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    26.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    miss american pie --- wip by trinhdrawss

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    26.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    You’re telling me “Slipping Through My Fingers” from Mamma Mia exists and nobody’s using it for Melina and the girls?

    So am I just gonna sit here and WAIT or am I gonna have to do this myself?

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    26.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦ * . ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦. • . + ✦


    ── 𝐌𝐀𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 ༣ཾ྄ ❥ ࿐໋ . ˚

    ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦ * . ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦. • . + ✦




















    ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦ * . ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦. • . + ✦






    ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦ * . ✦ ⋆ . * ⋆. . · . + ✦. • . + ✦

    #marvel one shots #marvel #marvel x reader #avengers x reader #guardians of the galaxy x reader #gotg #gotg x reader #steve rogers x reader #sam wilson x reader #tony stark x reader #bucky barnes x reader #thor odinson x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #bruce banner x reader #nebula x reader #peter quill x reader #t’challa udaku x reader #stephen strange x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #yelena belova x reader
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    26.07.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Natasha ❤️

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    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #yelena belova my beloved #asks
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  • agentem
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Toy leaks for Multiverse of Madness, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye!

    Possible spoilers but I am starting to think the big villain of MoM is the Strange variant we have already seen in the What If...? trailer. Everyone said Mephisto. Then Nightmare. Then it’s Wanda being evil. But maybe it’s HIM being evil? Just speculation on my part.

    Also two Wong Funkos. I am blessed.

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  • gaylittlearts
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yelena again! Just in love with her. Open the image for high quality.

    #art#digital art#drawing #artists on tumblr #black widow movie #black widow #black widow fanart #black widow art #yelena belova fanart #yelena belova art #yelena belova
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  • just-another-wanda-fan6
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yelena: Can I be frank with you guys?

    Natasha: Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help.

    Y/n: Can I still be Y/n?

    Wanda: Shh, let Frank speak.

    #the avengers#incorrect quotes#natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha x reader #black widow#wanda maximoff #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #scarlet witch #yelena belova x reader #yelena belova #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel x reader #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#marvel mcu #avengers x reader
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  • peterbarnes
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ya’ll I got some exciting stuff coming tomorrow!!! A Yelena fic (dropping at noon EST) and a Valkyrie fic (dropping at 3pm EST). Currently working on maybe pt. 3 so hopefully that’ll be out in the next few days.

    #yelena belova#valkyrie #yelena belova x reader #valkyrie x reader #loki x reader #loki
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  • rollingsins
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Friendly Competition

    pairing: harry styles x florence pugh x reader

    summary: Harry and Florence are competitive. A little too competitive, when it comes to you. Smut. 

    word count: 3.6k

    warnings: SMUT, oral, strap-ons (seriously, this is filthy. read at your own peril)

    AN: My ask is open for requests, will write for flo/reader, harry/flo/reader or yelena


    Hypothetically, it was like a dick-measuring contest. 

    They were both competitive, you had already known that, any game the three of you played usually ending with the two of them arguing over some small technicality. 

    “You cheated!” Harry would roar, “You looked at my cards,” Florence would cry back. 

    Little did you know, it would spill over into your love life. 

    You’re on your back, Harry’s head between your legs. You hear her tut, and then she says,  

    “Stop. You’re doing it wrong. Let me try.” 

    Harry looks up from between your legs, a frown on his face. “I’m not doing it wrong,” he says, “She likes it like this.”

    “No she doesn’t,” Says Florence impatiently, “You’re teasing her too much, dragging it out. She’s ready to cum.” 

    Harry looks up, all attention off you now as he leans up to argue with her. 

    “Flo,” You whine, your head falling back, “Harry, come back.” 

    “Alright, then.” He says, “If she’s ready to cum, make her cum. Since you’re the expert.” 

    Florence smirks, her eyes lighting up at the challenge.

    “Move then.” She says, pushing him gently, clambering between your legs, licking her lips. 

    She presses a kiss to your thigh, green eyes heady.

    “Hi baby,” She murmurs softly against your skin. You press your hand to the top of her head, fondly, lacing your fingers through her hair. 

    She wastes no time; her tongue is on you, licking purposefully. She teases your entrance with her tongue for a moment before you feel her index finger slide inside of you. 

    “Yes, baby,” You moan, your grip on her hair tightening, “More.” 

