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    Richkid!Yeonjun x female Reader.

    Word count: 8.4K

    Genre: angst, comedy, fluff, smut.

    Warnings: smutty

    Log: You’ve worked at The LoneStar Resort since you started college, you enjoyed it as much as you could. When summer break came around you took up full time there with a room to stay. A few wonderful weeks in and the owners son comes to stay over the holidays, boy could he be any worse.

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    “Okay Yumi, I’ll make sure to see you after work tonight”

    “Yep! I’ll look forward to it y/n, have a good day!”

    Hanging up the phone, you got back to brushing your teeth, ready for the day ahead.

    You worked at the resort after college hours and most weekends, so you very used to the place. You really enjoyed your co workers as well as the bosses there. The scenery was beautiful and you for the most time just enjoyed your job.

     But one thing struck your mind, two words for that matter.

    Choi. Yeonjun.

    The cocky smile topped with witty remarks, ruined your week within seconds, your start of full time work started when summer break was here, the first few weeks were wonderful, Nothing out of the ordinary.


    The following week you were told the big bosses son would be staying at the resort, of course at the time it did not phase you what so ever, although you knew you had to be on your A game around him.

    You remember the first plate you brung him at the resorts dinner room, he called you back immediately.

    As you walked to the singly sat boy on the far back table, you couldn’t help but notice the way his silky soft hair complemented his skin tone and his big brown doe eyes and his full plump lips-

    “I asked for the tomato to be put under my salad, it’s not under the salad”

    You were a bit confused, but you had heard of worse guests before.

    “Sorry, you wanted the tomato under the salad?”

    “Yes you just repeated what I said” you were kind of thrown off by the attitude in his voice, seeming a second ago his doe eyes gave him the appearance of a kind hearted puppy, but now you just wanted to pull his hair hard by the roots and bash him into the table.

    Ok so you had a bad temper and could feel your face starting to heat up, but with a deep breath you looked at him with a smile.

    “Oh alright. I will just go get you another one re made with the tomato under the salad”

    You looked up to meet his eyes and saw a grin forming on his face


    “Ok won’t be a moment” grabbing his previous bowl and walking back to the kitchen with a scrawl across your face.

    Gosh you can’t believe the nerve of the privileged.

    ‘Fucking tomato under your salad, do it yourself’ you thought to yourself.

    You quickly got into the kitchen and told the cook, only for him to whip up a new salad in just a moment. This time making sure to put his golden tomato under the rest of the salad.

    From there your took out his order and plastered on the biggest smile possible for the boy. As soon as you got steps away from the table, his head shot up from his phone and you placed the bowl in front of him

    You clasp yourself hands together and gave a small smile.

    “Awesome, if there’s anything else I’ll be-“

    “Actually I think I want the other salad”

    You look at him with absolute disbelief this time. A knot slowly making its way to between your eyebrows. “Um but you have your tomato under everything now” you paused and gritted your teeth “like you asked”

    You notice a cocky sly grin from on his face as he stared you right in the eyes.

    This little shit is enjoying making you run around him. You watch him then push the bowl away keeping eye contact with you

    “A change of appetite, I suppose, y/n”, he said your name with such a smug tone you felt your eye twitch.

    You followed his eyes down to your name tag, and you could tell this is going to be a long summer.

    A quick shiver was sent down your back form the first encounter, and you pushed out all the intruding thoughts of the black haired Satan spawn.

    With that you pulled yourself up out of your room and made your way down the corridor.

    “Good morning yumi!”

    You only just managed to catch the girl beofre she turned the corner. She quickly back tracked to see you

    “Morning!” Her voice was muffled as she had just stuffed a bagel in her mouth and you couldn’t help but laugh “sorry, y/n I’m late to the massage room, but I’ll make sure to catch up with you tonight”

    You agreed with her and watched as she ran off dropping things in the process, she was usually late to her morning sessions but she made it work.

    Making it back to your journey to the kitchen you felt yourself watching out for the boy with every corner you turned. You were alert and wary, It was better to be safe than sorry at this point.

    Managing to make it to the kitchen you said your morning hellos to your co workers and put on your apron.

    “Y/n! Isnt it my favourite server”

    You looked up from tying your apron to see the cook, Moe smiling.

    “Well good morning to my favourite chef Moe!” You gave a whole hearted smile to him and asked if there were any breakfast plates that needed to be taken out, he had asked you to take out one plate of pancakes to someone on the outside deck.

    You gladly made your way out the back door, plate in hand, you felt this morning was going to be a good day by the way the sun was shining onto the deck, highlighting all the nature and making the grass looking even greener.

    “Oh what a surprise and a delight to see you today y/n”

    Your smile quickly faded but you managed to regain it slightly, you couldn’t help but notice the way he looked, eyes puffy from probably just waking up and a low cut white shirt, it wasn’t a horrible look for him considering.

    “What do you mean surprise, I work here, every morning. You know that, Choi.”

    You placed the plate down in front of him and he laughed at your comment “so feisty, you know I like feisty girls”

    You couldn’t help but scrunch your nose up, almost fake gagging at the unnecessary statement.

    “If you need anything else I’ll be inside”

    You held a thumbs up and began to walk slowly backwards, trying to get away while you could.

    “Actually, I think I wanted something else”

    You let out a small groan and walked back to the table, “it’s seven in the morning, at least don’t start hassling me until eight.”

    “Oh maybe I could go to the chef and tell him how my server dropped my utensils on the ground and refused to get me new ones”

    “Choi, that makes no sense”

    With that he made a very obvious motion with his hand and swiped his knife and fork off the table and let them clink onto the ground.

    You watched as he folded his arms and looked at you smugly and you felt heat rise up your face.

    You looked at him blankly. I mean you could not believe he was doing this for his demonic humour.

    “Alright, I guess I’ll have to see the chef now” Yeonjun went to stand up out of his chair, and you let out an even louder groan than before and bent down to pick up the utensils to go get new ones, it’s not that Moe wouldn’t believe you over him, it’s just you had better things to do than bother the chef with Yeonjuns antics.

    You made your way over to the knife and fork stand as you felt his eyes on your back. Remember Y/n this is for your job, you need the money.

    You walked back to see him smiling with hands clasp on the table, still staring at you.

    “Okay, have a good breakfast”,it took all your courage to add a snarky comment on the end of your sentence and he seemed to having noticed by the way he look so amused.

    Darn his perfectly trimmed eyebrows and silky hair is all you could think watching him.

    You dropped the new knife and fork on the table and quickly made your way to the door

    You made sure you were inside before rolling your eyes.


    The rest of the day went a smoothly as ever, no wives of millionaires complaining about how the resort does not cater for their vegetarian Chiwawa or better yet sight of Yeonjun.

    You had finished for the day and decided to use your time to head to Yumis room. Knocking quickly and when she opened the door you were invited in straight away.

    Now after a hour of eating dinner you ordered from work and talking about the recent drama episodes you asked about how Yumis day at the massage rooms were .

    “Absolutely horrid, I had almost 5 rich old men with hairy back come in that wanted the hour deluxe full body massage”

    You cringed at the thought and were thankful you went with server instead of being a masseuse here.

    She reached for another slice of the pizza and asked you the same thing

    “It was fine, I had an early morning run in with Choi, but I survived”

    She put the pizza down for a second after hearing the boys name, with a sigh she continued

    “Seriously y/n, when are you guys going to make out or something”

    You almost choked on the drink at hand at the question.

    “What do you mean, why would you even say something like that” coughing a little and placing your drink down you looked at her in shock.

    “Hey you said he was cute when you first met him!”

    You chuckled at her for bringing that up and stated that was before he opened his mouth.

    “Come on, he would not hassle you this much if he didn’t like you y/n”

    she finally picked up her pizza slice and chucked it in her mouth.

    You felt a bit weird thinking of his actions like that, to be honest you never actually questioned his actions towards you and just put it off to being, he likes to see people suffer.

    “Why would a attractive, son of wealthy resort owners care for a server”

    She raised her eyebrow at the question “So you think he’s attractive?”

    You shoved her as she laughed at the angry Scowl on your face.

    “I think he loves to see me in distress, that is what I think”

    She picked herself up from laughing and just nodded off your comment reaching for a drink of soda.

    “And I think differently”

    She began flicking through channels to watch on the TV and you couldn’t help but think of what she was just talking about, you quickly brushed off the thoughts and carried on with your movie discussions.


    “I can not do that, please swap shifts with me Yumi”

    You were in pure fear at the sight, you weren’t even qualified as a masseuse but you would swap with anyone rather than serve at the pool today.

    “I would happily swap with you, but we would not be allowed, do you even know how to heat the hot stones” she looked at you with pity but you did not care at this moment.

    You stood staring at Yeonjun seated at a pool table, but this time accompanied by three boys to suit.

    You had only woken up half an hour ago and know here you are getting ready to serve the table, You already knew you were in for it, one Yeonjun was enough and you assumed the worst of the friends.

    “Honestly I’d be pissing you pants right now if I were you”

    “Oh my gosh, thank you, your making me feel so much better” you gave her a shove to the arm and she comforted you with a pat on the back.

    “Okay y/n you can do this” she grabbed you by the shoulders and gave you a pep talk but then decided to push you into it with force.

    You stumbled forward and tried to play it off, you made sure to turn around and mouth your anger to her, but she took off after it.

    Turning back around you made your way to the boys table, as you got closer you heard their loud laughing and chattering a lot clearer.

    When you reached the table, the first boy to look up was a blonde haired boy with big eyes that you found hard to look away from.

    You let out a cough first and spoke,

    “Hello, what can I get for you all today!”

    You immediately found yourself making eye contact with Yeonjun as he was the only one you knew

    The boys seemed to have paused the current conversation and one of them stared at your name tag, it was oddly quiet until you heard the same one speak.

    “Oh so this is y/n”

    He received a sudden hit from the blonde haired, big eyes boy “you idiot, Beomgyu” he said rolling his eyes.

    You felt a bit awkward not really knowing what that was all about, you looked at Yeonjun to see what he was going to order, hoping this could be done fast, but he looked to another boy to order.

    “We’ll all have the truffled scramble and a jug of the daily green smoothie”

    The boy this time that spoke had a vibrant shade of red colouring his hair and obnoxiously cute dimples to match.

    “Sure thing, ill be out soon with your order!”

    You took the menus off the table and walked back to the kitchen, you were so very surprised you did not get a snarky comment from Yeonjun and you couldn’t help but feel happy due to no negativity for once.

    After you had served other guests, you were called to take the boys the order, you came out by two trips and out the food down, one last trip to get the juice jug.

    You came back and noticed how Yeonjun had the same smug look he usually does before something against your will takes place, you went to place the jug on the table, but just then he decided it would be an awesome idea to bring his arm up to grab the salt.

