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    12.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    TXT (Tomorrow X Together) click and drag #7

    your birthday party with TXT


    my birthday it’s on October and still long way to go LOOL

    but anyways, happy birthday for anyone celebrate it today~


    -party decoration

    -his idea of this party

    -prepare food (include cake)

    -cover your eyes to lead you the place

    -start sing birthday song & everyone sing along

    -prepared the gift you want for so long

    all cr. myself
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  • sinchoi
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    THE BEST . choi yeonjun !

    WARNING + GENRE + WC . smut, spanking, hate sex, choking, degrading . 1653 . reposted from my old acc @/xe6yu !

    “y/n! come over here!” soobin coos as you walk around the library. you walked over to his table and hugged everyone except yeonjun, just ignoring he was even there. “you did amazing last night. the cheer team is unstoppable without you.” he continues.

    everyone knew soobin had a crush on you but you weren’t interested in anything serious. “why thank you-.” you smiled down at him before sitting down. yeonjun rolled his eyes and scoffed, you looked at him as your smile fell, “got a problem choi?” you asked him.

    he clicked his tongue “you’re not the best cheerleader, this fool just wants you to think that.” he snickered. “the team is better when you’re not trying to steal the show from everyone.” you gasp a little and throw the closest item at him, which was a box of tissue, and stood up.

    “fuck off yeonjun.” you rolled your eyes and walked away.

    “don't be rude bro,” soobin stood up and jogged to find you, yeonjun had a satisfied smirk on his face, as the rest of the boys started to talk he watch you and soobin talk in the hallway, the playful hits to his shoulder or random smiles made yeonjun upset, yet he didn’t know why.

    “so you’ll come to the party tonight yeah?” soobin asked, giving you his cheeky smile to show his dimples making you smile just a bright. with a nod soobin says ‘yes’ and gives himself a mental pat on the back. “see you there.”

    after school you cleaned up and began to prepare yourself for the party. finding the best dress you could and slipping it on. you took pictures as well while waiting until the time finally came. you called a lyft and it drove you there “thank you~.” you cooed to the driver and walked inside.

    everyone was on top of each other and dancing around, so drinking and some just looked lost as if they didn’t want to be there. you were one of those people but you were gonna have fun regardless. you found soobin and his friends and they all greeted you. you gave soobin and hug and sat down next to him.

    it didn’t take much for yeonjun to cut his eyes at you. “idiot,” you mumbled under your breath and flicked him off when no one but him was looking at you. he smirked and walked away. “so soobin~ wanna go dance?” he kindly accepted your offer and you pulled him out to the dance floor.

    while dancing soobin was having the time of his life, yeonjun watched from the wall, taking small sips from his red solo cup. you bent over and put soobin hands on your waist, boy did he love that. yeonjun, however, didn’t. he walked back to the bar and you turned to face soobin again.

    “i’m gonna be honest and say y/n’s way~ different at parties than in school..” beomgyu said, staring at your ass. “do you see- am I seeing correctly? she’s always hiding that ass?” yeonjun laughed and shook his head.

    “i mean i’ve seen bigger, she’s not all that and a bag of chips. you know?” yeonjun smirked but beomgyu shook his head. a girl walked over and pull him away leaving yeonjun alone yet again. “my friends give in so easily.” he laughed to himself finding another drink.

    you walked over to get another drink as well leaving soobin to dance with other girls, “that’s off limit sweetheart.” yeonjun snatched the bottle from you. you sigh and avoided talking to him, finding another bottle which he also took. “sorry~.”

    “hey come on what’s your issue? you’re like a spoiled three year old who got told no for the first time.” you frown and try to take the drinks, he held onto your wrist and leaned down to your ear. you were shocked from how close he was with you.

    “find something else to drink, y/n.” he said almost sternly and let go of your wrist. you huffed and found a beer to drink on, you decided how nice it would be if you could play around with yeonjun. walking past him and flipping your hair in his face causing him to groan in irritation.

    he walked up behind you and touched your waist. “something telling me you want me.” he said, he wasn’t wrong but you weren’t gonna let him know that he was right. with a roll of your eyes you shrugged your shoulders.

