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    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩

    yeonjun x g/n reader.

    suggestive content.


    “chocolate or peanut butter?” you asked yeonjun; you were sitting on his lap, lips swollen from the previous make out session, hair disheveled, and for your satisfaction he didn’t look any better than you.

    “what?” he said dumbfounded, looking at you like you had three eyes. “just answer me.” “what is this about? can’t you just keep kissi-“ you shut him up grinding your hips against his bulge once, making him groan lowly. “your luck today depends on your answers baby.” you said looking at his eyes.

    you wanted to laugh at his ‘what the fuck’ expression, but as you requested he complied. “chocolate.” he said staring at you, gaze dark, not daring to break the electrifying tension that has built up with the little staring match you two have going on. “good choice.” you said, finally grinding your hips against his in a steady pace, grunts and low whimpers coming out from your mouths, sloppily kissing each other, your hands tangled in his hair and his groping your ass hard.

    you broke the kiss, making him whine from the lack of contact but you quickly interjected; “i just wanted to see if we liked the same things, for every right answer i’ll give you want you want, and for the wrong i’ll punish you, but we don’t want that, do we?” you saw the mischievous glint in his eyes, the little smirk adorning his face, he loved this. “i might answer incorrectly just for that angel, now keep kissing me before i rip your clothes off.”

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  • notchuuhorangdan
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    "Ruin the mood"

    ❤︎Pairing: TXT (Yeonjun) x Male Reader
    ❣︎Genre: Suggestive (90's porno joke included)
    Yeonjun and Y/N are playing a co-op video game and Y/N just wants to get past the first level, while it seems Yeonjun is craving for a different kind of finish.

    "Well would ya look at that, i'm actually better at something than you" Y/N proclaimed while eating his last pack of chips.

    "Y/N this isn't a competition, we're playing co-op" Yeonjun exclaimed while struggling to jump over a gap in the way of his character model ingame.

    "Yeah, well it's hard playing on the cooperative side when my Player 2 is stuck on the same goddamn level"

    "HEY in my defense; platforming games are not my forte, can you blame me"

    "No, but a child that's blindfolded can literally do this in less than 10 sec- OMG WATCH OUT IT'S HEADIN-.....and you're dead again" Y/N says in true dissapointment.


    "No, you just suck at games"

    "I always beat you in Mortal Kombat..."

    "Right, a game where you press two buttons at the same time and then mash them repeatedly to beat your enemy senseless"

    "Ok, you have a point but how do you do it so easily?"

    "I don't know, i guess i just wasn't born as a sore loser"

    "YOU- OH MY GOD"

    "Don't get so pissy about it babe....you'll do it 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 but please pass it before i die"

    "You're lucky you're cute, otherwise i would've beat your ass right now"

    "So beat it" Y/N said in a satirical manor.

    Yeonjun's mind went somewhere else, as he perceived those words as.... provocative.

    "You would like that, wouldn't you?"

    "Uh, what?"

    "What you just said, is that what you want?" Yeonjun's voice was thick with desire and while taking a glance at his direction, Y/N could see that as well.

    The controllers, as well as the game, were long gone on the floor as Yeonjun lundged to claim Y/N lips as his own.

    "You could've just asked if i wanted to fuck and i could've said yes, but no; you had to make it seem like i have a spanking kink or something"

    "Hey, your words- not mine" Yeonjun said, kissing you while taking quick breaths.

    "Now it seems like you have it, i love how we're just "open with eachother" like this" Y/N said while trying not to laugh at the obvious joke.


    The make-out sesh quickly turned into lust as Yeonjun scrambled to get his shirt off, not breaking any contact with his lover.

    "What's gotten you in such a hurry?" Y/N said playfully.

    "Just shut up and take off your pants"

    This took Y/N by surprise from the sheer bluntness of the words that came out but he wasn't complaining.

    Y/N quickly took of his pants without restraint while Yeonjun decided to land on top of him quickly taking the rest of his clothes off in the process.

    "I may not be good at games, but the game infront of me is getting that 100% clear rate very soon"

    Y/N stopped moving for a second, trying not to facepalm while staring at Yeonjun with the most melancholy face possible.

    "You really know how to

    Ruin the mood

    , don't you?"

    "Do you want this or not?"

    "You ain't gotta tell me twice"



    I feel like y'all would cringe if i wrote pP gOeS iN aSs and what not so this is what you're getting for now.

    Originally, this fic was a tiny ass drabble but i added some more parts in like, 2 minutes 💀

    But thank you for reading this mess, if this looks and sounds like shit, it's probably because it is BUT i have some really well written fanfics on my account so be sure to check 'em out.

    Peace y'all ✋‼️

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  • kpopsmutcafe
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Imagine II- CYJ

    You and your boyfriend haven’t seen each other in a while because of his work, so when he got home with the news of a break you couldn’t help but pounce on him. So here you were now, Yeonjun leaning against the bed frame as you bounced on his dick when suddenly his phone rings, he smirks as he picks it up. You froze immediately, your boyfriend whispers in your ear.

    “Did I tell you to stop?”

    Soon enough your riding Yeonjun as your try to control your little meals and breathy moans that escape your throat, until grabs your neck.

    “ you better stay quiet baby, you can’t let my boss know how much of a slut you are for my dick.” Yeonjun smirks as he places his hand on your hip to guide you, hitting your sweet spot.

    #txt hard hours #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun smut
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    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt hard hours #txt smut #choi yeonjun smut
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    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #❄️ anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #choi soobin smut #choi yeonjun smut #kang taehyun smut
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #choi yeonjun smut
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    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #hueningkai smut #choi yeonjun smut
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #choi yeonjun smut
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    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #😇 anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #choi soobin smut #choi beomgyu smut #hueningkai smut #choi yeonjun smut
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  • txtholdsthecrown
    22.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    please read thanks 😘

    dont worry i see the requests i have its just that smuts will take me longer than a day to do. i like to write all of my requsts first before i reply so when im done i can reply to the request then post it 😈 (hehe cheating the system to make it seem like im quick) but anything else takes me a day to do. well not really i get done with certain request in like twenty minutes so ehh i guess it depends but yeah im working on the other 3. two are about yeonjun then the other one txt choi line.. send in any member you want with anything you want. even though me taehyun and hueningkai are the same age (hehe we’re a maknae sandwich) i wont write smut about them…. yet

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  • txtholdsthecrown
    22.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    soobins reaction to his overweight partner being insecure pt. 2

    soobin would lead you into the bedroom before he closed the door behind you. he then kisses you softly as he gently guides you to the bed. “im going to take care of you ok” he says before stripping himself bare. you also take the initiative of undressing yourself. as you lay back down soobin takes a condom out of the drawer. soobin takes the condom out of its packaging and putting it on before kissing you again. his kisses then start to get lower as he stops to suck on your nipples. you moan out in pleasure as soobin works his tongue over the swollen buds. soobin then stops to admire your gorgeous body thinking to himself how can you not like something that he loved so much. soobin knew you were most insecure about your thighs. ”i love you” he says before laying himself in between your legs. he starts by leaving kisses on your thighs while whispering how much he loved them. he then moved to where you actually needed him. as soon as his mouth made contact with your clit you grabbed on harshly to his hair moaning out in pleasure he groaned at the feeling of you tugging on his hair while keeping his eyes on you. “ahhh” you moan out starting to grind your hips to add more to your pleasure. soobin then suddenly stopped to your dismay. “why’d you stop” you say cutely with a pout but obviously frustrated. “you dont want to end with just my tongue do you? he questions withy a cocky grin already knowing your answer. he then aligns himself with your entrance before he started his thrusts. soobin then layed down on you burying his face in your neck. “yes yes yes” you screamed out as soobin began going faster “ i really do love you so mm~much soobin grunted to you “idc what anybody says i love every thing about you and your body youre absolutely gorgeous” he said before leaning back up and putting your left leg over his shoulder. this position allowed soobin to hit your spot with every thrust. “ mmm faster…please go faster you cried out. soobin listened to you and went faster. soon after soobin felt you clenching around him he started rubbing his thumb over your clit to help you to your orgasm. “im about to cum you practically yelled out. “ok baby go ahead” soobin said with love and adoration evident in his voice soon after that was when you came soobin helped you ride out your high before pulling out and discarding the condom in the bin and laying down next to you. “how do you feel” he asked “really good” you shyly as you started to sit up. “soobin? did you ya know c-u-m” you asked awkwardly ly “cum” he laughed “no, tonight was all about me showing my love to you. i can always go in the bathroom or something” he said you started to feel bad you then asked was he sure and he quickly reassured you that he was really ok with not finishing off. “we will have plenty of times when i’ll finish” he said before giving you a kiss goodnight an falling asleep peacefully with you beside him.