    With that your arm was tipped and the jug spilt back onto you, you pulled it up quick enough so not all the contents dribbled onto your clothes, but half already so.

    You couldn’t help but noticed the rest of the boys trying not to laugh at the situation and you saw Yeonjun sitting there arms folded enjoying the view, smirking even.

    “Oh I’m sorry y/n, I did not see you there”

    you heard little eruptions of giggles from the rest of the group and you tried to not let the red creep onto your cheeks from the utter embarrassment.

    With the biggest inhale of air you looked at Yeonjun, “actually, I should have seen where I was putting the jug, sorry I’ll get a new one”

    He looked a bit surprised at your reply but didn’t show it too much.

    You tried to walk back to the kitchen trying not to let the smoothie drip onto anything.

    “Sorry Moe, I’ve just got to go back to my room to change, I’ll be back very soon”

    “Oh whys th-“ Moe spun around from the oven to see you, he gave a nod of approval and you quickly got on your way.

    You made it back to your room with few stares and headed for the shower, you couldn’t help but think about why Yeonjun does this, does he want a reason to tell his parents to fire you or does he want you to quit on your own, it’s so confusing and you don’t know why he chose you to pick on.

    You did make sure to be fast in the shower and get changed as you are still on your hours.

    You once again shot out of the room after finding a white shirt to wear as the black one was now smoothied.

    “Oh y/n, I need you to take these drinks out to the group in the main pool”

    You were given a job to do as soon as you got back and you took over the co workers serving.

    You looked around to see that the only group in the pool was Yeonjuns. You sighed remembering the last situation that happened minutes ago.

    You saw three of them in the pool and one of them not to be seen, you walked over to the closet table to the boys in the water.

    “Hey, these drinks are your guys, Would you like them over here or by the pool side”

    Yeonjun looked over to you and you could not help your eyes wandering to see his flexed muscles and pecks just out of the water, you did not know he was that buff.

    “The poolside sounds good” the blonde said not paying too much attention to you.

    You pressed your lips together not really wanting to go closer to them but complied.

    You walked over to the edge and crouched down, you began placing the four drinks down, once you carefully placed them you began to stand up but suddenly felt a force form your back.

    Next thing you knew, you felt the sudden rush of cold water surrounding, the Water wasn’t that deep so you began to stand up, it was a surprise so the feeling of water up your nose left a harsh sting.

    Once you made your way above the surface all you could hear was laughing from the group as if they were hyenas.

    You looked back to see the culprit, bent over with his arms wrapped around his stomach, This time it felt a lot harder to hide the embarrassment and you looked to your side to see Yeonjun laughing hysterically.

    You knew he would have asked the other to push you in and when he had finally opened his eyes to see you with your wet hair sticking to your face and clothes fully engulfed in the water, you felt your eyes prick with tears and your nose start to heat up.

    Once he saw your eyes water up his laughing died down immediately.

    You managed to get to the ladder and climbed out of the pool, you couldn’t help but let a couple tears fall down as you walked through the lobby trying to get back to your room immediately.

    “Y/n, y/n wait”

    you felt even more annoyed to hear that voice after what he thought would be a hilarious scene occurred.

    “Wait what!? Wait for you to make fun and laugh at me again in front of everyone”

    You kept walking but felt him grab onto your arm and you turned around, it was probably the first time you’ve even seen that look on him, he looked concerned, or maybe even guilty.

    Still clad in only wet swimming trunks, you thought about how you’d probably have to clean the water in the lobby afterwards.

    “It was stupid, I’m sorr-“

    “Why do you hate me?”

    His eyes widened at the accusation and he spoke immediately

    “I don’t hate you?”

    “From the moment, I spoke to you made it hard for me, everyday I see you, you make things harder for me and then throw in a snarky comment for fun! And today you embarrass me not only once but twice! What have I ever done to you, you make fun of me daily” you paused for a second and looked up from the ground to him where you previously kept your vision, “just hurry up and tell your parents that you don’t like me! Then I’ll be fired and we’ll both be happy!”

    You pulled your arm harshly from the boy as he stood there, he really did look so distressed with his eyebrows creased in

    he stood there as you walked away, you already knew that you should probably start packing your things up when you reached your room.

    You were beyond angry, he had the nerve to make past weeks hell and then stand there like a coward when you finally tell him how much of a jerk he’s been.

    After awhile of sobbing about, showering again and messaging The restaurant area that you needed to throw up and were sick you laid on your bed and drifted off quickly, after the nap, all you did was watch shows on the TV by the bed and get ready for what was possibly going your last night here.


    “Knock knock”

    “I said knock knock”

    You suddenly jolted up,

    “Oh uh coming, who is it”

    “It’s yumi hurry up!”

    You quickly got to the door and opened it up, she ushered you back in.

    “Get ready y/n, mrs Choi is looking for you”

    You felt shocked that she was personally looking for you, you thought that she would have just sent someone else to fire you, Yeonjun must’ve told her some really bad things is all you could think about.

    “Oh no I’m going to be fired”

    “Don’t say that! Just hurry up” she swung the door closed, leaving you alone

    You scattered around for clothes and got ready as fast as you could, you can’t deny you were mentally preparing yourself as well, you were annoyed but by now you were move annoyed at yourself for breaking a sweat over stupid games.

    As you got to the lobby room you had to cringe seeing the spot you had the encounter with the boy at.

    Just past view of the spot you managed to see Mrs Choi, speaking with a receptionist, you took a deep breath in and marched on forward , she was hard to miss, always dressed in a tidy white dress, gold jewellery to complement, you could see that Yeonjun got his good looks passed down.

    She seemed to have noticed you as you got closer and she waved the receptionist off.

    “Oh y/n, I’ve been looking for you”

    You stopped in front of her and decided to out on a smile, you may as well leave with a bit of pride, you thought.

    “Yes, Mrs Choi before you start, I just want to sa-“

    “Yeonjun told me”

    She cut you off and held a finger up to shush you. You instantly looked to the ground, okay well this must be it.

    “He told me about all the Astounding service youve been giving and the kindness youve been spreading!”

    You looked up in utter shock, you had to be dreaming, you started to question if you had really been woken up by Yumi.

    “Not only that he told me about you saving the Chiwawa in the pool yesterday! I’m so glad to see your feeling better from being sick after that y/n”

    She looked at you with almost sparkles in her eyes, she looked so very happy, you did feel bad knowing that, that was a lie, but you weren’t sure on how you would counter the lie anyway.

    “Oh it was nothing, I’m just glad the pup is safe” you let out an awkward laugh with the sentence, you cursed to yourself momentarily for doing that.

    “and you must truely would be a excellent server, Yeonjun does not tell me about how great the workers are! Ever!”

    You found fiddling with your fingers comfortable around now. Did he really say all of this to his mother after you yelled at him and told him he made life hard.

    Sure he did before, but you couldn’t help but feel bad.

    “That’s nice of him to complement my skills, thank you for letting me know Mrs Choi”

    She made sure to thank you again and told you she’d be available if you needed her at anytime, she left with the clink of her red bottomed shoes hitting the tiles.

    You could not help but laugh as you stood there, but you once realised you were laughing alone in the lobby by yourself so decided to retreat to your room.

    You felt great, all the stress seemed to have leave whilst you walked back to your room, you even added in a skip to your walk.

    You made note you’d probably have to see Yeonjun again, and you’d probably thank him for doing that for you, of course if you add up all the times he’s made life miserable it would probably counter his actions this time.

    But none the less, you didn’t expect such a action from him.

    When you got to your door, you felt your stomach drop when you saw Yeonjun in front of your door knocking, you thought if you were to run away you could deal with this after, but his head swung your direction and you almost groaned.

    He held a hand up awkwardly and waved,

    “Uh hey”

    Once again you found him clad in a white shirt but this time blue flannel pants to match.

    “Um hi”

    You stood by the hallway for a bit and then walked closer to the door and sighed.

    “Did you maybe want to come in”

    “Yes please”

    You could not suppress a laugh when you heard him speak so quietly.

    “Since when did you use manners, Choi”

    You pushed the door open and lead him in,

    “I’m trying to be sincere”

    he looked like he really meant it, he seemed uncomfortable and you trailed to his eyes only following the ground.

    You both sat on the couch, a good space in the middle of you both

    Yeonjun looked a lot cuter, a big change from his smug and confident look he carried at all times, here he sat in pyjamas and his hands clasp between his thighs.

    He looked like he trying to manage to say something and to be honest you were finding this entertaining.

    “Thank you”

    He’s head shot up to you across the couch, he did find himself being surprised but you spoke again

    “Thank you for telling your mother I did those things” you locked eyes with him and he let a small smile crawl onto his face

    “That’s the least I could have done” he let his eye brows frown and he trailed on “I’m really sorry y/n”

    Now it was your turn to be surprised, you could not believe your ears.

    “What has gotten into you Choi”

    “I just” he let a sigh out and began rubbing his knees “after what you said yesterday, I thought about how much of an asshole I was”

    “Yeah you were an asshole” he nodded his head to your agreement and carried on

    “I guess I just liked to have you around”

    You felt your face heat up at the sudden statement and tried to brush it off and not take it the wrong way.

    “Well I think I’d like to have you around too, when your like this that is”

    He met your eyes again and he let out a small laugh, boy was his eyes nice to look at you thought.

    “Well, there’s actually a water park opened up newly in town, I thought maybe you wanted to go” he heard what came out of his mouth and quickly went on, “as an apology that is”

    He looked quite excited and he had such a big smile on when asking.

    “Oh uh I-“

    You did feel very confused at what he was asking you, isn’t this the same guy that had his friends push you into a pool for pure amusement.

    He immediately looked disappointed at your first words and cut you off

    “Oh, it was silly, sorry, I’ll get going and I’ll see you around, I forgot your always here at the pools anyway” he stood up from the couch quickly.

    “Hey let me finish!”

    He turned around and stood still, the boys lips were pressed in a thin line, probably trying to stop himself from saying something else.

    “If you had let me finish, I would have said.. I’d really enjoying going”

    His face instantly lit up and you chuckled at his reaction

    “Okay we can go tomorrow, since it’s your day off, 2pm”

    He stood a bit more comfortably now, you felt a bubbly feeling in your stomach at the fact he knew your days off.

    “That sounds like a plan, I’ll see you tomorrow” you stood up while he walked over to the door and you went to say bye before he left but he stopped again.

    “Hey do you think we could start again, like start over”

    He only just had grabbed onto the door handle when you relied “only if you promise to not make me spill smoothies in myself”

    Yeonjun did seem to cringe for a moment but quickly turned around and promised to make sure no smoothies will be spilt on you ever again.

    “Alright goodbye Choi”

    You finally shut the door after he left and you felt your heart beating at an unusual pace.

    What was happening


    “I can not believe that happened”

    Yumi randomly spoke up as you finished your hair off and she started hysterically laughing.