    “well what makes you say that stingy?” you ask, referring to him hogging the bottles up earlier. “if i did what would you even do about it hm?” you tilt your head. yeonjun leads you down the hall and down the basement stairs. opening another door to his bedroom. it was fairly larger and warm to be in the basement.

    yeonjun walked you into his room and shut the door behind him, locking it. “i swear you’re so fucking annoying.” he says causing you to roll your eyes at him “i’ll just fuck that loud mouth if yours though.” you helped him lift his shirt over his head then threw it away.

    he pushed you against his bed, you fell on your back and he hovered over you. “awe yeonjun's triggered, oh boo boo, poor you.” you tease but before you knew it his hand found your neck. he had a deadly glare in his eyes as he looked at you, allowing your body to automatically submit under him.

    before you knew it your dress was on the floor and your legs were spread for him. “since you want to talk so much, let's see how loud you can get.” he raises an eyebrow and hums ripping your panties away. you gasp as you hear the lacy fabric rip.

    yeonjun head dipped between your legs and swiped your clit teasingly. you moan softly and whine while looking down at you, “don't be an ass.” you say glaring down at him as he snuck his fingers through your folds. he slipped his fingers into but didn’t move them.

    “don't be a what y/n?” he looks up and tilts his head at you. “don't be quiet now.” he roughly pumped his fingers. you let out a loud ‘oh’ and he smirked, “repeat yourself slut.” he groaned, making you heart drop and beat faster.

    you tried but he sped his fingers up quicker just to get a reaction out of you. his fingers curled inside of you, hitting your g-spot faster than anyone has ever. “fuck- holy fuck.” you threw your head back and grip his bed sheets.

    he pulled his hand away and slapped your pussy, you jerk back a little and whine from the disconnection. “are you a virgin y/n?” he asked, unbuckling his jeans and letting them fall to his knees with his boxers. you shake your head as he rubs his tip on your clit.

    after shaking your head, yeonjun wasted no time turning you in your stomach and putting your hands behind your back. he slammed into you, making you scream out, he rolled his eyes and scoffed. “what a slut..”

    yeonjun used his free hand to press your head into the mattress and pounded into you, your back arched deeper as you felt around to grab his wrist and moan out his name, “who knew such a asshole could fuck me like this.” you say. yeonjun cocked his head, quickening his pace.

    he spanked you repeatedly, marking your ass with the print of his large hand. “shut up, you talk so much.” he said gripping your hair and harshly pulling it back. “if you’re not moaning my name you don’t need to talk.” you let out a grunt from the hair tug as your face began to heat up.

    “god, i hate you.” you say getting closer to your high “i’m gonna cum.” he shakes his head, pulling out of you and spanking you hard. with a loud whine, you tried to push yourself back onto him yet he stopped you again.

    “you wanna get fucked out like the slut you are? or do you want me to edge you all night, i’m fine with both.” he snickered into your ear and spread your legs again. you chose the first option and decided to behave yourself.

    “fuc-fuck me.” you whine making him smirk and roll you on your back again. he played on your slit with his tip before pushing into you. his hands ran up your body and both landing on your neck, squeezing harshly but gentle enough for you to breathe.

    yeonjun's hips picked up speed after a while and had you screaming his name. he was close to cumming and so were you, “don’t stop please! d-don’t stop!” i held onto his wrist, as his grip got tighter yours did. your legs began to shake and you clenched uncontrollably around him.

    he gave one last hard thrust before you came around him. the squeezing around his cock only made him groan louder. he pulled old and stroked his cock quickly. throwing his head back from pleasure and came all over your stomach. he laid beside you and the both of you caught your breaths.

    “that was fun.” he snickered. you rolled your eyes and picked up his shirt to wipe yourself down. “hey! that’s gucci, how dare you.” he groans, snatching the shirt from you and putting it in his dirty clothes. you looked around for your underwear and clothes before slipping them back on.

