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    stayin’ over — choi yeonjun

    genre: fluff

    pairings: yeonjun & reader

    cw: none, other than too much banters

    “I’m fine with anything, it’s up to you. Always”

    — yes this is another repost, and expect more of the daydreams series.. i deleted all of it from my old account

    You we’re supposed to meet him tonight at your usual place to study for the finals. Another week of hell, you remembered him joking about it. For sure you were excited as ever because studying with him, specifically, is more exciting than studying with anyone nor by yourself.

    But the frown made it’s way to your face when you saw Uncle Ben - the owner of the shop - cleaning up the counter. He said it’s an emergency and he had to go back to his province to deal with it. It was a bummer, and you are almost sulking when you called Yeonjun to complain about it. It’s not new that he grabbed the opportunity to tease you before responding to your complaints properly. It’s annoying you so much but say no more, because despite of his antics your boyfriend got your back. As always.

    “Do you want to come over to my place instead? or yours if you want? Your choice.” he suggested on the other line.

    “We can go to mine but my bestfriend’s girlfriend is there and they’re practicing something and it includes playing instruments. So, I guess yours.”

    He hummed. “Okay, where you are? I’ll get you.”

    “No, I can take a cab from here. It’s not even that-“

    “Please, let me pick you up. You know what I mean? Just- just let me?” from the tone of his voice, you can clearly say that he is embarrassed of his confession and you can’t stop the flustered giggles from erupting.

    He got you, he understands you - you can guarantee that - but he is that boyfriend who likes cheesy stuffs, the overly romantic one, and an absolute drama fan. You’re just so used to putting up with his dramatic ass that you will be more bothered if he was acting otherwise.

    — — — —

    “I bought some snacks for us. I kind of want to eat ramen tonight.” you informed him as you were removing your shoes to put at the rack. It started raining ten minutes after your phone call with Yeonjun but luckily he was fast to pick you up at the coffee shop bidding goodbye to Uncle Ben as the both of you drove to his dorm.

    “Babe, Beomgyu texted me. He was asking if you’re with me because you’re not answering his calls.” you informed him while you get rid of your jacket, hanging it at the back of his door.

    He scoffed, you saw him smirking while making his way to his room. “Don’t answer him, I know what his plans are. He’s been aching to get back at me, because he lost a bet last time and I made him sign up to a fitness program.”

    “Oh god, let me guess. Taehyun was there?”

    His laugh echoing throughout his room, confirming your theory. You took a seat at his dining table as you heard him shut his closet.

    “Really? Omg how could you made him do it?”

    “I’m a brat tamer, baby.” he bragged, now he’s standing at the door of his room, his arm leaning at the door frame. Oh god, did you just saw him bite his lip?

    “Wow, you seem so sure about your hypothesis.”

    “Then explain to me why are we in a relationship? Doesn’t it proved how I tamed the brat in you?” Yeonjun made his way to you, handing out the pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, “You can use this, you know where the shower is.” you smiled as you passed by him, snatching the clothes from his hands.

    “Don’t want my baby to get sick” he yelled which earned a roling eyes from you and you heard him snicker.

    “Am I lying?” he added, really wanting to get to your skin.

    “Babe stop it or else I’m telling Beomgyu to come over!” you whined from the bathroom, your voice echoing throughout the whole room.

    — — — —

    Everything was settled, you are sitting at the floor - books, papers, and snacks occupying the whole table. It’s been an hour since you started doing your reviewers and right now, both of you are arguing about something from the Philosophy subject which turned into a debate whether the word aesthetic is being used carelessly by some people these days. Well, Yeonjun started it.

    “Don’t you know studying about aesthetics can help you better understand a certain group of people.”

    “So what? I don’t know that and now I know, thanks to you.” you answered sarcastically, biting back your laughter because he really looked so serious and it’s so freaking cute. You’re so head over heels for him, it’s hilarious.

    “Then I think people should be-“

    “Dude, it’s just a word! Calm your butt down.” you bite back, which made him halt his movements. Arching his eyebrows at you with his lips pouting.

    “Did you just call me…” his eyes blinking rapidly, the offended face making it’s appearance. Oh god, here comes Yeonjun’s final form of overreacting.

    You arched your eyebrow back at him, leaning your cheek on the palm of your hand trying to look as bored as possible but you know he wouldn’t budge. That’s just him, he doesn’t want a reaction or anything.

