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    All smiles

    Summary: Yeonjun is all smiles and soobin wants to know why
    Warning(s): Not proofread so sorry if any typos

    The practice room was filled with heavy pants as the music stopped. All five boys had sweat dripping down their faces and necks

    “I’m so tired” Beomgyu sighs wiping the sweat off his face with his Damp T-shirt. “Aren’t we all?” Taehyun asks doing the same.” Hyung can you please get us some water?” Hueangkai asks

    “Why me?!” Yeonjun asks looking up from his phone

    “Cause your right next to the door” taehyun explains making yeonjun look at the door next to him. He sighs before exiting the room to go get the water

    “Yeonjuns really been into his phone lately” soobin says staring at the door.” Yeah I’ve noticed to” Taehyun says

    “I think you two are reading to much into it” Beomgyu says shrugging. His words made soobin think. Was he over thinking it? Did Yeonjun have a secret? He couldn’t. He and Yeonjun told each other everything

    “Maybe your right” soobin says with a sigh. “I know I’m always right” Beomgyu says with a chuckles. “Yeah right you were the other day about what Time practice started” Taehyun says making Huengkai giggle

    “That was the other day...today’s a whole new day” Beomgyu says rolling his eyes.

    “Where is Yeonjun with that water! I’m thirsty” Huengkai says laying down on the floor still some how out of breath

    “Honestly! It doesn’t take that long to get water” Taehyun says. Just then Yeonjun comes back into the room with his phone to his ear with a smile

    “Okay bye” he says then he hangs up pocketing his phone.

    “Took you long enough” Huengkai says snatching the water from his hands

    “We didn’t have any here so I had to walk next door and buy some” Yeonjun explains handing out the water

    “Since when don’t we have water?” Beomgyu asks

    “Since now! Take the water” Yeonjun says

    “Who was that on the phone?” Soobin asks

    “Okay enough with the questions!” Yeonjun says rolling his eyes. He takes his phone back out walking over to a corner to sit in and within minutes he was back smiling

    Soobin thinks to himself


    Later in the day, the boys were now at home all chilling together...expect Yeonjun.

    “Where’s Jun?” Soobin asks as he sits on the coach next to Huengkai

    “In his room” taehyun responds

    “Doing?” Soobin asks

    “I don’t know it seems like he was on a call with somebody” taehyun says shrugging

    “Really? Doesn’t he know it’s movie night?” Soobin asks

    “I don’t maybe you should go get him” Taehyun says making soobin sigh. He gets up going to Yeonjun room. When he get there he goes to knock on the door but stop when he sees the door is cracked and hears yeonjun’s voice

    “I just want to wrap my arms around you…Yeah I miss you” yeonjun says laughing. Soobin knocks waiting for yeonjun to tell him to come in

    “Hold on…come in” yeonjun says making soobin enter the room

    “Hey Jun” soobin says sitting on the bed searching for yeonjun’s phone

    “Wassup bin?” Yeonjun says in a mocking tone

    “You know it’s movie night right?” Soobin says noticing Yeonjun has his AirPods in his ears

    “Oh really? I thought that was tomorrow” yeonjun says

    “Yeah your all smiles lately what’s got you distracted?” Soobin says making yeonjun roll his eyes

    “I wouldn’t say distracted I just been focused on something else” yeonjun says smiling looking off to the side

    “Which is?” Soobin asks

    “I don’t think it’s really any of your business” yeonjun snaps taking Soobin by surprise

    “Uh yeah sorry I didn’t mean to pry” Soobin says standing up making yeonjun sigh

    “Listen Soobin I didn’t mean to snap I just rather not talk about it right now” yeonjun says

    “It’s fine I just wanted to know if you wanted to watch the movie with us” Soobin asks

    “Yeah I’ll be out in a moment” yeonjun says making soobin nod and leave the room. He goes and sits back in his seat

    “Where’s yeonjun?” Beomgyu asks

    “Uh he snapped on me but he’s coming” Soobin says

    “He snapped? Why?” Beomgyu asks

    “I have no idea” Soobin says and then a smiling yeonjun comes In taking his usual spot next to taehyun

    “What are we watching tonight?” Yeonjun asks

    “The demon slayer movie” huengkai says

    “I’ve seen it it’s an awesome movie” yeonjun says nodding

    “How? When?” Taehyun asks

    “Uh I seen it like two weeks ago with a friend” yeonjun says

    “Who?” Soobin asks

    “That’s not important let’s watch the movie I’ll go pop popcorn” yeonjun says rushing to get up before anybody could protest

    “We’re busy literally… all the time so when was he able to see it?” Huengkai asks

    “ he’s been acting so weird the past two months” Beomgyu says

    “So you now agree with me? It’s not just in my head” Soobin asks

    “Yeah I agree with you now” Beomgyu mumbles

    “I’m back!!!” Yeonjun says walking in looking down at his phone. He hands Taehyun the bowl of popcorn and sits back down never looking up from his phone. Everyone looks at him then each other

    “Okay so should we watch something else?” Hueiningkai asks

    “No I don’t mind watching it again like I said it’s a good movie” yeonjun says

    “Uh okay start the movie” Soobin says and Beomgyu starts it

    About 20 minutes into the movie yeonjun’s phone rings and leaves to the kitchen to answer it

    “Why couldn’t he answer it here?” Taehyun asks

    “Maybe he wants privacy” Hueingkai says

    “What privacy?” Soobin asks just then yeonjun comes back out zipping up his jacket making the boys give him and each other a confused look

    “Where are you going?” Beomgyu asks

    “Uh to the store really fast I want some juice and we ran out” yeonjun says leaving out quickly before anybody could say anything

    Beomgyu gets up looking into the fridge seeing four different types of juices. He grabs them all going into the front room

    “We have four kinds of juice” beomgyu says setting them down on the table

    “What’s he up to?” Taehyun asks

    “Should we follow him?” Soobin asks

    “No!” Taehyun says

    “What if he’s in danger?” Hueingkai asks making the room stop. Everyone looks at each other before rushing to put on a jacket and shoes. They rush out the door trying to catch up with yeonjun

    “There he is!” Soobin points to a walking yeonjun

    The four walk three people behind him when beomgyu hands them all sunglasses

    “What are these for?” Taehyun asks

    “disguise duh” he says rolling his eyes making everyone take the glasses. Yeonjun stops outside a store and the boys hide behind a bush. They watch as yeonjun waits outside.

    “Well…isn’t he going to go in?” Taehyun asks

    “He looks like he’s waiting” Soobin says

    “On what?”Beomgyu asks

    “No on who?” Taehyun says pointing to a pretty girl smiling running up to yeonjun. Yeonjun smiles opening his arms allowing the pretty girl to jump in his arms

    “Ahhh I miss you” yeonjun says looking at the girl. The girls smiles

    “I miss you to” The girl says before she and yeonjun kiss making the four boys gasp and cover their mouths.

    “Let’s get Tteokbokki” yeonjun says smirking. The girl gasps in excitement and nods with the biggest smile on her face. They four watch as the girl grabs yeonjun hand and the two walk away

    “Awww she’s cute” Hueingkai says

    “Yeah but who is she?” Taehyun asks

    “Who knows let’s follow them” Soobin says as they all get up and follow them. As the four follow the couple they noticed the holding hands and the small touches

    “They’re totally together” Taehyun says

    “We don’t know that” Soobin says making the three boys look at him

    “Seriously? I don’t know what you’ve been seeing but I’ve seen them kiss several times”Taehyun says

    “Look! She’s feeding him!” Beomgyu says breaking Soobin and taehyun’s conversation. They all look forward watching the sickly sweet couple

    “Aww they are so cute” Hueingkai says smiling

    “I’m about to go up to them I have questions” Soobin says going to stand up but beomgyu grabs him

    “Hyung no! We can’t let them see us!” Beomgyu says

    “You hear something?” Yeonjun asks the girl who was stuffing her face with food

    “Mm?” She asks making yeonjun laugh

    “Your so cute” yeonjun says making the girl smile

    “Thank you” she says grabbing yeonjun’s hand

    “I lo-“ yeonjun starts but gets cut off the noise behind him. He looks back seeing Soobin on top of beomgyu

    “Soobin? Beomgyu? What the hell?” Yeonjun says

    “Uhhh hey hyung” beomgyu says nervously laughing

    “Don’t hey hyung me! What are you doing?” Yeonjun asks

    “Uh following you” Taehyun says peeking out from the top of a bush

    “Wow! You brought Taehyun to! Let me guess Hueingkai is here to” yeonjun says sarcastically

    Hueingkai slowly peeks out waving at yeonjun

    “Hey hyung” he says smiling making yeonjun sigh

    “Why are you guys here?” Yeonjun asks calmly

    “No! Why are YOU here” Soobin asks

    “I was out with a friend!” Yeonjun says

    “So you lied! You told us you were going to the store!” Soobin says

    “I did go to the store but I went and got some food” yeonjun says

    “Why are you being secretive” Soobin asks

    “Oh gosh! Everything I do isn’t your business” yeonjun says

    “ well we were worried about you!” Soobin says

    “So you follow me?” Yeonjun asks

    “Well you were acting strange” Taehyun says

    “And we were worried about you” Hueingkai says

    “I appreciate your concern but I’m fine! See! I can take care of myself” yeonjun says

    “Apparently…wanna introduce your friend” Soobin asks making yeonjun sigh. The pretty girl gets up grabbing yeonjun’s arm looking up at him

    “It’s okay Jun… you can tell them” she says softly

    “Guys…this is Yn…my girlfriend. She is the reason I’ve been “all smiles” lately” yeonjun says

    The four boys eyes dart over to the pretty girl with two big puffy ponytails on her head. She had a very good aura and vibe to her. Soobin takes in her appearance and smiles. She seemed like a perfect fit for yeonjun.

