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    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    [TXT] Imagine babysitting with Yeonjun and witnessing him sitting in the sand with the toddlers, building sandcastles and making an excited "ta-dah" sound whenever he flips a full bucket, instantly followed by cheerful kids' laughter every time

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  • nikicoeur
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    ↝ starry night | tomorrow by together

    "Love is something wonderful - we promised to love each other for ever, but I guess promises were made to be broken."

    pairing: gn.reader + txt.(any choi liner). genre: fluff, angst. disclaimer: I do not have any intention in romantizing the acts portrayed in this fiction piece. Trigger warning. wc: 602. inspo: “Starry Night” (Van Gogh), “penhasco.” (Luísa Sonza).

    Read at your own risk.

    A starry night. Yes, that was how the sky looked at 23:59 in mid September. Blue actually became our favorite color, or that was what I thought. I still remember how ethereal you looked under the dim lights that were decorating that one small street. Gorgeous. There were only two presences in that same location, which were ours, but yet you still did not realize I was there, paralized; the truth is, I have never seen someone so pure-looking. Did we know each other? I do not think so. Should I approach you? Would this be too invasive? - Wait... Where were you?


    I have lost you that day.

    Exactly one month after losing your sight, I went to the same mountain I first met you, but unlike the other time, I was at my lowest; having no friends (or in that specific case, no one) was the worst any person could go through. But you became my light. Days suddenly got brighter and life seemed an actual “heaven’s gift”, as people say.

    Shortly, a simple “Hi” has become long talks, long talks has become dates, dates has become an actual relationship. What did I do for you to like me? That is still something I do not know how to answer.

    It did not matter because I had you by my side, right?

    You had those beautiful, dazzling, sparkling eyes. They seemed crystal clear; even the sky got amused by their look. So much it made it rain out of nowhere, with no clouds up there. We ran, ran, and ran again. Where were we going? It did not matter again.

    Thank you for asking me how I felt on this day.


    Two weeks after running under the rain with you, we made a promise.

    “Love me until the day I die.”

    But I guess promises were made to be broken.


    At the same place we met, we had one more date: little candles were lighting up our view alongside the moon, hovering over us. Lovely sight.

    Little did I know the moon was warning me the end was close.


    You were acting strange. Your eyes did not have the same glow it used to. Now… they shine pink. Was it your favorite color now? Was there anything hidden? Was there another person? It did not matter.


    I found out the thing I was most scared of: your eyes’ glow was not directed to me anymore.


    Now, back to the present, I was with you on the line. You sounded worried. Why? That is still something I do not know how to answer.

    I could barely speak; the sound of me choking on my own thoughts was disturbing, frightening. Somehow I have managed to say something:

    “Run. Never look back.”

    You sounded puzzled.

    “Where are you?”

    “It does not matter.”

    A sigh.

    “I am sorry, Choi.”

    “PLEASE! Tell me, where are you?” - and then, crying sounds.

    “I am sorry. I love you.”

    Only the moon knew your location; the most comforting place, now, in your life. The same one as always. It is a pity that its poor eyes had to see this fatal scene. There was no looking back now.

    The last text you sent to him was repeating itself a million times in your mind.

    “When I held your hand, you let mine go and even pushed me off the cliff, but it does not matter.”

    It was going to be over. Finally.

    And at 23:59, the words “I love you” were the last spoken words heard by the same starry sky.

    © nikicoeur, 2021.

    Thank you so much for reading!

    (reposting because the tags weren't working :/)

    #choi yeonjun#choi beomgyu#choi soobin#yeonjun#beomgyu#soobin#yeonjun scenarios#soobin scenarios#beomgyu scenarios#txt angst#txt scenarios#txt drabble #txt choi line #txt choi yeonjun #txt choi beomgyu #txt choi soobin #txt fic#txt sad#angst #txt x reader #txt x moa #txt x y/n #txt #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #tomorrow_x_together #txt soft hours #txt hard hours #txt sad hours #txt fluff
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  • ghostingtrackone
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    11:11 - [choi yeonjun]

    pairing: choi yeonjun x gn!reader

    genre: slight angst, fluff

    summary: confessing your true feelings is a big step, but sometimes it’s met with confusion and hurt

    word count: 1.1K

    prompt: #9 - when he stands there like a ghost shaking from the rain and you open up the door and ask if he’s insane

    notes: this is yet another prompt based on a taylor lyric hehe. the song is how you get the girl <3 enjoy!

    you threw your phone across the room in frustration and rolled over your bed. another day with no messages from the person you wanted to hear from most.

    had you messed up? did you confess your feelings too soon? but even if that was the case, why did he just disappear like that?

    you groan and stare at the ceiling. yeonjun hasn’t talked to you in two weeks and you were not one to place comfort in other people, but it hurt not talking to him. it makes you more anxious than you’d like to admit. you had genuine feelings that were left unfulfilled and wanted to be with him, for god’s sake.

    you reenact the scene in your head of you confessing how you had been feeling about him again and again… and again. the thought of both of you at the park is enough to make your stomach turn. you almost want to lose the vision of his face dropping when you said you are starting to see him in a different light, and that you can’t help but think about him in that new way. in the “i want to hold your hand even though i know you’re not going anywhere” way. and honestly, the more you tried to avoid it, the more these thoughts burned in your chest.

    you close your eyes and bring your hands to your face. how embarrassing. and this stormy weather is not making me feel any better.

    you walk to the living room and hope that the lump in your throat will eventually go away. turning on the tv, you almost start to cry.

    should i text him again? no. why should i? he’s the one acting like we haven’t been friends for years. but am i the problem? am i hard to communicate with? does he think that if he tells me he doesn’t feel the same, i’ll be upset? well, would i have been? would i be now?-

    as if the universe was tired of you bombering it with questions, you heard an aggressive knock on your door. you jump up and look at the door in fear, then at the clock. it’s 11 pm..

    you get up cautiously, grab the sweater rack as a weapon, and look through the blinds on your window.

    it can’t be. is he serious?

    you set down the weapon that probably wouldn’t have done much and open the door. yeonjun is standing there almost pathetically, like a ghost, shaking from the rain. you furrow your brows and semi-scoff in confusion. “oh my god, are you insane?!” you look at him up and down and then at the sky. “yeonjun you’re going to get sick! what are you doing-”

    “y/n, i’m sorry. i’m sorry for how i’ve been acting. it’s been a long 2 weeks with me sitting in my thoughts and being too afraid to tell you what i want. what i want with you, i mean. i want you, y/n. i want to be with you i-”

    it was all becoming too overwhelming. the sound of the pouring rain meshed with his words that you never imagined you’d hear was driving you crazy, to say the least. “you know what- come in.”

    he walks in and you get him a towel, your hands shaky. you can’t even look him in the eye due to how fast everything is happening. just a minute ago you almost sobbed because of him and now he is... standing right in front of you? this is… a lot.

    you’re about to speak up but he beats you to it. “i must’ve lost my mind, especially leaving things off like that and not telling you why. the truth is, i’ve felt the way you said you did for a long time, y/n. i thought having you as mine was not realistic because of how long we have been friends. but then when you confessed, i just didn’t know what to say. i had become used to the feeling of thinking the way i saw you was one sided. i was afraid of telling you what i want, and i’m not even sure why i was.”