    “i'm so dumb, i let you, of all people, have sex with me.” you sigh, fixing your hair in his mirror. he slid his jeans on and walked up behind you. his hands wandered your hips as he leaned into your ear. his warm breath fanning over it just a tad.

    “admit it. i’m the best you’ve ever had.”

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  • sierrawr
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Years To Get Over You || Taehyun || 🔥

    Summary: Taehyun and you had past together as a lover for 2 years before it went wrong due to you falling in and out love. Years passed by now and it hurt you to know that he has moved on and has someone replacing you.

    **Based from "Years" by Astrid and my own love life experience.

    Genre: Angst

    Pairing: Taehyun x Female Reader

    Warning: None

    Song Playlist: Years - Astrid

    You and your high school friends planned to go to a coffee shop nearby your high school for a get together (reunion) and that's where you are all at right now. All of you ordered some pastry dessert with a favorite drink in which you ordered a caramel macchiato.

    "Oh? You finally ordered a caramel macchiato?" Eugene, one of your friend asked you as if she can't believe her eyes. You might ask why is she being shocked over a simple drink order. Well here is the answer.

    Caramel Macchiato used to be the favorite drink of you and Kang Taehyun. Your first love and ex from high school. You would never order or drink a caramel macchiato after the break up because it would remind you of him when you're working hard to forget him.

    It took years for you to get over the break up and moved on from him because at the end of the day, you knew that it was your mistake that both of you ended.

    During the high school years, Taehyun and you used to be classmates for 3 years. Other than that, you and Taehyun also used to date each other for 2 years being each other's first love.

    But it was an on and off relationship. You fell in and out of love twice during the relationship which leads to the on and off relationship.

    He treated you well enough. He even forgive and gave you the second chance which you blew up. You don't know why but even you yourself just can't seem to find the answer why and how you fell out of love with him.

    At some point, both of you got into different class after the final break up and tried to move on from each other. The two of you stopped talking and interacting with each other at school.

    You'd passed by or bump into each other occasionally at school but both of you would try to ignore and brush it off ignoring each other's presence. And this goes on until the prom and graduation day.

    Fast forward few years later, both of you lost contact with each other. Which basically means that you don't know what he is up to or doing now. It would be a lie to say that you never miss him.

    In fact, you would think of him every single minute when you remember about those days when you're with him. The truth is that you knew that he moved on faster than you because you saw him with another girl which you identify as one of his classmate at that time during the prom.

    That's when you realized how much you've hurt him before and how broken he is when he was with you. When you love someone who has someone, you know that it's too late to turn back the time.

    "Yeah I'm starting to drink caramel macchiato these days. I missed the taste of it." You replied nonchalantly as you take a sip of your caramel macchiato. "You missed the caramel macchiato or you missed him?" Hana, your friend who sits on your left side asked trying to tease you being oblivious about how you're feeling about your past with Taehyun.

    "Ah, right. Did you ever contact him again? Or did he ever contact you? You know.. After the graduation." Eugene carefully asked afraid of hurting your feeling. You sip your caramel macchiato trying preparing yourself to open up to your friends. "No we didn't. After the graduation both of us made our own way and that was it. No contact, no messages or text, no phone calls, nothing.." You spaced out as you talk.

    Hana runs her hand on your back trying to give you comfort. "It must be hard for you.." Hana said sighing as she sympathize with your love life. You chuckled but there's sadness in it. "It's harder for him to be compared with me. I fell in and out of love with him. Twice. I was stupid to let him go and dumb for not knowing the reason why I did that to him. He deserves better than me anyway." You look away as you feel like crying.

    "Well.. We can't really blame you. I mean, uhh.." Hana took a glance at Eugene trying to find the right word to say to you. "You should stop blaming yourself babe. Past is past, okay? let bygones be bygones. There's still a lot of guys, men out there." Eugene hold your hand in her own trying to comfort and console you.

    "It's my mistake. I should have treat him better. I saw him with another girl during the prom. She was his classmate I guess. They look perfect together. I wish it was me that he hold, hug and kissed at that time. It hurt me when I saw him with her." You hung your head low as you remember the way you hurt him before.

