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    It’s a Yeosang thing 💖

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    YS 🌟 [210612] Universe FNS Time Capsule “While waiting, I took a pretty picture to show ATINY!!”

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    210521 || Into The A to Z behind

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    Yeosang: Thoughts on cigarettes after sex?

    Jongho: I’m a virgin with asthma

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    san: if there's going to be a big dramatic scene, wait until I get back.

    wooyoung: of course. I can't flip this table by myself.

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    atiny: I think I'm having a mid-life crisis.

    jongho: you're like 15 years old.

    atiny: I MIGHT DIE AT 30.

    jongho: just break some apples.

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    𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 ⚠️

    𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜; Hongjoong x Y/n (readers)
    𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙧𝙚; smut
    𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜; 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐝𝐨𝐦? // 𝐛𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐠𝐞 // 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐭𝐨𝐲𝐬; 𝐯𝐢𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐩𝐥𝐮𝐠 // 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐠 (𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐬𝐮𝐛𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐞?) // 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐞 // 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱; 𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥 (𝐩𝐥𝐬 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐱) // 𝐭𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐲 𝐛𝐮𝐥𝐠𝐞 // 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 // 𝐧𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 // 𝐝𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 // 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞-𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 (𝐬𝐥𝐮𝐭, 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐞, 𝐜𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐬𝐥𝐮𝐭, 𝐞𝐭𝐜.)
    𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙨; i forgot pfft

    "Master?" You cooed, your own feet dragging you, roaming in the household looking for your master.

    "Master? Where are you?" You climbed up the stairs before checking in your shared room. Just incase you don't realized he's in the mini wardrobe getting dressed while you were gone, searching for him.

    No one. He's not there either.

    Something crossed your mind, when suddenly a light bulb went on in your head.

    'Maybe he's in the studio.'

    You skip happily while humming to your favourite song, barefooted to his studio like a kid. With the black fluffy cat ears adorning your head, and didn't forget to mention the black collar with a heart padlock in the middle that you've been wearing ever since you get out from the shower.

    "Master?" You knocked on the door.

    "Master? Do you want to build a snowman?" You giggled playfully after knocking on his door. You entered the room as soon as he shouted 'Come in, Y/n!!'

    "Yes, ba— Oh, you wanna play?" He asked as soon as he turned over to look at you.

    You nodded and lock the door before approaching him. You place yourself in his lap before he could say anything.

    "Tell master what kitty wants, or else I would never know, hmm." He said while showering kisses on your neck.

    You mewled in his embrace, trying to push all the embarrassment before stating what would you like him to do to you. Rail you? Destroy you? You're finding the right terms before stating your true desire.

    "Vanilla, hmm? You're really preparing yourself for me to devour my meal..." Your scent lingers under his nostrils.

    "Y-yes, master." You whines.

    "Now now, tell master what you want." He tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear before he kisses your cheek full with love and warmth.

    "P-play with me master, ruin me. Please?" You nuzzled your head in his chest, probably getting shy after spatting out your unholy words.

    "Shall we go for a walk then, kitten?" Your head perks up. He knows you refuses to by the look you give him.

    "Well, if you're not into strolling then I would like to hear what you prefer to do before we start instead of walking..." He said, still waiting for your answers.

    "If I were you, I'll go for a walk because you'll not be able to walk after I'm done with you."
    You whined when you felt fingers brushing upon your skin. "Master, please~" You pleaded as your master kept on trailing his fingertips on your clavicles and your chests delicately.

    "Good kitty must be patient, or else master won't let you come." Hongjoong stated. Somehow, you felt your panties sticking on your cunt like a second skin due to your wetness. Your butthole was filled with a black fluffy kitten tail buttplug, controlled by your boyfriend.

    The low vibrations from the device gave you a light headache and all you want is to get off this quickly and go to bed. Your sensitive bud throbs like crazy that it hurts so bad, wanting to be touched.

    "Master, it hurts, please touch me..." Tears started to well in your eyes. You can't bear with your master's teases. You need to be touched. Need to come!

    "Hurt? Where?" He looks at you cocking an eyebrow before planting open-mouth kisses on your breasts. You squirm under him and let out soft whines when he starts to suck on your right nipple.

    His fingers work on the other, flicking and rolling your nipple between his two slender fingers before he groped on your tit

    Your sensitivity couldn't hold in your master's wet muscle abusing your nipples. Your restrained hands tugged on the cuffs that connect to the bedposts as your body arch, bucking your clothed pussy on his obvious bulge.

    "M-Master please... I'm wet, skip the foreplay please..." You cried out loud, begging him but it didn't change his mind. You grind your pussy on his knee making him groan.

    He pulls away from your hard nipple before grabbing your jaw harshly, making you look at him.

    "Behave, slut. or I won't be feeding your needy whole with my cock."

    "You're a cockslut aren't you? Always crave for my big fat cock." By that he inserts two fingers in, stretching your tight walls earning a gasp and small whimpers from you.

    "F-fuck, so good master~" He thrusts his fingers in and out from your wet hole, making you arch in pleasure. The feeling was so good that you can't even describe it.

    It's been awhile since your tight cunt was filled with his long digits. His fingers felt different than yours. With the slow vibration produced by the buttplug. Mixed feelings but a good one.

    Your cat ears are no longer in their right place, your lingerie has been thrown away on the cold floor and all left is your black sparkly Lolita skirt.

    You clench on his fingers as he keeps on hitting your spot, circling the magic button.

    "No no no kitten, no coming on my fingers." You whined as he pulled his fingers out and looked at your hole, clenching on nothing.

    "Such a whore."

    "Now tell me... Kitten, kitten, in my bed, who's the horniest kitten of them all?" Hongjoong chuckles as he pulls down his sweats and boxer, revealing his hard cock.

    Fresh and ready to be rammed in your tight hole.

    "It's me, I'm the horniest kitten of them all." Your boyfriend looks at you in awe.

    "And who is that me? What is your name kitten?" He rubs his cock on your wet folds, collecting your wetness on his length.

    "Y-y/n— master please! Need master's cock!" You're distracted by him rubbing the head on your folds.

    He pulls the buttplug out before proceeding with his questions.

    "What's your name kitten?" He keeps on teasing you by rubbing his cock on your opening while brushing your sensitive nipples with the fluffy kitten tail.

    "Y-y/n..." You breathe heavily and grind your pussy on his cock. Hongjoong smirked at your eagerness.

    "Should we keep the skirt on, angel?" You close your eyes and nod, you don't care anymore. All you care about is that you wanna get railed by your master.

    Tears brimming off your face as you feel his lips on your clit. Kissing your sensitive bud and blowing air on it.

    "So cute that I feel like sucking it off." His index finger plays with your bundle of nerves.

    "Do you want my tongue on it or do you want my fat cock in you?" He asked and it made you annoyed.

    "Just pro— fuck~" You moaned out loud when he thrusts in you without any sign. He pulls out his cock and rams into your soaking pussy.

    "Three weeks and it became this tight, Jesus Christ." He grunted, feeling your warm walls around him.

    His thrusts were slow and deep, trying to find your spot before he sped up. You let out soft whimpers, asking him to move faster as he keeps on wrecking your pussy.

    "You took my cock so well, little kitten. So fucking well..." His eyes pierced into yours and moved down to the way his dick repeatedly disappeared into your moist cavern.

    "Fucking hell, Y/n." He bit his lower lips as he brushed his fingers against your stomach bulge. "Look at this cute little bulge... Is my cock being too big or is your pussy being small and cute?"

    "Oh fuck! So good—" You choked on your own saliva as Hongjoong spread your legs wide open and snapped his hips into yours roughly.

    Hongjoong's gripped on your waist tightened as he keeps on ramming himself in you. You were unable to speak a word as the pleasure built inside of you, threatening to bring you over the edge at any time.

    "M-master can I c-c-come? Please!" You felt your heat begin to spasm around his cock as his thrusts become sloppier.

    "What is it, kitten?"

    "P-please~ Let me come, m-master~!"

    "Come for master, kitten. Come all over my cock like a good kitten you are." Your boyfriend whispers in your ear, sending tingles down your spine.

    "Fuck Hongjoong! Fuckk!" Your thighs shook uncontrollably, feeling pleasurable euphoria come over your senses as your orgasms hit you. You coated his cock so well that he keeps on thrusting into you.

    "Gonna come-" Within three hard thrusts, his hips jolted, coating his warm seeds on your wall. He pulls out his cock and watches your mixed cum drip out from your opening.

    He trails his digits on your pussy before letting you suck the mixed liquid on his fingers.

    "Such a good little kitten."

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  • jeongyunhoed
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The 100-Day Relationship

    alternatively titled: 10 Months Love

    Member: Seonghwa Pairing: Seonghwa/OC Group: ATEEZ

    Genre: Fluff, romance, comedy, tiny bit of angst (if you squint), fake dating!

    Summary: When wealthy socialite Juhyun is facing pressure to bring a date to the biggest wedding of the year and the beginning of the social season among the elite, she hurriedly asks an old college schoolmate, Park Seonghwa to be her boyfriend for the entire season. The longer they put up appearances, the more they realize that they never want the arrangement to end.

    Things to note: Art curator!Seonghwa. Is it safe to say things are moving this time? I guess it is. 

    Warnings: Some cussing, we’ll be feeling poor and broke with what’s in here, some suggestive themes (spicy, y’know).

    Listen to: 3 Things - EDEN, Yours - Chanyeol, Raiden, Lee Hi, Changmo

    Tag list: @closer-stars , @masterninjacow . @kunrengui , @yoheyyosup , @gayliljoong , @sunwooyoung , 


    Chapter 7

    If someone were to come into the cafe at that hour where Juhyun and Seonghwa were quietly sipping their drinks and looking up at the night sky, they would have thought they were out of place for a date. Yet, it was what it was, at least to everyone around them. They were spending time at a cafe after a product launch, both of them dressed in expensive formal wear. “Have you ever seen an aurora?” Juhyun asked, the thought suddenly coming into mind. 