    “maybe because we’ve been in each others lives so long, you feel like this could mess us up?” you sat next to him and sighed.

    “i just don’t want to lose you.” he looks at you with his eyes full of worry. you look back at him and put your hand on his cheek.

    “you don’t have to worry about that, yeonjun. i told you you give me butterflies for a reason. i mean, you’re soaked and your hair is all messed up, but you’re still somehow endearing to me?” you joke and he giggles, glad he doesn’t have to be tense anymore. then you sit back and bite the inside of your cheek a bit.

    “but honestly, us not speaking did not feel great. we were close long before anything like this happened and it hurt you know? we’re friends before anything else and you’re usually the one i go to when i have anxious feelings like this…” you’re back to not wanting to look at him again. “what was i supposed to do when the person i turn to pretty much cut me off, yeonjun? it kind of broke my heart…”

    “then let me put it back together.” he lifts your chin and smiles softly. “i know… i messed up. listen, y/n. i want to give you the best version of me, not the impression that i’ll leave when times get hard. you’re still my best friend. we pinky promised we’d stick together, remember?”

    now it’s your turn to giggle. “oh god jjunie that was so long ago. we were 10. but of course i remember.” you smile fondly at the memory. “i really don’t want you to go.” you practically whisper.

    he shakes his head. “i want you forever and ever. you won’t be able to get rid of me even if you tried.” he starts to smother you in hugs and kisses on your cheeks. you’re both laughing and if your heart could jump out and embrace him, it would.

    “ahh okay jjunie! you’re still soaked! here, let’s get you dressed into something comfortable yeah?” he nods and follows you to your room. if only you could see the way he’s looking at you.

    “you know… i should have picked up on your feelings the days you started to bring your clothes to sleep over.” you stand there with an epiphany.

    he gets a bit shy. “i didn’t want to end up going home because i didn’t have my things to stay overnight…”

    you blush a bit. “well now you can stay here anytime you want to.”

    he kisses your forehead. “good. because i was planning on it. i’m here with you always.”

    #i’d give into him so quick LIKELWKMDSKFM #i’m so happy i finally posted this AHHHH #txt scenario #txt x reader #txt x y/n #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun x y/n #yeonjun scenario#yeonjun angst#yeonjun fluff#txt angst#txt fluff#txt imagine#choi yeonjun#yeonjun
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  • ah-ga-seven
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    M. List

    Requests are closed. However you can always send me an ask with ideas for stories/drabbles and reactions for the groups mentioned in my bio; though I can’t guarantee i’ll use them.

    ✔ - 𝚘𝚙𝚎𝚗  ✘ - 𝚌𝚕𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚍

    multi-fandom/content related asks ✔

    smut/angst/fluff drabbles, reactions or scenario requests ✘

    ✨ Current project: Sneaky Link - Choi Yeonjun ✨

    the rest of my works are under the cut.


    Choi Yeonjun

    Till The End of Summer (2020)  

    Type: series. (completed)

    Synopsis: You and Yeonjun are caught up in a cat and mouse game because of unspoken feelings and endless pining for each others’ attention. With the summer break approaching and lots of college parties, will you finally get a chance to explore your feelings for each other; even though the world, Yeonjun’s family, past and reputation makes things complicated?

    Genre: College!AU, Friends to Lovers, Drama, Angst, Fluff, Smut (skippable), 

    Sneaky Link (2021)

    Type: Mini series (ongoing)

    Genre: Smut (skippable), Angst, Fluff, Toxic!Jun, ft. second male lead Juyeon (The Boyz).

    Synopsis: The story picks up after having met Yeonjun through a mutual acquaintance. You quickly bonded over your similarities and basically fell for him on the spot. As your relationship progressed you found out that you weren’t the only woman in his life, but no matter how hard you tried or whoever else tried to love you, leaving him was harder than you thought it would be.

    Choi Soobin

    The Naked Neighbor (coming soon)

    Type: One shot

    Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

    Synopsis: Life is dull, until a new neighbor moves in across the street. His name was Soobin, a mysterious loner who lived in his own bubble and was incredibly hard to get close to. One night, as y/n was in her bedroom, she saw Soobin through the window, freshly out of the shower in full view, which accounted for a series of interesting events as she notices a pattern in his nightly routine. 

    Choi Beomgyu

    02.32 AM (2020)

    Type: One Shot

    Genre: Smut.

    Synopsis: Your boss is a dick, and your boss is Choi Beomgyu. After having worked at a night club for over a year, you’ve just about had enough with Beomgyu’s attitude towards you when all you did was make up for his incompetence on the job. Will all of that anger and tension finally lead to the unimaginable? 


    Choi Line Reaction to Nipple Piercings.

    NCT 127

    Jung Jaehyun

    No More Pain (2021)

    Type: One Shot

    Genre: Angst.

    Synopsis: The lingering wounds of your miscarriage have reopened. Now that you are broken up, an unforseen change in Jaehyun’s life has brought him back to your doorstep. Will he be able to fix you this time? Or will he fail just the same as before?

    Solo Artists 

    Christian Yu (DPR IAN) 

    Just Friends (2017)

    Type: One Shot

    Genre: Fluff, Smut

    Synopsis: Despite mutual jealousy, Christian and yourself have never spoken about your feelings; afraid that it’d ruin your friendship. However, your usual movie night with your best friend escalated once Christian found the courage to test the waters.

    Let Me Explain (2018)

    Type: series (completed)

    Genre: Angst, Fluff.

    Synopsis: Being a choreographer for DPR sounded like a good plan, but developing feelings for your boss, Christian Yu, was not one of them. Unspoken feelings, miscommunication and Kim Yura, an upcoming YG artist who you work for make things especially difficult. 