    “Your so pretty! Where are you from?” Hueingkai asks pushing yeonjun away from the girl

    “I’m from (where your from)” Yn says smiling

    “Why were you hiding her from us?” Taehyun asks

    “We’re idols Taehyun…and my girlfriend doesn’t exactly fit Korean beauty standards” yeonjun says

    “Yeah understandable but you didn’t have to keep her from us! We’re your bestfriends” Taehyun says making yeonjun nod

    “Wanna come back and watch a movie with us?” Hueingkai asks locking his arm around yn’s arm

    “Yeah I don’t mind” Yn says smiling

    “I think Hueingkai is trying to take your girlfriend” beomgyu says making everyone but Hueingkai and Yn laugh seeing as they were wrapped up into their own conversation

    “I hope not” yeonjun says

    “Let’s go back to the house”Soobin says patting yeonjun’s back

    Everyone starts walking back to the house making small talk with Yn trying to get to know her, but then Yn remembers something. She tells Hueingkai to wait as she runs back to yeonjun

    “Jun” she says


    “You had something to tell me before your friends came” she says looking up at yeonjun with dough eyes.

    “I-uh it was nothing” yeonjun says waving it off. Yn gives him a look that he could resist

    “I uh Yn” yeonjun says before sighing. He stops walking grabbing both yn’s hand looking into her eyes

    “I know we’ve only been together for three months but…I love you. If your not ready to say it back I understand but that’s just how I feel” yeonjun says.

    Yn gives a wide smile before jumping onto yeonjun giving him a passionate kiss

    “I love you to yeonjun” she says smiling

    Yeonjun looks at her with shock before wrapping his arms around her

    Soobin, Taehyun,beomgyu,and Hueingkai all start cheering for their new favorite couple

    “See hyung! Him being all smiles wasn’t a bad thing” Taehyun says smirking at Soobin says

    “Nope it wasn’t at all” Soobin says smiling happy for his friend

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    when you're sick !! - tomorrow x together edition.

    txt masterlist. library.

    a/n: i'll probably make an enha version soon enough just needed to feed my moa followers ilya sm ☹️☹️ probably not my best work but
    warnings: feeling sick obviously, mentions of... having to yk... use the bathroom??? I SWEAR ITS NOT THAT WEIRD, not proofread, english isnt my first language. genre: fluff. fluff. fluff. angst if u squint and tilt ur head to the side.

    yeonjun (연준)

    mom mode.

    honestly, wants to scold you for being careless, but then again he knows that it's not the best idea, since you are sick and him being a whiny baby about it won't really help.

    but you still know that he's lowkey higkey kinda upset with you.

    how? because he literally sulks, pouts, sighs, and is just being extremely dramatic.

    honestly your cold isn't that bad, you're literally feeling fine, except maybe some sniffles and coughs from time to time, and yeonjun is also aware of that.

    honestly he's only mad because now you two can't cuddle or kiss or just have any sort of physical contact. damn he can't even hold your hand!!

    and it's not like you're telling him to stay away from you, no. he's the one pushing you away. HE'S SO ANNOYING ABOUT IT TOO OMG-

    just stretches his long ass arm out & tells you to keep your respectful 1m distance from him, because he doesn't want to get sick !!! like fr he's very serious about this.

    "whoA WHOA WHOA THERE, Y/N!!! don't come any closer."

    he really doesn't want to risk getting sick, because he's an idol!!!! and has a lot of stuff to do!!! and a busy schedule !!!

    but if you're hurt by his actions and whine about missing his touch, he'll instantly feel bad. apologizes profusely, because he never meant to make you sad :(

    gives you all the love and affection you ask for, will even feed you soup with his own two hands to help you get better asap. but he still complains.

    "y/n my hands are tireddddd slurp your soup fasterrrrr :/"

    yeah... he still gets sick, though. and blames it all on you (rightfully so).

    "hmph, this is your fault y/n!! explain all of this to my manager now." >:|

    can't stay mad for too long tho bcuz you start being all lovey dovey & touchy with him. if you apologize he'll immediately melt into a puddle, like his gaze visibly softens. and you have to hold in your laughter bcuz it's literally so easy for you to get your way with him, he's too whipped.

    doesn't let go of you for as long as his cold lasts, for karma of course.

    "yeonjun, baby, my handsome boyfriend, the love of my life, let me go i need to pee-" "OH YOU NEED TO PEE HUH?!??! SHOULDVE THOUGHT ABT THAT BEFORE YOU GOT ME SICK. YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE."

    eventually lets you go bcuz he's worried you're gonna have a little accident...

    soobin (수빈)

    very calm calm and understanding NOT.

    he's mad and is not afraid to show it. angry soobin is one of my biggest fears..... yeah........... terrifying bruh-

    the second he sees your text saying you got a fever he is on his way, dropping everything he was doing previously to come and visit you. basically barges into your room, visibly mad, swinging the door open, while you're just peacefully taking a nap.

    but when he sees you get startled by the sudden noise, barely being able to lift your eyelids open to check who tf just broke into your house, his anger lowkey kinda perishes. :(

    just sighs lovingly, breaking into a lopsided grin as he watches you physically jump out of your bed, struggling to keep your balance.

    "its just me y/n, get back in bed!!"

    tucks you in nicely, even if it's boiling outside, you have to stay warm (ノಠ益ಠ)

    the first thing he does is he grabs a mask and wears it when he's around you. bcuz he's a responsible boy !! even if he himself gets sick he doesn't want to infect the other members.

    the next thing he does is he caresses your face, cupping your cheeks in his hands, telling you to be more careful next time.

    still a little angry though, but mostly at himself since he couldn't prevent this from happening to you.

    (he also gets sick btw, but instead of complaining he just deals with it and faces the reality)

    beomgyu (범규)

    simultaneously the best and the worst person to have around when you're sick 😬

    one second he's cooing at you, babying you and not letting you move a muscle. but the next thing you know he's forcing you out of bed because he's bored and wants to watch horror movies in the living room.

    and he's too afraid of watching alone. like he has to have someone to sacrifice to the ghosts in case they end up visiting yk??

    "y/n, come onnn, you can't be that sick :(" "gyu, you carried me to the bathroom like 5 minutes ago because you said i shouldn't waste my energy, are you serious??" "THATS NOT THE POINT?!?!!"

    ends up carrying you to the couch and throwing himself on top of you, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck as you squirm away from him because:

    1. his hair is tickling you. one more soft lock brushing against your skin and you'll start wheezing uncontrollably.

    2. you're literally sick????? and he has a busy schedule, he can't afford being ill ;^

    but he still won't budge, telling you he has the best immune system out there. reassuring you that he will, indeed, be just fine.

    "believe me babe i haven't been ill since... the last time i've been ill. trust me on this one"

    surprisingly, he somehow keeps his promise and doesn't get sick?? a man of his word ig? like he really shows no sign of being sick whatsoever.

    runny nose? nope. sore throat? nope. fever? oh you mean that one song by enhypen??

    anyways stan the owner of the best immune system stan beomgyu 😋🤞🏻

    taehyun (태현)

    he's probably the most mature about it, to be fair. he knows it can happen, we're all human beings after all.

    instead of scolding you or being overly upset, he focuses more on you and how you're feeling both physically and mentally.

    need medication?? he's on his way to the store. need food?? he's already in the kitchen making you soup. feeling grumpy and just want him to be by your side??? he puts on his mask and sits right there next to you to keep you company.

    honestly best boyfriend award goes to: taehyun!!!

    although he would prefer not to have any sort of physical contact with you at the moment, if you're extra pouty that you have a sore throat and can't talk without coughing, he'll put his own health aside and cuddle you if it makes you feel any better.

    honestly thinks you're just so adorable. the way you scrunch up your nose when you sniffle, your eyes slightly brimming up with tears when medication tastes bitter, your hands clasped together, rubbing desperately to feel some sort of warmth even though the heater is set pretty high.

    he feels bad for thinking you look so cute, but he can't help it !!

    taehyun coos at you from time to time. checking your temperature and then replacing his palm that's softly pressed against your forehead with his lips, placing a gentle kiss.

    so soft for you, you can't even imagine :((

    he isn't even mad if he gets sick himself, but definitely expects you to look after him like he looked after you!! bcuz he deserves it!!!!! >:(

    anyways as i was saying, best boyfriend.

