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  • minifuyu
    22.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    i’ve barely seen sakusa bc i’m a haikyuu anime only but. i see so much of him now i’m starting to won’t him

    #he. #idk what it is #it’s your guy’s fault #you write him well #and he #yeah idk what it is #case dismissed
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  • drippinlou
    22.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #it’s the privileged mindset from your childhood that you still have even though now you make 300€ a month and are not #RICH #is this me projecting? #again? #yeah... #blind channel#joel hokka
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  • bezerkcr
    22.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #‘rewriting history to be all about me!’ || in character #hardly heard above the screams || answers #// DIFHF YEAH IT’S ABOUT YOU #// DON’T USUALLY DO DASH COMMS ABOUT MY OWN BLOGS BUT I COULDN’T RESIST
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  • elegyofemptiness42
    22.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #asks #oh yeah and a bonus one is Meet Me Atlantis My Obsessive Quest To Find The Sunken City by Mark Adams #there was one called the Girl that married a Lion that I almost borrowed but didn’t because I had too many books #lol my mom was like do you know what section it’s in as I was searching for it and asked is it fiction or nonfiction and I sort of #humorously said oh well that’s a bit of grey area I mean not to me anyway and oh would you look at that!! #here they be #also you can never borrow too many books but my mom was giving me weird looks so I was like allriiiiight
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  • firesnap
    22.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    I'm happy for the c!Tommy fans. I really am. I'm happy for you. I hope it's a great stream. It's great. Everything's fine. It's fine. Cool, cool. Cool.

    #not a jealous c!wilbur fan at all #i'm fine#it's okay#sure #i thought tommy would take longer to come back because of the whole vlogging thing #but it's fine #yeah #i'm sure it'll be great #definitely thought c!wilbur would be back before tommy because will mentioned doing rp after the ep #but tommy just you know beat him to it #it's... i'm going to go have another cup of coffee #it's definitely going fine over here
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  • spin-in-time
    22.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    The lego movie when you're older: genius masterpiece with gorgeous animation, original characters, fresh humor and dialogue, a plot that works both on a political level as well as as an emotional representation of father and child, and an overall love letter to lego and its playful nature

    The lego movie to kids: haha lego man said something funny

    #i could write an essay about this #tlm #the lego movie #I DIDN'T EVEN LIKE THE LEGO MOVIE WHEN IT CAME OUT SIMPLY BECAUSE IT WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE AND I GOT NOTHIN #LIKE IT WAS JUST TOO RANDOM FOR ME #movies #LIKE YEAH I GUESS NOT LIKING THE LEGO MOVIE BACK THEN IS SOMETHING YOU WOULDN'T HAVE GUESSED ABOUT ME BUT HERE WE ARE #like i could really only decipher the surface of the movie IF ANYTHING because DUDE the movie is kinda random but IT MAKES SENSE #i was gon add another tag about how the randomness of the movie works because its the fantastical playing of a young kid #but tumblr didn't rlly let me lol
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  • just-love-nikki-things
    22.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Royce: Guys, what are some good responses to being stabbed?

    Ace: Rude!

    Louie: That's fair.

    Lunar: Not again.

    Agata: Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it?

    [harp music stops playing]

    Chloris: Get out of my forest.

    #cesare from underneath the lake: tis but a scratch! #yeah chloris is the friend you go to when you're sad and he just makes you sadder but the harp music is a bop so you shouldn't complain #that weird forest friend group #royce#ace#louie#lunar#agata#chloris #LN incorrect quotes
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  • monstercry
    22.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    I don’t think Fire Elementals need to sleep, they might not be able to at all even. Just thinking of a Fire Elemental in a bed that’s likely flammable, possibly setting it on fire while they dream, definitely no blankets because they’re either flammable or will restrict oxygen — do you think Fire Elementals absorb oxygen through their skin? That would be interesting.

    If you assume that Fire Elementals need fuel, heat, and oxygen in order to keep going the same way fire itself does then there’s an even bigger chance that Fire Elementals wouldn’t sleep opposed to prioritising food. Since fires that aren’t being fed regularly start to die.