    #yeonjun scenarios#soobin scenarios#taehyun scenarios#beomgyu scenarios#hueningkai scenarios #christian yu scenarios #txt scenarios #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together smut #yeonjun smut#beomgyu smut#juyeon smut #the boyz scenarios #the boyz imagines #jaehyun imagines#nct scenarios#nct smut #nct 127 scenarios #jaehyun angst#jaehyun scenarios #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 smut #txt smut
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  • jensrose
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    11:23 am ✿ choi yeonjun | angst, fluff if you squint, unrequited love, high school!au, playboy!au, 0.3k, tw :: heavy making out

    playboy!Yeonjun’s lips are, simply put, intoxicating.

    Intoxicating enough to lure you away from the English literature class that had started a few minutes ago, to press your back against the wall of some dark, hidden corridor, to let him run his hands across your body and for you to want more, more, more.

    They’re also addicting, you find.

    His lips are smooth, and the minty lip balm he’s wearing makes you crave his taste. You don’t have to wait long. As though he’s read your mind, he slides his tongue over your lips and you have to try your best to contain your moan. But a small whimper comes out anyway, and Yeonjun bites your lip gently in warning.

    Yeonjun’s lips are like honey, sweet and luscious. His tongue is cinnamon, spicy and warm. His eyes are like hazelnut, alluring and enigmatic.

    And you can pretend like he’s all yours for a few minutes.

    He pulls away, his hands on your waist, breathing heavily. You look at him, unsure, and wrap your arms around yourself. He stares back at you, his eyes dark.

    “Same time tomorrow,” he commands, his voice rough. “Don’t be late.”

    He barely waits for you to finish your nod before he slips away, leaving you alone in that musty corridor. You pick up your discarded school bag from the floor and sling it over your shoulder, walking out.

    You shouldn’t go tomorrow - that’s the logical thing to do. But you know that no matter what you tell yourself today, you will end up going, and succumbing to his honey-like lips, his cinnamon-like tongue and his hazelnut-like eyes.

    And you will do it over and over again, for as long as he wants you.

    a/n. kudos to @youngiez for saying 'YEONJUN GTFO' because i couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day.

    networks. @houseofincantations

    © JENSROSE, 2021.

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  • soleilsuhh
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    tomorrow x together hc ⊹ °.   * attractive things they do

    yeonjun - the way he lies down with his hand behind his head while he lazily watches you get ready for work in the morning or for night outs with friends; his eyes are soft and hazy as they trail after your movements. and when you point out that he’s staring, he simply shrugs and says, i can’t help it you’re too pretty as he flashes a smirk your way.

    soobin - the way he rolls the sleeves of his shirt to his elbows and unbuttons the top three buttons after a long night in a suit. he’s not one for teasing or making fun of you but whenever he feels your eyes on him, it kinda flusters him and he tries to hide that by cradling in the crook of your neck and pressing a soft kiss on your skin.

    beomgyu - the way he holds his tie between his teeth while collecting his hair. at first he thinks nothing of it until he catches your eyes, and he kind of just smiles to himself, that obnoxious little half-grin on his face as he ties his hair, and when he’s done, he looks at you as if to say i saw that.

    taehyun - the way he says your name in the middle of a conversation you’re having. sometimes it’s a playful drawl to capture your full attention, sometimes it’s soft but firm to let you know he’s serious, and sometimes it’s just gentle and sweet, a smile on his face, saying your name just because.

    huening kai - the way he leans in closer to hear what you're saying, especially when you're in a loud area. maybe it's the promixity and the feel of his warm breath on your skin, or the way he casually leans in even further to quietly talk in your ears, but it never fails to make your heart beat faster. and when he notices that you're flustered, it makes him a little flustered too as he sheepishly lets out a small laugh and looks at you with that amused and goofy half-grin.

    #txt imagines#txt fluff #txt x reader #txt reactions#txt headcanons#txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txt blurbs #txt soft hours #yeonjun imagines#yeonjun fluff#soobin imagines #soobin x reader #beomgyu imagines#beomgyu fluff#taehyun imagines #taehyun x reader #huening kai imagines #huening kai fluff #tomorrow x together
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  • sooblvr
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    txt & matching outfits

    pairing ot5 x gn!reader // genre fluff, slice of life // warnings none // word count 0.6k


    he’s been trying to convince you since you started dating. you always decline because your mind jumps towards the ugliest, most cringe couple outfits

    but oh my it’s like you don’t know your own boyfriend

    you were out shopping for something to wear to your mom’s birthday party when you saw the cutest sweatshirt !!

    and obviously, mr stubborn virgo wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by

    “I say we get matching ones” “yeonjun, what am i even going to pair this with?” “did you suddenly forget you’re dating the fourth generation it boy”

    you’d never admitted it, but you did end up enjoying your matching fits

    —rest of the members under the cut !!


    soobin is definitely the boyfriend who loves the idea of more private relationships, and therefore wants to drop hints to everyone via subtle details like matching clothes

    the way he just knows exactly what you’re gonna like

    he gave you his hoodie you had always stolen and bought himself a matching one

    immediately you both had to try them on and see how adorable you looked

    he already has a highlight story for the times you guys have matched accidentally, and now he’s gonna add the ones of you matching on purpose

    his favorite one is the one where he rests his head on top of yours and you look so confused but still smiling


    out of all of them he’s probably the most playful. he’ll send you really ugly matching ideas and tell you it’s goals or something. makes you wonder if he really styles himself of if yeonjun is doing the lord’s work

    you needed to see if he was actually serious

    on one of your dates, you asked him to take you to a mall. as you looked through, you made the most awful outfit 

    the pieces were nice on their own, but never together, yet he had the audacity to “love it.” so of course, you bought the fits and walked around in them

    0/10 experience, beomgyu was making fun of you the whole time. he was also kind of enjoying it ?? he appreciated that you were in this together

    after that, you stuck to only matching the shirts


    you need to do the convincing here. i'm sure he’d be more than happy to comply, but never with anything weird or even just funny. you have to be fashion icons together

    more than clothing he’d like matching earrings 

    either way, i feel like matching just kind of happens. like soobin, sometimes you just match accidentally- you’ll wear the same color, or the hoody is the same, things like that

    so on one day when you guys pick up the same jacket, you rolled with it.  you had a little matching moment

    he actually ends up enjoying it and loves when you wear the same thing or similar without intending to. calls it a special occasion and all

    this one’s the deep but very deep down softie


    this one’s another playful one !! if he’s gonna gift you something matching it’ll be what you least expect. a scarf, socks, anything weird but funny. he’ll also tell you to stop copying him

    you already share your clothes so matching comes naturally

    “you love me so much you have to dress like me” “it was literally your idea to match” “shh i know you simp and that’s all that matters” “you need to get off twitter”

    he loves it though, and when you’re not around he’ll tell everyone you’re so cool for letting him play dress up

    also matches jewelry but the type that’s like those friendship bracelets. you two get together and make each other rings, necklaces, etc

    it’s not always matching, but it’s cute

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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  • kpopluvvr
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    ##yoohyeon in: the chaos chapter: freeze era!!

    album name: the chaos chapter: freeze
    release date: may 31, 2021
    title track: i know i love you ft. seori

    summary: after the runaway era, she never thought she could have another favorite era, but this era changed that for her. it was new but she really enjoyed this comeback.