    huening kai (휴닝카이)

    also one of the mature ones,,, but he's pretty awkward with it. mature but dramatic at the same time.

    he really wants to get you to feel better soon and he's determined to buy you the correct meds !!!

    probably blows up your phone, asking you if he's buying the right bottle. even sends you pics so u assure him that, yes, he is indeed buying the correct one. but he still somehow manages to buy the entire store because "he didn't want to get the wrong one"

    really cute. like really really cute.

    pouts when he doesn't see progress like 0.5 seconds after you drink your medicine. he's genuinely so worried. sometimes too worried so you end up having to calm him down.

    but when you wake him up at midnight, teary eyed, telling him how you can't fall asleep because your nose is too stuffy and it bothers you, he tells you:

    "see??? i wasn't too worried it is actually bad. smh 😐😐 how dare you tell me i'm overdramatic."

    but then realizes he's being a bit of a butt, sooooo....

    he really doesn't know what to do, just stays up with you doing whatever (usually just talking) until you're tired enough to fall sleep.

    when he asks you a question and you don't answer he gets a tad bit worried, he really thinks you just passed out or something. but when he looks down at you in his arms, your cheek pressed against his chest, eyes closed and your soft snores matching the steady beating of his heart he relaxes.

    probably gets ill too but its only because he can't keep his lips off yours even when you're sick ☹️

    ©tyunni please do not copy, translate or repost my work.

    taglist: @gyuury @enhyphun @junityy @beomgyuanti @eternallyhyucks @sunghun @marknaeroni (fill this out or send in an ask to be on my permanent taglist.)

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    22.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    hey everyone!! here is the storyline for my potential smau of reader x jake!! let me know what you think :) lots of love <33

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    22.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    boyfriend! soobin.

    hi lovelies! thanks again for all the love you guys have been showing to my blog, it's been so long since i've been this inspired to continue to write. currently, my blog is going through major renovations while im off on holiday. sorry for the delay!

    genre: fluff, slight nsfw themes, gender neutral! reader, idol x college student/working class person.

    boyfriend headcannons:

    ❁ yeonjun, soobin, beomgyu, taehyun, heuningkai.

    the confession;

    soobin had fallen for you from the first time he saw you, it was kinda embarrassing if he was honest.

    every time you'd walk into a room his eyes would fall on you, watch you fondly and by the time he was being snapped out of whatever trance you seem to put him in, the boys were teasing him about it.

    his heart would pound in his chest, his ears would turn red and he would be left completely speechless. mentally cursing at himself for not saying anything to you.

    it wasn't until yeonjun approached you to tell you what was going on that you guys finally spoke. was he being a little snitch? yes, but he did help bring you and soobin together.

    if it wasn't for yeonjun you would have never known that the crush you had on soobin was returned. you would have never stayed late after class to talk to him. and you both would have never mustered up the courage to go out on a date.

    after a couple days of talking after class you both exchanged numbers, then a couple weeks after non-stop text messaging soobin called you! and it wasn't just any call, he was asking you out on a date.

    your heart was full hearing him ask if you were free on friday night to go to this cool retro arcade bar. he stuttered a bit, as he asked and you didn't even let him finish before saying yes.

    it took him off guard, but it made him smile from his room. part of him happy yeonjun stuck his nose into his buisness, just this once.

    the date went amazing, you guys laughed and played games until 2 in the morning. you guys didn't even notice it was so late, you both were having too much fun. luckily, the date went so well, it was the starting point for many many more and the start of a very beautiful relationship.

    the relationship;

    as we all know soobin is an introvert, so pda is a big no no for him. he will kiss and love on you when you guys are alone but around others he'd probably hold your hand and leave it at that.

    he hates cheesy things, literally could never do the matching shirts of outfit thing he would literally blow up. everytime he sees one of those couples, he leans over and makes fun of them in your ear to make you laugh.

    expect kisses on your forehead ALL the time. most times he comes from behind, leans his whole body over you just to leave a quick kiss on your forehead.

    he'll most likely sit you on his lap as he plays games. if you play video games as well then you both will be gaming while cuddling. literally each time you guys team up while playing, you guys always win. it makes him so happy.

    he loves coming up behind you and reading what ever you're reading from behind your shoulder.

    also make sure he doesn't spend all his money playing the claw machine games because he will. no matter how bad he is he will want to get you something from it.

    there are cuddles at all times, he loves being with you and touching you in anyway. he usually tucks his head in your neck and happily lays there with you.

    he literally loves any opportunity to get something off the top shelf for you. meaning, expect teasing from him.

    he loves to tease you, and loves it when you do the same to him. it's all jokes so no one is seriously hurt at the end. plus, it shows you both can laugh.

    most times when you guys are listening to music he will rap out loud to make you laugh since he knows you love his awful rapping.

    out of all pet names he can call you, he really likes calling you "bun" or "bunny". he thinks its different from the standard and dry plain old "baby".

    with this being said, he will whine if you call him something like "babe" or "baby" because he thinks thats just a regular everyday pet name. he wants you to get creative.

    watch out because he literally loves kissing you. like he LOVES it. once he kisses for the first time he will continue to do it until he can't get enough.

    he loves when you show interest in things he likes, which in return he looks up things you like as well.

    expect him getting super pouty when he feels jealous, he doesn't get jealous often but when he does; he pouts all day.

    you learn his nightly routine so you help him make sure his desk chair is pushed all the way in, the closet door is closed, and now that you're with him he closes the door to his room.

    being very honest he started washing his face because you do it. he spends time in the bathroom with you washing his face. which ends up in you washing his face for him.

    he's a big baby for most things, will often whine to get his way or to keep you close to him. sometimes to even to get you to bring him things.

    always, always, ALWAYS thinks of you when shopping and often times brings you gifts. and they aren't dumb gifts you would never use, it's actually thought out gifts like things he knows you'd wear or use daily.

    he also loves when you wear his clothes, he loves seeing how they fit on you, how big they are and how small and comfortable you look in it.

    most dates he takes you on are late at night, to parks, arcades, gaming cafes, or to stores for late night ramen or ice cream runs.

    he opens most doors for you, holds doors open, walks on the outside of the sidewalk (the side closest to the cars), guides you through spaces with a hand on your lower back.

    he often times thinks its cute when you beat him in something and you get so happy you brag about it the rest of the day.

    something he will always do for you no matter what, is hum or sing softly at your request. no matter how sleepy he is, he will always sing for you no matter what just because you asked.

    you better believe that you'll be screaming and dancing to the lyrics of all block b songs with him.

    when he's away on tour or working late he will always try to facetime you at some point in the day. even if he has to stay up till 3 am, no matter if you have to scold him for staying up late.

    he will probably come to you when he's looking for advice or a second opinion. he's the leader pf his group and often needs to resolve conflicts or make hard decisions, so he always confides in you to see what you think.

    expect to see him flustered a lot, just because you're dating it doesn't mean you don't make him blush anymore. if anything while in the relationship he's blushing more than ever. he's just still in shock he got the person he wanted the most.

    yes, the boys make fun of him for being so whipped for you. but it's cute, and you're just as whipped for him.

    fights are usually rare, soobin is someone who tries to talk things out before things get out of hand. usually these conversations are kinda hard to have but he always reminds you he loves you at the end

    if for whatever reason he's mad at you, he'll probably get a bit quieter than normal. go to sleep on his side of the bed without a word, probably talk about it in the morning if he's ready.

    if you're mad at him, he would understand. he wouldn't even try to get you to talk to him, he'd give you your space and kiss your head before bed.


    most times soobin is very gentle when it comes to sex. lots of kissing, lots of whispered compliments.

    he's someone who doesn't enjoy quickies, instead he likes taking his time with you and gets off on the fact that you feel good.

    usually he gets a bit more touchy than normal when he's horny or in the mood. he will not want to do anything in public, again thats a big no no. but as soon as he gets you alone in private. it's OVER.

    he likes when you take control, he thinks it's hot but also just enjoys being submissive for the most part. when he's on top he's also very submissive, he needs a dominate bottom to tell him what you like.

    he's going to always, always, always ask if he can kiss or touch you. he will never do anything without your consent no matter how long you guys are together.

    something about him tells me that his neck is very sensitive and gets off on hickies or regular neck kisses.

    he has in fact put on fluffy animal ears and liked the reaction he got from you so, he likes wearing them for you.

    he loves when you leave marks on him. any type of lingering mark to remind him of the night before on his body he likes.

    expect to hear lots of whiney moans, and begging coming from him. he's truly adorable when he's close to his high.

    after care is amazing with him, he thinks of everything. he makes sure you're alright, and probably runs you a hot shower you can both take together. even feed you after with a snack.

    thanks for reading! hope you all enjoyed!

    requests are open! tap here.

    and my masterlist is currently under construction but you all can access it from here. tap here.