    “Oi,” Harry protests, sitting up beside you, “I wasn’t using fingers, that’s cheating.” 

    You feel her sigh into you, before she withdraws her fingers. 

    “Whatever,” She says, her smile wicked as she presses a kiss to your inner thigh, “Don’t need them anyway.” 

    Your head falls back, mouth falling open with a moan as she takes your clit in her mouth and sucks expertly. 

    Nothing made you cum faster than her lips on your clit and she knew it. 

    She has you in an iron grip, her lips puckering to keep you in her grip while she uses her tongue to dance along your clit.

    Within less than a minute your toes are curling, gasping out as you cum, her pretty pink lips sucking so diligently. 

    She presses a long kiss to your thigh, and when she lifts her head, a wide cheshire grin brims across her face. 

    Harry stares. “Wow,” He says thoughtfully as Florence licks her lips clean, crawling up your body to kiss you. 

    Your body is limp, still seeing stars as she pulls you into her, holding you close as catch your breath. 

    Although you’re tucked tightly into the crook of her neck, you can almost feel the shit-eating grin sprawled wide across her face, “Let me know if you ever want lessons, Styles,” She says, and you muster what little energy you have left to smack her lightly. 


    The TV’s blaring, the three of you laid back on the couch. You lay in Harry’s arms, legs splayed out over Florence’s lap, beer bottle in hand.

    “Who’s a better kisser?” Harry asks suddenly, quite casually, although the look in his eye suggested it wasn’t casual at all. 

    “Oh no,” You say, taking a long swig of your beer, “I’m not playing this game.” 

    “Come on baby,” Florence says, a playful glint in her eye, “You can answer, he can take it.” 

    “You’re both incredible kissers,” you say honestly, pressing a kiss to Harry’s knuckles. “I couldn’t choose between you.” 

    “But she’s better at going down on you?” Harry asks, pointedly. 

    “It’s not a competition.” You assure him, “You’re both incredible. There are things she’s better at and there are things you’re better at.” 

    “Oh yeah?” Harry asks, sitting up, ”Like what?” 

    “Yeah,” Florence asks, her eyebrows furrowed, “Like what?” 

    You look between the two of them, exasperated, “This is exactly why I didn’t want to have this conversation.” 

    Harry tugs on your hand. “C’mon babe,” He murmurs, his voice that low tone he likes to use when he wants something, “You gotta give me something here, she can’t have all the glory.” 

    She had been quite insufferable since last night, taking every opportunity to gloat. He pouts, and you can’t resist. 

    “Well,” You begin, “You’re better with, y’know- your stroke game is better.” 

    Harry’s grin lights up his entire face. Florence looks as though you’ve slapped her. 

    “Bullshit,” she says, “I didn’t hear complaints last night.” 

    “I don’t have any complaints, honey,” you say, stroking her cheek, “I love you.” 

    Her brows furrow, she swats away your hand. 

    “Not my stroke game though.” 

    “I love you and your stroke game,” You say, rising from Harry’s lap to press a kiss to her cheek. She pouts, tilting away from you. 

    “Just not as much as she likes mine,” Harry grins, triumphantly. You shoot him a look, and Florence pulls away from the two of you, standing. 

    “Well,” she says, “Alright then, why is his better than mine?” 

    “It’s just-“ You begin to say, your cheeks heating, “Harry, he just has- a little more rhythm. Control.” 

    “I have rhythm,” Florence argues, and Harry snickers. 

    “Sure,” He smiles, “The rhythm of a jackhammer,” 

    “You are a bit like a jackhammer, babe,” You admit, bottom lip between your teeth. Her mouth drops open.

    Florence got very enthusiastic when she was wearing the strap-on, so enthusiastic she often made it hard for you to walk the next day. 

    Suddenly she stands, making a beeline for the bedroom. 

    You groan, standing up, “Baby, come back,” 

    When she comes back, the strap on is in her hand, and fire behind her eyes. 

    “Take your pants off,” She orders, dropping her own. She steps into the harness of the strap-on, lifting her shirt over her head. 

    Harry sits up, suddenly interested. 

    “What, now?” You ask, gesturing to the TV, “I’m watching this!” 

    “It’s a repeat,” Harry says, eyes sparking as he shuts off the TV with the remote, “You heard the woman, pants off.” 

    You look between them. “How romantic,” You grumble, reaching for your belt buckle. 