    ##styling for the music video!!

    she liked the styling for the music video, it wasn't too flashy and it wasn't uncomfortable, so it was easy to dance with, the only problem she had was the shorts, mrs girl kept getting bruises on her knees from falling.

    ##yoohyeon in the music video!!

    the first time we see yoohyeon she's seen running next to beomgyu as they're running by the pool.

    after yeonjun runs out the house, you can see her sitting on top of the car, waving.

    while they're in the car, it seems like no sees the fish except huening kai, but yoohyeon sees it to, but she chooses to look away.

    after crashing the car, the guys are pushing it, she's walking behind cheering.

    a quick solo scene has is where she's sitting alone in the pool, before it cuts to to them sitting on the bed, where she is sitting next to beomgyu.

    before the ended pool scene she has another scene where she is standing in front of the burning car, then it cuts to the ending.

    ##styling for stages!!

    ##yoohyeon's lyrics!!

    {1:01 - 1:09} nam munje tuseongi love sick giri eopseosseo, jugeodo joasseo, im a loser in this game.

    {2:11 - 2:13} i know it's real i can feel it.

    with seori {3:48 - 3:55} say you love me, say you love me segyeui kkeutakkaji, all or nothing, i want all of you.

    ##memorable moments for this era!!

    beomgyu and yoohyeon stressing yeonjun out the entire era.

    yoohyeon and arin flirting with each other lowkey during the interview.

    jessi and jaejae adopting yoohyeon.

    beomgyu and yoohyeon arguing over who has the best hair.

    almost tripping over the mic stand during the encore stage.

    #kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition #txt additional member #beomgyu#txt oc #txt 6th member #soobin#txt reactions#yeonjun #txt sixth member #tomorrow x together sixth member #tomorrow x together 6th member #tomorrow x together reactions #txt scenarios#txt taehyun#huening kai#nam yoohyeon#yoohyeon
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  • ah-ga-seven
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sneaky Link - Series Masterlist (ongoing)

    [Pairing]: Fem! Reader x Choi Yeonjun ft. second male lead Juyeon.

    [Synopsis]: The story picks up after having met Yeonjun through a mutual acquaintance. You quickly bonded over your similarities and basically fell for him on the spot. As your relationship progressed you found out that you weren’t the only woman in his life, but no matter how hard you tried or whoever else tried to love you, leaving him was harder than you thought it would be.

    [Idol Cameos]: Tomorrow x Together, Aespa, The Boyz & Ateez.

    [Genre]: Smut (skippable), Angst, Fluff, College!AU, Romance, Infidelity, Toxic!Jun.

    [Word count]: 10-12K per chapter.

    [Warning]: extreme toxicity, emotional manipulation, cheating, mention of a broken family, neglect, and moderate alcohol/drug use.

    [Disclaimer]: If anyone ever treats you like this, run. I am in no shape or form trying to romanticize this behavior or imply that Yeonjun is like this nor am I shipping anyone in the series with other idols or assuming their sexuality. Please remember that it’s fiction.


    Chapter I

    Chapter II

    Chapter III

    Chapter IV

    Chapter V

    Chapter VI

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  • daybreakx
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    ➵ txt yeonjun x gender neutral reader, college au, fluff, angst, best friend! yeonjun, (former reader x oc).

    ➵ prompt: “What happened to your hand?” “I hit it on something” “On what?” “___’s face”.

    ➵ word count: 1.4k

    ➵ warnings: physical fight, mentions of bruises, mc gets mocked, kind of an angsty ending. Unedited.

    ➵ a/n: thank you for this request! It was so much fun to write and I hope you’ll enjoy it♡

    feedback is greatly appreciated, so please, let me know what you think!

    Yeonjun wasn’t having it. 

    Being honest with himself, he had barely kept it together when you had started dating that Beomsoo boy. He was everything he hated, overly confident—borderline presumptuous— he had no care for consequences, had a questionable sense of humor... and most important of all, he apparently managed to have your heart too. 

    Yeonjun knew he wasn’t supposed to feel that way. Best friends are supposed to be happy for the other when they enter a relationship, and he had tried his best to convince you and himself that he was excited  about you falling in love and bragging about your new boyfriend everywhere you went.

    But he wasn’t. 

    And Beomsoo had to go and make everything worse by breaking up with you without any sort of explanation, leaving you confused and heartbroken. If Yeonjun hated his guts before, right now he would give just about anything for an excuse to punch him in that ugly face of his.

    “I think it’s time we go,” Soobin announced, nudging Yeonjun lightly to break the death glare he was giving Beomsoo. “Yeonjun? Come on.”

    “Yeah, fine,” Yeonjun grumbled back, “This party sucks anyway.” 

    Soobin gave him a half-hearted chuckle, knowing his friend’s mind had been somewhere else from the very start. You had refused to go practically anywhere with them for the past two weeks, taking up in some sort of self-imposed exile while you made sense of why your relationship had ended so abruptly.

    “Let’s go.” Soobin continued, patting his friend on the back to lead him to the exit. 

    If Beomsoo had had a better sense of self-preservation, he would have kept his mouth shut. But he didn’t, because his feelings towards Yeonjun were similar to the ones the boy had against him; so taunting your best friend just for the sake of seeing his expression turn sour seemed like a good idea at the moment. And he knew just how to do it.

    “Leaving so soon?” Beomsoo yelled, managing to be heard above the noise of the speakers. “You’re catching up with y/n?” he faked a yawn just for theatricality and then smirked. “Yeah, they could never handle being left alone for three seconds. So fucking clingy, what a nuisance.”

