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  • tohokuu
    02.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #they're too problematic man #i don't like them #LMAO #but the IN LIFE album goes hard #easy is a great song #but their current music is QUESTIONABLEEE #i can admit to the good stuff #and hyunkin looked good in his aotm #not as good as yeonjun and woo tho #HYUNJIN LMAO * #and i used to find bangchan attractive until that thing he did #anyway stan ateez txt and itzy for clear skin #no literally #those stays are BREAKING OUT stressing about defending their faves #IM SORRY LMAO #but i'm not gonna go out of my way to hate them #and im friends with blogs that write for them #you can catch me listening to easy and god's menu sometimes 🙄🙄🙄 #but i don't like them #thank you #dion’s messages {💉}
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  • togetherxdorks
    02.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Meet the members!

    disclaimer: this is all fiction and not an actual representation of txt

    name: Choi Soobin

    age: 20


    loves: cafe's, anything to do with food, taking nice walks, etc.

    fav pet names: prince, bunny, bun, pretty boy, handsome


    sub-leaning switch (soft dom and obedient sub)

    some of his kinks: praise, size, breeding, body worship, light bdsm

    name: Choi Yeonjun

    age: 22


    loves: shopping, late night car rides, giving gifts, etc.

    fav pet names: darling, daddy, baby boy


    dom-leaning switch (soft dom, bratty sub)

    some of his kinks: roleplay, breeding, degradation, spit, etc.

    name: Choi Beomgyu

    age: 20


    loves: pda, bike rides, movie nights, videogames

    fav pet names: baby boy, baby, cutie, love, etc.


    switch (hard dom, bratty sub)

    some of his kinks: bdsm, praise and degradation, vouyerism, etc.

    name: Kang Taehyun

    age: 19


    loves: gifts, acts of service, sweets, photography, etc.

    fav pet names: pup, baby, handsome


    soft dom

    some of his kinks: degradation, body worship, food, edging, light bdsm

    name: Huening Kai

    age: 19


    loves: plushies, cafe's, amusement parks, light pda

    fav pet names: bun, pretty boy, cutie


    obedient sub

    some of his kinks: overstimulation, praise, marking, etc.

    admin: this is not everything they like, just explore with the members!

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  • tomorrowxtogether
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    02/12/21 TXT Japan Official’s Tweet

    日本1st EP『Chaotic Wonderland』メンバー個別オンライン電話イベントがすべて終了いたしました🎉 今回もMOAと #TXT の時間⏳にたくさんのご参加本当にありがとうございました😊💖 来週のオンライントークイベントでまたお会いしましょう💫

    #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #Chaotic_Wonderland

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  • cyeonjungf
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Singing "I lo-lo-love you"

    ¿At least I think I do? ♡ if you like, ↺ if you save/use!

    follow me for more!

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  • hangsanghyog
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Beomgyu: can we go to the cage pond?

    Yeonjun: the what?

    Beomgyu: the cage pond


    Hueningkai: he's talking about an aquarium hyung

    #TXT #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #incorrect txt#incorrect quotes#txt post #txt incorrect quotes #incorrect txt quotes #incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop incorrect quotes #soobin#yeonjun#beomgyu#taehyun#hueningkai
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  • neofltr
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    what txt would call their partner

    yeonjun - baby/babe

    a classic, loves the simplicity and adores callling you it all the time

    soobin - love, honey

    hes a sucker for cute petnames^^ calling you "my love" is his favorite thing

    beomgyu - baby

    he either calls you baby or a really cheesy petname just to tease you, theres no in between

    taehyun - babe

    he doesnt really use petnames, he usually calls you by your name or a nickname, uses "baby" to tease you

    kai - baby

    hes similar to taehyun, would call you by your name rather than a petname, but its mostly bc hes shy ^^;; he dosent use "baby" often but he slowly gets more comfortable with using different petnames !

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  • wynterrr02
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    TXT react to you being short

    Choi Yeonjun: He would most definitely make fun of you. He may be five-foot-eleven, but he would definitely take advantage of his height, even if he was a couple inches taller.

    “You need help reaching that? I can grab that for you.” Yeonjun reaches over you to grab your pancake mix from the second shelf of the cabinet.

    You cross your arms and pout, “ I could have gotten that.”

    He uncrossed your arms and kissed your forehead, “ I know. I just wanted to get it for you. And show you I’m taller.”

    Choi Soobin: He wouldn’t make fun of you. Maybe the sly comment here and there, but nothing too mean.

    “Hey, can you pass me the almond milk from the shelf right there?” He would ask while you were grocery shopping for the guys.

    “Yeah, I know how much you love your almond milk.” You struggled to reach for it with Soobin ready to spring into action if you called for him.

    However, you eventually got it, a proud smile evident on your face. “Got it!”

    Choi Beomgyu: Expect to be teased to be max. Reminders every day that he’s still taller than you, even by a couple inches.

    “Hey, Shor-. I mean, Jagi? Can you get the dryer sheets from the shelf?

    You glare back at your boyfriend, “What did you just call me?!! Get back here!”

    After you were finished chasing him around the dorms and gave him a good beating, he watched as you struggled to reach the dryer sheets, eventually resulting in you hopping on top of the washer to grab them. You brought them down with a triumphant smile then turned into a smirk. “It wasn’t too hard. I got it.”

    Kang Taehyun: He’s mature about it. He doesn’t care that you’re shorter than him, but he will admire you from afar if you’re struggling to get something down or put something back up.

    He watched from the corner connecting the living room to the hallway of rooms as you were looking around for something. You were mumbling to yourself something about a camera. The only camera in this house was his Kodak camera.

    Taehyun comes out from the corner, smiling, “Looking for something?”

    You look up from your previous spot, in front of the linen closet, surprised, “N-No.”

    “A camera, perhaps? My camera?” Taehyun inquired. “What are you doing with it?”

    “Nothing bad.” You looked down at your socks, taking notice of the cute strawberry detail. “Just gonna take a couple pictures of myself with it.”

    Taehyun laughs wholeheartedly, “That’s just fine. Just don’t break it.” He moves past you and reaches for the pink and white camera on the top shelf and hands it to you. “Have fun and don’t waste too much film.”

    Huening Kai: He is going to be the cutest about it. Not so much as teasing you for your height, but more of an appreciation.

