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    another one

    #i had to show you this #the gray is mee #percy jackson #and the sea of puns #get it??? #yeah
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  • People over the age of 40 really like calling any video a movie huh

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  • stuff i think about:

    • dinogender diego
    • mlm funny valentine 
    • demi girl trish
    • demi boy / nonbinary naranica 
    • gay and nonbinary fugo
    • gay risotto, kira, kars and mountain tim 
    • poly pansexual diavolo
    • pansexual doppio
    • bisexual melone, bruno, abbacchio, mista, joseph, and tiziano 
    • puppygender formaggio
    • catgender illuso (he does what he wants catgender illuso supremacy)
    • catgender ghiaccio
    • demi boy giorno and johnny
    • gyro just radiates all sexuality’s and genders, hes the vibe check
    • poly trans pecsi? 
    • ally prosciutto
    • puppygender pansexual secco
    • trans poly pansexual cio
    • and many more to come
    #yeah#p0per#jjba #jjba pt 5 #sbr#jjba headcanons #i should use my other blog #no.
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  • Lmao and so then I *my bones are astrally projected from my body and I lie limp in a puddle on the floor*

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  • hewwo how is everyon tonight im feelin particularly horny for bo and kuroo myself

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  • good morning to people who love the smell of petrol, people who kiss a lot when they’re drunk, people who lie down on their yoga mat to compose themselves, people with rips on the inner thighs of their jeans, people who get the banana flavoured milkshakes at mcdonalds, people who buy multiple soaps so that there’s variety in the shower, people who watch cringe compilations for fun, people that know card tricks, people who rewatch movies every day, people who drink their tea and coffee with a lot of milk in it, people who’ve cried on the bus, people who like jazz music, people who feed birds, I hope you all have a good day

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  • I was thinking abt how wow I’m so self aware n aware of my emotions n then I realised that I’ve been talking myself out of my depressive episodes n anxiety attacks for like. 5 years straight. OF COURSE IM AWARE

    #just#yeah #I had a lot of nothing happens without a reason #bc I’m autistic #as a teenager #so was like what’s happening why do I feel like this what can I do to solve it #a lot#so
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  • .

    #tumblr 30 tag limit but continueing thoughts about that #with moms tone almost guilting me abot not bringing up sars and nigeria as news for the day #and i had to cut if off like actaully ive been watching the situation develop through social media accounts for weeks #btw mom #do you know that we almost had a snap election attemot number 2 federally? #do you know about whats happening in Nova Scotia with the Mik'maq community? #do you know about Jason Kenneys latest shit to fuck up our provincial healthcare system in a pandemic in the name of saving money? #do you know the alberta covid numbers today? #for the weeks? #okay what about our cities numbers? #where are the outbreaks? #what has Dr.Hinshaw advised? #where is our healthcare system at for ability to handle covid and regular operations? #no? cant answer any of that? yknow why? because you get your news filtered through me. i tell you these things. and you have admitted to #not watching the news anymore cause its sooo depressing. so no. sorry i didnt tell you about global news headlines when you dont even follow #city headlines or provincial or country or ANY AT ALL #because your right. its fucking depressing its a lot. its so much. its to much. #yeah #anyway back to playing among us and vegging out for a while
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  • robert pattinson-

    #hes so-#hes so#yeah #i think im in love
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  • It’s the, testing your patient for adhd only because she insisted and laughing at her for consulting “dr google” then forgetting to go over the test results with her until she reminded you and then telling her she doesn’t have adhd after looking for 0.02 seconds only to pause half way through explaining the results to say that it was clear that’s she had it when she was a kid but clearly “got better” and doesn’t have it anymore even though there are no studies showing that adhd goes away with time as it is a chronic illness and you aren’t going to formally diagnose her with it and that you’ll see her in three months, for me

    #yeah#I’m annoyed#like #other stuff he had said was sus #but I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt
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  • :)

    #ok so resonance pt 2 when? #i'm not greedy i'm just #yeah #yeah i'm greedy #haechan: gets the most lines in all of NCT considering he's in two active groups #me: thx for this when is the second helping i'm already hungry #my banter
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    These tumblr ads are getting out of control

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  • #yeah #p’s asks and replies 🙈
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  • #ask#anon#yeah #raya and the last dragon #southeast asia#opinion #im not good at debates and presenting ideas so ig if u need clarification uhm #just shoot me an ask
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  • Hey friends!! I’m back:) Today we have some headcanons for the ninja! These are probably movie verse, as in ninja-actually-go-to-school AU, so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! lol. 

    Anyways, I hope you agree with them, but if you don’t please remember that this is just my interpretation of these dorks, and what I think of them. 