    “Yes, my dude Choi Yeonjun. What about it?” you retorted, mimicking the blinking of his eyes.

    He put his hand on his chest. “What’s gotten into you, my love?”

    “You! And you’re dramatic ass!” Okay, now he’s worried a little bit. What if you’re getting annoyed for real? I was just teasing her. He thought.

    “Hey, baby, I’m just joking.” now he looks like a pleading puppy, holding both of your hands with his. It’s so huge that you cannot actually see yours. You want to smile so bad but you gotta grab this opportunity to get your sweet revenge .

    Rolling your eyes before turning your back from him. “Yah!” he called out to you but you stood up, proceeding to go to the kitchen.

    — — — —

    It’s been thirty minutes, he’s been counting the time. You are now watching a movie while eating the takeout dinner and your basically cuddling him - with your thighs resting on his lap as his arm was behind you yet you are not uttering a word ever since the argument.

    “Baby…” he mumbled to your ears, you are certain that he is pouting right now but you are not having it. He is getting into your nerves, or maybe because you’re just enjoying this quiet time without his teasing so you didn’t answer.

    He moved closer to you while both of his hands are encircling your frame, with his head slowly leaning onto your shoulder. “Baby, I’m sorry…” he whispered.

    You froze on the spot. Ofcourse, you’ve been having skinships here and there with him but you cannot deny that this one is different - it’s just the two of you right now, inside his apartment with no roommate barging in and interrupting whatever it is to come. Omg, why am I having those thoughts? What the heck? You blushed with just your reveries alone, how come the real thing? Wait, what’s the real thing? Stop it already!

    “Baby, I think it’s time for you to go home.” he said all of a sudden, he tried to say those words as careful as possible - trying not to sound mean or something. You abruptly whipped your head to his direction that you almost hit his head, eyebrows pulled together as if asking him to explain. He got it immediately.

    “No- I don’t mean to sound rude or like I don’t want you here. I mean, I really want you here with me like I want to cuddle with you more and I would love it if you want to sleep over. Wait baby! I’m not saying that to pressure you or anything, it’s just that I want you to know that I’m glad you’re here with me tonight but if you want to go home or spend the night. I’m fine with anything, it’s up to you. Always.”

    You laughed after that long speech. You laugh so hard that it actually sounds kind of offensive with how serious he looked like just seconds ago. You’re even smacking your thigh aggressively to express your happiness. He looked so adorable - with how concerned he is, and how he wants to make you feel so safe and all. It’s so fucking adorable. Meanwhile, earlier you’re having those not-so-innocent thoughts with him.

    “Dude, this is so ridiculous.” you muttered through your laughs, leaning against his chest before tilting your head to look at him. His pout landing exactly on your temple. He never looked this confused before.

    “Are you still mad at me?”

    “Not anymore. You know what, you’re so…”

    You grab both of his arms, putting it across you so that he is hugging you from behind. “I don’t know. You’re so endearing, like I know that is the bare minimum but like why are you so whipped for me, huh?”

    Finally his smile made its appearance. “You’re a brat, you know and to answer your question, I think it’s because I like you.” he jokingly confessed, before giggling as he started rubbing his cheeks against yours muttering sweet nothings to your ears while swaying both of your bodies side to side.

    “I’m gonna confess something, baby.”

    “What is it, tell me. I won’t judge.” he commented playfully squeezing you closer to his arms.

    “Come closer, I’m gonna whisper it to you.” he did as you told, wearing his signature smug smile.

    “I like you too, and can I stay the night?” you’re sure that you heard him squealed as he tickled your sides. “You can, baby. You can even stay in my heart.” and there he goes, cheesy Yeonjun’s comeback.


    tell me what u think! +343569

    ©omgsoholy; i do not allow any form of translation or reposting. just please, don’t? but thank u for liking it though <3

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    tell me you're jobless without telling me you're jobless: moa edition

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    txt in long distance relationships

    YEONJUN (최연준)

    would be the guy who texts you throughout the day and always call at the end of everyday

    it’s like he’s always with you so it brings you comfort knowing you can talk to him when you ever need to talk :(

    also would banter with you playfully over text

    would use the cheesiest pickup lines stolen from the depths of google that will send you into hysterics tbh

    yeonjun: “hey. hey y/n. if i could rearrange the alphabet i’d put ‘u’ & ‘i’ together ;)”

    you: dumbass u already sent that one

    random facetimes = also very common!

