole new level of exciting to him.

    “It—” you started to say, but then stopped yourself. For that one, fleeting second, you looked like you were actually considering his offer. “No, it’s fine, really. I don’t want to burden you with this, it’s my problem. Thanks, though.”

    He groaned and rolled his eyes before he realised what he was doing. This blatant expression of frustration surprised you and you continued to watch him.

    “I’m here to help,” he explained himself. “Right here. And I don’t mind. If anything, I want to help. So, use me. Please.”

    You felt your eyebrows lift at the last past of his sentence, and even Changbin himself brought his fingers to the bridge of his nose, squeezing it as he turned sideways – not wanting you to see his face warm up.

    “That… I could have phrased myself better,” he admitted. “B-but you know what I mean. Send me the address, I’ll deliver it.”

    Sighing, you placed your hands on your hips and forced yourself to accept this – if you couldn’t find a better alternative by tomorrow, you’d have to take Changbin’s offer.

    “Alright,” you said, finally. He exhaled in relief. Jumping ahead before he could gloat about you giving in, you teased, “but don’t you forget that you explicitly gave me permission to use you.”

    “I won’t,” Changbin said, smiling now that he saw the playful glint in your eye. He added with a wink, “really, please do.”

    ↣ hyunjin

    He was the kind who, after learning that you weren’t used to asking for help, tried to find subtle ways to help you without you realising. Most often, those were small things – not even really helpful in the true sense of the word, but, he hoped, they made your daily tasks more bearable.

    You wouldn’t let him help you plan a surprise birthday party for a friend, even though you also had to study for exams? That’s fine, he’d come to your place anyway, and clean your floors, wipe the dust, load up your dishwasher. He’d do as much as he could, really, to make sure you had less things to worry about once you were finished with your work.

    And he was especially helpful on the week of your final exams.

    He brought you coffee that first morning of the week, knowing that he’d just saved you fifteen minutes, which you would have had to spend at the campus café, choosing, buying, and waiting for your coffee. Then he walked you to class, quizzing you from the flash cards you’d made – once again, knowing how much you appreciated being able to put all your time to good use.

    “I know what you’re doing,” you said when he took off your coat inside of the building, wanting to save you a trip to the coat room.

    “I hope you do,” he replied with a grin, “otherwise it would seem as if I were trying to steal your coat.”

    You snorted and gave him a look. “You know what I mean. I’m aware of everything you’ve done to help me.”

    Hyunjin shrugged. He wasn’t doing this to extract gratitude from you. He was doing it because he genuinely wanted to make this easier for you. “It’s nothing—”

    “And I appreciate all of it. Truly,” you interrupted before he could properly dismiss his effort. “I like to do things myself, you know me. But… I really, honestly, don’t know how I would survive without you.”

    He looked away, suddenly feeling uncomfortable when faced with genuine appreciation for all that he’d done.

    “Please,” he said. His cheeks were a gentle shade of pink. “I’ve barely done anything.”

    “No, you’ve done a lot,” you disagreed. “Thank you for always having my back while I do my thing. I don’t even know how I could repay you. I love you.”

    He always got flustered whenever you told him you loved him, so you were much more used to showing your feelings instead of speaking about them. But some moments – such as this one, right here, in the lobby of the biggest building on your campus – required words.

    “Well, that’s exactly how you repay me,” Hyunjin said then, taking a step closer to press a soft kiss to your lips. “I love you, too.”

    ↣ han

    Truthfully, he’d assumed you were doing it on purpose at first – not asking him for help, so he could be a gentleman and offer it himself. So, rising above this perceived pettiness, he did. And you turned him down. He tried again another time – and you turned him down yet again.

    “Why won’t you let me help?” he asked finally as he watched you balance yourself on the edge of a full-on breakdown as you battled three impending deadlines. “Do you think I’ll make this worse or something?”

    “No,” you replied, your face in your hands – you’d been in this same position for about five minutes now; trying to come up with the best strategy to make sure you did not fail any of your classes. “I can do it myself, you don’t need to help.”

    “It’s not the need to help you that I’m talking about,” Jisung said. “I want to. But you won’t let me. I mean, really, let me at least print out your notes for you. It’s not that hard.”

    You tossed your hands away from your face and threw them over your head in a frenzy. “Exactly! It’s not hard, so I should be able to do this myself! And yet, I’m just sitting here completely uselessly.”

    He flinched to see you move so unexpectedly, but he was more worried about the panic in your voice. He knew you were anxious, but he hadn’t realized just how far down the edge you were.

    “W-well, you’re doing a ton of other things, too. You’d obviously be able to do it if you weren’t so busy,” he reassured you, careful not to make this worse. “So, let me—”

    “I should have started working on this ages ago,” you spoke, attempting to take deep, calming breaths – that sounded more like you were angrily panting – as you searched for your notebook, lost among all the papers on your desk. “So, if I was stupid enough to get myself into this mess, now I have to be the one who finds my way out of it.”


    “I’ll be fine.”

