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    summary. yeonjun isn't ready to let you go.

    ⇢ ex lover! yeonjun x gn! reader. tragic lovers. angst. mentions of car accidents, major character death, light description of car crash wounds. allusions to depression. bad coping mechanism. drunk driving and fights. grief (and everything you shouldn't do). NOT EDITED

    a / n : welp, here it comes, the second angsty piece yay!

    Yeonjun can only think of all the things you could have been and the things you already are.

    Many words could be wrongfully used to describe you, from overly explosive to downright mean and aggressive, maybe a bit — too — daring and reckless, too brave for your own good, too irrational and impulsive. Too much of this, too much of that.

    For Yeonjun it was way easier to list what he thought you were and what you especially weren’t. For example, he knew you were more scared than anyone about living and experiencing things, but you got bored easily, and the creeping feeling of barely existing sent chills down your spine. The world spun around you so fastly yet so painfully slow it drove you insane. When things were too difficult you just closed off and thought of quick solutions to be back on your feet in no time, and when things surprised you or made you happy you repeated them over and over.

    He knew the little things got you hooked, like picking flowers from fields on a warm day and making breakfast early in the morning. You always smiled at the simplicity of things, at the tiniest of details. But he also knew that only happened when you were having a good day. At your worst, you craved nothing but to experience borderline deadly things, and the only person that could stop you from willingly driving yourself full-speed into a wall was Yeonjun.

    He feels so stupid now because of that. Three years holding your hand and it only took him one night forgetting all those details to make you vanish just like that.

    “You are staring again,” you tease, grinning. One of your hands raises up, index finger poking out to move swiftly a fallen stray hair from his face. You tug it behind his ear rapidly and retreat yourself to the same position you’ve been on for the past seven months. “Just take a picture already.”

    Yeonjun gulps, feeling his heart beginning to pick up the pace just to catch up with your set of words. It is as if his mind enjoys hurting him, constantly playing tricks just to take the piss out of him. When you jokingly suggest the picture he can only sulk on the spot, lower lip protruding as tears well up to his eyes, shinning under the sunset.

    “I’d take it if I could.” His aggressive tone comes up so unsurprisingly to you that you feel as if you’d laugh yet you don’t. To some extent, Yeonjun believes you feel bad for him so you try your best to tone down your usual act to comfort him. Sometimes you reach out and grace through his skin, waving some air into his lungs with your absent touch. It freezes him to death yet warms him up as if he was standing in the middle of a bonfire. Sometimes you try to say something witty or funny, poking fun at him, sending flying kisses or genuine smiles and he admires them all.

    When the days turn grey you wait for him on the left side of the road, far away from your car with your regular attire. You extend your arms to him and wait for a hug with a broken smile and freshly tear-stained cheeks. His leather jacket protects you from the wind yet the white dress you wear does not stand a fight against the cold weather, still letting some breeze sip through your skin until your lips turn purple and Yeonjun feels bad for making you stay outside when you are clearly shivering.

    On sunny days, like today, there’s no trace of a jacket. Your dress matches the small baby breath’s flowers splashed across your scalp, flowing down the path of your hair. You smile so brightly, competing with the sun, and even your touch gets to be felt somewhat real for Yeonjun.

    He can almost believe that you are there with him and it pains him because he knows once he goes back into his parked vehicle, you’ll be gone with the wind.

    “I miss you,” he expresses and you chuckle.

    “...and here we go again with the sappy shit.”

    “I mean it. I’m sorry.”

    “We’ve talked about this, Junnie. You have nothing to apologize for. It wasn’t your fault.”

    “I should have driven that night. I should have waited until we were home to talk about this...until we have sobered up.” A sudden wave of wind bends down the tall grass at the side of the road, hitting you full force and sending some petals of your flowers away. Yeonjun frowns, trying to extend a hand up to pick the ones that have fallen only for them to disappear right as he touches them.

    “You were as drunk and angry as me, love. It wouldn’t have mattered who started the fight or who drove, even if we had taken the problem home it would have ended with us parting ways —.”

    “Don’t talk like that,” Yeonjun interrupts sternly. It irks him how after all this time you still manage to doubt the stableness of your relationship. “I would have never left you.”

    “But I would have, and you know that.”

    He knows. The topic of breaking up had been a recurring one after you both hit your three-year mark. You loved him to bits and made sure he knew it every single day, even at your worst you put him first, but it was because of that that you have weighed down the possibility of leaving him behind. It had come to a point where all you did was depend on him; your mood drastically changed based on his current emotions and to some extent you couldn’t function without him. Your life was constantly on the line with recurring hurtful thoughts and the only person who could clear up the fog on your mind was Yeonjun leaving him with the uncomfortable job of looking up for you. More often than not he did not realize how incredibly bad it was for you and for him to be dependent on each other, but soon you had rationalized the situation. The numbness of your own problems had drowned all your love, and much to everybody’s demise, your suffering had brought something positive: you were the first one to realize — out of the two of you — that you needed a break.

    The night you drove drunkenly through the slippery road with him, you had fought about this once again. This time, unlike the others, you had been determined to end things for good, having found a new level of courage over alcohol, but as you tried to leave Yeonjun followed quickly after you and got into the car. The fight you both shared as you struggled to see the path correctly resulted in you turning left too late with the car; the road that had been previously washed down by a heavy rain played against you, making the wheels spin harsher than normal, and thus you ended up in a car crash.