    - mari x

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  • lemon-boy-stan
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    summary: these are just some fanfics that i’ve really enjoyed reading. please support the authors! genre: fluff, angst, smut

    >> italics: personal favourite <<

    loved. by adi!! @wooyukh (smau; angst, fluff, crack)

    something new to learn by @hoshiwhxre (smut; ft. soobin)

    cupid is here! by @5csbin (smut)

    yeonjun kink list by @yeostars (smut; headcanon)

    untitled #1 by @yeonjuns-anti-romantic (smut; drabble)

    something new to learn by @hoshiwhxre (smut; ft. yeonjun)

    utopia by adi!! @wooyukh​ (smau; angst; fluff; crack)

    kinktober 2021 day six by @honey-hao (smut; tw: choking)

    little bunny by @5csbin​ (smut)

    sleep softly now by @bngchnsi​

    drunk dialing by @yeostars (suggestive)

    love languages by @softbbyg0rl (fluff; headcanon)

    something different by @blueberrycheol (smut)

    taehyun fucking you in his studio (porn link)

    boxer!taehyun gets jealous by @bangchanswolfpelt (smut; drabble)

    19:34 pm by @byeongsung (smut, timestamp)

    none yet


    #txt #txt fic recs #txt angst#txt fluff #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun smut #yeonjun smut imagine #soobin x reader #soobin smut #soobin smut imagine #soobin x reader smut #yeonjun x reader smut #taehyun x reader #taehyun imagine#taehyun smut #taehyun x reader smut #taehyun smut imagine #beomgyu smut #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x reader smut #beomgyu smut imagine #hueningkai#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai imagine #hueningkai x reader #txt smut #tomorrow x together smut
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  • hyunsuks-beanie
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Soobin SFW Alphabet

    Mellow speaks: Not at me being stupid and forgetting that this request existed, but anyhoo, here I am right now! I know I had said I won't create another alphabet for a while, but this request is already some 10 days overdue, so here you are lovely anon! Hope you guys enjoy reading this!

    A - Attractive

    (What do they find most attractive in a person and about you?)

    Soobin would definitely want a person who can understand him, and who can help him come out of his shell. Sure, he's grown much more open and confident over the past few years, but he's still shy when meeting strangers. So he would want someone who would make the first move, instead of being intimidated by how he looks when he's not smiling or how tall he is.

    He is great at reading people's emotions, and would probably want someone that can read his emotions, because that's something he doesn't get to experience everyday. He would want a person who can understand without him having to say much, and who wouldn't judge him for feeling the way he does.

    B - Baby

    (Do they want a family? Why/Why Not? How big?)

    Sometime down the road, I can see Soobin as the type to want to have a family, provided he finds the right person. Believe it or not, he would probably be quite good with kids, and ideally would want to have two kids of his own.

    C - Cuddle

    (Do they like to cuddle? How do they like to cuddle most?)

    Soobin absolutely lives for being cuddled by you, and despite his height, he prefers to be the smaller spoon. He just loves the feeling of having his head snuggled into your chest. With that said, he also enjoys having you in his lap, his long limbs forming a sort of cage around so that he can "protect" you (or so he says, the real reason is to not let you escape).

    D - Date

    (Ideal date?)

    Soobin is too much of a homebody to so much as even think about going out on a date with you. His idea of a perfect day is to order in food while you cuddle on the couch, a blanket thrown over your legs as you watch a movie. However, if you want to go out, then he won't think twice about accompanying you. He just loves getting to spend time with you, and if that means having to get dressed on a day off, then so be it. This is especially true if the place you're going to on your date is totally new to you (like a paintball class for example) or a place where he knows for a fact that he will enjoy himself (say a concert).

    E - Energetic

    (How energetic are they?)

    He's not lazy, he just prefers to save his energy and efforts for something more important. However, he's all for helping you around the house as you go about doing your chores, and as I said, if you want to go out, he won't think about it twice. Still, to him, it's much better having his arms securely around you as you tuck yourselves under the blanket, talking about anything and everything.

    F - Fight

    (How are they in a fight?)

    Soobin hates fighting and confrontation in general, and that's even more true if you're the one involved. He tries his best to maintain his cool and to stop an impending fight from actually happening, afraid he'll say or worse, do something he's gonna regret later. His prefers just going absolutely quiet and giving you the silent treatment (if you're at fault, of course). His eyes well up quite fast if you find yourselves in an argument, and when things cool down, he's very often the first one to apologize, because he just wants you back in his arms already.

    G - Gifts

    (How do they feel about gifts? How do they give them?)

    Soobin likes saving things like gifts for special occasions, preferring to go all out and buy an expensive something for you. At the same time, if he finds a trinket or something similar that reminds him of you, he won't shy away from buying it straight away. He likes buying you things that he knows you will actually use, and so, he often keeps his ears open to pick up any hints that you're in need of something.

    H - Honesty

    (How honest are they? Do they keep secrets?)

    When it's things about himself, Soobin prefers to come clean to you straight away, not wanting you to find out in a way that would hurt you. However, when it's something that's related to you, he takes a little longer in telling you, hating the possibility of a confrontation. He does end up telling you quite soon though, unable to keep things from you.

    If it's something that's bothering him or if he's hurt about something, then that's a different story altogether. That's because most of the time, you'll have to find out what the issue is yourself, since he won't say anything, not wanting to be a bother.

    I - Injury

    (How do they react if you get injured?)

    He would have quite a few different stages if you ever get injured. At first, it would take him a minute to process what's going on. When everything finally registers in his brain, he would go into full-on panic mode, smothering you with love and questions and fussing over the wound, tears welling up in his eyes at the thought of his baby being hurt. He would calm down soon enough though, patching you up and giving you some medicine, while also scolding you for being careless. He would start taking care of you from that moment on, pointing out when you're in danger of hurting yourself by being clumsy.

    J - Jealousy

    (Are they the jealous type? How do they deal with it?)

    Soobin's jealousy usually stems from his fear of you finding someone better than him, and so whenever he feels like you're not giving him enough attention, he becomes a 100 times more clingy, trying to get you to take notice of him (as if you weren't already). It's quite easy to notice when he's jealous, since he becomes extra pouty and downright sad.

    K - Kiss

    (Their favorite way to kiss you?)

    Soobin loves kissing you on the nose and the forehead. The former because he really finds you adorable whenever you scrunch your nose, and the latter because he loves placing his chin over your head whenever he hugs you, and from that position, the closest spot that he can kiss just so happens to be your forehead.

    L - Love Confession

    (How did they confess their love?)

    To be honest, while it was painfully obvious that Soobin had a major crush on you, thanks to the way he would go all red and start stuttering whenever his eyes landed on you, confessing was a huge problem, since he just couldn't find it in himself to approach you, despite everyone telling him that you like him too.

    In the end, it will probably be you who confesses, partially so that you can put the poor boy out of his misery. Not something too grand, just a simple whisper in his ear or even a text message late at night, saying, "I like you too."

    M - Mean

    (What are they like when they’re mean? Is it common?)

    Soobin's idea of being mean most of the time involves not talking to you and giving you the silent treatment. Even though he is upset at you for something, he doesn't want to say something hurtful, and so, he prefers not to say anything altogether. However, there are time when some words do end up escaping his lips, and most of the time, they do sting quite a bit. He regrets it the moment he realizes what he said, and his resolve quickly flies out the window as he starts apologizing profusely, wrapping his arms around your form as tears threaten to spill from his eyes.

    N - Nicknames

    (Do they have nicknames for you? What are their favorites for them?)

    Soobin mostly likes sticking with "baby" or "babe," since he finds them quite cute. He also frequently likes to twist your name, turning it into a pet name of sorts. As for himself, he really likes when you call him "Bunny," or better yet, "Soobunny." It never fails to make him smile.

    O - Open

    (How long did it take for them to open up to you?)

    Soobin is still quite a shy person around strangers, so it was fairly awkward in the beginning. But soon enough, he started seeing you as a friend, and that made him want to open up to you and show you his goofy side. That, of course, changed when he realized he has feelings for you, becoming shy once again for fear of doing something stupid in front of you. Truth be told, it was this change in his demeanor that made you privy to his crush on you in the first place.

    P - Proposal

    (How would they propose? Would they propose at all?)

    Soobin would want to propose to you one day, but he would also be totally down for you being the one proposing. If it ends up being him though, he would probably want to keep it simple and intimate. I see him as the type to either propose when you're in bed, ready to fall asleep, or to take you out in the middle of the night to a place he knows the both of you cherish. He would prepare a long speech, and while he would have no trouble memorizing it (he was MC Soobin after all), when the moment finally arrives, he'd realize that something pre-prepared is nowhere near as sincere as what he's thinking at that exact moment.

    Q - Quiet

    (What are quiet moments like with them?)

    When he's alone with you, Soobin cherishes the silence, feeling comfortable just basking in your presence. He loves listening to the sound of your heartbeat, lulling him to dreamland as he holds you close.

    R - Rainy Day

    (What are they like in the rain?)

    Typically, Soobin just likes to cuddle with you under the duvet, sipping cocoa as you watch some sappy movie. There are days however, when one of you manages to pull the other out, just to play around and get soaked in the rain. Safe to say, you probably end up catching a cold the next day, and Soobin's wish of cuddling with you while being covered in blankets comes true anyway.