    can yall please tell me how this was and offer me feedback. i feel like i couldve done better :(

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  • txtholdsthecrown
    22.07.2021 - 4 days ago


    and i love you too🖤 anon

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  • csbinnie
    22.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    TXT REACT TO . . their s/o is insecure about having small breasts

    prompt ⋆ hii,,, I absolutely love your writing!! Can you please write one about the reader being insecure about having small breasts?


    they might be small, but they are absolutely one of his favorite things about you. he thinks they’re so attractive and he will do whatever he can to remind you. and he also loves touching them. he’s always reaching his hands up your shirt to hold them.

    “you’re so sexy, i promise. i love the way they feel in my hands. they’re the perfect size.”


    bin might just have a little itty bitty size kink (no pun intended) so he loves your tiny chest. he thinks they’re so attractive and he loves how small they look in his much bigger hands. he could get off just thinking about them.

    “look how tiny you are, love. just the right size for me, aren’t you?”


    beomgyu would tease you about them until he finds out that you’re insecure. then he would feel bad, making sure to explain that he really loves the way your boobs look and he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. he found you crying over something he said and he felt beyond guilty, squeezing you in a hug.

    “i think they’re really beautiful, honest. i’m so sorry.”

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  • dirtykpopsnaps
    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Here’s the request for Yeonjun!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun smut #txt yeonjun #txt yeonjun smut #txt#txt smut
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  • ah-ga-seven
    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sneaky Link III (M)

    << prev. next.>>

    [Pairing]: Fem! Reader x Choi Yeonjun ft. second male lead Juyeon.

    [Synopsis]: The story picks up after having met Yeonjun through a mutual acquaintance. You quickly bonded over your similarities and basically fell for him on the spot. As your relationship progressed you found out that you weren’t the only woman in his life, but no matter how hard you tried, leaving him was harder than you thought.

    [Idol Cameos]: Aespa’s Karina, The Boyz’s Juyeon, Ateez’s Wooyoung, special guest: Odi. 

    [Genre]: Smut (w/Yeonjun), Angst, Fluff, College!AU, Romance, Infidelity, Toxic!Jun.

    [Word count]: 11.5k

    [Warning]: Mature content and heavy smut (skippable) I put headings at the start and end of it. Extreme toxicity, mentions of cheating (not on the reader), being the side chick, emotional manipulation, and heavy drinking and violence!

    [Disclaimer]: If anyone ever treats you like this, run. I am in no shape or form trying to romanticize this behavior or imply that Yeonjun is like this nor am I shipping him with other idols or assuming anyones sexuality. Please remember that it’s fiction.  LISTEN TO THE SNEAKY LINK PLAYLIST HERE ❗️

    “We need to talk,” Wooyoung says as he rudely tries to pull you out of Juyeon’s lap.

    It earned him a confused puppy look from Juyeon and an annoyed scowl from yourself because you knew exactly why you ‘needed to talk.’  

    He pursed his lips into a thin line, widening his eyes at you which basically meant that he was losing his patience so you reluctantly got up. “It won’t take long.” You tell Juyeon to excuse yourself as you got pulled to the kitchen once again but by Wooyoung this time.

    “…What was that a few minutes ago with Yeonjun?”

    You sigh, avoiding eye contact as you look at your own hands on the countertop. “Nothing.”

    You look up from your hands and into the living room to try and spot either him or Karina but they were nowhere to be found. Really? Could they be fucking somewhere now too?

    “Y/n…you looked upset. And he had his hand on your back as if he was trying to intimidate you. I’m just trying to check if he’s out of line for something.”

    Oh…Wooyoung. You know he means well but…

    Your thoughts are interrupted when you hear a door slam so fucking loud, it could be heard over the blaring music.

    Your eyes travel to where the thud was coming from with an alarmed facial expression but when you saw Karina, furiously stomping into the kitchen while looking around with fire spewing from her dark orbs you knew you were dead meat.

    You didn’t know why or how, but the nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach returned, sensing that something was really wrong right now.  

    “…What’s with her?” Wooyoung says raising an eyebrow in confusion. The sound of his voice made her head snap into the direction where to two of you were standing and that’s…when you made eye contact.


    Without second thought or warning, Karina leaped over to you with big strides. You just stood frozen on your feet, not knowing what was to come and after that everything happened way too fast.

    You were hit in the face with full force, adrenaline pumping through your veins to mask the painful sensation that was yet to come while your heart thumbed out of your chest.

    “YOU FUCKING BITCH!” She yelled at the top of her lungs as she tried to hit you again but by now, Wooyoung stood between the two of you angry as ever. Juyeon had caught you from the behind since he had run over after seeing the whole ordeal unfold from his comfy chair.

    You couldn’t quite see anything as you covered your face with your hands, blood gushing out of your nose by now as two strong arms snaked around Karina’s waist to hold her back from doing more damage.

    It was Yeonjun.

    “KARINA STOP IT. NOW,” he yelled.

    “Shit.” Juyeon tried to cover you as he stood before you. All of the arguing becoming white noise while you got lightheaded.  

    Juyeon quickly ripped off a piece of paper towel and tilted your head back, he took your hand and guided it to your nose to pinch it with the paper towel to stop the bleeding. Luckily, he knew exactly what to do because God knows you didn’t.

    What happened in those few short minutes that they were gone? Did she find out? Did Yeonjun confess? And how does she know it’s you?  

    No one was asking any questions. Too busy with keeping Karina from hurting you even more all while trying to keep you from fainting.

    You wanted to hit her back; you really did. But honestly, you deserved to be hit in the face…multiple times.

    “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE,” Wooyoung yelled at Karina. He was seeing white, absolutely seething at what just happened because he didn’t know why, and by now Mirae had emerged to help you sit down on a bar stool as well.

    “LET ME GO SO I CAN KILL THAT BITCH” Karina yelled out once again, still getting held back by a majorly distressed Yeonjun who’s attention had been on you more than on her.  

    All hell broke loose, people were watching, taking out their phones to film while happy trap music still blared through the speakers as a very unfitting soundtrack to your misery.  

    You sat down on a bar stool, avoiding both Karina and Yeonjun’s gaze with the help of Juyeon standing in front of you.

    He noticed your drop in energy and pulled you close to him, not caring that his white sweater might get blood stains on it as he sweetly shielded you from the public eye.  

    He quickly shot Karina a venomous glare, not understanding what the fuck just went down. “What is wrong with you?” he asks her, genuinely disgusted and confused by her temper tantrum.

    You closed your eyes at him coming to your defense, realizing how fucked up it really is.

    “What’s wrong with me?” Karina scoffed, blowing her disheveled hair out of her face.  

    “She f-”  Karina got interrupted as Wooyoung took a threatening step closer to her. “Bitch shut up and get out of my house.”

    Yeonjun was completely torn between making sure you were okay and staying by Karina’s side. He felt horrible that Karina hit you. Though he never mentioned your name to her, she wasn’t as stupid as she looked.  


    “Let’s go.” He said pulling at her wrist, but she aggressively yanked her arm out of his hold, giving him a look of sadness laced with distrust and pain.

    “I’m not going anywhere with you.” She choked up as she looked into his eyes, and that’s when everyone realized what was going on.

    You closed your eyes in defeat. Talk about a public humiliation…

    Juyeon’s tight hold on you loosened, Wooyoung looked from Yeonjun to you with wide eyes and Mirae just bit her lip in anxiousness at this whole thing unraveling to be the worst night of your life.

