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  • sketcheydyslexic
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bad sanses with their Y/n 🥺

    Fun fact; I listened to the Sofia the first intro for 5 hours while drawing this (:

    I left error out because of his phobia, but then realized that dosen't make this anymore realistic to their character if Y/n wasn't their Significant other

    I have another version with the sketch of error but I didn't finish it 🤷 this one was better

    #the bad sanses #sans#nightmare sans#killer sans#undertale blog#undertale fanart#undertale#bad sanses #bad sans gang #the bad sanses / yn #y/n#yn#reader insert#reader#horror sans#dust sans#cross sans #error isn't here bc of his phobia but I have another version were error is hugging with his strings from the antivoid #I didn't like that one #digital fanart#group hug#sans/reader#sans/yn #sans x y/n #sans x reader
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  • yamachiruu
    15.04.2021 - 3 days ago


    Hey. pssst.

    Anyone wanna help make a Yume Nikki musical with me and a buddy? The buddy in question volunteers to make the music remixes!

    We need vocalists and possible lyric writers!

    #yume nikki#yn #yume nikki dream diary #yume nikki the musical #maybe
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  • yamachiruu
    14.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Tongue monster husband

    #yume nikki#kalimba#madotsuki#nasu#yn #yume nikki kalimba #i love him #also he and Nasu are dating #ms paint
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  • 13tinysocks
    13.04.2021 - 5 days ago
    #yn #meatball or shallow grave ? #anon#reply
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  • jiiraiya
    13.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Y/N wanted all the smoke. (Y/N is actually an OC but for this video, they're a Y/N).

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  • justthatrandomperson
    12.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    normal people saying the letters Y and N for Y/N

    me: YINNNNNN

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  • slutfordaddyhitoshi
    12.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Headcannons For  Mr.Mass Genocide

    Um I don't know about yall but Eren could fucking step on me and id say thank you.

    Since Eren has literally been through so much shit I feel like he would definitely love any type of physical attention you give him

    Every day you make him tell the pros and cons about how the day went (mini therapy lol)

    You and Hange are really good friends but when it comes to her experimenting on eren you do ANYTHING in your power to make sure she doesn't hurt him.

    For Eren’s 16th birthday you payed to have a picture painted of his mother to surprise eren and he literally cried for two hours when he seen it

    Eren is absolute dog shit at cooking a meal so whenever you cook for him lets just say he “makes” it up to you

    Hes a horndog 25/8 so when he sees you in your uniform he automatically gets a boner like a premature teen (lmfao)

    Season Four Eren’s favorite position is Forward Facing Cowgirl


    #eren jeager x reader #eren headcanons#aot anime #aot season 4 #yn #attack on titan #lol#daddy eren
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  • tsukishimashoyo
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    "I Want To ESCAPE"

    Are you willing to leave that real life of yours to be with us??

    You had an accident that causes you to be under comatose. While your on comatose state, a light appear in front of you and said you can be with the anime you like until two months, I will appear again until the end of two months. Now choose what anime you want to go.

    *an hour have passed*

    You woke up being Karasuno's manager with Kiyoko. By the time you woke up you forgot about that you are from the real world.

    "Good morning y/n *smiles*" said Sugawara while entering the gym.

    "Good morning Suga *smiles back*" you said while preparing the drinks of the players.

    "Good morning y/n, you're early again *chuckle a little* you're really a hard worker manager" said Kiyoko-helping you preparing the gym.

    "Good morning everyoneeeee!!!" shouted Hinata running towards the gym.

    "BOKKEEE!!!" Kageyama shouted following Hinata-running.

    "Good morning Hinata and Kageyama" you greeted.

    The remaining players came and now practicing for the spring high tournament.

    * a month passed*

    You and the team are really working hard and also having fun of playing volleyball. Sometimes they teach you how to play volleyball together.

    *It's the time for spring high tournament*

    "Goodluck guys, I know you can do it *smiles at them brightly*" you said while looking at them shyly.

    "*the karasuno boys nosebleeds* WAHHHHHH Y/N!!" they shouted and group hug you.

    Coach Ukai and Takeda sensei smiled at you and mouthed good job and they both thumbs up.

    " *shocked* woah guys calm down haha, I'm not gonna leave you" you said while being squeezed by the boys.