    You weren’t fine right now – that much was clear as day – but you definitely would be, because Jisung wasn’t going to go anywhere. Not until he was absolutely, without-a-single-doubt convinced that you weren’t going to burn out because of this.

    Approaching your desk, he grabbed your laptop and carried it over to your bed before you could even react properly or, worse, snatch the laptop back from him. “Hey, what are you—”

    “I’m emailing your notes to myself,” he said. “I’ll get them printed for you at the library while you work on your presentation. And, I might as well grab you the books you need for your paper since I’ll be there anyway. Is there anything I’m forgetting?”

    You sighed. “Jisung, please just let me—”

    “Is there?” he asked firmly.

    Surprised because you’d never heard him use that voice with you before, you swallowed. “No. That—that’s all.”

    “Perfect,” he walked back to you and placed the laptop in its’ previous position. Then, after pressing a quick kiss to your temple, he headed for the door of your room. “I’ll be back soon. You get as much of that presentation done as you can. I’ll review it with you when I’m back.”

    ↣ felix

    He didn’t even give himself an opportunity to realize that you never asked anyone for help. He just went ahead and helped you whenever you looked like you needed it, refusing to leave even if you insisted you were fine on your own.

    He was confident enough to trust his judgement when it came to you needing someone’s assistance, and he thought that he – as your boyfriend – was the best someone for that.

    Unfortunately, sometimes he took this too far. Like the time you decided to throw a small dinner party for your closest mutual friends, and Felix cheerfully informed you that, contrary to what was previously agreed on, every single one of his bandmates would be able to make it, after all.

    “That…” you looked at him with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. He was watching you with the same exact expression on his own face, except he seemed happy about it. “That would mean that over a dozen people will be here tonight.”

    “Yeah!” he nodded. “Oh, it’ll be amazing. It’s been ages since we’ve all been together like this, hasn’t it? What are we thinking of cooking?”

    Felix wasn’t usually this excited about having many people over, but you had to admit, you really hadn’t seen your friends in a while, so, in this case, you sort of shared this sentiment with him. However, you were also growing more worried by the second.

    “Well, I was thinking of cooking lamb. I got the meat and everything,” you said. “But now I think it’d be best if we just ordered pizza or something.”

    “No, come on, let’s cook!” he encouraged, excited. “I’ll help. But this is a new hoodie, so let me get an apron.”

    Now, you knew your boyfriend had good intentions; he was a sweetheart, no one doubted that. Most unfortunately, however, you would not, exactly, call what Felix did in your kitchen “help”.

    Sure, he was a good cook – a great one, really. But, problem was, you weren’t half bad yourself. Except, you considered food to be something meant to consume – while having a pleasant conversation with friends, for example. Felix, on the other hand, saw food as art. As something that would be the center of all conversations tonight.

    And, of course, he insisted you’d have no problem cooking enough show-stopping food for over a dozen people in less than four hours.

    “Felix, I’m really going to need you to stop it with the lemons,” you asked, after your boyfriend spent the past fifteen minutes making decorations for the serving plates, “we can’t use any of the juice if you keep cutting them into—” you stopped speaking when you turned your head and saw that he’d already inserted the knife into the last lemon. “Nevermind. Guess we’ll just use store-bought sauce.”

    Another half an hour later, you could already feel an upcoming headache, but Felix insisted you had plenty of time left. Had you allowed it, he would have attempted to cook a whole turkey, and even make the stuffing from scratch.

    Granted, you weren’t doing all the work yourself, but, honestly, if you had been cooking alone, you would have chosen different recipes, which would have taken much less time. And it wouldn’t have made your kitchen look like a warzone. Really, when you lifted your head, you realized in horror that curly strands of lemon peels were hanging on the ceiling lamp. The ceiling lamp!

    Your dinner would have been less fancy, sure. But it would have still been a dinner.

    “This looks wonderful,” Felix announced once you brought the last plate to the table in your living room. “You did a great job planning the menu.”

    You sighed, already exhausted enough for one day. “Well, you did a great job making sure we actually stuck to it.”

    “I know,” he smiled, proud. “Aren’t I the greatest boyfriend?”

    “You would have been even greater if you’d left me and my kitchen alone,” you replied and then responded to his shocked face by quickly pecking his cheek with your lips. “Sit, now. We should taste it before everyone gets here.”

    ↣ seungmin

    He never admitted it, but constantly being excluded from your plans when you could have clearly used his assistance, hurt him. He felt like he was a nuisance to you and that’s why you didn’t want him to help.

    It sucked especially much when you had so many errands to run, you couldn’t make time for him. He didn’t want to distract you from your work or somehow imply that you had to drop everything and come see him whenever he came calling. He just wanted you to know that he was here, free, and eager to be near you, watching or listening or doing whatever you needed him to do.

    “I could help you out,” Seungmin offered on the phone, “or keep you company, at least.”

    “No, really, there’s no need for you to be stuck doing this on your day off,” you replied, crossing the street to get to the next place on your checklist. “It’s not fun.”