    “Neither can i, he just seemed like a good person”

    She let out a small laugh “Yeah a really good person, I just knew he liked you!”

    You could practically hear the know-it-all in her voice, “oh stop it, this is an apology for him being Satan the whole time he’s been here”

    “Your not dressing up like it’s an apology” she smirked “ your dressing up like it’s a date” she waited for your reply but you thought it would be best to let her have this one.

    Just as she was going to continue patronising you the door beep to you heard knocks at the door, you felt your eyes go big realising the time, running to the mirror you checked yourself

    “Hey you know what you remind me of” Yumi stated, you reached for your handbag and called out a “coming!” Before asking Yumi what you reminded her of.

    “You remind me of someone going on a date!”

    You should have expected that reply and just gave her an eye roll and a quick goodbye before opening the door and going out.

    You were met with Yeonjun dressed in a grey shirt tucked into back dress pants, his usual black hair over his forehead.

    He stood hands in pockets and the new smile your starting to become attached too.

    “You have a change of clothes right” you laughed

    “No I wanted to swim in this” he remarked sarcastically, you laughed at his comment, it felt nice to joke about small things.

    “You look really nice, by the way”

    He pulled out his keys as you walked out of the lobby doors.

    “When do I not look nice” you didn’t really mean to let that slip out but he just gave a chuckle and agreed.

    When you had gotten to his car, you weren’t surprised to see it was the cleanest car you’ve ever seen with a shiny finish to it, he beeped the lock button and got it, you made sure to be extra careful opening the passenger side side and sitting down, the car smelt brand new, and it probably was.

    “Shall we go” Yeonjun started the car and began to drive, you watched him start the car and the both of you carried on casual conversation for the rest of the drive and you noticed he took the wrong turn off to the water park.

    “Oh the turn off was back there” you told him, pointing back to the previous sign.

    “I know” he kept his eyes on the front of the road and cried on

    “I knew it! I knew this was too good to be true”

    You acted scared and pretended to grab for the door, Yeonjun got frightened and reached for your arm

    “N-no we’re still going, I just thought we could go to the arcade first, it would be fun”

    You didn’t really hear what he said as you only paid attention to his hand wrapped around your upper arm, he noticed and took his hand off giving a small apology.

    You brushed it off and looked at him.

    “Yeah well I don’t know if that’s a good idea, your probably going to lose at everything”

    He let out a very confident laugh mockingly,

    “I’ll have you know I never lose” Yeonjun raised and eyebrow with his words. You could not help but scoff at his cockiness.

    “We’ll see about that”


    “You’ve lost every single game to me so far”

    Yeonjun looked at you with pity but not enough pity to let you win a game.

    “This is sooooo unfair, I didn’t know you were a arcade junky” folding your arms you gave a very upset look to him.

    “Okay one more game and we should head off to the pools” Yeonjun paused for a Moment and leaned up against the game machine he had yet again just bet you at. “How about we make a deal, if you win you get a wish and if I win I’ll get a wish”

    The smug grin he had on his face made you absolutely want to wipe it off with a victory.

    “Okay I’ll accept, on one condition” you held a finger up to his face “I pick the game we play”

    “Accepted” he folded his arms and asked what game it is you are going to choose

    His eyes followed your finger from his face to Ponting over at the basketball machine game, you saw him grin even more at the game and that only made you thought he’s probably secretly an NBA player, making you slightly regret your decision.

    “Game on”

    You made your way over to the basketball machine and set up the game to two players, you could feel yourself breaking a sweat waiting for the game countdown to begin.

    As soon as the games timer hit zero you picked up the first ball only for it to miss and you heard Yeonjun laugh as his went in, you started to just start chuckling them randomly and fast instead of precision due to the fact your precision was not the best. 

    Your score surprisingly was behind Yeonjuns by 2 at half time and it only made your adrenaline kick in as you started to throw the balls faster. You didn’t even pay attention to Yeonjun as he seemed to be just as into the game as you were.

    The countdown was up to 5 seconds and you threw the last balls you could into the hoop as best you could, trying to take up all the time with tries.

    The seconds ran out and the buzzer went, you were already upset knowing you wouldn’t have gotten as many as mr lebron James on your side.

    The score board lit up with a large green “WINNER” and you didn’t even register until you heard Yeonjun say nothing.

    You looked up to see it was your score board lettered with the large writing.

    You jumped up and down at the excitement, “yay! I won”, you grabbed Yeonjun by the shoulders and repeated over and over how you won a match against him

    He stood there with a sigh and congratulated you on your win.

    “Yeah, yeah one game out of twenty”

    “Doesn’t matter, I won the most important one!”

    “Okay, we should go have a look at the prizes and we’ll head off to the park”

    You agreed with Yeonjun and the two of you went over to the prizes, the first thing that caught your eye was a pair of a blue and pink matching plushies.

    Yeonjun seemed to have noticed you saw them and asked the store clerk to grab them down.

    “Choi, those are 1000 tickets, I’m sure we could get them if we play more games but we need to go to the water park”

    Yeonjun only smiled and you saw that he slid a few notes over to the clerk. You grabbed the two plushies from the worker and gave you the pink one.

    “There we go. Matching” he smiled and smooched his blue one up to yours, you giggled at the sight.

    “Your unbelievable”


    “I don’t know if I can go down that” you stood at the bottom of the water slide reaching almost to what seemed the the clouds.

    The name in itself frighten you ‘The striking cobra twirl’, “come on you can do it, we can even go down on the same blow up”

    You could only think about it for a second before he pulled you to put your stuff in the lockers.

    “I’ll go get changed and I’ll meet you out there soon” you watched as he walked into the men’s changing rooms and you went into the woman’s

    You only had to change quickly so you back out side waiting on the seats for him in no time, you waited and went onto your phone to see few messages from Yumi

    Yumi: how’s it going y/n??

    Yumi: have you guys made out yet

    Yumi: your taking so long to reply, you must be having a good time.

    Y/n: oh stop it, that will not be happening

    Y/n: I told you I’d be gone for awhile!

    You were waiting for a reply but heard someone next to you


    You looked up to see Yeonjun in a loose white tank top showcasing his shoulders and muscly arms as well as giving side veiws of his ribs, a lot of skin and it made your stomach feel butterflies, you didn’t even want to think about the short board shorts he wore giving a lot of attention to his thighs.

    You quickly snapped out of it and looked up his face that had a knowing look across it, you almost wanted to hit yourself for staring but you tried to cover it up with bringing attention to going on The striking cobra twirl slide.

    He immediately agreed and you too went up to stand in the line of the slide.

    You were hoping the line would take a while but it seemed to have be moving fast.

    By the time it was already your turn and you had to sit in the front spot of the blow up while Yeonjun sat leaned back with legs by your sides behind you.

    “Ok keep all legs, arms in” the lifeguard holding you two said.


    You let out a squeal but the life guard already got to one and sent the two of you hurling down the slide

    You let out a very loud scream as the walls incasing you both went past at extreme speed, your screams were almost blocked out by Yeonjuns laughing at you.

    You tapped on your shoulder and said it was okay and you tried to find the fun in it all and when when you hit the first turn you gripped onto Yeonjuns legs and laughed with him.

    The ride was almost over and you held your arms up while you went past the camera that takes photos. The lifeguard waiting at the bottom pulled your floaty in and you both thanked him and stood up

    “That was super fun!” You jumped up and grinned, you couldn’t believe you actually enjoyed that, you heard Yeonjun reply with a small ‘cute’ but quickly speak louder,

    “Should we go have a look at the photos”

    You forgot about the recent comment and agreed, you went off to the photo stall by the waterslide and looked out for your photo across the many others,

    You smiled when you saw yours, you had your arms up and a big smile on while The black haired boy behind you had his arms gripped onto the side handles with a warm smile.

    Yeonjun agreed that is was a good photo and you went to ask to buy the photo in a pair.

    You had them printed off and put into a plastic case.

    “These are really cute” you said looking at the photo in hand, you took Yeonjuns from him and told him to wait by the pool while you put them in your locker. You walked over admiring the photo in hand, you had to remember to show Yumi after.

    You placed them down and as you walked back, you felt a wave of evil rush over you, You saw him standing by the pool side and took action before thinking, you ran up and pushed him into the water.

    He tried to catch himself and let out a grunt at the force, he was sent into the water with a splash.

    You watched as he came out of the water with a angry stare and hair in his face, you did feel a little bad and decided to reach a hand down to pull him up and as soon as his hand met yours, he pulled you in just as hard.

    You could deny you didn’t expect that to happen, but you still let it happen.

    You came up from the water and splashed him in the face only for him to splash you harder, which them turned into a splash zone war, you hoped no one in the water around the two of you were effected, but you were so immersed you didn’t even notice.

    You decided enough was enough and went under the water to swim to him and pull his leg up off the ground, he fell under with you and started tugging on his leg, the both of you only came up to the surface to laugh and suck in a big breath of air.

    He had managed to get his leg out of your grasp and held you by the waist, you were giggling and trying to struggle out of his grasp when you noticed the position you were in together.

    His arms around you tightly and your bodies pressed tightly together, you looked up to him already staring down at your eyes and it’s almost like the other people’s screams and talk went silent as he began to close his eyes and lean it. You took the opportunity to drop down under his grasp and grab his leg once again throwing him off balance under the water.

    He came up once again to your fit of laughter, you felt your stomach start to get sore from the laughter.

    “Oh that is it” he lunged forward to you and you both carried on until you surrendered.

    You continued at the water park until it got a bit later and you decided to get changed into dry clothes and drive back to the resort.


    ”I really enjoyed today, thank you” you stared at the pink plush in hand and waited for the boy in the drivers seat to speak.

    “Same, thank for coming with me, I hope you’ve accepted my apology”

    “I accepted the apology yesterday silly”

    You watched as he fiddled with his hands and you played with the pink toy in front of you.



    You both went silent after trying to speak at the same time and looked at each-other only to laugh directly after.

    “you go”, he said but you insisted he did.

    He thought for a second before continuing,

    “I just hope we could maybe do this again, I really liked hanging out with you, and I know I was horrible, but I guess that was just my way of getting your attention because I’m not the best at talking to people” his speech started to speed up and you saw his ears start to turn red, “I’m sorry I was so bad and made your days harder, I just really like you, and I think I really really like-“

    You cut him off with a kiss on the lips, you felt him go completely still but once you reached up to his neck he seemed to have snap out of it and return the kiss as well.

    You had only meant for it to be a small kiss to get him to stop rambling but once you felt his lips on yours you couldn’t help but any more, you sat up a bit further to get closer to him and you felt his hands each up to your cheeks, caressing them softy.

    The kiss started to get a bit sloppier and you helped when he bit down on your bottom lip making you jolt, he ushered you by the hips to climb over the middle console and you quickly worked your way over to his lap not taking your lips off his.

