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  • sapphicsilence
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i love romance stories, especially slow burns, but this one i’m reading was excruciating!!! It took 306 chapters over 23 volumes for the characters to finally get together 😳

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  • comic-the-adventurer
    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Writing that sentence about my& trainersona and using all those different pronouns gave me& so much euphoria that I'm& bouncing off the walls :D /pos

    #yayayayayayay!!! :D #delete later maybe ehehe
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  • gwyoi
    07.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I can’t wait to do my tumble year review once I get home

    #and I don’t have too cook yayayayayayay #when I get home I just need to bring shit in from my car and do laundry and clean up mein bedroom #gwon
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  • jesterjamz
    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    [id: a snippet from op's oc carrd that reads as follows:

    -"your imaginary friend"-

    summary: every year, all 15 year olds get assigned an imaginary friend to help them through life. avery spencer-hill is no exception to this. however, things start go to wrong when avery's "imaginary friend" appears earlier than expected, & it might not even be their REAL imaginary friend...

    number of ocs: 3

    avery spencer-hill - 15 - they/she/phey - unlabeled - birthday undecided mimi - ageless - he/it/she - unlabeled - birthday unappliable furi - ageless - he/him - aroace - birthday unappliable

    end id.]

    the .

    #your imaginary friend #FUCK i need a tag for this huh UMMMM #lem dem ocs #oc: avery spencer-hill #oc: mimi#oc: furi #anyways YAYAYAYAYAYAY lem dem ocs >:]
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  • oxygensizhava
    20.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • blown-to-kingdom-come
    14.11.2021 - 2 monts ago


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  • yellogazello
    06.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    eras of tubbo streams (that i have been present for) and how i would watch them . THIS IS not comedic or even funny i dont know why but i really wanted to document this

    manberg vs pogtopia era - would watch them while drawing , new to the interest , gripping my seat the whole time

    exile era/buildup to christmas - would watch them curled up on my bed with hot chocolate and sometimes fall sleep to them

    late s2 - would watch lore streams in call w my irl , when he would stream among us mods and stuff i would lie next to my radiator with my head on a pillow and sleep on the floor to them

    first origins/beeduo late night mining stream era - literally put them on and got in bed and slept to them , or i would watch the vods/clips while doing homework/doing my makeup before school

    alt streams every day on vault hunters and stuff with that one playlist in the background - mustve been during a lockdown or school holiday or smth cause i remember sitting at my desk with the sun shining in watching them kind of early afternoonish, doing my makeup or homework or drawing . good time

    snowchester text on the screen lore to meetup era - liveblogging in tub hq , listening while cleaning or cooking or doing hw , often while babysitting late at night

    #dunno why i did this . just the songs are playing on his stream rn and i got nostalgic #and also its been a year since i started watching him :)) yayayayayayay
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  • freak60000
    02.10.2021 - 3 monts ago


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  • femmepathy
    23.09.2021 - 4 monts ago
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  • stardustedangel
    05.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    hi hi hiii i came on today and saw that i reached 1.2k so thank you so much for that!! this really brightened my day so thank you >:0 it means a lot and hopefully by next weekend i’ll have a fic ready to post as a big thank you 💓 i hope everyone is having a good day muah love you all💓💓

    #♡ dest talks ♡ #milestone#yayayayayayay
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  • lnniter
    24.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    OKAY it is tommy vod time yes it is 7:30am i may be insane that’s fine

    #YAYAYAYAYAYAY...... #my posts
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  • emmowned
    15.08.2021 - 5 monts ago


    #i fuckin did it #got a B in that class and now i am DONE #BA in math and linguistics has been acquired #<3333333#yayayayayayay
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  • nicira
    15.08.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #yayayayayayay#im excited #— mira’s folks..... #— mira’s asks....
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  • lnniter
    15.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    i don’t think the guilt of giving up an animal for any reason ever goes away because that’s just the human experience but like. getting to see her life now is a really good start :)

    #HER OWNER TAKES HER ON WALKS IN A PET STROLLER...... #also orders these huge bunny-made gift baskets filled with treats and stuff for xmas yayayayayayay #and also they have another bunny so she always has a friend ^_^ #t​heir page is named after/focuses on their other bunny (which she adopted first) so there’s not as many pics of her but I WILL TAKE IT!!!!!
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  • discduo
    14.08.2021 - 5 monts ago


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  • letsfangirllover
    11.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I found a pair of headphones that work with my laptop!!!!!

    #and they’re not Bluetooth!!! #yayayayayayay #now let’s hope I don’t lose or break these #yaz rants
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  • keibea
    07.08.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #sims 3#s3#ts3#sims#simblr #i ran out of ideas on discriptions #this was fun up until the sims 3 decided to be an asshole #but i still love her #and these two #so cute#aww#sim: eli #sim: elodie matthews #elodie & eli #yayayayayayay
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  • milkcutea
    04.08.2021 - 5 monts ago


    #YAYAYAYAYAYAY 🤩 #8 novels……. i need to figure out a way to explain my future purchases OTL #i hope they have ebooks tho OTL #p
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  • lnniter
    22.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    48 hours left. it’s time. saint patrick’s day in this bitch STAT

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  • anapplepie
    24.06.2021 - 7 monts ago


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