    Juyeon sighed. “Let’s get you upstairs.” He helped you up, and all you could do was look at him with a big, confused, yet thankful stare.

    Wow, this is the last thing you expected. He tilted your head back again as he led you to the hallway. “Keep applying pressure, it might be broken.” He commented calmly, and you just did as you were told, your mind not being able to think for itself.  

    Karina stormed off, leaving Yeonjun glued to the kitchen floor. People were starting to mind their own business again with a view remaining stares here and there.  

    Does he go after her? Or you?

    “…Yeonjun honey…what did you do?” Wooyoung asks clicking his tongue while crossing his arms over his chest, giving his friend a judgmental look up and down.

    “…I played with fire.”

    “Here, lie down.” Juyeon says as he laid you down on Wooyoung’s bed.

    As you lie there you can’t help but think of the fact that not even half an hour ago he laid you down on the same bed, under entirely different circumstances. He got up, walking back downstairs quickly to do god knows what and you were left in the room with Mirae, who sat down beside you which made the mattress dip a little.  

    Since the adrenaline had subsided, you started to feel pain which made you wince as your head hit the pillow a little too hard for your comfort.

    “Fuck..y/n…this is a full on shitshow.”

    You tried looking at Mirae with your head still tilted and the paper towel on your nose as it blocked half of your vision. “Tell me about it.” Your voice sounded somewhat like Squidward’s and it made the two of you chuckle out loud.

    “I’m surprised you didn’t hit her back.” Mirae pouts as she caressed your head.

    “I deserved to be hit.” You huff, trying to sit up on Wooyoungs bed. Your mind started to trail off to Yeonjun, questioning how all of this happened and where he was at, but your thoughts were quickly interrupted by Mirae.

    “Well…if its broken maybe you can get that nose job you wanted.”

    You couldn’t help but laugh at her dumb attempt to cheer you up with her dark humor and that’s when Juyeon returned. “What are you doing, I told you to lay down.” He says sternly as he got back with a bag of frozen peas in his hold. “They didn’t have ice cubes, it’s the best I could do.”

    You smiled at him faintly, taking the bag from him to put it against your throbbing nose.  

    “Thank you…you didn’t have to.”

    He didn’t respond however as he looked from you to Mirae. Mirae got up off the bed swiftly to make space for him, ready to give the two of you some privacy. It was odd, all of it. You didn’t know if Juyeon was mad or sad, or that he got what was happening at all.

    “I’m…gonna go downstairs…see if I can check on Woo.” She announces hastily as she walked towards the bedroom door. Juyeon gave her a faint yet friendly smile and you both nod at her as she left.

    When the door closed the air got thick, you didn’t know where to start. You were looking into Juyeon’s equally dark pupils to try and guess what he was feeling but his gaze was fixated on something else. Your nose.  He slowly let go of the bag of frozen peas to assess your nose as gently as he could. “Well, at least it stopped bleeding and I don’t think it’s broken either, it’s going to swell up a lot if you don’t keep it iced so try to do it three times a day. Oh and avoid hot showers and excessive physical activity, it could re-open the broken blood vessels,” he rambled.

    Suddenly you remember he’s a medical student which is probably the reason why he’s helping you…it’s because he’s supposed to.

    “Juyeon I-” you start but he quickly put the bag of peas on your nose again to stop you from talking. “Let’s not get into it right now.” He countered, shutting you right up.


    He smiled to himself bitterly. “I really thought we had something going here.”

    “Juyeon…we do, I mean it. We do.”

    “So how long then?”

    You couldn’t bring yourself to lie to him again, knowing he deserved better than that. “…A few months…until recently.”

    He scoffed, nodding to himself. He really thought you were different. That he had finally found someone worth opening up to, but he now knows it was nothing like that to you.

    “I hope you had your fun.”  

    Your eyes widen, taking the frozen peas off of your nose once again but right before you wanted to speak up to somehow defend yourself, the door opened with a dramatic swing.

    “I tried to stop him.” Wooyoung spoke as Yeonjun emerged from behind him. “But he’s annoyingly persistent,” he said rolling his eyes.

    Yeonjun ignored both Wooyoung and Juyeon, walking over to you to crouch down beside the bed. “Shit y/n.” he tilted your head so he could assess the damage by grabbing your chin lightly. “I’m so sorry this happened. She suddenly jolted out of the room and next thing I know she hit you.”

    Juyeon didn’t know what the fuck was happening right now, but he wasn’t having any of it. “Don’t you have a girlfriend to run after?” he huffs, keeping his eyes on Yeonjun

    “There’s nothing to run after. Stay out of it.”  That comment had Wooyoung’s eyebrows raising, Juyeon’s fists balling and your eyes popping out of your skull at Yeonjun’s bluntness.

    What did he just say? Nothing to run after?

    It’s not like 4 years of his relationship just went to shit or anything.

    “Don’t talk to him like that.” You say coming to Juyeon’s defence, taking his hand off of your face. “What the fuck happened?”

    Yeonjun wanted to open his mouth to speak but then he realized there were two pairs of eyes on him that didn’t need to know his business. “…Could we get some privacy?”  

    Juyeon got up without a word and your eyes darted to his in distress. “Give me a chance to explain.”

    “I’d rather not.” He stoically replies, handing you the bag of by now dethawed peas. “Remember what I said. Ice it.”  

    Even in a situation like this he still set aside his personal feelings to make sure you’re taken care of. It made you want to get punched in the face again because even though he deserves better, you weren’t sure if you could let Juyeon go this easily.  

    “Juyeon, wait.” Your calling out of his name was of no use. He ignored you, somehow leaving you behind with a heavy heart and an empty head.

    Wooyoung’s eyes followed Juyeons’s figure out of the room. Sighing and shaking his head in disapproval before he left to go after him as well, closing the door behind him loudly.

    “…Damn…your little boy toy is upset.” Yeonjun comments insensitively, looking back at you to see an unexpected scowl on your face as you looked at him.

    “Yeonjun, shut the fuck up. Why are you even here, you should’ve gone after her, not me.”

    “She’s not the one that got hit in the face.”

    “No, she got stabbed in the heart instead.”

    He stayed quiet, letting your words sink in. So he decided to avert the conversation by explaining what happened.  

    “We fought and I impulsively told her the truth after she asked me if I was cheating on her.”

    “She asked you?”

    “Yes but…she wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t already have her suspicions about us.” He carefully laced his fingers through your hair so you’d look at him. He pouted, seeing the redness around your nose bridge as the area was starting to swell.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “Yeah, you keep saying that, but I’m half of the reason I’m in this mess.”

    “Then it’s only fair you punch me in the face too.” he jokes, inching his face closer while tilting his head so you’d have full access to ruin his chiseled features. You roll your eyes and push away his face instead with a bitter scoff.  

    You couldn’t help but laugh, hating how he was able to make you forget about how fucked up the situation you were in really was. You looked in each others’ eyes a little too lovingly as silence consumed the room, so before he could lean in to kiss you, you spoke up.  

    “Yeonjun you should’ve gone after her.”

    He sighed in annoyance. “Don’t you think that I would have if I wanted to?” y/n don’t you get it. I don’t…” he paused to think of a less insensitive way to put it but when he couldn’t think of a way to do so he just gave in and voiced his deepest truths. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt freer than I do now that she knows. Even if it cost you your cute little nose.” He softly booped your nose with his finger, trying to get you to cheer up and it kind of worked, until your smile faded. 

    You felt the cold bag of peas still in your hands, looking down at it with furrowed brows as you started thinking of Juyeon and the way you hurt him because of how selfish you were.

    “Did I hurt you?” Yeonjun noticed your saddened facial expression. You shook your head, still looking at your hands, and that’s when it clicked to him.

    “…You started to really like him, didn’t you?”

    You look up at Yeonjun’s face. Finding it weird how you were talking about a guy you were romantically involved with, with him; whom you are also romantically involved with.  

    “I just…I hate that I hurt his feelings,” you admit.