    *The Spring High ended and Karasuno lost on Aoba Josai*

    "Uhmm hey guys, cheer up and don't give up, you can still win on The Japanese National High School Volleyball Tournament Miyagi Qualifiers First Qualifiers *smiles at them and look at them with the fighting energy*" you said to them while they are still trying to not cry in front of you.

    "Thanks y/n, with this feeling we felt today, don't forget it and use it to win for The Japanese National High School Volleyball Tournament Miyagi Qualifiers First Qualifiers" couch Ukai said at them-also cheering then up.

    "We will work harder than last time and go to nationals!" Daichi said-standing in front of the team.

    "YES/OF COURSE/YEAHHHH" shouted the team.

    *a week passed and it's the end of the month now*

    While you and the team are practicing at the gym a sudden ball of light appear in front of you.

    "Huh? What is that Tsukishima?" asked Hinata asked while looking at the ball of light.

    "Do I look like I know huh, shrimpy? Tsk" Tsukishima answered-still wondering the ball of light.

    "Grrrrr- You Saltyshima!!" Hinata glared at Tsukishima.

    "Hey guys, stop" you said-stopping the starting fight between Tsukishima and Hinata.

    "Hmp/Tsk" they glance at each other and then look at different direction.

    "*chuckles* But what is this *points at the ball of light*" you said wondering why a ball of light appear out of nowhere.

    The ball of light changes its appearance and became a man-a gorgeous man.

    "Woahhh who are you??" everyone is amazed including you.

    "*clears throat* I am the guardian of y/n" the man said looking at you.

    "Huh? What?? Why?" you said confused.

    "I am your guardian because you are from the real world and I gave you two months to spend your time here, and now that the time has come, im gonna take you to the real world" said the guardian.

    "Then you're saying that I'm a real person and they're not??" you said-a tear rolled down on your face.

    "Yes y/n, I'm sorry we didn't tell you about knowing you're a real person" Sugawara said while walking towards you slowly.

    "You all knew about me being real?" you said-now hugging Sugawara.

    "Yes/yeah/we're sorry" said the team including coach Ukai and Takeda sensei.

    "Well I don't care now, I want to stay here, I don't want to leave them, I want to watch them win and go to the nationals" while saying it your legs gave out Sugawara holds you gently and let you on your knees.

    "Uhmm y/n d-" Hinata is about to speak but Tsukishima cuts him of.

    "Shut up shrimp, you'll just gonna spout nonsense" Tsukishima said looking at Hinata and smirk.

    "You Saltyshima!, but seriously y/n are you willing to live with us and not your family out there??" Hinata said-gripping his shirt.

    "For once I agree to shrimp, don't you have a family out there, waiting for you to wake?" Tsukishima said sadly.

    "What you gonna do now Ms. Y/n" the guardian asked.

    You saw a flashbacks that happened when you are in the real world.

    "My parents are dead, and people are always bullying me, I want to escape, I don't have anybody, I'm all alone, can't I stay here?" you said while crying.

    "Is that your answer Ms. Y/n? Are you really sure you don't want to go back to the real world?" the guardian asked.

    "I don't want to leave them, and I don't have a reason to go back there, but can I have a moment with you Mr. Guardian alone" you said.

    You look at the team and smiled while tears are rolling on your face.

    "Okay y/n, choose what you want your heart says" said Takeda sensei.

    "*nods* thank you sensei for everything" you said while they leaves and closes the door.

    *a day passed*

    You woke beacuase a bright light that struck your eyes. You remember what you and the guardian talk about.


    "So what you want to talk about Ms. Y/n" asked the guardian.

    "Can I go back to the real world just to take a look again the world that abandoned me and turns its back on me" you asked at the guardian.

    "That's okay Ms. Y/n, and staying here is your final answer right?" the guardian said and smiled at you.

    "Yes *smiles back*" you answered firmly.

    *End of the Flashback*

    You didn't let the team saw you until this day to surprise them. You are in the front of the gym and luckily their backs are facing the door while sitting on the floor, so you sneakily went near them.

    " Did y/n go back to the real world? *in a verge of crying*" Hinata said while gripping his shirt.

    "I'm gonna miss her" said Asahi sadly.