    Yeonjun got a few scratches. One busted lip, a few bumps on his chest that left a purple mark, and a broken arm. You on the other hand had to be dragged out by the paramedics in a plastic bag. The force of the impact had fatally strung you and you only.

    Yeonjun never forgave himself for letting the fight get so far. For a few months, he dwelled on his sadness, clinging to every memory of you with profound sorrow and guilt. Then he started driving himself to the spot you died and little by little his mind constructed a world in which you both connected, making him feel whole again.

    It did not matter to him if your touch didn’t exist or if your complete image was produced by him to a tee, you were there and that was enough. Yeonjun felt less lonely, even if talking to the air was as rational as dancing with the ghosts.

    Your death was non-existent, because how could you be gone when he still held onto you? He could feel your presence, hear your voice and see your figure. That should be enough, at least for now as he breathed, then he was sure he’ll meet you again on the same spot you died, to solve things properly and be together happily ever after, right?

    “If we had broken up as soon as you realized we were going south, do you think it would have made any difference?” Yeonjun asks, letting the first tear fall down. “Would you still be alive?”

    “I have no way of knowing, Junnie. At least I’m alive here, I guess” you point at his head, smiling, but the emptiness of your eyes blows up your weak act. He can see nothing on you, not even when you say you love him back. There’s no soul in the image he had built or real emotions expressed through your words. Everything is fabricated by him and you’ll do and say as he wants because you are a fraction of him now, nothing else. “Does that help?”

    “No, I miss you.”

    “I’m sorry I don’t exist anymore.”

    “I love you.”

    “I loved you too.”

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    smut [🔞] angst [💧] fluff [✨] suggestive [🦋]


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    #ɞ — txt #ɞ — yeonjun #ɞ — soobin #ɞ — beomgyu #ɞ — taehyun #ɞ — hueningkai #txt x reader #txt imagine#txt reactions #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #beomgyu x reader #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader
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    when you're sick !! - tomorrow x together edition.

    txt masterlist. library.

    a/n: i'll probably make an enha version soon enough just needed to feed my moa followers ilya sm ☹️☹️ probably not my best work but
    warnings: feeling sick obviously, mentions of... having to yk... use the bathroom??? I SWEAR ITS NOT THAT WEIRD, not proofread, english isnt my first language. genre: fluff. fluff. fluff. angst if u squint and tilt ur head to the side.

    yeonjun (연준)

    mom mode.

    honestly, wants to scold you for being careless, but then again he knows that it's not the best idea, since you are sick and him being a whiny baby about it won't really help.

    but you still know that he's lowkey higkey kinda upset with you.

    how? because he literally sulks, pouts, sighs, and is just being extremely dramatic.

    honestly your cold isn't that bad, you're literally feeling fine, except maybe some sniffles and coughs from time to time, and yeonjun is also aware of that.

    honestly he's only mad because now you two can't cuddle or kiss or just have any sort of physical contact. damn he can't even hold your hand!!

    and it's not like you're telling him to stay away from you, no. he's the one pushing you away. HE'S SO ANNOYING ABOUT IT TOO OMG-

    just stretches his long ass arm out & tells you to keep your respectful 1m distance from him, because he doesn't want to get sick !!! like fr he's very serious about this.

    "whoA WHOA WHOA THERE, Y/N!!! don't come any closer."

    he really doesn't want to risk getting sick, because he's an idol!!!! and has a lot of stuff to do!!! and a busy schedule !!!

    but if you're hurt by his actions and whine about missing his touch, he'll instantly feel bad. apologizes profusely, because he never meant to make you sad :(

    gives you all the love and affection you ask for, will even feed you soup with his own two hands to help you get better asap. but he still complains.

    "y/n my hands are tireddddd slurp your soup fasterrrrr :/"

    yeah... he still gets sick, though. and blames it all on you (rightfully so).

    "hmph, this is your fault y/n!! explain all of this to my manager now." >:|

    can't stay mad for too long tho bcuz you start being all lovey dovey & touchy with him. if you apologize he'll immediately melt into a puddle, like his gaze visibly softens. and you have to hold in your laughter bcuz it's literally so easy for you to get your way with him, he's too whipped.

    doesn't let go of you for as long as his cold lasts, for karma of course.

    "yeonjun, baby, my handsome boyfriend, the love of my life, let me go i need to pee-" "OH YOU NEED TO PEE HUH?!??! SHOULDVE THOUGHT ABT THAT BEFORE YOU GOT ME SICK. YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE."

    eventually lets you go bcuz he's worried you're gonna have a little accident...

    soobin (수빈)

    very calm calm and understanding NOT.

    he's mad and is not afraid to show it. angry soobin is one of my biggest fears..... yeah........... terrifying bruh-

    the second he sees your text saying you got a fever he is on his way, dropping everything he was doing previously to come and visit you. basically barges into your room, visibly mad, swinging the door open, while you're just peacefully taking a nap.

    but when he sees you get startled by the sudden noise, barely being able to lift your eyelids open to check who tf just broke into your house, his anger lowkey kinda perishes. :(

    just sighs lovingly, breaking into a lopsided grin as he watches you physically jump out of your bed, struggling to keep your balance.

