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    Prompt: He appeared in your dreams. He appeared as a shadow in the corner of your eye, disappearing when you would notice. He stalked you, waiting for the moment to pounce. He’s take your oh-so-fragile souls little by little, succumbing you to the darkness. But he wouldn’t do it because his king wanted another soul to feed him. Oh no. He would do it because he wants you to himself for all of eternity.

    Genre: smut, fluff(minimal), angst

    Warnings: there’s like four smut scenes, three of them are back to back lmao, very little plot, very much smut, oral (male and fem receiving), unprotected sex, dom!yeonjun, choking, deepthroating, yeonjun has a—everybody say it with me…big cock!!! good job! yeonjun is very rough, and i think that’s it…?

    Words: 7.8k

    "Aw, (Y/N), come on." Lily begged once more, holding onto your arm as you tried to ignore her by searching the books on the shelves. "It'll be awkward if I go to the wedding without a friend. Saein literally said that you'd become a bridesmaid if you go. Just be one with me."

        "Lily, you know damn well that I don't like Saein." You sighed. "Why would I support her getting married to my ex? My ex who cheated on me with her, remember that?"

        "Ok, but Saein thinks it's water under the bridge-"

        "And it's not."

        "But you don't even have to pay attention to her." She said. "There's rumors going around that the groomsmen are very hot."

        You paused for a second. Now, you weren't desperate, per say, but you also haven't had sex in over a year. It would also be pretty rewarding to be able to pull one of your ex's friends, especially when you became so insecure after the break up. You thought of one of his friends that you remembered. Choi Yeonjun. He was tall, handsome, kind. Yet, maybe too kind to hook up with his best friend's ex. You hoped he was one of the groomsmen, though there's no trouble in ogling him...

        "(Y/N)!" You snapped out of it, realizing that you had zoned off thinking of the man. "You okay?"

        "I'll go."


        "I'll go to the stupid wedding."

        "Really?!" Lily exclaimed with excitement.

        "Yes, now shush, we're in the middle of the library." You frowned, yet she ignored you, doing a little dance in the aisle. You shook your head, looking back at the books before you realized you had another question. "Lily...what color are the bridesmaid dresses supposed to be?"


        "Gree- are you serious?" You looked at her with wide eyes and she just nodded. "Just leave it up to that narcissistic bitch to choose an ugly color so she could look better than everyone else."

        "(Y/N), it's her wedding." Lily rolled her eyes. "That's what the bride is supposed to do."

       "Whatever." You scoffed. "I'm only going for you and for the hope that one of his actual cute friends would be there."

    One Week Later

    Saein and Chanyeol's Wedding

        "How do you manage to make your worst color look the best on you?" Lily said to you as you two were on your way to the wedding.

        "Well, for one, I'm trying too hard, and for two, I look good in every color." You shrugged. "You look good too, I guess."

        "Wow, you always give the best compliments." She said sarcastically. "You know, I'm hoping to walk out with a cute guy, too."

        "Han Hyunmin?"

        "Wha...how did you know?"

        "Because every time I see you with him, you guys are obviously flirting. I'm surprised you guys haven't boned, yet."

        "It's called slow burn, (Y/N)." Lily said. "Tonight should be the night."

        "If it does happen, tell me all about it."

        "Only if you tell me about you and Yeonjun if that happens."

        "If? No, when it happens." You said with the upmost confidence that you were maybe 30% unsure about, but you'll only focus on that 70% percent for now.

        Ten minutes later, you guys made it to the wedding venue early, so you could help the bride finish getting ready. You were lucky you became a bridesmaid a little later on, because you would rather die than help organize this stupid wedding. You were curious to see how Saein's dress would look, though. It's not everyday you'd see a wedding dress.

        "Ah, my bridesmaids!" Saein exclaimed loudly upon you guys entering the room she was getting ready in. "(Y/N), I never thought you'd accept the invitation, I'm so glad you did." She enveloped me in a tight hug, her dress squishing against mine, making you feel uncomfortable. The dress was obnoxiously huge, it took up so much space. "You don't have any hard feeling about this, no?"

        "Of course I don't." You said with a fake smile. You didn't understand why she would bring that up in the first place.

        "Good!" She said, shuffling back to her makeup artist. "We can't have any negative energy at my wedding."

        You turned to Lily with wide eyes that were lit with suppressed anger. "I fucking swear, one day I will beat her ass." I whispered to her.

        "Yes, yes, one day, but not today, please." Lily warned.

        "Oh my gosh, Lily, (Y/N)," We turned to see the maid of honor, Farrah, coming towards us. "I'm so glad you guys are here, you guys look gorgeous." Unlike her vain little sister who was the bride, Farrah was the nice one, always making us feel welcome. "The wedding is going to start in about twenty minutes, so could you guys do me a favor and help seat the guests as well as make sure everyone is here? Especially the chef, the flower girl, the ring bearer, all that. There must be no problems or hiccups in the ceremony or reception, Saein with have a fit."

        "Alright, Farrah, we're on it." Lily said with a big thumbs up. She grabbed your wrist and took you out of the room and to where the wedding will be held. It was like your average wedding. It was outdoor and there was white everywhere, as well as more people than you thought scattered everywhere, trying to find their seats. "So, the seating is basically based on who's more relevant to Saein. Family is in the front, but kids are at the back, and so forth."

        "What does she have against kids?" You scoffed.

        "She says that they will ruin the wedding."

        "Then why didn't she just not allow kids to be here instead of giving them the servant treatment?"

        "I don't know, (Y/N)." Lily said. "This is Saein we're talking about. Anyways, the groomsmen are in charge of seating on the right side, and we're in charge of seating on the left."

        You nodded my head, and then you guys got to work. It took ten minutes to seat everyone, but it felt like ten hours because people obviously have a hard time listening. The parents were especially mad that they couldn't be seated with their kids, and you had to explain to them too many times that it was the brides wishes. You just came here to get laid, not to do all of this shit.

        Soon enough, the actual ceremony was beginning to start, and the groomsmen had to walk in first before the groom took his place. You stood behind Lily as all of the bridesmaids stood in a line, ready to walk in before the bride does. You all held a bouquet of white flowers in our hands as you walked down the aisle, lining up on the left side, where the bride was going to stand. While standing there, you looked over to the other side, where the groomsmen were standing.

        The best man was Chanyeol's dumb ass of a brother. You didn't hate him, he was just dumb. He even looked dumb as he was just standing there. Then you saw Lily's eye candy, Hyunmin, looking handsome as always. You scanned past a few other groomsmen that you didn't care much about until you laid eyes on the one man that you were hoping to be here. Choi Yeonjun.

    You inwardly cheered. God, he looked so gorgeous. He was tall and lean, his suit fitting so nicely on him, hugging his wide shoulders. His black hair was styled neatly away from his face, showing off his perfect skin and handsome facial features. Why did you ever fall for Chanyeol when Yeonjun was right there?

    The wedding was going on, it was in full throttle by now, but you couldn't get your eyes off of Yeonjun. You had a plan for tonight, and your desperation to fulfill it only grew as you watched him. It confused you, really, as to why you haven't noticed him much until now. Why it seemed like he was the only one who could grasp your attention when you haven't even seemed to grasp his.

    For a quick second, you snapped back to reality, watching as Saein started to walk down the isle slowly with a beautiful bouquet in her hands. You decided to shove your grudge for her to the side for maybe just a minute and really look at how big this must've been for her. She was getting married, and even though the circumstances left you lonely, and least Chanyeol found someone he was actually connected to. It made you thankful that you two broke up, because if not, maybe you would've never noticed Yeonjun.

    As your attention shifted once again to Yeonjun, you were almost taken aback to see that he was already looking right at you. You expected him to maybe look away, but he didn't and neither did you. He didn't look surprised or anything, and he still held his fond smile that he's had for the whole wedding, so you were slightly confused. But if you squinted just a bit, but you see into his eyes and see exactly how dark they were. You knew that people could smile without their eyes following suit, but his eyes held a different kind of smile that made butterflies swarm your insides. You didn't dare break eye contact with the man, the wedding long gone in your eyes. Based off of the way Yeonjun looked at you, you could tell that your plan may spring into action.

    It's like he was challenging you to keep eye contact, as if it was a little game to be able to get what you want by the end of the night. You looked at him as if to tell him that you were willing to play this little game. While you were dating Chanyeol, you managed to at least notice that Yeonjun was a flirt, always ending up in someone else's bed. That maybe could be hurtful while in a relationship, but that wasn't what you were looking for, so this was perfect.

    "...for better, or for worse, for richer, for poorer..."

    He blinked very rarely, obviously not paying attention to the wedding, just like you weren't. He head tilted down ever so slightly as if to deepen the eye contact with you. Your heart beat quickened as your confidence started to resolve. Yes, you weren't opposed to flirtatious banter, but the way Yeonjun's eyes looked into yours made you feel as if you were completely naked in front of everyone. He was eye-fucking you and he was not shy about it. Your panties started to get uncomfortably wet.

    "...in sickness and in health, until death do us part."

    "You may now kiss the bride."

    And at that, Yeonjun broke eye contact, looking over to the new married couple as they shared a loving kiss. You felt as if Yeonjun had released a chokehold on you and that you could finally breathe. After that, though, you were fine with not breathing if you could get him to continue looking at you like that. You decided to pay attention to the wedding once again, sporting a fake smile as you saw the newly married couple so happy together. Your eyes trailed over to Yeonjun, noticing how he had acted like what happened before then didn't happen at all. What a confusing guy.

    The wedding commenced, Saein literally jumping around in happiness as she got ready to through the bouquet. You noticed how excited Lily was, and you looked over to see Hyunmin smiling fondly at her. How cute. You didn't even notice the bouquet flying towards you until the last minute, and you swiftly dodged out of the way. No thank you to that, for now.

    For the rest of the wedding, anyone could find you in the clouds, thinking of Yeonjun. While the guests had fun, you tried to look for Yeonjun, not daring to speak to him just yet. You maybe have seemed like a buzzkill, not wanting to dance or have fun, but with the way your mind was only about Yeonjun, right now, you did not care one bit.

    You finally saw Yeonjun chatting with Chanyeol a few meters away from you. You remembered that they were in fact friends, unfortunately. Maybe this was a bad idea?

    That thought flew out of your head at the speed of lightning once Yeonjun turned his head and looked at you as if he knew exactly where you were. Had he been watching you this whole time like you have? Why hasn't he come to talk to you, yet? He looked away after giving you a smirk, going back to his conversation with Chanyeol.

    "Are you going to keep staring at him, or are you going to talk to him?" Lily asked, and you flinched.

    "I can't talk to him now." You answered. "He's with Chanyeol and I'd rather not interact with him."

    "But he obviously likes you, go talk to him before it's too late." Lily said.

    "Mm." You pouted a bit, eyeing Chanyeol. He didn't look like he was going to leave Yeonjun anytime soon. "I'll wait a bit more. Who knows, maybe I could catch him near the end of the wedding. Our departure would be more respectful." You winked, making Lily laugh. "I'll be right back. I'm going to the bathroom."

    Lily nodded, turning back to the other bridesmaids. You made your way into the empty community building, walking down the halls until you found the bathroom. You wondered how Saein and Chanyeol had enough money to have their wedding here, of all places. This was in the upper class part of town. Everything looked expensive and clean as if no one has ever touched it in the first place. You were impressed, but you wouldn't admit it.

    You decided to retouch your makeup while you had this moment alone, reveling in the silence. You had to keep Yeonjun interested somehow, and the way your concealer was creasing was ruining your look for the night. You checked yourself out in the mirror, looking at yourself from all angles.

    "Not bad..." You giggled to yourself, your smile dropping in annoyance once you heard the bathroom door open. You couldn't even have five minutes to yourself.

    Your eyes widened once you saw who had came in through the view of the mirror. It was Yeonjun who had came in, and you didn't miss the way he had locked the door behind him.

    "Well, hello there, (Y/N)." He smirked, walking closer to where you stood.

    "Yeonjun..." You gulped, trying to regain the confidence you held an hour ago. "Funny seeing you here...in the girls bathroom. That's not allowed."

    He chuckled. "And who's going to punish me? You?"

    "W-well, no, I'm just saying if anyone sees you here-"

    "There's no one else here but me and you." He said. "Do you not...want me here?"

    "I didn't say that." You said, finally looking up at his reflection through the mirror. Damn, he was even hotter close up.

    "Why so shy, hm?" He asked. "You weren't shy when you were eye-fucking me at the wedding." You could feel his body heat on your back with how close he had gotten to you.

    "I'd like to think it's the other way around." You said.

    "You're not wrong." He chuckled, checking you out through the mirror. "I have no shame. You've always been sexy, but...I think you're even more sexy when you're single."

    "Ah, so you've been pining for me all along." You said, gaining more of your confidence.

    "Is that so bad?"

    "No. Why didn't you ever tell me?"

    "I don't meant to sound conceited, but, if I would've told you back then, I would've made you forget all about Chanyeol." He said, his warm hands trailing down your arm. "And you would've been on my knees right then and there. But you're a good girl, right? I would've never made you do that."

    "Well, now that you've told me, and that Chanyeol and I obviously aren't together, why am I not on my knees now?" You smirked smugly. Yeonjun wasn't phased.

    "Do you want to be?" He raised a brow.

    "You're here for a reason, right?" You asked, eyeing the lustful look on his face.

    "I am." He said, then backed up a few inches. "You know what to do."

    You may have just touched up your makeup, but if it gets ruined, you could care less. You turned around, getting on your knees quickly, not caring if you looked desperate. The view of Yeonjun looking down on you was something that you had waited for so long to see. He watched with a smirk as you worked at his dress pants, undoing the belt and the button, pulling both his pants and his boxers down. You were almost startled when his rock hard cock sprung up from its confines. He was huge. It was long, girthy, and veiny with an angry red tip. You weren't sure if this could fit in any of your holes. Yeonjun seemed to notice your hesitation.

    "Aw, poor (Y/N)," He said, petting your hair. "You've never had a cock like mine, have you? Don't fret...I know you can fit it in that little mouth of yours."

    You gulped, wrapping your hand around the base of his cock, noticing how the tips of your fingers couldn't even touch. You were unsure about it fitting in your mouth, but boy did you want to try. You figured you should hurry up before the guests would noticed the both of your absences. you licked at the tip, getting a taste of his sticky pre-cum before you opened your mouth wide, taking in his cock. He groaned quietly, guiding your head as you started to bob your head slowly, still getting used to the side. You challenged yourself to go deeper until the tip of his cock reached the back of your throat, but you were only halfway there. You looked up at Yeonjun, his eyebrows knitted in pleasure as he made eye contact with you. As you sucked his cock, you felt it twitch as the tip hit the back of your throat once again.

    This may have been your first time with a cook as big as his, but you had no intentions to let him down. You wanted to be a good fuck. You tried your best to not choke as you went deeper on his cock, deepthroating him. He grabbed a fistfull of your hair, moaning loudly.

    "Fuck, you're doing so good." He groaned, spurring you on. You went deep enough that your nose met with his pelvis. He involuntarily thrusted against your face, making you choke as you slipped his cock out of your mouth, coughing. "Fuck, I'm sorry. I didn't meant to do that-"

    "Can you do that again?" You asked him once you gained your breath back. He hesitated. "Please? I can take it, I swear."

    "Alright," He but his lip. "Tap twice if it's too much." You nodded, opening your mouth wide as he grabbed ahold of his cock, sliding it into your watering mouth. "You ready?" You nodded, humming as you sent vibrations down his cock. He groaned, thrusting into you. You relaxed your jaw, welcoming his cock into your throat as he started to thrust into you. He held a tight grip on your hair pushing you down on his cock while simultaneously thrusting. You shut your eyes tightly, feeling tears well up into your eyes as he started to get rougher. He threw his head back, groaning in pleasure. You felt your spit start to drip out of you mouth, becoming messy, but neither of you cared. It was like a dream to see him lost in so much pleasure, he veins of his cock pulsing and his heavenly groans echoing through the empty bathroom.

    You groaned along his cock, heightening his pleasure as he thrusted into your mouth. He held back since he didn't want to hurt you, and you could tell. The drag of his cock along the walls of your throat satisfied a certain itch that no one else has itched before.