    would send lots of flying kisses and hugs the screen over videocalls to make u feel ten times more loved (even if u sadly cant feel them

    the two of you would send videos of what you’re both working on! yeonjun would occasionally send videos of him in his studio / doing a dance routine he made himself

    the two of you send each other selfies and both of you hype the other up

    on bad days yeonjun would be on a call with you all night, saying the most encouraging and reassuring affirmations that help you a lot :( same thing happens when yeonjun has bad days

    the two of you help each other a lot through words

    but at the same time he would feel guilty for mot being able to see you and give you lots of cuddles to comfort you :(

    you always tell him its alright & that his kind words are more than enough!!

    if the two of you ever finally meet up though, i feel like yeonjun would run and sweep you up off your feet and twirl you around like how people in movies do it

    long distance or not the two of you are the main characters and no one can do anything abt it!!!

    rest of members under the cut!

    SOOBIN (최수빈)

    gm & gn texts and end of day calls!

    feel like he would fall asleep while on call with you but i mean this in the best way possible

    your voice brings him so much comfort so after long days its just what he needs to be at peace

    every morning he would send a good morning text + video of odi with a caption being “odi says good morning too!”

    would document his day with pictures and would always send them to you

    whether it be a cool plant he saw while on a walk, something new he baked, even pics of his exhausted self sprawled out in a practice room, he wants to make sure you’re a part of it too

    the cliche “no you hang up” “no YOU hang up” would happen bc in reality both of you just want to listen to the other a little bit longer

    no joke soobin would send you lots of bunny (reaction) memes. actually

    also would spam you every picture of odi ever but hey you’re not complaining

    feel like the two of you would send daily selfies to each other. like soobin would always send you a :] dimple selfie everyday

    (you know which one im talking abt.)

    can see him trying to act super tough & cool!!! on videocall but you do literally anything and he gets so flustered over how cute you are

    sir why even try acting cool 🤨 jk soobin is a cool dude would 10/10 befriend him if given the chance

    of course bad days happen :( he would listen to you rant abt your problems and give you lots of advice! it helps a lot :(

    would always say “i love you, you know that right?” so he helps you remember that you’re not alone and that he has your back 💔

    when the two of you meet he would spend a lot of time with you trying new things!

    basically tries to make as many memorable memories while hes physically with you :(

    he would be the absolute best 💔💔

    BEOMGYU (최범규)

    spam bot. i also mean this in a good way

    for example. around lunch time he would spam text you to see if you had eaten yet

    beomgyu: “y/n” “y/n” “have u eaten yet love” “pls eat” “:(“ “u deserve it” “eat a good meal today okay?”

    (all sent in separate messages. yes i feel like thats how he types)

    he’s just looking out for you 💔

    like yeonjun he would call w you towards the end of the day

    during video calls the two of you would catch whenever the other had bad internet connection and take a screenshot

    both of you would send each other glitched photos of the other and laugh your asses off over them

    would also play lots of online video games with you!

    sometimes w competition games it becomes hardcore. like the two of you would always ask for a rematch whenever they lost 😭

    you’d wake up in the morning with texts from him at 3 am going

    beomgyu: psst. ur asleep lol but look at this funny video its so funny i cant breathe

    also you would get sent lots of blurry accidental photos he took of his face in the front camera lol

    HE SEEMS LIKE THE GUY WHO WOULD ASK “would u still love me if i was a worm?? 🥺👉👈” IRONICALLY

    & would bug you about it all day until he gets an answer

    hes just playing around lmao

    on the days that get tough, he pulls out his guitar and sings the sweetest songs to you in hopes that it’ll help you feel better

    you do the same except you sing to him 💔 both of you bring each other so much comfort

    if he ever ends up meeting you though he would leave behind one of his hoodies for you so you have something from him

    overall it may be sad bc he’s not physically there but it’s equally as fun & enjoyable :]