    Seonghwa hummed as he looked up at the sky. “Aurora borealis?” He asked. 

    “Yeah, have you ever seen one?” She said. 

    “Once, when I was a kid, or at least I thought I saw one,” Seonghwa recalled. “Have you seen one?” 

    Juhyun nodded, taking another sip of her iced tea. “Yeah, it was a trip with friends to Oslo, Jo’s idea since she did it before and she wanted to bring us along. Coincidentally, Jihan was with me at that time…” She looked down with a frown. “I don’t know why I brought that up, sorry. But yeah, Jiho, Dongwoo, the rest of their boyfriends were also there so that’s why he was there.” 

    Seonghwa’s expression softened. “The best memories usually tend to be with people who aren’t in our lives anymore, in one way or another,” He said quietly, suddenly remembering his own relationship. 

    “That’s true. But these past events have also been events to remember, it’s the first time I’ve been to them without having to worry about what people would be saying behind my back, you know,” Juhyun admitted. “I mean, I never usually cared, but last year just felt different, like it was getting to me.” 

    Seonghwa smiled. “Was it because I’m with you?” He asked, partly teasing. 

    “Maybe. You keep me focused on what’s happening now,” A grin appeared on her face. “Overwhelmed by me yet?” 

    “Overwhelmed? By you? I wouldn’t have a reason to be,” Seonghwa said. “I still stand by what I said to you in Macau. I’m honored to be the one you share stuff with.” 

    Juhyun stared at him, unable to comprehend the pounding of her heart at what he said. It was the same kind of pounding that she felt when he kissed her, the same kind of pounding she felt whenever they were especially close. The kind of pounding she had been brushing off as something probably induced by anxiety. But was it really anxiety? 

    “Oh right, before I forget,” Juhyun cleared her throat and opened her purse, taking out the copies of their photos from their red carpet photo op. She laid the photos out on the table for the two of them to look at. “I think we look good here, don’t we?” She smiled, seeing how her dress flowed the way she hoped it would, the sequins shining from the flash. 

    “Yeah we do, we look really good, like what my friend would say, we’d look stylish,” Seonghwa agreed, his gaze shifting to their expressions. “If this isn’t convincing enough, then I don’t know what would be…” He murmured. 

    “Yeah,” Juhyun noticed the same thing, catching his gaze after they looked at the photos. “You should keep one. In case you need to show photographic evidence, you know,” She could feel her cheeks heat up the more she tried to process the pounding feeling in her chest. It must have been the tea she was drinking, or the cocktails that they had at the party, but she was beginning to feel a fluttering feeling in her stomach. 

    Seonghwa nodded. “I’ll take this one then,” He picked the photo where they were looking at each other. “This looks very romantic.” 

    “It does,” Juhyun murmured, staring at the photo left with her, the fluttering feeling in her stomach growing. She took another sip of her tea, wondering what else to say. 

    Seonghwa was thinking of the same thing. “So-” They said at the same time, breaking into laughter upon realizing. He heard his phone beep and took it out. It was a text from Hongjoong. 

    My capsule collection show was moved up to this weekend. Think you and Juhyun can make it to the show?

    “Ah, Hongjoong has his fashion show this weekend and he’s inviting us,” Seonghwa showed her the text. 

    “A fashion show? He’s really talented, isn’t he?” Juhyun was impressed. “We should go to that, I think it’s going to be fun.” 

    “Knowing you, I have no doubt Hongjoong’s going to make us sit in the front row, next to the fashion editors and magazines,” Seonghwa said, typing out his reply. 

    “That, I don’t doubt, that’s the best view of all the clothes,” Juhyun nodded. 

    We’ll be there, Seonghwa typed and tapped send. 

    They left the cafe later that night, bidding San and Miryo a goodnight before they got back in the car. Seonghwa drove Juhyun back to her building and went with her back to her apartment. “Thank you again, for taking me, and being my date,” She said, her arm linked with his as the elevator brought them up, Seonghwa helping her carry the gift suitcase. 

    Seonghwa smiled. “Well, I am your boyfriend, as far as everyone knows,” He said, carefully taking out an eyelash that fell on her cheek. “And as far as everyone knows, you’re my girlfriend too,” He muttered. 

    Juhyun felt her cheeks heat up at his words. The elevator doors opened, revealing the familiar hallway of her apartment and they stepped out. They heard the sounds of the television from the corner and saw Woojin, having already fallen asleep on the couch with a blanket over him. The note taped on the wall came from Jihyun, who brought him over and babysat him for the night. 

    “Looks like we’re not alone,” She whispered with a chuckle, looking over at the little boy, who already looked like he was dressed in his pajamas. 

    “Seems like it,” Seonghwa was amused as well. He turned to her. “So, this is goodnight,” He whispered.

    “Yeah, good night,” Juhyun said. She knew she had to let go, but for some reason she didn’t want to. She could tell Seonghwa didn’t want to let go either. “Wait, why don’t we take another photo? A selca? I think the selcas we usually have are with Kibum and Elise, maybe it’s time to update it a little,” She suggested, taking her phone out of her purse. 

    “Good idea,” Seonghwa reached into his pocket for his phone again and held it up for both of them to smile as he took a few pictures. 

    Seonghwa turned to look at her, the same expression as the photo they took at the red carpet of the event appearing again. Juhyun matched his gaze, both of them somehow staring at each other’s lips until- 

    Seonghwa kissed her. His hand that was holding his phone slowly fell to his side, locking his phone in the process as his lips moved against hers. Juhyun felt the fluttering in her stomach again, feeling the kiss somehow intensify. They pulled away slowly, Juhyun blinking a few times so as if to snap herself out of the daze she ended up being in. “Um,” If she wasn’t blushing earlier, she likely was at that moment. 

    “Sorry,” He muttered, lingering against her lips, cheeks tinged pink. “I- I didn’t know what came over me.” 

    “It’s okay,” She cleared her throat. “We-we just got caught up in the moment, must have been the caffeine we both drank.” 

    “Yeah, probably.” 

    The kiss last night was all Juhyun could think about as she invited Kibum over for brunch. The fluttering feeling didn’t seem to go away, yet there was a yearning that she felt when Seonghwa left that night. “Hello? Earth to Juhyun?” 

    Kibum’s voice immediately brought her back to her senses. “Hmm?” She said, taking a hurried sip of her mimosa. 

    “Are you alright?” He asked. “You’ve been staring at your phone, I was telling you about this show Elise got booked for.” 

    Juhyun sighed. “Oh right, yeah, sorry, I-Just things are on my mind. What about the show Elise was booked in?” 

    Kibum raised a brow. “Why do I have a feeling something happened last night?” 

    “What happened last night? I came home and saw Woojin already asleep in the living room and now he’s there playing too,” Juhyun pointed out while she took a bite of her strawberry-filled croissant. 

    The male gave her a look, unconvinced by her explanation. “Really Juhyun? Are we playing dense now? Something happened between you and Seonghwa last night,I can tell.” 

    Juhyun avoided looking at him. “Nothing too extreme happened, but, I think it’s just getting weird and we’re getting in too deep now,” She said quietly. 

    “Weird? What do you mean weird?” 

    “Like, I’m starting to get so comfortable about this, that I’m starting to get confused on how I...On how I feel about this whole arrangement,” She bit her lip at the admission. 

    Kibum stared at her, until a smile crept up on his face. “Well, well, Choi Juhyun… Isn’t this a drama happening in real life?” He chuckled. “So, what happened between you and Seonghwa then? Other than both of you attending Jo’s family’s product launch?” 

    “We left early, as we usually do, and we stopped by his friend’s cafe again to spend some time there, and when he took me back here, we,” Juhyun paused. “We kissed.” 

    “Kissed? Like the kiss we saw in Macau? Like the kiss we saw that shut Jihan up?” Kibum asked and she nodded. He looked even more intrigued. “... Is Choi Juhyun developing feelings?” 

    Juhyun gave him a look. “I don’t know what feelings I have about it. I mean, it’s possible that we just got carried away. How could Seonghwa even like me in that way? He’s Park Seonghwa, the college heartthrob. He probably just thinks he does because of this arrangement. I couldn’t possibly be his type, Jihan was probably right about that.” 

    “Choi Juhyun, stop playing the dense game,” Kibum frowned. “Anything is possible when it comes to romance. You seriously couldn’t not have seen this coming when both of you agreed to date, did you?” 

    She shrugged. “Well, I just know we’re getting in too deep now, because we’re bound to meet each other’s parents at this time, that is unless Seonghwa doesn’t plan on introducing me to his parents at this time. He already knows he’ll be meeting mine within these next few months.” 

    “Well, it’s not like you two wouldn’t make for a good-looking couple anyway,” Kibum pointed out in between sips of his cappuccino. “If the past few events were anything to go by, and when the four of us went to Macau? Both of you look great and I know both of you are great together.”

    “We’ll be meeting again this weekend. It’s Hongjoong’s fashion show for his spring and summer capsule collection,” Juhyun said. 

    “Hongjoong, Hongjoong,” Kibum gaped at her. “Kim Hongjoong of Hong Atelier?! Elise is booked for that! That’s the show she was booked for!” He said. 

    “Well, that gives you an excuse to come then,” Juhyun said. 

    She didn’t know what else to do. She was beginning to get confused about how she felt, how she really felt about Seonghwa. But she knew that the more they talked, the more she saw him, the more she was beginning to get used to him, to seeing him around. If he kept working hard at keeping up with this ruse, if he kept treating her well, Juhyun knew it was going to be very hard when the day would come for the arrangement to end. 

    Seonghwa finally logged off from a virtual meeting he held with some of the agents of the trust responsible for handling the museum pieces. He also kept thinking about what happened between them the night before. Sure, they got carried away, they got caught up in the moment. But the lingering stares between them, the way it was almost like a natural thing to do for them when they held hands or linked arms or posed lovingly, was beginning to confuse him. 