    He moaned loudly as he suddenly pulled out of your mouth, saliva dripping down your chin. He roughly pulled you up from the floor, attaching his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You gasped in surprise, his tongue finding his way into your mouth as he pulled you closer. It all happened so fast that you didn't notice that he was moving you towards the counter where the sinks were until he parted from the kiss. He picked you up, placed you on the counter and pushed you until you were on your back, your dress pushed up as your legs were spread to accommodate him.

    You watched as he desperately ripped your stockings to get to your panties, moving them out of the way as he shoved his cock into your dripping pussy.

    "Yeonjun!" You wailed, the stretch painful but pleasurable at the same time. He grabbed your legs, resting how flexible you were as he pushed them up, almost all the way to your head. You knew that this position was going to guarantee the fact that you weren't going to get out of here without a limp, but you were fine with that. All you wanted was for him to fuck you full of cum. And he wanted the same.

    He started thrusting into you, the sounds of your wetness filling the room. He barely even started, and your eyes were rolling to the back of your head, feeling every little ridge and vein of his gargantuan cock. He gave you no mercy as he pounded into you, and you found it hard to stay quiet. He had a tight grip on your thighs, most likely leaving marks.

    You wailed his name loudly as he hit your most sensitive spot, your pussy tightly gripping around him.

    "Fuck, you're so tight and wet..." He groaned. "Desperate for some cock, aren't you? You like being fucked good and hard, huh? You love this cock, don't you? Yeah?"

    You nodded your head frantically. "I love your cock, Yeonjun-" You moaned loudly as he rammed into you harshly. He watched his cock hammer into through the mirror, the view driving him closer to release. You shook in his hold as you started to cum. Your moans could probably be heard outside of the bathroom, but with the amount of pleasure you were in, you didn't give a damn. Yeonjun watched as you creamed around his cock, your cum dripping down onto the counters.

    Yeonjun found it so hot that he wanted to see you cum again, but he knew that you two were taking too long and Chanyeol would be looking for him, so he quickened his pace. Your walls were extremely sensitive, but your pussy only sucked in his cock, desperate for more pleasure. He gripped your thighs tightly as he finally came, his cum filling you up to the brim.

    You whined quietly as everything started to die down. You could still feel your walls pulsate around his softening cock and you clenched around nothing once he pulled out. He chuckled at your fucked out expression, helping you off the counter after he pulled his pants back up.

    "You can still walk, right?" He asked you, and you nodded although your entire lower half was sore. "Ah...I guess I'll just have to go harder next time."

    "Next ti-" You nearly scared yourself once you looked in the mirror, gasping at your reflection. "Yeonjun!" Your lipstick was smeared all over the place, your mascara ran down your cheeks, and your hair was a complete mess. "I can't go back out like this!"

    Yeonjun just smiled as you freaked out, like this was his plan. "At least you're still hot." He chuckled, slipping a piece of paper in your bra. You didn't know where the hell he for that from. "I have to go back. Call me whenever, princess." He gave you one last wink before he left the bathroom, leaving you alone in your fucked up state. Well...at least you have his number now.


          You hesitated with your phone in your hand, your thumb hovering over the call button. You didn't know why you were suddenly shy about this, Yeonjun had made it clear that he wanted you to call him. You were here in your apartment with nothing to do, and the night was still young. You were sure Yeonjun wouldn't miss out on a little fun.

          You bit your lip, deciding to just call him anyways. You were on edge as it rang. You felt that he wouldn't answer once it for to the fifth ring, but you froze once he finally picked up.

          "Hello?" You heard him say on the other end of the call.

          "...hey, uh, this is (Y/N)." You said awkwardly.

          "Ah...I was wondering when you'd call me." You noticed how his voice changed, going from its normal tone to a suddenly sultry one, and it was making your insides tingle. “How may I help you this fine evening?”

    “You sound oddly professional for what I’m about to ask you.” You chuckled.

    “Oh? Then what are you about to ask me?”

    “Just…if you could come over so we could…hang out?” You spoke slowly, hoping he wouldn’t reject your offer.

    “Hang out, huh?” You heard him breathe out a laugh on the other end of the phone.

    “Mhm…” You said, your heart beating against your chest.

    “Hm…send me your address.” He said. “I’ll be there.”

    You fought the urge to cheer loudly, but he no doubt sensed your excitement. “Okay! I’ll see you then.”

    You then hung up, texting him your address. You didn’t know how far away he lived, but you had enough time to freshen up before he would arrive.

    You quickly showered and shaved, deciding to not wear any underwear. You slipped on some shorts that were slightly revealing and an old t-shirt. You wanted to look like you weren’t trying to hard, but if the time came for it, you were ready for a repeat of what happened during the wedding.

    The door bell rang, and you did a quick look over in the mirror, making sure you looked okay before answering the door. There Yeonjun was, in all his glory. He wore a black t-shirt with matching sweatpants and his hair was relaxed against his forehead. It was a large contrast to his extremely put together look from the wedding. He looked very casual, and for some reason, it was an even hotter look on him.

    “Hi,” You breathed out, suddenly nervous. You opened the door wider to let him in. He had some sort of sly smirk on his face that made you even more nervous, and he seemed to notice.

    “Why are you so nervous, (Y/N)?” He asked as you closed the door behind him.

    “Wha- I’m not nervous.” You said.

    “Yes you are.” He chuckled. “We’re just hanging out, right? No reason to be nervous.” He then looked around at your apartment with his hands in his pockets. It was quaint, but it was neat and well taken care of. “Nice apartment.” He then looked back at you, his eyes trailing over your body. He wasn’t even trying to hide it, and you felt extremely exposed, but in a good way?

    There was some sort of awkward silence between the two of you. You felt like Yeonjun wasn’t going to do anything unless you specifically asked him, but your pride got in the way of that. Yeonjun seemed amused with your awkwardness. It’s like he didn’t have a shy bone in his body.

    “So…what do you want to do?” He asked. “Watch a movie? Talk? It’s up to you.”

    “Well…I want to do something.” You said, not making eye contact with the man in front of you. “Not necessarily any of those things. Maybe…we could play a game?”

    “A game?” One of his brows raised, the smirk not leaving his face.

    “Yeah, a game.” You said, thinking for a few seconds. “You try to guess what I’m thinking, and if you guess right…I’ll give you a reward.”

    “And what’s the reward?”

    “You’ll see if you get it right.” You said, eyeing his still amused face. Fuck, he looked so hot. You found yourself staring at his face for a few seconds before you shook your head back to focus, making him laugh. “Okay, so, I’m thinking of something that…includes the two of us.”


    “Wait, wait, I haven’t finished, yet.” You said. “And you have to get it on the first try. We can do it sitting down or standing up it doesn’t really matter. It’s a fun activity.”

    “Can I ask for a hint?” He asked.

    “Uhm…I guess.” You shrugged.

    “Is what you’re thinking of similar to what we did during Chanyeol and Saein’s wedding?”

    You paused. “Uh…the answer to that is going to make it too obvious. Ask another one.”

    “There’s no need.” He said. “I know the answer, but I can show you better than I can tell you.”

    “O-okay then.” You gulped. “Only one try, remember?”

    “Mhm…” He said, getting closer to you. You didn’t notice how close to the wall you were until you found yourself pressed up against it with Yeonjun in such close proximity. Yeonjun didn’t hesitate to press his soft lips into yours, his hands resting on your hips. He didn’t wait to slip his tongue inside of your mouth, kissing you passionately. He had you moaning just from a kiss, but how could he blame you? It just happened so quickly. Your shorts were already soaking without the protection of any underwear. No man has ever been able to get you wet this quickly, it was almost like Yeonjun had super powers.

    His hands dragged their way down to cup your ass, groping you harshly and making you gasp. He pressed you further into the wall, making out with you as if he was waiting for this moment since the wedding. You held a firm grasp on his shoulders, happily letting the man do what he wanted. You let out a hum of disappointment when he parted from your lips.

    “Let me guess,” He said, his hands not moving from your ass. “My reward is…you?”

    “If that’s how you’d like this night to end.”

    An almost sinister smirk stretched across his face. “Good.” He attached his lips to yours once again, happily devouring you. You were caught by surprise when he picked you up, straddling your legs around his waist. He carried you to your bedroom, placing you on your bed. You weren’t really in the right headspace to wonder how he knew where your bedroom was, neither did you really care. There was only one bedroom in the first place.

    He didn’t care to take him time with ripping off your clothes, exposing your naked body to the cool air of the room. You swore you heard him growl as he eyed you underneath him.

    “You barely even know me, but you know what I like.” He said, fondling your breasts. “Good girl.”

    “Please fuck me, Yeonjun.” You whined, feeling your wetness drip down your legs.

    “Mm, I’ve barely touched you and you already want my cock?” He hummed, marking your neck in hickeys. “You had it once, and that’s all you’ve been thinking about, huh? You’re obsessed with Junnie’s cock, is that it?”

    With no shame, you nodded frantically. You wanted to feel him fill you up again so badly, you were willing to do anything.

    “Good thing I like to give you what you want.” He said, manhandling you into the position he wanted you in with your ass up and ready for him. You pressed your head into your pillows, waiting for him to impale your with his large cock. You felt the tip press into your hole, and you already felt the stretch. You closed your eyes as he eased into you slowly, a large contrast to how quick he was during the wedding. He filled you up to the hilt, and you held your breath, waiting for him to move. “You ready?” You felt how harsh his grasp was on your hips.

    “Yes…” You said with a shaky voice. You were ready. So ready. But you were just a bit scared. You remembered how he said he’d go harder on you next time, and even though you craved that, you weren’t exactly sure how much you could take before it becomes too much.

    He started to thrust back and forth into you, keeping a steady pace for you to get used to. You two had much more time than you had back then, and you were grateful that you had more time to get used to just how big he was. His thrusts were at a medium pace, but he went impossibly deep each time. You closed your eyes, your moans quiet, but loud enough to be heard.

    Yet, he didn’t want that. He didn’t want you to be quiet. He started thrusting at a quicker pace, the slap of skin on skin getting louder as well as your moans. You trapped two handfuls of your sheets as you felt him pound harder and harder into you. You thought you were prepared, but he had switched from normal to rough in the blink of an eye. He pushed you up the bed with each thrust, but his grip on your hips pushed you back towards his cock, your pussy sucking him up desperately.

    You squealed once he delivered a smack to your ass, going back to harshly pulling you into his cock. You moaned out his name, begging for release as you felt it creep up on you faster than it ever has before. Yeonjun knew what he was doing, it was like he was a professional at this. He was able to make you feel prolonged pleasure without stopping or hurting you. His cock reached every little sensitive spot within your walls like it was just the easiest thing in the world. With each thrust he grazed your cervix, making you shake in pleasure and scream his name, spurring him on.

    He fucked you in a frenzy, and it was like he had everlasting stamina. Your back arched more the closer you got to release, pushing back on his cock for more until you finally came. Your pussy held a tight grasp on his cock and you whined like a bitch in heat. He didn’t dare stop as he fucked you through your orgasm. This one was possibly better than the last, and it lasted longer, too. After it was over, you were left extremely sensitive, but he didn’t care, pounding you into the mattress.

    “F-fuck, Yeonjun-“ You let out a shaky moan at his rough thrusts. “I can’t take it!”

    “Come on, take it for me, baby.” He said to you. “Don’t you want to feel my cum? Don’t you want me to fill you up?”

    You were unable to give an answer, your nails digging into the sheets as tears fell down your cheeks. Your eyes were shut tight as another orgasm ran through you. Yeonjun wrapped his arms around your waist as you shook like a leaf in the wind, moaning a little too loudly. He was obsessed with how you clenched around him each time, bringing him closer to his orgasm. He watched as you whimpered in his hold, grabbing the sheets as if they were your life line.

    He groaned against your skin, biting your shoulder as he finally came, spilling his cum into you while delivering a few more weak thrusts.

    “My good girl…” He murmured. “You took it like a champ, didn’t you?” He caressed the side of your face that wasn’t pressed into the pillow, pulling out of you and laying you on your back. Your eyes felt extremely heavy, and you were tired. So tired. But the smile that was plastered on your face remained. “Go to sleep, baby.” He said, pressing soft kisses down your face. “Junnie will take care of you. You can go to sleep…”

    He spoke to you softly and sweetly as your eyelids got heavier and heavier, feeling fatigue take ove everything else until you succumbed to the grasp that sleep had on you.


    Your eyes slowly blinked open, still feeling heavy as you felt a certain sensation between your legs. The room was still dark, except the moonlight that shone through the window, so you were a bit confused.

    You looked down to see that your legs were wide open, a head of black silky hair between your thighs, delivering the pleasurable sensation that woke you up in the first place. The man between your legs looked up, making eye contact with you as he ate you out.

    It was Yeonjun, but something about him was different. His eyes were pitch black, no whites in them. And…and there were horns emerging from his head. The first thing you felt was fear. What had happened to Yeonjun?

    The second thing you felt, though, was pure euphoria as he made eye contact with you. You could figure out that he tongue was forked for some reason, sliding over your clit a few times, then sliding into your sopping hole. His tongue was abnormally long, exploring every inch of your wet cavern.

    It felt like you were going through an ongoing orgasm. It was never ending, but you couldn’t make a sound. You couldn’t even move. You were frozen in place and all you could do with watch as this scary version of Yeonjun devoured you, tasting all of you. Your mind was complete haywire right now, and what happened between you two hours ago was nothing compared to what was going on now.

    You were confused, scared, but most of all in a state of extreme euphoria that you didn’t want to stop. As he kept pleasuring you, you could feel yourself drift into a deep sleep once again, as if none of this ever happened.

    But instead of falling back asleep, you woke up in a fright. The sun was shining through the blinds and you felt extremely groggy, yet you couldn’t fall back asleep.

    You were fully dressed, and you had guessed that Yeonjun had did that for you. He didn’t seem to be here now, though, and for some reason, it disappointed you.

    You looked at the clock by your bed to check what time it was. You rubbed your eyes blinked a few times to look at it just to see that it was 2 PM.

    “Shit…” You said. “Shit, shit, shit!” It had occurred to you that you had work today, and you had missed it. You looked at your phone, looking at the missed calls and texts from your manager and coworkers. Fuck, how were you going to explain this to them?

    You groaned, slamming your phone down to the bed. It was too late to show up, anyways, so you might as well just stay home. You tried to go back to sleep, but you were feeling flashbacks from last night and the weird dream you had. Then, your phone vibrated. You thought that it was maybe one of your coworkers again, but you saw that Yeonjun had texted you.

    [Yeonjun]: hey, (Y/N)~

    [Yeonjun]: sorry I wasn’t there this morning, I had to run errands.

    [Yeonjun]: how are you feeling?

    [(Y/N)]: drained. tired. groggy.

    [(Y/N)]: I missed work today.

    [Yeonjun]: really!?

    [Yeonjun]: Fuck, this must be my fault, I’m sorry :(

    [(Y/N)]: no, no, it’s not your fault, jun :)

    [(Y/N)]: I just overslept, that’s all

    It was as if the memory had been suddenly imprinted in the forefront of your mind. You had thought about the dream again. You thought about Yeonjun between your legs, eating you out with the same fervor he had done in your dream. Before you could think, you found your thumbs typing out a text.

    [(Y/N)]: hey jun?

    [(Y/N)]: do you think you could come over today?

    [Yeonjun]: are you sure?

    [Yeonjun]: I don’t want what happened today to happen again.

    [(Y/N)]: don’t worry, it won’t happen

    [(Y/N)]: I just want you again :(

    [Yeonjun]: okay, baby

    [Yeonjun]: I’ll be there in ten


    And that’s how you found yourself bent over the kitchen counter, Yeonjun spreading your ass cheeks as he ate you out from behind. He was like a starved animal, slurping up every drop of your wetness. He laid his tongue flat against your pussy and vigorously moved his head from side to side, groaning as he did so. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he drove to to release, cumming in his mouth just like he wanted.

    He stood up, his hand on your back to keep you from moving any where else.

    “You taste so good, baby.” He said, pulling his pants down to reveal his hard cock. “Always so good and ready for me. So perfect.” He pushed his cock into your waiting hole. You were still sore and tired from last night, but you didn’t care. You’d let him fuck you to sleep again for all you cared. “And all mine.” He started fucking into you at a rough pace, not giving you time to get used to it. He grabbed a fistful of your hair, pulling you back harshly until your back met with his chest. Your head hung over his shoulder as you moaned in his ear. He attached his lips to your neck, fucking you into oblivion.