    Eugene then hold your hand while Hana hug you sideway to give you emotional support knowing that you still need the time to get over the break up and move on from Taehyun for real.

    Eugene then managed to change the topic which lightened up the mood so the three of you spent a good time during the reunion. Skip to few hours later, you're on your way home when you remember about what Hana said to you as you parted ways from the coffee shop.

    "Hey, I forgot to mention this but I actually have Taehyun's number. I date this Soobin guy and turned out he is friends with Taehyun. Bestfriend to be precise. So.. I'm one call or text away if you want his number." She then pats your shoulder as she bid you her goodbye.

    You took a shower and cook yourself a dinner after a long day of catching up with Eugene and Hana. As you eat your dinner in silence, you began contemplating whether to ask Hana or not about Taehyun's number.

    You've made up your mind and was about to call Hana when she called you first saying that Soobin is holding a reunion party at a restaurant that he already booked for tomorrow. "Hey, I hope I don't disturb you or anything but I just call you to let you know that Soobin is holding a reunion party tomorrow at xx restaurant. You straightened your posture as you listen attentively to what she's saying.

    "Who did he invite? Do you know any people that he's going to invite?" You asked with hidden agenda.

    "He invited some of his friends and other people from our batch. From what I know, he's inviting Choi Beomgyu, Choi Yeonjun and definitely Hueningkai. He told me that I can invite my friend as well so I'm inviting you and Eugene. She's gonna come so I really want you to come as well."

    You sighed. "I'll think abou-" You didn't managed to finish your word as Hana beat you to it. "Taehyun is gonna be there too!" Hana exclaimed followed by the silence from the two of you. "Please, do come. I'll text you the detail later. I'm expecting you to come." Hana said her last word before she hang up on you.

    You passed out lying on your bed with your eyes shut. "Shit what do I do now?" your heart whispered. And the next thing you now you're picking out your outfit for tomorrow.

    As soon as you've arrived at the reunion party, Hana and Eugene immediately greet you. "We know that you can make it! He hasn't come yet but you gotta wait for him." Eugene gave a nod to Hana's word. "Yeah, let's take a seat first." And so, the three of you picked a seat next to each other. You just listen to the conversations there without a feeling to say anything as you wait for Taehyun's arrival.

    It's only 20 minutes later that you finally see the figure that you've been missing. "Hey guys, sorry that I'm late. I picked up Hera earlier that's why." He then show his signature smile. The one that you would always see when you're still with him years ago. All of people there tease Taehyun as he showed up with a girl. The fact that you recognized her as the girl from the prom day with Taehyun hit you hard.

    "Oh? Are you and Hera like.." Beomgyu made a gesture with his fingers. "a thing now?" Taehyun hung his head low as he chuckled before he turned to Hera and smiled at her. "Yeah, It's been 3 years now." Hera said with her hands linking to Taehyun's arm. Soon after that, the whole space filled with clap and teasing from our schoolmates there.

    "Damn that's like.. Was it during the prom year or a year before that?" Soobin said in disbelief. Couldn't handle the fact and the information that you've heard especially coming from him, you grabbed a glass of soju pouring it into your glass silently.

    You drank it in one go before you placed it a little bit hard on the table which create a loud sound. Everyone is too focus and caught up in Taehyun's dating news except you including Hana and Eugene who's worried for you. Little did you know, Taehyun does noticed your presence from the moment you pour yourself a glass of soju.

    "Hm? I see that you're here too." He smiled. "It's good to see you again." He softly mentioned your name. You try your best not to cry as you reply to him "Yeah. Hana invited me so I'm here." You're about to pour yourself another glass of soju before he beat you to it. "You sure like soju I guess. It's your second glass already."

    You stopped pouring it midway. Eugene put the glass away from you. Now the atmosphere turns cold because some people there did know about your past with Taehyun.

    "Nah, I still like caramel macchiato better than soju." You replied nonchalantly to him which captured his attention more than ever. "Ah, I see. I guess you- No. We haven't changed at all. Do we?" He said emphasizing the "We" in his word. Hera shifts beside him while the other didn't know what to do. Thankfully, Eugene save the situation and the atmosphere there.