    It wasn’t about it being fun to him. He just wanted to spend his free day with you, even if it meant the two of you would be paying the bills and picking up dry-cleaning. Actually, especially if you’d paying the bills and picking up dry-cleaning – this sort of everyday activities may not have been special at all, but getting to do them with you would have been exciting.

    “I just feel like we haven’t seen each other in a while,” he tried a different approach. He wasn’t trying to guilt-trip you since there was as much guilt on his part, as there was on yours. You were both busy. “Maybe I could get you coffee, at least?”

    It had worked. Not his words – but maybe them, too – but, rather, the sound of his voice as he’d said it. It sounded like this was his one last attempt to see you – like he was trying to grab the last straw. He was likely exaggerating, but on the off chance that he did actually feel like this was his last shot, you were too scared to say no.

    “Okay, yeah,” you agreed. “Coffee sounds nice. And I’d love to see you.”

    And so, Seungmin brought you coffee. And then ended up tagging along for the rest of the day, opening doors for you, carrying your groceries, and being very determined to prove that he could be very useful in any sort of crisis.

    “You know, you didn’t have to do any of that,” you told him when, at the end of the day, the two of you were finally sitting on the couch in your living room, completely wiped from the day’s activities. “It was already good enough that you were with me.”

    ‘Good enough’ didn’t sound like a compliment to his sensitive ears, but he decided to take it for now. He’d just have to make sure you got used to him being around and contributing to getting your errands done.

    “Well, call me next time, then,” he said. “I’m always available for you.”

    ↣ i.n

    He understood. There were all kinds of people in the world – some of them simply preferred to do everything themselves. That was fine.

    You were one of those people. That was fine, too.

    And yet, whenever Jeongin watched you heave boxes up the stairs all by yourself, he couldn’t help but feel absolutely awful, just standing here, doing nothing. But he already knew – from unfortunate experience – what would happen if he tried to help: you’d yelp, “no!” and break into a run, the heavy boxes in your arms all the more heavier when you moved faster.

    Which was why, his solution to both of your problems – because he considered your constant need to do everything yourself to be a problem, especially in terms of how utterly useless it made him feel – was to gently guide you away from the sort of environment where you’d have to be doing any kind of work.

    That meant constantly keeping you on your toes with dates that, he insisted, required no prior preparation whatsoever.

    “You just have to show up,” he’d tell you. And if you would insist that perhaps another time would be better as you didn’t think you’d have enough time to do your make-up before your date that night, he’d always say, “if you want, you can do your make-up when you get here. But you’ll look nice, either way. Just come.”

    And you came, always.

    This time, it was a picnic on the riverside, in a park that the two of you considered a discovery of your own. There were never many people around – likely because the area was hidden from the main road by trees – so it was a nice, semi-private spot just for you and him.

    It felt like you’d walked into a Pinterest feed when you saw that Jeongin had even brought a wicker picnic basket, filled to the brim with various snacks, sandwiches, paper cups, and glass bottles of lemonade.

    “Oh, hey!” he called out after he noticed you. You’d meant to say hi to announce your arrival but, truthfully, this view had rendered you momentarily speechless. “Don’t be scared, this isn’t all the food I’d brought. I also got your favorite cupcakes.”

    Still unable to make a single noise, except watch him in awe, you perched down on the striped, red blanket on the grass. You looked up to see that the trees perfectly covered the hot afternoon sun so that it wasn’t shining directly into your eyes. And the soft breeze from the river nearby made the heat of the day much more bearable, too.

    You finally opened your mouth to speak. “Jeongin, this is—”

    “Here, try this,” he cut you off, refusing to give you the opportunity to fluster him with words of appreciation. He took out a white, swirly meringue from the plastic box and passed it to you. “It’s not homemade, but I tried some at the store and they’re great.”

    You allowed him to put the delicacy into your mouth, and it really was great. In fact, all of the food that he’d brought was great – although you weren’t sure if that was an objective judgement of the quality, or if it was just the atmosphere here that made everything taste wonderful.  

    Either way, once you’ve managed to finish half of the contents from the basket – your hearts wanted more, but your stomachs strictly refused; those frail bastards – you lied down on the blanket for a minute. Jeongin had passed all the pillows to you and rested his head on your thighs instead.

    “This is cliché, isn’t it?” he asked, almost shy now. He wasn’t running out of ideas for your dates – not yet, anyway – but he wanted to try everything, and he knew you might have different opinions about different things.

    “It absolutely is,” you nodded, happy and on a sugar high. “But it’s the best of its’ kind.”

    Jeongin grinned. “Because of the cupcakes?”

    You shook your head, smiling at him with all the love that dwelt for him in your heart and your lungs and your stomach. “No. Because of you.”

    He’d never been happier to hear that. He may not have been able to figure out how to help you with your tasks, but he definitely figured out a way to make sure that, at the end of every busy day, you were finally able to relax.

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    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    stray kids I.N packs

    like/reblog if you save/use

    jeongin ♡'s you !!

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    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    Nuevos fondos de pantalla, esta vez de Changbin 🐷🐰

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