    The more they were together, the more he felt like he didn’t want to let go, especially when the time would come that they would end the arrangement. The thoughts clouded his mind during the meeting that he was so glad didn’t take long because it might be all he would end up thinking about. 

    His eyes darted to the photo of them from the red carpet the night before. Seonghwa smiled to himself, remembering what else happened, but he mostly thought of the way she looked, the way they both looked, and behaved. From the photo, it made him look like some guy in love. 

    Love. Seonghwa shook his head, trying to brush it off. 

    The door opened and in came Yeosang, who brought him his iced Americano. “One for you, and one for me,” He said, sitting down on the chair in front of his desk. “What happened during the meeting? Do we have to rearrange all the exhibits yet?” He asked. 

    “No, not really, they were just checking in on the condition of the artworks. The statue of David needs some retouching, do you think you can do it?” Seonghwa replied, taking a sip of his drink. 

    “Get Yunho to do it, he can practically reach David’s head without the ladder,” Yeosang suggested. “So, what happened in the event last night? See some stiffs?” He asked. 

    Seonghwa shook his head. “Not a lot. Believe it or not, I don’t promote the museum there much, but I did mention it to a few of Juhyun’s friends and their boyfriends. They might come here and visit, probably even hold a wedding here too, we’ll see.” 

    “Oh, I see, you and Juhyun did something, didn’t you?” Yeosang winked, laughing at the older male’s flustered reaction. “So, did anything happen?” 

    “No, no, nothing happened between us that night. We had a good time, that was it,” Seonghwa pointed out. He didn’t want to tell Yeosang about the kiss in her apartment. He knew he would never hear the end of it. 

    “Really? Nothing happened? Then what was that photo about?” Yeosang tilted his head to their red carpet photo. “You looked like you like her, and I mean like her-like her.” 

    “Then you can call me a good actor,” Seonghwa countered. “That’s why we’re talking and hanging out, aren’t we? Besides, that’s a red carpet photo for the launch, and speaking of that launch,” He stood up to open the storage closet in his office, pulling out the suitcase he got from the event. “You and Yunho can open that and pick whatever you want.” 

    Yeosang gaped at the size of the suitcase and helped him open it. “Can...can we really pick from all of this?” He said, looking at its contents that seemed to flow out of the bag. 

    Seonghwa also gaped at everything that was included. A few hardbound cookbooks, a set of silk pajamas, skincare products, a box of expensive artisanal chocolates, scented candles, a bluetooth speaker, pairs of socks, a silver watch, supplements, an envelope filled with gift cards for home decor stores, and even more to his surprise, a six-pack of condoms. “Oh.” 

    “You keep the condoms,” Yeosang was quick to point out, taking some of the supplements and the books. 

    Before Seonghwa could look into what else was possibly placed in the bag, his office phone rang and he stood up to answer it, throwing the box of condoms to his colleague in an attempt to remind him to clear up the little clutter that came from the contents of the bag. “Yes?” 

    “A Ms. Choi Juhyun is here to see you,” The receptionist of the museum said on the other line. 

    Seonghwa felt his heart skip a beat. “O-okay, tell her to wait there, thank you,” He hung up. He turned to Yeosang. “Clean that up.” 

    “Juhyun’s here, isn’t she?” Yeosang grinned. 

    “As a matter of fact, she is. I’ll be back,” Seonghwa stepped over the luggage to leave the room. As he made his way into the museum proper, he saw Juhyun standing by, and to his amusement, he also saw Woojin with Jihyun and Bin browsing through the brochures. 

    Juhyun took in their surroundings, amazed at the expanse of ground that Seonghwa owned as his art museum. All the paintings and works of art stood out against the plain white backdrops and the glass ceiling provided some extra light that shone on the sculptures in the middle of the space. “Are we meeting Juhyun noona’s boyfriend here?” Woojin suddenly spoke. 

    “Yeah, and we’re just dropping her off while we get ice cream, hmm?” Jihyun bent down to fix the little boy’s hat. 

    “That’s not why you really came here,” Juhyun gave her sister and her boyfriend a look, both of them snickering. 

    “Come on, we weren’t able to see him in the past two events? You two always leave early, so we thought we’d meet him here and now before we take him for ice cream,” Jihyun beamed, making her roll her eyes. “And besides! I want to see him in person,so I can tell mom and dad how gorgeous he really is,” she swooned, only to stop when Bin nudged her. “You’re still the love of my life, don’t worry.” 

    Juhyun shook her head at the exchange. She was about to look around for a sight of the tall male when she stepped back, already seeing him walk up to them. She could tell Jihyun and Bin stopped their bickering when he appeared. One would’ve thought he was an actor or a singer with the way he stood out in the crowd, even when he was dressed so casually. “Hi,” She said. 

    “Hello, you finally came and visited, huh?” Seonghwa kissed her cheek. 

    “Yeah, oh, and this is my sister Jihyun and her boyfriend Bin,” Juhyun immediately introduced them. “You remember Woojin too, right?” 

    “Hello!” The little boy bowed to greet him and Seonghwa tried not to coo at his cuteness. “Do you own this?” 

    “I do. We have tours for kids,” Seonghwa reached for one of the brochures to give to him. “Show that to your parents so they can take you here, hmm?” He bent down to give it to him. 

    “At last we’re finally meeting the guy, it’s nice to meet you, Seonghwa. Unnie’s been so secretive about both of you she never even bothered to tell us she’s moved on,” Jihyun said. Juhyun could tell she looked awestruck by his appearance.  

    “Hey, I never ask about both of you, I mind my own business,” Juhyun pointed out, giving her a look, making them laugh. 

    “Anyway, we just came to drop her off. We’ll drop Woojin off tonight after dinner,” Jihyun assured her, bidding Seonghwa goodbye afterwards. 

    As soon as they were out of earshot, they sighed in relief. “This is a very nice museum you’ve got here,” Juhyun said, looking at all the displays. “Mind showing me around?” She grinned. 

    “Not at all,” Seonghwa smiled back, one hand on her back to gently guide her around the way to the museum that he personally thought was the best route for tours. The route they went down seemed to be one of the quieter routes, as they passed by some screening rooms where the live performances and video screenings were held. 

    They were bound to talk about that kiss at her apartment at some point, it was all both of them ended up thinking about the more they walked around. “So-” They said at the same time, laughing afterwards, Seonghwa gesturing for her to speak first. 

    “So, about that kiss…” She bit her lip, feeling the familiar pounding in her heart that, unbeknownst to her, he was also feeling the moment she brought it up. 

    “We-we just got caught up in the moment, right?” Seonghwa said. 

    “Right, of course, of course we did,” Juhyun nodded eagerly. “I mean, we were surrounded by couples the whole night last night, even your friend and her husband, right?” 

    “Yeah, yeah, of course,” Seonghwa couldn’t help but avoid her gaze.

    “And, you know, we were both probably getting anxious that we’re,” Juhyun paused. “That we’re bound to meet each other’s parents or something within this whole time.” 

    “Yeah, I told you my parents now know. We just needed to let off some steam,” Seonghwa swallowed.

    Juhyun nodded again. “The good thing about this is, I guess very few people know what this really is,” She said quietly, looking at one of the Andy Warhol silkscreen prints. 

    “Yeah,” Seonghwa glanced at her, feeling a tightening in his chest when he agreed. “For now, do you want to see what Mingi’s planning on exhibiting?” He asked, in an effort to lighten the mood. 

    Juhyun smiled. “Show me.” 

    Seonghwa took her hand and led her down to the restricted part of the museum, into what looked like a storage area, but rather than seeing art pieces, the room contained frames upon frames of replicas of 1920s and 1930s clothes, some looked like framed pieces of fabric, and another glass-encased display of vintage shoes, including an uncanny replica of the embellished ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland for the Wizard of Oz movie. “Ta-da,” He said, beaming at the articles of clothing, shoes, and even jewelry. “I know those are replicas, but people visiting the museum won’t even notice.” 

    “As long as they still get to see something that looks like it came from the past,” Juhyun assured him. “Kind of like the bags my mother gets and uses a lot. She always goes for the class-A copies of a Hermes or a Goyard, it hurts less if anything happens to it and no one can tell the difference between that and the original.” 

    “Mingi was fretting about being unable to get a piece from the Coco Chanel exhibits, but I told him it’s fine, there are photos to look at anyway,” Seonghwa said. 

    Juhyun glanced at him. “Maybe I can help with that. I know someone who works for the House of Chanel, he can probably lend us one of the outfits,” she suggested. 

    He stared at her. “You don’t have to go through all that trouble, you already got me those suits.” 

    “It’s really no trouble at all,” Juhyun assured him. “He’s a call away, he’s a friend of my father’s.” 

    Seonghwa kept shaking his head, getting flustered. “You really don’t have to go through the trouble. If he’s a friend of your father, I’d probably back out,” He laughed. 

    “Alright, fine, but you can ask Mingi if he’d like my suggestion, and you’ve helped me out so much these past...the past month and a half, really,” Juhyun stared at him. “We’ve been at this for more than a month after all…Almost two months, really.” 

    Seonghwa also paused at the realization. “Right, but you drive a hard bargain. I will ask Mingi if he’d be okay with the idea that you call who your dad knows about the Chanel piece.” 

    “Deal. You’ve got two days to figure that one out. It can take a while for it to get here all the way from France, you know,” Juhyun teased as they left the storage area, only to trip over the rubber door-stopper, making her hold his hands for support. 

    Seonghwa chuckled. “I’ve seen you slip in the pool, but apparently you trip even here,” He said, kicking the door stopper away as they walked. 

    “Can you blame me? I can get clumsy,” Juhyun frowned as they went back into the main hall, holding hands with fingers intertwined. 