    Everyone agrees.

    "Are you really gonna miss her" you said not while still at their back.

    "Yes/Yeah/Of course" everyone answered.

    "I hear the voice of y/n, I really miss her *sigh*" said Nishinoya.

    "Y/N!!!!!" shouted Hinata-trying to hug you but Sugawara held him.

    "Woahh your back y/n" said Tanaka-just like Hinata but Ennoshita held him.

    "I thought you leave us" said Nishinoya-and also just like Tanaka and Hinata he also got held and this time it's Daichi.

    "Guys calm down and let y/n speak" Sugawara said still holding Hinata's shirt.

    "Thank you Suga, *smiles at everyone* I can't leave you guys" you said and they group hugged you.

    "Then let's go to practice and go to nationals!!!" you shouted the time they let go of the hug.

    "YES/YEAHHHH/OF COURSE" they also shouted back.

    The gym is filled with laughter.


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  • fandomxo
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Remember That Night? - Kol Mikaelson - Imagine

    Remember That Night? by Sara Kays 

    Word Count: 747

    Warnings: N/A

    The day after you said goodbye

    All I did was lay in bed and cry

    Kol had loved you, and you had loved him. But he was more loyal to his family than to you. But you couldn’t stop thinking about him. About the way he’d look at you, the way he’d kiss you, the way he would hold you.

    You felt more tears past down your cheeks as your shoulders shook, the pain radiating through your chest. Your lip trembles with each tear, with each memory of Kol passing through your mind. 

    You knew all about the Mikaelson life. You knew everything about the situation, but he still decided to leave you behind instead of taking you with him and that is what hurt the most. He could’ve brought you with him but he left you. You thought he loved you more than that. You thought he’d never leave you. 

    But after one month, I started to move on

    And after two, I felt alright

    Then three months in, you were off my mind

    And month four and five, I was living my life

    I was better and didn't have to try

    You could finally walk through the streets of New Orleans without a drop to your shoulders, without tears staining your cheeks, without the ache in your chest. You knew that the love you shared was over and it was okay to be happy without him. 

    It was okay to continue to live without him, wherever he had been. You no longer walked through the streets of New Orleans remembering each place you held hands with Kol, each place he’d stop to kiss your lips, each place you’d sneak into and cause chaos. You no longer thought of the way he looked at you when rain thumped down on your shoulders, no longer remembering the way his lips felt against yours with the rain pounding on the ground around the two of you. 

    Not to think of you, 'til you reached out

    And said, "Remember that night?"

    We went for a drive, 2:30 in the morning

    I kissed you, it was pouring

    We held each other tight before the night was over

    My phone rang beside me. I quickly grabbed it before I thought about looking at the user calling. 

    “Y/N.” Kol murmured through the phone and you felt your heart drop in your chest. 

    “Kol.” I whispered, a sadness taking over my whole face and tears welling up in my eyes.

    “How are you?” he asked, and I was speechless. “I just- I kept remembering that one night in the rain. Do you remember that night?” he asked, and I dropped the phone, the memories flowing through me along with the heartbreak.

    The rain poured down on to the car, he had called you, wanting to be with you and you woke up and went over to Mikaelson's estate to pick him up, the rain was so heavy that night but with his hands in yours it was so peaceful. When arriving at your place, and trying to drag him inside before you both got soaked. He stopped you, the rain thumping down on your shoulders, your hair and your face. The smile on his face and the look in his eyes. He cupped your cheek, your arms wrapping around him as he pulled you into a kiss. The whole world fading from view because it was just the two of you. 

    The day after you had reached out

    I was broken for the second time around

    I prayed on the third day that I would be okay

    That I'd forget you were ever mine

    Oh, I don't think you realize

    How long I had to fight to be living my life

    To get better and never have to try

    Not to think of you until you reached out

    And said, "Remember that night?"

    The next day, the only thing that was on your mind was Kol. Everything that once was faded was now prominent in your mind again. You couldn’t stop thinking of him. He couldn’t stop loving him. The feeling wouldn’t go away. I prayed that it would go away, that I would be okay. 

    The loss of Kol was so strong on you, it was so hard to try and move on with your life. The memories of the conversation you had, the memories of that night. It would go away again. It would be okay again. I hoped.

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