    S - Sad

    (How do they handle their sadness? How do they react to yours?)

    Some might think he likes to be left alone when upset, but in reality, his way of dealing with sadness is hiding in your arms and ranting to you for hours. He really appreciates the fact that you are always there to just listen, and he can't thank you enough for it.

    The same goes for your sadness, as he does his best to listen to you, giving you his own opinion and advice on things. He knows that the best way to improve someone's mood is to let them rant, and so, he's always ears for you.

    T - Time

    (How long did it take for you to get together?)

    As I said earlier, even though Soobin has a massive crush on you, he just can't find it himself to confess to you, being a tad bit too nervous. So it's safe to say that he lost quite a lot of precious time in second-thinking everything, time that he could have spent with you. In the end, after practically months of watching him suffer, you finally end up being the one to take the lead, either directly, or indirectly by giving him hints.

    U - Unique

    (What’s an interesting thing about them that not a lot of people know about?)

    When he's in a mood or is throwing a tantrum or is simply ignoring you because he's upset, the quickest and surest way to get him to pay attention to you is to hang out with the members. Seeing you laugh and hug his group mates never fails to make him jealous, and you can rest assured that he'll be begging for your love and attention in a matter of minutes.

    V - Value

    (What are some of the things they value most in life? value most about you?)

    In life, Soobin values the people (and in Odi's case, animals) he cares about, the most. That includes his members, his family, his friends, Odi and of course, you. He has always been extremely thankful for the love and support he has received, and strives to always try and give it back.

    As for you, I think it would be easier to answer what he doesn't value about you. He just loves every aspect and every side of you, but if he were to choose, he would say the way you always understand him even when he himself doesn't know what he feels. He also really admires the way you're not afraid to speak your mind, and stand up for what's right.

    W - Wildcard

    (random fluff headcanon)

    There's two sides to Soobin's reactions when it comes to PDA, and there's no in-between. If he's the one initiating things, then you can rest assured that he will be oozing confidence, pulling you onto his lap, giving you kisses, patting your hair, and what not. But if you're the one to make the first move, all his confidence will literally fly out the window, as he proceeds to turn into a blushing, stuttering mess.

    X - XO

    (Are they affectionate with hugs and kisses? If not, are they in other ways?)

    Soobin being Soobin, he's an absolute sucker for showing affection through his actions. If given his way, he would remain attached to you 24/7, just feeling your smaller form hidden away from the world in his arms. He's also big on kisses, though most of the time, he likes to demand them rather than give them. You can expect him to start pouting if he's ever in need of kisses, sticking his bottom lip out until you give him what he wants.

    Y - Yearn

    (How do they deal with yearning?)

    When he misses you, Soobin just can't stop talking about you. He loves to tell everyone just how much he loves you, and boasting about how amazing you are. But when that's not enough for him, you can expect a ton of texts and voice messages from him, all of them ranting about how he can't wait to hold you in his arms again.

    Z - Zen

    (What makes them calm?)

    Nothing calms Soobin down more than having you in his arms (or better yet, being in your arms), his head on your chest as he listens to your soft heartbeat. He just loves being attached to you like gum, talking to you for hours on end.

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  • fruitocrema
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yes but......Odi, look at him ( ˘ ³˘)♡

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  • y9njun
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ♥︎ Y30NJUN P1NK TH3ME$ !!!

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  • lueurjun
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ❪warnings ❫ ━ angst, toxic relationship, yeonjun is a dick, profanity.

    this is a work of fiction, and is not to be taken seriously. i do not intend to nor do i condone romanticizing toxic relationships. this is just a fic and once again, should not be taken seriously. look after yourselves, much love<3

    the main driving force of a relationship is trust, and unfortunately, that's something your relationship lacked. loving someone so much can be draining, and being so infatuated with choi yeonjun took a lot of your energy.

    dating a frat boy like yeonjun is tough. with a negative reputation on his back, it was quite easy for you to worry. choi yeonjun has never been good with commitment, and you knew that when you agreed to date him. right from the get go, things were not plain sailing. during the first week of your relationship, he had broken your trust when you found text messages from his ex.

    yeonjun was innocent for the most part, but he didn't deny his exes flirting nor did he make any effort to ask them to stop texting him. in fact, he played into it by replying. now, he didn't flirt but that didn't matter. he didn't respect you enough to stop it from happening, almost like he enjoyed the attention he was receiving. you broke up with him that week.

    over the course of your ten month relationship, you and yeonjun broke up almost every month. it was on again, off again and everyone knew about it. some pitied you, and some thought you were an idiot for always taking him back. you always felt like a fool, it was humiliating, but yeonjun was an addiction and you couldn't stop yourself from relapsing.

    "you're so dramatic!"

    "you smell like her, yeonjun! how am i supposed to react?"

    he had come home from one of soobin's parties reeking of alcohol and his ex. he claims to be innocent, but the videos you received from multiple party goers of her grinding against him, and him enabling it, proved him guilty.

    "it was innocent-"

    "sure, the way you held her hips looked so innocent," you spat in return.

    he was at a loss for words. he knew you well enough to know that nothing he could say would convince you otherwise.

    "okay. i made a mistake, i should have pushed her away." he took your arms in his hands and peered down at you, the same softness in his eyes that always appears when he tries to get out of trouble. "it won't happen again, i promise."

    much to his surprise, you shrug him off. a strange determination in your eyes.

    "i'm not a fool, not anymore. you have no respect for me. yeonjun we're done, for good this time. don't come back."

    with a heavy breath, you took a step past him and opened the door to your dorm. not once did you meet his eye as he reluctantly left the room, you remained stone faced until the door slammed shut, and then you slumped to the ground with a sob.

    there was no more changes left to give him; you were tired.

    it was officially over.

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  • kumikonishimura
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Any txt and enhypen angst or smut request.Kinda wanted to write again after a long hiatus.

    A/n : Legal line only for smut.

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  • renjunn1es
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    [ txt as romantic tropes ]

    warning(s): none.

    SOOBIN !

    second chance. soobin would be your first love. you’d end on good-ish terms with him, and eventually he would become a memory. but, all those memories come rushing back to you when you see him again. when you get on the bus that early morning is when you see him. he’s standing five seats away, hand casually clutching the handle. he adjusts his headphones and looks up, only to meet your gaze. he gives you a half-dimpled-smile, and a small wave, and just like that you’ve fallen for him once again.


    fake dating. yeonjun > peter kavinsky. he’d propose the fake dating idea, and at first it seemed like yeonjun didn’t really consider you or your feelings, but yeonjun was just that type of person you couldn’t say ‘no’ to. plus, it benefited you too. one night, you two were out on a fake date (although there was no one to show). you threw your head back, laughing at something stupid he said. your eyes were glimmering and your laugh filled the room. his heart pounded faster and the tips of his ears colored red. maybe he wouldn’t have to fake anything at all.


    enemies to lovers. he’d tease you endlessly, and you aren’t the type to take it. you two would constantly bicker in class, and some of your classmates even think you have a secret relationship or something because how much you bicker. but no. you just hate his guts. but somehow, by pure destiny, you two end up lost together on a school field trip. lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere. you and him fought on which direction to go, where to stop, etc. finally, you convinced him to get a motel room for the both of you. except, one more problem. there was only one bed. you two did the best to stay on your sides, but he just wasn’t having it. “give me the blanket.” “you give me the blanket.” “*gasp*. did you just, tug it?” “yea, i did.” “fine. let’s just share it.” “fine.” “fine.” resting your eyes, you begin to sleep. “are you warm enough?” the simple question knots your stomach. “shut up.” a grin forming your lips.


    forbidden love. the type of boy to write songs about you and make his friends learn it on the guitar. your parents had never really been fond of your relationship with him. in fact, they despised it. so, that meant you two had to be more secretive. you’d meet him late at night or early in the morning. at night, he’d come through your window, always careful not to get caught. he’d sit and quietly sing you songs as you laid in his lap. sometimes, your parents came to check up on you in the night. so you’d quickly shove him into your closet and try to play it off not-so-smoothly. afterwards you two laughed at it, you relished in the bliss you felt with him. and he’d park his car at least two blocks away, just in case. it meant long walks, but he didn’t mind, because it was for you.


    best friends to lovers. you’ve known huening kai since forever. you’ve been with him through the thick and thin. and vise virsa. it wasn’t long before your had feelings grew for him, in a ‘more than friends’ way. he was just so charming; walking with you to your next class, bringing you extra food for lunch, cheering you up when you feel down. he made your heart racer faster than anyone had ever had. but you wouldn’t confess to him. no. never. you were too scared to ruin your friendship if he didn’t reciprocate your feelings. except one day, you slipped up. in regular conversation you let it slip you liked him. after, you hid from him for at least two weeks because you were scared of what he had to say. it wasn’t until kai had had enough of your nonsense and stopped you one day after school, reciprocating your feelings.

    a/n: idk why the paragraphs kept getting longer and longer but yea 🧍🏻

    #yes i chose the most cliche tropes 🙄🤚 #tomorrow x together #txt #tomorrow by together #yeonjun#beomgyu#soobin#taehyun#hueningkai#imagines#fanfic#kpop#fiction#headcanon
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  • summerrainwinterbreeze
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    ▷▶▷ A/N↛ Woke up with Junnie on the brain. This is the result.