    "Ahaha, I think that's enough introduction over there. Now that everyone is here, shall we dig in the food? I'm already hungry over here." putting on an act of rubbing her stomach, you are really thankful to her.

    But you don't feel like eating so you excused yourself to the toilet. Hana and Eugene exchanged glances with each other before Hana get up and followed you to the toilet. As soon as she enter the bathroom, she saw that you're crying and immediately hug you rubbing her hands on your back.ding

    "I'm so sorry babe, I really am. I don't know that he is still with her and I swear I wouldn't ask and invite you to come here. It's all my fault, I shouldn't have encourage you to come now look at what I've done to you." She cries along with you. You shook your head which she's holding at the moment.

    "No Hana, you did nothing wrong. It's all my fault.. If only I treated him well back then." You couldn't continue your word as you keep on crying because that's all you can do right now.

    After time passes by, you have finally calmed yourself down with Hana helping you to fix your make up and smile. She went out first to give you some time to yourself which you appreciated it. When you go out of the bathroom, you saw Taehyun leaning onto the wall as if he's waiting for someone there.

    You tried to pass by him but it failed because he managed to catch one of your hand when you walked over him. "Can we talk?" You froze hearing his word. "Please, privately. Just the two of us. It will be quick I'll make sure of it." Taehyun tried to convince you.

    You take a deep breath before you agreed to his request. "Sure." You nod your head. He then slowly let go of your hand as you followed him to a more private and quiet space to have the conversation. "How are you doing?" He asked as both of you look at the city view from the large window at the place where he brought you.

    "I'm doing good as you can see now." He turned his face to look at you. "But it doesn't look like it to me." This time you're facing him. Which makes the both of you looking at each other. "Then why did you ask if it's obvious to you?" You don't mean to sound harsh to him but you just can't help it when you still love someone who has someone.

    "I just want to know if you're gonna be honest with me. You really are the same person that I used to know before." He said as he put his hands on the pocket of his jean. You blinked your eyes numerous of time as tears are threatening to fall on your face. "Did you just bring me here only to hurt me more? Stop putting the salt into my wounds. I don't need it and I don't need you to fake your friendliness."

    He slightly chuckled as he make one step closer to you. "So it's true that you still can't forget me and move on. I never fake anything around people I am with unlike you. I should be the one to say that because we both know who's the victim here. We can still interact with each other but I hope that you would stop playing the victim in the relationship. It's gonna make you look bad."

    You clenched your fist and teeth as you heard him talking. "What do you want?" At this point you don't care about the tears on your face or the humility and embarrassment that you feel right now. You just want him to disappear and be gone infront of you.

    He give you one last hug which taken you back being shocked by his unpredictable action. "Consider this as our last hug because I want to let you know that I can't return your feelings. I have someone that I have to take care of her feeling and we both know who she is already. I don't want to hurt Hera the way you hurt me." You shut your eyes tightly not wanting him to continue with his word because you know it's gonna wreck you more.

    Taehyun ran his hand on your hair softly brushing them still not breaking the hug. "I hope you understand. We can still be friend and that's all we will ever be from this moment. I'm sorry but I really can't accept your feelings. I might and will care for you but only as a friend, no more and no less than that." His hand stopped brushing your hair and the hug broke as he look at you before he wipe the tears on your cheek.

    There's not a single tear on his face which break you more inside knowing that he really meant what he said. Seeing that you have nothing left to say to him, he made his way out of the place leaving you there alone by yourself crying over your mistake again. It's your mistake and you know your heart is gonna break over and over again.

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    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    For the people that were repeatedly asking if TXT would date a foreigner, honestly, I don't know, what's the point of asking that? The only way we would know that is if I found out through tarot that they're in a romantic connection with a foreign person or if they themselves confirm that they're dating one.

    The only way they could be interested in someone is if they were in a common environment, doesn't matter if that person was foreign or not. I'm not really sure what are people's intentions in asking that question but this is my answer.