    This is also kind of an AU me and my brother made up, that they were almost at a war but Lloyd brought them together. I thought it was kinda cute:D

    Kai: The impulsive social media addicted cool kid, who didn’t really do anything to be cool. He’s decently rich, because both his parents work in the movie industry. Pros: money! Cons: they don’t stay in once place much, leaving Kai and his sister alone.

     Kai’s best friend is Zane Julien. They met in middle School, because Kai needed someone to do his homework for him. Over time, though, they got to know each other, and if you know him well enough, Kai really is a caring friend. He’s very short tempered though, so don’t anger him. The good thing about Zane being his friend, is that if Kai overheats, Zane has no problem in helping him cool down. 

    Zane: Being the smartest kid in school has its advantages. That’s how Zane met his best friend! This wild teen is actually an android, but he doesn’t like it when people call him that. In his mind, he’s a Nindroid. He tries to act cool. Zane’s dad is an inventor, who works at home and sells his inventions online. 

    Zane is the kind of cool kid who used to be unpopular, but Kai warmed up to him, (quite literally) and now Zane hangs out with the coolios. He might seem serious at first, but if you get to know him better, he’s actually got a funny switch, and can make you laugh. 

    Nya: Kai’s little sister. Or that’s what everyone knows her by. She hates it though. Nya wants to be known as her own person. She’s a feminist. Jay’s got a massive crush on her, but Kai will die before he lets anyone near his sister. Another thing she hates. 

    She’s really good in carpentry class, and she’s in the inventors club. Decent amount of friends, Skylar Chen being her best friend. She doesn’t really care for Jay, yet. She’s the first one to talk to any new kid, and they usually warm up to her really quickly. 

    Jay: The video game nerd, or in other words, the loser. No one hates him, they just don’t acknowledge his very existence. Jay is in the video game club. The reason why he even has a 3/10 is because his best friend is Cole Bucket. The two are nearly inseparable. Some people wonder how they even got together in the first place. They met when they were in preschool, when Jay moved in next to Cole’s house. Their parents made them play together the first day, and they’ve been buddies ever since. 

    The two of them often hang out and play video games together. They also often sleepover after watching a movie together. The two have talked it over, and both agreed that they are friends, and nothing else. The two of them take dance lessons together, but usually just goof off. 

    Cole: The ultimate cool kid. Cole is a jock, there is no arguing in that. The question is, does he like being a jock? The only reason he is, is because, he’s the captain and most prized player on the basketball team, he’s got muscles, lots of fangirls, and legend says he’s hot? Anyways, some people scold him for being friends with Jay, while others ship them. The 2 boys often say “Ew gross.” to that. 

    He doesn’t care what others think, and says he isn’t ready for a relationship with anyone just yet. Instead, he helps Jay make plans to impress Nya. The two have some utterly stupid nicknames for each other, and they tease one another very frequently. He might seem like a rock on the outside, but deep down he cares for his loves ones, and can get very emotional during Titanic. 

    Lloyd: The new kid. At first, no one talked to him, but then came Nya. He warmed up to her pretty fast, and then he met Kai and Zane. Then, he met Jay and Cole. Then started the rivalry. “Team Pink versus Team Purple,” as Nya had said. 

    Lloyd loves photography, and that’s how he became friends with Team Pink, seeing as Kai asks Zane to take pictures of him for his Snapgram. Lloyd also loves gaming and Starfarrer, and that’s how he became friends with Team Purple, seeing as Cole and Jay invited him over quite frequently for gaming nights. But then the two teams started fighting over him, because they both wanted Lloyd for themselves. That’s how Lloyd then suggested they all become friends. That’s how the team was brought together.

    YAY!! The end. I hope you enjoyed lol, i wrote this a while ago but only thought of posting it here now heh. Let me know if I should write more often! Baii

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  • *funny joke about despair here :^)*

    #gshshga #i was literally falling asleep #then i just had a weird urge to draw something #so#yeah#danganronpa #dang it grandpa #>:(#skidaddle skidoodle#swigitty swoot#byakuya togami#yak #rich boi sad 😩 #🤠🤠🤠🤠#shshhsh #what are these tagss #i'm sorry
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  • im gonna make a full rendition of the battle of Glenumbra moors as soon as i figure out the chords sob

    #kikay speaks #also because i think i should post more singing on here #i’ve been singing WAAAAYYY longer than I’ve been drawing so #like. literal years and ive been arting for seven months so i should probably #yeah #also if anyone wants the tab im making lmk #chordify kinda sucks to us
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  • #ooc#yeah #i always read terezi's narrative and their behavior as trans #that's why i'm doing this i guess #also to prove to myself that i can rp trans boys without massive dysphoria
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  • #yeah #jan’s untitled smau
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