    ▷▶▷ Word count↛ 1.7k

    ▷▶▷Warnings↛ Mentions of (possessive behavior, exhibitionism, oral sex, primal(hunter) behavior, throat fucking, overstimulation, power play, brat taming, slight fem dom, marking, dumbification)


    He can be a little shy/reserved at first. Not into letting new people into his personal circle that easily.

    Back hugs and forehead kisses are free real estate come get them because you’re awesome!

    He’s really touchy platonically or not, always holding, clinging.

    He has a bigger heart than he realizes, always wanting to take care of everyone, always wanting to entertain everyone. So upset when he doesn't think he does as well as he hoped

    100% puts on a concert in the shower. Is probably that annoying friend that sings the same song over and over for days. (you’re not alone Jun ┬┬﹏┬┬)

    He doesn’t want to, but he takes things very personally. Which means that you’re definitely his hype(man/woman). He worries and fusses about his craft quite a bit, and you’re always there to slap him across the face and tell him he’s doing awesome.

    Insert dragging Yeonjun along on late night adventures, and him complaining about it being too late at night for this.

    Stuff him full of ramen. Then he’s a happy baby.

    “That constellation looks like an upside-down raccoon”

    “What? Really? I thought It looked like a butt or something"

    Arguing over petty things until you forget what you’re arguing about. It’s all in good fun. Plenty of competitions too, which he totally... doesn’t win.. of course not….

    Gets flustered easily. “Hey, Jun! You looked so good up there! Always the charmer!” Takes a moment to process before ducking his head, stroking his nose. He’s trying his best to hide a blush and failing so wonderfully.

    Feeds you. Always. All the time. You can’t stop him. You have no right. Slaps your hand when you try to feed yourself “ Stop trying to feed yourself, brat. Let me do it”

    “Now say ahhh”


    I peg Jun as a romantic. He's not a love at first sight believer, and is really career oriented, but when he falls, he falls. Hard.

    There are two ways that Yeonjun is going to serenade you, and no you cannot deny him the audience.

    1) He’s going to adlib like there’s no fucking tomorrow in which case, please join in, he’ll love it. Might even buy you matching pyjamas and you two could put on duets in the kitchen


    2) He puts sleepless nights into this original song because no other song was good enough for you. Gives you a kiss on the forehead, and presses his finger to your lips to silence you. “Shush, this is all for you”

    Spoils you. Like the man really spoils you, “What do you mean it’s too much?” when you try to protest he’ll just go, “Nuh-uh, I’m an adult, and you know what that means? It means that I can buy whatever I like, and if that means that I’m in the mood to buy you the entire store then I’m going to buy you the entire store."

    Kisses all over. Especially your face. Peppers you with them, and loves when you whine and cover your face all flustered, “Aww, baby, are you embarrassed? I’ll give you even more. Nuh-uh, you can’t run sweet cheeks”

    Deadass just drops himself onto you. He just wants to completely smother you with his weight. Will come home after a long day and wants nothing more than to hold you.

    “Baby put that down. Do you love your phone more than you love me? Can your phone give you kisses? Can you phone take care of you like I can? No? No, it can’t so C’mere.” Insert Yeonjun extreme cuddle mode activated.

    Speaking of which, he loves to sleep all over you. He can sleep in almost any position as long as he’s touching you. Thighs, butt, chest, tummy. He’ll even cling to your calves.

    He really does feel the need to please you, so please praise him for it. And mean it too.

    It's the little things for him. He’s cocky but he needs that reassurance, “Junnie this is really good!” when he cooks for you. Run your hand over his arm “Wow, all that time in the gym is really paying off” a hug and a “You did awesome” after practice will put a smile on his face. “You take such good care of me Jun, thank you.” has him melting.

    Even though he will take care of you(and loves doing so) he does love it when you return the favor. Cook for him, please, try to make his favourite foods, even if it doesn’t come out like something from a five-star restaurant. The baby will be tearing up.

    Sing him a song, even if you don’t believe yourself to be that good. A poem, a dance, that cologne he saw last time you went shopping together, a card.

    He loves cards. Tries his best not to cry when he reads them, but it’s just... so sweet. He’s so lucky to have you, how could he not wrap his arms around you and kiss you all over?

    Dramatic displays of affection. No, he doesn’t care that you’re in public, everyone needs to know that you’re his anyway. Two birds one Yeonjun.

    Has a million and one pet names for you, because how else is he supposed to properly declare his affection?

    “Looking good, love”

    “Love? That’s a new one”

    “You’re the apple of my eye sweetie pie”

    “Yeonjun, that’s gross”

    “What’s wrong sugar? Don’t like it?”


    “Yes, doll?

    Matching outfits. “What do you mean you’re wearing that? I’m wearing blue. You should wear blue.”

    “Yeonjun, I don’t think that’s how it works. “

    He would completely ignore you. “C’mon, I have an extra. You could wear it with those cute shorts we bought!”

    Shopping dates. “Look baby it’s so pretty!” or “You’d look so hot in this.” Puts on a show when it’s his turn in the dressing room. It’s an entire performance. “So what do you think?”

    He does a little spin, kicking up leg, turning his gaze skyward. “Pretty cool huh?” his left hand reaches for nothing in particular, as he mimics a faraway glance.

    “I think it’s over the top Yeonjun.”

    He beams, “So perfect then?” Turning, he readies the next fit. “Yeah, I’m totally keeping this one”

    Gets a little insecure when he doesn’t take you on extravagant dates. Worries that he isn’t doing a good enough job. Just kiss him on the cheek, and remind him that he’s absolutely perfect


    Brat tamer energy. He enjoys performing, even in bed. He just wants to please you. Even if that means putting a little brat in their place. “Sorry, what was that? You wanted to be the dom?” He let’s out a breathy laugh, “Well? go ahead, try. I’d love to see it, but oh...you seem to be a bit busy there, are my fingers a bit too much for you?”.

    Loves to see you all drooly and fucked out. It means that he’s doing a good job.

    Pretty good stamina. Definitely has more than enough energy to outlast you.

    Learns more about your body each time he fucks you than you realize. He kinda just picks it up.

    His mouth is good at lots of things… Like telling you to be a good girl for him... Laving at your swollen clit when you disobey.

    “Look at that baby.”

    “Aww, sweetheart, am I making you feel too good? It's not tooo much is it? You can take another for me.”

    Marks. Marks. Marks. ALL OVER. You need to know who you belong to. Especially when you’re talking shit about letting some other guy fuck you.

    “Don’t mind me. My fingers just so happened to slip a bit”

    Tries to take his time with you, to be all sensual and slow, but when you open your bratty mouth and say “Aww, you’re so soft for me. So cute, Jun.” How is he supposed to stop himself from grabbing a fistful of your hair and forcing his cock into that smart mouth of yours?

    Picky with who he fucks.

    At first, he was a bit reluctant. Not wanting to rough you up too bad. Feeling sorry and wanting to baby you. He didn't want to accidently hurt you. But now that he’s more comfortable and knows your limits, kinks, body. He just smiles when you act like a little shit.

    “Baby if you wanted my cock so bad, you could of just said so, no need to be shy.”

    Exhibitionist. Wants to show you off. "Cause you’re just so perfect" when he finally breaks you.

    He’s not all that risky, but he has a habit of getting lost in the moment..

    Loves it when you cum around his cock. Its just feels so good when your pretty little sex flutters and twitches. When you clench down on him so sweetly.

    Enthusiastic, but not overly experimental. He’s not going to go from spanking you to hardcore impact play in on scene.

    You will likely be the one to bring new things into the bedroom. He needs to be worked into it. But when you do both agree on something, he’s going ALL OUT. (but he will check in from time to time to make sure you’re alright )

    Might be a bit hesitant with new kinks. He’ll think it over before accepting your request or suggesting one of his own.

    Again, he gets a bit lost in the moment, but he’ll try his best not to be greedy. If he does he’ll make it up to you! And when this man makes things up to you... Yeah, Love, you’re not going to be able to walk. He will use every trick in the book, just to make you cum and cum and cum…

    An ass man. Sleeps on it from time to time. Really comfy. LOVES laying between your legs. Tried it once can’t get enough of it now, “Yeonjun, get out.” The man will just whine, hugging your thighs tighter.

    Massages. Please please please give him a massage. And praise him while you do it. He’s extremely charismatic, and talented, yes, but he does lack a bit of confidence. So when he’s all sore from overworking himself, please just push him onto the bed, give him a little kiss, and tell him it’s your turn to take care of him.

    His back, and shoulders. There especially. Focus a lot on those. Just get lost in the little moans and grunts he makes.

    Fingers in his hair, running over the plain of his stomach.

    Kisses up his spine and a final one at his nape. Just watch him squirm and whine.

    Just collapses on top of you after. Pulling you close, rambling, pouting. “Where did big bad dom yeonjun go now?” slaps your ass to shut you up.