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    Yeonjun - We Lost The Summer @ SBS Inkigayo 201115
    #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #moasource#idolsincedits#maleidolsedit#yeonjun #hi moawajjunies i came with a gift
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    best thing i've ever seen ever

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    ~ Yeonjun Lockscreens ~

    ✨Like/reblog if you save✨
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    someone point me in the direction of the tag in which I might find all the wooyoung x changbin x yeonjun brot3 (or ot3 😏) posts

    #not fics though. I don’t do fics #wooyoung#changbin#yeonjun#ateez#stray kids #tomorrow x together
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    -ˋˏ txt + random angst prompts i think ab before i go to bed ˎˊ-

    [ ༻❁༺ ] foreword : have i cried from said prompts before? yes.

    [ ༻❁༺ ] warnings : angst, mentions of insults, infidelity, and implied death

    [ ༻❁༺ ] genre : angst

    the other members under the cut !

    choi yeonjun ; he didn’t mean those words.

    yeonjun held his breath as he realized the words that just left his mouth. the red he saw in his eyes dissipated into thin air, realizing the weight of his anger as he watched his hurtful attacks sink into your system. his hand twitched to reach out to you, his throat itching to say something, anything to take back what he just said. he didn’t think it would, or could escalate this far. his heart clenched as he watched you close your mouth, taking back anything you were going to say back to him. countless regrets were swimming in his head in that moment, and he was unsure if he could ever reverse the damage he already dealt.

    he watched as you simply turned away from him amidst his growing self-loathing, his legs paralyzed as he watched you turn around and exit the door with tears pooling in your eyes. in the blink of an eye you were gone; truth be told, he didn’t know when he forced himself to stumble to the sofa and sit down, his breathing heavy and panicky. you weren’t in the wrong for any of this, he only had himself to blame. yeonjun had no excuse to lash out the way he did—you didn’t deserve to become his punching bag.

    yeonjun sat in silence, unmoving as he hoped and prayed you’d walk back through those doors for a chance to explain himself and apologize profusely. he waited hours in the same position, zoning in and out of his thoughts with a rigid posture over the sofa. he needed to tell you he didn’t mean what he said. you should know, right? that he’d never do anything to hurt you.

    but the longer he waited, the more he realized just how little of a chance he was going to get.

    choi soobin ; you were almost enough.

    you didn’t understand how soobin could be so cruel with pushing you away, his face void of any emotion as he placed his hands in his pockets. his words were indefinite, and though you tried so many times to see through his harsh attitude, all attempts were futile in the end. he was wicked enough to let you believe you were worth staying for, when you should’ve known the truth from the start.

    it took soobin everything in him to stop himself from yelling out to you, his fingers shaking as he watched you disappear into the distance. did you not notice the way his voice faltered when he told you to leave? did you ignore how he purposely didn’t look at you? he was sure it was a sign he didn’t actually mean it. he’s the one who always told you that he didn’t mean anything he said unless he was staring into your eyes. his heart fell to his stomach as the image of you fading, lifting his hand to his face to the fresh feeling of crying.

    you didn’t deserve to have your feelings toyed with, nor did you deserve to be treated like a game. soobin’s lips quivered as he clutched a fistful of fabric around his chest, unsure of what to do next. he was such a fool to let you walk away so easily, he was the idiot for not trying hard enough. even worse—you left thinking that you weren’t good enough. the words were there, right at the tip of his tongue—he knew he wasn’t worthy of you, nor your heart.

    you left thinking you were almost enough for him to stay, but soobin stayed knowing you were always more than enough—and he’d never be able to measure up.

    choi beomgyu ; you weren’t different from the rest.

    there was a different kind of pain that traveled through beomgyu’s system as he came face to face with you, your face horrified at the scene before you. the body that clung to him, lips pulled with the smirk both you and him knew all too well. he didn’t even have the strength to pull away—how could he? you saw the damage he dealt. you saw how he broke his promise, his end of the deal. you didn’t even need to ask why—you had always known he would never be satisfied, even if facing the truth brought pain.