    Yeonjun nodded to himself, taking the bag out of your hands so he could lace his long, slender fingers through your own as he sighed.

    “I hated seeing you with him. I guess it’s funny because…that’s exactly how you must have felt every time you saw me with Karina.” He scoffed, realizing that he confessed his jealousy.

    “Just know that…I can only let you go if you tell me to.” He continued.

    “What does that mean?” you look up at him again to try and understand, and that’s when he bit his lip, needing a second to collect his thoughts before he could voice them to you.

    “What I’m trying to say is, that even though you deserve someone like Juyeon, who has his shit together, comes from a good family and is literally studying to become a doctor.” He paused to roll his eyes. “I selfishly want you to choose me because, what we have…no one can measure up to you y/n. It took that tool for me to realize that.”

    ‘That tool?” you say cocking a brow.

    “Stop coming to his defense while I’m pouring my heart out here. It’s not nice.” He pouted.

    You chuckled. Realizing how the tables have turned. Days ago, you wanted to be his first choice, to be the only woman he looked at. The number of times he had hurt your feelings was more painful than the other, but you couldn’t help but apprehend the irony of it all.

    “I understand if you want nothing to do with me after this whole thing, and I’ll give you time to figure out what you want. But I hope that that’s me. Because I…I actually want to show you what it’s like to be loved by me. Wholeheartedly.”

    Loved? By him?

    If what he has shown you up to now was only a preview, then it must be worth being punched in the face for.  

    You can’t help but think of Karina, and how your affair ruined her future with the only man she loved ‘wholeheartedly,’ while he was sharing the space in his heart with you. You had only been around for a small six months while she has shared her whole life with him.  

    3,5 of those years were filled with memories of a good and healthy relationship with a great man, but that was before he met you.

    You stayed silent, not knowing what to say, your mind going into overdrive at his confession in the middle of what was supposed to be the biggest crisis in his life. You didn’t understand how he could shut out all of those years of meaningful memories so easily. He didn’t even have the decency to go after her to explain what has been going on for months now. Which was the least Karina deserved for the purpose of closure.  

    It clicked to you that he didn’t communicate with her. He didn’t talk to her the way he talked to you. And maybe if he did, none of this would have happened. If he would have just voiced the concerns he had about their relationship from the start, all of this could have been prevented, and he would have never pursued you the way he did. But Karina always had some type of authority over him. He never dared to criticize her because she’s the reason he was able to live his life the way he did. With a scholarship at a good school with great friends, it was all thanks to her, so he just lived a lie by pretending to be in love.

    It was the same lack love, communication and honesty that got you to the biggest turning point in the timeline of your fucked up relationship with Yeonjun. He was going to have to choose, but it was clear that the choice was already made. And it wasn’t the choice you were expecting.

    “…What’s on your mind?” He asks, sweetly putting a stray piece of your hair behind your ear.

    “…How ironic this is.” You admit, looking into his eyes once again as they peered into yours with anticipation. “How so?”

    “Cause all this time, all I wanted was you, but you told me you didn’t care about me like that.”

    “Well…clearly, I was wrong. I guess I was just lying to protect whatever was left to save with Karina but…now I know for sure that there’s nothing left for me with her anymore.”  

    “Yeonjun…I don’t know. I can’t think straight.”

    “I know, and I’m not asking you to know right away. I just wanted you to know how I feel before it’s too late. You’ve been way too patient with me all this time. So, the least I can do is be patient with you too. Right?”

    You nodded, looking at your hands out of shyness which made him smile at you warmheartedly, petting your hair before planting a sweet kiss on your cheek.

     “Let’s get you home.”

    Yeonjun took you to your place and took care of you like you were a child. It was weird. It was a completely new sensation for him to be so caring towards you and you didn’t know how to feel. Still overwhelmed with what happened at the party.

    He basically tucked you in and left so he wouldn’t burden you with his presence, figuring that you needed space to think and wrap your head around all of these new events, accompanied with the guilt in your gut towards Juyeon. You were glad he left you alone with your thoughts, because thinking was the exact thing you needed to start doing right now.

    It was all too much of a train wreck. You’d have to explain all of this to Wooyoung tomorrow, apologize for ruining his Birthday party and tell Mirae about what Yeonjun had told you in Wooyoung’s bedroom.

    No matter how messed up it was, you couldn’t help but feel warm inside because of the fact that Yeonjun went to check on you and not Karina. It’s what you always wanted, but now that you have the security of Yeonjun’s genuine feelings for you, you suddenly don’t know what to do.

    Not when this many people had to get hurt because of it. Because of you.  

    The truth of the matter was that both Juyeon and Karina deserved better. For all you know Karina was never mean to you. She was nice, considerate, and tried to befriend you the minute she met you, but you didn’t let her.

    You didn’t let her because you were sharing a man. A man that she planned a future with, and the same man she lost because he started to fall for you instead. You just went with it because you were selfish and completely entranced by his charms in combination with the fond look in his gaze every time he laid eyes on you. It was all just too unfair.

    Honestly, if someone from the future would’ve told you this is what your life would come to a year ago you’d laugh at them and tell them to not be so ridiculous. 

    You’d never fall for a taken man.

    You’d never be that attached to someone to throw away all of your beliefs and morals, yet here you were. Lying in bed with a swollen nose, living with the consequences of your actions while everyone saw you as a homewrecker of the power couple in town.

    And it wasn’t even your fault, because you tried to walk away plenty of times; but how could you when all you felt for him was genuine. No matter how painful it was to be the other woman, the way he made you feel was worth it. Because when you were together, he’d treat you like you were his whole world. Even if you weren’t the only one.

    You tossed and turned all night, not being able to sleep because of the throbbing pain in your nose accompanied by the emotional tornado in your head. You had class in the morning and were not looking forward to explaining to your friends and teachers how you ended up with a bruised face, so you decided to call in sick at 8 AM, ready to get out of bed since your thoughts had been suffocating you all night.

    Still tired and sleep-deprived, you make your way to your kitchen, remembering Juyeon’s words about icing the area. You retrieve a random ice pack from the tiny freezer compartment in your fridge and put it to your nose as you rummage through your drawers for some painkillers, however your actions got interrupted by the sound of your phone buzzing against the wooden surface of your dinner table.

    You mindlessly retrieve it, but when you see who texted you, you instantly drop the ice pack to text him back with both hands.

    [Juyeon, 8.04 AM]: Something about the way I left didn’t sit right with me.  

    [Juyeon, 8.04 AM]: I want to hear your side of the story. Is it ok if I come over after my classes?

    You couldn’t believe what you were seeing right now. The fact that he cared enough to still talk to you after last night was a complete mystery to you. Why did he keep giving you chances you didn’t deserve?

    What is it about you that Juyeon couldn’t seem to let go of?

    [Y/N, 8:06 AM]: Yes, of course.  

    [Y/N, 8:06 AM]: I’m home all day so you can drop by whenever.

    [Juyeon, 8.06 AM]: Ok. I’ll see you in the afternoon then.

    You left him on read, not knowing what else to say to him under these circumstances. You really thought he’d break of any and every form of contact with you by now, but instead of unfollowing and blocking you, he was the first one to reach out to you when you were planning to do that yourself.

    Juyeon seemed to be a straightforward and ‘lets just get it over with’ type of person, which was nice, because you’d just overthink every step you’d have to take in order to try to talk to him again.

    You decided to clean up your place and take a shower while you waited for him. Remembering not to turn the water temperature too high just like Juyeon told you. You color corrected the shit out of your nose to try and conceal the damage but it could still seep through a little. It looked decent enough though, and the swelling wasn’t even as bad as you thought it’d be.  

    You sigh, thinking about Yeonjun and Karina and the inevitable conversation they had to have. You knew it wasn’t your place, although you couldn’t help but be curious about how that played out. Yeonjun basically confirmed that he’s ready to let go of her permanently and give whatever the two of you had a chance, but things weren’t as black and white as they seemed.  

    You knew the universe wasn’t going to make it that easy for you.