    You were both in the living room with the lights turned off, watching The Nun when Hyuka announced that he was hungry. Being the good girlfriend you were, offered to grab some snacks from the cabinets. Hyuka paused the movie and grabbed his phone, presumably looking through TikTok. You jumped off the couch with excitement and dashed into the kitchen, turning the lights on. You opened the cabinet above the electric stove and saw the dehydrated pineapples. “Bingo!”

    You reached up onto your tippy toes and tried your damn hardest to reach them. You were oh so close, but they were just out of your reach. Unbeknownst to you, your boyfriend had been watching you this whole time and was about to come over to help when he heard you whine.

    “Hyuka?” You turn around and cutely pout, hoping he would be willing to help you. “Can you pretty please help me? I can’t reach the pineapples.”

    He thought you were exploding with cuteness. “Cuteness overload! How can anyone be this cute?”

    “Yeah,” he walked over towards you and grabbed the pineapples with ease. “I can grab them my cute, short girlfriend.”

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  • sm-entertain-me
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Professional Pleasure (M)

    Synopsis: The adult entertainment industry has its pros and cons, often being paired with partners you have relatively no chemistry with and having to fake the most pleasurable experience a woman can have just to secure your rent money for the month. Hopefully your luck would turn around one day.

    Contains: Choi Yeonjun x (f) reader, adult language, smut, explicit depictions of unprotected sex, oral sex (male receiving), throat fucking, degradation, “daddy” kink (you’ll see), spanking, hair pulling, marking, creampie, adult entertainer!Yeonjun, adult entertainer!reader, nonidol!au. FILTH, FILTH, FILTH.

    Sitting perfectly still in your makeup chair, you kept yourself busy by absentmindedly scrolling through your social media while your makeup artist applied the finishing touches for your stage makeup. While she topped your lips with the last coat of lip gloss, your hairstylist made sure to fluff your hair in a way that shaped your face beautifully, spraying enough hairspray to asphyxiate anybody in the room if they weren’t careful. Even though their methods seem unconventional at times, you know that they’re just doing their job to make sure your hair stays in place and your makeup doesn’t get too smudged during your performance. 

    “Heard anything about your costar today, Y/N? I hear he’s a real ‘professional’ with his leading ladies,” Your makeup artist mused as she stepped in front of you to take one last look at her masterpiece, her sending a wink your way in the process. Somewhere off to the side of you, you could hear your hair stylist give out a “mhmmm” as she was putting her tools away. As much as you love your squad, man did they crave gossip.

    Sighing at your nosy assistants, you simply shook your head as you playfully dismissed the two of them so you could look at yourself in the mirror to give your final opinions. Rarely did you ever disagree with your stylists’ design choices, and today was no different as you admired the deep red hue on your lips as well as how beautiful your hair complimented your face shape. With that, you said your thanks to your stylists while refusing to buy into their nosy tendencies, hurrying down the stairs of your hair and makeup trailer to appear on set. Not only did you prefer to be early on set, you also wanted to get to know your costar of the day since you two had never worked together before. Maybe he’ll be different from all the other sleazy talent you’re paired with every week.

    Adjusting the thin black tie on your silk robe to keep your modesty maintained, you took your seat over where all the producers were, chatting them up to discuss aspects of the scenes and what kind of energy was needed. Just as you were getting into the intimate details of your sinful scene, you saw one of your producers smile and then proceed to wave to a person behind you. Assuming it was your costar, you turned to look over at him and happened to run straight into his thinly covered chest, your hands instinctively gripping the satin fabric in your fists to stabilize yourself. 

    While the fabric was still in your hands, you finally decided to look up at the man who you had yet to formally introduce yourself to. The man had a jawline that looked as if it had been chiseled by the gods, his lips were deliciously plump, and his eyes seemed to burn with a dull intensity that would only grow if exploited correctly. Realizing you were staring pretty hard at the man in front of you, you finally released the fabric in between your fingers and straightened yourself out, clearing your throat before apologizing to the handsome stranger, “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to... Well, might as well introduce myself now. I’m Y/N and you must be my costar that my hair and makeup team keep gushing over.”

    "I’m flattered,” The dashing stranger said with a chuckle, him smiling as he ran his fingers through his hair despite knowing his stylist was probably on standby about ready to scream at him for ruining their hard work. He then reached his hand out to grab at yours, holding your tiny hand in his as he flipped it over to reveal the dorsal side, slowly raising it to his lips and pressing a light kiss to the skin. Feeling him smirk against the skin of your hand, he then pulled it away from his lips to shoot you a smile before formally introducing himself to you, “My name is Yeonjun, and I can’t wait to work with someone as breathtaking as you.”

    Breathtaking? You weren’t used to your costars using polysyllabic words when describing your appearance, most of them resulting to trying to hit on you with rather vulgar and repulsive adjectives. But something about Yeonjun was different, you offering him a kind smile after nodding in agreement. Unfortunately you two wouldn’t be able to get to know each other long as your producers were practically shoving you onto set, giving you a crash course on what was to be expected of the scene. As if you didn’t knock it out of the park with every scene you've ever starred in. There’s a reason you’re the highest paid female adult entertainer in the business right now, and you’re about to show Yeonjun why, too.

    In the scene, you were to play a brat who always misbehaves and then get your brains fucked out by your dominant significant other to put you in your place. Yet another stereotypical pornography trope. But hey, a job’s a job and you had to do whatever necessary to please your audience and secure a fat paycheck from your employer. Something about the way that Yeonjun didn’t even bat an eye at the intensity of the scene told you that he was used to these kind of roles, him smirking at you as he was waiting patiently to be told to disrobe and get things rolling. Once given permission, it took everything in your power not to moan out upon seeing Yeonjun’s godlike physique being revealed to you.

    Your eyes were delighted by the sight of Yeonjun’s toned body, not even bothering to stop your eyes from traveling south to Yeonjun’s member that was begging to be touched. But there was a strict rule on set that the male performers are responsible for being “camera ready”, unless given express permission to allow the female performer (or any other performer involved) to help in the stimulation process. Since you had just met Yeonjun, you weren’t too sure he would be comfortable with such a thing, giving up the opportunity entirely but still staring at him with lustful intent.

    “Alright Yeonjun,” The voice of your director boomed, tearing both of your attention away from each other to hear what pointers your director wanted to give to set the scene. The director instructed Yeonjun to have you bent over his knees to take a spanking for being such a “bad girl”, informing that your character had been purposely hitting on Yeonjun’s friends that found you attractive. As the director explained the scene to you, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at having to play yet another brat, looking over at Yeonjun who didn’t seem to protest his role in the scene. Of course not, he’s not the one whose dignity is being demolished.