    You straddled his thighs and started running your hands up and down his neck, you let his tongue into your mouth and felt his hands start rubbing your waist.

    In all honesty the kiss was somewhat innocent until you sat fully on his lap and decided to grind down on his fully clothed dick.

    He let out a groan and kissed you harder than before, you opened your eyes to watch his shut with his eyebrows crossed in a knot.

    You began grinding down on him a bit faster and felt yourself getting uncomfortably sticker on your underwear, you could also feel his erection growing under you, you let out a moan at the friction but Yeonjun quickly stopped you by holding your hips in place.

    He looked at you seriously “are you sure you want to do this y/n?”

    He was still holding your hips in place and you nodded, “pleaseee Yeonjun” you whines at the loss of friction and pleaded for him to let you carry on.

    He only stared at you in shock with wide eyes.

    “What?” You questioned him

    “You’ve never called me Yeonjun before”

    You didn’t even realise that you hadn’t called him Yeonjun before as you usually stuck to the name Choi for him and you didn’t know he’d even remember such a thing.

    “Well I could probably moan it too if you let me continue” you reached for the collar of his shirt and played with it as he contemplated what to do next.

    He reached for the door handle of the drivers side door and asked you to get out first and he followed, you were a bit confused as he tried to grab his keys but kept dropping them.

    “H-how about we go to my room?” He finally got the keys and locked the car before looking at you to see you frantically agreeing with him.

    He pulled you with him up the lobby elevator and you tried your best to hide from other co workers you know.

    You saw him rocking on his feet in the elevator and you watched as sweat beads dripped down his neck as he tried to fan himself off.

    “Yeonjun are you okay?” You were quite concerned as he’s been this way ever since you got out of the car.

    “Yes I’m fine” as soon as the doors opened to his floor you followed him down the hall to the largest door there was, you didn’t even have time to appreciate probably the nicest room in the facility as he pulled you in and slammed the door.

    He threw his lips onto ours and gripped your waist, the kiss this time was a lot messier than before, it pretty much was such mouth to mouth as he struggled to pull your shirt up.

    He pulled away from your lips and pulled your shirt over your head stumbling into his room for the bed.

    “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this”

    he groaned as he began kissing at your neck, this all seemed so surreal and you were a-bit taken back from what was happening.

    You fell back onto his bed and he climbed on top of you as he began taking your bra off, your clasp cane apart with a pop and as soon as it was completely off he began sucking on your nipple and sucking around it, you let out a loud moan from the feeling,

    “Th-this isn’t fair”, he stopped what he was doing and looked up at you through his shiny, dark hair covering just the top of his eyes.

    You reached for his shirt and lifted it up over his head, you already knew his arms were muscly but his pecks and abs were just as prominent and you gab tracing your hands down his chest as he went back to kissing around yours.

    “Uh Yeonjun please”

    He carried on with his current mission but removed his mouth from your chest to talk,

    “Please what, baby?”

    “Please touch me” he happily complied and pulled your shorts off along with his.

    He came up to your lips to kiss you once again and you let him take control with his tongue, you suppressed a moan in the kiss as he ran a finger up your clothed centre.

    He began rubbing faster over your underwear and you already knew they would be soaked, he pushed them to the side and let two of his fingers slide into your pussy.

    “A-ah” he began to pump his fingers in a slower pace until he added another making you yell his name out.

    “Your so hot baby” Yeonjun moved from your lips to you neck and he sucked on one place.

    He gave more attention to your clit and started to rub it aswell as pumping his fingers in and out.

    “Ah Yeonjun I’m really close”

    He continued going faster with his fingers and just when he felt your walls tighten he pulled his fingers out.

    “Ah you asshole” you slapped his chest and pouted at him.

    He only smirked at you and brought his fingers up “you want the cock don’t you?” You did nod at his question and told you to suck on his fingers.

    You sucked on them and he groaned at the sight, he quickly discarded your underwear leaving your pussy bare and puffy.

    He pulled off his own pants and underwear and you stared at his cock spring free, it looked awfully hard and the tip looked eager and red, pre cum intriguing at the tip.

    He reached over to the nightstand and got out a Condom ripping the packet with his teeth, you stopped him and told him you were on the pill.

    “Are you sure, I don’t mind wearing one”

    “Oh Yeonjun, just hurry up”

    He threw the packet away and spread your thighs out to sit in between them.

    He grabbed his length in hand and lined himself up with your entrance, he ran his tip up your slit a few times coating it in juices.

    You let out a groan feeling him slide inside you, his length stretched out your walls and felt hot, you waited for the sting to calm down before telling him to move,

    He was already moaning as he pushed himself in but after a couple slow pumps he started moaning really loudly, “your s-so tight” he began to pick up his speed and start sucking around your collarbone.

    You raked your hands up his back loving the feeling, when he started hitting a familiar spot you let out a loud moan of his name and he started hitting it harder. “Who makes you feel this good babe” you were so caught up in the feeling you didn’t even realise he was speaking sense.

    You felt a tight grip on your scalp and you looked into Yeonjuns eyes, “I asked a question”

    You gulped and told him he did, you didn’t know he could be rough and you only hoped you’d get to do this again anyway.

    He continued his pace with constant swear words falling from his mouth and small murmurs of your name.

    “Yeonjun I’m getting really close please”

    With that said Yeonjun picked up your thigh putting it over his shoulder allowing a new angle to be hit, and he bucked in with force,

    You felt your eyes stinging with tears as he continued and you could feel your walls tighten, he must’ve too as he put a thumb on your clit and started pressing down hard.

    This immediately sent you over the edge as you came hard, he carried in bucking his hips into your a few times hardly until you felt him cum as well.

    He fell on top of your body and you let out a ‘hmmp’ as he did,

    You tried to push him off of you by the chest, “Yeonjun I can’t breathe”

    He just tightened his grip around you and replied “good” as he did so.

    “I knew you were just trying to kill me after all”

    He laughed at your accusation and slowly got up pulling his member out as well, you did whine at the empty feeling but he just laid down next to you and held you, taking up the feeling.

    You laid there for a while enjoying his warmth until you spoke up

    “Was that a date today?” You said looking over to him.

    He opened his eyes at the question, but you spoke again before he could have

    “Because I hope it was”

    He only smiled and pulled you in tighter making you Yelp in surprise.

    “It totally was” is all he replied, before shutting his eyes again but he opened them once again to your voice.

    “You know I’m probably going to have to get another job now”

    You stated, if this was going where you thought it was going you probably would not be able to keep working underneath Yeonjuns parents.

    “What do you mean, my mum knew I liked you way before”


    He hummed in response, “she knew awhile ago”

    “You liked me while ago?”

    You smirked at his sudden confession and he groaned and stated you could talk about it in the morning when you both weren’t tired, he said he just wanted to cuddle.

    You complied and let yourself close your eyes and get comfortable with your head on his shoulder.

    The sudden ring of a phone made you shoot up and Yeonjun reached to the floor to pick up your phone.

    He looked at the caller ID and passed the phone to you.

    “Whose Yumi?”



    ahahah! Thank you so much of your read this, I’m actually meant to be study for exams tomorrow but what eva. This is kind of shitty as I’m not a writer but I was bored and I just hope someone enjoys! Honestly as I was writing the smut ( I’m sorry 😞😞) my mum started playing Cat and Dog over the house speakers and I felt sad and mad…… anyways have a good day/morning/night lovlies!!! Xxxxx

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  • hyunsuks-beanie
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Take Care Of You

    Switch! Yeonjun x fem. bodied! switch! reader; pillow humping

    Word Count: 1.22k words

    Mellow speaks: This one was so much fun like I can't even explain! Like the idea of subbing Yeonjun was just so amazing to write, and I hope you guys enjoy reading it! PS. The scenario is based on this GIF, just like the anon had requested.

    Smiling to yourself, you step inside the dorm, eyes scanning the room for your boyfriend. It had been days since you had had alone time with him, what with his promotions and your own busy schedule. So when you finally had a day off, you wasted no time in deciding to pay him a surprise visit, ready to make up for lost time. Luckily for you, Yeonjun was supposed to be the only one home, the others having gone out to hit the city.

    Standing in the middle of the living room, you crane your neck to try and see if he was in the kitchen, before starting on your way towards his room, walking on your tiptoes to not make any sound. As soon as you reach your hand out to turn the door knob, however, the soft smile on your face morphs into a frown, ears perking up at the sound of a muffled moan coming from behind the door. Gulping, you twist the knob, a gasp escaping your lips as you take in the sight before you.

    There he is on the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers as he grinds against a pillow, soft moans making their way through his plump lips every now and then......moans of your name. Not wanting him to stop, you decide to stay silent for the time being, knowing you wouldn't last long either as you feel wetness pooling between your thighs at the mere sight of him in such a vulnerable position. Normally, Yeonjun is the one in control, pinning you to the bed (or the floor or the wall) as he chokes you, ramming his dick into you and making you see stars. But seeing him like this, desperate to feel your touch after having been away from you, you can't help the smirk that makes its way to your face, an evil idea brewing in your head.

    You are snapped out of your thoughts when you hear your boyfriend let out a particularly loud groan, the sight of his hardness practically screaming through the fabric of his boxers as he rubs against the pillow making another, louder gasp escape your lips. It catches Yeonjun's attention, causing him to turn towards you, his eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights. Seeing the smirk on your face, he tries to put distance between himself and the pillow, stuttering out a "B-baby? W-why didn't you tell m-me you were c-coming?" as you saunter over to him, a newfound sense of confidence and satisfaction settling on you at the thought of having made him flustered.

    "Don't stop, babe," you say, placing your hand over his that rests on the pillow, eyeing him mischievously. When he tilts his head, feigning innocence, you take the chance to move your hand over to his clothed member, palming him through the fabric and making him throw his head back, his expression a mixture of surprise and pleasure. "Seems like someone missed me a lot, hmm?," you ask, sitting down on the bed, only to push him gently, making him fall back on the mattress. "Yep. So fucking much," he pouts, tugging on your arms as you climb atop him, catching his lips in a kiss that's equal parts soft and rough, full of love and lust.

    Throwing your legs on either sides of his torso, you run your tongue along his bottom lip, making him stick his own tongue out and wrestling you for dominance, as his hands make their way up and down your body, before coming to rest at your butt, squeezing it. Pulling away, you whisper against his lips, saying, "Let me take care of you today," before leaving a kiss on his jaw, making your way down his neck. It doesn't take you long to find his sweet spot, sucking on it as you begin grinding your hips against his, your jeans rubbing against his member. His hands come in contact with your T-shirt, tugging on it as a sign for you to take it off. You comply, exposing your braless chest re-attaching your lips to his as he hands go back running up your bare skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake as moans of your name slip out his mouth like a chant.