    This wasn’t a modern fairytale-like one of those romance movies you’d mindlessly watch on a Sunday night where the happy endings were predictable. This was real life, and nothing about this whole situation you put yourself in was sweet, sappy nor cliché.

    You were on your phone, scrolling through Tiktok until you saw a few text notifications pop up.

    [Yeonjun, 12:32 PM]: Hey, how are you feeling?

    [Yeonjun, 12:32 PM]: Do you need me to come over and bring you food, maybe some Advil?  

    [Y/N, 12:33 PM]: I’m ok, and I’m fine thanks lmao. It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be.

    [Yeonjun: 12:33 PM]: Hmm, okay. Well, tell me if you change your mind. I’m about to stop by Karina’s. I owe her multiple apologies and closure.

    [Y/N, 12:35 PM]: Closure?

    [Yeonjun, 12:35 PM]: Yes baby, I told you.  

    [Yeonjun, 12:35 PM]: It’s you. It’s been you from the moment I met you. I realize that now.

    You yeet your phone away on your couch out of utter disbelief and anxiety. It’s like cupid had possessed Yeonjun to start treating you the way you always wished he would, but now that it was happening it was just…fucking insane. You realize you can’t just leave him on read, deciding to send him a corny ass emoji because you didn’t know how to reply to him.

    This new dynamic would take some time getting used to, and just as you forgot all about the fact that Juyeon would be coming over, your doorbell rang.

    You jolt up from your couch as your heart started to beat uncontrollably fast. You quickly make your way to your front door, straightening out your clothes before you opened it slowly, and there he was. Lee Juyeon, as beautiful and put together as always.

    He looked at you a little puzzled, and you didn’t really know how to greet him either, so you just stepped aside to make room for him. “Please, come in.”

    Yeonjun was already in Karina’s dorm building, taking the elevator up to her place unannounced because he figured that it’d be better that way. He arrived after her roommate Giselle, let him in without suspicion. He guessed Karina didn’t tell her yet because she wasn’t hostile towards him and basically told him to make himself at home before she left to go to her afternoon class.

    He knew Karina’s schedule by heart, not because he was that interested in where she was at all times but because knowing her schedule made it easier for him to sneak around with you in the past.  

    It was sick, and he knows that. But it did come in handy right now to keep the element of surprise.  

    She arrived shortly after him. He was sitting on her bed, lost in thought about how this conversation was going to play out, thinking of everything he wanted to confess to and talk to her about, but his thoughts got interrupted as he heard a key twist the lock to her front door.

    He sighed, straightening out his posture while rubbing his temples to then lean his elbows on his thighs as he looked down at his hands. He was nervously picking at his cuticles until he heard her bedroom door creak open.

    Karina completely froze up when she saw him. She was running around all day on autopilot. Ignoring the gaping hole in her chest where her love and trust for Yeonjun used to be, but now that she had laid eyes on him again, she was reminded by the feeling of how her heart got ripped out of her chest last night.

    “…What are you doing here.” Her voice sounded hoarse, almost inaudible but it made Yeonjun look up, finally laying eyes on her.

    “We need to talk Karina.” He started carefully.

    “I…I’m not ready.”

    He sighed, looking at her with sadness and pity. He hated how much he hurt her because she didn’t deserve any of it. But he can’t help the way he feels about you. He can’t help the fact that they had been growing apart for years, and he can’t help but be honest with her right now, because it was the least she deserved from him.

    “I understand. And I get it if you never want to see me again, but I…I want you to know that I’m sorry.” He spoke as softly and slowly as he could. Trying to minimize the heartache because he really didn’t want this conversation to turn into yet another yelling match.

    She looked at him with watery eyes and a trembling lip. Somehow, she wanted this all to be a sick joke, but the fact that he was apologizing and validating that her feelings of anger and sadness were correct, she broke.

    She turned around so he wouldn’t see her cry, though it didn’t take long before she felt two arms snake around her waist to hold her from behind as she buried her face in her own hands. “I don’t understand.” She managed to get out between sobs. “W-why…why did you do it. I thought you loved me.”  

    She turned around to face him so she could look in his eyes and was met with the sight of his own watery orbs. He was biting his lower lip to control his emotions and loosened his hold on her. “Karina, I don’t know what to tell you because I honestly don’t know how it happened either…it just did…”

    “It was a one-time thing, right?” She desperately tried to search for ways to keep lying to herself, but when he stayed silent she knew enough.

    “How long…”

    He let go of her, taking a step back to brace himself for the eruption of their biggest argument yet. “Around six months.”  

    Her reaction was one he didn’t expect. Her whole body went cold, shivers running down her spine to hear what she hoped was far from the truth. Her already heavy breathing intensified, and it was starting to sound like a full-fledged panic attack.

    “Karina. Breathe.” He held her at an arms-length but she aggressively rejected his touch. “Was I that horrible to you?” she raised her voice. “With everything I’ve done for you, your whole fucking life I cared for you. I was there through all of it, the pain from when your mom left, the hardships you went through because of it. You’d be fucking lost without me Yeonjun! And this is how you thank me? By cheating on me with the first whore who was ready to jump your bones despite the fact that you had a girlfriend!?”  

    He winced at her words, getting angry at the fact that Karina called you a fucking whore. Even though her anger was justified, he couldn’t quite handle it. “…Don’t call her that.” He mumbled under his breath, though it was loud and clear enough for Karina to hear.

    “Are you defending her!?”

    “She didn’t know I was cuffed, I deceived her for months.”

    Karina looked at Yeonjun in utter disbelief. Not believing all of these fucking revelations coming at her all at once. “The man that’s standing in front of me right now is not the man I fell in love with.”

    He swallowed harshly, wondering if this was the right thing for him to say in a moment where all the blame is on him, but he couldn’t help it. Wanting to rip off the band-aid as quickly as humanly possible. “That’s the whole point, Karina. People grow apart, even us.”

    “No. no we’re not.”

    He scoffed. Why was she not letting him break up with her? What woman in their right mind would want to stay with someone who has lied and cheated on them for half a year? It’s not like he was up for boyfriend of the year either. He had detached himself emotionally way before he started to sleep with you, so why would Karina want to keep herself in a relationship where she was treated like shit, and then some.  

    “Karina how could you still want me after everything I’ve done to you? How could you ever look at me again and not see someone who hurt you!?”

    “We can go to therapy. All couples go through shit like this at some point and I don’t want to throw away my life with you. What are six months compared to our whole lives together.”  

    She was rambling, trying to find ways to save her relationship. Save her future and her heart.

    She couldn’t take losing him. But he wasn’t even trying to get her to stay his and she knew that. By now, Yeonjun was just looking at her like she was crazy, and maybe she was. She was crazy for him.

    “You deserve better,” he tried.

    “Then be better!” She pleaded, leaping forward to take his hands but he didn’t let her touch him.

    “I can’t.”

    Karina blinked twice to confirm if she heard him right, desperation getting the better of her as tears started to stream down her face again.


    “BECAUSE I LOVE HER.” He shouted out without thinking. Taking a deep breath to calm himself down. He bit the inside of his cheek, realizing what he had just said. Because it was true. “I love her Karina. I’m sorry.”  

    She looked at him even more broken than before. She had hoped that whatever the two of you had going on was based on meaningless sex and an escape from reality. But hearing this changed everything.

    He was choosing you over her.  

    She wiped her tears away with her sleeves. Taking a deep breath as she straightened out her posture. She turned around to open her bedroom door, stepping aside to make way. “Get out.” Her voice was icy. The person in front of him right now was nothing like the girl that was breaking down in front of him just seconds ago.  

    Yeonjun looked at her a little puzzled. The sudden change in her demeanor scaring him. This conversation was nowhere near over to him, and he knew that it would have to be continued some other time. This was not the outcome he had hoped for, and certainly not the type of closure he wanted for the both of them.

    But it was no use. What’s done is done, and there’s no turning back now.

    He sighed, picking up his jacket from her desk as he walked out, stopping in his tracks to look at her one last time. “For what it’s worth. I’m really sorry.”

