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  • meidozangetsuha
    18.01.2022 - 23 hours ago
    #yashahime #hanyou no yashahime #yashahime: princess half-demon #rin (inuyasha)#yashahime spoilers#sessrin#discourse cw
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  • caroline-draws-stuff
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    all the feels for papa inuyasha

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  • kagome123
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have reviewed the episode many times but ONLY in the version subtitled in Italian did the emotion I felt exceeded all my expectations.

    That simple word, which is repeated three times, it means everything to me :)

    I love this anime more than ever now <3 <3

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  • obsessandfangirl
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    The way I’m LOSING IT. This ALL I have ever wanted since EPISODE ONE. Like them meeting was so perfect. 😭 They wrote Moroha so well. Inu is really a dad! Then the sad music 😭😭😭😭. When he said there hasn’t been a moment where they didn’t think about her..😭😭😭 The way jaken was showing them snippets of Moroha’s life… To hear this in ENGLISH in a few weeks is going to break me. Inuyasha is my top favorite anime…and I love it so strongly.. Like if you told me 10 years ago this was going to happen….I would not believe you.

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  • rimurutempest
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    thank gods finally a good development in yashahime

    they killed sesshoumaru

    please let him stay fucking dead

    #yh#anti yashahime#spoilers #free that poor corpse from this hell series #disclaimer: i dont watch the shitshow i just get told spoilers as they happen
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  • fionnalovesanimeboys
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    So sweet of Jaken how he was showing Inuyasha and Kagome how their daughter looks like 😭💞

    #I was expecting that they would say that every parent recoznige their kid but this is good too #I love Jaken even more now #he did all of this because he wanted 😭💞 #hanyo no yashahime #hanyou no yashahime spoilers #inuyasha#jaken
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  • fionnalovesanimeboys
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Inuyasha holding Moroha just bring me to tears 🤧

    #that was so wholesome #I am so happy for them 😭💓 #they are truly father and daughter with that attitude <3 #oh gosh I truly miss watching inuyasha and I am beyond happy that I am able to see them again in yashahime ;) #I feel nostalgic again while watching yashahime #hanyou no yashahime spoilers #hanyo no yashahime #inuyasha
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  • noirestardust
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    not even an hour went by and she's already a daddy's little girl
    #my gifs #hanyou no yashahime spoilers #hanyo no yashahime #yashahime moroha #half demon princess yashahime #yashahime#inuyasha#moroha #princess half demon #anime#anime gifs #winter 2022 anime #winter anime 2022
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  • noirestardust
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    knock knock, feels coming in

    #my gifs#moroha#kagome#kagome higurashi#inuyasha#inukag#yashahime #hanyou no yashahime spoilers #hanyo no yashahime #yashahime moroha #half demon princess yashahime #anime #winter 2022 anime #winter anime 2022
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  • miss-nobodys-things
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ilustraciones para la portada de "Kyomei", op 4 de HNY por SixTONES 🎶👀

    #hanyou no yashahime: sengoku otogizoushi #hanyou no yashahime spoilers #hanyo no yashahime #inuyasha #inuyasha kanketsu hen #sesshomaru#towa#setsuna#moroha#opening#sixtones#kyomei#rumiko takahashi#rumiko world#yashahime#inukag#sessrin
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  • pinestripes
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    I haven’t watched Hanyo no Yashahime since like the eighth episode or so of the first season but I think I’m going to have to at least watch the last couple of episodes because even just seeing the screenshots of the inukagmor reunion have almost made me cry multiple times today.  

    #inuyasha #hanyo no yashahime #hanyo no yashahime spoilers #pinestripes babbles
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  • kluvfantasy
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Welp anymore proof even Kirinmaru has knowledge it

    #yashahime princess half demon #yashahime spoilers #hanyo no yashahime #sessrin is canon #sessrin#sessrin positivity #sesshomaru x rin #yashahime fandom#yashahime kirinmaru#yashahime
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  • kluvfantasy
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Saw a scene and this right here those puppy dog eyes looking at her papa like that oh the heart 🐶🥺💖

    #yashahime #yashahime princess half demon #yashahime spoilers #hanyo no yashahime #inuyasha fandom#inuyasha#moroha higurashi
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  • ssojibae
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    I dropped Yashahime after like episode three but I checked up on it occasionally and THIS


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  • bookwormadventurer
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    The Inuyasha/Moroha reunion hit me right in the feels...

    I seriously can't get over the fact that as soon as Inuyasha hugged Moroha, she acknowledged that she felt warm...

    I came to the heartbreaking realization that what she was feeling was safety.

    This was her first time feeling safe in FOURTEEN YEARS!

    And with warmth and safety came the release of heart-rendering sobs. Years of pain and loneliness flowed out as her father held her close and tight.

    Then she slept, knowing she was protected.

    Knowing that she was loved.

    In short, it was everything I wanted.

    Thank you Sunrise!

    #hanyo no yashahime #yashahime spoilers#moroha#inuyasha #such a great episode all the way around
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  • twstgabrielle
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Fatherhood was no easy feat. It was hard and perilous and full of challenges as well as rewards. These things were what made fatherhood what it was and it was a lesson that Inuyasha was learning rather quickly. The half demon was new to these things, given that he was separated from his daughter. Yet determined to make the best of fatherhood and while there were some mistakes Inuyasha believed he was doing rather well.