    "its just me y/n, get back in bed!!"

    tucks you in nicely, even if it's boiling outside, you have to stay warm (ノಠ益ಠ)

    the first thing he does is he grabs a mask and wears it when he's around you. bcuz he's a responsible boy !! even if he himself gets sick he doesn't want to infect the other members.

    the next thing he does is he caresses your face, cupping your cheeks in his hands, telling you to be more careful next time.

    still a little angry though, but mostly at himself since he couldn't prevent this from happening to you.

    (he also gets sick btw, but instead of complaining he just deals with it and faces the reality)

    beomgyu (범규)

    simultaneously the best and the worst person to have around when you're sick 😬

    one second he's cooing at you, babying you and not letting you move a muscle. but the next thing you know he's forcing you out of bed because he's bored and wants to watch horror movies in the living room.

    and he's too afraid of watching alone. like he has to have someone to sacrifice to the ghosts in case they end up visiting yk??

    "y/n, come onnn, you can't be that sick :(" "gyu, you carried me to the bathroom like 5 minutes ago because you said i shouldn't waste my energy, are you serious??" "THATS NOT THE POINT?!?!!"

    ends up carrying you to the couch and throwing himself on top of you, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck as you squirm away from him because:

    1. his hair is tickling you. one more soft lock brushing against your skin and you'll start wheezing uncontrollably.

    2. you're literally sick????? and he has a busy schedule, he can't afford being ill ;^

    but he still won't budge, telling you he has the best immune system out there. reassuring you that he will, indeed, be just fine.

    "believe me babe i haven't been ill since... the last time i've been ill. trust me on this one"

    surprisingly, he somehow keeps his promise and doesn't get sick?? a man of his word ig? like he really shows no sign of being sick whatsoever.

    runny nose? nope. sore throat? nope. fever? oh you mean that one song by enhypen??

    anyways stan the owner of the best immune system stan beomgyu 😋🤞🏻

    taehyun (태현)

    he's probably the most mature about it, to be fair. he knows it can happen, we're all human beings after all.

    instead of scolding you or being overly upset, he focuses more on you and how you're feeling both physically and mentally.

    need medication?? he's on his way to the store. need food?? he's already in the kitchen making you soup. feeling grumpy and just want him to be by your side??? he puts on his mask and sits right there next to you to keep you company.

    honestly best boyfriend award goes to: taehyun!!!

    although he would prefer not to have any sort of physical contact with you at the moment, if you're extra pouty that you have a sore throat and can't talk without coughing, he'll put his own health aside and cuddle you if it makes you feel any better.

    honestly thinks you're just so adorable. the way you scrunch up your nose when you sniffle, your eyes slightly brimming up with tears when medication tastes bitter, your hands clasped together, rubbing desperately to feel some sort of warmth even though the heater is set pretty high.

    he feels bad for thinking you look so cute, but he can't help it !!

    taehyun coos at you from time to time. checking your temperature and then replacing his palm that's softly pressed against your forehead with his lips, placing a gentle kiss.

    so soft for you, you can't even imagine :((

    he isn't even mad if he gets sick himself, but definitely expects you to look after him like he looked after you!! bcuz he deserves it!!!!! >:(

    anyways as i was saying, best boyfriend.

    huening kai (휴닝카이)

    also one of the mature ones,,, but he's pretty awkward with it. mature but dramatic at the same time.

    he really wants to get you to feel better soon and he's determined to buy you the correct meds !!!

    probably blows up your phone, asking you if he's buying the right bottle. even sends you pics so u assure him that, yes, he is indeed buying the correct one. but he still somehow manages to buy the entire store because "he didn't want to get the wrong one"

    really cute. like really really cute.

    pouts when he doesn't see progress like 0.5 seconds after you drink your medicine. he's genuinely so worried. sometimes too worried so you end up having to calm him down.

    but when you wake him up at midnight, teary eyed, telling him how you can't fall asleep because your nose is too stuffy and it bothers you, he tells you:

    "see??? i wasn't too worried it is actually bad. smh 😐😐 how dare you tell me i'm overdramatic."

    but then realizes he's being a bit of a butt, sooooo....

    he really doesn't know what to do, just stays up with you doing whatever (usually just talking) until you're tired enough to fall sleep.

    when he asks you a question and you don't answer he gets a tad bit worried, he really thinks you just passed out or something. but when he looks down at you in his arms, your cheek pressed against his chest, eyes closed and your soft snores matching the steady beating of his heart he relaxes.

    probably gets ill too but its only because he can't keep his lips off yours even when you're sick ☹️

    ©tyunni please do not copy, translate or repost my work.

    taglist: @gyuury @enhyphun @junityy @beomgyuanti @eternallyhyucks @sunghun @marknaeroni (fill this out or send in an ask to be on my permanent taglist.)