    “Places people, places!” The director’s voice echoed through the dimly lit set yet again, this time making sure everything was in place for his ideal scene. He also wanted to give hair and makeup some more time if needed to the finishing touches, Yeonjun’s stylist not even bothering to fix his hair to its previous state since he knew he was just going to ruin it seconds later. Taking his place on the edge of the bed with his legs spread slightly, Yeonjun then looked over you with a smug grin, wiggling his eyebrows while patting the tops of his thighs as some sort of invitation. 

    Before you could walk over to lay atop Yeonjun’s thighs, you had to disrobe and reveal your outfit for tonight. Typically you were used to being dressed in expensive lingerie but since this scene was supposed to be “improvised”, you were dressed in some black barely there hot pants as well as a tighter than necessary crop top that hugged your breasts to the point they nearly popped out. Once Yeonjun’s eyes rested on your insatiable body, you took note of how he bit his lip briefly before parting his lips to wet them in response to seeing how you were spilling out of your stage outfit.

    It was a tad bit difficult to get comfortable on top of Yeonjun’s thighs, you wiggling around in his lap to try to find your ideal spot. As you were shimmying about in Yeonjun’s lap, you suddenly felt the sensation of Yeonjun’s length pressing against your side from all of the friction you were inadvertently inflicting on him. You opened your mouth to try to apologize for the cause of his sudden growth, but you were quickly silenced by Yeonjun’s hand grabbing a handful of your ass and holding you firmly, stopping you from moving altogether. The sudden movement certainly surprised you, but you weren’t complaining in the slightest as you finally managed to relax across Yeonjun’s lap.


    Suddenly it was like a switch flipped in Yeonjun as you felt the grip he had on your ass tighten to what only be described as bruising, you yelping out in shock from the sensation. As the cameras caught your initial reaction, Yeonjun continued his persona with a devious smirk, one hand tangling in your soft locks to hold you in place while the other left your ass entirely. Just as soon as Yeonjun’s hand pulled away from your ass, you felt it smack against the soft flesh nearly as quickly as he tore it away from you. The slight burning sensation spreading across your cheeks forced a throbbing sensation to be sent straight to your core, you biting your lip to prevent a moan from spilling past your lip.

    “You’ve been such a fucking slut tonight, haven’t you baby? Flirting with my friends right in front of me when you know they want to rail you?” Yeonjun growled out, playing into his persona perfectly as his hand massaged the steadily warming flesh of your backside to soothe you before continuing his assault. Although you knew his words were part of the script, you couldn’t help but shudder at him degrading you so well. Yeonjun then removed his hand from your ass cheek to signal for you to prepare for another spank, him chuckling at you from above, “It looks like my little slut needs to be reminded of who she belongs to, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll gladly remind you. All *smack* night *smack* long.”

    After each spank, Yeonjun made sure to soothe the burning skin by gingerly rubbing and sometimes massaging the skin, knowing that his large hands certainly didn’t show any mercy when it came to the harsh spanking he was directed to give you. But after a particularly hard spank to your screaming backside that had you biting back literal tears, Yeonjun took it upon himself to pull your shorts to the side, revealing the deep red imprint of his hand that was slowly forming a welt. Yeonjun then leaned down to press his lips against the very middle section of the welt, kissing the hot skin tenderly while his hand worked on soothing the surrounding area. 

    Usually you wouldn’t allow costars to go off-script, but you could tell that Yeonjun was just trying to help you out without breaking his character. However, just as soon as Yeonjun was keen on soothing the skin of your ass, Yeonjun had no choice but to go right back into your “punishment” of spanking you until Yeonjun’s character was certain you learned your lesson. Playing into the intensity of the scene, Yeonjun grabbed a fistful of your hair to keen your neck back, forcing you to look at him while your scalp burned from the grip he held you with, “When I let go, you’d better be getting on your knees. Try anything, and I’ll spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a whole week. Do I make myself clear?”

    Although you knew he was just acting, something about Yeonjun’s dominant tone seemed a little too real, sending a shiver down your spine with every syllable he spat your way. Blinking yourself back into reality, you nodded slowly at Yeonjun’s demands, purposely looking at him with doe eyes as you shifted so that you were now in between his slightly spread thighs. You made yourself as comfortable as you could by sitting on your knees and resting your weight on your backside, waiting patiently for Yeonjun’s instructions.

    Smirking at your compliance, Yeonjun leaned forward so that his lips were mere centimeters from yours, his minty fresh breath fanning your face as he studied your features with curiosity. He was wondering how you managed to look so submissive to him in such a short a mount of time, him expecting you to put up much more of a fight since it was outlined in your script. But something told Yeonjun to keep going and that ignoring the script probably wasn’t such a bad idea, him reaching his hand out to capture your chin in between his thumb and forefinger, “Such a pretty face... Too bad it’s going to be ruined. Now open.”

    Parting your lips slightly, you showed Yeonjun your eagerly awaiting tongue as per his request. Satisfied with your actions, Yeonjun then grabbed the back of your head forcefully, but not too hard to cause you any unnecessary pain along the way. Letting out a small squeak from Yeonjun’s rough handling, you were then shoved down towards Yeonjun’s hardened member so that your lips were barely hovering above the leaking tip. You could feel your mouth water upon seeing his length right in front of your face, relaxing your throat with one of the techniques you had learned over the years before you enveloped Yeonjun’s cock inside of your mouth.

    A slight hiss slipped past Yeonjun’s lips upon feeling your soft lips wrap tightly around his tip, feeling his grip tighten on the strands of your hair as he began to push more of his cock into your throat. You took every inch of Yeonjun that you could, feeling the tip nudge the back of your throat while your nose was nestled tightly against his pubic bone. While your eyes were closed tight to focus on relaxing your gag reflex to not ruin the scene, Yeonjun on the other hand was obsessed with staring at you while his cock was shoved down your throat. His eyes traveled from your tightly closed eyes to your hollowed cheeks, biting his lip when he saw a small dribble of spit trickle down the side of your mouth. He would not be responsible for his following actions.