    Karina closed the door as he left, letting herself fall on her bedroom floor completely numb and hollowed out. She bitterly looked at the picture frame of her and Yeonjun on her nightstand with tears in her eyes.

    It was a photo of them as kids. They were about 4 and 5 years old, holding hands at the playground. The photo was ironically taken by his mother, which reminded her of something as shock overtook her features.

    She sat up, her breathing stabilizing as she got herself up from the floor to rummage through her desks’ drawers, trying to find the letter she was looking for.

    It didn’t take long before she found it, inspecting the envelope to see the letter she stole from his mailbox years ago before he could see.

    Her eyes scanned the senders’ address, reading the words written on the envelope out loud to herself, realizing that their story wasn’t over yet.

    “To Yeonjun, from Mom.”  

    “So…you didn’t know he was dating Karina?”

    You shook your head. “No. I was way in too deep when I found out and…I don’t know. It was hard to leave.”  

    You had been talking to Juyeon for the past 20 minutes, trying to get him to understand your point of view as honestly as you could. You had apologized for the nth’ time by now, but he didn’t seem to care for your apologies. He only wanted to know facts of the timeline of your relationship with Yeonjun, so he could fully comprehend everything and judge the situation objectively.

    “What a dick.” Juyeon huffed. “I’m sorry he played you like that. It must’ve been hard to see him with her.”

    You looked up at him with big eyes, unable to grasp why he was being so understanding and considerate towards your feelings.

    “It’s funny because we’re not even dating. We went out to dinner once and were just starting to get to know each other so I feel like I can’t really be mad at you, but I guess I started to like you more than I thought I would,” he admitted without a filter.

    Juyeon was the only man in your life right now that always voiced what he was feeling to you without dancing around the subject. It was a quality you wished Yeonjun had, cause maybe if he did you wouldn’t be in this chaos chapter.

    “…I like you too…I really do, and I feel terrible for lying to you,” you say insecurely avoiding eye contact with him, which he noticed.  

    “You don’t owe me anything since we just only started to hang out with each other but it’s…bothering me less now that I know that you didn’t willingly throw yourself at a taken man.”

    You scoff, agreeing with his point of view but it still felt wrong to play the victim card. “I still decided to stay when I found out.”

    Juyeon looked at you with sadness. He hated how much your relationship with Yeonjun seemed to have damaged you in ways he wasn’t able to fully comprehend. So he decided to offer physical consolation in the form of holding your hand, hoping that he wasn’t overstepping by doing so. “Y/n…you were lured into a trap that closed the second you got in. It’s not your fault for having feelings or getting attached to someone, it’s what makes you human. No one’s perfect.”

    Your pupils start to shake as you look into his eyes. Dumbfounded by his wisdom and the way he was able to comfort you so easily. “You’re close to perfect,” you blurt out, making him laugh at your bluntness. It’s one of the things he liked so much about you.

    He was hoping that he wasn’t making a mistake by offering you a second chance, wishing that you’d take it with both hands to see where this thing could go.

    “No, I’m not. I’m really gullible and naïve. So much to the point where I want to give you a second chance.” He half-joked as he put an arm around you, moving your hair out of your face with his other hand so he could see your flustered face a little better.

    “You’re willing to do that?”  

    “…Yes, but this time, if you want to, let’s take it slow. I think we both need time to think and you have a lot going on, especially with you know who.”

    Juyeon refused to name-drop Yeonjun because any and all respect he had for him was long gone at this point. “I want to make sure you are okay before you jump into something new. So, let’s stay friends for now, and if we’re meant to be…it’ll be.” He nonchalantly shrugged, leaving you speechless once again at how mature this man was.

    “I’d love that.” You nudge his shoulder. “Pal.” You giggled at the nickname you gave him, which made Juyeon's lips curl up into a sweet smile. This was the first time he heard your laugh since he had arrived, and it made him feel giddy inside.

    Fuck. What were you doing to him? Silence consumed the room as he yearningly stares into your eyes. You looked back at him with dilated pupils, waiting for him to inch his face closer to yours when you caught his gaze moving down to your lips.

    He laced his long and slender fingers through your hair, kissing you ever so gently, almost as if you were more fragile than glass. You started to kiss him back, and that’s when he pulled away slightly, smiling against your lips while resting his forehead on yours.

    “I think it’s best if I leave now,” he whispered as he let go of you. All you could do was nod in agreement, still dazed by the fact that he kissed you just seconds ago.

    You followed him to your front door, trying to wrap your mind around what had just happened and how incredibly sweet he was to you when the only thing you deserved from his was a verbal beating.

    He put on his varsity jacket, turning around to see you stand there with big and insecure eyes as you looked up at him. He melted at the sight, opening his arms for you so he could hug you goodbye.

    “Let’s keep in touch okay? Text me if you need anything,” he mumbled into the hug and you just nodded in his hold, not wanting to let go for some reason.

    He smiled, letting go of you first to twist the doorknob so he could leave.

    “Bye y/n.”

    “…Bye Juyeon.”  

    Yeonjun had called you to tell you about his conversation with Karina right after Juyeon left that day. The fact that he told you that she was in denial and wanted to work on their relationship was no surprise to you. Though they hadn’t talked since, Yeonjun told you how silence from Karina’s end never leads to anything good, so he told you to keep an eye out in case she’d try to contact you.  

    For some reason, you felt like Yeonjun was leaving out important details to their conversation, but quite frankly, it was none of your business. And you were way too busy with regular classes and dance classes to care.

    He tried coming over with dinner, wanting to see you and be with you but your head was so full that you declined the offer. Though he understood, Yeonjun couldn’t help but think that you were avoiding him out of anxiousness - which you were - though you hadn’t stopped thinking nor talking to him since.  

    A few days passed on automatic pilot like that. Your nose went back to normal, you picked up your neglected studies and hung out with Mirae and Wooyoung as well. Of course, you had filled them in on all the tea from start to finish, which made Wooyoung see Yeonjun in a whole different light.

    “How are you holding up?” Wooyoung asks as he hands you your coffee to go from the small pop-up next to your University.  

    It was early as fuck, so you desperately needed the caffeine. “Fine. Nervous. I don’t know. I’m seeing Yeonjun again after school.”

    Wooyoung scrunched his nose up, squinting his eyes at you as he clicked his tongue. “Why?”

    “Because we need to talk about what happened and see…see what it means for us.” You hesitated to add the last part, but you were done with lying about anything related to Yeonjun. That shit was over with.

    Wooyoung scoffed a little too loud, catching stares from fellow students as they made their way to the main lecture hall. “You can’t be serious right? You got punched in the face for a man, and now you’re telling me you’re going back to that same man…”

    “It’s not that black and white.”

    “No, it was black and blue.” He sassily remarks as he booped your nose. You laugh, swatting his hand away. “It’s different this time.” you timidly explain.

    “How so?” He asks while cocking a brow, obviously not believing a word you’re saying and you don’t blame him, because if you were in Wooyoung’s shoes, you would’ve been overprotective too.

    “It just is Woo, trust me.”

    And different it was. Because for the first time in forever you didn’t have to look over your shoulder as you entered Yeonjun’s apartment building. For the first time you could just ring the doorbell instead of texting him that you were here, and for the first time nothing was a secret anymore.

    You take a deep breath to prepare yourself and not even a second later the door opened, but it wasn’t Yeonjun in the door opening.

    Soobin stood in the doorway, immediately letting you in. “…Thought I’d never see you here again,” he says as he followed you from the hallway into the living room.

    “Yeonjun hyung isn’t home yet, he had class till five.”  He casually explained, walking towards the couch to sit back down.

    You nodded understandingly, awkwardly looking around the living room until you saw a spikey-looking thing run across the hard wooden floor. You yelled out of shock, jumping up on the couch to protect yourself.

    ‘WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?” you shout, clutching your heart as it sank to your stomach out of fear.

    “That’s Odi.” Soobin retorts, quickly running after the animal to pick it up.


    “My hedgehog.” He opened his hands to show you with a smile, but you just took a step back as you were still standing on top of the couch.  