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    boyfriend! soobin.

    hi lovelies! thanks again for all the love you guys have been showing to my blog, it's been so long since i've been this inspired to continue to write. currently, my blog is going through major renovations while im off on holiday. sorry for the delay!

    genre: fluff, slight nsfw themes, gender neutral! reader, idol x college student/working class person.

    boyfriend headcannons:

    ❁ yeonjun, soobin, beomgyu, taehyun, heuningkai.

    the confession;

    soobin had fallen for you from the first time he saw you, it was kinda embarrassing if he was honest.

    every time you'd walk into a room his eyes would fall on you, watch you fondly and by the time he was being snapped out of whatever trance you seem to put him in, the boys were teasing him about it.

    his heart would pound in his chest, his ears would turn red and he would be left completely speechless. mentally cursing at himself for not saying anything to you.

    it wasn't until yeonjun approached you to tell you what was going on that you guys finally spoke. was he being a little snitch? yes, but he did help bring you and soobin together.

    if it wasn't for yeonjun you would have never known that the crush you had on soobin was returned. you would have never stayed late after class to talk to him. and you both would have never mustered up the courage to go out on a date.

    after a couple days of talking after class you both exchanged numbers, then a couple weeks after non-stop text messaging soobin called you! and it wasn't just any call, he was asking you out on a date.

    your heart was full hearing him ask if you were free on friday night to go to this cool retro arcade bar. he stuttered a bit, as he asked and you didn't even let him finish before saying yes.

    it took him off guard, but it made him smile from his room. part of him happy yeonjun stuck his nose into his buisness, just this once.

    the date went amazing, you guys laughed and played games until 2 in the morning. you guys didn't even notice it was so late, you both were having too much fun. luckily, the date went so well, it was the starting point for many many more and the start of a very beautiful relationship.

    the relationship;

    as we all know soobin is an introvert, so pda is a big no no for him. he will kiss and love on you when you guys are alone but around others he'd probably hold your hand and leave it at that.

    he hates cheesy things, literally could never do the matching shirts of outfit thing he would literally blow up. everytime he sees one of those couples, he leans over and makes fun of them in your ear to make you laugh.

    expect kisses on your forehead ALL the time. most times he comes from behind, leans his whole body over you just to leave a quick kiss on your forehead.

    he'll most likely sit you on his lap as he plays games. if you play video games as well then you both will be gaming while cuddling. literally each time you guys team up while playing, you guys always win. it makes him so happy.

    he loves coming up behind you and reading what ever you're reading from behind your shoulder.

    also make sure he doesn't spend all his money playing the claw machine games because he will. no matter how bad he is he will want to get you something from it.

    there are cuddles at all times, he loves being with you and touching you in anyway. he usually tucks his head in your neck and happily lays there with you.

    he literally loves any opportunity to get something off the top shelf for you. meaning, expect teasing from him.

    he loves to tease you, and loves it when you do the same to him. it's all jokes so no one is seriously hurt at the end. plus, it shows you both can laugh.

    most times when you guys are listening to music he will rap out loud to make you laugh since he knows you love his awful rapping.

    out of all pet names he can call you, he really likes calling you "bun" or "bunny". he thinks its different from the standard and dry plain old "baby".

    with this being said, he will whine if you call him something like "babe" or "baby" because he thinks thats just a regular everyday pet name. he wants you to get creative.

    watch out because he literally loves kissing you. like he LOVES it. once he kisses for the first time he will continue to do it until he can't get enough.

    he loves when you show interest in things he likes, which in return he looks up things you like as well.

    expect him getting super pouty when he feels jealous, he doesn't get jealous often but when he does; he pouts all day.

    you learn his nightly routine so you help him make sure his desk chair is pushed all the way in, the closet door is closed, and now that you're with him he closes the door to his room.

    being very honest he started washing his face because you do it. he spends time in the bathroom with you washing his face. which ends up in you washing his face for him.

    he's a big baby for most things, will often whine to get his way or to keep you close to him. sometimes to even to get you to bring him things.

    always, always, ALWAYS thinks of you when shopping and often times brings you gifts. and they aren't dumb gifts you would never use, it's actually thought out gifts like things he knows you'd wear or use daily.

    he also loves when you wear his clothes, he loves seeing how they fit on you, how big they are and how small and comfortable you look in it.

    most dates he takes you on are late at night, to parks, arcades, gaming cafes, or to stores for late night ramen or ice cream runs.

    he opens most doors for you, holds doors open, walks on the outside of the sidewalk (the side closest to the cars), guides you through spaces with a hand on your lower back.

    he often times thinks its cute when you beat him in something and you get so happy you brag about it the rest of the day.

    something he will always do for you no matter what, is hum or sing softly at your request. no matter how sleepy he is, he will always sing for you no matter what just because you asked.

    you better believe that you'll be screaming and dancing to the lyrics of all block b songs with him.

    when he's away on tour or working late he will always try to facetime you at some point in the day. even if he has to stay up till 3 am, no matter if you have to scold him for staying up late.

    he will probably come to you when he's looking for advice or a second opinion. he's the leader pf his group and often needs to resolve conflicts or make hard decisions, so he always confides in you to see what you think.

    expect to see him flustered a lot, just because you're dating it doesn't mean you don't make him blush anymore. if anything while in the relationship he's blushing more than ever. he's just still in shock he got the person he wanted the most.

    yes, the boys make fun of him for being so whipped for you. but it's cute, and you're just as whipped for him.

    fights are usually rare, soobin is someone who tries to talk things out before things get out of hand. usually these conversations are kinda hard to have but he always reminds you he loves you at the end

    if for whatever reason he's mad at you, he'll probably get a bit quieter than normal. go to sleep on his side of the bed without a word, probably talk about it in the morning if he's ready.