    Until it happened.

    The hardest lesson of fatherhood that every father had to learn. The lesson of teenage boys taking interest in his beloved daughter. Or rather one boy in particular. Hisui, the youngest son of his friends Miroku and Sango, was a close friend of his daughter's. From what Inuyasha had learned, Hisui had traveled with Moroha and the twins while they went on their journey to find their parents and discover the secrets of the rainbow pearls. The young demon slayer had stuck close to his daughter and nieces and with their combined efforts were able to find him and the others. At the time Inuyasha didn't pay much attention to the teen, given that he and his wife were reuniting with Moroha and Hisui was practically buried under his own parents and older sisters. And for a long time Hisui had stayed out of the half demon's attention, but recently the teenager had officially caught his attention.

    It'd been a rather normal day when Inuyasha had taken actual notice of the demon slayer and his daughter's relationship. The half demon was in the village with Kagome, helping her carry things to help rebuild and fix up their hut when he caught sight of Moroha. The half demon couldn't help the warm smile that came across his face at the sight of his pup who was smiling brightly. However she wasn't smiling at Inuyasha. Oh no rather she was smiling at.....

    "Oh it's Hisui, I barely recognized him from this distance."

    Kagome said startling her husband. The priestess had noticed her husband's head turn and had decided to take a look herself were she quickly caught sight of her daughter and Hisui.

    "Hisui....as in Miroku's brat?"

    Inuyasha asked his eyes narrowed slightly and smile gone now replaced with a frown. Now that the demon slayer had been identified he was quick to notice how close Hisui and Moroha were. The bounty hunter was laughing at something he'd said and Hisui was looking at her with a somewhat fond look.

    "Yes that Hisui! He's the only one we know Inuyasha."

    Kagome answered sounding somewhat confused by her husband's question. The priestess looked over at the two teens again and a small smile came across her face.

    "Oh my, if I didn't know any better it looks as if Hisui has taken quite a liking to Moroha."

    Kagome said her tone sly. Inuyasha quickly snapped his head towards his wife, golden hues wide with disbelief.

    "What the hell are you saying Kagome?!?"

    Inuyasha asked not wanting to think about what Kagome was implying. Kagome on the other hand just gave him a secret smile.

    "I'm saying that Hisui and Moroha may have taken a liking to one another. It's obvious that they're practically smitten."

    The priestess said. The half demon just stared at her before turning to look at the two teenagers who were standing just a little bit too close to one another.

    'Hisui likes Moroha.....'

    Red flags started to rise up and his ears flickered in irritation as he processed.

    'Hisui is Miroku's son........and he likes my pup.......'

    Inuyasha got a vivid memory of Miroku from their earlier days of traveling and how he would flirt with anything that moved. Sango being the main target of his flirtations. And now staring at Hisui, the demon slayer looked so much like Miroku it was terrifying. However he was snapped out of this mental ravings by Hisui moving closer to Moroha, his hand reaching out towards her much smaller one....

    'Oh fucking hell no.'

    Inuyasha didn't think, only reacted. Before he even realized what he was doing he was already storming in their direction. Kagome who had been watching as well gave a baffled look at her husband's sudden departure from her side. Once she realized where he was going the woman was quick to respond knowing all too well what her husband was planning to do.

    "Inuyasha-! Wait-!"

    Kagome called out already rushing after him. Inuyasha paid no heed to her, his thoughts focused solely on the display of his daughter and that little heathen who was way too close to her. Growling lowly under his breath Inuyasha called out to Moroha.

    "Oi! Moroha!"

    The half demon's shout startled the two of them. Moroha's head snapped up at her father's voice, her dark brown eyes meeting his and catching sight of him and Kagome. Hisui had quickly retracted his hand from where he'd been reaching, going bright red with embarrassment as he caught sight of them as well. Moroha gave a beaming grin and enthusiastically waved at her parents.

    "Papa! Mama! I wasn't expecting to see you here!"

    Moroha chirped happily unaware of the barely contained storm that was her father's overprotective wrath. The half demon didn't even hesitate to pull Moroha into a hug, nuzzling her dark black locks and glaring at Hisui over her head. Hisui felt a shiver go down his spine at the half demon's glare, his dark blue hues flickering slightly towards the ground as to avoid making eye contact. Kagome came up behind them, looking concerned slightly, before she was engulfed in the hug as well. Receiving the same treatment as their daughter, Kagome felt her head being nuzzled as well. Though unlike her daughter who was oblivious to Inuyasha's stare down of Hisui, Kagome was perfectly aware and ready to intervene if necessary.

    "We were busy getting supplies for the hut, we weren't expecting to see you either."

    Kagome said giving her daughter a smile as she hugged the girl. Inuyasha stayed quiet eyes focused on Hisui and his arms wrapped around his girls.

    "Hello Hisui, it's good to see you out and about. Have you and Moroha been having fun today?"