    “Here, let me get that,” Harry says. His hands on the top of your jeans, pulling them down. He grins, pulls you in close for a kiss. 

    “Don’t get any ideas,” Warns Florence as she fumbles with her harness, “I’m fucking her first.” 

    Harry pulls away from you, pressing a hand to your lips. 

    “I’ll warm her up for you,” He says, and pulls your underwear down to your ankles. 

    It’s not a bad view, you think, perching your head up to watch as Harry kisses his way down your stomach. He pauses, lifting his shirt over his head, and your eyes are drawn to the tan skin of his shoulders, his eyes glowing such a pretty color of green as they look up at you through thick eyelashes. 

    You feel his tongue against you and you gasp, pressing your forearm to your mouth. Usually, he was leisurely, lapping at you, teasing you. Clearly, he had taken Florence’s lesson to heart; he copies her movements, the way she flicks her tongue, the way her lips had fused against your clit. You moan, close your eyes. 

    It isn’t long before Harry’s tongue has brought you over the edge - you clutch at the brown curls on his head as he rides out your orgasm with you. 

    He sits up, shirtless and grinning. 

    “And the student becomes the master,” He declares proudly, as you gasp into your elbow. 

    “You’re welcome,” Florence says, and she does look a little proud of him, “Scooch over.” 

    Harry kisses you once more, before pulling back, and dropping to the spot beside you. 

    You groan, reaching out to pull him back into you. 

    “Hey,” You groan, “come back” 

    He smiles at you, lopsided. “Soon,” he murmurs, pressing his lips to yours briefly. And then he’s gone. You miss the weight of him instantly, but before you can coax him back Florence has replaced his body with her own. 

    “Hi,” She grins, and you sigh with relief. She feels different than him, softer, lighter. But she feels just as good on you, if not better, her nipples hard and taut against your stomach, her hands wild, wandering. She nuzzles into your neck and you rope your fingers through her long blonde hair. You feel the rubber silicone of the strap on graze your thigh and your stomach flips. 

    “You’re so wet,” She marvels, her fingers sliding through you, teasing your clit. She circles your entrance, once, twice, before sinking a finger inside of you, and ducking down to take your nipple between her teeth. 

    “Yes, baby,” you groan, as she builds her pace, curling her finger inside you, “More.” 

    “More?” She asks, teasingly. She takes your nipple between her lips, sinking another finger into you. She builds her pace slowly, until you’re gripping her shoulders, biting into your bottom lip. Then, she stops, drawing out her fingers and licking each one clean, glimmer in her eye. 

    “You taste so good, darling.” She tells you, moving her hand down to the head of her strap-on. She presses it against you. Your eyes flutter shut. “And you’re so wet. I don’t think we even need lube.” 

    “Need you inside me,” You murmur, your cheeks flushed pink, “Now, baby, please.” 

    She smiles, “Okay baby,” She says, “Just because you asked so nicely.” 

    The strap-on always feels strange at first. It’s cold, with none of the warmth of Harry’s cock or Florence’s fingers. But it’s attached to her, the woman you love, and you sigh, kissing her gently, loving the feeling of her filling you up. 

    “That feel good, baby?” She asks, brushing her nose against yours, her hand reaching down to play with your clit. 

    “Yes Flo.” You say, and you kiss her again, gasping into her mouth. She pumps in and out of you slowly, building her pace as you wrap your arms around her neck, spreading your legs wider, wanting her deeper inside of you. 

    Your lips find her neck, sucking gently and she fucks you, finding the spot she likes the most. You mark her with your teeth, your tongue smoothing over every bite you leave. 

    She gasps. You know she’s getting excited, she loves having her neck kissed. She’s suddenly everywhere, lips on your neck, your mouth, your breasts, holding you tightly against her. Her thrusts are messy, emotional, like she can’t control herself when she’s fucking you. 

    “Stop,” Harry orders. You wrap your arms around her neck, pressing up to kiss her. 

    “Don’t stop,” You moan into her mouth, tangling your fingers in her hair. 

    “Stop,” Says Harry again, “You’re giving her too much, too fast. Slow it down. Make her beg for it.” Florence stills her hips suddenly, pulling up from you so her hands are either side of your head. You shiver, missing the warmth of her body draped over you. You lean up into her, take her nipple in between your lips and suck hard. Your legs wrap around hers, pulling her into you. She gasps, loses her grip. You grind up into her, bury your face into her neck. 

