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  • No one:

    Not a soul in the galaxy:


    My mum: He’s probably dying

    Grandma:… 1 month tops

    #Dgdfccgfhg??????? They r literally doing this to upset me #su.txt #Save me and Maviş from this hell #He seems just fine besides fatigue.. Like...... He's not gonna die dude #Yikes
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  • not to be fake deep but i miss life when the harry potter books and movies were still coming out

    #jk rowling be a terf #but she also made my childhood #yikes
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  • Sending hate on anon is such a cornball behavior

    #Just say that irl #And see what happens #Yikes
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  • oh jesus i forgot i started a pru!newt playlist last night

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  • do you ever just look at people you used to rp with and be hella glad you stopped rping with them

    #aka a good chunk of the glee rpc #yikes#bee speaks#glee rpc
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  • So it turns out that working three different part time jobs is absolutely trashing my writing abilities. Guess I’m going to ignore my pathetic writing stats for the month and just read until I fall asleep.

    And not feel guilty. Nope. Definitely not feeling guilty.


    #a wild griffin #fuckity fuck#writing sucks #and i spend all my time feeling both exhausted and lazy #and then guilty about feeling guilty #hmm wonder why i identify with characters who overthink #yikes
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  • I found it. My love language. It’s books. Sharing books, recommending books, ordering books for someone in mind. Talking about books. The whole nine yards.

    #musings #im so giddy #yikes
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  • Let’s play the game “do I actually like them or do I just enjoy the attention?”

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  • Oh yeah! I’ve been super depressed and drained lately for a number of reasons so that’s why I’m not writing! Also art fight started and I kinda wanna participate in that bc it is….the only time of year I draw!! So yeh sorry abt that!

    #im not gonna get into it bc i physically cannkt #but uh #act is soon! #yikes#im just#v tired #and would i lose followers if i wrote a hamilton x reader #that i only thought of bc i was on a boat for like 2 hours just riding #bc i kinda wanna write it #who knows what im writing next! #that haru x reader request i got is vv cute #so i might doxthat soon! #failed word ramble
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  • hi, i was offline for a week, wrote nothing, did nothing and was just generally very bored but hi! I’m back online now, and while I have no content to post I’ll be back to interacting with other people’s stuff.

    #probably needed to take more time off #but i have nothing to do #and im so so bored #so i logged back on anyway #yikes
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  • @ big kids,, does the awkward phase end after middle school or will it follow me into ninth grade too

    #i looked through my yearbook and #yikes
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  • it’s been confirmed that rick and vinnie are not returning to roswell nm for the next season. they chose to dip out after s2 and i can’t exactly blame them, but i am thoroughly bummed out. and a little worried. and curious as to what sent them running for the hills.

    #shut up rai #how bad did it have to be for them to bounce #yikes #the treatment they got wasn't stellar so i'm not surprised #discourse
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  • #ask.txt #yikes
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  • podcast idea: me giving advice to people’s actual problems based on the alternate universes I’ve created to relate to them because I don’t actually leave my house and I have no idea what I’m doing because I didn’t think I’d be alive at 21

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  • Trying something new…

    #piano#music#struggling lmao #making music sound nice is haRD #and no i'm not actually using the garage band instruments #that's why it sounds wack right now #i'm actually recording stuff so #yikes
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  • Summary: An unofficial part of @chibi-mushroom‘s Dragon Age AU for Kingdom Hearts. This note is found during Inquisition.

    Rating: ???

    Word Count: 131 words


    [Found on the Commander’s desk after reaching Skyhold.]

    (A note written in a shaking handwriting that faintly resembles Ephemer’s. The paper is wrinkled as if it were crumbled, unfolded, then crumbled many times over.)

    She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s not here.

    She’s not here. I killed her. She’s not here. The blood. The screams. She’s not here. I feared. I watched. I killed. She’s not here. She’s not here. She’s. Not. Here.

    (In the bottom right corner, there is a new note written with a firm hand. It is very clearly Ephemer’s handwriting.)


    I’m glad she was there.

    #kingdom hearts#dragon age#fanfiction#fanfic#kh fanfiction#fan fiction #kh fan fic #fan fic#cullen rutherford#ephemerxoc#ephemer #this one actually made me sick writing it #dear indie horror game developers #hire me to write your lore #thnx#ptsd#trauma#yikes#chibi-mushroom #i'm so sorry #this is why i can't be in positions of power
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  • image
    #YIKES #I AM NOT TO BLAME #submission
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  • I was at a shawn concert a year ago today 😳

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