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    Let’s Play A Game- SeongSang

    Note♥︎- Please I was working on this for a week..Special thank you to @tenelkadjowrites for giving me advice <3 and This is an early Happy Birthday for @multidreams-and-desires since i’ll be a bit busy for these past two days for my recital. I’ll give you something better if you don’t like this though ! also sorry for taking so long with an update for “Diary Fantasies” I was going through writers block.. comments will be nice please

    Genre♡︎- Smut

    Warnings/Tags♥︎- Degrading (slut), Master, Top! Hwa, bottom! Yeo, MXM SMUT, unprotected sex, choking, oral, dirty talk, rimming, Seonghwa got big dick syndrome, talks of restraints, and Yeosang has blonde hair and Seonghwa has black hair here

    Pairing: Yeosang X Seonghwa

    Word count♡︎- 1,973+

    ❥-Yeosang smiled as he applied the clear lip gloss to his lips. Seonghwa called him earlier, telling him he wants to play a game with him and telling him to dress pretty for him. Yeosang had on white, see through briefs with roses decorating them, a white choker that connected to his nipple clamps, and a long, white, high knee socks.

    Now, Yeosang isn’t one to lose or back down from a challenge so he easily accepted it. He got dressed and sat on the bed, waiting for Seonghwa to get back from the shower.

    He almost dozed off waiting for Seonghwa until he heard the bathroom door open. He sat up and looked at the way Seonghwa walked in with just a towel on. His eyes traveled to the water dripping off of his abs, his tiny waist, and the thick bulge that poked out of the towel.

    “My eyes are here, baby.” Yeosang looked up at Seonghwa with wide eyes, licking his lips.

    “I see.” Yeosang responded and got up doing a small spin. “I dressed up nice for you like you asked.”

    Seonghwa felt himself twitch at the boy’s choice of ‘dressed up' and walked over to him, towel loosening up every step he took.

    “Don’t you look gorgeous.” Seonghwa lightly traced the clamps, tugging once his finger reached the middle part. “You look so pretty, baby. Can I take a picture of you?” Seonghwa asked and Yeosang nodded, looking at Seonghwa with huge puppy eyes.

    Seonghwa took more than one picture with Yeosang in different angles and different poses. He was going to continue until Yeosang had asked him what was the game he wanted to play.

    Seonghwa stopped what he was doing and put his phone up only to get on top of Yeosang, attacking his lips with his. Yeosang noticed and snatched the towel from Seonghwa’s waist, throwing it to the side. Seonghwa bit Yeosang’s bottom lip, pulling away, stretching it. He squeezed his stomach in lightly at the faint touch of Seonghwa’s cock touching him.

    Seonghwa smirked and got up, biting his lip at how Yeosang already had looked fucked out. His head turned towards the left, cock hard and leaking through his briefs, and his eyes were completely dazed.

    Seonghwa wanted to ruin him.

    Yeosang looked up at Seonghwa, ready to find out what the game was going to be.

    Seonghwa finally answered Yeosang’s unanswered question.

    “I want you to tell me your most dirtiest fantasy.” He kissed Yeosang’s belly.

    That’s all he wanted? Yeosang wandered. They don’t usually have ‘kinky’ sex or anything, just the usual, casual sex. Nothing thrilling really and Yeosang really didn’t want to tell him his fantasy, specifically because it is.. nasty.

    “Here’s where the real game began. I’m going to touch your pretty body as much as I want and where I want while you’re telling me. If you moan even once, you’ll have to tell me a different fantasy.”

    “Wait, so even if i’m in the middle of the story and I moan-“

    “You’ll have to switch to a different one.” Seonghwa finished

    “And what if I win?”

    “Then you’ll get my cock in any position you want.”

    Yeosang blushed. He never knew Seonghwa had such a filthy mouth like this until now. He didn’t know how to react to it.

    “What if I run out of fantasies?” Yeosang felt bad he kept questioning, but he needed to know.

    Seonghwa smiled reassuringly .

    “You’ll only have 3 tries, baby. If I win, you can’t cum tonight.”

    Seonghwa is kind of enjoying this. He went out earlier with Wooyoung to go shopping and asked Wooyoung has Yeosang ever told him anything he likes during sex, because he noticed Yeosang seemed kind of bored with casual sex. He told Seonghwa that Yeosang really like sex games and lots of dirty talk so he spent the rest of the day learning different things about ‘dirty talk’ and different kind of sex games and his favorite has to be ‘oral dice’ he’s definitely going to try that.

    Yeosang stopped to think about it and decided ‘fuck it.’ He agreed and laid down, waiting for Seonghwa to start.

    Seonghwa took a deep breath before starting. He palmed Yeosang through his briefs, squeezing him lightly to tell him he’s ready for him to start.

    Yeosang's breath hitched before he could start. He closed his eyes, feeling Seonghwa’s hand rub up and down his torso.

    “I’ve had this one dream.” He swallowed, hips jumping up when Seonghwa pinched his nipple. “Y-you were u-uhm, you were saying all of these dirty things to me.” He was almost done. He’s going to win on his first try.

    “Mhm what dirty things, baby?” Seonghwa rasped, tugging at the nipple clamps making Yeosang moan out loud. “Aw, I really wanted to know what dirty things I was telling you, baby. Oh well, I'm sure that you have something else in that pretty, dirty mind of yours.” Seonghwa smirked and Yeosang frowned. He wanted to win on his first try.

    He’s going to win this time, he’s determined. He calmed his nerves and straightened his back.

    “I’m starting again.” Seonghwa warned before touching Yeosang’s inner thighs, lightly.

    “I once daydreamed at work, thinking about how big your cock is.” He bit his lip, stopping the moan from coming from his throat at the way Seonghwa finally pulled his cock out of his briefs.

    “Y-your hands were holding my hands down above my h-head and you were f-fucking my mouth.” He finished with a deep breath.

    Seonghwa looked up at Yeosang with a dark gaze.

    “Tell me, what was I saying to you? Was I whispering filthy things to you while you took my cock? Seonghwa asked before taking Yeosang full.

    Yeosang moaned loudly, feeling Seonghwa’s mouth on his cock. He thrusted his hips up, wanting more. Seonghwa pulled up and laughed at him

    “Everytime we get to the good part, you end up moaning, baby.” He teased and Yeosang threw his head back, upset that Seonghwa’s mouth isn’t on him anymore.

    “That’s not fair, you literally put your mouth on me.” He whines and Seonghwa just smiles at him.

    “I said I'll touch wherever and however I want , didn't I? He tilted his head and Yeosang rolled his eyes.

    “Aww baby, are you sad that you’re finally losing?” Seonghwa pouted at him.

    “I won’t lose.” He told Seonghwa, licking his hand only to rub Seonghwa’s cock twice, biting his lip at the deep groan Seonghwa let out.

    “We’re playing like that? Okay.” Seonghwa cracked his neck and got on top of Yeosang, leaning down by his ear. “Same rules except this time you have to tell me everything I've said to you in the second fantasy.”

    Yeosang shivered at Seonghwa’s words, breathing heavily at the intense moment in the air. He had to think about what story was the first one for a moment.

    He took another deep breath. Now this time is his time to win. He’s going to win.

    “You were calling me degrading names.” Yeosang felt Seonghwa take off his briefs. “You said I looked pathetic, thrusting in the air trying to feel friction.” Yeosang’s breath hitched when Seonghwa licked his hole with his flat tongue, but he continued anyway. “Y-you called me a nasty slut and came down my throat.” He finally finished.

    Seonghwa hummed and added a finger inside of him. “You won, baby.” He smiled at him and turned his finger inside of yeosang. “You can have me anyway you want.”

    Yeosang moaned loudly, happy that he could now make noise. His hands went down to rub his cock, he yelped the moment Seonghwa’s hand made contact with his hand.

    “Did I tell you to touch yourself, slut?” Seonghwa almost growled out, adding another finger inside of him.

    Yeosang whined at the words that left his throat. He wants to hear more of that. Seonghwa sounded so fucking good like that, growling, voice deep in his dom tone.

    Seonghwa scissored Yeosang’s hole with his two fingers. Yeosang’s moans were like music to his ears. Listening to Yeosang’s moans could make him bust right there.

    “You sound so fucking hot.” He took a dramatic pause just to thrust his two fingers inside of the blonde and groaned at the way Yeosang whined. “Taking my fingers like a good boy.” He smirked.

    Yeosang threw his head back and tugged with his nipple clamps . “Y-yes, i’m your good boy, master.” The word slipped out almost too fast for him to catch it. His fast turned a deep pink color, embarrassed that he let that out.

    Seonghwa paid no mind to it and added another finger. “Once I finish prepping you, you can have master any way you want, baby. I’ll even choke you since you like being choked. Even if it’s not with my cock.” Seonghwa licked his lips at the thought of choking Yeosang with his cock.

    He curled his finger inside of Yeosang, chuckling darkly. Yeosang wailed loudly, his cock now red and angry.

    “I-I’m ready, Seonghwa. Just please.” He begged and Seonghwa tsk’ed.

    “I’m sorry, who?”

    Yeosang blushed and looked down at Seonghwa. “M-master, I'm ready to take your cock.”

    Seonghwa curled once more before taking his fingers out of Yeosang, cleaning them on the bed.

    “How do you want me, baby?”

    Yeosang thought about it before smiling at Seonghwa. “I want to ride you.”

    They quickly switched positions after hearing that. Seonghwa was holding his cock in place so Yeosang can slide down. Yeosang slowly slid down, his ass facing Seonghwa with a small shudder. His body went limp when Seonghwa bottomed out inside of him. Seonghwa groaned and held on to Yeosang’s hips tightly.

    Yeosang just stayed there for a minute or two before he decided he was ready to move. He placed his hands on Seonghwa’s shin and began bouncing.

    Seonghwa slapped Yeosang’s ass hard, biting his lip at the sight in front of him. He watched the way Yeosang’s ass bounced in front of him, the way his cock disappeared in Yeosang.

    “G-god, baby.. come on, you move faster.” He teased, gripping Yeosang’s ass hard. That’s definitely going to leave a mark there if his hand for a while.

    “Y-you’re so big.” Yeosang moaned.