    Between marking you, he whispered such dirty things into your ear, your cunt clenching around him so tightly. You thought it couldn’t get better than this until you felt his hand slide up your body, cupping your breast for a second before sliding up further and going around your neck. He squeezed lightly, but that was all it took for you to cum around him. He watched your face as he continued to fuck you through your orgasm.

    You knew he wouldn’t stop, and yet you still begged, even though you didn’t want him to stop either. He squeezed tighter on your throat, making it hard for you to breathe. He choked you until you were light headed from a lack of air before he loosened his grip, fucking into you harder. The lightheadedness plus the drag of his swollen cock inside of you gave you a certain high that you couldn’t get enough of, and you found yourself cumming once again.

    He then pulled out of you and pushed you to your knees where his cock stood right in front of your face. You didn’t even need to be told to open your mouth, and you opened wide so Yeonjun could fuck your face. With how turned on you were, it was easy to relax your throat so he could thrust his cock as deep as he could. He was rougher this time than he was the first time, and you so desperately needed it. Spit was drooling down your face and down his cock, and you gagged a few times, but that only seemed to heighten the pleasure for Yeonjun.

    You saw his face contort beautifully before he came down your throat.

    “You take my cock so well, darling.” He smiled, his breath still harsh and sweat dripping down his forehead. He caressed your hair, watching as you started to get tired once again. He was proud of his work.

    He picked you up and took you to your bedroom, not bothering to slip some clothes on you. You were already half asleep by now, but you could understand what Yeonjun said to you next as he laid you gently on your bed.

    “You’re so close…” He said. “Almost ready… I’ll take you away from having to work, having to slave on this earth just to live. You’d like that, huh?”

    You were so confused with what he was telling you, but for some reason, you couldn’t react. You were frozen just like you were in your dream, but you could feel his breaths along your neck as he continued.

    “All I need is one more night of you before I can take you home.” He said. “…and every last piece of your soul will belong to me and only me. I’ll set you free once and for all. See you in your dreams, my darling.”


    “My love?” You heard a voice. “Are you ready?”

    You blinked your eyes open to see what was going on. You were still in bed, your naked body covered by your sheets. Crouched by your bed was Yeonjun, but he was the Yeonjun from your last dream.

    The black eyes, the horns, the evil energy that shook you to your core.

    “Are you scared, sweet one?” He asked, a creepy smile on his face. “There’s no need. There’s a lot of demons like me where you’re going.”

    Did he say…demons? You wanted to ask. You wanted to speak. You wanted to react so badly, but you just couldn’t.

    “I apologize that you couldn’t say goodbye to your friends.” He frowned. “But that would’ve delayed my time with you. That wouldn’t be so convenient, would it? But don’t worry, I’ll say goodbye for you.”

    It was like he could sense your growing fear. You had hoped this was some nightmare, but it felt so real.

    “You must have so many questions. But you can only ask once you’re finally free from me, okay?” He smiled once again. Moving to hover over you on the bed. He was fully clothed, but you were not, making you feel extremely vulnerable. His hand wrapped around your neck before he dipped down to press his lips into yours. It made your heart calm down, but you were so confused as to why, especially when you felt his long forked tongue glide into your mouth.

    As he kissed you, you felt yourself becoming drowsy again. You fought against it, or at least your tried to, but it was inevitable. The world got darker and darker. You had a haunting feeling that you weren’t going to be in this world anymore.

    Yeonjun parted from the kiss, but you were continuing to fall into a spiral of darkness, and you felt a overwhelming heat come over you.

    “See you in hell, my love.”

    And then everything went dark.



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  • gyuuss
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    [10:26 pm] CHOI YEONJUN

    pairing: choi yeonjun x gn!reader wc: 615 genre: fluff + established relationship warnings: suggestive ©gyuuss

    “What are you looking at?” You asked as Yeonjun gazed up at you from the pool. He rested between your thighs, his arms folded across your lap. Yeonjun looked up at you with an innocent gaze, but you knew that his motives were less than innocent. He wanted to go for a swim and begged you to come with. You preferred to stay out of the water but Yeonjun didn’t like that.

    “Come into the pool with me.” He mumbled, playing with the hem on your shorts.

    “I don’t wanna get wet.” You mumbled, trying to ignore Yeonjun’s touch. He was trying to persuade you since he knew exactly what made you feel weak. Yeonjun had you wrapped around his finger, even though you would never admit that.

    “Well I don’t need to get you in the pool for that.” He smirked, making you gasp and push him under the water. Yeonjun quickly came back up, laughing loudly as he pushed the wet hair out of his face. Yeonjun loved to tease you, he thought it was cute how flustered he could make you and often liked to test your limits.

    “You’re insufferable.” You groaned, slowly slipping into the water before Yeonjun could drag you in. The pool was freezing and the crisp night air did not help. Yeonjun instantly wrapped his arms around you, running his hands along your back and arms to warm you up.

    “I don’t know why I got in here. I hate wet clothes.” You complained, shivering in Yeonjun’s arms as your t-shirt stuck uncomfortably to your skin.

    “Well if you take this off, you’ll be more comfortable.” He smirked, toying with the end of your shirt. You scoffed, finding it amusing how Yeonjun never passed up the opportunity to flirt with you.

    “You have hands.” You joked, a shy smile on your face. Even if you tried to act tough in front of him, Yeonjun always made you feel nervous.

    Your boyfriend smiled back, lifting the wet shirt off your body and tossing it out of the pool. He looked at you with adoration in his eyes, pushing loose strands of hair away from your face delicately, as if you were some porcelain doll.

    “You’re so pretty.” Yeonjun mumbled, placing kisses on the side of your neck. You let out small sighs as he sucked and nipped at your skin, lacing your hands through his hair and tagging harshly. Yeonjun groaned into your mouth, gently tapping your thighs so you coul wrap your legs around him. When you jumped up to do so, your foot slipped, making you fall under the water.

    You came up quickly, coughing up water that had gone into your mouth. Yeonjun held onto the side of the pool from

    how hard he was laughing and you sent a deadly glare his way.

    “Why are you laughing? Now you’d be lucky to even get a hug.” You grumbled, climbing out of the pool and grabbing a towel. Yeonjun gasped, following after you.

    “Baby, I’m sorry.” He pouted, trying to contain more of his laughter. You rolled your eyes, a small smile appearing on your face. You could never stay mad at Yeonjun, one look at his face and you melted into a puddle.

    “I hate you, Choi Yeonjun.” You sighed, obviously joking since you loved the man more than anything. Yeonjun knew how much you adored him and never took your jokes to heart.

    “And I love you so so much, beautiful.” Yeonjun said, pulling you against him and placing multiple kisses on your face. You couldn’t help but laugh, trying to get out of his strong grip.

    “Yeah, I guess I love you too.”

    taglist @junityy @hanniesss @iuwon @choiwrld @bluhr @faetarou @tyunni @karsohn @yyxy27 @dj-fart @pr0dbeomgyu @envirae @xysthe @changmin-wrlds @sooblvr @eternallyhyucks @rae-blogging @iminchaosnow @jannine00742 @chaoticdreaminisode @hobistigma @yeoforce @butterfly-skinnylegend @abdiitcryy @fairybinie @chaibear3 @luvrz-high @mobhasabob @gimmethatcoffee

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  • yeoforce
    28.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    6:50 AM ❀ choi yeonjun

    fluff, gn!reader, no warnings, 406
    i was inspired by yeonjun’s pretty mole. yes, im a simp.

    “one more.”

    you feigned a sigh, shifting under the crisp white sheets of your bed to lean over yeonjun. watery early-morning sunshine peered in through your window, illuminating the boy beneath you. you pressed another chaste kiss to the mole beneath his eye.

    “there, now i need to go get ready for—“

    “another one,” he interrupted. you pursed your lips, momentarily stunned by his eagerness, however you surrendered easily. you cupped his face, smoothing down his eyebrows and bringing your lips to his cheekbone. he was warm from sleep, giggling beneath you.

    you scowled at his childishness, bringing your face away from his cheek so that your noses were close to touching. his eyes unfocused for a second, too busy staring at the curve of your lips. his eyelashes were downcast, feathered across his skin as he admired you.

    “i really have to go,” you said, face heating up quickly under his unabashed stare. this seemed to snap him out of his stupor.

    “nooo….” he whined, grabbing onto the hem of your pajamas. his head sunk deeper into the pillow and he scrunched his nose as sunlight hit his face. “just one more? please?”

    you rolled your eyes, pushing back a strand of his hair.

    “choi yeonjun, you are a pain in the ass. i just gave you your one more.”

    he pouted in response, and god, under the hazy light of morning, he looked positively ethereal. how could you say no?

    so of course you gave in, pressing a kiss to his eyelid so it closed. his eyelashes tickled your nose as you moved down to give him another one against his mole, brushing your lips against his cheekbone with care. you could hear his gentle intakes of breath each time your lips met his skin, igniting little fires that were put out quickly as you peppered on more kisses. you brushed your thumb over the spot, your other hand running fingers through his hair.


    his eyes finally opened again, and he smiled contently, though he squinted to keep out light.

    “thank you,” he murmured, dropping his hands from your waist as he allowed you to climb off of him. you stood up and stretched, padding across the carpet to enter your bathroom.

    “i love you,” yeonjun called, his voice still rather raspy from waking up. you smiled to yourself. you could almost feel his skin against yours again.

    “i love you too, pretty boy.”

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  • gyuslvrr
    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    [ ᴄ.ʏᴊ ] | 𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗽𝗶𝗰𝘂𝗼𝘂𝘀

    sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: yeonjun wants you, but all you can see is how tired he is
    ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: smut-ish, fluff at end

    -> ᴀ/ɴ: idol reader x yeonjun, reader has feminine body ig?

    “You looked so hot today” Yeonjun pants heavily as he speaks between each kiss both you and him share.

    The back rooms of Inkigayo were infamous for quickies between idols, but both you and Yeonjun have made a reputation for yourselves as every time your schedules line up, you both disappear together.

    You smile crookedly, eyelids hooded as you struggle to keep up with the ferocity of Yeonjun’s affection.

    “Only today?” You pout humourously and Yeonjun takes the chance to bite your bottom lip playfully.

    Your skin feels so hot and sticky, and the contrast between the cool concrete walls and your sweaty skin cause hot waves of sweat to roll down your body. Yeonjun practically swept you away as soon as you stepped off of the stage, so using a cool towel to cool yourself down was not an option.

    Yeonjun’s hand plant themselves on your waist and his fingers quickly become busy; toying with the material of the safety shorts that leave little to his imagination.

    “Don’t be like that” He scolds lightly, reassuring you with a long, surprisingly heated kiss. His tongue slips into your mouth and finds itself playing with your own.

    It’s hard to breathe, but the tightness in your lungs prolongs the lightheaded feeling that has you needy for more. The shakiness in your breath causes Yeonjun to pull back ever so slightly, allowing you time to come down from the high he makes you experience with every shared kiss.

    “We don’t have long” He sighs, releasing his grip from your hips to push back his sweat coated hair from his forehead. It doesn’t help, as the dark locks of hair fall back into his eyes only seconds later.

    You smile, bringing your hands from his biceps to push his hair back from his face. You can see him more clearly now, and without the shadows casted by his hair hiding most of his face from you, it’s easy to see the exhaustion riddled in his features.

    “You’re tired, Junnie” You state, but he shakes his head every so slightly. He’s defiant (as usual) when it comes to spending time with you, and it usually comes at his expense as he would never allow you to overly exhort yourself.

    He leans back in for a kiss, presumably to continue the promiscuous act you were about to carry out, but you use your hands as leverage to keep his face away from yours.

    “What’s wrong?” He asks, eyes widening. The kicked puppy expression rugs at your heartstrings ever so slightly, but it’s one you’ve come accompanied to.

    “You should rest”

    “I don’t want to rest, [y/n]” He reiterates slowly. His composure droops as he lets his shoulders sag in defeat.

    “I know, but you should” Your hands fall down his cheeks, and you use your left thumb to trace patterns onto the plump of his cheeks. He leans into it, letting his eyes close slightly.

    “I want to spend time with you” He admits.

    “I do too, but you’re so overworked Jun” A frown rests on your face “You need a break”

    “I know, but then I won’t be able to spend time with you” He finally explains.

    Yeonjun’s recent schedule has been hectic, and as much as he enjoys being an idol and promoting on TV shows, he wants to settle down and spend time with you.

    But your promotions had just started, and his were about to end. Seeing you on Inkigayo was one of the few times he would be sure he’d see you without the worries of fans catching the two of you out together.

    “How about you go home with the boys, and then come to my dorms?” You propose with a quirked brow “I’ve got them all to myself this afternoon” You add-on.

    It’s almost comical how Yeonjun straightens himself up after hearing that your dorms would be empty. It’s not often all of your members would be busy, but a couple shows requested that they appear solo or some magazines had called them on for a promotional cover.

    And just the week before, you cleared your schedule for some rest time before appearing on variety shows for promotions.

    Either way, you were fine with it.

    “Really?” He smiles brightly, but you can see the devious sparkle in his eyes.

    “But!” Yeonjun groans as he shoots you his best disgruntled expression “You’re gonna take a nap with me” He whines playfully.

    “Cant we just take one after?” He asks, tugging at the waistline of your shorts to wordlessly express what he’s trying to imply.

    “No, one before”

    “But we always nap after!” He stomps his foot playfully. The sound echoes, causing you to flinch slightly.

    The thoughts of your managers rushing in and finding the both of you arguing about when you’ll have sex isn’t exactly your dream scenario — nor something you would like to have repeated.

    “You’ll fall asleep on me” You deadpan, glaring at Yeonjun as a reminder of a previous fiasco in his own dormitory.

    He sheepishly smiles as his face heats up slightly under your scrutinising glare.

    “Okay, I’ll nap first”

    #txt smut #choi beomgyu x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #txt reactions #yeonjun x reader #txt x you #txt x reader #txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt drabbles #choi yeonjun x you #yeonjun x you #txt fluff
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  • lvnbyeol
    27.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    txt - their love languages ! ‧₊˚

    「 mlist 」

    a/n: based on their natal charts! <3

    ✦:˒ Yeonjun: physical touch, words of affirmation (+ gift-giving/receiving)

    as a leo venus, he has a ton of love to give. and with his libra moon, he has plenty of lovely words to say. would hug you and invade your space as much as he can. follows up on his kisses with sweet compliments and suggestive remarks (just to fluster you even more). essentially, he just wants a lot of your attention. but he'd do anything for you without hesitation as well. likes getting you stuff from time to time to show he thinks about you even when you're not together. would love it if you wore or use his presents and wouldn't be able to hide his happy grin.

    ✦:˒ Soobin: quality time, acts of service (+ words of affirmation)

    his capricorn venus would like to help you in any way he finds possible, he enjoys seeing that he can make your life a little easier, a little more bearable. would spend all his days with you and only you. would cancel plans if he got a chance to just hang out. could spend hours just sitting next to you in silence but he likes listening to you talk for an eternity even more. would have the softest smile playing on his lips when you gush about something you are passionate about. compliments are his ultimate soft spot. blushes when he receives them but his confidence level would be out of this world.

    ✦:˒ Beomgyu: physical touch, quality time

    would try to play it off in the beginning, but with an aries venus and scorpio moon, he likes being with you and especially touching you in some way all the time. knowing you're there with him grounds him a lot, which is why he always holds your hand or finds small ways to keep up the physical connection. your skin brushing his would be enough to calm him down. would probably also tease you in loving ways, like messing with your hair or nudging you at random times. he would get so pouty if you don't have time for him, he just loves your attention.

    ✦:˒ Taehyun: words of affirmation, quality time (+ physical touch)

    he doesn't need much to feel content, to be honest. wIth an aquarius venus, he sees you as his best friend and most entertaining company. he loves hearing how passionately you talk about your thoughts and ideas and could listen to you all day. has a soft smile on his face when you do, always encouraging to keep talking. would get so blushy and shy if you genuinely compliment him though, he would not be prepared for it - ever. his aries mars makes me think he likes physical touch more than he would admit, especially when you initiate it.

    ✦:˒ Huening Kai: words of affirmation, physical touch

    he LOVES cuddling, don't get me wrong. but he can't deny that his libra venus makes him especially sensitive towards your loving words. would get so giddy if you say some sweet nothings, his whole head beaming in pink blush. has surprisingly good advice and has interesting ways to express his love. his leo placements would just like to be physically affectionate as well, so after he's done blushing, he's probably hugging you to death. he basically crushes you any time you see each other after a while apart.