    “See,” Harry instructs proudly, hand on her back, “See how desperate she is for you now.” 

    She presses forward again, deliberate, measured. You lift your hand to her cheek, stroking her blonde hair out of her eyes. She is beautiful, her pupils blown wide, her cheeks tinted red with arousal as she looks down at you. You lock your legs around her waist, tighter, forcing her deeper into you. You both groan. 

    She presses down to kiss you, her hands roaming you wildly, her tongue slipping inside your mouth with ease. She thrusts again, and then again, until she’s losing control, messy and wild, jackhammering into you as if her life depended on it. 

    Harry clears his throat. 

    “No,” He says, sounding resigned, “Stop, stop, you’ve lost your rhythm.” 

    Florence ignores him, pounds into you harder. 

    “She loves it, don’t you baby,” She murmurs, taking your earlobe between her teeth, “She loves being fucked like this,” 

    You gasp, wrapping your arms around her neck, fingernails digging into the skin on her back. 

    You barely notice Harry roll off the bed until Florence’s hips stop moving. You open your eyes to see Harry standing over the two of you, his hands on either side of Florence’s hips, holding her still. 

    “Harry,” Florence groans in protest. Harry kisses the back of her neck. 

    “Softly,” He says, drawing her back as if he was poising an arrow to be fired. “Make her feel every inch, make her miss you.” 

    She was barely in you now, Harry’s grip on her tight as he reigned her in. You whimpered, your hips lifting off the bed to meet her, your hands digging into the milky skin of her ass, trying to pull her back into you. 

    “Good,” He cooed, pressing a kiss to her cheek, “Now find a rhythm - a slow rhythm.” 

    Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration, she slipped back into you. Your belly coiled as she drew back again, until she was thrusting into you ever so slowly.  

    She was jerky, unsteady, sometimes giving you an inch, sometimes three. You could feel Harry looming over the two of you, her hips still in his hands. 

    “Steady,” He says softly, “Don’t lose control,”

    “I’m trying,” Florence says, the look in her eye determined, “I keep slipping - she’s so wet, Harry.” 

    “Is that so?” Harry asks, his eyes meeting yours. A smirk plays on his lips. “Good, speed it up a little.”

    Florence didn’t need to be told twice. You closed your eyes as she pumped into you harder, her fingers reaching down to find your clit. 

    Your cheeks were starting to burn, that familiar pressure in your stomach starting to build. You were close. You could feel Harry’s eyes on you, his grip on Florence so tight as he watched, green eyes dark with arousal. 

    “You ready, sweetheart?” He asks you, dropping a hand from Florence’s hip to stroke your leg, “I’m going to let her loose on you, you think you can take it?”

    You shudder, nodding quickly as Florence dips to press her lips to your neck. Something about the combination of Harry’s perfectly calculated strokes and Florence’s messy, uncoordinated thrusts had turned you on so much you could barely contain yourself. 

    He slaps Florence’s ass gently, playful smile on his lips, “Go on then Flo, make her scream,”

    Her gentle, steady thrusts became harder, deeper, until she was fucking you so hard you could hear the vulgar sounds of her skin slapping against yours. She leans down to kiss you, sloppy, wet, before scraping her teeth against the side of your neck, her lips on your ear. 

    “You like that, you dirty girl? You like being fucked like this?” 

    “Yes baby,” Is all you can get out. The bed is starting to squeak, Florence’s assault relentless. You grip into her for dear life, squeezing your eyes closed as another long moan escapes your lips. 

    “You look so pretty sweetheart, taking me like this.” She says, and you can’t resist leaning up to take her lips between your own. She moans into your mouth, before you feel her fingers slide down against your clit and begin to circle you. You gasp, breaking the kiss to duck into her neck, arms wrapped around her, holding her close. 

    “I love you,” She murmurs, “Come for me, darling,” 

    White heat flashes before your eyes, your entire body contradicting as you cum. You cry out into her neck, clutching onto her desperately as she rides it out with you, hips firing into you. 

    You shake, falling back into the mattress, her weight atop you. Her face is tight, rife with concentration. She hasn’t stopped thrusting into you, her eyebrows furrowed and mouth wide open, “I’m going to cum,” She says, voice tight. 