    Lustful thoughts overcame Yeonjun’s judgement as he refused to wait for you to set the pace, pulling your hair to move you back along his member just for him to shove it all the way back into your throat again. Not only did Yeonjun control the pace of the sinful abuse on your throat, he also controlled the depth as he made sure to thrust harshly into your mouth whenever he pushed your head all the way down to take all he had to give you. Because of Yeonjun’s rather rough throat fucking, you could feel tears beginning to prick the corners of your eyes, whimpering around Yeonjun’s length as he continued his assault on your throat.

    “Oh shit baby, you’re such a dirty girl letting me fuck your throat like this,” Yeonjun praised as he threw his head back, thrusting harder into your mouth as he was teetering dangerously close to his release. You groaned out around his length in protest, trying to remind him that you still had at least ten minutes left of allotted time. If you two were to get your maximum payment, you needed to meet he minimum time. You would’ve slowed down your rhythm to help with this, if only you were the one controlling Yeonjun’s calculated thrusts to the back of your throat. Instead, you opted for putting your hand on the tops of his knees, squeezing hard to get his attention and eventually pull his throbbing cock out of your mouth.

    Yeonjun finally realized that he was quickly becoming overzealous with his fantasies, reluctantly slowing his hips until his cock was sitting still against your flattened tongue. While he was sliding himself out of your addicting mouth, he looked down at you with apologetic eyes since he was not allowed to break character and formally apologize for getting too carried away. You returned his gaze and gave the slightest nod the world has ever seen, assuring him that it was okay. In fact, it was kind of flattering knowing that someone as professional as Yeonjun was losing his composure from just your mouth.

    To continue on with the scene, Yeonjun was required to lay you out on the bed, prepping you for the climax of the scene: your climax. Usually for these scenes, the performers were given creative liberties as long as their partners were okay with it and it followed the direction intended by the directors. For Yeonjun, this meant him literally throwing you on the bed after stripping you naked and forcing you on your stomach, rutting his hardened cock against the plumpness of your ass to hear you moan out against the pillows below your lips. As he had you pinned underneath him while teasing you mercilessly, Yeonjun carefully leaned down while supporting his weight on either side of you, allowing his lips to graze over your ear before he whispered with a sultry tone, “Forget the cameras, it’s just you and me now princess.” 

    After hearing Yeonjun’s command, you felt the goosebumps erupt all over your skin in approval of Yeonjun’s words, your breath hitching in anticipation for what Yeonjun had in store for you. Although you couldn’t see his face, you were certain that Yeonjun had that sexy smirk on his face as you felt one of his hands trace down the skin of your back to relax you before grabbing a handful of your ass for a playful squeeze. The squeeze acted as a distraction as he soon resulted to giving you another slap on the side of your ass that had the least amount of handprints from your scripted punishment earlier. How kind.

    “Ass up babygirl, and I’m only going to tell you once,” Yeonjun commanded as he leaned back onto his legs, watching as you eagerly lifted your naked backside high in the air for Yeonjun to admire briefly. Licking his lips as the sight of your pussy clenching around nothing, Yeonjun couldn’t hold himself back anymore as he reached forward to grab your hips, digging his nails into the skin of your hips to leave tiny crescents in their wake. A small gasp fell from your lips when you felt Yeonjun’s tip tease the entrance of your folds, hearing Yeonjun chuckle behind you in response. “Bite the pillow if you need to.”

    Within seconds of Yeonjun’s rather raunchy warning, you were moaning lewdly into the pillows below you, your hands gripping onto the sheets to try to subside the slightly painful stretch of Yeonjun’s cock parting your walls. Your knuckles began to turn white from the intensity, something that Yeonjun noticed as he leaned over you to hold your hand, softly caressing the skin in an attempt to soothe you before he even tried moving his hips. Realizing that Yeonjun caressing your hand wasn’t exactly on par with his character, he quickly covered up his actions by tangling his fingers in your hair to hold you in place while he began to snap his hips against you from behind.

    It took every fiber of your being not to lose yourself in the first few seconds of Yeonjun’s thrusts, not expecting him to be fucking you so hard right off the bat. One hand kept your neck craned back for Yeonjun as he would occasionally lean in to kiss along the skin while the other was planted firmly on your lower back, holding you in place to achieve the depths you craved so much. He could feel your walls start to throb around his length with each of his languid strokes, smirking at the subtle compliment as he continued to bury himself to the hilt inside of your pulsing heat.

    Per your contract, you were to never refer to your costars by their actual names, only by nicknames. Due to the nature of your scene, you were directed to refer to Yeonjun as “Daddy”, something you often hated to call your costars during the moment. But given that Yeonjun was causing your head to swirl with lustful imagery that only increased with each of his addicting strokes, you had absolutely no issue calling him by that previously dreaded nickname.

    “Oh Daddy, you feel so good,” You cried out shamelessly to the ceiling above, feeling Yeonjun’s grip on your hair tighten to what could only be described as hellish, pulling you so that your back was now flush against his muscular torso. While Yeonjun held you roughly in his arms, he made sure that he had complete access to your extremely sensitive neck. Pressing his lips into the skin, he kissed along the areas of the neck that had you shivering in his grasp. Whenever he heard you moan out from the sensation of his plump lips gracing your skin, Yeonjun would then mark the skin to remind him of which spots to circle back to. And boy did he circle back to them.

    “It looks like you wanted to have my friends fuck you tonight... Maybe my little cumslut needs to be reminded of who she belongs to, huh?” Yeonjun grunted into your ear, taking his teeth and giving your earlobe a playful little nibble to watch goosebumps flow all over your body. As you were enjoying the sensation of Yeonjun nibbling along the skin of your earlobe and traveling south to your neck again, you were suddenly interrupted with the feeling of your face being shoved into the pillow. Yeonjun chuckled as he leaned over to push you down in the center of your shoulder blades, asserting complete dominance over you as he warned, “Safeword is ‘purple’.”

    Deafening sounds of the wooden headboard smacking into the drywall behind it filled the set around you, Yeonjun’s hips slamming into you at a backbreaking pace while simultaneously pulling your hips back onto his length. Yeonjun was determined to hear all different kinds of sexual sounds from you, slamming into you with each moan, groan, and whimper. He was particularly fond of your whimpers, throwing his head back to collect himself after hearing each one. He couldn’t understand why you had such an intense affect on him, but he couldn’t think much of it since he was graced with the insatiable feeling of your walls suffocating his cock. You had reached your edge.