    After what feels like eternity, you finally pull away from him, getting on your knees before hooking your fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulling them down, exposing his rock-hard dick that's already shining with precum. Not wanting to waste a moment, you quickly wrap your lips around him, lowering your head over his length as your hands move to massage his balls. Swirling your tongue around his girth, you begin bobbing your head up and down, building up the pace slowly and pushing him closer to his edge. His hands find themselves in your hair, tugging on and guiding them as you continue to move your lips over his length, soft sound escaping your mouth every now and then, sending him into overdrive. Soon enough, you have him releasing into your mouth, the stimulation from before having already made him weak in the knees.

    Lapping up his seed, you finally let his length out of your mouth with a "pop," a satisfied smile settling over your face as you raise yourself up, licking your lips while unbuttoning your jeans. Getting off the bed, you walk over to the nightstand, taking a condom out of the drawer and tearing it open with your done. Rolling the sheath over Yeonjun's cock, you don't waste a second in pulling the fabric down your legs along with your panties, before lowering yourself down on him. A hiss escapes your lips at the contact, the feelings of him filling you up making you throw your head back in pleasure. After a minute, you begin rolling your hips against his, catching his lips in another kiss as you let out a moan. Yeonjun follows suit, the taste of him on your lips sending a ripple through him.

    His hands grip your butt, squeezing your butt cheeks in an attempt to get you to move faster. Smirking against his lips, you say, "Someone's a little to eager, huh?," eliciting a groan from him as he bucks his hips, desperate for more. You finally comply, speeding up the pace as you continue to bounce on him, the room filling with the sound of skin slapping against skin, coupled with the filthy noises from the both of you. Within a matter of minutes, you feel a knot growing in your stomach, as you inch towards your release. Yeonjun must have been feeling the same, as not long after, he feels his eyes close as the his second orgasm washes over him, causing his body to convulse under you as he releases into the condom. The vibration finally stimulates you enough to throw you over the edge, your own high hitting you like a truck and making you fall limp over his torso as it washes over you.

    Riding out your climax, you decide to remain on top of him a little longer, just basking in his presence as he wraps his arms around your form. Placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, he whispers, "I love you baby," a smile taking over his face as sleeps threatens to possess him.

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  • fleurangelis
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    - txt soft hours are : open !!

    feel free to ramble abt ur favs in my asks lovelies, i’ll be sure to reply <3

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  • crowhyun
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hello, I, crow, have created another form that I would like you babes to complete! It’s my way to communicate and find out what y’all enjoy the most, so I’d be super duper grateful for you guys to fill this out!!!

    The form will be closed when i post the demon!yeonjun fic with will be in abt two days.


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  • rikiszn
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Dear Sputnik: Magnifique

    Magnifique (French.) (adj.): Beautiful

    Genre: Angst, Fluff

    AU: Band!au, Bassist!Yeonjun, Rich!Reader

    Warnings: Smoking, implications of the reader being a spoiled brat, neglectful family

    Summary: Y/n always got what she wanted, but when she meets Choi Yeonjun, no material could amount to the love he has for her.

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist

    Notes: Apologies in advance that this took way too long, I was out for my birthday and had writer’s block, along with exams.


    “You’re joking right? I have to get those shoes for my birthday, please mom and dad. My birthday only comes once a year and I want it to be meaningful this time” Y/n pleaded. Her parents sighed, why did they raise Y/n to be so spoiled? “No Y/n, that’s enough already. You should be focusing on things like school, college. Don’t always depend so much on us” Y/n’s mother spat. Y/n was taken aback, her parents had never been so harsh on her, and she wasn’t used to it at all. She knew she was a brat, but she never crossed any boundaries.

    “What?” Y/n stood still, nothing felt right in that very moment. That’s when it all started, her parents neglecting her needs, and it going on for almost six months. They started to ignore Y/n, leading her to focus on herself. She started to distract herself with studies and just her wellbeing in general. Y/n had completely shut the world out and kept her close friends around, all was normal really, until her best friend Soobin had introduced her to Choi Yeonjun, the bassist of his band.

    Y/n then came home one night, completely tired and burnt out. “I’m home” Y/n called out tiredly. She knew her parents wouldn’t care so she trudged to her room listlessly. It was normal by now really, they’d been ignoring her for almost the whole year. Slipping into her bed, Y/n sighed and rested her eyes for a bit, she’d been working on a bunch of assignments all day. Then she heard a knock on her door. “Come in” Y/n called out, the door opened to reveal her maid, and the only person who’d been taking care of her, Lita.

    “Ms. Y/n, dinner is ready” she peered into the room and saw Y/n sprawled across her bed, head buried in the pillows. Y/n peeked out and nodded, peeling the covers off her. “Thank you Lita, really” she smiled and followed the older woman to her dining room. Y/n planned to move out in a few months already, she felt like she served no purpose in her family home anymore. Then she recalled a conversation she had with Yeonjun earlier in the day. Speaking of Yeonjun, he was the only person keeping Y/n sane as of the moment.

    “Move in with me, we can be in our own world forever Y/n. Once our potential will be discovered, we can finally show the world who we truly are together” Yeonjun held Y/n close. She smiled, she could’ve never expected the male to slither himself into her heart, not especially when they had a rough start. “Ok, I’ll move in with you” Y/n said softly, leaning into his embrace. The universe really had somehow sent him at the right time in her life. “By the way Yeonjun, what are we?” As far as Y/n could recall, her and Yeonjun had never really labeled each other ever since they first got together.

    Yeonjun looked at Y/n with an unreadable look and kissed her. “We’re dating Y/n, I’m sorry for not establishing it beforehand, but you’re the love of my life and I couldn’t ask for anything more” he pulled away and smiled. Y/n’s heart then soared as she finally knew what they both were, and she couldn’t have been more happier than in that moment with him.

    Y/n spaced out, Yeonjun was taking her to meet his family soon as well. “What are you thinking about Ms? Has there been anything on your mind?” Lita asked, and approached to clear the table. Y/n cleared her plate and nodded, ever since her parents had stopped aiding for her needs, she had only found comfort in Lita. “Lita, I have this really special person in my life now. His name is Yeonjun and he is a music major, I met him through Soobin, he’s the bassist of his band” Y/n thought about their first meeting, and though they had a rough start, it ended up blossoming into a beautiful relationship between them.

    “Sounds absolutely lovely dear, does he treat you well?” Lita slipped into the seat beside Y/n and smiled, Y/n finally seemed happy after months of shutting everyone out. She hadn’t been well mentally, and Lita took it as a miracle for her. “He treats me full of love Lita, I wouldn’t know what to do without him really” Y/n replied. “He just makes me forget everything. I thought having all the material things in my life, but my connection with Yeonjun goes beyond that” she continued. By now, Lita had been listening more intently.

    “He seems like a very unique character Y/n, tell me more about him if you don’t mind” Y/n hummed, there was so much she had to say about Yeonjun. From the way he makes sure she’s ok, to showing her that things can go beyond materialistic ideals. “Well, Yeonjun isn’t really someone who comes from a well off background, so he’s changed my ways of being spoiled. I learned a lot about life from him, and because of that, I worked hard and landed myself an internship in this huge fashion company” Y/n said happily. Lita noticed how Y/n was practically beaming and encouraged her to speak more about it.


    “You’re a little bratty, where’d you get that attitude from?” Yeonjun clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes at her. Y/n had walked in, whining to Soobin about some order that wasn’t right, and although Soobin was used it by then, Yeonjun wasn’t because it was his first time ever meeting her. He found this spoiled brat very annoying. Y/n frowned at his remark and looked over towards a very distressed Soobin.

    “Hyung, I swear it’s not what you think. Y/n got the wrong order but we were in a rush to come over, so she couldn’t get a refund, but she’s not that bad I promise. You just uh, caught her at the wrong time?” Soobin replied awkwardly, he just wanted to introduce Y/n to them because she was going through a lot, but the second Y/n had walked in, she had given Yeonjun the wrong impression immediately. “Hm, I guess. Spoiled little princess huh? Soobin, I get you come from a well off family, but what is this?” Soobin face palmed, this wasn’t going as planned whatsoever. Yeonjun gave Y/n a bitter smile.

    The two may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but that changed as time went on. Y/n continued to visit them at practice, to kill time, and Yeonjun slowly ended up tolerating her since Y/n’s attitude had tamed down a bit. “Why were you so spoiled?” Yeonjun asked randomly. The two of them were alone for a bit because of the others running late that day. “My family thought giving material things was just a way to fill the void of their absence, but it only made me feel greedy really. You know how these rich kids function really” Y/n chuckled sadly, then scoffed at the thought.

    She knew her parents never really loved her. “Now I just loathe my parents and the person I used to be. The neglect finally got to me as time went on” Y/n continued. The confession broke Yeonjun, who knew that under the twisted attitude Y/n used to have, was just a girl crying out from the pain she felt? He should’ve never judged her to begin with. “I’m so sorry Y/n” he whispered, but Y/n only stayed silent after she realized what she had said.

    “You’re telling me you knew Y/n came from an abusive family and you didn’t try to do anything about it?” Yeonjun had decided to talk to Soobin about it after she had left, and it only led to him misunderstanding their friendship. “I did try hyung, but it only ended in me not being able to step foot in their house for months” Soobin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Yeonjun bit the inside of his cheek, he wasn’t even the one being treated in such way, but it hurt him to even talk about it. Why did Y/n have to make it seem like it was nothing? It would only affect her mental health in the long run, not like it was already affected to begin with. “Well? What do you suggest we do hyung? I’ve done all that I could as her best friend” Soobin said, feeling very antsy.

    “We should help her Soobin. Since she is old enough to do what she wants, we should show her what life is actually like outside of that bubble her parents trapped her in” Yeonjun murmured. Y/n needed someone to love her and show her the brighter things in life, she didn’t deserve everything that’s happened to her in the years of being alive. Nobody deserved that kind of treatment at all.

    From then on, Yeonjun had made it his personal mission to make Y/n experience more than just material happiness. He showed her things she had never seen and went on adventures, like spray painting on a wall once, and it leading to a chase from the police. “Oh? You’ve had a change of heart I see?” Y/n panted, then she looked down and saw Yeonjun’s hand still gripping her wrist gently. Yeonjun hadn’t realized it, but the more time he spent with Y/n, he started to fall for the girl. “It’s nothing, listen Y/n, I know we just ran from the police, but I wanted to say that, I fell for you. Like really hard” Yeonjun was bold, he hated beating around the bush so his sudden confession did catch Y/n off guard in the moment.