    if you're mad at him, he would understand. he wouldn't even try to get you to talk to him, he'd give you your space and kiss your head before bed.


    most times soobin is very gentle when it comes to sex. lots of kissing, lots of whispered compliments.

    he's someone who doesn't enjoy quickies, instead he likes taking his time with you and gets off on the fact that you feel good.

    usually he gets a bit more touchy than normal when he's horny or in the mood. he will not want to do anything in public, again thats a big no no. but as soon as he gets you alone in private. it's OVER.

    he likes when you take control, he thinks it's hot but also just enjoys being submissive for the most part. when he's on top he's also very submissive, he needs a dominate bottom to tell him what you like.

    he's going to always, always, always ask if he can kiss or touch you. he will never do anything without your consent no matter how long you guys are together.

    something about him tells me that his neck is very sensitive and gets off on hickies or regular neck kisses.

    he has in fact put on fluffy animal ears and liked the reaction he got from you so, he likes wearing them for you.

    he loves when you leave marks on him. any type of lingering mark to remind him of the night before on his body he likes.

    expect to hear lots of whiney moans, and begging coming from him. he's truly adorable when he's close to his high.

    after care is amazing with him, he thinks of everything. he makes sure you're alright, and probably runs you a hot shower you can both take together. even feed you after with a snack.

    thanks for reading! hope you all enjoyed!

    requests are open! tap here.

    and my masterlist is currently under construction but you all can access it from here. tap here.

    - mari x

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    ❪warnings ❫ ━ angst, toxic relationship, yeonjun is a dick, profanity.

    this is a work of fiction, and is not to be taken seriously. i do not intend to nor do i condone romanticizing toxic relationships. this is just a fic and once again, should not be taken seriously. look after yourselves, much love<3

    the main driving force of a relationship is trust, and unfortunately, that's something your relationship lacked. loving someone so much can be draining, and being so infatuated with choi yeonjun took a lot of your energy.

    dating a frat boy like yeonjun is tough. with a negative reputation on his back, it was quite easy for you to worry. choi yeonjun has never been good with commitment, and you knew that when you agreed to date him. right from the get go, things were not plain sailing. during the first week of your relationship, he had broken your trust when you found text messages from his ex.

    yeonjun was innocent for the most part, but he didn't deny his exes flirting nor did he make any effort to ask them to stop texting him. in fact, he played into it by replying. now, he didn't flirt but that didn't matter. he didn't respect you enough to stop it from happening, almost like he enjoyed the attention he was receiving. you broke up with him that week.

    over the course of your ten month relationship, you and yeonjun broke up almost every month. it was on again, off again and everyone knew about it. some pitied you, and some thought you were an idiot for always taking him back. you always felt like a fool, it was humiliating, but yeonjun was an addiction and you couldn't stop yourself from relapsing.

    "you're so dramatic!"

    "you smell like her, yeonjun! how am i supposed to react?"

    he had come home from one of soobin's parties reeking of alcohol and his ex. he claims to be innocent, but the videos you received from multiple party goers of her grinding against him, and him enabling it, proved him guilty.

    "it was innocent-"

    "sure, the way you held her hips looked so innocent," you spat in return.

    he was at a loss for words. he knew you well enough to know that nothing he could say would convince you otherwise.

    "okay. i made a mistake, i should have pushed her away." he took your arms in his hands and peered down at you, the same softness in his eyes that always appears when he tries to get out of trouble. "it won't happen again, i promise."

    much to his surprise, you shrug him off. a strange determination in your eyes.

    "i'm not a fool, not anymore. you have no respect for me. yeonjun we're done, for good this time. don't come back."

    with a heavy breath, you took a step past him and opened the door to your dorm. not once did you meet his eye as he reluctantly left the room, you remained stone faced until the door slammed shut, and then you slumped to the ground with a sob.

    there was no more changes left to give him; you were tired.

    it was officially over.

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  • ib9gyu
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    txt when you randomly kiss them !

    warnings: none <3 content: fluff wc: 464

    𖦹 yeonjun

    ─ cocky asf. he would be like beomgyu, saying stuff like "you cant resist not kissing me for one second" but he still loves when you randomly show affection :( you'll definitely have him flustered even if he doesn't express it . he often shows skinship so it comforts him in a way when your affectionate . "can i get another one" and then he'll ask for a hundred more . expect him to have a big fat smile on his face for the rest of the day .

    𖦹 soobin

    ─ he'd simply just stop . he doesn't show any emotion for a hot millisecond then he'll smile so big it physically hurts . he gets sososo shy and just giggles even after the matter . probably goes for another kiss and just smiles into it

    𖦹 beomgyu

    ─ yeonjun 2.0 . if you kiss him randomly, he'll more than likely make fun of you . but its only to show how much he actually loves it . this man will blush, giggle, all of the above . he probably will just bring you into a hug and stay there (so you dont see his burning face) . actually he's glad you initiated it because he would never blatantly ask . he will cling onto you for the rest of the day labeling it as "making sure you don't get lonely"

    𖦹 taehyun

    ─ he would go 😐 . then he would just smile like so cute . he would be so flustered help him . would probably hold your hand and place soft kisses on it :( . like beomgyu, hes glad you made the first move cause he's too scared to maybe cross a boundary, like he isn't sure if you would feel comfortable if he kissed you but little by little he'll get there . he strikes me as the person to do a bunch of romantic activities to show his love, so he'll ask you "do you wanna bake something later" or "do you wanna watch the stars tonight", say yes pls 🙏

    𖦹 huening kai

    ─ for some reason, he's shocked. like is my girlfriend kissing me 😱😱 . this boy would not know what to do . he would be dark red and giggling so much . he'll be really affectionate after though . he also seems like the type that usually shows skinship so its odd for him to see you doing it . if it happens while you guys are watching a movie or something, be ready to get hugged up on and smothered in smooches.