    Kagome asked the boy sensing his unease. Hisui jumped slightly at being addressed by her before responding to her with a somewhat nervous tone.

    "We've been having a wonderful time Lady Kagome, and I'm glad to see you as well. It's been awhile since we've spoken."

    Hisui said. The priestess and demon slayer began to engage in conversation with Moroha chiming in. Inuyasha however stayed out of the conversation, glowering instead at the poor teen who had decided to get too close to Moroha. He was so busy glaring that he missed everything that was said until the exclamation from Moroha caught his attention.

    "Maybe Hisui can join us for dinner? He's been working really hard lately and I think he deserves to get some of your delicious cooking Mama!"

    Moroha chirped happily. Kagome gave her daughter a gentle smile.

    "That's a wonderful idea Moroha! We can invite Miroku and Sango and the girls as well! It's been ages since we've all had a meal together!"

    Kagome chirped back with equal enthusiasm. Inuyasha meanwhile felt his eye twitch. Of all the things to happen having Hisui over for dinner was not what he wanted. With a burst of determination the half demon quickly barged into the conversation, not giving Hisui the time to respond.

    "We'll make plans later. Let's go Kagome, Moroha! We've only got a few more hours before night falls."

    Inuyasha said drawing his girls' attention. Moroha gave a happy nod of agreement while Kagome just gave him a knowing look. Moroha turned her attention back to Hisui to let him know when time to come over giving Kagome the perfect opportunity to speak to her husband.

    "You know if you keep glaring at him like that you're gonna catch the poor boy in flames! Plus it's extremely rude!"

    Kagome said in a hushed tone, her dark brown eyes narrowed in a stern manner. Inuyasha just gave her a blank look trying to appear innocent though he knew that Kagome could see right through him.

    "I have no idea what you're talking about."

    He said gruffly. Kagome gave her husband one last warning look before letting it go. The two adults were taken out of their conversation by the teenagers.

    "I'll see you later this evening Moroha. I'm looking forward to it."

    Hisui said softly a small smile on his face. Moroha returned the smile her little fangs poking out slightly.

    "You better be! And don't you dare be late!"

    Moroha said in a jokingly stern tone. Hisui let out a small amused chuckle.

    "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

    Hisui replied before a thoughtful expression flashed across his face. Moroha gave him a confused look and Inuyasha and Kagome watched as Hisui got a determined look. Giving Inuyasha a look the demon slayer moved forward and in a burst of courage placed a small kiss on Moroha's cheek. Kagome had to bite back her amused snort at the teen's rebellious move while poor Moroha went bright red in the face. Inuyasha nearly let himself lose his temper at the display, pissed beyond belief. It got even worse when the little monster gave him a somewhat smirk before leaving them behind to go home.

    'That little bastard-! Fine you wanna play this game then we'll play it.'

    Inuyasha promised darkly, ready to fight this war with the little heathen as the trio made their way home to prepare for dinner.

    *Inuyasha fics, come get your Inuyasha fics! So I saw the clip of Inuyasha and Moroha reuniting and seeing him be the protective Inudad of Moroha gave me life as well as inspiration. I honestly thought it'd be hilarious if our beloved idiot dog boy had to deal with every father's worst nightmare. Their daughters getting a boyfriend lol. Side note the setting for this fic takes place in an AU that's not really related to the show, makes it easier to work with tbh. Anyways if any y'all read this I hope you enjoyed it!!!*

    #my writing#Inuyasha#Yashahime #Inuyasha: a feudal fairytale #Inuyasha: the final act #yashahime half demon princess #half demon princess yashahime #hanyo no yashahime #Yashahime fic#Yashahime spoilers#Kagome Higurashi#Moroha#Hisui#Sango#Miroku #Kin'u and Gyokuto #Inukag#inukagmor#inukagmoro#Inukag family #Moroha x Hisui #Hisui x Moroha #Mirsan#Mirsan family #ooc probably sorry #i tried my best y'all sorry if this sucks sgsgsgdg #y'all papa inu and mama kag give me so much life you don't understand #Yashahime au #Hisui being a little shit while Inuyasha is a feral protective papa #and Kagome being the middleman while Moroha is confused that's it that's the whole fic
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  • juliatheanimelover7
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    OMG, WE'RE TRENDING! It's been a while 😮 Inuyasha Moroha reunion got us talking 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Inuyasha and Kagome back on screen must have also helped, speaking of, anyone else feeling nice to see them, I feel it's been so long since we properly saw them and now there's also Moroha so it's just such a sweet family picture 🥺❤️😭

    #inuyasha#yashahime#yashahime spoilers #hanyo no yashahime spoilers #InuKag#Moroha #I missed seeing Inuyasha and Kagome #Moroha with her parents melts my heart #Please let them be happy #THEY DESERVE IT
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  • chaos-in-the-making
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    The only moment I didn't like in this episode was when Kagome seemed flabbergasted that Towa knew her name.

    Like... why wouldn't Towa know her name? Why would Kagome assume the twins WOULDNT know about her? Why wouldn't Kaede or Sango talk about her? Kagome doesn't know the twins weren't raised with them!


    #yashahime spoilers #it makes zero sense
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