    © lvnbyeol

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  • starry-paris
    27.10.2021 - 17 hours ago


    previous | masterlist | next

    a/n: moving moving moving (also if this feels like it’s moving too fast rewatch the movie they fell in love within like two days 😭 i’m working the best i can with source material while making it different)

    taglist: open! send an ask!

    taglist! @gothmingguk @simplystraykids @pikachuwithadalek @envy-brr @jimblekook1 @minasbadweather @kthstigmas @planethyuka @hannahdinse8 @90s-belladonna @ye0njunch01 @taejinxkoya @meiiiwa @catecita @kingkaithekiwi @13isacoolnumber @hoshi4k @hobistigma @jiminaaaahhhh @nycol-ie @bettyschwallocksyee @nshitae @bngchhris @daisyhwa @fool4yjn @lokideadontheinside @pixyseeun @salty-satan @97bbies @etherealcherrie @jisungsquirrelhabits @jaemsluvr @soobsdior @jeonkoookiee @00-baejin-05 @pineapple-hoseok @mintay @lovesoo @berrychyuu @poutypeachyprincess @meowtella @ahnneyong @vantezza @junniesavidreader @letmeal0ne

    if your name is in bold i cannot tag you!

    #starstruck💫#dcom au#idol au #txt social media au #txt smau #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together social media au #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together angst #txt fluff#txt angst#choi beomgyu#choi yeonjun#choi soobin #choi beomgyu fluff #choi yeonjun fluff #choi soobin fluff #huening kai fluff #taehyun fluff#yeonjun angst#yeonjun fluff #yeonjun x reader #beomgyu x reader #soobin x reader #soobin angst#beomgyu angst#beomgyu fluff#soobin fluff #huening kai x reader #taehyun x reader
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  • taexual
    27.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    TXT / another member unknowingly likes their girlfriend

    warning: lowkey angst, i guess? but they’re mostly crackheads in this tbh

    requested by anonymous.

    ↣ yeonjun

    He’d spent the whole night talking about love and relationships with Taehyun, after they lied down for a minute on the couch in the recording studio. They’d been working the whole day – and magnitudes of writer’s block were involved – and their heads felt fuzzy.

    And yet, when Taehyun came running down the hall the next morning, screeching, “I found it!”, and clutching  his phone in his hands as if it was his most valued possession, Yeonjun was still very confused.

    “Hmm?” he asked, extending a hand to prevent the younger boy from crashing into him, but he slowed down on his own, catching his breath.

    “I found it! Her instagram—the girl I told you about—m-my crush?” Taehyun stuttered his way through an explanation. Or something that was supposed to be one. He already felt awkward enough talking about this during the day; the lack of oxygen in his lungs did not make this easier.

    “Oh, yeah,” Yeonjun nodded – he’d asked him for a picture of his crush last night and Taehyun was forced to shamefully admit that he did not know where to find it, because he’d only seen the girl here – he assumed she was a staff member. “Well, show me!”

    That was exactly what Taehyun did. And Yeonjun had never regretted asking anyone for anything more.

    “T-that—” he was suddenly the one stuttering as your familiar features smiled at him from the screen of Taehyun’s phone. “That’s my girlfriend.”

    The sort of silence that engulfed the two boys in the hallway right after Yeonjun said this was unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Taehyun opened his lips to say something, but couldn’t decide between, what?, how? and, most importantly, why?!

    “I—” he finally started to say, but Yeonjun shook his head and leaned in to lock Taehyun’s phone.

    When the screen went dark, he declared, “we’ll never speak of this again.”

    “I… don’t have a problem with that,” Taehyun agreed. His face was burning up with such intensity, he thought he would soon begin to radiate heat.

    He was extremely conscious of the fact that, when he would unlock his phone next, the first picture he would see wouldn’t be his crush – it would be Yeonjun’s girlfriend.

    “Well,” Yeonjun said then, inhaling deeply. He placed a hand around Taehyun’s shoulders and turned him around, guiding him towards the elevator. “Let’s go, then.”

    A little concerned about the possessive grip he had on his shoulders, Taehyun spoke up slowly, “uh, okay. W-where are we going?”

    “We,” Yeonjun said, pressing the elevator button with his free hand, his voice dead serious, “are getting you a new crush.”

    ↣ soobin

    He was on his phone, thinking of lunch and minding his own business, when Beomgyu came barging into the changing room, nearly tripping over his own feet as he went.

    “Hey! Listen!” he cried—thrilled—once he spotted Soobin on the leather couch, behind the clothing racks. “We know who Kai’s crush is!”

    Putting his phone down, Soobin sighed. He knew that the excited glint in Beomgyu’s eye could only signal trouble.

    “What did you do?” he asked.

    “Nothing! We just pointed and guessed,” Beomgyu explained, laughing at the simplicity of the plan. “Anyway, he—”

    This got Soobin’s attention. “Wait, pointed? Did you see her?”

    Beomgyu was bouncing on his feet now, his enthusiasm suddenly overflowing when he confirmed that everyone in the group had, indeed, been wondering about the mysterious girl that left Kai frozen and speechless each time she posted something on her Instagram.

    “Yeah!” Beomgyu said eagerly. “She’s here—she works here! Come with me.”

    And Soobin did come because, despite disagreeing with their methods for extracting information from Kai, he was also curious about the crush that he’d heard so much about.

    Funnily enough, the one thing that Soobin did not hear about this crush was that she was, actually, you.

    “Oh,” was the most Soobin could say at the sight of you. Thankfully, you hadn’t noticed him yet – you were too busy trying to keep up with whatever Kai and Taehyun were talking to you about.

    “Well, don’t look like that,” Beomgyu reprimanded, misunderstanding the expression on the older member’s face. “She’s very pretty.”

    “No, she’s—I know that,” Soobin replied, growing mildly irritated. “She’s actually my—”

    “Soobin!” you exclaimed, relief flooding over you at the sight of him. You’d already concluded that nor Taehyun, nor Kai knew that you were actually in a relationship with their friend, and with the way the conversation was progressing, you were afraid one of them was going to say something they regretted.

    “She—you know her?” Beomgyu asked, stuck to the same spot in surprise, while Soobin made his way towards you.

    “I do know her,” he replied, aware of the awkwardness his next words would bring, and, therefore, struggling to find the right way to say them, “we—she is my—we’re, uh, dating.”

    The boys needed a minute – Kai felt like he needed a whole hour, really – to grasp this. They initially thought this was a prank – and the fact that it wasn’t funny somehow made more sense for Soobin to be the one who came up with it – but they could see the way Soobin took your hand. It was very natural and, clearly, not the first time you’d held hands.

    “That’s—good for you!” Kai said, fighting off his initial shock and looking at you with an apologetic frown, “sorry for making you uncomfortable.”

    “Yeah,” Taehyun joined in. In support of Kai, he tried to shift the blame elsewhere, “but in our defense, your boyfriend is fully responsible for this.”

    You snickered and looked over at Soobin who seemed almost outraged. “How is it my fault you’ve ambushed my girlfriend?!”

    “You didn’t tell us about her!” Taehyun said, throwing his hands up.

    Soobin rolled his eyes and then shot Kai a—discreet—worried look. But he was holding on fairly well, all things considered. The adrenaline of the moment definitely overshadowed whatever else Kai might have been feeling.

    Beomgyu and Yeonjun only approached you a minute later – very clever of them both to stay away during the most awkward part of the conversation – and, as soon as the boys were all together, it stopped feeling so weird.

    “It’s nice to meet you,” Yeonjun said, throwing a casual arm around Kai’s shoulders and feeling the way he exhaled in relief. “And we really hope you’ll join us for dinner? We have so many embarrassing stories to tell you.”

    ↣ beomgyu

    It was his own fault, really, for not telling anyone that he had a girlfriend. He’d assumed he would, eventually, but the time hadn’t come, and now he was messing up the rehearsal because Yeonjun had shown him a funny conversation that he’d had with his crush, and Beomgyu recognized the phone number.

    It was yours.

    “Uh,” Beomgyu scratched his neck, sitting down on the floor of the practice room. He needed a break. “D-do you—I mean, have you liked her for a while?”

    Yeonjun followed his lead and also lowered himself to the floor, crossing his legs. He shrugged then, the same goofy grin still on his face as he looked at the chat on his phone. “I guess. Why?”

    “Well, because, see, I did not know that,” Beomgyu tried to explain, albeit excruciatingly slowly. “And I am, actually—funny story—uh, dating her. Kind of?”

    Confused—and hoping to God he just misunderstood something—Yeonjun put his phone down and looked at him. “You’re… kind of dating her?”

    Oh, this was terrible. Beomgyu was surely in love with you, and yet announcing that right now felt more difficult than telling someone their favorite pet had died. He hated the way Yeonjun looked at him – like he wished that this was a joke. A poorly executed prank.

    “No, I-I…” Beomgyu said, swallowing the uneasiness, “I really am. We’ve been—it’s been about six months now.”

    Yeonjun’s brain was clearly short-circuiting as he suddenly jumped from his spot on the floor. Beomgyu had to stretch his neck to be able to look at him now.

    “You’ve been dating someone for six months and you haven’t told anyone?!” he accused.

    Beomgyu cleared his throat. “Well, Kai knows.”

    Yeonjun did not even blink. “You’ve been dating someone for six months and you told Kai?!”

    Beomgyu couldn’t help the initial snicker that passed his lips because this sounded like Kai was the absolute worst person he could have told. But he knew that Yeonjun had, really, meant to say that he was offended not to be the first person to learn about this.

    “He just found out by accident,” Beomgyu explained in a lighter tone. “He came home earlier than I expected, and he saw us—nevermind. That’s not the point. I, um—”

    Seeing the pink shade on his cheeks made Yeonjun feel irrationally guilty, but also hurt. In an attempt for damage control – before Beomgyu suggested they talked more about this or something else that was equally as ludicrous – Yeonjun sat back down and smiled.

    “Well, okay,” he said, giving the other boy a supportive kick in the shin. “This is six months overdue, but congratulations.”

    “Oh,” Beomgyu hesitated for half a minute, but then his face settled into a smile, too. “Thank you.”

    Yeonjun looked as if he’d already completely forgotten that you were his crush, but Beomgyu had seen the painful wince on his face – in his defense, it only lasted for a split-second; a reflexive reaction, nothing else – when he told him that you were his girlfriend.

    ↣ taehyun

    He wasn’t the one who suggested the game, but he wasn’t exactly against it – and he would come to regret that very much just a little while later.

    Yeonjun was the genius mind behind the idea that Soobin should finally confess to his crush – the reason for this wasn’t that Yeonjun simply wished his friend happiness; it was that he was sick and tired of hearing about said crush in the groupchat.

    Soobin tried to back out of it, of course, but the boys quite literally ganged up on him – Kai tried to suggest a more diplomatic way of doing it, but the others weren’t listening. It took two people to hold Soobin down and then Kai—plot twist—ended up being the one who got the phone out from the boy’s pocket.

    “We’re doing this for you,” Yeonjun lied as he dialed the phone number on Soobin’s phone and then thrust it at him. “Come on. Say hi when she picks up. You got this.”

    The boys settled down when they heard the signal of the phone call. Silently, Taehyun balanced himself on the edge of the couch, next to where Soobin was sitting and he watched the boy take the phone from Yeonjun and brace himself.

    Taehyun lost his balance and nearly fell off the couch when the voice that answered Soobin’s call was yours.

    “Hi,” Soobin spoke, his voice nowhere near as panicked as Taehyun was feeling. “Sorry to call you so late. I, uh, I just wanted to tell you something.”

    “Okay,” you replied on the other end of the call. Taehyun was four shades paler and nine times more horrified than he’d ever been in his life.

    “So, here’s the thing,” Soobin continued, chuckling nervously. “I’ve actually wanted to tell you this for a while, but I could never find a way to do it. So, uh, here goes now. I—”

    Leaping from his seat, Taehyun snatched the phone from the boy’s hand and, without any rational plan of action, ended up smacking it right onto the floor in terror. Silence on the line indicated that he was successful in his mission to end the call – and, likely, also successful at breaking the screen of Soobin’s phone.

    “What,” Kai broke the silence, the rest of them too stunned to speak, “the hell?”

    Taehyun looked up from the phone on the floor, a dignified look on his face, despite everyone watching him, completely flabbergasted.

    “You need to get a new crush,” he said calmly – or so he assumed.

    All eyes turned to Soobin then. He was just as confused as the rest of them. “What? Why?”

    Taehyun cleared his throat, wishing he could make this announcement in a less dramatic manner. “Because this one’s mine.”

    Soobin looked at the boys on either side of him to check if he was the only one completely dumbfounded. It calmed him to realise that the rest of them appeared to feel the same way.

    “Y-you—what do you mean?” he asked then.

    “She’s my—” Taehyun said, somehow thinking this would be easier, but he was, literally, standing in the middle of the room while four pairs of eyes watched him expectantly. Trying again, he spilled it all in a single breath, “she’s my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for a few months now. I was going to tell you eventually.”

    Silence was their response. Then, someone said softly, “oh.”

    Coughing again, Taehyun nodded, hands on his hips.

    “Yes,” he said, eyeing the door of the living room with an adoring gaze. “So, I—I would prefer it if you didn’t call her from now on. I’ll be in my room.”

    ↣ huening kai

    When Beomgyu insisted on introducing his crush to his group, none of them found it weird. He’d been friends with his crush for months and, in fact, Kai was the one who encouraged him to bring her over someday because they all wanted to meet her.

    He did not expect to have met her already. Worse, he did not expect to actually be dating her.

    Kai watched the way you stood—very disoriented—next to Beomgyu as he introduced you to the other members. When it was Kai’s turn to tell you his name – like the other boys had – he was unsure how to proceed. Actually, he was not quite sure if this was actually happening at all; it felt almost like a nightmare. Then he finally cleared his throat.

    “That’s actually—” he started to say.

    “We’re dating,” you cut him off. You turned to look at Beomgyu, expecting to see surprise on his face, but only seeing confusion.

    “No, you’re not,” he replied, scoffing.

    Now you were the one who did not know what to do next; the other members looked just as distraught. You glanced at Kai for help – who returned your gaze, equally as lost – and then looked back at Beomgyu’s puzzled face. He was watching this exchange curiously.

    “You’re not,” he repeated. Then asked, less certainly, “are you?”

    “We are,” Kai said. “It’s not… a joke. Or whatever you thought.”

    “I didn’t think it was a—wow,” Beomgyu switched between looking at you and at Kai, the realisation finally dawning on him. “You really are dating. How—how come?”

    This was a mess. It was starting to feel like you three were speaking different languages as Kai asked, “how come we’re dating?”

    “No, I—well, that, too. But later,” Beomgyu waved his hand, dismissing that. He explained, “how come I didn’t know? I’m friends with you both, h-how could neither of you tell me?”

    You had a bad feeling the second you saw Beomgyu today and he insisted he introduced you to his members right here, right now. You knew he wasn’t supposed to be the one doing this introduction, but he did not give you a minute to speak and explain that you’d clearly had your wires crossed.

    “I assumed you knew,” you said now, feeling like it was a little too late. Or, actually, a lot too late. “I…I had thought you texted me because Kai gave you my number.”

    Beomgyu scoffed again and even Kai shook his head.

    “As if he’d ever do that,” Beomgyu said. “I had to go through fire and water to get your—nevermind. What’s your excuse?” he turned to the younger boy then.

    You tried not to let his words affect you – he stopped himself before he said too much; that was what mattered most here – and yet you couldn’t help the guilt. You should have been clear about this from the beginning

    “I was going to tell you,” Kai said. “But you, uh, beat me to it, kind of.”

    “Hm. Right.”

    “Well, this is still nice,” Taehyun interjected quickly and, one by one, your faces lit up with ridiculous smiles. This was the exact opposite of nice. “Let’s not make it any weirder. How about dinner? It’s on Kai.”


    “That’s what you get for dating someone behind our backs,” Yeonjun added. They had clearly teamed up against him.

    You gave Kai a small, supportive smile when he looked at you in defeat. Then, the two of you both turned to look at Beomgyu, who had been unusually quiet, but even he had a small smile on his face. He gave you two a nod of reassurance – he’d be fine. Eventually.