    ©ib9gyu ─ no translations or reposts permitted

    thanks to @xysthe for giving me the idea 💋
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  • yunho-1999
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    ❁ TXT Reactions to your parents being too strict and overprotective


    He basically hates them. Does not understand why they protect you so much, he thinks you're pretty independent and very capable of doing things by yourself. You were smart enough to know what's good and bad. You didn't need them telling you what to do. Oh he hated them so much. Like really. Pure hatred ran through his veins whenever you told him that your parents didn't let you go out that day. Would sneak into your room at night to cuddle:( also I feel like he would make plans to get you out of there as soon as possible. They definitely would not know you if you guys started dating.


    Feels wronged. Like I think Soobin would think it's his fault they don't approve the relationship/friendship:(( and when you told him that it wasn't that, that it simply was because they didn't want you to have any interactions with people of the other gender, he would be extremely confused. Not understanding how someone could think like that. It's not like he was going to hurt you. He would never do that. Your parents would definitely tell you to stay away, but would you listen? Of course not.


    Makes you take 'bad decisions'. Makes you sneak out just to see him. Shows you the fun things in life. Takes you to parties, gives you alcohol, and even makes you pretend you're sleeping over at one of your girl friends house so he can have you all night with him. Does it because he doesn't want you to waste your teenage years:( he truly does it because you matter to him, and your mental health is important. He knows being practically all day with your parents inside that house isn't good for you. So yeah, he just wants you to have some fun. I feel like maybe someday you mentioned Beomgyu to them by accident and just brushed it off as one of your friends friend.


    I also feel like he hates them. But for different reasons. Taehyun is a smart man, he knows that they only want to have you with them all the time and overprotect you so you take care of them. He knows they want you there as many hours so they can ask you to do chores and practically take away all of your liberty. So you become who they want you to be. And he despises that. Knows you're way different from what they think, not in a bad way. You're just your true self with him, and with them you're just the perfect daughter. I feel like they wouldn't hate Taehyun, or try to keep you away from him. He did give off a very good first impression, so you were glad that at least he was on your side and you didn't have to hide it.


    CONFUSED BABY. Why would they do that to you? Simply does not comprehend their reasons to be like that with you. But out of all the boys, I feel like Kai would be the most understanding of that topic. If you couldn't go somewhere because they didn't let you, it was okay, he would take you somewhere else. If they didn't let you go out, it was okay, he would wait for you. In general very patient and understanding. But also wished he could spend more time with you:( when you guys actually have the proper time to see each other it's the best. He hugs you a lot, telling you that he has to take advantage of that whenever he can, because he probably wouldn't see you in like one whole week. They would know about him, and they honestly don't mind much. They think he's a nice guy.


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  • partywithgyu
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Announcement about ✨Ship Time✨

    I am not accepting asks anymore.

    I will definitely ship the ones that are in my inbox.

    Also for the one who asked about ateez, I'll save your ask for the time I do shipping with them.

    Thanks ✨

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  • ningningsplushie
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Choi Yeonjun headcanon! wanting his attention

    Request: yeonjun reaction to you always wanting his attention so he gives you it sometimes loosing sleep just to give you the attention you want since you are his number one priority…

    warnings: this is acc pretty angsty but all is well in the end! Y/N just has a really bad day and misses yeonjun :((( cursing, ermmm, it’s unedited so i’m sorry for that. Y/N is kinda selfish. a loooottttt of crying :(((. mean teachers. self doubt

    A/N: oh my god, i kinda like this???? i didn’t know what format this anon wanted so i went with a long headcanon and I hope you guys like it!!!

    I feel like Yeonjun would be the type who would sacrifice so much of himself if he were in a relationship 

    but only if he was absolutely certain that he loved that person

    luckily for you, he’s absolutely crazy for you

    you started dating Yeonjun a year after his debut 

    he really hasn’t had time for other people other than himself and group members

    that is, until he met you ;)

    to be completely honest, Yeonjun didn’t think he’d someone as much as he loves you at such a young age

    he also didn’t expect to be dating someone while working 

    and yet here you are, a year and a half strong !