    You take her nipples between your fingers, leaning up to kiss her neck. She gasps, ruts harder into you. 

    “Cum for me baby,” You say, “That’s my good girl, cum for me,” 

    She cries out, her hips jerking wildly as she cums, gasping into your neck. You press kisses to her cheek, her forehead, her lips as she rides out her orgasm, collapsing in a sweaty heap on top of you. Her breathing evens out, and you rub her back, pressing another kiss to her forehead. 

    You lay like that for a while, just enjoying the weight of her on you, both of you breathing heavily. A calloused hand on your thigh reminds you of your boyfriend; he lays in his underwear, cock so hard it looks as though it might tear through the fabric. 

    “Come here,” You say, “Let me take care of that,” 

    You greet it like an old friend, smile sly as you pull down his briefs and take him in your mouth, eyes locked on him as he closes his eyes and moans. You suck hotly at the head of his dick, gripping the base of him with your right hand and stroking tightly. 

    Florence lays on your chest, watching, her eyes transfixed.

    He presses his fingers to your cheek and you look up at him, distracted just enough for Harry pull his cock out of your mouth.

    He has such a pretty cock, pink at the tip, at least six inches, thick enough to make your mouth water but not so thick it will hurt. He’s rock hard, wet with your saliva, and you protest, reaching to pull him back into your mouth. He denies you, grabbing your hand and tugging you up to him.  

    “Come up here,” Harry says, but he’s already pulling you up, grabbing your face to pull into a deep kiss. You kiss him back, fingers curling at the base of his neck. His hands find your ass, groping and squeezing, his fingers dipping to press against your clit. You can feel his cock pulsing between you, his tongue fervent as he presses it to your lips.

    He breaks away from your kiss, strokes the side of your face. 

    “On your hands and knees.” 

    You don’t need to be told twice; you climb up into the middle of the bed, pulling Florence up with you. You settle between her legs, ass up, ready for him. 

    Your hands find the straps of Florence’s harness, tugging impatiently. 

    “Take this off,” You say. As Florence fiddles with the straps, you shudder, feeling the weight of Harry on the bed behind you, his cock brushing the inside of your thigh. 

    You help her fumble with the straps, slip her out of the harness and spread her legs wide, unveiling your prize. She’s so wet, and she looks down at you with wistful, golden eyes. 

    “Please Y/N,” She murmurs, stroking your hair out of your eyes. You dip down, kiss her inner thigh, pulling her close to you. 

    The moment your mouth touches her you feel Harry sink inside of you. 

    His hands on your hips, his thrusts gentle but persistent, ever-present. You moan his name into your girlfriend’s clit. 

    Her finger rope into your hair, tugging it gently as you suck on her, Harry’s strong hands dip under you to play with your nipples. 

    You can hear him groaning behind you, her moaning under you, and it isn’t long before you’re close again, sliding your fingers into Florence, your tongue working so diligently against her. 

    You feel her legs on your shoulders, his hands on your ass as he drills into you. You work your fingers faster, determined to make her cum before you do, and suddenly her legs are tightening around you, gasping your name as she cums. 

    Harry’s fingers drop to your clit, his pace quickening suddenly. You gasp out into Florence’s thigh as you orgasm, 

    He moans as you constrict around him, and you feel him spill himself inside of you, his hands on your hips so tight, keeping you in place. 

    The three of you lie, panting for a moment. Harry stands suddenly, disappearing into the bathroom. 

    He offers you a towel, ever the gentleman, before flopping onto the bed next to Florence and pressing a long kiss to her lips. 

    “Good job, young grasshopper,” He whispers, “Your stroke is coming along nicely,” 

    She laughs, gently whacks him across the chest. 

    You press up onto her other side, rest your head on her shoulder, take Harry’s hand in your own. 

    “Maybe next time she can try it out on you,” You suggest, smile wry. 

    “Maybe that’s a plan,” Florence says, her eyes lighting up. 

    Harry looks at the two of you, shaking his head. 

    “I like my ass, thanks,” He says with a smile, “Don’t fancy having you destroy it.” 

    “It is a cute ass,” You say, using your free hand to pinch it, “Would be a shame if something happened to it.” 

    “Four minutes and thirty-five seconds.” Florence announces suddenly, looking at her watch. 

    You and Harry look at each other, then at her, confused. 