    Any other night, Yeonjun would have listened to Soobin and walked away. Hands turned into fists and face burning with rage, but he would have walked away and left Beomsoo talking and feeling smug at his expense. 

    But tonight, Yeonjun wasn’t having it.

    It took three strides to get to Beomsoo and one swing to have him on the floor. Yeonjun couldn’t even feel the pain in his knuckles as his fist came loose, only to form again as he grabbed Beomsoo by the neck of his shirt to get him back up.

    For the first time, Beomsoo wasn’t wearing the pompous expression he always had in his stupid face. Not when his nose was already bleeding and Yeonjun was nearly choking him. 

    “That’s enough,” Soobin didn’t even lose his composure, deep down glad Beomsoo had gotten what he deserved. But, he didn’t want Yeonjun to get in trouble, so he had to stop this before it got worse. “Yeonjun.”

    “Keep their name out of your mouth.” Yeonjun warned in a low voice, coming back to his senses enough to let Beomsoo go and let Soobin pull him by the shoulder to lead him out.

    “He had it coming,” was all Yeonjun said, shaking his hand to relieve the pain on it. Soobin agreed with a hum, but Yeonjun was afraid that you wouldn’t.

    “Morning,” you mumbled, taking your seat next to Yeonjun. ECON 105 was a terrible way to start the day and it showed on your face.

    “Morning y/n,” Yeonjun whispered back, sliding the iced coffee cup he had on the desk towards you. “Want a sip?”

    “Life saver!” you chuckled, making Yeonjun return the gesture. It was obvious he’d just given up his drink to let you have it, like he always did.

    “What happened to your hand?” you questioned after one sip, glancing at the reddened skin on Yeonjun’s knuckles.

    “I hit it on something,” he shrugged, yet let his hand slide down to rest on his thigh, hiding it away from sight.

    “On what?” you squinted at his hand again and then at his face, the way he bit his lower lip and did the most to avert your gaze.

    “Beomsoo’s face.”


    Yeonjun winced, still trying to come up with an excuse that didn’t include saying your ex-boyfriend was ultimate trash, just because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. “Well...”

    Beomsoo, timely as ever, walked inside the classroom in that moment. Nose in bandages and the skin around his eyes swollen and purple. It only made Yeonjun’s wince widen.

    “A word outside?” you muttered, eyes going from Beomsoo back to Yeonjun.

    “Okay.” Yeonjun’s shoulders slumped involuntarily, grabbing his book bag before following you outside, Beomsoo’s eyes fixed on the both of you.

    “Before you say anything...” Yeonjun started as soon as you were outside of the building. Maybe he could get out of this, once again without telling you anything about how Beomsoo was an ass, even when you weren’t around.

    “Don’t you say anything,” you cut him off, glancing at his hand once again. “What’s wrong with you?”

    Yeonjun’s jaw set painfully. It seemed like he was always in the wrong when it came to Beomsoo and you, and it hurt. “He deserved it,” he stated, holding your disapproving stare. “All he does is run his mouth and be a nuisance. And he broke your heart when he didn’t even deserve to have it in the first place.”

    It was your turn to stop and stare, rendered speechless for a moment. But of course Yeonjun was supposed to say that, he was your best friend. That’s what friends did: Say the person who broke your heart didn’t deserve it in the first place. Typical soothing words. 

    “I mean that,” Yeonjun added, as if he read your mind. “You were always too good for him. You still are too good for him, and the next time he opens his mouth... if I have to shut it with my fist, I’ll do it.”

    Maybe it was time that Yeonjun faced the truth. It wasn’t just the fact that you had chosen Beomsoo out of all people. It was that you had chosen anyone but him. He’d known it wasn’t typical friend stuff every time he felt butterflies fly around his stomach when you smiled at him, or the effort he put into always greeting you outside of your dorm with a warm drink when winter approached and a cold when the sun was relentless. Even if it meant he had to walk for twenty minutes from his own room to the coffee shop and back, praying the ice wouldn't melt by the time you met him. 

    Or how the songs that he’d deemed as stupid because of the mellow lyrics and sticky melodies had taken another meaning if he thought of you while listening to them. 

    Yeonjun was in love with you, and he’d known it for a while despite his best attempts at burying his feelings. 

    “Why are you acting so protective?” you questioned, arms crossed above your chest, as if that would shield your heart from hurting any more than it already did. 

    Dating Beomsoo had been a counterproductive way of diminishing the feelings you had for Yeonjun. Now your heart was twice as bruised as before, and in this moment, you couldn’t find the proper way to fix it.

    “Because you’re my best friend,” Yeonjun looked away for the tiniest fragment of a second, proceeding to stick both hands inside the pockets of his jeans. “And I love you.”

    There was a pause, the kind of opening the universe gives fools like the two of you to clear up these mixed feelings and unspoken thoughts. But that’s what the two of you were: Fools.

    “I love you too,” you breathed, a shaky smile making its way to your face. “But you cannot go around punching people you dislike.”

    Yeonjun regained his lighthearted grin although his heart felt heavy. “Not even when they deserve it?”

    “Not even then.” 

    Maybe Yeonjun wasn’t deserving of you either, and that’s why you preferred to redraw the line every time he felt like he could cross it. 

    Maybe he was the bigger fool.

    #txt scenarios#txt drabbles#txt blurbs #txt x you #txt x reader #txt x y/n #txt yeonjun #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun x you #txt fanfic#txt fluff#txt angst#kpop writing#kpop writers#kpop writings#kpop fanfic#kpop fanfiction#kpop fic#kpop angst #kpop x you #kpop x reader #kpop x gender neutral reader #kpop x male reader #kpop x y/n #kpop fluff #yeonjun x y/n #yeonjun scenarios#yeonjun angst#Kpop au #kpop college au
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  • mehoneybear
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    [02:00 a.m]

    yeonjun was sat in a chair in front of you. tied on it, with his own favorite belt, to keep his hands behind his back, so tight that red marks appeared on his wrists. hair sticking to his forehead was a signal that yeonjun was on his limit, but it didn't feel like enough for you.

    "baby..." he said in a painful whisper "baby, it's enough, i can't... take it anymore." the image of the man you saw in front of you was pitiful, to say the least. his pale, bare thighs covered with heavy scratches and whip marks that seemed to have been applied without mercy.

    "we did it last night too, please you've already sucked all of me. what do you want, huh?" the uneven breathing and the painful moans would make any normal person feel remorse. and you almost felt guilty.