    TAEHYUN (강태현)

    taehyun doesn’t seem like the guy who texts a lot, just calls way more often

    he wants to hear your voice and feel your raw emotions instead of seeing a “lol”

    your laugh makes his heart burst its ten times better than a “lmao” ‼️‼️

    ok. listen to me for a second

    he would send you handwritten letters in the mail. instead of texting

    the amount of love poured into each one … you could feel it through the pen ink and office paper

    of course you send him letters back you could never leave him on read 🙄

    (that was the worst joke ive made in my life someone call life alert on me. oh my god)

    gym pictures / vids of him working out are common

    taehyun: gm y/n *picture of a mirror selca of him sitting at a gym but with his arm unintentionally showing so you can his very ripped arm*

    y/n: its 6 in the goddamn morning taehyun

    always sends you videos of him singing your favorite songs

    hes just so 💔💔

    of course bad days happen & on those days he simply listens to your rants, gives advice and comforts you the best way he can

    like yeonjun he feels incredibly guilty he cant give you a warm hug :( he knows when hes sad its nice to get a hug

    you also have to reassure him that its okay & his words are so meaningful and enough

    talks to you about random things while calling to get your mind off the :( stuff & only stops when he hears you fast asleep with your even breathing and silence

    if the two of you meet it’ll just be very reserved and private (ie cuddle sessions, movie nights at home, cooking together). he’ll spend most of his time with you & with no one else bc he wants to make the most of it

    taehyun’s friends tell you that whenever he talks about you his eyes just seem to transform into big hearts

    obviously an exaggeration BUT STILL 💔💔

    HUENINGKAI (휴닝카이)


    each text or image or call or anything is an instant serotonin booster!!!

    it’s not like he purposely does it too. it just naturally exudes from his non-serious texts

    would take you on “dates”

    super creative & would video call you when he’s going out for ice cream or to take a walk

    “you want some ice cream y/n?”


    “say ahh… lol sike you can’t have any”

    you know those online escape room games you can play with friends? yeah you both do those often

    if not you play cookie run or other video games together!!

    would send you his piano & guitar covers with his own voice

    his voice is literally heavenly you feel yourself ascend

    would definitely do the matching heart wallpaper with you

    you know where one person makes half a heart with their hand and takes a picture of it. and the other sets that as their wallpaper & vice versa

    so now if you put your wallpapers together, it makes a heart <3

    hear me out. hyuka would get his plushies stick a post-it note on it with an encouraging note and send a picture of the plushie & note to you every day

    what did you do to deserve him actually 💔

    when you have bad days, quite unlike his usual demeanor he’s very serious

    would also give incredibly meaningful advice & console you

    lots of reminders that hes with you through and through

    when you feel a bit better he starts to try to make you laugh & everything he does makes you feel so much better 💔

    if you ever met he would always give you a plushie of some sort as a gift

    he says when you’re sad you can hug it and he hopes it brings you lots of happiness and comfort

    (and it honestly does knowing hueningkai gave it to you)

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    Beomgyu: yum, thanks!

    Kidnapper, putting more duct tape over his mouth: I said stop eating it

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    Huening Kai: If somebody doesn’t tell me I’m cute in the next five minutes, I’m gonna scream!

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    Yeonjun: we’ll meet someday, don’t worry

    Changbin: can’t wait

    Changbin: we’ll have a fistfight then

    Yeonjun: can’t wait

    #txt#stray kids #txt incorrect texts #txt incorrect quotes #stray kids incorrect texts #stray kids incorrect quotes #txt imagine#txt scenario #stray kids imagine #stray kids scenario #changbin#yeonjun #kpop incorrect texts #kpop incorrect quotes
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    ֙⋆ 💗 𖥻 𝗬𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗷𝘂𝗻 𝗉𝗂𝗇𝗄 𝗌𝗈𝖿𝗍 𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗆𝖾 ۰ . ¡!

    - 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝗈𝗋 𝙧𝙚𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘶𝘴𝘦 , 𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦

    - 𝘿𝙤𝙣𝙩 𝘳𝘦𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵

    〃 𝒎𝒂𝒅𝒆 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 ૮ –ﻌ–ა ~~ 𝘁𝗁𝖾𝗈

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    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞ ✵ vinyl and coffee — 10. 🙂

    yn becomes a song writer and decides to write songs for their school's band; tomorrow x together. they have a special spot in hello future cafe to which yn considered it as their safe place — that is until the band starts hanging out there after their practices — that includes the boy they have a crush on and who made them a song writer.

    previous | masterlist | next

    taglist: @tannie13 @jiminaaaahhhh @staysstrays @shuichi-sama @definitelynotcesia @nyfwyeonjun @meiinumaki @emilie0nicole @mariecoura @lycorisdoreablack @jakestay @enhacolor (send me an ask!)