    He slowed his movements down just to tease Seonghwa a bit.

    Clearly, that worked.

    Seonghwa growled and grabbed Yeosang by his neck, bringing him down on his chest a little harder than intended. His worries stopped when Yeosang clenched tightly around him.

    Seonghwa propped his feet up before wildly bucking into Yeosang, panting into his ear. “You’re so warm, baby.” He bite Yeosang's ear. “You must really like being choked and manhandled, baby. You’re clenching so tight around master..”

    Yeosang reacted with a whorish moan. His eyes rolled in the back of his head.

    Seonghwa tugged at Yeosang’s nipple clamps harshly with his other hand.

    Yeosang sinfully grinded down once more, before cumming unexpectedly. Seonghwa gasped loudly, not expecting that. He fucked into Yeosang faster, close to cumming.

    “W-where do you want it?” He rasped in Yeosang’s with his deep voice and Yeosang drooled, telling him to cum inside of him.

    Seonghwa bucked into Yeosang a few more times before finally painting Yeosang’s insides with a moan of Yeosang’s name.

    Yeosang got up slowly, moaning at the overstimulation and turned towards Seonghwa and sat in his torso. Seonghwa’s hand wrapped around Yeosang’s body and hummed.

    “Did I satisfy you, Angel?” Seonghwa asked and Yeosang nodded happily.

    “Yes, It felt so good. I didn’t know you talked dirty.”

    “Me either, until I saw how my voice clearly affected you.”

    Yeosang looked away.

    “Can we talk about your master kink?” Seonghwa teased and Yeosang smacked his chest and hid his face between Seonghwa’s pecs.

    “Let’s go get cleaned up.”


    Network ping: @8makes1teamnet

    Krusty crew: @parachuuuus @serialee @galaxteez z @twancingyunhoe @multidreams-and-desires @seongsangsgf f @chvngbxn @hyetiny @little-precious-baby @yeotlny @ateezappreciation @a-soft-hornytiny @lizsvcks @build-a-roleplay @moonxteez @yunsangoveryonder @empenguin01

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    jongsang (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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    87.5% of Ateez!

    (Did I actually calculate the percentage of present Ateez members? Maybe.)

    Also sorry for the kinda crappy flowers but I thought they were cute, so

    #kpop boys with flower crowns #or singular flowers it depends #ateez#ateez seonghwa#ateez yunho#ateez san#ateez jongho#ateez wooyoung#ateez yeosang #mingi is missing :( #my art#mmhm art
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    Yunho: I love Yeosang, but he has a lot of problems.

    Yeosang: Great, I’ll fix them!

    Yunho: Do you want to know what they are?

    Yeosang: Absolutely not.

    #ateez #ateez incorrect texts #ateez incorrect #ateez incorrect quotes #incorrect ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #kpop ateez #incorrect kpop texts #kpop incorrect texts #kpop incorrect #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop quotes #hongjoong#seonghwa #yunho#yeosang#san#mingi#wooyoung#jongho
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    Hongjoong: I don’t know why, but I get awkward when someone compliments me. Like... I don’t know what to say? And I- just- panic?

    Jongho: You look very handsome today

    Hongjoong: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    #ateez #ateez incorrect texts #ateez incorrect #ateez incorrect quotes #incorrect ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #kpop ateez #incorrect kpop texts #kpop incorrect texts #kpop incorrect #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop#hongjoong#seonghwa #yunho#yeosang#san#mingi#wooyoung#jongho
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    yeosang layouts

    Kang Yeosang layouts birth

    ♡̸ like or reblog if u save › follow for more

    ♡̸ don't repost

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    Poupe-me de suas cartas

    capa para uso pessoal 🧁🤍
    inspirada em @sayorikao​ 🤍

    Eu criei seguindo umas dicas da Bibi, então me inspirei nela pra poder chegar a esse resultado. Espero que gostem, pois eu amei 🥺🤍

    #capa de fanfic #capa para fic #capa de fic #capa social spirit #capa para fanfic #capa simples#yunsang#yunho#yeosang#ateez
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    ~ Ateez Lockscreens ~

    ✨Like/reblog if you save✨
    #mine#kpop#kpop lockscreen#lockscreen#ateez#ateez lockscreen#kim hoongjoong #kim hongjoong lockscreen #park seonghwa #park seonghwa lockscreen #song mingi #song mingi lockscreen #jeong yunho #jeong yunho locksreen #kang yeosang lockscreen #kang yeosang#jung wooyoung #jung wooyoung lockscreen #Choi san #choi san lockscreen #choi jongho #choi jongho lockscreen
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    𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓽𝔂 | 𝓟𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓮 [25]

    Summary: You finally spend some time with Seonghwa alone.

    Pairing: Seonghwa x Fem!Reader

    Genre: Social Media AU, Smut, Hints of Fluff and Angst but not really

    Word Count: 7k

    Warning: Party scene, alcohol consumption

    Smut Warning: Dom!Seonghwa Sub!Reader (not in a particular order) Heavy flirting, friendly teasing on both ends, making out, public sex? Not really cuz they’re just outside and no one else is, handjob, oral (m&f), fingering, slight finger sucking, dirty talk, unprotected sex, breeding/impreg kink, praise, cum play, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, dacryphilia, drooling, dumbification and degrading, I think that’s it…

    ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

    You were putting the last touches on your makeup, double, even triple-checking to make sure you looked good. You had a white silk dress on with lace accents along your waist and chest.

    You were nervous about literally 20 different things, but you’ve never been more excited at the same time. You heard a honk outside signaling that Wooyoung was here to pick you up. You quickly rushed to grab your things to put in your purse before you made your way outside.

    As soon as you stepped outside Wooyoung vigorously honked the horn as Mingi whistled at you loudly, “Damnnn! You were right- you are hot!” You covered your face in embarrassment as Mingi stuck his head out the window.

    “Okay- okay shut up and move over.” You stood at the door waiting to get in.

    “Sure you wouldn’t rather sit on my lap…” Mingi winked at you before Jongho smacked him on the back of the head.

    “Just let her get in! I’m ready to go party!” Wooyoung complained, making Mingi move over with a pout.

    “It’s okay babe, at least you look hot. Would totally fuck.” You wink at Mingi with a small smile.

    “Close your ears Jongho and Wooyoung, don’t look in the rearview mirror. We’re gonna fuck back here.” You snort loudly before you hit Mingi on the arm, “What?! You’re the one who said-”

    “Maybe tonight.” You wink jokingly at Mingi before the four of you begin to talk. You mostly stay out of the conversation, worrying about how many celebrities could possibly be there. Mingi and Jongho are decently well known and Wooyoung is hot so he’ll fit right in, but you… you’re just there.

    “Y/n… Look at me.” Mingi’s voice was soft as he scooted next to you. He wrapped an arm around you before kissing you on the top of your head, “It’s okay.”

    “Will you stay with me?” You held onto Mingi as you looked at him with a worried expression.

    Mingi almost wanted to laugh but he could tell you were actually nervous so all he did was rub your arm and agree, “Y/n, babe, you know damn well once you get a drink…” Mingi raised his eyebrows knowingly at you.

    “Okay but-” you laughed loudly as you realized he was right, “Okay yeah but like I can’t get there and get drunk right away!” You were honestly ready to get there and go straight to the bar, but you gotta wait at least an hour to fully go in. “But how am I supposed to be in the same place as so many famous people?! I’m not famous! I just happen to know someone who is-”

    “I’m not famous either.” Mingi blinked at you seriously.

    “Okay but technically you are! And- And look at you!” You exclaimed as you checked Mingi out.

    “Look at you!” Mingi’s voice turns into a whisper, “The dress does nothing for the imagination.” You bite your lip as you smile softly as Mingi lets his fingers trail over the lace that’s hardly covering your boobs.

    “Please- you’re so hot.” You jokingly lean in like you’re going to kiss him and when he leans in too you squeal and giggle as you push him away.

    The two of you joke around for a little bit longer before the car stops. When you look out the window you pull up to where a man is standing, “Does he have fucking valet parking?! How rich can someone be, Jesus Christ!” “Is this his house? There’s no way- it’s way too big!” Your eyes were wide as the four of you looked at each other in amazement.

    Wooyoung is the first to get out of the car quickly following the rest of you. You watch as the car gets driven away and the four of you stand there awkwardly, feeling completely out of place.

    “Okay- Okay, come on! We got this. We’re all hot. We can fit in.” Wooyoung attempts to hype the four of you up. Mingi nods and takes your hand in his as he makes his way into the house.

    As soon as you step in, your entire body vibrates from the volume of the music, “Isn’t this more like a club than a party regular celebrities would go to?!” Mingi nods as the two of you look around. Jongho and Wooyoung made their way behind you and their mouths dropped.

    As the four of you are standing in the entryway you jump as someone wraps their arm around you. Your head snaps to the figure next to you and you let out a breath of relief as you see Hongjoong.

    You turn to hug Hongjoong with a bright smile, “Did y’all just get here?”

    You nod as you pull away, “Yeah. Uhh, we just feel a little bit weird…”

    Hongjoong laughs softly as he nods, “It’s okay! Follow me, I’ll take you somewhere where you can hang out.”

    The four of you nod and let Hongjoong lead. Wooyoung pulls you back towards him, “That’s Hongjoong?” You nod, “Yeah I get it.” You look at Wooyoung with a confused expression, “Why everyone thinks he’s so hot. And why you-” “Okayyy- Yeah.” Wooyoung laughs loudly at your panicked expression.

    Hongjoong leads you into a back room and it’s already 10x quieter, “Whenever you’re ready y’all can go out and just come back whenever you want to if you need a break, okay?” Hongjoong smiled at you and you nodded, “Okay. I’m gonna go find Seonghwa so he can come say hi. Mingi, Do you wanna come with me?”

    You smiled knowingly as he looked at you. He had already told you he’d stick with you and now Hongjoong was wanting him to go with him. You nodded with a wink so Mingi would know you were okay with him leaving, “I’ll find you later.”