    "but jjunie, you were doing so well, besides you promised me i could do everything i want. just one more time, pretty please?" you said while massaging his swollen glans intentionally, because you know he wouldn't refuse. he threw his head back making a grunt that you took as a yes.

    your hand kept doing your devil work, not missing any skin of his dick and using your left hand to lightly squeeze his balls. he looked delicious. literally delicious. your mouth watered when his precum dripped off his dick and your core was so hot that you couldn't handle anymore.

    "yes, my baby, you're such a good boy handling it. cum to me one more time, hm? i know you can do it, jjunie." your sweet words were the verdict to yeonjun, he started moaning louder and louder.

    "jagi, i love you, i love you so much, i love you." tears rolling down his face when he dumped his milk on your hands for the third of fourth time that night. you stopped counting, anyways. he kept declaring his feelings till the last drop of cum was spilled and didn't even moved when you untied his hands so sore was his body.

    you sit on his lap carefully, spreading little kisses all over his bruised skin, from belly to mouth. he looked fucked up and you thought it was adorable when his shiny eyes found yours.

    "i love you more than you can imagine, my strong boy." yeonjun gave you a tired little smile. after all, he would do it all over again.

    "come on, let me take care of you."

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  • beomgyuanti
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Friday Nights like These

    pairing:: choi yeonjun x gn!reader
    word count:: 1.3k
    genre:: cowboy!yeonjun, established relationship, fluff
    warnings:: mention of alcohol and cigarettes
    notes:: yeehaw besties🤠 was listening to this while i was writing lowkey hate myself for this but i plan on doing more 😔

    The stuffy country bar grew quiet but quickly filled with muffled conversation and laughter as the music came to a stop. The thick, cigarette smoke filled air brought a new definition to hot and humid as you tried to catch your breath in the break. You stood before your boyfriend now, who looked like he was struggling to breathe in as much as you were. You'd been dancing for a couple hours and it made you break out in a smile to even look at him now.

    He looked beyond handsome with his blue button up shirt that was tucked into the freshly cleaned bootcut jeans. They hugged his thighs in such a way that you found it hard to look away from them. Not to mention the black cowboy hat that was pushed low on his head, with pink hair poking out of it in the front. It was unconventional of him, the pink mullet, and it got him teased by his friends, but it made you fall for him all the more.

    Finally, a slow dance where you could be close to your boyfriend. The guitar and drums beginning to fill the air around you with a comfortable hum.

    Instinctively, you moved one hand up to his shoulder with a grin, entangling the fingers of the other with his free hand. It never failed to make you giddy to be this close to Yeonjun, to be making so much contact with his strong, muscular body.

    Left, right. Left, right.

    As the music continued, you fell into a comfortable rhythm with Yeonjun. You were both moving wordlessly around the dance floor, oblivious to other couples who were dancing alongside you. You were in your own world now, and your eyes never left his as you tried to put all the love you could into one simple gaze.

    You tried not to take this for granted as your body mindlessly moved with him, the movement was something you’d done plenty of times before. Whether it was in a small town bar or in your kitchen late at night it was the same. However, that didn’t mean you loved this moment any less as the music filled your ears and his touch brought you into him.

    When you felt your legs begin to tire throughout what felt like an endless dance, an idea popped into your head. It made you giggle quietly and glance down at the black cowboy boots your boyfriend had on.


    Without missing a beat, you hopped up onto the steel toe of his boots and rested all your weight onto him. He didn’t so much as stagger but he did let out a surprised grunt and tightened his arm around you. You were chest to chest with him now and you heard his soft chuckle close to your ear. You couldn't help but grin when you looked him in the eyes again.

    “Oh c’mon baby, not on my good boots.” he was making such an effort to sound mad that it made you giggle again. The look on his face is what really gave him away though, all the affection in his eyes and the endearing little smile that let you know he didn’t truly mind. Your heart must have skipped a beat then.

    "I’ll clean them for you, promise.” you whispered and kissed his nose as if to seal the promise.

    "You've got me wrapped around your finger, you know that don't you, darlin'?" you nodded to answer his question, though really you both already knew the answer, and rested your chin on his shoulder. He pressed a kiss to your cheek and it fell silent between you again as he danced for the both of you.

    With your feet now on top of his, he moved around the floor. Effortlessly supporting your weight and the steel toe boots saving his toes from being crushed. He leaned his head against the side of yours and gave a soft sigh that tickled your neck. It made you cringe and scrunch your neck, only to hit the brim of his hat and almost knock it off his head. He laughed at you as rushed out an apology, scrambling to fix his hat and push your face into his neck in embarrassment.

    "My better half, my savin’ grace,” he began to sing quietly for you with his cheek pressed against your head and you know he felt the smile that crept onto your face against his skin. “You make me who I wanna be.”

    His voice was soft and smooth as he sang out the rest of those sickeningly sweet lyrics to you. You were tempted to tell him then and there that he should quit working with the cattle and go make it big with that voice. His fingers gently rubbing against your back however made the thought drop out of your head in an instant. It made your body tingle with the way he touched you, as it always did and it made you want to melt into a puddle on the floor for him.

    Swaying gently and being held in those muscular arms, you silently wished you never had to separate. You wanted to be wrapped up against him for the rest of your life. You knew he felt the same way when you moved to press your forehead against his. He smiled at you and you could feel the love he had for you. Between his hand still on your back and the soft look in his eye. Everything about him was simply screaming 'I love you'.

    When the music came to a stop with the last twang of the guitar, he kissed you on the lips gently. He pulled away with that smile and you went to step off his boots with a smile of your own. You were jolted out of your own little world as the sounds of the club came rushing back. You wanted nothing more than to get lost with Yeonjun like that again but as the next song started you knew it was over.

    “Come on, you pretty little thang, let me buy you a beer.” he said, successfully bringing you back to reality to pay attention to his words. He took off his hat to place it on your head then thumped the front brim down and made it fall into your face with a laugh that sounded like pure heaven to you.

    “And I don't know, maybe I can convince an angel like you to come home with somebody like me.” he teased now as you fixed the too big for you hat and looked at him with a crooked grin. You reached up to ruffle his bright pink hair that was awkwardly flat due to the hat that had been sitting on his head all day and he let you do as you pleased. He quietly watched your concentrated face with a softening look.

    “Hmm, it’s going to take a lot of convincing.” you hummed and put your hand back down at your side. The softness faded from his face and was replaced by a goofy smile paired with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He snatched your hand up in his and kissed your knuckles with a laugh.