    “You do?— I— This is a lot to take in at the moment, but whatever I can say is that, I feel the same. You really showed me how to enjoy life Jjun, and taught me a lot. I can’t thank you enough for that” she then pulled Yeonjun by the collar and kissed him on the lips. Y/n and him were total opposites, wasn’t he turned off by how she acted at first? She couldn’t tell. “Before you question me, I started to fall for you once I saw who you truly were. The Y/n who was committed to change for the better, the Y/n who was down for anything as long as we would have fun. I’m glad I was here to see you grow from who you were before” Yeonjun cupped Y/n’s face in his hands and gave her another chaste kiss on the lips. That night had turned into a whole new chapter of their relationship together.


    “Ms Y/n? Are you alright? You’ve been spaced out for quite awhile” Lita waved her hand in front of Y/n’s face gently, and she was immediately brought back to reality. “Sorry, as I was saying, he’s the oldest in the band and he actually wrote me a song once” Y/n gushed shyly. She had recalled one of their late night randevous, and he had gifted her a song a month into their relationship. “I wrote this when I first started feeling odd whenever we would spend time together, it’s called Balance Game but there’s an alternative title that Beomgyu suggested. It’s ‘What if I had been that Puma’” Yeonjun chuckled. He then picked up his bass and started strumming softly, looking Y/n in the eye as he sang the lyrics softly.

    Y/n was blushing a deep red, but thankfully the lighting had hid her face. “Yeonjun you really didn’t have to” Y/n whined, but Yeonjun only pinched her cheek as he continued singing. Y/n meant the whole universe to him, and she was his first ever love, so not even the song alone could express how much he loved her. “I love you so, so much Y/n” Yeonjun whispered and gave Y/n another soft kiss on the lips. Time stood still between them, and they smiled into the kiss. It was all so perfect really.

    “How adorable Ms Y/n. I hope Yeonjun continues to treat you well as he should be” Lita caressed Y/n’s hair, a gesture that she had gotten used to doing ever since Y/n was a young girl. “I’ll bring him over someday I promise” Y/n then stood up and walked to the dining room entrance, glancing back at Lita one last time. “Thank you Lita, really. I wouldn’t have put myself first if it weren’t for you” Lita only gave Y/n a soft nod of her head. As long as Y/n was happy, it was all that mattered.

    © 2021 all rights reserved | rikiszn on tumblr.
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #starryjake#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt hard hours #txt smut#yeonjun smut
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  • bngchnsi
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    day 24 (sub!yeonjun + hair pulling)

    warnings: smut, hair pulling kink, penetrative sex, dirty talk, pet names like baby boy and pain slut, praise + degradation, creampie, nipple play (giving).

    It came as a shock to you, Yeonjun moaning when you pulled on his hair. You halted your bouncing, hips pressed against his and his twitching cock laid still inside you, and Yeonjun whined at the loss of friction. It was clear that he hadn’t realized what sort of information he had just given you. 

    “Do you like it when I pull your hair?” You asked softly, your lips twitching into a small smirk as Yeonjun’s eyes widened in realization. He started to open his mouth to respond, but you were quick to tug on his hair again sharply, making his head fall back and a loud whine leave his lips instead.

    You cooed down at him, already starting to return to your previous bouncing on his cock. “You’re such a cute baby boy, such a big pain slut for me.” A choked sound left Yeonjun, his entire body tense underneath you as you started sucking and biting at his collarbone, and you hummed when you felt him release inside of you with a loud cry.

    You started to rub at his scalp in small soothing circles, trying to appease the burn that was no doubt there, but Yeonjun was already shaking his head, grabbing your wrist with shaking fingers. “D-Don’t, like the pain,” he whined, his voice so high and so pathetic that you couldn’t help shuddering above him, and Yeonjun squealed when you grabbed a chunk of his hair at his scalp and pulled harder than before.

    “I knew that baby, I just didn’t know you were so desperate for it,” you whispered, giggling when you felt him start to harden inside of you all over again, and Yeonjun shuddered when you started sucking harshly at his nipples.

    “Are you gonna be a good boy and cum for me again?”

    tag list: @anonymous-appreciation​, @kpopswitchbot-main, @es-kay-zee, @thegirlwholikestomanythings, @shingisimp, @lunarskzzz, @domseungie​, @scruffiejelly​, @sanraes, @christina-g, @universe-spotted

    unable to tag: @duhchangbin and @shazmatazz67

    if you would like to be added to the kinktober tag list, pls let me know!!

    all rights reserved to bngchnsi. reposts onto other platforms are prohibited.

    #txt smut #txt hard hours #txt dark hours #txt x reader #txt fanfic #sub!txt #tomorrow x together smut #tomorrow x together hard hours #tomorrow x together dark hours #tomorrow x together x reader #tomorrow x together fanfic #sub!tomorrow x together #yeonjun smut #yeonjun hard hours #yeonjun dark hours #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun fanfic #sub!yeonjun #*kinktober
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  • keusang
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    spots txt would . . kiss you!

    PARING. member x reader

    GENRE. fluff 🤨

    WARNINGS + A/N. idk bro enha ver here???

    🪀 ; yeonjun

    — NECK KISSESSSS. it just seems like the most yeonjun thing, yk??

    🪀 ; soobin

    — forehead kisses. c'mon, its soobin 🙄🙄

    🪀 ; beomgyu

    — kisses on the very corner of your lips JUST TO TEASE YOU AHSHS <3

    🪀 ; taehyun

    — kisses on your hand but they trail to your wrists sometimes ☹☹

    🪀 ; hueningkai

    — butterfly kisses 💔 hes ning, dont be suprised HASHSJS but also maybe cheek kisses ACK

    © keusang 2021 — any reposts or translations of my works are strictly prohibited.

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  • hwangyeonjun
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    smut [🔞] angst [💧] fluff [✨] suggestive [🦋]


    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.


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    nothing yet.


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    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.


    nothing yet.

    #txt #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #txt smut #txt x reader #txt reactions#txt imagine #choi yeonjun smut #choi yeonjun x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin #choi soobin smut #choi soobin x reader #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu smut #choi beomgyu x reader #kang taehyun #kang taehyun smut #kang taehyun x reader #hueningkai #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai smut #choi yeonjun imagine #choi soobin imagine #choi beomgyu imagine #kang taehyun imagine #hueningkai imagine
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  • yeonjuns-anti-romantic
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Thoughts about her are dangerous.

    Why do I even care? That's what you keep asking yourself.

    She hates you. You fucked up when you overreacted. She said it herself, you aren't special.

    That night in the closet was a month ago now and everything has changed. You had noticed how close the two of you had been getting, how she'd grin and bite her lower lip any time she teased you. The way her face lit up when you teased her back, gently flicking her head and calling her a little dummy. You caught yourself too many times lingering your gaze on her when she wasn't looking so when it all became too much and she pulled you in that closet it was an amazing feeling to know she had been wanting you too.

    You loved your little game of I Hate You But I Want You.

    Her point was made that nothing about that night was anything more than a distraction and maybe that's how you felt too, at least that's what you keep telling yourself.

    So why the fuck are you thinking about her now?

    Feeling your head hit your pillow as you lay down, your right hand was splayed on your stomach.

    Trying to close your eyes, you could almost hear her intake of breath, all those little noises she made. The thought of it made your dick twitch.

    What were you doing?! Stop thinking about her!

    Her thighs were so soft, if things had continued instead of that fight then you knew you'd have nibbled at her soft flesh, relishing in how her hips would circle in want. You'd slowly kiss up each leg, watching her eyes as your tongue darted out to lick over her panties between her thighs. How would she taste?

    "Fuck! Yeonjun, get a grip!", you mumble to yourself but it was too late.

    Tugging down your sweats and boxer-briefs, as your cock sprang free it ached for more. She was in your head.

    "Fuck it.", you hiss, gripping yourself and giving into your thoughts.

    Did she think of you too? When she touched herself? Would her little fingers rub frustrated circles on her clit, her tits bouncing with the effort, with her mind filled of you? Did she think about how you finger fucked her?

    By now you were pumping your length, you wished it was her hand around you, her mouth, her pussy. All of her. That's what you wanted.

    Circling your hand around the head of your cock, you shuddered, sensitive, a bit of precum making the tip glisten.

    Your eyes opened and you were so deep in your fantasy that you saw her, those bright eyes and that grin as she was in your bed, hovering over your lower half.

    "Yeonjun...", she coos, a bit of drool falling from her heart-shaped lips and onto you, her hands reaching to pump you with both hands, "You feel as good in my hands as you did inside me..."

    "Yeah?...", you say, gazing at her with heavy lidded eyes, almost panting, your hips thrusting up.

    "That's feels good, hm? I miss you making me feel good. I miss you making me laugh.", she tells you, pouting slightly as her hands went faster, circling you at the tip and coming all the way back down to your base.

    "I miss you too. Ahh-fuck-fuck-", you hiss out, your teeth clenching as your heart hammered in your chest. Just as you were coming her warm lips took you in and you exploded, feeling her tongue circle you while you got off.

    Your hand fell away from you, your cum warm on your hand and stomach, you almost felt a little dizzy.

    The fantasy of her melted away. You were alone in your dorm room. And you still knew the truth of it all, she hated you.

    (I hope this didn't suck. A little part 3 to this still untitled writing.)

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  • jak-ey
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    So um, I did something - 😶

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  • tophendery
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • yeonrot
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    asks are officially open to every and anyone over fifteen :) but pls read my directory, pinned post, before interacting or sending an ask ! keep in mind that this is a dom!reader blog.