    Mingi nods and leaves with Hongjoong and you laugh softly, “He’s not coming back-” and you flop down onto the sofa that’s in there.

    “You’re staying here?!” Jongho looks at you with an exasperated expression when you nod, “What happened to wanting to get drunk and party?”

    You laugh, “I’ll wait for Seonghwa.”

    “And what if Hongjoong didn’t tell him? Why don’t we go and find him instead?” Jongho holds his hand out in offering. You huff and stand up and walk with Wooyoung and Jongho and as soon as you move to open the door, it swings open.

    You flinch back and you stand there with a shocked expression, “Oh! I’m sorry- I didn’t know you were right there.” Seonghwa brings you into a hug and rubs his hand down your back before he pulls away when he notices Jongho and Wooyoung standing there. He takes Jongho into a side hug before he turns to Wooyoung, “I’m Seonghwa, Nice to meet you. You’re y/n’s friend?” Wooyoung nods and introduces himself and Seonghwa finally takes a step back to take in the three of you.

    His eyes scan Jongo and Wooyoung before they stop on you. Mingi was right, the dress you were wearing left nothing to the imagination and it was obvious from the look you were getting.

    You glanced at Wooyoung and he was looking at you with a smirk and you suddenly gained a surge of confidence that you usually would never get unless you’d been drinking, “Do you like it?” Seonghwa’s eyes never leave your figure as he nods, “It’s new. Thought it was cute.”

    “Cute? Yeah- yeah, it’s nice.” Seonghwa finally lets his gaze break from your body as he looks at the pretty smile you’re flashing at him. He wraps his arm around your shoulders, “I want you to meet someone.”

    You let Seonghwa guide you into the crowd as you curiously look around, trying to see if you saw anyone else who you recognize and your curiosity rises once he stops at the bar, “Hey, Yunho. Yeosang.”

    Your eyes widen at the names and as they turn around your mouth drops.

    “Oh my god!” The three of you all simultaneously exclaim as you look at each other.

    “Oh, holy shit! You’re Y/n right?” Your hand slaps over your mouth as Yunho says your name, “It’s about time we met you!”

    “Oh- Oh my god- yeah. Uh Yeah, my name’s Y/n. It’s really nice to meet the two of you!” You reached your hand out but instead, Yunho stood up to hug you before Yeosang did the same.

    “Do you want anything to drink?” You thought about it for a while, not sure if it was too early to get drunk.

    “Just something light.” Yunho nods and turns to order you a drink.

    Yeosang leans in to talk to you, “It’s been nice to meet you. Yunho and I have heard lots about you and we were getting excited to meet you.”

    You cover your face in embarrassment because you know that both Seonghwa and Hongjoong have talked about you, “All good things right?” Yeosang laughs as he nods, “Yeah- I mean… I don’t want to be weird or anything but yeah, I know who y’all are and this is really exciting. Not to be weird.”

    Yeosang smiles brightly as he nods, “No it’s okay! It’s nice. Usually not too many people make a big deal over us.”

    You pout, “No! Really?! You’re so cool and like hot so-” You gestured to the both of Yeosang and Yunho.

    Yunho turned around just in time as he handed you your drink, “If we’re hot, what are you?” Your face gets hot as a smile slowly makes its way on your face, “That dress is something else.” Yunho winks at you with a pretty smile before he taps Yeosang and points to Seonghwa.

    Seonghwa had remained quiet the entire time and you had forgotten he was beside you, “I guess Seonghwa thinks so too.”

    As you’re taking a drink, you turn to look at Seonghwa and you can’t help but laugh loudly as you turn to look back at Yunho and Yeosang. Seonghwa had been leaning on the bar with his eyes glued to you, “He said it was cute.”

    The two boys burst out laughing and Yeosang slaps Seonghwa on the arm, “Maybe be a little bit less obvious about your eye-fucking.”

    Seonghwa broke his gaze and looked at Yeosang, “What?”

    You tried to stop yourself from laughing by downing the rest of your drink before ordering another. You let the three boys talk for a minute as you sipped on your second drink already before your head snapped up. You totally left Jongho and Wooyoung alone back there and Mingi is probably blowing Hongjoong’s back out somewhere.

    It had only been about 5 minutes so you’re sure they’re not too far away from where they originally were. You look around for a minute trying to see if you can find them and you see the two of them making their way to the bar. You wave your hand in their direction as they walk towards you, “You came to get drunk without me?! I cannot believe you-”

    You laugh and jokingly hit Wooyoung, “This is only my second drink.”

    Wooyoung takes the drink from you to give it a taste, “This has like no alcohol in it- what’re you doing?”

    The 4 others are laughing at the interaction between you and Wooyoung, “Wooyoung! I’m not trying to get drunk right away- we just got here!”

    Wooyoung shakes his head distastefully and orders 6 shots, one for each of you, “Looks like the party is here.” Yunho smiled at Wooyoung’s enthusiasm as he patted his back. The bartender handed each of you the shots and Yunho counts down for y’all to down them at once.

    You wink to Jongho, knowing that you two have the highest tolerance out of your group and actively compete to see who could drink the most. The 6 of you simultaneously downed the shots as Yunho got to 1. The liquid burned the back of the throat as you smiled. Now that you have some proper alcohol in your system, you’re going to keep going.

    Wooyoung laughs as he leans next to Seonghwa, “If you want her, you're gonna have to get her to stop.”

    Seonghwa, Yunho, and Yeosang looked at the two curiously as there were 6 shots in front of you and Jongho, “They’re not gonna drink all of those are they?”

    Wooyoung stands back and nods proudly, “Yep. They have a thing going. She’ll be fine.”

    Yeosang’s mouth drops open, “She’ll be fine?! She won’t get like- oh my god” All three of their mouths simultaneously dropped as you consecutively downed all 3 shots before you flipped Jongho off, “Is she not going to get like… I don’t know? Shitfaced?”

    Wooyoung shook his head, “Just don’t let her get past 6. That’s when she starts to get drunk. She’ll just be tipsy for now.”

    “Okay- Okay Jongho. I told you I’m not getting drunk within the first hour!” You stopped Jongho from ordering any more drinks with a smack to his arm.

    You turn back to the rest of the guys with a lopsided smile and they look at you with wide eyes. Seonghwa takes hold of your arm and pulls you next to him.

    You were still a little bit tense, but you shouldn’t think about San right now. You looked at Wooyoung and he knew exactly what you were thinking about. He slowly shook his head and you turn to look at Seonghwa.

    As you look up, he’s already looking down at you. The two of you maintain eye contact and your heart speeds up as he smiles at you. You look away with hot cheeks as he wraps his arm around your shoulder and leans in to whisper to you, “Do you know where Hongjoong is?”

    You laugh softly, “He went with Mingi.” You wink at Seonghwa and his eyes widen as he nods.

    “Hey, Seonghwa!” Both you and Seonghwa turn around as a voice calls out. Your eyes wide when you see Chan and Jisung standing there. They typically work with Hongjoong so you weren’t expecting them to be here.

    Seonghwa moved to greet them before you waved at them. They smiled at you before they made their way to the bar to get a drink and greet the rest of the boys.

    Some hours passed by and the lot of you made way to sit down where most people had more or less stayed away from.

    Stories were being told and the room was filled with laughter. There were cups around with who knows what in it along with a couple of bottles whatever alcohol Wooyoung was able to grab as y’all came in here. You haven’t drunk anything else and only watched as everyone else did.

    A loud laugh comes into the room making everyone turn their head to the noise and you laugh loudly as Hongjoong and Mingi walk in, “Have fun?”

    “Shut up.” Mingi laughs and slaps you on the arm. Hongjoong sits down next to you and you elbow him in amusement. Mingi stands there for a minute until you finally realize there’s nowhere for him to sit.

    “Oh- here go ahead and sit here.” You stand up and Hongjoong and Seonghwa scoot over so Mingi could take your place.

    “Where’re you gonna sit then?”

    “Your lap is free right?” You pat Mingi’s thigh before you attempt to sit there.

    As you’re about to sit down, Seonghwa pulls you towards him, “Mine is free too.”

    You grab one of the bottles on the table before you wrap your arm around him. His arm wraps around your waist and his hand rests on your inner thigh. Wooyoung is highly amused as he drinks straight from the bottle of vodka, “Getting bold these days, huh Seonghwa?” Wooyoung was obviously drunk… so much for being the designated driver.

    “You know one time we were at this club and Y/n and Jongho were doing their thing and then like 7 shots later there were like four people doing body shots off of her.” Your eyes widened and you kicked Wooyoung for randomly telling that story.

    “Wooyoung! Why would you tell them that?!” You laughed in disbelief before you took a swig out of the bottle you were holding. Seonghwa tries to take it from you but you stop him with a smirk, “Want some?”

    When he nodded, you straddled him and took another drink. You held his face in your hand and connected your lips with his. His hands went to grip onto your waist tightly as the liquid was transferred.

    There was loud hollering and screaming as the two of you kissed. You held back a smile as Seonghwa sucked lightly on your tongue. Seonghwa’s hands slid down from your waist to grip onto your ass.

    “Y/n- Why are y’all making out in front of everyone?!” Mingi was laughing so hard and hitting your side causing you to pull away and start laughing with him.

    Everyone is both shocked and amused including Seonghwa. His eyes are dark and his mouth is parted slightly as he watches you laugh with a bright smile.

    Yeosang’s mouth was wide as he looked at Seonghwa in complete disbelief, “Since when were you two that close?!”

    You shrugged as you giggled, “He’s seen my Twitter.” You knew that Seonghwa knew you weren’t drunk so there was really no excuse for kissing him but it didn’t seem like he minded. Because honestly, the way Seonghwa was looking at you the entire time you’ve been here only gave you confidence.

    Yunho, who was also pretty drunk, cried out, “Hey, one person here has already gotten their dick wet. Why not make it two?”

    “Yunho shut up or get out “ everyone burst out in laughter as Seonghwa got flustered.