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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    **✿❀LINE 15: FALLING❀✿**

    a/n: short update before i go for vacation <3 leave feedbacks lovelies i thrive on words acgevhj

    after 15 minutes of walk, taehyun and y/n finally arrived home.

    "now what?" taehyun asked.

    "let's just see if we left any of the windows open," y/n suggested.

    covering the perimeter of the house, y/n sighed when she found none of the windows were left open.

    exhausted, she went to the backyard and ended up lying down on the grass, eyes up on the night sky.

    "what are you doing?" she heard taehyun's steps approaching her.

    "im too tired, i dont have the strength to do anything anymore," she whined.

    hearing rustling sounds, her eyes widened when they met taehyuns' when she turned her head to the side. she didnt expect him to imitate her actions, especially when the grass was wet, uncomfortably pricking all over her back.

    "you didnt have to join me, you know,"

    "trying to hoard the beautiful view all by yourself?" referring to the sky full of stars, taehyun teased her.

    "bitch," y/n chuckled.


    "wait, whoa was that a shooting star?" it was taehyun.

    "no, i think that was a satellite,"

    "oh, really," taehyun sounded a bit dejected.

    they had been spending almost an hour under the sky, with taehyun pointing out random constellations, asking y/n to name it. they were in luck, the sky was very clear that night.

    "why? you wanna wish upon them or something?"

    "no, i was just asking. why should i anyways, i already have everything i want right now," he scoffed.

    "so why did u choose astronomies, y/n," taehyun asked, his eyes still glued to the sky in front of him. his hands were already at the back of his head, supporting it.

    "i mean, isnt THAT enough reason?" y/n smiled, her eyes turned into little crescents with her nose slightly scrunching, motioning towards the stars spread above them.

    "anyone seeing you right now would say you're in love or something," he commented, stealing a glance at her.


    @gyuuss @btxtreads @terrytaehyunnies @miraculyfe @yoonkeehoe @derinxfam @snowfalltxt @taehyunsfel @letmeal0ne @cosmiclele @247byun @cerisetalks @meowtella @shrutiajit @msxflower @lomlyeonjun @lokideadontheinside @arminandjeanandannieandhange @nycol-ie @00-baejin-05 @summery-bat @txtville @wkhdery @stray-bi-kids @mintbgyu @she-is-dreaming @junniesavidreader @sunflowerbebe07 @simpforscoups @multi4lifer @beomjundiaries @whoe-dis @ahnneyong @kac-chowsballs @bucket05 @iyeonjuni @beomsun @day6andetcetera @beomgyuanti @wh4txium1n @carolnina55 @youreverydayzebra @nshitae @milkycloudtyg @soobsdior @roseless1213


    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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  • iyeonjuni
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    bad hair day // chapter 16: pink

    word count: 504

    prev / masterlist / next

    as the festival comes to an end, y/n walks around the pitch bowing and thanking the staff and aims to find yeonjun amongst the crowd.

    maybe it was because his hair was red y/n could spot the red haired boy instantly, thanking the staff around him as well. and it was like instinct, yeonjun’s head turned around to meet y/n, waving at him.

    yeonjun jogged slightly towards them and grabbed their wrist.

    “let’s go somewhere.” he smiles and pulls them along with them.


    they ended up at the school rooftop, looking among the skies slowly turning orange as the sun sets.

    yeonjun walks to the edge of the roof to admire the view and y/n follows standing right next to him.

    “so this is what it feels like, chasing your dream and doing something you like.” y/n speaks, “i never thought that making music would make me feel so much joy and watching someone you like perform it, makes it even all the more surreal.” y/n smiles as they look into the distance.

    yeonjun looks at y/n eyes widened, unsure if y/n even caught on to the slight confession they made.

    he then turns around to face y/n, calling their name slightly, slowly holding their hands and takes a deep breath before allowing himself to continue.

    “i like you.” he confesses.

    y/n couldn’t believe what they just heard, heart beating a little too fast for their liking.

    yeonjun could sense their nervousness and slowly rubbed his thumb against y/n’s hand to soothe them.

    “during this whole process, i fell for your passion for music production, your hard working attitude and just everything about you.” he continues.

    as silence fills the air yeonjun starts growing uneasy, looking to y/n’s unreadable expression, he starts panicking.

    “i’m sorry, i mean- you don’t have to accept me now but-” yeonjun is then interrupted.

    “i like you too.” y/n spoke quietly, but yeonjun heard every single word loud and clear.

    y/n lifts their head and now they are both looking at each other.

    “i’ve liked you ever since you dyed your hair pink.” y/n laughs.

    “that’s- that’s two years ago!” yeonjun’s eyes widened.

    “yes i have liked you for a very long time, choi yeonjun.” y/n grinning now.

    “but i understand, pink was my favorite too.” yeonjun jokes as he grins, now looking at y/n once again.

    yeonjun stares at y/n’s lips and slowly leans in for a light peck.

    y/n’s cheeks heat up, hoping yeonjun wouldn’t notice.

    “so...I actually have a question.” y/n looks at yeonjun.

    “what is it?” yeonjun tilts his head.

    “you dye your hair a lot, how is your hair still so strong and so in shape?” y/n slowly reaches their hand to pat yeonjun’s red hair, and of course it's silky smooth.

    “actually i've been asked this many times...to be honest, i actually don’t know.” yeonjun laughs followed by y/n’s.


    a/n: AAA and THATS IT!! sorry the ending isn’t so great 😔 but thank you so so sososo much for being on this journey with me for my first ever FINISHED SMAU. i would like to thank my friends and everyone who just hyped each chapter so much ,, it means so much to me and as well as those who liked and reblogged !!! im unsure whether i should make an epilogue tbh but we will see! and now for my next smau . it's coming sooner than you think :D ily all 💓

    taglist [closed]: @choihaiyun @atinyyylove @247byun @luvrbin @strawberryyukhei @suna-kiyoomisproperty @meowtella @jisungsquirrelhabits @enhacolor @junluvr @skypemonke @fairybinie @txtville @hoshi4k @simpforscoups @jamjam728 @berrychyuu @beomjundiaries @honeybutterchup @wkhdery @ahnneyong @99outros @rinyx @jeonkoookiee @emobeomgyu @bubblejunnies @hobistigma @nycol-ie @milkycloudtyg @day6andetcetera

    #txt smau#txt au #txt fake text #txt fluff#txt imagines#txt scenarios #txt social media au #yeonjun scenarios#yeonjun smau #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun social media au
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  • ib9gyu
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    txt when you randomly kiss them !

    warnings: none <3 content: fluff wc: 464

    𖦹 yeonjun

    ─ cocky asf. he would be like beomgyu, saying stuff like "you cant resist not kissing me for one second" but he still loves when you randomly show affection :( you'll definitely have him flustered even if he doesn't express it . he often shows skinship so it comforts him in a way when your affectionate . "can i get another one" and then he'll ask for a hundred more . expect him to have a big fat smile on his face for the rest of the day .

    𖦹 soobin

    ─ he'd simply just stop . he doesn't show any emotion for a hot millisecond then he'll smile so big it physically hurts . he gets sososo shy and just giggles even after the matter . probably goes for another kiss and just smiles into it

    𖦹 beomgyu

    ─ yeonjun 2.0 . if you kiss him randomly, he'll more than likely make fun of you . but its only to show how much he actually loves it . this man will blush, giggle, all of the above . he probably will just bring you into a hug and stay there (so you dont see his burning face) . actually he's glad you initiated it because he would never blatantly ask . he will cling onto you for the rest of the day labeling it as "making sure you don't get lonely"

    𖦹 taehyun

    ─ he would go 😐 . then he would just smile like so cute . he would be so flustered help him . would probably hold your hand and place soft kisses on it :( . like beomgyu, hes glad you made the first move cause he's too scared to maybe cross a boundary, like he isn't sure if you would feel comfortable if he kissed you but little by little he'll get there . he strikes me as the person to do a bunch of romantic activities to show his love, so he'll ask you "do you wanna bake something later" or "do you wanna watch the stars tonight", say yes pls 🙏

    𖦹 huening kai

    ─ for some reason, he's shocked. like is my girlfriend kissing me 😱😱 . this boy would not know what to do . he would be dark red and giggling so much . he'll be really affectionate after though . he also seems like the type that usually shows skinship so its odd for him to see you doing it . if it happens while you guys are watching a movie or something, be ready to get hugged up on and smothered in smooches.

    ©ib9gyu ─ no translations or reposts permitted

    thanks to @xysthe for giving me the idea 💋
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  • yunho-1999
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    ❁ TXT Reactions to your parents being too strict and overprotective


    He basically hates them. Does not understand why they protect you so much, he thinks you're pretty independent and very capable of doing things by yourself. You were smart enough to know what's good and bad. You didn't need them telling you what to do. Oh he hated them so much. Like really. Pure hatred ran through his veins whenever you told him that your parents didn't let you go out that day. Would sneak into your room at night to cuddle:( also I feel like he would make plans to get you out of there as soon as possible. They definitely would not know you if you guys started dating.