    Incoherent noises and pathetic whimpers were all you were able to muster as you felt your orgasm wash over you like a tsunami, your jaw hanging permanently open as you practically screamed into the pillow. Your hands were struggling to find purchase on the sheets below you since your brain was being overrun by your lustful hormones, eventually gripping onto the pillow as you allowed your walls to shudder mercilessly around Yeonjun’s thick cock. Judging by how Yeonjun’s hips began to slow against your backside, you knew Yeonjun was going to join you in your personal heaven within minutes.

    “Oh fuck!” Yeonjun moaned out as his grip on your hips tightened enough to where he was sure he may have bruised the delicate skin, his hips stilling completely against you as he came inside your dripping heat. He made sure to give a few more shallow thrusts into you, panting slightly each time as he was losing stamina the longer he fucked his cum back into you. It was as if he wanted to keep you stuffed with his seed, claiming you as his and wanting to remind you of who was able to actually get you to cum instead of faking it. 

    “And cut! That’s a wrap people!”

    Set assistants flocked to either side of the bed, waiting patiently for Yeonjun to slip himself out of you in order to get you shuttled away back to your trailer. They didn’t really care that your pussy had just been abused by Yeonjun’s cock for the past 20 minutes, you not even sure that you could walk properly after this. All they cared about was getting the talent off the set, deep cleaning the set, and then getting it ready for the next video. But due to Yeonjun purposely refusing to move because he could still feel you panting underneath him, they had to wait in awkward silence as you two were still very much naked.

    Once Yeonjun was certain you had your breathing back to normal, he rubbed your lower back soothingly before slowly sliding out of you, resisting the urge to swipe the drop of cum sliding down your slit back up into you. Sighing in relief, you relaxed completely into the mattress below you, feeling someone drape your black silk robe over you to preserve your modesty. At first you were expecting it to be one of your assistants, but you were pleasantly surprised to see Yeonjun sitting beside you on the bed, rubbing your legs absentmindedly while offering, “If you’d like, I can take you back to my trailer. I have a shower in mine and wouldn’t mind helping you get cleaned up since it was kind of my fault.”

    Weighing your options between having your nosy assistants bugging you about your experience with Yeonjun or having the hottest costar/man you have ever laid eyes on helping you get cleaned up, you decided to follow behind Yeonjun very carefully, not wanting certain things to slip out while you were walking. Of course the two of your got a couple of questionable stares as you were seen entering a trailer that wasn’t yours, but you didn’t really care at this point. All you cared about was taking a much needed shower.

    What you didn’t know is that when Yeonjun had offered his shower to you, he would also be said shower with you, carefully cleaning your most intimate areas while you leaned against the wall of the shower patiently. He was insistent on helping you with this part since he was the one that had to paint your walls as per the script, literally smacking your hands away in a playful manner whenever you tried to do it yourself. It was hard to believe that the person who was just rearranging your guts ten minutes earlier was now cleaning you up after your intense scene, laughing and chatting with you to make the moment less uncomfortable for the both of you.

    The shower unfortunately had to come to an end, you now standing in front of the steam filled mirror with the soft towel wrapped around your torso. Yeonjun was standing closely behind you, wrapping his arms around you as he placed his chin on top of your head. At first you thought it was an innocent motion given how intimate he was handling you in the shower, until you felt the familiar poking sensation digging into your backside, Yeonjun’s lips forming a devious smirk as he spoke with a tone laced with sex, “How about we shoot a scene for ourselves, princess?”

    “Get the camera.”

    #Choi Yeonjun #Choi Yeonjun smut #Choi Yeonjun fanfiction #Yeonjun#Yeonjun smut#Yeonjun fanfiction#TXT Yeonjun #TXT Yeonjun smut #TXT Yeonjun fanfiction #TXT#TXT smut#TXT fanfiction#kpop#kpop smut#kpop fanfiction
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  • fairyofthestar
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    happier than ever

    word count: 1.8k

    genre: slight angst, post-break up, ex lover!yeonjun, mentions of model!yeonjun

    requested by: @ifwtyun

    when i'm away from you

    i'm happier than ever

    “(y/n), i think you’ve had enough for today,” your best friend gave you a concerned look as she reached out to take the shot glass from your hand. you hissed and slightly turned away from them so they couldn’t reach it. your best friend rolled their eyes and sighed.

    “i’ve only had,” you trailed off as you tried to mentally counted the empty bottles on your coffee table while trying to battle the buzz of the alcohol that was making its way to your system, “six bottles. i feel perfectly fine. besides, i need this,” you emphasized on the word ‘need’ and reached out for another bottle. your best friend let out another exasperated sigh. “you have got to stop bottling up your feelings. i know you’re not fine.”

    wish i could explain it better

    wish i could explain it better

    wish i could explain it better

    i wish it wasn’t true

    “who was that guy anyway?” they ended up asking you. if they had to sit through taking care of you the whole night, they should at least know the name of the guy you broke up with—the break up that you were celebrating.

    you laughed bitterly at the question. just the thought of saying his name again made you feel like gagging. you were hesitant on saying his name, but the relationship was done anyway. “choi yeonjun,” you said casually, his name leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. your attention went back to opening up the soju bottle and you poured yourself a shot.

    you looked back at your best friend and saw widened eyes and a mouth agape. you snickered at the comical view. “surprised?” you said, about to take a shot when your best friend hurriedly took your shot glass and downed the contents themself. your jaw dropped and you stared at them in disbelief. “hey!”

    your best friend made a face as they let the liquid burn down their throat and fixed their gaze on you. “you’re kidding me right?”

    “i really wish i was,” you shrugged, taking the glass back from their grip. they shook their head in disbelief and shifted their gaze towards the floor. the concentrated expression on their face meant that the gears in their head were turning as they pieced together all of the hints you dropped about the mysterious person you were with—why you had to keep your boyfriend a secret from everyone.

    their gaze landed on you once again, confusion now written all over their voice. you started sweating as you had a feeling of what they were going to say next. “you were dating choi yeonjun, the most famous model of our time. why did you break up with him?”

    don’t say it isn’t fair

    you clearly weren’t aware that you made me miserable

    “i wasn’t happy with him. i felt so little being with him. they say that your person was supposed to make you feel happy and loved, but all he did was make me feel insecure and sad. i knew i had to run before our relationship accidentally went public and i had to be in that situation longer than i could handle,” you poured yourself another shot as you spoke and downed the contents as soon as you finished talking. your gaze fell on your best friend’s fallen expression and you kissed your teeth.