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  • jak-ey
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Here goes my new obssesion ✋🤡

    why does it sound so, ughh 😩

    #txt yeonjun #txt hard hours #txt smut#txt#txt taehyun #tomorrow x together #kpop
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  • flwrkisses
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    boyfriend! soobin.

    hi lovelies! thanks again for all the love you guys have been showing to my blog, it's been so long since i've been this inspired to continue to write. currently, my blog is going through major renovations while im off on holiday. sorry for the delay!

    genre: fluff, slight nsfw themes, gender neutral! reader, idol x college student/working class person.

    boyfriend headcannons:

    ❁ yeonjun, soobin, beomgyu, taehyun, heuningkai.

    the confession;

    soobin had fallen for you from the first time he saw you, it was kinda embarrassing if he was honest.

    every time you'd walk into a room his eyes would fall on you, watch you fondly and by the time he was being snapped out of whatever trance you seem to put him in, the boys were teasing him about it.

    his heart would pound in his chest, his ears would turn red and he would be left completely speechless. mentally cursing at himself for not saying anything to you.

    it wasn't until yeonjun approached you to tell you what was going on that you guys finally spoke. was he being a little snitch? yes, but he did help bring you and soobin together.

    if it wasn't for yeonjun you would have never known that the crush you had on soobin was returned. you would have never stayed late after class to talk to him. and you both would have never mustered up the courage to go out on a date.

    after a couple days of talking after class you both exchanged numbers, then a couple weeks after non-stop text messaging soobin called you! and it wasn't just any call, he was asking you out on a date.

    your heart was full hearing him ask if you were free on friday night to go to this cool retro arcade bar. he stuttered a bit, as he asked and you didn't even let him finish before saying yes.

    it took him off guard, but it made him smile from his room. part of him happy yeonjun stuck his nose into his buisness, just this once.

    the date went amazing, you guys laughed and played games until 2 in the morning. you guys didn't even notice it was so late, you both were having too much fun. luckily, the date went so well, it was the starting point for many many more and the start of a very beautiful relationship.

    the relationship;

    as we all know soobin is an introvert, so pda is a big no no for him. he will kiss and love on you when you guys are alone but around others he'd probably hold your hand and leave it at that.

    he hates cheesy things, literally could never do the matching shirts of outfit thing he would literally blow up. everytime he sees one of those couples, he leans over and makes fun of them in your ear to make you laugh.

    expect kisses on your forehead ALL the time. most times he comes from behind, leans his whole body over you just to leave a quick kiss on your forehead.

    he'll most likely sit you on his lap as he plays games. if you play video games as well then you both will be gaming while cuddling. literally each time you guys team up while playing, you guys always win. it makes him so happy.

    he loves coming up behind you and reading what ever you're reading from behind your shoulder.

    also make sure he doesn't spend all his money playing the claw machine games because he will. no matter how bad he is he will want to get you something from it.

    there are cuddles at all times, he loves being with you and touching you in anyway. he usually tucks his head in your neck and happily lays there with you.

    he literally loves any opportunity to get something off the top shelf for you. meaning, expect teasing from him.

    he loves to tease you, and loves it when you do the same to him. it's all jokes so no one is seriously hurt at the end. plus, it shows you both can laugh.

    most times when you guys are listening to music he will rap out loud to make you laugh since he knows you love his awful rapping.

    out of all pet names he can call you, he really likes calling you "bun" or "bunny". he thinks its different from the standard and dry plain old "baby".

    with this being said, he will whine if you call him something like "babe" or "baby" because he thinks thats just a regular everyday pet name. he wants you to get creative.

    watch out because he literally loves kissing you. like he LOVES it. once he kisses for the first time he will continue to do it until he can't get enough.

    he loves when you show interest in things he likes, which in return he looks up things you like as well.

    expect him getting super pouty when he feels jealous, he doesn't get jealous often but when he does; he pouts all day.

    you learn his nightly routine so you help him make sure his desk chair is pushed all the way in, the closet door is closed, and now that you're with him he closes the door to his room.

    being very honest he started washing his face because you do it. he spends time in the bathroom with you washing his face. which ends up in you washing his face for him.

    he's a big baby for most things, will often whine to get his way or to keep you close to him. sometimes to even to get you to bring him things.

    always, always, ALWAYS thinks of you when shopping and often times brings you gifts. and they aren't dumb gifts you would never use, it's actually thought out gifts like things he knows you'd wear or use daily.

    he also loves when you wear his clothes, he loves seeing how they fit on you, how big they are and how small and comfortable you look in it.

    most dates he takes you on are late at night, to parks, arcades, gaming cafes, or to stores for late night ramen or ice cream runs.

    he opens most doors for you, holds doors open, walks on the outside of the sidewalk (the side closest to the cars), guides you through spaces with a hand on your lower back.

    he often times thinks its cute when you beat him in something and you get so happy you brag about it the rest of the day.

    something he will always do for you no matter what, is hum or sing softly at your request. no matter how sleepy he is, he will always sing for you no matter what just because you asked.

    you better believe that you'll be screaming and dancing to the lyrics of all block b songs with him.

    when he's away on tour or working late he will always try to facetime you at some point in the day. even if he has to stay up till 3 am, no matter if you have to scold him for staying up late.

    he will probably come to you when he's looking for advice or a second opinion. he's the leader pf his group and often needs to resolve conflicts or make hard decisions, so he always confides in you to see what you think.

    expect to see him flustered a lot, just because you're dating it doesn't mean you don't make him blush anymore. if anything while in the relationship he's blushing more than ever. he's just still in shock he got the person he wanted the most.

    yes, the boys make fun of him for being so whipped for you. but it's cute, and you're just as whipped for him.

    fights are usually rare, soobin is someone who tries to talk things out before things get out of hand. usually these conversations are kinda hard to have but he always reminds you he loves you at the end

    if for whatever reason he's mad at you, he'll probably get a bit quieter than normal. go to sleep on his side of the bed without a word, probably talk about it in the morning if he's ready.

    if you're mad at him, he would understand. he wouldn't even try to get you to talk to him, he'd give you your space and kiss your head before bed.


    most times soobin is very gentle when it comes to sex. lots of kissing, lots of whispered compliments.

    he's someone who doesn't enjoy quickies, instead he likes taking his time with you and gets off on the fact that you feel good.

    usually he gets a bit more touchy than normal when he's horny or in the mood. he will not want to do anything in public, again thats a big no no. but as soon as he gets you alone in private. it's OVER.

    he likes when you take control, he thinks it's hot but also just enjoys being submissive for the most part. when he's on top he's also very submissive, he needs a dominate bottom to tell him what you like.

    he's going to always, always, always ask if he can kiss or touch you. he will never do anything without your consent no matter how long you guys are together.

    something about him tells me that his neck is very sensitive and gets off on hickies or regular neck kisses.

    he has in fact put on fluffy animal ears and liked the reaction he got from you so, he likes wearing them for you.

    he loves when you leave marks on him. any type of lingering mark to remind him of the night before on his body he likes.

    expect to hear lots of whiney moans, and begging coming from him. he's truly adorable when he's close to his high.

    after care is amazing with him, he thinks of everything. he makes sure you're alright, and probably runs you a hot shower you can both take together. even feed you after with a snack.

    thanks for reading! hope you all enjoyed!

    requests are open! tap here.

    and my masterlist is currently under construction but you all can access it from here. tap here.

    - mari x

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  • yeonjuns-anti-romantic
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    At first sleeping with Yeonjun didn't seem like a mistake but now that a week has passed you know that it was.

    He was acting weird. The casual bickering turned into silence. The studying together turned into empty seats. The making eye contact in class turned into acting as if you didn't exist.

    And what did you do? You started acting the same way he was acting. No more games of I Hate You But I Want You. This was a new game.

    You Are A Mistake And We Fucked Up.

    Somehow you were fine with that, you know you only hooked up with Yeonjun because you were bored and stressed.

    About to leave your room to go to class, you stopped, finding him outside your door. Immediately you felt yourself getting defensive, "What? I exist now?" Yeonjun ignores your question and walks past you into your room. What the fuck was he doing? You closed your door and turned to him, seeing how he ran his hands through his hair over and over, pushing it back from his eyes. He barely looked at you, glancing away and out your window instead.

    "Hey! What's your problem?", you ask, snapping your fingers at him.

    "You!", Yeonjun snaps and you freeze, startled by his outburst and confused as to why he's so angry, "You're fucking trying to trap me! And if you think getting pregnant will make me be with you you're wrong! We hooked up. You opened your legs like any other girl on campus would and you think because I stuck my dick in you that it means something!"

    So that was it. Yeonjun thought he got you pregnant, he was scared, and being a pretentious asshole about all of it.

    You had to laugh, rolling your eyes, and your laughing didn't improve his mood, a disgusted scoff leaving his lips. "I fucking knew it.", he scowls.

    Deep down it kinda hurt that Yeonjun thought all you wanted was to get knocked up and trap him. He didn't use protection that night in the library closet, both of you weren't really thinking that night about anything but getting off, a momentary distraction from college.

    You didn't like him assuming and hurting you like this so you wanted to hurt him back. That's what you do, right? Someone hurts you, you hurt them back.

    Seeing his lips open to start yelling at you again you take one step towards him, "You fucking idiot!", you snap, cutting him off. Yeonjun shuts up. "You think you're that special?! That fucking you in that closet was anything more than a distraction? You think I'd get pregnant by you? Who are you? You're no one to me, just some guy. You aren't special, Choi Yeonjun!" By now you were fuming and the look in both your eyes and his was nothing but anger. "You're the one who didn't use a condom that night!-"

    "Who was the one saying 'Cum for me!' 'I need to feel you!', Yeonjun yells back.

    You wanted to shove at him but you were both adults and getting physical wasn't a good idea. Honestly you might end up fucking again if you touched him.

    "For your information I'm on the pill!", you retort, "Thanks for asking.", you turned from him to walk to your bathroom and grabbing what you needed from under the sink cabinet.

    Yeonjun was pacing and he stopped when you threw the handful of pads at him, of course they didn't hurt but you were making a point. "If you want I can show you that I currently need these."

    He only looks at you, "You aren't special, Yeonjun.", you tell him again.

    Your hands shook and you pushed your own hair from your eyes. What you didn't see was that what you said actually hurt Yeonjun. But he hurt you first. It was only fair.

    His tongue pokes the inside of his cheek, both of you were struggling with the anger. People probably heard you both fighting. You didn't care and he didn't seem to either.

    "Glad we had this talk. That night was a mistake. Looks like I dodged a bullet.", he tells you, his tone went cold and as he left he had the audacity to wink, keeping up his cocky persona.

    You didn't break down to tears until your door clicked shut behind him. You'll skip class today.

    (No title but I thought it would be nice to continue this.)

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  • lemon-boy-stan
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    summary: these are just some fanfics that i’ve really enjoyed reading. please support the authors! genre: fluff, angst, smut

    >> italics: personal favourite <<

    loved. by adi!! @wooyukh (smau; angst, fluff, crack)

    something new to learn by @hoshiwhxre (smut; ft. soobin)

    cupid is here! by @5csbin (smut)

    yeonjun kink list by @yeostars (smut; headcanon)

    untitled #1 by @yeonjuns-anti-romantic (smut; drabble)

    something new to learn by @hoshiwhxre (smut; ft. yeonjun)

    utopia by adi!! @wooyukh​ (smau; angst; fluff; crack)

    kinktober 2021 day six by @honey-hao (smut; tw: choking)

    little bunny by @5csbin​ (smut)

    sleep softly now by @bngchnsi​

    drunk dialing by @yeostars (suggestive)

    love languages by @softbbyg0rl (fluff; headcanon)

    something different by @blueberrycheol (smut)

    taehyun fucking you in his studio (porn link)

    boxer!taehyun gets jealous by @bangchanswolfpelt (smut; drabble)

    19:34 pm by @byeongsung (smut, timestamp)

    none yet


    #txt #txt fic recs #txt angst#txt fluff #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun smut #yeonjun smut imagine #soobin x reader #soobin smut #soobin smut imagine #soobin x reader smut #yeonjun x reader smut #taehyun x reader #taehyun imagine#taehyun smut #taehyun x reader smut #taehyun smut imagine #beomgyu smut #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x reader smut #beomgyu smut imagine #hueningkai#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai imagine #hueningkai x reader #txt smut #tomorrow x together smut
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #yeonjun smut
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  • hyunsuks-beanie
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Soobin SFW Alphabet

    Mellow speaks: Not at me being stupid and forgetting that this request existed, but anyhoo, here I am right now! I know I had said I won't create another alphabet for a while, but this request is already some 10 days overdue, so here you are lovely anon! Hope you guys enjoy reading this!