    You give him a look of complete confusion, and that’s when the two of you burst out into laughter together.

    Yeonjun had also arrived and took off his shoes in the hallway, hearing loud laughter coming from the living room. When he opened the door and saw you standing on top of the couch with Soobin holding his pet, he couldn’t help but crack a smile at the interaction.

    “Oh. You’re home. Good.” You say getting back down from the couch, making a wide curve around Soobin and his spikey little friend to greet Yeonjun.

    He opened his arms for you, hugging you as he kissed your temple. “What did I walk into?” he chuckled letting his hand glide down the small of your back.

    Soobin sighed, putting Odi back in his cage before turning his attention back on you. “Y/n just met our pet.”

    “Your pet, I wanted a cat.” Yeonjun declares rolling his eyes.

    “Well, we have joined custody now so shut up and deal with it,” Soobin replied, also rolling his eyes.

    You giggle at their married couple-like banter, walking over to Soobin and the suddenly cute-looking animal again. “You can pet him it’s fine.”

    “I can? Won’t it hurt?”

    “Nah…it’s cool.” Soobin said, proudly lifting Odi out of his cage again to show you.

    Your conversation with Soobin became background noise as Yeonjun stared at the two of you warmly from afar. He looked at your smile, took in the sound of your laughter, and loved that you were finally getting along with his best friend.  

    Karina and Soobin were never close, something he never understood.

    “I heard you got punched in the face.” Soobin teases as he sat back down on the couch while you were busy trying to entertain Odi. “Yeah, wanna know what it’s like. I remember it clearly.”

    “Haa, I’m good. Sorry I asked.” Soobin says throwing his hands up as a sign of truce.

    You chuckled, looking at Yeonjun again whom you catch staring at you. He snapped back to reality, approaching the two of you as he sat down on the couch as well.

    “At least she knows now right? That’s something good?” Soobin questions, taking the animal from your hold again. It was weird that you were speaking about this whole situation so casually when neither you nor Yeonjun had really figured anything out yet.

    You bite your lip, looking at Soobin a little funny. “I really expected you to be on her side of it all.”

    “There are no sides. I honestly…never really liked her like that. She was really controlling and if Yeonjun hyung was happy enough with her then he wouldn’t have cheated. No offense. Of course, that doesn’t justify that, Yeonjun’s a dick.”

    You raise an eyebrow at Soobin’s words but Yeonjun just cleared his throat. “Stop talking about me like I’m not in the room.” he says scratching his head awkwardly.  

    “No. Wait. This is like the first real conversation I’ve ever had with you, aside from that one time you threatened me in the supermarket of course.” You smirk as you look at Soobin again, but Soobin widened his eyes at you.

    Yeonjun froze, shooting Soobin a venomous glare. “You what!?”

    “…Hey…I’ll be in my room…I’ll give you guys some privacy,” He says as he scrambled to grab his phone and Odi’s cage, quickly walking out of the living room and into his bedroom to then clumsily close the door with his foot.

    It made you giggle as you slouched in your seat, putting your attention back on Yeonjun who looked at you with a questioning gaze. “Was that a joke?”

    “No. It was harmless, don’t worry about it. He just cares about you.” You patted his thigh to calm him down, finding it cute how worked up he got. Again, it was a new sensation for him to openly show you that he cared about you.

    He fell uncharacteristically quiet, sinking back in thought as he reminisced about Karina and the way things ended with her. He felt bad for moving on so easily with you. It felt like you were always part of this household given the way you bickered with Soobin like old friends, but less was true.  

    Weirdly enough, he felt more guilty about being with you now than when he was sneaking around with you behind her back because this time, Karina knew, and actually got hurt.

    “What’s on your mind?” you ask as you move closer to him, you put your legs over his and move his dark hair out of his face, tugging at his chin so he’d look at you.  

    “It’s gonna sound fucking stupid.”

    “Try me.”

    “I feel bad to be happy with you now that she knows.”  

    Your playful smile faded, suddenly feeling like the other woman again. “I’m sorry.” You tried to remove your legs from his lap, wanting to create some distance but he didn’t let you.

    “Hey no. It’s not like that I promise. I made my choice. I just…hate that I had to hurt her to do so. I think that’s why I didn’t want to tell her the truth for so long. She doesn’t deserve any of this. Neither do you.”  

    “...Then why did you.” You try, wanting a genuine explanation of what was so god damn special about you that it was worth risking his life-long friendship and four-year relationship for.

    “Because I fell for you. You’re all I ever wanted.” He laced his fingers through your hair, wanting you to look at him as he confessed once again. Something he’s been doing a lot of lately.

    The butterflies in your stomach returned as you watched the corners of his mouth curl up into a charming smile. “I can’t apologize enough you know that.” He says as he leans his head back on the couch.

    “I’m sorry I dragged you down with me, but I really, truly hope that…when you’re ready, you’d want to give this thing a real shot. With me,” he continues as he played with your fingers.

    You sighed, not knowing what to say. You were met at a crossroads where both Juyeon and Yeonjun were holding out their hands for you to follow, and you were going to have to make a choice before both of them pulled their hands away.

    “You don’t have to choose right away.” Yeonjun says to fill the silence, his words perfectly matching the thoughts in your head. “Just know that I’m not going anywhere.” He placed a sweet kiss on your forehead, and you don’t know why but you got the sudden urge to hug him, so you did.

    You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face in his chest to hold him as close as possible. He was taken aback by the action, his body lagging like his brain, which meant that it took a few seconds for him to realize that he had to hug you back by snaking his arms around your waist.

    He rubbed your back with comforting strokes, nuzzling his face in your hair to breathe you in completely so he could relish the moment.  

    He understood how insecure you were about your relationship with him. How could you look past the fact that he cheated on his own partner to be with you? It was fifty shades of fucked up, but he had to show you how much he cared for you somehow.  

    He let go of you to steal a quick kiss from your lips, moving your hair out of your face so he could look at you better. “Let me show you how serious I am about you.”

    He got up with one swift motion with you still in his arms and carried you out of the living room bridal style, clumsily closing his bedroom with his foot.  

    (smut ahead)

    You giggled when he set you down on his bed, playfully slapping his chest as he got rid of his own shirt. Your hand glided from his chest to his abs as he unbuckled his belt in a rush. You missed seeing him like this. It had been way too long since he had touched you, meaning you were entirely too horny and touch-deprived to think straight.

    You got rid of your own top as he pulled his pants down, revealing his length to you in no time. God how you missed that dick.

    “Turn around for me.” He coos while sweetly caressing your cheek with his thumb, and without second thought you do as you’re told. You lay down on your back, letting your head rest on the edge of the mattress with your face below his crotch. You looked up at him from your upside-down position, opening your mouth so he could guide himself past your lips.

    You knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it, making him groan in approval when you started to pump him slowly as he slid his cock into your mouth.

    “Fuck angel. Just like that.” He slowly started to rock his hips forward. Using one of his hands to grab you by your neck as he slowly and steadily fucked your throat, going a little deeper with each thrust because he knew you could take it. “Always such a good girl for me. Fuck,” he compliments, enjoying the delicious feeling of his tip hitting the back of your throat with every snap of his hips.

    You hummed in approval, taking him like a champ as his pace got more ragged, but by now it was getting hard to breathe. He noticed your lack of being able to catch your breath soon enough, pulling out quickly so he could turn you back around, getting rid of your trousers in return so you could compose yourself in the mean time.

    He came back up to hungrily kiss your lips to make sure you were good, just to slide back down again so he could eat you out.  

    He was gentle at first, letting you get used to his teasing, but his kitten-licks soon turned into a full-on make out session down there, making you moan and mewl as you felt overstimulation creep up on you.

    He looked at your face contort as he heard you moan his name, grabbing fistfuls of his hair to let him know that he was doing the right thing. He smiled against your core, wanting nothing more than to feel you come undone on his cock, so he pulled away from you, which made you look down at him in bewilderment. “Not yet baby.” He mused as he situated himself between your legs to fuck you missionary.  