    “don’t give me that look, (ybf/n). i really am doing better now. that’s why we’re celebrating!”

    you call me again, drunk in your benz

    driving home under the influence

    you scared me to death, but i’m wasting my breath

    cause you only listen to your fucking friends

    the laughter in your living room slowly died down when you both heard your phone ring. you checked the caller ID and you felt your heart drop. your best friend instantly knew who it was with the way that your smile fell in an instant. “just turn off your phone.”

    you shook your head. “he never calls me. it must be something serious,” you stared at your phone screen. your eyes suddenly widened when something clicked inside of your head and you looked at your best friend, a panic expression on your face. “what if someone saw us somewhere?”

    they froze at what you said, eyes widening as much as yours did. “o-okay well… maybe you should-” you didn’t let them finish their sentence and accepted the call. your hands trembled a bit as you brought your phone to your ear.

    “hello?” you said, trying to keep your composure as much as you could.

    “(y/n)...” you heard the slurred voice of one choi yeonjun from the other line. the tone of his voice did not sit well with you. “what do you want?” you were met with silence. you furrowed your brows at that. yeonjun was never this quiet, he always had something to say about anything and everything.

    “please come back to me,” you heard a whispered response after seconds of anticipating what he was going to say next. your expression went blank at his words, your heart speeding up. the way that he mumbled his words and how his voice was quieter than usual made you think that he had also been drinking tonight—obviously more than you.

    “you’re drunk,” was all you ended up saying. your palms were getting clammy. you didn’t know what else to say to him. he giggled and hummed. “i am, and it’s because of you, my darling.” you grimaced at the use of endearment. you used to find it charming, but now it made a horrible chill run down your spine.

    “i’m completely shitfaced right now, and it’s because of you. why did you leave me? i can’t live without you,” he continued. you scoffed at what he said.

    “you can’t lure me back with your words. i’m done with you. you can easily find someone else. like you said, everyone runs after you and i wouldn’t be much of a loss,” a pang of guilt struck yeonjun as he heard you reiterate what he told you during the ugly break up. he didn’t mean it when he said it, he was just carried away by the situation, but he knew he couldn’t take it back.

    “(y/n), please. i need you. i miss you.”

    you rolled your eyes. “find another girl, call a cab, and fuck her in your bedroom. i don’t care about you anymore, yeonjun. you don’t need me, you never did. i’m happier than ever and i would like for it to stay that way—without you in my life.” you felt anger fester inside of you. you were definitely going to need to buy at least five more bottles tonight.

    “i’m driving my car,” he mumbled, completely ignoring everything else that you just said. you frowned. “who the hell told you to drive after drinking?”

    you couldn’t see it, but yeonjun shrugged his shoulders at your question. “soobin said i would be fine.” you rolled your eyes. you were getting a headache during this exchange and you wanted nothing more than to hang up and leave him to his own self-pity, but a part of you was also worried about him driving under the influence.

    “call soobin up and tell him to drive for you. i know you never listen to anything that i say, but can you please do it tonight? just this once? i don’t want to be the reason why you die tonight,” you sighed, frustrated at how irresponsible he was being.

    you heard him hum in agreement. “i will, darling. i promise.” you closed your eyes as you grimaced once again at the use of endearment. silence fell between you two once again and it was an uncomfortable one. it felt like there was something else that should be said, but one of you was holding back—until one didn’t.

    “so that really was it? you’re never gonna come back to me?” his tone was serious, as if he didn’t sound drunk the whole conversation. you felt yourself sitting upright at the sound of his voice. you inhaled before speaking. “we’re done, yeonjun. for good.”

    he sighed at your answer. he hit his head on the car seat and closed his eyes. you really were adamant on not being with him anymore and you sounded fine with it. he desperately wanted you to give him a second chance, but you would rather start coughing up blood than to do so.

    “okay, i understand. look, i really am sorry for how i treated you. you didn’t deserve that. i really did love you... in case you wanted to know.”

    that was a question that was ticked off of your list. you always wondered if he actually felt something for you and wasn’t being with you out of pity or because he was too lazy to find someone else. you didn't know what to feel at the thought of one of the reasons of your insecurities were finally resolved. it would have been nice if you heard it while you were still together.

    you didn’t know what else to say and you wanted to end the conversation immediately. you two had been talking longer than you intended. “thank you for apologizing. take care when going home.” your voice was slightly shaky, but it wasn’t enough to show that this conversation was affecting you a lot.

    “good luck in your life, (y/n). take care,” he said his final words before hanging up. you slowly put down your phone as you blankly stared at the space in front of you. everything that you went through suddenly came rushing down and you wanted to do nothing more than to scream into the night and curse yeonjun out for ruining your happiness for such a long time.

    “should we go out and buy more soju bottles?” you heard the slightly distant voice of your best friend and you turned your attention towards them, your eyes in a daze. you blinked at them. “i think i’m going to need more than soju after that.”

    your best friend smiled sadly and scooted closer to you, trapping you in an embrace. “let’s get drunk out of our minds tonight,” you heard them say.

    their words made you smile a bit. it was going to be a long night for you, but you had your best friend right now to console you. tonight was going to be hard, but you knew that once this passes, the world was going to look more beautiful and you were going to finally feel like you were worthy of being happy again.

    you ruined everything good

    always said you were misunderstood

    made all my moments your own

    just fucking leave me alone.

    ☆ taglist: @belovedgyus @ifwtyun

    ☆ if you want to be in my taglist, please tell me in my asks or message me !!

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    Fumiko: hello legal guardians



    Fumiko: you may be wondering why i am taped to the ceiling

    *credit to @/typicalskz on instagram*

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  • bigkpopstan
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    I wanna wrap my arms around a pretty boy’s waist 😔

    #cough txt#soobin #and yeonjun specifically #as well as sunghoon
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    como é que pode ser tão bonitos (∵)?

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  • fairyofchampu
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    14. a better band (social)

    synopsis: music was all choi yeonjun knew. he lived and breathed music. he never thought that one day, his spark would fade away. where did his passion go? is being in the band just a waste of his potential? he didn't have the answers... but huening kai did.

    a/n i've been so tired help hfdjsjk pls bare with me and these messy updates

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  • crowhyun
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Hybrid!Beomgyu Part 3 (final part)

    Genre: fluff, suggestive, angst (only a little)

    Warnings: kissing, groping, mentions of sex

    Words: 2.1k

    Looking outside of the plane window, Beomgyu's nerves spiked at finally returning to Korea. After being gone for a year and a half, he was nervous to meet up with his friends and family again. What if they've been happy without him while he suffered from being away from such familiarity for so long? What if they dreaded him being back?