    You bit your lip as you leaned in to whisper to Seonghwa, “Or we can get out of here?” Seonghwa’s grip tightened on your thigh as he nodded.

    Suddenly Wooyoung’s phone rings and he looks at you, “It’s San.” He lets out a huff before he answers it, “Hey San!”

    You roll your eyes as Wooyoung talks to San on the phone, “She’s right here… why?” He looks up at you, “Why aren’t you answering your phone?”

    You make a face as you shrug, “It’s on silent and I’m trying to have fun here.” Wooyoung opens his mouth and you immediately stop him, “And no I don’t want to talk to him.”

    Wooyoung laughs, “San you’re ruining everyone’s mood! I’m gonna- what do you mean you’re on your way?! It’s too late- What happened to not wanting to come?” Suddenly Wooyoung’s face turned serious.

    You turned to Seonghwa and tilted your head before you stood up, “We’ll be back.” The boys look at you with wide eyes and San on the phone doesn’t stop him from winking at you as he gives you a thumbs up.

    “We’ll be outside. Then maybe somewhere else… I dunno.” Seonghwa announces to whoever is curious before the two of you leave.

    Seonghwa leads you outside and lets out a sigh of relief when there’s no one else there. You make your way a little bit further into the backyard before Seonghwa pulls you against him as he leans on the side of the house, “Fuck- are you okay?”

    You look at Seonghwa with a puzzled look, “Yeah..?”

    “No it’s just that from all the other times we’ve talked, you’re not as… bold. You’re not drunk, right? Because I don‘t-“ you cut Seonghwa off.

    “No. I’m not. I’m okay. Just gotta shoot my shot eventually, right?” You tilt your head at Seonghwa and look at him with the most innocent look you could muster.

    “Who’s San? Or whoever your friend was talking to?” Seonghwa held onto your hand as he slowly pulled you closer to him.

    You shake your head, “Don’t worry about it.” Your arm snaked its way around Seonghwa and let your chest press against him.

    Seonghwa took your face in his hand and his gaze fell to your lips, “You’re so pretty.” and with that, Seonghwa connected his lips to yours. Your entire body felt like it was on fire and you held onto him tightly to ground yourself.

    Seonghwa’s free hand slid down your back and gripped onto your ass. Your dress was riding up and Seonghwa definitely noticed. His hand trailed the bottom of your dress before you pulled away, “S-Someone is gonna see.”

    “It’s okay, no one’s out here.” Seonghwa kissed you once more in reassurance as he let his hand trail underneath your dress. You squeezed your eyes shut and shoved your face in Seonghwa’s side. He trailed his fingers along with the lace of your panties before his finger dragged along your slit.

    You let out a soft moan before you pulled Seonghwa’s hand away. He looked at you with a concerned expression, worried he did something wrong, but then he felt you undoing his belt. You looked incredibly focused as you undid his belt and the button to his pants. You looked up at him with expecting eyes.

    As soon as Seonghwa nodded you dropped to your knees. You swiftly pull down his pants and boxers to reveal his cock. You inhale sharply and carefully take his cock in your hand. You shakily start to jerk him off and he laughs softly, “Are you nervous?”

    You look at him with the same expression as you nod, “Just a little bit.”

    He looks at you with soft eyes as he wraps his hand around yours and guides you to jerk him off. You let Seonghwa guide you until you can regain some confidence. Seonghwa’s hand starts to move faster after some time and your eyes are glued to his cock as it leaks precum.

    You swallow harshly and you shake Seonghwa’s hand off of yours as you swiftly take his cock in your mouth. Seonghwa is surprised by your sudden movement and he jerks harshly in your mouth, hitting the back of your throat.

    Seonghwa lets out a deep groan and you hold back a smile as you take all of Seonghwa’s cock. You focused on your breathing as you swallowed around his cock, “Oh my god- fuck-” You felt your confidence growing from Seonghwa’s reactions. You pulled his cock out of your mouth with a loud pop.

    “It’s been a long time since you’ve gotten something good, huh?” Your teasing tone made Seonghwa’s mouth drop open in amusement.

    “Well- I can’t really-” you laugh as you cut him off.

    “So… yeah? It’s been a while.” The way you were looking at him made Seonghwa feel about 20 different emotions at once.

    “Shut up-” Seonghwa pushed his cock back in between your lips with a groan.

    The two of you were so caught up in each other, neither of you heard the door open.

    San had found Wooyoung at the bar and basically demanded him to take him where you were. Wooyoung objected because he knew exactly what the two of you were doing out there, but San continued to insist.

    Wooyoung led San to the back doors and let him open them for himself, “San I’m being serious. Don’t go out there.” Wooyoung had managed to sober up in the span of 10 minutes and was dead serious. Even through all the stress, San had put everyone through, he doesn’t want him to get hurt because he’s being nosy.

    Despite Wooyoung’s warnings, San opens the door and makes his way outside. Wooyoung followed behind him and felt relief when he didn’t see either of y’all, but then he heard a laugh followed by a deep groan.

    Wooyoung tensed as he turned to the side and saw you on your knees in front of Seonghwa. You couldn’t really see, but anyone who wasn’t completely oblivious could tell what was happening.

    San had taken a few more towards you and Wooyoung gripped onto his arm and pulled him back to the door, “San, no. What did I fucking tell you?” San shook his head like he was in disbelief and made another attempt to go back outside.

    “No Wooyoung- But she- she- But we-” San refused to believe what he saw. Maybe his eyes were just playing tricks on him. Maybe Wooyoung was mistaken and that was someone else. It had to be.

    “San, come on. Leave them.” Wooyoung pat San’s arm and tilted his head, signaling for him to follow him.

    You pull away from Seonghwa with furrowed eyebrows as you look towards the door, “Did you hear that?”

    Seonghwa groans in annoyance, “No. No one’s there, it’s okay.” Seonghwa lets his fingers get tangled in your hair and slips his cock back in your mouth. You jerk off Seonghwa with one hand while you suck lightly on his tip. Your tongue swirls around his cock and your lips look so pretty wrapped around him.

    Seonghwa’s stomach tightens and his grip on your hair is tight as his hips start to buck slightly, “You’re doing so good. You’re sucking my cock so well.” You smile as Seonghwa pets your head as he praises you.

    Seonghwa’s words only encourage you as you lick your way up his cock before fully taking him. Your hand moved to gently roll and massage his balls as you looked up at him seductively. Your eyes are watering as his cock continuously hits the back of your throat and one of Seonghwa’s hands carefully takes your face in his hand, “Gonna cum.”

    You nod as best as you can and as you look up at Seonghwa you could cum untouched. His face was flushed and sweat was dripping down to his neck and his head was thrown back with the prettiest face of pleasure. It was pathetic but the way Seonghwa looked caused a loud moan to rip from your throat.

    The combination of your mouth and the vibrations were getting too much for Seonghwa to hold back. He gripped on your hair and pulled you down his cock as he came. Your hands went to grip onto Seonghwa’s thighs tightly as his cum shoots down your throat, “Fuck, Y/n- fucking take it. Take my cum.” You slowly pull away until only the tip is in your mouth and his cum drips down your chin as he pulls out.

    Your eyes are glued on Seonghwa’s cock, “Do I turn you on that much? You’re still hard.” You say matter-of-factly as you smirk at Seonghwa. Your finger gently trails up and around the head of his cock causing him to let out a loud moan before he grips onto your wrist.

    Seonghwa shoves himself back into his pants and pulls you up, “Come on.” Seonghwa guides you back inside and upstairs before he goes into the last room in the hallway.

    Seonghwa swiftly lifts you and places you on the bed, “God- this fucking dress.” Seonghwa’s hands trail down your body, feeling every one of your curves.

    “Cute isn’t it.” your teasing tone is only riling Seonghwa up further.

    “It’s anything but cute-” Seonghwa gripped onto your thighs and spread your legs, “And by the time we’re done, that smart mouth of yours is gonna be gone.”

    “Is it? I mean, you said yourself, you haven’t been with someone this good in a while. Sure you’ll be able to last.” You were pushing Seonghwa. You wanted to see how long it would take until he snapped.

    “Will you? You sound very sure of yourself.” As Seonghwa spoke his fingers hooked around the waistband of your panties before he slowly slid them down your legs.

    “I can take whatever you give me.” You pulled Seonghwa closer to you as your voice lowered, “I’ll be a good girl for you.”

    Seonghwa inhaled sharply before his fingers made contact with your soaked pussy. You immediately let out a loud whine and attempt to close your legs. Seonghwa scoffs and pulls your legs apart, “Aw, is it already too much for you?”

    You shook your head and your hips bucked as his fingers began to circle your clit lightly, “No! No- please don’t stop.” Your entire body was hot and you couldn’t wrap your head around the situation you were in right now.

    You had just sucked Park Seonghwa off and now he’s in between your legs. His touch felt 10x more intense than anyone else’s and you could already feel yourself becoming addicted to it.

    His middle finger teases your leaking hole as he collects your cum and spreads it and before you can open your mouth to complain, his finger easily slips inside of you.

    Seonghwa takes a fee experimental thrust before he slips his ring finger in, “God, you’re so fucking wet. You hear that?” He bit his lip in amusement as he thrust his fingers revealing the squelching noise coming from your soaked pussy.

    Your legs were spread and you ground your hips against Seonghwa’s fingers with pretty moans falling from your lips. Your eyes are shut as you‘re only focusing on the feeling of Seonghwa. You’re so caught up in the feeling that you don’t even realize as Seonghwa’s head makes its way in between your legs.

    Your legs immediately shut around his head and your eyes are wide as you cry out loudly. Your hand reaches in between your legs to grip onto Seonghwa’s hair, “S-Seonghwa! Ohmygod fuck! Please!”

    Seonghwa’s tongue swirls around your clit as his fingers continue to pump inside of you. Your hips were bucking and grinding on Seonghwa’s mouth and his arm wraps around your hips to hold you down, “Stop fucking moving.”