    #I only started thinking about this because of Holt and Jackson and their home situation #like they switched when the sun rose/set right and thought that they had a sleeping condition at that point #so they definitely don’t need to sleep if their parents managed to get away with that #and they had to get that from somewhere which out of the two of their parents the jekyll-hyde parent is mentioned the most #but she’s (their mum) also mentioned as being a working parent #sure her having jobs and losing them is definitely a partial cover for moving often #but if she didn’t work at all the time she’s ‘at work’ is what time she’s asleep? why would you lie about that for an excuse #especially one that might reflect badly of having a hyde-side (or being one) in the future if either Jackson or Holt assume that is why she #lost her job. So she has a job and alsp has a child that’s on 24/7 even if said children don’t know that to be true. #at least one of them has been homeschooled. (bc. Jackson was surprised that normie school was easier than a monster school in Ghould Rule?) #either you’re hiring a nanny or two or your Fire Elemental partner is also on 24/7 or at least has the ability to play primary caregiver #to a baby/child/teen that does not sleep #so yeah. i don’t think fire elementals sleep #fun implications for Heath and his ADHD (because he has ADHD) #out of sight out of mind + can’t comprehend linear time = au where Heath tries to call Jackson and gets Holt instead #monster high#mh
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  • souielle
    22.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    minors + ageless blogs, interact and you'll be blocked <3

    wouldn't it be weird to scream ‘oh my god ’ while doing the nasty with the brothers??? especially lucifer... i think he'd be very uh... displeased >:[ he would probably punish you for chanting a name that isn't his when you're making a mess around his cock :'/ looks like he's gonna have to teach you a lesson :')

    many thoughts about meanie!luci who would make you chase a high that he would only allow you to get once you've learned who you belong to :/ all because you said “oh god, ‘m gonna cum—!” :'''/

    you'd beg and beg for him to let you cum, to stop the teasing, babbling promises about being good, about never mentioning his father again, and he would feign kindness, letting your orgasm finally wash over you, only to keep going until you're begging again.

    “lu-luci, p-please! ‘s too much— can't cum anymore! ”

    “hmm? isn't this what you wanted? to cum, to be good for me? so do it. cum.”

    you squeeze your eyes shut as another orgasm racks through your body. his grip on your neck tightens as he reminds you to open your eyes.

    “didn’t i tell you? look at who owns you when you cum. seems like i have to teach you another lesson.”

    this was a tad bit shorter than i wanted it to be... maybe i’ll elaborate on this even more one day... maybe...

    #⚫_⚫ #... yeah ... #anyways 😁 #hope all lucifuckers are having a good day <3 #☁️ · drabbles ! #‼️ · nsft ! #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me smut #obey me thirst #obey me fic #obey me lucifer #lucifer obey me #obey me headcanons #obey me x you #obey me x reader #omswd lucifer x reader #omswd #obey me! shall we date?
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  • druidscraft
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #inbox #dnd: st. valentine #yeah idk what about me went 'okay lets do enchantment wizard to be our healer' but here we are! #i think i might make the rule that if saint doesn't come across more wizard spells then ze can't level up the wizard half of the multiclass #and instead has to level up the bard half #which would be really cool ngl #inch me closer to the more intense healing spells #anyway thank you for the ask!
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  • sodapopblogs
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i dont tolerate bad behaviors that much #so yeah #you wouldnt mind being disciplined right batsy? #tou responds#ask#🦇 anon
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  • professionalfruitgremlin
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I sent my friend a message wishing her happy birthday and she came back telling me that she has a belated housewarming gift for me and I’m like no omg it’s your birthday I should have remembered to get you a present 😭

    #also did you guys know...that when you contact your friends... you can communicate with the #them? #I’m shocked #legit tho I’m so bad at talking to people sjdjgjl #like I moved in January and she still has a housewarming gift to give me so yeah that p much sums up my communication ability
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  • eternally-cursed
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #yes ik what you mean but im going to promptly ignore that :)) #asks#violet <3 #ykw i think imma change your tag to smth more accurate #smth like #the pain in the ass #yeah that sounds about right
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  • cousingregbf
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    do it all the time tomgreg song of the decade. sorry

    #yeah yeah you can kill me for these posts but also im right
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  • museenkuss
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    For personal reasons I have to talk about oyster emojis.

    Like the pearls are a nice touch and I do like the shimmer in the WhatsApp and Samsung ones but I feel like everyone tried to wilfully misunderstand the assignment.

    I mean. That’s what we need. That’s what we’re talking about. We have this, we have the foaming bottle of champagne, all we need now is a violets emoji and we’re set. Maybe a dripping honeycomb. Maybe some plums. Maybe a piece of papyrus with a fragment of text on it, if we’re feeling poetic.