    he was really scared to start dating

    he was scared of getting kicked out the group, of sasaengs stalking both him and you, of antis sending hate, or of you leaving him out of stress from the relationship 

    but for the most part, it’s been really good

    the public knows about the two of you and you only get a handful of hate comments every now and then

    there are time, however, when you really really really miss him :(

    like now

    and when the time comes where you’re in your blues and you want his love, you get kind of selfish

    for the longest time Tomorrow X Together was Yeonjun’s main priority

    but then you came along and his world shifted

    now you were his number one priority

    you were the centre of his universe

    you were the only star in his night sky

    you’re kind of an attention whore

    you love being in his spotlight

    which ends up getting kind of distracting for your boyfriend sometimes, affecting his performance

    but most of the time, you’re his driving force, his inspiration

    it’s been 3 weeks since his group’s comeback and you were with him every step of the way

    he may act confident but he gets very worried about disappointing MOAs but he’s so incredibly lucky to have you for when you expel those negative thoughts from his head

    but just cuz the main task of his job is over, he’s still very busy

    recording interviews, photoshoots, performing on shows, etc

    you know all this and you try your best not to bother him too much

    yet again, he’s your boyfriend and you wish to feel him warmth on your skin after a long day

    just so you know that there’s something good in an uncertain world

    Yeonjun will always be your “something good”

    today you had classes at your university and you were well aware that Yeonjun was attending an award show later on in the evening

    so when you wake up first thing in the morning you shoot your boyfriend a text

    Y/N: Junnie, you’re gonna do amazing today! that award is already in your hands 
    Jun Bug: oh yeah? did you steal the award?
    Y/N: Def (eyeroll) no dummy, you and the boys are collecting wins left and right. I wouldn’t be surprised if you won this one too
    Jun Bug: hmmmm, your confidence in me is giving me strength (sad face) 
    Y/N: that let’s me know I’m good for something! I love you, Junnie (heart) you’re gonna knock it out of the park :)
    *read receipt* 


    maybe...he forgot to hit ‘send’ when he was done writing

    you shrug your shoulders and get ready for the day

    as you’re about to head out the door and to your first class, you whip out your phone and text Yeonjun once more

    Y/N: Junnie??
    you there??
    idk if you’re already practicing for the show but when you get the chance could you send a pic (pout) i need strength too!
    love ya, romeo <3

    your first class was difficult :(

    there was a cluster of things that went wrong

    it was a class you had to take against your will and it was...hard, to say the least

    but to put it bluntly, you didn’t understand anything

    at all

    and you found yourself crying over that class 95% of the time

    it made you feel stupid

    and you don’t like feeling like that

    you’re also pretty sure your professor doesn’t like you

    so today, while giving his lecture, you were focussing extra hard on understanding your notes

    maybe to him it looked like you were zoning out

    but you were just rereading the same sentence over and over again so you could grasp its meaning

    he didn’t like this and he took the chance to ask a question and embarrass you in front of 75 other people

    “Miss Y/N. Do you mind telling me what the author meant by this statement?”

    “I’m sorry Sir but could you please read the quote once more?”

    he slapped the end of his ruler on your desk and had the audacity to say “I don’t have time for students like you anymore. Kindly remove yourself from this classroom immediately”

    “but Sir-”

    he slapped the ruler again 


    you weren’t one for confrontation so you gathered your things and ran to the nearest washroom

    you locked yourself into the tiny stall and silently sobbed

    you really wanted Junnie right now :((

    he had this amazing ability of making people feel like they’re more than they actually are

    to others, a regular person is a regular person

    but to him, they’re a unique gem that just needs the right angle of light in order to shine

    and you really needed that at that moment

    you took out your phone again

    he didn’t reply to you yet

    but you saw that he posted selcas on twitter with the caption “a brand new day and brand new efforts! fighting!”

    you smiled to yourself 

    maybe he saw your message and decided to kill two bird with one stone by satiating MOAs desire to see his face

    he’s really cool like that\

    Y/N: hey, do you think I could visit you at the practice room?

    you wait for a reply for about 10 minutes 

    Jun Bug: don’t you have class now?
    Y/N: well...I got kicked out...
    Jun Bug: HUH?!?! what the hell happened?
    Y/N: I don’t really wanna talk about it :(
    Jun Bug: sorry love, but we’re about to head out for an interview
    Y/N: could I...possibly come?
    Jun Bug: I don’t think that’s a good idea. you have another class in 45 minutes

    he knows your schedule by heart :((

    Y/N: okiii, good luck on your interview!

    he leaves you on read again

    you sit in the bathroom until your next class

    this one went a bit more smoothly, albeit boring, but better than the last nonetheless

    that is, until you received the score to your last test


    you failed

    you colossally fucked up

    your professor came up to you and said

    “Y/N, I’m really disappointed in you. You normally do so well in my class, I’m not sure what went wrong.”

    you didn’t have the courage to look her in the eyes as you whispered “I’m not sure either”

    you were at your wits end but thank god that it was time for you to go home

    the second you stepped foot in your apartment, you dropped your bag to the ground, crumpled to the floor and cried


    for like 30 minutes

    you always prided yourself in school so to be slapped in the face like made you feel like a phoney

    you gather yourself up and head to the couch before looking at the clock, which read 5:30

    the show started at 6:00, so you figured it would be safe to call Yeonjun

    you dial his number, waiting as the phone rings, thinking he won’t pick up

    but then you hear his voice



    “What is it?”

    you expected his voice to be soft not annoyed?”

    “nothing...i just...i just wanted to wish you good luck”

    you voice cracks on the last few words, something that didn’t go unnoticed by him

    “love? are you alright?”

    those three words lead to silent tears streaming down your face

    you miss him and all you need is to feel him warmth under your fingers

    “yeah...i know the chance is slim but could you come over after the show?”