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    ii. fix this.


    F A C T S :
    hyunjin's father is a CEO of a big company. beomgyu's dad is a senator. yeonjun's mom works for beomgyu's family as a nana.

    warnings. swearing, mentions of family problems and possible physical fights. timestamps will never make sense.

    prev. masterlist. next

    taglist(!) : @junluvr @kac-chowsballs @bubblejunnies @vanillxangxl @moaberryjjunie send me an ask to be added!

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    late night drives with Tomorrow x Together!! (Yeonjun version)

    Warnings: swearing, feelings of insecurity, crying, sorry for adding crying in another yeonjun writing but I love comfort fics. not proof read ;-;

    A/N: no plz this was supposed to be an OT5 reaction but yeonjun’s part got too long so imma make it a series based on a request. I’m so sorry to the person who asked for an ot5 writing and got this :(( I’ll make sure to write the rest of the members very very soon!

    this guy would have the ultimate vibe

    but also extremely spontaneous 

    you wouldn’t think that tho

    you would have thought that he’s been planning one of these last night drives for a few days, at most

    but nah, mans really throws shit together but it turns out so well

    so one night, you’re in your room studying away for school

    your eyes are red and droopy from exhausting yourself and the posture in your back is just horrendous

    you’ve been at it for hours with no breaks

    and right now it’s 9:30 at night

    typing furiously, you hear your window creak but shrug it off, thinking it’s just the wind messing with the old wood

    but then it gets louder and as you turn around you see the pane opening, a figure emerging from the outside

    as you’re about to scream to high heaven, you quickly realize that the figure is none other than your boyfriend, Choi Yeonjun

    “Jesus Christ Yeonjun! What the hell is wrong with you?”

    he stalks over to your desk, playing around with the small toys on the surface while staring at your through his eyelashes with a playful smirk


    “what the hell is wrong with you? I’ve been texting you nonstop since 6 and you haven’t answered once.”

    you open the notifications from your phone and true to his word, you see over 15 text messages from him

    “I thought you got kidnapped or something?”


    “Jun, why would I get kidnapped?”

    he ponders this for a second and jokingly retorts with “Yeah, you’re right. No one would want you anyways. You’d make an awful captive.”

    now you’re just offended

    “I’d like to have you know that I think I’d be a valuable person to kidnap.”

    Yeonjun throws his head back and laughs

    “I know, I know, love. Just so you know I’d give millions to get you back.”

    You scoff. “Do you have even have millions?”

    this guy looks at you like (shocked)

    “Just take a look at my jacket.”

    You wave your hand in dismissal. “Yeah, yeah I get it. You’re in a boyband and you make bank *eyeroll*”

    “Anyways. I really was worried though. You’re always working too hard for school and I don’t want you to get burnt out.”

    “I know, Junnie but I really want to do well...I just...I feel kinda stupid net to you.”

    Yeonjun looks hurt. Not for him but for you because he knows exactly what you’re talking about. He still wants to hear it from you tho

    “What do you mean, love?”

    You look down at the plush carpet, embarrassed, and shrug. “I don’t know...You’re this huge idol doing great things and I’m over here stressing over French literature. Even if I wasn’t with you, I still see everyone else around me do things that matter and i feel like I’m not being or doing enough.”

    Yeonjun’s frown deepens. He knows you always dwell over things like this, which is why he proposes something while offering his hand

    “C’mon, let’s go for a drive and clear your head. You’re awfully scholarly head.”

    “What? That’s it? You ask me what’s wrong and you wanna take me out.”

    “No, no, no. I need to take you out. You’ve cramped in your room for days on end and thinking like this in this atmosphere won’t do you any good. We’re gonna go out, get you some fresh air and talk things out.”

    Good thing you didn’t change out of your school clothes cuz you would have dreaded going out in your pajamas

    “Alright but we have to be quick”

    boy deadass looks at you like (thinking)

    “Yeah...absolutely not. We’re gonna take our sweet time and when we return, you’re gonna go to bed.” 

    you’re about to dispute him but hold his hand up to silence you and shuffles you towards the door.

    “What, we’re not using the window?”

    “You think I’m gonna risk your life by bungie jumping out the window?”


    “If you can do it, why can’t I.”

    “Cuz I said so. Now shut up.”

    mans really put you in your place (ouchie)

    like a true gentleman, he opens the car door for you and waits for you to settle in before gently closing it

    just as he’s about to get in in his side, he leans down and says “Give me a sec. I gotta do a few things.” 

    you sit there, puzzled but let him do whatever he needs to do

    you have no idea what the fuck he’s doing but you trust him...for the most part

    a few minutes later, he crawls into the front seat from the back, starting the ignition of his car

    yeah we’ve been over the fact that he’s loaded but his car will stop getting old to you

    it’s so sexy

    it even has a touchscreen!!

    which he puts to use right away and after he pushes a few buttons, you realize that small bulbs of light illuminate from the back of the car

    you turn around and see that he has...fairy lights???


    “since when did you get fairy lights?”

    “I got em a few days ago. I thought you might like them.”

    heehee you’re silently gushing over this cuz you know that he’s not really one for these typa things but still got them cuz you love them!

    as you’re about to strap yourself in, he reaches over your figure and does it himself, landing a smooth kiss to your lips as he pushes past you


    “Are we going anywhere special?”

    “Nah, just driving around the city, enjoying the night with some music.”

    his car even has a spotify app but he keeps the volume pretty low for now

    idk if that’s possible but lets roll with it

    he makes sure the two of you are secured and safe in your seats and speeds down the speeds

    he’s silent for a few moments as he knows that you need some peace and time to yourself without the impending doom of school looming over your head

    you deserve to organize your thoughts in peace

    and that’s exactly what he wants for you so he doesn’t say anything for a good 10 minutes

    but he also wants to distract you and after those 10 minutes, he turns up the music 

    you glance over at the car screen and you see that the playlist reads “midnight kisses with Y/N”

    your heart warms at this but you also decide to tease him

    “Hey dork, it’s not midnight yet.”

    He shoots you a quick glance and quips back with “Oh sorry, lemme just make a playlist for each time frame in the day.”

    “That’s more like it.”

    Yeonjun likes the bustling parts of Seoul at night while he’s in the car

    although it’s extremely crowded, he feels like he’s surrounded by your presence

    he’ll forever love that feeling

    you look out the window and despite the fact that neon lights blind you ever so slightly, you can still make out the faded figure of the N Seoul Tower in the distance

    Yeonjun takes a deep breath through his nose, bracing himself for the question he’s about to ask. “You wanna talk about what you said back in your room?” 

    the music was deafening in your ears as you rasped out “I’m just not good enough for anything.”

    Jun knows that looking out the window of whatever scenery calms you down but he wants so desperately to stop the car and face your worries head on

    he opts for your comfort though

    “And why do you say that?”

    his physical attention may be on driving, what with his eyes glued on the road and his hands directly on the wheel, but his heart his directed towards nothing but you

    “I already told you, Junnie. My boyfriend’s a huge idol with love and support from everyone. My siblings are off working in big companies and my friends and classmates are studying impressive things like law and science. I’m not good enough for that. I’m just...reading books and dissecting them. That doesn’t matter. I don’t matter.” 

    you sob out the last part and you lean your forehead on the window covered in condensation, too ashamed to look at your boyfriend

    At this point, Yeonjun’s heart shatters at the sound of you cries and hurriedly pulls up to the nearest parking spot

    he doesn’t even turn off the car before he gently turns you around so that you’d face him

    when you shift your face away from him, he places his hands over your. shoulder

    And then there was the issue of her, I didn't even like myself, or love the life I had

    His words are firm but laced with the utmost of love. “Y/N. Look at me.”

    When you shake your head and more tears drop on the console between your seats, he shakes you as the wind causes a leaf to shiver

    he knows you’re in the darkest parts of your head and that you’re frightened but he desperately needs you to heed his words

    “Please. Just look at me and I’ll take you home.”

    hesitantly, you make eye contact with him, your lips quivering and throat going dry at his heartbroken look

    “I need you to listen to me too. Can you do that for me?”

    You nod your head, causing more tears to fall

    but he wipes them away as he always does

    “You need tremendous talent to be able to understand literature. Sure, your friends are powered by their brain but you, Y/N, are powered by your heart, and I think that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever got to witness. When I see you reading a passage and I can practically hear the fire in your heart burning from the words. How they inspire you own writing. How you want to connect people with your emotions and words. That’s not something everyone can do. You have a gift.”

    you’ve somewhat calmed down at this point. your breathing becoming steady but your hands still shaky

    “And don’t you dare compare yourself to me. We’re both dedicated to the arts but in different aspects, alright. I know, trust me, Y/N, I know that you feel like you don’t deserve me because I’m famous and you’re not. But you have to realize that I’ll love you no matter what. I didn’t fall in love with you because of your glimmering eyes or if whether or not your family comes from money. I fell in love with you because of your passion, your drive, your ambition to the things you’re interested in. Watching you read or write is the greatest things I’ll ever witness and I’ll never get tired of it. You make me want to do better.”

    Yeonjun is an empathetic person which is precisely why he’s joined you in crying

    he hates seeing you so upset and can imagine what you’re thinking but he wants to take that pain away from you

    A few loose tears roll down your cheeks and sniffle, leaning in close to him and touch foreheads with him

    “for all the thinking I’ve been doing, I never really thought of it like that.”

    He chuckles and kisses your nose. “I know. You’ve been working yourself too hard.”

    “I guess I was making up for what I thought I was lacking”

    “You lack absolutely nothing. You have so much to offer and I hope you’ll realize that soon because as harsh as it is, comparing yourself to others to beat yourself down won’t do you any good.”

    you pull away from him and fidget his fingers

    “I know, it’s just hard not to do that”

    “I know love, I know”

    “You really mean what you said?”

    “I’m as certain as the sun rising after each dark night”

    “So that’s pretty certain, huh?”

    He smiles at you and your chest is filled with warmth “Only for you. Now let’s get you some ice cream, fill your belly up, and put you to sleep”

    “Only if we get mint chocolate and if you sleep over tonight”

    “Oh, that was the plan all along.”

    and it really was, perhaps even better than intended

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    Taejun (🐿+🦊)

    ⸻ ૢ་༘࿐a list of ao3 links for taejun recs!

    ❥ • it's okay to take time (hogwarts au, homophobia, angst, taehyun is a soft baby with lots of emotions, yeonjun loves taehyun) ⤿"—hyung. don't you hate it? hate me?"

    ❥ • baby, i don't care (past taejun, strangers to lovers, fluff, soogyu side-ship, tyunning endgame, 2 truths 1 lie, meet at party au) ⤿Kang Taehyun doesn't do parties. He doesn't get invited to them, doesn't accept invitations to them, just generally doesn't like them at all. But the boy he meets at Yeonjun hyung's 20th birthday party...? Now that's a different story altogether.

    ❥ • PUT OUT THE FIRE (depictions of violence, major character death, heavy angst, childhood trauma) ⤿ Taehyun relives the moment he lost four peers in a school library fire.

    ❥ • Order Up! (slice of life, magic realism, mystery, romantic comedy, fluff, hybrids, college au) ⤿Taehyun just wanted to earn some good tips and enjoy his Spring Break. Not get asked out by a nine-tailed fox.

    ❥ • Actor (fake dating au, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, bad boy Choi Yeonjun, heartbreak, pining, coming out, slowburn) ⤿ "Thank you very much, beloved boyfriend." "So we're official?" "I guess." Taehyun sighed, clearly worried about the consequences of this decision, but by now he had accepted his fate. OR Taehyun, a shy and soft boy and amazing actor, agrees to play bad boy Yeonjuns boyfriend for a month to piss off Yeonjuns ex. But unfortunately, someone catches feelings and their fake breakup hurts more than it should.

    ❥ • this night where the stars are asleep (college au, fluff, angst, taejun side-ship, friends to lovers) ⤿ Beomgyu thinks that the stars must be fed up with him at this point, especially when he's been pining after his best friend for years.

    Maybe he shouldn't have let the universe take this matter into its own hands.

    ❥ • new (canon divergence, angst, fluff, friendship, hurt/comfort, coming out, happy ending, mentioned beomkai) ⤿ yeonjun still reflects on the scandal that rocked bighit three years ago with a tremendous amount of regret, but time brings growth, and change is written in the stars. so maybe-- just maybe-- everything will be alright.

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  • daisyly0n
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Date At The Park c.gyu

    Pairing: Choi Beomgyu x Fem Reader (boyfriend)

    Genre: Fluff 

    Warning: None 

    - He loves to hold your hand and slide his thumb over yours. 

    - He insists on buying cute toys and headbands. Guess what? He puts it on for both of you. You can’t refuse!! 

    - Once you find a good spot to sit, he would let you lay on his lap. 

    - He would caress you forehead and hair. 

    - He would still eat the food you made, even if he does what to hurt, So lovely of him. 

    - He often doesn’t know how toys work and struggles with it. Which makes you laugh so bad at his confused face. 

    - Once he figures it out, he doesn’t stop annoying you with it. 

    - He loves to blow bubbles on you. 

    - He feeds you and talks non stop. 

    -You lay on the grass in each other’s embrace, watching the sun set. 

    - “Y/n, I think you are the most perfect person.” he would say. “But not as handsome and perfect as me!”  

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  • beom1e
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    [ 3:01 am ] #26 — a bang in the night

    pairing yeonjun x gn! reader. genre fluff, slight angst. wc 317.

    ‘yeonjun!’ you tried to shake your sleeping boyfriend awake, roughly pushing at his shoulder in a panic. he merely hummed and reached out for your hand to stop your movements, whining about how he was sleeping. ‘there’s somebody in our kitchen!’

    at that, he shot up in an instant and checked if you were okay. he pulled you into his arms, holding your shaking figure against his chest. but you pushed him away, telling him he had to go check the kitchen for an intruder.

    ‘stay right here,’ yeonjun kissed your forehead before slipping out of bed. in the kitchen, he switched on the light and scanned the room for anybody. his eyes landed on a book that had fallen from the counter, pages bending upon impact with the floor. he picked it up without another thought, positioning it safely on the counter and switching off the light again.

    you waited anxiously under the covers, shaking and peeking over the top of them. yeonjun returned quietly, closing the bedroom door behind himself and getting back into bed.

    ‘was anybody there?’ reaching your hand out for him, you tried to stop your shaking. ‘i heard a bang like somebody was looking through our drawers.’

    ‘a book fell from the counter,’ he reassured you, pulling you flush against his chest and nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. ‘nobody was there, baby.’

    ‘but i thought—’ he cut you off by shushing you.

    ‘i know, i know,’ his attempt at comforting you seemed to work. you stopped shaking, relaxing into his hold and feeling yourself become sleepy again. ‘go back to sleep.’

    you were always jumpy close to the end of october. you were just glad you had somebody like yeonjun to put up with your constant panicking over nothing. his lips softly met your shoulder before you drifted off to sleep again, dreaming of your hero boyfriend.

    #october queue w lei ☆ #txt#txt au#txt timestamp#txt blurb#txt drabble#txt fluff#choi yeonjun#yeonjun #choi yeonjun au #choi yeonjun timestamp #choi yeonjun blurb #choi yeonjun drabble #choi yeonjun fluff #yeonjun au#yeonjun timestamp#yeonjun blurb#yeonjun drabble#yeonjun fluff
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  • gyuury
    26.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    pick up! one; normal teenager stuff

    warning(s): none(?)

    masterlist | prev | next

    — synopsis: you've got dumped by your boyfriend of 2 years, and now you're depressed. how do you cope? by drinking of course. anything else? oh right, by ranting to his now abandoned number through voice message while you're completely wasted. but what happens when the abandoned number had a new owner and he has actually been listening the whole time?

    taglist: @tyunni @enhyphun @beomgyuanti @junityy @softforqiankun @luvmingi @xysthe @primorange @gyuza @jongsaengseong @90s-belladonna @sunshine-skz (bolded couldn't be tagged!)