         Thinking about it, he had caused so many problems for not only him but other people as well. Maybe it was a relief that he was gone.

         The plane finally landed, and soon enough, he was in Incheon airport. After getting his bags, he popped his air pods in his ear and played some music, blocking out the loud noise of the airport. He rolled his suitcase on his way to the exit, but he couldn't help but look around a bit, hoping that there might be someone waiting for him. He knew his mom couldn't make it because she had to work. Besides that, he had few friends, but more acquaintances.

         He eventually gave up, knowing that there was no one waiting for him. It made him a bit sad, but he'd survive.

         Nearing the exit, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Well, more like a pat, as the hand was a bit heavy. He turned around, taking one airpod out to see who was trying to get his attention.

         "Taehyun?" He raised his brows, surprised to see his friend standing right there with a smile on his face.

         "I called you, like, a hundred times." Taehyun laughed.

         "I...I didn't think you'd be here." Beomgyu.

         "You don't seem so happy about it." Taehyun said. "I had a ride for you and everything. Should I just go home, then?"

         "No, no, no." Beomgyu rushed to hug his best friend, a surprised helped coming out of Taehyun before he hugged him back. "I missed you, bro!" Beomgyu laughed. "Now, let's go drinking."

         "It's 5 PM-"

         "Who cares? You promised me."

    "Ah- I guess I did." Taehyun sighed. "I'm not one to break my promises. Let's go."


    "What? The dean got arrested?" Beomgyu's eyes went wide at the news that Taehyun had told him.

    "Yup. Turns out he's been stealing money from the school since he worked here." Taehyun said, taking a swig of his drink.

    "That's crazy..." Beomgyu shook his head. "Maybe that's his karma for transferring me over to the Japanese campus."

         "Oh, right...how was it over there?"

         "Eventful." Beomgyu humorlessly chuckled. "If you thought hybrids were aggressive here, you wouldn't imagine how they were over there. Those type of predator hybrids can't be within feet of a prey hybrid."

         "Aren't they on that campus so that they can learn to be with prey hybrids?" Taehyun asked.

         "Yeah. I don't know if it's working though." Beomgyu said. "I didn't deserve to be at that shit show. I fought a predator hybrid, not even a prey. I should've been excused!"

         "I admit, I do think it was a bit too much to completely transfer you." Taehyun said. "Locking you in jail for six months would've sufficed."

         "Exactly." Beomgyu sighed, sipping on his drink. Then it hit him. "Wait, what? Jail?!"

         "You're so slow."

         "It just hadn't registered in my mind what you said, give me a break." Beomgyu said. "I was learning japanese, too, so my mind is a bit..." He trailed off suddenly, his face falling as he looked past Taehyun. Taehyun noticed this and turned his head to look behind him.

         "Ah..." He saw you. You were sitting on the other side of the bar, a distant look on your face as you swirled your drink with a straw. Taehyun turned back at Beomgyu to see him still staring at you. "You can go talk to her, y'know. I don't mind."

         "Huh?" Beomgyu snapped back to reality. "Oh, no, I don't think I can." He said.

         "What, are you scared?" Taehyun asked. "Go talk to her before you regret it. I don't want to hear you crying about it later..."

         "No, no, no, I can't." Beomgyu shook his head, staring at his drink. He looked back up at you, and for a second, he actually thought about going to speak to you. "Yeah, no. I just came back, and it's just been a year. I don't even think she likes me."

         "A year can change people, y'know." Taehyun said, finishing his drink. "And I'm gonna have to go. I have to tutor."

         "Tutor? You're gonna go tutor that girl you were fucking, again?"

         Taehyun frown at him, redness reaching his ears. "N-no. I don't tutor her anymore."

         "Aw man...I was hoping to meet the girl who took your cherry."

         "Hey, she did not take my cherry." Taehyun said. "And she's my girlfriend now, you idiot."

         "Oh, really? We'll let me meet her!"

         "No. You might scare her away." He got up from the barstool, cringing at the pout that Beomgyu gave him. "Ugh, I'll think about it. If you stop being a pussy and go talk to (Y/N), then you can meet my girlfriend."

    Beomgyu groaned, looking over to (Y/N) again. Her drink was still full, and she looked a bit solemn.

    "Good luck, buddy." Taehyun said, tapping him on the shoulder. "And I missed you...or whatever. Don't fuck up, again."

    Beomgyu giggled, giving Taehyun a wink. "No promises." Taehyun rolled his eyes, and then made his way to the door, leaving Beomgyu alone with his drink and the motivation to go talk to you.

    He bit his lip, walking over to where you sat and sitting beside you. You noticed the presence of someone sitting next to you, and you inwardly groaned, not wanting to mingle with some random man.

    You turned your head, seeing a familiar set of eyes. "B-Beomgyu?" You felt as if your heart dropped. You didn't think you'd see him again ever since he transferred, but here he was, sitting right next to yoi. His hair was still long, and his face was still gorgeous, as if not one second went by. Seeing him now set off those guilty feelings you had once again. The guilt of being undeniably attracted to him. Even now that you've broken up with Lucas, that guilt still remained.

    "Hey..." Beomgyu said, and you could sense a hint of nervousness in him.

    "Uhm...when did you get back?" You asked, feeling a bit awkward.

    "Earlier today, actually." He said. "I didn't think I'd see you here. I just thought that we could...talk." He gave you a small shrug.

    "Ah..." You nodded, going back to swirling your drink with your straw.

    "So..." He spoke, trailing off as the silence got even more awkward. "You l-look kind of down."

    "Do I?" You raised a brow. "I guess it showed to much. Lucas and I broke up."

    "Huh?" Beomgyu looked at you with a frown. "Just recently?"

    "Ah, here you go-"

    "I'm sorry, that just came out." Beomgyu said. "I meant to say that...I'm glad you two broke up, but I hope you're okay..."

    You chuckled a bit, his boldness lifting your spirits.

    "Why did you two break up?"

    "A stupid reason." You said. "Lucas found out about...what we did a while ago. I don't know who told him, but it sure wasn't me." You gave him a glare to which he swiftly avoided. "He wasn't too mad about it at first, but now he said that it's gotten too much for him because I 'was in kahoots with his enemy'."