    “not tonight, kid. it’s been a long day and i’ll most likely pass out once i leave the stage. i’ll come around tomorrow though. Sounds good?”

    you can’t hold it in any longer and release a choked sob, something that yeonjun notices too

    “alright, i’ll see you later” you say through tears

    “Y/N, wait-”

    you hang up on him, throwing the phone across the room, hearing it shatter into a few pieces

    you know you’re being unreasonable and selfish but you just can’t help it

    all you want is yeonjun

    hot, angry tears make way down your face as you clench your hands into a fist, feeling your nails breaking skin on your palm

    you cry some more, to the point your head hurts

    when your millionth crying session ended, you turn on the TV and switch to the award show yet all you can do is stare ahead

    normally, whenever you saw Yeonjun on screen, you would perch up and whoop at the screen

    but now, you look blankly at the TV as your vision goes blurry

    heart heavy, you lay down on the couch, closing your eyes

    you swear to yourself that you’ll wake up when it’s time for Yeonjun

    but you don’t

    you sleep past them winning the award

    you sleep past his acceptance speech in which he gives thanks to you

    you sleep past their performance

    and you sleep past his ending fairy where he holds out finger hearts and subtly mouths your name

    yet somewhere in the back of your head, in the depth of your dreams, you hear him call out to you


    the clock now reads half past midnight

    for some unknown reason your body decided to wake itself up at this ungodly hour

    you sit up, your hair a jumbled mess and the crust around your eyes begin to itch

    looking across the room, you realization of smashing your phone hits you

    but you couldn’t do anything other than sigh

    laying back down, you hear the doorknob jingle and panic

    you scramble off the couch and make haste to lock yourself into the bathroom but your oversized shirt latches on to something, causing you to fall onto the floor

    you try to pull yourself up but the door is already open

    rather than it being a dangerous intruder, you’re met with the angelic figure of Yeonjun

    he think that you’re sleeping, so when he locks the door and turn around, only to find you on your knees, he’s...confused to say the least

    “Y/N? what are you doing on the floor?”

    he walks forward and you peer up, locking gazes 

    he can’t possibly be real right now

    maybe you’re still sleeping

    “Junnie? is that you?”

    “who else would it be, silly?”

    at this, you press your forehead to the cool tiles of the floor and begin to cry


    you don’t know how much tears you have in you

    but apparently it’s a lot

    shocked, Yeonjun runs, dropping himself next to you and places your figure in his lap

    he secures your head in the crook of his neck and strokes your head 

    you wet his shirt with snot and tears but he doesn’t care

    “it’s alright, love. you’re doing so well. you’re so brave for me and so strong”

    he whispers all this while patting your bum like a baby while rocking you back and forth

    this goes on for a while and when your done your millionth crying session, you look up into yeonjun’s eyes and notice his appearance 

    where pink usually tints his cheeks, it’s now completely white and you worry that he hasn’t properly eaten anything

    the bags under his eyes are prominent and darker

    and the light within his gaze is dimmed out of sadness and stress, most of it due to you no doubt

    you feel so childish and guilty for the way you acted

    you demanded all his attention and relied on him so much 

    he was supposed to go home to the dorms and get sleep after such an exhausting day yet here he was, coddling you just because you didn’t know how to handle a few failures

    “why’d you come here? you should be sleeping right now”

    he hold you against his chest and you can hear his heartbeat 

    “I tried calling you after the show but you wouldn’t pick up. I send over 50 texts too. I got worried, especially since...you sounded so sad the last time we talked. I thought something bad happened to you”

    guiltily, you point to your broken phone across the room and yeonjun’s eyes widen

    “did you do that?”

    “yeah...i threw it after i hung up on you”

    “are you angry at me?”

    your heart clenches at this question

    “i’m angry at myself. today was a really shitty day, Junnie”

    “you wanna talk about it, angel?”

    you shake your head and gasp when he picks you up from the floor, carrying you to your room

    “that’s alright, love. we don’t have to talk about it until you’re ready to do so. but for now, let’s go to bed, hmmm?”

    he holds you like you’re made of porcelain, like you’re going to crack under his touch and gentle places you on your bed, tucking you in underneath the covers

    he crawls in and faces out

    you feel so overwhelmed with the kindness after all the shit you went through yesterday that a few stray tears make their way down your face

    he reaches a finger out to brush them away

    “I’m sorry for missing the show, Junnie”

    “it’s alright, Y/N. you don’t have to worry about that”

    he smiles at you but it isn’t as true as it usually is. there’s hints of melancholy behind it

    you start to whisper some more but drift off while doing so

    “and i’m sorry for being a selfish partner and for...demanding...demanding so much of your...time. i just...miss...miss you so much...it, it...it hurts a lot, yeon...”

    you don’t finish the thought

    you can’t finish it as you’re already sound asleep

    yeonjun stares at you for a while as he clasps his hands over yours, his tears painting his cheeks

    he’s so worried about you and feels horrible for leaving you to be alone 

    he feels like he’s failed you as a boyfriend but he’s done nothing of the sort

    these thoughts swim around his head as he silently cries

    he finally calms down and kisses the tip of your nose and whispers

    “it’ll all be alright, angel. i’m so sorry for neglecting you but i’m here now. i’ll always be here, wherever you go”

    and true to his word, he even meets you in his dreams

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