    #txt smau#kpop smau#soobin smau#yeonjun smau#kpop fanfiction#txt fanfiction #tomorrow by together #txt x reader #choi soobin x reader #yeonjun x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #txt fanfic#txt fluff#txt angst #choi soobin fluff #choi soobin angst #tomorrow x together #kpop fanfic#txt scenarios#kpop
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  • ye0ncore
    26.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    — txt as the different types of love languages

    pairing: txt x female reader
    genre and rating: fluff, g!
    warnings: none! just a bunch of teeth rotting fluff!
    hello loves! enjoy this cute lil reaction type thing as i work on a few more fics :)))

    reaction below the cut <33

    — yeonjun as words of affirmation

    we’ve all seen the way yeonjun reacts when one of the members compliments him or praises him in some way. i think yeonjun would love hearing from you how much you love him. after a long day, and he’s exhausted and wants nothing more than to just rest, the only thing he needs to hear is that you’re proud of him. he loves hearing that he’s doing amazing, and that you appreciate everything he does. he does the same to you as well. he knows he loves hearing it, so he does his best to do the same for you and make you feel just as loved and appreciated.

    — soobin as quality time

    soobin isn’t a huge people person, so most people wouldn’t see this being his love language, but i really think it is. it’s different when it comes to people he truly cares about, such as you. you two don’t even have to be doing anything. as long as he’s in the same vicinity as his significant other, he’s content. you want to lay down and watch a few movies? done. you want to go out and get into something fun? perfect. soobin genuinely loves having you around and would do anything to be with you at all times.

    — beomgyu as physical touch

    i really see beomgyu being really big on this kind of thing. like just imagine it. see? perfect. beomgyu really enjoys the comfort physical touch brings him. being able to actually touch you, offers reassurance that he’s not alone and that you’re there with him. it could be something as small as having his hand on your thigh while he’s driving. or as big as a long cuddle session on the couch after you both get home from work. beomgyu just genuinely loves you and enjoys the closeness he feels when he’s touching you. not in a sexual way either, no. just in the sense that he enjoys the feeling of your skin on his.

    — taehyun as acts of service

    taehyun just loves making your life a little easier, and he loves when you do the same for him. it’s so meaningful to him when you have some chores he needed to do, done by the time he got home from work. he loves when you listen to him rant, even though you may have some things going on as well. it means a lot to him when you just try to make him feel loved. it doesn’t have to be anything big, just a quick swing by the studio with lunch for the both of you. and like i said before, he does the same for you. if he knows you’re stressed from work, he’s gonna do everything he can to take even a little bit off of your plate.

    — kai as receiving gifts

    don’t mistake the concept of gift receiving for materialism. that’s the last thing it represents for kai. the concept of gift giving and receiving just shows that you were thinking of him. you happened to see something in the store that made you think of him? and you bought it? just for him? oh prepare yourself for the cuddle session later. it makes kai feel very appreciated when you do little things like that. he likes to buy you cute gifts too. and as i mentioned before, it doesn’t have to be anything huge. just knowing that you were thinking of him enough to buy him something, makes him tremendously happy,

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  • ghostingtrackone
    26.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    ✧ you designing them an outfit ✧


    word count: 1.3k

    pairing: txt x gn! reader

    genre: fluff <3

    notes: thank you anon for requesting! this was so fun to write about :’) it’s helping me get out of my writing funk for headcannons, yay! enjoy 🥰


    not gonna lie you were really nervous to give him an outfit

    he’s a fashion king how could u not be!!!!

    he always asks to see your pieces and you were always kind of shy to

    but you had a project for a class: come up with a concept, put together an outfit that you personally designed, and take pictures of a person to put it all together

    you groan because if it’s anyone who would kill this and give you an A…. it’s yeonjun

    he just has to be an all rounder doesn’t he 🙄

    so you ask him in a low voice hoping he doesn’t hear

    but to ur surprise he PERKED up

    he’s so excited

    and mainly because you’re sharing something you love with him

    you hesitate to show him your piece at first but when he finally gets a look and you see his eyes light up; you realize the voice in your head has prevented you from sharing beautiful pieces with him

    so you show him almost every piece you’ve designed and he can’t stop beaming at you

    when you’re adjusting the size of the clothes on him, you feel him smiling at you fondly

    “y/n you’re so talented”

    he continues praising u

    “i’m so honored that you chose me for this project”

    u blush

    u take pictures of him

    he had it down by the first 5 shots

    and when you get an A

    u realize u are both each other’s lucky charms :’)


    u always use soobin for measurements

    so putting him in outfits isn’t anything new for him

    until one day you get frustrated with a design

    he’s like “😦 do i keep moving????”

    “no soobin this one is just a bit more special to me and i don’t want to mess it up, that’s all”

    he doesn’t ask any more questions

    he understands how tough the process you go through could be

    after a good 2 hours ur all done

    but what soobin doesn’t know is that the materials you used that day would not be for what you were working on in front of him

    your anniversary is coming up and you want to give him something special

    so you’re designing him a cute comfortable set because you think he looks the cutest in hoodies and sweatpants pls :((

    and when the day comes you’re shaky

    he giggles at you and takes the nicely wrapped box

    he reads ur note first: “so you could always feel warm and comforted”

    he opens the gift and looks at you like “🥺”

    you look at him back like “🥺 what???”

    "is this why you were frustrated the other day”

    “i just wanted it to be perfect”

    “it is perfect, you’re amazing my love”

    he wears it to practice every time he gets the chance

    he wears it any time he gets a chance actually :’)


    you were cleaning out your trunk full of fabrics and supplies

    beomgyu offered to help

    when you open your trunk, you sigh

    “what’s wrong y/n?”

    “i'm just realizing how much material i’m going to waste because i never got around to using it, but i don’t need it for anything else”

    “can’t you just keep it in storage?”

    “i have no space gyu”

    then suddenly he gets an idea

    “how about we create something together?”

    you smile

    “i’d love that but i feel like we wouldn’t have enough, i have different quantities of everything”

    “so? let’s mix everything up, who cares if it looks weird or not! this is for us 🥺”

    spending more time with him?

    him spending more time with you?

    of course you say yes

    of course he was willing to give hundreds of ideas

    so you bring everything inside and start to brainstorm

    and after a few hours of bickering and laughing

    the outcome was a jacket with mixed patterns, yet it came out beautifully

    “here, keep it gyu”

    “🥺 what why me?”

    you tell him how he always inspires you to keep going and that you appreciate him everyday

    “this was a special moment, and you’re special to me”

    he gives you 100 kisses, bc ur special to him too


    your final project at your uni is a fashion show that you have been preparing since the beginning of the semester for

    but on the day of dress rehearsal

    one of the models is out sick and you have no replacement

    you’ve been so caught up in the stressful process of it all that you forgot to get understudies

    and even if you did find someone on time, you’d have to adjust the size of clothing to their fitting

    so when ur crying out of frustration and taehyun asks you what’s wrong

    you explain to him the situation and it hurts him to see you like this

    “y/n, let me help”


    “i’ll be your model”

    “but you’re busy and have to be at practice and-“

    he shakes his head and shushes you

    “i said i’ll be your model, and we’ll work through this together okay?”

    you nod and get to work right away

    the process? piece of cake

    you swear taehyun did not move even once during the fitting

    he really loved the outfit you designed, he cant stop praising you :’)

    it fits him as if it was made for him

    the next night, he does amazing at the show

    like why didn’t u just cast him in the first place!

    and as a token of appreciation, you let him keep what he wore

    “no y/n you worked so hard on this and-“

    now it’s your turn to shake your head and shush him

    “you helped me when i needed it most, taehyun. this is the least i could do”

    he hugs you and kisses your forehead

    “you know i’m here anytime”


    you always liked to go shopping out for materials by yourself as it was time consuming

    but kai’s birthday is coming up and you want to create something for him

    so you ask him to come along

    and while he thinks you’re just asking him for his opinion to have options,,,

    you’re actually taking notes as to what he likes for the outfit you are going to design for him

    you even catch him eyeing certain fabrics you know catches his attention

    you went back to get those the next day so he wouldn’t suspect too much

    thankfully you measured him once for an assignment so you don’t have to come up with an excuse as to why you’d do it

    u have already lied to him enough about this project 😩😩😩😩

    you stay up all night before his birthday to work on this

    you didn’t even realize you knocked out after you finished

    so when you get a phone call and it says “the love of my life hueningkai”,,,,

    you panic !!!

    you pick up the phone trying to act casual

    and when you hang up, you realize you have a half hour to both get ready and wrap up his gift

    you panic again !!!

    you arrive to his house on time but you swear you’ve ran a mile

    he opens the door

    and you still cant get out words due to panting

    so you hold up the gift instead

    he doesn’t know what he’s expecting but when he opens it to see you created him all these pieces

    he melts

    “don’t tell me you stayed up all night doing this y/n 🥺”

    “is it obvious ?(!(&:&(!$(&”

    “no, i just know how you put your heart into every piece you create and i’ve seen how they keep you up many times”

    “it’s nothing kai!”

    “well it means the world to me”

    he takes it out of the box and changes into everything right away

    much like soobin, expect him wearing the pieces any chance he gets

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  • gorechoi
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    i. stealing flags.

    RIVALS —
    warnings. swearing, almost fighting, mentions of cheating.
    a / n : I'm gonna put drama right off the bat lmao because this whole smau is going to be dramatic asf ✌🏻also, don't mind the timestamps. Those will never make sense

    prev. series masterlist. next

    taglist (!) : @junluvr @bubblejunnies @kac-chowsballs send me an ask to be added!

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  • stoatwashere
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    i need taehyung’s little sister!reader x yeonjun fanfics

    #pls lmao im desperate #calling all writers #kim taehyung#taehyung #taehyung x reader #yeonjun#choi yeonjun #yeonjun x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #yeonjun x you #yeonjun x y/n #kim taehyung x reader #taehyung x you #taehyung x y/n #taehyung fluff#taehyung oneshots#yeonjun fluff #yeonjun. thats it thats the post #yeonjun headcannons#yeonjun drabbles#txt yeonjun#yeonjun txt#bts taehyung#bts#txt#bts post#txt post
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  • mookgui
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    Richkid!Yeonjun x female Reader.

    Word count: 8.4K

    Genre: angst, comedy, fluff, smut.

    Warnings: smutty

    Log: You’ve worked at The LoneStar Resort since you started college, you enjoyed it as much as you could. When summer break came around you took up full time there with a room to stay. A few wonderful weeks in and the owners son comes to stay over the holidays, boy could he be any worse.

    (Not proof read yet)


    “Okay Yumi, I’ll make sure to see you after work tonight”

    “Yep! I’ll look forward to it y/n, have a good day!”

    Hanging up the phone, you got back to brushing your teeth, ready for the day ahead.

    You worked at the resort after college hours and most weekends, so you very used to the place. You really enjoyed your co workers as well as the bosses there. The scenery was beautiful and you for the most time just enjoyed your job.

     But one thing struck your mind, two words for that matter.

    Choi. Yeonjun.

    The cocky smile topped with witty remarks, ruined your week within seconds, your start of full time work started when summer break was here, the first few weeks were wonderful, Nothing out of the ordinary.

    You remember the first plate you brung him at the resorts dinner room, he called you back immediately.

    As you walked to the singly sat boy on the far back table, you couldn’t help but notice the way his silky soft hair complemented his skin tone and his big brown doe eyes and his full plump lips-

    “I asked for the tomato to be put under my salad, it’s not under the salad”

    You were a bit confused, but you had heard of worse guests before.

    “Sorry, you wanted the tomato under the salad?”

    “Yes you just repeated what I said” you were kind of thrown off by the attitude in his voice, seeming a second ago his doe eyes gave him the appearance of a kind hearted puppy, but now you just wanted to pull his hair hard by the roots and bash him into the table.

    Ok so you had a bad temper and could feel your face starting to heat up, but with a deep breath you looked at him with a smile.

    “Oh alright. I will just go get you another one re made with the tomato under the salad”

    You looked up to meet his eyes and saw a grin forming on his face


    “Ok won’t be a moment” grabbing his previous bowl and walking back to the kitchen with a scrawl across your face.

    Gosh you can’t believe the nerve of the privileged.

    ‘Fucking tomato under your salad, do it yourself’ you thought to yourself.

    You quickly got into the kitchen and told the cook, only for him to whip up a new salad in just a moment. This time making sure to put his golden tomato under the rest of the salad.

    From there your took out his order and plastered on the biggest smile possible for the boy. As soon as you got steps away from the table, his head shot up from his phone and you placed the bowl in front of him

    You clasp yourself hands together and gave a small smile.

    “Awesome, if there’s anything else I’ll be-“

    “Actually I think I want the other salad”

    You look at him with absolute disbelief this time. A knot slowly making its way to between your eyebrows. “Um but you have your tomato under everything now” you paused and gritted your teeth “like you asked”

    You notice a cocky sly grin from on his face as he stared you right in the eyes.

    This little shit is enjoying making you run around him. You watch him then push the bowl away keeping eye contact with you

    “A change of appetite, I suppose, y/n”, he said your name with such a smug tone you felt your eye twitch.

    You followed his eyes down to your name tag, and you could tell this is going to be a long summer.

    A quick shiver was sent down your back form the first encounter, and you pushed out all the intruding thoughts of the black haired Satan spawn.

    With that you pulled yourself up out of your room and made your way down the corridor.

    “Good morning yumi!”

    You only just managed to catch the girl beofre she turned the corner. She quickly back tracked to see you

    “Morning!” Her voice was muffled as she had just stuffed a bagel in her mouth and you couldn’t help but laugh “sorry, y/n I’m late to the massage room, but I’ll make sure to catch up with you tonight”

    You agreed with her and watched as she ran off dropping things in the process, she was usually late to her morning sessions but she made it work.

    Making it back to your journey to the kitchen you felt yourself watching out for the boy with every corner you turned. You were alert and wary, It was better to be safe than sorry at this point.

    Managing to make it to the kitchen you said your morning hellos to your co workers and put on your apron.

    “Y/n! Isnt it my favourite server”

    You looked up from tying your apron to see the cook, Moe smiling.

    “Well good morning to my favourite chef Moe!” You gave a whole hearted smile to him and asked if there were any breakfast plates that needed to be taken out, he had asked you to take out one plate of pancakes to someone on the outside deck.

    You gladly made your way out the back door, plate in hand, you felt this morning was going to be a good day by the way the sun was shining onto the deck, highlighting all the nature and making the grass looking even greener.

    “Oh what a surprise and a delight to see you today y/n”

    Your smile quickly faded but you managed to regain it slightly, you couldn’t help but notice the way he looked, eyes puffy from probably just waking up and a low cut white shirt, it wasn’t a horrible look for him considering.

    “What do you mean surprise, I work here, every morning. You know that, Choi.”

    You placed the plate down in front of him and he laughed at your comment “so feisty, you know I like feisty girls”

    You couldn’t help but scrunch your nose up, almost fake gagging at the unnecessary statement.

    “If you need anything else I’ll be inside”

    You held a thumbs up and began to walk slowly backwards, trying to get away while you could.

    “Actually, I think I wanted something else”

    You let out a small groan and walked back to the table, “it’s seven in the morning, at least don’t start hassling me until eight.”

    “Oh maybe I could go to the chef and tell him how my server dropped my utensils on the ground and refused to get me new ones”

    “Choi, that makes no sense”

    With that he made a very obvious motion with his hand and swiped his knife and fork off the table and let them clink onto the ground.

    You watched as he folded his arms and looked at you smugly and you felt heat rise up your face.

    You looked at him blankly. I mean you could not believe he was doing this for his demonic humour.

    “Alright, I guess I’ll have to see the chef now” Yeonjun went to stand up out of his chair, and you let out an even louder groan than before and bent down to pick up the utensils to go get new ones, it’s not that Moe wouldn’t believe you over him, it’s just you had better things to do than bother the chef with Yeonjuns antics.

    You made your way over to the knife and fork stand as you felt his eyes on your back. Remember Y/n this is for your job, you need the money.

    You walked back to see him smiling with hands clasp on the table, still staring at you.

    “Okay, have a good breakfast”,it took all your courage to add a snarky comment on the end of your sentence and he seemed to having noticed by the way he look so amused.

    Darn his perfectly trimmed eyebrows and silky hair is all you could think watching him.

    You dropped the new knife and fork on the table and quickly made your way to the door

    You made sure you were inside before rolling your eyes.


    The rest of the day went a smoothly as ever, no wives of millionaires complaining about how the resort does not cater for their vegetarian Chiwawa or better yet sight of Yeonjun.

    You had finished for the day and decided to use your time to head to Yumis room. Knocking quickly and when she opened the door you were invited in straight away.

    Now after a hour of eating dinner you ordered from work and talking about the recent drama episodes you asked about how Yumis day at the massage rooms were .