    "Bullshit." Beomgyu said, rolling his eyes.

    "I know, right?" You sighed. "It was only inevitable...and by the way...you were right. I should've broke up with him the moment he hit me. I don't know why I was so dumb."

    "You weren't dumb, (Y/N)." He said. "Just a little blinded by love. We do crazy things in the name of love...that's just how it is."

    "Wow, that...was surprisingly deep." You said. "Congrats, Beomgyu."

    "Thanks!" Beomgyu said with a large smile.

    "You were right about another thing, too." You said. He raised his brows in question. "I should've given you a chance. You're much better that what Lucas could provide."

    His eyes widened at your forward ness. "So...that means the sex was better?"

    "Wha-" You frowned, that not being exactly what you had meant. "Well, that, too, but you were overall a better person. That's what I meant."

    "Oh..." He tried to hide his smile, his ego swelling way past where it should be. "Actually, uh...I still kinda like you."


    "Maybe a bit more than kinda." He chuckled.

    "Well, if that's so, then, I feel the same." You said.

    "Oh? Then what should we do about that?" He raised a brow.

          "Well, maybe we could go on a date...?"

          "So soon after your break up with Lucas?"

          "We basically broke up a year ago." You rolled your eyes. "A-and don't act like you like me, if you're going to keep teasing me."

          Beomgyu laughed, finishing his drink. "Then how about we go to your place...to catch up? I hear a lot of things happened while I was gone."

          You looked at him, trying to read the underlying tone in his voice.

          "Alright then...I'll tell you all the events." You smiled.


          The moment you opened your door and walked in, Beomgyu had you harshly pushed to the wall, his boy clinging to yours as he passionately kissed you.

          You knew that there was some tension between the two of you since you left the bar, but you didn't know how much Beomgyu had held back.

          His hands groped your sides, and you thought back to the first time this happened. His kisses were needy, his hands roamed your body with want. And it was the same today. Beomgyu made you feel wanted.

          He made sure to kiss you like you needed to be kissed. Your tongues swirled together in perfect harmony, as if you two were made for each other.

          "Fuck, I missed you so much." He breathed out, wasting no more time to attach his lips to yours again. You kissed back with just as much fervor, his hands gripping at your ass. Thinking about how Beomgyu was treating you now and kissing you, for some reason, you couldn't help but compare him to Lucas. Lucas kissed you like it was a chore ever since the beginning of your relationship. He only cared about himself during sex, and he always left you high and dry.

          Thinking about this suddenly made the guilt rush into you again, and you had to push Beomgyu off of you.

          "Wait, wait, Beomgyu-" He hesitantly parted from you, his lips slightly swollen and pink, shining with saliva.

          "Huh, what's wrong?"

          "I just don't think this is right." You said. "You just came back from Japan, and...there's still a lot of things that are a bit unresolved. We can't just act like nothing happened."

          "You...you're right." He said, his hands slowly sliding off of you. "I'm sorry, (Y/N). I got a little too carried away, and-"

          "It's okay. I understand." You gave him a small smile. "Let's just start over, yeah? These things never last long when there's underlying problems. Are you okay with that?"

          "Yeah, definitely." He said, nodding. "Let's start over. That means none of this for a while, right?" He asked, referring to what just happened.

          "Right." You said, feeling a bit down, yourself. With how handsome Beomgyu looked and with how much you missed him, it was enevitable that you'd want to pounce on him. But that would just bring back the guilt. You guys didn't really say goodbye on a good note.

          "I understand." Beomgyu said. "Then, let me ask you out on a date. Our first date, yeah? I'll schedule it and everything."

          "Beomgyu, you're so cute." You chuckled.

          "I am?" He smiled, pointing to himself with the cutest face.

          "Yeah, you are." You said. "I'll go out on a date with you. Make the place a surprise. A lot of people do that for their first date."

    “That sounds fun.” He said. “And you’ll like it. I already have an idea…”


    Beomgyu ended up taking you on a date to a newly built neighborhood. Specifically, he took you to an unfinished house and snuck you in. At first, you thought it was really weird, but then you guys started to play house? The both of you went into different rooms, telling fake stories about your fake family together. All in all, it ended up really wholesome. By the end of the night, he took you to mcdonald’s. You had worn a nice dress for the date, so you looked kind of out of place, but this was the most fun you’ve had since you could remember. The both of you soon noticed that this first date seemed more like the 50th date. Yet, you guys said nothing about it. Although you were supposed to be starting over, you couldn’t help but feel like you were already meant to be.



    @woonie-muffin @fullsun9890 @envy-brr @singabeat1 @felix-kithes @starlightsray @dolly-dolphin @punchmebaekhyun @darksunshiine @jiwlys @butterflx @xcookiemonsteer @moasworld @mellowhumandonkeyprune @clubeomgyu @stay1507 @rcveribin @melaninjhs

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  • gorechoi
    01.12.2021 - 13 hours ago



    FULL TITLE. fight club "clan of heroes".

    TYPE OF FIC. written chapters mixed with social media au here and there.

    TAGS. choi yeonjun x fem! reader. dark superhero au. superhero yeonjun. anti-hero (almost villain) reader. revolution au (?). references to Fight Club (1999) and loosely inspired by it but you don't need to watch the movie to understand the plot. enemies to lovers.

    warnings. fake utopia with a dystopian background. hunting of people with superpowers. allusions to illegal fighting and forced fighting. description of wounds (light). dull view of the world. lots of swearing. betting money. tba.

    CHARACTERS. txt members and bts cameos.

    SUMMARY. an overly positive hero finds out a glitch inside a popular website that's being used to set up fights and spread chaos within his beloved community. as he sets up a plan to overthrow the place, he ends up crashing into a familiar face in the sea of criminals signed up into said glitch and suddenly, it becomes way harder for him to do the right thing and act as the hero of the story.

    RELEASE DATE. December 8 | MLIST : December 1st.

    STATUS. ongoing

    UPDATES. every wednesday.

    TAGLIST (OPEN) : @delicateflowersaestheticpony @junluvr @xpeachesncream send me an ask to be added !

    ☠ CHAPTERS .

    profiles — half sns. half descriptive writing.

    © gorechoi . general masterlist . askbox

    A / N : this will be a rather short and heavy fanfic to read but I hope everyone likes it!

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