    #txt ff#txt aus#txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt fluff#txt #txt social media au #txt imagine #txt taehyun social media au #txt taehyun ff #txt taehyun fluff #kang taehyun fluff #kang taehyun imagines #kang taehyun scenarios #kang taehyun aus #kang taehyun ff #taehyun scenarios#taehyun ff#taehyun imagines#yeonjun ff#soobin ff #huening kai ff #beomgyu ff
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    TXT As Subs

    Authors Note: I wrote for ot5 cause I'm not sure how Moas on Tumblr feel about the youngers- so If you feel uncomfortable, please avoid reading after Beomgyu! Also I got a little lazy at the end soo


    ♡ No surprise here, but I think Yeonjun is the biggest brat of them al

    ♡ Like I know a lot of you think it's Beomgyu

    ♡ But no

    ♡ When Yeonjun wants something he's gonna make sure he gets it

    ♡ Possessive Sub

    ♡ Loves, loves, LOVES getting his hair pulled

    ♡ Especially if you're riding him, he will cum on the spot.

    ♡ Speaking of riding him, that's his favorite thing.

    ♡ He loves the thought of you using him to get yourself off, it turns him on so much




    ♡ Call him baby boy and he's puddy in your hands

    ♡ I don't think he has a high sex drive?

    ♡ I mean it's not low by any means

    ♡ But it's definitely not as high as the others.

    ♡ I don't think he likes pet names for you, I think he would just prefer to call you by your name

    ♡ Probably the one who would enjoy being pegged the most

    ♡ Take him from behind, spank him and call him your pretty doll and he’ll love you for life



    ♡ Okay so I have a theory

    ♡ I know he's usually perceived as the brat of the group and/or very rough

    ♡ But I don't think so.

    ♡ I mean yes, the man loves it rough

    ♡ But I think he's probably the softest out of all of them-

    ♡ Hold his hand as you rail him and degrade him and he's GONE

    ♡ Just cause he's soft though doesn't mean he's not kinky (I might make a headcanon about Beomgyu’s kinks)

    ♡ Definitely has a thing for edging and overstimulation

    ♡ He just wants to feel good :(

    ♡ Omg thought,

    ♡ Imagining sucking his cock while he's in that like white shirt and light brown cardigan that he wore in the YOU concept photos

    ♡ And he gets so into it and covers his face with his sweater paws :(

    ♡ Okay I need to stop- 



    ♡ Oral king

    ♡ No, I don't take criticism.

    ♡ He just gives me that vibe

    ♡ Also needs to have his hands on you in some way

    ♡ Whether that be pleasing you or just holding onto you while you ruin him

    ♡ So a great punishment would be tying him up and touching yourself in front of him, not letting him touch you or even get off.

    ♡ Speaking of that, bondage is such a big thing for him

    ♡ I could see him being into shibari

    ♡ He likes how pretty his small frame looks all tied up in new positions

    ♡ And when the ropes leave marks...You best bet he's gonna be showing them off



    ♡ I’m not sure how to say this, but


    ♡ He's so tall and wide, so if your shorter than him it would be a really big thing for him

    ♡ I could see him having a thing for dacryphilia

    ♡ I think his submissive side would carry over outside of anything sexual?

    ♡ Like help tie his shoes, comb his hair, keep your arm around his waist

    ♡ If not he will pout the rest of the day

    ♡ Same way if you don't give into him

    ♡ He would tease you anyway he knows how

    ♡ Sliding his hands up your skirt, bending over to pick up things in front of you, whispering things he wants you to do to him

    ♡ Flirting with other people? He would do it if it made you give in and use him like he wants

    #sub!txt #sub!idol #dom!reader #sub!yeonjun #sub!soobin #sub!beomgyu #sub!taehyun #Sub!hueningkai #Sub!kai #txt smut#txt
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    I’m back to torturing myself 😮‍💨

    Follow me on tiktok//macismith_😉

    #kpop#kpop edits#choi yeonjun#jung wooyoung#ateez#txt #artist of the year #two best friends #I love torturing myself #this is good for my health #dancing kings#kpop smut
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    in the mirror 속 날 밀어

    → ♥︎ or reblog !!

    #choi yeonjun#yeonjun txt #yeonjun txt layouts #choi yeonjun layouts #yeonjun layouts#yeonjun icons#yeonjun header#kang taehyun#taehyun txt #taehyun txt layouts #txt taehyun layouts #taehyun header#taehyun layouts #hueningkai twitter layouts #huening layouts#hueningkai#huening txt#hueningkai txt#txt layouts#txt twitter #txt twitter layouts #txt header#txt icons #tomorrow by together #kpop layouts
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