    Feels wronged. Like I think Soobin would think it's his fault they don't approve the relationship/friendship:(( and when you told him that it wasn't that, that it simply was because they didn't want you to have any interactions with people of the other gender, he would be extremely confused. Not understanding how someone could think like that. It's not like he was going to hurt you. He would never do that. Your parents would definitely tell you to stay away, but would you listen? Of course not.


    Makes you take 'bad decisions'. Makes you sneak out just to see him. Shows you the fun things in life. Takes you to parties, gives you alcohol, and even makes you pretend you're sleeping over at one of your girl friends house so he can have you all night with him. Does it because he doesn't want you to waste your teenage years:( he truly does it because you matter to him, and your mental health is important. He knows being practically all day with your parents inside that house isn't good for you. So yeah, he just wants you to have some fun. I feel like maybe someday you mentioned Beomgyu to them by accident and just brushed it off as one of your friends friend.


    I also feel like he hates them. But for different reasons. Taehyun is a smart man, he knows that they only want to have you with them all the time and overprotect you so you take care of them. He knows they want you there as many hours so they can ask you to do chores and practically take away all of your liberty. So you become who they want you to be. And he despises that. Knows you're way different from what they think, not in a bad way. You're just your true self with him, and with them you're just the perfect daughter. I feel like they wouldn't hate Taehyun, or try to keep you away from him. He did give off a very good first impression, so you were glad that at least he was on your side and you didn't have to hide it.


    CONFUSED BABY. Why would they do that to you? Simply does not comprehend their reasons to be like that with you. But out of all the boys, I feel like Kai would be the most understanding of that topic. If you couldn't go somewhere because they didn't let you, it was okay, he would take you somewhere else. If they didn't let you go out, it was okay, he would wait for you. In general very patient and understanding. But also wished he could spend more time with you:( when you guys actually have the proper time to see each other it's the best. He hugs you a lot, telling you that he has to take advantage of that whenever he can, because he probably wouldn't see you in like one whole week. They would know about him, and they honestly don't mind much. They think he's a nice guy.


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  • boba-beom
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    ❥ ҉ midnight snack | choi yeonjun

    genre: fluff, suggestive | drabble | college au warning(s): mention of snacks, both parties are a lil touchy, yeonjun being flirty but what’s new, I say college but in the uk I actually mean university :p pairing: yeonjun x reader summary: you wouldn’t think you’d interact with the cute boy on your apartment floor but it just happened, and you it went better than you thought note: listen to Jump The Line by Olivier St. Louis. I just think this is something I’d recommend to yeonjun if ever hehe wc: 1.3k tags:  @spookybias​ @ccheddar @shiningstar-byulxx @feyregels @iggynor4 @sjisouls (your account isn’t appearing for me)

    It’s almost been a week since you moved out and back into your college dorm. Seeing familiar faces again after your summer break brought some sort of peace of mind just to reassure yourself that you wouldn’t be spending your late evenings cooking alone. However, there was one face, an extremely attractive one, that you were quite familiar with but not close to.

    You shake your head to snap you out of your reverie, continuing to clear up your cutlery and utensils in the shared kitchen. It was late in the night, perhaps past midnight, yet that didn’t stop you to play music since you were alone and your dorm mates were probably asleep. You found that it helped you get things done quicker, but of course you still had to be considerate enough and not have the volume up too loud for those with their bedrooms closer to the kitchen.

    The playlist you chose was a new one that you specifically made for your late night vibes, and with that, you could never go wrong with soul-funk with a hint of jazz past midnight. As soon as you wiped the remaining utensils dry and placed them back into the compartments of your own drawer, the strong beat of the next song played. Almost immediately your body felt at ease, your eyes closed and your shoulders moving along to the beat, along with your head softly bopping like it was nobody’s business.

    Little did you know you missed the sound of the kitchen door opening, not realising you were no longer alone. The sound of a faint, raspy chuckle caught you off guard, opening your eyes and you couldn’t hide that you flinched ever so slightly, yet evident enough from the smugness written on his face. Your eyes met with ones you’ve seen a few times.

    “Oh, don’t let that stop you.” There it was again. That chuckle that you found yourself questioning; how can someone’s laugh be so attractive?

    It was Choi Yeonjun, the cutest guy on the floor of your accommodation. He’s attractive, friendly, extremely out going but has an insane amount of sex appeal when he wants. You recall having short conversations with him from time to time but nothing more than small talk.

    “Can’t sleep?” You leaned back against the countertop, your eyes trailed his suave movement, making his way towards you. The fluidity in his body was satisfying enough along with the groovy beat from the song.

    “Yeah, I can hear your music from my room actually,” Yeonjun teases, nudging you with his elbow poking at your side as he walked by to his section of the kitchen units.

    Your face initially fell from his reply, immediately causing you to turn and reach for your phone to adjust the volume from your bluetooth speaker. Your hand just about grasped onto the device, but was interfered by the warmth of his Yeonjun’s palm. It felt soft and gentle, a true contrast compared to his external demeanour. He was standing behind you, sensing his lips by your ear just from the soft pattern of his breathing. And on top of that, his other hand casually resting on the curve of your waist did not help, not a single bit.

    Standing there felt like forever. You had no idea what you were going to do but one thing’s for sure, you didn’t want to embarrass yourself. At this rate you weren’t going to miss some sort of opportunity to play along. How could you ignore that bubbly feeling whenever you encounter him around the dorm? Or the subtle tension between the both of you.

    There was a feeling of wanting to get a grip of yourself and not do anything stupid, yet you couldn’t disregard the fact that you wanted to continue whatever this is he initiated. What you were sure about, though, was that you could melt right there and then. In a blink, he tightened his grip on your hand, twirling your frame until your chests were just mere centimetres away from each other. You gulped, probably loud enough for him to hear, in which was evident from the way he smiled the most charming smile, where his eyes creased at the out corners, where his plump bottom lip was trapped between his teeth from holding in his a laugh. You simply questioned, how can someone be so stunning at 2am?

    The chorus of the song hit and you weren’t aware that the song was still playing, stuck in whatever this dreamy haze was. “Show me you can dance,” Yeonjun’s voice sounded gruff, filled with cheek and curiosity like he’s been planning to ask this for a while.

    You simply shook your head, “Teach me.” You had no clue what came over you but you weren’t mad about it. His subtle smile turned into that smirk you’ve seen before, the one that you’ve mentally labelled as highly intoxicating. You knew that Yeonjun could dance, he’s a dance major after all, but you weren’t going to let that intimidate you, if anything you’d want to challenge him.

    He lightly squeezed your waist before spinning you around in a full turn and ending in a slight dip. His hand’s warmth splayed on your lower back felt too good, as if that’s what you’ve been missing. Or it could possibly be that yearn for someone’s touch after being touch deprived for so long. The tips of his fluffy hair tickled your forehead, and for someone who sucked at staring contests, it seems like a piece of cake when it came to Yeonjun.

    A small part of you wanted to stop in case another one of your dorm mates walked in on the both of you, but the other half of you couldn’t care less. You knew weren’t going anywhere from the way Yeonjun’s sharp eyes held your gaze.

    “Cute,” was all he could say from your last statement. He noticed your reaction now compared to your statement beforehand, and let’s just say it was a huge difference.

    You were flustered to say the least, moving to a standing stance and adjusting your zip up hoodie that fell off your shoulder, but a small part of you decided to leave it hanging. But his eyes never left your frame. If you didn’t catch his stare your cheeks wouldn’t be blushing so furiously, but how could you not? You had to pull yourself together though, remembering that this is just his little game you were both playing.

    “Listen, pretty boy,” you brought up your hand to his chest, pointing your index finger right in the middle of his sternum, “Two can play this game, okay?”

    Yeonjun looked down at your finger poking at his chest and back at your face with one brow raised. Yet again, he scoffed followed by an airy chuckle. “Easy there, tiger. You must be a little tired to think I’m playing games with you.” He cupped the side of your face, his thumb slowly rubbing your cheek. “Are you tired?”

    His tone switched completely, from snarky to his genuinely gentle one. His question managed to get you thinking, perhaps you were just tired, but you were determined it wasn’t going to let that stop you so easily.

    “And so what if I am?” You cross your arms over your chest. His response was shaking his head at you and laughing as he walk over to his side of the kitchen.

    “Whatever you say, princess. Go rest, I’m gonna have a midnight snack.” He called over, peering over his shoulder to watch you walk out of the kitchen.

    “Why look for a snack when I’m here,” you mumbled, but probably louder than you thought since the song ended and so did your playlist. You shut your eyes, brows scrunched because you knew damn well that there was a possibility he heard that.

    “Y/n, I’m gonna have to take you out first. I like to do things properly.” You turn to look at him and he sent a playful wink your way. His simple gesture had no business in making your heart beat so aggressively in your chest. 

    “Good night then, I’ll see you around.” Not wanting to embarrass yourself even further, you resorted to smiling at him.

    “Good night, I’ll text you in the morning.”

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  • nineslover
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    We've been knew 😳

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