    beomgyu couldn’t stop you as you simply feigned calmness, his face dropping as you smiled at him, nodding in understanding as you simply took the initiative to walk past him. he managed to pull his arm away from the other as he tried to follow you, but with each step he took, you seemed to walk faster. no words were shared between the two of you—he knew he messed up. the worst part was, he’d never get another chance to make up for it.

    he promised he’d mend his ways for a chance with you. thinking about it now, beomgyu didn’t even know why he relapsed back into how he was before. he was better than those temptations, that the only physical contact he needed was with you. you warned him, so many times—you’d leave if he went back on his word. you reminded him over and over again, for fear you’d get hurt in the end. and he swore up and down that he’d never do anything to hurt you.

    but in the end, you ended up being the same as everyone else. and he was left alone, back again at square one.

    kang taehyun ; give up, he’s won the war.

    taehyun didn’t realize just how much you knew of the enemy, how easy it was for him to slip up and get too comfortable with you by his side. he filled your visions of a romeo and juliet fantasy, where the two of you could run away together and start anew. and you fell for it—you fell for him. a perfect man, so charming, endearing—

    until you found out he wasn’t.

    his heart sank when he saw that knowing glint in your eyes—the one that told him that you knew everything he wished you didn’t. how he was in on the plan to use you for infiltration, to tie your heartstrings to the kite that would soar for his family, warring against yours. taehyun didn’t know how or when something changed in him, how your smile enchanted him in ways he promised his father he’d never succumb to. he wasn’t allowed to fall for the bait—yet his heart yearned for him to admit the truth when you appeared, tear-struck and betrayed in front of him.

    he wasn’t allowed to apologize for the things he did—the plan was fool proof, he just happened to land in the worst case scenario. he created an apathetic facade as you tried to search for answers through him, looking for any sign that this was just a nightmare. he rooted his feet to the ground when you realized you wouldn’t get anything from him, clenching his jaw as you took a deep breath, wiping your tears before walking away.

    taehyun was the reason they won the war, but he felt no desire to celebrate. what good was a victory, when loss was all he received in return?

    hueningkai ; he’ll love you when he’s gone.

    hueningkai didn’t know how to comfort you in such a heartbreaking time, reeling from the way you cowered into a corner when he appeared in your bedroom, his body translucent and shimmery—the way ghosts would appear in movies. his non beating heart wrenched in agony as you screamed profanities at him, yelling for the hallucinations, the misery to leave your head. he wanted to reach out and touch you, to comfort you that everything was alright.

    his departure from this world was all too soon—there were so many things he wanted to do with you, to see with you. hueningkai wanted to stay with you. he watched you shrink into the corner of your bedroom, lethargically walking step-by-step forward to not alarm you. you had no more fighting power to throw anything his way—your chest heaved with pain as the ghost of your beloved knelt beside you, a sad smile on his lips as another round of tears welled up in your swollen eyes.

    he didn’t know what to say, how to apologize for hurting you the way he did. he didn’t know how much longer he had left before he had to depart from this world—but he had to try. hueningkai reached forward and tried to caress your cheek with his thumb, gulping nervously as he watched you try to lean into his touch. he felt nothing, but the way you closed your eyes to imagine him next to you was enough for him to relax. no words were spared between the two of you as he spent his last moments with you, nothing but love shared between you two until he heard bells ringing from afar. he turned to you then, noticing how his own body flickered in front of you.

    though you cried once more, you nodded and whispered goodbye, before you’d lose the opportunity for good. hueningkai left a final kiss on your forehead—a sign that he’ll always love you, even when he’s gone.

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    11.05.2021 - 11 hours ago
    fight, flight or freeze
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    # yeonjun fr. txt icons .ᐟ

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  • raincola
    11.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    If TXT don't come out with branded Popsicles after this comback- I'm gonna riot. ( I think his flavor would be called JunBerry) :)

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    11.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    fight, flight or FREEZE ❄

    the concept trailer is so cool!! (the pun intended)

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    11.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    .✩ frutas;


    pequena coleção de capinhas com tema de fruta

    todas para doação

    em caso de inspiração, me credite;

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    some men (yeonjun) are acceptable i guess

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