    #apple went ‘we’ll give the wlw something to sext’ and everyone else went ‘Hm. yeah no thank you’ #A DISGRACE #I love the apple oyster it’s so obscene it’s so pretty thank youuuuu #October 2021 #⚜️.txt #(that one is much prettier on apple too btw. ALSO I was reminded of the florentine Lily when I first started using it and after found out- #it was really some french Catholic stuff? a disgrace. I’m embarrassed but ut IS very pretty)
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  • chrisbangs
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    had an amazing cry today... sobbed till i nearly threw up twice ! literally had a raw voice after like . god damn that was an ASTOUNDING cry like chest wracking sobs and all i did it all i deserve an oscar 😎

    #ummmmmmmmmm #it is 7 am i haven't slept 😎 #surprisingly! #my mom held me and rocked me back and forth and kept rubbing my back and kissing me the entire time #and she babied the hell outta me i was so surprised but i was too busy retching so #i normally . do not make a noise when i cry so #this is amazing to me #i've been silently crying in my room the last few days like every day . so #i teared up at the table and before i could go she saw me crying and was like ?$?!?)! what's wrong ??? #and i broke down .. the way i do and she just held me for ??? 30/40 minutes while i sobbed and choked and all the ugly stuff #so ... suddenly v grateful for a mother ... somehow feeling v grateful that she held me .. #she cried too.. bc i was crying she kept asking what's wrong but i couldn't even talk and #she was like #'my babie please don't cry can't you tell me what's wrong?? poor babie please you're breaking my heart' #like GOOD GOD . she's never spoken to me like this before iwas so .. astounded ! #yeah... adventures #i'm so tired i wanna sleep soo bad .. #skipping all my classes tmmr 🤣 so i can work... on my second last project 😭 LOL. #ok anyway.. congrats to me i got some of the mother's affection 🥳 wow ... #idk why it made me feel so weird but yea... #dl #li.txt #neg #again .. now that i have brokenly wept my sorrows i feel so much better -__- but it's so humiliating crying like the entire world just ended #like i get it when my drama teacher said i would've been a good soap opera actor like girl .. GIRL!!!!!
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  • pls-just-let-me-marry-yeung
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I find it actually funny cuz, yk, we did the same thing? But we didn't come back and regret it years later and somehow got sent back in time so we could change our mistakes?

    #Funny Headcanon : Yau also got a second chance after spending all his life in the city. But he's more subtle about it than us. #yeah ik Yeung also when to the city at some point I think??? but I could see it coming back on his own #but Yau??? Recognize he was wrong and return???? I'm sorry sir but no he totally lived a pathetic life and got sent back in time after #having a sad monologue over it. Probably came to the conclusion after one of his parents died and he couldn't join the ceremony cuz yk #being a medic in the city is time consuming #harvest town#lee yeung #harvest town lee yeung #harvest town yeung #harvest town lee yau #lee yau #harvest town yau #that's not spoiler it is??? is literally the beginning of the game you can't come at me with 'spoiler alert' #is like telling someone they get the farm in Stardew Valley from their grandfather after he dies everyone knows that
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  • doodlboy
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'll be taking requests for a while so if you have anything you'd like me to draw send it in!

    #im going to bed so if any come in ill do them tomorrow #but you can literally send whatever- even if i dont know the character i will 100% look it up #so yeah #send me stuff! #elliot rambles#requests open #also g'night folks #ily#✌💜🌙
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  • roomy-ghosted
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    In the fucking yogscast book, I still want to know what crimes Martyn committed to warranting the description of:

    'Approach with extreme caution. Do not attempt to apprehend this man. Any information leading to the arrest of this man shall be duly rewarded. Notify YogLabs authorities immediately'

    #yogscast#martyn littlewood#inthelittlewood #look man he's a fucking criminal #Looking into the book it looks like it's in reference to him playing the escapist but still thats his WHOLE bio. #but I just refound my copy of the book #it has a blueprint of yoglabs and everything;;;; #AND info on the flux;;; #duncans notes on the flux #my beloved #ALSO AT THE END THE FUCKING #ISRAPHEL AND A GIANT HAND WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT YOGSCAST HMMMM #I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT THIS SOLVES NOTHING BASTARD MEN (affectionate) #or maybe my memory is iffy and it's a reference but still #but yeah yogscast book my beloved
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  • le-disappointment-of-vere
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Idk man when i die I'll make sure to become such a great ghost that buzzfeed unsolved makes a comeback

    #I'll also make sure all the people in my house can hear me #cause bitch! #I didn't spend my whole life watching and remembering vines and john mulaney stand up videos for you not to hear me!!!! #like yeah #ill be an eeeevil ghost #but like with a great sense of humor!! #like you are bleeding all over the place but at least you can laugh !! :D #buzzfeed unsolved
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