    “Good thing I’m feelin’ lucky.” he winked and that was all it took to make your knees weak for him as you held onto his hand like he was your lifeline. The only thing grounding you to this earth. He tossed a smile your way and squeezed your hand tighter before leading you to the bar. You knew all the teasing and flirting in the world were coming and you'd probably never admit to him, but good god you loved these kinds of Friday nights.

    #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun fluff#yeonjun drabbles#yeonjun imagines#yeonjun scenarios #choi yeonjun scenarios #choi yeonjun imagines #choi yeonjun fluff #choi yeonjun x reader #txt fluff #txt x reader #txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt fanfic#choi yeonjun#yeonjun#txt #tomorrow x together #yeehaw :)
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  • liliansun
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Deja Vu

    “do you get deja vu when she’s with you?”

    genre: angst

    pairing: ex-bf! yeonjun x reader

    warnings: swearing, mentions of cheating, mentions of sex

    1.4 wc


    Falling in love with someone wasn’t something you expected to happen so quickly. Before you knew it, you had fallen so deeply and held onto the security of your relationship, but all good things never last. As deeply as you fell for him, the crack in your heart formed. His love for you was once what you held onto, now you’re left empty handed and wondering where you’ll put all the pieces he left behind.

    Laying in the bed you used to share, you wonder if the other side will ever be warm again. Staring at the pillow he once laid his head on, you wonder if he wakes up smiling at her. Your mind wanders through all they might do together, is it what he used to do with you? All the midnight drives, all the root beer floats at the diner down town, all the times you woke up to him smiling at you because he loved you.

    The past tense of the word still has a hold over your heart, only now it hurts a lot less. Can you blame yourself? You spent an entire year falling in love with him, finally mustering up the courage to tell your best friend you wanted to be more than what you were. “Yeonjun..can we talk?” You asked him as he sat on the couch while a movie played in the background. Movies and show marathons were common with the two of you, giving you an excuse to admire his features in the light reflecting off the tv.

    “Of course angel, you can always talk to me.” He said, flashing you one of his trademark smiles. It was the exact smile that made you fall for every time, it was a drug and you were addicted. “Junnie, I think I’m in love with you.” And just like that, what you always repeated in your head had now escaped the safety of your mind and out in the free world. “Y/n, I-“ and before you let him respond, you shook your head.

    You felt like you knew he was going to reject you, but to your surprise he leaned in and connected his lips to yours. Every kiss he ever gave you felt like clouds being pressed against your skin. Almost like you lived on cloud 9 while you loved him. Your time in the clouds would be short lived when you felt a shift in your relationship. What was once a loving couple, engulfed in the relationship and life they had built together was now mostly one sided.

    You tried to push the thoughts out of your mind, the nights he would come home late and excuse it as being out with his friends. The smell of cheap perfume told you he was lying, yet you still woke up and smiled at him next to you. The way he would diss your attempts of affection only ate at your thoughts as the days pass. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into 5 months of pain. Pain from the way he behaved around you, how you knew he was lying right to your face.

    As you once got the courage to confess, you had to do so again. It was overwhelming, the part of your life that had been so vital and full of love was now dead and wilted. You did your best to keep yourself together until it came to your 2nd year anniversary. You had planned the entire day out. You took off work even though he thought you’d left, you’d went out shopping for the things you needed to execute the night.

    You were prepared for everything, the dinner, the after romance, the entire mood for the night was ready to be set. Stepping into your shared apartment, you noticed a pair of shoes where yours would be. Something within told you told you to run, yet you walked forward. The loud moaning coming from your shared bedroom was shattering your heart with each step you took. Your hand clutched the bag in your hand while the other came up to twist the knob.

    Others would’ve made a scene, others would’ve made their presence known and their pain visible. You had turned the knob to your shared bedroom door and watched the love of your life commit the act with someone else. He touched her the way he used to touch you, he held her the way he used to hold you, he loved her the way he used to love you. And that hurt. The bag in your hand fell to the ground, startling the two that laid in your bed.

    His voice is muffled by the sound of your heart beating in your chest. Your vision is blurred by the tears spilling down your cheeks. You can barely see the way she scrambled out of the sheets and gathered her belongings to leave. You can barely see Yeonjun try to call out for you, coming to you at a dangerous rate. He reached out, trying to grab your wrist before you pulled it away. For the first time in months, you smiled at him and that was the last memory you had of him before you left the apartment.

    Now, you sit in your apartment that you tried to use as a distraction. For the most part, it worked. You changed everything about your new apartment, except for your bed. Seeing you should’ve burned the mattress, you simply kept it and moved on with your life. You got out of the bed, dragging yourself to your kitchen. It felt empty, not being filled with the laughs and smiles you were used to. Instead, you start a pot of coffee and sit at the counter. Your mind starts to wonder off about the last year and how much has changed, that is until you hear a knock at your door.

    Pulling yourself off the counter, you walked through your livingroom and opened the door to reveal who you didn’t think you’d see. “Hi, y/n.” His voice was like a sweet poison, so smooth yet so lethal. You stared up at him, wondering if you were still sleeping or if he was actually in front of you. He smiled sheepishly, clearing his throat before speaking up. “Can I come in?” To which you nodded, stepping behind the door and giving him access to your world without him.

    He took his shoes off at the door, following your silent figure to the counter you were sitting at. He took a seat next from you, awkwardly toying with his fingers. He looked like a boy so was scared to give a speech in front of someone he never knew, but instead he’s the man who cheated on you that was now in your space. He lifted his head, about to speak before you beat him to it. “What do you want Yeonjun?”

    Your words seem to pull him into reality, something he didn’t expect. “I wanted to uhm..see you. See how you’re doing.” Wrong. Lies. He was a liar and everything he said was bullshit, but you kept that part to yourself. “I never got the chance to say goodbye let alone explain myself or what happened-“ You laughed. He seemed to be taken aback by your reaction, frowning at your now strained look. “No, you never got the chance to explain to me how you fucked some girl in our bed, you’ll never get the chance to lie to my face again.”

    His expression deepened, seeing your words cut through him like a knife. “What was it Yeonjun? Was I not enough? Did you get bored of me..? Did you hate me that much to go so low as cheat on me on our anniversary?” Your words were getting caught in your throat, so much anger and pain laced along your tongue. Speechless, he stared at his hands. He couldn’t explain why any of it happened, he couldn’t tell you why he hurt you so bad when you trusted him with your happiness.