    “Absolutely horrid, I had almost 5 rich old men with hairy back come in that wanted the hour deluxe full body massage”

    You cringed at the thought and were thankful you went with server instead of being a masseuse here.

    She reached for another slice of the pizza and asked you the same thing

    “It was fine, I had an early morning run in with Choi, but I survived”

    She put the pizza down for a second after hearing the boys name, with a sigh she continued

    “Seriously y/n, when are you guys going to make out or something”

    You almost choked on the drink at hand at the question.

    “What do you mean, why would you even say something like that” coughing a little and placing your drink down you looked at her in shock.

    “Hey you said he was cute when you first met him!”

    You chuckled at her for bringing that up and stated that was before he opened his mouth.

    “Come on, he would not hassle you this much if he didn’t like you y/n”

    she finally picked up her pizza slice and chucked it in her mouth.

    You felt a bit weird thinking of his actions like that, to be honest you never actually questioned his actions towards you and just put it off to being, he likes to see people suffer.

    “Why would a attractive, son of wealthy resort owners care for a server”

    She raised her eyebrow at the question “So you think he’s attractive?”

    You shoved her as she laughed at the angry Scowl on your face.

    “I think he loves to see me in distress, that is what I think”

    She picked herself up from laughing and just nodded off your comment reaching for a drink of soda.

    “And I think differently”

    She began flicking through channels to watch on the TV and you couldn’t help but think of what she was just talking about, you quickly brushed off the thoughts and carried on with your movie discussions.


    “I can not do that, please swap shifts with me Yumi”

    You were in pure fear at the sight, you weren’t even qualified as a masseuse but you would swap with anyone rather than serve at the pool today.

    “I would happily swap with you, but we would not be allowed, do you even know how to heat the hot stones” she looked at you with pity but you did not care at this moment.

    You stood staring at Yeonjun seated at a pool table, but this time accompanied by three boys to suit.

    You had only woken up half an hour ago and know here you are getting ready to serve the table, You already knew you were in for it, one Yeonjun was enough and you assumed the worst of the friends.

    “Honestly I’d be pissing you pants right now if I were you”

    “Oh my gosh, thank you, your making me feel so much better” you gave her a shove to the arm and she comforted you with a pat on the back.

    “Okay y/n you can do this” she grabbed you by the shoulders and gave you a pep talk but then decided to push you into it with force.

    You stumbled forward and tried to play it off, you made sure to turn around and mouth your anger to her, but she took off after it.

    Turning back around you made your way to the boys table, as you got closer you heard their loud laughing and chattering a lot clearer.

    When you reached the table, the first boy to look up was a blonde haired boy with big eyes that you found hard to look away from.

    You let out a cough first and spoke,

    “Hello, what can I get for you all today!”

    You immediately found yourself making eye contact with Yeonjun as he was the only one you knew

    The boys seemed to have paused the current conversation and one of them stared at your name tag, it was oddly quiet until you heard the same one speak.

    “Oh so this is y/n”

    He received a sudden hit from the blonde haired, big eyes boy “you idiot, Beomgyu” he said rolling his eyes.

    You felt a bit awkward not really knowing what that was all about, you looked at Yeonjun to see what he was going to order, hoping this could be done fast, but he looked to another boy to order.

    “We’ll all have the truffled scramble and a jug of the daily green smoothie”

    The boy this time that spoke had a vibrant shade of red colouring his hair and obnoxiously cute dimples to match.

    “Sure thing, ill be out soon with your order!”

    You took the menus off the table and walked back to the kitchen, you were so very surprised you did not get a snarky comment from Yeonjun and you couldn’t help but feel happy due to no negativity for once.

    After you had served other guests, you were called to take the boys the order, you came out by two trips and out the food down, one last trip to get the juice jug.

    You came back and noticed how Yeonjun had the same smug look he usually does before something against your will takes place, you went to place the jug on the table, but just then he decided it would be an awesome idea to bring his arm up to grab the salt.

    With that your arm was tipped and the jug spilt back onto you, you pulled it up quick enough so not all the contents dribbled onto your clothes, but half already so.

    You couldn’t help but noticed the rest of the boys trying not to laugh at the situation and you saw Yeonjun sitting there arms folded enjoying the view, smirking even.

    “Oh I’m sorry y/n, I did not see you there”

    you heard little eruptions of giggles from the rest of the group and you tried to not let the red creep onto your cheeks from the utter embarrassment.

    With the biggest inhale of air you looked at Yeonjun, “actually, I should have seen where I was putting the jug, sorry I’ll get a new one”

    He looked a bit surprised at your reply but didn’t show it too much.

    You tried to walk back to the kitchen trying not to let the smoothie drip onto anything.

    “Sorry Moe, I’ve just got to go back to my room to change, I’ll be back very soon”

    “Oh whys th-“ Moe spun around from the oven to see you, he gave a nod of approval and you quickly got on your way.

    You made it back to your room with few stares and headed for the shower, you couldn’t help but think about why Yeonjun does this, does he want a reason to tell his parents to fire you or does he want you to quit on your own, it’s so confusing and you don’t know why he chose you to pick on.

    You did make sure to be fast in the shower and get changed as you are still on your hours.

    You once again shot out of the room after finding a white shirt to wear as the black one was now smoothied.

    “Oh y/n, I need you to take these drinks out to the group in the main pool”

    You were given a job to do as soon as you got back and you took over the co workers serving.

    You looked around to see that the only group in the pool was Yeonjuns. You sighed remembering the last situation that happened minutes ago.

    You saw three of them in the pool and one of them not to be seen, you walked over to the closet table to the boys in the water.

    “Hey, these drinks are your guys, Would you like them over here or by the pool side”

    Yeonjun looked over to you and you could not help your eyes wandering to see his flexed muscles and pecks just out of the water, you did not know he was that buff.

    “The poolside sounds good” the blonde said not paying too much attention to you.

    You pressed your lips together not really wanting to go closer to them but complied.

    You walked over to the edge and crouched down, you began placing the four drinks down, once you carefully placed them you began to stand up but suddenly felt a force form your back.

    Next thing you knew, you felt the sudden rush of cold water surrounding, the Water wasn’t that deep so you began to stand up, it was a surprise so the feeling of water up your nose left a harsh sting.

    Once you made your way above the surface all you could hear was laughing from the group as if they were hyenas.

    You looked back to see the culprit, bent over with his arms wrapped around his stomach, This time it felt a lot harder to hide the embarrassment and you looked to your side to see Yeonjun laughing hysterically.

    You knew he would have asked the other to push you in and when he had finally opened his eyes to see you with your wet hair sticking to your face and clothes fully engulfed in the water, you felt your eyes prick with tears and your nose start to heat up.

    Once he saw your eyes water up his laughing died down immediately.

    You managed to get to the ladder and climbed out of the pool, you couldn’t help but let a couple tears fall down as you walked through the lobby trying to get back to your room immediately.

    “Y/n, y/n wait”

    you felt even more annoyed to hear that voice after what he thought would be a hilarious scene occurred.

    “Wait what!? Wait for you to make fun and laugh at me again in front of everyone”

    You kept walking but felt him grab onto your arm and you turned around, it was probably the first time you’ve even seen that look on him, he looked concerned, or maybe even guilty.

    Still clad in only wet swimming trunks, you thought about how you’d probably have to clean the water in the lobby afterwards.

    “It was stupid, I’m sorr-“

    “Why do you hate me?”

    His eyes widened at the accusation and he spoke immediately

    “I don’t hate you?”

    “From the moment, I spoke to you made it hard for me, everyday I see you, you make things harder for me and then throw in a snarky comment for fun! And today you embarrass me not only once but twice! What have I ever done to you, you make fun of me daily” you paused for a second and looked up from the ground to him where you previously kept your vision, “just hurry up and tell your parents that you don’t like me! Then I’ll be fired and we’ll both be happy!”

    You pulled your arm harshly from the boy as he stood there, he really did look so distressed with his eyebrows creased in

    he stood there as you walked away, you already knew that you should probably start packing your things up when you reached your room.

    You were beyond angry, he had the nerve to make past weeks hell and then stand there like a coward when you finally tell him how much of a jerk he’s been.

    After awhile of sobbing about, showering again and messaging The restaurant area that you needed to throw up and were sick you laid on your bed and drifted off quickly, after the nap, all you did was watch shows on the TV by the bed and get ready for what was possibly going your last night here.


    “Knock knock”

    “I said knock knock”

    You suddenly jolted up,

    “Oh uh coming, who is it”

    “It’s yumi hurry up!”

    You quickly got to the door and opened it up, she ushered you back in.

    “Get ready y/n, mrs Choi is looking for you”

    You felt shocked that she was personally looking for you, you thought that she would have just sent someone else to fire you, Yeonjun must’ve told her some really bad things is all you could think about.

    “Oh no I’m going to be fired”

    “Don’t say that! Just hurry up” she swung the door closed, leaving you alone

    You scattered around for clothes and got ready as fast as you could, you can’t deny you were mentally preparing yourself as well, you were annoyed but by now you were move annoyed at yourself for breaking a sweat over stupid games.

    As you got to the lobby room you had to cringe seeing the spot you had the encounter with the boy at.

    Just past view of the spot you managed to see Mrs Choi, speaking with a receptionist, you took a deep breath in and marched on forward , she was hard to miss, always dressed in a tidy white dress, gold jewellery to complement, you could see that Yeonjun got his good looks passed down.

    She seemed to have noticed you as you got closer and she waved the receptionist off.

    “Oh y/n, I’ve been looking for you”

    You stopped in front of her and decided to out on a smile, you may as well leave with a bit of pride, you thought.

    “Yes, Mrs Choi before you start, I just want to sa-“

    “Yeonjun told me”

    She cut you off and held a finger up to shush you. You instantly looked to the ground, okay well this must be it.

    “He told me about all the Astounding service youve been giving and the kindness youve been spreading!”

    You looked up in utter shock, you had to be dreaming, you started to question if you had really been woken up by Yumi.

    “Not only that he told me about you saving the Chiwawa in the pool yesterday! I’m so glad to see your feeling better from being sick after that y/n”

    She looked at you with almost sparkles in her eyes, she looked so very happy, you did feel bad knowing that, that was a lie, but you weren’t sure on how you would counter the lie anyway.

    “Oh it was nothing, I’m just glad the pup is safe” you let out an awkward laugh with the sentence, you cursed to yourself momentarily for doing that.

    “and you must truely would be a excellent server, Yeonjun does not tell me about how great the workers are! Ever!”

    You found fiddling with your fingers comfortable around now. Did he really say all of this to his mother after you yelled at him and told him he made life hard.

    Sure he did before, but you couldn’t help but feel bad.

    “That’s nice of him to complement my skills, thank you for letting me know Mrs Choi”

    She made sure to thank you again and told you she’d be available if you needed her at anytime, she left with the clink of her red bottomed shoes hitting the tiles.

    You could not help but laugh as you stood there, but you once realised you were laughing alone in the lobby by yourself so decided to retreat to your room.

    You felt great, all the stress seemed to have leave whilst you walked back to your room, you even added in a skip to your walk.

    You made note you’d probably have to see Yeonjun again, and you’d probably thank him for doing that for you, of course if you add up all the times he’s made life miserable it would probably counter his actions this time.

    But none the less, you didn’t expect such a action from him.

    When you got to your door, you felt your stomach drop when you saw Yeonjun in front of your door knocking, you thought if you were to run away you could deal with this after, but his head swung your direction and you almost groaned.

    He held a hand up awkwardly and waved,

    “Uh hey”

    Once again you found him clad in a white shirt but this time blue flannel pants to match.

    “Um hi”

    You stood by the hallway for a bit and then walked closer to the door and sighed.

    “Did you maybe want to come in”

    “Yes please”

    You could not suppress a laugh when you heard him speak so quietly.

    “Since when did you use manners, Choi”

    You pushed the door open and lead him in,

    “I’m trying to be sincere”

    he looked like he really meant it, he seemed uncomfortable and you trailed to his eyes only following the ground.

    You both sat on the couch, a good space in the middle of you both

    Yeonjun looked a lot cuter, a big change from his smug and confident look he carried at all times, here he sat in pyjamas and his hands clasp between his thighs.

    He looked like he trying to manage to say something and to be honest you were finding this entertaining.

    “Thank you”

    He’s head shot up to you across the couch, he did find himself being surprised but you spoke again

    “Thank you for telling your mother I did those things” you locked eyes with him and he let a small smile crawl onto his face

    “That’s the least I could have done” he let his eye brows frown and he trailed on “I’m really sorry y/n”

    Now it was your turn to be surprised, you could not believe your ears.

    “What has gotten into you Choi”

    “I just” he let a sigh out and began rubbing his knees “after what you said yesterday, I thought about how much of an asshole I was”

    “Yeah you were an asshole” he nodded his head to your agreement and carried on

    “I guess I just liked to have you around”

    You felt your face heat up at the sudden statement and tried to brush it off and not take it the wrong way.

    “Well I think I’d like to have you around too, when your like this that is”

    He met your eyes again and he let out a small laugh, boy was his eyes nice to look at you thought.

    “Well, there’s actually a water park opened up newly in town, I thought maybe you wanted to go” he heard what came out of his mouth and quickly went on, “as an apology that is”

    He looked quite excited and he had such a big smile on when asking.

    “Oh uh I-“

    You did feel very confused at what he was asking you, isn’t this the same guy that had his friends push you into a pool for pure amusement.

    He immediately looked disappointed at your first words and cut you off

    “Oh, it was silly, sorry, I’ll get going and I’ll see you around, I forgot your always here at the pools anyway” he stood up from the couch quickly.

    “Hey let me finish!”

    He turned around and stood still, the boys lips were pressed in a thin line, probably trying to stop himself from saying something else.

    “If you had let me finish, I would have said.. I’d really enjoying going”

    His face instantly lit up and you chuckled at his reaction

    “Okay we can go tomorrow, since it’s your day off, 2pm”

    He stood a bit more comfortably now, you felt a bubbly feeling in your stomach at the fact he knew your days off.

    “That sounds like a plan, I’ll see you tomorrow” you stood up while he walked over to the door and you went to say bye before he left but he stopped again.

    “Hey do you think we could start again, like start over”

    He only just had grabbed onto the door handle when you relied “only if you promise to not make me spill smoothies in myself”

    Yeonjun did seem to cringe for a moment but quickly turned around and promised to make sure no smoothies will be spilt on you ever again.

    “Alright goodbye Choi”

    You finally shut the door after he left and you felt your heart beating at an unusual pace.

    What was happening


    “I can not believe that happened”

    Yumi randomly spoke up as you finished your hair off and she started hysterically laughing.

    “Neither can i, he just seemed like a good person”

    She let out a small laugh “Yeah a really good person, I just knew he liked you!”

    You could practically hear the know-it-all in her voice, “oh stop it, this is an apology for him being Satan the whole time he’s been here”

    “Your not dressing up like it’s an apology” she smirked “ your dressing up like it’s a date” she waited for your reply but you thought it would be best to let her have this one.

    Just as she was going to continue patronising you the door beep to you heard knocks at the door, you felt your eyes go big realising the time, running to the mirror you checked yourself

    “Hey you know what you remind me of” Yumi stated, you reached for your handbag and called out a “coming!” Before asking Yumi what you reminded her of.

    “You remind me of someone going on a date!”

    You should have expected that reply and just gave her an eye roll and a quick goodbye before opening the door and going out.

    You were met with Yeonjun dressed in a grey shirt tucked into back dress pants, his usual black hair over his forehead.

    He stood hands in pockets and the new smile your starting to become attached too.

    “You have a change of clothes right” you laughed

    “No I wanted to swim in this” he remarked sarcastically, you laughed at his comment, it felt nice to joke about small things.

    “You look really nice, by the way”

    He pulled out his keys as you walked out of the lobby doors.

    “When do I not look nice” you didn’t really mean to let that slip out but he just gave a chuckle and agreed.

    When you had gotten to his car, you weren’t surprised to see it was the cleanest car you’ve ever seen with a shiny finish to it, he beeped the lock button and got it, you made sure to be extra careful opening the passenger side side and sitting down, the car smelt brand new, and it probably was.

    “Shall we go” Yeonjun started the car and began to drive, you watched him start the car and the both of you carried on casual conversation for the rest of the drive and you noticed he took the wrong turn off to the water park.