    “That’s how long it took me to make you cum.” She says sweetly, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. 

    “You timed it?” You stare at her, aghast. 

    “Six minutes and nine seconds.” She says again, looking pointedly at Harry. “That’s how long it took you to make her cum. I win.” 

    You roll your eyes. “Flo, not this again-“ 

    Harry stares at her for a long moment, his lips pursed. Suddenly he’s standing, looming over you as he grabs your legs, “Start the timer again.” He says, looking determined. “I can do better.” 

    You sigh into the pillow, a fresh wave of arousal hitting you. It was going to be a long night. 

    #this is absolute FILTH be warned #harry styles#florence pugh #harry styles x reader #florence pugh x reader #harry styles x you #florence pugh x you #harry styles imagine #florence pugh imagine #mine #harry styles x y/n #florence pugh x y/n #fanfiction #harry styles x florence pugh #harry styles x florence pugh x reader #yelena belova#black widow #Yelena belova x reader
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  • likea-black-widow-baby
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Yelena: And if I run and leap at Natasha, she will most certainly catch me in her arms.

    Yelena: Coming in!

    Natasha: No, don’t, I’m holding coffee!

    Natasha: *drops coffee and catches Yelena*

    #b99 strikes again #marvel#marvel women#mcu#mcu women#mcu memes#marvel memes #marvel incorrect quotes #mcu incorrect quotes #black widow #black widow 2021 #Natasha Romanoff#Yelena belova
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  • selfshippery
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #yelena belova#self shipping #self ship community #self ship #self shipping community #ship: lunareclipse
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  • just-another-wanda-fan6
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Yelena: What do you think Natasha will do for a distraction?

    Y/n: She’ll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do.

    *Building explodes and several car alarms go off*

    Y/n: ... or she could do that.

    #the avengers#incorrect quotes#natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha x reader #yelena belova x reader #yelena belova #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel x reader #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#marvel mcu#black widow
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  • incorrectquotesmcu
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Yelena: [about Wanda] Ask anyone. We’re close.

    Natasha: My sister and my girlfriend sometimes have sleepovers. In my bed. With me in it.

    #source: greys anatomy #yelena belova #yelena belova incorrect quotes #black widow #black widow incorrect quotes #wanda maximoff#natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff incorrect quotes #natasha x wanda #wanda x natasha #wandanat #marvel incorrect quotes #avengers #avengers incorrect quotes #marvel
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  • im-just-star-dust
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Black Widow kinda sucked ngl...

    #black widow#natasha romanoff#yelena belova#memes #i liked the premise #getting rid of the red room #but it just felt rushed and all over the place #i swear they cared more about the fight scenes than the story #i know its a marvel movie #fight scenes are common #but cmon you cant save the story with a cool fight scene #i felt nothing for anyone and i think its really overrated #i didnt feel connected to any of them
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  • l-artemisia-del-secolo
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    List of the random Russian words Yelena would use with you on a daily basis*:

    Люблю безумно - lublyu bezumno - love madly

    Обожаю - obozhau - adore

    Тоскую без тебя - toskuyu bez tebya - miss you

    Рассчитываю на тебя - raschytyvayu na tebya - counting on you

    Моя родная - moya rodnaya - my dear

    Принадлежишь только мне - prynadlezhish tolko mnye - belong only to me

    Серьезные намерения - seryozniye namereniya - serious intentions

    Так повезло с тобой - tak povezlo s toboy - so lucky with you

    Стая - staya - the pack

    Ласкать - laskat' - caress

    Завишу от тебя - zavishu ot tebya - depend on you

    Растворяюсь в тебе - rastvoryayus v tebye - dissolve in you

    Удовольствие - udovolstviye - pleasure

    Моя любовь - moya lubov - my love

    Заниматься любовью - zanimatsa lyubovyu - make love

    Беспокоюсь о тебе - bespokoyus o tebe - worried about you

    Моя единственная - moya edinstvennaya - my only one

    Лучше меня - luchshe menya - better than me

    Трахать - trahat' - fuck

    Идеальная - idealnaya - perfect

    Вместе до смерти - vmeste do smerty - together till death

    *brough to you by the thick Russian accent

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  • poetryloki
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    yelena: i can explain. natasha: can you? yelena: if you give me thirty seconds to think of a lie.

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