    “Tell me, do you think of me when you’re with her? Do you do things we used to do with her? Did you tell her the stories I told you, the songs I sent you, the places I took you. Do you get deja vu when she’s with you?”

    #txt#txt yeonjun #txt choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun#txt fanfic#txt fanfiction#txt angst#txt scenarios#txt imagines#yeonjun#yeonjun fanfic#yeonjun fanfiction#yeonjun imagines#yeonjun angst#txt oneshots#yeonjun oneshot #yeonjun x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #writing this kind of stung ngl #I felt the pain of this at the end #hope you enjoy <3 #☆liliansun
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  • lunarlxve
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    trees in fall | seoul friends

    ✧ synopsis: arranged to be married to your best friend you harbor no romantic feelings for starts to feel like a trap for y/n. so, she decides to live life one last time before she’s tied down by a promise her parents made for her. She visits Seoul for her last semester of college and lives life with no regrets.

    extra extra

    yeji and niki : brother and sister that y/n befriends first when she gets to korea. she met yeji first but niki just got pulled into it. niki is a frat boy and a freshman. Yeji is a fourth year dance major and is in a relationship with the frat vice president choi soobin.
    jungwon : second year math major at hybe university. bumps into y/n on her way to the library. just sticks to her
    sunoo : third year music major at hybe university. jungwon and niki’s best friend.


    {previous} yn nyc gang | sunghoons bros {next}

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  • lunarlxve
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    trees in fall | yn nyc gang

    ✧ synopsis: arranged to be married to your best friend you harbor no romantic feelings for starts to feel like a trap for y/n. so, she decides to live life one last time before she’s tied down by a promise her parents made for her. She visits Seoul for her last semester of college and lives life with no regrets.

    extra extra

    y/n : a senior in college just wanting to escape for a couple months. studies english literature at hybe university.
    ilikey/n : y/n account she only uses when she’s in seoul
    yeonjun : y/n fiancé, goes to bighit U in nyc. a comp major. and is absolutely, and unequivocally in love with y/n.
    heejin and huening kai : friends y/n met at bighit U. her emotional support

    masterlist | seoul friends {next}

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  • lunarlxve
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    trees in fall → masterlist

    ✧ synopsis : arranged to be married to your best friend you harbor no romantic feelings for starts to feel like a trap for y/n. so, she decides to live life one last time before she’s tied down by a promise her parents made for her. She visits Seoul for her last semester of college and lives life with no regrets.

    ✧ warnings : cheating, just straight cheating. swearing. kissing? maybe. underage drinking. (i’ll keep updating)

    ✧ paring : sunghoon x reader x yeonjun

    ✧ genre : fluff. smau. some written parts. angst. college au. slow burn

    ✧ features : enhypen. some members of txt. yeji of itzy. heejin of loona.

    ✧ status : ongoing

    ✧ schedule : trying for mon. wed. friday. and maybe a surprise on the weekends

    timestamps do not matter
    this is just for fun and is NOT a real representation of how these people act
    i’ve changed the ages of some people to fit the plot
    don’t ask me about the extensive use of mirror selfies. we all know the iconic 02 mirror pics, i had to use them. enjoy!

    ✧ profiles:

    y/n nyc gang , seoul friends , sunghoons bros


    ✧ 1. bitch boy
    ✧ 2. OUR boy
    ✧ 3. thinking of you <3
    ✧ 4. notorious mirror pics
    ✧ 5. observing
    ✧ 6. we are one
    ✧ 7. goodnight sunghoon
    ✧ 8. ART babyyyyy


    @abdiitcryy @youreverydayzebra @atinyyylove @softforqiankun @lokideadontheinside @yourlocalhotgf @simpforscoups @woonieiv @p2arks
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  • 3raaaachachacha
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    11:10 am

    Choi Soobin / 613 words / fluff / smut

    ~ Requested ~ i’m not sure if your requests are open, but could i request a fluffy smut with soobin? maybe like a long distance relationship type? thank you, love you guys!!!

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    It had been nearly half a year since you last saw your boyfriend. You knew living across the country for college was going to be tough, but you were both more than willing to make it work and thankfully, you were still going strong. You called every day and when you couldn't, you'd text each other about your day. It was hard being away from Soobin, you missed him, missed being by his side. With that being said, you decided to surprise him since you were moving back soon anyways. Soobin's glum mood quickly changed when he saw your name on his screen.

    "Hi baby," He cooed into the phone, "I missed you! How are you?" He asked a million questions and you giggled, going to say something until the sound of a knock echoed through his phone, "Hold on, let me just see who's here."

    You nodded in understanding and the moment he opened the door, his reaction was priceless. There you were standing in front of him as you quickly hung up the phone and pulled him into a warm hug. Soobin was speechless, his mind couldn't comprehend what was going on. All that he knew was that he needed you, he needed to be close with you and show you how much he missed you.

    Soobin pulled you into his place before pressing his lips against yours, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. He maneuvered the two of you towards his room and within seconds, you were both naked on his bed. His lips pressed sweet, yet delicate kisses to your skin as he lined himself up against your soaked entrance.

    "Fuck, it's been a while," He groaned against your lips once he was fully sheathed inside of you, "I missed this feeling of you taking my cock so well."

    "I missed you so much, Bin," You moaned breathlessly, hands pulling Soobin flush against you, "You have no idea."

    Soobin began to thrust his hips into you at a slow yet steady pace. His lips removed themselves from your skin to look you in the eyes. One hand holding your hip and the other pushing the stray strands of hair away from your face as he continued his pace, "I know," He whispered, "God, I've missed you so much."

    A few soft whimpers left your lips as you tried your best to keep quiet since his members were home as well. The overwhelming feeling of love and lust took over your mind as all you could think about was Soobin.

    "You know I love you," He mumbled against your cheek, "So much."

    You hummed in acknowledgement, pulling him forward to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, "I know, and I'll love you forever. You know that."

    Soobin smiled widely and increased the speed of his hips before moving his hand that was on your hips to your clit. Rubbing at the swollen nub to help you reach your high. It didn't take long for your orgasm to reach as Soobin continued to thrust into you before abruptly spilling inside of you with a low groan releasing from his lips. Slowing his pace, he carefully pulled out and picked up his discarded shirt to clean you up before chucking it into the laundry basket in the corner and pulling you into his chest.

    "I'm so happy you're here," He sighed with content as he pulled you closer to him warm frame, "I was beginning to feel a little lost without you."

    "You better mean that," You perked up and positioned yourself on top of him, "Because I'm here to stay with you, just like we’ve both been hoping for.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

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