    He tapped the side of your thigh to signal to you that he wanted your legs on his shoulders just so he could fuck you deeper, so you quickly complied. Wanting nothing more than to feel him stretch you out the way only he could.  

    It was funny to you in the moment, you had this mutual understanding of what both of you wanted with simple taps and stares, but when you felt him slide inside of your tightness your mind went completely foggy.

    The two of you went at it for so long that you lost track of time.  

    He was ruining you with your face down and your ass up by now, plunging in and out of you with long and deep strokes as you reached your third orgasm. If it wasn’t for your stamina’s as dancers you’d be tapping out by now, but there was something different in the way he fucked you this time.

    He was being vulnerable, passionate yet rough, and to summarize the feeling, it was just the way you loved it and then some. This might have been the best sex you’ve had with him or better yet, it was the best sex you’ve had in your life, period.

    He announced that he was close, which prompted you to take a new position so he could bust his load into your mouth without having to ask. He smirked as he pumped himself a few more times, throwing his head back as he came on your tongue with loud grunts and heavy breaths.

    He looked down at you to see you swallow his cum with dark eyes. It might sound delirious, but it somehow made him feel proud. He smirked down at you, tugging at your chin to leave a sloppy kiss on your lips. “That’s my baby.”  

    (end of smut)

    An hour later you were still naked, situated on his chest as you talked about the fact that you had to get going soon. You had class early in the morning, and no matter how much you wanted to stay, you knew you couldn’t. “That’s cute.” You say as you play with the beaded bracelet on his wrist. He lifted his arm up so he could assess it, taking it off to put it on your wrist instead. “Here, keep it.”  

    You give him a funny look, but he ignored it with a smile, fumbling with your fingers to amuse himself.

    “You know…I can finally take you out on a real date,” he realizes as he drew figures on your bare back, thinking about the ways he was finally able to spoil you from now on.

    You look up at him, propping yourself up on your elbow. “I like sushi.”

    He chuckled with with a nod, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “Got it.”  

    You reluctantly got out of the bed, making Yeonjun whine as he tried to pull you back in, but you didn’t let him. “Ah, come onnn.” You whine back. “Let me go.” 

    He sat up, kissing a trail from your lower arm to your shoulder as you tried to escape his touch. “Yeonjun…come on.” You whine once again, and this time he let go with smiles and giggles. It was disgustingly cute. And everything you wanted. “Fine. But I’m taking you out for dinner tomorrow night. No debate. Wear that red dress you wore a while back. I loved that shit.” He says as he licks his lips, already thinking about ways he could take it off of you later that night.

    You roll your eyes, putting your top back on. “Okay.” You mindlessly agree, making a boyish smile creep up on his features as you continued to dress yourself.

    He also got up to put his boxers back on so he could walk you to the front door. “Cool, then…it’s a date?” he asks for confirmation and when you smiled at him with a shy nod, his eyes lit up.

    “Yes, Yeonjun. It’s a date.”

    You arrived at your apartment, completely love-struck and giddy inside. It felt like you were 15 again, excited and happy about a boy you kissed and somehow you were completely fine with it.

    For the first time since you met Yeonjun you were finally taking steps in the right direction.

    You look at the clock to see that it was 8 PM already, you didn’t have dinner yet, so you just decided to order take-out for convenience. After a quick shower, your doorbell rang, so you mindlessly opened the door with cash in your hands but when you saw who was standing in front of you, your heart nearly fell out of your fucking ass.


    “…Hey. Can I come in?” She calmly asked, staring into what seemed like your soul.

    “…I...Uhm…”  you stutter.

    NO? Of course not.  

    “Yes…come in,”  you say as you awkwardly step aside.

    She walked in, looking around your place since it was the first time she stepped in here. To her surprise, it looked neat. She had painted this picture of you being a monster living in some type of ghetto ass apartment just so she could ease her own mind but less was true.

    She put her purse down on your dinner table and crossed her arms which made you take a deep breath, giving her a puzzled look. “…Why are you here?”  you set the money you had in your hands aside on your countertop and that’s when she spotted Yeonjun’s bracelet on your wrist.  

    It made her stop in her tracks, biting her lip as the urge to punch you in your face was creeping up on her again, but she had to keep her cool. She came here with a reason.  

    One you weren’t going to like.

    “You were with him?” she asked, but you ignored her question, raising your eyebrow.

    “How do you even know where I live…”  

    Karina shrugged, not wanting to tell you that she has used her parents’ resources to find out everything about you.  

    “I came to ask you to leave Yeonjun alone.” She says as she cuts to the chase.

    You can’t help but scoff, crossing your arms as you start to fumble with the beads of Yeonjun’s bracelet. “…Which part of him not wanting you anymore did you not understand?”

    Karina bit her lip, suppressing her anger because she knew that if she exploded, it would drive Yeonjun even further away from her than he already was.

    “You need to let him go y/n. I promise you, it’s better that way.”

    “Karina…leave my fucking house. Please.” You roll your eyes and turn around, not wanting her to give you any more of your time.

    “No,” she says as she took a step closer to you. “I found his mother.”  

    Your heart stopped, and so did time. You turn around to stare at her for what must’ve been a few seconds, though it felt like minutes.


    She swallowed harshly, crossing her arms over her chest again. “His mother lives in England now. She teaches arts at some community college and hasn’t moved around since she arrived.” She explains like it was yesterday's news.

    “…How do you-”

    You were interrupted as she kept talking. “As you might know, my parents own major shares in the Uni he attends. They pulled some strings, and we might be able to do a study abroad there, so he can find his mom and get the closure he needs. But you. You’re the one that’s keeping him here. He won’t go with me as long as you’re in the picture.”

    You let her words sink in. Completely overwhelmed with all of this information.

    “How do you know Karina?” you tried once again. Not knowing what else to ask her except for the most pressing question of all.

    “That doesn’t matter. What matters is that he shouldn’t have to choose between you and a potential relationship with his own mother. So, leave him, while you can, It’s what’s best for him.”

    You couldn’t believe your ears. The fucking audacity this took from her was on a whole other level. This isn’t what’s best for him. It’s what is best for her. And suddenly you realized something.

    “…You said she hadn’t moved since she arrived…did you know? All along? And you didn’t tell him!?” you were raising your voice at her at this point, but she looked at you unfazed and unimpressed. She knew she had the upper hand here, even in your own home.  

    “I did. But that doesn’t matter.”

    Wow. The last piece of leverage she had on him was his mother. She never told him about the letter because she was scared he might have left her to find his mom in the UK. But now, the only way for him to find her was if he went with Karina himself.

    “Soobin was right. You’re fucking sick.” You say as you squint your eyes at her. Trying to control the rage that was boiling in the pit of your empty stomach.

    “Maybe. But at least I’m not a homewrecker.”

    She left you in shambles as she retrieved her purse from your dinner table again. This was a much quicker visit than she had anticipated.  

    “If you care about him the way you say you do, you wouldn’t let him choose between you and his own mother, right?”  

    Your eyes started to spew fire at her words, turning around to open the door. “Get the fuck out.”

    “Sure, y/n. Whatever you want.” She rolled her eyes, making her way out of your home with confidence.  

    She stopped in her tracks when she got to eye level with you.  “End it now. Or don’t and live with the fact that your half assed relationship would be the reason he’d miss out on closure or even a relationship with his mother. Your call.”

    She left without another word and you slam the door behind her. You wanted to scream, not believing what just happened to you, and that right after you thought you were finally getting somewhere with Yeonjun.

    Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you retrieve it, but when you see his name on your display with the messages attached to it your eyes started to fill with tears.

    It was a voice note.

    “I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I made a reservation at 7. So be ready at 6.30 alright?”  

    “Oh and, I know it’s fucking stupid to say it over text like this but I’m serious about you y/n. I know you’re probably sick of these dumb-ass confessions but…I haven’t felt this hopelessly in love in a while and I can’t wait to show you with actions instead of words. I’m all in, Remember that.” He stayed silent for a while, but what he said next was something you never imagined him to say.

    “Goodnight baby. I love you,”  

    Part IV is in the works...

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