    “Oh the turn off was back there” you told him, pointing back to the previous sign.

    “I know” he kept his eyes on the front of the road and cried on

    “I knew it! I knew this was too good to be true”

    You acted scared and pretended to grab for the door, Yeonjun got frightened and reached for your arm

    “N-no we’re still going, I just thought we could go to the arcade first, it would be fun”

    You didn’t really hear what he said as you only paid attention to his hand wrapped around your upper arm, he noticed and took his hand off giving a small apology.

    You brushed it off and looked at him.

    “Yeah well I don’t know if that’s a good idea, your probably going to lose at everything”

    He let out a very confident laugh mockingly,

    “I’ll have you know I never lose” Yeonjun raised and eyebrow with his words. You could not help but scoff at his cockiness.

    “We’ll see about that”


    “You’ve lost every single game to me so far”

    Yeonjun looked at you with pity but not enough pity to let you win a game.

    “This is sooooo unfair, I didn’t know you were a arcade junky” folding your arms you gave a very upset look to him.

    “Okay one more game and we should head off to the pools” Yeonjun paused for a Moment and leaned up against the game machine he had yet again just bet you at. “How about we make a deal, if you win you get a wish and if I win I’ll get a wish”

    The smug grin he had on his face made you absolutely want to wipe it off with a victory.

    “Okay I’ll accept, on one condition” you held a finger up to his face “I pick the game we play”

    “Accepted” he folded his arms and asked what game it is you are going to choose

    His eyes followed your finger from his face to Ponting over at the basketball machine game, you saw him grin even more at the game and that only made you thought he’s probably secretly an NBA player, making you slightly regret your decision.

    “Game on”

    You made your way over to the basketball machine and set up the game to two players, you could feel yourself breaking a sweat waiting for the game countdown to begin.

    As soon as the games timer hit zero you picked up the first ball only for it to miss and you heard Yeonjun laugh as his went in, you started to just start chuckling them randomly and fast instead of precision due to the fact your precision was not the best. 

    Your score surprisingly was behind Yeonjuns by 2 at half time and it only made your adrenaline kick in as you started to throw the balls faster. You didn’t even pay attention to Yeonjun as he seemed to be just as into the game as you were.

    The countdown was up to 5 seconds and you threw the last balls you could into the hoop as best you could, trying to take up all the time with tries.

    The seconds ran out and the buzzer went, you were already upset knowing you wouldn’t have gotten as many as mr lebron James on your side.

    The score board lit up with a large green “WINNER” and you didn’t even register until you heard Yeonjun say nothing.

    You looked up to see it was your score board lettered with the large writing.

    You jumped up and down at the excitement, “yay! I won”, you grabbed Yeonjun by the shoulders and repeated over and over how you won a match against him

    He stood there with a sigh and congratulated you on your win.

    “Yeah, yeah one game out of twenty”

    “Doesn’t matter, I won the most important one!”

    “Okay, we should go have a look at the prizes and we’ll head off to the park”

    You agreed with Yeonjun and the two of you went over to the prizes, the first thing that caught your eye was a pair of a blue and pink matching plushies.

    Yeonjun seemed to have noticed you saw them and asked the store clerk to grab them down.

    “Choi, those are 1000 tickets, I’m sure we could get them if we play more games but we need to go to the water park”

    Yeonjun only smiled and you saw that he slid a few notes over to the clerk. You grabbed the two plushies from the worker and gave you the pink one.

    “There we go. Matching” he smiled and smooched his blue one up to yours, you giggled at the sight.

    “Your unbelievable”


    “I don’t know if I can go down that” you stood at the bottom of the water slide reaching almost to what seemed the the clouds.

    The name in itself frighten you ‘The striking cobra twirl’, “come on you can do it, we can even go down on the same blow up”

    You could only think about it for a second before he pulled you to put your stuff in the lockers.

    “I’ll go get changed and I’ll meet you out there soon” you watched as he walked into the men’s changing rooms and you went into the woman’s

    You only had to change quickly so you back out side waiting on the seats for him in no time, you waited and went onto your phone to see few messages from Yumi

    Yumi: how’s it going y/n??

    Yumi: have you guys made out yet

    Yumi: your taking so long to reply, you must be having a good time.

    Y/n: oh stop it, that will not be happening

    Y/n: I told you I’d be gone for awhile!

    You were waiting for a reply but heard someone next to you


    You looked up to see Yeonjun in a loose white tank top showcasing his shoulders and muscly arms as well as giving side veiws of his ribs, a lot of skin and it made your stomach feel butterflies, you didn’t even want to think about the short board shorts he wore giving a lot of attention to his thighs.

    You quickly snapped out of it and looked up his face that had a knowing look across it, you almost wanted to hit yourself for staring but you tried to cover it up with bringing attention to going on The striking cobra twirl slide.

    He immediately agreed and you too went up to stand in the line of the slide.

    You were hoping the line would take a while but it seemed to have be moving fast.

    By the time it was already your turn and you had to sit in the front spot of the blow up while Yeonjun sat leaned back with legs by your sides behind you.

    “Ok keep all legs, arms in” the lifeguard holding you two said.


    You let out a squeal but the life guard already got to one and sent the two of you hurling down the slide

    You let out a very loud scream as the walls incasing you both went past at extreme speed, your screams were almost blocked out by Yeonjuns laughing at you.

    You tapped on your shoulder and said it was okay and you tried to find the fun in it all and when when you hit the first turn you gripped onto Yeonjuns legs and laughed with him.

    The ride was almost over and you held your arms up while you went past the camera that takes photos. The lifeguard waiting at the bottom pulled your floaty in and you both thanked him and stood up

    “That was super fun!” You jumped up and grinned, you couldn’t believe you actually enjoyed that, you heard Yeonjun reply with a small ‘cute’ but quickly speak louder,

    “Should we go have a look at the photos”

    You forgot about the recent comment and agreed, you went off to the photo stall by the waterslide and looked out for your photo across the many others,

    You smiled when you saw yours, you had your arms up and a big smile on while The black haired boy behind you had his arms gripped onto the side handles with a warm smile.

    Yeonjun agreed that is was a good photo and you went to ask to buy the photo in a pair.

    You had them printed off and put into a plastic case.

    “These are really cute” you said looking at the photo in hand, you took Yeonjuns from him and told him to wait by the pool while you put them in your locker. You walked over admiring the photo in hand, you had to remember to show Yumi after.

    You placed them down and as you walked back, you felt a wave of evil rush over you, You saw him standing by the pool side and took action before thinking, you ran up and pushed him into the water.

    He tried to catch himself and let out a grunt at the force, he was sent into the water with a splash.

    You watched as he came out of the water with a angry stare and hair in his face, you did feel a little bad and decided to reach a hand down to pull him up and as soon as his hand met yours, he pulled you in just as hard.

    You could deny you didn’t expect that to happen, but you still let it happen.

    You came up from the water and splashed him in the face only for him to splash you harder, which them turned into a splash zone war, you hoped no one in the water around the two of you were effected, but you were so immersed you didn’t even notice.

    You decided enough was enough and went under the water to swim to him and pull his leg up off the ground, he fell under with you and started tugging on his leg, the both of you only came up to the surface to laugh and suck in a big breath of air.

    He had managed to get his leg out of your grasp and held you by the waist, you were giggling and trying to struggle out of his grasp when you noticed the position you were in together.

    His arms around you tightly and your bodies pressed tightly together, you looked up to him already staring down at your eyes and it’s almost like the other people’s screams and talk went silent as he began to close his eyes and lean it. You took the opportunity to drop down under his grasp and grab his leg once again throwing him off balance under the water.

    He came up once again to your fit of laughter, you felt your stomach start to get sore from the laughter.

    “Oh that is it” he lunged forward to you and you both carried on until you surrendered.

    You continued at the water park until it got a bit later and you decided to get changed into dry clothes and drive back to the resort.


    ”I really enjoyed today, thank you” you stared at the pink plush in hand and waited for the boy in the drivers seat to speak.

    “Same, thank for coming with me, I hope you’ve accepted my apology”

    “I accepted the apology yesterday silly”

    You watched as he fiddled with his hands and you played with the pink toy in front of you.



    You both went silent after trying to speak at the same time and looked at each-other only to laugh directly after.

    “you go”, he said but you insisted he did.

    He thought for a second before continuing,

    “I just hope we could maybe do this again, I really liked hanging out with you, and I know I was horrible, but I guess that was just my way of getting your attention because I’m not the best at talking to people” his speech started to speed up and you saw his ears start to turn red, “I’m sorry I was so bad and made your days harder, I just really like you, and I think I really really like-“

    You cut him off with a kiss on the lips, you felt him go completely still but once you reached up to his neck he seemed to have snap out of it and return the kiss as well.

    You had only meant for it to be a small kiss to get him to stop rambling but once you felt his lips on yours you couldn’t help but any more, you sat up a bit further to get closer to him and you felt his hands each up to your cheeks, caressing them softy.

    The kiss started to get a bit sloppier and you helped when he bit down on your bottom lip making you jolt, he ushered you by the hips to climb over the middle console and you quickly worked your way over to his lap not taking your lips off his.

    You straddled his thighs and started running your hands up and down his neck, you let his tongue into your mouth and felt his hands start rubbing your waist.

    In all honesty the kiss was somewhat innocent until you sat fully on his lap and decided to grind down on his fully clothed dick.

    He let out a groan and kissed you harder than before, you opened your eyes to watch his shut with his eyebrows crossed in a knot.

    You began grinding down on him a bit faster and felt yourself getting uncomfortably sticker on your underwear, you could also feel his erection growing under you, you let out a moan at the friction but Yeonjun quickly stopped you by holding your hips in place.

    He looked at you seriously “are you sure you want to do this y/n?”

    He was still holding your hips in place and you nodded, “pleaseee Yeonjun” you whines at the loss of friction and pleaded for him to let you carry on.

    He only stared at you in shock with wide eyes.

    “What?” You questioned him

    “You’ve never called me Yeonjun before”

    You didn’t even realise that you hadn’t called him Yeonjun before as you usually stuck to the name Choi for him and you didn’t know he’d even remember such a thing.

    “Well I could probably moan it too if you let me continue” you reached for the collar of his shirt and played with it as he contemplated what to do next.

    He reached for the door handle of the drivers side door and asked you to get out first and he followed, you were a bit confused as he tried to grab his keys but kept dropping them.

    “H-how about we go to my room?” He finally got the keys and locked the car before looking at you to see you frantically agreeing with him.

    He pulled you with him up the lobby elevator and you tried your best to hide from other co workers you know.

    You saw him rocking on his feet in the elevator and you watched as sweat beads dripped down his neck as he tried to fan himself off.

    “Yeonjun are you okay?” You were quite concerned as he’s been this way ever since you got out of the car.

    “Yes I’m fine” as soon as the doors opened to his floor you followed him down the hall to the largest door there was, you didn’t even have time to appreciate probably the nicest room in the facility as he pulled you in and slammed the door.

    He threw his lips onto ours and gripped your waist, the kiss this time was a lot messier than before, it pretty much was such mouth to mouth as he struggled to pull your shirt up.

    He pulled away from your lips and pulled your shirt over your head stumbling into his room for the bed.

    “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this”

    he groaned as he began kissing at your neck, this all seemed so surreal and you were a-bit taken back from what was happening.

    You fell back onto his bed and he climbed on top of you as he began taking your bra off, your clasp cane apart with a pop and as soon as it was completely off he began sucking on your nipple and sucking around it, you let out a loud moan from the feeling,

    “Th-this isn’t fair”, he stopped what he was doing and looked up at you through his shiny, dark hair covering just the top of his eyes.

    You reached for his shirt and lifted it up over his head, you already knew his arms were muscly but his pecks and abs were just as prominent and you gab tracing your hands down his chest as he went back to kissing around yours.

    “Uh Yeonjun please”

    He carried on with his current mission but removed his mouth from your chest to talk,

    “Please what, baby?”

    “Please touch me” he happily complied and pulled your shorts off along with his.

    He came up to your lips to kiss you once again and you let him take control with his tongue, you suppressed a moan in the kiss as he ran a finger up your clothed centre.

    He began rubbing faster over your underwear and you already knew they would be soaked, he pushed them to the side and let two of his fingers slide into your pussy.

    “A-ah” he began to pump his fingers in a slower pace until he added another making you yell his name out.

    “Your so hot baby” Yeonjun moved from your lips to you neck and he sucked on one place.

    He gave more attention to your clit and started to rub it aswell as pumping his fingers in and out.

    “Ah Yeonjun I’m really close”

    He continued going faster with his fingers and just when he felt your walls tighten he pulled his fingers out.

    “Ah you asshole” you slapped his chest and pouted at him.

    He only smirked at you and brought his fingers up “you want the cock don’t you?” You did nod at his question and told you to suck on his fingers.

    You sucked on them and he groaned at the sight, he quickly discarded your underwear leaving your pussy bare and puffy.

    He pulled off his own pants and underwear and you stared at his cock spring free, it looked awfully hard and the tip looked eager and red, pre cum intriguing at the tip.

    He reached over to the nightstand and got out a Condom ripping the packet with his teeth, you stopped him and told him you were on the pill.

    “Are you sure, I don’t mind wearing one”

    “Oh Yeonjun, just hurry up”

    He threw the packet away and spread your thighs out to sit in between them.

    He grabbed his length in hand and lined himself up with your entrance, he ran his tip up your slit a few times coating it in juices.

    You let out a groan feeling him slide inside you, his length stretched out your walls and felt hot, you waited for the sting to calm down before telling him to move,

    He was already moaning as he pushed himself in but after a couple slow pumps he started moaning really loudly, “your s-so tight” he began to pick up his speed and start sucking around your collarbone.

    You raked your hands up his back loving the feeling, when he started hitting a familiar spot you let out a loud moan of his name and he started hitting it harder. “Who makes you feel this good babe” you were so caught up in the feeling you didn’t even realise he was speaking sense.

    You felt a tight grip on your scalp and you looked into Yeonjuns eyes, “I asked a question”

    You gulped and told him he did, you didn’t know he could be rough and you only hoped you’d get to do this again anyway.

    He continued his pace with constant swear words falling from his mouth and small murmurs of your name.

    “Yeonjun I’m getting really close please”

    With that said Yeonjun picked up your thigh putting it over his shoulder allowing a new angle to be hit, and he bucked in with force,

    You felt your eyes stinging with tears as he continued and you could feel your walls tighten, he must’ve too as he put a thumb on your clit and started pressing down hard.

    This immediately sent you over the edge as you came hard, he carried in bucking his hips into your a few times hardly until you felt him cum as well.

    He fell on top of your body and you let out a ‘hmmp’ as he did,

    You tried to push him off of you by the chest, “Yeonjun I can’t breathe”

    He just tightened his grip around you and replied “good” as he did so.

    “I knew you were just trying to kill me after all”

    He laughed at your accusation and slowly got up pulling his member out as well, you did whine at the empty feeling but he just laid down next to you and held you, taking up the feeling.

    You laid there for a while enjoying his warmth until you spoke up

    “Was that a date today?” You said looking over to him.

    He opened his eyes at the question, but you spoke again before he could have

    “Because I hope it was”

    He only smiled and pulled you in tighter making you Yelp in surprise.

    “It totally was” is all he replied, before shutting his eyes again but he opened them once again to your voice.

    “You know I’m probably going to have to get another job now”

    You stated, if this was going where you thought it was going you probably would not be able to keep working underneath Yeonjuns parents.

    “What do you mean, my mum knew I liked you way before”


    He hummed in response, “she knew awhile ago”

    “You liked me while ago?”

    You smirked at his sudden confession and he groaned and stated you could talk about it in the morning when you both weren’t tired, he said he just wanted to cuddle.

    You complied and let yourself close your eyes and get comfortable with your head on his shoulder.

    The sudden ring of a phone made you shoot up and Yeonjun reached to the floor to pick up your phone.

    He looked at the caller ID and passed the phone to you.

    “Whose Yumi?”



    ahahah! Thank you so much of your read this, I’m actually meant to be study for exams tomorrow but what eva. This is kind of shitty as I’m not a writer but I was bored and I just hope someone enjoys! Honestly as I was writing the smut ( I’m sorry 😞😞) my mum started playing Cat and Dog over the house speakers and I felt sad and mad…… anyways have a good day/morning/night lovlies!!! Xxxxx

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