    You cried out loudly and your legs tightened around his head, “Se-Seonghwa! Seonghwa fuck! Pleasepleaseplease! G-Gonna cum!”

    Seonghwa’s looking at you between your legs with sparkling eyes and your entire body tenses. Your legs start to shake and the moans you’re letting out are borderline pornographic as you cry out Seonghwa’s name.

    Your eyes are watery as Seonghwa’s touch gets overwhelming. Your mouth drops open and your eyes squeeze shut as you cum. Seonghwa’s name is the only thing that falls from your lips like it’s the only word you know, “S-So good! Feels good!”

    Seonghwa smirked against you as he licked up every drop of your cum. He lifted your hips slightly and slipped his fingers out of you. Your back arched and you pulled on his hair tightly as his tongue fucked into you, “Ah- Fuck Seonghwa! Please! Please Seonghwa!”

    “Aw, what’s wrong? What do you need?” Seonghwa pulled away and looked at you with his lips and chin slick with your cum.

    “I- I need you to fuck me! Please- please fuck me!” You needed Seonghwa more than anything. He was the only thing on your mind.

    Seonghwa smirked at you with dark eyes as he lifted you. He messed with your zipper before he pulled it off of you, “Hey- D-Don’t rip it!”

    “Fuck- I’ll buy you 10 more if you want. I’ll give you anything you want.” Seonghwa slipped the dress off of you and threw it to the side before he dipped down to kiss up to your stomach, chest, and neck until he got to your lips.

    You pull him close by his belt loops and he attaches his lips to yours. You let out a soft moan as his tongue slipped in your mouth. You let out a soft moan as you taste yourself on his tongue. Your hands slipped down and pulled his pants off before you gripped onto his cock. His hand reached down to spread your legs as you guide his cock in between your legs.

    You pulled away and your forehead was pressed against his, “I’ll fuck you now. I’ll fuck you good.” Seonghwa grabbed his cock from you and gently aligned it to your hole. With his free hand, Seonghwa held onto your waist as he slowly pushed himself into you.

    Your mouth dropped open and you went to grip onto his biceps tightly as he bottomed out inside of you. Seonghwa was bigger than San. Seonghwa reached deep inside of you and stretched you out deliciously. Your mouth opened and closed as you wanted to tease him and push him further but only moans and whines were coming out, “Aw baby what’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

    “No I- ah!” As you spoke Seonghwa started to thrust into you.

    “Huh? What was that? Didn’t quite hear you. Did you say to fuck you harder?” Seonghwa let one hand down to rub at your clit while the other went to cup your boobs and play with your nipples.

    You spread your legs further and wrapped them around his waist. You only then noticed you were fully naked whereas Seonghwa still had his button-up on. Your hands shakily move to undo the buttons as you moan and cry out loudly, “I- you- you have- take it off.”

    Seonghwa looks down at you with amusement before stopping his thrusts to undo his buttons, “Wait no! D-Don’t stop!” You pathetically grind yourself down on his cock as he takes off his shirt. Your hands immediately go to his stomach and rub along his abs.

    Seonghwa laughs teasingly, “You’re already so desperate. Are you sure you’re gonna be able to keep up with me? Because I don’t think so.”

    You nod as Seonghwa’s thrusts increase in speed, “Uh uh. You can f-fuck me however long you want. I’ll take all your cum.” Your words make Seonghwa’s thrusts falter and his head fall back as he groans, “You like that, don’t you?”

    Seonghwa’s thrusts were hard, hitting that special spot inside of you with every thrust. He increased the pressure on your clit and your legs were wrapped around Seonghwa tightly. He liked that, “S-So- So why don’t you fuck me all night? Hmm? Fill me with your cum. G-Give me so much that there’s no way I won’t get pregnant.”

    Seonghwa’s eyes shut and sweat is dripping down the side of his face and neck. He grips onto one of your legs and presses it against your chest, thrusting his cock further into you, “R-Right there! Therethere! Your cock- ah! It’s so big! You- You’re fucking me so good! Please! It’s s-so good!”

    You’re throbbing around Seonghwa’s cock and deep grunts and moans were so pretty and his voice rang in your ears. You were close. So close. Seonghwa’s touch made your entire body tingle and you pulled Seonghwa against you and pressed your lips against his.

    You couldn’t even give Seonghwa a warning as you suddenly came. Seonghwa’s lips muffled your moans and whines before he pulled away, “Cumming.” You couldn’t even take a second to breathe when Seonghwa came.

    As soon as you feel his cum shoot inside of you, you could’ve cum again. You hold Seonghwa against you tightly and his thrusts turn into slow grinding as he releases all of his cum. Seonghwa whispers something to you but your head is spinning and your ears are ringing.

    Seonghwa attempts to pull out and you hold onto him tightly with wide eyes, “WaitWaitWait! No! I-”

    Seonghwa is amused at how desperate you are, “S’Alright. We’re not done.” He pulled out of you and you desperately clench around nothing in an attempt to keep his cum inside of you. Seonghwa flips you on your stomach and grips onto your hips as he slams back into you.

    “Ah fuck! Seonghwa! W-wait- too m-much! It- fuck please!” You try to pull away from the overstimulation but Seonghwa holds onto your hands and uses them as leverage for his thrusts.

    Tears are falling staining your cheeks with mascara, “Is it too much? Is my big cock too much for you? Thought you could go all night?”

    You find the energy to laugh at Seonghwa, “D-Don’t flatter yourself. I-I’m fine. Oh god!” Seonghwa pulled out completely before slamming back into you before repeating it a couple more times, “Seonghwa! Don’t let it- Don’t let it come out!”

    “Don’t let what come out?” Seonghwa attempts to pull out of you once again but you clench around him restricting him further causing a loud groan to be ripped from his throat.

    You let out a choked sob as he let go of you and your arms gave out making your face get shoved into the pillow. Your voice was muffled but you still managed to cry out, “Y-Your cum! Don’t- Don’t let it out!”

    “You’re such a pretty little cum slut.” Your moans and cries are muffled as you just take what Seonghwa gives you, “Only for me now. Look at yourself. Look how pathetic you look.” And you do. You look pathetic. Your ass is in the air as Seonghwa pounds into you. Your mascara and lipstick are completely smudged. Your face is buried in the pillow.

    Seonghwa pulls you back up and your moaning incoherent pleads and mumbling things he couldn’t understand, “Yeah, I’m ruining this for you, aren’t I? I’m turning you into my cum slut.”

    Your eyes were rolling back and your mouth was open in a silent moan as you came again. Seonghwa slipped his middle and ring finger into your mouth and you immediately began sucking on them. You were desperately pushing your ass back to meet Seonghwa’s thrusts, “Turning you into my dumb little slut.”

    Seonghwa pressed down on your tongue, refraining you from responding, not that you could either way. You had completely gone limp and it was only Seonghwa keeping you upright. Your entire body was hot and shaking and if your mind wasn’t completely clouded with Seonghwa, you would be embarrassed about the spit that was dripping down Seonghwa’s fingers and hand, “Aw, poor girl. I fucked you stupid, didn’t I? My stupid girl.”

    You’re uncontrollably throbbing around Seonghwa’s cock and his stomach and balls were tightened before he came. As he came, he pulled you flush against his chest and held onto you tightly. He shoved his head in your neck and you listened to his moans with a small smile. You had made Seonghwa feel good. That was the only thing you wanted.

    At this point, the mixture of all of yours and Seonghwa’s cum was completely overflowing and dripping down your thighs making you whine quietly, “Hwa- It’s dripping out!”

    “Gonna have to pull out baby.” You make a sound of protest but don’t stop Seonghwa from pulling out. You cringe as all the cum starts dripping out of you, staining your thighs and the bedsheet.

    Seonghwa lays you down and you lay completely limp with your eyes shut, “Are you okay?” You hum softly as you nod, “Here, open your mouth.”

    Before you follow Seonghwa’s instructions you open your eyes in amazement, “How are you still hard?!”

    “I told you you wouldn’t be able to keep up with me.” You scoff but you open your mouth for Seonghwa regardless, “But you were right. I can’t remember the last time I… you know. Much less with someone this good.”

    Seonghwa slips his cock past your lips and you let out a soft moan as you taste the mixture of cum on his cock, “Just clean it off and I’m done.” You nod mindlessly as your tongue swirls around him, making sure to get all the cum off.

    Seonghwa reaches down to push your hair off of your face and he looks at you with flushed cheeks and a soft smile, “You did well, baby. Let me go get something to clean you with.”

    Seonghwa slips himself out of your mouth and attempts to move off the bed but you grab onto his wrist with glossy eyes, “Don’t go.”

    Seonghwa smiles and kisses you on the forehead, “I’ll be right back, promise.”

    You force your eyes open as you watch Seonghwa make his way around the room into the conjoined bathroom to get a wet cloth to clean you off with. Seonghwa first holds your face gently as he carefully wipes your cheeks and eyes from your smudged makeup before going in between your legs and cleaning your cum covered thighs and pussy. You see Seonghwa looking at the bedsheet and you shake your head and pull him on the bed next to you.

    He wraps his arms around you with a smile as he pulls you on top of him. Nothing is said as he runs his hands through your hair and rubbing your back in a comforting manner. You rest your head in his neck before you give it a few kisses as you giggle.

    “Y/n?” Seonghwa’s voice is soft as he calls you. You hum softly for him to continue, “Do you maybe wanna hang out sometime?”

    You smile against his neck before you speak up teasingly, “Are we not hanging out right now?”

    “You know what I mean. Like by ourselves. We can maybe get some dinner?” Seonghwa looks around the room awkwardly.

    “Like a date? Sure. I’ll go on a date with you.” You tilt Seonghwa’s head towards you before you give him a soft kiss.

    It’s quiet for a few moments before Seonghwa laughs, “Guess all the times you called me baby daddy means something now.”

    You snort and hit his chest softly, “That wasn’t funny.”

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