    A - Attractive

    (What do they find most attractive in a person and about you?)

    Soobin would definitely want a person who can understand him, and who can help him come out of his shell. Sure, he's grown much more open and confident over the past few years, but he's still shy when meeting strangers. So he would want someone who would make the first move, instead of being intimidated by how he looks when he's not smiling or how tall he is.

    He is great at reading people's emotions, and would probably want someone that can read his emotions, because that's something he doesn't get to experience everyday. He would want a person who can understand without him having to say much, and who wouldn't judge him for feeling the way he does.

    B - Baby

    (Do they want a family? Why/Why Not? How big?)

    Sometime down the road, I can see Soobin as the type to want to have a family, provided he finds the right person. Believe it or not, he would probably be quite good with kids, and ideally would want to have two kids of his own.

    C - Cuddle

    (Do they like to cuddle? How do they like to cuddle most?)

    Soobin absolutely lives for being cuddled by you, and despite his height, he prefers to be the smaller spoon. He just loves the feeling of having his head snuggled into your chest. With that said, he also enjoys having you in his lap, his long limbs forming a sort of cage around so that he can "protect" you (or so he says, the real reason is to not let you escape).

    D - Date

    (Ideal date?)

    Soobin is too much of a homebody to so much as even think about going out on a date with you. His idea of a perfect day is to order in food while you cuddle on the couch, a blanket thrown over your legs as you watch a movie. However, if you want to go out, then he won't think twice about accompanying you. He just loves getting to spend time with you, and if that means having to get dressed on a day off, then so be it. This is especially true if the place you're going to on your date is totally new to you (like a paintball class for example) or a place where he knows for a fact that he will enjoy himself (say a concert).

    E - Energetic

    (How energetic are they?)

    He's not lazy, he just prefers to save his energy and efforts for something more important. However, he's all for helping you around the house as you go about doing your chores, and as I said, if you want to go out, he won't think about it twice. Still, to him, it's much better having his arms securely around you as you tuck yourselves under the blanket, talking about anything and everything.

    F - Fight

    (How are they in a fight?)

    Soobin hates fighting and confrontation in general, and that's even more true if you're the one involved. He tries his best to maintain his cool and to stop an impending fight from actually happening, afraid he'll say or worse, do something he's gonna regret later. His prefers just going absolutely quiet and giving you the silent treatment (if you're at fault, of course). His eyes well up quite fast if you find yourselves in an argument, and when things cool down, he's very often the first one to apologize, because he just wants you back in his arms already.

    G - Gifts

    (How do they feel about gifts? How do they give them?)

    Soobin likes saving things like gifts for special occasions, preferring to go all out and buy an expensive something for you. At the same time, if he finds a trinket or something similar that reminds him of you, he won't shy away from buying it straight away. He likes buying you things that he knows you will actually use, and so, he often keeps his ears open to pick up any hints that you're in need of something.

    H - Honesty

    (How honest are they? Do they keep secrets?)

    When it's things about himself, Soobin prefers to come clean to you straight away, not wanting you to find out in a way that would hurt you. However, when it's something that's related to you, he takes a little longer in telling you, hating the possibility of a confrontation. He does end up telling you quite soon though, unable to keep things from you.

    If it's something that's bothering him or if he's hurt about something, then that's a different story altogether. That's because most of the time, you'll have to find out what the issue is yourself, since he won't say anything, not wanting to be a bother.

    I - Injury

    (How do they react if you get injured?)

    He would have quite a few different stages if you ever get injured. At first, it would take him a minute to process what's going on. When everything finally registers in his brain, he would go into full-on panic mode, smothering you with love and questions and fussing over the wound, tears welling up in his eyes at the thought of his baby being hurt. He would calm down soon enough though, patching you up and giving you some medicine, while also scolding you for being careless. He would start taking care of you from that moment on, pointing out when you're in danger of hurting yourself by being clumsy.

    J - Jealousy

    (Are they the jealous type? How do they deal with it?)

    Soobin's jealousy usually stems from his fear of you finding someone better than him, and so whenever he feels like you're not giving him enough attention, he becomes a 100 times more clingy, trying to get you to take notice of him (as if you weren't already). It's quite easy to notice when he's jealous, since he becomes extra pouty and downright sad.

    K - Kiss

    (Their favorite way to kiss you?)

    Soobin loves kissing you on the nose and the forehead. The former because he really finds you adorable whenever you scrunch your nose, and the latter because he loves placing his chin over your head whenever he hugs you, and from that position, the closest spot that he can kiss just so happens to be your forehead.

    L - Love Confession

    (How did they confess their love?)

    To be honest, while it was painfully obvious that Soobin had a major crush on you, thanks to the way he would go all red and start stuttering whenever his eyes landed on you, confessing was a huge problem, since he just couldn't find it in himself to approach you, despite everyone telling him that you like him too.

    In the end, it will probably be you who confesses, partially so that you can put the poor boy out of his misery. Not something too grand, just a simple whisper in his ear or even a text message late at night, saying, "I like you too."

    M - Mean

    (What are they like when they’re mean? Is it common?)

    Soobin's idea of being mean most of the time involves not talking to you and giving you the silent treatment. Even though he is upset at you for something, he doesn't want to say something hurtful, and so, he prefers not to say anything altogether. However, there are time when some words do end up escaping his lips, and most of the time, they do sting quite a bit. He regrets it the moment he realizes what he said, and his resolve quickly flies out the window as he starts apologizing profusely, wrapping his arms around your form as tears threaten to spill from his eyes.

    N - Nicknames

    (Do they have nicknames for you? What are their favorites for them?)

    Soobin mostly likes sticking with "baby" or "babe," since he finds them quite cute. He also frequently likes to twist your name, turning it into a pet name of sorts. As for himself, he really likes when you call him "Bunny," or better yet, "Soobunny." It never fails to make him smile.

    O - Open

    (How long did it take for them to open up to you?)

    Soobin is still quite a shy person around strangers, so it was fairly awkward in the beginning. But soon enough, he started seeing you as a friend, and that made him want to open up to you and show you his goofy side. That, of course, changed when he realized he has feelings for you, becoming shy once again for fear of doing something stupid in front of you. Truth be told, it was this change in his demeanor that made you privy to his crush on you in the first place.

    P - Proposal

    (How would they propose? Would they propose at all?)

    Soobin would want to propose to you one day, but he would also be totally down for you being the one proposing. If it ends up being him though, he would probably want to keep it simple and intimate. I see him as the type to either propose when you're in bed, ready to fall asleep, or to take you out in the middle of the night to a place he knows the both of you cherish. He would prepare a long speech, and while he would have no trouble memorizing it (he was MC Soobin after all), when the moment finally arrives, he'd realize that something pre-prepared is nowhere near as sincere as what he's thinking at that exact moment.

    Q - Quiet

    (What are quiet moments like with them?)

    When he's alone with you, Soobin cherishes the silence, feeling comfortable just basking in your presence. He loves listening to the sound of your heartbeat, lulling him to dreamland as he holds you close.

    R - Rainy Day

    (What are they like in the rain?)

    Typically, Soobin just likes to cuddle with you under the duvet, sipping cocoa as you watch some sappy movie. There are days however, when one of you manages to pull the other out, just to play around and get soaked in the rain. Safe to say, you probably end up catching a cold the next day, and Soobin's wish of cuddling with you while being covered in blankets comes true anyway.

    S - Sad

    (How do they handle their sadness? How do they react to yours?)

    Some might think he likes to be left alone when upset, but in reality, his way of dealing with sadness is hiding in your arms and ranting to you for hours. He really appreciates the fact that you are always there to just listen, and he can't thank you enough for it.

    The same goes for your sadness, as he does his best to listen to you, giving you his own opinion and advice on things. He knows that the best way to improve someone's mood is to let them rant, and so, he's always ears for you.

    T - Time

    (How long did it take for you to get together?)

    As I said earlier, even though Soobin has a massive crush on you, he just can't find it himself to confess to you, being a tad bit too nervous. So it's safe to say that he lost quite a lot of precious time in second-thinking everything, time that he could have spent with you. In the end, after practically months of watching him suffer, you finally end up being the one to take the lead, either directly, or indirectly by giving him hints.

    U - Unique

    (What’s an interesting thing about them that not a lot of people know about?)

    When he's in a mood or is throwing a tantrum or is simply ignoring you because he's upset, the quickest and surest way to get him to pay attention to you is to hang out with the members. Seeing you laugh and hug his group mates never fails to make him jealous, and you can rest assured that he'll be begging for your love and attention in a matter of minutes.

    V - Value

    (What are some of the things they value most in life? value most about you?)

    In life, Soobin values the people (and in Odi's case, animals) he cares about, the most. That includes his members, his family, his friends, Odi and of course, you. He has always been extremely thankful for the love and support he has received, and strives to always try and give it back.

    As for you, I think it would be easier to answer what he doesn't value about you. He just loves every aspect and every side of you, but if he were to choose, he would say the way you always understand him even when he himself doesn't know what he feels. He also really admires the way you're not afraid to speak your mind, and stand up for what's right.

    W - Wildcard

    (random fluff headcanon)

    There's two sides to Soobin's reactions when it comes to PDA, and there's no in-between. If he's the one initiating things, then you can rest assured that he will be oozing confidence, pulling you onto his lap, giving you kisses, patting your hair, and what not. But if you're the one to make the first move, all his confidence will literally fly out the window, as he proceeds to turn into a blushing, stuttering mess.

    X - XO

    (Are they affectionate with hugs and kisses? If not, are they in other ways?)

    Soobin being Soobin, he's an absolute sucker for showing affection through his actions. If given his way, he would remain attached to you 24/7, just feeling your smaller form hidden away from the world in his arms. He's also big on kisses, though most of the time, he likes to demand them rather than give them. You can expect him to start pouting if he's ever in need of kisses, sticking his bottom lip out until you give him what he wants.

    Y - Yearn

    (How do they deal with yearning?)

    When he misses you, Soobin just can't stop talking about you. He loves to tell everyone just how much he loves you, and boasting about how amazing you are. But when that's not enough for him, you can expect a ton of texts and voice messages from him, all of them ranting about how he can't wait to hold you in his arms again.

    Z - Zen

    (What makes them calm?)

    Nothing calms Soobin down more than having you in his arms (or better yet, being in your arms), his head on your chest as he listens to your soft heartbeat. He just loves being attached to you like gum, talking to you for hours on end.

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